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Weekly News Volume 26 | No. 19 | May 12- 18, 2012

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UK to maintain

Governor Ric Todd volunteers in a demonstration of the use of disaster response equipment

control of purse strings THE draft of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Bill has been made public and essentially ensures that the UK maintains control of the Turks and Caicos Islands’ purse strings. PAGE 


AS HURRICANE season draws near, Turks and Caicos Islanders now have increased support with the establishment of the Turks and Caicos Emergency Response Taskforce (TCERT).


CartwrightRobinson prepares to run At Large

TCI gets its own emergency response task force 7


LONG time player in the political arena, Sharlene CartwrightRobinson, this week made her application to the People’s Democratic Party (PDM) to be considered as a candidate for one of the ‘At Large’ seats. PAGE  6

Dialogue between government and chamber starts on good note

CHIEF Executive Office (CEO) Patrick Boyle addressed a tense group at Monday’s Chamber of Commerce meeting in what both the government and the chamber’s leaders hope will be the start of fruitful dialogue. PAGE  6

LRAYE cinema renamed Digicel and the former LRaye Cinema have teamed up to rebrand and rename the only Cinema in the Turks and Caicos Islands, the ‘Digicel TCI Cinema’. PAGE 




May 12 - 18, 2012

May 12 - 18, 2012




May 12 - 18, 2012


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May 12 - 18, 2012




UK to maintain control of purse strings with CFO bill

By Vanessa Narine

THE draft of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Bill has been made public and essentially ensures that the UK maintains control of the Turks and Caicos Islands’ purse strings. Governor Ric Todd, at a press conference on Tuesday, made it clear that having a CFO appointed by the UK was one of the conditions set by the UK government in the provision of the $260m loan guarantee, which was agreed on in 2010. Without the guarantee, it would not have been possible for TCIG to access the funding it needed to function and to provide public services. The agreement allows for the CFO to be retained for as long as any UK loan guarantee is in force, currently up to 2016. At the time of the agreement Ministers Bellingham and Duncan provided the British Parliament with a Written Ministerial Statement (WMS), also published in the TCI and a feature of the Turks and Caicos Islands Constitution Order 2011. The statement said, “…the UK Government has helped protect the Turks and Caicos Islands Government finances from complete collapse and intends to provide continuing financial support”. It also made clear that in return for financial support, the “UK Government currently intends to retain sufficient control over public finances following elections in order to ensure that the Turks and Caicos Islands Government emerges from its financial crisis as soon as possible, and that the temporary package of UK support is no longer needed”. Todd said, “It makes sense to set out in legislation what the powers of the CFO are going forward.” He noted that this is largely an effort to ensure sound financial management in the TCI. LACK OF CONFIDENCE Asked whether or not this reflects a lack of confidence in a newly elected government, the Governor dismissed this notion, saying that this is not a new condition; rather it is only now being put into legislation. Todd said, “The CFO office is set up to support government and public sector to ensure that the finances of the islands are properly managed.” He said, “The draft Chief Financial Officer Bill will be of interest to everyone…UK ministers have seen the bill and are broadly content with the powers it sets out for the CFO. “The provisions of the bill are wide-ranging and necessary to continue to reinforce financial control standards after elections,

and to ensure TCIG reduces its debt and builds a track record of surpluses that should allow access to commercial finance by the time the loan guarantee expires in 2016.” Todd maintained that the bill empowers the CFO to work with an elected government to safeguard TCI public finances for the benefit of all. Todd referred to TCI’s past experiences in reasoning why the CFO bill is necessary. Currently, the CFO, Mr Hugh McGarel-Groves approves all spending above $5,000 and the government cannot commit to any spending above this limit unless approved by the CFO. McGarel-Groves reiterated that the bill is not an expression of a lack of confidence; rather it is the human alternative to restrictions that other countries in financial trouble have been subjected to. He explained that in Europe where the global financial crisis hit hard, countries are struggling with austerity measures and to secure financing they have had to honour conditions set by their financers. “Rather than the loan guarantor imposing a whole set of restrictions to support its guaranteed position… that would be one way to do it, but what I am hoping to do as CFO is be much more flexible,” McGarelGroves said. The CFO noted too that close collaborations with a newly elected government are a must to ensure that the needs of TCI people. “I am more like the middle man…I will be the conduit between the UK and the local government so that the UK understands the issues here,” McGarel-Groves said. MORE PROGRESS Finance Ministry Permanent Secretary Anya Williams said this move will support increased progress. She noted that the CFO will support the maintaining of good standards as it relates to best practices in financial management. “This just to ensure that we better manage our finances…this is something I think the country should welcome because as long as we maintain our finances then we will be able to do more for our people,” she said. The bill sets out the authority and powers of the CFO and has been prepared to ensure that it not only meets the requirements of the UK Government, but also reflects the needs of the TCI. The bill provides the opportunity for the CFO:

• To support a newly elected Cabinet in the best financial management of TCI public funds and the

From left, CFO Hugh McGarel-Groves, Governor Ric Todd and Finance Ministry PS Anya Williams

fulfillment of their compliance with the 2011 Constitution, Public Financial Management Ordinance and other legal, contractual, and good governance obligations. • To support the Permanent Secretary Finance as well as the ongoing work to implement improvements in public financial management. • To protect the Ministry of Finance and wider civil servants with finance responsibilities against any intentional or unintentional ministerial interference that may

undermine TCI public finance. The bill clarifies the division of responsibilities between the Governor, minister, and the CFO, their interaction with each other and the Permanent Secretary Finance. The Minister of Finance will retain the responsibility for the preparation of the Appropriation Bill, subject to CFO approval and within the financial envelope set by the CFO, and will be in a position, subject to sustainable public finances, to allocate available resources in pursuit of government policies.

The draft bill has been sent to the Advisory Council and the Consultative Forum who have been invited to submit their written comments if they would like to do so. Those comments received from members will be sent to Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Henry Bellingham MP, and Minister of State for International Development, Alan Duncan MP for their consideration when they meet later in May to review the bill before its enactment.

Governor says electoral boundaries will reflect population density

By Vanessa Narine

GOVERNOR Ric Todd maintains that the voter registration process is important, adding that the electoral boundaries are more likely to reflect population density as a priority, over geographical location. He noted that the people of Salt Cay have raised the question of having a seat for the island, but pointed out that for a small population to have a seat may create a level of unfairness for other islands with a larger population. “We would risk being unfair to people of Providenciales, for example, where the population is much larger,” Todd said. The Governor stressed that the process across the world ensures fair representative rule. “The best guarantee for each of the islands is honest government… what will attract investors to the islands is that people see that TCI is a good place to do business…we are creating that good environment and election is a step toward that path,” he said.

CLEAR PATH He added that the people have spoken out also about having a clear path that defines who can vote. “There has been a consistent message from the people of the islands that they want clarity on citizenship and to ensure that the path to citizenship is transparent… the voter registration is in context to address the very widespread concern about who can vote.” He added that in the past the elections have been “bedeviled” by whether some persons should or should not be on the election roll. This time around, the Governor stressed that by sorting out transparently in advance the people that qualify to vote, much unnecessary trouble is avoided. “If we did not have a proper voter registration process we would run the risk of endless appeals and aggravations,” Todd said. According to him, this process will allow the elections to go better and more smoothly. However, he stressed that while the people are demanding

a transparent process that is tough and rigorous, it would be unfair that they complain at the same time that the process is tough and rigorous. “The alternative is a very easy process, but the downside would be a lot of trouble in the long term… the voter registration process is an enormous challenge and the Ministry has risen to that challenge very well,” Todd said. At the end of the registration process, a provisional Register of Electors is expected to be published in July. Dependent upon the number of challenges to be resolved during July, a final Register of Electors will be published in August or September. An Electoral Boundaries Commission, scheduled for July, will define the ten new electoral districts and a new Boundaries Ordinance will be prepared in August. Election information and poll worker training is in preparation and will be ready for implementation in the summer.




May 12 - 18, 2012

Cartwright-Robinson prepares to run At Large By Vanessa Narine LONG time player in the political arena, Sharlene CartwrightRobinson, this week made her application to the People’s Democratic Party (PDM) to be considered as a candidate for one of the ‘At Large’ seats. Cartwright-Robinson said, “I have served my party in various capacities and I believe that my competence and commitment has been demonstrated…my most recent appointment was as the first female National Chairman and I held the first ever NGC Retreat and a Special Convention to modernise the Party’s Constitution. “I have served this country in various capacities in these islands… my commitment to my God and country, through service, remains assured.” The two political parties have are expected to put up ten candidates each for the ten District Seats and five each for the At Large seats, which is also open to independent candidates. Cartwright-Robinson stated that

as well as serving in the political arena, she has been engaged with different sections of Turks and Caicos Islands society. More importantly, she noted that she is actively involved with the TCI youth. She said, “As northern director in the Caribbean Baptist Fellowship, a youth director for the Turks and Caicos Islands Baptist Union of Churches and a former lecturer at the TCICC, I have kept pace with and maintained strong links with the youth.” WHY AT LARGE Cartwright-Robinson explained that over the years she has served on a number of bodies, hence her reasoning to run for the At Large seat. She explained that, though a controversial appointment, she continues to serve on the Consultative Forum and despite the criticisms at time from executive of both parties, she believes that she makes an important contribution. “There are more persons that appreciate the service that I render in

my role on this body. “While on this body, I have been a consistent and constant voice on issues with particularly regards to many issues,” she said. Some of these issues, according to her, include a dissenting voice on legislation that seeks to restrict elected government or freedoms of TC Islanders and taxes, local college students and subsistence, immigration, labour and Pathway to Citizenship consultation, British proposed land policy and Chalk Sound debacle, NIB and NHIP controversy and health care generally, and civil service reform and voluntary severance scheme. “I accept that there is a party selection process and it is entirely possible that I may not be selected as a candidate, but I wish to record that as always I remain committed to serve in whatever way when called upon to be of service to this country,” Cartwright-Robinson said. She added that she represents youthfulness but maturity, soberness and resoluteness but a spirit of respect for other’s opinions and positions and a willingness to work

Cartwright-Robinson explained that over the years she has served on a number of bodies, hence her reasoning to run for the At Large seat.

together for the Turks and Caicos Islands. “I stand for commitment, integrity and a strong believer in accountability and true consultation and transparency, a record of sterling and high level of national service to the Church, my country, my party and the organisations

and bodies that I served on from time to time,” she said. According to her, it was not an easy, but stressed that she is first a Turks and Caicos Islander and will always serve as she has always have done, from the age of six as a Brownie.

Dialogue between government and chamber starts on good note By Vanessa Narine CHIEF Executive Office (CEO) Patrick Boyle addressed a tense group at Monday’s Chamber of Commerce meeting in what both the government and the chamber’s leaders hope will be the start of fruitful dialogue. The focus of the evening’s meeting was inward investment and Boyle noted that the conditions to support and encourage inward investment are being fostered by the policies implemented by the interim administration. He pointed out that given TCI’s past experiences with the shortcomings of the previous administration and the global financial crisis, there is a clear need for basic infrastructure to promote investors’ confidence. Boyle made it a point to stress the words “basic infrastructure,” adding that he has no apologies for saying this and pointing out that the investment climate in the Turks and Caicos Islands has to be completely restored. “The current culture does not promote investment,” he said. Boyle added that unnecessary sparring between stakeholders does not bode well for the local economy or its image. MOVE ON He stated that people want to move on and that should be the focus. The CEO stated that in talking about accountability and transparency, each stakeholder also has a role to play in being responsible

CEO Patrick Boyle shares a light moment at Monday’s meeting

Chamber of Commerce stakeholders at the meeting

and accountable in the interest of promoting the local economy. Being responsible, creating confidence and effective communication that the TCI is open for business are the steps that need to be taken to put the TCI back on track, according to Boyle. He noted that in doing business there must also be a level of consistency, unlike the practices under the past administration where particular businesses received major concessions. Boyle disclosed that there are a number of investors that want to come into the TCI and are not looking for concessions; rather they want fair deals where they can earn a return on their investment. He acknowledged that there is a democracy deficit in the TCI, but stressed that the interim administration is working on the milestones to ensure that the TCI is put on the road to progress.

Boyle was interrupted by one member who shouted him down to say something new. “Tell us something we do not know…we have heard all this before,” the man said. The CEO requested that he be given an ear to complete his presentation. He made it clear that investors are waiting to come in, but to invest they require the right infrastructure to be in place. According to him, the administration welcomes inward investment, but there is a need for the right environment to encourage investors to come in. Boyle said the measures being put in place by the interim administration support the TCI and peddling misinformation will not serve the interest of anyone. That said, he noted that the Inward Investment Unit is open to queries and businesses with concerns can

have them answered by the unit. INTERESTED INVESTORS Head of the unit, Rebecca Astwood, was also present at the meeting and disclosed that currently there are 23 active projects before the unit for consideration in five islands in seven industries. The projects she noted are wide ranging, including green energy projects. Astwood noted that the unit is reaching out to businesses and is working with stakeholders to ensure that their concerns are addressed. She said the unit is a ‘One Stop Shop’ for information that businesses need. According to her, much work is being done to streamline things to ensure that the unit can meet the needs of stakeholders. Her presentation was well received and she stressed that the unit was taking a proactive approach

to attracting investors. She reiterated Boyle’s point that potential investors are first and foremost concerned with having an conducive environment in which they can do business. Adding his bit too was consultant economist, Mr Steve Pollard, who is currently developing a strategy for businesses that would address what he describes as a restrictive environment for business. “There is enormous potential,” he said. Pollard stressed the need for the business community to work with the government. He added that change more often than not comes with either crisis or consultation, and urged the latter. The trio fielded questions from the floor and chamber president Tina Fenimore stated that the chamber is open to innovative change that will put TCI on the path to greater self sustainability.

May 12 - 18, 2012




TCI gets its own emergency response task force By Vanessa Narine

AS HURRICANE season draws near, Turks and Caicos Islanders now have increased support with the establishment of the Turks and Caicos Emergency Response Taskforce (TCERT). An initiative of the Ministry of Government Services, the 15-member team this week completed five weeks of training. It covered several areas including medical first responder, establishing an incident command system, hazardous material assessment, search techniques and consideration, lifting and shoring loads, rope rescue and mass casualty management. The TCERT now boasts skills to address not only hurricanes, but also earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, tsunamis, terrorism and transportation accidents. Governor Ric Todd visited the team on Monday and was enlightened as to their focus and lauded their efforts, particularly given that the Turks and Caicos Islands are vulnerable to natural disasters.

“We do rely on fortune and divine intervention to protect us, but now that we have TCERT we have an additional assurance,” he said. Todd engaged the team members, asking pointed questions that included, “At the end of the course what will you know and what will you be able to do with the skills you received?” The Governor was also introduced to the different equipment used in disaster response and good naturedly volunteered to be strapped down into a rescue stretcher, as part of a demonstration. VOLUNTARY Todd was also given an overview of the programme via a PowerPoint presentation made by one of the facilitators, Mr Ron Mobely, from the Caribbean Emergency Responders Training Academy (CERTA). Over the years, CERTA has been working with several agencies and countries to support vulnerable countries to plan, develop, execute, and evaluate all simulation and training exercise needs, from a tabletop to national level field

The Turks and Caicos Emergency Response Task Force (TCERT)

exercise, in the event of a disaster. Mobely told the Weekly News that it is commendable that the team members are volunteers. “They have been trained for deployment and they will come together as a team when they are needed,” he said. He expressed confidence in the team.

Governor says budget has to focus on priorities By Vanessa Narine GOVERNOR Ric Todd, on Tuesday, disclosed further details of the 2012/2012 draft budget that is with the Advisory Council and Consultative Forum for debate, and he stressed that the budget must be about priorities. “The budget sets out our choices we are proposing for what we should do with the money we have and the choices are about investing in our priorities,” Todd said at a press conference at the Department of Environmental and Coastal Resources (DECR). The draft budget has seen a 20 per cent increase in projected revenue, totalling some $200m, and is expected to have a small surplus of about $4m. Todd said, “Given the global financial challenges that existed then and now, to turnaround this situation where we are now predicting a surplus of $4m this financial year, after funding the capital programme and bond repayments, is a considerable achievement.” When the interim administration took over in 2009 the TCIG spending was more than $5m over its income, and it owed about $75m in unpaid bills. The Governor explained that the surplus was achieved by a combination of increasing revenues, reducing costs and improving how government business is done in the TCI. He stated that the tourism industry continues to demonstrate strong growth, but other sectors such as customs import duties and processing fees are starting to rebound. HARD CHOICES He said, “The budget, like all budgets, does follow some very painful and hard decisions.” The Governor noted that schools, rather than scholarships; primary

health care, rather than tertiary care and road works are examples of the priorities of this year’s budget. This year’s budget provides for capital investments in several areas, including the reconstruction of Ona Glinton Primary School, H J Robinson High School administrative block, the much needed improvements to the water supply in Grand Turk, as well as creating additional capacity at the overcrowded Clement Howell High School in Providenciales, and the repair and ongoing maintenance of the Caicos Causeway between North and Middle Caicos. The Governor stated that in any country, demand for public expenditure is always high, but in the Turks and Caicos Islands some of these demands exceed what can be afforded. “The budget has to be about choices and priorities,” he reiterated. Todd noted that after five years the budget is not in deficit and this is the start of restoring the country’s credit worthiness and stability. “We can start paying down our debts and building up reserves….a lot of the benefits of the last economic boom were squandered…I want the people to focus on how we spend the money we have for the benefit of the people in the TCI,” he said. The Governor acknowledged that people can differ on what the priorities of the new budget should be, but maintained that he has taken the decision to focus on the primary needs. “Others are perfectly entitled to differ on what the priorities should be…but what I would say is that anyone who wishes to propose increases in one area need to accompany those by an agreed and deliverable reduction of spending in another area,” he said.

PREROGATIVE That said, Todd noted that the Advisory Council and the Consultative Forum have the prerogative to make changes to the budget, given that they have consensus to do so. However, he reiterated that in making changes the bodies must keep in mind that this is a zero sum game, which is a situation where one participant’s gains result only from another participant’s equivalent losses. “You can spend the money on what you like when you like, but you can only spend it once…the challenge which faces us is how you can made the best use of the money we do have,” Todd said. The Governor lauded the work of the Finance Ministry Permanent Secretary, Ms Anya Williams and the other Permanent Secretaries who have worked hard with their teams to keep their expenditure down. Todd stated that the fiscal gains made in the new financial year will be supported by the recently inked legislations, the Public Financial Management and National Audit Office legislation. These are expected to help ensure that the excesses and mismanagement of the past are not repeated, as well as ensure that longterm business growth and investment is best secured by demonstrating ongoing financial and governmental stability. Both the Advisory Council and Consultative Forum received copies of this budget this week. The CF will meet to discuss it in closed session with Ministry of Finance officials on May 14 before a public debate on May 21. The AC will meet to discuss it on May 16. Following the successful conclusion of this consultation the budget will be signed into law later this month around May 23.

TCERT is a diverse group and includes health workers, person from the Departments of Planning, Land and Surveys and Disaster Management, police officers, immigration officials, firefighters, public works officials and Red Cross volunteers, among others. Mobely said, “One of the oddities that we had here was that we had such a diverse group…this diversity is a benefit to the team because each person with a different background bring a different set of skills to the team. “When you are dealing with disasters the diverse knowledge will increase their capabilities. “They have all expressed the desire to continue the training…the challenge that they have before them is very important.” He stressed that continued training will be a feature for the team going forward. “Like any skill you learn them and if you do not use them you lose them so you have to maintain those skill levels and continued training will support that,” Mobely said. He noted that the team members have learnt enough to go out and do the job. Several of the team members who spoke to the Weekly News noted that the TCI was not ready for a major disaster, and contended that with the TCERT in place the islands have a

better chance at coming through a disaster. Aubrey Felix, team leader of TCERT, told Weekly News that they learnt a number of things throughout the course that will support the team members, as civil servants, to continue to serve the people of the islands in another way. Deputy Permanent Secretary with the Ministry of Government Service, Dr Virginia Clerveaux, noted that the support of the several agencies, including local telecommunications company LIME, made the training a success. She said that the TCI is now better placed to respond to disasters. An important consensus coming out of the training was the need for the development of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with different stakeholders, in an effort to early coordination of disaster response. The MOU is expected to address things like transportation arrangements, where organisations can collaborate, in the event of mass casualties who need to be moved to healthcare facilities. With the training, TCERT is positioned to change the outcome of what could be a devastating situation. The training’s guidelines reflects those of the United Nation’s International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG).

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May 12 - 18, 2012


A Weekly News column that puts you on the spot for your opinions on the issues of the day

Missick’s battle for $10m

THE appointment of Mrs Lillian Missick as the new chair of the National Insurance Board (NIB) was mired in speculation. Some said her placement would influence decisions surrounding the transfer of the $10m from the NIB’s Fund – a sum Governor Todd insists is owed to TCIG. Board members at the time of her appointment contended that such premature speculations were unfounded. However, in the last week, the Weekly News understands that Missick and the board have been butting heads over her move to stop the litigation process that would save the $10m. What are your thoughts?


Very disappointing development! I was looking to Ms Misick as the standard bearer to represent us during these very difficult period of our history but she has allowed herself to be compromised in accepting a lucrative appointment which has caused her to lose focus. She has lost credibility because we now see that she is no different from all the rest of other ‘wanna-be’ politicians and leaders whose sole interest is self-serving. Where is that Moses or Joshua that we so urgently need? I think that it is still not too late for her to redeem herself. I also believe that any member of the CF and Advisory Council who have political ambitions need to immediately resign and make their intentions known to the public.


