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Weekly News Volume 28 | No. 24 | June 14 - 20, 2014

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Media crush

gag order Three media houses fought a court order to stop press from reporting details of a corruption case this week – and won. PAGE 


Sir James Bruce Robertson of New Zealand amended the order

Attorney Beryn Duncanson petitioned the judge

Selling candles and bath salts wins TCI Treasures the top spot

Second and final Young 15 Enterprise for TCI PAGE 

Mosquito virus strikes TCI

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Gov’t projects 3.5% growth in revenue PAGE 7

Multi-million dollar hurricane repairs begin PAGE  8



June 14 - 20, 2014

June 14 - 20, 2014






June 14 - 20, 2014

‘Comply with the laws’ – Public accounts watchdog tells accounting officers to step in line A SCRUTINY body assigned to oversee the administration of Government funds has warned accounting officers that they must follow strict guidelines. The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) met in the NJS Francis building in Grand Turk this week to discuss the ‘Auditor General’s Report on the 2012/2013 TCIG Financial Statements’ which was laid before parliament in May. The paper, dated March 19, 2014, highlighted several areas of material weakness and significant deficiencies with the Government’s financial handling. It also spoke of areas where TCIG is not complying with laws, regulations, policies and procedures. Auditor General Anand Heeraman of the National Audit Office (NAO) led the assessment along with four auditors and four assistant auditors. On Monday and Tuesday (June 9 and 10) the PAC met with the Permanent Secretary of Finance Athenee Harvey, accounting officers and members of the NAO to discuss in detail issues raised in the report. At the close of the two day session chair of the PAC Sharlene Cartwright Robinson said: “The report that we have before us has raised serious concerns. We have 45 issues raised; over 20 are high risk. “What we are hoping to accomplish is to make recommendations that going forward we can see an improvement in the management of Government’s accounts.” The audit report covered the period April 1, 2012, to March 31, 2013, which was shared by the interim administration from March 2012 to November 2012, and an elected Government from November 2012 to March 2013.

More than 508,000 transactions were extracted during the process and numerous financial blunders were revealed and listed as ‘high risk’. In the comprehensive report the Auditor General stated that the Government has inadequate financial control in processing expenditure, both under and over $75,000. There was a lack of investigation and post audits for concessions totalling $23.9 million and poor management of fixed assets, he said. A huge hole highlighted was inadequate management, control and documentation of excess expenditure – which in 2012/2013 accounted for

$19 million. And the audit discovered inadequate maintenance of payroll information, inadequate fraud risk management and inadequate management of stores. About $12.7 million in outstanding loans from TCInvest was underscored as was the lack of financial limits on Smart Stream Securities. The Government has ineffective controls over expenditure of the Development Fund, lack of support documents to verify donor funding received, and incomplete or lack of information presented for audit, the report stated. In 2012/2013 there was inadequate management of advances, lack of support documents attached to payments for verification and possible duplicate items identified. Finally identified as high risk

was expenditure over $10,000 not approved in accordance with regulations, and lack of support documents for items reported in the Contingent Liabilities Statement. A further 18 items were listed as moderate or low risk to public accounts. Management responses to these issues were received an agreed to prior to the issuance of the report. Following the meeting Cartwright Robinson addressed the accounting officers directly and said: “We are going to encourage you, please, comply with the laws, the regulations, the ordinances that you are performing under otherwise they will continue to show up in the audit report as high risk, moderate or low. “So as much as possible we encourage you to go back and look at this audit and to look at the issues

that have been raised obtaining to your ministry and to work on those issues.” She explained that part of the function of the PAC is to re-assess recommendations that are made. “That is something that we’re going to be following up on - the areas that have been identified as serious or material weaknesses.” Permanent Secretary of Finance Athenee Harvey thanked the NAO for providing and in depth audit that highlighted some of the Government’s weaknesses. The PAC together with the Auditor General serves to promote accountability and transparency in the administration of Government’s funds. All of the commission’s findings and recommendations will be included in a report that will be laid before the House of Assembly. (RB)

Mosquito virus strikes TCI TWO people have tested positive for chikungunya in the TCI, a debilitating virus spread by the bite of an infected mosquito. Last Friday (June 6) the Ministry of Health and Human Services announced that following months of preventative measures the disease had finally reached the country. Official confirmation came from the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) that two specimens sent to its regional reference laboratory contained the virus, according to a press release from the ministry. On Wednesday (June 11) Director of Health Services Nadia Astwood told the Weekly News that no one else has tested positive so far but several more specimens have been sent for analysis. Chikungunya was first identified

Published by Turks & Caicos News Company Ltd. Cheshire House, Leeward Highway, Providenciales P.O. Box 52, Turks & Caicos Islands, BWI W. Blythe Duncanson - Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Faizool Deo - Sports Editor (At Large) Daisy Handfield - Staff Reporter Cord Garrido-Lowe - Graphics Consultant (At Large) Dilletha Lightbourne-Williams - Office Manager Email: (Advertising), (News), Tel. 649-946-4664 (office), 649-232-3508 (after hours) Website address:

in Saint Martin in December 2013 and has since spread to 14 other countries in the Caribbean including TCI’s neighbours, the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Close to 3,600 cases have been confirmed across the region while health officials suspect the number to be closer to 40,000. Last month World Health Organisation representative Gerry Eijkemans hosted a press conference at the TCI’s Ministry of Health along with members of the ministry to discuss the virus. She explained that chikungunya is an emerging disease that has never been in the Americas or the Caribbean before. “This has happened because of climate change, because of travel, and tourism is a very big factor.” She stressed that it is preventable if everyone works in collaboration – the Government, the hotel sector, the cruise ship companies and the community. David Barnardo, primary healthcare medical officer and acting director of the health service, said the disease is similar to dengue fever but joint pain is notorious. “It could last for weeks, months and even in some cases for years,” he stressed, “it could disable a patient from their routine work.” Minister of Health Porsha Stubbs Smith, who was also at the press conference, said that the people of the TCI are living in “a paradise in the middle of a global village”. “With that in mind we have to be very conscious of diseases, illnesses that we too are susceptible to as a country.” She urged the public to help in preventing the spread of the chikungunya virus by following

health tips and by keeping homes and communities clean. Earlier this year the Ministry of Health and Human Services released a statement advising the public to protect themselves from bites. It read: “Chikungunya is a viral disease, carried mainly by the Aedes aegypti mosquito which is widely dispersed in the Caribbean region including the Turks and Caicos Islands. This is also the vector that causes dengue. “Symptoms of chikungunya virus include sudden high fever, severe pain in the wrists, ankles or knuckles, muscle pain, headache, nausea, and rash. “Joint pain and stiffness are more common with chikungunya than with dengue.” It went on to say that symptoms appear between four to seven days after the bite of an infected mosquito. The majority of clinical signs and symptoms last three to ten days, but joint pain may persist longer. Severe cases requiring hospitalisation are rare, but anyone experiencing any of the above signs and symptoms should visit their doctor or a healthcare clinic immediately. There is no vaccine or treatment available for chikungunya so the best way to stay protected is prevention. “Prevent mosquitoes breeding in and around your home environment,” the statement urged. “Wear long-sleeved clothing or long pants, use insect repellents liberally, use mosquito nets at night, inspect your home and yard weekly, keep water drums and barrels tightly covered, check your gutters.” The ministry also advised residents to throw out stagnant water from flower vases, old tyres, and other containers that might act as

breeding sites. And finally call the Environmental Health Department to treat large bodies of stagnant water on or around property. The Ministry of Health and Human Services along with other Caribbean health authorities are working with Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) to implement public health measures. These include identification and clinical management of cases, vector control measures, enhanced surveillance and public education. In February the ministry held two day-long awareness workshops to update health staff on identifying the disease along with prevention and control advice. “Let us all work together to prevent mosquito-borne diseases. Protect yourself, your home and environment today,” the statement read. Over the coming weeks he Environmental Health Department will begin conducting public meetings on the virus. The first will take place on Tuesday, June 17, in Blue Hills, Providenciales at 6.30pm – venue to be confirmed. The next will take place on Wednesday, June 18, at the primary school in Bottle Creek, North Caicos at 6.30pm. In Middle Caicos the meeting will be held on Thursday, June 19, at the Conch Bar Community Centre, from 11.30am. An the final meeting will take place at the Kew Community Centre in Kew, North Caicos, on Wednesday, June 25, at 6.30pm. Other meetings in Providenciales, Grand Turk and South Caicos will be announced at a later date. (RB)

