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hall meeting

for Provo Draft constitution session scrapped in favour of live phone-in 5 PAGE 

PROVO’S anticipated town hall meeting for a final chance to debate the draft constitution has been scrapped in favour of a live phone-in. inside

An icon, a mentor and a gentle soul Tributes for legendary teacher Ona Glinton who died aged 100; her simple motto was ‘be good, be respectful’


FCO decision is “feeble, insulting and deceptive”


Read PNP leader Clayton Greene’s letter to Overseas Territories Minister Henry Bellingham and Governor Gordon Wetherell PAGE 


Four years for land scam man

A CON man who swindled eight people out of more than $75,000 for land which did not belong to him has been locked up for four years. PAGE  7

Giving thanks to TCI’s firefighters

TCI’s team of hard working firefighters received recognition for their commitment, discipline and dedication ... PAGE  8





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May 14 - 20, 2011

May 14 - 20, 2011





May 14 - 20, 2011


An icon, a mentor and a gentle soul Tributes for legendary teacher Ona Glinton whose simple motto was ‘be good, be respectful’ By Gemma Handy A DEDICATED teacher, outstanding matriarch and a strict disciplinarian with a kind and gentle soul. Just some of the words used to describe legendary educator Ona Glinton who died on Tuesday at the remarkable age of 100. The celebrated centenarian, who devoted more than two decades of her life to enlightening and instilling moral values in TCI youngsters, passed away in hospital after suffering a stroke. The loss of the iconic character – known for regarding all those she taught as her own children – leaves a gaping hole in the close-knit Grand Turk community. Tributes flooded in this week in recognition of the mother-oftwo, also a former Girl Guides Commissioner and Sunday School teacher. Reverend Julia Williams, principal of the TCI community college and erstwhile pupil of Mrs Glinton, said her former mentor had left an “indelible impression”. “I have known Mrs Ona Glinton all of my life. I am told that she started teaching in 1944. “She taught me at primary school and, in 1968 when I began my teaching career, we became colleagues in the teaching profession and she was extremely helpful in getting me settled.” Mrs Williams and Mrs Glinton later worked together in the Girl Guides Association when Mrs

Governor Gordon Wetherell presented Mrs Glinton with a 100th birthday card from the Queen last year.

The legendary teacher, who died on Tuesday, celebrated her landmark birthday last year at Government House in Grand Turk.

Glinton was leader prior to her 10year stint as Commissioner. She remembers Mrs Glinton for her support when Mrs Williams herself went on to become Commissioner. “She ensured that I was well aware of the work of the Commissioner in the development of guiding in the TCI.” The Reverend continued: “She was an ardent Methodist and served her church in the choir, the Sunday School, and the Women’s League. “As a young girl I was always at her house with her daughter, my good friend Hyacinth. “I remember her as a very kind and gentle lady yet a strict disciplinarian,

Mrs Glinton’s death also prompted words from political leaders. The PDM’s Douglas Parnell said: “From my personal experience growing up in the Turks and Caicos, people like Ona Glinton and Adelaide Oemler sacrificed a great deal of their time for very little pay. “They deserve to be honoured and recognised. “It’s great that Mrs Glinton was able to become a centenarian. She poured her heart and soul into her work and a lot of what she taught has gone on to help develop our country. “We should all be eternally grateful for her life and service.” Mr Parnell urged Islanders to continue to remember the needs of the Ona Glinton Primary School – named after its acclaimed former teacher – which was destroyed by fire in November. A special celebration was held last August at Government House in Grand Turk to mark Mrs Glinton’s landmark 100th birthday. Friends and relatives turned out for the occasion, along with the Governor who presented Mrs Glinton with a card from the Queen. Speaking at the event, Gordon Wetherell said he had been struck by her famous philosophy – ‘Do all the good you can, to all the people you can, when and wherever you can’. Ona Glinton trained to become a teacher after graduating from what was then known as Grand Turk Secondary School. She retired from teaching at government schools in 1972 before starting her kindergarten class. Active in both the community and the church, she was a faithful member of the Wesleyan Methodist

Published by Turks & Caicos News Company Ltd. Cheshire House, Leeward Highway, Providenciales P.O. Box 52, Turks & Caicos Islands, BWI W. Blythe Duncanson – Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Gemma Handy – Associate Editor Rebecca Bird – News Editor Faizool Deo – Sports Samantha Dash – Court Cord Garrido-Lowe – Graphics/Production Editor Dilletha Lightbourne-Williams – Office Manager Email: (Advertising), (News), (Talk Back) Tel. 649-946-4664 (office), 649-232-3508 (after hours) Website address:

very civic minded, very spiritual, one who loved everyone and spoke openly of her love for God and her fellowmen. “When I visited her at the hospital early last week, in addition to telling me I needed to lose some weight, she told me to be sure to always do all the good I can and God will bless me.” She added: “I will remember her as a mentor, as one of the outstanding matriarchs of the Turks and Caicos, one who has left an indelible impression on my life. “May her soul rest in peace.” Culture Director David Bowen said he had the pleasure of knowing Mrs Glinton through her involvement with the capital island’s senior citizens organisation. “She was an amazing woman – not only an educational icon but a cultural icon too. “She was an astute educator and a good friend of my grandparents’. “I am happy to have worked with her, it was wonderful to have spent time with her.” Local personality and radio host Robert Hall paid tribute to Mrs Glinton’s “outstanding contribution” to the country’s teaching profession. “She will long be remembered for producing many, many outstanding students here in the TCI. “Even after retirement she put her skills to use running a kindergarten school from her home. “She’s been a great asset to this community and we are worse off for her passing. “She was a dedicated teacher, mother and community activist who regarded all the children she taught as her children.”

Church and a singer in the choir. She was also a founding member of the Eunice Household and served in all the offices of the Order over the years. In 1946, she married the late Wilfred Glinton, from Salt Cay. She leaves two birth children – Frederick, now living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Hyacinth Saunders in Philadelphia – plus an adopted son and daughter, Earl Glinton, of California, and Estelle Pinder, of Abaco. Over the years, Mrs Glinton’s wanderlust took her to many far flung destinations and she would revel in relating tales of her adventures. Speaking at last year’s birthday celebration, she praised God for helping her reach the milestone date before adding words of wisdom to her compatriots. “To the nation’s people – be good, be respectful,” she said. “This may be a tiny island but God gave it to you and you know why – to do the best you can. Grand Turk is a beautiful place; respect it and love it.” Meleck Cummings, nurse manager at Grand Turk hospital, confirmed Mrs Glinton’s death following a short illness. She had been admitted to the hospital after becoming ill on the Friday before. “Mrs Glinton was both a highly popular and respected member of the community and, on behalf of InterHealth Canada, I would like to send our sincere condolences to her family and friends at this very sad time,” Mr Cummings added. Ona Glinton will be buried on Saturday May 28 at Grand Turk Methodist Church.

May 14 - 20, 2011




No town hall meeting for Provo Draft constitution session scrapped in favour of live phone-in By Gemma Handy PROVO’S anticipated town hall meeting for a final chance to debate the draft constitution has been scrapped in favour of a live phone-in. Town hall meetings are scheduled to take place next week on all inhabited islands – except the most densely populated. It’s unlikely to be a popular move coming amid the final stages of the process prior to the definitive document outlining the supreme laws of the land. And it’s already invoked the wrath of local political leaders who dubbed the decision “unacceptable”. The reform process has been plagued by contention from the outset with many indigenous Islanders saying their views have been sidelined. Lively and spirited debates characterised public meetings held last year, occasionally erupting into stormy scenes and angry protests against direct British rule. London has not admitted the decision was due to September’s fiery episode which saw copies of the draft constitution torched and reform advisor Kate Sullivan booed and jeered as she was escorted from the downtown ballpark. The Foreign Office claims a live phone-in – broadcast on TV and radio – is better placed to “involve as people many as possible”. But whether Islanders will be convinced it will achieve that better than a traditional-style town hall meeting remains to be seen. PDM leader Doug Parnell told the Weekly News: “This is not just a bad decision, it’s out of order. It makes the whole process illegitimate. “They may as well stay in London and do the call-in show from there.” In a letter penned to Overseas Territories Minister Henry Bellingham, he said he believed it was a “big mistake”. “Providenciales is the most populated island with the greatest number of voters. Perhaps if you were taking the best advice you could have chosen community meetings in Blue Hills, The Bight, Five Cays etc, but not having a meeting in Providenciales at all is prejudicial and is a blatant attempt to cause division between the Islands and our people.” Mr Parnell said it exacerbated local “suspicion and mistrust” towards Britain. “The fact is that I am tired of pleading with the British

Reform advisor Kate Sullivan was booed and jeered during fiery scenes last year.

Government on various matters. “The imposition of direct rule and the interim administration has been an absolute disaster. “The idea of a call-in show is utter nonsense and makes a mockery of the consultative process with the community. I find it insulting and offensive. I am angered at the idea that someone would even dream of putting this in writing.” Mr Parnell added that he had been told London was “considering” his concerns. PNP leader Clayton Greene said there was “no justification” for the decision not to stage a public meeting in Providenciales. “Providenciales is by far the largest population centre and the spirit of the process begs that individuals be afforded an opportunity to sit across from the persons that will be making the decision and present their concerns and the reasons for them and also give their alternative suggestions.” He accused the UK of “foisting” the new constitution on the TCI. “It is now avoiding debate at every opportunity. We have not forgotten the fact that there was no debate before the passage of the budget and now it is proposed to do the same without any effective debate on the final document.” Their sentiments were echoed by community activist Euwonka Selver, who has long been outspoken against London’s methods of administering direct rule. In a letter to the Weekly News, she described the notion of a live phone-in as “sheer madness”. “I cannot imagine hundreds of persons trying to get through to discuss such an important document, on a phone line to submit questions or concerns.

The consultation process has been plagued by controversy with many indigenous Islanders saying their views have been sidelined.

Public meetings schedule South Caicos – Iris Stubbs Primary School Salt Cay – Community Centre Grand Turk – Ona Glinton School Auditorium Middle Caicos – Conch Bar Community Centre North Caicos – Adelaide Oemler School, Bottle Creek “Anyone who has tried calling in a local TV or radio show live would concur that this is sheer madness.” Ms Selver accused the UK of trying to “censor” Islanders’ views. “I would hate to think that after months of preparing questions or concerns to address each point, I may never get anything other than a busy signal when dialling a phone line to discuss the highest law in the land. “Furthermore this method could lead to interference by whoever is screening calls for the FCO. They will simply discard the callers they do not want on the air or on record and only allow callers who seem to be in agreement with their views.” She urged the public to “speak up and out”. “We should take to the streets in protest when such a sad day becomes our reality under our colonial oppressors.” Islanders still have until May 28 to submit their views and comments on everything from Belongership bestowal to voting eligibility. The implementation of the new constitution is cited as one of the major “milestones” to be reached before a return to self-government. Minister Bellingham previously urged Islanders to take part in the history-making process. Public meetings will take place on North, Middle and South Caicos,

Grand Turk and Salt Cay. They will be broadcast live on Radio Turks and Caicos. The will be led by a group of Foreign Office officials, headed by Ian Hendry, overseas territories constitutional adviser. He will be joined by Helen Nellthorp, deputy director of overseas territories, FCO legal counsellor Susan Dickson, and Matt Thoume, the department’s press officer. Visit http://turksandcaicosislands.

Monday May 16 4.30pm Tuesday May 17 12.30pm Tuesday May 17 6.30pm Wednesday May 18 1pm Wednesday May 18 5pm Draft-TCI-Constitution-March.pdf to read the draft constitution. Written comments on the draft constitution can be emailed to or sent to the Governor’s Office in Waterloo, Grand Turk. The Governor’s office did not comment up to press time about the decision not to hold a town hall meeting in Provo despite repeated requests.

Man stabbed in Five Cays A MAN is in a stable condition in hospital after being stabbed in the chest during an argument in Five Cays on Friday evening. Daniel Adams underwent lifesaving surgery following the incident on May 6, in which a piece of metal was thrust into his body. Dr Robyn Barnes, chief of medical services at InterHealth Canada, said: “I can confirm that a man was admitted to the emergency department at the

Cheshire Hall Medical Centre on the night of May 6 and 7. “He was suffering stab wounds to his chest and immediately underwent life-saving surgery. “He is now recovering well in hospital and is in a stable condition.” Detective Sergeant Calvin Chase said that police have a suspect and are in the process of searching for him. Information will be released to the public shortly.



May 14 - 20, 2011

A Weekly News column that puts you on the spot for your opinions on the issues of the day

Forum affairs Lip service or vital input? AS CONTROVERSY continues to abound over the role the consultative forum plays in the interim administration, we asked readers for their thoughts. Tensions reached boiling point when the budget was passed last month without forum input after some members refused to attend due to the late receipt of relevant documents. Some say the Government merely pays lip service to the forum. Do you agree? We were also interested in your thoughts on the exit of LIME chief Drexwell Seymour and the subsequent appointment of Scottish businessman John Phillips.

Riding roughshod

“Who needs the forum when Wetherell and Capes are micro-managing all aspects of Government?”

Window dressing

“The forum is there purely for window dressing by the FCO. They might as well shout into the wind, as give their opinions to Wetherell and Capes.  “The budget debacle was a prime example of this. Good luck to John Phillips!”

Impotent body

“The forum members were selected by the Governor but he seems to have ignored their advice and not sought it. “This has amplified the perception that the interim Government is not in touch with the concerns of the residents. “The forum was put in place to represent the people as there are persons on the forum from various locations in the TCI. “The interim Government seems to be lacking an overall plan except to impose their will on the TCI as each issue arises. “It appears not only Drexwell Seymour is frustrated but many other members share his frustration. “However the chairman of both the forum and advisory council seem to be going along for the ride, basking in the attention their position provides.  “In total, both bodies have been rendered impotent and the interim Government now and forever owns the results of their administration, be it good, bad or indifferent.”

Lost its way

“The forum has often served a very important function as the conscience of the community,

but seems to have lost its way of late. “It is difficult to say whether this is due to frustration, outside pressure, politics, at least one imprudent appointment creating divisiveness or a combination of factors. “Mr Phillips should add some energy and business sense.”

Views ignored

“In the absence of an elected parliament, the consultative forum is better than no representative body at all. “That said, I seriously doubt that anyone in the TCI takes the forum, its members and its role very seriously. Recent actions of the interim Government and the Governor certainly suggest that they don’t. “As an appointed body with no real political mandate or power, I don’t know whether there is any room for improvement. The appointees are doing the best they can, given the limitations they are faced with. “Finally, the appointment of John Phillips will not change the interim Government’s attitude towards the private sector.”

Welcome addition

“The consultative forum is supposed to be the saner voices of TCI society in that the calibre of persons appointed is supposed to show the world that TC Islanders are sensible, educated and can run a country. “There has to be a concerted effort to show that not all TC Islanders are vain, empty, easily controlled by investor money, once elected have no agenda how to run a country and totally misguided.   “One can see that to have Ministers calling themselves doctors when they only hold honorary doctorates showed outsiders that we could elect silly people twice – 2003 and 2006 – the second time with bigger majorities.   “The opportunity to dispel this image

Drexwell Seymour

John Phillips

and that myth came when Lillian Misick, as chairman of the forum, called for hearings into the TCI Bank scam.   “Which member of the forum came out and said that this was right to do so and for the forum to show that it can function like a real oversight body? No, not one, not even Drexwell Seymour.   “The forum is to show that there are people in the TCI who can manage positive debate, without the childish name calling, the petty remarks, the stupid grandstanding, all of which do not go to nation building and only indicts the level of petty, backward leaders that we love.   “To this end, with the leadership of Lillian Misick, the forum has stood up to this test and has emerged as a quality debating chamber where real policy can be formed and where interim government policy is challenged.   “The resignation of Drexwell Seymour is grandstanding; he knew that on joining the forum that it had no power. It could not stop the Governor in anything that the Governor needed to do and all that it was was a ‘talking shop’.   “Yet it has lost it talking shop status because of the sound debates that usually emerge from the chamber and to a large extent the forum and its remaining members are relevant.   “All members of the forum were also aware that they could not stop the budget. On the other hand, they could have attended the budget meeting, addressed how this country got here, established their own alternatives to the budget; they did not need to see the Governor’s budget to voice their own ideas against taxation and the fact that all increases in taxes are there to pay for PNP Government waste and theft.   “They did not need time to read the budget to challenge the Governor on the need to speed up investigations of former Ministers, recover our monies and land to reduce these taxes caused by the PNP.  “Somehow they are letting the PNP off, allowing people to be taxed and it is easy to blame the British and the Governor.   “This budget was set from the time Ministers wasted our monies and the increases in taxes are there to pay back, thus the debate and the

substance of what was presented was there a long time ago, hence the ability to come to the debate armed with facts to challenge the increases in taxes and to show a better way.  “The forum is not there to ‘approve’; it is appointed to show alternative views and to call the interim Government out on policy, set the framework for a responsible parliamentary process after elections.   “In this way Drexwell Seymour could have stayed the course, shown new ideas, could have been creative but he ran, praising his ability to liaise with former Ministers of the PNP ‘Government’ (quotation marks are mine). “We are sure no PNP Minister ever listened to him because if they did, can we also blame him for what those PNP Ministers did to destroy this country?     “It is time the forum preach a sense of responsibility and maturity in this country and to do that they must continuously focus on the past, 2003-2006, expose the past, show why it cannot be repeated, show why that sense of immaturity was no way to run a country so that the next generation will not fall victim to voting for such shallow people again.   “As far as I am concerned it matters not who joins the forum. John Phillips has been here for many years, he pays taxes, and he will advise on how to improve the island he lives in and is now a part of.    “He can show how to make TCInvest more effective, he can help the debate on bringing in more PRCs to create investment but without the right to vote.  “As a businessman in the Claymore Group he can advise on policy and how to expand the business sector.”

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May 14 - 20, 2011




Four years for land scam man By Rebecca Bird A CON man who swindled eight people out of more than $75,000 for land which did not belong to him has been locked up for four years. Thomas Ewing, aged 64, was found guilty of 14 charges of obtaining property by deception at Providenciales Supreme Court on Thursday. Chief justice Richard Williams said that there were “no exceptional circumstances” that would merit the suspension of a custodial sentence. Following a two week trial in which several witnesses took to the stand, a jury announced that they found Mr Ewing guilty of all charges. The TC Islander was accused of collecting thousands in cash for seven separate plots of land owned by the TCI Government. Eight Haitian nationals were victims of Mr Ewing’s scam which left them out of pocket and without any legal documents for the land. The con took place between the months of April 2007 and January 2008 in Five Cays, Providenciales. Throughout the trial Mr Ewing, represented by Chalmers Misick, claimed that he was innocent and had “absolutely nothing” to do with the sale of the land. He claimed that all of the victims were lying while giving detailed descriptions of their transactions.

In his sentencing Mr Williams said: “It was not your case that you were in error or reckless as to the determination of the ownership of this land when you sold it. “It is clear that you knew it was Crown land, not a part of your land and that you sold it for personal gain. “It is clear that you knew that the sale of the land was illegal from the representations that you made to each buyer and from what you told them to do and say if they were approached by the authorities.” He added that Mr Ewing had knowledge of the construction and development industries and was “fully aware” of the appropriate procedure to follow. Mr Williams went on to talk about the impact on the victims, which he described as “considerable”. “Each victim gave you their hard earned savings, believing that they could realise their ambition to own title to a parcel of land which they thought was being legally sold by you to them.” He referenced Joannel Saintage who paid $9,000 for the illegal land and then a further $50,000 on building costs for a part built building which was then demolished. Others have been “left in limbo” as authorities have let them remain but have not permitted legal registration of the land, many having spent “substantial sums” on their

Robbery at Kew Town bar MASKED assailants seized cash, liquor and cigarettes during a daylight heist in Kew Town, Providenciales. Police are investigating the incident which took place at the Green Bar on Thursday at about

12.20pm. The two masked men were wearing dark clothing. Anyone with information is asked to call 911, CrimeStoppers on 1-800TIPS (8477) or Provo police station on 946 4259.

Vital equipment stolen in New Age Academy raid ISLANDERS are urged to be on the lookout for a host of items stolen during a burglary at a Providenciales school on Wednesday. New Age Academy bosses were distraught to discover vital educational tools had been seized during the raid. Police are seeking the public’s help in finding a black and grey Compaq desktop computer, a 4GB black with green tip with silver end Transcend flash drive, and a black

and grey flash drive with fine writing. All are the property of the Kew Town institution. A police spokesman said: “Important information pertaining to the educational studies of the students for their upcoming examinations and curriculum vitae is on those flash drives and computer.” Anyone with information is asked to call 911, CrimeStoppers on 1-800TIPS (8477) or Provo police station on 946 4259.

building projects. Mr Williams stressed that the actions of Mr Ewing also caused a negative impact on the general public. The community was beseeched with the problems that come with unregulated construction, he said, and Belongers were cheated out of their pool of Crown land. Potentially this could cause a loss of revenue to the country, Justice Williams added. During his sentencing the chief justice said he took a number of mitigating features into account. These included Mr Ewing’s age of

Thomas Ewing, aged 64, was found guilty of 14 charges of obtaining property by deception at Providenciales Supreme Court on Thursday.

64, his health issues and that he was a man of previous good character. “I cannot give you credit for remorse, as you have shown none,” Mr Williams said.

Mr Ewing received a sentence of three years in custody for 11 of the charges, three and a half years for two of the charges and four years for one of the charges – to run concurrently.

Profe e.g. Heaslsionals are weltchCare, ome.

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May 14 - 20, 2011


Royal visit for TCI? By Gemma Handy

Hopes are high the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will include the TCI in their Commonwealth tour.