One does know what to think about this. The NIS Board alleges that government is paid up. The government is alleging and insisting that it is not. The money really belongs to the public as stakeholders and the information giving rise to these positions on both sides should be

revealed. It would be interesting to see what proof, what evidence etc that the NIS has to support their position. It would also be interesting to see the actual proof of government’s claim. Next is the problem of where this $10m is going. It is being said that the monies are going to the National Health Insurance Plan. Now this is so wrong and evil. The roots, genesis of NHIP was laid on a weak and fraudulent foundation. People are paying through their noses to keep this scam afloat. It is not right that they should do this ie. making the people pay twice. NIS monies are taken from the people, tax revenues are taken from the people and it seems that these monies are now all being targeted for NHIP, which is a scam and a rip off. The idea of transferring the monies for a proper purpose should be revealed and that could be debated. Where the monies are being transferred to government and then to NHIP that is not a good idea. I am sure the board of NIB can convince Mrs Lillian Misick as to why this $10m transfer should not be made.

Duty bound

Mrs Missick is duty bound to respect the total vote of the board, although she is the chairwoman of the NIB, she has only one vote. Ideally, the purpose of a government appointing citizens to board posts is to ensure that the views of the community at large are properly represented on a daily and/or weekly basis. While the board members will always be cognisant of who actually appointed them, they cannot allow blind loyalty to misguide them from the principles of good governance and the statutes that they are legally bound to adhere to. Many of us will point-out the good or the bad about the NIB, but the former chairman and supporting board were correct in challenging the Governor. In an environment where policy is handed down from the FCO and acted on by fieldstaff, there must be an equaliser and that lies in the strength of private citizens that sit on these statutory bodies. Furthermore, the board should instruct their legal counsel to file an injunction to prevent the Governor from replacing them until this matter runs its course through the legal system. The investment in the retainer for legal counsel is a wise move to protect the people’s money, as the Attorney General lacks the basic credibility to be impartial. The Governor must not be allowed to handpick people to comply with the will of the FCO. This is the very unethical administrative practice that resulted in a suspended constitution. If the Governor’s Office has sufficient evidence that the people’s money is owed to the NHIP scheme, then place this matter (legislation amendment) in the citizen’s hands by way of a special ballot to be voted upon during the promised eminent elections (the VAT should be voted upon as well). I am certain that the NIB members will agree to stop their legal case with such a logical compromise tabled.

Governor says FCO pleased with TCI’s progress AFTER a week of engagements with colleagues at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s (FCO) leadership conference, Governor Ric Todd maintained that the FCO is pleased with the Turks and Caicos Islands’ progress. “They are very interested in what is happening in the TCI and are pleased with the progress that has been made and look forward to seeing further progress,” he said in an interview with the Weekly News. According to him, apart from meeting with fellow governors, he had discussions with United Kingdom Ministers Alan Duncan and Henry Bellingham. He said, “We spoke about the milestones…they look forward to more progress and taking decisions

on when elections will be held.” The first morning of the conference saw the Governor meeting with governors and administrators from the UK’s 13 other Overseas Territories. They discussed the progress of the approaching FCO’s Overseas Territories White Paper, FCO strategy implementation as well as improving financial management and human rights. Other matters on the agenda included building prosperity, economic reform and regional integration. Tuesday and Wednesday were dedicated to FCO-wide plenary sessions on diplomatic excellence, security, prosperity, the UK economy and an update on the London Olympics.

Todd also attended a workshop being held by Lord Howell and Sir John Major on the subject of UK engagement with the Commonwealth and priorities for the Diamond Jubilee Fund. A series of outreach sessions covered passport repatriation, procurement procedures and governance structures, developing tertiary education for OT citizens, and finally financial services, led by Helen Hatton, Chair of the Anguillan Financial Services Commission. Todd told the Weekly News that with the positive feedback at the FCO conference, the TCI needs to keep working to meet the development targets set, expressly as it prepares for a return to democratic rule. (Vanessa Narine)

Blatant disrespect

It is truly disappointing how this interim regime goes about its business, especially when it comes to filling various positions. The fact that some TC Islanders are either Einstein, Superman or Superwoman is also astounding. These super-humans include Lillian Misick, Cynthia Astwood, John Smith and a few others. Are there no other educated or sensible persons in the TCI? Why is the blatant conflict of interest perpetrated by this government so right, when it was so wrong under the previous government. Notwithstanding the above, I would rather the $10m be invested in trying to revive and sustain the dying NHIP, which could save a life one day, rather than it being invested in TCI Bank or some other corrupt institution. If only the vigilant NIB members had brought to the attention of the people that monies were being paid to the TCI Bank, we would have been $20m richer. Further, it is clear that if the government does not have its way in transferring this money to NHIP, they will raise the contribution rate to NHIP and there is not a damn thing we can do about it. Lillian, please hurry up and transfer this money, before the dictator imposes another tax on us. I’ll probably be up the court steps soon, because I simply do not have the money to pay these taxes!

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May a key month for TCI GOVERNOR Ric Todd maintains that May is a key month for the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI), since it will see a major drive with the country’s development targets. “May is going to be a very full month because we have the budget, a draft CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Bill...there will be more laws on integrity and elections preparations,” he said. The Governor added that during May will be publication of his quarterly report on the milestones. Todd has also commenced another round of visits around the islands, starting with the family islands. The Governor was in North and Middle Ciacos on Thursday and Friday this week, and he is expected to be in Salt Cay and South Caicos on May 14 and 15.

Todd stated that he will be updating the TCI people on the progress with the milestones, and in the family islands he will report on deliverables since concerns were raised. “When I went to the islands last time we were informed on what the islands wanted and we can now report on the progress we made… for example in Middle Caicos one of the issues raised was the need for a district nurse with a car, that need has been met,” the Governor said. The dates are still to be confirmed for his meetings in Providenciales and Grand Turk, where he will personally update community representatives on the advances made on the development targets to date. (VANESSA NARINE)

May 12 - 18, 2012




Report reflects sustainable progress says Governor Todd By Vanessa Narine GOVERNOR Ric Todd on Monday made public his quarterly milestone report and maintains that it reflects continued and sustainable progress in key areas that will place the TCI back on track. “What this paper shows is that we have made continued, impressive, sustainable progress in meeting the milestones,” he said, in an interview with the Weekly News. The Governor noted that the successes are clear, but acknowledged that at the end of the day the decision will ultimately be up to United Kingdom ministers on the hosting of elections. He said, “It is clear that while significant progress has been made in many areas, further work remains to be done before UK ministers can judge significant enough progress to allow them to reinstate the constitution, thus triggering fresh elections.” However, Todd stressed that there here is no doubt of the progress on the milestones have been made. “My job here is to ensure that we meet the milestones…it is very clear that we have made progress towards meeting these,” he said. GOOD GOVERNANCE According to Todd, the primary objectives of the interim administration are expressed through the milestones and include: • Stabilising the financial position of the Turks and Caicos Islands. • Updating laws and legal safeguards to ensure fairer decision making. • Reforming weaknesses in land and immigration matters. • Putting in place robust public finance procedures. • Creating a more efficient public service. “The milestones are not whimsical or irrational…each of them are worth doing…I do not think anyone can object to have them in place,” he said. The Governor told the Weekly News that together these key issues contribute to promoting good governance in the islands. He stressed that the milestones support the creation of honest governance. Todd said, “We must continue to give UK ministers confidence that the country is run according to its stated budget and a fiscal surplus will be achieved this financial year.” Taking a hit at the former administration, the Governor noted


that among the measures being implemented under the milestones are development that should have been advanced under the former administration. Todd added that the successes to date are largely owing to the work of the civil servants of the Turks and Caicos Islands Government (TCIG). He said, “The real story behind this update, however, is that there are a great many people both here in the TCI and the UK too working very hard towards achieving these milestones which will make this country a fairer and more transparent society in which to live, visit and to do business in. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of them for all of their hard work and commitment.” The Governor acknowledged that the civil servants have come through many changes in the last few months, with the downsizing drive, among others. PROGRESS With the first milestone, the principal intention was the preparation of a new Constitution. This was completed in July 2011 and the new constitution is ready to be put into effect when progress has been made on the other milestones. It will be brought into force thirty days before elections, when a date is decided by ministers in London. Preparations required to be ready for an election were described by the Governor’s Office in October last year, since then they have been progressing steadily and require a few more months to be completed. With the second milestone, several improvements to the laws of the TCI were identified by the Commission of Inquiry and subsequently, others were found to be necessary. The programme of drafting new ordinances started eighteen months ago and, in conjunction with a team of legislative drafters funded by the European Union, several further ordinances are in preparation. A White Paper describing the EU-funded work was published in February. This ‘ordinances’ milestone mentions requirements for new laws on specific topics. Emphasis under the third milestone has focused on continued implementation of existing financial controls and the additional requirements in recent legislation. Milestone four demands vigilance and public expenditure overall for the last financial year (up to March 31, 2012) was lower than the previous one, although unplanned events

Turks and Caicos

Weekly News

pushed the final total off-track. This was due in part to the need to tackle the NHIB funding shortfall for the hospital contract and to cover more unpaid bills from the past that surfaced during the year, such as disputed medical treatment expenses with overseas providers and accumulated electricity charges and debts. An intense and challenging budgeting round has been held since January alongside the slimming down of the number of ministries to five. The new budget is expected to confirm it is possible to achieve and sustain a financial surplus in TCIG’s current (chequing) account. Milestone five saw a nationwide consultation exercise led by the Consultative Forum ended in February. Over 140 email submissions were received, many of which represented a number of people. One submission, from The Men of Grand Turk, was signed by 387 Islanders. Hundreds of people attended a series of public meetings held on all of the islands. The high level of public engagement with this exercise was very welcome. In mid-March, the Consultative Forum met to confirm the messages received in response to the consultation. These messages are now being built into the preparation of a new ordinance to meet the milestone.

Governor Ric Todd sits down with the Weekly News

With milestone six, so far 13 people have been charged with criminal offences by the Special Investigation and Prosecution Team (SIPT) since late 2011 and it is understood a number of lines of inquiry are still under investigation. Milestone seven was completed when the Crown Land Ordinance came into force in March. To ensure the new arrangements for Crown land are implemented successfully various reforms are in place. The last milestone, was not only a matter of resizing departments or moving people from one team to another. It involved changing attitudes in the workplace, innovating new methods of working and reorientation of activities to provide the public with a more welcoming and friendly service. This milestone involves creating the conditions for impartial policymaking, establishing sensible boundaries to ministerial influence

in the internal affairs of a ministry, adjusting the number and structure of ministries and units, and improvements in the volume and quality of services delivered. According to the Governor’s report, the Department For International Development (DFID) has stepped up its assistance to TCIG in April with the establishment of a staffed programme office working with Chief Executive Officer. Its role is to identify improvements and maintain momentum in the reform and restructuring under way across every ministry and with the statutory bodies. This will be an active and intensive area of work during the next quarter. Todd reiterated that it is to the credit of all involved in modernizing the public service, governance processes and financial management of TCI that step by step the necessary improvements established by the milestones are being fulfilled.

CFO and Chamber discuss VAT – Governor warns against scaremongering

GOVERNOR Ric Todd is warning against scaremongering as this may affect the gains of implementing a broader base tax that is fairer. Chief Executive Officer (CFO) Hugh McGarel-Groves met with the Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday to address their concerns on the Value Added Tax, which is expected to be in place April 1, 2013. He noted that in fielding questions many misconceptions were cleared up and described VAT as advantageous. VAT is not an additional tax, rather it will replace five existing taxes which include Hotel/ Restaurant Accommodation Tax, Communications Tax, Vehicle Hire Stamp Duty, Insurance Premiums and Financial Services. The CFO noted that with the

new system some 300 business are expected to be registered, since the threshold that will be set is likely to exclude the smaller businesses. The VAT threshold is one of the factors to be determined by the ongoing consultation, as well as the rate, the zero rated imports and supplies, exempted imports and supplies, VAT refunds, VAT accounting records, returns and simplified systems, VAT sector considerations, VAT economic and social impact and VAT transitional issues. McGarel-Groves stated that experience in other countries shows that there is initial resistance to VAT, but once it gets on stream businesses themselves come on board to be registered. Finance Ministry Permanent Secretary (PS), Ms Anya Williams,

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noted that change is difficult, particularly when stakeholders feel it is being thrust on them. However, she said going through the consultation process an increasing number of people are being won over. The next stakeholder meeting is expected to be with the Hotel Association. The consultation on VAT continues until June 19. For a copy of the green paper email or vatunit@ or visit the Government website at The administration maintains that VAT supports the building of a taxation system, which will help restore fiscal balance and a sustainable economy. (Vanessa Narine)


& CrimeCourt

May 12 - 18, 2012


with Samantha Dash-Rigby

Five cays man remanded after claiming self-defence A FIVE Cays man was remanded to Grand Turk prison this week after explaining to Chief Magistrate Clifton Warner that he was acting in self-defence after a man threatened him with a weapon. Wellington Gardiner appeared in the Providenciales Magistrates’ Court charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm on Tuesday, May 8. It was alleged that on April 6 at Lamont’s in Providenciales, he bit Benjamin Wilson on the right cheek and chin. The man also sustained injuries to his back believed to have been inflicted with a rock by Gardiner. The court heard that around

5pm that day, Wilson went to the popular Downtown food joint and bought a meal. While sitting in his car, Gardiner approached him and offered to sell him a phone so that he (Gardiner) could buy something to eat. The complainant refused to buy the phone but Gardiner became persistent and an argument ensued. During the exchange of words, the phone fell from Gardiner’s hand into Wilson’s vehicle. His hand made contact with Gardiner as he handed the phone back and Gardiner bit him. The complainant exited his vehicle and the two men began to struggle with each

other. Wilson threw Gardiner to the ground and turned around to leave when the fallen man threw a rock hitting him in the back. The defendant then got up and ran away from the scene.

“I don’t know where they get all that from because that ain’t how it happen,” Gardiner told Magistrate Warner. He then told a completely different version concerning the phone and claimed that Wilson attacked him with a

small hatchet. He held onto the hand with the hatchet but then Wilson began to head butt him. Then he bit Wilson. “Yes I guilty. Yes, I bite him,” Gardiner stated. Magistrate Warner then

changed the plea to not guilty since the defendant’s story is one of self-defence. He then set the matter to be heard in Magistrate’s Court 2 on May 21. Gardiner was remanded to prison until then.

Police launch search for abandoned vehicle owners – Unclaimed vehicles will be auctioned

MOTORISTS whose vehicles have been seized by the police over the last year are being urged to come forward and claim them or risk losing them

altogether. A recent police press release confirmed that a number of vehicles are currently stored at the police pound in Provo. The vehicles, which range from cars to trucks and jeeps, were seized by officers after being abandoned along the roads by their drivers. And having remained unclaimed for more than 12 months, owners now have just 14 days to collect them and failure to do so will result in them being sold off at auction. Sgt Winston Diamond from the Police Traffic Department explained: “We currently have 12 vehicles in the police pound that have been in custody for more than a year. “Under certain ordinances, any property which is unclaimed for that amount of time can be auctioned off after

a 14-day notice period. “These vehicles were taken into custody during police traffic operations in which they were abandoned by the drivers. “They were taken under the road traffic ordinance which allows for vehicles to be towed to the police pound.” Sgt Diamond said that the police are keen to reunite the vehicles with their owners and urged people to come forward as soon as possible. “Obviously we would like to see the cars go back to their rightful owners”, he explained, “but due to the nature of their abandonment, we are not in possession of the keepers’ details. Anyone wishing to reclaim a vehicle will of course have to prove ownership and have the relevant paperwork and documents to back this up.

“There may of course be reasons why the owners do not want to come forward” Sgt Diamond added “but hopefully we can return the majority of them back to where they came from. “Keeping them in the police pound is an inconvenience and so we are determined to clear them as soon as we can.” The 14-day notice, which is effective from Friday, May 11, will be followed by a public auction at which all the vehicles will be sold. Sgt Diamond added: “We consider a year as plenty of time for owners to come forward and so we will be left with no option but to sell any unclaimed vehicles. “Therefore I would again urge people to get in touch right away if they think they are the rightful owner.”

Man fined for assaulting Dominican woman JUSTICE Joan Joyner this week fined a man in the Providenciales Supreme Court for assault occasioning actual bodily harm after he struck a deal with the Crown. Hiram Anderson Harris appeared before her on Wednesday, May 9, charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm and pled not guilty. However, following talks between him through his lawyer Arthur Hamilton and Prosecutor Samantha Glinton, the trial ended before it began. Both sides agreed to alter the charge and a new one of assault occasioning actual bodily harm was added. On Thursday, the new charge was read to Harris and he pled guilty to assault but maintained his not guilty plea on inflicting grievous harm. Justice Joyner then instructed

Hiram Harris

the jury to return the formal verdicts of not guilty to assault and guilty to the other. They did. Harris was fined $2,000 to be paid by September 10 for assault. Another twist of the case occurred on Wednesday when after a jury consisting of five women and two men was empanelled then the issue

was raised that there was no Spanish interpreter. The Weekly News understands that the former interpreter quit because she was not being paid for her services. “This is a problem we face, no Spanish interpreter,” Chief Magistrate Clifton Warner often lamented in the Magistrate’s Court. Several frantic calls were made in a last minute attempt to secure an interpreter so that the trial could go on. However, the jury was dismissed for the day and upon their return on Thursday, they were told that no evidence would be given in the trial and sent away. It was said that on October 2, 2009, at Hospital Road, Grand Turk, Harris inflicted bodily harm to Regina Lopez with a rock.

May 12 - 18, 2012





May 12 - 18, 2012

Fiery nurses’ debate highlight nurses week By Kayla Higgs A FIERY debate between nurses on Grand Turk and Provo was the highlight of a week of activities to mark Nurses Week, this week, which was held under the theme ‘Closing the gap; From evidence to action’. Grand Turk nurses took their Provo counterparts to the task during the 30-minute long video conference debate on the moot being ‘Nurses make the profession’. Each team consisted of three members. The opposing team’s members included Gaynar Johnson, Venice Brooks and Francita Ebanks from the Grand Turk hospital. Provo’s proposing team included Allison Pyper, Sue Howe and Sharon Orie. The proposing team’s Sharon Orie began the debate with a little history and informed everyone about how nursing came about. She made it clear that without dedicated nurses there would be no profession. Orie said nurses were in existence before universities and colleges were built. She stressed that a nurse can be in the form of a mother, grandmother aunt or uncle as the help to make the sick feel better by mending their pains or perform simple tasks like giving a listening ear. Orie said, “When you become a nurse you will touch a life or a life will touch yours.” Their third speaker Alison Pyper

Provo Nurses

said, “Nurses aspire to dedicate their life to the caring of mankind. “If you take away the degree there will still be many nurses left in the world”. The opposing team’s third speaker Francita Ebanks began her speech by quoting Julius Caesar, “Men are always nearly willing to believe what they wish”. Ebanks reminded her opponents about the nurses’ oath they had to say after they completed their course. The last part of the oath says, “…With loyalty will I endeavour to aid the physician in his work, and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care.” Ebanks emphasised these words and concluded that the profession makes the nurse. Venice Brooks of the opposing team described a nurse as a person who is able to combine the science of medication along with caring. Brooks explained that becoming a

nurse is a process; she and her fellow colleagues believed that “if nurses were born” there would be a lot more walking the earth today to help tend to the sick persons around the globe. In the end, the opposing team’s first speaker Gaynar Johnson told her opponents to give up. Nurses make the profession. The crowd on both islands enjoyed themselves as they watched the nurses that tend to them on a daily bases speak their minds about not only themselves but also their profession. Judges from both islands had a lot of work to do due to the fact that each team performed incredibly well. The scores where based on teamwork, time management and organization. At the end of the debate the scores were close Grand Turk being the winning team received a total of 244 points and Provo received 240.5. In closing, moderator Pheona Brown made it clear that the debate

ANNIVERSARY: A fundraiser banquet was held at the Beaches Resort and Spa for the National Cancer Society

Grand Turk Nurses

was geared towards getting nurses from each of the hospitals together to analyze what they do on a daily basis. Hard working nurses were recognised, motivated and got the opportunity to receive gifts from sponsors such as Lime, Beaches TCI, Kishco and Interhealth Canada. On Sunday, the nurses gathered at Abundant Life ministries for a special service. President of the Nurses association Elaine Claire gave her views on the theme for this year’s Nurses’ Week. Monday and Tuesday was a day of presentations for the public at the Interhealth Hospital here on Provo. On Thursday the nurses on Provo and

talent show and cultural night in the Interhealth Care Hospital Parking Lot. Nurses showed off their talents by singing, dancing and performing skits. The night was a multicultural one as nurses brought along with them some of their own native dishes to share with the crowd. The final day was marked by a special treat for nurses who had dinner at Mango Reef restaurant. Many of them agreed that this year Nurses’ Week was better than those held previously, particularly since there were more activities and many of them felt deeply appreciated by not only the public, but also by each other.

AWARD: Lucille Lightbourne, president and founder of the National Cancer Society , receives a bouquet of flowers

National Cancer Society appeals for more support THE National Cancer Society (NCS) of Turks and Caicos Islands celebrated its 10th anniversary of philanthropy in Providenciales with a delightful fundraiser banquet held at the Beaches Resort and Spa last Saturday evening. The event, one of the largest fundraisers for the non-profit organisation, had a full turnout by steadfast supporters including corporate representatives, cancer patients, survivors and those whose lives were forever changed by the loss of a loved one to the illness. During the evening’s event, NCS thanked its generous donors but advocated for more financial support.

Certificates of appreciation were awarded, gratefully acknowledging the many corporations and individuals who have consistently supported its cause. Mrs Lucille Lightbourne, president and founder of the organisation, said: “Cancer is an adversity that comes upon us when we least expect it. “Facing it head on brings hope. Through early diagnosis, treatment options and having a support network, one is better able to overcome it.” After losing her husband to cancer in 2002, Lightbourne wanted to assist families who are suffering to better deal with the struggles. Today, being at the helm of NCS

and with a membership of about 100 and growing, the organisation was able to help over 50 patients ranging from infancy to the elderly. The organisation was originally established to promote awareness through various programmes and educational materials. Today, the NCS has extended its cause to helping patients financially, physically and emotionally with proceeds from fundraisers and donations directed to assist victims and their families. Lightbourne said that the NCS “doesn’t pay for their treatments but assists with daily expenses while they are away.