June 14 - 20, 2014




The local media win challenge over ‘gag order’ THREE media houses fought a court order to stop press from reporting details of a corruption case this week – and won. On Wednesday (June 11) the Turks and Caicos Weekly News, PTV8 and Oasis Media objected to newly appointed Judge James Bruce Robertson’s restrictions. Attorney Beryn Duncanson petitioned the judge on behalf of the three media entities to revise the order he made in the case involving Tim O’Sullivan and Gordon Kerr. The Special Investigation and Prosecution Team (SIPT) is prosecuting the two men for cheating the public revenue and conspiracy to false account related to the sale of Emerald Cay. The order was made following published reports by another media house last week of information that could have prejudiced a fair trial for the defendants. On Monday (June 9) Justice Robertson, who was specially appointed to preside over the trial, ordered that the media could only report the names of the defendants, judge and defence and prosecution counsels as well as the date of any future hearings. However, alarmed at this draconian order, publisher of the Weekly News, W. Blythe Duncanson and representatives of news stations PTV8 and Oasis Media challenged the order. The contention was that the charges and the details of the indictment are a matter of pubic record and that they are already out in the public domain, as is the case with anyone charged with an offence. The publishers were also apprehensive that the order effectively restricted the media from reporting anything at all on the trial, when such a restriction is not lawful and is in direct contravention of the freedom of expression. Beryn Duncanson argued before the judge and defence counsels for the two defendants that an order restricting media reporting is usually made in exceptional circumstances where there is a real and substantial risk of prejudice to fairness of the trial or to proper administration of justice. He said it a discretionary power which is broad and ambiguous and imperils openness and transparency

in the context in which the public needs it the most – when powerful figures whose actions have public implications are under trial. The TCI’s Constitution Order 2011, which outlines the protection of freedom of expression, states that except with his or her consent, no person shall be hindered in the enjoyment of his or her freedom of expression. This freedom includes freedom to hold opinions without interference, freedom to receive and impart (to the public generally or to any person or class of persons) ideas and information without interference, and freedom from interference with his or her correspondence or other means of communication. Duncanson contended that nothing in any law or done under its authority shall be held to contravene this section of the constitution to the extent that it is reasonably justifiable in a democratic society, in the interests of defence, public safety, public order, public morality or public health. He submitted to the court that the defendants are charged with the evasion of stamp duties against the Turks and Caicos Government. “In the Turks and Caicos Islands there is no statutory provision which would give a court jurisdiction to make such an order in the circumstances and the common law rules of openness apply…” Duncanson argued. Subsequently, Judge Robertson amended the order. In addition to his original restrictions, the media can report on the offences that Kerr and O’Sullivan are charged with, along with the information contained in the charges, which are a matter of public record. However, when the initial order was made the consensus among the local media was that the order restricted lawful reporting of the trial. This was cleared up with the amended order, which clarified that the original document did not restrict the media from reportage of the trial proceedings when they commence in June 2015 or possibly earlier. The trial was initially set to start this past week. Meanwhile, Kerr and O’Sullivan are alleged to have cheated the public

Tim O’Sullivan

revenue on or about August 14, 2006 of approximately $1.5 million in stamp duty by falsely representing the value of the property and land transaction in respect of the sale Emerald Cay. The Crown alleges that they represented the price as $11 million (including $1 million for chattels) when in fact and in truth, the real value of the transaction was approximately $28 million. Another charge reads that between January 1, 2005, and March 31, 2007, the two lawyers conspired with Timothy Blixseth, Andrew Hawes, Angelina Morron, Gary Di Silvestri and others to cheat the collector of stamp duty and the public revenue of stamp duty due and payable upon the sale by a company known as Worldwide Commercial Properties Limited to Emerald Cay Limited of land and real property known as Emerald Cay by falsely representing the value of the transaction as mentioned in the previous charge. The third count alleges that between January 1, 2005, and August 31, 2006, Kerr and O’Sullivan conspired with Blixseth, Hawes, Morrone, Di Silvestri and others to falsely represent documents required for accounting purposes by the collector of stamp duty with a view to cause loss to the public revenue and for the gain of Blixseth, Hawes, Morrone and Di Silvestri by a false declaration of the value of land and property known as Emerald Cay. Queen’s Counsel Andrew Radcliffe and Conrad Griffiths QC are representing Irish-born Kerr. Leading the defence for

Gordon Kerr

O’Sullivan is Jim Sturman QC, along with Jonathan Katan of Miller Simons O’Sullivan and others. O’Sullivan is a partner with Miller Simons O’Sullivan law firm, while

Scotsman Gordon Kerr is a partner with Misick and Stanbrook. Queen’s Counsel, Andrew Mitchell is leading the case for the SIPT. (DI)

UK overseas territories citizens get visa free access to Europe BRITISH passport holders can now travel across a huge mass of countries in Europe without having to apply for a visa. The Schengen Area currently consists of 26 European states, including four which are not members of the European Union. British Overseas Territories citizens (BOTCs), British Overseas citizens (BOCs), British Protected Persons (BPPs), and British Subjects (BS) can all travel visa free across the borderless area as of Monday (June 9). The duration of the visits will be a maximum of 90 days, according to the Overseas Territories Directorate in the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The full list of countries is Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland. Visa concession will also apply to Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and

Cyprus. The United Kingdom and Ireland, while both EU Member States, do not participate in the borders and visas aspects of the Schengen agreement and continue to operate border controls with other EU Member States. The Schengen agreement led to the creation of Europe’s borderless area in 1995, and is named after the town where it was signed in Luxembourg. Both the current BOTC, BOC, BPP, and BS passport and the proposed new machine-readable passport will allow visa free access to the Schengen area. On arrival travellers may be asked to confirm that they have sufficient funds available for the duration of their stay. They may also be asked to show a return or onward ticket. The visa concession covers visits only. The maximum duration is 90 days in a period of 180 days. It does not cover employment or study - where the appropriate visa must be obtained prior to travelling.



June 14 - 20, 2014

A Weekly News column that puts you on the spot for your opinions on the issues of the day

Financial audit made public?

LAST week the Weekly News revealed that the results of an investigation into the costs of running the country’s two hospitals will not be made available for public viewing. Desiree Lewis, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Human Services, said that the financial audit of InterHealth Canada’s operations, which is still in the “finalisation process”, will be for the sole use of the Ministry of Health and Human Services. What are your thoughts? Do you think the public should be able to scrutinise the report?

We must see it

Yes, without any doubt the public ought to be able to view the results of the investigation. We are paying for it so we ought to have sight of it!

Power crazy

These folks are drunk with power. Whose money it is that is paying InterHealth Canada? Where are the people’s representatives? Is it the civil servants that now run the country? Insanity multiplied over.

Why the secrecy?

Out right ridiculous! How dare they? Ms Desiree Lewis should know better than that. Everyone needs to know what is going on in ALL the ministries - period - especially if it is being funded by the people’s money. Ms Lewis please have the results published so that our people can verbalise their concerns. We are not a stupid, ignorant people. There must be a hidden agenda, why the secrecy? Something isn’t right! On the other hand, what has happened to democracy? This mess sure would not happen in England, Bermuda, Cayman etc so tell me, why should it happen in the TCI?

Something stinks

The public pays for these hospitals and the public should know the findings of the audit. To keep it secret makes me feel that they are covering up something. Something stinks and it isn’t cheese!

Not a democracy

This is absolutely atrocious! The single highest cost to the taxpayers of the Turks and Caicos Islands and we are not allowed to see the results of the audit? This government is beyond corrupt! I would remind all that we were not allowed to see the original hospital contract either, except under extremely restricted and monitored conditions. This hospital scam of Rufus Ewing and the PNP party will be the demise of the Turks and Caicos Islands. They now want to put on a payroll tax to pay for this shambles of a medical system and we are only supposed to say: “Yes sir! How much more would you like sir? No, no questions sir!”

This is not the way a democracy runs!

Elected to serve

I think the governments of this world (but somehow especially ours) keep forgetting that they are elected to serve their nations.

Deception and darkness

Sir Robin Auld on page 103 of his report outlined areas of major concern in the grant of untendered and overpriced contracts with connected persons. The first two examples which gave rise to concern were; Southern Health Network and the contracts for the new TCI hospitals which as Sir Robin explained had a budget of $40 million but had at that point cost our nation $125 million. As we have learned when financed at over 12 per cent ended costing our little nation about $250 million in real terms. Sir Robin also pointed out that further investigations of these matters would point to the possibility of corruption and serious dishonesty, and in effect this is what the public were calling for. Helen Garlick needs to let loose her investigative team on this case as Sir Robin has called for, but this has not happened, and even the present investigations into the contract to run these hospitals are being hidden from the public. So instead of honesty and light in our Government we the people are subject to deception and darkness in high places. Our church leaders need to take action in Jesus name against this present darkness that is oppressing our nation!

Must be dissected

Since the healthcare contract is the basic cause of the heightened cost of living and since it will last 20 years or more the persons paying for it need to know where their money is going. We the general public and everyone living or visiting here is paying for it and every detail needs to be made public. The Opposition’s Public Accounts Committee needs to examine the audit, take it apart and publicise the results in simple layman’s terms. Keeping the results within the Government is an indictment of this Premier who was

central in its creation. Is he embarrassed or proud of his achievement? Keeping the audit under wraps tells us the answer. Why has it taken so long to reach this point? Doctor Ewing hoped the problem would go away. The next obvious question is the audit itself - is it accurate? We are not receiving the level of care we are paying for so this whole deal needs to be dissected.

Makes me sick

I am a retired nurse from the old system, a better system. The cost of this mess could have improved our primary care but instead primary care is in the toilet. Secondary care is in Jamaica or Nassau. Now what we are paying for will be kept secret. Only minister Porsha and Doctor Ewing will look at the audit? This itself is making me sick. This is another PNP, Canadian and British mess. We need to fire this entire Government and start over.

Cancel plan

I am not covered by the NHIP because I am not working and paying the six per cent. I am paying all the other taxes related to healthcare when I buy my now expensive loaf of bread. Most of my neighbours and friends are not covered either. The $60 million this is costing us every year could give everyone good care. We cannot cancel the plan soon enough.


The working public and other taxpayers are paying through the nose for the health service, they are entitled to know how their hard earned money is being spent by InterHealth. Considering the Government keeps using such phrases as “transparency”, “accountability” and “good governance” any attempt to hide the costs of running the hospitals from the paying public would be at best hypocrisy and at worst a deliberate cover up.