THEY may have shunned TCI for their honeymoon but Royal newlyweds William and Kate are hotly tipped to visit the Islands next year as part of a tour of the Commonwealth. Insiders have revealed it’s a strong possibility the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will make an official call to the British territory in 2012. It would be the latest in a string of Royal visits since the Queen and Prince Philip’s South Caicos sojourn in 1966. The Duke of Edinburgh has since returned to the TCI and there have also been trips made by Princes Charles, Andrew and Edward. Bookmakers’ odds were high that William and Kate would plump for the TCI for their honeymoon, giving the Islands a momentous tourism boost. It was revealed this week that they have instead opted for 10 days on a private island in the Seychelles, also known for its excellent scuba diving and intriguing wildlife. Clarence House announced last week that the couple would support the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June next year. This is widely expected to include a tour of the Commonwealth with the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand at the top of the list. British MP Lord Nigel Jones, the TCI Parliamentary Group vice-

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip arrived in South Caicos on board HMS Britannia on February 25 1966 for an afternoon visit.

chairman, said a Royal visit would be a major coup for the TCI. “I understand that the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge may be undertaking a tour of the Commonwealth next year, he told the Weekly News. “Obviously it will be impossible to visit all 54 countries who are members of the Commonwealth, but I hope that they will find time to visit TCI.  “This would provide great encouragement to local people and be another sign that TCI is seen as an important and integral part of the Commonwealth.” The couple’s next public appearance is expected to take place next month for the 90th birthday of the Duke of Edinburgh and Trooping the Colour.

They will then head off on an eight-day tour of Canada at the end of June, followed by two days in the USA. Responding to reports about foreign engagements next year, a Clarence House spokesman said: “We would never confirm [engagements] this far in advance.” He said the couple would offer “any necessary support to the Queen”. The couple are said to be looking forward to a slow start to their official duties after months of being in the media spotlight. William would have to schedule any foreign trips around his RAF duties. He is due to remain at Anglesey until September 2013 and is expected to be posted to the Falklands for 10 weeks next year.

Giving thanks to TCI’s firefighters TCI’s team of hard working firefighters received recognition for their commitment, discipline and dedication at a special ceremony held in their honour. The International Firefighters’ Day celebrations took place at the Providenciales fire station and at the Bagatelle restaurant in the Gansevoort resort on Wednesday, May 4. Press officer firefighter Ian Arthur said the event was a “roaring success”. “Being volunteers there is a lot of giving by the firefighters and their families, and the brave men and women of the volunteer fire department are prepared to put life and limb on the line to help save the general public’s lives, property and possessions. “A yearly event like this one makes up for the hundreds of calls we respond to every year, often in the middle of the night and without any financial remuneration. “It boosts the team work of the group and improves the team dynamics.” The celebrations began with a formal parade inside the fire station

at 7.30pm. Sub-officer Aubery Felix then gave a short speech about St Florian, the patron saint of firefighting, and firefighters took part in a minute’s silence for fallen officers. The crew then performed some minor kit testing before heading out to dinner as distinguished guests of the Gansevoort resort and Bagatelle restaurant. During dinner, public service head Mark Capes commended the hard work carried out by the volunteers over the course of the year. And firefighter Tumbalina Carter presented awards to TCI’s firefighters of distinction. In a statement to the press, Denise Saunders, Permanent Secretary of Home Affairs and Public Safety, said: “It is good that there is a day set aside internationally to recognise firefighters. “In addition to this, the ministry has also recently instituted a process of recognition to highlight their bravery and performance under challenging circumstances. “We hope that these events will serve to highlight the work of this

noble profession.” May 4 was celebrated for many centuries in European countries as Firefighters Day because of Saint Florian, who according to legend, was able to save an entire burning village in ancient Rome with just a single bucket of water. However, this observance did not spread worldwide until a tragic wildfire in Australia took the lives of five firefighters on January 4, 1999.

Consequently, firefighter JJ Edmondson sent out an email proposing an International Firefighters Day to be recognised throughout the world. Today St Florian is known as the defender of those who face the danger of fire and is the Patron Saint of Firefighters. Firefighter Ian Arthur said: “We, the volunteer  fire department, are honoured to serve the people of the

Turks and Caicos, we take pride in the hardships, both financial  and  time commitment that we face on a daily basis. “We are a committed, disciplined, well trained outfit that can provide help to the needy in times of crisis, and rival any fire department in the world as far as standards are concerned and we do it without the pay that is given to other world class firefighting operations.”

May 14 - 20, 2011




TCI is “preferred destination” Bringing say holiday reps lupus into the

spotlight THIS Tuesday pupils from Ianthe Pratt Primary School held a very special assembly to recognise World Lupus Day. The youngsters let purple balloons filled with helium drift into the sky and sang their hearts out as a token of remembrance for those that lost their lives to the debilitating disease. It was a poignant moment for Andrew Dunbar, founder of the TCI Lupus Foundation, who sadly lost his wife to lupus last year. He told media he was touched by the celebrations as it made him realise that “her death was not in vain”. “It makes me feel warm and I’m happy because it helps to bring focus and attention to the cause of lupus,” he said. “Making people aware will help to prepare people’s families to deal with it and also help the medical fraternity to work toward treating patients who have lupus in a more effective manner. “Also it will help caregivers in the families and help to spread the word so that others will be more sympathetic towards it.” A teacher at the school also spoke of her support for the event after her son was diagnosed with the disease last year. “I feel great today that our school is putting on this show because my son from May 2006 was affected by lupus. “We are making the children aware that anyone can be affected by this lupus disease and there is no cure for it but they can still live a healthy life.” Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can affect virtually

any system in the body. It causes the body to attack its own cells and tissues, causing inflammation, pain, and organ damage. Other symptoms are extreme fatigue, joint pain, muscle aches, anaemia and general malaise. Lupus can mimic other diseases, such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, making it difficult to diagnose. Currently there is no single test that can definitely say whether a person has lupus or not. Only by comprehensive examination and consideration of symptoms and their history can a diagnosis be achieved. Seven years ago an international steering committee representing lupus organisations from 13 different nations met in Eaton, United Kingdom, to organise the first World Lupus Day. They made a proclamation that called for governments around the world to increase their financial support for lupus research, awareness and patient services. There are more than 500 people in the Turks and Caicos Islands that are affected by lupus – most are female. Mr Dunbar founded the TCI Lupus Foundation following the death of his wife. The foundation is dedicated to the development of an awareness of the disease and the need to have it addressed by the medical community and society at large. To find out more visit http://

TOP holiday wholesalers and travel agents took time out to visit the Turks and Caicos Islands this week to find out what the country has to offer. During their visit, sponsored by the TCI Tourist Board, the reps spoke to tourism chiefs about the ups and downs of selling the destination. They also took a tour of the islands and mingled with hotel and resort managers over cocktails and during a more formal tradeshow. Ralph Higgs, acting director of tourism, said the 11th annual visit went extremely well and was very productive. “We clearly want to hear from them how the destination is being perceived in the marketplace and we want to hear from them what their clients are saying about us.

“I’m pleased to say that by and large the destination is doing very well, in fact all of them have indicated that it’s one of their preferred destinations.” The conference began on Tuesday with cocktails and dinner at Mango Reef restaurant at the Alexandra resort. Then on Wednesday 19 resorts and hotels represented themselves at a tradeshow held inside the Regent Palms ballroom. Representatives of Expedia, Travelocity, US Airways and Orbitz were among those that moved from table to table finding out what each accommodation has to offer. Pamela Ewing, regional marketing manager for the TCI Tourist Board, said the event is “very important”. “It’s an opportunity for both the

hotels and the wholesalers to interact and update one another on the product and as well on opportunities available. “In the last couple of years we’ve not had the type of financing that we’d like to have to promote the destination, so this is a more cost effective way of doing that.” “Our hotel partners will go back and promote to their millions of clients, so that is definitely a big help for us as a destination.” Both Mr Higgs and Ms Ewing revealed that bookings were already up by a large percentage this year. In 2010 approximately 80,000 room nights were booked through the attending wholesalers and travel agents. This year figures have already reached a “tremendous” 80,000 just five months in, Ms Ewing explained.

(from left) Archdeacon Keith Cartwright, Bishop Laish Boyd and Father Bernard Been, new rector at St Monica’s Anglican Church.

Grand visit for TCI Anglicans TCI ANGLICANS welcomed in a special visitor on Thursday when Bishop Laish Boyd jetted into Provo. His three-day trip – accompanied by Archdeacon Keith Cartwright – is in a bid to “reconnect and reenergise” the diocese of TCI and Southern Bahamas. During their stay they will meet and greet fellow Anglicans at church services, attend business sessions to discuss the affairs of the church and enjoy a tour of the island. They will also enjoy a social gettogether being held tonight (Friday) at Provo Mini Golf. The events will culminate with an 8am mass on Sunday at

St Monica’s Church in Leeward Highway. Bishop Boyd, from the Bahamas, told the Weekly News: “The region’s four archdeaconries are all encouraged to meet regularly. “Because this diocese is archipelagic – I am responsible for 25 islands altogether – they need to meet to help people feel connected and get to know one another. “It’s very important for bringing people together and for energising the individual islands and congregations to do their work within the larger whole.” Bishop Boyd said much of the church’s ongoing work focused on

encouraging young people into its fold. “As a church we are always focused on young people; every congregation has a Sunday School, a youth group, and young people who serve around the altar. “The church always makes room for young people. We owe it to them to equip and prepare them to take their place as adults in the community and as leaders in the church.” Bishop Boyd and Archdeacon Cartwright were welcomed by Father Bernard Been, recently appointed rector of St Monica’s, who said he was “delighted” to receive members of the extended Anglican “family”.



May 14 - 20, 2011

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FCO move is “feeble, insulting and deceptive” Read PNP leader Clayton Greene’s letter to Overseas Territories Minister Henry Bellingham and Governor Gordon Wetherell Dear Minister Bellingham, Just one week ago today, the United Kingdom had its alternative vote referendum where Britons in their millions took to their local polling stations to inform the Government that they did not wish to change the ‘first past the post’ electoral system currently in place. Forty five million people across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland were given the opportunity to express their individual position on so fundamental an issue as the system used to elect representatives to their Parliament. At the same time in these Islands, an overseas territory of the United Kingdom some 32,000 persons are denied an opportunity to do the same. For all the blatant disregard of the wishes of the Turks and Caicos people by the Foreign &

Commonwealth Office (FCO) over the last two years; for all the feeble, insulting and deceptive ‘efforts’ at inclusion that never seem to place value or give any credence to the impassioned and unanimous pleas of Belongers; nothing so far has been as unashamedly despotic and gravely unacceptable as the recent announcement that the FCO will not conduct a public constitutional consultation meeting in Providenciales, but will broadcast a televised call-in show allowing interested persons to ask questions. The approach of the FCO to the Turks and Caicos Islands and its characteristic lack of democratic process are in stark contrast to the approach of the British Parliament to its citizens at home. It cannot be suggested that the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands deserve any less than the 45

million Britons. The United Kingdom held the referendum not because they were unsure of the outcome; the polls having already predicted the outcome with statistical certainty; but rather because they understood that on issues that are as constitutionally far reaching as changes in the voting system representative democracy is not good enough – each man must in those circumstances exercise his individual voice. The proposed constitution not only threatens an equally fundamental change to the voting system in the Turks and Caicos Islands but further, marginalises the vote of the Belonger population and the constitutional authority of representatives in their Parliament to such an extent that we must question whether under the proposed regime we would in fact still have a representative democracy.

Tax hikes are disturbing Dear Editor, It is clear that the Government will soon implement a series of revenue measures in the form of new taxes and service fees. This is to be put in place so we can balance the budget by the 2012/13 fiscal year. Increased taxes and fees have been necessitated by the serious lack of financial management on the part of past local governments. Simply put, the Turks & Caicos must stop spending money it does not have and rapidly stabilise its finances. That being said, there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the increased tax burden will negatively affect every resident’s personal finances. Most, if not all, of the increased tax burden will be passed on to the consumer; the families that live in the Turks & Caicos. Some taxes, like the water and electricity taxes, will have double impact on the consumer. The water company uses a lot of electricity and PPC will logically pass its 10 per cent tax onto the water

company which will pass it, plus its 10 per cent tax onto the consumer. The combination of all the new taxes means residents are facing a serious inflationary situation. Worldwide there are already signs of increased prices for commodity based goods, for fuel etc which are already increasing the cost of food and fuel. The Turks & Caicos will not be spared the international inflationary cycle already happening; it will also experience an even more severe local inflationary cycle due to the additional taxes and governmental fees we will soon be required to pay. We are already seeing signs of suppliers taking advantage of this cycle for things such as the cost of petrol at the gas pump. While crude oil dropped to less than $100/barrel over one week ago, service stations are still increasing the cost of petrol; much more than just the increased $0.25 per gallon put on by the Government. I am equally concerned about


Part one

the ability of the Government to collect the taxes and fees plus effectively manage its finances. The Government is aware it needs to improve revenue management. As pointed out in the budget statement issued on April 5, 2011, quote “Arrears have increased significantly over the past few years compounded by poor monitoring and enforcement.” The document goes on to state that the Government intends to introduce a single revenue authority to reduce costs and increase effectiveness. However, this appears to be only at the wishful thinking stage at the moment as they hope to get some help from the IMF. It does not sound like improved revenue and collections will be in place any time soon. That is disturbing as it indicates tax payers have no guarantee that everyone will be treated fairly and past arrears will be collected. Fred Skovberg

The FCO, led by the British Parliament, has been unashamedly hypocritical in denying the people of these Islands the referendum. Of the 36,000 people that make up the population of the Turks and Caicos Islands, 23,000 reside on the island of Providenciales. It takes a great deal of effort and an exceptionally wild imagination to wrap one’s mind around the idea that the FCO could accurately determine public opinion on the various controversial proposals without holding at least one public meeting in Providenciales. When Turks and Caicos Islanders most desire and deserve a representative, responsive and transparent Government that incorporates their opinions into the decision making processes, they get instead an administration that is patently out of touch, demonstrably insincere and single-minded in its desire to exclude Turks and Caicos Islanders from any meaningful

participation in the decisions that impact most profoundly their future. For democracy’s sake I call on the FCO to reconsider its position and not deny the residents of Providenciales an opportunity to participate publicly in the consultations. Moreover I call on the British Parliament to govern the Turks and Caicos Islands with the same creed and code that it governs its citizens at home and allow a referendum on the voting system and all other controversial aspects of the constitution as proposed. The proposed constitution is revolutionary. A revolution that is against the expressed will of the people is dictatorial. A referendum is the democratic response not only in the United Kingdom but in the Turks and Caicos Islands as well. Yours faithfully, Clayton S. Greene PNP leader

Constitutional censorship Dear Editor, I am of the opinion that the recent decision not to hold a town hall meeting in Providenciales to discuss the final draft of the proposed constitution is another means of censoring the majority of the population in our bid to have their voices heard. I cannot imagine hundreds of persons trying to get through to discuss such an important document, on a phone line to submit questions or concerns. Anyone who has tried calling in a local TV or radio show live would concur that this is sheer madness. I personally would hate to think that after months of preparing questions or concerns to address each point, I may never get anything other than a busy signal when dialling a phone line to discuss the highest law in the land. Furthermore this method could lead to interference by whoever is screening calls for the FCO. They will simply discard the callers they

do not want on the air or on record and only allow callers who seem to be in agreement with their views. Additionally, we would not know the nationality or status of the persons calling in, and whether or not they are entitled to an opinion, in a constitutional meeting that should be for citizens only, since constitutions are of the people, by the people and for the people. This is a completely disrespectful move by the interim administration to the citizens residing in Providenciales and something that calls for the reinforcement of my current description for the group, which is that of a dictatorship and not a democracy. Speak up and out people. We should take to the streets in protest when such a sad day becomes our reality under our colonial oppressors. Euwonka Selver

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May 14 - 20, 2011




Apathy is not a luxury we can afford Dear Editor, Deceptive political silence falls over the Turks and Caicos Islands once again, and were it not for the omnipresent fact that this country has been stripped of democracy, representative government, and basic constitutional rights, like the one to trial by jury, one would think we have gone back to business as usual. Even at the height of the momentous commotion of civil disobedience two months ago, there was an apathetic dismissal of the protest by those who felt it was an economically detrimental and irresponsible flash-in-the-pan revolt. Indeed, it seems it was. Even as hundreds of peaceful protestors faced down gun-toting, violence-inciting riot police, there was trepidation among the demonstrators that the effort would not last, that it would be in vain. That just as there had been a March for Unity on March 8 the year before, March 8 2011 would pass and the constitutionally warranted goal of an election date would not be met by the interim Government – and it wasn’t. Quite possibly, the sustainability of economically injurious and publicly disruptive protests was fragile from the outset. When the organisers of the protests asserted that civil disobedience would not die down until, at the very least, a solidified election date was released; their successful campaign to pressure the interim Government to fulfil their most fundamental duty suddenly lost steam. In the highly tense climate of the country screeching to a halt because of a road blocked or inoperative airport, the interim Government was the last man standing because that tactic can only work when all ablebodied Belongers unite in the effort. A protest, whether unassumingly peaceful or chaotically disruptive, can only yield successful results when the majority of Belongers

participate in demanding the interim Government guide itself by the principles of good governance and sound financial management; that transparency and accountability be ardently adhered to in the decision making process; and that a solidified election date be set and released immediately. Based on the passionate dissent many Belongers expressed over the appropriateness of disruptive protests in such difficult economic times, it is fair to say that at this point, a public demonstration that requires unanimity and widespread Belonger participation is not one that will yield successful results. However, amid growing pressure from the business community to quell civil unrest, a pacifier of sorts was the assertion that Belongers needn’t ‘cut off their nose to spite their face’ as there are less deleterious methods to attain the same democratic goal. At the height of the protests demanding an election date, at office water-coolers and after work hang-out spots, on hot topic radio discussions, blogs, and social media websites, cynical critics (that included tourists, expatriates, and Belongers alike) complained there was no need for disruptive civil disobedience because there are a plethora of more appropriate mechanisms to appeal to the interim Government. In the hushed weeks and months that follow those demonstrative pleas for basic political and constitutional rights, the question must be asked, what are those mechanisms? And more importantly, why are not we exploring them? It is trite fact that there is a cause, a justified reason to protest, and rights that have been trampled on that need to be restored, but how can we restore them facing an interim Government that refuses to listen to the people? Local politicians have flown to London to appeal to the Privy

Magical welcome for new restaurant Dear Editor, Welcome Garam Masala to Providenciales, the best Indian restaurant in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Your food is truly magical! Well done Sameer, Vinny, Jai, Chanda and all the team. I recommend the chicken tikka masala! Expelliarmus everyone! Charlie McKnight Age 9

Council and Members of Parliament only to be turned away or invited in for a brief courtesy meeting. Colin Roberts, the Director of Overseas Territories for the Foreign Commonwealth Office, recently visited the Turks and Caicos Islands and cancelled his meeting with the president of the Civil Service Administration (amid widespread civil servant unrest), instead inviting him out for cocktails. CARICOM, Lord Nigel Jones of the House of Lords, the United Nations Special Committee on Decolonisation, and an assortment of other international figures and institutions, have condemned various aspects of the British Government’s handling of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Nothing so far has budged the interim Government - not to leave immediately, but to simply govern in the best interest of the people it serves; so when even the most drastic and desperate of attempts to attain some ounce of good governance has

gone ignored, it begs the question – what do we do now? We fight. In these defining days in the history of our nation, it is of paramount importance that all Turks and Caicos Islanders be politically engaged, well versed on TCIG decisions, and prepared to use whatever mechanism is available to us to demand our rights be restored. The constitutional, economic, and political decisions that are being made for us by an interim Government that does not represent us will adversely affect every Belonger across these Islands for generations to come. In every corner of society, those who can publicly demonstrate, those civil servants who can internally pressure the system, those who can fight in courtrooms, those who can fight in boardrooms, and those political leaders who should speak for the masses must now, more than ever before, take up their cause. The leaders of the Progressive National Party and the People’s

Democratic Movement must work together in uniting the people; the division caused by party politics when the future of every Turks and Caicos Islander is at risk will inevitably yield further devastating results. It is the obligation of members of the Turks and Caicos Islands Bar Association to band together and fight the illegality of so many of the interim Government’s implemented and proposed decisions. Those being pressured by the interim Government to stay quiet must speak out. We must abandon our fear of being individually targeted and take up courage in fulfilling our obligation to defend not just our rights, but those of future generations. Apathy, in these defining days, is not a luxury we can afford. We must speak up! The future of the Turks and Caicos Islands, for us as true Belongers of it, is at stake. Dominique Rolle


Constitution - reform or game SOON the next round of constitutional consultations will take place. The ‘consultants’ will jet from London and meet with the people from the less populated islands. Someone in Waterloo and possibly London decided Provo must be dealt with at arms length over the airwaves and not face-toface. It’s obvious they are not proud of what Sullivan has done and they are afraid once again those Provoites will not just consult face-toface but will get in their face. The interim Government has the entire Canadian-run police force at their disposal and they shrink back from loud political activists. They shrunk back from the same people on Airport Road - no wonder London was afraid of the former Cabinet. Britain, once the most powerful nation on earth, has sunk to this level Let’s not fool ourselves; the consultations may be a meaningless game because once back in London they will impose what they want. London plays the PNP game in more ways than one. Islanders will have their say and London will have their way. Sound familiar?

By David Tapfer In Provo you don’t even get your say! How powerful is a constitution anyway? The answer is simple: As powerful as you let it be. TC Islanders are fighting for their lives and rights and London bureaucrats go through the motions well employed. In 1776 the US constitution was something new. The justice department and the Congress enforced it. When found lacking, it is amended. Interesting is the constitution of Argentina, which was modelled after the USA document and yet there have been 52 emergencies since 1853 when it went into effect emergencies relating to ignoring the constitution. The latest TCI constitution was put in place in 2006 and suspended in 2009 three years later.