“It’s very difficult and some patients have to leave for treatment every month. This year we have spent over $30,000 dollars on patients.” NCS has also extended its presence to North and South Caicos, promoting cancer awareness through educational seminars on healthy living habits and teaching about selfbreast exams. Members organise numerous fundraising events including walkathons, luncheons and also benefit from profits raised by the annual ‘In the Pink’ event coordinated by Karen Whitt and also the ‘Head Shaving’ event organised by Lynn Robinson. Lightbourne said, “This 2012

banquet is not only to show our gratitude by recognising those entities and individuals that have enabled us to get to this stage but to reinforce our efforts for cancer awareness in the community.” Possibly the most excitement of the evening came at the drawing for the six winners from previously sold raffle tickets. This segment of the evening saw guests sitting on the edge of their seats in anticipation that they would be a lucky winner of one of the fabulous prizes; the first, a $1,500 travel voucher while others included weekend accommodation and a kindle fire.

May 12 - 18, 2012




Turks and Caicos

Weekly News Crossword The Weekly News now brings to you a fun way to win free gifts Simply complete the puzzle correctly, fill out your name and phone number, cut it out and drop it into the box provided at the Weekly News office, Leeward Highway. You can submit as many puzzles you want – the more the better chances you have. The winner will be announced and a new puzzle will begin. Good luck everyone!

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Famous Pairs Crossword puzzle

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We welcome letters from all members of the public on a variety of topics Please note that all submissions are subject to editing in keeping with defamation laws and newspaper style. Letters should be accompanied by the author’s full name, location and phone number. Names will be withheld if requested.

No time for the sideline Dear Editor, Suffrage (the right to vote) is not something that any of us should take lightly, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, was adopted unanimously by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948, this document recognises the integral role that transparent and open elections play in ensuring the fundamental right to participatory government. I am amazed by the number of persons who have not registered to vote from the time the registration process began. Based on my conversations with persons who have not registered, I noted that the four main reasons given for not registering are as follows: 1) A belief that the registration process would take too long and they simply could not risk their jobs by taking more than their authorised lunch break. 2) Some persons were not sure whether they were considered a Belonger for various extenuating circumstances. 3) Some Belongers do not have any money to obtain original birth certificates, especially in cases where up to three birth certificates is required. 4) A few persons were disenchanted with their respective political parties and figured that no one was deserving of their vote . I will address each excuse given in the order noted above. The registration process takes ten minutes or less based on my experience and others that have shared their experience with me. It was a pleasant surprise to see how organised the process is and how helpful the staff in the elections office is. However, if persons wait until the deadline to register, the process could take much longer as lines would normally get longer as the deadline approaches. I recommend anyone who is not yet registered should set aside ten to 20 minutes out of their day and get registered. If you are unsure of your Belonger status, the elections office has published detailed charts which can assist you with determining your status. The personnel in the election’s office are also quite knowledgeable in this area and should be able to assist you.

Therefore there is no reason to wonder whether you are eligible to register, either review the detailed charts that have been published or stop by the elections office to confirm your eligibility. In these hard economic times $20 for a birth certificate, the temporarily reduced cost, may be difficult to come by, however having a say in your future is worth the sacrifice. We have heard calls to local radio talk shows, and letters to the local newspapers demanding our democratic right to vote to be restored and protests to ensure our franchise is protected. However, if we fail to register, what is the purpose of these actions or of asking for elections. The price of freedom to choose is not always free. We have an opportunity to shape the future of these islands , to select a government that shares our values, that recognises our needs, that knows how to stimulate the economy and protect the future and heritage of upcoming generations. We have to decide whether the cost of a birth certificate, the uncertainty of your status or the frustration that might be experience should deter us from being a part of the process or an observer from the side lines. I chose to be a part of the process, please join me. The Peoples Democratic Movement made an official request for the interim administration to waive the birth certificate fee for the voter’s registration process. After all the birth certificates are only being used for verification purposes. The interim government has access to the birth certificates and marriage certificates, all they have to do is locate staff to verify the information as recorded on the election’s form. I believe that persons of age 70 and older are not required to pay for their birth certificate so those persons should be registered. This also reduces cost related to the number of birth certificate a child of persons in this age group would have to pay. Whether or not the fee is waived, I encourage everyone to look at the cost of the birth certificate more as an investment in our future. The decision to register to vote should not be determined by which political party you support but rather


the recognition that your vote is in fact your voice in the political process and registering is the first step in exercising that right. I believe these last few years under the interim administration have given us an opportunity to prioritise our needs as a country. It has also given us an opportunity to appreciate our power as voters. Our power does not end in electing a government, our power lies in ensuring that the elected government is working in the best interest of our country. Register to vote but also put the future leaders on notice on the level of representation we expect. As a mature and educated electorate we need to become more involved in the electoral process, whether that is becoming involved in your party at a introductory level or helping to shape its vision. If you are an independent voter use this time to get familiar with the history of the parties involved and

the vision they have for this country moving forward. Maybe your input will help shape the future of that party and the country by extension. There is no reason your feelings for or about a political party should make you set aside your right to vote. The Peoples Democratic Movement recognises it shares the responsibility to ensure that every citizen of this country is given the opportunity to exercise their right to vote. Therefore, a decision has been taken that our headquarters in Providenciales will be open throughout the remainder of the voters’ registration process to assist anyone needing help with their registration. Our branches in the other islands have already begun actively assisting persons with queries about the process. For those Belongers that are still unregistered for the reasons noted above or for any other reason, my

advice to you is do not stand on the side line! The next g e n e r a l election will be one of the most critical elections is the history of our country. Every Belonger who is old enough to vote should exercise their right to vote. How will history remember you? How will you help shape the future of our country? We are all accountable for the direction of this country. It is not enough to sit on the side lines and be an observer. Register Turks and Caicos – your country needs you now more than ever! Sean R Astwood

Budget surplus – an oxymoron Dear Editor, The amount, by which the Turks and Caicos Islands interim government’s revenues will exceed its spending over a particular period of time, will be called a surplus. Generally, a government does not need to maintain a budget surplus. To do so, means that there were extra known and identified revenues in the beginning. And thus, a surplus will result in heavier taxation to the citizens However, a government has to be careful about running a budget deficit to make sure that the means of financing the deficit do not cause too much of an interest burden. That, too results in unnecessary borrowing, at the tax-payer’s expense! So why have a surplus, which results in an expense and higher taxes to the citizens of the TCI? Plain and simple to satisfy the British’s plan of control – one of the milestones! In a meeting this morning on radio, the Governor just announced that the ministers in the UK had just reviewed the proposed budget of the Turks and Caicos Islands and soon it will be here in the TCI for the Consultative Forum and the

Advisory Council to approve, before he assents. This process is very much flawed. How can the British ministers, with no proximity knowledge of the mechanics in the TCI, review a budget that the local Permanent Secretary and the Chief Executive Officer developed and submitted? In recent times, especially with talks of ministerial government, and now, elections, the statements of balance and surplus by FYE 2013 is plastered everywhere, and in most ways, do, have the constituents of the Turks and Caicos Islands, worried! More often than ever, the main outcome of these talks highlighted is to be in a surplus mode, which is by far a long stretch. Yes, indeed a very long stretch, and for many, almost impossible. We must add, that along with the balanced budget requirement is attached the requirement to have a surplus. Why? Why is there a need for a surplus? The British’s plan of control – one of the milestones! A surplus occurs when the government takes in more money than it spends. Whether

a budget surplus is an advantage or a disadvantage depends on the circumstances. If the government has no debts to pay off. And it’s collecting more taxes than it needs. Then this places an unnecessary burden on the citizens and economy and, in actuality, slows down economic growth. But if the government has debts to pay off. Then a budget surplus is a good way to pay off those debts without cutting back on government services; but still at a cost to the taxpayer in terms of interest and higher taxes. Since deficits are the gap between spending and income, they can be reduced by decreasing spending, increasing income, or both. Cutting spending would entail scaling back or eliminating existing programs and benefits, while raising additional revenue would mean an increase in taxes and fees. I invite you all comment and to formulate a strategic way-forward plan. I ask for your vote to move forward on all of these issues. Regards, Edward E Smith

Please keep your letters to a maximum of 450 words or we may not be able publish it.

May 12 - 18, 2012





A call for leadership reform Dear Editor, A new model of service leadership must now be assembled in order for a culture of service leadership to be sewn into the core fabric of the Turks Islands communities across all levels. If leadership is to affect the community masses, we must be prepared as a people to demand from our leadership new and dynamic applications and systems that are forged on the foundation of a new base of carefully structured values and initiatives. These leadership values (spiritual, moral and ethical) must in turn represent the established core values for the masses and must meet the needs of the society at large by helping to equip all residents with a new levels of consciousness and awareness that in turn will make wholesale community transformation both possible and measurable. In a new leadership transformative environment, all leaders will now be

forced on the stage to lead by example where all can see if the leaders really walk the walk and talk the talk. Reframing the community Overall, our leadership conceptualisation of what the community identity is and what possibilities can be achieved must be revisited. It is critical to re-establish community identity, community purpose and community pride. Within the gamut of this principle is the pressing need to re-identify with our local history and our real cultural roots beyond the superficial cultural expression of our music. We are forced to examine the civility of how we treat each other and whether we will be prepared to create a Turks Island community identity in which hostility, rage and anger will reign supreme while we make the pursuit of money and material gain our primary credo and aspiration above respect for people,

Registration frustration Dear Editor, I hate to sound like a scorched record, but this registration process is getting on my nerves. It seems as if the process is intentionally more difficult for indigenous Turks and Caicos Islanders. As I was born prior to 1983, I only need my birth certificate and my passport to register. Seems simple enough, I agree. So I sent my $20 payment for a birth certificate nearly two weeks ago. I received it on Friday, April 30, 2012 and was excited as I had made up my mind to register on the following Monday. However, on examination of the document I noted that my name and my mother’s name were spelt incorrectly. I immediately phoned the Registry of Births and spoke to the lady in charge and faxed a copy of the document with the mistakes highlighted, 10 days have now passed and I still have not received the corrected document to fulfil my registration obligation. To add to my frustration, I have been phoning the office since last week Monday and still have not been able to get someone on the phone, only to discover that the Registry of

Births is moving offices! Why in God’s name are they moving offices when election registration is going on? Someone please tell me the logics behind this? Knowing how vital birth certificates are for this process, wouldn’t it have made better sense to postpone the move until after the registration for election closed? I can only conclude that this set back is intentional to further delay the process so that we cannot get registered by the deadline or so that elections can be delayed. Considering the number of unemployed and retired persons, I am of the opinion that the fee should have been waved so that they can exercise their rights. After all if I were in their position and needed $20 for a birth certificate or food, immediate needs would prevail. Whatever the reason for the sudden move of offices, it is not good for the people of the Turks and Caicos who are dying to see a return of elected government so that we can get rid of the British invasion. Regards,


Euwonka Selver

our environment, our children, our future and our hopes and dreams as a community. Although we may see opulent business, public and private and other physical structures being erected throughout the country, buildings erected in the progression of time can never reflect whether a people soul and spirit has also been erected. The core values and morals sewn into the fabric of our spirit is the primary measuring stick that can identify progression from digression, advancement forward from slippage and backwardness, truth from error and true growth from an illusion of growth disguised in the erection of physical structures through which we label ourselves as having achieved “progress”. Surely by now we ought to have come to the realisation that it is not our wealth and gravitation to material possessions that will civilise us as a society. Certainly if it was our apparent wealth that defined us, then there would be in the presence of so much wealth accumulation, the absence of crime, greed, perversions,broken leadership covenants and the other contradictions that still persist in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Restructuring community leadership It is time to invoke and establish a new level of competence and performance that is consistent with predetermined objectives and deliverables. It was Dr Martin Luther King Jr who expressed the energising nature of the spirit that must exude out of community leadership when he said: “We shall have to create community leaders who embody virtues that we can respect, who have morals and ethical principles we can applaud with an enthusiasm that enables us to rally support for them based on confidence and trust.” Unfortunately, many of us who claim to be leaders in truth are not leaders, not even good managers of resources. The intention here is not to be harsh or even critical but rather to call it what it is and keep it real; a principle that has almost disappeared in the country. We have moved and gravitated far to the opposite end of the scale when it comes to speaking the relative truth on matters because we expect to be rewarded by a system that rewards lies and untruths, while penalising the truth. A system that is rife with cronies that would sell their souls and the souls of their father and mother to advance ahead to the detriment of the truth and all that is decent and virtuous.

Yes, we have gained the wealth, but at what cost? We have chosen the spoils of material prosperity behind curtain #1, but have lost our spirit, heart, mind, body and soul, children and future that we once possessed safe and secure in the bosom of our identity. In the midst of the tradeoff, we reckoned that we would be better off individually, but failed to appreciate that our choices spelled the collective demise of us all. Frederick Douglass the great African-American liberator said: “No man can put a chain about the ankle of his fellow man without at last finding the other end fastened about his own neck.” The time has come for us to collectively realise that being present in a community for a long time bears no credence in qualifying or validating an individual to lead the community. A contemporary African American thinker Dr Cornell West of Cornell University opined: “You can’t lead the people if you don’t love the people. And you can’t save the people if you don’t serve the people. What is the depth of your love? What is the depth of your service?” True community leadership is mandated on empathy, compassion and a willingness to champion what is in the best interest of the masses, even when the masses may not see or identify with what is in their own best interest in both a present and future context. True service to the Turks and Caicos Islands communities ought to be predicated upon possessing the capacity to effectively contribute in a meaningful way with answers and solutions to acute challenges coupled with the capability to deliver in real terms consistent with promises made. Leaders must be able to pull the trigger on deliverables in such a way that the community can accurately measure results against predefined

leadership targets. Most servant leaders place the interest of people over self interests. This is only possible when we are called to serve. The absence of the call to serve renders the individual as a roguish, self serving, self engendering and self promoting leader who will leave a leadership legacy that is evidenced by decisions and behaviors that are counterproductive to what is in the best short and long term interests of the community. Renewing leadership in TCI communities This is only possible through having a base of exposure and awareness that will be the driver to aid positive growth in leadership mindsets. This growth will help leadership to see and develop new and dynamic service possibilities geared towards resolving the many challenging community needs. The time has long come for Turks and Caicos community leadership to think critically and examine the futuristic impact of present decisions and how these decisions will play out long after they are off the scene. In this regard it is easy to see that our present circumstances are a mere reflection of past decisions and that our current decisions will drive the direction of our future outcomes. It is mandatory that all who takes the gavel of leadership responsibility become an integral part of all the communities of people they are elected to serve. It is unacceptable in the 21st Century amidst the multi level community challenges that exist across cultural lines in the Turks and Caicos Islands for leadership to only serve the interests of some segments of the communities of people in a limited capacity while neglecting the hopes and dreams of the entire community of people they are elected to diligently serve.

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May 12 - 18, 2012

First medical tourist gets knee replacement Knee replacements have been on the agenda this week in both Providenciales and Grand Turk, and the patients included both local people and the first ‘medical tourist’. A team from Chicago, led by orthopaedic surgeon Dr James Bresch, returned to the country following their initial program of operations in January and a total of six operations were carried out in Provo and two in Grand Turk. The visiting patient was 62-yearold Bruce Fry, from Dallas, Texas. A keen squash player, he had been forced to give up the game six months ago when the pain in his knee became too intense and X-rays had convinced his doctor that a replacement was the best option. His orthopaedic specialist, who had worked with the US Skiing team, was aware of many surgeons who could have performed the operation but identified Dr Bresch as ‘one of the best in the world.’ The thought of having the procedure done in such a beautiful place as the Turks & Caicos Islands was an added bonus for Mr Fry. Dr Bresch is an orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in knees and shoulders. ‘As part of my training I did a fellowship in sports medicine,’ he said. ‘We approach the knee and shoulder from a very functional

aspect. In the old days the aim was to get rid of some pain, but now we want to get rid of the pain and restore life’s functions.’ While obviously to a patient this is rare and daunting experience, it’s all in a day’s work to the surgical team. Dr Bresch’s physician assistant , Jennifer Ware, said matter-of-factly, ‘Back home this is what we do every Tuesday.’ ‘We’re very busy,’ Dr Bresch continued. ‘The hospital that I work out of there are probably 10 surgeons doing joint replacements and we probably do on average 25 joints a week. The science is evolving because our technology continues to improve. So in the last decade we’ve seen much better longevity in our implants. It used to be 10-15 years but now we’re looking at 20-30.’ This is due not only to the quality of the components they use but to advances in the instruments used to implant them. Because we can get the alignment much closer to perfect we can see much better wear characteristics.’ While many joint replacement patients are suffering after accidents, sports injuries or wear and tear from physically demanding work, with others it is simply a case of family physical traits. ‘I call them ‘bad luck’ patients,’ Dr Bresch said, ‘and I tell them that


Congrats Reneaka

Congratulations to our Intelligent, Beautiful and Talented Daughter, Grand Daughter, Niece and Sister, Miss Reneka G. Burleigh! We are proud of you for being awarded the #1 Outstanding Senior of the year at Bethune-Cookman University,Daytona Beach, Florida in Criminal Justice, Reneka we thank God for you and it is our prayer that the Lord would continue to lead, guide and protect you for the rest of your life! You have special greetings from your pride mom Susan Williams, your dad George Burleigh, Grandma Emma (Pat) Williams, your sister Makeda Francis, all your aunts, uncles and cousins. Reneka you have extra special congratulations from all your aunties and their families (Beatrice Fulford, Shirley Hughes, Rita Gardiner, Marjorie Moore, Yvonne Garland, Ianthe Scott, also aunty Dorean & Ethan who thinks the world of you. We Love You Always!

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some people go grey early, some people lose their hair early and some lose their cartilage early.’ As for working in a different hospital, Dr Bresch was very complimentary about the facilities in Cheshire Hall and Cockburn Town medical centres. Speaking about working in Cheshire Hall, he said, ‘This happens to be very good operating room. It’s very spacious and in orthopaedics we use a lot of instruments, so sometimes we go to a place where it’s very small and cramped and you’re worried about sterility and how it’s all going to go. Here we don’t have that problem. The process is state-of-the-art and we’re not dealing with third-world conditions even though we’re in a tropical paradise.’ The first local patient on the list was Provo resident Robert Wilson, a retired oil-man from Canada who has been here 12 years. Wilson first injured a knee 50 years ago and

Surgeons at work

while the aging process had led to a gradual deterioration of the joint, the real damage was done recently when he was playing soccer with his young grandson and the boy dived in with a sliding tackle, forcing Mr Wilson to take evasive action. His knee was damaged to the point where he had to seek medical advice. Local specialist Dr Joe Le Moigne examined him and found that there were fragments of bone floating around the joint that would occasionally ‘catch’ and cause sharp pain. He recommended a total knee replacement. Another Provo patient was

businessman Martee Doverspike, who had one knee replaced in January and was back to have the other one done. Also a former cross-country and long-distance runner, Mr Doverspike explained that his knees had been so bad that his legs were seriously bowed and that since the first operation, once his ankle had settled down, having been affected by the realignment in his body, he was delighted with his new knee. ‘I have no trouble at all with stairs and I don’t have to use elevators and escalators at airports,’ he said happily.

Executive Board addresses the way forward The Ministry of Border Control and Labour held is in the process of finalizing its business plan and service delivery targets for 2012/13, in consultation with staff, following its first Executive Board meeting. The meeting was held on May 1st. Permanent Secretary Clara Gardiner, in a statement, said this is a step on the pathway to effective, impartial leadership and robust service delivery in the Turks and Caicos Islands Government (TCIG), which is in line with the wider Public Service Reform programme. She noted that the Ministry’s Executive Board is responsible for ensuring that the Ministry delivers increasingly effective services, stays within its budget, develops its staff, and engages with other Ministries, agencies and the public. Gardiner maintained that the Executive Board will aim to fulfill the Ministry’s commitment to transparency. The Ministry of Border Control and Labour’s Executive Board consists of the Permanent Secretary; the Deputy Permanent Secretary, Mr. Ezekiel Hall; the Labour Commissioner and Registrar of Trades Unions, Mrs. Michelle Fulford-Gardiner; the Ministry’s Chief Policy Executive, Mr. Willette Swann; the Director of Immigration (Acting), Mr. Larry Mills; and the Registrar General, Miss Sigrid Lightbourne. Attending by invitation were the President of the Labour Tribunal; the Chair of the Immigration Board; and the Chair of the Immigration Tribunal. Gardiner noted that all these bodies, while carrying out independent statutory functions, are funded and supported by the Ministry. She added that the Executive Board is advised on an ex officio basis by the team of three senior advisers and change managers

funded by the UK. At its first meeting the Ministry’s Executive Board agreed that it would meet monthly and that it would lead on strategic issues, with day to day issues delegated to three Departmental Boards, covering the Ministry’s three departments: Employment Services; Border Control and Enforcement; and

Citizenship, civil registration and permanent status. Operational enforcement priorities and tasking are already determined in a multiagency partnership through the Tasking and Coordination Groups (TCG) which meet monthly. The Ministry’s Executive Board is expected to meet again at the beginning of June.

PAHO Advisors Visit TCI PAN American Health Organization (PAHO)/World Health Organization (WHO) Advisors Dr. Gerry Eijkemans and Dr. Victor Zamora visited the TCI last week, with the aim of supporting the development of a strategic plan for the health sector. The officials arrived on Monday and during their three-day visit they met with TCI Government Officials, members of the Ministry of Health and Education and key health sector stakeholders to provide guidance and technical assistance in the development of the plan. The five-year period is expected to address Health Financing, Health Regulations, Pharmaceuticals and Surveillance as well as the Health Information System, Public Health, Laboratory, Primary Health Care, AIDS Program and Environmental Health within the Ministry of Home Affairs and Environment. The TCI Government identified five pillars which needed to be completed as a part of the Health Care Renewal Strategy. Several of these pillars are in the process of being completed and their execution forms an integral part of the strategic plan.

