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Weekly News Volume 27 | No. 25| June 29 - July 5, 2013

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‘Justice’ Howell charged with

murder Thirty-year-old Romano Giovanni Howell of Kew Town, Providenciales, has been charged with the murder of Damaris Gomez Martinez, the young woman whose body was recovered by Millennium Highway on June 16.

Damaris Gomez Martinez

CARICOM looks for the facts PAGE 


Murder accused Romano (Justice) Howell

Delano Williams’ switch to the UK a 'great loss' – Cartwright-Robinson PAGE 


Opposition Leader says Deputy Premier 'spoke out of turn' in London PAGE 




June 29 - July 5, 2013

June 29 - July 5, 2013






June 29 - July 5, 2013

CARICOM looks for the facts A HIGH level delegation from the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) recently staged a fact finding mission to the Turks and Caicos Islands to gauge the level of democracy within the territory by soliciting the views of key groups. The mission was in direct response to a war of words between the Premier of the TCI, Dr. Rufus Ewing and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), Secretary of State, William Hague last year. The former, in responding to a media query at a February 2012 Caribbean heads of government meeting in Haiti stirred the ire of the latter. At the time, Ewing had voiced his commitment to achieving independence for the TCI, stating that the Government of the day would have a role to play in this and that it should be allowed to do what is right by the people, for the people to improve their standard of living and to prepare them for Government’s plans for moving towards that step of independence. "If it doesn’t happen, all it does is to make the people even more convinced that independence is our only way out,” the Premier had said. This prompted Hague to pen a letter to Ewing, copied the heads of government of CARICOM, stating the UK’s own commitment to ensuring the corrupt practices of the Michael Misick led administration does permeate the present Government. Hague also accused Ewing of substantially misrepresenting the past and present situation to the TCI people and CARICOM. Ewing subsequently requested the assistance of CARICOM, of which the TCI is an associate member, to stage a fact finding mission to the territory. On Monday (June 24), at a ceremony held at the Beach House to officially welcome the team to the islands, the Premier thanked the

Bahamas Foreign Minister, Fred Mitchell (third from left), Premier, Dr. Rufus Ewing and other members of the fact finding mission to the TCI at a reception at the Beach House

Publisher of the Weekly News, W. Blythe Duncanson with his wife, Stephanie Duncanson (second from left), Premier Ewing and other attendees at the cocktail reception

regional body for listening to his call for help. “I must state openly that I am indeed grateful to CARICOM for listening to the plea of Turks and Caicos after I made a statement to CARICOM at my first meeting at CARICOM in February last year and also a big thank you to Minister Mitchell who accepted the challenge in being the so-called watch dog for Turks and Caicos and in ensuring to monitor the issues of Turks and Caicos.” He added: “Now this fact finding they thought it being important because after the statements that were made by me and the various responses that were gathered from the Foreign Minister, Honourable William Hague, they thought it necessary to look at issues for themselves as to what is happening in Turks and Caicos.” Mitchell, who was accompanied by Assistant Secretary General of CARICOM, Ambassador Colin Grandeson and representatives from St. Kitts and Nevis and Haiti, gave assurances that the mission is not an intrusion into the affairs of the

“I think it is important for the leaders to come to the meetings, to participate in affiliated bodies like the UWI, CDERA (which is the emergency management body), the medical council, the legal council, the standards bureau so that all of those bodies that impact the lives of Caribbean people from day to day.” He noted that the country has to think in terms of one day becoming independent. “Ultimately you have to think in terms of a future where one day someone may say you are on your own and the question is, will the institutions be there if that choice is open to you to be able to take that step? "It is entirely up to the people of the country, but in any event the development of your institutions would be important. “As a country grows, it's got a dynamic economy, as it becomes sophisticated, as you get a larger population you are going to need more skills, you are going to need more advice, and CARICOM provides a ready supply of that advice and friendship.” The CARICOM team was scheduled to meet with a variety of persons throughout the length and breadth of TCI to get their views on the state of democracy and on

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country. He underscored the many missions his country has hosted over the years, stating that events of this nature are merely a means of ascertaining whether a country measures up to an external standard and meets the current standard on transparency and openness, accountability and the rule of law. “So the idea then of a fact finding mission, given the two statements of first the Premier at CARICOM, the public response of the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of the UK was to simply find out on the ground what the views are of the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands of the state of their country and the state of their democracy in the country. “And we intend to make a report to the heads of government who meet in Port of Spain on July 4 and make certain recommendations about the way forward,” the Bahamian Minister said. DEEPER PARTICIPATION He added that it is entirely up to the TCI what role CARICOM can play in the way forward; suggesting two things for consideration by the TCI in reaching this decision. “One is to accept from the Bahamas, on a bilateral level, our expression of friendship and kinship that we want to deepen, and to think in terms of one day, a seamless border between the two countries even as the two countries maintain separate juridical identities and borders. But there ought to be a seamless transfer between the two countries. “And then secondly to deepen the relationship with CARICOM more broadly, because all of us as small countries benefit from the experiences which other countries in the region have about the development of our countries and I think that can only inure to the benefit of the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands.” Mitchell further urged the participation of the TCI in the many programmes and institutions offered by CARICOM as a way of deepening its relationship.

whatever concerns persons may have with the constitution: such as the constitutional arrangement, its structure and how it is functioning. Sessions have been with the Governor, members of the Cabinet, the leader of the Opposition, representatives of the religious and business communities, the media and other social bodies. When questioned, Mitchell said the exchanges between Ewing and Hague point to a disconnect between the British view of what had happened in the TCI and what actually happened on the ground as far as the people and government are concerned. Although he did not say what has been gleaned from the sessions, Mitchell stated that there appears to be a feeling of relief that elections were held last year. “It appears that people are relieved that elections have been held, there is obviously an active discussion on the way forward, but in terms of how people have characterised what is happening I think it is best to wait until the report is actually done and the heads of government have pronounced on the future. "My own thinking is that the country has a very special opportunity now to move forward.” (DI)

Police say nothing suspicious in sudden death case THE SUDDEN death of a 52-year-old woman last Saturday (June 22) is not being treated as suspicious, according to the police. Reports are that the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police were called to a property on Crown Ridge Drive, Providenciales, at about 3.45pm last Saturday, after reports of a woman who collapsed and ceased to breathe on her own.

The woman’s friend attempted to administer CPR, but she did not respond. Police and an ambulance service were dispatched but emergency personnel were also unable to revive the 52-year-old woman. A medical doctor later pronounced the woman dead. Officers are currently contacting the decease’s next of kin.

June 29 - July 5, 2013




‘Justice’ Howell charged with Martinez murder

THIRTY-year-old Romano Giovanni Howell of Kew Town, Providenciales, has been charged with the murder of Damaris Gomez Martinez, the young woman whose body was recovered by Millennium Highway on June 16. Howell, who is also known as ‘Justice,' appeared before Chief Magistrate, Clifton Warner and was not required to plead to the indictable charge. He was remanded to prison until August 2, when a sufficiency hearing will be held in the Supreme Court. Martinez went missing on June 10. She was reportedly last seen at an establishment in the Grace Bay area

Romano Howell

by a friend, at about 10pm. One week later (June 16), a jogger discovered her body, stashed

in a box, and concealed among the bushes leading to Crystal Bay. The discovery was made at about 6am after the female jogger investigated a foul odour emanating some yards away from the highway. The results of the post mortem examination which was conducted on June 19 have not been released by police; as such, the cause of Martinez’s death is as yet unknown. Police investigations into the death led to the subsequent arrest of Howell. He will face a judge and jury trial, following the outcome of the sufficiency hearing. The 30-year-old woman will be laid to rest on Monday (July 1). (DI)

Murder accused Romano (Justice) Howell leaves Providenciales Magistrates Court on June 24

Delano Williams’ switch to the UK a 'great loss' – Cartwright-Robinson THE CURRENT Junior Champion of the World in 200m sprint, Delano Williams, will now be competing under the flag of the United Kingdom. Opposition Leader, Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, stressed that the Turks and Caicos Islands has suffered a “great loss”. At a press conference last Friday (June 21), she said: “We are unfortunately not surprised by Delano Williams, as we too were concerned about the level of uncertainty surrounding his future." Against the background of a news report where the Minister, the Hon Akierra Missick announced that he was in receipt of a scholarship, the Opposition sought to receive the information officially by posing a question in the House of Assembly. Cartwright-Robinson said: “We were dismayed by the Minister’s response which simply said that there are other athletes who also need attention and on the note of his scholarship, she flipped flopped by saying, he has to wait on the Scholarship Board and that she did not want to preempt the board’s decision. “The only good news in all of this is that we are grateful that in the end, the Ministry has awarded him a scholarship and we are expecting Delano to return home after completing his studies to work along with other TCI athletes to ensure that they receive the attention that they deserve. “The Minister informed the

Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson

Sean Astwood

Delroy Vaden Williams

Goldray Ewing

Edwin Astwood

Josephine Connolly

Delano Williams House a few weeks ago that the policy was before Cabinet and we note seeing this recorded in post Cabinet briefings.” On that note, Cartwright-Robinson called on the Government to begin to allow scholarships to be given based on athletic ability as well. According to her, sport is critical to the development of TCI's youth as it teaches commitment and discipline. “It is a unifying force for any nation and we are calling on the Government to get serious about sports and our athletes,” she said. The Opposition Leader also had words of encouragement for the young athlete. She said: “I wish to encourage Delano and other athletes, the sporting bodies and those wellwishers, feint not and continue to do your best. "Delano, we are proud of you and we in the PDM family will be your committed fans always.” (VANESSA NARINE)

PDM announces appointment of shadow Ministers LEADER of the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, last Friday (June 21), announced the appointments of the Opposition’s shadow government. The party’s Deputy Leader, Sean Astwood, will shadow the Ministry of Tourism, Investment and Trade. Elected member for Wheeland, Vaden Williams, was assigned to the Ministry of Government Support Services and elected member for

Blue Hills, Goldray Ewing, was appointed to shadow the Ministry of Environment, Home Affairs and District Administration. Grand Turk’s Edwin Astwood will shadow the Ministry of Health; while At-Large elected members Derek Taylor and Josephine Connolly will shadow the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Education and Human Services, respectively. Cartwright-Robinson will shadow the Ministry of Border Control and

Derek Taylor

Labour. According to her, more details on the appointments will be disclosed at a future press conference.


June 29 - July 5, 2013


A Weekly News column that puts you on the spot for your opinions on the issues of the day

Public or private land?

THE CROWN Land Unit announced a tender to acquire a leasehold title for the beach access, a 0.41 acre property located between the Beaches and Verandah Resorts, directly opposite the Beach Venders Cultural Market, in the Bight community. According to the Crown Land Unit, while this parcel of land is currently zoned as ‘Beach Access’, the developer seeks a change of use for the purpose of a commercial and tourism related development. The privatisation of this particular type of public land has created a stir. What are your thoughts on the tender process?

The people’s land


The land belongs to the people of the TCI! It should not be for sale. Additionally if we allow this to happen it will set a precedent and what will be next, private beaches that our children have to pay to use?

This has already been granted to Beaches by Premier Ewing. Will the payback be the Beaches buy out of Washy’s bankrupt Alexandria? As soon as that happens they will deny the next beach access.

A question of agendas

More than just about the beach access

When will we stop accommodating Beaches/ Sandals. They have an agenda to own Grace Bay and this is another move in that direction. The Premier has already said he agrees with Beaches closing off the access which is no surprise. He throws the straw vendors under the bus and denies our people this beach access. The question is now asked, what is he getting in return?

There is a saying 'if you find a jackass ride it'. This man wants everything he can get his hands on, and this Government and past governments are so STUPID to give into him every time. The beach vendors are struggling now and Beaches went right ahead and extended its boutique stores and selling the same things. That is not right. Is this how you show your people love and care? If it is, please don't love and care about me,

thank you.

Not in our interest

Only three per cent of Beaches staff are locals. Whatever it is he plans to do with that beach access, will not be in the best interest for us as locals. ‘Yinna better tink hard’ on what you all are considering.

Continuing trend

This is continuing the trend started by the PNP under Mike Misick. Jack Civre was sold the first lot in Leeward by Mike and that created quite a stir at the time. Now this time again another wealthy developer sees the need to continue the trend. In time we the citizens will be forced to pay to use whatever beach access to enjoy their birthright. Bad trend.

A matter already settled

It was settled law and policy many years ago that as a natural right and heritage that Turks and Caicos Islanders would have a right to access their beaches. Now in breach of that right, the Premier announced that the Beaches Resort and Spa would have the beach access and so it was tendered.

Gov’t needs to stand up for its people

Will this Government ever stand up for its people? Will Beaches Resort and Butch Stewart always get what they want? Are we building another racist apartheid

state in the Turks and Caicos Islands under the irony of a government of colour? Would the liberated, open-minded tourists be proud to know that they are now going to be visiting a country where there is state sponsored latter day racism? Is the PNP Government and Butch Stewart going to play public debate games but behind closed doors give each other what they want? This unfortunate PNP Government needs to represent its people, their rights and their heritage.

Do the people even care

The question is do we really care? Will we all continue to grumble and let them have their way? Whether the people care or not, they are being sold out by their own Government, by natives and those elected to represent the interests of their own people.

A Gov’t for themselves

No Turks and Caicos Islander should ever suffer from any delusion that a PNP Government is for them. It is all about the money.

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Mike Misick fighting extradition EMBATTLED former Premier, Mike Misick, has employed the services of Brazilian lawyers and is actively fighting his extradition to the Turks and Caicos Islands. Sources have told the Weekly News that the Special Investigation and Prosecution Team (SIPT), set up to investigate issues arising from Sir Robin Auld’s 2008-09 Commission of Inquiry, has also engaged Brazilian counsel. Misick is still remanded in Brazil and is reportedly still receiving British Consular assistance, given that he is a citizen of a British Overseas Territory. While both parties present their case in the extradition process, the decision is up to the Brazilian authorities as to whether Misick returns to the TCI to face a number of serious charges relating to

corruption and maladministration in TCI during his time in office. Misick was first arrested on December 7, last year, by Brazilian Federal Police acting on a provisional arrest warrant. His arrest was sought by the SIPT. The extradition papers were lodged with the Brazilian authorities by TCI prosecutors on January 28, within the required 60 day time limit from when Misick was first arrested. He was released, but subsequently re-arrested by Brazilian Federal Police on April 13 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on the authority of a Brazilian Supreme Court judgement. Sources tell the Weekly News that Misick has also challenged the grounds for his re-arrest, however remains on remand until the Brazilian courts come to a decision. The challenge followed his request

for political asylum being denied. The former Premier sought political asylum in Brazil in the latter part of March this year. In a statement Misick released at the time, he said: “I have been left with no other choice than to seek political asylum in a third country other than my beloved Turks and Caicos Islands. "I am not a fugitive, and will never be a fugitive. I have applied for political asylum from another country and I am merely seeking protection from political persecution.” On Monday (April 15), the Brazilian Justice Minister issued his decision to refuse the former Premier’s appeal against a decision not to grant him political asylum. The decision was published on Tuesday, April 16, in the Brazilian Official Gazette.

Former Premier, Mike Misick

With the political asylum appeal denied and the re-arrest made, TCI prosecutors had expected that the extradition process would proceed unhindered.

However, Misick’s challenge of both the extradition and the grounds for his re-arrest will undoubtedly delay progress in the matter. (VANESSA NARINE)

June 29 - July 5, 2013




Opposition Leader says Deputy Premier 'spoke out of turn' in London BY VANESSA NARINE DEPUTY Premier, Akierra Missick represented the Premier, Dr Rufus Ewing, at meetings that addressed tax, trade and transparency in London last week. It was all part of a pre-meeting before the G8 session chaired by United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron. However, Opposition Leader, Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, last Friday (June 21) at a press conference, criticised comments Missick made while in London, which were given in an interview that has since been widely broadcasted. According to her, the Deputy Premier “spoke out of turn” during the interview. She said: “Statements made by the Deputy Premier in an interview in the UK…has generated much talk locally, regionally and internationally. "The video of the interview has gone viral and persons are concerned about the statements made…the Opposition notes with serious concern, the Government’s confrontational approach in its relationship with UK’s authorities. “We believe that a different approach of engaging can prove beneficial and of course we admit that there will be times when the Government will have to stand its grounds. “However, we believe that the Minister spoke out of turn and continues to demonstrate to

an awaiting investing pool, that we are habitually now finding ourselves in political wrangling with the administering power on an international scene.” Cartwright-Robinson has since called on the Government to “resist the urge” to engage in public disputes with the UK on hand, while expanding efforts to invite new investors to our shores. “Investors need to feel a measure of comfort and safety for their investment and I am confident that we can create and maintain that conducive climate,” she said. The Opposition Leader added that the pre-G8 meeting was an “extremely important meeting” that should to have attracted a senior level group of individuals from both the public and private sector, as was the case with other Overseas Territories. She said: “The Opposition believes that the failure of the Premier and or the Minister of Finance to attend did not attach the seriousness that this level meeting deserved.” During the meeting the Deputy Premier took part in an exchange of views on the practical steps needed to tackle the global problem of tax evasion. She confirmed that the TCI is dedicated to advancing this key global agenda but stressed that a level playing field across the world must also be achieved. On her return last Wednesday

Deputy Premier Akierra Missick

PDM Leader Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson,

(June 19), commenting on the session, Missick said: “When I arrived to No. 10 Downing Street, I was very pleased that I would have an opportunity to meet and discuss the Turks and Caicos with High Commissioners from right across the Commonwealth, including countries in Africa and Asia.”

other overseas territories will have registries of companies telling us who the beneficial owners are and when will we have those?” Missick said: “That’s David Cameron’s goal…we cannot say today we will get that because there will be a lot of push-back from companies that have beneficial ownership.” Later on in the interview, he asked Missick if she could see today’s statement of intent as the start of a journey. She said: “...if there’s a new layer of requirement then we hope this is the last set of requirements because continuously we feel the goalpost is moving.” Gibbon asked: “He’d better not think it’s going to go any further than this?” Missick said: “We’ve asked him not to… and if needs be we need to

CONTROVERSIAL INTERVIEW The interviewer, the UK’s Channel 4 News's political editor, Gary Gibbon, questioned whether or not “offshore islands” are really committed to radical change. In his report, he said: “You get a sense from the exchanges…how this particular Overseas Territory doesn’t believe it is embarking on a revolution in how it does business today.” Gibbon asked: “Can we say with certainty that Turks and Caicos and

have a further in depth conversation maybe outside the whole G8 surrounding it. “ “But all you’ve signed up to is an action plan,” Gibbon said. Missick said: “Yes to prepare.” Gibbon continued: “For possible implementation of possible principles?” The Deputy Premier responded yes. He said: “And you don’t want to go any further than that?” Missick said: “We don’t want to go any further than that." “Well it doesn’t sound like much is necessarily going to happen then,” Gibbon said. Missick responded: “No, I believe some will happen because not all territories are as perfect as the Turks and Caicos Islands - like our beaches.” By the end of the pre-G8 meeting, the stakeholder group agreed to play an active part in the new pilot initiative of multilateral automatic tax information exchange launched by the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain; prepare national action plans on Beneficial Ownership; and commit to joining the multilateral convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters. While in London, the Deputy Premier also took the opportunity to meet with Mark Simmonds MP, Foreign and Commonwealth Minister and held discussions that were focused on education, employment and energy.

Beach access’ tender a betrayal of the people’s trust BY VANESSA NARINE OPPOSITION Appointed Member, Clarence Selver, said the controversial tender of the beach access is both a betrayal of the people’s trust and a sale of the people’s rights. He addressed the issue at a press conference last Friday (June 21). According to him, transparency and openness in the entire process is lacking. Selver stressed that the work of the Government must begin and end with the people. This week, Minister of Health and Human Services, Porsha StubbsSmith, issued a statement on the issue. She said: “There have been rumours, talks, expressions on where I stand and what I am doing as your voice surrounding the purchase of the Veranda Resort by Beaches TCI and the beach access. “Some of you approached me individually and I thank you for your input. Then, some of you may ask

why I have taken so long to respond to your comments, and suggestions alike. "I invited you to a meeting in January and May 2013 to discuss this very thing, I am doing exactly that. “Additionally the Premier and myself also met with the Craft Market vendors during those months, and we have presented to you what the issues are and took on board your concerns hence we are still in negotiations. "We thank you and look forward to more collaboration. “Mr. Butch Stewart, a known developer, owns several properties in our country and is a substantial provider of employment with the most recent purchase of the Veranda properties now formerly named Key West Village. “Currently Mr. Stewart has a signed a Development Agreement (2006) that is unfavourable to the TCI's future. “The Government has been in dialogue with Mr. Stewart and we both agree that a partnership among

ourselves is vital to the growth of TCI and his investment. “During this process the Government realised the opportunity to renegotiate the 2006 Development Agreement and has been in talks with the developer who is keen to partner with us. “We also believe that these possible new terms will ensure that sustainable employment, sound infrastructure, community development and Princess Alexandria National Park remains in trust for the benefit and sole purpose of Turks and Caicos Islanders regardless of the development introduced to this Turks and Caicos Islands. "This process also revealed that immigration protocols as contained in the 2006 Development Agreement for Sandals/Beaches TCI is not a standard process and sought to remove such parts to ensure the socioeconomic future of these islands. “Mr. Stewart's attorneys on his behalf lodged an application for the

Beach Access/thoroughfare that sits between the Key West Village and the Beaches TCI property. "Like all applications made to the Planning and Crown Land Units a vetting process has to occur and an opportunity will be available for the community to petition any applicants request. "My role during this time is to represent you the people and support investors whose partnerships seek to generate amicable relationships and sustainable revenue to our economy. “It my understanding that Mr. Stewart purchased property, improved road and provided parking on Forbes Road. "It was also inferred that Beaches will, as a good neighbour gesture improve and upgrade the Craft Market in its current form to improve the customer service, decor and overall experience for our tourists. "The elected Government has no plans at this time to relocate the cultural market but there are plans to

improve relations between Beaches TCI and the vendors to ensure profitable return for all parties. “Finally, all of the above from points can only happen should an amicable partnership continue between TCIG and Beaches TCI. "It is my view without prejudice that all Beach Access/National Parks be retained by the people of the TCI and I believe that the Attorney General's Chambers and the Crown Land Unit have begun work on ensuring that all accesses are clearly marked and identified and documented in the relevant ordinances for the sole use. This I believe will assist in the future. “With this I would like to add that the reason you elected me on November 9, 2012, has never for one day since the commencement of my service been a cloud in my mind. "I remember clearly why you chose me to represent the Bight Constituency and I can assure you that I am doing just that.” The status of the tender process, up to press time, was not known.




Youth ambassadors appeal for illegal guns to be turned in AS THE gum amnesty period comes to an end, the country’s two Youth Ambassadors, Phildreka Mayham and Dekkel Simmons, have called for illegal guns to be turned in. Mayham said: “As an active ambassador for the youths of the TCI, I would like to see the appeal of firearms among our youths greatly reduced. “But in order to reduce the appeal of firearms, it is critical to understand the reasoning behind the desire to obtain such a potent, deadly weapon. “To a vulnerable and easily manipulated teenager, guns can offer a sense of security and strength. “At present, a number of teens feel as if their ownership of a handgun will preserve their lives and protect them from threatening individuals. "Many youths in the TCI live with the idea that they will fight or die; that their innermost perseverance is shattered should they not fight their own battles directly. “Many of our fellow peers are seemingly driven by the motto that violence is a foolproof solution for all dilemmas. "An open field of communication between the police and teens will not only promote a greater respect for established laws regarding firearms, but also reduce the emphasis on violence and force in the face of a difficult situation. "Additionally, counselling for at-risk teens is imperative, as this preventive measure can eliminate some of the emotional hardships and environmental fears that drive teens to guns in the first place.

“It is also incredibly crucial for teenagers to recognise the responsibility that comes with owning a firearm. "While films, television, video games and music lead teens to believe that the ability to fire a weapon is simplistic, the sheer magnitude and power that is contained in one bullet is not to be taken lightly. "An initiative that demonstrates such awing and potentially Earthshattering results can aide a teen in making better decisions regarding the temptations of illegal firearms. “Informative videos, demonstrations, and lectures can give teens a fresh viewpoint and a lot to think about, eliminating their own stubborn resistance to long-winded sermons or absurd reprimands. “In order for teenagers to avoid the appealing nature of illegally obtained firearms, they must be fully educated and instructed. “Without this information, it is all too easy to take a highly damaging step in the wrong direction. "Juveniles should be made well aware of the tragic accidents, horrific circumstances, and life-altering disasters all made by one single finger movement and a blast of gunpowder. “Perhaps, the formerly incarcerated or those directly affected by the use of firearms can explain to teens the consequences of making such terrible decisions and encourage them to consider all of the repercussions before obtaining an illegal firearm….the youth can only be the future of our country if we remain alive to see the future. "Now more than ever our country

Norman Benjamin Saunders Jr. faces money laundering charges THE SPECIAL Investigation and Prosecution Team (SIPT) have charged another in their ongoing investigations. Norman Benjamin Saunders Jr., 44, appeared at the Magistrates Court on Wednesday (June 26) before Judge Jolyon Hatmin charged with three counts money laundering. The matter was sent to the Supreme Court for a sufficiency hearing on August 2. In a statement, Saunders said: “I am shocked at the SIPT's decision to charge me. I have not committed the offences for which they have accused me, their charges are unfair, and I will strongly contest them. “I am grateful for the messages of support that I have already received from friends, clients, and professional colleagues. My hope now is that a trial with a jury

Norman Saunders Jr.

of my peers can soon proceed , so that I can put this matter behind me and my family, and so that we can return to a normal life. “I do not intend to make further statements. Saunders was released on bail.

needs us as youths to do the right thing. “If you have any illegal weapon, please turn it in before the gun amnesty ends.” Similar sentiments were echoed by Simmons, who said: “Teenagers can be incredibly impressionable and subject to influence from not just their peers and parents, but additionally, the media, street culture, and the world around them. "It is no surprise then, that the appeal of illegal firearms is nearly irresistible for many of our young people. “The allure of weapons to the average teenager is far too great and we must seek to put an end to this. "As we attempt to mature in an environment where violence has been idealised, many find themselves enticed by the seeming power and potency that firearms represent. "As a result, teens throughout our islands are becoming enchanted with the promise of dominance and strength that the purchase of an illegal firearm appears to offer. “I am appealing to you… our young people to get involved in programs to educate you and give you positive outlets for your aggressions, fears, and anxieties in order to prevent you from wanting an illegal firearm in the first place. “Secondly, I am appealing to our government to set up an alliance between law enforcement and teenagers to explain the dangers and responsibilities that come with ownership of a weapon, emphasising the tragedies that have occurred from the lack of both knowledge and accountability. “Thirdly, I am calling on the TCI business community to become better corporate citizens by setting up programmes in our community to differentiate popular media stereotypes from the bitter truths of reality, dispelling myths regarding the idolising of firearms. “These initiatives would establish a firm connection between the youth of our country and the police department, allowing for open communication between the two groups. "Hand in hand, teens and officers throughout the TCI could work together to reduce the appeal of illegal handguns and foster a sense of liability and assurance. “Lastly, the youth of the TCI have been given a second chance to turn in illegal firearms through a gun amnesty…as a Youth Ambassador, I am calling on youths throughout the TCI to do the right thing and turn in your illegal firearm if you possess any. “Who knows, not only may you be saving the life of another but also you may be saving your very own life. It is time to turn in that illegal firearm now.” The gun amnesty ends on Monday, July 1.