Reason for the suspension: responsibilities assigned to both Britain and the internal Government were ignored, laws were broken, proven policies ignored. London’s oversight was voided by the same office now afraid to meet the people of Provo. It has come all the way down to this. Prior to 2006, changes were not needed because you had responsible elected politicians running government, not manipulative bribers out to enrich themselves. The current process of government reform with few minor exceptions appears to have been a confidence game. London pretends it was the constitution, the system and systemic weakness that caused the lack of oversight - the typical bureaucratic excuse. Why not make it simple; just post the 10 commandments. God is in charge and when you trespass against those simple 10 rules and rights you will pay, someday and someway. Yes God is in charge and he works through people as does the devil. Question: Who does London report to?



May 14 - 20, 2011


TCI experts join Radio listener e-booking service wins cash prize TWO knowledgeable TC Islanders have joined the Turks and Caicos Reservations team to help promote the destination. Dulga Gray and Elisha Jennings will be sharing their passion and local experience with holidaymakers thinking about coming to the TCI. They hope to encourage more people to book with the locally-based e-marketing and tourism reservation service. Val Kalliecharan, general manager of Turks and Caicos Reservations, said: “Our staff is what sets us apart from other services. “With so many factors competing for travellers’ vacation time and money, we need to make it easy and compelling for people to choose

Turks and Caicos. “We do this by providing valuable insight and outstanding customer service. “Now, we can proudly say we have representatives from most of the major islands in the Turks and Caicos on our team, with Elisha and Dulga from Providenciales and North Caicos joining Sonya Hamilton and Jessica Hall from South Caicos and Middle Caicos. “This is a unique offering for visitors – to be able to have access to a team with such a rich, diverse and local background. “This is also one of the aspects of our service that differentiates us and has enabled us to book more than $4m in revenue to date.”

Dulga has an Associate’s Degree in Hospitality Tourism Management and is a graduate from Raymond Gardiner High School in North Caicos. Elisha has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and is a graduate from Johnson and Wales University in Florida. Turks and Caicos Reservations includes a real-time booking service for hotels and villas and the most current information on special deals, discounts, tours, attractions and activities. Find out more via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr or by calling 1-877-774-5486.

ONE lucky radio show listener was delighted to be chosen as the first winner of a $200 cash prize after taking part in a text competition. The ‘Neighbourhood Show’ airs every Tuesday at 5pm on 98.9 Faith FM and is hosted by Minister Lorna Brown also known as ‘God’s-Gem’. The show features interviews, talk items on church topics and promotional giveaways. Last week the programme launched its first competition and Lavern Ingham was chosen as the winner. She said that her favourite song on the show is ‘Nobody Greater’ and it encouraged her to be a part of the

promotion. “I wake up every day with 98.9 Faith FM and I keep my radio on that station all day,” she said. “I always listen to the Neighbourhood Show and find it very informative and interesting. “This is the first gospel radio talk show in the TCI where we know the topics are clean and still fun, and deal with mainly the church. “I’m grateful for this promotion and thank God for allowing me to be the winner.” She added: “I encourage everyone to tune in every Tuesday to the Neighbourhood Show at 5pm with God’s-Gem - you might just win something!”


Happy birthday Marie! HAPPY 40th birthday to Marie Cox. From your loving parents, children, sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews and special friends. We love you Marie!

Happy birthday Michael! HAPPY sixth birthday to Michael S Taylor III. Greetings from mommy Garnique, daddy Michael, sister Tranique, nana Violet, grammy Matty, papa, aunts, uncles, cousins, Godparents, friends and classmates at Mills Institute Primary School. We Love you Lil Mikey and pray God grants you many more birthdays to come, enjoy! Send your special occasion to: Rebecca Bird, Weekly News, Cheshire House, Leeward Highway, PO Box 52, Providenciales or email to Free of Charge!

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The services and work achieved by the nursing staff in the TCI are “to be proud of”

Celebrate National Nurses Week IT’S National Nurses Week and InterHealth Canada is leading the celebrations in TCI. A range of events is being held to mark the occasion in both Providenciales and Grand Turk. These include social evenings, lunches, a staff charity concert and special church services. National Nurses Week begins each year on May 6. It ends on May 12, which is known as International Nurses Day and is the birthday of the most famous nurse of all, Florence Nightingale. Kathleen Bree, chief of clinical services at InterHealth Canada, said: “Nurses Week, especially Nurses Day, although an international celebration, is an ideal opportunity

to give recognition to all the nurses working in the TCI. “Whether in the hospital, community, public health or private organisations, we thank them for their hard work, professionalism and dedication. “It is through their continued efforts, teamwork and mutual support that we are able to maintain and develop the delivery of high standards of nursing care to the community of TCI. “The nursing staff in the TCI come from a wide variety of cultures and nationalities, which brings with it a wonderful opportunity for learning in care and life experience. The potential to grow and develop together is immeasurable.” She added: “The services and

work achieved by the nursing staff in the TCI are to be proud of and this is a wonderful opportunity to recognise their continued efforts to ensure high standards of care and to thank them for all their hard work.” The nurses’ concert takes place on Saturday night (7pm) at the Ona Glinton Primary School auditorium in Grand Turk. There will be songs, poems, drama, dance and jokes with all proceeds going to the school fire damage appeal. The special church services will be held at both the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre in Provo and Grand Turk’s Cockburn Town Medical Centre on Sunday at 2pm. There will be a live video link between the two events.

May 14 - 20, 2011




Talented youngsters sought for dance spectacular TOP dancers from the USA are returning to the TCI this summer to present another spectacular show – and are seeking talented young performers to take part. Students, teachers and choreographers from the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV)’s dance department are set to jet over to the islands at the end of the month. Sponsored by the Friends of the Arts Foundation (TCFAF), they plan to hold a week long series of dance and theatre workshops to scout out local talent. And at the end of their trip the visitors and local dancers will perform ‘Dancescapes, A Field of Stars’ at Brayton Hall. Dancescapes is a kinetic journey of ballet, modern and jazz dance. The dynamic and innovative choreography is the creation of UNLV’s professional dance faculty and talented students. The group arrives in Providenciales on May 22 and will be holding workshops at various locations from May 23 to May 27. The performances will then take place on Friday, May 27 and Saturday, May 28. Tickets are on sale at the Unicorn Bookstore and Saltmills Diner - floor seats are $20, balcony seats are $35 and youth tickets are $10. For a schedule of master classes and lecture/demonstrations check the TCFAF blog on In addition the TCFAF is holding its annual general meeting on Thursday, May 19, at 7pm at Stargazer Villa on International Drive. All paid up members are invited to attend this once a year meeting to vote in the new executive officers that will run for season 2011 to 2012.

Dive show features Turks and Caicos PRODUCERS of an award-winning Canadian travel show have deserted land and are now heading for the water in a brand new series of dive programmes. And one of the first destinations to be featured in the in depth, off the wall documentary is the Turks and Caicos Islands. This month the TV team took to the seas around Salt Cay and Grand Turk to explore what’s beneath the crystal clear turquoise waters. According to director of photography Andre Dupuis they were pleasantly surprised at what they saw. “The diving was amazing,” he told PTV, “I had no idea that a wreck existed off of Salt Cay. “I’ve never dove on a wreck that was that old, and for me that was incredible.” ‘Departures’ is an adventure

travel television series which aired on Outdoor Life Network in Canada and the National Geographic Adventure Channel. It won a number of Gemini Awards including for best photography and best picture editing in an information programme. ‘Descending’ is a spin off from the popular show and focuses on diving spots around the world. Producer Mark Samson said: “We’re in the very early stages now, we’ve just finished filming I believe our fifth episode, so we still have another seven or eight episodes to go in the series. “We’ve got a bit of a laundry list of countries we’d like to tackle including South Africa, Iceland and Malaysia just to name a few. “So we’re certainly going to get a broad scope of what the world can potentially offer the dive

All Pass winner gets VIP treatment A DELIGHTED Digicel customer walked away with a huge prize on Thursday for subscribing to the company’s all access calling plan. Lilio Malbranche was the 500,000th person to activate the All Pass plan and was overjoyed to receive a bag full of goodies as a thank you. Just last month Digicel launched its 500,000th countdown promotion and quickly achieved the milestone.

The hugely popular All Pass plan, launched in July 2010, has since allowed customers to call locally, regionally and internationally at a reduced cost. For only $2.50 customers are granted a 24-hour pass to unlimited local Digicel to Digicel calls, 100 minutes to Digicel regional numbers and 30 minutes to the USA, Canada and UK fixed lines. Head of marketing Ava-Dayne

Kerr said: “The popularity of the All Pass goes to show that Digicel’s best value plans appeal to our customers and allow them to reach out to more of their loved ones in more places.” At a ceremony at Digicel’s Graceway House store, the Ocean Club employee was given $500, a new BlackBerry Torch and an upgrade to the improved VIP Pass. VIP Pass gives the same calling

plan access as the All Pass with the additional upgrade of unlimited BlackBerry data service for 24 hours. Also winning big this month was Tiffany Henfield, employee with the Turks and Caicos Islands Airports Authority. Ms Henfield received $1,000 for taking part in Digicel’s Easter Text to Win promotion where customers unscramble Easter words for a chance to win the grand prize.

community.” The show is hosted by Departures star Scott Wilson and Ellis Emmett. Scott said: “We didn’t want to go to all the touristy sites, we didn’t want to go to the places that every one goes on their diving holiday, the places that have been done to death on many other travel shows and documentaries. “We wanted to travel the back sites, the sites less travelled, less dived, less seen.” Ellis added: “We felt that there were a lot of magazine format shows out there and the way that we travelled we felt wasn’t really represented - the ups and the downs and letting the camera roll through all of it.” The first full season of Descending will air in January.



May 14 - 20, 2011


Reaching for the stars – Tourism’s top performers are recognised FOURTEEN of the tourism industry’s most dedicated workers were awarded this week for their outstanding efforts during 2010. A taxi driver, supervisor, chef and entertainer were among those recognised at this year’s Turks and Caicos Hotel and Tourism Association (TCHTA) Star Award luncheon. TCHTA president Karen Whitt explained: “For us it’s important to recognise the achievements of those outstanding performers and really take the opportunity to say thank you, job well done. “It also gives their colleagues a benchmark and something to aspire to.” Winners from 14 categories attended the annual event, all hailing from a variety of different resorts

and businesses across the islands. “I think it’s a testament to our industry when you look at the list of not only the nominees but particularly the winners,” Ms Whitt said. “There’s a broad cross-section of winners from all different resorts – all inclusives, small, medium, large, four star, five star and three star. “That’s very exciting and it only demonstrates the fact that all of our hospitality workers across the board are top performers. “We’d really like to take the opportunity to congratulate the winners,” she added. The event, slightly sized down from previous years, took place at the Regent Palms on Monday. “This year we made a conscious decision, because of budgetary

reasons, to scale back the event only in the presentation form,” Ms Whitt explained. She went on to say that cash was invested instead on promotions to attract JetBlue and Continental customers, as well as TCI’s first Maskanoo event. Following brief comments from organisers and a large lunch, the winners were announced and presented with their trophy. ‘Taxi Driver of the Year’ went to George Hinson of Boy Hall Taxi, while Godfrey Williams of Grace Bay Club walked away with ‘Ambassador of the Year’. Staff from Beaches won three awards including ‘Employee of the Year’ for Tamara Dixon, ‘Chef of the Year’ for Colin Watson and ‘Hotelier

of the Year’ for Donald Dagenais. The Regent Palms won two awards – ‘Supervisor of the Year’ went to Jean Souvenir and ‘The Heart of Hospitality’ award went to Robert Delra. Winning ‘Housekeeper of the Year’ was Lyde Pedor at The Alexandra resort and taking home ‘Manager of the Year’ was Sonia Williams-Ewing of Ocean Club Resorts.

Norwyn Gutherie from The Somerset won ‘Bartender of the Year’ while ‘Entertainer of the Year’ went to David Bowen. Pierre Beswick, of The Sands, was delighted to win TCHTA’s ‘Shining Star Award’. And finally ‘Allied Member of the Year’ was awarded to BNC Consulting Group and ‘Hotel of the Year’ went to the Royal West Indies Resort.

Meet the Miss TCI contestants

Special Provo Day fundraiser being held next week By Gemma Handy

More mobile banking with First Caribbean JUST one year after introducing mobile banking, First Caribbean has expanded and improved its service. For the first time anywhere in the Caribbean mobile phones can be used to pay bills and transfer funds to third party accounts. This mobile banking option is being offered exclusively through First Caribbean’s ‘Mobile Banking Bill Pay and Third Party Payment’ services. TCI country head Sherma Hercules said: “These new payment features will be a boon for our customers in the Turks and Caicos. “One of the key benefits of our mobile banking service is that you don’t need to have a smart phone to use it as it is text message-based. “We expect that a number of persons keen on this added convenience of banking on the go will gravitate to First Caribbean’s mobile banking as the leader in the

market.” Customers at First Caribbean can now meet utility, hire purchase and other monthly financial commitments, as well as transfer funds to other mobile banking customers, any time, anywhere and using any type of mobile phone. They can register an unlimited number of third party beneficiaries and billers to their account, as long as they are listed on First Caribbean’s internet banking service. These new services are available with immediate effect free of cost. Other mobile banking services are still available including the ability to make balance inquiries, transfer funds between accounts and set alerts to inform users when their accounts have reached minimum or maximum cash balances. Chief administrative officer Mahes Wickramasinghe said: “We are truly excited about these two new

additional features to our mobile banking service. “We believe that we have an excellent product that will help our customers save time by enabling them to ‘bank on the go’.” First Caribbean’s mobile banking service is safe with stringent security measures in place to protect their customers’ financial information and details from third parties. Text messages will only be sent to the mobile phone number that is registered with the bank by the customer, who must verify his/ her identity at the time of registration. Account numbers are never sent to the mobile phone. SMS charges will be the same as what any customer would pay their cellular service provider for text messages via long and/or short codes. For more information visit www. or call 1-800-744-3249.

HOTLY anticipated contestants for this year’s Miss TCI pageant are to be announced next week as the countdown for July’s Provo Day festivities begins. Organisers are poised to reveal the names and photos of the local lovelies who will vie for the coveted crown. And Islanders will have the chance to meet the stunning competitors for themselves at a special fundraiser next Saturday. The red carpet, all white affair event will be staged at the stylish Gansevoort resort on May 21 from 7pm. Guests can also try their luck at winning “delicate collectables” during a silent auction. Meanwhile, the Provo Day committee has released dates and times of the host of activities scheduled for July. This summer will see the revival of the much-loved grassroots festival, once the highlight of the country’s social calendar. In addition to the welcome return of the Miss TCI shows, Islanders can enjoy a trip down memory lane with everything from the boisterous beer drinking contest to top spinning expected to reemerge. The fun will kick off with a motorcade and launch party on Saturday July 2. The Miss TCI swimsuit competition will take place on Tuesday July 5, followed by the contestants’ live interviews on July 6. The costume competition on July 7 will be complemented by a vibrant junkanoo rush. On Friday July 8, a winner will be chosen for the Miss TCI crown who will go on to represent her country in the 60th Miss Universe extravaganza in Sao Paolo, Brazil, in September. The week-long festivities will draw to a close with a colourful

Angelica Lightbourne earned the Miss TCI crown in 2008.

regatta, float parade and carnival on July 9. Provo Day started as a modest beauty pageant in the early 1970s and blossomed over the years to include a voluminous float parade, fashion show, boat races and live music. It was later replaced by the star-studded Music Festival. The aim this year is to recreate the convivial and carnivalesque ambience of bygone days for which the vintage gala was loved. Thashena Adderley, president of the festival committee, urged Islanders to turn out in full force for the flurry of activities. “Everyone should come out just to see; it’s going to be very refreshing. “Too often we forget our heritage; it’s not that we are not open to new ideas but this is what we used to do, it’s our culture, it’s something we would like to keep, it’s something that says ‘us’.” Call Ms Adderley on 231 2423 or Calsada Johnson on 333 8815 for more information about sponsorship or participation. They can also be contacted for tickets for the May 21 fundraiser which cost $30 and will be sold on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

May 14 - 20, 2011




Partners promote the islands A TOP TCI magazine and online reservation company are joining forces to help give a boost to the country’s hotel industry. Turks and Caicos Reservations, the only locallybased e-marketing and reservation services company, announced this week it is partnering with Times Publications. As part of the partnership the Times of the Islands website will now include an option for visitors to search and book hotels and villas in the islands. Kathy Borsuk, editor of Times of the Islands, said: “Turks and Caicos Reservations is the premier source of information and deals for our islands.

“We are impressed with the services they provide and very happy to be partnering with them to make their offerings available to our readers. “We’re looking forward to working closely with Turks and Caicos Reservations to make it even easier for people to discover the beauty, history and relaxing atmosphere of our unique destination.” The two firms are also working together to enhance the marketing of the Times website through search engine optimisation (SEO) and other online marketing programmes. Claire Parrish, advertising manager of Times of the Islands, said she was equally excited about the tremendous opportunities available to

Turks and Caicos Reservations announced this week it is partnering with Times Publications

advertisers. The current online version of each issue and extensive archives will now be accessed by more web readers than ever before, she said.

Help for disabled youngsters DOES your child have a disability? If so, help is on its way. InterHealth Canada has joined forces with the Ministry of Health and NHIP to develop a specialist therapy service in the TCI for youngsters with disabilities. So far, pediatrician Dr Helen Leonard has identified more than 50 children who need support across the country. But with the new service being planned, she is now urgently appealing for others to come forward. Dr Leonard explained: “We are obviously aware of a lot of children who need help but I am concerned there may be youngsters out there that we do not yet know about. “There is a great deal of work being put into this new service and so obviously we don’t want to start and then find out there are children we have missed. “For this reason I would urge any parents and guardians who know their children have physical disabilities or very slow speech development to get in touch so that we can allow for them in our planning.” In a bid to help parents and guardians recognise the signs of severe learning difficulties, Dr Leonard issued the following advice. “There are a number of things to consider,” she explained. “For instance, one thing we are interested in is children with severe learning difficulties. “By severe learning difficulties I mean is your child way behind his or her years? An eight-year-old working at a

More than 30 children took part in the hospital pilot scheme.

five-year-old’s pace? “If the answer is yes then I would ask parents and guardians to contact me as soon as they can.” The new service comes following a recent pilot scheme held at the Cheshire Hall and Cockburn Town Medical Centres. This featured visiting therapists from Canada and the United States and was hailed a “huge success” by all involved. Dr Leonard added: “That pilot scheme was a fantastic success with more than 30 children taking part. Without exception these youngsters and their parents benefited greatly and are looking forward to the regular sessions

we are now planning. “And that’s what this service is all about – helping young people to overcome their difficulties and improve their and their loved ones’ lives. “The achievements of those who took part in the pilot scheme were simply amazing and I look forward to hearing from anyone who wishes to take advantage of this brand new service.” Dr Leonard is based at the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre in Provo and can be contacted by email at hleonard@ Alternatively more information is available by calling InterHealth Canada TC on 941 2800.

The mission of Turks and Caicos Reservations is to provide a more personal and knowledgeable resource for people looking to visit the Turks and Caicos Islands. The company, now three years old, provides access to the most extensive range of accommodation options throughout the country. Staff are available 10 hours a day to give in-depth local

knowledge of the Turks and Caicos Islands, a real-time booking service for hotels and villas and the most current information on special deals, discounts, tours, attractions and activities. The company’s agents are based in Grace Bay headquarters and are available seven days a week from 9am to 9pm through toll-free telephone, email, and live

chat. Starting immediately, Turks and Caicos Reservations Services will also be available to readers of the Times of the Islands website. In addition, the two companies will co-develop and share content for their prospective sites. Published quarterly since 1988, Times of the Islands is available free of charge throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands and annual subscriptions are sent all over the world. Turks and Caicos Reservations is a locallybased, centralised reservations service that provides in-depth local knowledge of the Turks and Caicos Islands, a real-time booking service for hotels and villas and the most current information on special deals, discounts, tours, attractions and activities. Find out more via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr or by calling 1-877-774-5486.




May 14 - 20, 2011

fitness Tip 

Declare war on belly fat STOMACH feeling flabby? Perhaps you just want to do a little toning up to get it looking good? Here are a

Pineapple upside down cake

Boost your manganese intake with this simple recipe. Pineapples are one of the best sources of this essential nutrient.

few pointers. Axe junk food. Replace potato chips and chocolate with fruit and you will see a world of difference. Munch on raw vegetables too which are high in fibre and low in calories. Some of the best include carrots, celery, cucumber, zucchini, lettuce, tomatoes, pears and broccoli. Cut down on soft drinks. Drink plenty of water instead of soda. Water will make it easier to lose weight. Consider flavoured water as an alternative if you must. Eat lots of lean protein like beans and nuts. Swap white bread and pasta for wholegrain bread and brown rice for an extra fibre boost. Wholegrains keep you fuller for longer too. Stay well away from high-fat dairy products. Raising your metabolic rate is crucial. The higher your metabolic rate, the more energy (and thus fat) you’ll burn even when you aren’t doing anything. Try compound exercises like deadlifts with heavier weights. Eat small meals six to eight times a day. For greatest effect, only

eat carbohydrates before 2pm and only proteins after that. Don’t eat anything two hours before you sleep. Your body slows down when you sleep so you can’t digest food properly which means it is stored as fat. Do aerobic exercises daily for 30 minutes minimum and include one to two days of rest each week. Anything that brings your heart rate up is great. Take up dancing, running, Tae-Bo, swimming, cycling and walking at a good pace. To better work the entire abdominal region, vary your exercises: Crunches work the upper abdomen, leg raises work the lower abdomen, side bends work the obliques (also known as love handles). Sure, you can do 100 daily crunches. But if you’ve got a layer of fat covering up your ab work then what’s the point? You need to burn the top layer of stomach fat to see the changes. Consider some form of anaerobic exercise as well. Some simple

Hanging leg or knee raises are an excellent way to flatten your belly.

resistance training or light weight lifting will not only help you burn fat more efficiently but tone up the rest of your body as well. Some of the best exercises for

achieving a flat stomach include abdominal crunches, stomach twists, hip raises, dumbbell side bends, air cycling, sit ups, and hanging leg raises.

health Tip 


• 1 can (8.5oz) sliced pineapple • 3 tbsps butter • Half cup brown sugar • 4 maraschino cherries (halved) • Third cup shortening • Half cup sugar • 1 egg • 1 tsp vanilla • 1 cup flour • 1.5 tsp baking powder • Quarter teaspoon salt • 1 cup whipped cream (optional, for serving)


• Preheat oven to 350ºF. • Melt butter in a 9” square pan. Stir in brown sugar and mix well in the pan. Arrange pineapple slices in the bottom of the pan. Place half a cherry in the middle of each pineapple ring. • Drain the pineapple, reserving syrup. Add water to remaining syrup to make half a cup. • Cream together shortening and white sugar until light. Add egg and vanilla. Beat until fluffy. Add dry ingredients plus half cup reserved pineapple syrup. Beat until all is well mixed. • Bake for 40 to 45 minutes. Cool for five minutes in the pan then invert the cake on to a plate. Great served warm with a dollop of whipped cream.