The five pillars are:

1. To improve the local delivery

of secondary and tertiary care services by construction of two hospitals (completed April 2010); 2. To strengthen Primary Health Care; 3. To develop a Healthy Lifestyles Initiative; 4. To establish a National Health Insurance Plan (NHIP) as a health financing mechanism (completed November 2009); and 5. To enact health sector regulatory mechanisms including the formation of a Health Regulatory Agency (HRA) that would govern and monitor many aspects of the healthcare delivery process. The intent of the health sector strategic plan is to assist the Ministry in achieving its vision of a ‘healthy nation with an empowered population’ and its mission ‘to ensure a healthy Turks and Caicos Islands through an integrated, comprehensive, efficient and easily accessible and cost-effective health system based on best practices in partnership with all stakeholders’. PAHO has a long and illustrious history of providing technical assistance and guidance to the TCI and other countries in the region.

May 12 - 18, 2012



Corn snake found in Grand Turk By Kayla Higgs

AN 18-inch corn snake also known as the red rat snake was recently found in the nation’s capital on Governor’s Beach. The snake was found and attacked by individuals that cleaned the beach; it sustained sever wounds to its mid section and died before it arrived at the Department of Environment and

Ministry of Border Control moved

THE Ministry of Border Control and Labour’s office in Grand Turk will be relocating to the ground floor of the former TCInvest Building. In light of this, there is likely to be a temporary interruption in communication and access to services on Friday May 11 and Monday May 14. However, the transfer is scheduled to be completed Tuesday, May 15.

Coastal Resources (DECR) in Grand Turk. The first of this species of snakes was sighted in 2009 on Grand Turk. There have been recent reports of seeing snakes on other parts of the island such as the Jags McCartney International Airport and Breezy Brae. The second confirmed sighting has raised fears that individuals are importing exotic species of plants and animals into the country. According to the DECR, if the corn snake where to become established in the islands it could endanger many native snakes whose population are already at risk due to human influence on their habitat or pose a potential threat to the islands’ bird population. The sighting of other snakes in the Turks and Caicos Islands has become extremely common especially on the island of North Caicos, Middle Caicos, South Caicos, Providenciales and Grand Turk. A native specie of snake found in the TCI is the Turk’s Island Boa also known as Rainbow Boa. It was first sighted on the island of Grand Turk but is now commonly seen on the Caicos Bank and on Turk’s Cay. The TCI Blind Snake is another

native snake which can be often mistaken for a worm because of their movement on the top of the soil. This snake is found no where else in the world. The Dwarf Boa is also found nowhere else in the world besides TCI on islands like Provo, North, Middle and South Caicos. The frequency of reported snake sightings has increased on the island of Grand Turk and is cause for concern. The public and wildlife enthusiasts are encouraged to follow the correct procedures when importing plants and animals into the TCI. A Phyto-sanitary Certificate must be obtained to allow a person to import an agricultural product into the country. This is issued by the relevant authorities from the country of origin. This Certificate must be obtained and submitted to the Department of Agriculture and Animal Health Services. By extension, the importation of animals requires an Import Permit along with a Health Certificate and other veterinarian documentation to ensure that the animal is free from any diseases that could pose a health risk to the population.

The creature was found on Governor’s Beach

The DECR warns that snakes, lizards and other reptiles/animals may not be clearly visible on plants being imported into the island, as their eggs may be well-concealed in the soil. The Department urged that if anyone sees strange reptiles or other animals, they should NOT attempt to capture and/or kill the organism as there is a possibility that it may be venomous, or cause harm in an

attempt to defend itself. Persons are asked to please contact the Department of Agriculture and Animal Health Services at 9462801, extensions 50302 (Grand Turk) / 82204 (Providenciales) OR the Department of Environment and Coastal Resources extension 10404 (Grand Turk) / 941-5122 (Providenciales) if you see any animals or plants that seem strange to the islands.


May 12 - 18, 2012


Battle of the Bands competition BANDS from across the TCI will compete for the title of top talent in this year’s Battle of the Bands competition.

The second annual event, hosted by Islandcom, will see dozens of performers compete for recognition. On June 25, 2011, Islandcom’s

Last year’s grand prize winner was Bowen Arrow who won the crowd over with their rendition of Ceelo Green’s ‘Forget You’.

first Battle of the Bands competition was the highlight of the month. A huge crowd gathered at Turtle Cove Marina in Providenciales to cheer on their favorite local bands. Event goers were entertained by Lee Forbes and the Force, Smoking Honey, Hoozya Daddy, Q Band Lynx, Rasta Generation, and Bowen Arrow. Taking home the grand prize for the night of $3,000 was Bowen Arrow who won the crowd over with their rendition of Ceelo Green’s ‘Forget You’. Second place went to Smoking Honey with their song medley of R&B, Reggae, and Rake and Scrape music. This year’s event will be held on

Scotiabank introduces online banking contest SCOTIABANK customers in Turks and Caicos now have a chance to win USD $100 in with the Bank Online and Win contest. The contest, started on April 1, allows clients to go online to learn about the benefits and features of Online and Mobile banking. By watching videos, customers earn ballots and will be automatically entered into a draw. In addition, by signing up for Online or Mobile banking clients will earn more ballots and have a higher chance of winning the draw taking place on June 30th, 2012. Country Head, Scotiabank TCI, Cecil Arnold, said, “This is an exciting opportunity for our

customers to discover the Bank’s award winning mobile and online banking services and to learn how to use these tools to their advantage. “Online and mobile banking are convenient ways for our clients to do their banking whenever and wherever they want while ensuring the safety and security of their money.” In 2011, Scotiabank was awarded Best Consumer Internet Bank in 20 Caribbean countries and Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Bank in 11 Caribbean Countries by Global Finance, an internationally renowned monthly magazine, for the most successful and innovative online banking system. The Bank

was also the first to launch the Mobile Banking App for Blackberry and iPhone users, which operates on the same advanced security platform as Scotia OnLine. Arnold said, “Scotiabank’s online and mobile banking services are supported by a number of security measures to ensure the integrity of transactions and account information. “For example, the Online Security Guarantee ensures that customers be fully reimbursed in the event that they experience direct financial losses due to unauthorized activity.” For more information on the Bank Online and Win contest please visit:

LIME investing in employees LIME TCI has embarked on a series of “Internal Empowerment Sessions” designed to motivate and educate staff members on relevant issues in everyday life. General Manager, Mr. Drexwell Seymour said, “We give back to the community; to special causes; to education and we are giving back to our employees.” He continued, “It is the employee that helps the company each step of the way and giving back is rewarding for all.” The first session held was on the topic ‘Personal Finance and Budgeting’ and facilitated by LIME’s GM, Mr. Drexwell Seymour and Finance Manager, Ms. Lacal Palmer. The presentations were timely, informative and well received by those who attended. Palmer said, “You have to write it down, your assets; your debts; if you do not see it, how do you know what you have and what you owe.” The option is made available to all staff members weekly in the current four week series to be a part of the discussion and sharing sessions.

Mr. Floyd Seymour of Century 21 assisted by his wife Sharon, led the second session on ‘Real Estate Opportunities in the Turks & Caicos Islands’. Seymour drew on his accounting background to give useful tips to employees on how to become involved in real estate investment and he outlined the current trends. He said, “It is important that we realize the potential that is there in investing in the real estate market in the Turks & Caicos Islands. Sharon and I would be willing to come along to share again with staff on this topic.” The third session was facilitated by Mrs. Sophia Thomas of Fenelon Empowerment Services on the topic ‘Entrepreneurship’. Within the first 10 minutes of the sessions, staff members were asked to think of an idea for a business with the capital suggested and to sell that idea to the others. This exercise got everyone involved. The session exposed participants to what is available in the wider

world and what should be considered when launching into an area beyond the ‘job’. An array of materials were shared that encouraged Team LIME’s staff members to ask questions and gain knowledge on what it takes to weigh the pros and cons of any idea from conception to reality. Thomas said, “I believe that we are all born entrepreneurs but it is whether or not we explore the dreams that are on the inside. “Market research is vitally important as well as analyzing that data in starting any new business and I would encourage anyone to look at this aspect very seriously before investing a large sum of cash.” The fourth session in this current series will be on ‘The importance of a will’ and staff members will hear about what is required and why it is important to have a will should anything happen to them. To date, the staff members at LIME who have taken the time to share in these sessions have gained useful knowledge for practical application.

June 23 at the Turtle Cove Marina in Providenciales. The grand prize will be $4,000 and Samsung Galaxy handsets with one year of service. Second place winners will receive $2,000 with phone service as well and the third place winners will be awarded $1,000. The three winning groups will also be given gift certificate from event co-sponsors The Wine Cellar. All profits for the event will be donated to the Provo Children’s Home as well as the Turks and

Caicos Kidney Foundation. If you would like to enter your band in this year’s competition stop by an Islandcom store to sign up. Only eight bands will be selected to compete at the Battle of the Bands and they must be a local performing band, be able to perform live music, be registered to only one band and must know how to rock a crowd. To enter fill out a registration form and attach band photos. Entrants are encouraged to include copies of musical performances with the registration forms if available.

autism awareness By Nicole Cox, a mother living with autism

May Flowers Part 1

So, Mother’s Day is coming on Sunday. The day set aside to honor the dedicated women who give of themselves in a literal way so that others may live. A chance for all the mommies to flaunt their flower bouquets and sentimental cards that they hope will pour in from all corners! From the wonders of conception, gestation and childbirth to the patience and self-sacrifice of raising children in a challenging world, mothers are to be commended. Even as time has somewhat changed the concepts of what components actually define a woman’s role in society, one thing is certain: motherhood is still a role that defines itself through pure execution. With all this being said, it would be easy for a woman such as myself to take a few extra brownie points for not only being a mother, but being a mother of a child with a disability. Often times I have listened to persons commend me for working with my son, working toward awareness or balancing the needs of the rest of my family with Josiah’s. I guess this can be a bit of an ego stroke! In a way, it’s like Mother’s Day all year long! But, at the risk of sounding ungrateful for the affirmation along the journey, I would like to put some things into perspective. Autism is a collection of various deficits on an EXTREMELY broad spectrum. As many of my regular readers should know by now, one can have a little or a lot in a few or many areas. So far, we have been blessed that Josiah, though his deficits are varied, pales in comparison to some of the more severe cases we know of. I regularly read postings on blogs and group chats written by exhausted, despairing mothers who are desperately seeking more information that may help them improve the quality of life for their families and themselves. Sometimes their vignettes are simply vehicles to vent the various emotions that arise in the cycle of pressing forward. I also recognize that Josiah is still young and many stories tell of their sweet boy turning into an explosive train wreck in need of multiple medications by the time puberty has its way with him. My point is that, but for the Grace of God, there go I…or you…or anyone else for that matter. No one knows the future, so we must grasp the present for what it is. What I do is not exceptional nor is it unusual for any mother. It is what mothers are SUPPOSED to do: explore every accessible possibility for the betterment of their homes. It’s just that our situation demands a bit more focus in some areas than others. Yes, it can be trying and sometimes discouraging. But that is not unique to families with special needs children. That is the saga of ANY mother, any family that truly cares for the well-being of the whole. This Mother’s Day I would encourage all mothers to think of our roles more humbly. Whether you birthed 10 children or only 1, whether you raised saints or sinners, whether your child is a Harvard graduate or a grad student’s thesis subject; you are no better neither worse than any other mother if you genuinely care and give your all for your family. It is your honor, your privilege and your duty to do no less. Some days you will be a soaring success and some days a flopping failure. It is in the intention of your efforts that you should judge yourself and other mothers who bear the same burdens in different packages. If you have a child who is typical, has a disability or you suspect has special needs; do your job. Cherish your job. It is the journey to personal growth. For more on autism visit: or http://

May 12 - 18, 2012



this week

Friday, May 4 to Sunday, May 13 Friday, May 11

TCI Top Model Contestants at the launch

LRAYE cinema renamed Digicel and the former LRaye Cinema have teamed up to rebrand and rename the only Cinema in the Turks and Caicos Islands, the ‘Digicel TCI Cinema’. Lraye Cinema Manager, Derek Handfield and Digicel CEO, E Jay Saunders made the renaming announcement, at a press conference at the TCI Cinema grounds on last Thursday. According to Handfield, The partnership between Digicel and the Cinema goes back to its inception in December 2007. He added that it was time to bring a new identity to the Cinema, one that resonates with the country on a deeper level. The partnership with Digicel, through the renaming and rebranding has given the Cinema a new look and fresh appeal as the Digicel TCI Cinema. Digicel CEO, E Jay Saunders said he is excited about the new name and the partnership between two very strong brands. “The innovative nature of Digicel as a company leads us to seek out new ways that we can offer our customers the best of technology even beyond the world of telecommunication,” he said. Saunders stated too that the two companies have had a history of partnership.

It is the perfect place to escape from the heat and hang with friends, all in smoke free airconditioned comfort. Happy Hour specials from 4-7pm Monday-Saturday

 Mums and Tots Dance Party classes are held every Saturday at Graceway Sports Centre for mothers and their little ones. Mothers, bring your little ones to dance, jump, twist and shake! Children have fun learning movement basics to fun music and mums get a light exercise while spending quality time. Mums and Tots classes begin at 10am and cost just $10. Dads are welcome! Call Shara Bowen on 244-1103 for more details.

Sunday, May 13

 Get into the weekend mood with the intense and electrifying Tae-Bo class at Graceway Sports Centre from 6pm to 7pm. Free for fitness members, $12 for non-members. Visit for more information or call 4426349.

Jay Saunders CEO of Digicel and Derek Handfield of Digicel TCI Cinemas!

He said, “The Cinema and Digicel have been partnering for years and we have been able to work with Derek to offer our customers free movie tickets through various promotions. The branding rights that we now enjoy will see us working to bring more of the latest technology to the Cinema for the benefit of our customers and the TCI.” The TCI Cinema will maintain the Digicel brand for two years. As part of the kickoff celebration for the renaming, Digicel hosted

a free Movie Premiere for its customers with the screening of the ultimate superhero movie, ‘The Avengers’. Head of Marketing, Ava-Dayne Fulford said, “The red carpet affair was a treat to our loyal customers who support us and it is really a pleasure for us to put on an event like this for them. Digicel is first to bring a big premiere and we have a lot planned for the rest of the year. It’s going to be an exciting year for Digicel customers.”

Local artist featured in US exhibition The artistic talent of Jean Taylor, a local painter, will be receive exclusive representation in Karen Ledbetter galleries at the start of August. Taylor paints what she sees in the natural island beauty of her surroundings in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) with breathtaking hues, inviting waters and tropical classic moods. A well-known and respected artist, contributing her luscious art scenes in beautiful paintings for over twenty years. Her art graces many private homes, villas and resort overseas in the Turks and Caicos Islands including the country’s Governor’s

 Danny Buoy’s is Provo’s premier live music and sports destination, serving lunch and dinner daily from 11:30am.

Saturday at 9am and let David Bowen lead you into the wonderful world of yoga! Amazing fees for an amazing class! More info at 442-6348”

House in Grand Turk and the 5 Star Parrot Cay Resort. Jean Taylor won several awards in Turks and Caicos Islands including: 1992- Highest vote by art critics and art historians in the Turks and Caicos Islands category at the Caribbean Art Exhibition ‘Carib Art’ held in Curacao Dutch Antilles. Her paintings were published in several notable magazines in the Turks and Caicos Islands including Times of the Islands and the cover of Baller Magazine and Internationally in the UNESCO Traveling Art Catalogue. According to Taylor, her inspiration comes from the natural beauty of her bellowed tiny group

 Craig Archibold gets the party started at the Regent Palms from 7pm on Friday nights with the sound of classic Caribbean and Motown tunes. Call 946-8666 for details

Saturday, May 12

 The Weekly Community and Farmers’ Market organized by TCI Red Cross is on at the organization’s headquarters, opposite Lime on the Leeward Highway in Providenciales, from 10am to 2pm. Persons will be able to purchase freshly grown produce and locally sourced items. For more information on the Weekly Community and Farmers’ Market call (649) 247-8911. With regard to the TCI Red Cross’ services or how you can volunteer or donate, contact our Provo office on (649) 941-8056 or email OR for Grand Turk call (649) 946-2761 or  If you’re looking for a serene and relaxed way of starting your weekend, bring your yoga mat at Graceway Sports Centre every

One of Jean Taylor’s acclaimed pieces

of islands namely Turks and Caicos Islands.

HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY!!! A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.  Rotary Bingo has a new home at CLUB PILLOWS in the Bight next to Smokey’s (Opposite Veranda Resort) EVERY SUNDAY! Doors open at 7:00 pm

Thursday, May 17  Weekly Foreign a Fare night every Thursday at the Bohio Dive Resort (Grand Turk) from 6:30 p.m. Each week different dishes from a different region in the world.

Previous nights have included Italian, Spanish, English, Indian, Chinese, Moroccan, South African and Thai. For details, call 946-2135 or go to www.bohioresort.com946-2135

Got an event you wish to advertise? Call us on 946 4664 or email tcweeklynews@ for a free listing.


Regional News


May 12 - 18, 2012

Urgent need for reform after Olint campaign-finance claims Cayman premier says London

David Smith was sentenced to 30 years in prison by a US court in August 2011 after pleading guilty to money laundering and wire fraud.

JAMAICA’S political leadership is being challenged by sector groups to move expeditiously to draft and pass legislation dealing with the issue of political campaign financing in the wake of what appears to be the latest embarrassment to engulf the country’s two major political parties. President of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ), Joseph M. Matalon, indicated on Tuesday that the controversy surrounding claims that local politicians received donations from collapsed Ponzi scheme Olint could have been avoided if political parties in

CARICOM foreign Ministers riled at impact of UK’s Air Passenger Duty Tax CARICOM Foreign Ministers have denounced in strong terms the negative impact that the UK’s Air Passenger Duty (APD) tax continues to have on the region’s revenue sources. According to a communiqué issued at the conclusion of the 15th Meeting of the Council for Foreign and Community Relations (COFCOR) held from May 3-4 in Paramaribo, Suriname, the foreign Ministers observed that the tax was distorting trade and

compromising the region’s efforts towards sustainable development, including the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The communiqué issued by the CARICOM Secretariat at the head office in Turkeyen, Guyana said that the Council resolved to redouble their lobbying efforts in the UK, and will include the continued support and influence of the Caribbean Diaspora, to vigorously advocate for review of the tax.

Jamaica, and those making contributions to them, had been held to a much higher standard in terms of public disclosure of political contributions. At the same time, Professor Trevor Munroe, executive director of the National Integrity Action Limited (NIAL), said the claims in a confiscation order of the Supreme Court of The Turks and Caicos Islands dramatises the urgency for the executive to draft, as a priority, a bill encompassing campaign-finance reform based on the recommendations of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ). News surfaced Monday afternoon that the Supreme Court in The Turks and Caicos Islands had issued the confiscation order to recover money that convicted operator of the Ponzi scheme, David Smith, gave to the Jamaica Labour Party and the ruling People’s National Party in the run-up to the 2007 general election. The PSOJ head urged the administration and Parliament to provide the country with some kind of timeline addressing when a bill on campaign financing would be tabled in Parliament and debated by the legislature. Matalon told The Gleaner the crafting and passage of the proposed law should be done expeditiously “as a commitment by our political leadership on both sides of the aisle to transparency and probity in our elections”.

VACANCIES REGISTERED SENIOR ARCHITECT Applicants must be fully qualified RIBA Part 3 and registered ARB and RIBA with a minimum of 15 years post-qualification experience, with the ability to travel freely throughout the Caribbean, USA and Europe.

SENIOR ARCHITECTURAL ASSISTANT Applicants must have a minimum of BA (Hons) in Architecture degree, RIBA Part 1 status and 10 years practical experience, with the ability to travel freely throughout the Caribbean, USA and Europe. Salaries commensurate with experiences Qualified applicants please apply in writing to:

P O Box 315, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands Tel: 649 946 5911 or e-mail info@ swa.tcQualified Belongers only need apply.


aims to ‘ruin’ his nation A DIPLOMATIC spat in the normally tranquil Cayman Islands has put the ruling party and the British government at loggerheads after the locally elected premier accused London of conspiring with opposition politicians to “ruin this country.” Premier McKeeva Bush accused British officials, including the British-appointed governor and police commissioner, of conducting baseless investigations into his handling of government contracts. He described the investigations on local television as “nothing more than fishing expeditions.” “The opposition, the governor, the foreign office are all trying to do one thing: ‘Let’s get McKeeva out this time, because we cannot control him,’ Bush said. The premier’s comments drew a sharp response from Governor Duncan Taylor yesterday. “The suggestion that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or I are working against the interests of the Cayman Islands is completely without foundation,” he said in a statement. The Cayman Islands is a British Overseas Territory. It has an elected parliament, but a British-appointed governor oversees external affairs and

McKeeva Bush feels there is a conspiracy theory to get him booted.

security, including the police force. With a population of barely 55,000, the renowned offshore financial center enjoys one of the highest living standards in the Caribbean. The heightened tension between London and the premier comes before the publication later this month of a British white paper on London’s relationship with its overseas territories, which addresses improved cooperation as well as good governance, including management of public finances and debt. Nearly two weeks ago, the Cayman Islands police commissioner David Baines confirmed the premier was the subject of three police investigations, two of them involving what he said were financial irregularities.