June 29 - July 5, 2013

Inconsistencies with GSAT results prompt review – Divesh Aswani moves to second place THE STUDENT that placed sixth among the country’s top Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) performers, Divesh Aswani, now holds second place. The Precious Treasures student was previously marked with an 87.41 pass. His parents requested a review of his mathematics paper one scores, which was 33 out of 50. According to his mother, Kirti Aswani, the youngster performs particularly well in mathematics and the low score in the paper one was surprising, particularly since he scored some 91 out of

100 in the more difficult paper two. The review resulted in an increase from 33 to 43 and the change in the position. The top 10 students remain the same, with Divesh’s movement to second place, pushing the other students down one place respectively. Education officials had no comment other than to confirm that the review of the scores was done and the Precious Treasures student is now the holder of second place in the 2013 GSAT exams.

Street sign vandalised REPRESENTATIVES from 911 Emergency and Public Works Department were in Blue Hills, last Friday, erecting street signs. They observed that the street sign at Snake Hill Avenue was broken out of the bracket, removed it and left the post and bracket behind. Tammika Lall of 911 said: “It is extremely disappointing that someone or a group of persons would deliberately damage the street signs which enable emergency responders to locate persons requesting assistance from police, fire and medical personnel.” Residents are reminded that under the Streets (Naming and Addressing) Ordinance 2010 that anyone who wilfully destroys, removes, defaces or obliterates a street sign name plate that

has been set up in accordance with the Street Naming and Addressing process commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding $5,000. Police are asking for any information on the vandals. During the next few weeks, personnel from 911 and Public Works Department will continue erecting the remaining signs throughout Blue Hills and residents are urged to remain vigilant so that the signs will remain intact. Lall said the 911 Unit is grateful to Fortis TCI for their generous donation to purchase the signs, as well as Gordon Solie Williams, of Provo Electric who donated cement to erect the signs, and Garvin Thomas of Public Works Department.

Police appeal for information on Magistrate’s Court burglary IT HAS been almost two weeks since the Providenciales Magistrate Court on Old Airport Road was the target of a burglary that resulted in the office being vandalised and a sum of cash missing. And the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police are still investigating the incident. The police, on Monday (June 24), made an appeal for anyone with information to come forward.

Anyone who may have any information about this incident is asked to call the Criminal Investigation Department by calling 941-4448 extension 81843 or 81837 or use the untraceable, anonymous Crime Stoppers Miami number at 1-800-(TIPS) or 1-800-8477. No names or numbers are requested and only the information provided is passed on to the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police.

Two teens arrested for theft A CHARGE of theft has been laid against a 15-year-old boy and 16-year-old boy from Providenciales. The charge on each teenager is relating to an incident, which is alleged to have taken place on Saturday, June 15, in a business

place in Blue Hills. It has been reported that two individuals entered a supermarket and stole a quantity of items. Both teenagers are presently out on bail to appear at Providenciales Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, July 3, to enter a plea.

June 29 - July 5, 2013




Cartwright-Robinson commits to assist fact finding mission

– Opposition delegation meets with CARICOM reps BY VANESSA NARINE MEMBERS of the Opposition met with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) mission on Wednesday (June 26) and outlined their positions on issues ranging from the functioning of the representative system of democracy to independence. The mission’s visit followed Premier Dr. Rufus Ewing’s statement at CARICOM in February regarding the “attack on democracy” in the Islands and the response of the UK Minister, David Cameron, asking CARICOM to reject the comments. The Deputy Leader of the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), Sean Astwood, led the delegation that met with CARICOM. The other members represented included Vaden Williams, member for Wheeland; Derek Taylor, All Island Representative; Goldray Ewing, Member for Blue Hills; and Clarence Selver, the party’s acting National Chairman and Appointed Member in the House of Assembly. The Leader of the Opposition was not part of the delegation as she was away on official business. However, prior to her departure she met with CARICOM representatives in the Bahamas; a delegation was led by Fred Mitchell, Minister of Foreign Affairs. She called for members of the mission to be “open and honest” in their report, in seeking to assist those who have over the years been a voice against the “heavy handedness” of the British. Cartwright-Robinson said: “While you will receive different opinions during your visit, you will find that most if not all sectors of society is disgusted by the behaviour of members of the interim government and as such the relationship between TCIG/TCI and HMG/UK is severely strained and is marred with mistrust on both sides.” In her presentation, she made it clear that the fact finding mission is long overdue. “We commit to assisting you as much as we possibly can in your pursuit for reliable and credible information,” the Opposition Leader said. The only reference she made to the reason for the fact finding mission was to stress that the Opposition is not “thrilled” with any public arguments between UK and the TCI officials. Cartwright-Robinson said: “You will however be better briefed by the Premier as to the true relationship between Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) and the TCI Government as we are not privy to information that shows where HMG has been stumbling block as it were, to

initiatives put forward by TCIG. “You can appreciate that the Opposition does not sit in Cabinet and obtain information on Government dealings only from its press releases, oversight committees and parliamentary questions. “We are interested as well in practical examples as we are committed to ensuring that an elected Government is able to carry out the purpose for which it was elected and anything contrary to this is a threat to democracy." THE CONSTITUTION The Opposition Leader, turning to the issues at hand, focused first on the 2011 Constitution and made clear that there are certain provisions that are both “problematic and regressive” for an elected government. She said: “Whilst the Governor’s role has been strengthened, we are not aware that he has 'vetoed' as it were any decisions or prevented TCIG from any actions that it wished to take on behalf of the people. “So we are presenting the provisions as what can happen which we deem regressive and stifling for an elected Government. “You will note from the provisions cited that the Governor is not compelled to use these powers and can elect not to do so but this then rests on a matter of personalities and an elected Government ought not to be guided by a personality.” According to her, as it relates to the overall functioning of the representative system of democracy after the November 2012 elections, the oversight role of the Leader of the Opposition was strengthened Cartwright-Robinson noted that specifically, the role of the Leader of the Opposition has been strengthened, added to a new slew of legislations for the management of public finance. She said: “One such bit of legislation that gives credence to this is the legislation establishing the National Audit Office. “The provisions in the Constitution, strengthening the Public Accounts Committee in its oversight role is also commendable. “The new Constitution established an Appropriations Committee and a member of the Opposition is to serve on this committee which is charged with the responsibility to scrutinise TCIG’s Appropriation Bills. As it stands the Leader of the Opposition was elected to serve as Chair of the Committee. “The Opposition is therefore pleased with its oversight powers and responsibility. "As this committee is a powerful one, we have taken great care in acting responsibly…the committee

Opposition Leader, Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, with CARICOM representatives in the Bahamas

has facilitated several requests already by the Government to facilitate supplementary spending.” GOVERNANCE Turning her attention to the issue of governance, Cartwright-Robinson pointed out that with a one seat majority in the House of Assembly, the Government and the Opposition often have to rely on these two members appointed by the Governor to gain a majority. She said: “As this one-seat majority scenario could not be designed, it shows the drawback for elected members in allowing the Governor two appointments.” The Opposition Leader added that the legislation that removed the automatic right to a trial by jury is a point of concern. She said: “The bill was eventually passed by a one member majority. This right was included in the 2006 Constitution and was suspended along with other provisions in 2009. "The legislation passed thereafter, removed the right permanently. There was a loud outcry from the public though the legislation was still assented to by the Governor. “As it stands, there is little faith in the judicial system as the Governor through the Judicial Services Commission (JSC) appoints and will appoint the judges who will hear the cases brought against the individuals charged with wrongdoing as a result of the Special Investigations and Prosecution Team (SIPT).” Cartwright-Robinson added her thoughts on the financial governance system, and made it clear that while the systems in place are known, it is best for representatives from the Government to address the practicality of the new and stringent system. INDEPENDENCE Independence on the Turks and Caicos Islands from the UK was also addressed and the Opposition Leader pointed out that the PDM is the only party that has produced a comprehensive position on independence and we have attached here for you, our position as released. She said: “Our position can be summed up in a single statement: independence must be carefully studied and planned, therefore we believe that the best route is the establishment of an Independence

Commission with its terms of reference similar to that of Bermuda where it is a fact finding body that looks at the pros and cons of Independence and identifies the necessary steps. “We believe that there is much to do to ready ourselves for independence and as such, can see the TCI remaining an Overseas Territory for the foreseeable future.” Cartwright-Robinson added that the calls for independence, in the Opposition’s view, are based on emotions and other political advantages. However, she noted that there are those who choose to allow head to prevail over heart, recognising the irreversible errors that can be made if the TCI were to prematurely become independent without a solid plan on the way forward. Cartwright-Robinson said: “This Opposition has demonstrated great maturity and leadership since November 9 and has worked along with TCIG already in several matters. “Perhaps outstanding of all is the united stance on the anti-VAT stance. The Opposition presented a Private Members Motion to record a resolution of an entire elected House

and the Government’s backbencher brought a Repeal Bill. "This was the single greatest act of unity shown by an elected Parliament. Please note that the only members who did not support the resolution was the Governor’s two appointed members and in fact one of these members sought to chide the Premier and Leader of the Opposition for taking on a fight that she felt misled the people of the Islands into believing that we collectively did not have the power to stop the implementation of VAT. “Needless to say, the united stance of the elected members (and the Private Sector) saw the aversion of VAT. “The Opposition learnt that there was a situation where there was misinformation communicated as regards the ability of the PNP and the PDM to come together.” The CARICOM delegation is led by four countries – the Bahamas, Haiti, Jamaica and St Kitts and Nevis. The Bahamas has chairmanship of this group. Their report on their fact finding missing will be presented at a CARICOM meeting in Trinidad and Tobago in July.

Todd meets with finance heads GOVERNOR Ric Todd met the full Financial Services Commission (FSC) Board led by chairman, Erroll Allen, in Grand Turk last Wednesday (June 19). The meeting formed part of his regular dialogue for this body and he thanked board for their work and their valuable contribution. Todd pointed out that the financial services play a significant role in the Turks and Caicos Islands and stated his desire for the sector to be further developed. He said: “The global backdrop is challenging, but as the Premier set out in his correspondence to Prime Minister Cameron in the run up to G8 Summit, the TCI is determined to be a high quality jurisdiction, working with partners including the UK, and its overseas territories and Crown dependencies, to be at the

forefront of efforts to raise global standards of transparency. “Our financial services industry, the TCI Government and the FSC must work together to build a strong, high quality and well regulated sector that promotes itself both at home and abroad. “This will require careful co-ordination, skills, hard work and funding, but the sector of growth for the TCI must include international insurance and trusts. “My constitutional and regulatory role should be seen not as opposing or limiting the financial services industry, but rather be seen as its biggest a supporter – building sustainable well governed financial services business here is in everyone’s best interest.” The FSC is constitutionally obligated to report to the Governor.



Concerns over businesses leading fishing study BY VANESSA NARINE THE PELAGIC fisheries study, which includes an assessment of long line fishing in the Turks and Caicos Islands, has not yet started. Long-line fishing is typically performed by trolling fishing lines that often exceed 25 miles in length and can be equipped with more than 500 individual fish hooks. The negative impacts of this process has been well documented. Opposition Leader, Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, told the media that the fact that commercial entities will be leading the study, not scientists is a cause for concern. At a press conference last Friday (June 21), she explained that the problem is the possibility that the study will be profit-driven, not science based. The Opposition Leader pointed out that the fact also that the study will involve actual long-line fishing is another concern, as is the fact that the study will last for an entire two years. “We do not support this in the

TCI…the Government’s position on this is not clear,” CartwrightRobinson said. She added that the Opposition is looking at additional information, possibly a Terms of Reference (TOR). Director of Department of Environment and Maritime Affairs (DEMA), Kathleen Wood, in an invited comment acknowledged the concerns. She confirmed that the study will be advanced by commercial entities, however, stated that the evaluation of the results will be done by scientists. Wood said: “There will be different kinds of techniques that will be used…it is a pelagic fisheries study so it is not only long-line fishing, but yes long-line fishing will be done as part of the study.” She added that the focus is to assess the economic feasibility of the advancing development of different areas of fisheries. “The stocks we have right now are stressed and this will assist in determining stock size that we have….it is pretty typical the way

the information is gathered and the study itself may not last two years. "If there is nothing there, they will not be out there for two years…. the timeframe of two years is what is needed because the first year data will be collected, including information on migratory patterns, and the second year will be used to confirm that data,” Wood said. The study was slated to begin in May, but was then delayed to June. The DEMA director could not say whether or not the study will begin before the end of the month. While the proposed study has created a stir, Wood maintained that it is not a policy endorsement, only a study. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) recently secured funding from a United Kingdom source that will allow for the study in the TCI’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Fisheries fall under the responsibilities of the elected Government, and further decisions on the subject falls to the Ministry of Home Affairs and Environment.

Time for Budget debates will be sufficient, Misick BY VANESSA NARINE THE BUDGET has to be debated before the end of July and Finance, Trade and Investment Minister, Washington Misick, told the Weekly News that he is confident that there will be sufficient time for the debates to be completed. Last Friday (June 21) at a press conference, Opposition Leader, Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson raised several concerns over the length of time the Budget has taken to come to the House of Assembly. She said: “We are still awaiting the Budget estimates which under the new Constitution have a few new and modern steps it has to go through. “The Minister of Finance is required to lay the document and the Appropriations Bill on the table of the Honourable House. "After this is done, the newly established Appropriations Committee chaired by myself has to review the estimates and will call in Government departments and statutory bodies to answer queries about its Budget. "These hearings, as with all hearings of the Appropriations Committee, will be held in public. “We are concerned at the lateness of this year’s Budget which seemed to be held up by the late finalisation by the Government and the final acceptance by the UK of the FSPS.

Minister, Washington Misick

“It is important that I draw the people’s attention to the fact that as a result of a motion brought earlier by the Ministry of Finance to ask for a further four months beyond the financial year end to produce a Budget, the new deadline for debate and passage is now Jul 31…we have not been informed that the Budget has been approved by the UK for presentation to the House of Assembly. “We are concerned as the clock is ticking.” Misick acknowledged the concerns, but made it clear that there are no real concerns to have about timing. “We will have plenty of time,” he stressed. The Minister surmised that the

criticism coming from the Opposition is more of a “political” nature. Cartwright-Robinson extended her concerns to the contents of the Budget. She said: “As an Opposition, we expect to see less monies on travel and entertainment and more spent on underlying social issues which can threaten our economy -police, juvenile rehabilitation and initiatives for the poor. “We expect to see increased resources in compliance especially in the Labour and Immigration and Revenue Collection Departments. “We also expect to see more monies in the area of primary healthcare so as to reduce the use of the InterHealth facilities. “We expect to see realistic budgeting – reasonable projections of expenditure and revenue. There must be a clear path to show that we are able to meet our financial obligations and there must be a clear statement as to how the Government intends to grow this economy. “We anxiously await the Government’s Budget which is their statement of policy.” The Finance Minister maintained that his Government has prioritised spending, with much of the focus being on health and education. The Budget, up to press time, was still with UK Ministers and, once it is approved, is expected to be laid in the House of Assembly soon.

June 29 - July 5, 2013

New tax measures receive critical review from Opposition OPPOSITION Leader, Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, said that the approach taken by the current administration with the introduction to taxation is a “lazy” one. She added that other creative measures could have been employed to ensure that the impact on cost of living is minimal. Speaking last Friday (June 21) at a press conference, she said: “The Opposition is concerned at the number of new tax initiatives being rolled out… the Opposition, when it stood with the Government against the implementation of VAT, made it clear that improved compliance of the existing taxes was the first step to be taken. “Roe’s Report correctly stated that as unconventional as the revenue structure was in the TCI, it produced strong revenues. “The proposers of VAT did say that the $10m to be gained from VAT was from improved compliance. “We are disappointed that though we did not stand with the Government on the proposal of new taxes in the anti-VAT stance, the Government outlined taxes that were not designed to affect residents, but largely the visitors to our shores and are now back tracking from what it said was its strategy.”

According to her, the Finance Minister seems to be establishing a “staple of VAT” as his focus is similar to the propositions under the much opposed tax regime. The Opposition Leader said: “We believe that the Minister of Finance’s analysis is flawed..any increase in taxes on the resident population will only add to an already high cost of living. “The Turks and Caicos must aggressively seek to grow its economy and encourage inward investment and increase its base. “The Government in this financial year seems to be continuing the trend of the last three years under the British interim government even though both parties opposed their strategy.” The Minister of Finance, Trade and Investment, Washington Misick, in an interview with the Weekly News this week, rejected the Opposition’s criticisms. He said: “Lazy is one thing I have never been accused of before… the Opposition is aware of the circumstances under which we are working.” Misick called for the Opposition to make criticisms that are more substantial. (VANESSA NARINE)

Gun amnesty failure foreseen, Opposition Leader LEADER of the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, in May, raised concerns about the gun amnesty programme, pointing out that under current terms its effectiveness is not likely. And at a press conference last Friday (June 21), she agreed that the lack of success to date is reflective of those very concerns. Asked if she felt vindicated, Cartwright-Robinson, said yes, but pointed out that the issue at hand is not vindication, rather it is the success of the initiative. “The point of my concerns was to support the police…we are not trying to impede the work of the police,” she said. The Opposition Leader said as it stands the conditions of the gun amnesty are not realistic. She reiterated earlier concerns. According to the police, weapons that are surrendered will be subjected to ballistics tests to ensure that they were not used in any criminal activities and possible charges could be laid. “It won’t work,” CartwrightRobinson said. Police Commissioner, Colin Farquhar, who made the announcement that a firearm amnesty would be held from June 1 to July 1, was asked in a prior interview to comment on the

concerns that were raised by the Opposition Leader. He said: “We are not expecting someone who has used a firearm to commit a crime to bring in their weapon; they are going to look for other ways to destroy the weapon. “This amnesty is more so geared at persons who may be leaving the country and may no longer need their firearm or someone who hasn’t licensed their firearm in several years and wants to hand it over to the police.” The Police Commissioner added that he could understand the PDM’s perspective, but maintained that the ballistics testing is an essential part of the force’s work. He said: “The point of the firearm amnesty is to get as many illegal guns off of the streets but we also want to ensure that these weapons were not used in any crimes. “If we receive a weapon from someone and ballistics tests are done and we find out that it was used in a crime here or somewhere else, further investigations will be conducted.” With less than two weeks till the end of the amnesty the police have not reported any success with the initiative. (VANESSA NARINE)

June 29 - July 5, 2013



Top officials’ visit to North and Middle Caicos successful DEPUTY Governor, Anya Williams, and Permanent Secretaries, along with several senior managers including the Director of Education, Director of Environmental Health and representatives from Public Works and Primary Health Care, completed their visits to North and Middle Caicos, last Thursday (June 20). The team visited the Islands and held meetings last Wednesday to Thursday. The visit came as a part of the Deputy Governor's commitment to meet with civil servants on every island at least once every quarter and followed on from the first meetings held in January. Commenting on the visits, the Deputy Governor, said: “It was certainly a pleasure to visit the islands of North and Middle Caicos. “During my first quarter in office my team and I focused heavily on the Pay and Grading Review which resulted in the 10 per cent salary deduction being reinstated in February, but as pay is only one element of job satisfaction, the focus of my second term in office was on improving staff working conditions. “This is why I chose to use my second quarter visits to engage with staff in their work environment. "This certainly gives you a better understanding and appreciation of their needs. “During our stay we visited all four of the Government schools and

had the opportunity to engage with both teachers and students. “The students wanted to see technology incorporated more into their studies, the provision of internet in their computer labs and a proper track and school playground developed in their schools. "The teachers want to be more engaged as they sometimes feel that due to their location, their views and needs are not always adequately represented and given priority. "In line with the Education Policy of 2005 the teachers also expressed their intention to form a Teachers Association to represent their interests going forward, which has my support. “In terms of departments such as Environmental Health, Primary Care, Road Safety and others, their needs centred around the provision of proper office space, vehicles and other tools and resources which would help them to better carry out their functions. "Whilst residents wanted to reduce further their need to travel to Providenciales to access certain Government services and wanted to see policies put in place to encourage and facilitate the growth of the agricultural sector and to encourage new businesses on the family islands. “As many of these areas do not fall directly under my remit, each Permanent Secretary was asked to compile a report on the issues that

Deputy Governor, Anya Williams, and her team visit the family islands

were raised in their particular areas and to put forth recommendations for action. "These reports will be shared with the Premier and Ministers so that they form a part of their financing priorities going forward and may be used to develop new and improved policies within their respective ministries.” Williams expressed her appreciation towards District Commissioner, Donna Gardiner,

and Senior Administrative Officer, Tueton Williams, for their invaluable assistance over the two-day visit and congratulated them on doing an exceptional job The remaining programme of activity continues as follows: Thursday, June 27: Visit to South Caicos Friday, June 28: Visit to Salt Cay Monday, July 8: Public service meeting, 3.30pm to 5.30pm at the Dillon Hall, Grand Turk

Tuesday, July 9: Public service meeting, 3.30pm to 5.30pm at the Gustavus Lightbourne Sports Complex, Providenciales. During the visits the top managerial team will provide public servants with updates about the ongoing reform programme, the new civil service performance management arrangements and also assess the state of and working conditions in Government facilities across the country.

Governor’s post cabinet update His Excellency Governor Ric Todd chaired the meeting of the Turks and Caicos Islands’ (TCI) Cabinet on Wednesday, 26 June 2013 at the House of Assembly Building on Grand Turk. All Ministers were present at the meeting except for the Premier and the Minister for Government Support Services, who were out of the country on official business. At this meeting Cabinet:

· Discussed the Amended and Restated Development Agreement between TCIG and CMK BWI Ltd covering the development led by CMK on South Caicos and agreed that the Governor should sign the Development Agreement when it had been checked and finalised by AG’s Chambers; · Considered and agreed, a proposal from the Minister of Finance for the write off of impaired staff advances and bank balances going back to the financial year 2007/08 and before. Cabinet satisfied itself, on the basis of advice from the CFO and the National Audit Office, that the impaired balances were essentially unverifiable, irreconcilable or the result of accounting errors and should have been written off in the past

on an annual basis. Cabinet also noted that improved procedures had been put in place to ensure reconciliation of balances and advances on a monthly basis; · Agreed to a proposal from the Minister of Health and Human Services that Mrs Sonia Williams, Mrs Olga Hall -Taylor and Dr Christopher Steven Bourne be appointed Members of the National Health Insurance Board and that the term of Mr Wilbur Caley on the Board be extended for one month · Considered a proposal from the Minister of Finance for approval of reciprocal cabotage rights between the TCI and Jamaica and approved it subject to confirmation of agreement from the TCI Civil Aviation Authority. The proposal would permit Air Turks and Caicos to provide domestic air services in Jamaica in return for TCI extending similar privileges to Jamaican operators who wish to provide domestic air services on TCI; · Heard a presentation from United Manufacturer Ltd in support of their proposal to establish a factory on TCI to produce tissue paper products. Cabinet agreed that the investment was potentially valuable to TCI. It

invited the Investment Unit to work with United Manufacturer to develop the business plan and options for support from TCIG and the Minister of Finance to bring a developed proposal to Cabinet in a month’s time. It also confirmed its wish to consider policy on the further development of manufacturing on TCI on the basis of a paper from the Minister of Finance; · Considered a paper presented by the Acting Premier on behalf of the Minister for Government Support Services about a review of broadcasting regulations and a draft Ordinance on the licensing of sound and television broadcasting. Cabinet noted both that action was required on this subject and its previous agreement in principle that such regulation and legislation would be desirable. It directed that a six week period of consultation be held. In the light of this consultation, the Minister would present a further paper and draft regulation and legislation to Cabinet at a subsequent meeting; · Discussed the draft Development Agreement with Beaches and gave instructions to the AG for the finalisation of the remaining outstanding issues. It confirmed that subject to a satisfactory and

mutually agreed conclusion to these discussions the Governor would sign the Agreement as soon as possible; · Agreed a proposal from the Minister of Finance, on the basis of advice from the Ports Authority, that Mr Clinton Wilson be appointed Director of Ports on a one year contract; · Underlined the importance of Financial Services to the TCI economy and invited the Financial Services Commission and the Financial Services Industry to present to Cabinet as soon as they could proposals for how the two could work together with TCIG on a tripartite basis to support and promote the financial services industry on TCI; · Discussed the TCIG Travel Policy in the light of comments from the Integrity Commission as well as some outstanding issues which required resolution and agreed that the policy should be considered further and returned to Cabinet for final approval before publication in the Gazette; · Noted that the Governor and the Minister for Border Control and Labour would travel to Haiti in August. This visit would follow up both the discussions which FCO Minister Hugo Swire had

had with the Haitian authorities when he opened the new British Embassy in Port au Prince in June and discussions which the Governor and Ministers had held recently on TCI with the Premier and Foreign Minister of Haiti about how TCI and Haiti could work together to combat illegal migration from Haiti to TCI; · Heard from the AG that he would present to the next Cabinet papers on juries and the rehabilitation of offenders at its next meeting and that Chambers was working to complete the drafting of legislation on citizenship; · Noted the Minister for Border Control and Labour would be in Trinidad from 2-3 July to attend the International Labour Organisation Caribbean Ministerial Conference and then join the Premier at the CARICOM Heads of Government meeting, also in Trinidad 4-6 July. Cabinet welcomed the visit to TCI of the Royal Navy frigate HMS Lancaster from 25 -28 June. Further information on the issues addressed by Cabinet will be provided by Ministers in due course. Cabinet decided to give further consideration to the date of the next Cabinet and to fix this over the next few days.