Zero tolerance

The public should absolutely be privy to the financial audit. It’s a Government funded service that utilises public tax payer dollars, so the public should be aware of how every cent is being spent. There should be zero tolerance to secrecy in good governance!

We are not jokes

Anyone from the US, Canada, Britain, Caribbean, Asia, looking at the Turks and Caicos Islands must say that we are jokes or that the British government and the elected PNP Government have the people of the TCI for jokes. All of the fiscal, financial, constitutional and severe economic problems in the TCI can be immediately linked to the hospital deal, its inflated numbers and secret contract. Where in the world where the British as telling the TCI people that everything must be public, could the contract and now the audits be silent?

Who is being protected here? We are the people paying these higher taxes, not getting good school conditions, no scholarships, no roads and no future! Yet the paperwork is not for us to see? Do they really take us for jokes? I am sure that when the PDM leadership demanded the audits that they wanted these audits to be public. These secrecies, these lies all point to a massive scam, evidence of the need to cover up and to protect certain interests which happen to be British. I can say we are not jokes but if “we TCI people” (grammar deliberate) do not stand up and demand answers they will see us as jokes and God forbid we are not!

Taxes and secrecy

There is no way the Governor’s Office, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), the Premier of the TCI, Rufus Ewing, the Attorney General, the Leader of the Opposition, the Speaker of the House, elected members of the Opposition, ministers and appointed should be allowed to sit idly while this secrecy is honored, blessed and secured. First they, the PNP Government and the British government, played silly games by stalling the hospital audits, now they must be secret? If this were a Mike Misick government or an Oswald Skippings government would either of these leaders sit by and allow the British to bamboozle them with such lies? No! Prime Minister Cameron and Foreign Secretary William Hague must be made to account for this kind of secrecy. There is no reason why the process and findings of the hospital audits should be secret. The monies are being ripped out of our pockets. All members of the house have a duty to their people and their constituents to vote these taxes down which are being imposed on us all to pay for a secret hospital contract and now a secret audit process. It is all connected, taxes and the secret audits. If you show up and vote - please don't try and run again in the next election.

Make it known

The public is paying for the hospital so why keep the financial information from them. Remember who was heading the Ministry of Health when the hospital deal was made? So how can we now trust this person’s administration to keep all the information in the financial audit to a ministry in this administration? The information in the audit should be made known to all stakeholders. We need to know who all benefits from the hospital deal and if the deal makers are still being paid.

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June 14 - 20, 2014




Gov’t projects 3.5% growth in revenue – 2014/2015 Budget tabled in Parliament THE GOVERNMENT is expecting a 3.5 per cent growth rate in revenue and three per cent for expenditure for the 2014/2015 financial year. This was revealed by Minister of Finance, Washington Misick on Wednesday (June 11) as he laid the budget document on the table of the House of Assembly. The estimates of revenue and expenditures for this fiscal year are now with the Appropriations Committee, which will scrutinise the document before passing and sending it for debate in about six weeks. The minister appealed to members of the house to let good sense prevail as the country continues to move towards sustainable economic

growth. He also informed members that the delay in tabling the document, which should have been done months ago, was mainly to allow the Government to consult with the public as it formulates various revenue measures, which have been included. The minister also advised that the document takes into consideration the obligation placed on the Government by the constitution for sustainability, affordability, value for money and long term financial stability in the management of the economy. In this regard, he added, there are three main pillars upon which the budget is formulated – debt

Gov’t proposes increase of building height to 14 storeys THE GOVERNMENT has decided that buildings in the Turks and Caicos Islands can stand up to 14 storeys tall (150 feet), half of what was proposed some years ago and twice what the law currently allows. Officials will soon be engaging stakeholders such as contractors, engineers, hoteliers, environmentalists and others concerned to get feedback on the best way forward. Last week, Cabinet decided to open the consultations, through the Ministry of Home Affairs. Following that meeting, Premier Rufus Ewing told the media that there are a number of expressions of interests from people who have the funding and would like to build hotels and other developments in TCI, but the limitation in the maximum height is working against this. “There was a proposal to build a 28 storey building, and quite a bit of us thought it was quite excessive; a lot of people say they would have been amenable to something at least half that size….” He noted that this is instrumental to boosting the construction sector and driving the economy forward to get it over the current hump. “There is very limited land within the main tourist area of Grace Bay and so for them to have a return on the investment and maximize on it they have to go up in the air and so that is why we really have to look at it and seriously consider the increase in height and density, especially at this time to stimulate the construction

sector…” He added that the Government is looking forward to meeting with stakeholders for their input, and that they are aware that there is balance to be struck between environmental concerns and development. “…as well as our high end brand and mass tourism; so we are also taking that into consideration in the decision with regard to increasing building height and density.” In 2012, Government officials met with the members of the public to consult on a proposal to increase the building height to 28 storeys, but many opposed the idea. Skyline Development Company had presented a proposal for a 28-storey European Plan (EP) Hotel and Conference Centre with retail and professional offices. The proposal consisted of three high-rise buildings, the first being a 28 storey tower housing 200 rooms and 96 condominium units on the top floors. The second and third phases each consisted of a 20 storey condominium tower with 156 units each, for 512 rooms in total. While, the Tourism Board was in favour of that project, some people expressed concerns related to the environment and the sinking of buildings such as these. Following this, the Planning Department reported that any increases in building height and density should be gradual in order to ensure compatibility with the existing environment and infrastructure. At the time, they suggested going from seven to ten storeys. (DI)

Minister of Finance Washington Misick

management, revenue reform and economic growth. DEBT MANAGEMENT Misick reminded members that next month, the country will be receiving its first sovereign credit rating which, if favourable, will put the TCI in a much better position as the country takes full responsibility for its debt in February 2016. Speaking to the recent consultations with the Opposition and other stakeholders, the minister said he hopes that everyone realises that the Government is, to some extent, constrained by the framework document as to how they can manipulate or restructure the TCI’s debt. “Therefore some of the decisions that have informed this budget are based on that constraint under which we are forced to operate. “[That is] until we have our own credit rating and until we have the ability come February 2016 to be able to restructure our debt and have

better access to the capital markets.” He added that the cost of any borrowing would be based on the kind of rating the country receives. “I implore you to stand firm with me on the right side of history and do not flinch from doing the right thing in the next six weeks when this budget is presented to the nation.” Misick noted that this budget, together with the consequential revenue reform plan for the next year and beyond, will catapult the TCI back into emerging market growth rates. An investment grade rating or status by any credit rating agency depends on a number of factors, not least among these is the crucial message that the assembly sends through its words and actions, the minister said. REVENUE REFORM Misick added that while the Government does not want to be in a position to increase current revenue streams or introduce revenue measures, a certain level of revenue is needed to provide efficient, reliable and appropriate public service that will lead to sustainable economic growth. “There are no good taxes; but the Government can only give what it takes,” he said. “As a result the expenditure has to be financed through new and existing revenue streams; we have made adjustments to some of the existing revenue streams and of course we have introduced some new revenue streams.” He reminded members of the need

Under the tree

for a broad-based tax system, which will go a long way in reducing the country’s susceptibility to external shocks. “Our revenue generation system is arguably too complex; it has too many variables; it needs to be simpler, broader and more sustainable. “Crucially it must be designed to withstand external shocks such as those experienced in 2008.” Hence the proposal of the payroll tax, which is reflected in the budget estimates. He added that the tax will help to ensure that the TCI runs a budget surplus and pay down its debt while demonstrating to the global capital market that the TCI is a well governed and responsible nation that they can lend to with confidence. He said that based on the economic recovery and tax consultations around the islands recently, the Government has decided to ditch the proposed change from free on board (FOB) to cost, insurance and freight (CIF). The reasons behind this are explained in detail in the budget document. The minister also informed parliament that the Government intends to formulate a single authority to handle revenue collection. “We believe this will enhance efficiency and compliance.” He added that the economic outlook shows a positive trajectory, and the Government expects that positive growth rate will continue to be strengthened and thus enhance business opportunity and attract new investments by creating a clear pathway to economic growth. (DI)

By Benneth Williams



June 14 - 20, 2014


No business licences required come 2015 - Finance Minister

ON WEDNESDAY (June 11), Minister of Finance, Washington Misick announced that Government intends to completely eliminate the Business License Ordinance and replace it with a Business Registration Ordinance. The new law is intended to come into effect next year. During a ministerial address to the House of Assembly as he tabled the 2014/2015 Budget, the minister said the decision to eliminate the business licences is because of the public outcry and the representation made since the proposed increases to the fees. “Yes, I have heard the representations and the complaints of the public as it relates to the increases in business licence fees and I get it and it was never an easy

decision to make to raise additional revenue in a struggling economy.” He added that the Government would be presenting legislation to the assembly to repeal the current ordinance. Misick said that the Business Registration Ordinance would still require businesses to be registered and it is important that the Government knows who and what is operating in the country. “I can tell you now that work has already begun on restructuring and looking at various bits and pieces of legislation with the intention of making the necessary changes to the regulations so that the cost of any particular sector would be provided for by those regulations.” When contacted by this publication, the minister said that

Minister of Finance Washington Misick

they have not looked at what the registration would cost yet, but that it would be either a flat fee or an annual return.