May 12 - 18, 2012

Regional News



Bahamas Elections 2012

Ingraham quits politics Prime Minister Christie sworn in IN an emotional address to the nation Monday night, former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham conceded defeat to the PLP and resigned as the head of the Free National Movement. Thanking his supporters and the people of North Abaco for electing him to the House of Assembly for the eighth consecutive time, Mr Ingraham shocked the handful of FNM supporters gathered at the party’s headquarters by announcing shortly before 10pm that he would not take his seat in Parliament and would instead return to private life. “I wish to express my gratitude and appreciation to the Bahamian people who gave me the opportunity to serve them as Prime Minister for nearly 15 years. I now leave you and say thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Goodnight, and goodbye,” he said. Mr Ingraham’s address came after a nail-biting run off in the polls which saw the FNM leading at one point, then trailing, and finally being swept out of office. In Mr Ingraham’s emotional concession, he thanked all of his party’s candidates, officers, members, supporters, and ground troops and FNM supporters throughout the country for their loyalty, support, and kindness towards him and his family. “To my grandchildren who named me ‘Papa’, I want to thank them for their encouragement. I thank my children for their love and support. I thank my wife most profusely for

Former Prime Minister Hubery Ingraham calls it a day after losing the general elections to rival Perry Christie.

standing with me. I also want to thank my friend Alphonso ‘Boogaloo’ Elliot - who has been with me and is a lifelong friend. “I know somewhere in heaven ‘Mama’ is smiling on her boy. I promised her I would do the best I could while I was here and I did. From the bottom of my heart I thank all,” he said. The FNM’s defeat - which came as a massive shock to many supporters - was described by its party insiders as a vote against the government and its policies over the past five years. Speaking with The Tribune last night, FNM insiders said that despite the loss, they still believe that Mr Ingraham did an amazing job given all of his accomplishments in this last term.

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Perry Christie was sworn in as the new Prime Minister of the Bahamas on Tuesday following his victory in Monday’s general election. He said during his acceptance speech that he has turned his mind toward forming a new government, with the first ministerial appointments to be announced today and the whole Cabinet formed by Friday. In his first interview with local media as Prime Minister, Mr Christie revealed that he intends to assume the position of Minister of Finance and will appoint an “outstanding personality” to be the Minister of State for Finance. He assumed the position of Minister of Finance during his 2002-2007 term as Prime Minister. He also revealed - as has been widely known - that Philip “Brave” Davis, Deputy Leader of the PLP, would become the Deputy Prime Minister of the Bahamas “I have an obligation to ensure that we have an effective government,” he said. “I will begin the process of naming ministers to the cabinet tomorrow.” On Tuesday he announced that

Mr Christie, 69, returns to the post of prime minister, which he held from 2002 to 2007.

Wendell Major will assume the post of Cabinet Secretary. Mr Christie promised during his speech to “exert every effort to alleviate the problem of joblessness” and invited those who did not vote for him to join him in the spirit of patriotism. He added during his interview with members of the press, that his new government will immediately begin to implement the programmes his party set out in its Charter of Governance - especially those

Faces return to house of assembly after PLP victory THE PLP won a massive victory earlier this week, and many of the faces that defined the first Christie administration are returning to the House of Assembly. Bains Town and Grants Town incumbent Dr Bernard Nottage retained his seat. Obediah Wilchcombe was reelected in West End and Bimini and Melanie Griffin retained her seat in Yamacraw, as did Philip Davis in Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador. Other PLP incumbents that were re-elected include Ryan Pinder in Elizabeth, Alfred Gray in MICAL, Glenys Hanna-Martin in Englerston, Shane Gibson in Golden Gates, and Fred Mitchell in Fox Hill. Senator Michael Halkitis was elected to the Golden Isles constituency and Leslie Miller elected to Tall Pines. Dr Anthony Moss is still the representative for Exumas and Ragged Island. Fort Charlotte was won by first time PLP candidate Dr Andre Rollins and Kenred Dorsette in Southern Shores, while Picewell Forbes was re-elected in Mangrove Cay and South Andros. Newcomers Dr Daniel Johnson

and Dr Kendal Major won in Carmichael and Garden Hills. Arnold Forbes won Mount Moriah, Dr Michael Darville Pineridge, Gregory Moss in Marco City and Dion Smith in Nassau Village. PLP candidate Renward Wells was the winner for the hotly contested Bamboo Town seat. Incoming Prime Minister Perry Christie was re-elected in Centreville. PLP candidate Dr Perry Gomez won North Andros and Berry Islands, and his colleague Khaalis Rolle took Pine Wood, while former Senator Hope Strachan won in Seabreeze. PLP Cleola Hamilton won South Beach, Jerome Fitzergerald Marathon, The FNM won three seats in New Providence with Hubert Chipman securing the St Anne’s constituency, Dr Hubert Minnis Killarney and Richard Lightbourn Montagu. The FNM won the majority of the seats in the Family Islands with Edison Key re-elected in the Central and South Abaco, Neko Grant in the Central Grand Bahama, Loretta Butler-Turner in Long Island and Peter Turnquest in East Grand Bahama.

DNA leader Branville McCartney garnered support from 1024 voters to finish as the party’s highest scoring candidate.

Voters line up in Grand Bahama.

FNM supporters warn PLP will bring new recession DISTRAUGHT FNM supporters branded the Bahamas “ungrateful” and claimed the country would head to a recession under the new PLP government. Following the Prime Minister’s heartfelt concession speech at FNM Headquarters, in Mackey Street, supporters took to the streets, one woman shouting: “This is going to be the recession under Perry!” FNM supporter, Ava Brown, said the country could expect a “nosedive” under the PLP. “I’m very upset,” she said. “Mr Ingraham has done a lot for this country. These people are ungrateful. You’re going to see a nosedive now. We are not in a recession (yet). This is the height of ungratefulness. Our Prime Minister has done a lot. The PLP they won - well, we’ll see.” Dr Duane Sands who ran for Elizabeth, said the FNM would rise again. “The FNM will rise again no

related to crime. “I think we can anticipate that in the most immediate future, once the new government is assembled, we will put the programmes to them,” said Mr Christie. He insisted that his team of cabinet members will be the most qualified “in the history of the Bahamas.” The PLP’s election campaign centered around crime and Bahamianisation and asked that individuals now put away their party colours and unite. He said his former colleague, and now Former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham, retired from politics following the election results to avoid having to sit across the isle from him as leader of the opposition. “It would have been very hard for him to sit on that side and look at me on the other side given some of the things he has said about me,” Mr Christie said. He anticipates Mr Ingraham will expedite his departure from frontline politics as quickly as the formal process will allow him to.

doubt about it. “The entire Free National Movement feels the loss right now and we’re deeply disappointed. “I’m sure as we sit back and reflect on this election and election results, we will obviously have to set the mandate that was not given to us by the people of the Bahamas.” He said the FNM would go back to the drawing board, see where they went wrong and what could have been done better. “And when we do this, the FNM will rise again.” Supporter Shonell Russell said: “I feel hurt! You know why I feel hurt? Because the Bahamian people are stupid. Instead of going forward, they want to go backwards. And I don’t mean five years, I mean 10 years backward. And when Perry them mess this country up, I want Mr Hubert Alexander Ingraham to stay out and not help them and let them suffer!”

DNA pulled votes WHILE the Democratic National Alliance was unsuccessful in becoming the next government of the Bahamas, the underestimated third party scored a significant and historic feat in the General Election. The DNA, which celebrates its one year anniversary in three days, pulled more than 10,000 votes from the major parties and other independent candidates. The party’s highest scoring candidate was DNA leader Branville McCartney who garnered support from 1024 voters. He was unsuccessful in retaining his seat in Bamboo Town which was won by the PLP’s Renward Wells. McCartney conceded later in the evening. Next highest scorer for the DNA was deputy leader Chris Mortimer for Nassau Village who secured 833 votes. That seat was also won by the PLP.




May 12 - 18, 2012

Avengers smashes US box office record

THE AVENGERS superhero movie has smashed the record for the biggest US opening weekend, taking $200m (£123m), early figures show. The previous best opening weekend was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, which opened in July 2011 with $169m (£104m). The Disney film was called Marvel Avengers Assemble for its UK release. Included in the top five of biggest openers are The Dark Knight and Spider-Man 3. The Dark Knight, starring Christian Bale as the Caped Crusader, took $158m (£97m) in its opening weekend in 2008, while Spider-Man 3 took $151m (£93m). Both superheroes will once again be seen on screen during the summer. The Avengers, directed by Joss Whedon, failed to beat the final Harry Potter’s first day takings record of $91m (£56m) but surpassed it over the following two days.

Avengers features Thor and Captain America among other superheroes.

No other big films dared go up against it, with only the British film The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

being released on the same day. The Avengers has so far taken $641m (£396m) worldwide. (BBC)

Randy Jackson: Michael never tried to kill me!

MICHAEL Jackson never ordered his henchmen to murder his brother Randy Jackson ... despite allegations made by MJ’s former bodyguard ... this according to a rep for RJ. Randy’s spokesperson tells TMZ ... the allegations made by Matt Fiddes “couldn’t be further

from the truth ... it’s absolutely absurd.” Fiddes told The Sun ... MJ wanted members of his inner circle to shoot Randy during a heated argument regarding a possible Jackson 5 tour. Fiddes claims Michael was on drugs at the time.

Aretha Franklin has been shown some R-E-S-P-E-C-T from the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.

Aretha Franklin among Gospel Music Hall of Fame inductees THE QUEEN of soul is taking her place in the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Aretha Franklin is one of six people who’ll be inducted into the Hall on Aug. 14 in Hendersonville, Tenn. She’ll be joined by bluegrass legend Ricky Skaggs, family group The Hoppers, contemporary Christian singer Dallas Holm, the late TV evangelist Rex Humbard and Christian rock band Love Song.

Franklin’s gospel roots run deep, starting with her father who was a prominent Baptist minister. Her 1972 album, “Amazing Grace,” has sold over 2 million copies and is one of the best-selling gospel albums of all time. The Gospel Music Hall of Fame was established in 1971. More than 150 members have been inducted, including Dolly Parton and Elvis Presley. (Nydailynews/AP)

May 12 - 18, 2012



Before I was a Mom Before I was a Mom I slept as late as I wanted and never worried about how late I got into bed. I brushed my hair and my teeth everyday. Before I was a Mom I cleaned my house each day. I never tripped over toys or forgot words to a lullaby. I didn’t worry whether or not my plants were poisonous. I never thought about immunizations. Before I was a Mom I had never been puked on Pooped on - Spit on - Chewed on, or Peed on. I had complete control of my mind and My thoughts. I slept all night. Before I was a Mom I never held down a screaming child so that doctors could do tests...or give shots. I never looked into teary eyes and cried. I never got gloriously happy over a simple grin. I never

sat up late hours at night watching a baby sleep. Before I was a Mom I never held a sleeping baby just because I didn’t want to put it down. I never felt my heart break into a million pieces when I couldn’t stop the hurt. I never knew that something so small could affect my life so much. I never knew that I could love someone so much. I never knew I would love being a Mom. Before I was a Mom I didn’t know the feeling of having my heart outside my body. I didn’t know how special it could feel to feed a hungry baby. I didn’t know that bond between a mother and her child. I didn’t know that something so small could make me feel so important. Before I was a Mom I had never gotten up in the

middle of the night every 10 minutes to make sure all was okay. I had never known The warmth, The joy, The love, The heartache, The

wonderment or the satisfaction of being a Mom. I didn’t know I was capable of feeling so much before I was a Mom.

Gifts from the heart Nothing says I love you more that a gift from the heart and the Weekly News brings you 10 heart warming gift ideas to make mom’s special day. 1. Baked gifts - Use your mom’s favorite recipes to bake up cupcakes, cake pops, brownies or cookies for a nostalgic gift on Mother’s Day 2. Breakfast in bed - Keep a Mother’s Day tradition alive by having your kids serve your mom breakfast in bed, even when you’ve left the nest! 3. Homemade flower hair clip -Turn simple silk or paper flowers into pretty hair accessories when glued to alligator clips to present on Mother’s Day. 4. Candy jar - Top a canning jar with Mom’s favorite candies, glue and then seal goodies with clear acrylic paint and fill jar with the same treat to share with her grandkids. 5. Scrapbook or photo album -

Turn childhood memories into a keepsake arrangement by creating a scrapbook or photo album personalized with photos and handwritten notations by your kiddos. 6. Handmade bead jewelry - Kids love to craft homemade strings of colorful beads to create the perfect bracelets, necklaces and

earrings for Mother’s Day. 7. Photo tray - Favorite photos, a wood or metal tray and a little Mod Podge goes a long way to preserve memories and present moms with a homemade tray for serving iced tea or holding jewelry on her dresser. 8. Personalized stationery Homemade stationery sets can

be assembled and personalized easily by tearing edges, having kids stamp or by monogramming in Mom’s favorite hues. 9. Make a Card - Instead of buying a greeting card, enlist the little ones to make a card at home. Or have them draw a pretty picture and place it in a frame. (Inexpensive canvas or papercovered photo frames are available at craft stores.) 10. Fresh Flower Arrangement - Fresh-picked daisies bring a touch of spring inside…and a kid-crafted vase is the perfect way to display the bright bouquet! While you start making the meal, have the kids hunt down some of their marbles and place them in a regular drinking glass. Tuck daisy stems into the marbles, then fill with water. For an even more colorful arrangement, place a decorative ponytail holder around the marble-filled glass. Slide crayons between the glass and holder until the entire glass is covered.

Make mom’s day!

Washington Irving once said, “A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.” So this mother’s day we can give back to her, by making her day special. Tips to make her day: • Favorite chocolates or treat • Clean her car, crumbs and all • Take her on a family outing that is completely planned • Make a framed photo of her and the kids



May 12 - 18, 2012

The images of Mother 4 YEARS OF AGE - My Mommy can do anything! 8 YEARS OF AGE - My Mom knows a lot! A whole lot! 12 YEARS OF AGE - My Mother doesn’t know everything! 14 YEARS OF AGE - My Mother? She wouldn’t have a clue. 16 YEARS OF AGE - Mother? She’s so five minutes ago. 18 YEARS OF AGE - That old woman? She’s way out of date! 25 YEARS OF AGE - Well, she might know a little bit about it! 35 YEARS OF AGE - Before we decide, let’s get Mom’s opinion. 45 YEARS OF AGE - Wonder what Mom would have thought about it?

is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.

65 YEARS OF AGE - Wish I could talk it over with Mom. The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure she carries, or the way she combs her hair.

The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole, but true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows.

The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that

The beauty of a woman with passing years only grows!

Quote of the Week If you have a mom, there is nowhere you are likely to go where a prayer has not already been. ~Robert Brault

May 12 - 18, 2012





A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts There is no velvet so soft as a mother’s lap, no rose as lovely as her smile, no path so flowery as that imprinted with her footsteps

s! u h it w y a D ’s er th o M te a br le ce Come • • • •

Open from 8 am to 10 pm Dinner served seven nights from 6 pm Music: Every Tuesday & Friday with NADA For reservation call 6498200 • Email:

May 12 - 18, 2012

May 12 - 18, 2012


A second male massage therapist accuses actor John Travolta of lewd sexual conduct. (Getty image)



A second male massage therapist joins suit claiming John Travolta made crude sexual advances A SECOND masseur is accusing John Travolta of rubbing him in a very wrong way — and going berserk when he didn’t get what he wanted. The man joined a $2 million federal suit filed in California, graphically alleging that the “Pulp Fiction” star groped him and tried to force a sexual encounter during a private massage in an Atlanta hotel. The actor, who is married to actress Kelly Preston and has two children, has labelled his accusers

liars looking for a big payday. Both accusers are listed as “John Does” in court papers — a fact Travolta’s lawyer seized on as evidence their tales are pure fiction. The new accuser says Travolta had a “strange demeanor” and “bloodshot eyes” as he stripped naked in the 15th floor room during the Jan. 28 encounter, the court papers say. He climbed on the massage table and asked for an unusual amount of “glutes” work on his buttocks — and then allegedly got physical with the

massage therapist. He started to inappropriately touch the therapist, says the amended suit. With 15 minutes left in the session, Travolta started fondling himself and the masseur “hurried off” after the star “forcibly hugged him,” the suit says. An angry Travolta came down to the spa and “demanded” the man “come back and do it again,” the complaint says. The plaintiff says he refused and complained to his bosses, who did nothing.

Lifestyle... 28


May 12 - 18, 2012

The Dentist and you 

The facts about fluoride It was recently brought to my attention by a patient that there could be some misunderstanding about the benefits of fluoride in relation to dental health. Most people have heard of fluoride in toothpaste but maybe do not know why it is there and what it actually does. I wanted to clarify the facts to help you make the best choices for the health of your teeth and that of your family.

What is Fluoride? Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in many foods and in water in varying amounts (dependent upon where you live). How does fluoride protect teeth? Fluoride helps fight tooth decay in 2 ways1) Systemically (through the body)

Oregano Chicken

Dr Mark Osmond Mark Osmond BDS (Lond) LDS RCS (Eng). Mark Osmond Dental Clinic - (649) 432 3777, or Find us on Facebook

by changing the structure of developing enamel, making it more resistant to acid attack. These structural changes occur when the adult teeth are forming in the gum which is from birth up to the age of around 7 yrs. 2) Topically (in the mouth) by helping to repair enamel where acid attack has already started, so reversing early decay, and by reducing plaque bacteria’s ability to produce acid. Concerns about the safety of fluoride There have been some concerns that fluoride can be linked to a variety of health conditions including bone cancer and kidney disease. However, extensive research has found no evidence to support these concerns and scientists agree that the correct amount of fluoride has a significant benefit to oral health whilst causing no harm to overall health. There is a condition called

fluorosis that can occur when developing teeth are exposed to too much fluoride. Mild fluorosis is not a serious condition but is irreversible. It is characterized by very fine pearly white lines or flecking on the surface of the teeth. Fluoride in drinking water In some countries fluoride is added to the tap (drinking water). This is a government and/ or local health authority decision that occurs in parts of Canada and USA, and areas of Europe including parts of UK. Fluoride is not contained in city water on Provo or in any of the locally produced bottled water. Fluoride is likely to be contained in water taken directly from wells on the islands and historically fluorosis has been seen in people who regularly drank well water from some areas. The expert’s view on fluoride The American, British and Canadian Dental Associations all agree about the benefits of fluoride for dental health. All of the American Dental Association approved toothpastes contain fluoride and the Canadian Dental Association describes fluorides in dentistry as ‘one of the most successful preventative health measures in the history of


Adhere to the following guidelines- Children up to 3 years of age should use a toothpaste with a fluoride level of at least 1,000 ppm (parts per million)

- After 3 yrs, the child should use toothpaste with a fluoride level of 1350- 1500ppm. - After the age of around 7yrs an adult toothpaste is suitable to use. - The amount of toothpaste that your child uses is important. Up to the age of 3 yrs, a smear (approximately the size of a grain of rice) is sufficient. Between 3 & 6yrs a pea-sized amount is recommended. - Children should be supervised when brushing their teeth and encouraged to spit out the toothpaste after brushing. For children growing up in TCI and drinking bottled water I generally recommend a fluoride supplement up to the age of around 7 years. Ask your dentist for advice when you take your child for their regular dental check-up.

and painful menstruation. Fresh oregano is an excellent source of antioxidant Vitamin C, which helps the body develop resistance against infectious agents and scavenge harmful, proinflammatory free radicals. Oregano also contains Folates, Pyridoxine, Vitamin C, Vitamin A,

Vitamin K, Iron, Manganese, and Carotene-B. In closing I must give thanks to God for his kindness towards me. I also leave with you words of wisdom from Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, physicist, and zoologist, who once said, “All men by nature desire knowledge.”

Fluoride and children You should commence gently brushing your child’s teeth with a fluoride toothpaste as soon as the teeth are fully though the gum. This is proven to be more effective at preventing cavities than brushing with water alone or a non-fluoride toothpaste. Children’s toothpastes are available that contain less fluoride than adult toothpastes and often have a less strong flavor. Read the packaging and if in doubt your dentist or pharmacist can advise you.

health Tip 

Big thymes Salad dressing mix and a generous sprinkling of oregano add the rich herb flavor to this tender baked chicken from Nancy Moore of Candler, North Carolina. It’s great over rice or noodles. Ingredients • 1/4 cup butter or margarine, melted • 1 envelope Italian salad dressing mix • 2 tablespoons lemon juice • 1 (3 1/2) pound broiler-fryer chicken, cut up • 1 tablespoon dried oregano Directions 1. Combine the butter, salad dressing mix and lemon juice. Place chicken in an ungreased 13-in. x 9-in. x 2-in. baking dish. Spoon butter mixture over chicken. Cover and bake at 350 degrees F for 45 minutes. Uncover. Baste with pan drippings; sprinkle with oregano. Bake 15-20 minutes longer or until the chicken juices run clear.

Recently I visited a friend a friend of mine and I left with a piece of a the herb, the oregano plant. While leaving I thought about the days when my grandmother prepared various meals with this herb. In her time, it was called ‘the big leaf thyme’, and it is still being called that name today. Research says, Oregano is a wonderful perennial culinary as well as medicinal herb. It has long been recognized as one of the “functional food” for its nutritional, anti-oxidants and disease preventing properties. The herb, whose name means “delight of the mountains” in Greek, is native to the Mediteranean region. Oregano is particularly used in Greek and Italian cuisines. It leaves a characteristic aromatic, warm and slightly bitter taste. The intensity

By Phillip Simmons varies; however, good quality oregano is so strong that it numbs the tongue. Oregano contains many health benefitting essential oils such as carvacrol, thymol, limonene, pinene, ocimene, and caryophyllene. The leaves and stems of the plant are srongly antiseptic, antispasmodic, carminative, cholagogue (help gall bladder secretion), daphoretic (sweat production), expectorant, stimulant, and mildly tonic properties. Its decoction is taken by mouth for the treatment of colds, influenza, mild fevers, indigestions, stomach upsets,

May 12 - 18, 2012

Lifestyle... GARDENING 



How does your garden grow




Tamika graduated from Florida International University in Miami with a Masters degree in Dietetics & Nutrition. She is a registered dietitian with the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and licensed to practice medical nutrition therapy in the state of Florida. Email Tamika via or with your healthy eating questions.

Citrus Planting citrus is an investment in the future. A citrus tree is capable of producing bumper crops of delicious fruit for 50 to 100 years. Citrus trees are easier to care for than many other types of fruits, however, the quality of the fruit is dependent on the care trees. The roots of citrus plant are generally shallow. Most of the feeder roots, those that absorb water and nutrients are concentrated in the top two feet of soil. Ornamental edibles plants that are attractive in the landscape and produce food, continue to increase in popularity. Citrus must be considered one of the finest in this category. Due to its year round beauty, it s a shame to relegate citrus solely to straight rows in the family orchad. Consider some of these uses.