June 29 - July 5, 2013

June 29 - July 5, 2013




June 29 - July 5, 2013


We welcome letters from all members of the public on a variety of topics Please note that all submissions are subject to editing in keeping with defamation laws and newspaper style. Letters should be accompanied by the author’s full name, location and phone number. Names will be withheld if requested.

Payment of disproportionate sums to English law firms Dear Editor, As a senior member of the Bar in the Turks and Caicos Islands and a member of the Advocates Legal Group, I have  been asked to make a response to some recently exposed facts of overpayments by certain English lawyers and law firms relative to the Turks and Caicos Islands. British parliamentarian, Ms. Diane Abbott, by way of example, cited  the English law firm Edwards Wildman. In essence for recovering $19.5m the law firm paid itself $13m as legal fees. This provides a basis to start.

Legal principle of champerty

Champerty is an agreement where the lawyer will finance a lawsuit and accept a percentage of the money won or recovered and at common law this is unlawful. In Jamaica in the 1970s the Jamaican parliament in its wisdom recognised that many poor persons had good cases but could not afford to pay legal fees. To address the champerty prohibition a statutory remedy was provided which permitted a maximum one third recovery fee to the lawyer who made a contingency agreement with the indigent client. No recovery, no fee, then became lawful and a mechanism to

We welcome letters from all members of the public on a variety of topics Please note that all submissions are subject to editing in keeping with defamation laws and newspaper style. Letters should be accompanied by the author’s full name, location and phone number. Names will be withheld if requested.

Send letters to

provide legal services on a mutually beneficial basis was instituted then. By comparison, in the Turks and Caicos Islands we do not have such a statutory provision. The law in the Turks and Caicos Islands under section 52 of the Legal Profession Ordinance it is stated as follows:“An Attorney shall not – (i)   stipulate for, charge or accept any fee which is not fair and reasonable;” The debate

Once this letter is published the debate will surely commence as to what the words referenced in the TCI statute “fair and reasonable” mean. Semantic meaning is not necessarily object fact. One person’s ‘freedom fighter’ could be another’s ‘terrorist’. But the purpose of this letter is not to invite prolonged discussion, but rather succinctly to appeal to reason. If one were to consider a twothirds to the client to a third to the lawyer formula, this, I would venture to say, on an objective scale is reasonable. By contrast, if a client who has suffered injury is to be denied at maximum more than 50 per cent of the sum won or recovered then I simply ask rhetorically – is this fair, based on any objective standard? The English law firm Edwards Wildman seems unequivocally to be saying that the arrangement and fees


ONE of the first iron war ships of the US Navy was ‘The Olympia’. It was the flagship of Commodore Dewey. In 1898 another US battleship the Maine was stationed in the Havana harbour as a sign to Spain who then owned Cuba that the US would not permit Spain to continue to exploit Cuba. The 1823 Monroe Doctrine put the southwestern hemisphere under protection of the USA. However the Maine blew up and Dewey went on the attack. The Olympia led the US fleet to where the wooden Spanish naval fleet was located, in the Philippines. The Spanish war ships were sunk and the USA

By David Tapfer owned the Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam and other islands. The US gave Cuba their independence and freed the Philippines in 1946. Sad to say Cuba and the Philippines have not fared well with independence. Puerto


Rico which has remained a rich US territory continues to do well. The Olympia still floats in the Philadelphia Harbour intact but in poor condition. Recently the topsides were painted and it looks good. However it has not been dry docked for over 50 years and the steel deck had been overlaid with concrete and tar paper repeatedly. It is rusting away and could sink soon. Patch work has been done by the US National Trust for Historic Preservation. It will take $10m to restore the Olympia but it must be done because this ship is a icon of history. It was under President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt that the US moved from simple nationhood to

commanded are fair. But, under the arrangement which independent arbiter has oversight of the payments made the lawyers or law firm? Apparently, from what member of parliament, Diane Abbott,  is informing us, it is a pigs’  feeding trough of not merely gouging the Turks and Caicos Islands, but also Her Majesty’s Government’s lawyers, law firms, consultants  and appointees have a global charter to receive what is claimed without much oversight and/or accountability over the claims on public funds. Contrasting considerations of justice By comparison with the local Bar and advocates who do work in the people’s interest, the following is evident:1. Disproportionate, if not extortionate fees being paid to UK based lawyers doing legal work in the TCI: A. A local lawyer of experience on the present scale of legal aid fees will be paid $1,200 for arguing an appeal which will involve 300 to 500 pages of transcripts to be read in a serious matter that carries a life sentence. B.      At present rates of pay, the present lawyers involved in the SIPT cases get $90,000 plus $10,000 plea and directions hearings fees, plus $5,000 for each pre-trial hearing and more money to come once the trial

starts. They have appealed to the Privy Council to seek more money and higher levels of pay. 2.       On the TCI legal aid scale for the local lawyer, the daily rate of pay is $600. 3.       The SIPT lawyers get a $400 stipend for non-court days  during the week, and the locally based lawyers for their  days off get nil. The defence  lawyers in the SIPT matters  are indeed in the Privy Council, while the locally based advocates are still here doing the people’s work and now are in the court of public opinion. When the word “discrimination” is invoked, it is therefore not chosen lightly, because objectively it can be seen to be operating, as Ms. Abbott has so ably indicated to us. The problem being faced is that when discrimination, greed at the highest levels and administrative abuse become endemic and the order of the day, one can but expose and lament as Member of Parliament, Ms. Diane Abbott has done, at the corruption; so too in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Respectfully,

becoming an empire, a major world power in 1898. Teddy's face in now carved in granite on Mt Rushmore along with George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson, founders and emancipators of the USA - people of vision one and all. TCI has a common problem as our historical sites are being ignored. Wades Green, Haulover and Stubbs Plantation, as well as Armstrong pond are being ignored. It will not take millions to open them up and reveal our history which will attract tourists to North and Middle Caicos. The ignorance which has kept these sites submerged in the corruption called land flips continues as the current government slowly attempts to return to the era of rewarding a few and ignoring what is best for the TCI. Jeffrey Hall made a weak but valiant try to open up Haulover. However ‘cronyism’ and ignoring the rights of the National Trust messed up what started out as a good idea.

This is the history of the Progressive National Party; messing up someone else’s good ideas with favouritism. However, like the Olympia, our Haulover Plantation and Crossing Place Trail, plus other historical and environmental sites must be saved. National Trust has surveyed these sites, despite the efforts of certain civil servant leaders and the PNPs efforts to disenfranchise the Trust and close it down. It is time to move forward and do the right thing. Opening up Haulover Plantation and Wades Green will bring tourists in. We only need one or two visitors who not only recognise the beauty of Middle and North Caicos, but who want to build something. However, as Premier Ewing and Washington Misick learned in New York, their party has put development on hold with mismanagement, cronyism, corruption and taxes.

Courtenay Francis Raymond Barnett For and on behalf of Advocates Legal Group (This letter has been read and approved by all members of the Advocates Legal Group)

Please keep your letters to a maximum of 450 words or we may not be able publish it.

June 29 - July 5, 2013


Governor Todd meets with HMS Lancaster's captain, Commander Steve Moorhouse and UK Defence Attaché to the Caribbean, Lt Colonel Chris Gunning.


The ‘Queen’s frigate’ HMS Lancaster in Grand Turk

UK Overseas Territories warship arrives in TCI THE ‘Queen’s frigate’ HMS Lancaster arrived in Grand Turk on Tuesday. And the Lancaster is on standby to provide humanitarian support to the six UK Overseas Territories (OTs) in the Caribbean throughout the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane season. She arrived in the Turks and Caicos Islands direct from the Cayman Islands where she visited over the weekend, and has already visited Bermuda and Florida too. During her visit the 189 crew will meet senior TCI Government figures and train with their disaster management and recovery personnel. During her six-month long tour of duty HMS Lancaster will also work jointly with other navies and coastguards on counter narcotics operations in the region. She is referred to as the Queen’s frigate as the Sovereign has the honorary title of the Duke of Lancaster. The 4,000-tonne UK warship began her six month deployment to the Caribbean on May 28. During her visit to TCI

Lancaster’s Captain, Commander Steve Moorhouse and his 185 crew will be berthed at the cruise centre in Grand Turk for three days before spending time in Grace Bay on Friday. In Grand Turk, HMS Lancaster officials met with the Governor, the Deputy Premier, Deputy Governor, the Premier’s Permanent Secretary, the acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Government Support Services, the deputy director of the Department of Disaster Management and the Commissioner of Police among others. The ship’s crew will also be assisting in the temporary relocation and installation of the TCI Emergency Operations Centre radio equipment to simulate how this would be done if their current centre ever went out of action during an emergency. A team of three ship’s engineers will provide assistance to the Police Marine Unit for one day. The ship will provide an aerial reconnaissance of TCI for the Acting Governor and senior disaster

Charge on insurance and freight takes effect July 8 TURKS and Caicos Islands Government (TCIG) is advising the business and trade communities that implementation of the new charge on the cost of insurance and freight of goods imported into the Turks and Caicos Islands, originally scheduled for July 1, 2013, will now take effect on July 8, 2013. The Customs (Charge on Insurance and Freight) Bill 2013 to bring the legislation into effect was slated for three readings in the House of Assembly between June 24 and 25, but will now be read on July 1 and 2 instead. The bill will make it possible

for the Government to implement and collect the new 15 per cent charge on the cost of insurance and freight. This new charge would apply to all Bills of Lading and Way Bills whether freight and insurance is pre-paid or post paid. The Ministry of Finance will continue its preparation to ensure that the implementation process is a smooth one.  All importers, agents and brokers are urged to take this opportunity to familiarise themselves with the requirements. This delay will not impact the implementation of any other new fees or rates.

management staff. The Governor’s Office staff and members of the DDME will also receive refresher training in

the use of VHF radios during an emergency. On a lighter side, the crew also hopes to host a visit by Grand

Turk school children, support a community in action project and perhaps even take on a local team at soccer on the parade ground.

Planning Board gives conditional approval for Marriot Hotel DESARROLLOS HotelCo Turks and Caicos Ltd. has received conditional approval from the Planning Board to go ahead with the development of a new 380room JW Marriott Hotel and Casino. The new facility will include 16 residential condos located on Providenciales and will feature a gourmet specialty restaurant, a three-meal-a-day restaurant, a lobby bar and lounge and a pool bar and grill. It will have 1,300 square metres of meeting space, including a ballroom; as well as a 962 square metre spa and fitness centre, a kids/ teen club, three swimming pools and a 901 square metre casino. Desarrollos HotelCo Turks and

Caicos Ltd. is the majority investor for the project that will bring the JW Marriott brand of luxury to Turks and Caicos Islands. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed last October by the Governor and developer, Desarrollos Hotelco Group. Finance, Trade and Investment Minister, Washington Misick, told the Weekly News that the ball is now in the developers’ court. According to him, there is a schedule of deliverables under the MOU in terms of planning and development. Misick said given the amount of things left to be done, such as finalisation of architectural designs, it could be as much as 18 months before actual construction begins.

The Minister was optimistic about the advancement of the development and the positive impact it will have on the local economy. Desarrollos HotelCo first visited the TCI in March 2011 and the TCI Government Investment Unit has been in close dialog with the developer since February 2012. Desarrollos then worked with Horton Realty and the Investment Unit to secure the 10.5 acre Soldaco site for the JW Marriott Hotel and Casino. A second parcel of land, known locally as the ‘Mandalay site’, was also secured in Grace Bay. It is on this site that Desarollos proposes to build the two further hotels.  (VANESSA NARINE)

Middle Caicos land deal still under investigation DEPUTY managing partner of Edwards Wildman Palmer law firm, which is heading the Civil Recovery Programme (CRP), Laurence Harris, told the Weekly News this week that the investigations into the Middle Caicos lands deal are still ongoing. He said: “Our work in respect of the Middle Caicos land issue is continuing, and is currently very active. “We are not however able to say more at the present time.  As soon as we are able to do so, we will.” The blocks sold to developer, Seiger-Suarez doing business in country as Juniper Hole Development Ltd, is an estimated 2,580 acres.

This newspaper broke the story of the land sale in an exclusive April 2011 report under the headline ‘Secret land deal exposed’. Land register documents revealed there is a $12.5m mortgage on the property via Belize Bank, now British Caribbean Bank. The Weekly News understands that of the $12.5m borrowed by the developer to buy the land; only $7.5 was paid into the Treasury and the remaining balance of the loan $5m has yet to be accounted for. Also, the developers have filed bankruptcy and had their office building in Miami sold at auction shortly after the land was handed

over. Of the massive acreage sold off is one of the country’s most ecologically and historically important sites, the Crossing Place Trail – a site that Former Environment Minister McAllister Hanchell pledged, in July 2008, to have transferred to the National Trust – five months after the site had already been transferred. At least half of the Middle Caicos Causeway and two miles of the main road is also included in the blocks sold. The timeline for completion of the investigation has still not been made clear. (VANESSA NARINE)



this week

Friday, June 28 to Tuesday, July 2 Friday, June 28

 Summer Jam - Grand Turk. Come out to enjoy the Miss Grand Turk Pageant and the Early Jump Up.  Danny Buoy’s is Provo’s premier live music and sports destination, serving lunch and dinner daily from 11:30am. It is the perfect place to escape from the heat and hang with friends, all in smoke free airconditioned comfort. Happy Hour specials from 4-7pm Monday-Saturday  Get into the weekend mood with the intense and electrifying Tae-Bo class at Graceway Sports Centre from 6pm to 7pm. Free for fitness members, $12 for non-members. Visit for more information or call 442-6349. Craig Archibold gets the party started at the Regent Palms from 7pm on Friday nights with the sound of classic Caribbean and Motown tunes. Call 946-8666 for details

CARICOM celebrates 40 years this July COUNTRIES within the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) will this July 4 celebrate 40 years since the Treaty of Chaguaramas was signed in 1973, thereby establishing a common market and in later years free movement of labour and capital within the region. The Turks and Caicos Islands, like other British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean, is an associate member of the regional body, having joined on July 2, 1991. Foreign Minister of the Bahamas, Fred Mitchell, who recently led a Caribbean delegation to the TCI, commented on the level of integration seen within the region 40 years after the treaty was initially signed. It has been re-drafted several times since, in an effort to deepen relations between member countries. Mitchell registered his disagreement with the views expressed by regional pundits and political analysts that CARICOM is not working and it is not making any sense. “There are one or two naysayers who may say that, largely because they expect more than it can deliver. “But, if CARICOM did not exist, it would have to be invented because of the fact that you have small countries that do not have interests the same or similar to the United States and the

 Summer Jam - Grand Turk – DAY 2 Come out for the Softball & Band Competition.

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Tuesday, July 2  Every Tuesday - sweet fingers at Horse Eye Jacks' Fish House & Real Beach Bar. Fun starts from 7:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. Come out for the best in classic rock, blues and R&B music on the island.

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developed countries. “They [developed countries] have no interest in these small developing societies in terms of developing the institutions and the benefits which are necessary to run them. So it is up to the people in this area to run their societies.” He listed several projects within the region that have redounded to the benefits of member countries, naming the University of the West Indies (UWI) as the most shining example. “How do we develop? We develop by linking hands with one another and CARICOM works and it has worked for 40 years.” The regional body has been pushing for more integration among the countries with the establishment of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME). CSME is intended to benefit the people of the region by providing more and better opportunities to produce and sell goods and services and attract investment. The main tenets include: full use of labour and full exploitation of natural resources and capital and competitive production leading to greater variety and quantity of products and services to trade with other countries. Asked if he is satisfied that these precepts have been or are being

achieved; the Foreign Minister stated that the CSME is a work in progress. “I think that the arguments I have heard, when you have economies in recession, countries tend to pull within their borders, so obviously there is some ebb and flow, but it is a work in progress, but I think that the institutions are there for it to work. “The leaders say they have the political will to make it work.” Mitchell noted that there will always be tension in some quarters, but essentially the underlying business of the CSME is working and will work. Although he declined an invitation to pronounce on the TCI’s readiness for independence, he reiterated his call for the TCI to deepen its relations with CARICOM in the interim. “I don’t actually want to venture into that territory about whether or not, I am just saying that it is just important for a country that’s growing, that is dynamic to be able to have institutions that will support a dynamic and growing economy. “And I think as a consequence of that, people will determine what their next constitutional step is, but the important thing is there must be a deepening of the institutions and a greater understanding of how one runs a country and what it is to be a community,” Mitchell said. (DI)

autism awareness

Saturday, June 29

 3rd Annual Middle Caicos Crab Fest Fun starts from 10:00am at the Bambarra beach, Middle Caicos. Come & experience authentic TCI culture on display: everything from Island cuisine to live music and other various contests. (Opening Party on Friday night at the Conch Bar Park, Middle Caicos, at 8:00pm to midnight)

June 29 - July 5, 2013

Spectrum of hope – By Nicole Cox

What Makes a Child Brilliant? Part Two SETTING a standard is important in anything in life. It serves to give one an objective idea of where they are, from whence they have come and a view of where they can go. But there is something broken in a system that does not expand a standard and allow it to evolve with the ever changing concepts of what makes students "brilliant", but rather alters the results of an already limping and standard to serve purposes that are only known to those who make the alterations. One thing is certain, children learn best in an environment where demands, rewards and consequences are known and to which they are adhered. They excel in environments in which they see examples of their own emerging "brilliance" all around them and therefore can find appropriate motivation by which they may apprentice themselves. A score on a piece of paper is no more a determinant of a child's brilliance than the home from which they come, the nation from which they derive their accent, the

disability they must learn despite, the sex of their body, the school they attend or any of the social stigmas that are conveyed to them by the score itself. Nor is that score a seal of success on the future of a child. It is a marker to be considered by most and honored by all if admirably acquired; "If", being the operative word. But if our system cannot guarantee that equity will rule over all, then the marker can be considered by few and honored by none, by default. We must be careful that we do not empower the creation to dominate the creator. That meaning, standardized testing was created by human effort and therefore should be carefully and responsibly kept in its proper perspective by human effort. When the very name of a test paralyzes young minds with fear and causes them to redefine their intellectual worth according to what the test says about them…. well….there is something disturbing about that. Indeed, testing can serve to celebrate accomplishment under pressure. It can serve to reveal aptitude and need. It can serve

to motivate toward excellence. But, temperance must serve in all things. For in a structure where socioeconomic strata are just now being conquered, testing can also be a nefarious tool to draw attention to those deemed “worthy” and count out those who are not! This is our universal truth: The human brain is the most complex item in the entire known universe. To insult this mechanism by assessing it with an ever changing social binary code is, in essence, the complete opposite of the purpose of education. To the Scholars, I say, "Study." To the Artists, I say, "Create." To the Athletes, I say, "Excel." To the Dexterous, I say, "Engineer." To the Pensive, I say, "Philosophize." And to those who are still ambiguous as to where they fit in, I say pursue ALL and let your brilliance manifest itself in due course! There is no number on any exam in this world that can stop you once your only goal is to be brilliant.... whatever YOUR "Brilliant" may be. Long live the GSAT….but longer live the hopes and dreams of the child after the test is over.

June 29 - July 5, 2013



Premier and CARICOM respond to JM Observer editorial THE BUTCH Stewart chaired Jamaica Observer newspaper has been blasted for a recent editorial titled ‘CARICOM crabs in a barrel’ in which it accused the Turks and Caicos Government of ‘cosing up to American and European investors while dishing the dirt to Caribbean investors’. The Friday, June 21, editorial joined the fray with a commentary on one contentious aspect of the development agreement between Beaches and the TCIG. It alleged that the presence of the resort company is “merely tolerated and every imaginable obstacle placed in its path to growth” despite it being the largest private sector employer and foreign exchange earner in the territory. “Jamaicans there are generally not embraced as brothers and sisters, despite the fact that we represent the most sophisticated example of multiculturalism as a country. "The TCI would choose Asians and Europeans over us any day. Frankly, freedom of movement is still the biggest regional joke,” the opinion piece alleged. It also alluded to the TCI conveniently seeking the support of CARICOM in the current administration's fight with Britain over independence. Earlier this week, a CARICOM delegation (headed by Prime Minister of Bahamas, Fred Mitchell) arrived in the territory on a fact

finding mission to gauge the level of democracy, among others things, within the TCI, which is an associate member of the regional body. When asked for a comment on the allegations made by the editorial, Mitchell would not give it any credence. “The issue with the Jamaica Observer is one individual, for his or her own reasons, driving a particular agenda, so that I discredit from the start,” the CARICOM delegation head stated. Premier, Dr. Rufus Ewing, also commented on the editorial, calling it disingenuous. "I think it is unfair criticism of this Government and when it comes to ‘dishing dirt’ to Caribbean investors, what dirt have we dished? I can’t see it.” Ewing also alluded to the contributions Beaches has made in the TCI, as a partner and one of the biggest employers within the territory. He, however, reiterated prior statements he made in the media as it relates to there being a need for preferential treatment for Belongers and permanent residents in the job market. “But in pushing the envelope, it doesn’t mean that we do not value the work and worth of others not from our shores; it doesn’t mean that we will discriminate against our Caribbean brothers and sisters if they are looking for work. “No, it doesn’t mean that. It just means that there is preferential

Prime Minister of Bahamas, Fred Mitchell and Premier, Dr. Rufus Ewing

treatment to ensure jobs for locals in this economy that is currently depressed, where unemployment is high among our population. "We know that we will always have need because our local labour pool is small and so we will always have to depend on foreign labour and we have no fear of that.” He said this is in no means a reflection on the TCI’s commitment to regional unity and integration. “I really take exception when people say when we are not of Caribbean or we don’t treat Caribbean people right, because we have living with us every day, through business relationships, through friendship, through marriages, a network of Caribbean people here and so we are probably more, well advanced in the integration movement within

CARICOM. “Because even though CARICOM speaks of integration and free movement of persons it is not to the extent that they would like to see it, but we already had persons here integrated; through business and working that is exemplified by Beaches,” Ewing said. The crux of the matter is inherent in the new, and as yet unsigned, development agreement in which all immigration matters have been excluded, whereas the 2006 document was liberal with its immigration and customs concessions to the company. This, however, ran counter to the immigration ordinance, the Premier has stated. Ewing has also been adamant in his statements that the resort

company will have to conform to regular immigration procedures; the only concession being the use of a particular immigration protocol that allows for faster processing for major investors in the TCI. Another contentious issue is the application for beach access between the resort and what was formerly named Veranda hotel, now owned by Stewart. These issues have stirred the fires of many people locally, and have also prompted a month long, two-person protest outside the resort’s gates. However, the Premier in his recent statements to this publication voiced his praise for Beaches resort. “Beaches is a very important and significant business partner in developing Turks and Caicos Islands and we are appreciative of the level of investment that they have invested over the years and mutually both parties (Turks and Caicos and Beaches) have benefited from that relationship. “We are proud of the Beaches organisation and the Beaches brand as a Caribbean brand that stands as an international brand and can go toe to toe with any major organisation worldwide, and so we are proud especially that they are Caribbean.” The company employs approximately 1,200 persons, about 700 of which are Belongers or permanent residents. (DI)

No movement on developing a National Agenda, Ewing THE HOUSE widely supported a motion to develop a National Agenda earlier this year, a proposal to position the TCI for sustainable progress. But elected member for Blue Hills, Goldray Ewing, who moved the motion on May 16, said to date there has been no movement on the issue by the current administration. Ewing recommended to the House that the Government develop a National Agenda, which will be produced following a National Symposium with members of the House of Assembly and leaders in both the public and private sector. Among the issues for inclusion on a National Agenda that Ewing pointed to were the need for a population policy; empowerment of indigenous Turks and Caicos Islanders; border control and immigration issues; education, sports and culture; and investment in technology. And at a press conference last Friday (June 21), he maintained that effectively championing the issues that support national development demands a meeting of minds and discussions of the

(L-R) CCRIF board members, Faye Hardy and Ken Blakely; Minister of Finance, Washington Misick; CCRIF Chairman, Milo Pearson; Premier and Minister of Tourism, Dr. Rufus Ewing; CCRIF Board member, Desirée Cherebin and CCRIF CEO, Isaac Anthony.(Photo contributed by CCRIF) Goldray Ewing

national agenda. According to him, the lack of action is disappointing, particularly when the Government is seeking to stimulate the economy. The Member of Parliament (MP) noted that the appointment of a committee for the National Symposium will provide most, if not all the answers to top issues of the day. “If you don’t know, then ask,” he said. Ewing stated that the National Agenda would be the result of informed and widely consulted decisions on the way forward. (VANESSA NARINE)

TCI leaders talk risk management PREMIER, Dr. Rufus Ewing and Minister of Finance, Washington Misick met with the CEO and Board of the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility (CCRIF) on June 19 in Providenciales. They discussed how the facility helps Turks and Caicos Islands and other countries in the region to enhance their disaster risk management programmes. The facility provides hurricane earthquake insurance to Caribbean governments and as one of CCRIF’s 16 member countries; the Turks and Caicos Islands received one of the first payouts in 2008 after the passage of Hurricane Ike.