Mighty manganese THANK you again my readers; as always I appreciate the time that you take to read my researched information. But most of all I say a big thank you to Almighty God for giving me all of the abilities that I have; much praise, glory and honour to Him. This week let us take a quick look at another mineral and its health benefits and also some deficiencies. Manganese is a trace mineral that is present in very tiny amounts in our body. Your body most likely would contain around 20 milligrams of manganese and most of them will be found and concentrated in your bones, kidneys, liver and pancreas. Manganese serves many functions in your body. It primarily works as a co-enzyme that facilitates various metabolic processes.

By Phillip Simmons The benefits of manganese in the body vary largely. It is involved in bone formation, thyroid function, formation of connective tissues, sex hormone functions, calcium absorption, blood sugar regulation, immunity capabilities and in fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Considering these vital functions, manganese is very important for health. Fortunately, it is abundant in fruits and vegetables. Good sources also include nuts, seeds, avocados,

Berries are an excellent source of manganese.

seaweed, raisins, spinach, broccoli, beans, wholegrains, egg yolks, peas, orange, spinach and other green leafy vegetables. There is actually no recommended dietary allowance for manganese, but normally between two and five milligrams a day is enough.

If you do not get enough manganese in your daily diet, you stand the risk of manganese deficiency. This can lead to various health problems which may include bone continued 

May 14 - 20, 2011



Lifestyle... How does your garden grow


Growing a lime tree LIME fruit has enjoyed a boost in popularity in the past few decades. This has prompted many home gardeners to plant a lime tree of their own in their garden. Growing lime trees can be rewarding and fun. Many people choose to purchase a lime tree from a local nursery rather than grow them from seed (though they are very easy to grow from seed). Once you have purchased your lime tree, you will need to plant it. The steps for how to plant a lime tree are pretty much the same whether you plan on planting it in the ground or in a container. First, make sure that where your lime tree will be planted will receive plenty of sunshine. Second, make sure the drainage is excellent. If you pay attention to no other lime tree tips, you must pay attention to this one. Growing lime trees in soil that does not have excellent drainage will kill your lime tree. Make sure that your lime tree will never be exposed to standing water. If planting in the ground, make sure the soil around the tree is a little higher than the ground outside the planting hole to prevent pooling of water around the lime tree. Third, when backfilling the hole or container, make sure that the soil is firmly in place around the root ball. If a pocket of air is created, the tree will die. Tamp the soil continually or water the soil every few inches while you backfill. Care of lime trees is pretty straight forward. Here are two tips:

Eat on the cheap WITH food prices soaring and taxes hitting where it hurts, the weekly grocery bill may now be one of your biggest expenses. Here are a few ideas for saving money when you cook at home.  Shop for the week. Make a plan and try to stick to it. Think about whether you’ll be going out to dinner, having friends over, attending a potluck, or packing your lunch for work. The more accurate you are with your shopping list, the more money you’ll save – and the less food you’ll waste. Write down a list before you go to the store, and avoid impulse buys.

Growing lime trees can be rewarding and fun

left dry for too long. This being said, too much watering will kill them as well. Best care of lime trees mean that you water consistently but not obsessively.

Fertilise frequently – Lime trees are heavy feeders. They will quickly deplete the soil around them, in the ground or in a container. Be sure to fertilise every few months with compost or a nitrogen rich fertiliser.

Water consistently – Lime trees will drop their leaves if

Mighty ... malformation, eye and hearing problems, high cholesterol levels, hypertension, infertility, weakness, heart disorders, memory loss, muscle contraction, tremors, seizures and so on. Deficiency in manganese used to be quite rare considering that it is naturally abundant in foods, but interestingly experts now estimate about 37 per cent of the population to suffer deficiency caused by improper diet and eating habits. Also many factors can inhibit magnesium absorption. For example, too much calcium and iron is thought to interfere with the proper utilisation of manganese in the body.

Money Tip

Lap of honour

LAPTOPS use significantly less energy than desktop computers and fewer resources are used in their construction. The latest generation of laptops are compact and highly specified, so if you need a new computer consider buying one instead of a desktop machine.

 Make leftovers intentional. Cooking with an eye to your weekly plan means leftovers won’t be a drag to get through, they’ll be a joy. With any leftover herbs, make pesto; it keeps well in the fridge, and its use is not limited to pasta. Spread it on salmon sandwiches, use it in potato salad and eat it with eggs.  Use your onion. And your garlic, your leeks, your scallions, your shallot, and your other cheap stock vegetables that can imbue even the simplest dinners with seemingly fancy flavour. Slowcooking leeks makes a soft and buttery confit, great for adding to  savoury pancakes  and flautas; tossing them into a chicken stirfry immediately gives the dish more bulk. Caramelising onions also creates layers of sweet, salty goodness in a dish. Try raw scallions as a pizza topping that’s way cheaper than pepperoni. And a head of roasted garlic makes mashed potatoes transcendent.

food.  Invite your friends over. Not heading out into the restaurant scene will save you tons of cash. Hosting at home not only means saving big, but it also usually means you’ll have great leftovers for the week. Have friends contribute to the meal by bringing drinks, dessert, or a side ingredient (bread to serve with the salad, or tortillas if you’re making tacos).  Prioritise. Figure out what ingredients are most important to you to buy organic, and if you’re entertaining, decide what course matters most to you. Spend money on that ingredient or dish and then skimp on the rest, using carbs, cheap vegetables, and bean dips to round out the rest.

 Highlight with fancy. You don’t need to serve expensive seafood as the main course to your party of six. What you can do is buy a little bit of it and add it to tomato sauce just before spooning it over spaghetti. Serve tiny portions of rich, expensive fresh mozzarella – but make them count.

 Make a bean dip. This is foolproof. Combine a can or two of beans - black, white, or garbanzo - some flavouring, a little olive oil, and a bag of chips or sliced baguette and you’ve got a delicious, crowd-pleasing addition to dinner parties and picnics or a cheap lunch.

 Bulk up with carbs. As for the rest of the meal, be sure to fill it out with the non-costly choice: carbs. Grits and quinoa are less traditional picks; pasta, rice, bread, and potatoes are the obvious ones. It goes without saying, but not only are these carbs cheap, they’re also bona-fide comfort

 Use your freezer. The freezer is brilliant for sale purchases. When pounds of butter dip down a dollar, buy several boxes. Same goes for frozen shrimp and frozen berries or vegetables. If there’s a freezer-friendly ingredient that you use a lot, stock up when you find it for cheap and shop from your freezer later.


Regional News


May 14 - 20, 2011

New Seventh-Day Bahamas to now Adventists union established issue work visas – Will act as umbrella organisation for churches in TCI, the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands IT WAS a historic day for the SeventhDay Adventist church on Monday, as parliamentarians unanimously voted to approve legislation that would establish the Atlantic Caribbean Union as the umbrella organisation of Seventh-Day Adventist churches in The Bahamas, The Turks and Caicos and the Cayman Islands. But despite the unanimous vote, the Free National Movement in a press statement on Monday night blasted Opposition Members of Parliament who were absent when the vote was taken. The new Atlantic Caribbean Union was carved out from the previous West Indies Union of Seventh-Day Adventist, which was reorganised in November of last year. On Monday, legislators took things one step further and unanimously passed the bill, aimed at incorporating the new conference, allowing it to execute its legal obligations and establishing The Bahamas as the headquarters. The new union will have responsibility of the North Bahamas and South Bahamas Conference, the Cayman Island Conference and the Turks and Caicos Mission. In moving the Bill, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham congratulated the leadership of the Adventist church on the milestone. He also lauded the teachings and practices it places on healthy and wholesome lifestyles, promoting strong families and catering to the needs of people young especially those at risk. “The Seventh-Day is a force for good in The Bahamas,” Prime

Minister Ingraham said. “The work which the church does in education, in youth development and the work which it does in terms of healthy lifestyle and living and its general commitment to the social upliftment of The Bahamas, is something I’d wish to commend them for.” Seconding the bill, Mount Moriah Member of Parliament Tommy Turnquest said that Adventists in The Bahamas have given citizens much reason to be proud for the role they have played particularly with young people in the country. “I think it’s important to say again, is the steadfastness of the Adventists particularly as they focus their ministries on the family in encouraging parents to be parents again, to discipline their children, to lead by example,” Minister Turnquest commented. “Whether it’s their pathfinders’ organisation, their youth outreach programme or their social programmes the Adventists in The Bahamas have much to be proud of.” Additionally, the church has played a pivotal role in the areas of education, health and community service. Member of Parliament for Englerston Glenys Hanna-Martin remarked that the Adventists has had a long, distinguished and honourable presence in The Bahamas. Furthermore she remarked that the legislation signalled the growth and expansion of the church’s work in The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos and Cayman Islands. “Historically the Seventh-Day

Caribbean Governments reiterate longstanding solidarity with Palestinian people CARIBBEAN GOVERNMENTS have reiterated their long-standing solidarity with the people of Palestine hoping that recent developments in the Middle East will lead to a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the creation of lasting peace and stability in the region. Caribbean Foreign Ministers at their just concluded Fourteenth Meeting of the Council for Foreign and Community Relations (COFCOR) of the Caribbean Community in St. Kitts reiterated the Community’s long standing and unwavering solidarity with, and commitment to, the just and legitimate aspirations of the people of Palestine for the exercise of their

right to self determination and to achieve a homeland of their own, independent, free, prosperous and at peace. “The Council further reiterated its support for a two state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with the people of Israel and Palestine living side by side in their free and independent countries in peace, prosperity and harmony and within secure and internationally recognised borders,” said the communiqué issued after the meeting which was convened under the chairmanship of St. Kitts and Nevis’ Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Sam Condor.

Adventists have placed a premium on education,” Mrs. Hanna Martin said. “It has contributed in a most important way to the delivery of education in this country and to the setting of very high standards, as has other churches in the country including the Catholics, the Anglicans, the Methodists and the Baptists.” Member of Parliament for Killarney, Hubert Minnis in his remarks, stated that he was more than impressed with the lifestyle programmes of the Seventh-Day Adventist church. “In fact, I can say that their programme is probably one of the best I have seen here in The Bahamas and reviewing their programme, many individuals who were on medication have now been able to remove and in fact not require any medication because of these programmes,” Dr. Minnis said. Fox Hill Member of Parliament Fred Mitchell commended the church for all the great work it has done, especially in his constituency to help the less fortunate. Mr. Mitchell said whenever there is someone in need and the government services are unable to provide the necessary support, the Seventh-Day would fill in the gap. “This has to do with providing food for people to eat as well as the repair of homes for people who have accommodations that are not fit and proper, and I would like to thank them for it.” On Monday evening, Mr. Mitchell wasted no time in firing back at the FNM, who said it was “astounded and deeply disappointed” that six Opposition MP’s who spoke earlier on the Atlantic Caribbean Union of Seventh-Day Adventist were absent when the vote was taken for the passage of the historic bill. According to the FNM, absent were St. Cecilia MP Cynthia Pratt, Fox Hill MP Fred Mitchell, South Andros MP Picewell Forbes, Fort Charlotte MP, Alfred Sears, MICAL MP Alfred Gray and Exuma MP Anthony Moss. “It is regrettable that such a large number of Opposition MPs were absent for the final passage of a bill of great significance to the Seventh Day Adventist community,” the statement read. Calling those statements “stupidity and perversion by the FNM spin masters,” Mr. Mitchell said its “typical Hubert Ingraham FNM politics trying to muddy something up which is simply straight forward.”

THE DEPARTMENT of Immigration is moving towards a paperless system and will no longer be issuing work permits. The island’s Minister of Immigration and Foreign Affairs Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette made the announcement Monday that his ministry is now issuing work visas. Mr. Symonette said the visas take the form of a credit card and are electronically readable. The status of the many nonBahamians that flock to The Bahamas for work will now be electronically monitored as they will have to travel with their work visas. Just like the electronic passport, these work visas are equipped with a chip that will contain biometric information about the cardholder and will also make it easier for Immigration officials to determine whether a person is her legally or illegally. “Because of my involvement, also in foreign affairs, [I found that] some [applicants] who needed a work permit also needed a visa to visit The Bahamas,” Mr. Symonette said. “So if I issued a work permit to a Chinese person, he or she would also have to come to Foreign Affairs to get a work visa to be able to fly. So now that can all be done with this new card. “The one thing that is interesting is the spousal permit. Many people may have heard stories about a Bahamian marrying a non-Bahamian and they come over here and they

Brent Symonette (Journal file photo)

want the right to work. If we are going to make it easier for people to come to The Bahamas, their spouses have to be entitled to work.” The deputy prime minister also announced that the Department of Immigration will no longer issue a general work permit. Instead, the minister said persons applying for work visas will have to secure a job before they can even consider applying. “For persons who want a work permit, and expect to get it by reason of having a general workers permit, [that will not happen],” Mr. Symonette said. “[These people] will now need to have a sponsor. You will have to be working for someone. That is another one of the changes that we’ve made.”

Jamaican PM announces 10,000 public sector job cuts UP TO 10,000 jobs will be cut over five years under the public sector in Jamaica, announced Prime Minister Bruce Golding during his budget presentation in Parliament on Tuesday. The current staff compliment of 118,000 will be reduced to between 108,000 and 109,000. “The primary objective of the exercise was to improve the efficiency of government, not to cut staff, and that the impact on staffing would ultimately be determined by the final decisions on how MDAs (ministries, departments and agencies) were to be restructured,” said Golding of the Master Rationalisation Plan. The plan is to be implemented by the Public Sector Modernisation Programme (PSMP) of the Cabinet Office. The focus of the Cabinet Office-run PSMP is to increase productivity, incorporate performance monitoring and

evaluation systems and decentralise human resource management. The rationalisation is expected to shave between $40 billion to $50 billion from the fiscal budget. These savings will come primarily from staff reduction and the disposal of assets arising from the privatisation and outsourcing of certain functions. “In implementing these changes, close consultation will be maintained with public sector unions to minimise as far as possible the effects of the dislocation to the affected employees where this cannot be avoided,” said the prime minister. He said that where services will be outsourced to private sector organisations, the government will, as done under previous memoranda of understanding with unions, engage in assisting displaced workers to seize the opportunity to provide those services themselves. (

May 14 - 20, 2011

Regional News



UK to upgrade Barbadian tax transparency status IN AN IMPORTANT move, the UK government has responded to recent amendments of Barbados’s income tax regulations with an announcement that it is to upgrade the island’s status, with respect to legislation on offshore noncompliance by UK taxpayers. The Barbadian government was notified of the change on May 6, which lifts the country from Category three to Category two status. The date the upgrade will come into force has not yet been made known. Categories are assigned for the purpose of imposing penalties on those found to have avoided due payment of tax. A Category three jurisdiction is classed as having either no existing information sharing arrangements, or arrangements of insufficient quality. Raising Barbados to Category two recognises that the jurisdiction has in place arrangements providing for the exchange of tax information with the UK, upon request. The decision, according to Invest Barbados, came as a result of Barbados’s 2011 Income Tax (Exchange of Information) Regulations, which provide for the unilateral exchange of tax information in accordance with Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) standards set down in 2008. Commenting on the development,

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart said that: “This swift and decisive response by the British government is most welcome, and underscores the long history of tax cooperation our countries have enjoyed since 1970 when the Barbados-UK tax treaty came into force”. Stuart also stated that over the coming weeks, Barbados is to negotiate an updated protocol to its tax treaty with the UK, designed to amend existing provisions on the exchange of information. According to the Barbadian government, the UK is also backing the publication of a revised OECD Global Forum Phase I report on Barbados’ transparency and tax information exchange credentials, based on the 2011 regulations. The existing Phase I report criticised Barbados’s treaty network for failing to reflect the 2008 standards, findings Stuart calls disappointing. He argued that: “The assessment was particularly egregious given that the OECD itself has since 2002 endorsed Barbados as a transparent jurisdiction that has never relied on secrecy to attract investment. A policy demonstrated by our long history of codifying international transparency and information exchange norms through our aggressive and longstanding policy of tax treaty negotiation”.

A Caribbean HIV champion passes on WHEN MR PETER CARR and Mrs June Carr, and the Board of Directors of the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC) announced the passing of Dr Robert Carr on, Tuesday 10th May, 2011, it meant that the Caribbean had lost one of its very brave sons, a great leader of the Human Rights Movement in the region and a bright and visionary soldier. Dr Robert Carr was born on 23rd February, 1963. Dr Carr was founder of the CVC and acted as its first Executive Director until his move to Toronto, Canada, where he worked as Director of Policy and Advocacy with the International Council of AIDS Service Organisations (ICASO), until his passing. He also served as Executive Director of the Jamaica AIDS support from 2002 to 2005. Dr Carr also served on various UNAIDS reference groups, both regionally and internationally. To quote Dr Ernest Massiah, Director of the UNAIDS Caribbean Regional Support Team “ Robert Carr was daring. He was nuanced; he understood Caribbean foibles and mannerisms . He refused to accept the region’s intolerance and stigma.

Robert Carr was the founder of the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC).

And with great eloquence, wit, and devastating analytical insights, he sought to raise the bar for the Caribbean. He was my friend.” The Executive Director of CVC, Mr Ian Mc Knight, issued an announcement which said “For more than a decade, Dr Carr dedicated his life to bringing to public attention issues related to stigma and discrimination against persons living with or affected by HIV and AIDS.” In addition, he taught at the University of the West Indies, serving as the coordinator of the Graduate Programmes Unit of the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication (CARIMAC) from 2006 to 2008.

A file picture of a Haitian boy being treated for cholera -- outbreak of the disease is being linked to U.N. peacekeepers from Nepal.

New report links Haiti cholera outbreak to U.N. peacekeepers THE CHOLERA outbreak that killed more than 4,500 people in Haiti last year was linked to peacekeepers from Nepal, a new report says, a conclusion previously resisted by at least some United Nations officials. The report, released late Wednesday by a United Nationsappointed independent panel of experts, says that the cholera strain did not originate in Haiti. Instead, it was “very similar” to strains of cholera currently circulating in South Asia. The report does not directly blame the peacekeepers, saying rather that the Haiti cholera outbreak was caused by a “confluence of circumstances” and “was not the fault of, or deliberate action of, a group or individual.” The circumstances that aggravated the cholera strain into a full-blown outbreak included deficiencies in Haiti’s “water and sanitation and health care system” the report states. In addition to the 4,500-plus deaths, almost 300,000 others were sickened in the outbreak. A French epidemiologist, Dr. Renaud Piarroux, had suggested in December that the Nepalese soldiers were the source of the outbreak. At the time, a spokesman for the U.N. mission in Haiti indicated that officials viewed his report with some skepticism. The first cases of the outbreak occurred in late October last year. The Nepalese contingent of peacekeepers arrived in Haiti “between October 8th and 24th, 2010, after three months of training in Kathmandu, Nepal,” the report says.

Haiti at the time was already reeling from the devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake that hit the island nation in January 2010, killing more than 220,000 people, injuring more than 300,000 and leaving more than 1 million homeless. According to the report, fecal matter from the U.N. camp where the Nepalese were based was improperly routed by a contractor into the Artibonite River system, and “this contamination initiated an explosive cholera outbreak downstream in the Artibonite River Delta and eventually throughout Haiti. “This explosive spread was due to several factors, including the widespread use of river water for washing, bathing, drinking, and recreation,” the report says. There was “regular exposure of agricultural workers to irrigation water from the Artibonite River,” it says. The report provides recommendations for future U.N. missions, including “United Nations personnel and emergency responders travelling from cholera endemic areas should either receive a prophylactic dose of appropriate antibiotics before departure or be screened.” In addition, it says, “to prevent introduction of contamination into the local environment, United Nations installations worldwide should treat fecal waste using on-site systems that inactivate pathogens before disposal.” U.N. Secretary-General Ban Kimoon, who commissioned the report, on Thursday expressed his “deepest sympathies to the victims” and said

he will convene a task force to follow up on the report’s recommendations. The December report from Piarroux, based on an investigation he led in November, noted that many of the early victims of the outbreak were getting their water from the Artibonite River downstream from the U.N. peacekeeper camp. At one village, Piarroux said, residents told his team that they had seen pipes from a septic tank in the camp dumping a nauseating substance into the river. He noted that although Kathmandu had been experiencing a cholera outbreak while the peacekeepers trained there, none of the soldiers came forward with symptoms and none of the samples collected from the camp registered positive for cholera. But according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention website, people can carry the cholera bacteria and experience no symptoms of the disease. And Piarroux suggested that officials could have taken steps after the outbreak began that would have erased traces of infection in the camp. U.N. and Nepalese officials had repeatedly denied that the cholera originated in the Asian nation. Vincenzo Pugliese, spokesman for the U.N. mission in Haiti, said in December that Piarroux’s report failed to deliver definitive proof. “We have not dismissed the report but we have not accepted it completely,” he said. “We remain open to investigating this and we will get to the bottom of it.” (CNN)




Zsa Zsa Gabor, 94, could become a mother again ACCORDING TO an astonishing new report from CNN, ailing 94-year-old Zsa Zsa Gabor could become a mother again if husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt has his way. Gabor would have a child via an egg donor, artificial insemination and a surrogate mother, von Anhalt tells CNN. “I’ve gone through the initial steps of donor matching and blood work and next week the donation process will begin,” he says. Gabor’s daughter Francesca Hilton, the Hollywood fixture’s only child and often a vocal counterpoint to stepfather von Anhalt, told CNN, “That’s just weird.” “In life you need something to live for,” von Anhalt says. “If my wife passes away before me, I have nothing to live for.”