Background The denses, green foliage of citrus is the perfect backdrop for other plants. Use Citrus as background plants for shrubs borders or flowerbeds or to highlight other foliage plants. Hedge and screens Planted closely together, most types of citrus make attractive informal hedges. Citrus responds well to frequent pruning, but it is difficult to keep larger types neatly pruned in the sharp angles of a formal hedge. Smaller varieties, such as Meyer lemon, Chinotto, Bouquet de fleurs and other sour oranges, and calamondin are sometimes used as formal hedges. Year-round foliage make citrus ideal for screening unpleasant views. Fast growing true lemons like Eureka and Lisbon are particularly effective. Containers These are ideal in small spaces to

BY DENIS Belanger - NATURE SPLENDOR For all your landscaping, installation or garden maintenance needs, please call or write for a free estimate: 332-3381 or

bring their virtues up close on a patio or a deck. Specimens A single citrus tree growing in a lawn or isolated as a feature in an important area of the garden can make a strong statement. Framing The symmetrical, rounded form of most citrus trees makes them ideal for framing doorways or entrances. Two trees of the same variety, on either side of the door or near corners of the house, soften edges and focus the eye. Foundations plants Low-growing varieties, such as

Meyer Lemon, Bearss lime and calamondin, can be planted to conceal the foundations of homes. Espaliers Espaliers are plant trained in a single, flat plane, such as up against the side of a house or along a trellis. Formal espaliers are trained so that their main branches form recognizable geometric patterns. Informal espaliers do not have such recognizable shapes. Citrus is better adapted to training for informal espaliers. The basic steps for success is; Plant in full sun – Give the tree room to grow – plant in well drained soil – fertilize with nitrogen nutrient and apply organic composted cow manure every year.

Changing the ‘Body Image’ mindset With Mother’s Day upon us and National Women’s Health Week being celebrated this May 13th – 19th, it is only appropriate that this week’s article be dedicated to a topic that has plagued many females for many years. Having a poor body image is not specific to women only but anecdotal reports suggest that women, much more so than men, struggle with having a negative body image. What is Body Image? Our body image refers to how we see and feel about ourselves most of the time (of course, there may be times when we are having an ‘off’ day). It also refers to how we think other people see us. Based on how we feel about ourselves, we are described as having a negative or positive body image. Do we feel attractive? Do we feel fat? Do we feel comfortable in the bodies we have or do we constantly find a body part that we would like to change? In other words, do you like what you see when you look in the mirror? What shapes our Body Image? Our body image is shaped by many physical, mental, biological and environmental influences. Personally, I feel environmental influence has the strongest effects. As women, we are constantly bombarded with media images of other women who are tall and extremely thin giving us a false sense of beauty. The media fail to tell us that rarely are any pictures published without being air-brushed and photo-shopped. The media also fail to tell us how many of those models have struggled, or are still struggling, with an eating disorder. Yet, we make ourselves miserable trying to attain something that does not exists--the “perfect body”. We will always find something about ourselves that we are not totally satisfied with; however, the key is to accept your flaws, work on fixing the ones you can fix and strive for overall good health. Make regular exercise and eating good foods a habit. An article published by Planned Parenthood suggests that having a negative body image can affect our overall health leading to anxiety and depression, lack of exercise and indulging in many other activities that may sabotage our health. Beauty is a state of mind—if you feel you are sexy, beautiful and have something to offer, chances are everyone around you will also see that. Why? You will carry yourself in that manner. As we celebrate Women’s Health this month, let’s remember body image is also about how we ‘feel’ so let’s focus on changing our mind-set.

ACCU Medical Nutrition is based in Graceway IGA Plaza, Providenciales. Call 946 8308, 242 3978 or 442 3978.


World News

May 12 - 18, 2012


Queen’s Speech: David Cameron says plans will rebuild Britain DAVID Cameron has hailed the coalition’s plans for the year ahead as a “Queen’s Speech to rebuild Britain”. They include flexible parental leave, breaking up the banks and exempting the UK from euro bailouts. Lords reform is the most controversial measure in a slimmed down programme but the PM said boosting growth and cutting the deficit were his top priorities. He denied Labour claims the plans include nothing to get young people into work or kick start the economy. The prime minister told MPs: “Let me say exactly what this Queen’s Speech is about. It is about a government taking the tough, longterm decisions to restore our country to strength. “Dealing with the deficit, rebalancing the economy and building a society that rewards people who work hard and do the right thing.” Labour leader Ed Miliband said his party would support measures such as parental leave and a Green Investment Bank - but the Queen’s Speech contained nothing for the young unemployed, working families and “millions of people who don’t think the government is on their side”. “No change, no hope - that is the real message this Queen’s Speech,” Mr Miliband told MPs. The legislative programme unveiled by the Queen in a speech to MPs and peers - contained 15 bills and four draft bills, a much slimmer programme than in previous years. It had been billed as a fightback for the coalition after the Conservatives and their Lib Dem partners suffered heavy losses at last week’s local elections. BBC Political Correspondent Norman Smith said it was a “hotch potch” of bills with “no overarching theme”, explicitly designed to prevent the government from

Francois Hollande addressed thousands of jubilant supporters in Paris

Socialist Francois Hollande wins French presidency The Queen sets out the government’s plans for the year ahead.

becoming “bogged down” with difficult legislation when it should be focusing on the economy. But some fear that the inclusion of House of Lords reform in the legislative programme will stoke tensions between the two governing parties, with some Tory MPs strongly opposed to the plans. Key legislation in the Queen’s Speech includes: Children and Families Bill: Mothers in England, Scotland and Wales will be able to transfer maternity leave to their partners. There will be better support for special needs pupils and improved access arrangements for divorced fathers in England. The adoption process in England will also be reformed to end delays and making inter-racial adoption easier Banking Reform Bill: Splitting banks into separate retail and investment arms Draft Communications Bill: Making it easier for police and intelligence agencies to access, store and share data on private phone calls and email communications Crime and Courts Bill: Moving towards televised court proceedings and creating a specific offence of driving under the influence of drugs. Establishing a National Crime Agency

Groceries Code Adjudicator Bill: Curbing the power of large supermarkets and ensuring suppliers are “treated fairly and lawfully” through a new independent adjudicator Electoral Registration and Administration Bill: Introducing individual voter registration to cut down on fraud There is also a bill to establish a Green Investment Bank, make it easier for firms to sack workers by reforming the employment tribunal system and to strengthen shareholders’ ability to curb directors’ pay. But Lords reform is likely to prove the most hotly-contested measure, with some Conservative MPs likely to fight plans for a smaller and mostly-elected second chamber. In a joint statement, Mr Cameron and his Lib Dem deputy Nick Clegg said: “The primary task of the government remains ensuring that we deal with the deficit and stretch every sinew to return growth to the economy, providing jobs and opportunities to hard-working people across Britain who want to get on.” But they insisted pushing ahead with Lords reform was in the best interests of the country. (BBC)

Thirteen Paris firefighters held over ‘hazing rape’ of male recruit THIRTEEN firefighters have been detained in France in connection with the alleged rape of a new recruit, officials say. The attack, said to have taken place on a coach returning from a sports competition, was caught on a mobile phone, according to legal officials. The man alleged he was raped by one of the group in an initiation ceremony that went wrong, reports say. The Paris fire brigade said the incident was “particularly serious”.

It said there would be a thorough investigation into the matter. ‘Pinned down’ The firefighters had been part of a sports team travelling back from a gymnastics competition in Colmar in eastern France when the alleged attack took place. As part of the alleged hazing incident, the young man was stripped and bitten, according to Le Parisien newspaper. When he protested, several other young firemen pinned him down while one man sexually assaulted

him. According to the claims, an officer was present but did not intervene. Commentators say the affair threatens to damage the reputation of the Paris brigade, which has an 8,500-strong staff of men and women. Firefighting is one of France’s best-regarded professions and the Paris brigade is highly thought of. Two investigations are under way: one involving the Paris prosecutor and a separate, internal inquiry by the fire brigade. (BBC)

FRENCH socialist Francois Hollande has won a clear victory in the country’s presidential election. Mr Hollande - who polled just under 52% of votes in Sunday’s runoff - spoke of his pride at becoming president. Admitting defeat, centre-right incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy wished “good luck” to Mr Hollande. Analysts say the vote has wide implications for the whole eurozone. Mr Hollande has vowed to rework a deal on government debt in member countries. Shortly after polls closed at 20:00 (18:00 GMT), French media published projections based on partial results giving Mr Hollande a lead of almost four points. Turnout was about 80%. Jubilant Hollande supporters gathered on Place de la Bastille in Paris - a traditional rallying point of the Left - to celebrate. People drank champagne and chanted: “Sarko, it’s over!” Mr Hollande - the first Socialist to win the French presidency since Francois Mitterrand in the 1980s - gave his victory speech in his stronghold of Tulle in central France. He said he was “proud to have been capable of giving people hope again”. He said he would push ahead

with his pledge to refocus EU fiscal efforts from austerity to “growth”. “Europe is watching us, austerity can no longer be the only option,” he said. After his speech in Tulle, Mr Hollande headed to Brive airport on his way to Paris to address supporters at Place de la Bastille. His voice hoarse, he spoke of his pride at taking over the mantle of the presidency 31 years almost to the day since Socialist predecessor Francois Mitterrand was elected. “I am the president of the youth of France,” he told the assembled crowd of tens of thousands of supporters, emphasising his “pride at being president of all the republic’s citizens”. “You are a movement that is rising up throughout Europe,” he said. Mr Hollande has called for a renegotiation of a hard-won European treaty on budget discipline championed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Mr Sarkozy. Mr Hollande’s campaign director, Pierre Moscovici, told AFP news agency that Mrs Merkel had congratulated the president-elect by phone, and that the two had agreed to work together on “a strong FrancoGerman relationship in the interest of Europe”.

Viewing child pornography online does not constitute possession, court rules

NEW YORK’S top court ruled Tuesday that simply viewing child pornography online does not constitute either criminal possession or procurement under state law. The Court of Appeals dismissed two counts against James Kent, 65, who was a professor of public administration at Marist College, where a virus scan of his computer in 2007 found pornographic images. He was convicted of two counts of procuring and 134 counts of possessing a sexual performance by a child. He began his one- to three-year sentence in

2009. The Court of Appeals agreed that Kent was properly convicted because he had downloaded, saved and deleted 132 images. But the majority said some images in his computer cache, temporary files automatically stored from sites he viewed, cannot be held against him under state law. According to the court ruling, emails found in Kent’s computer said he had collected images as part of a potential research project on the regulation of child pornography. NYDailynews/AP)

May 12 - 18, 2012



World News

Anders Breivik showed ‘joy’ at Norway massacre scene ANDERS Behring Breivik produced “cries of joy” during the massacre he carried out on the Norwegian island of Utoeya last July, in which 69 people died, his trial has heard. In the first of several witness accounts on Wednesday, Tonje Brenna said she heard Breivik whoop with joy as he shot people on the island. Another witness said he saw Breivik fire at those trying to swim to safety. Breivik admits the murders, but denies criminal responsibility. He killed 77 people in total - 69 at a youth camp on Utoeya and eight in a bomb attack in the capital Oslo earlier on 22 July 2011. Breivik says he was fighting to defend Norway from multiculturalism and immigration. He claims that the Labour Party youth meeting at which he committed the massacre was a “legitimate target” because of its support for multiculturalism. ‘FIRECRACKERS’ Testifying, the leader of the Labour Party’s youth wing,

his head in court when Ms Brenna described hearing him emit sounds of joy, the BBC’s

of joy,” Ms Brenna told the court. “If I had to spell it out, it would be woo-hoo.”

JOB OPPORTUNITIES Anders Breivik (R) has admitted killing 77 people in total but denies criminal responsibility.

Tonje Brenna, 24, who organised the event on Utoeya, told the Oslo court how she heard what she took to be firecrackers while organising a meeting about the Oslo attack earlier in the day. “I told somebody on the phone: ‘Someone has a bad sense of humour, they’re fooling around,’” she told the court. Running towards the source of the noise, however, she saw two or three people hit ground and realised they were being shot. Ms Brenna said scenes of panic ensued. She described hiding from Breivik on a rock ledge by the lakeside, together

with a girl who was bleeding profusely. She said she could hear Breivik fire down on them and people falling on to the rocks around them. “We told ourselves that tomorrow we will be at home, we can watch the Saturday films with our parents and eat popcorn. But there was a feeling of complete abandonment and of hopelessness - nobody could do anything. “We were cold and wet and covered in blood. I thought it was just a question of time before I was hit.” Breivik smiled and shook

distraught, she had to be taken away by ambulance and was being treated at Bronx Lebanon Hospital. Police sources said Wilnery sent friends suicidal text messages hours before she killed herself. She “wasn’t happy with her life and talked about hating the way things were going in her life,” one source said. Singh said students from Intermediate School 98 stopped by the house late

Monday and told him Wilnery had threatened to kill herself that day. “I don’t know why no one stopped her,” he said. “She was such a beautiful, happy little girl. I just don’t understand how something could happen to someone so young.” A source at IS 98 said administrators were not told about the texts and that Wilnery was not in school Monday because she claimed to have an appointment.



Is looking for a

helper Contact: 441-8226


To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Financial Controller

Suitable candidates must have a relevant degree in hotel management as well as a recognized accounting qualification, ACA/ACCA with 10+ year’s hotel financial management experience Supervision of large accounting department. • Extensive experience in the preparation of monthly and annual financial statements, business plans and budgets • Provide feedback to Director of Finance on variance analysis and make proposals for corrective action • Experience of hotel income audits and daily reconciliations • Extensive knowledge of Visual 1 and AccPac payroll software required • Must possess a strong IT & HR background • Must be fluent in English

Rooms Division Manager

• Working knowledge of Spanish and French. • Experienced in the oversight of all aspects of a Hotel Housekeeping Department, including supervision of staff levels in excess of 20 employees. • Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management. • Background in the monitoring of actual against budgeted financial performance. • Oversight of third party vendors to ensure best pricing and quality of merchandise. • Monitoring of all room inventory levels. • Experience in managing all Front Office functions, as well as Concierge, Boutique, Spa and Children’s Club facilities. • Must be effective in handling problems in the workplace, anticipating, identifying, preventing and solving problems as necessary. • Developing training programs for all Front of House employees to guarantee exemplary levels of customer service. • Experience in the monitoring of room revenues and occupancy levels, analyzing rate variances and the monitoring of credit reports, and the implementation of appropriate revenue management strategies and tactics to maximize occupancy and rate. • Control of staffing levels to reflect changes required for seasonable fluctuations. The following positions are also available:

Butler Kitchen

Is seeking suitably qualified Belongers to fill the positions outlined below. Ideal candidates must possess luxury resort experience, a professional demeanor, and a strong command of the English language (oral and written), and a passion for hospitality. Salary is based on experience and qualifications.

The candidate will report directly to the Managing Director, and experience in the following areas would be a necessity. 10 years management experience with International 5 Star properties.

Bronx girl, 11, texts pals, hangs herself in room AN 11-YEAR-OLD Bronx girl took her life by hanging herself from a bedroom door — after sending suicidal texts to friends. It was unclear what prompted Wilnery Polanco-Uben to kill herself after skipping school on Monday. Suicide by someone so young is rare. Landlord Bobby Singh said he heard screaming in the Croes Ave. apartment about 7 p.m., ran downstairs and found the girl’s mother in hysterics. “She said her daughter was missing. Everyone in the building began searching for her,” he said. “We opened the door in the apartment, but no one saw her. We looked outside. We looked everywhere. “After about 20 minutes, my cousin looked at their apartment again and that’s when he saw her. She was hanging behind the door, but no one noticed because the door was opened and she was behind it.” Another neighbour said the mother then ran out of the building screaming, “My daughter is choking. Help! Help.” The mother was so

Steve Rosenberg reports from the hearing in Oslo. “I’m sure I heard cries

For a private residence for Care of animals, light cleaning, light maintenance, cooking. Must have own vehicle. Must be able to work flexible hours. Wages start at $5.00 per hour

Contact: 231-4479 Belonger need only apply


• • • • •

Pool & Beach Attendant Kitchen Steward Tailor Floor Crystallizer Security

Suitably qualified candidates should apply in writing or by phone to the following: Bridgette Thomas BNC Consulting Group, Ltd website: email: phone: 649-332-2565 Closing Date: May 26, 2012 ONLY CANDIDATES MEETING MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS WILL BE CONTACTED


Job Listings Services Auto sales real estate



PASCAL REMY Is looking for a

FOR RENT Tilesetter 3-bedroom apartment $1100.00 per month it will be available May 1st.

Contact :241-4188


To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 946-4664


May 12 - 18, 2012

946-4664 Fax: 946-4661



1.3 Acres Of Land Ocean Drive, Turtle Tail Semi-Hilltop


$225,000 o.n.o.

$650.00 per month Gated Community Furnished

CONTACT: 231-3788

Contact: 231-3788

Construction scaffold and roof tiles for sale CONTACT: 431-1591 OR 231-3788

May 12 - 18, 2012



New Resort Opening Soon…..

Positions Available Chef de Cuisine

Will manage employee performance, through training, coaching, or corrective action as required. Support a safe working environment by ensuring all staff are working in compliance with the health and safety regulations and practices. Support and promote environmental practices and programs to ensure the proper rotation of foods and red flag any items that need to be inserted into production to avoid any losses. Will be responsible for kitchen operation and maintaining departmental standards in accordance with Resorts standards .Ensure effective co-operation between outlets and the kitchen .Create memorable dining experiences for all guests. Assist with goal development and follow-up, departmental initiatives. Create menu and daily specials so must have initiative and creative mind. Proven track record in a 5 star luxury property with multi out-let experience. Also required to have a 5 year min experience as Executive Sous Chef or Head Chef. Salary: $42,000

Chef De Partie

Prepares all food items, sauces, soups and hot entrees in accordance with recipes, menus, portions and presentation specifications. Prepares and properly garnishes all pantry items, including salads, sandwiches, desserts and specialty plates in accordance with menu specifications. Ensures the highest quality of food preparation and presentation. Coordinates completion of menu items with server. Coordinates all hot and cold food preparation for banquets when necessary. Works floor for special events, carving meats for guests, working pasta stations and doing omelet stations. Assists in overseeing all kitchen operational areas. Also required to have at least 3 year min experience in 5 star luxury property, knowledge of 5 star cuisine. Salary $9 hourly

Night Audit

Applicant should have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in accounting. Minimum 4 years post qualifications experience in auditing. Required to have an accounting degree, have excel/ word certification. Must be Quick book expert, flexible hours including weekends and nights, multilingual an asset.

Restaurant Maitre D’Hotel

To cater to our upscale restaurant clientele. The ideal candidate would have perfect English language skills and be fluent in French. Strong Food & Beverage and especially wine expertise is key as well as being able to manage a diverse service team. Being able to work long hours, holidays and Sundays is essential, and a minimum of 5 years of management experience in a five star environment is required. Computer skills with POS systems,

QuickBooks, Inventory Management, P&L’s, Payroll systems and Menu Tracking back of the house experience are required. Additional cleaning and restocking duties are integral to this position. Salary: 22,000$ per annum

Servers & Bartenders

Seeking Waiters and Bartenders to cater to our upscale restaurant clientele. If you have at least 3 years of experience, believe that your intelligence comes through your curiosity, are willing to show your skills as well as learning new ones, can work split shifts, holidays, Sundays and are willing to work in a challenging, fast paced environment, this is your opportunity. Computer skills and POS experience is a must. Ideal candidates have perfect English language skills and working knowledge of French or Spanish. You must also value punctuality and integrity, as well as understand that this type of work is sales oriented and requires you to perform your duties throughout the resort, including the beach. Additional cleaning and restocking duties are integral to this position. Wage: 6$ per hour plus a portion of hotel service charge. For Bartenders - Mixology experience is essential, and service approach is key $6 per hour plus a portion of hotel service charge.

Food Runner

Seeking food runners to cater to our upscale restaurant clientele. You have always wanted to learn about Food & Beverage and believe that your intelligence comes through your curiosity? Then this is a great opportunity to learn. One of the key aspects of this position is to be physically fit and be able to take the pressure of handling high volume operations and pick up large trays filled with plates of food and carry them to a server station or the beach. Fluency in English is a must and the ability to work split shifts, holidays and Sundays is essential. Additional cleaning and restocking duties are integral to this position. Wage: 6.5$ per hour plus a portion of hotel service charge


Seeking hostesses to cater to our upscale restaurant clientele. A winning attitude and the ability to work well under pressure is key. 2 year Restaurant experience with guest interaction and communication is essential and fluency in English along with a second main language such as French or Spanish is required. Knowledge of computer based reservation software and reservation planning is an asset. Additional cleaning and restocking duties are integral to this position. Wage: 6$ per hour plus a portion of hotel service charge

All applicants must be prepared to work flexible hours and work during holidays when the Resorts’ occupancy is high

Qualified Belongers need only apply e-mail:



Worker To work 6 days

per week salary $5.00 per hour. Contact; 241-6206



Salary $7.00 per hour contact: 649241-5563 or email: mauvette_2004@ 6545


Air Conditioning Mechanic An experienced Air conditioning Mechanic required for full time work at North Caicos • Must be willing to work six days a week • Must have 10 years experience sizing and construction duct work and installing and servicing complete central air conditioning systems • Must be proficient in MS Excel for inventory purposes • Must demonstrate ability to work unsupervised with excellent communication skills is essential for the position Salary is $12.00 per hour. Please apply not later than May 18th, 2012 at ncc@ or contact telephone: 946-7437 Belongers only need apply 6620

THE TURTLE COVE INN HOTEL Is looking to fill the following positions:

Domestic Worker

Labourer/ Handyman

to clean hotel rooms/ laundry must To do general cleaning around the be able to work weekends and property must be able to work holidays salary $5.00 per hour weekends and holidays salary $5.50 per hour Only Belongers with previous experience need apply

Contact: Sandra Macleod 649-946-4203


Call today to advertise

946-4664 OR EMAIL

CUBAN CRAFTERS TCI Is looking to fill the following positions:


• To work 5 days per week • Must clean the store • Fill up cigar boxes • Assist with sales Salary $5.50 per hour


• Must be fluent in Spanish and English • Must help in the distribution of flyers • Must have accounting skills • Must help in the up keep of the store Salary $6.00 per hour

Contact: 946-4600


IRIS WILLIAMS Is looking for a

Is looking for 3


Worker To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 245-5425


is looking for a



May 12 - 18, 2012


Masons To work 6 days per week salary $7.00 per hour.

contact: 946-8521



Waterski Instructor Must be certified with USA, Canada or UK Waterski. Must have have 7 years experience teaching all levels. Multiple languages are beneficial. General knowledge of Boat Mechanical skiils required.