That payout came up to more than $6.3 million. The organisation conducts its quarterly board meetings in different member countries, which provide additional opportunities to interact with key stakeholders in the finance, disaster management and meteorology communities on a periodic basis. Since the inception of CCRIF in 2007, the facility has made eight payouts totalling US$32,179,470 to seven member states, all of which were transferred to the respective governments within 14 days after each event. CCRIF has also been in engaged

in research towards the development of an excess rainfall product for the Caribbean, since 2008. This has been in direct response to the interest expressed by participating countries and partners in making available catastrophe flood coverage. Member countries that this product will benefit include Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana, which are mostly affected by heavy rainfall. The CCRIF/Swiss Excess Rainfall (XSR) product has been developed to address some of the losses associated with heavy rain. It is aimed primarily at extreme high rainfall events of short duration (a few days).

Lifestyle... 18


June 29 - July 5, 2013

fitness Tip 

Dr. Joe LeMoine, is an Orthopaedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine physician. He has worked with many international athletes and at many sporting events on the world stage. He currently practices in Providenciales, at Prime Sports Medicine.

Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics) IN line with the international standards for endodontic treatment, at Mark Osmond Dental Clinic a new set of endodontic instruments is used for each individual patient. These instruments will then be stored under your name and reserved for your future use only. This mandate was put in place to reduce the risk of prior contamination and the chance of instruments breaking when in use. When is a root canal treatment performed? Root Canal treatment is performed to repair and save a tooth that is badly damaged either due to infection or

due to trauma. If a tooth is infected it is usually due to untreated dental decay which has eroded the enamel and dentine through to the root canal. Signs of pulp damage may include pain, prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold, discoloration of the tooth, swelling, tenderness of the gums or a bad taste in the mouth. However there may be no symptoms at all. What happens during treatment? During a root canal procedure, the infected nerve and pulp are removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed with a temporary filling. This is done using a local anesthetic

so the patient should feel no pain. The patient then returns for a second appointment, generally about 1-2 weeks after, during which the tooth is inspected and if all is well a permanent filling is placed. This involves cleaning and measuring the root canal and the filling material is placed to seal the apex of the root and fill and entire root canal. Without treatment, the tissue surrounding the tooth will become infected, swollen and painful and an abscess may form. This in turn can destroy bone and ultimately the tooth will be lost. After a successful root canal treatment a tooth is no longer vital (alive) which means its sensory function- ability to react to hot or

cold- is lost (although there are still nerves in the periodontal ligament supporting the tooth.) However the presence or absence of a nerve

will not affect the day-to-day functioning of the tooth and you should continue to clean and floss the tooth as normal.

health Tip 

Almonds Candied almonds These make great treats for any age. Ingredients: • 1/2 cup water • 1 cup white sugar • 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon • 2 cups whole almonds Directions: 1. Combine the water, sugar, and cinnamon in a saucepan over medium heat; bring to a boil; add the almonds. 2. Cook and stir the mixture until the liquid evaporates and leaves a syruplike coating on the almonds. Pour the almonds onto a baking sheet lined with waxed paper. 3. Separate almonds using forks. 4. Allow to cool about 15 minutes.

THE delicately flavored and versatile almond is available throughout the year to make a tasty addition to your diet. And more importantly, it is a storehouse of health benefiting nutrients. Almonds reduce heart attack risk. Those who consume nuts five times a week have about a 50 per cent reduction in risk of heart attack according to the Loma Linda School of Public Health. They lower ‘bad’ cholesterol. Almonds added to the diet have a favorable effect on blood cholesterol levels, according to a clinical study by Dr. Gene Spiller, Director of the Health Research and Studies Center, Inc. They protect artery walls from damage. It was found that the flavonoids in almond skins work in synergy with the vitamin E, thus reducing the risk of heart disease (Research at Tufts University). Almonds help build strong bones and teeth. The phosphorus in almonds helps make this possible.

They provide healthy fats and aid in weight loss. Although nuts are high in fat, frequent nut eaters are thinner on average than those who almost never consume nuts. Those who ate nuts at least two times per week were 31 percent less likely to gain weight than were those who never or seldom ate them. Almonds lower the rise in blood sugar and insulin after meals.

They help provide good brain function. Almonds contain riboflavin and L-carnitine, nutrients that boost brain activity and may also reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. They nourish the nervous system. According to Ayurveda, almonds help increase high intellectual level and longevity. They alkalize the body. Almonds are the only nut and one of the few proteins that are alkaline forming. When your body is not alkaline enough, you risk osteoporosis, poor immune function, low energy and weight gain. The many health benefits make almonds a favourite nut.

June 29 - July 5, 2013

Lifestyle... GARDENING 



How does your garden grow




Tamika graduated from Florida International University in Miami with a Masters degree in Dietetics & Nutrition. She is a registered dietitian with the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and licensed to practice medical nutrition therapy in the state of Florida. Email Tamika via or with your healthy eating questions.

Growing Banana BANANAS are herbaceous plants. There are two species of banana, Musa acuminata and M. balbisiana , and most banana cultivars are hybrids of these species. Banana cultivars vary greatly in plant and fruit size, plant morphology, fruit quality, and disease and insect resistance. Most bananas have a sweet flavor when ripe; exceptions to this are cooking bananas and plantains. Plantains are hybrid bananas and are always cooked before consumption and are higher in starch than bananas. The two groups of plantains, French and Horn, produce fewer fruit per plant than sweet bananas. The banana and plantain are native to Southeast Asia, where they have been cultivated for thousands of years. Bananas are eaten fresh and used in salads, desserts, breads, and candy. Bananas are a good source of ascorbic acid (Vit. C), Vitamin B, and potassium. Banana plants may also be used in the home landscape for ornamental purposes. The range in plant sizes and color and fruit shapes add a tropical atmosphere to the yard. In addition, trees may be used as sun. Banana is a fast-growing plant consisting of one or more pseudostems (upright, trunk-like structures) formed by tightly packed concentric layers of leaf sheaths, an underground rhizome, and a fibrous root system. The banana flowering stalk emerges from the center of the pseudostem 10 to 18 months after planting; by this time 26 to 32 leaves have been produced. The process of banana flowering is called shooting. The flowers appear spirally along the axis of the inflorescence in groups

BY DENIS Belanger - NATURE SPLENDOR For all your landscaping, installation or garden maintenance needs, please call or write for a free estimate: 332-3381 or

of 10 to 20, covered by purplish-togreenish fleshy bracts which shed as flowering development progresses. The first flowers to emerge are functionally female. In the edible cultivars, the rapidly growing ovaries develop parthenocarpically (without pollination) into clusters of fruits, called "hands." The fruit is a berry. The last flowers to emerge are functionally male. Wind is a common constraint in the Islands; continuously windy weather may cause severe leaf, drying of the leaves, and plant crown distortion. Winds above 25 mph and 45 mph may cause tall and short banana cultivars (respectively) to topple. Temperature and soil moisture are the most important factors in banana production. Lack of water at anytime may cause a reduction in

fruit number and size and ultimate crop yield. Symptoms of drought stress include folding of the leaves, pale green to yellow leaf color development, and premature leaf death. Severe drought stress may cause choking and pseudostem collapse. Banana plants are not flood tolerant. In general, plants may survive 24 to 48 hours of flooding caused by moving water. Banana plants do not grow or fruit well in saline soils. Symptoms of salt damage include yellowing and death of the leaf margins and thin, deformed fruit. Planting banana should be in holes large as 3 feet wide by 2 feet deep if possible. Addition and mixing with the native soil of completely composted organic matter or a sandpeat moss mixture may be desirable.

My child does not eat vegetables THE complaints of many parents of school-aged children are “My child does not eat vegetables!” or “My child does not want to eat anything that’s good for him!” This refusal to eat certain foods could be the result of a few factors: 1) children are learning independence and what better way to show that independence than by making their own food choices; 2) healthy foods are offered to children in the same boring form over and over again; or 3) they have no role models. Sometimes it’s very difficult to pinpoint which of the above factors are actually causing your child to refuse certain foods. One of the best suggestions I have is to continue offering your child healthy foods in a variety of ways. It is proven that it takes multiple offers of a new food before the child can decide if he really likes or dislike the food. A few rules I have in my house are: Never say ‘yuck’—saying ‘yuck’ to something that is offered to you is considered bad manners and can be interpreted as disrespectful or rude in some cultures. I feel it is very important to give children a world perspective as it relates to food and culture. After trying a new food, they may politely say, ‘No thanks; I do not want anymore’. This way, feelings are not hurt because the child has actually tried the food. Try food before deciding you do not like it. Many children take one look at a new food and decide they do not like. That decision may be based on the looks or smell; these are important factors to consider but should not be the only factors. It is important that you try to make the food as appealing to the senses as you possibly can. Making the food appealing may include the looks and smell but also the environment or ambiance. You may want to try a theme such as a tropical theme if you are offering say pineapple or coconut. Set the table with cutlery and a table cloth that depict the theme, set out little coconut trees and you may also want to have music playing in the background. Ok, not every new food you offer will be this elaborate but you get the idea. Research has shown that children will be more likely to try a new food if they 1) helped to prepare it; (2) people around them are eating the food and enjoying it and (3) the food is offered in a fun environment. This is why the nutrition education/cooking classes are so good, as it introduces children to new foods and encourages them to try it. Children get a chance to learn about nutrition, practice kitchen safety and prepare a healthy recipe all in a fun environment. Please contact me for more information about nutrition education/ cooking classes. Nutrition In Demand A non profit organization helping you to: "Eat Healthy Today... Living, Longer, Better Tomorrow" Cell: (649) 242-3978 or (649) 442-3978



June 29 - July 5, 2013

UN supports Bermuda governance model – Astwood

BY VANESSA NARINE DEPUTY Leader of the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), Sean Astwood’s report on the threeday seminar hosted by the United Nations’ (UN) Decolonisation Committee was made public last Friday (June 21). And it underlines support for the Bermuda model of governance. The three-day event in Ecuador on May 28 addressed the work of the General Assembly’s Special Committee on the situation with regard to the implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples, also known as the Special Committee of 24 on Decolonisation. In his report, Astwood said: “It was very obvious that each of the non-self governing territories have been approaching this process as individuals even though they expressed support of each other, there was no sense of a collaborated effort ie. between the territories of which the United Kingdom is the socalled administering power. “This is also evident in the fact that no two locally elected governments of the non-self governing territories that fall under the UK enjoy the same constitutional powers. “On one hand you have Bermuda

RECOMMENDATIONS In a prior interview with the Weekly News, Astwood talked about the outcomes of the meeting and stressed that the TCI should become more involved in with the work of the Decolonisation Committee. His report said: “The Turks and Caicos Islands, as one of the remaining 17 non-self governing territories, must recognise the works of the committee of 24 as extremely important. “With both main political parties having self determination as a part of its national agenda and further as it is stated in the Peoples Democratic Movement’s constitution and notwithstanding that both parties differ in terms of timing and the process of implementation. “It is important that the Turks and Caicos Islands fully participates in such discussions as a means of

DEMA offers sandbags to households

THE DEPARTMENT of Environment and Maritime Affairs (DEMA) will be offering a maximum of 10 sandbags per household as the TCI Government continues its 2013 hurricane preparation. In a statement, the agency said it deemed this as sufficient to offer individual household protection from flooding. Interested persons on Providenciales can collect bags at the National Environmental DEMA Office Centre. In sister islands, the sand bags can be uplifted at the Red Cross in Grand Turk; in North Caicos at the Kew Community Centre, Kew; Adelaide Oemler Primary School, Bottle Creek; the District Commissioner’s Office Yard in Middle Caicos and at the library yard near to the Regatta Village in South Caicos. Distribution will be done house to house on Salt Cay. Meanwhile, Minister of Government Support Services, George Lightbourne has given assurances that the preparations for the season are at the top of his agenda. “I urge all residents to take action to minimise their risks and vulnerability by planning ahead to reduce the chances of injury

a good one. "This was also echoed by Michael Summers, Deputy Premier of the Falkland Islands, who just this year held a referendum on whether to remain as a colony of the UK and 98 per cent of votes cast was in favour to do so. “While other countries were a lot more critical of their respective administering power; much greater than the rhetoric we are used to hearing in the TCI, sometimes even to the point of hostility.”

with the most advanced constitution of the UK's non-self governing territories. “And on the other hand sees the Turks and Caicos Islands, which now has a tremendously regressive constitution, where the locally elected Government is heavily bound by strengthening powers of the Governor and recently formed constitutional position of a Chief Financial Officer.”

to self and damage to property, business and the environment.” He added that the Department of Disaster Management and Emergency (DDME) will be collaborating with local, regional, and international agencies to provide the highest standard of assistance in the event of a hazard or natural disaster. "We will advise you of all risks, by informing you through radio and all available media outlets about impending storms and offer you tips on preparing.” He called on all residents to take the necessary measures to protect their homes and families in the event of a storm. “Please ensure that you have all necessary resources available including, but not limited to food, water and medications, shutters, etc. "Preparations should incorporate strategic planning for the safety of the elderly, infants, disabled, and also your pets. "Remove all debris and ensure that your property is free from any potential flying objects. Secure important documents. Keep important numbers readily available,” Minister Lightbourne advised.

Deputy Leader of the PDM Sean Astwood

learning from the experiences of other countries, but also plays an integral role in influencing the work of the committee to the continued benefit of all non-self governing territories. "Much of our sister countries in our region and those in the Pacific region's stories are similar in many ways to ours.” The other recommendations, in his report, that were called for were that: 1. The Turks and Caicos Islands should continue to attend the regional seminars and other activities with the aim of becoming a more important voice in the process. 2. The Turks and Caicos Islands should begin to engage the United Kingdom with the goal of fostering a better relationship that will facilitate a faster return to more autonomy. 3. A set of minimum criteria should be set to gauge the territory's readiness for self determination. 4. A pathway to self determination should be created however, with the clear understanding that it can only take place through a referendum that is preceded by a wide scale public education campaign. 5. The Turks and Caicos Islands should explore all scholarships opportunities being offered by member states to the non-self governing territories. 6. The Turks and Caicos Islands should begin to explore the setting up of an office in the UK with its primary purpose to promote and protect the interests of the TCI. 7. The Government and people of the Turks and Caicos Islands must begin to hold the administering power responsible for all decisions, treaties and agreements that they have signed on its behalf or have been forced to sign that could have an adverse effect on the ability to manage and maintain the country as an independent one. i.e. tax regime. Astwood’s report also pointed to the kinds of relationships that the non-self governing territories have with the UK. The report said: “Not all of the territories have a rocky relationship with the UK. “In fact Kedrick Perkins, Deputy Premier of the BVI, stated that his country's relationship with the UK is

ACTION STEPS Astwood’s report highlighted comments made by the UK’s Peter Clegg, an expert on non-selfgoverning territories. Clegg, at the meeting, said the challenges the UK had been experiencing with the Overseas Territories were left over from the Labour Party’s time in office. He specifically noted corruption allegations and the poor financial state in the Turks and Caicos Islands as the main reasons for the UK government’s intervention and the resulting regressive constitution. That said, actions steps were raised to move towards greater self determination. One of those was that the two choices of either staying as a colony or taking independence should be reviewed, as the concept of independence has changed as countries around the world are becoming more and more interdependent. The appointment of local Governors was recommended to be included as part of the way forward. Also recommended was that colonising countries should create a fund for the countries they have colonised that will assist in the transition into independence. As a show of commitment, a number of member states offered scholarships to non-self governing territories, as part of their assistance in the decolonisation process. Astwood’s report said: “The question of independence is more than a question of election results, but rather an understanding of a government to know what is required of it in its totality.” A number of officials expressed their disappointment that there are still countries that are colonised in this day and age. The purpose of the seminar was to enable the Special Committee to obtain the viewpoints of representatives of the non-self governing Territories, administering powers, experts and members of civil society in the process of decolonisation who assisted the Special Committee in identifying policy approaches and practical ways that could be implemented in the decolonisation process. The discussions at the seminar were intended to assist the committee

in making a realistic analysis and evaluation of the non-self governing territories, on an individual basis. Participants’ presentations and discussions would form the basis for more detailed discussions by the Special Committee at its session in June 2013. The aim is to submit proposals to the General Assembly concerning the fulfilment of the objectives of the Third International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism. Following the first and second International Decades for the Eradication of Colonialism, on December 10, 2010, the General Assembly of the United Nation’s by resolution 65/119 declared 20112020 the Third International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism. Its main objective is for the member states to intensify their efforts to continue to implement the plan of action for the Second International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism in cooperation with the Committee of 24 using it as the basis for a plan of action for this Third International Decade. The Special Committee on the situation with regard to the Implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence of Colonial Countries and Peoples (also known as the Special Committee on decolonisation or C-24), the United Nations entity exclusively devoted to the issue of decolonisation, was established in 1961 by the General Assembly with the purpose of monitoring the implementation of the Declaration (General Assembly Resolution 1514 (XV) of December 14, 1960). The Special Committee annually reviews the list of territories to which the Declaration is applicable and makes recommendations as to its implementation. It also hears statements from NSGTs representatives, dispatches visiting missions, and organises seminars on the political, social and economic situation in the territories. Further, the Special Committee annually makes recommendations concerning the dissemination of information to mobilise public opinion in support of the decolonisation process, and observes the Week of Solidarity with the people of non-self governing territories. The committee now has a membership of 29, even though the name continues to be the Committee of 24. Included in its membership are Antigua and Barbuda, Bolivia, Chile, China, Congo, Côte D'Ivoire, Cuba, Dominica, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Fiji, Grenada, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Mali, Nicaragua, Papua New Guinea, Russian Federation, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Sierra Leone, Syrian Arab Republic, TimorLeste, Tunisia, United Republic of Tanzania and Venezuela.

June 29 - July 5, 2013

TCI spotlighted in Toronto conference

PREMIER, Dr. Rufus Ewing on Tuesday (June 25) left the islands for Toronto, Canada on another mission to bring investment into the Turks and Caicos Islands. The TCI will take centre stage at the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) organised event being held from June 26 to 28. Before his departure the Premier told the Weekly News that he is looking forward to the opportunity to address travel agents and wholesalers and other interested parties. “Sometimes the travel wholesalers need to hear from the horse’s mouth and the political directorate in the land as to the state of affairs and what they plan to do to make things better and make their business run better so that they will be able to sell tourist packages and travel packages to Turks and Caicos.” Ewing said he will be speaking with the Premier of the province of Ontario as well as the minister for finance, while there, in an effort to try to foster better relationships between the two countries. The Premier led another delegation to New York on June 3 for a one week CTO event. There he met with potential investors and on his return to

the territory stated that he was hopeful that the expressions of interest he received will bear fruit for the TCI. However, while there investors also raised concerns relating to cost of energy and immigration matters. Asked how he was going to deal with this, should the same concerns be raised while in Toronto, Ewing said he intended to assure them that steps are being taken to address these issues. Ewing said: “The most I could do is to say where we stand now, and what we are doing, because we at the Tourist Board along with immigration and other persons are engaged in a number of initiatives that will make our visitor experience better. “When it comes to immigration and cutting the red tape and rolling out the red carpet to visitors and investors, a number of programmes are being developed. "Some of them require changes to immigration ordinance, some of them not, some just basically require a simple programme implementation with dedicated staff to carry out the objective of ensuring that visitors when they come to our shores that certain criteria are met.” (DI)

Youth centre announces super summer plans THE EDWARD Gartland Youth Centre has revealed an exciting lineup of activities and camps as a way to keep children occupied and learning for the two summer months that they will be off from school. Beginning July 8, the centre will offer 12 to 17-year-olds a safe environment to be and an excellent assortment of stimulating activities organised to capture their attention and provide them with a positive learning experience. Pleased that the centre is fulfilling its purpose, director Roxanne WakeForbes said: “Instead of staying at home they [the children] can be doing productive and constructive activities which will keep them out of trouble and keep their young minds active over the summer.” All programmes are accessible at no cost and for the first time, the centre will not only offer activities on a daily basis but staff are structuring the activities into half and full day camps; a move that Wake-Forbes said is similar to a crash courses. With one or more camps available each week, organisers expect that after the completion of each camp the children will be knowledgeable and confident in the area. To kick off the activities, Turks and Caicos Tennis Federation will host a week long tennis camp in the morning, while and an art camp facilitated by a local freelance artist will run in an afternoon session for two weeks.



Other camps that will be offered are coed basketball, volleyball, cooking camp and the highly anticipated acting camp, facilitated by TCFAF along with an acting troupe from the US. On days when there are no planned camps, children will still have a host of programmes and activities to look forward including the drama club, cultural radio show, jewellery making, lip sync music video making, movie marathons, Nintendo Wii game days and food eating competitions. Financing for this remarkably free opportunity was accumulated through fund raising events by the centre. This year the centre hosted a number of fundraisers including, a pig roast and beach BBQ and raffle ticket sales, with all of earnings injected into the operating and programme cost of the organisation. Organisers urge parents to take advantage of this generous offer and register their children speedily as spots are sure to fill up quite quickly. The centre, located in Downtown Providenciales between Shining Star School and the Community College, will be open to the children all summer long from 10am-6pm, Monday to Saturday. For more information please contact 332-9605 or 331-9602, email or or visit their Facebook page at www.

Ten ‘Beaches Stars’ interns selected BEACHES Resort has selected 10 aspiring Turks and Caicos Islanders as ‘Beaches Stars’ in the organisation’s one-year paid internship programme, which is geared towards giving local youngsters an opportunity to become tourism champions in the hospitality industry. More than 40 essays were received from schools across the Turks and Caicos Islands but after an intense judging process, only 10 essays were selected. Students from three Government high schools and the Community College were among the winners: Christale Glinton of Helena J. Robinson High School; Shakiah Lewis and Kameia Outten of Marjorie Basden High School in South Caicos; Wilkiens Martin, Sandra Dolce and Roxie Pierre from Clement Howell High School; and Wellington Williams Jr. Olivia Smith, Shanalla William, Shanrica Williams of the Turks and Caicos Community College. The group will commence their one year internship in July and will undergo a three day orientation to sensitise them with the company’s goals, objectives, and service standards as well as introduce them to the various departments. General manager, Don Dagenais, said: “We are excited to give 10 promising Belongers the opportunity to get a hands-on hospitality experience that goes beyond the confines of the classroom. “This great internship program is guaranteed to generate more local managers and supervisors that will take Beaches Turks and Caicos to even higher heights.” The Beaches STARS , is an extension to the Management Trainee Programme offered by the Sandals

Corporate University which offers candidates between the ages of 16 and 20-years-old to not only intern at the resort, but also the opportunity to experience an intensive, accelerated year of learning and development. The new internship programme received the thumbs up from the Turks and Caicos Education Department. Louise Thomas, Education Officer for Secondary Schools, expressed her excitement on the new programme. “As one of our major sponsors and partners in Education, the Department of Education is pleased to endorse the initiative of Beaches Resorts TCI on the launching of their STARS Internship Programme. "This will further enhance their learning and development as they are given the necessary skills, experience and hands on training to better their

understanding of all areas of hospitality.” She added her congratulations to all the selected individuals. This programme will be a fast track management system which aims to expose students to all areas of hotel operations. The 10 candidates will be assigned various departments based on their career interests, where they will gain experience with the intricacies of the resort operations, rotating between all four villages and working from line level upwards. At the end of the programme, all 10 candidates will also undergo a thorough 360-degree evaluation which will focus on their performance as team players and their leadership style and also be given first preference to be inducted into the Sandals Corporate University Management Trainee Programme.

Finance Ministry working to develop cost of living index MINISTER of Finance, Investment and Trade, Washington Misick, maintained his position on minimum wage, one he held while on the campaign trail – that the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands deserve not just at least a minimum wage, but a living wage. And he told the Weekly News that the Strategic Policy and Planning Unit (SPPU), within the Finance Ministry, is currently working to develop a cost of living index, using information from the 2012 Census and other sources. According to him, this is the first step to addressing this issue.

Misick stressed that making changes to the minimum wage, which is currently $5 per hour, cannot be done in isolation, but requires a proper study of all sectors. Leader of the Opposition, Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, agreed with this position. At a press conference last Friday she noted that this is an issue that needs to be carefully studied and reviewed before any changes are made. The last time the minimum wage was increased was sometime between 2006 and 2007 under the 2006 Employment Ordinance.

Still a high demand for blood donors AT FIRST glance people driving by may have assumed that a one man protest was taking place, but the man standing on the side of the road this week was urging members of the community to donate blood. Medical technologist for the Ministry of Health, Ricardo Missick, stood on the sidewalk opposite the Supreme Court in Providenciales on Wednesday morning holding a sign saying ‘Donate blood’. Missick notified the Weekly News that he occasionally stood out on the road with signs in an attempt to get people to drive down to the hospital and donate. Most times he was successful in recruiting a minimum of one person each time. He also added that although there were a number of generous people in the community who were always willing to donate blood, the bank’s availability of blood is running low. Two months ago the Ministry of Health held a blood drive at the First Caribbean International Bank (FCIB) in Providenciales where residents went in to verify their blood groups and donated blood.