He said: “What we don’t want to do is duplicate or have parallel reporting mechanisms; we have a company ordinance at the moment which requires companies to make annual returns, so we have to see what sort of synergy we have to put in place so we are not duplicating anything and creating barriers and hoops for businesses.” Asked if the fee would be as much as the current business licence fees, the minister said it would be less. “It will most definitely be less, because it is not a revenue generator; Government would have to find other ways to replenish that revenue. It does not become a revenue generator anymore; it is mostly an administrative fee.” He added the focus would not

necessarily be on how much money the Government can get out of it. Last month, Misick left members of the Opposition questioning his reasoning when he pulled the Business Licence (Amendment) Bill from consideration and debate by the house. At the time, he said he wanted to seek input from all members of the assembly and the business community. According to the Opposition at the time, the deferral puts businesses in a precarious position, as a number of companies are experiencing difficulty conducting business overseas, as they are unable to produce a valid business licence due to the decision not to allow businesses to renew their licence until July 1. (DI)

Multi-million dollar hurricane repairs begin SEVERAL homes that were severely damaged during hurricanes Hanna and Ike in 2008 are finally getting repaired as part of a $6.25 million European Union recovery fund. More than 100 properties in Grand Turk, South Caicos and Salt Cay will get mended or rebuilt over the coming months, according to a TCI Disaster Recovery Board (DRB) statement on Tuesday (June 10). In 2010 the 10th European Development Fund granted €5 million (about US$6.5 million) to the Turks and Caicos Islands to rebuild homes that remained in a poor or derelict state. The project aimed to reduce poverty existing as a result of the hurricanes and was overseen by the DRB, chaired by Governor, Peter Beckingham. Other members of the board are Deputy Governor Anya Williams, Chief Financial Officer Stephen Turnbull, Permanent Secretary Wesley Clerveaux, Pastor Vernon Malcolm and independent member Kingsley Been. The terms of the contract stated that the fund must spend the money by October 31, 2014, and aid is limited to South Caicos, Grand Turk and Salt Cay - the islands identified by a 2009 UNESCO survey to be most severely damaged. However despite being granted the aid, the cash was frozen until the country could prove it was fiscally responsible. In April 2012 the TCI received its first release of the funding which kick started the project - followed by the appointment of project manager Sue Breetzke that October. Applications for assistance were called for in December 2012.

Delphine Simmons thanks Lester Williams for the repair works on her home in Grand Turk

Alongside this, a contract was led by the project to update the TCI Building Code to incorporate more stringent requirements in design and construction to protect against future hurricane damage and to bring the code in line with the latest advances in international building codes. This was approved by Cabinet in January this year. In total 235 applications were received from the three islands. All of these were captured, processed and those which met the general criteria audited. All application data was made anonymous, with names, island and block and parcel numbers removed, before it was submitted to the Recovery Task Force (as

The aftermath of hurricane Ike in South Caicos

project steering board) and Disaster Recovery Board, for consideration and approval or decline. Final lists of approved and declined applications have now been produced. Originally 124 homeowners were informed that they were eligible for assistance from the $6.25 million fund, and prioritised according to need by the DRB. Those on the lowest income and living in a damaged property with elderly, infirm or disabled people take precedence. Thirteen applicants have subsequently withdrawn their applications or been found to be ineligible, in some cases due to an irresolvable issue with the ownership

of the land that their home is on. Eleven applications remain for minor works, all of which will have repairs carried out. All 27 priority one applicants for major work will have it carried out while 11 households of priority two status will have work done if money is available. Originally 64 people applied for a complete rebuild and 43 were identified as category one. These are mainly single income family households or those living in rented accommodation or with relatives. “It is unlikely that the budget will allow rebuilding of all 43 priority one homes, once contract negotiations are concluded,” the DRB statement

read. “Once the exact costs are known, the most vulnerable members in this group will receive new homes. “This leaves 21 properties in the lower priority categories who are unlikely to have their homes rebuilt out of this funding, due to budget constraints.” This March Parker and Sons Construction won the tender to start conducting minor repairs on 11 properties, with works due to be completed early August 2014. Tenders are currently being negotiated to carry out more serious repairs on a further 27 properties, due to be completed by October, as well as the total rebuild of some homes too badly damaged to repair.

June 14 - 20, 2014




Minister of Education explains missing millions A MASSIVE $19 million in unpaid contributions to the obsolete Turks and Caicos Scholarship Fund can all be accounted for, according to Minister of Education, Youth and Sport Akierra Missick. From 1997 until 2012 new developers signed agreements with the Government which said they had to pay a chunk of money into a fund dedicated to furthering the education of TCI’s young people. However many of the millions was never collected and cannot be recouped as “the money doesn’t just exist sitting in these various developers’ accounts,” Missick said. In May the Weekly News reported details of the ‘Auditor General’s Report on the 2012/2013 TCIG Financial Statements’ that was laid before the House of Assembly. The paper, dated March 19, 2014, highlighted several areas of material weakness and significant deficiencies with the Government’s financial handling. It also talked of areas where TCIG was not complying with laws, regulations, policies and procedures. Auditor General Anand Heeraman of the National Audit Office (NAO) led the assessment along with four auditors and four assistant auditors. The report revealed that about $26 million in unpaid revenue was owed to the Government at the end of the 2012/2013 financial year.

Of that about $19 million was listed as “contributions to special school” which is actually contributions to the Turks and Caicos Scholarship Fund. During House of Assembly on Monday (June 9) Missick explained that some of the agreements date as far back as 1997. She added that since 2012 there have been no new scholarship provisions in development agreements as it is no longer in line with the new financial regulations. A detailed but aging report on outstanding contributions was prepared by the Ministry of Finance listing a total of $19 million, the minister said. However only $2.5 million represents active projects and the rest may not be available for collection. “Some developments have completed their payments but were still accounted for as if they were still active in cases they are not,” Missick said. Other agreements are under investigation by the Special Investigation and Prosecution Team (SIPT) “which again cannot be discussed publically as they’re active legal matters”. Some agreements are currently under renegotiation with the Investment Unit - those companies or developments that are in receivership.

Minister of Education, Youth and Sport Akierra Missick

Companies in liquidation or companies that have been wound up has resulted in TCIG standing in the back of the line as a creditor. “So who knows when payments will be paid out and how much cents on a dollar TCIG will be able to benefit from,” the minister said. Several agreements are under settlement negotiations with the AG’s Chambers to see how the Government can get the money “sooner rather than later”. “And we have to be realistic, a lot of projects that had these lines for scholarship contribution in them were either halted or stopped due to the economic woes of the world.” Lastly several of the development agreements were not executed or no

benefit was ever actualised by the developer and became difficult to enforce. “So the money doesn’t just exist sitting in these various developers’ accounts. There are reasons why money hasn’t been paid.” The remaining agreements are being enforced by a team which is led by the Ministry of Finance and includes members from the Revenue Department, Treasury, Investment Unit, Attorney General’s Chambers, Crown Land Unit, Land Unit and Customs Department. “The ministry does work closely with the revenue collection unit – we receive reports and updates when payments are made into the consolidated fund.” She added that although $2.5 million may represent active agreements – the team was able to gather about $500,000 last year. “That is a more realistic expectation to have going forward as again some of the $2.5 million is under negotiation.” She stressed that compliance officers at the Ministry of Finance are working hard. “We must say thank you to them when they’re doing their job at a time when things are a bit difficult and they get hung up on when their chasing payments, but nonetheless they’re staying the course and pushing forward.”

This week the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) met with Government accounting officers in the NJS Francis building in Grand Turk to discuss the audit report. The PAC together with the Auditor General serve to promote accountability and transparency in the administration of Government’s funds. Hilda Caley, assistant commissioner of the Revenue Department, explained how she and her officers are recouping the missing cash. “We have already started in our compliance unit to visit or to reach out to these persons who are owing Government,” she said. She explained that they have spoken to the Director of Public Prosecutions at the AG’s Chambers. However to proceed with prosecutions the department needs a new legal officer - “we are expecting someone to come in real soon,” she said. “But we have reached out to the developers, most of them, and we had some come in to pay and some who have not yet come in to pay.” She explained that the department has set up payment plans which have led to some improvements with the payments. “Since we have started the compliance and collection last year we had some vast amount of money that was outstanding come in,” Caley said. (RB)

Governor Peter Beckingham talks to crew

US Coast Guard patrols TCI waters A HUGE US Coast Guard ship docked in Grand Turk on Wednesday (June 11) during a patrol of TCI waters. Captain James Passarelli, Lt Commander Robert Hill and their 75 crew members welcomed Governor Peter Beckingham and Commissioner of Police Colin Farquhar on board the cutter Confidence for a tour of the facilities.

During the visit they discussed the Coast Guard’s duties and were familiarised with the ship’s capabilities. Construction of Confidence began at the United States Coast Guard Yard in Curtis Bay, Maryland, in 1965 and was completed in 1966. Fifth of 16 vessels in the class, Confidence was designed for search

US Coast Guard cutter Confidence is 210ft long

and rescue, law enforcement, and alien migrant interdiction operations. The huge boat is 210ft long, weighs 759 tonnes and runs on two V16 2550 horsepower ALCO diesel engines. The main purpose of the visit to the Turks and Caicos Islands was to help assist in the fight against illegal

immigration from Haiti. The US Coast Guard is one of the five armed forces of the United States and the only military organisation within the Department of Homeland Security. It is an adaptable, responsive military force of maritime professionals whose broad

legal authorities, capable assets, geographic diversity and expansive partnerships provide a persistent presence along rivers, ports, littoral regions and on the high seas. These attributes make the Coast Guard a unique instrument of maritime safety, security and environmental stewardship.