Gabor has been in and out of the hospital numerous times in the past year, enduring a hip replacement and eventually aleg amputation. “I’m a retired guy,” von Anhalt says of a new child. “I can take care of it.” He tells CNN that Gabor spoke about having a child with him when they wed 25 years ago; she reportedly revisited the topic with her husband recently. “One reason is their desire to have someone carry on the famous Gabor name,” CNN writes. “None of her two sisters left an heir and her only child does not use the Gabor name.” That info, via Prince Frederic, seems suspect; Francesca Hilton tells CNN her full name is in fact Constance Francesca Gabor Hilton. (

Zsa Zsa Gabor would have a child via an egg donor, artificial insemination and a surrogate mother, her husband von Anhalt tells CNN.

‘40-Year-Old Virgin’ actor sentenced to life in prison for stabbing A CALIFORNIA woman stabbed repeatedly by her then-boyfriend, a comedic Hollywood actor, on Friday described his courtroom antics explaining his violence as “very surreal and bizarre” -- and, above all, insincere. “In his testimony, he stated that it was the knife that did it, and he stated this repeatedly,” Kendra Beebe told HLN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell. “In fact it wasn’t the knife that stabbed me 23 times. It was Shelley Malil.” One day earlier, San Diego, California, County Superior Court Judge Harry Elias sentenced Malil to life in prison with the possibility of parole. Five years ago, the actor was cracking up audiences as an electronics store clerk in “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.” But in August 2008, he was arrested in North County, California and charged with stabbing Beebe. Earlier this fall, a California jury found him guilty of premeditated attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. He was found not guilty of burglary. Malil received near the maximum sentence for his convictions. But his former girlfriend said that, while she was pleased with the jury’s verdict, she still doesn’t think the punishment was severe enough. “I feel like I did get justice in our system. But is the system fair and just? I don’t think so,” Beebe said. Beebe survived the attack, despite having her chin severely cut, two

Shelley Malil stabbed his ex-girlfriend 23 times.

collapsed lungs and losing about half the blood in her body, her attorney Gloria Allred told HLN on Friday. In September, she testified that she’d initially thought that Malil was going to hug her when he approached her in her home, as her young children slept upstairs, that summer night. But instead, he began cutting her repeatedly with a knife -a fact that Malil did not deny. “I saw this flashing silver, and he goes bang, bang, bang,” Beebe said in court. The Indian-born actor -- who, according to the Internet Movie Database, has appeared in at least 54 movies and television projects, from Budweiser commercials, to guest appearances on “Scrubs” and “Reba,” to his break-out performance as Steve Carell’s co-worker Haziz in

“The 40-Year-Old Virgin” -- testified that he stabbed his girlfriend by mistake, thinking he was defending her. On Thursday, he apologised in court. “For what I did to Kendra, I don’t even have the words to express my remorse or my feeling sorry. Kendra Beebe did not deserve anything that happened to her,” Malil said. Malil’s 19-year-old niece, Anjali Varghese, testified at the sentencing hearing that her uncle’s “crime was not a result of any kind of ingrained malice, because that’s not his nature.” Yet Beebe said that the actor’s testimony left her unconvinced, feeling “so frustrated and angry.” “It was horrible,” she said. “He sure lied and lied and lied on the stand.” (CNN)

May 14 - 20, 2011

Warner Music bought by Blavatnik’s Access Industries WARNER MUSIC has been bought by an industrial group whose holdings range from oil and aluminium firms to the UK’s Top Up TV. Access Industries, run by Russian born billionaire Len Blavatnik, paid $3.3bn (£2bn) in cash for the world’s third largest music firm. Warner, whose artists include Bruno Mars, has been struggling with declining sales and profits. Access Industries already owned a small stake in the US firm. Mr Blavatnik said he was “excited” to be extending his involvement in the firm. Warner Music Group, whose entire music and publishing businesses have been sold, will become a private company with its shares delisted from the New York Stock Exchange. Chairman Edgar Bronfman said Access Industries was “supportive of the company’s vision, growth strategy and artists, while bringing a fresh entrepreneurial perspective and expertise in technology and media”.

“Most importantly, Access supports Warner Music’s commitment to our recording artists and songwriters who are the foundation of our current and future success,” he said. The sale of Warner Music marks “the end of the public pure-play music studios, which have been under attack from independent labels started by musicians and under fire from the Internet,” remarked Jon Ogg, an analyst with There are rumours that Mr Blavatnik also wants to add EMI to his portfolio of businesses. In addition to its heavy industrial interests, his US-based Access Industries also owns the UK arm of film and TV distributor Icon. Mr Blavatnik, who has an estimated fortune of $7.5bn, is a director of Russian oil firm TNK and aluminium giant Rusal. Warner shares rose 3.5% during Friday trading to close at $8.18 on Wall Street, just short of the $8.25 per share sale price. (BBC)

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston banned from Prince shows WHITNEY HOUSTON has lost her Prince privileges ... because sources tell TMZ the Purple One’s people became so fed up with her erratic behavior and constant ticket demands ... that she is no longer allowed at his shows. According to our Prince sources, Whitney attended several Prince concerts in the last few weeks and appeared to be “intoxicated” at each show -- though our sources never saw Whitney drink alcohol or take drugs.   We’re told Whitney was constantly badgering Prince’s staff

to let her up on the stage ... but Team Prince shot her down multiple times because P’s people “didn’t want her to embarrass herself.” Our sources say Whitney’s erratic behaviour, coupled with repeated and excessive ticket demands became too much for Prince -- and his team ultimately banned Houston from his concerts. As TMZ first reported, Houston is receiving treatment in an out-patient rehab programme for ongoing drug and alcohol problems. Calls to Houston’s people have not been returned. (TMZ)

May 14 - 20, 2011




Johnny Depp recording tracks with Steven Tyler JOHNNY DEPP has revealed that he is recording music with Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler. The actor and the American Idol judge recently struck up a friendship and have decided to put their heads together and write a few songs.

Depp, who has previously played guitar on tracks by Oasis and Shane McGowan, told Extra, “We’ve been hanging out here and there. He’s someone I’ve admired greatly for such a long time. The idea of writing songs with him is a dream come true.”

Tyler has been quoted as saying if he could choose anyone to play him in a movie, it would be Depp, and the 47-year-old said he would definitely be up for it. “I would give it a shot, why not,” he said. (Splashnews)


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Johnny Depp said he has been a longtime admirer of the Aerosmith rocker.



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a red carpet all white affair fund raiser event

At the Gansevoort Resort, Turks and Caicos Islands on May 21st, 2011 starting at 7:00 pm. Come out and be the first to meet the contestants of the Miss Turks and Caicos Universe Pageant, where you can also try your luck at one of our delicate collectables from our silent auction collection.

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May 14 - 20, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver has announced their split two weeks short of their 25th anniversary.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver split ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and Maria Shriver announced Monday that they are “amicably separating,” but there was no mention of divorce in their joint statement. Confirmation of their split came just two weeks after the 25th anniversary of their marriage and four months after Schwarzenegger left the California governor’s office. “This has been a time of great personal and professional transition for each of us,” their statement said. “After a great deal of thought, reflection, discussion, and prayer, we came to this decision together.” The statement did not reveal when the separation began, but Shriver, 55, was not wearing her wedding band in a video posted on YouTube two weeks ago. “At this time, we are living apart, while we work on the future of our relationship,” they said. The marriage of Schwarzenegger, a bodybuilder-turned-actor, and Shriver, the niece of President John F. Kennedy, was considered an unlikely union, especially considering Shriver’s deep Democratic roots and Schwarzenegger’s Republican leanings. They became one of America’s most famous couples. He was one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors and she was a network news anchor. They both gave up those careers when he was elected governor of California in 2003, a job he held until this past January. Schwarzenegger, 63, has been busy in recent months reviving his acting career, signing movies deals -- including another installment of his “Terminator” series. The couple’s children are ages 14, 18, 20 and 21. “We are continuing to parent our four children together,” they said. “They are the light and the center of both of our lives.” (CNN)

May 14 - 20, 2011





May 14 - 20, 2011









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“build with us”

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World News


May 14 - 20, 2011

Obama calls for US immigration system reform PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA has called for broad reform of the US immigration system, while highlighting steps he has taken to strengthen border security. In Texas, Mr Obama backed a path to legal status for illegal immigrants, as well as crackdowns on employers who hire illegal workers. He called on the fractured Congress to reject “the usual Washington games” and enact a comprehensive overhaul. An estimated 11M illegal immigrants, most of them Hispanic, live in the US. In El Paso, a Texas border city, Mr Obama said he had satisfied calls from conservatives to tighten security at the border and to increase deportations of illegal immigrants. He called on Congress to reform the immigration system in a manner that would encourage skilled and motivated immigrants to participate in American society while ending what he called an underground economy that preys on low-wage illegal immigrants. “We need to come together around reform that reflects our values as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants, that demands everyone take responsibility,” he said. Immigration reform is of particular importance to the growing Hispanic electorate, which is Democraticleaning and whose continued support Mr Obama will need in his 2012 reelection bid. Ahead of Mr Obama’s speech, White House aides stressed Mr

US president Barack Obama calls for Congress to reject “the usual Washington games”.

Obama remained committed to reform, even though Republicans derailed overhaul efforts in 2006, 2007 and 2010. In Texas, Mr Obama mocked Republican opponents on the issue. “We have gone above and beyond what was requested by the very Republicans who said they supported broader reform as long as we got serious about enforcement,” Mr Obama said. “But even though we’ve answered these concerns, I suspect there will be those who will try to move the goal posts one more time... Maybe they’ll say we need a moat. Or alligators in the moat.” Opponents, mostly conservatives, have criticised proposals as an unacceptable “amnesty” for people who have broken the law - even though one major proposal backed by Democrats would have applied only to those who came to the US as children.

While Washington DC has been unable to achieve federal immigration reform, three states have sought to take action themselves. Arizona, Georgia and Utah have passed measures giving police the power to demand documentation from people they suspect of being illegal immigrants who have been detained on other charges. Arizona’s law has been put on hold by the federal courts. Meanwhile, a judge in Utah blocked the state’s new immigration law on Friday, just hours after it went into effect. District Judge Clark Waddoups issued his ruling in Salt Lake City, citing its similarity to Arizona’s law. The American Civil Liberties Union and National Immigration Law Centre had sued to stop the law in Utah, saying it was modelled after the Arizona and that its implementation could lead to racial profiling. In 2008, 67% of Hispanics voted for Mr Obama, compared with 31% for Republican John McCain, exit polls showed. The Hispanic vote pushed Mr Obama over the margin of victory in four states won by President George Bush in 2004, some analysts calculate. The Republican Party lost significant support among Hispanic voters following the 2004 election, in which Mr Bush won 40% of the Hispanic vote, in part because of the party’s hard line on illegal immigration, analysts say. (BBC)

Clinton: China crackdown ‘a fool’s errand’ US SECRETARY OF STATE Hillary Clinton has criticised China’s crackdown on dissent as “a fool’s errand”, saying Beijing is trying to halt history. In an interview with The Atlantic, Mrs Clinton also called the nation’s human rights record “deplorable”. She defended US dealings with Beijing, saying: “We live in the real world.” The BBC’s Kim Ghattas in Washington says Mrs Clinton seemed to suggest the Chinese system itself would collapse and that democracy was inevitable. The article quotes Mrs Clinton as saying last month that China’s leaders were “worried” that the wave of pro-democracy protests overtaking the Middle East would spread east to China. “They’re trying to stop history, which is a fool’s errand,” she said. “They cannot do it, but they’re going to hold it off as long as possible.” China-US talks

Hillary Clinton says China’s human rights record was “deplorable”.

Since February, China has detained hundreds of pro-democracy activists, lawyers and writers and has clamped down on news media reporting on the Middle East protests. Mrs Clinton’s remarks were

published as US and Chinese officials held high-level strategic and economic talks in Washington. At the opening of the meetings on Monday, Mrs Clinton said in a speech that the US remained concerned about the human rights situation in China. “We know over the long arch of history that societies that work toward respecting human rights are going to be more prosperous, stable, and successful,” she told Chinese officials. “That has certainly been proven time and time again, but most particularly in the last months.” Criticism of China’s human rights record had been muted at the beginning of the Obama administration but has become increasingly more vocal, our correspondent says. However, Mrs Clinton said later that the US and China were achieving much greater understanding through regular talks between top officials.

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan (centre) visiting the tsunami-hit area of Ishinomaki in Miyagi prefecture on April 10, 2011. (CNN)

Japan’s Prime Minister to give up salary JAPAN’S PRIME MINISTER Naoto Kan said Tuesday that he will give up his salary until the nuclear crisis in the country is over. He also said he would review the country’s energy policy and consider other energy sources like wind and solar power. Kan said he would give up his prime minister salary which is 1,636,000 yen a month ($20,200 a month), but he would still receive his lawmaker’s salary. The prime minister’s announcement comes the same day that about 100 residents, who had been evacuated from an area close to Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, were allowed to return home Tuesday for a short visit to gather belongings. After donning protective suits to guard against radiation,the residents were allowed to go to their homes in the village of Kawauchi, officials said. They were only allowed one small bag and could stay in their homes for two hours. For some, this was the first time they had been home since April 22 when the Japanese government issued the mandatory evacuation from a 20-kilometre area

around the nuclear plant. “I left my medicine even though I have a chronic illness. I need to get it,” a man told Japanese public broadcaster NHK. Also left behind were pets. Residents may be able to go back and get their pets in the near future, officials said. After two hours at their homes, residents were taken to a base to undergo examinations for radioactive substances. Cooling systems at Fukushima Daiichi, about 240 kilometres (150 miles) north of Tokyo, were knocked out by the devastating tsunami that struck Japan’s Pacific coast after a massive earthquake March 11. The disaster triggered the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl as the cores of reactors 1-3 overheated and spewed huge amounts of radioactive contamination across the surrounding area. The disaster has led to mandatory evacuations of about 78,000 people living within 20 kilometres (12.5 miles) of the plant. People living another 10 kilometres away -- or at least another 60,000 people -- have been ordered to remain sheltered. (CNN)

Ecuador President Rafael Correa wins referendum Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa has won a referendum on a wide range of reforms, according to the country’s National Election Council. An early count showed voters had backed him on all 10 referendum questions, which ranged from banning bullfighting to judicial and media reform. Opposition politicians say the reforms are an attempt by President Correa to increase his power. Analysts say that the results will be a boost to Mr Correa. The national election council said its first “quick” sample count showed the president was ahead on all 10 questions by a range of 51-57% in what has been seen as essentially a

vote of confidence on the 48-year-old leader who has governed since 2007. President Correa declared victory after two separate polls indicated a large margin of voters had voted in favour of the reforms. “Today, we made an important step toward peace, democracy and a new motherland,” he said after the first results came out. “The truth and the Ecuadorean people have been the winners in this.” Opposition politicians had argued that some of the more controversial proposals, such as giving the president more of a say over judicial appointments, constituted a power grab.

May 14 - 20, 2011

World News


Duchess of York tells Oprah wedding snub was difficult THE DUCHESS of York has told US talk show host Oprah Winfrey that not receiving an invitation to the royal wedding was “difficult”. In a taped interview, Sarah Ferguson said she went to Thailand instead of attending Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s wedding in London. “I wanted to be there with my girls,” the former royal said. In 2010 she was recorded offering to sell access to ex-husband Prince Andrew to a reporter posing as a businessman. The duchess’s daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, attended the wedding with Prince Andrew. “It was so difficult... because I wanted to be there with my girls and to - and to be getting them dressed and to go as a family,” the Queen’s former daughter-in-law said in the interview taped on 6 May and due to air on Wednesday. The duchess said she spoke on the telephone with Prince Andrew and her daughters throughout the morning and that they made her feel “very part of the day”, which

Sarah Ferguson the Duchess of York said she wanted to be at the Royal Wedding.  

occurred on 29 April. But she also said the decision to not invite her was “quite right”. The duchess was caught on video last year offering to sell access to Prince Andrew for £500,000 ($818,000). “I felt that I ostracized myself by my behaviour, by the past, by living with all the regrets of my mistakes,” she said.

Women take part in a SlutWalk rally in the US city of Boston at the weekend (PA)

‘SlutWalk’ protests against sexual violence go global A POLICE OFFICER in Canada who reportedly advised women “to avoid dressing as sluts,” has sparked a worldwide campaign against sexual violence, with protest marches planned in several cities. In April this year thousands of women, many deliberately dressed in miniskirts and lingerie, took part in the first “SlutWalk” protest in Toronto, Canada. They were reacting to comments made in January by the officer who was speaking to students at the city’s York University about community safety following a wave of sexual assaults on the campus. According to local media reports, he said: “Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be

victimised.” Though the officer in question was later reprimanded and an apology issued, his comments were posted on the internet, inspiring similar protest movements across the world via Twitter and Facebook. A statement by organisers of a forthcoming SlutWalk protest in London read: “Not only was this a ridiculous and inaccurate statement (women wearing trousers get raped. So do women wearing tracksuits, t-shirts, jeans, jumpers, skiing jackets and burqas), it was incredibly damaging to women around the world, painting them as perpetrators -- rather than victims -of a disgusting, violent crime.”


Nuclear ‘cheapest low-carbon option’ for UK energy NUCLEAR POWER will remain the cheapest way for the UK to grow its low-carbon energy supply for at least a decade, according to government advisers. But renewables should provide 30-45% of the nation’s energy by 2030, says the Committee on Climate Change (CCC). Its new report suggests ministers may want to temper ambitions for offshore wind, which is still fairly expensive. The coalition asked the CCC to advise on options for a low-carbon future shortly after taking office a year ago. “People argue that offshore wind is very expensive - and it’s true, it is more expensive at the moment than some other technologies, so nuclear at the moment looks like the lowest cost low-carbon option,” said CCC chief executive David Kennedy. “But we can expect significant cost reductions over the next two decades across a range of technologies, whether wind, marine or solar, and that’s why these technologies are promising.” Wind could replace nuclear as the cheapest option within about 15-20 years, he indicated. By 2030, the cost of using these low-carbon technologies rather than fossil fuels would put about £50 onto the average household’s energy bill. However, bills could actually go down if plans to improve energy efficiency, such as boosting home insulation, come to fruition.

HARD TARGET The committee’s advice comes against a number of different targets and constraints. First, there are European Union targets under which the UK has to achieve a 15% share of renewables by 2020, and a 34% cut in greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels. It is already most of the way to the second of those targets, thanks mainly to the “dash for gas”, measures to clean up methane emissions from landfill sites and the recession; but the renewables target is likely to prove tougher. The government’s main strategy is to encourage the installation of offshore wind farms - committee calculations suggest that even if 10MW turbines come into the market, at least 3,600 would be needed. Here, the committee has two concerns. Some of that electricity could be generated more cheaply through onshore wind or buying renewable electricity from overseas; and currently, financial incentives end in 2020. “There isn’t anything in the way of government support after 2020 - it falls off a cliff - so we have to ask, ‘why would you expect anybody to build an offshore wind turbine factory in the UK?’” said Mr Kennedy. “So we’re saying the government should commit to renewables support through the 2020s, and we’ve got offshore wind and marine

technologies in mind here.” The committee is also looking at the government’s long-term target of a cut of at least 80% in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and asking what policies are needed in order to get on the right road. They say that by 2030, it would mean generating virtually all electricity through low-carbon technologies - nuclear, renewables, and perhaps fossil-fuel stations that capture and store the carbon dioxide they produce. Nuclear and renewables would each have about a 40% share, the report envisages. This would require an additional two or three nuclear reactors on top of those developers are already planning to build. The total amount of electricity generated would be about 2025% larger than today, with the additional energy going to replace some of the heating currently done through burning gas and coal, and to power a burgeoning fleet of electric vehicles - 10 million by 2030. “Smart batteries” in those vehicles would be among the resources used to store electricity at times of low demand and release it during peaks, helping to “smooth out” the supply across the day. About 30-35% of the remaining heat requirement could be supplied through renewable technologies such as heat pumps and biogas, the committee says.  (BBC)

Australia’s Aboriginal suicide rate sparks concern The Australian government is to fund emergency measures to help combat suicide in Aboriginal communities in the remote Kimberley region. It has seen a sharp increase in the number of indigenous people taking their own lives. Young Aborigines are four times more likely to commit suicide than their non-indigenous counterparts. A special summit is to bring together politicians, social workers, and community elders in July. In the Kimberley region of Western Australia there has been a cluster of deaths, and many more cases of self-harm. There has been one suicide every week on average since the end of December.