Ricardo holds up a poster urging passersby to donate blood

Prior to the blood drive, The Weekly News had a one on one with the medical director of the laboratories at InterHealth Canada, Larry Godfrey who was unable to give an estimation of the amount of blood needed annually in the TCI. He said: “If you are asking about statistics, there are statistics on blood usage but, the problem with those statistic patterns is they don’t match our small community in the TCI.” Godfrey added that although there is an influx in the population yearly, a very small percentage of those

people’s blood can be used. He said: “What we found is that if you look at the total population of our community, it ranges from 25 to 35 thousand. “Of that amount only about 38 per cent would be in the best of times illegible to be blood donors and of that 38 per cent we have to rely on volunteer donors.” Anyone who is above the age of 17 and weighs more then 110 pounds can go in to the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre and inquire on the donation of blood. (DAISY HANDFIELD)


June 29 - July 5, 2013


Students receive Duke of Edinburgh’s Award AFTER more than a year of dedication to self-development and giving back to the community, 12 students proudly received the Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Level Award in a ceremony at the Regent Palms on June 20. The students from British West Indies Collegiate and TCIPS Comprehensive High School, who completed three programmes that challenged them to meet their best potential, collected their awards from the Governor in the first award ceremony of its kind. Director of the Youth Department and organiser of the programme, Angela Musgrove was pleased with the students’ accomplishment. She said that the prestigious international award programme "pushes young people to explore

their creative talents and achieve their personal best in different areas: skill section, service section and physical recreation.” As a group, the students also had to complete an expedition as the final requirement to qualify for the awards. Designed for young people between the ages of 14-24 years, the Bronze Award is the first of three levels of the progressive programme which includes a silver and gold level award, each with different requirements. The achievement of the Bronze Award stipulated a minimum of six months of commitment to one section and a three-month dedication for the other two sections. All of the students shared the same sentiments of how the programmes


Proud recipients of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award flank Governor Todd and Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Akierra Missick

had taught about them responsibility, discipline, communication and perseverance, just to name a few. They encouraged other youths to join in and said that it has pushed them to do things they never thought they could do. For their skills, the students chose activities including softball, cooking, karate, photography and have given back to the community through tutoring. The outdoor expedition took the entire group to Middle Caicos and some of them will also have the privilege to battle the outdoors in other countries.

Governor Todd, patron of the award ceremony, delivered congratulations and certificates to the awardees and promised that the first person to get the gold award will receive funding from the Governor’s office to go to the UK and collect their award. Pleased with the use of funding given by his office, the Governor also commended Musgrove for the work she has done and the activity coaches for their efforts with the youths. Minister of Youth, Sports and Education, Akierra Missick, also attended the ceremony and was

happy with the participation and revival of the programme in the TCI. She said that the programme stimulates qualities of leadership, teamwork and makes the participants all round better individuals. Others who played a major role in the completion of the programme were the coaches who dedicated their time to teach the students every week. Because the course relies heavily on volunteers, organisers are calling on people with specific skills to contact the Youth Department to assist in training and sharing their knowledge where they can. (KH)

Happy birthday Brentia You continue to amaze and you truly are our princess. Our prayer is that you continue to be the beautiful, caring, extraordinary, and wonderful girl you are. We love you from the depths of our hearts. Best wishes on your special day from your parents, Brent and Shanderia Robinson, siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, godparents and friends.

Happy Anniversary

To the best parents in the world on six years of wedded bliss. Enjoy your say and remember the many reasons you both decided to promise your lives to each other. Thank you for being the best parents. And double congratulations to our mother, who got married on her birthday. Hugs and kisses from your children Brentia and Brentanae Robinson.

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The UK team was in the TCI for a dive familiarisation trip

UK travel partners dive into Turks and Caicos TOP rated dive operators and journalists from the United Kingdom explored the pristine waters of the Turks and Caicos Islands this week, on a dive familiarisation trip with the Turks and Caicos Tourist Board. This initiative was a joint venture with the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, and the group is expected to visit sites there as well. The tour operators consisted of The Scuba Place, Ultimate Dive, and Dive Worldwide along with journalists from Diver Magazine and Sport Diver Magazine, the two main dive magazines in the UK. Regional Marketing Executive (UK) for the Tourist Board, Traci Knight, said: “Diving is one of the niche markets we promote heavily in the UK.

“These familiarisation trips present an opportunity to some of our travel partners to explore the destination first-hand, below and above water, and enable them to better market and sell the Turks and Caicos Islands to their clients. “We’re delighted that we were also able to host journalists from the two main diving publications in the UK, who will ensure we get optimal coverage. "We have a mutually beneficial relationship with these magazines; their readers learn about new and exciting places as we receive and welcome the great exposure.” During their stay the group set out on daytime and nighttime diving excursions with Dive Provo and

completed an eco-tour around the mangroves with Big Blue. They were treated to dinner each night compliments of Mango Reef, Las Brisas Restaurant and Bar, Flamingo Café and Tiki Hut. Their itinerary also included an island tour visiting the Conch Farm and the Cheshire Hall Plantation, and enjoyed a delectable lunch at Bugaloo’s Conch Crawl sampling the many varieties of conch dishes on menu. Accommodation during the trip was provided by Ports of Call Resort and Villa Renaissance. After wrapping up their adventure in the Turks and Caicos Islands, the group headed to Nassau where they will visit numerous dive sites and places of interest.

June 29 - July 5, 2013



Enid Capron students attend high school transitional workshop OVER the past months, officials from the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force (RTCIPF) have been visiting senior students from Clement Howell High School, to guide and educate them on the dangers of violence and crime. From June 11 to the 14 teachers and the guidance counsellor of Enid Capron Primary School in Five Cays, organised a grade six high school transition-week. During the week invited guests and teachers counselled the students and even coached the parents on the transitional process of students entering high school. For the whole week the students were taught the various fundamentals and encounters that they may experience while in high school.

One of the main topics of discussion on Wednesday was peer pressure; teachers explained to the students that it would be one of the most noted forms of bullying for some, when making the transition. They were given tips and guided as to what to do and what not to do when they were faced with these kinds of situations. The guidance counsellor for Enid Capron Primary School, Niclair Parker, explained that this initiative was just a breach of what they do annually when the students are preparing themselves to enter high school. One of the invited guests, officer in charge of community policing and probation development in the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands

Students attentively listen to one of their teachers briefing them

Police Force (RTCIPF), Ennis Grant, gave the Weekly News an insight as to what he was going to speak to the children about, prior to his presentation. He said: “Today I am going to speak to the kids on the impact of violence and crime because the youths are our nation’s future. "It’s basically the same programme I did at the Clement

Howell High School, I have done it at two of the primary schools in Grand Turk and I am now here teaching it at the Enid Capron Primary School. “Basically I will be looking at how crime can impact the youths and how it can also impact our nation’s future, as well as how our young people can become role models, how they can become good citizens as well, also look at alternatives to committing

crime. I am hoping that they will be very attentive. “The RTCIPF is focused and determined to ensure that our schools are safe and we are continuing our focus to try to encourage our young people to know that there are a lot of alternatives to committing crimes. "So my focus is to try to encourage the young people in a positive way.” (Daisy Handfield)


The evening’s hosts

Q Band Lynks 2013 Battle of the Bands champs THE 2013 Battle of the Bands competition was last weekend’s highlight drawing a huge crowd to the Turtle Cove Marina to cheer on their favourite local bands. The crowd was entertained by four competing bands that took to the stage this year, but Q Band Lynx’s performance outshone the others and the band was named the winner

June 29 - July 5, 2013


of the 2013 battle. In second place was the Band Boys and they received $2,000 in cash, six-months of service and Blackberries a $100 gift certificate for the wine cellar; and in third place was Island Boys, who took home $1,000 in cash and a $50 gift certificate for the wine cellar. The grand prize of $4,000 in cash, one year free service and Blackberry Z10 phones, along

The Diamond King

The battle was a treat for all ages

Barbara Johnson serenades her audience

A section of the massive gathering that turned out in support of the third annual Battle of the Bands

with a $150 gift certificate for the wine cellar went to the Q Band Lynx. Competition was tight as each group showcased their talents to an esteemed panel of judges, while keeping the crowd moving and together rocked the Turtle Cove Marina. The Battle of the Bands competition marked Islandcom’s fourth year of operations in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The Q Band Lynks – Winner of the 2013 Battle of the Bands

LEEWARD HIGHWAY. TELEPHONE: 649-946-4894 OR 231-3788



Congrats Class Of 2013, Wherever You Are. The Flower Girl Wishes You The Very Best. Move To Higher Heights. The Sky Is The Limit. Work Hard.

Opposition Leader attends Westminster workshop

OPPOSITION Leader, Sharlene CartwrightRobinson, left the Turks and Caicos Islands last Saturday (June 22) to attend the third Westminster workshop that addresses the work of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC). The Opposition Leader, who chairs the committee in the House of Assembly, was accompanied by Deputy Clerk to House of Assembly, Lydia Butterfield. The workshop hosted by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (UK) is in its second year and will explore the Public Accounts Committee (PAC)

as an institution that is central to the effective undertaking of Parliament’s duty of financial scrutiny of the executive. This year’s programme is designed to build on last year’s. The aim of the four-day workshop is to explore the key features of an effective PAC, with a particular focus on small legislatures – in order to enhance the capacity and effectiveness of delegates in their PAC work. The Leader of the Opposition and Deputy Clerk will be among the 90 chairs, members and clerks of Commonwealth Legislatures’ PACs and representatives

of overseas Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) at the workshop. The programme will consist of a number of detailed and practical sessions designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Public Accounts Committees of participating territories. The workshop is also expected to focus primarily on the PAC in small legislatures in an effort to enhance the capacity and effectiveness of the delegates. Participants will also observe the UKPAC in session. The sessions come to an end on June 29.

June 29 - July 5, 2013


Post of Governor’s assistant open to Islanders THE NEW post of personal assistant to the Governor has opened up and Governor’s spokesperson, Neil Smith, told the Weekly News that the Belongers, Permanent Resident Certificate (PRC) holders and British Overseas Territories Citizenship holders are eligible to apply. However, he pointed out that consideration of applications will not be restricted to these groups. The post pays some $40,000 annually. The new personal assistant will be expected to fully supporting the Governor by providing a first class personal assistant service; and an efficient and responsive administrative and secretarial service by helping him to manage and prioritise his time. The key duties and responsibilities include: managing and maintaining His Excellency the Governor’s diary; coordinating travel and accommodation requirements and ensuring arrangements are in place for H.E the Governor that matches his requirements; keeping and maintaining an

accurate record of expenditure; tracking and following up on requests from Ministers, Senior Officials and members of the General public; organising and storing paperwork, documents and computerbased information; managing H.E the Governor’s calendar and schedule; maintaining and supporting the IT infrastructure in the Governor’s Office; filtering general information, queries, phone calls and invitations to H.E the Governor by redirecting or taking forward such contact as appropriate; and performing any other administrative duties as determined by the Governor. The minimum qualifications and experience required are an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration or related field; a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Business Administration or any related field would be an asset and three years of on the job experience. The new PA will have to secure security clearance from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Security Clearance to hold this position.


Hotel and Tourism Association raises funds for Little Chefs RECENTLY residents and many local business owners enjoyed the sounds of nice music and the taste of good food while supporting the TCI Little Chefs in their upcoming initiatives. Officials from the Turks and Caicos Islands Hotel and Tourism Association (TCIHTA) organised a fundraising event at Blue Haven Resort and Marina formerly known as Nikki Beach, to assist with an upcoming Culinary Camp which will run from July 14 to 21. Residents took the opportunity to enjoy cuisine prepared by the Little Chefs with the guidance of professional chefs from local hotels which participated. The food provided was all complimentary along with a free drink when attendees arrived to the event. TCIHTA executive, Stacy Cox noted that proceeds raised from tickets for this event will go towards covering travel expenses for Little Chefs to attend the 2013 Taste of the Caribbean at the end of June in Miami, Florida. This is an event where chefs from across the Caribbean compete in different arts of culinary. Cox added that although the students will not take part this year, this will give them a good opportunity to get a feel of

Treasurer for Chamber of Commerce Wendy Hill, Minister of Education Hon. Akierra Missick, TCIHTA executive Stacy Cox, and National Youth Director Angela Musgrove

what the event is like, observe and take notes in hopes of representing the Turks and Caicos Islands in this event next year. She said: “It’s our first fundraising event for our Little Chef’s programme, tonight [Thursday] we have about six resorts participating in this fundraiser for our little chefs programme, in addition to that, this fundraiser will assist with our Little Chefs travelling to a Taste of the Caribbean at the end of the month.” Minister of Education, Akierra Missick, took a minute to bring kind remarks on the opportunity that the youths of the TCI will be embarking on.

She said: “I am grateful to Blue Haven for allowing us to use their wonderful restaurant to raise funds for the Little Chef’s programme and it’s just nice that our young men and women in the high schools get an opportunity to work in an executive kitchen and really understand the culture of hospitality on the scene. “We have some excellent chefs in the TCI and they are giving our young people an opportunity to make a decision as to what career path they want to take.” The event saw a great turn out and officials are hoping that next year there will be even more support from the public. (DAISY HANDFIELD)


June 29 - July 5, 2013


Spotlight on Salt Cay

Sarah Garland and the Forget-Me-Nots BY CANDY HERWIN WHILE the ‘first world war’ raged around the globe, Ms. Sarah Garland was born on Sunday, February 10, 1918, in the South District of the tiny salt raking island of Salt Cay. King George V was KingEmperor of the British Empire, and the Turks and Caicos Islands were part of the British Crown colony of Jamaica and had been since 1873. Sarah’s father was Samuel Simmons, a hardworking, bright skinned, stout man and a skilled blacksmith, who during his lifetime had thirteen children from three wives. “He could bend iron into any kind of shape over a coal burning fire. Anyone want something for their donkey

cart, boat or home, he could make it…He worked right from a shop on Mr. Howard Harriot’s premises” said Sarah. Her mother was Tabitha Elizabeth Simmons, a very strict lady who carried a bible by her side every day of her life. She was one of the best bakers on Salt Cay and at every event especially the cricket matches held on the parade ground, she would cook soup and buns for the crowd, followed later in the day by ‘Billy goat’ which her brother ‘Manny,’ caught from Cotton Cay. In her youth, Sarah grew up in the Morgan household, affluent Salt Merchants. The Morgan’s house had a veranda on the east and west side and in the basement they kept piles of salt ready for shipment to Jamaica, the States and further afield. The Morgan’s were also fortunate to own two shops; one selling an array of pretty hats amidst skeins of fabric and the other sold foodstuff and necessities like lard that was cut into pieces and sold wrapped in brown paper. Now, one of the daughters Ms. Jenny Morgan was by all accounts an educated and forward thinking lady with a huge heart. She taught many of the girls piano and vocal and a variety of creative skills like making pretty jewelry boxes decorated with bay shells and fish scales which were sold to Jamaica. It was in fact, Ms. Jenny Morgan that introduced the concept of ‘Girl Guides’ on Salt Cay with the aim of enabling young women to take

an active and responsible role in society. Ms. Sarah Garland took these words seriously and rose through the ranks to become leader of the troop called the ‘Forget-me Not’s.’ Mabel Wilson and Lillian Kennedy were childhood friends in the troop. Sarah said: “The patrols were named after flowers and we were eight or nine in a troop” said Sarah. “We learnt the Morse code…A is a dot dash, B is a dot and two dash and Ms. Jenny taught us how to signal. Sometimes there were steamers crossing by Salt Cay blinking a red light, which meant the boat was in danger.

“Ms. Jenny, saw the ships through a spyglass, called us guides right away and we would all be ticking down the letters of the Morse code, the ship signaling to you… way out over the edge of the deep and we all on the veranda, signaling back and catching the letters to form the message. When someone was sick, we would send for the pilots, Manny, my brother and Mr. Been, who would then sail out to the ship and carry the patient ashore for medical treatment in Grand Turk. “Be Prepared” was the Girl Guide motto and we always were..they were lovely days, lovely days!”

Fishing licences up for renewal by end of July THE Department of Environment and Maritime Affairs (DEMA) would like to remind the public that all fishing licences are up for renewal on July 31. All applicants are advised that under Section 6 of the Fisheries Protection Ordinance, Commercial Fishing Licences are restricted to Belongers only. Non-Belongers will not be granted a Commercial Fishing Licence or a renewal of a Commercial Fishing Licence. Foreigners wishing to engage in commercial fishing must be licensed as an assistant, sponsored by a Belonger, who is the holder of a Commercial Fishing

Licence. Applicants for an Assistant’s Licence must submit proof of a clean police record. Persons convicted of offences against the Fisheries Protection Ordinance will not be granted an Assistant’s Licence. Furthermore, a Belonger must be on-board every commercial fishing vessel during operation. All residents are eligible to apply for a Sport Fishing Licence for personal consumption. Any questions regarding fishing licences should be directed to DEMA at 9415122.

June 29 - July 5, 2013


Provo Primary students get nutrition education STUDENTS from grades two to six at Provo Primary School had a chance to practice hands on nutrition as they took part in nutrition education classes put on by Nutrition in Demand, a non-profit organisation founded by registered dietitian, Tamika Handfield. The classes ran from June 12 to 14, as part of the school’s ‘Keeping Healthy Week’. The nutrition education sessions were divided into two main sections: education and cooking. During the sessions, some classes discussed the importance and goodness of whole grains and learnt how to read food labels while other classes discussed healthy snacking. The students, dressed in their kitchen attire of aprons and chef’s hats, got to play chef by peeling, grating, chopping and stirring as they prepared a healthy recipe which they all enjoyed afterwards. Commenting on the sessions, the school’s principal, Sian Jones, said:

“Each term we have a ‘Keeping Healthy Week’ at our school during which the children participate in activities designed to encourage them to work towards building and maintaining a healthy body and mind. “Tamika’s sessions were a focal point of this term’s week with the children thoroughly enjoying learning about the importance of healthy food choices in an informative but fun way. “We are delighted to be working with Tamika to promote healthy lifestyles and would like to thank her for her generous donation of an array of cooking utensils and equipment. "These will allow more children throughout the school to access this important aspect of our health education curriculum through handson cooking activities.” The school and Nutrition in Demand are expected to further collaborate to produce a child friendly healthy recipe cookbook.

LIME gives free access for online learning STUDENTS in grades one to five now have the opportunity to freely access to log on and have fun learning, compliments of LIME. The telecommunications company is asking parents to submit their child or children’s information so they can be signed up. The information needed includes the child’s name, school, grade (as at September 2013), email address and telephone number. Information should be submitted to This is open to all LIME customers. This is the second year that LIME is affording this opportunity to students. However, last year, the programme was extended only to those students going into grade five. There are exercises that students can participate in and there are teachers who will be available to answer any question submitted via the programme. There is another programme for the students in grade six, the

‘Go GSAT’ programme, an online learning website, is touted by the Education Department as having supported students in preparing for the exams. The online programme gave students the opportunity to complete practice questions, download handouts and access live tutorials in relation to topics that more than likely appeared on the examination. For students in grade six to be registered for the Go GSAT for 2013/2014, parents need to go through the principal to get the log on information for their children. LIME has already invested over $100,000 in this programme since its inception and the reward is seen when children excel. General manager Drexwell Seymour, commenting on the support, said: “This is indeed a wonderful opportunity for students. "They could have their time to relax over the summer holiday but parents can still carve out some time for them to continue to be involved in the learning process.”


The students that participated in the three-day session

Handfield said: “The children fully enjoyed these sessions and are more likely to continue to eat these foods because they got to prepare the recipe and it was done in a fun environment.” The nutrition education and cooking programme, donation of kitchen utensils and the recipe book were all made possible with funds raised from the second annual Nutrition in Demand’s Move-a-thon (formerly known as ACCU Nutrition Move-a-thon). Handfield said: “This event, held

every second weekend in January, has quickly become one of the country’s premier events. "It gives persons an opportunity to kick start their healthy New Year’s resolutions as well as donate much needed funds to Nutrition in Demand a non-profit organisation aimed at raising awareness to health and healthy eating.” Nutrition in Demand is a nonprofit organisation aimed at raising awareness to health and healthy eating and to provide nutrition education across the life span.

The organisation has various projects such as nutrition workshops/ seminars, nutrition education/ cooking classes for children, nutrition and physical activity camps for children, weight loss support groups, recreational congregate centres for seniors among others. Nutrition in Demand’s motto is ‘Eating healthy today…Living Longer, Better Tomorrow’, indicative of its dedication to providing everyone with credible nutrition information they can use to live healthy lives.


Oprah Winfrey tops Forbes list of powerful celebs OPRAH Winfrey has regained the top spot on Forbes magazine’s annual most powerful celebrities list. The TV personality has been a runner-up for the past two years, but on Wednesday it was revealed that Oprah has regained her crown. It is the fifth time the 59-year-old star has topped the prestigious list of 100 celebrities, beating out stiff competition from the likes of chart superstars Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Madonna. Jennifer Lopez - who was No. 1 last year - dropped to 12th place in this year’s rankings. Oprah made an estimated $77 million between June 2012 and June 2013, down from last year’s $165 million. However, despite not being the highest earner on Forbes magazine’s list, “her money, mixed with strong fame scores in metrics

Oprah Winfrey was a runner up on the list for the last two years.

like press mentions and social networking power, pushed her to the top,” said Forbes writer Dorothy Pomerantz. “She still wields an enormous amount of power, which is really what we look for in our fame matrix. She is taking this cable

network and turning it around just through the sheer force of her will, her connections and her ability,” Pomerantz continued. Lady Gaga ranked second on the list, despite having to cut her tour short because of a hip injury. The eccentric star’s social media success and press influence pushed her up the list, aside from her $80 million earnings. Esteemed Hollywood director Steven Spielberg came in third, while Beyoncé and Madonna claimed the fourth and fifth spots, respectively. Taylor Swift came in sixth place, Bon Jovi was named in seventh position, while Roger Federer and Justin Bieber came in eighth and ninth places. Ellen DeGeneres was also named in the top ten, coming in just behind Bieber.


Regional News


June 29 - July 5, 2013

“No one is safe” in the Bahamas – opines Deputy PM

DEPUTY Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis said this week the attack on his body guard proves that no one is “safe” from the unrelenting scourge of crime in the country. Speaking to reporters outside of Cabinet, Mr Davis said Bahamians, from all walks of life, need to come together to help in the fight against crime. His comments came after his personal aide, Sergeant Andrew Sweeting, was shot in front of a residence behind Prince Charles Shopping Centre, early Monday morning. Sweeting was shot in the lower abdomen and left palm, during an armed robbery by two assailants. Police have confirmed they are questioning three men in connection with the shooting. The men, ages 23, 36 and 18, all of Nassau Village were taken into custody around noon on Monday. Mr Davis said he spoke with Sergeant Sweeting yesterday

Deputy PM Philip Davis said that Bahamians, from all walks of life, need to come together to help in the fight against crime.

morning. He said he is doing well and is “eager” to return to work. “I have spoken and seen him,” Mr Davis said, “he is in good spirits, he is going to be well. His injuries are not life threatening. Thank God he is still with us today. The incident

doesn’t add anything to our criminal activity and it doesn’t take anything away, but it is still unacceptably high and what it tells us is that none of us are safe from what is taking place in our country today. We must all come together and make a concerted effort to fight the surge of crime we have on our hands.” Mr Davis also confirmed that Mr Sweeting was working at the time of the incident. “I was out of the country,” he said. “The other police aide was travelling with me as he elected to have him go instead, he was at home readying the vehicle to come and get us from the airport and he said he was cleaning the car to come to collect us and that is when the incident happened.” “When I saw him he was ready to get out of bed to come, but he is in good spirits with respect to recovering from the surgeries he just had to correct the issues with his hand and stomach. I doubt he was targeted. His own explanation of the events speak against that.” Investigations into the matter are continuing.

Jamaica announces smoking ban in public spaces DESCRIBING it as the most farreaching piece of public health policy undertaken in recent times, Health Minister Dr Fenton Ferguson has announced that as of July 15, no smoking will be permitted in public spaces across Jamaica. In making the announcement in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, Ferguson said smoking would be banned in all enclosed places, public transportation, workplaces, government buildings, health facilities, sports, athletics and recreational facilities, educational facilities, areas specifically for use by children, and places of collective use such as bus stops. Ferguson told Parliament that the Government had developed a new regulatory framework – the Public Health (Tobacco Control) Regulations 2013 – and that he used his power as minister to impose the ban. Persons found guilty of violating the law are liable for a fine of $50,000 and/or three months’ imprisonment for the first offence. In the case of a second conviction, persons face up to $500,000 in fines and/or jail time of six months, or up to 12 months’ imprisonment for subsequent offences. The minister told legislators that smoking has been a major contributor to deaths on the island and said smokers are victims of their practices. He said tobacco smoke

From July 15 it will be a criminal offence in Jamaica to smoke in public.

is a toxic mix of more than 7,000 chemicals of which 70 can cause cancer. The minister told fellow legislators that he took his responsibility to deal with the protection of the health of the people of Jamaica seriously. “I am not just anti-smoker, I am rather pro-health,” Ferguson said. He noted that tobacco kills up to half of its users and “is the only industry that kills its best and most loyal and faithful customers”. He said tobacco kills nearly six million people each year, including more than 600,000 non-smokers

exposed to second-hand smoke. He also said approximately 80 per cent of the world’s one billion smokers lived in low- and middle-income countries like Jamaica. The quest to ban smoking in public places gained momentum in the former administration when Rudyard Spencer was minister of health. “He tried his best,” Ferguson said in acknowledging his predecessor’s efforts. Jamaica ratified the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in 2005.