June 14 - 20, 2014


We welcome letters from all members of the public on a variety of topics Please note that all submissions are subject to editing in keeping with defamation laws and newspaper style. Letters should be accompanied by the author’s full name, location and phone number. Names will be withheld if requested.

Responding to Burant Dear Editor, I would like to respond to the letter in last week’s edition of the Weekly News entitled ‘Josh opinions not relevant’ by Keith Burant, president of the Turks and Caicos Islands Rugby and Football Union (TCIRFU). To be honest I find Mr Burant’s letter to be very over-defensive and representing half-truths. I would like to know why Mr Burant is so angry – yes to the point that he has made some most presumptuous, unfounded allegations as to my knowledge or ignorance about the sport of rugby. To begin with I’ve been an avid follower of rugby ever since I was a teenager, having had many fellow student athletes in the Bahamas playing the sport. Also I’ve been following the exploits of the All Black, New Zealand, team as well as the best European rugby nations and the rest of the world, including England, for years. Thus I do have a very intimate

knowledge of the game. Actually Mr Burant would probably be shocked to know that I’ve followed all of the televised sports for years and am well versed in most of them. I am a sports addict, period. It seems Mr Burant did not read my column about our loss to Jamaica. I still say that we should not have lost. Not once did I criticise any of our players in that column. They represent our country. I still say that the coach is the coach and no coach is perfect and should learn from his mistakes. On the other hand I applaud the players and fans. I am forever a TC Islander and ain’t trying to impress nobody. Also for years I’ve always encouraged the TCI rugby effort. Many times I’ve spoken with Mr Burant and considered him my friend. But I am not perfect. I am a sports fanatic and hate to see our country lose. I may have been over exuberant

in my rooting for our country in my anxiety to see our country win. I am very vocal as a fan and that is my right as long as I am not interfering with the match. During the recent match the police were called and they threw me in the back of their vehicle and took me home. All of this happened after I fell down because of my medical condition MS. I feel I deserve a public apology. Finally, if I’ve offended anybody connected with the national rugby I humbly beg their pardon and apologise. In spite of how they may have been offended I only meant well in the final analysis and nothing was intended to be taken personally. I see a great future for our Flamingos. Respectfully yours, love, Joshua Gardiner, Weekly News sports columnist, Providenciales

We’re being bled dry Dear Editor, With the payroll tax heading to the floor of the house for debate, it is clear that the current administration has no real plans for curtailing the economic situation here in the Turks and Caicos Islands. It’s as if taxing the handful of law abiding citizens to death is their only solution, rather than rolling their sleeves up and actually doing some work. We are just on the heels of the business licence fee increases and businesses are already struggling to cope with increases in the cost of freight and duties, National Health Insurance and National Insurance. With no new investment, jobs are few and far between. Many people have already left the jurisdiction in the hope of finding a better life elsewhere. I have spoken to the Ministers of Immigration and Finance and suggested

that we regularise illegal persons so that they can pay into the system. It is my belief that no one wants to operate here illegally. Given a period of amnesty all concerned persons can declare their business practices and be issued work permits, business licences and sign up for National Insurance and National Health Insurance at the same sitting. Let’s face it, these people are here to stay and are currently operating without paying a single dollar into our treasury. I know it will be a time consuming process, however, it is a necessary process that we must take on. As it stands, it makes no sense having millions of untapped dollars floating around in the black market; whilst a handful of law abiding residents are bled dry. Euwonka Selver Long Bay, Providenciales

We welcome letters from all members of the public on a variety of topics Please note that all submissions are subject to editing in keeping with defamation laws and newspaper style. Letters should be accompanied by the author’s full name, location and phone number. Names will be withheld if requested.

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Is the TCI another battleship Arizona? THE STATE of Arizona, in the southwest USA is very hot and dry. We probably get few tourists from Arizona because temperatures there are higher and drier than the TCI. In the lead up to World War I the USA built a number of battleships named after states. The Arizona was one. Built in 1915 and commissioned in 1916 she saw sea duty in the Atlantic Ocean training naval personnel. She was rebuilt in 1929. On December 7, 1941, she was sunk during the Japanese sneak

attack on Pearl Harbour, Hawaii. Bombs and torpedoes hit her and she blew up and sunk never to be raised. Many lives were lost. We thought about these events when we met a lady from Arizona on a plane trip from Providenciales to Miami. This was her first trip to the Turks and Caicos Islands. “I just wanted to visit an island,” she said. The gal had rented a condo near Grace Bay. When asked if she enjoyed herself all she could say was how expensive it was in TCI: “$10 for a box of teabags you can buy for $4 in Arizona.”


The price of food has now risen to unbelievable levels. Actually food in North and Middle Caicos costs less than Providenciales because health taxes, Government permit costs and electric bills which have broken through the roof and must be passed on in higher prices. The next tax is looming and prices could soon rise again. But if you are a Government minister taking home $13,000 a month you just don’t care! Everyone else brought it on themselves for voting for the ‘spend and tax’ party running the Government. Or did they? A whopping 56 per cent voted for

By David Tapfer

David is a retired mobile hydraulic engineer and business executive. He has been married to Middle Caicos native Yvette Robinson Tapfer for 25 years and has lived in Conch Bar, Middle Caicos, since 2002. David formerly served as branch chairman of the PDM from 2008 to 2011

the PDM who also won three out of five at large seats. How did the party with only 44 per cent of the popular vote win the Government? The party won’t tell, their voters won’t tell, the police don’t know and the Integrity Commission thinks it was an honest election. We expected that. They also think old conflicts of interest can be ‘managed’ but only in the TCI. Our Premier told the Canadian parliament everything in the TCI is on the rise again and the construction industry has healed. One good tourist quarter resulted

from the coldest northern winter in decades. Global cooling anyone? Canadian Fortis and InterHealth Canada believes Premier Ewing because everything about the TCI is good for them. The ill that fell on the battleship Arizona is now falling on us. Our financial minister has employed his classic management skills. He torpedoed us with higher fees and continues to bomb us with higher taxes. Will we sink forever like the battleship Arizona or will the TCI ever rise to sail again?

Please keep your letters to a maximum of 450 words or we may not be able publish it.

June 14 - 20, 2014



Hefty fines or jail time for tax evasion if Payroll Tax Bill passed TWO years imprisonment, a fine of $15,000 or both could be the punishment for any employer who fraudulently evades paying payroll tax, if the House of Assembly passes it when it comes up for debate later this month. The controversial bill was published in the Gazette this past Wednesday (June 11) but was not tabled in the house when it convened this week. It is expected to be tabled at the June 23 sitting, however. As previously reported, employers and the employee are responsible for paying 1.5 per cent each; for a total Government tax collection of three per cent per month. Self-employed persons with no employees have to pay the entire three per cent. However, if the self-employed person has employees, that person pays 1.5 per cent and the employee pays the other half. When members of the house met on Wednesday, Minister of Finance, Washington Misick gave a reminder that the introduction of the broadbased tax is an overarching revenue strategy aimed at reducing the overall level of taxation.

He was at the time urging members to do the right thing for the country and approve the 2014/2015 Budget, which includes the revenues to be collected from the payroll tax. The Government expects to collect $9 million annually from the tax and $5.6 million for the fiscal year 2014/2015. The payroll tax would be taxable on workers’ salaries and wages from August, if approved. Last week Friday, Premier Rufus Ewing told reporters that some more work has to be done to generate more confidence in the tax before it is taken to the house. “The people in the house would decide and that is the most that we can do,” he said. “We would have done our part in terms of putting forward a broadbased taxation measure, one that is reasonable with the time frame that we have to implement it; and we would leave it up to the members to decide on behalf of the people.” Asked about alternative measures to be put in place if the bill is killed, the Premier said that some budgetary and current taxation adjustments would have to be made and another broad-based tax would proposed.

He further underscored the need for the introduction of a broad-based taxation system in the TCI. “Some of the other ones that are available take a longer time to model and in the modelling of those taxation options that are untested in TCI, and that is very important because you can stand to lose a lot if you don’t model them properly; and I’m talking about things like the General Services Tax (GST)…” This is the same tax plan that was very unpopular when the Government put it out for public comment last year. The GST was eventually scrapped. Ewing said that many adjustments can be made, but the idea is to strike a balance between growing the economy and getting increased revenue. He pointed to the fourth quarter financial report for this year, which shows a significant increase in recurrent revenue over the same period last year, even though the total revenue remains about the same. “The recurrent revenue is the important one because a lot of the revenue was filled by non-recurrent revenue like one off sale of land or one off recovery of land, and that is

not sustainable. “Because once you see an increase in the recurrent revenue that is more sustainable and we expect for that to continue as the economy grows and so you can easily make up the difference in small amounts… “ Among its provisions, the Payroll Tax Bill contains exemptions for an employer who is a foreign or Commonwealth government or an agency of such a government, or his employee. Additionally, remuneration that the minister is satisfied was paid to someone for caring for, or helping to care for, a person (whether or not that person is the employer) at that person’s home in connection with a physical, mental illness, or incapacity of that person, would be exempt from paying the tax. OFFENCES AND PENALTIES Meanwhile, according to the bill, if an employer deducts the tax from the employee but does not pay it to the authority to which it is payable, the employer is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $10,000 and in default of payment of the fine to imprisonment for 12 months. The bill states that the tax shall be

recoverable by the authority as a debt due to the Crown. There are also restrictions placed on employers. The bill reads that an employer shall not deduct or recover any portion of the tax payable by him (1.5 per cent) from the monies paid to the employee. If an employer does this and it is proven, he or she commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $10,000. If the fine were not paid, then the employer would be imprisoned for a term of 12 months and has to repay the monies taken from the employee’s remuneration. Other offences state that a person who intentionally deceives by making a false statement or producing false documents with respect to tax records is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $5,000 or imprisonment for a term of six months, or to both. The bill states that any person who continues to default in complying with any requirement imposed by the ordinance even after being convicted shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine of $100 for each day the default continues. (DI)