Tribal elders fear the indigenous community is falling apart and say it is “screaming out for help”. WASTELANDS Most of the victims are aged under 30. The exact reasons why they take their owns lives are unclear. Very few ever sought medical treatment for depression or confided in others. The corrosive influence of drugs and a loss of culture are all thought to be contributory factors - so is the abuse of alcohol along with low selfesteem and boredom. Unemployment is high among young Aborigines in Western Australia’s Kimberley region, which covers a vast area the size of

California. It is a land of red dust punctuated by rugged mountains and dry tropical grasslands where jobs and opportunity are scarce. The federal government in Canberra says the recent suicides are “particularly worrying”. Emergency funding will help improve psychological services for indigenous communities as well as boosting education and training. In July, a special summit will be held at the Billard Aboriginal Community in Western Australia, 120km (75 miles) north of Broome. Its aim is to show young people ways to overcome adversity and to help them lead long and confident lives.  (BBC)



Science & Technology

May 14 - 20, 2011

Face transplant patient ready to go home DALLAS WIENS wanted to feel his 4-year-old daughter’s kisses again, something he couldn’t do after a horrific electrical accident disfigured his face. But he’ll be able to sense her touch again soon, doctors said Monday, less than two months after Wiensunderwent the first full face transplant in the U.S. In the meantime, Wiens already has little Scarlette’s seal of approval. “She actually said, ‘Daddy, you’re so handsome,’ “ he said at a news conference Monday. “To her, I’m still Daddy. That in itself is an amazing thing.” Wiens’ experience represents a new frontier for reconstructive surgery, said Dr. Jeffrey Janis of Parkland Hospital and University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, who has treated Wiens from the time of his accident. His injury happened in November 2008 when Wiens, now 26, was painting his church as a volunteer: His head got too close to a high-voltage power line, and he lost almost his entire face from the burns. For 90 days, doctors kept him in a medically induced coma while they performed surgeries and he breathed through a ventilator. Many people didn’t think he’d make it out of the intensive care unit, Janis said Monday. But he did survive. Janis connected with Dr. Bohdan Pomahac, Burn Unit director at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Massachusetts, who had previously performed a partial face transplant. Pomahac became the team leader for more than 30 medical professionals who would take part in Wiens’ surgery. Even though the procedure was relatively pioneering -- few such transplants have been done throughout in the world -- Wiens didn’t hesitate to agree to it, Janis said. “I think he had his eyes on the goal, which was to feel his daughter’s kisses again on his face, and nothing was going to stop him from doing that,” Janis said. In a 15-hour procedure in midMarch, doctors gave Wiens a donor forehead, nasal structure, nose, lips and facial skin. They also transplanted underlying muscles and nerves that will allow Wiens to have sensation and movement in his face. “When I woke up, and I was able to feel I had features again -- eyes and a nose and a mouth -- I even said out loud that this could not be medically possible,” Wiens said Monday. “But here I am today.” Wiens said his face “feels natural, as if it has become my own.” The face, spanning from the midscalp down to the neck, does not

Drinking alcohol might actually lengthen your life.  

Dallas Wiens, 26, lost much of his face after an accident. He received a new face in a landmark transplant operation.

look like Wiens’ own face or that of its original owner. That’s because the appearance of a face is made of many components: skin, fat, muscle and bone. The skeleton of Wiens’ head is his own and creates a unique face in combination with the donor’s features. But there is one thing that remains Wiens’ signature from before the accident: his goatee. Even in the intensive care unit, he wanted to keep a goatee. It turns out that the donor’s face, now part of Wiens’ own, can grow hair. Even the hair on Wiens’ head, from the mid-scalp area, is part of the donor skin (the hair on the back of Wiens’ head is his own). “The face that he received has the full ability to grow facial hair like any male,” Janis said. Currently, he can feel pressure on his face, Janis said. In the next six to nine months, Wiens will start to be able to feel light touch on his face and to move his face and lips, Pomahac said. His speech is currently a bit garbled, but doctors expect it to improve as more nerves begin to function. The first thing Wiens could smell was lasagna at the hospital, which smelled “delicious,” he said. And he remembers smelling hibiscus and other flowers brought into his room. “To know I could smell a rose or anything like that again, really hit home for me,” he said. His hardest adjustment has been the loss of eyesight, “not because I’m blind but because I had to adapt my entire life around that,” Wiens. He still has his right eyeball but no light perception, Pomahac said. There are shields where his eyes used to be, which can later be made to look more natural, Janis said. Pomahac used to say there’s no chance of restoring Wiens’ sight, because of lack of technology, but now he says there could be hope for that to change in the future, he said at the news conference.

Over the past decade, there have been many advances in the area of face transplantation. In April 2010, a patient identified only as “Oscar” received the first ever full-face transplant in Spain. That operation took 24 hours. Connie Culp of Ohio also represented a face transplant milestone, receiving a transplant of more than 80% of her face at the Cleveland Clinic in December 2008. More than two years later, she said she washappy with the transformation and could smell and eat most solid foods again. She had lost these abilities sensations after husband shot her in 2004, shattering her nose, cheeks and upper lip. The first partial face transplant took place in November 2005 in France. The patient, Isabelle Dinoire, had been mauled by a dog. She received a new chin, lips, nose and other facial parts from an organ donor. Pomahac said he expects a growth in these kinds of cases. There’s one other patient in line for a face transplant through the same Department of Defense grant that funded Wiens’ procedure, Janis said. In the future, when the technique is refined, people with specific injuries could receive transplants of individual facial features, Janis said. Wiens plans to go back to Texas and “spend time with my family and continue on with my life,” he said. He also wants to continue his education. With the drugs currently available, Wiens will have to take medication for the rest of his life to suppress his immune system so that his body will be less likely to reject the new tissues. Janis and colleagues expect Wiens to get home soon and will be continuing to follow his progress. And the first thing Wiens will do when he gets home? “Hold my daughter,” he said. (CNN)

Study: Abstaining from alcohol significantly shortens life A NEWLY RELEASED STUDY shows that regular drinkers are less likely to die prematurely than people who have never indulged in alcohol. You read that right: Time reports that abstaining from alcohol altogether can lead to a shorter life than consistent, moderate drinking. Surprised? The tightly controlled study, which looked at individuals between ages 55 and 65, spanned a 20-year period and accounted for variables ranging from socioeconomic status to level of physical activity. Led by psychologist Charles Holahan of the University of Texas at Austin, it found that mortality rates were highest for those who had never had a sip, lower for heavy drinkers, and lowest for moderate drinkers who enjoyed one to three drinks per day. Of the 1,824 study participants, only 41 percent of the moderate drinkers died compared to a whopping 69 percent of the nondrinkers.

Meanwhile, the heavy drinkers fared better than those who abstained, with a 60 percent mortality rate. Despite the increased risks for cirrhosis and several types of cancer, not to mention dependency, accidents and poor judgment associated with heavy drinking, those who imbibe are less likely to die than people who stay dry. A possible explanation for this is that alcohol can be a great social lubricant, and strong social networks are essential for maintaining mental and physical health. Nondrinkers have been shown to demonstrate greater signs of depression than their carousing counterparts, and in addition to the potential heart health and circulation benefits of moderate drinking (especially red wine), it also increases sociability. While it’s always important to drink responsibly, this is one study that warrants raising a glass. (MNN. com)

Study: Five cups of coffee a day could prevent breast cancer DRINKING COFFEE could help protect women over 50 from an aggressive form of breast cancer, Swedish scientists said Wednesday. Researchers at the Karolinska Institute found that regular coffee drinkers were less likely to develop estrogen-receptor negative tumors -a form of cancer that is resistant to a wide range of drugs. Those who consume five or more cups a day are 57 percent less likely to develop the cancer, according to the study. The team presented their findings after studying data from almost 6,000 women over the age of 50. “A high daily intake of coffee was found to be associated with a significant decrease in ER-negative breast cancer among postmenopausal

women,” the researchers wrote in the journal Breast Cancer Research. They said that coffee could contain compounds that affect various types of breast cancer in different ways and further study was needed. “We believe that this may have something to do with the way the coffee was prepared, or the type of bean preferred,” said lead author Dr. Jingmei Li. “It is unlikely that the protective effect is due to phytoestrogens present in coffee since there was no reduction in the incidence of ER-positive cancer in this study.” Cancer charities greeted the findings with caution and pointed out that other research has suggested coffee could increase the risk of some types of cancers. (foxnews. com)

May 14 - 20, 2011



Science & Technology

Sexual orientation linked to cancer survival, quality of life SEXUAL ORIENTATION could play a role in cancer and quality of life after cancer treatment, according to a new study. Researchers found that gay men are 1.9 times more likely than straight men to report having had cancer. They also found that lesbian and bisexual women are more than twice as likely as heterosexual women to report fair or poor health after having cancer. However, the findings do not necessarily mean that being gay, lesbian or bisexual increases risk of cancer, said study researcher Ulrike Boehmer, of the Boston University School of Public Health. Rather, access to care, support from others, other diseases and lifestyle are likely factors that could explain the findings, Boehmer said. For health professionals, the findings suggest that different actions must be taken for male and female patients, she said. “Because more lesbian and bisexual women than heterosexual women with cancer report poor health, health professionals may be best advised to carefully evaluate their lesbian and bisexual cancer patients,” Boehmer told MyHealthNewsDaily. “Their evaluation should determine why lesbians and bisexual women perceive their health as poor and provide services or referrals to

services that would be helpful for the specific issues the patient identified.” The study was published online on May 9 in the journal Cancer. DIFFERENCES IN HEALTH Researchers collected health data from the California Health Interview Survey from 2001, 2003 and 2005 from 7,252 women and 3,690 men who were diagnosed with cancer as adults. Researchers did not find a difference in cancer cases between lesbian and straight women, but did find that gay men were nearly twice as likely as straight men to have had cancer. Researchers also found that lesbian and bisexual women were 2 to 2.3 times more likely to report “fair” or “poor” health after surviving cancer than straight women. However, there was no difference in self-reported health after cancer among men, they said. MORE CANCERS? While the study did not examine the causes for these results, there are a number of possible explanations, Boehmer said. For example, gay men are more likely than straight men to be HIV positive. Therefore, HIV-positive gay men are at a higher risk for anal, lung and testicular cancers and

Hodgkin’s lymphoma than people who are HIV negative, she said. Another possible reason is that smoking rates are significantly higher among homosexuals than heterosexuals, said Ronit Elk, director of cancer control and prevention research at the American Cancer Society, who was not involved in the study. “There’s a whole lot of variables, but we know that smoking is huge,” Elk told MyHealthNewsDaily. Smoking increases the risk of a number of cancers, including lung and throat cancer. In fact, a study published in 2009 in the journal Tobacco Control showed that 37 percent of homosexual women and 33 percent of homosexual men are smokers, compared with 18 percent of heterosexual women and 24 percent of heterosexual men. Next, Boehmer said more studies are needed to see if the finding that more gay men report a cancer history stems from more gay men receiving cancer diagnoses than straight men, or if they are surviving cancermore than straight men. Quality of life after cancer As for the poorer quality of life reported by lesbian and bisexual female cancer survivors, “minority

stress” could be a large contributing factor, Boehmer said. “Minority stress” suggests that people in a minority group — including women who are lesbian or bisexual — experience discrimination, prejudice or violence that could negatively impact their psychological health, she said. However, there was no specific information in this new study that examined experiences of discrimination, so more research is needed to confirm this factor, Boehmer said. “It’s been my experience that the lower quality of life that lesbians report after a cancer diagnosis does not reveal as much about the particular diagnosis, but more about our life experience in general, particularly when confronting a major life crisis” like a cancer diagnosis, a relationship change, or a job loss, said Linda Ellis, executive director of the Atlanta Lesbian Health Initiative in Georgia, who was not involved with the study. It’s not that lesbian or bisexual women walk around more depressed than their straight peers, Ellis said. But coming out to each new person, whether it’s the new nurse in the chemo clinic or the members of the cancer support group, takes a lot of energy, she said. “For some, it’s easier to stay

silent, or to not avail themselves of the support offered, for fear that they will be met with a negative reaction,” Ellis told MyHealthNewsDaily. In addition, it’s not unusual for lesbian or bisexual women to have severed ties with family, so a person’s natural circle of support may be weakened, she said. Single people surely have friends who can act as a support system, but there is not necessarily someone at home day in and day out to make things easier, Ellis said. And even “if you are partnered, then the extra steps of making sure that you’ve got [everything financially and legally] necessary to recognise your partner’s role in your life in place and with you in each new encounter take their toll,” she said. Financial reasons could also play a role – lesbians are more likely than straight women to be underinsured or uninsured because they do not have access to domestic partner health benefits, Ellis said. “The added financial strain adds another weight.” While there are some hospitals, like in Atlanta, where sexual orientation non-discrimination policies exist for hospitals and insurance companies, the study shows “the work is not done yet,” she said. (

Why mothers of twins may live longer RESEARCHERS at the University of Utah reported in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society Bthat women who have twins are more likely to live longer, have more children over their lifetime and have offspring closer together, compared with women who had singletons. The catch is that these women had twins naturally, in the era well before the advent of contraception or infertility treatments like in-vitro fertilization that now make multiple births relatively common. The scientists worked with a unique collection of health records known as the Utah Population Database, which includes vital statistics on 1.6 million people who lived in Utah from the early 1800s to the 1970s. The university group divided their data into two population

cohorts — those born before and after 1870, when contraceptives started to emerge. In the end the researchers analyzed data on 58,786 non-polygamous women who lived to age 50 or longer. Women who were born before 1870 and had twins had a 7.6% lower risk of dying each year than women who had singletons. Women born after 1870 who had twins also enjoyed lower mortality, but with only a 3.3% reduction in risk compared with moms of singletons. Evolutionarily, says the study’s lead author, Ken Smith, director of the Utah Population Database and a professor of family consumer studies at University of Utah, living longer provides a selective advantage. “The argument is that people have to live long enough to bear children and rear them so the offspring live long

enough to reach sexual maturity so they in turn can reproduce,” he says. “People who are less able to do that are selected against, and they tend to disappear from the population.” Mothers of twins, in other words, may be fitter for survival. Having multiple births clearly takes a toll on the mother; previous studies have shown that women who have twins, triplets or other sets of multiples suffer more complications at birth and many long-term effects from carrying more than one child in utero. (Not to mention the headache of raising two babies at once.) But, says Smith, if women are able to survive giving birth to twins, that may indicate that she is endowed with some combination of genetic, physical and physiological characteristics that may contribute to a longer life.

Women who make twins naturally may live longer

So rather than directly playing a role in longevity, having twins may be a marker of some yet unknown factor that leads to long life. “It’s not that you can go out and have twins in order to live longer,” says Smith. “It’s more that twinning is a reflection of an innate feature that we can’t yet identify that leads to longer life.”

Does this matter to women who may not have twins, or to men? Yes, says Smith. If you’re interested in whether long life is in your genes, you can look into your family tree for any history of twins. “Twinning may be a part of the longevity recipe that people might want to know,” says Smith. Long live twins! (healthland.



FAX: (649) 946-4661



Legal Executive

Is looking for a

Domestic Worker


PROPERTY SERVICES Is looking for a

– Litigation/Commercial

Legal Executive required with a minimum of 5 years experience and with the following additional qualifications: Law degree from a Commonwealth • Ability to work in a team, including liaising with fellow professionals from courts, legal practices, banks and accountancy firms; • STEP member or willingness to sit requisite exams; • must have proven willingness to work long and sometimes late hours at short notice as needed in a pressured environment subject to inflexible deadlines; • jurisdiction; • International experience in complex legal matters; • Proven ability in, and willingness for, training of junior colleagues;

To work 5 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour

Belongers are particularly encouraged to apply. Apply in writing, with CV and cover letter to fax # (649) 9414754 or, with a copy to the Labour Office, Providenciales.


Contact 247-2796 or 346-2501

LEWELYN HANDFIELD seeks the following:

One Housekeeper To work five days per week. Contact 231-1117 6990

Seeking a

Live-In Caregiver • To tend to an elderly lady • Must be a Pilipino • Must be in her mid 40’s • Must have 15 years or more experience in care giving for elders, housekeeping etc.

Labourer To work 5 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour.


Contact 946-8289


PHONE: (649) 946-4664

May 14 - 20, 2011

Nature Splendor Ltd

Gardener With the following skills:

• Landscaping installation • Garden irrigation • Garden maintenance • Salary commences at $6.00 per hour. Qualify person please submit application to:

Only serious persons may apply

Contact 649-246-9221 or 649-946-7481


The Director

P.O. Box 417, Providenciales, TCI


The Meridian Club On Pine Cay Turks & Caicos Islands British West Indies

Seven Stars Resort, Grace Bay Is now recruiting for the following position; ssuitably qualified Belongers who possess the requirements listed is encouraged to apply. Ideal candidates should possess luxury resort experience, be out-going and friendly, with a professional demeanor and must be fluent in English with excellent communication skills, be a team player with a strong work ethic, available for work on public holidays and weekends. Salaries are based on experience and qualifications. Working hours are flexible.

Position Available

Boat Captain/Marine Worker at The Meridian Club on Pine Cay

Salary: $6.50-8.50/hr depending upon experience, training and work record. Accommodation on Pine Cay and boat transportation for time scheduled off provided.

Chef de Tourmant

Duties: Operates all Club boats for guest, homeowner, staff and visitor transportation, freight and recreational operations; performs cleaning and minor maintenance work on all Club and homeowner boats; performs fueling operations for Club and homeowner boats; assists with marine area and dock maintenance operations; assists boat passengers with loading and unloading luggage; assists with loading and unloading freight; ensures compliance with TCI marine safety requirements; Note: this position requires boat operation at irregular hours, including early mornings and early evenings for guest and staff transportation.

• A minimum of 5 years International experience in 5 Star properties with exposure to fine dining and volume operations, and a minimum of 3 years international experience as an Sous chef • Education: College Degree, preferably specializing in Hospitality Management or Culinary Arts • Sales/Profitability/Cost Control • Product Quality & Service Delivery • Sanitation and Housekeeping • Training and Development • Administration • Innovative and creative concept development • Strong leadership capabilities

Qualifications Required: - Minimum of 5 years experience personally operating single and twin engine motor boats up to 28 feet in length. - Must have current TCI boat captain’s license. - Must be familiar with waters between North Caicos and Providenciales. - Must be capable of heavy lifting and working in all weather conditions. - Must be a capable swimmer and have training in lifesaving procedures. - Must be willing to reside on Pine Cay on a full time basis. - Must have pleasant personality, clean and neat personal appearance and enjoy working with people.

Additional Information: All qualified applicants will be interviewed.

6985 6994

Starting Date: August 2011 Contact Person and Contact Information: Beverly Plachta, resort manager, The Meridian Club, Limited, send resume with your contact information (mailing address, e-mail address, phone number) and references with phone numbers and how they are relevant by e-mail to or by fax to 941 7010. Must also present health certificate , police report and current captain’s license.

Management, Seven Stars Resort P.O Box 603, Grace Bay Road, Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies Email: Website: Telephone: (649) 333 - 7731 Fax: (649) 941 - 8601


Date: May 28th 2011 Suitable qualified candidates should apply in writing or send resume Monday – Friday 9am-5pm


PHONE: (649) 946-4664




Is looking for a

Bartender To work 6 days per week. Salary $7.00 per hour. Contact 346-4166 9013

Room Attendant

to work 5 days per week salary $5.25 per hour

– salary $5.50 per hour and one

(1) Domestic Worker

– salary $5.50 per hour to work 5 days per week TYSON TAKE-AWAY is seeking a

Contact 941-4466

Equipment Operator

– to work four (4) days per week salary $5.00 per hour

Interested parties please apply in writing by fax at 941-7450, providing proof of qualifications and references.



Is looking for a


Salary $8.00 per hour Only Turks Islanders need to apply. 7003


THE PINNACLE is looking for two (2)

Labourers To work 6 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour. Serious inquiries contact 649-941-7366 6973



Worker To work 5 days per week salary $6.00 per hour


to work 5 days per week salary $7.50 per hour. Contact Mark on

Waiter Is looking to employ a

Salary $800 per month.

Contact 245-7557


Is looking for a

To work 6 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour. Contact 344-6072

VIONEN JAMES is looking for a

Labourer To work 4 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact 246-4700 7013


South Dock Road, Providenciales. 231-6027

Swann & Swann seeks a Senior Attorney with 10 years post-qualification experience in commercial litigation and commercial drafting.


Sunshine Equipment



Minimum 5 years experience, contact information is the Security Center, Graceway House Leeward Highway, Providenciales.

Cook Bartenders Waitresses Kitchen Helpers Provo Electric Labourer

(2) Waiters



Upstairs Bar and Grill

GRACE BAY CLUB is seeking to hire two

Contact (649) 946-8289

FAX: (649) 946-4661 Each company is looking for suitably qualified person to fill the following positions:-

CORAL GARDEN is seeking to employ a

Senior Attorney Security



May 14 - 20, 2011


Spa Therapist • Applicant must have a minimum of 3 years hands-on experience in a 5 Star Resort and at least 3 years working as a Therapist • Must be trained and certified in Swedish, Hot Stone, Pre-Natal, Lymphatic Drainage, Facial, Reflexology • Applicant must have own vehicle and a clean drivers license • Salary is commission based

Fax resumes to: 649-941-8183



real estate


acting on behalf of our clients P.J Barber Shop, Coral Gardens and Jared Fulton is looking to fill the following positions:-

One Live-in Nanny

– to work 6 days per week, weekends, nights and holidays required Must live in with children around the clock domestic care for infant twins Must have extensive experience with multiple babies Must have knowledge of infant CPR, First Aid Housekeeping, cooking and care for a large protective dog expected Salary $250.00 per week – to work 6 days per week salary $200.00 per week


– to work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour Belongers only need apply



Contact 946-4445


To work Monday thru Friday 7am -3pm. PIERRE LUE JEAN is seeking a

Labourer @@ Must be able to do general cleaning @@ Must be trust worthy and reliable @@ Must be able to work independently @@ Must be willing to work flexible hours @@ Deadline May 28th, 2011 @@ Salary $5.00 per hour


Worker Must be able to work 3 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact 231-1199

Kitchen Helper Needed • Must be willing to work fulltime, days, nights, weekends and holidays • Must be able to work 6 days per week • Salary $5.00 per hour

or email:



To work 5 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour. Contact 232-5538

Is looking for a

Domestic Worker To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact 241-3575 Is looking for a

Specializing in layout must be able to work 4 days per week. Salary $8.00 per hour.