Haiti’s Sunrise Airways currently operates 19-seat Jetstream 32 EP aircraft on domestic routes within Haiti.

Haiti’s Sunrise Airways plans to expand service to TCI and Jamaica HAITI’S Sunrise Airways is planning to expand its service network to Kingston, Jamaica and Providenciales in Turks and Caicos, the company announced. Sunrise currently operates 19-seat Jetstream 32 EP aircraft on domestic routes within Haiti. “While the Eastern Caribbean has long been well-served by hub operations in San Juan, we here in the West have generally been forced to endure lengthy connections outside the region,” said Philippe Bayard,

President of Sunrise Airways, in a statement. The startup company was established in 2009 before launching its scheduled flights in Haiti last year. “Sunrise Airways aims to change the old paradigm, creating enhanced, more efficient air service options for business and leisure travelers in our corner of the region, while also boosting business development and tourism prospects here in Haiti,” Bayard said. (Caribbean Journal)

Aruba to run solely on sustainable energy by 2020 THE Aruba Tourism Authority the claims that 70 square-mile island is on track to become the world’s first sustainable energy economy and achieve the goal of running on 100 percent sustainable energy by 2020. The Vader Piet Windmill Farm, built in 2009 on the island’s northern coast, consists of ten 180-metre high wind turbines that currently produce 20 percent of Aruba’s electricity. Plans are in progress for a second wind farm, which will double the energy capacity and continue to decrease Aruba’s carbon footprint. In June 2012, Prime Minister Mike Eman and entrepreneur Richard Branson announced a partnership between Aruba and the Carbon War Room, an initiative that seeks to reduce global carbon emission. Promoting the Caribbean Island’s green credentials in a release Tuesday, the ATA said the partnership would transition the island to 100 percent renewable energy while eliminating any reliance on fossil fuels and will create a model for other countries to replicate. The island’s constant supply of sun, eastern trade winds and ocean currents allow for research and field-testing of renewable energy technologies. The islands tourism authority noted that in recent years,

sustainability efforts within the travel industry have progressed from a niche consideration to an industrywide priority; 96% of Conde Nast Traveler readers believe hotels and resorts should be responsible for protecting the environment in which they operate. “The opportunities for renewable development on Aruba are really extraordinary ... Aruba could truly be a model to the world in terms of a sustainable place to live and work,” said Harvard Professor George Baker. Aruba’s private sector is also committed to preserving and protecting the environment, which is evident in the island’s several certified and sustainable hotel and resort properties. EarthCheck, the premier international certification alliance for sustainable travel and tourism, complies with the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 114064 range of standards for greenhouse gas accounting. To date, six resorts on-island are certified by EarthCheck and eight are on the road to achieving certification.

June 29 - July 5, 2013

Regional News



Six CARICOM countries put on Watch List for human trafficking EVEN as Caribbean Community (CARICOM) governments, during the past year, have seemingly made efforts in addressing human trafficking, the United States says many of them have still not done enough in tackling the issue. In this nexus, in its 2013Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report, the US Department of State placed six CARICOM countries Barbados, Guyana, Haiti, St. Lucia, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago - on its Tier 2 Watch List. Another four - Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Jamaica, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines - have been listed on the Tier 2 List. In distinguishing the two “lists” Washington defines countries on the Tier 2 Watch List as those whose governments “do not fully comply” with the minimum standards in its Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) but are making significant efforts to bring themselves into compliance with those standards, and the absolute number of victims of severe forms of trafficking is, among other things, “very significant or is significantly increasing”. Countries on the Tier 2 List, on the other hand, are those whose governments do not fully comply with the TVPA’s minimum standards but are simply making significant efforts to bring themselves into compliance with those standards. The State Department said Haiti is a source, transit and destination country for men, women and children subjected to forced labour and sex trafficking. It says most of Haiti’s trafficking cases comprise the estimated 150,000 to half a million children in domestic servitude in households throughout the French-speaking

Caribbean country. In addition to experiencing forced labour, the report says these children are vulnerable to beatings, sexual assaults and other abuses by family members in the homes in which they are residing. Washington said “dismissed and runaway children” from domestic servitude make up a “significant proportion” of the large population of street children who end up forced into prostitution, begging or street crime by criminal gangs in Haiti. The report notes of documented cases of Dominican women in forced prostitution in Haiti, and that Haitians are exploited in forced labour in the neighbouring Dominican Republic and elsewhere in the Caribbean, as well as in the United States. The report claims that Barbados is a source and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labour, stating that evidence suggests foreign women are “forced into prostitution” in the country. Washington claims that the Barbados government did not establish formal, systematic procedures to guide officials across the government in proactively identifying victims of sex trafficking and forced labor and referring them to available services, “though it reportedly employed interim procedures during the last year”. In the case of Trinidad and Tobago, the State Department says that T&T is a destination and transit country for adults and children subjected to sex trafficking and adults subjected to forced labour. The State Department describes Guyana as a source and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to sex trafficking

and forced labour, stating that Guyanese and foreign women and girls are subjected to forced prostitution in the country. It said there have been concerns that exploitative child labour practices, some of which likely include human trafficking, occur within the mining industry, agriculture and forestry sectors. The report says traffickers are attracted to Guyana’s interior mining communities, “where there is limited government control” and that a lack of economic opportunities in more populated coastal regions of the country draws individuals, some underage, to seek employment in the interior, “where they sometimes fall victim to trafficking” The State Department said the situation in neighbouring Suriname is almost the same and that women and girls from Suriname, Guyana, Brazil and the Dominican Republic are subjected to sex trafficking in the country. During the year, Washington said the Brazilian government identified Suriname as a “key transit point for Brazilian trafficking victims exploited in Europe”. The State Department also says that media reports and past convictions indicate that debt bondage and sex trafficking occur within the Chinese migrant community in Suriname. St. Lucia is a destination country for persons subjected to forced prostitution and forced labour and Washington said legal and illegal immigrants from Haiti, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Guyana, and South Asia, especially those working in domestic service, reportedly are the groups most vulnerable to human trafficking.

It said there are indications children under 18 are “coerced to engage in commercial sex in St. Lucia” and that sex trafficking victims are likely found among foreign women in prostitution. Police and other sources said the most likely sex trafficking perpetrators in the country are: pimps, strip club operators, and brothel owners. The report characterises Jamaica as a source, transit and destination country for adults and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labour and that the exploitation of local children in the sex trade as a form of sex trafficking, “remains a serious problem”. Washington said yes sex trafficking of children and adults likely occurs on the street, in night clubs, bars, and in private homes throughout Jamaica, including in resort towns. In addition, it said massage parlours in Jamaica reportedly often lure women into prostitution under the false pretense of employment as massage therapists and then withhold their wages and restrict their movement, “key indicators of human trafficking. “People living in Jamaica’s poverty-stricken garrison communities, territories ruled by criminal “Dons”, effectively outside of the government’s control, are especially at risk,” the report said, adding that NGOs also expressed concern that children from poor families sent to better-off families or local “Dons”, with the intent of a chance at a better life, are “highly vulnerable to prostitution and forced labour, including domestic servitude”. The report said other at-risk

children are those working in the informal sector, such as on farms, or in street vending, markets and shops, as well as those engaging in begging. The State Department says Antigua and Barbuda is a destination and transit country for men, women and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labour, stating that legal and undocumented immigrants from the Caribbean region, notably from Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, as well as from Southeast Asia, reportedly comprise the population most vulnerable to trafficking. It says, according to several sources, forced prostitution occurs in bars, taverns and brothels, and that incidences of forced labor have occurred in domestic service and in the retail sector. The report says that while the Baldwin Spencer administration does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking, “it is making significant efforts to do so” and that the government made “little discernible progress” in the prosecution of trafficking offenders during the reporting period. Belize is regarded also as a source, destination, and transit country for men, women, and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labour and that a common form of human trafficking is the “coerced prostitution of children, often occurring through parents pushing their children to provide sexual favours to older men in exchange for school fees, money and gifts”. St. Vincent and the Grenadines, like the other Caribbean islands was identified as a source, transit and destination country for some men, women and children subjected to forced labour and sex trafficking.

Jamaica to help African state deal with teenage pregnancy JAMAICA says it will provide technical assistance to Burkina Faso in preventing adolescent pregnancies and supporting adolescent mothers. Information Minister Sandrea Falconer made the disclosure following a study tour of the Women’s Centre of Jamaica Foundation as part of the activities of the Working Mission from Burkina Faso, led by the First Lady of the West African country, Chantal Compaoré. Falconer said the modalities of bilateral agreement are being worked out and that additional discussions will commence at a later date. “What I have asked the team at Jamaica House to do, and they will be working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, is for us to arrange how we can offer technical support to the people of

Burkina Faso, in ensuring that they are able to set up centres similar to our Women’s Centre,” she added. She said that through the assistance offered at the centres, teenage mothers can be reintegrated into the formal education system. “The girls can cut down on the number of pregnancies and they can find their meaningful place in society,” she said, adding that the government is committed to the continued education of teenage mothers. The minister said that effective September this year, it will be mandatory for all school-aged mothers to be reintegrated into the formal school system. “Before we had that policy entrenched, it was up to the discretion of the teachers and we felt that was not good enough and as a government,

we are committed to see our girls, even if they become pregnant, have the opportunity to go back to school and make a meaningful contribution to society, and the only way they can do that is through education,” she said, adding that the Portia Simpson Miller government would continue to support centres across the island. Mrs. Compaoré said she is impressed with the mechanisms that have been established to cater to, prevent, and support adolescent girls who may become pregnant. The First Lady, who departs the island on Saturday, said it is the intention of her government to adopt and replicate some of the strategies observed in Jamaica. “The whole problem of teenage pregnancy is extremely important and we hope that after we leave

nformation Minister Sandrea Falconer (left), in discussions with First Lady of Burkina Faso, Chantal Compaoré (centre) and Board Chairman of the Women’s Centre of Jamaica Foundation, Rosa Joseph

here, we will become leaders in West Africa in this particular subject and we will do everything possible to get the adolescent mothers into the programme,” she said. In Burkina Faso, recent studies

show that adolescent girls and young women are the first victims of unwanted pregnancies and illegal/ unsafe abortions, along with all the risks and consequences they cause. (CMC)


World News


Official says Nelson Mandela on life support SOUTH Africans lit candles outside the hospital where anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela lay Wednesday night amid a report that the former president was on life support. An official briefed on his condition said he was on life support, but government spokesman Mac Maharaj declined to comment on the report, citing doctor-patient confidentiality. Mandela, 94, considered the founding father of South Africa’s multiracial democracy, has been hospitalized since June 8 for a recurring lung infection. Authorities have described his condition as critical since Sunday, and after visiting him late Wednesday night, President Jacob Zuma canceled his visit to Mozambique where he was supposed to attend a summit Thursday on infrastructure investment. As the nation remained on edge, police barricaded the street leading to the hospital’s main entrance. Well-wishers hung balloons, stuffed animals and messages of support along the wall, and crowds hovering nearby sang “Where is Mandela?” “We need you!,” one sign read. “We love you tata, get well soon!”

Well-wishers have gathered outside the hospital in Pretoria where Mr Mandela is being treated

said another, referring to Mandela by the Xhosa word for father. Several relatives came out to collect some of those items Wednesday. “He’s going to feel a lot better when he sees these signs,” said David Manaway, Mandela’s grandson-inlaw. His former physician and the nation’s ex-surgeon general, Dr. Vejay Ramlakan, also visited the hospital Wednesday, said the national news agency, South African

Press Association. Mandela became an international figure while enduring 27 years in prison for fighting against apartheid, the country’s system of racial segregation. He was elected the nation’s first black president in 1994, four years after he was freed. “He is our hero. He is my mentor, my father. He is everything to me,” said Kuda Nyahumzvi, 36. “But when it is his time, we wish his soul could just rest. He spent so long in jail and struggling.”

Texas executes 500th person since resuming death penalty THE US state of Texas has executed its 500th prisoner since it reinstated the death penalty in 1982. Kimberly McCarthy, 52, who was convicted of killing her neighbour in 1997, was given a lethal injection on Wednesday evening. McCarthy was also the first woman executed in the US for nearly three years. Texas is one of 32 states to still have the death penalty, but it carries out the most executions. Since the US Supreme Court allowed capital punishment to resume in 1976, 40% of all executions have taken place in the state. Despite growing opposition to the death penalty worldwide, Texans support it. A poll by the University of Texas and the Texas Tribune last year found 73% of voters backed the punishment. ‘500 too many’ Officials said that for them, the state’s 500th execution was no different to any other. “We simply carried out the court’s order,” Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman Jason Clark told the Associated Press. McCarthy, a former nursing home therapist who became addicted to

Protesters held up placards outside the prison where McCarthy was executed.

crack cocaine, attacked 71-yearold retired psychology professor Dorothy Booth inside her home in the town of Lancaster, with a butcher’s knife and candelabra. She used the knife to sever her victim’s finger and get her wedding ring. In her final statement before being given a single lethal dose of pentobarbital, McCarthy did not mention her status as the 500th person to be executed. “This is not a loss. This is a win.

You know where I’m going. I’m going home to be with Jesus. Keep the faith. I love you all,” she said. McCarthy was pronounced dead at 18:37 (23:37 GMT). Her lawyer Maurie Levin said in a statement: “Five hundred is 500 too many. I look forward to the day when we recognise that this pointless and barbaric practice, imposed almost exclusively on those who are poor and disproportionately on people of colour, has no place in a civilised society.” (BBC)

June 29 - July 5, 2013

Deadly new virus claims more victims, baffles scientists WITH the deadly new Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) virus continuing its slow but steady spread, concerns are being expressed about next month’s Ramadan, when millions of Muslim pilgrims from all over the world will be converging on Saudi Arabia, the site of what appears to be an ongoing outbreak of the disease. The death of a Saudi man from the virus on Monday brought the kingdom’s death toll from the SARSlike infection to 34, according to the ministry of health. Other new cases have also been recorded, especially in Eastern Province where most of the infections have occurred, the ministry added on its website, noting that there have been 66 cases of infection from MERS in the kingdom since the disease surfaced. One week previously, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said that 64 laboratory-confirmed cases of the disease had been recorded worldwide, including 38 deaths. MERS is a member of the coronavirus family, which includes the pathogen that causes Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), a disease that sparked global panic 10 years ago after it jumped to humans from animals in Asia and killed about 800 people. Like SARS, MERS appears to cause a lung infection, with patients suffering from fever, coughing and breathing difficulties. But it differs in that it also causes rapid kidney failure and appears far more lethal than SARS. Compared to SARS’ eight percent death rate, the fatality rate for MERS is about 65 percent, though experts concede that they could be missing mild cases that might skew the figures. While most of the cases have been concentrated in Saudi Arabia, the MERS virus has also spread to neighbouring Jordan, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE),

and cases have also been found in France, Germany, Italy, Tunisia and Britain. An international team of doctors who investigated nearly two dozen cases in eastern Saudi Arabia found the new coronavirus has some striking similarities to SARS. Unlike SARS, however, scientists remain baffled as to the source of MERS. While SARS was traced to bats before jumping to humans via civet cats, the source of the MERS virus remains a mystery. It is most closely related to a bat virus though some experts suspect people may be getting sick from animals like goats or camels. Another hypothesis is that infected bats may be contaminating foods like dates, commonly harvested and eaten in Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, doctors around the world have struggled to treat patients infected with the new virus. “We need more information from other countries to find out what the best treatment is,” said Dr Clemens Wendtner, who treated a MERS patient who later died in Germany. “Our patient got everything possible and it still didn’t help him.” Other experts are concerned about the worrying signs surrounding MERS. “As long as it is around, it has every opportunity at the genetic roulette table to turn into something more dangerous,” said Michael Osterholm, an infectious diseases expert at the University of Minnesota. WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan has previously called MERS the single biggest public health threat and acknowledged officials were “empty-handed” regarding prevention measures. “We understand too little about this virus when viewed against the magnitude of its potential threat,” she said last month in Geneva. (Caribbean 360)

Chinese woman’s breast implant explodes A CHINESE woman’s breast implant exploded after she lay on her stomach playing an iPhone game for four hours, it’s claimed. Doctors think the poor quality of the fake boob, combined with the pressure placed on them for such a long time, caused it to rupture. The woman had been playing “Dragon Summoner” in bed

when she felt a searing pain in her chest. Rushed to hospital, medics operated quickly to take out the implant. It’s not clear whether it was replaced, reports SZNews, which also revealed she underwent surgery in the first place to boost her low self-esteem. (NYdailynews)

June 29 - July 5, 2013

World News



Kevin Rudd sworn in as new Australian prime minister The mouse was cloned from a blood cell.

Mouse cloned from drop of blood SCIENTISTS in Japan have cloned a mouse from a single drop of blood. Circulating blood cells collected from the tail of a donor mouse were used to produce the clone, a team at the Riken BioResource Center reports in the journal Biology of Reproduction. The female mouse lived a normal lifespan and could give birth to young, say the researchers. Scientists at a linked institute recently created nearly 600 exact genetic copies of one mouse. Mice have been cloned from several different sources of donor cells, including white blood cells found in the lymph nodes, bone marrow and liver. The Japanese research group investigated whether circulating blood cells could also be used for cloning. Their aim was to find an easily available source of donor cells to clone scientifically valuable strains

of laboratory mice. The team, led by Atsuo Ogura, of Riken BioResource Center in Tsukuba, took blood from the tail of a donor mouse, isolated the white blood cells, and used the nuclei for cloning experiments, using the same technique that produced Dolly the sheep in Edinburgh. The process, known as somatic cell nuclear transfer, involves transferring the nucleus from an adult body cell - such as a blood or skin cell - into an unfertilised egg that has had its nucleus removed. Reporting their findings in the US journal, Biology of Reproduction, the scientists said the study “demonstrated for the first time that mice could be cloned using the nuclei of peripheral blood cells”. They added: “These cells could be used for cloning immediately after collection and no donor animals need to be euthanised.

Gay man in Chicago killed his wife for insurance payout, prosecutors say THIS is double indemnity — with a twist. A Chicago man is currently on trial for allegedly murdering his wife for insurance money after realising he was no longer in love with her because he was gay. Prosecutors said that Darron Brewer, 26, plotted to kill wife Kenyatae Coller-Brewer for the insurance payout. DNAInfo reports that CollerBrewer, 22, worked for the U.S. National Guard and had a life insurance policy through the reserve military force. Prosecutors allege that Brewer and his younger brother, Dujuan Powe, plotted to kill Coller-Brewer before the couple’s marriage was over, giving the former husband a financial nest egg. The couple had two children together. Cook County Assistant State Attorney Jeff Allen said in court Monday that the brothers hatched a plan in October 2009 for Brewer to strangle her at her home in Logan Square. But, Allen said, the alleged conspirer couldn’t go through with

Darron Brewer is on trial for allegedly murdering his wife for insurance money; he said that he realised he was gay and plotted to murder her before their marriage ended, prosecutors said.

it: “Instead of killing her, (he) had sex with her, consensual sex.” The court heard that Brewer faked a carjacking, forcing his wife into the trunk of their car, then shooting her on Oct. 25, 2009. Both brothers are charged in her murder, and their trial is expected to last for several more days, the website reports. (NYdailynews)

KEVIN Rudd has been sworn in as prime minister of Australia, a day after he ousted Julia Gillard as leader of the Labor Party. Mr Rudd took the oath at Government House in front of Governor-General Quentin Bryce. He then addressed parliament briefly, paying tribute to Ms Gillard, who is stepping down from politics. The leadership change comes ahead of an election scheduled for 14 September, which polls suggest Labor will lose. Opposition leader Tony Abbott called on Mr Rudd to clarify whether the election would be brought forward. “I congratulate the prime minister on his restoration to high office,” he said. “May he elevate that office... by telling the Australian people when will they get the chance to decide who the prime minister of this country should be and who should form the government of this country?” Mr Rudd said he would “identify a date for an election”, suggesting that he would not stick with the date set by Ms Gillard. “There’s going to be an election, it will be held consistent with the constitution and... there’s not going to be a huge variation one way or the other,” he said. Mr Rudd returned to lead Australia’s government three years and three days after he was toppled

Kevin Rudd was sworn in, promising to do his ‘’absolute best’’

in a similar Labor leadership contest by Ms Gillard, then his deputy. He secured 57 votes to Ms Gillard’s 45 in Wednesday’s vote, which followed months of speculation and bitter infighting over who should lead Labor into the forthcoming election. Opinion polls have suggested Labor will suffer a crushing defeat. But Mr Rudd is more popular with voters than Ms Gillard and many believe the party will perform better under him. Speaking after his win on Wednesday, Mr Rudd said he resumed the role of prime minister with “an important sense of energy and purpose”. “Why am I taking on this

challenge? For me it’s pretty basic, it’s pretty clear. I simply do not have it in my nature to stand idly by and to allow an Abbott government to come to power in this country by default,” he said. Ms Gillard resigned as prime minister on Wednesday and said she would leave politics, as she and Mr Rudd had agreed the loser would before the vote. Despite their bitter rivalry, Mr Rudd praised his predecessor when he addressed parliament shortly after being sworn in. “Through the difficult years of minority government the former prime minister has achieved major reforms for our nation that will shape our country’s future,” he said.

Queen set for 5% raise on back of bumper real estate profits BRITAIN’S Queen Elizabeth II can expect a sweet 5% raise next year, thanks in large part to record profits from real estate. The Crown Estate, a public body that manages property for the monarch, posted a record profit of 252.6 million British pounds ($387.2 million) for the last financial year -up by 5.2% from last year. The good news for the nation is that all the profit from the estate is paid into the public coffers. The queen is then paid a grant each year by the Treasury equal to 15% of the profit from two years before. That means the monarch, who celebrated 60 years on the throne last year, will receive income of nearly 38 million pounds next year, according to the estate’s annual report, released Thursday. The revenue for the Crown Estate comes from everything from chic central London stores to offshore wind farms and rural housing developments. Even U.S. retailer J. Crew helped

Queen Elizabeth II can expect a 5% raise next year.

swell its profits in the last year -- it’s one of a number of international brands to open a new store on Regent Street, in the heart of London. Apple, Banana Republic and Anthropologie are three more of the big American firms to find a home on the Crown Estate-owned street. As for energy production, about 300 new offshore wind turbines came on line over the year.

The estate manages almost all of Britain’s coastal waters and some of its finest parkland, including Windsor Great Park, by Windsor Castle. It is also one of the country’s largest rural landowners, holding about 356,000 acres of agricultural land and forests, together with mineral resources, homes and commercial property. (CNN)


Job Listings Services Auto sales real estate


Brama Kumaris


3-bedroom apartment $1100.00 per month it will be available May 1st.

contact: 946-4664

Raja Yoga Meditation Centre Turks and Caicos Islands

Telephone 946-4760 & 332-4101 Email:


June 29 - July 5, 2013

946-4664 Fax: 946-4661



BAY BISTRO Is looking for a

Kitchen Helper To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 232-1025


Construction scaffold and roof tiles for sale CONTACT: 431-1591 OR 231-3788

June 29 - July 5, 2013



LE VELE Is looking for a



Must be willing to work weekends nights and holidays. Salary $5.50 per hour.

For Audit Senior roles experience in audit required salary range: $40,000-$50,000 per annum apple to: or Telexfax: 649-946-4892 no later than July 5th, 2013, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands 8763

Contact: 232-4272

- High school diploma - Literate in computer programs & internet - 5 years exp. as office manager & customer service - Communicate clearly and effectively with customers & staff - Willing to work in a very loud environment

Job Responsibilities:

- Negotiate with int.suppliers & resolve complaints/confrontation - Complete all customs entries & follow up promptly to ensure down time is limited - Oversee work of office employees 

- Track stocks, shipments, financial records, employee records & national insurance status - Handle various banking transactions - Answer phone, take messages & assist in radio communications - Retrieve jobs/car parts such as engine heads from back shop to pass to customers - Be available for spare driving - We are a small operation business and help is required in many areas on various situations - Represent company in court - Collect payments from customers - Establish/operate a monitored youth training program Wages start at $400/week

Belongers need only apply. Applicants should call 941-5802 for an application or email/fax resume to or 941-5803



$180,000 CASH! House and ½ Acre land Richmond Hill 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath Fully furnished

Call: 231-3788

Office Assistant ;; Must be experience with Microsoft Word ;; Salary based on office experience ;;Belonger need only apply



Requires one

Requires one qualified

Apply to: or Telefax: 649-946-4892 no lather than July 12th, 2013 Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands

Amazing Value! Lot for Sale

In Gated/Planned Community in Long Bay. Flamingo Crossing lot comes with full set of House Plans, all underground utilities, etc.

$49,999 o.b.o. Call 231-3788


June 29 - July 5, 2013




Fitness Instructor Requirements:

* Prior experience as a fitness trainer in a high end environment with experience in both personal training and teaching classes. * Certification(s) in fitness instruction, personal training, pilates etc. * High level of personal fitness with ability to demonstrate proper usage of equipment and proper exercise techniques. * Very energetic person with commitment to ensuring high levels of guest satisfaction.

Duties Include:

* Create and provide consistent professional fitness classes and personal training sessions in accordance with spa protocols and accepted certification practices. * Provide instruction on safe usage of fitness equipment. * Care for and maintain fitness equipment. * Actively promote the spa, treatments, services and retail as well as any promotions or discounts. * Assist in areas of the spa operation as requested by management. * Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts Starting salary $6.00 per hour not including service charge

Landscaping Project Manager Requirements:

* Minimum of 5 years experience in managing the landscaping department of a 5 star Luxury Caribbean Resort. * Post secondary degree or equivalent qualification by experience * Expert knowledge of Zone 9 Caribbean landscaping. * Vast knowledge in horticulture, native plant species and chemical usage towards the prevention of plant disease and insect control. * Must have extensive experience with Irrigation systems and landscape maintenance. * Must have strong supervisory skills and demonstrated experience managing a grounds department, landscaping, tool safety, chemical usage and operation of lawn equipment. * Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts.