Issues stir up among Filipinos after recent elections BY DAISY HANDFIELD FORMER president of the TCI Filipino Committee (FILCOM), Ervin Panga is in the process of forming his own association which will not be affiliated with officials from the 2014-2015 FILCOM. The decision came about after he ran for 2014-2015 presidency and lost to his opponent, Alfonso Palatino in the elections in late May. Panga claims that the organisation does not represent the great majority of the Filipinos in the Turks and Caicos Islands. “Likewise, they do not represent the Philippine government in any of its affairs,” he wrote in an email to the Weekly News on Wednesday (June 11). “Although we are united as one race and belonging to one community, just like other nationals, we have differences in terms of values, principles and in the exercise of our own democratic rights.” The former president said that the recently concluded election in their community was marred with irregularities and a pending electoral protest has remained unanswered. “This had caused division amongst us. Hence, a proclamation of winner was done secretly without the general awareness of the entire Filipinos in this island, then, comes this publicity.”

Panga and others have decided to separate themselves and are in the process of forming a new Filipino organisation which will be named Association of Concerned Filipinos in the Turks and Caicos Islands (ACFIL-TCI). He said that this organisation will focus primarily on the welfare of their members and that they will play an active role in the Turks and Caicos Islands Government’s social and cultural affairs. “If this is how our fellow exercises their freedom within our community, then we set them free according to their will as they desire to be known in public. “However, this action is not for the best interest of all the Filipinos in this island since they came out in the open without clearing first our internal differences. “They do not hold the trust of the majority of the Filipinos the moment they pursue what they thought is individually right for them that’s why we do not acknowledge their position and had turned our backs in this organisation.” Panga said that one of the 2014 objectives of ACFIL-TCI is to contribute further in their own way to the Turks and Caicos community in particular and to the Turks and Caicos Islands Government.

Several of the candidates that form part of the 2014-2015 TCI FILCOM

TCI FILCOM president, Alfonso Palatino declined to comment on the matter. Last week the new members of the 2014-2015 TCI FILCOM were announced in a press release from Palatino. They are president for the Filipino committee, Alfonso Palatino, vice president Evangeline Persoso, vice president Orlando Vasaya, vice president Felimon Cacanindin, vice president Edwin Tatel, secretary Sam Nagar, treasurer Anna Aquino, and

public relations officer Eliza Dionela. Recently elected president Palatino said that he is excited because it is a new position and he is going to be involved in community service. “You are helping other people, especially your fellow Filipino colleagues; what a way to spend your life helping people.” The winners of the election were announced on May 30. The candidates that form the new body were selected by the Filipino

community in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The aims of TCI FILCOM are to establish and maintain friendship and camaraderie among its members, involve themselves actively in formulating and implementing programmes for the benefit and welfare of its members and serving as programme information advocates for both the TCI and Philippine government agencies while becoming productive partners of nation-building.


June 14 - 20, 2014




hearings Magistrate’s Court #1, Old Airport Road, Providenciales. Matters listed for June 16 to June 20, 2014, before Chief Magistrate Clifton Warner. Tuesday, June 17

Sanfra Foster, RBC Royal Bank Turks and Caicos branch manager, Governor Peter Beckingham, Patricia Saxto, director of the Turks and Caicos National Museum Foundation, and Dr Mike Pienkowski, honorary executive director of the UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum, cut the ribbon for the opening of the garden

Wise water garden opens at TCI National Museum’s Provo site EFFICIENT water conservation techniques used for hundreds of years were retaught to people and businesses of the TCI during a new working exhibit. The initiative was held at the Providenciales National Museum site on Thursday morning (June 12). The new wise water initiative demonstrates rainwater harvesting from roofs, garden irrigation and use of native and other medicinal plants adapted to local conditions at the museum’s historically accurate recreation of a typical 1800s Caicos family dwelling. The project aims to help the TCI decrease dependence on water that is reduced by expensive and environmentally costly dieselpowered desalination and promote awareness of the environment. Interpretive signage explains the natural water systems in TCI, how the wise water use garden works, and how everyone can help to conserve water. The project is linked to the ‘Wonderful Water’ curriculum and course developed by the UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum (UKOTCF) with the TCI Education Department already in use in the Islands’ schools. Visitors to the site will be able to find out about the use of the ‘threesister’ crop systems used by both the original Taino Indian inhabitants and again in the post-plantation era. This was centred on beans to capture nitrogen so avoiding the need for artificial fertilisers, corn which also provided support for the beans, and sweet potato or pumpkin, also to provide ground cover minimising water-loss. The water wise garden is a joint initiative by RBC Royal Bank, Turks and Caicos National Museum,

Defendant McAllen Gardiner Eldrecio Jennings

Charge(s) Possession of offensive weapon Resisting arrest Assault occasioning actual bodily harm Possession of controlled drugs Assault on police officer Assault on police officer Malicious damage to property Theft Malicious damage to property Assault on police officer Escaping from custody Resisting arrest Assault on police officer Resisting arrest Assault on police officer

Wednesday, June 18 Defendant(s) Shavel Musgrove Andrew Parker Thomas Morris King Wilner Lightbourne

Charge(s) Handling stolen goods Burglary Burglary Using offensive as so to cause fear Assault occasioning actual bodily harm Common Assault Using offensive so as to cause fear Assault occasioning actual bodily harm Carrying imitation firearm with intent to cause fear Malicious damage to property

Thursday, June 19 Defendant Randell Rigby Anderson Dessapes Joena Ordean Wilner Lightbourne

Charge(s) Taking motor vehicle with authority Taking motor vehicle with authority Burglary Handling stolen goods Burglary Handling stolen goods Handling stolen goods Malicious damage to property

Friday, June 20

Bryan Naqqi Manco, project manager for the Department of Environment and Maritime Affairs (DEMA), giving indepth explanations of the various plants

and UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum (UKOTCF). Officially opening the garden Governor Peter Beckingham said that it illustrates the fascinating gardening practices which were traditional in the Caicos Islands for hundreds of years. “Given how relevant these still are today, I welcome this collaboration between a local non-profit, its UK-based non-profit partner, and an international commercial organisation.” Sanfra Foster, RBC Royal Bank Turks and Caicos branch manager, said that RBC has a longstanding commitment to environmental sustainability and has chosen to focus on the conservation of the world’s most precious natural resource, water. “We believe that access to water will be one of the most significant environmental and economic issues facing the world in the coming

decades.” Patricia Saxton, director of the Turks and Caicos National Museum Foundation, expressed her appreciation to RBC and the project partners. “The Turks and Caicos National Museum is focused on historical and environmental conservation,” she said. “In our Grand Turk branch, the museum, the botanical garden and the science building rely only on rainwater harvesting and air conditioning run-off to power the operation.” Dr Mike Pienkowski, honorary executive director of the UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum, said that the Wise Water Use for Gardens Project will raise awareness of water-supply issues, encourage water-saving measures, and demonstrate the use of rainwater-harvesting for food-crops and of native plants in landscaping as significant measures to save water.

Defendant Charge(s) McAllen Bright Handling stolen goods Burglary Handling stolen goods

Magistrate’s Court #2, Graceway House, Leeward Highway, Providenciales. Matters Listed for June 16 to June 20, 2014, before resident Magistrate Jolyon Hatmin. Tuesday, June 17 Defendant Jeremy Brown

Charge(s) Burglary

Wednesday, June 18 Defendant Gerson Lopez Silifate Pettit-Homme Julien Pierre

Charge(s) Dangerous driving Possession of Parrot Fish Possession of crawfish during closed season Assault occasioning actual bodily harm Taking motor vehicle w/o authority Theft

Friday, June 20 Defendant Lloyd Astwood Ras Diamond Melvin Missick

Charge(s) Possession of crawfish below the legal size Possession of crawfish tail below the legal size Possession of crawfish tail below the legal size

June 14 - 20, 2014





University college to launch this autumn

HIGH school graduates can now continue their studies in the Turks and Caicos Islands with the launch of a new educational facility. The University College of Providenciales (UCP) which is scheduled to open this autumn will offer dozens of tertiary courses. Founders are still in discussions about the final location of the school but course registration is going ahead at Sure Foundation Ministries in Kew Town. The facility is the brainchild of the Reverend Conrad Howell and his wife Brikell Howell who say it is “the advantage you need”. Rev Howell has been pastoring in the settlement of Kew Town, for the past seven years and is well known as the composer of the national song ‘This Land of Ours’. “Our people need more options to study and develop themselves locally, so that we can be better positioned to make demands in the job market,” he said. “There is a need and we as a church in addition to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ are preparing to answer some of our social needs through adult education.” Since its inception Sure Foundation Ministries has had education as part of its vision, but according to Rev Howell “there is a time, and a season for every purpose.” In 2006 he presented a proposal to the then Government for a college park – but it never materialised. Then in 2010, Howell said he saw the effect on education of the suspension of parts of the constitution and the UK direct rule which created a digression in available scholarship funding for local and international studies.