Contact 231-0622



Tile Setter

Contact 946-5885 7002

Contact 241-0777





Is looking for a


Is desirous of employing a

Is looking for a


I, Laura Ainsley Miller (single) of 3, One Loft, Providenciales, intend to marry Craig (no middle name) McNeil (single) of 3, One Loft, Providenciales, at Pallanza Town Hall, Italy on September 7th 2011. Any person knowing of any lawful impediment to the marriage should without delay notify:British Consulate- General, PO box N7516, Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas (British High Commission).

Nail Technician


Fax: 946-4661




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Auto sales

May 14 - 20, 2011


To work mornings, evenings and night shifts must be able to work weekends. Salary $5.00 per hour. Apply within




Job Listings



GALMO WILLIAMS Looking for 1

Labourer To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact 946-4536


the largest readership in the turks & caicos


FAX: (649) 946-4661


IONA FORBES Is looking for a


Worker To work 4 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour.

M.I.T Sales Person


• At least 5 years sales experience (mandatory) • At least 2 years sales experience with watches or jewelry (mandatory) • Remarkable teamwork skills • Excellent Service awareness • At least two impeccable references

– salary $5.00 per hour


Must be able to work Monday thru Friday

Contact 241-2962


Salary $5.00 per hour Only Turks Islanders need to apply. 7004

CVs send to Fax 946-1183




ARDLEY FORBES Is looking for a

Is looking to hire a


Domestic Worker

To work 5 days per. Salary $400.00 per week.

Must be able to work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

CONTACT (649) 941- 3082

Contact 241-3391


CVs send to Fax 946-1183

Senior sales person


(Manager in training)

• At least 7 years sales experience (mandatory) • At least 5 years sales experience with watches or jewelry (mandatory) • Managerial experience (mandatory) • Remarkable teamwork skills • Excellent Service awareness • Very good English and Spanish • At least two impeccable references

B & F Variety Store Five Cays Road, Providenciales

– salary $8.00 per hour


Contact 244-0706

Is looking to fill the following positions:

Labourer To work 4 days. Salary $400.00 per month.


PHONE: (649) 946-4664


Contact 231-3698/ 247-3007


May 14 - 20, 2011



PHONE: (649) 946-4664

May 14 - 20, 2011




• The employee is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all Company equipment/ machinery, and to ensure minimum downtime of same through proper coordination of the preventative maintenance program. • Must have least 10 years experience • Must have the ability to lift and move up to 100lbs • Must have vision abilities; close vision, color vision, peripheral vision and depth perception. • Applicant must have knowledge of occupational hazards and safety precautions applicable to the trade. Must have the ability to communicate effectively The employee will be exposed to fumes or airborne particles, extreme heat, toxic or caustic chemicals, risk of electrical shock and vibration, moderate to loud noise levels. To be exposed to outside weather conditions. An employee will be exposed to hazardous work environments. Salary: $9.50 per hour

One (1) Welder

• Employee will be responsible for the repair and maintenance of all Company equipment and to set up, implement and monitor the program necessary to reduce downtime due to machinery/ equipment failure. • Must have least 10 years experience • Applicant must have knowledge of occupational hazards and safety precautions applicable to the welding trade. • Be able to communicate effectively To climb high structures and work at unusual heights Be able to walk and stand for long periods An employee will be exposed to hazardous work environments. Salary: $7.50 per hour

One (1) Pump Operator

• Must have Ten years experience in operating concrete pump • Knowledge of the function of motors and ability to affect minor repairs to same • Heavy equipment license and clean police record. • Basic Knowledge of concrete • Ability to relate to customers and coworkers Salary: commensurate with experience

One (1) Shelf Stocker

• Applicant must have at least five (5) years experience in stocking. • Ensures that goods are organized and displayed properly on the shelves ensuring that there is enough stock and replenish them as and when needed. • Conduct periodic & weekly inventory counts and prepares inventory reports. • Communicate sales results to immediate superior and coordinates stock status of the item at the warehouse. Must also be self motivated with high productivity being able to work with little supervision and work well with other. Salary: $6.75 per hour

One (1) Post Mix Technician

• Applicant must have at least five (8) years experience in: • Installing, maintaining and trouble shooting fountains & dispensers • Refrigeration & air-conditioning maintenance of tool/materials • Clean drivers licence Salary: commensurate with experience

FAX: (649) 946-4661



@@Must be of sound and mature mind, physically fit, honest, disciplined and be capable of working with very little or no supervision. @@Applicant must have at least 5 years experience as an expolice/soldier/security officer or of similar combined experience with impeccable service record and hold a clean police record. @@Must be responsive to surveillance and undercover duties, have experience in writing reports, and have the ability to present same in court. @@Must be vigilant, conscientious, alert and observant thus having the ability to detect and prevent criminal activities/offences for the protection of the company, its’ employees and customers as appropriate. @@Skills in fire prevention and first aid training an asset @@Must be prepared to work night shift @@Applicant must be a licensed driver with clean record. Wages $6.50 per hour

Application forms available from Butterfield Gold Human Resource Department. Only applicants selected for interview will be notified.

Submit applications to by May 30, 2011 to: Butterfield Gold Ltd., Human Resource Department Town Center Mall, Providenciales Tel: 649-946-4211

Global Tardiff Elevator Services (Turks & Caicos)

POSITION AVAILABLE Global Tardiff Elevator is seeking suitably qualified applicants to fill the position of:

Two Elevator Technicians Daily task will include installation and maintenance of elevators.

• Offloading the cement boat and must be Physical, able-bodied individuals capable of lifting heavy loads Wages from $ 7.00 per hour Requirements for all Applicants: @@ Hardworking team player with excellent people skills. @@ Willingness to work, weekends and holidays as required. @@ In addition to the performance of the essential functions employees may able required to perform supportive functions, with the percentage of time performing each function to be solely determined by the supervisor. @@ Only Belongers apply for these positions. Application forms available from Butterfield Gold Human Resource Department. Only applicants selected for interview will be notified.

Submit applications to by May 20, 2011 to: Butterfield Gold Ltd., Human Resource Department Town Center Mall, Providenciales. Tel: 649-946-4211

Suitable person must have the following qualifications:

@@2 years experience of installation of MRL technology elevators; @@5 years minimum service, maintenance and troubleshooting experience on ECC and JRT control systems; @@International Union of Elevator Constructors certification or equivalent. Salary: $20.00 per hour Closing date for applications is Tuesday May 24, 2011

Applications must be submitted to: Karen Simmons Missick & Stanbrook Leeward Hwy, Providenciales Tel: 946-4732 * Fax: 946-4734 Email:


Three (3) Labourers

May 14 - 20, 2011


Due to circumstances beyond our control...

ROTARY BINGO has moved to the

Cactus Bar & Grill

in the Bight across from Tropicana Doors open at 7:00 pm



Food and drinks available




PHONE: (649) 946-4664

May 14 - 20, 2011


FAX: (649) 946-4661

Sales & Managing Director Sales & Managing Director required with a minimum of 5 years experience in managerial/supervisory position and with the following additional qualifications: @@Must have at least a Bachelor Degree @@Must have knowledge in technical operational planning and process development. @@Must have knowledge in technical design/support and maintenance. @@Must have experience in sales. @@Willingness to work long and sometimes late hours as needed.

Projetech Construction Management & Services Ltd., wishes to recruit the following staff:

CONSTRUCTION DIRECTOR Applicants for the post of CONSTRUCTION DIRECTOR must have a relevant professional qualification in engineering and/or construction management. They should be able to demonstrate suitable experience, at a senior level, on large commercial building projects. A proven track record demonstrating the ability to oversee the completion of projects on time, within budget and to a high standard of quality, within a demanding schedule, must be shown. Candidates will also be expected to have at least 8 years experience at board level of a mid-sized construction company and show full understanding of the responsibilities of this position, including involvement in company strategy and personnel issues. Salary starts at US$80k per annum, based on qualifications and experience.

Apply in writing, with CV and cover letter to Elite Gaming Ltd, 1 Old Airport Rd, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, via fax to (649) 941 4754. 7008


This position is immediately available. Applications must be made in writing and should include career history and the names and contact details of at least two references.  All applications will be properly reviewed and suitably qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview within one week of the closing date.  Applications should be received by 13th May 2011 and sent to:

The Financial Services Commission, a statutory body of the Turks and Caicos Islands Government responsible for the licensing and regulation of financial services businesses, is seeking qualified applicants for the post of

Steve Thompson Projetech Construction Management & Services Ltd. P.O. Box 659, Providenciales Fax: 941-5824 or Email

Bank and Trust Officer

The Meridian Club On Pine Cay

DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES • The holder of this position will carry out the following duties: • Conduct onsite and offsite review of licensees, including corporate governance reviews and analysis of financial statements. • Assist with the offsite compilation, review and analysis of data and returns regarding financial institutions. • Assist with the conduct of specialized reviews of AML/CFT frameworks of supervised institutions. • Analyze bank applications received and submit recommendations to the senior officer. • Assist with the compilation of working papers and preparation of examination reports dealing with, among other things, reviews of a licensee’s financial condition and solvency. • Perform other functions as set out in the job description in relation to the post or as may be assigned by the Head of Banking and Trust or the Managing Director.

Turks & Caicos Islands British West Indies Email: Email: Ph:649-941-7011 Fax: 649-941-7010

Position Available

Boat and outboard engine mechanic at The Meridian Club on Pine Cay

Salary: $7 - $10/hr depending upon training, experience, work record and capability. Room, board and necessary boat transportation to and from Pine Cay included.

Duties: 2-stroke and 4-stroke outboard engine maintenance, service and basic repairs; repair and maintenance of Club, member and staff boats, including electronics, fittings, hydraulics, fuel systems, and other appurtenances.

SPECIFIC KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED • Sound knowledge of banking law, trust law and AML regulations; • Sound knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Accounting Standards (IAS); • Sound knowledge of the workings of the Basle Committee on Bank Supervision and the related Core Principles; • Sound knowledge of banking operations and practices and current developments in the financial sector; • Sound understanding of IT systems and their use in the financial services industry.

Qualifications Required: • Satisfactory completion of required Yamaha 2-stroke and 4-stroke training school. • Minimum of 3 years experience working on 2-stroke outboard engines. • Minimum of 1 year experience working on 4-stroke engines and proficiency in 4-stroke computer testing. • Minimum of 3 years experience inspecting, maintaining and repairing boat electronic and hydraulic systems. • Must be skilled in handling all duties specified above. • Must be willing to reside on Pine Cay. • Must be willing to work holidays and weekends, as necessary.

EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting/Finance or other related discipline. • Five (5) years related experience. OTHER INFORMATION APPLICABLE TO THE POST This position falls within Grade 6 of the Commission’s pay scale. Actual salary payable will be determined by reference to the degree of qualification, experience, knowledge base and other criteria that the Commission may assess. The duties for the above post may be carried out at either of the Commission’s offices in Grand Turk or Providenciales.

Starting Date: August 2011

Additional Information: Qualified Belongers preferred. All qualified applicants will be interviewed.


Contact Person and Contact Information: Beverly Plachta, Resort Manager. Send resume, complete with work history, dates, names and contact information for supervisors, certificates of training via fax at 649-941-7011 with your contact information (mailing address, e-mail address, phone number) or email . Health Certificate and Police report also required

Applications should be received no later than May 13, 2011 and may be emailed to or faxed to 1-649-941-8379

May 14 - 20, 2011


PHONE: (649) 946-4664

37 FAX: (649) 946-4661





Is looking for a

Seasoned Laborer/ Mason Salary $5.50 per hour



is looking for

2salary Cashiers $6.00per hour

Needed to work 5 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour.

To work 5 days a week including holidays Salary is commensurate with experience

6 Waitresses Salary $6.00 per hour

CONTACT 946-5300

Please call 649-231-6364


Belonger only need apply for above positions

Contact: 343-0812


CONTACT 946-5300 6969

Apply to or fax: 649946-4892 no later than June 8th, 2011 Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands





SHARMAE STUBBS is looking for a



Sales and Marketing Assistant

To work 40 hours per week. Salary $6.00 per hour.

To work in a radio station To work 5 days a week including holidays Salary is commensurate with experience.

Interested persons should be dependable and send applications via fax at (649) 941-4034 C/o Alliance Realty Ltd.

By May 19th, 2011 salary negotiable

For Audit Senior role. Experience in audit required. Salary range: $40,000 - $50,000 per annum


• Must have at least 3 years experience and be able to work with little supervision. Salary start at $5.50 an hour and is based on experience. • Deadline for applications is May 18th 2011. • Must be able to work on holidays, must be able and willing to lead a large construction team. • Salary is based on experience

Contact 241-4075

To work 5 days a week including holidays Salary is commensurate with experience


With 10 years experiences in supervisory position, planning and reviewing audit assignments/ staff, detail knowledge of IFRS and applicable audit principles. Qualifications: ACA, ACCA, CPA or ACMA Salary Range: $75,000 - $100,000 per annum

(5)Carpenters (5)Laborers (5)Masons

To work Monday thru Friday 8am – 4pm.


Audit Managers Apply to or fax: 649-946-4892 no later than June 8th, 2011 Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands

Sales Agent

Contact 941-7233

CONTACT 946-5300


STEPHEN WALKIN Is looking to hire a

Labourer To work 6 days per week. Salary $6.00 per hour.


General Labourer

Contact 341-4192


THOMAS EWING Is looking for a

Labourer Labourer To work 5 days per week. Salary $7.50 per hour.

Contact 231-6626

To work 4 days per week. Salary $6.00 per hour.

Contact 347-7106




PHONE: (649) 946-4664

May 14 - 20, 2011 FAX: (649) 946-4661



Is seeking a

1 Barmaid – salary $5.50 per hour Serve and make drinks



Must have at least 8 years managerial experience at a property of similar size and quality. Strong operational expertise in rooms; marketing; facilities/systems (including preventive maintenance); recreation and other ancillary disciplines Must have managerial experience in the Condo Strata Management Ability to inspire, train, and develop people for promotion by encouraging and supporting career development, and driving continuous learning Ability to implement a highly consistent customer service culture Ability to instill a highly consistent guest service attitude in all employees


Full responsibility for operating success of the Resort Ensuring that the selection, training and ongoing direction for Resort associates is such that it maintains high level of job satisfaction, morale and teamwork among associates in all areas Achieve financial/budgeting goals and expectations as established in the annual business plan for all areas of responsibility, and organize/implement strategic and tactical plans to facilitate this aim Achieve high levels of quality guest service and customer satisfaction for Resort guests

Duty Manager Responsibilities

Ensure all guests are being treated in an efficient and courteous manner and that all company standards are being applied. Resolve guest complaints While on Duty in the Front Office ensure all Front Office quality standards, policies and procedures are consistently applied. Supervise the activities and the service levels of the concierge and the front desk While on Duty in Housekeeping ensure all housekeeping quality standards, policies and procedures are consistently applied. Assist in the daily room inspections to achieve optimal levels cleanliness and maintenance in order to sustain high levels of guest satisfaction. Create work orders and communicate to relevant department to ensure the repairs and made in a timely manner. Follow-up is essential Coordinate activities with other hotel departments in order to facilitate increased levels of communication and guest satisfaction Provide ongoing training and support to front desk supervisor and agents. Attend guest relation functions Give direction and be responsible for the implementation of plans. Monitor plans’ effectiveness and introduce changes including setting targets, planning and scheduling work and performance

Secondary high school education At least 2 years experience in Managerial positions or 5 years in a supervisory position is preferred Previous hospitality experience is preferred.


Sales Clerk To work Monday thru Saturday 10am -6pm salary $5.00 per hour.

contact 243-4350

Domestic Worker

– salary $5.00 per hour Must be able to clean Applicants must be physically fit, reliable and hardworking Application deadline 28th May, 2011

Contact 241-0777



indicators that are typically productivity and efficiency measures


The Sands is now accepting applications/résumé for the following positions. Only highly self-driven & motivated, personable and professional individuals, who have the desire to serve others, need apply:

Emily Forbes Kew North Caicos


Provides supervision in maintaining the established standards of cleanliness, the orderly and attractive conditions on guest floors, public and employee areas. Executes the Housekeeping Department’s working rules and regulations set forth by the Executive Housekeeper. Helps monitor and maintain a healthy and safe environment for both guests and employees. Conducts and keeps records of goods received, staff schedules, inventories and cleaning projects for guest rooms and public areas. Familiarizes him /her self and carries out policies and procedures established by the Sands at Grace Bay. Carries out the following routine assignments Requirements Education: A secondary school diploma is an asset Experience: Minimum of one year experience as an Housekeeping Manager is required


Ensures maximum efficiency in the performance of Housekeeping attendants in guest rooms and surrounding areas Familiarizes him / her self with and carries out the policies and procedures of the Sands at Grace Bay. Offers all possible assistance to guests, initiates corrective action on complaints regarding guest room service. Evaluates and periodically updates the Executive Housekeeper about the performance of Housekeeping attendants. Recommends appropriate action such as disciplining and commendation.


High school diploma Must be able to speak, read, write and understand the primary language(s) used in the workplace. Must be able to read and write to facilitate the communication process. Requires good communication skills, both verbal and written. Must possess basic computational ability (word, excel, outlook)

Turks Island citizens only need to apply in person to Tiersa Smith, Human Resources Manager at The Sands Resort located on Grace Bay Road, Providenciales, or e-mail: . Applications must be in by May 20th, 2011.

Is looking for a qualified person to fill the position of

Mason Salary $8.00 per hour Monday thru Friday.

contact 649-243-1257



ELECTRICIANS We have vacancies for electricians interested persons with a minimum of five years experience should submit their resumes to the above address or

to Salary based on experience


Is looking for a

Female Driver With own transportation must be able to work from 9am – 3pm

contact 231-3788

May 14 - 20, 2011


Levi Henson

The Tuscany on Grace Bay

Is looking for a

Domestic Worker

Is looking for a

Laundry Attendant

To work 5 days per week. Salary $5.50 per hour.

To work 5 days per week. Salary $5.50 per hour

Contact 246-2224

Interested persons can contact 941-4667

Sports International

Draw puts Inter into Italian Cup final INTER MILAN’S five-year grip on the Serie A title may have ended last weekend, but the Italian club can still win a trophy this season by retaining the Coppa Italia. The Nerazzurri set up a final clash with Palermo on May 29 after a 1-1 draw against Roma on Wednesday secured a 2-1 aggregate victory in the semi. Having won the first leg of

the rematch of last season’s domestic cup decider thanks to Dejan Stankovic’s goal at the Stadio Olimpico, Inter went further ahead at the San Siro as top scorer Samuel Eto’o netted in the 58th minute. It was the Cameroon striker’s 34th goal in 50 matches in all competitions this season.