Duties Include:

* Impeccable maintenance of grounds and landscaping. * Ability to identify areas for improvement and keeps abreast of latest trends in regards to plants, irrigation, landscape maintenance and chemical applications. * Ensuring proper utilization and maintenance of equipment. * Managing overall cleanliness of work, storage and space areas. Starting salary $35,000 per annum, not including service charge

Waste Water Plant Requirements:

* Minimum 2 years prior experience in the Waste Water plant of a luxury hotel property. * Knowledge of water testing and reading sample results. * Proficiency with hospitality operating systems. * Strong organizational and time management discipline with ability to multi-task. * Solid judgment and ability to resolve conflicts effectively. * Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts

Duties Include:

* Take water samples and provide testing for sediment amount, chlorine and ph. * Ability to make adjustments to the plant equipment pending outcome of testing results. * Washing down of all floats, sidewalks, equipment and railings on a daily basis. * The technician will also be required to fill the chlorine feeder with the proper amount of tablets as needed. * Responsible to do all checks and repairs on plant equipment to include air compressors, pumps and filter equipment. * Ensure that proper backwashing is done on a regular basis or as needed. * Required to legibly record all discrepancies and testing information on a daily record log. Starting salary $7.50 per hour not including service charge

Pool & Beach Supervisor Requirements:

* Must be an excellent swimmer with rescue capability and first aid training * Must be able to operate and teach others to operate catamarans, kayaks other watercrafts * Must be able to be on your feet for long periods of time and able to lift at least 50 lbs * Must be calm under pressure and possess the ability to instill in all pool and beach staff that they are there to serve the guest quickly and courteously

Duties Include:

* Supervising and overseeing the pool and beach staff and providing training * Ensuring that the umbrellas, chairs etc. are properly set up at the correct time each morning and properly stowed away each evening * Ensuring pool and beach areas are clean and well maintained at all times with sufficient clean towels available

Interested applicants should apply to Regent Palms, Human Resources Department, Monday through Friday, and bring along an updated resume, or by emailing your resume to no later than Friday, July 12, 2013.

For a private residence

• Must be able to care for animals, light cleaning, light maintenance • Must have a CPR Certification • Must be able to work flexible hours • Must have own transportation • Must have a valid and clean TCI Drivers license • Wages starting at $5.00 per hour

Contact: 231-4479


To work 6 days per week must have at least 3 years experience in fishing salary is based on experience

Sales Person To work 6 days per week salary $5.50 per hour




is looking for the following persons:

Contact: 649-243-8399 or 649-245-6228


the largest readership in the turks & caicos

Ricardo Fulford Consultant Services on behalf of his clients:

Chukka Caribbean Adventures (TCI)LTD

is seeking employment for the following:

1) Labourer

Salary starts at $275.00 per week. Interested candidate may contact Employer at 1(649)332-1339 for further details regarding employment.

Froggie's On the Beach

is seeking employment for the following:

1) Waitress 1) Kitchen Helper

Salary starts at $5.00 per hours. Interested candidate may contact 231-0595 for further details regarding employment.

Cedar Lodge Cafe

is seeking employment for the following:

1) Labourer 1) Domestic Worker

Salary starts at $6.00 per hours. Interested candidate may apply through

1) Labourer

Salary starts at $5.00 per hours. Interested candidate may contact Bite Me Sport Fishing at 231-0366/9464398/946-4918 or visit their office at Banana Boat, Providenciales for further details regarding employment.

TCI Waste Disposal

is seeking employment for the following:

1) Labourer 1) Mechanic

Salary is negotiable with employer. Interested candidate may contact Employer at 431-7889 for further details regarding employment.

Trail Enterprises LTD.

is seeking employment for the following:

1) Gardener

Salary starts at $5.50 per hour. Interested candidate may submit their application through or visit Trail Enterprises at Grace Bay, for further details regarding employment.

Provo Scrap Metal

is seeking employment for the following:

Ricardo Fulford Contracting

is seeking employment for the following:

1) Carpenter

Salary is negotiable with employer. Interested candidate may apply through

1) Waste Collector

Salary starts at 5.50 per hour. Interested candidate may submit their application through for further information regarding employment.

Marie Missick


is seeking employment for the following:

1) Barber

Salary is negotiable with employer. Interested candidate may apply through

Bite Me Sport Fishing

is seeking employment for the following:

1) Labourer

Salary starts at 5.50 per hour. Interested candidate may apply through for further information regarding employment.

is seeking employment for the following:

Ricardo Fulford

Immigration and Labour Consultant President of Ricardo Fulford Consultant Services (649) 346-1125



June 29 - July 5, 2013



Proprietors Strata Plan #41 Management Co. Ltd.

KEVIN TAYLOR Is looking for a


The Caribbean Court of Justice ("CCJ") has today released its decision granting British Caribbean Bank's appeal against the Government of Belize, and specifically allowing BCB's international arbitration under the UK-Belize Bilateral Investment Treaty to go ahead. The CCJ discharged the injunction in place against the arbitration, and granted BCB its costs in the appeal. This is great news for BCB, which has been prevented from continuing its arbitration against the Government since December 2010. British investors would have been very concerned by the case, and others brought by the Government contending that the 1982 UK-Belize Bilateral Investment Treaty was not binding on the Government. It is excellent news that the CCJ has confirmed that the Treaty is valid and binding, and that there are no impediments to investors' right to arbitrate against the Government under the Treaty. The Government's position appears to have now changed on this point from its initial argument that the Treaty was not binding on Belize. In an about turn last month the Belize Minister of Foreign Affairs confirmed to the UK Government on behalf of the Government of Belize that upon further review it regards itself as being bound by the Treaty (letter attached). British investors should now have confidence as a result of this case that they are free to submit any disputes under the BIT to be settled before international tribunals outside of the Belize court system. For further information contact: British Caribbean Bank Limited at Governors Road, P.O. Box 270, Leeward, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands (Telephone No: (+1) 649 9415028; Email: info@

One (1) Labourer

Interested person must be willing to work hard, must be responsible, reliable & trustworthy. Must be willing to work with little or no supervision. Schedule work hours are 7am to 5pm Applicant must be willing to work on holidays and weekends. Salary US$400.00 per week

Farmer Salary $6.00 per hour.

contact: 247-4068

Please contact Dan on:




Seeks to fill the following position

Y.A.3.B. Acting on behalf of our clients Dean Bjorn and Triple S is looking to fill the following positions:

Mechanic – $6.50 per hour

Babysitter – $5.50 per hour Contact: 344-4540


Proprietors Strata Plan #41 Management Co. Ltd Seeks to fill the following position

One (1) Gardner Interested person must be willing to work hard, must be responsible, reliable & trustworthy. Must be willing to work with little or no supervision. Schedule work hours are 7am to 5pm Applicant must be willing to work on holidays and weekends. Salary US$400.00 per week 8768


NOTICE NOTICE is hereby given pursuant to the Companies Ordinance and the Company’s Articles of Association, that an Annual General Meeting of the Company will be held at the offices of Saunders & Co, Town Centre Building, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands at 10:00 am on Thursday, 11 July 2013 in order to consider and if deemed appropriate. 1. Appoint and remove directors and officers to the Board of Directors of the Company, and accept the resignation of directors, if appropriate. 2. Present the accounts for the Company, if applicable, or dispense with the same. 3. Appoint auditors to the company, if applicable, or dispense with the same. 4. Ratify acts undertaken by the company, if applicable. 5. Instruct the company’s secretary to file the annual returns. John Hartley - Chairman c/o SAUNDERS & CO. Post Office Box 257 Town Centre Building Town Centre Providenciales TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS


June 29 - July 5, 2013


CASABLANCA CASINO Seeks the following positions:

• Excellent people and leadership skills • In-dept knowledge of slot machine operations, repair and maintenance • Optimizing of floor layout and slot systems • 5-7 years experience in Casino Management • Management of maintenance schedules and routine repairs • Analyzing statistic slot performance & maximize profitability

SURVEILLANCE OPERATIONS MANAGER or Maryann Ingraham 244-4665 9am-4pm

WEST BAY CLUB Is looking for a


To work 5 days per week salary $5.50 per hour. Contact: 241-7557

Classroom Assistant for Early Years (F/T) – One (1) post

Classroom assistant required to join The Ashcroft School Early Years Team. This firm appointment will be a full time post.



3 Masons 3 Tile Layers 2 Laborers 1 Carpenter Salary starting at $5.50 based on experience. Send 3 references and resume to tcivisionconstruction@ Belongers only need apply

TCI Middle School PO Box 1139, 48 Richmond Hill Road, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies Tel 649 231 1519 Email:

TCI Middle School requires for September 2013 a

Science Teacher For this newly developed school

Applicants for all posts at The Ashcroft School must possess the desire to work collaboratively within a committed and dedicated team. Application letter, detailing experience in an Early Childhood setting, together with CV can be emailed or faxed to: The Principal, The Ashcroft School Fax: 941-4614 Email:

Is looking to fill the following persons:



To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 941-8695

MCDONALD WILLIAMS Is looking for a


The Ashcroft School urgently seeks to appoint for September 2013:

• Manage and direct the surveillance department • Ensuring that requirements of TCI Gaming Authority Laws are enforce • Compiling audit 7 analysis reports on all departments • Maintaining and up keeping of the Digital CCTV System by regularly updating new software/hardware on relevant servers • Knowledge of all games • 5-7 years experience as a Surveillance Operation Manager • Salary $18.75 per hour

Applications can also be hand delivered to the school office in person.

Interviews will be scheduled for mid-July or sooner.

Sous Chef



We are seeking a skilled Sous Chef who can provide excellent International culinary skills, strong management and training skills and effective communication skills. The position involves working in the resort’s two restaurants, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The successful candidate will be a Sous chef who can bring variety, style and a high level of professionalism in order to achieve the highest possible culinary standards- an allaround of many cuisines with a background in International boutique properties. In addition to formal professional qualifications, the successful candidate will have at least three years experience in luxury resorts or award winning restaurants. Experience in matching food and wine would be great asset. Annual salary range: $20K to $27k (plus service charge) commensurate with qualifications and experience.


This unexpected vacancy provides the opportunity for the suitable candidate to be instrumental in the strategic management of the school.

Dishwashers required for our food and beverage operations. Weekend, holiday and shift work. Must be able to work late hours. Wages range $5.00 to $5.50 per hour, plus service charge and tips

Full time teacher –.Form Tutor for Yr. 7 or 8, with responsibility for teaching specialist subjects to Yr. 7,- Yr 11 At least one Science subject is preferable along with one other. An exciting opportunity to be part of developing a new school on the island, leading it towards International Baccalaureate status in the future.

Pastry Chef

Applicants will need to ;; be dynamic, enthusiastic and creative teachers. ;; have an excellent working knowledge of the National Curriculum for England and Wales Guidelines ;; Have UK Qualified Teacher Status with at least 2 years teaching experience in the UK. ;; Be flexible and adaptable in their approach to learning ;; have expertise in one or more of the subject areas. We can offer ;; a small team atmosphere working together to further develop a new school ;; the opportunity to extend your experience in a very different learning environment ;; a maximum class size of 12 students ;; benefits including sun, sea and sand, and the opportunity to work in an idyllic setting. The initial teaching contract will be for a period of two years. Salary will be negotiable according to experience. Closing date – 2nd July 2013

Please Email CV or letter of application with a recent photograph and contact phone number together with the names and phone numbers of referees to: Mark Dunbavand at the above address.

Point Grace is currently seeking a Pastry Chef for our food and beverage operations (breakfast, lunch, and fine dining restaurant). We are looking for a driven and passionate Pastry Chef to join our high level team. The successful candidate will come from a good working background, and be a real team player, with at least three years in a similar position. Ability to work well under pressure and good communication skills are essential; must be able to adhere to Government Health, Safety and Hygiene standards. Salary range $1,500 to $1,700 plus service charge and tips


Point Grace is currently seeking Housekeeping staff. We are looking for a trained and enthusiastic housekeeper to join our team. The successful candidate will have several years experience in this position in a luxury hotel. Ability to work well under pressure and good communication skills, including excellent English, are essential; must have a pleasant and outgoing personality. In addition to regular housekeeping duties, the jobs include, turndown service, shifts in laundry, and common areas. Must be willing to work evenings, weekends and holidays. Wages range: $5.00 to $6.00 per hour plus service charge

Belongers only need apply Closing date: 30th July 2012

Please apply in writing to: Point Grace, PO Box 700, Grace Bay, Providenciales. Email: or Fax: 946-5097

June 29 - July 5, 2013



Y.A.3.B CONSULTANCY Acting on behalf of our clients: B’s Beauty Box, Katiusca Rodriguez, Back to the Island

Is looking for a

2 hairdressers

Sales Person Salary $5.50 per hour

– $6.00 per hour

Domestic worker – $5.50 per hour

Sales Clerk – $6.00 per hour

contact: 946-8800 8789

Contact: 344-4540

The Ashcroft School seeks to appoint for September 2013:

Principal Candidates for application to this post must be able to demonstrate the following:

;;Successful management of schools within the UK education system; ;;Experience of managing a school that operates though a UK Charitable Trust and fully reporting to the Trust; ;;Breadth of knowledge of the British National Curriculum and conversancy of strategies and new initiatives in curriculum development, in particular the National Primary Strategy (DfEE, UK National Curriculum); ;;Proven management experience within an International School environment; ;;Successful experience of managing people, resources and budgets within an International School community; ;;Strong interpersonal skills and ability to act as ambassador for the School; ;;Academic credibility (recognized degree and teaching qualification) and good intellect; ;;Leadership skills and ability to motivate and influence; ;;Experience of and desire to further promote a programme for CPD (Continuing Professional Development); ;; Ability to plan strategically, set a vision and translate it into reality; ;;Good judgement and the ability to make difficult decisions when necessary. ;;Candidates must possess the energy and commitment to effectively develop best practice, ultimately striving to raise academic standards and pastoral care across the whole school. ;;Candidates must have a desire to promote team collaboration and staff development.

Class Teachers Applicants for teaching posts must:

;;Hold relevant qualifications from a recognized faculty of Education ;;Possess knowledge of the British National Curriculum / SATs ;;Proven experience with Primary aged children

Classroom Assistants for Early Years (P/T and F/T)

;; Classroom assistants required. Posts are part time (mornings only) and F/T (whole day). ;; Applicants for all posts at The Ashcroft School must possess the desire to work collaboratively within a committed and dedicated team.




ASST. TECHNICIAL SERVICE MANAGER • Minimum Requirements necessary to be considered for an interview for this position: • Minimum 4 years’ experience as Chief Engineer/ Director at an internationally branded 5 star resort reporting to GM. • Formal training in Health & Safety, fire safety and preferably have LEED qualifications or accreditation is preferred. • Demonstrate very strong leadership skills with proven experience in overseeing 50 to 100 employees • Required to work 6 days, weekends / public holidays, nights as required to complete necessary strong work ethics • Individual needs to be hands on and out of the box thinker to solve issues to keep staff and machines working efficiently • Demonstrate ability to work with other resort department managers to resolve problems or issues in a timely manner    Expected professional experience and job scope: • Provide reports to the General Manager on maintenance programs for the resort and support in the event of emergencies. • Safe operation of the steam boilers, feed water quality and proper water chemistry maintained. • Be knowledgeable of and able to operate waste water treatment plant, to ensure proper operation treatment, disposal of waste water to meet international Government standards as required   • Maintain and oversee maintenance schedules for air conditioning, kitchen equipment, electrical HV and LV systems • Plumbing systems Including swimming pools and spa water chemistry; maintain and repair all laundry equipment including heavy duty washers, dryers and other steam driven laundry equipment. • Knowledge of repairing assorted gym equipment such as treadmills, elliptical machines and weight training system. • Ensure the department has the necessary parts and tools to hand in order to effectively carryout preventative maintenance • Liaison with the financial controller to ensure engineering budget are adhered to and maintained • Ensure that the resort is at its most energy efficient by putting systems in place to monitor energy use. • Oversee the maintenance and repair of all resort vehicles from diesel Land Rovers to electric carts; the daily operation of • (3) Desalination plants (160,000gls. Combined) and maintain the correct water levels at all times. • Knowledgeable of electrical diesel generators to maintain 20 separate 75 (KVA) and electrical generators. • Prepare monthly utility and maintenance reports to the finance department for the entire resort. • Ensure monthly Inspection of all fire safety systems and buildings, present reports to the GM • Oversee and manage the resort wide sector and control programs to ensure a comfortable environment for all guests. • Negotiate contracts with contractors for work at the resort and privately owned Villas. • Oversee all departments of engineering, landscape, woodwork, carpentry shop and sector control staff of 62 employees. • Plan and implement training of all staffs as necessary for engineering operation.

SOMMELIER Certified wine Sommelier with extensive knowledge of wines, beverage & bar, profound education of Old and New World wines. Able to pair wine with our degustation menus also explain characteristics of the wines. Knowledgeable to conduct wine workshops; to build entire wine list in line with our beverage purchasing as per budget, costing, pricing, promotion and marketing. Be in charge of all bins on wine list (ordering, receiving, storage to serving). Must be able maintain and ensure Aman service standards is render. Must be also to conduct wine training for entire F & B team in restaurant & bar, as well to maintain wine programs. Flexible & able to work required hours, team player, social, young, dedicated and passionate F&B professional (W/M). Professional appearance a must and able to communicate with our high end clientele, and willing to go the extra mile daily. Experience in similar position required, additional European Language besides English is an advantage Reports directly to F&B Manager.

Full applications by email or fax must be sent to:

All positions require a flexible schedule (which may include holidays, weekends and evenings) and extended hours on occasion. Salaries based on experience and qualifications.

The Principal, The Ashcroft School Fax: 941-4614 Email:





Is looking for a

Gereby acting on behalf of our client: C & J Variety Store

June 29 - July 5, 2013


Is looking for a Part-time

Domestic Labourer To work salary

CERTIFIED IKO/ PASA Kiteboard Instructor

Contact: 244-3173

call 242-2927


Clean, cook, wash, iron etc. $5.00 per hour Experience required.


Contact: 347-2093

$5.50 per hour only Turks and Caicos Islands need to apply. 8775

Minimum 2 years teaching experience.



All applications must be submitted by July 15th, 2013


Fire alarm technician

Needed salary commensurate with experience all interested persons may sent their resumes via email to:


The ideal candidate should possess the necessary experience and must meet the following qualifications for:

Labourer To work 6 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour contact: 244-9284



REQUIREMENTS: ;;Minimum 10 years experience in the Insurance Industry in Underwriting. Experience in Claims and Risk Management in Property, Casualty and Medical would be an asset. ;;Must have earned recognized Insurance certification. Bachelor’s Degree (College Graduate) or equivalent would be an asset. ;;Proficiency in oral and written communication ;;Computer Literate ;;Good negotiation and social skills ;;Must be able to effectively respond to Insurance Companies, Reinsurers, Brokers and Agents ;; Knowledgeable in the Insurance regulations both Local and Foreign, including the London markets ;; Thorough knowledge of the Turks & Caicos Islands Traffic Code OTHER DUTIES



to clean hotel rooms must be able to work weekends and holidays salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: Sandra MacLeod 649-946-5547

Must be able to attend to on-call duties especially in emergency situations particularly during catastrophes Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications.

Applications must be emailed to: Attn: Managing Director First Global Insurance Brokers Limited P.O. Box 117, Caribbean Place 1254 Leeward Highway Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands 8755


First Global Insurance Brokers Limited is seeking a qualified individual to fill in the following position of:


Is looking for a

Requires a fully qualified

Please email resumes to ifs@tciway.tc8758

Contact: 231-3788

Salary starts at $1800 per month. Belongers with experience will be given first preference.

Contact: 344-4540

Please contact Donna at Caicos Adventures: 941-3346 for interview

• For commercial and residential installations • Must have at least 10 years experience in the installation, repair and maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems including Suppression Systems and Sprinkler Installation. Knowledge of Gamewell FCI , Simplex and FireLite Systems is a must. • Salary negotiable depending on level of experience.

Vehicle Propane System Inspector

2 hairdressers – $6.00 per hour Domestic worker – $5.50 per hour Sales Clerk – $6.00 per hour Cashier – $6.00 per hour

• Must have valid insurance & certification • Must have a good personality to work around people • Must have retail sales & maintenance experience • Flexible hours a must- Holidays & Sundays Required • Salary starts at $350.00 per week

Island Fire Supplies Ltd.


Acting on behalf of our clients: B’s Beauty Box, Katiusca Rodriguez, Back to the Island, Dominique Beauty Salon

Experienced PADI Dive Instructor

To work Monday – Friday salary $5.00 per hour contact: 232-5222 Note: this advertisement is for a new work permit June 24th, 2013 8774

With own transportation who is interested in making extra cash.

Kew Town Providenciales Telephone: 341-6885




delivery driver


Applications must be received by the 30th June 2013

June 29 - July 5, 2013

C & J CONSULTANT Acting on behalf of our client Barefoot Café is looking for a

Caicos Marina and Shipyard


Guard Labourer To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 347-6642 8749




Salary $7/hr must be willing to work nights weekends and public holidays contact:

Jamie Pollon General Manager Caicos Marina & Shipyard LTD (649) 232-1905 8759

Been MEP Co. Ltd Requires fully qualified

Electricians • With at least 10 years experience in Commercial and Residential Installations. • Electrical Labourers/ Assistants also required with at least 5 years experience in the field. • Salary negotiable depending on level of experience,

Please email resumes to beenmep@tciway.tc8757

D AND B AUTO PARTS Is seeking an

Auto Sales Clerk this individual must: • Have 7 years or more experience with auto parts • Be computer literate • Be familiar with QuickBooks • Be flexible in all areas of auto part sales • Deadline for application is July 10th, 2013

DOMESTIC WORKER Needed to work 6 days per week from 8am-5pm Duties: • Looking after 2 small kids • Bathing, diaper changing, cooking, cleaning, ironing, laundry • A mature person will experience dealing with children is a must email resume to




WEST BAY CLUB Is looking for a

Are currently looking to employ the following persons 3 Experienced Certified

AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIAN/ MECHANIC • This individual must possess the following: • Adequate tools to perform his duties • Must be able to work with little or no supervision • Must be experience using computerized diagnostic equipment • Must be a holder of automotive repair certification ASE or equivalent • Salary ranges from $16-$30 flat rate hour • Salary commensurate with experience


• Who will be responsible for the daily maintenance of the building, stocking of the shelves and any other duties that may be assigned to you



This individual must posses the following: Good computer skills Good organizational and communication skills Excellent telephone etiquette Must have a valid driver’s license and must be willing to work weekends and must be willing to work with little or no supervision and willing to take on any other related tasks

To work 6 days per week salary $7.50 per hour.

Please email all application to:


Is seeking suitably qualified Belongers to fill the positions outlined below. Ideal candidates must possess luxury resort experience, a professional, outgoing and friendly demeanor, and a strong command of the English language (oral and written). Salary is based on experience and qualifications.

Stock Controller Dive Concierge/Activities Manager Housekeeping Manager Refrigeration Technician Security Pool & Beach Attendant

contact: 946-8550


POSITIONS AVAILABLE BNC Consulting Group is currently seeking qualified individuals to fill the following openings with its resort clients.


This position will be responsible for repairing and maintaining resort machines and equipment. The individual must possess 3-5 years’ experience as a maintenance technician with a luxury resort environment. Strong mechanical and plumbing skills are a requirement. Closing date: Open until fill

Closing Date: July 1st, 2013

Qualified candidates must be fluent in English and have the flexibility to work evenings, weekends and holidays. For immediate consideration, contact Bridgette Thomas at 332-2565 or e-mail CV to Candidates must possess relevant skills, experience, and a clean police record. Salaries for the above positions are commensurate with level, experience and education.