“It’s now time for us as Turks and Caicos Islanders to make our own way and broaden the horizon on the home front, for our people and residents.” By the end of 2010 Howell felt compelled to revise his college park proposal and push a local institution of higher learning, so just months later he registered the University College of Providenciales. “We have waited patiently through, much prayer, agitation and determination to get to this point,” he said. “We as a congregation are small, we as a people are small, but we are not insignificant. With faith in God we can accomplish anything we put our minds to.” In added in words penned by his grandmother, the late Mrs Oseta Jolly: “We are out to build the Turks and Caicos.” “We applaud this Government for looking beyond who we are as individuals, and looking at the bigger picture which is the benefits to Turks and Caicos Islanders. “So we are grateful for the opportunity to validate the Education Week theme in 2013 ‘Partnership through Education’.” UCP has secured several accredited programmes and will be offering undergraduate degrees and certificates, career and personal development courses, adult high school, college and workforce readiness. Courses offered are accredited by North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement, DETC (Distance Education Training Council), IACET (International Association for Continuing Education and Training),

and ACE (American Council on Education). Rev Howell said: “This assures our awards, degrees and certifications given by the institution are internationally recognised, portable and transferable.” Founders are seeking staff to work with them at the facility – more details of positions can be found at – along with volunteers and sponsors. “We welcome our professionals from various career sectors to share their knowledge with our students through becoming adjunct lecturers, and volunteers, this provides enrichment for them as a professional in their field, and allows them the opportunity to help shape and guide the upcoming young brilliant minds that are looking for local professional mentors. “If they have no teaching experience or certifications, UCP offers developmental courses in the area of course facilitation to professionals who would like to take advantage of this opportunity to share their knowledge. “Likewise we welcome the support of our local corporations, business owners and charitable organisations to partner with us and sponsor higher education, career and workforce development in TCI.” Registration for University College of Providenciales (UCP) is at Sure Foundation Ministries 59B Norway Road, in Kew Town. “We are prepared to grow with our people,” Howell said, “to have our own we have to start somewhere, and not despise humble beginnings. “Thus, we welcome those who would like to take advantage of what we have to offer and are prepared to grow with us.”

June 14 - 20, 2014

Seven bands to compete for top title this June A HUGE competition to find the country’s best band is set to take place on June 21 at Turtle Cove Marina in Providenciales. Islandcom Battle of the Bands is sure to be a crowd pleaser with seven competing bands and special performances from talented artists. Islandcom marketing executive Chandra Craigg said: “We are very excited about this year’s event. “We had more bands this year that were interested in joining the competition so we had to squeeze the schedule really tight.” Events for the competition co-sponsored by the Wine Cellar will kick off on Friday night, June 20, with a Battle of the Bands pre-party at Zanzi Bar Lounge in Providenciales. The pre-party will feature hot DJs such as DJ Shakes, DJ Hoodie, Prime DJs and a special guest. Then on the Saturday all roads will lead to Turtle Cove Marina for the main event. Gates will open at 5pm for special performances from local artists such as Kew Band Links, Tiffany Thomas, and TESS. Following immediately after the event will be an after party session across from the marina at Royal Flush Casino. The after party, hosted by Prime DJs themselves, will feature three top DJs and will celebrate the winners of the event. Last year’s Battle of the Bands featured a stellar performance from newcomer TESS (Chrystal Charles) as she wowed the crowd with a medley of R and B and pop music; singing and dancing to hits such as Crazy in Love by Beyonce and Where Have You Been by Rihanna. This year’s event will feature an appearance by local favourite Tiffany Thomas. Tiffany is a

talented singer, songwriter, and performer and hails from the island of South Caicos. As the female lead vocalist of Caribbean Music Farm she has performed around the world in numerous countries. In the competition are seven of TCI’s top bands competing for the number one spot. First place winners will receive $5,000 cash and Samsung phones, second place winners will receive $2,500 and Samsung S4 Minis, and third place winners will receive $1,000. All winners will also receive gift certificates courtesy of The Wine Cellar. This year’s competition will feature a few up and coming bands. Competing will be Karib Band, Island Vibes, Grand Land Band, Island Boys, Harbour Catch, Band Boys, and Obstak. Islandcom’s CEO Niamh Burns said: “What I love most about the Battle of the Bands is that it accomplishes so many things. “It displays TCI culture, raises money for charity, and it marks the Anniversary of Islandcom network.” The charities sponsored in this year’s event focus on children and sports. There will be four TCI non-profit organisations represented this year. They are Trailblazers Academy, Provo Amateur Basketball Association, TCI Softball Federation, and Provo Children’s Home. Money for the charities will be raised from the sales of t-shirts, raffle tickets, concert items, and beverages on the night of the event. The event is free. VIP seating can be obtained by contacting

First responders attend disaster Country celebrates the Queen’s Official Birthday risk management workshop AN INCIDENT Command System Training (ICS) workshop was held in Providenciales to better equip first responders to carry out disaster risk management. The overall goal of the training was to improve the preparedness of agencies to work with the system in large magnitude incidents. These events include structural and commercial fires, cruise ships, aircraft and vehicular transportation accidents, search missions and rescue operations, oil spill and hazmat incidents, mass events such as celebrations, parades, concerts and public rallies, visits by famous dignitaries and mass shelter operations. Other objectives of the workshop were to introduce the concepts and principles of ICS, the ICS system

organisation, incident facilities, incident resources management and ICS assignments. The workshop took place on Monday and Tuesday (June 9 and 10) at the Department of Disaster Management conference room on Leeward Highway. It was hosted by the Department of Disaster Management and Emergencies in conjunction with the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) and Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA). The participants were first responders from across the TCI and included members of Fire and Rescue Service, the Royal Turks and Caicos Police Force and Airport Authority Fire Services.

ICS is a model tool for command, control, and the coordination of a response to an event and provides a means to coordinate the efforts of individual agencies as they work toward the common goal of stabilising the incident and protecting life, property, and the environment. It uses principles that have been proven to improve efficiency and effectiveness in a crisis. ICS is a model tool for command, control, and the coordination of a response to an event and provides a means to coordinate the efforts of individual agencies as they work toward the common goal of stabilising the incident and protecting life, property, and the environment.

THIS weekend celebrations will be held across the TCI to recognise the Official Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. Parades will take place on Saturday (June 14) at 10am in Grand Turk at the Parade Ground, and at 5pm on Monday, a public holiday, in Providenciales at the rugby field in Grace Bay. Both parades will last for about 60 minutes and will conclude with a royal salute by Governor Peter Beckingham. The events in both Grand Turk and Providenciales, will feature participation from the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force, staff from HM Prison, Customs and Immigration officials, firefighters, the ex-Serviceman’s Legion, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, Pathfinders and children from various schools. They will all be accompanied

by music from the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force band. Following the parade the Governor will present long service awards to key members of the uniformed services in recognition of their 18, 25 or 30 years of service to the Crown. Both residents and tourists are welcome to enjoy these special events to mark Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday. The Queen’s Official Birthday is the selected day on which the birthday of the monarch of the Commonwealth realms is officially celebrated in those countries. The date varies as adopted by each Commonwealth country, but is generally around the end of May to the start of June. The sovereign's birthday was first officially marked in the United Kingdom in 1748.

June 14 - 20, 2014


The most outstanding Rhythmic Flavours kept their business going with tie-dye items and an entertainment group


Varieta earns the second place in this year’s Young Enterprise challenge

Second and final Young Enterprise for TCI THE SECOND annual UK based Young Enterprise programme aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship among the country’s youths concluded with a final showcase and award ceremony last Saturday (June 7) at Brayton Hall. Emerging in the top spot was TCI Treasures, followed by Varieta, then Rhythmic Flavours. Only three out of the initial six companies made it through to the end; a journey that was said to be full of challenges, sacrifices and hard work. Chair of the Young Enterprise Board, Angela Musgrove said that she was pleased with the participation, innovativeness and determination of the students. Although the Young Enterprise was considered a success she

said that a new, more suitable programme for the Caribbean will be implemented to take its place - The Junior Achievement Programme. It will be similar in fostering entrepreneurship and forging links between schools and businesses to equip young people with skills of enterprise for personal success and employability. In the final showcase on Saturday the groups presented their annual report, talked about their businesses, the challenges they faces and what they have learnt. Prior to the award ceremony, a panel of judges made the decisions on the victors. The Edward C Gartland Youth Centre group, TCI Treasures emerged the winners and also took the titles for Best Display and Best Presentation

for their business of selling scented candles and bath salts. Varieta, a group of Clement Howell High School students sold a variety of things including jewellery, sand bottles, candies and ice-cream at school. Rhythmic Flavours won the title of most outstanding company for their tie-dyed clothing and entertainment. During the year, two trade shows were held, giving the groups an opportunity to showcase and sell their products to the public. The groups worked hard throughout the year, selling their products at various locations and even engaging social media like Facebook and Twitter to market and sell items. They also underwent two training sessions on starting the business and

running the financials of a business and a small delegation even travelled to the Bahamas to gain some insight on how trade shows were done. A business advisor and link teacher was assigned to each group to assist them with their venture. Scotiabank’s managing director, Cecil Arnold commended the companies that made it to the end for their commitment to their enterprise and school life, and for their creativity and innovation that allowed the company to survive. He said that the programme was an accomplishment that beat the odds in the business world since the rate of failure in the first six to 12 months is 70 per cent. Minister of Education Akierra Missick was also present to share words of encouragement.