Turks and Caicos

Weekly News the national newspaper of the turks and caicos islands


POSITIONS AVAILABLE The Turks and Caicos Islands’ oldest and leading publishing house is in need of additional staff to fill the following posts:

WRITERS / PHOTO JOURNALISTS Candidates must have at least five (5) years experience working full-time for daily newspapers and/or news/features magazines, reporting on hard news, features and parliamentary/court proceedings. Salary paid weekly will commensurate with experience. Position available March 1, 2010

FOR MAGAZINES AND OTHER PERIODICALS GRAPHICS PRODUCTION DESIGNER/PAGINATOR This position requires someone with at least five (5) years experience working with Macintosh or PC computers. Must be skilled in the make-up of advertising and pagination. Proficiency using InDesign, Illustrator and PhotoShop software for print is essential. Some technical, networking and web design knowledge an asset. Salary paid weekly will commensurate with experience. Position available March 1, 2010


REPORTER TRAINEE Preferably a High School graduate or someone with an extremely good command of the English language for court and community reporting. Ability to drive and use a camera a desirable asset. Salary paid weekly will commensurate with experience. Position available March 1, 2010

ADVERTISING SPACE SALES PERSON Candidates must have had actual hands-on experience selling advertising space for newspapers and magazines. Ability to assist clients with the writing of copy for ads and gathering of collateral an asset. Salary is commission based. Position available May 30, 2011 Forward applications to: The Publisher Duncanson Publications Ltd. P.O. Box 52, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands Email: NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE Preference will be given to Belongers and Legal Residents Closing date for applications is November 14, 2008


Sports International


May 14 - 20, 2011

Floyd’s uncle belittles Pacquiao’s win over Mosley MANILA, Philippines – A boxing trainer and relative of former poundfor-pound king Floyd Mayweather criticized Manny Pacquiao for the latter’s “unimpressive” performance against Shane Mosley over the weekend. Boxing trainer Jeff Mayweather, uncle of Pacquiao’s closest rival Floyd Jr., belittled the Filipino superstar’s effort against the evasive Mosley in their 12-round welterweight title bout. “He’s so one-dimensional it’s ridiculous. And when he got really aggressive, he threw a hook, lefthand, hook, left-hand. Nothing else. That was the only thing that he did… And he couldn’t hardly even hit Shane,” he said in Pacquiao successfully defended his World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight crown in that fight by winning a  lopsided decision over Mosley. “Occasionally, he (Pacquiao) would throw a body shot but it was so rare,” added Mayweather, a former professional boxer. ‘NO CHANCE VS FLOYD JR.’ Mayweather told Pacquiao that he might as well drop plans to fight Floyd Jr. if he keeps fighting that way. “Believe me, if Pacquiao fights like that, he has no chance at all. Zero chance. I mean, first of all, he couldn’t hit Mosley and Mosley isn’t a great defensive fighter,” said

Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines (R) fights against Shane Mosley of the US (L) for the World Boxing Organisation (WBO) welterweight title at the Garden Arena in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 7, 2011. Pacquiao retained the WBO welterweight title by beating Mosley to extend his winning streak to 14 bouts. (TOPSHOTS AFP PHOTO / GABRIEL BOUYS)

Floyd’s uncle. He added that Floyd Jr. would simply eat Pacquiao alive if the Filipino fights the same way he did in the Mosley bout. “With the speed and timing that Floyd has, and the defense that he has, if he couldn’t hit Mosley, he sure ain’t going to hit Floyd, so I see an easy fight for Floyd,” Mayweather said. BLAMING MOSLEY Mayweather, meanwhile, also blamed Mosley for being on the defensive for most part of the fight. “The fight could have been better if Shane was willing to take chances, but it seemed like once he

got dropped, he went strictly into survival mode and become way too friendly… And I already knew in the 12th round. they was gonna hug each other like they were best friends,” he said. “I didn’t understand that at all. Both fighters, before every round, touched gloves. After every round, they touched gloves,” Mayweather added. Mayweather said fans were naturally disappointed with the bout. “It didn’t make for a good fight when two guys are getting paid that kind of money and they are that friendly as though they really don’t want to hurt one another,” he said. (

Celtics and Lakers show their age OUT WITH the old, in with the new! These NBA playoffs have been exciting like none other in recent memory and they’ve also proven that the league is set to enter a new era. Both teams that played in the NBA finals – the Lakers and Celtics – last season have been eliminated before the conference finals. L.A. went down in a sweep and Boston went down in five games. It’s possible that fans are rationalising it and saying that they’ll both be back on top next year, but the fact of the matter is, both teams are probably going to have to make some major changes to stay competitive. The Celtics are in much bigger trouble than the Lakers as they look eerily similar to the Pistons, who won the title in 2004, lost the title in seven games in 2005, and then made a couple of more conference finals trips before fading into obscurity. Like that group, the Celtics have a lot of veterans who play together and focus on defense, and the Celtics confidence has been sky high over their run that has seen them win the NBA finals in 2008 and lose the title

Boston Celtics’ big three: Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen could not be the job done.

in game seven in 2010. Once the Pistons fell, they fell hard. A trade of Chauncey Billups led the team to finish with a No. 8 seed in 2008 and they haven’t been back to the playoffs since. No one knows if the Celtics are looking at that far of a fall next year, but it’s not too far off as they get older and older. With the way the Heat and Bulls are emerging with much more athletic rosters, Boston’s days in the title series is likely over

for awhile. For the Lakers, they have a chance to rebuild. Their best bet is to go after Dwight Howard, who most certainly will want to leave the Magic after the way they’ve handled the team since making the finals two years ago. Orlando traded away Hedo Turkoglu after he helped get them to the finals and then traded back for him two years later while he was struggling with the Suns – not exactly the smartest of moves.

Novak Djokovic has recorded 33 consecutive victories.

Djokovic’s world number one dream fast becoming a reality WITH 33 CONSECUTIVE wins and six straight titles in 2011, Novak Djokovic is closing in on his lifetime goal. The Serbian’s explosive start to the new season has seen him battle and bruise two of the game’s modern greats and former untouchables in Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. His run in the current campaign has seen him beat both Federer and Nadal three times each -- consigning the Spaniard to his first clay-court defeat in nearly two years in Madrid -- en route to entering the top ten of all-time ATP winning streaks. His win at he Australian Open and present hot streak finds him ranked number two in the world, but Djockvic has his sights firmly focused on achieving a long-held goal. Should the 26-year-old win his seventh crown at the Rome Masters, and current number one Nadal fails to make the semifinal, Djokovic will proudly sit atop the rankings for the first time in his career. He told CNN’s Open Court show: “It is my lifetime goal, my highest ambition, my dream as well, but I’m still 23 - 24 this year. I still believe that I can play for many more years to come in this high level in the ATP [Tour]. “If I really want to be one of the candidates for the top spot, I have to play consistently well throughout the whole year, because that is what Rafa and Roger will do and that’s what they have been doing the last five years, winning major events, being at least in the semi’s for every major event. “If I want to compete with them and keep up with them, I will have to do the same at least.” If Djokovic’s rise to prominence in the game from 2005 onwards was steady, his leap into Nadal and

Federer’s place at the top table of tennis has been dramatic. He secured his first major title back in 2008 at the Australian Open, and solidified his position as world number three, but the glut of grand slam titles many had predicted did not materialize. He reached the quarterfinals, or better, in each of 2010’s four slams and again finished the year third behind Nadal and Federer, but after leading Serbia to a landmark Davis Cup triumph over France in December, Djokovic hasn’t looked back. His 33 wins have included three final defeats of Nadal, the most notable coming in the recent Madrid Masters, when Djokovic inflicted the Spaniard’s first reverse on clay in 38 matches. So, what is the secret to his blistering start in 2011? “Everything kind of came together,” he told CNN anchor Pedro Pinto. “Everybody is wondering what the secret is -- there is no secret. “I had the team of people I’ve had for the last two or three years, it just took time for me to get all the things right and kind of have this necessary life experience in tennis.” Djokovic’s imperious form has sent confidence levels soaring and he attributes his success to a solid mental approach. “There is this saying that players use, that when you’re so confident that the tennis ball looks like a watermelon, so it probably is the case with me in the last couple of months,” he explained. “I am playing the best tennis of my life and I’m on an incredible run. Did I expect that? No, definitely not, but I am trying to keep up with this momentum and trying to keep up with this high level of performance as much as I can.” (CNN)

May 14 - 20, 2011


Sports National & Regional


Josh for Sports

Lace it up TCI women THERE is an expression among even the most advancing runners that getting your shoes on is the hardest part of any workout. If you’ve been finding it hard to start running or walking, don’t feel alone. Every athlete faces this problem at one time or another. Don’t put off starting to run or walk—embrace it. Make it a priority. The best way to start is to choose a date on your calendar: “a running or walking date”. Get psyched, prepare for it. Call some friends and say let’s go for a walk or run on Tuesday. Maybe you just want to do this quietly for yourself. Either way you’ve just set your first goal. Did you think that it would have been so easy? Well, it is and it isn’t. Following are some things you should do before you literally step out the door for your first run/walk. · Make a commitment to exercise · Get a pre-exercise physical · Determine your level of fitness and set a goal. Setting a goal helps ensure that you have chosen the right path for yourself and you are starting at the proper level. There are also tips such as the fundamentals to remember: positive breathing, warming up, stretching and cooling down. No matter what the running/ walking ultimate goal is, you first have to decide that you want to make exercise a part of your life. When you’ve done that, everything else follows, naturally. You’ll find time for running/ walking in your busy schedule.

By Joshua Gardiner

Family and friends will respect you undertaking and not interfere with your decision. In a large sense, making this commitment means you’ve open a door to a more pro-active and self-reliant life-style. Your workout is just one-step. It can give you the power to re-shape other areas of your life as well. GET A PHYSICAL Your body goes through a tremendous number of changes after 40. Adding exercise, particularly, if you have never done it before or have not done it for a long time increases that burden. Before starting to run/walk have a physical exam and tell your doctor you are planning an exercise programme. Even though running/ walking is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself at this time you may have some preexisting medical problems that need monitoring if you exercise. The same thing is true if you are not on special medication.

Christophe Lemaitre, Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake compete in the men’s 100m in Paris in 2010. Photograph: Eric Feferberg

Is sprint sensation Yohan Blake good enough to topple Usain Bolt? Over the weekend a 21-year-old Jamaican sprinter ran the fastest season’s opener since Usain Boltstunned the world in his breakthrough year in 2008. That sprinter’s name is Yohan Blake, and having run 9.80 seconds so early in the season he has announced himself as a serious contender in the 100m. Blake’s run at the Jamaica Invitational was big news on the island but elsewhere, outside of the dedicated athletics press, his achievement hardly got a mention. Thus far all the talk of a rival to Bolt’s seemingly indomitable crown has tended to focus around two men: the American Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell of Jamaica, the second and third fastest men in history respectively. But Blake’s world leading time and new personal best should not be ignored. That run ranks him sixth on the all-time fastest list, ahead of a list of

stars including Donovan Bailey, Justin Gatlin, Linford Christie, Carl Lewis, Ato Boldon and Frankie Fredericks. In today’s terms 9.80 secs ranks him the fifth fastest man competing on the circuit, just behind his compatriot Nesta Carter, another oft-ignored name, who ran 9.78 secs last year. What marks Blake out as different to the others is his age – just 21 years old. The only other youngster comparable is Ryan Bailey of the USA, who ran a best of 9.88secs last year. Over the 200m Blake has been similarly impressive, his personal best of 19.78secs posted in 2010 ranks him sixth in the fastest men competing today. A training partner of Bolt’s, Blake has so far received little attention in his own right. At a press conference ahead of the New York Diamond League meet last summer, the young Jamaican shared a stage with the

Da Conch Shack Men’s Beach Soccer League:

Provo United suffer first loss THE STANDINGS in Da Conch Shack Men’s Beach Soccer League tightened up last weekend as league leaders Provo United suffered their first loss of the season and the Conch Shack Shockers claimed their first win. In the opening game a tense and closely fought game was decided in the dying seconds as Chris Bryan headed home a throw-in from Marco Fenelus to give Northern Star FC an 8-7 win against the Stingray Strikers.

The lead had changed hands several times and it appeared that the game could be going into overtime before Bryan came up with the game winner. Wildens Delva (3), Fenelus (3) and James Rene scored the other goals for Northern Star while Luis Turbyfield (2), Craig James (2), Fritz Evariste, Rodney Davilmar and Phil Shearer scored for the Strikers. The win now takes Northern Star into second place in the league, levelled on points with Provo United, but behind on goal difference. In the second game Provo United

suffered the first defeat at the hands of a much improved Conch Shack Shockers. The Shockers led 4-1 and 7-3 after the first two periods and despite a late comeback from United, the Shockers held on for a 9-6 win which propelled them from the foot of the league table. Nickeson Agelus led the way for the Shockers with five goals; the other goals came from Jean Guerrier (2), Rayan McKnight and Christopher Reid. Jacques Etienne scored a hattrick for United with Syed Hassan (2)

and Mike McDonald scoring the others. Provo United still remain at the top of the league and will play against Northern Star FC next week to see who takes the top slot. The Strikers will play against the Shockers to see who remains at the bottom; however, the winners of that game could well find themselves moving into second position due to the close nature of the league. Wildens Delva of Northern Star was voted MVP for the day.

Olympic silver medallist Richard Thompson of Trinidad & Tobago, and Antiguan sprinter Daniel Bailey, and was virtually ignored. Thus far his only time in the spotlight came when he tested positive for the stimulant 4-Methyl2-hexanamine along with four other Jamaican sprinters in 2009. The news filtered through the day that Blake ran at Crystal Palace. Journalists – struggling even to identify him flocked to the mixed zone to catch a word. The then teenager looked like a rabbit in the headlights as he fled from the scene, while Bolt was left to answer questions about how it could be that a training partner of his had failed a drugs test. The case itself was complex; the named stimulant was not actually on Wada’s list of banned substances, but was deemed to have similar properties to the prohibited Tuaminoheptane, which acts as a decongestant to aid breathing. Blake and three others were eventually given three-month bans and withdrawn from competing at the world championships that year. But before anyone dismisses Blake as another product of sprinting’s dark love affair with the laboratory it is important to note his phenomenal performances as a junior. Jamaica’s schoolboy record holder for the 100m, I first heard of Blake when I travelled to the island to watch the famous boys and girls high school championships, locally known as Champs, in March 2009. There the buzz in the crowd was all about Blake, a young man who had graduated from the schools circuit and had just began training with Bolt in Kingston. Rumour was that Blake was regularly running under 10 seconds in training and was destined to be the next big thing. Could 2011 be his breakthrough season?



May 14 - 20, 2011

Sports National Warriors pip Storm in final seconds Hinds and Cenary dominate latest games TCIFA Women’s Beach Soccer League:

AFTER GIVING up a four-try lead the Warriors found enough energy in reserve to score in the last play of the rugby match to pip the Storm 5-4 at the Meridian Trust Field. Having put in a physical training session the Warriors took the game to the Storm and almost scored from the opening kickoff.  Probing around the outside of the Storm’s defence the Warriors chose their point of attack and Tristan Grandshire threw a long pass to LJ Outten who out ran Oscar Talbot to score in the corner. The Warriors continued to attack the Storm’s line and it was not long until Cardashio Williams broke through at the halfway line. Franco Mompremier caught up with Williams who threw a well weighted pass to Greg Johnson who scored to double the Warriors’ lead. The Warriors would not relent and were soon back in the Storm’s half. The Storm’s defence appeared to have stalled the Warrior’s attack, but a good individual effort by Jaebets Jean broke through the Storm’s defensive ranks. With Oscar Talbot rushing back Jean offloaded to Outten who scored his second try of the day. The Warriors refused to

Tristan Grandshire kicks off for the Warriors

allow the Storm to play and Greg Johnson scored his second try of the day to give the Warriors a four-try lead. Credit has to be given to the Storm. Facing a seemingly insurmountable lead they continued to work hard off of the scraps provided by the Warriors. Their persistence paid off as Storm’s Captain Edison Alexander committed Jean to a tackle and provided Preston Burant with an acre of space to score the Storm’s first try.

The Storm appeared as if they had summoned the spirit of the All Blacks as they continued to throw the ball around with ease and kept the Warriors’ defence guessing. Burant’s name was etched on the score sheet once more as he took advantage of a Warrior knock on to score. Burant confirmed his hat-trick with a gallop from the halfway line to bring the Storm’s deficit to just one try. The Warriors defence appeared in tatters and after Oscar Talbot was stopped just short of the line Mompremier was clinical in his execution of the Storm’s fourth try. With the match levelled and less than a minute left on the clock it appeared that the Storm would have the presence to complete their comeback however, the Warriors missed the memo on the fairytale ending and Jaebets Jean took off down the pitch. With Ricky Agenor providing deep cover for the Storm, Jean made no mistake in passing to Outten who sealed the victory for the Warriors. Man of the Match was awarded to Outten. New Players are welcomed. Contact

W ireless Lounge Get the latest news on wireless technology, cool applications, useful web sites and much more from TCI’s only 3G wireless provider.

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32GB memory offers users plenty of room to store photos, videos and music tracks. Create playlists with the easy to use audio player or tune in to your favorite FM radio station for superb audio quality on the loud speaker or through headphones.

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US! TR anY d US get! an d ge up to t up to0 2,00 m2, in00 ut0es mFR inut es EE ! FREE!


TWO PLAYERS dominated the TCIFA Women’s Beach Soccer League last weekend to give their teams impressive victories. Christina Hinds scored twelve goals in the All Star Shrimps’ 14-6 victory over the New Wave Warriors and Sarah Cenary scored ten goals in the Beach Soccer Ballers’ 14-3 win against the Caribbean Predators. In the opening game, the  first period was evenly balanced as the Warriors found themselves levelled with the Shrimps (3-3), but in the second and third periods Hinds showed her qualities to dominate the game—she scored at will. The Warriors worked hard to contain Hinds and scored some impressive goals themselves (Coral Pratt 2, Guerline Hall 2, Gaya Smith and Vanessa Joseph one each, but in the end Shrimps ran out worthy winners with Gillian Vernice and Waldine Pierre adding the other

goals. A close and competitive game was expected between the top two teams in the league, but the Predators were blown away by the Ballers as Sarah Cenary ran riot with ten goals. Missing several key players a young Predators team played with great heart and enthusiasm, but sadly for them it was not enough on the day to hold back Cenary who was well supported by her team as Patrice Senior-Clayton scored twice and Yarielca De La Cruz chipped in with three assists. Kadine Delphin added to her impressive goal tally with a hat-trick for the Predators who had strong performances from Jessica Lange and Huesha Hanna, Yarileny De la Cruz and Raquel Saunders. Two weeks remain in the league before the play-offs on May 29th. Christina Hinds of the All Star Shrimps was voted the MVP for the day.

May 14 - 20, 2011



Silver Lightning Invitational Track Meet:

TCI’s largest track and field team impressive in the Bahamas TURKS AND CAICOS’S largest ever track and field club team, to leave our shores, fared well in The Bahamas with an impressive number of medals at the Silver Lightning Invitational Track Meet last week. Twenty two Panthers Track Club athletes won 14 medals (three gold, seven silver and four bronze) at the Nassau based event. Another first for the TCI was a participant in the Masters’ event.  Judith Robinson, who travelled as coach and team manager, showed that her competition days are far from over after she finished second in the shot put event with a throw of 9.21M. An unofficial national record was made by Melvin Elsie (50.04sec) in the 400M U-17 boys. The three gold medals were won by Devante Gardiner (4.51m) in the under-13 boys’ long jump,Roshawn Been (10.68m) in the shot put open and Judy Delancy (3.92m) in the long jump open. The silver medal winners were: Gardiner in the 100M (13.20s), Elsie in the 400M U-17 boys (50.04s), Merlin Bowe U-17 1500M

(5:03.05), Eddison Johnson in the high jump open (1.70M) and Roshand Cox in the long jump open (6.30M), the 4X100m female relays (Onilia Richards, Janeria Johnson, Kali Thompson and Judy Delancy in 54.19s) and Robinson in the shot put. Gardiner also won a bronze medal in the 200M (27.56s) while Kali Thompson in the U-17 girls’ placed third in the long jump (3.87m) and in the high jump (1.37m). The other bronze medal was won by the boys’ 4X100m ‘A’ team (Anthony Pratt, Shyon Parker, Tanikko Clarke and Roshand Cox) in 43.81s. Along with Robinson, Jermaine Fulford travelled as assistant coach and Paula Garland as female chaperone. Robinson thanked “God for his grace and protection,” while she was also grateful to all the parents who entrusted their children to the club and sponsors who made the trip possible. These included: Mr. Arlington Musgrove, Caribbean Management Services Limited, Misick & Stanbrook, Miller Simons O’Sullivan, Tuscany Development, Diamond Cleaning, Ms. Melinda

Panthers Track Club athletes with their medals.  Judith Robinson kneels second from right.

Jolly, Grace Bay Pharmacy, Stelvert Outten- Corey Chapel Services, Mrs.

Heather Allen, Bahamas Air, Ms. Michelle Lee, Radio Turks & Caicos

and “all persons who had sponsored our athletes at the very last moment”.

Grand Turk Football League:

Olympic Construction lift title – Unruly incident mars presentation ceremony

Silver Deep female players with their trophies (photo by TCI Softball Federation)

TCI Softball League:

Defending champs open with big win DEFENDING female champions of the Turks and Caicos Islands Softball League, Silver Deep, opened the 2011 season with a 19-2 whipping of the HAB Group Predators, at the Downtown Ball Park in Providenciales. Carianna Clare led the attack with four runs. The season opener, on Saturday

last, also saw the CBC Tigers defeating the Coco Cola Braves 9-5.  On Sunday Silver Deep Sharks, the male team, got past Kischo 11-5. Kischo’s five runs were scored in the first innings. The league continues this weekend. Officials of the TCI Softball Federation are asking for fans to attend the games.

THE OLYMPIC Construction football team won the Grand Turk Football League after an exciting 5-4 victory over the Grand Turk Academy, but the championship trophy is not yet in their hands after it was allegedly shattered by an opposing player. News out of the capital island, from the officials of the league, indicates that after the final day of play organised by the Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association (TCIFA) with assistance from the Turks and Caicos Island Sports Commission the “Haitian All Stars and the International Strikers prevented the presentation of the trophies and medals”. Officials indicated that: “immediately after the match members of the Haitian All Stars’ team surrounded the table with the medals and trophies and demanded that they be presented with the championship trophy, claiming that they were the winners of the league. A member of their team then proceeded to grab the trophy from the hands of Mr. Clifford Blake the TCIFA Development Officer in Grand Turk and smashed it on the ground.” It is understood that they are of the view that their points total is 15 and not 14. On the opening day of the league the Haitian All Stars walked off the field in a match

Olympic Construction’s Philbert Francis (with ball) takes control, while one of the refereesSeivewright Meggoe (right), who is also attached to the Sports Commission, looks on.  (Photo submitted)

against the Grand Turk Academy after the Academy team was awarded a penalty and who prior to that were leading 1-0. Based on the rules the Academy team got all three points and a 3-0 victory. They, the Haitian All Stars, are contending that it should have been a draw. Mr. Blake said that efforts will be made to replace the trophy that was destroyed and the presentation will be made at a later date.  He said that the Olympic Construction team must be commended for their exemplary behaviour amid all that went on. According to the official ruling after the Olympic Construction’s success against the Grand Turk Academy, the Haitian All Stars

needed to win by three clear goals to emerge winners of the league on the final day (both finished on 14 points). In the end the eventual champions copped the major prize by a plus one goal margin after the Haitian All Stars only managed a 1-0 victory over the International Strikers at the Parade Ground, the venue of the league. For the Olympic Construction Alteus Kerlus scored a hat-trick and Carl Clarke got the other two goals. Wesley Fleuris got two for the Grand Turk Academy with Daniel Osbourne and Events Alcide Jean scoring the others. Jean ended as the league’s leading goal scorer with six.



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May 14 - 20, 2011

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