Suitably qualified candidates should apply in writing or by phone to the following: Bridgette Thomas BNC Consulting Group, Ltd E-mail: phone: 649-332-2565




the largest readership in the turks & caicos


June 29 - July 5, 2013


Webber to leave Formula 1 at the end of 2013 season

GENERAL NOTICE Notice is hereby given to the General Public that the Companies (Amendment) Ordinance 20U(No.36 of 2012) has come into force on the 1st April 2013. The Ordinance provides for an amendment to the Companies Ordinance relating to regulating Non Profit Organizations. This will affect Existing Non Profit Organizations who will be required to make several amendments to their Memorandum and Articles of Association and their names. For additional information please visit the Financial Services Commission's website JOHN B JAMES C.P.M. REGISTRAR OF COMPANIES 8784


the largest readership in the turks & caicos


The National Health Insurance Board wishes to request the following persons who are registered as “Self-Employed Persons” to visit the Office of the National Health Insurance Board, located at Hospital Road, Grand Turk, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. from July 01 to 12, 2013. Abraham Carvajal Pena

Derek Antonio Rolle

Kevin Forbes

Ana Luisa Abreu Godet

Derek Marlon Astwood

Leslie Modesta Willams

Antonio Feliz Carvajal

Dorothy Clarenda Clarke

Louis Clinton Williams

Antonio Oswaldo Fulford

Eric Whitfield Smith

Mary Louise Forbes

Barbara Diane Lightbourne

Franklyn Lumbard Virgil

Mitch Eric Rolling

Benmore Alex Kennedy

Franklyn Stanley Missick

Moses Wilfred Ambritton

Beverly Vinett Harvey

Howard Evan Dickenson

Neville Anthony Adams

Brenton Andrew Murray

Huntley Stanford Forbes

Noel Terrence Skippings

Carl Ellington Churchill Coverley

Ivena Natasha Brooks

Otis C Morris

Carmen Robinson

Jack Daniel Williams

Raymone Arlington Fenimore

Charles Ashton Garland

Jannis Louise Glinton

Rita Jean Gardiner

Claudina De Valdez Garcia-Jennings

Jay A Gordon

Robert N. Forbes

Culsoir Louima

Juan Ariza

Selene Taylor

Daniel Richardson Hall

Kathleen Elaine Williams

Stanley Eustace Williams

David Reynaldo Rivera

Katya Leigh Vieira

Susan Paulina Garland

Dennis A. Dutchie Williams

Kendle Berdette Williams

Sylvia Elizabeth Lightbourn

Management of the National Health Insurance Board

Formula 1. I can hardly wait to pilot one of the fastest sports cars in the world.” In 12 years in F1, Webber, who also drove for Minardi, Jaguar and Williams, has won nine grands prix, achieved 36 podium finishes, 11 pole positions, 15 fastest laps and twice finished third in the World Championship. His best season was 2010, when he led the championship for much of the year before faltering in the final three

races, falling behind teammate Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso. With a reputation as a tough but fair competitor, plus a direct and honest approach to the media, Webber’s time at Red Bull has been characterised by an uneasy relationship with Vettel. The tension between the two drivers has boiled over on several occasions during their five years as team-mates, most recently at this season’s



Is looking to fill the following positions:

Domestic Worker


Salary $5.00 per hour contact: 244-9241



RED Bull driver Mark Webber has decided to leave Formula 1 at the end of this season. The 36-year-old Australian is joining Porsche’s new sportscar programme and will compete in the classic Le Mans 24 Hours race for the German manufacturer. Webber had options to stay in F1, either with Red Bull or another top team, but feels it is time to move on. Lotus driver Kimi Raikkonen, the 2007 world champion, is favourite to replace Webber, who made his F1 debut in 2002. Toro Rosso’s Daniel Ricciardo and Jean-Eric Vergne are also options. Webber described it as an “honour” to race for Porsche, saying it “has written racing history as a manufacturer and stands for outstanding performance and technology at the highest level”. He added: “I’m very much looking forward to this new challenge after my time in


is looking for a


Stylist To work 6 days

per week salary $7.00 per hour. contact: 231-3987 8803

WARD’S CONSULTANCY Acting on behalf of our clients: Faces and Fingers, EY Contractor, P.J’s Barber Shop, Complete Construction Is looking to fill the following positions:

Labourer To work 5 days per week salary $5.50 per hour. contact: 333-1763



Cosmetologist Nail Technician Labourer Mechanic Salary $6.00$7.00 per hour.

Contact: 345-7512



Warehouse Supervisor Needed for a Gift Store on Grand Turk Successful candidates must have a minimum of (2) three years work experience as a as a Supervisor and the ability to assist the Manager. Proficiency in MS Word and MS Excel and QuickBooks Pro as well as POS Systems and must be willing to work holidays and weekends Starting salary $400 per week. Applications together with a clean police record must be submitted no later than June 17th, 2013 to:

Jahmal Misick Misick & Stanbrook Tel: 946-4732 Fax 946-4734 Email


June 29 - July 5, 2013


Mark Webber is joining Porsche’s new sportscar programme and will compete in the classic Le Mans 24 Hours race for the German manufacturer.

The National Health Insurance Board wishes to request the following persons who are registered as “Self-Employed Persons” to visit the Office of the National Health Insurance Board, Salt Mills Plaza, Providenciales between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. from July 01 to 12, 2013.

Malaysian Grand Prix, when Vettel ignored a direct team order not to overtake Webber to win the race. The German initially apologised after the race, but subsequently said he would do the same thing again.


Webber, who has often felt he has not benefited from the same support that Vettel enjoys from Red Bull motorsport adviser Helmut Marko, was furious, prompting talk that he would leave the team at the end of 2013.



Is looking for a

Is looking for the following persons:

Labourer – $6.00

Domestic Worker

Labourer To work 5 days contact: 246-4769


Contact: 246-4769


– $5.00 per hour

per week salary $5.00 per hour.



Is looking for a

Is looking for a


labourer Worker To work 5 days To work 5 days per week salary $800.00 per month Belongers need only apply

contact: 231-6346

per week salary. $5.00 per hour.


contact: 244-4665

BRUCE TRETHEWAY Is looking for a

Stone Wall Builder 6249

Must have at least 5 years experience along with references. Must be willing to work 5 days per week. Salary $7.00 per hour

Contact: 247-3851


Albray Victor Butterfield Jr.

George Cleophas Missick

Philipe Kunz

Alex Higgs

Gloria Irene Symonette- Forbes

Plutarck Rene

Alexander James Pratt

Gresten A. Gray

Ray Anthony Harris

Alvardo Edwin Seymour

Henley Lewis

Reginald Nathaniel Forbes

Alvin Ellesley Parker

Howard G. Gardiner

Reuben Cornelius Misick

Alvin Kingstly Garland

Ian Harrison

Ricardo Davornie Forbes

Andre Carvel Jeran Peter Kerr

Isaac Oral Selver

Richard Danis

Andrew Peter Sharp

Jacques Belizaire

Robert Nathaniel Stubbs

Angela Sharonna Jennings

Jay Peter Bennett

Ron Burchill

Arthur McBoyd Gardiner Jr.

Jeff Clare

Ronald Petit-Dieu

Ashleigh Ann Simonton

Jeffrey Racette

Ronald Walkin

Aulden Lea Smith

Jeremy Jermaine Quant

Rouddy Delancy

Beatrice A. Rolle

Jerry Deon Skippings

Samuel Davidson Salathiel Handfield

Bently Rosevelt Johnson

Joanne Renee Gobeil

Samuel Iotis Harvey

Bridgette Michele Thomas

John Emanuel Williams

Samuel J Hutchinson

Carmen Turbyfield

John Michael Bailey

Samuel V Lightbourne

Carmenika Rochelle Gardiner

Joseph Cenary

Sandra Elain Dubensky

Catherine Pratt

Joseph St.Juste Cadeus

Sanford Alexander Henfield

Ceriocia Tralorni Franklyn Pratt

Joseph Vincent Jean Baptiste

Sean Terence Erskine

Christian Edward Harris

Judith Eleanor Wilchcombe

Sharnia Jemeka Walters

Clarence N Williams

Kathryn Anne Fox

Shunavan Selver

Claudie Joseph -Dagobert

Kenneth Brown

Shynique Kitrina Penn-Evans

Clercilia Mondesir Sintus

Kenneth E. Handfield

Smith Corielan

Dameko Canez Dean

Kerstin Elizabeth Ramstrom

Sophia Arvalene M Grice

Daniel Alexander Grant

Kevin Anderson Been

Stanford Eugene Greene

Darphney Leonie Williams

Kirby Mae Latarsha Winsome Been

Stanley Arthur Bassett

David Wayne Parlee

Leeroy Stanford

Stanley Ross Kuwabara

Delroy Ewing

Leroy Alexander Penn

Sugar Ray Alexander Smith

Devon Cleve Hayles

Lisa Jane Simmons

Talford Christopher Lauther Rigby

Dezoree Ewing

Lissette Rachel Bautista De Parker

Thomas Gray

Dieufruit Nathan Gregoire

Lynden Hall

Tiadel Pierre

Duverna Louis Rigby

Marie Augustin Hall

Timothy Christopher Deane

Dwayna Lekeisha Higgs

Martin Freeman Theodore

Tracy Rebecca Smith

Eddie Laporte

Mcallister E Hanchell

Trevor Cooke

Edith Annette Burns

Newmond Arlington Buckley

Trevor Albert Musgrove

Edline Pierre

Nicholas Liviston Watkins

Trevor Sandwith Bromley

Edmond Banberian Forbes

Nicola Roberts

Troy Swan

Errol Talbot

Nidia Lightbourne

Virginie De Boer

Evan Harvey

Olga Kovalyk

Walter Pablo Ciudad

Felix C Pena

Olivia Loretta Gardiner

Whitney Bain

Francois Rodolphe Bohn

Osias Joseph

Winsett Alboin Williams

Franklyn Lightbourne

Pamela Walkin

Wood Kaizer Zirm

Fred Harris

Patricia Laraine Williams

Yudelka Altagracia Martinez De Smith

Fred Rowe

Patsy Jennings

Zennie Jane Morris

Gary Lee Mead

Peter Przygoda

Management of the National Health Insurance Board


Sports International


June 29 - July 5, 2013

NFL’s Aaron Hernandez charged with murder

AN NFL star has been charged with murder after a fellow player was found dead last week in a Massachusetts industrial park. Aaron Hernandez, 23, was taken in handcuffs from his home south of Boston in connection with the death of Odin Lloyd, 27, a semiprofessional player. Mr Hernandez was dropped from his team, the New England Patriots, after Wednesday morning’s arrest. The National Football League called the arrest “deeply troubling”. The league has struggled to improve its image after a string of cases involving dog fighting, gambling and homicide, among other criminal charges. Mr Hernandez was also charged with several firearms violations. He pleaded not guilty to all charges. Prosecutors say Lloyd was shot multiple times and that the former Patriots tight end had a dispute with him a few days before. The dead man’s family say he and Mr Hernandez were friends, and that Lloyd’s girlfriend and Mr Hernandez’s fiancee are sisters. Prosecutor Bill McCauley said surveillance footage from Mr Hernandez’s home showed him leaving earlier on the night of the killing with a gun. According to authorities, Mr

Maria Sharapova, who won the tournament in 2004, suffered a shock second round defeat.

Aaron Hernandez, left, joined the Patriots in 2010 after playing for the University of Florida.

Hernandez and two friends picked up Lloyd at home at 02:30 local time (06:30 GMT) on 17 June. Mr Hernandez told Lloyd he was upset about an event at a nightclub days before. Lloyd texted his sister about an hour later, according to prosecutors. “Did you see who I am with,’’ he wrote. He sister asked whom, and he later replied “NFL” and “Just so you know”. Minutes later, workers at the industrial park reported hearing gunshots, Mr McCauley said. Mr Hernandez’s lawyer called the case “circumstantial” and “not a strong case”, but a judge ordered him

held without bail. In a separate case, Mr Hernandez has been sued by a man who says the football player shot him in the face in February. Alexander Bradley lost an eye in the shooting, but Florida police said they had dropped an investigation after Mr Bradley refused to cooperate. Earlier on Wednesday, the Patriots said they would drop Mr Hernandez from the roster during the Massachusetts investigation. “At this time, we believe this transaction is simply the right thing to do,” the team said in a statement.

Sharapova stunned by 131 ranked Portuguese player MARIA Sharapova suffered a shock defeat in the second round at Wimbledon Wednesday after being beaten by Portuguese qualifier Michelle Larcher De Brito. Third seed Sharapova, who won the tournament in 2004, was brushed aside 6-3 6-4 by a player ranked 131 in the world. The Russian appeared to be unhappy with the conditions of the grass court and fell during the second set and appeared to tell the umpire that “this court is dangerous.” But after receiving treatment for her fall, she was unable to stave off one of the biggest Wimbledon upsets in recent years.

“I just tried to stay calm,” Larcher De Brito told the BBC. “I was playing so well I thought I could keep it up and I just hung in there. She’s a fighter, she just wouldn’t give up for anything. “There’s lot of grass that’s been cut and not been swept up so there’s a lot of dead grass so it’s not been easy. It’s a tough court to play on.” Sharapova slipped and fell on Court Two on a couple of occasions and needed a time out to receive treatment to her left hip after the eighth game of the second set. “It was a combination of everything,” World No. 3 Sharapova told the BBC.

Superstar Messi pays $13 million tax bill but still faces prosecution INTERNATIONAL football star Lionel Messi has paid €10 million ($13 million) in taxes to cover the tax period 2010-2011, prosecutors in Barcelona, Spain, told CNN Tuesday, but efforts to prosecute him for alleged tax fraud from 2007 to 2009 are still going ahead. Messi’s payment does not affect the existing investigation into the alleged tax fraud, said Jose Miguel Compan, a spokesman for the Barcelona prosecutor’s office. Messi’s lawyer, Cristobal Martell, is not taking any calls from journalists, his office said Tuesday. Compan said Messi’s lawyers had not approached prosecutors about making a deal to settle the earlier tax claim. Any deal would have to involve Messi admitting guilt, paying the amount he owes, and a fine of two to six times as much as the outstanding amount. That could total €12 million ($15.7 million) to €28 million ($36.7 million). Messi and his father, who is also a target of the investigation, are due to appear in court on September 17. The four-time world player of the

Roger Federer’s record of making 36 consecutive grand slam quarter finals came to an end this week.

Federer suffers shocking defeat at Wimbledon

Messi scored an unprecedented 86 goals for club and country last year.

year and his father Jorge Horacio Messi are suspected of defrauding Spanish tax authorities of more than $5 million between 2006 and 2009. They deny the charges. The 26-year-old is was listed as the 10th highest-paid athletes in the world by business magazine Forbes with earnings of $41 million. Messi took to his Facebook website page to deny the charges earlier this month.

“We have just known through the media about the claim filed by the Spanish tax authorities,” read the statement in Spanish and English. “We are surprised about the news, because we have never committed any infringement. “We have always fulfilled all our tax obligations, following the advice of our tax consultants, who will take care of clarifying this situation.” (CNN)

ROGER Federer, the seven-time Wimbledon champion, suffered one of the most staggering defeats in the history of the tournament after being beaten by Ukraine’s 116th ranked Sergiy Stakhovsky. The 27-year-old fought back from losing the opening set 7-6 before winning 7-6 7-5 7-5 to mark the greatest triumph of his career and end Federer’s record of making 36 consecutive grand slam quarterfinals. “Right now I can definitely tell my grandkids, I kicked the butt of Roger Federer,” Stakhovsky told reporters following his sensational victory.

Stakhovsky, who reached a career high of 31 back in 2010, held his nerve in the fourth set tiebreak to see off the defending champion and 17time grand slam winner. Federer was just one of seven former World No.1 players to lose their second round ties Wednesday -- although his demise was by far the most dramatic. “I’m very disappointed,” Federer told reporters. “Losing at Wimbledon always has been that way, will never change. So I’ve just got to get over this one. Some finals haven’t hurt this much, that’s for sure.

June 29 - July 5, 2013



Sports National

Provo Fast Pitch Softball League:

Kishco stop Discount Tigers’ run MIAMI Kischo handed the hot-handed Discount Tigers a comprehensive defeat when the two teams met on Sunday last at the Downtown Ball Park. Discount Tigers only mustered three runs to their opponents’ 15. In their two previous games it was the Tigers who did the whipping, they started the competition with a 15-0 win over the Soakers before beating the Braves 8-3. Meanwhile defending champion Silver Deep

continued their winning ways with a 15-0 win over Provo Golf on Saturday. In the female division Kia Katz gained revenge over Rulay 13-1, when the pair had met in the opening day the latter claimed a 9-7 win. Another female rematch from the opening weekend’s encounter was the Flyers against the Predators. The former again won, this time by a score of 19-11. The opening win was 31-8.

Miami Kishco should be one of the main challengers for Silver Deep this season.

Josh for Sports

The Delano Williams’s saga There is a prevailing proverb that says “tis an ill-wind that does nobody good.” THE DOUBLE INDEMNITY However a double hurricane uproots, devastates and creates indelible and historic events from which legends are made. Such is the life of one Delano Williams. Destiny has pre-determined that he would one-day become the fastest man in the world. And he is well on his way and no one can hold back the tidal wave that those twin hurricanes produced. DESTINY Destiny would decree and dictate

By Joshua Gardiner that the paths of Neil Harrison and Delano Williams meet. Mr. Harrison came to Delano’s rescue by offering him a scholarship

to Munro College after the twin disaster struck. Delano’s mother instructed Delano’s care in the hands of Mr. Harrison and with a fatherly care, love and guidance Harrison groomed Delano into a junior world champion (even though Mr. Harrison made some unforgivable mistakes—such as instructing Delano not to run the 100M at CARIFTA in Bermuda last year— where he and the TCI were almost assured of a gold). UNSTOPPABLE Delano is the product of Ike and Hannah of 2008. They devastated his home and now one-day he will build/

buy a mansion for his mom. DELANO’S LEGENDARY CHOICE I’m in total agreement with the choice that Delano made to run for Britain. It’s a great honour to be accepted by a world superpower to represent them in world athletic events as a sports ambassador. WHAT DO WE HAVE TO OFFER OUR ATHLETES? Never in the history of organised sports has the TCI supported any of our super-stars. All we’ve done is ride on their backs; it’s a crying shame and disgrace.

It’s on the contrary a great and distinguished honour to be considered worthy of representing a nation such as Britain. Jealously lies in the bosom of a fool. The people die for a lack of wisdom and without vision, the people perish. In closing, I wish Delano the world of success. As I’ve predicted at least one year ago that we’d lose him to Jamaica or Britain, I now predict that within four years, he’ll become an accomplished world champion and multimillionaire. Go Delano go. I’m your number one fan.

James wants big three to stay together for another championship title WITH a season done and a championship won, LeBron James offered encouraging news for Heat fans during his season-ending news conference Tuesday, saying the ultimate goal would be to ride it out long-term in Miami with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. But he stopped short of saying he definitely would remain with the Heat beyond next summer, when he, Wade and Bosh could exercise optout clauses in their contracts. Asked if something unexpected would have to happen for James to want to leave the Heat next summer, he said: “I don’t know. I’m not really thinking about that right now. Our

focus is how we’re going to get better this year with all these other teams getting better, to keep that trophy here.” But when asked whether he has thought of sticking it out with Wade, Bosh, team president Pat Riley and coach Erik Spoelstra for years to come, he said: “That’s the goal. That’s the ultimate finish. We all hope that can happen, obviously, to be able to have success with two guys and with Riles and Spo. “This is what we came here for. That would be the ultimate. But I don’t know. Life changes, things happen, and you have to be prepared for that. But this is what we all want

to be here for. And that’s to be able to compete for a championship every year. If we can do that, then it would be awesome.” He said the prospect of another free agent decision next summer will not weigh on him and he won’t think about it until “it comes up. It won’t roll around in my mind. It can’t get worse than the season before I became a free agent in 2010. “What I’m prepared for is to come back a better player and be the leader of this team and try to go for a three-peat. I’m going to come back a better player because I owe it to my teammates.”

After defeating the Spurs in a gruelling game seven the Heats want to stay together to win the title again next season.


June 29 - July 5, 2013


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Bugaloo’s Men’s Beach Soccer League:

Undefeated AFC Academy win thrilling final THE Bugaloo’s Men’s Beach Soccer League ended in fine style last Saturday as AFC Academy won a thrilling final (8-7) against Teachers FC. The championship clash was heading into overtime before Herby Magny scored his sixth goal of the game to ensure his team stayed undefeated during the season. The final was eagerly anticipated and a large crowd was fortunate to witness an exhilarating spectacle. AFC Academy held a narrow 4-3 lead after the first period and the scores were soon locked at 4-4 going into

the final period. This was when the game really came alive as the eventual winners opened up a 6-4 lead. However, the Teachers showed their resilience as they fought back and took a 7-6 lead with just a few minutes remaining. Fred Dorvil led the comeback scoring four goals late in the game after Ian Chang, Junior Ceide and Haroon Swaby had scored in the opening period. However it was the skillful Magny who had the final say as he scored the winning goal with less than a minute remaining. James Rene and

League Champions – AFC Academy Runners Up – Teachers FC Third Place – U15 CoE Boys Player of the Season – Herby Magny League MVP – Fred Dorvil Most Improved Player – Cole Nickson Top goal scorer – Fred Dorvil Sharks MVP – Mike Fox AFC Academy MVP – Rodney Davilmar U15 COE Boys MVP – Mackenson Cadet Teachers FC MVP – Courtney Evans

Fitzgerald Norvius scored the other goals. It was perhaps fitting that AFC Academy won the final having dominated the regular season. OUTSTANDING COE In the third place game

the young U-15 Centre of Excellence team showed they have what it takes to play against older and stronger teams as they defeated the SWA Sharks 11-2. Cole Nickson (4), Wilkins Sylvain (3), Mackenson Cadet,

Myrohn Pereira, and Adner Davilmar scored for the CoE team and Paul Collis scored twice for the Sharks. TCIFA President Chris Bryan thanked everyone who was involved in making the league such a great success.

“It is great to see a final that was so closely contested. Special thanks to all the players, coaches, referees, fans and the league sponsors – Bugaloos”. The following awards were given out after the games.

Beaches advance to cricket final despite first loss – Jaguars to battle Quality Kings in semis THE GUYANA Jaguars advanced to the semi-finals of the HAB Group Senior Men’s T20 Cricket Competition after handing powerhouse Beaches their first loss in the competition. With three previous wins and a superior run rate, the defending T20 champions Beaches finished the preliminary rounds at the helm and have therefore advanced to the grand finale.

Ironically although KB Homes secured a victory over the Jaguars on Saturday last the Jaguars’ victory on Sunday against Beaches kept them in the competition. They are now scheduled to play Quality Kings on July 13 at the Downtown Ball Park (the venue of the competition) in the lone semi-final clash with the winner reaching Beaches in the championship match. In the match on Saturday KB Homes won the toss and reached a respectable 163-6 in their allotted overs with Jaime Tait hitting 37 (3X4s and 2X6s) and Gareth Butler adding 33 (6X4s). Sheldon Henry led the Jaguars with 2-20 from four overs. Jaguars could only reach 119 before they were bowled out in the 17th over. On Sunday the Guyanese dominant side bounced back when it matter most and battled their way to 175-8

TCI Cricket Association representative Michael Pereira and the Jaguars’ Sean Khan. Khan steadied his team’s innings with 53 runs against Beaches on Sunday last.

against Beaches after losing the toss. The experienced Sean Khan led the attack with an unbeaten 53 (8X4s and 1X6), while Nuwan Bodhinayake added 38 runs (4X4s and 1X6). Bowling for Beaches Kenneth Lewis bagged 3- 29 from three overs. In reply, Beaches were

pegged at 152-9 before the overs expired. Winick Caleb and Walter Henry took four wickets each (4-14 from four overs and 4-20 from four overs respectively). Damian St. Ange finished with 45 runs (4X4s and 2X6s) while Richard Rowe and Ancell Williams added 31 and 30 runs in that order.

The 2013 Heineken Pizza Pizza Mixed TAG League champions: the Wahoos.

Wahoos win Heineken Pizza Pizza Mixed TAG League

The Wahoos defeated the Trail Harriers 3-1 to win the 2013 Heineken Pizza Pizza Mixed TAG League last week at the

Meridian Ground. This trophy adds to the Wahoos previous victories in the 2011 and 2012 seasons,

a string of successes only interrupted last season when the BCQS Jolly Ranchers managed to come out on top.

June 29 - July 5, 2013

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Williams becomes fulltime Great Britain athlete – Will still be based in Jamaica TCI’s national sprint records holder Delano Williams has switched his allegiance to Great Britain and to avoid unnecessary delays he has been given the blessings of the TCAAA. The move has turned a few eyebrows locally, but with the TCI ineligible to field a team at the Olympics and Williams constantly improving many feel that it’s the only logical option for the 200M junior world champion. Despite making the switch, Williams confirmed to the Weekly News that he will stay in Jamaica to attend the University of the West Indies and to train at the Racers Track club with Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake under the tutelage of world renowned coach Glen Mills later this year. Williams graduated from Munro College, also in Jamaica, a few days ago. The Grand Turk born was however restricted from speaking about anything else due to his new British obligations. BRITISH EXCITEMENT The British media (the BBC, the Guardian, the Telegraph and the Daily Mail etc.) have all shown their excitement about the switch. They brought to the fore that the youngster has been touted as the man to beat reigning 100M and 200M world record holder Bolt. What is also exciting to them is that Williams has already run the qualifying time for the World Championships which is billed for this August in Russia. In March Williams dominated the ISSA Boys’ and Girls’ Champs. He won the 200M for the third consecutive time and defended his 100M title. The international buzz was about him nearly beating a decade old Champs record made by Bolt in 2003. Williams ran 20.27s into a headwind just two hundredth of a second slower than Bolt’s record. Incidentally Williams’s time is the fastest by a British athlete (all age divisions) over the last five years. Williams did attempt to run for Great Britain last year but he was out performed at their Olympic trials.

LETTING GO In an email to the TCAAA Williams had stated that: “I would like to transfer my allegiance to put myself in a better position, to help my family and later support the development of track and field here in the Turks and Caicos Islands.” TCAAA president Edith Skippings recently made the announcement locally on WIV4 News. She was noticeably disappointed, but felt that the move was in the best interest of Williams’ career. “A lot of people might have negative feelings about this move, but Delano is now a professional athlete. This means that Delano can run for money,” Skippings told WIV4. The local athletics head opined that Williams’s journey to the top of the

Delano Williams recently graduated from Munro College in Jamaica. Under the guidance of Coach Neil Harrison he has become a world renowned junior athlete.

sport globally would also continue to drive younger TCI athletes. Last month at the Cayman Invitational Meet Bolt said Williams had told him he was going to beat

him (Bolt) in the future. Bolt later admitted that he would not just let that happen. Since Champs the pair has developed somewhat of a friendly relationship.

“So for me it was fun, he [Williams] is a very cool person so I’m definitely looking forward to working with him and training with him,” the world’s fastest man had said.

National rugby team ready for NACRA U-19 Caribbean Championships The TCI will be represented by a strong junior selection early next month at the 2013 NACRA u-19 Caribbean Championships. The youngsters who are competing in their second tour (their first in Canada last year) will play rugby fifteens games against the Bahamas, Guyana and St. Lucia. The team is set to depart these shores next Thursday.



June 29 - July 5, 2013

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June 29 - July 5, 2013





June 29 - July 5, 2013

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