Must have certification of TCI Safety training. Good communication skills must have ability to swim in all conditions and know how to drive, handle and dock an inboard and outboard vessel.

Resume or CV may be sent to 6617

Two-bed house

for rent Phase one Priton Developments, Wheeland Fully furnished, beautifully maintained, substantially improved. Fully fenced-in yard, hurricane shutters. $900 a month (1 month’s rent required for deposit) Professionals only please.

Also taking purchase offers over $155,000 Call 245 6620 or email

May 12 - 18, 2012


ottlenose dolphins may look like fish but they are mammals. They breathe air, just like you do. These aquatic acrobats are called bottlenose dolphins because their beaks, which are about three inches long, are shaped like bottles. Having little or no sense of smell, they make up for it with a sharp sense of hearing. They have excellent vision both in and out of water. Bottlenose dolphins are thought to communicate with each other through a series of clicking sounds and body language— leaping as high as 20 feet in the air, snapping their jaws and slapping their tails on the surface of the water. They can alert each other to possible dangers, let others know there is food nearby, and keep track of others in the group. Bottlenose dolphins swim in groups called pods. A pod usually has about a dozen animals. Pods often combine to form herds which include several hundred dolphins. Females give birth every two to three years and the calf nurses while underwater and continues nursing for up to 8 months. When born, a bottlenose calf is



approximately 3 to 4 feet long and weighs about 44 pounds. Bottlenose dolphins are very social animals. They have been known to approach boats and people in the water in a seemingly friendly fashion and allowing themselves to be touched. Jojo, a friendly Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin, has been living and playing in the shallow waters of the Turks and Caicos Islands since the 1980s.

Fast Facts @@Although they live in most of the world's oceans, bottlenoses are largely found in temperate and tropical waters. @@Males are larger than females and can be as long as 13 feet (4 meters) and weigh more than a thousand pounds. @@Bottlenose dolphins are known to be very intelligent mammals and are popular in aquarium shows. @@Dolphins eat almost any kind of fish. Their diets also include squid and small crustaceans such as shrimps. They swallow their food whole.

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It’s always “a world of fun” for kids and the young at heart 18 hole Mini Golf Course, Grand Prix “Go Cart” Race Track and Video Game Arcade.

Longbay Road, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands.

Tel: 649-941-4653 Fax: 649-941-4759

36 fun zone

May 12 - 18, 2012


Kids, Sunday May 13 the world celebrates Mother's Day. On this day we do extra special things for her to make her smile and happy and we also wish her a ...


m e!

This little boy wants to pick some flowers for his mother. Can you help him find the way?

Can you guess the name of the mother and baby here?

Match these babies to their mothers

Find the missing Mother’s Day words by using the clues below.

Cow Fawn Hen Lamb Doe Cub Lioness Colt Ewe Chick Mare Calf Answers: Cow–calf, Hen– chick, Doe–Fawn, Lioness– Cub, Ewe –Lamb, Mare- Colt


1. A nice idea is to give Mom a ____ of the reasons you love her. 3. Some families make meals for Mom or go out to eat so she doesn’t have to ____. 5. It’s good to help with ______ so she doesn’t have much work to do. 9. The traditional flowers given to Mother on this special day are __________. 10. Mother’s Day is celebrated in this month.

Can you find all the Jobs Moms Do For Her Family?


Party Planner Personal Shopper Playmate Seamstress Social Worker Teacher Tutor

1. Mother’s Day is a great day to show Mom how much you ____her. 2. A nice give to give Mom on this day is a bouquet of _______. 4. It’s fun to give mom _____. 6. The gifts moms love best are ____ and kisses. 7. Mother’s Day is always on this day of the week. 8. An affectionate word for mother. 9. It is traditional to give a ____ with a nice message to your Mom. Answers Across: 1. List, 3. Cook, 5. Chores, 9. Carnations, 10. May. Down: 1. Love, 2. Flowers, 4. Gifts, 6. Hugs, 7. Sunday, 8. Mom, 9. Card.

Baker Banker Bodyguard Chauffeur Chef Coach Cook Daycare Decorator Gardener Laundry Maid Nurse

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Unicorn Bookstore

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We stock all the current bestsellers including the Hunger games series

May 12 - 18, 2012


4. Flat circular plate 6. Capital of Japan 7. Fencing sword 8. Friendly 9. Smack 15. Hawaiian acacia 18. Having a high temperature 19. Entrances 20. Seaport in the Crimea 21. Demobilization 22. Confection 23. Member of mythical Muslim sect 24. Respiratory organ in fish 26. Israeli round dance 27. Small dabbling duck

CROSSWORD ACROSS 1. Extol 5. Paces 10. Loft 11. Gemstone 12. Drunkards 13. Pack leader 14. Very little bit 16. Quick sharp bark 17. Exclamation of surprise 20. Legendary emperor of China 23. Narrative of heroic exploits 25. 8th letter of the Greek alphabet 28. Useful 29. Augury 30. Think fabric 31. Of great breadth 32. Religion of Muslim 33. Skillfully

Last week's word search solution

DOWN 1. Rope with running noose 2. On the top 3. Speak This page comes to you with the compliments of.....

Courtyard Plaza, Leeward Hwy, Providenciales, TCI. Phone: 649-946-8227

fun zone 37

38 fun zone

May 12 - 18, 2012


Weekly Horoscope Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Right now it is unlikely that you’ll be in charge of worthwhile decisions. Accept this and you’ve overcome what is really the only obstacle in the current cycle of growth. You’ll soon realize why it’s in your best interests to yield to others’ decisions.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Developments are swift-paced and powerful, so much they could be overwhelming. If this is the case, think back to past changes. These were just as dramatic and, ultimately, turned out brilliantly.

Gemini (May 21- June 20)

You won’t know the foundation on which decisions must be based until after the life-changing Gemini-eclipsed New Moon, on the 20th. So for now focus on exploration. Show interest in what and who intrigues you, but keep arrangements flexible.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)


The world around you is changing and so are the circumstances of others, all leading to a fabulous cycle. Knowing that, encourage others to take chances on developments and get involved yourself. It’ll make you feel optimistic about events.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

You won’t recognize the potential for every event or offer right away. In fact some could seem disruptive. That’s because changes are so sudden that they seem unwise. Still, you’ll soon discover they’re giving you the boost you’ve been needing. To complete the puzzle fill in each of the empty hexagon cells with numbers between 1 & 7 following the 3 rules below;

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)


It is impossible right now to slow down the pace of change. The trick is to stop analysing. Instead rely on instincts and focus on learning from everything and you’ll exchange worries for a sense of adventure.

1. No numbers in a horizontal line can be repeated. 2. No numbers in a diagonal line can be repeated. 3. No numbers in the 7 gray hexagons can be repeated.

Libra (September 23- October 22)

* Note that each white hexagon belongs to a line of 7 that must contain each of the numbers between 1 and 7.


Until August, life is going to be about what you learn, experience and encounter. The problem is that it is taking place against a backdrop of dramatic change for you and others. Sticking with the familiar isn’t an option. So explore and you’ll profit.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Beneficial as events triggered by this week’s planetary activity may be, some will be so unexpected you might not recognize their promise immediately. Therefore, try agreeing with everything, at least tentatively.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

New events are contributing something magical to your life. Bear this in mind and when others question your enthusiasm or you face your own doubts, you’ll focus on those breakthroughs. You can deal with practicalities later on.

Fill in the blank squares so that each row, each column and each 3-by-3 block contain all of the digits 1 thru 9. If you use logic you can solve the puzzle without guesswork.

Capricorn (December 21 - January 19)

The best way to approach this week’s remarkable developments is to plunge into new ideas and offers. Focus on the range and fast pace of events and show interest in whatever seems promising. If things don’t work out, eliminate them later.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

This page comes to you with the compliments of

Last week's solution

Not only are shifts in elements of your work or lifestyle being discussed, they’re already taking place. Since your efforts to derail these are likely only to achieve frustration, you’re urged to give them a try. The results will amaze you.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Once again you’re finding it difficult to put yourself first. Be tough now and, instead of worrying about upsetting others later, you can discuss any conflicts, deal with them and proceed, free of concerns.

Educating, Building and Protecting the Caribbean

Sandals Foundation, Uplifting, Engaging & Empowering the Turk & Caicos Islands through Educational Opportunities, Community Improvement and Environmental Protection.

May 12 - 18, 2012


GRACE BAY SUITES Is looking to fill the following positions:



Is looking for a

• Cleaners • Maids • Life guard • Masseuse • Beach/ Pool Attendants • Bartenders • Front Desk Manager • Part-time & live-in positions available immediately Please deliver resume with salary expectations to Front Desk preference will be given to qualified Belongers

Cox House, Cherokee Road, Providenciales. Telephone: 946-5754 fax: 946-5166

Domestic Worker



To work 5 days per week salary $5.50 per hour contact: 231-3163 ONLY TURKS ISLANDERS NEED APPLY 6645

LABOURERS JOB OPPORTUNITIES To clean golf carts, cut grass, trees other menial task as required. Salary $5.00 per hour. Must be willing to work 5 days per week including holidays and weekends if needed ONLY TURKS ISLANDERS NEED TO APPLY 6647


Is looking for a

Is looking for 2

Contact: 332-3022


To work 5 days per week salary $6.00 per hour.

Tile Layers To work 5 days per week salary $6.00 per hour. Contact: 231-0308


domestic worker



• General Laborer • Able to work with little or no supervision • Be physically fit, dependable and hard working • Must be self motivated and able to understand, read and write and speak English fluently Send inquires to: Norstar Group Ltd. P.O. Box 532, Suite 2C, Courtyard Plaza Leeward Highway, Providenciales Turks & Caicos Islands Telephone: 649-941-3600 or Fax: 649-941-3608


Quantity Surveyor With the following qualifications: • Degree qualified • Project management • 10 years of contractor quantity • Experience working in other surveying experience Caribbean countries • Subcontract management • Contractual claims experience • Cost control/ management • Contract administration and • Purchasing client liaison • Pricing/ take-off Send inquiries to: Norstar Group Ltd. P.O. Box 532, Suite 2C, Courtyard Plaza Leeward Highway, Providenciales Turks & Caicos Islands Telephone: 649-941-3600/3500 or Fax: 649-941-3608


The Sands is now accepting applications/résumé for the following positions. Only highly self-driven & motivated, personable and professional individuals, who have the desire to serve others, need apply:

PROJECT MANAGER Responsibilities • Manage all aspects of the Project, from programme planning to budget development and contract execution through work performance involving oversight of administration and production, • Communicate with the Design Team to optimize the resources by simplifying construction procedures and/or select alternative materials, • Understand and implement Energy Saving technologies wherever possible in the Project, • Fill the role of the highest-level Company representative with full time commitment to the Project and responsible for on-site A&E Client relations, • Manage all Project Staff directly assigned to the Project, • Negotiate Contract and Subcontract agreements and purchase orders where applicable, • Participate in system and procedure development for Company operations, • Aid and assist in future expansion and development within the Region • Review Drawings to locate issues with design or documentation • Negotiate and review possible construction contracts • Conduct value engineering to look for specification alternatives • Lead the development of and take responsibility for the implementation of the Program Management Plan • Manage the cost and financial disposition of the project Requirements • Must have at least 8 years experience as a Project Manager. • Must have at least 5 years significant experience as it relates to surveying and construction management of different properties • Must have experience as lead project manager on a project in excess of $50 million & 150, 000 sq ft Turks Island citizens only need to apply in person to Tiersa Smith, Human Resources Manager at The Sands Resort and The Regent Palms located on Grace Bay Road, Providenciales, or e-mail Applications must be in by May 18 2012.

POOL & BEACH ATTENDANT Responsibilities • Greet all guests and assist with towels, umbrellas, questions, and/or water sports equipment. • Complete setting up and breaking down of all guest lounge areas as designated by management and to ensure that all pool chairs and tables are in a clean and orderly fashion. • Constant walk-through of pool area and beach area to make certain it is clean (no trash on the grounds) and tidy. Inspect entire pool area replacing any missing items and/ or repairing (when possible) any items needing attention. (I.E. Umbrellas, Hobie Cat, Chairs, etc.) • Pool & Hot Tub Cleaning (I.E. vacuuming, filtering, scrubbing, sifting, chemical testing, checking skimmers, etc.) Requirements • A secondary diploma is an asset • Experience as a Pool & Beach Attendant is preferred • Must be able to work long hours in all weather conditions • Must be able to be CPR certified, First Aid certified, and AED certified • Must be a good swimmer and perform rescue when needed • Must be able to operate rescue boat • Must be experienced in sailing, kayaking, and wind-surfing and operator all equipment • Must be able to clean and chlorinate pool • Must handle pool chemicals and equipment maintenance and functions • Life Guard experience a plus • Must speak, read, write and understand the primary language(s) (English) used in the workplace. • Must work weekends and holidays

Turks Island citizens only need to apply in person to Tiersa Smith, Human Resources Manager at The Sands Resort located on Grace Bay Road, Providenciales, the Turks and Caicos Labour Department, or e-mail: Applications must be in by May 18 2012..



May 12 - 18, 2012



Needed • Bonded Warehouse facility requires a labourer • for general cleaning, maintenance and operation of equipment. • Salary: Starting $5:50 per hour for 40 hour work-week.

Contact: Cargo Express at 70 South Dock Road. Fax: 941-5525 or leave application at front desk. Application deadline: May 18, 2012


ROYAL JEWELS Is looking to employ a


Sales Person


To work 6 days per week salary $6.00 per hour. Contact: 649946-4699 between regular working hours 9:30am-5:30pm


POSITION AVAILABLE Administrator Insurance Agents & Brokers

To work 5 days per week. Salary ranging from $7.00 to $12.00 per hour. Applicants must be willing to work on weekends and holidays. Perspective applicants must have experience in asphalt work.

Please submit applications to main office. C5-6 Caribbean Place, Leeward Highway Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands

BAF General Insurance Brokers (TCI) Ltd. (a proud affiliate of the BAF Global Group) is searching for an Administrator. The ideal candidate must be detail-oriented and self-motivated with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. The ability to work with limited supervision in a fast-paced, service-driven progressive culture is a must.


LIME TURKS & CAICOS Is accepting application for


Responsibilities: • Perform administrative and clerical duties with efficiency • Greet and receive walk in and telephone clients in a professional manner • Handle Internal and external client queries • Receive applications for credit life and liaise with Financial Institutions. • Liaise with Underwriting department on application issues and approvals • Prepare end of day reports • Provide Quality Customer Service to a diverse clientele • Complete and submit claims from policy owners • General reporting and administration of credit life and other insurance products.

• Applicant must be able to assist in developing operational procedures • Must be skilled in circuit-level and component-level troubleshooting • Must have ability to read and interpret schematics and diagnostic manuals • Utilization of a variety of test equipments, including oscilloscopes calibration units, OHM meters, capacitance checkers and splice fiber etc. • Have excellent soldering and de-soldering skills • Must have knowledge of both home and industrials electronics • Minimum 5 years post qualification experience in technical operation, must be computer literate, must be punctual, responsible and have the ability to work on own initiative, willing to work weekends and holidays if needed

Core Competencies: • Ability to work with limited supervision and learn new skills quickly • Excellent oral and written communication skills • Ability to execute duties with accuracy and proficiency • Demonstrate a keen eye for details • Ability to work under pressure and follow company guidelines • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to maintain a harmonious relationship with co-workers • Ability to maintain confidentiality • Reliable, dependable and flexible team-player • Customer focused

Please submit resumes to: HR Department LIME Turks & Caicos islands Leeward Highway Providenciales



Required Qualifications: • Bachelors Degree in Business Administration or related field or equivalent work experience. • 5+ years experience in an insurance operation or similar position • Excellent computer skills and proficiency in Excel required • ACS, FLMI Insurance designation a plus

Dive Instructors/Dive Masters

Looking for SCUBA Diving instructors and/or Divemaster with experience in the Turks and Caicos Islands dive industry to conduct dive courses, lead dives and snorkel trips and assist on other ecoadventure activities at Big Blue. Applicants must be a current PADI dive instructor and/or Divemaster and have the skills and personality for sales, reservations, & public relations. Starting salary of approximately $2000 per month.

Benefits: Salary commensurate with current salary scales, skills and experience. Submit Resume to the General Manager by email to BAF General Insurance Brokers (TCI) Ltd P.O. Box 252. 1229 Leeward Highway, Unit #4 Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands

Please drop resume and cover letter to Big Blue at the Leeward Marina between the hours of 8am to 5pm or e-mail to You will be contacted for an interview if successful and the deadline for applications is 18th May 2012. Positions start in June 2012.

Marine Biologists / Eco-Tour Guides

Applications must be received by May 10, 2012

Looking for persons with experience and qualifications in the field of Marine Biology to join Big Blue’s team of eco-tour guides and dive instructors. Applicants must have experience in tropical waters and be able to lead educational kayak, paddleboard, snorkel, scuba diving and sightseeing ecoadventures. Applicants must have a current first aid and CPR certificate and have the personality for sales, public relations and education. Applicants with boat driving experience, and STCW’95/TCI boat captain’s license preferred and will enjoy a better salary. Starting salary of $2000 per month.


Please drop resume and cover letter to Big Blue at the Leeward Marina between the hours of 8am to 5pm or e-mail to You will be contacted for an interview if successful and 18th May 2012. Positions start in June 2012.

May 12 - 18, 2012





Is looking for a

Michael Lightbourne is looking for a

A & M CLEANING Is looking for a

Seeks to employ a

Domestic Worker

To work 3-5 days a week salary $6.00 per hour commission must have at least 5 years experience.

Contact: 345-5305

Contact 241-9105


To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.


BUTTERFIELD CHEVROLET BUTTERFIELD MOTORS LTD 1044 Leeward Highway, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, BWI Phone: 649-946-4214. Fax: 649-941-5066 Butterfield Motors Ltd., have the following vacancies

Car Rental Desk/Relief Cashier & Greeter

Green Labourer keeper To work 5 days To work 5 days per week salary $5.50 per hour. contact: 2449849 or 343-9447


Tailor/ Upholster

per week salary $5.00 per hour. contact: 343-3123


Must willing to work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour email resumes to: atlanticconsultancy@ 6444

MOONIES is a newly built hot spot on the Leeward highway that will be serving authentic Chinese food they are looking to employ the following persons: Chinese Chef

• Must have 10 years experience in ordering all produce, meats, seafood and specialty items as it relates to Chinese cookery • Must have superior standard in food preparation, storage, kitchen management and service

Chinese Kitchen Assistant

• Must be fluent in Chinese with experience in the preparation of Chinese food and fully able to assist the head chef

5 Labourers

4 CXC, inclusive of English plus 3 yrs Customer Service Experience. Applicant must be able to work with minimum supervision. Willing to lean the auto trade a must

• Should be physically fit and able to lift heavy loads, honest and trustworthy


• Must be polite, outgoing and possess a good

BA Sales 5 yrs various proven successful sales tract record; must be willing to learn Auto trade and or 2 yrs as auto salesperson. Must be willing to work on part commission basis


ATLANTIC CONSULTANCY SERVICES Acting on behalf of our client Imperial Dry Cleaning Services is looking for a

6 Servers

command of the English language • Must be able to stand for long periods of time and work efficiently under stressful circumstances

2 Drivers

• Must possess a valid driver’s license • Must have knowledge of the whereabouts of various places on the island would be an asset

3 Cleaners

• Must be hard working and able to work quickly and efficiently • Must be willing to work shift work, weekends and holidays • Salaries commensurate with experience and qualifications

For information contact: Samika Hall 243-5006 or email:

Service Writer

Applicant must have at least 5 subjects CXC, inclusive of English or equivalent or higher qualifications. Good writing skills; knowledge and interest in auto industry a must

Parts Runner

3 CXC, including math & reading subject; interest in auto industry a must

Master Mechanic

Masters in Automotive Mechanics or equivalent + 10 yrs exp or 20 plus yrs experience

Auto Electrician, Fuel Injection & General Mechanic

Certificate in Auto Mechanics, Auto Electrics and Fuel Injection, minimum 10 yrs experience

Mechanic & Auto Electrician

Certificate in Auto Electrics and Fuel Injection with minimum 10 yrs experience

Bodyman/Spray Painter

Qualifications in Body Shop & Spray Painting plus 15 yrs experience

Tire Attendant

School Leaving Diploma + 2 yrs previous experience in mechanic shop.

Car Attendant

School Leaving Diploma + 2 yrs work experience. Good integrity, attention to detail & ability to work with minimum supervision Salary based on qualification and experience

Job opportunities OPERATIONS ADMINSTRATOR AND WELLNESS CONSULTANT The successful applicant must have a minimum of 1 year experience in sales as he/she will handle all membership sales including corporate wellness proposals, individual and group sales, services and any incentive programming required promoting health, fitness and wellness within the community. The successful applicant must have two years experience in handling HR for a small company including overseeing orientations and training of new employees, payroll, and the scheduling of all staff and evaluations. A minimum of two years is preferred handling administrative duties including preparing the banking deposits and daily reconciliation of accounts, entering and updating members in the data base, preparing payables, confirming receivables and general filing. He/she will be responsible for ordering of products, inventory control and accounts and membership retention. He/ She will handle issues that may arise with regards to maintenance and operations. Having qualifications in either personal training and/or group fitness is also required.


Requirements for all Applicants: • Hardworking team player with excellent people skills. • Willingness to work, weekends and holidays as required. • In addition to the performance of the essential functions employees may able required to perform supportive functions, with the percentage of time performing each function to be solely determined by the supervisor.

The successful applicants must be certified in group fitness and/or studio cycling and CPR. Full time applicants must also be qualified personal trainers with the ability to perform fitness evaluations. Minimum of 1 year experience required.

Application forms available from Butterfield Gold Human Resource Department. Only applicants selected for interview will be notified.

The successful applicant must enjoy working with people, be reliable, honest, friendly and energetic. He/she must possess sales and basic computer skills, be able to multi-task and have cash register experience. He/she must be willing to work shifts and weekends.

Submit applications to by May 17, 2012 to:

Butterfield Motors Ltd., Human Resource Department Town Center Mall, Providenciales Tel: 649-946-4211


Please send resume’ and references to: The Athletic Club, email:


May 12 - 18, 2012



THE BIGHT CAFE is looking for a


• To work 5 days per week. Salary ranging from $7.00 to $8.00 per hour. • Applicants must be willing to work on weekends and holidays. • Perspective applicants must have experience in asphalt work.


NW Hamilton Realty Ltd., Real Estate Agency on Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands is looking for an experienced Realtor/Broker to manage the Agency. The Agency is a full service real estate company whose core business consists of real estate sales, property management & rentals of homes, condominiums, and commercial properties.

contact: 941-7648

Providenciales is home to one of the most progressive real estate markets in the Caribbean. This is an excellent opportunity for an experienced self-starter who would welcome the challenge and high income potential.



To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

CONTACT: 649-244-4281

Opportunity In Real Estate

VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY!! the largest readership in the turks & caicos

The successful applicant should have at lease fifteen years experience in Real Estate, sales and management. Experience in the Turks and Caicos or the Caribbean will be useful. Remuneration is commission based only. Interested persons should send their resumes/CVs by email to: Or fax to (649) -946-4061 marked REAL ESTATE OPPORTUNITY.


DIRECTOR OF PLANNING SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONBILITIES: An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government Service for the post of Director in the Planning Department. The incumbent in this position is responsible for managing the Planning Department. He / She will provide support to the Permanent Secretary for the administration and operation of the system of planning in the Turks and Caicos Islands as stipulated in the Physical Planning Ordinance. Duties include reviewing and approving planning applications and other requests for the use or development of land; supervising staff; procuring technological equipment, software and machinery for execution of the physical planning work; collaborating with key stakeholders to sensitize them and gain buy in and support for the development and implementation of planning policies for the Islands. The successful candidate must also promote and enforce the orderly development of lands in the Turks and Caicos Islands through the National Physical Development Plan and is also expected to review the Physical Planning Ordinance, TCI Development Manual and Building Codes as well as other regulatory instruments for the operation of the Planning System. QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE The position requires the incumbent to have a Masters Degree in Urban Planning and Development or a related field with eight (8) years on the job experience to acquire the necessary competencies to effectively respond to the challenges of the job, five (5) of which must be at a senior management level. RENUMERATION PACKAGE: SALARY: $44,820- $47,790 Serving officers should apply through their Heads of Department. For persons recruited outside the Turks and Islands a two-year contract is offered. Other benefits offered include a Housing Allowance, Telephone Allowance, an end-of-contract gratuity of fifteen percent of salary; return passage for family of up to two children under the age of sixteen years as well as duty free on the shipment of personal effects imported within six months of appointment. For more information on the Job Description, please contact the Office of the Public Service Management; Telephone 649-946-2801, Extension: 10321. All resumes with contact information and two letters of References as well as a Police Certificate should be addressed to the Acting Human Resource Director, Human Resource Management Directorate, , Church Folly, Grand Turk. Facsimile: 946-1582 or Email: APPLICATION DEADLINE: May 25th 2012 ONLY SUITABLE CANDIDATES WILL BE ACKNOWLEDGED



Required: • Graduate of an approved school of nursing • Post graduate training/certification in infection prevention and control • Sole Practitioner with experience in environmental services • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of sterilization and disinfection • Continuing education or practical experience in epidemiology and outbreak management • Experience with conducting hospital surveillance programs, investigation and decision making re HAI and SSI • Understanding of microbiology and the ability to work with laboratory personnel to determine trends in organism resistance • Experienced in employee health programs and vaccination requirements Essential: • Has completed a minimum of 5 years clinical experience • Possesses leadership skills and ability with excellent communication skills • Committed to the concept and enforcement of infection control standards • Ability to facilitate and maintain care standards through innovation and change • Biohazard incident management and counseling skills • Development and presentation of education programs for comprehensive infection control within the hospitals and wider community involvement • Good knowledge of infectious diseases and transmission • Demonstrated current knowledge relating to vaccination requirements • Policy and procedure development Advantage: • Previous experience in Occupational health and Safety • Participation in research and investigation programs • Outbreak management and control of epidemics • Knowledge and understanding of chemicals used in health care industry • Experience working with Dialysis and Oncology units • Current BSL/Basic Rescue CPR

Salary circa U$33,000 dependant on qualifications and experience. Belongers are encouraged to apply. Please send CV with contact email and phone number to the closing date is 21st May 2012.


May 12 - 18, 2012




FLAMINGO CAFÉ Is looking for 2

Is seeking for a

Marketing and Business Manager

Who will also have responsibilities as a Gym Manager and Fitness Trainer

Graduate Teacher

Job requirements include: - University or Masters’ Degree in Business Administration - At least 10 years of experience in managing businesses - Qualifications and relevant experience as a Personal Trainer and Aerobics Instructor - Excellent communication, customer care, leadership and organization skills - Multi-tasking skills required and ability to manage stressful situations - Ability to work extensive hours, weekends and public holidays

To teach PHYSICS at IGCSE and Advanced Level. LAB Technician Suitable candidates must have a Bachelor’s Degree and teaching qualifications, a minimum of five (5) years experience teaching the British National Curriculum and CIE Examination syllabi. Salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Domestic Workers

CV, letter of application and names of 2 referees to be sent in writing to: The Principal, British West Indies Collegiate PO Box 338, Providenciales or Email:

To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.


contact: 242-7545

VACANCIES Vacancies exist at the Turks and Caicos Islands Airports Authority for

Trainee Aerodrome Firefighters



Domestic Workers To clean hotel rooms/ laundry must be willing to work weekends and holidays salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 649-946-4203



The successful applicants will train towards operating in the role of a Fire Fighter to carry out duties as detailed in the TCIAA Aerodrome Fire Service Standard Operating Procedures Manual.

A great opportunity in Grand Turk awaits a trained and experienced cosmetologist who is capable of providing beauty services such as shampooing, cutting, coloring, and styling hair, and massaging and treating scalp; applying makeup, dressing wigs, undertaking hair removal, and nail and skin care services. Applicant must be a critical thinker, service oriented, an effective communicator and active listener; effective time manager, socially perceptive, and must have a sound knowledge of salon equipment/appliances. Must be willing to work weekends and holidays. Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience. Applications, with resume, must be sent to and should reach no later than 15th May 2012.

Applicants must:• Have a High School Diploma or equivalent • Be medically and physically fit for the role • Be organized, self-motivated, responsible and able to work in a team or independently. • Be computer literate. There will be a six week training period during which a training stipend will be paid. Offers for full time employment will be made following the successful completion of the training.

NAIL TECHNICIAN An exciting opportunity awaits a trained and experienced Nail Technician in Grand Turk who will be responsible for performing professional nail, hand and foot treatments. Applicants must possess a thorough knowledge of the nails, including a basic knowledge of hand and foot massage techniques and a neat application of polish. Must have excellent cleanliness and sanitation skills. Knowledge of, and experience in, the use of airbrush techniques are a must. Applicants must be service oriented, an effective time manager, and socially perceptive. Must be willing to work weekends and holidays. Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience. Applications, with resume, must be sent to and should reach no later than 15th May 2012.

Fleet Engineer The successful candidate must provide care and maintenance to all associated equipment owned and managed by the TCIAA. Applicants must:• Have a thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of vehicular repair and maintenance. • Have the knowledge and ability to repair and maintain complex mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic power systems. • Have the ability to inspect new vehicles and equipment for compliance with contract specifications. • Have a working knowledge of Fire Service and other vehicles currently in fleet. • Have an understanding of established safety practices and equipment care procedure and the ability to instruct others in such procedures. • Be computer literate, be able to supervise a Team, and be able to prioritize work and meet project and program deadlines.

MASSAGE/SPA THERAPIST A vacancy exists for a qualified massage therapist to be a part of our dynamic team. This position is a great opportunity for a professional who thrives as a team player and is passionate about providing excellent customer experiences in a spa/salon/retail environment.

Interest persons must submit their applications to:The Human Resources, Training & Development Manager Turks & Caicos Islands Airports Authority, Providenciales International Airport Turks and Caicos Islands Telephone # 649-941-8692 Fax # 649-941-5996 Email:

Applications must be send to , only successful candidates will be contacted.

Is looking for 2


Suitable candidates will be called for interview.

Graceway Sports Centre

We are seeking the following:

• An extremely clean, hygienic & well presented person. • Professional qualifications in Beauty & Massage & holistic therapies. • 2/3 years experience in reputable establishments -Pleasant & likable demeanor. • Flexibility to work weekends and long hours. • Excellent communication skills & guest relations. Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Applications, with resume, must be sent to and should reach no later than 15th May 2012. 6651



Sports National

HAB Group/Gansevoort T20 cricket:

Quality Supermarket Kings stop Jaguars GUYANA Jaguars suffered their first defeat in the HAB Group/ Gansevoort sponsored T20 cricket competition to the hands of the Quality Supermarket Kings on Saturday last at the Downtown Ball Park. The Kings won the toss and then inserted Jaguars to bat first, but the current points leaders never got on top of the bowling and eventually succumbed for a modest 140 runs from 19.1 overs. Sean Khan and Terrence Thomas were the top scorers with 27 runs each. Bowling for the Kings, medium pacer Robert Johnson took 3-27 from four over and Thirumalaiyandi (Andy) Kuthalingam, Ian Heath and Lloyd Lynch nabbed two wickets each. In reply the Kings lost three early

Sailrock Under-14 Boys’ League

Grasshoppers increase lead THE GRASSHOPPERS are six points clear of their closest rivals the Golden Retrievers to lead the Sailrock U-14 Boys’ League. In the last week of play the Grasshoppers did not have it all their own way as they lost their final game (2-1) to the second place side. Jackson Pierre scored for the Grasshoppers, but two goals from Jeff Beljour ensured that the Retrievers moved into second place. Padraig O’Sullivan scored twice for the Grasshoppers in their opening win against the Eagles who tied 3-3 with the Tigers in their second game. Marvin Joseph scored a hat-trick for the Eagles as did Wilkins Sylvain for the Tigers. Jeff Beljour then made it a third hat-trick for the day as he found the back of the net on three occasions for the Retrievers against the Tigers in their 5-0 victory. Tariq Germinal and an own goal added to the Tigers’ misery. With two weeks left the Grasshoppers look likely to win the league, as only the Retrievers have a realistic chance of catching them and would need to win their remaining four games to stand a chance, however the runners’ up spot will still be hotly contested. MVP for the second time this season was Jeff Beljour, who attends Clement Howell High School.

May 12 - 18, 2012


Man-of-the-match Andy Kuthalingam scored an unbeaten 44 while he spun his way to two wickets.

wickets, but a brilliant unbeaten 56 (7X4s and 1X6) from Earl Henry and an elegant unbeaten 44 runs (7X4s) from Kuthalingam carried the Kings

to victory in 17.5 overs. Bowling for Jaguars, Walter Henry took 2-14 runs from four overs.

Under 15 Girls’ Sailrock League:

Green Dragons almost at finish line WITH ONE week to go the Green Dragons appear to have won the Sailrock U-15 Girls’ League as they have an eight-point lead over their nearest rivals, the Striking Cheetahs. The Dragons won all three of their games on the day. They opened with a 6-0 win against the White Wolves. Jenny Fluerenvil scored a hat-trick; Shinaydine Pluviose added two goals and Sanardia Forbes found the back of the net in the win. Forbes scored again in a narrow 1-0 victory against the Yellow Jaguars before Fluerenvil dominated the final game scoring four goals as the Dragons defeated the Titans (4-0). The Cheetahs needed to win all of their games to keep pace with the league leaders, but despite a 9-0 win against the Titans they were held to a 1-1 draw with the Yellow Jaguars and lost 0-1 to the Red Devils. Yarileca scored seven goals against the Titans with Crystal Stirling scoring twice and De La Cruz scored against the Jaguars before Guerline Hall equalised. In the remaining games the White Wolves managed two wins

against the Red Devils (3-2) and the Yellow Jaguars (2-0). Cydnee Campbell scored her first goal of the season and Mykelor Michel scored twice for the Wolves as Lryjeanne Lamarre and Jacinthya Rigby had given the Red Devils a chance to win with a goal apiece. Campbell got on the score sheet again alongside Waldine Pierre for their win against the Jaguars which now sees their team challenging for fifth spot with the Titans. Despite their heavy defeat against the Cheetahs the Titans managed a 2-0 win against the Red Devils courtesy of Yarileny De La Cruz’s two goals. However it was not all doom and gloom for the Red Devils as they pulled off the shock result of the day with a 1-0 win against the Cheetahs. Melissa Jean Guy’s lone goal was enough to restore some pride for the Devils as well as seriously damage the Cheetahs chance of catching the Dragons in the race for the title. MVP was Jenny Fluerenvil who attends TCI Comprehensive School.

Men’s volleyball team short of funds for El Salvador trip THE Turks and Caicos Volleyball Federation is attempting to raise a further $4000 to participate in their first international tournament which is billed for this month in El Salvador. The federation, through a solid fundraising drive, has been able to raise half of the $7, 970 needed for the trip. In a press release, the volleyball

body expressed thanks to those who have already contributed and implored others to join the worthy cause. The sponsorship tiers include: platinum: $2,500; gold: $2,000; bronze: $1,000 and silver $500. Twelve players and a coach will travel for the tournament which will take place from May 16th to May 21st.

Under-15s Rugby:

Storm too strong for Lions THE SCOTIABANK Storm proved too strong for the CIBC/ FCIB Lions at the Meridian Field as Frankie Forbes scored a hat-trick of tries in the 40-25 victory. The Storm started out stronger. Having kicked off Forbes recovered the ball and caught the sleeping Lions off guard to touch down for his first try. The Lions seemed to awaken and began to tirelessly work their way up the field. Rayjon Munnings and AJ Walkin took turns bashing their way through the Storm’s defensive line before CJ Outten crashed over to level the score. It was not long before the Lions had recovered the ball. Quick play from Liam Delancy saw him striding down the touchline with Storm’s defenders in tow. None were able to catch him before the try line and the lead had switched ends. Having seen the effectiveness of the Lions’ attack the Storm looked to emulate it as Kaylam Pratt, a one man wrecking ball, barged his way through the middle of the field. With players hanging off him Pratt threw a long pass to Greshun Been who

scored. The Storm and the Lions traded scores as Forbes and Outten both scored. The Lions looked to be marching in for another try as Rocky Williams powered down the field, but Forbes put in a bone crunching tackle that sent Rocky flying. Valentino Penn grabbed the loose ball and took the lead for the Storm. It was to be short lived as Outten once again crossed to level the match at halftime. The aggressive play of both teams continued in the second half. Pratt again used his size to his advantage and scored two tried in quick succession. He crossed the line for his second try with a Lions’ defender hanging onto his back. Storm’s Captain AJ Forbes then set Forbes loose for his second try that further cemented the Storm’s dominance. Delancy scored another late try for the Lions before Forbes sealed his hat-trick. Man-of-the-match was awarded to Forbes. Under 15s rugby continues next Saturday at 10.00am at the Meridian Field.

Josh for Sports

A tale of Kishco There is a Cinderella story developing in the HAB Group / Gansevoort sponsored T20 cricket competition currently being played in Provo. This series is graced with a most surprising team sponsored by Kishco. The superstore employs all of the players except the Jamaican bowling all-rounder Winston Callam. This Kishco team is so extraordinary that its players were successful in three of fives games played so far and the side is currently tied for second place. When they marched out to the middle of the Downtown Ballpark it was not a seasoned Kishco attack, but one fresh, now learning the riggers of the sport on this island given that these are the new boys on the block. Quite frankly I expect that this side would mark their name before the competition ends. The first game Kishco lost was to Beaches. Batting last the new side made the inexcusable blunder of not sending in their top batsmen in early. The vice (acting) captain did not heed the advice of acquired manager Mr. Devon Taffe whose advice was to change the lineup to reflect the strongest offence possible. Taffe is a Jamaican old legend. This cardinal blunder resulted

By Joshua Gardiner

in the 20 overs expiring with the top batsmen not batting or left stranded at the wicket. Beaches won by 17 runs. SECOND BLUNDER The most heart-breaking defeat occurred against the Jaguars. With two overs left the current leaders needed 26 runs for a win, but an important catch was dropped and experience carried the Guyana team to victory. In their recent win Kishco have shown a higher level of maturity with the team able to pace their innings against Jam Turk. In that game Simijo Devassy took four wickets for 16 runs with his medium pace, while Cyril Fernandez got some runs. If the side can continue to show improvement in both the batting and bowling departments they can be a wildcard to take the title.

May 12 - 18, 2012

Sports National



Cheshire Hall FC win President’s Cup CHESHIRE Hall proved their dominance in men’s football to take the President’s Cup last Saturday after winning the recently concluded WIV Provo Premier League (PPL). The dominant side captured the President’s Cup with a 4-2 win over Pedagogue FC. Two fairly early goals from Samuel Narcius and David Archer followed by cracking left foot cannon from Narcius saw Cheshire Hall on their way to victory. However, Pedagogue never gave up and pulled a goal back via Alex Cranston (leading by example) and the game was more even from then on. A fourth goal sealed the game and provided

a hat-trick for Narcius so that both he and his team could finish off the season in style. A second goal came from Pedagogue by Marknique Williams from a penalty, but this never looked like changing the outcome of the game at that point despite Pedagogue’s dogged resistance. AWARDS: Special Awards (for helping in the PPL and President’s Cup) - Sonia Bien-Aimee and Fritz Elvariste Voted Awards: Best Referee - Bobby Kwatt Best Assistant Referee - (Ms.) Patrice Senior Coach of the Year - Oliver Smith Player of the Year - Samuel Narcius

Cheshire Hall FC won the WIV Provo Premier League and the President’s Cup.

Young Player of the Year- Fred Dorvil MVP (voted weekly after each game) - Samuel Narcius

Performance Award: Golden Boot (Top Scorer) Samuel Narcius (16 goals, second was Fred Dorvil with 11 goals)

President’s Cup Winners - Cheshire Hall FC WIV Provo Premier League Winners - Cheshire Hall FC

Bay Bistro Women’s Recreational League:

Blue Knights almost flawless to inaugural title

The Bay Bistro Women’s Recreational League teams

TCI’s Canadian based student Kristoff Malcolm recently met Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper with school mates from the Harrington College of Canada. He said that his teacher Mrs. Sholzberg carried them to a Holocaust Memorial Service after which they met the dignitary. Malcolm, who was instrumental in the Provo Hockey League before he left for school where he is still playing the sport (the ice-version), said that when he told the PM that he was from TCI, Harper joked and said: “One day I’ll take over that country.”

THE BAY Bistro Women’s Recreational League came to a conclusion last week as the Blue Knights were crowned as the inaugural champions. The Knights only lost on one occasion during the twelve-game season which saw over 60 players from the WFL and TCIFA Youth Leagues split up into four teams. The league was designed to give some of the younger players an opportunity to get more playing time on the field as well as to give them the opportunity to learn from some of the older and more experienced players. In addition the league served to encourage fair play and sportsmanship. In the final round of games both the Blue Knights and the Pink Panthers finished off with two wins apiece. The Knights beat the Black Warriors and the Red Devils by a 2-0 margin. Christina Hinds and Yarileca De La Cruz scored against the Warriors, and Hinds fired in a long range effort to secure the win against the Devils after Simone Smith had scored the opening goal. The Pink Panthers, who had played well during the season, but had struggled to score goals, made amends on the last day of the competition as they defeated the Devils 4-1 and the Warriors 2-1. Amelie Speer scored twice with Leanna Gaston and Briandie Brooks adding one apiece for the Panthers. Yarileny De La Cruz scored for the Devils to restore some pride, but the Panthers dominated the game and deserved the win. Their second win came courtesy of Brooks and Gaston who both found the back of the net again. Sarah Cenary pulled a goal back for the Warriors, but it was not enough as the ladies in Pink held out for the win.

After the games the players received their awards and Technical Director Matthew Green thanked them and the referees for their efforts over the past two months. “The league has been a tremendous success and I would like to thank everyone who has been involved, especially Joan and Clive Whent of Bay Bistro who sponsored the league. The games have been very exciting and the standard of play has been excellent as players have tried to play attractive football. Hopefully we can do something like this again later in the year.” “Women’s football continues to grow in the Turks and Caicos Islands as there are now ten leagues for female players throughout the year as well as two international festivals. “We have seen a big increase in the development of women’s football in the country and as we now have programmes running in North and South Caicos as well as Grand Turk we will only increase the opportunities for our players to compete regularly.” The awards were as follows: League Winners – Blue Knights Runners’ Up – Black Warriors Third Place (tied) –Red Devils / Pink Panthers Top Goal Scorer – Sarah Cenary (10 goals) Junior MVP – Monae Gooden Intermediate MVP – Christina Hinds Senior MVP – Simone Smith Fair Play Award – Briandie Brooks Black Warriors MVP – Cydnee Campbell Blue Knights MVP – Trincy Reid Pink Panthers MVP – Crystal Stirling Red Devils MVP – Jessica Lange



May 12 - 18, 2012

May 12 - 18, 2012





May 12 - 18, 2012

Turks & Caicos Weekly News  

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