Aware that the programme opens their eyes to true difficulties of entrepreneurship, she congratulated the students on staying the course and said that each group did exceptionally well. She also encouraged more adults to get on board with the new programme to mentor and assist the children in their venture. During the afternoon’s event there was entertainment from Rhythmic Flavours and speeches from those involved. The judges and Young Enterprise board were also acknowledged for their role in implementing the plan. The Young Enterprise programme is a partnership between the Youth Department and the Chamber of Commerce, with Scotiabank as the main sponsor. (KH)

World Environment Day clean-up campaign a success MORE than 200 extra-large bags of garbage were collected during the Blue Hills clean-up campaign in Providenciales for World Environment Day. On Saturday (June 7), scores of residents participated in the initiative and managed to collect bags of bottles, cans, plastics and paper. The clean-up campaign was sponsored by Turks and Caicos Environmental Management (TCEM), contractors for the dumpsite in Providenciales and Grand Turk, as part of their contribution to World Environment Day. In addition, truckloads of green waste was gathered and taken to the dumpsite by haulers. President of TCEM, Tim Hodge said that he was heartened to see the response from the Blue Hills

community. “Managing the dumpsite is only a small part of waste management, it takes an integrated approach to keep the Turks and Caicos Islands clean, and we cannot do it alone. “We are willing to assist the Government and communities in whatever way we can”. TCEM distributed gloves, water and approximately 250 garbage bags, while private haulers, Champion Trucking and E and V Equipment collected the compiled waste. The clean-up was organised into three zones, namely, New Testament Church to Prophecy Church, Prophecy Church to Bethany Baptist Church and Bethany Baptist to Froggies. The success of this cleanup campaign is attributed to the

The clean-up was organised into three zones, namely, New Testament Church to Prophecy Church, Prophecy Church to Bethany Baptist Church and Bethany Baptist to Froggies

residents, political representatives and churches of Blue Hills. Particular recognition was given to the Goldray Ewing, and Valden Delroy Williams who spent the entire morning themselves cleaning

the community. Among people involved in the clean-up were Pastor Rueben Johnson and members of the New Testament Church of God, Pastor Andrew Stone and members of

the Prophecy Church, president of the Rotaract Nikimo Williams and members, members from Bethany Baptist Church, Provo Road Runners, Althea Ewing, Rodney Munnings and staff of TCEM.



June 14 - 20, 2014

Health Ministry advises FIFA world cup travellers to get vaccinated

The initiative was aimed at increasing hurricane awareness levels and improving readiness of hundreds of students

Enid Capron students prepare for 2014 hurricane season STUDENTS of the Enid Capron Primary School participated in a hurricane preparedness seminar to properly prepare them for the upcoming hurricane season. The seminar was hosted at the Five Cays Community Centre in Providenciales on Friday (June 6). The event, which saw the participation of Beaches Turks and Caicos and Sesame Street friends, was aimed at increasing hurricane awareness levels and improving the readiness of hundreds of students. It featured an exclusive screening of Sesame Street’s ‘Let’s Get Ready’ movie in which popular Sesame Street characters, Grover and Rosita prepare their own families for emergencies through song, dance and games. The students were informed of the roles of emergency service

professionals in their communities, and the importance of having a comprehensive hurricane kit in their homes. They were also given tips on remembering their personal details and received free giveaways, which included DVDs and interactive booklets. Principal of the school, Rachel Taylor, said that they were delighted to support such a fantastic initiative and play their part in preparing their students for the 2014 hurricane season. “This hurricane preparedness seminar will empower our students with the knowledge they need to help keep themselves, families and friends safe and well.” Public relations manager for the Sandals Foundation, Elanor Finfin Krzanowski, said that getting ready

for hurricane serious is serious business, but there’s no reason why the information can’t be delivered in a fun and appealing way. “There is a real need to educate, especially the younger children, on easy ways to prepare mentally and physically for any emergencies and we believe they’ll feel much more secure learning about the things that keep us safe.” The ‘Let’s Get Ready’ hurricane preparedness seminar is the first of many interactive seminars the Sandals Foundation, in collaboration with Sesame Street Workshop, is scheduled to host this year at Enid Capron. The Sandals Foundation, a nonprofit organisation, was created to continue and to expand upon the philanthropic work that Sandals Resorts International has undertaken.

PEOPLE planning on travelling to Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup games are being urged to get vaccinated prior to leaving. The Primary Health Care Department in the Ministry of Health and Human Services has begun a media campaign to encourage vaccination against measles and rubella, according to a press release from the ministry on Tuesday. Of the 32 countries participating in the World Cup, 19 have reported cases of measles. Therefore, it is anticipated that the 500,000 to 600,000 visitors expected in Brazil during the World Cup from June 12 to July 13 will significantly increase the potential for the transmission of the diseases. The department aims to promote the importance of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccination for travellers and all others who are not sure of their measles and rubella status. All residents of the Americas, including Turks and Caicos Islanders who are travelling to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil should be fully vaccinated against measles and rubella at least two weeks prior to their travel. Within the context of the World Cup period, countries including the Turks and Caicos Islands have been asked to actively search for cases of measles and rubella in institutions and communities during the period of June to August, to document the absence of measles and rubella cases and the timely detection of any cases, and fully immunise personnel in the health, tourism, transportation and media sectors against measles and rubella. They must also ensure that people travelling to Brazil for the World Cup games are protected from measles and rubella by providing immunisation to those

who have not been immunised or who are uncertain of their status. Measles is a respiratory disease caused by a virus of the same name. The virus normally grows in the cells that line the back of the throat and lungs. Measles is contagious and spreads easily through the air by breathing, coughing, or sneezing. Anyone who is exposed to the virus and is not immune could get the disease. Symptoms include fever, runny nose, red, watery eyes, cough, and a rash all over the body. Measles can cause death. The department is advising the public that the best way to protect oneself and loved ones from measles is by getting vaccinated. Anyone who cannot show that they were vaccinated as children and who has never had measles should contact their health professionals to be vaccinated. MMR vaccinations continue for infants and children during routine child health visits. Currently, there are no confirmed cases of measles or rubella in the Turks and Caicos Islands; however, travellers are being urged to watch their health for three weeks after they return from travelling. Should travellers or their loved ones fall sick with a rash and fever, they should call their doctor and be sure to tell them where they travelled. A travel history will help the doctor think of diseases that might not normally occur in the Turks and Caicos Islands. More information is available at Government primary health care clinics. In Providenciales residents can call 941-2800 and in Grand Turk they can call 9412900.

FortisTCI team members continue to rise through the ranks NINE of FortisTCI’s employees were promoted to higher ranks in the company last week due to their exemplary performance on the job. FortisTCI is a performancebased organisation and the company rewards employees based on merit. Amongst the promoted staff and their new positions are superintendent of materials management Avi Adams, mechanic Oswald Smith, line supervisor Gregory Thomas, line foreman Kauven Williams, line foreman Brenton Smith, electrical engineer Daylon Joseph, HR compensation officer Roxanne Lewis, supervisor of

financial services Shernelle Capron, and senior IT desktop support specialist Anderson Walkin. FortisTCI president and CEO, Eddinton Powell, said that the company provides an environment that recognises and rewards excellence and performance, and enables opportunities for growth and upward mobility. “Our team members have worked hard to achieve their new positions.” The newly promoted employees have already begun settling into their new roles and, in some cases, their new offices. FortisTCI Limited (FTCI) became a wholly owned subsidiary of Fortis

FortisTCI team members Roxanne Lewis, Anderson Walkin, Kauven Williams, Gregory Thomas, Oswald Smith, Brenton Smith, Avi Adams, Daylon Joseph and Shernelle Capron

Inc located in Newfoundland, Canada, in August 2006. Turks and Caicos Utility Limited (TCU), which is the sole provider of electricity on the Islands of Grand

Turk and Salt Cay, was acquired by FTCI in August 2012. FTCI is the sole provider of electricity in Providenciales, North Caicos, Middle Caicos, East Caicos

and adjacent Cays, and South Caicos. Together the two companies serve approximately 12,800 electricity customers in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

June 14 - 20, 2014



Dance classes for North Caicos kids FREE dance lessons are now available to all youngsters in North Caicos thanks to the collaboration of several educators and sponsors. Raymond Gardiner High School’s Performing Arts Club is hosting the classes every weekend at Horse Stable Beach. A press release from the school on Wednesday (June 11) read: “Life on the laidback island of North Caicos can feel somewhat stagnant considering the absence of activities, institutions and outlets which serve to aid the productive and social development of young people. “Outside of the school programme, too little opportunity is open for them to positively channel their energies and time, and the result sometimes breeds undesirable behaviours among young people.” It is this concern that gave birth to

the North Caicos Community Dance Class Programme which has been in operation since the start of May. David Bowen, Director of Culture and former professional dancer, is the main instructor of the classes which are held every Saturday from 1.30pm to 3pm at Horse Stable Beach. The school’s Performing Arts Club, headed by Marguerite Anderson, came up with the idea after she invited Bowen to conduct a series of dance lessons with the group at the school. Bowen, who has been working with the students since February, subsequently began a dance workshop with members of the club during their weekly club meetings. The interest and enthusiasm of the students at the school, sparked the idea to extend this opportunity to others at Raymond Gardiner High

During the classes students learn various techniques

School, as well as to those students of all ages, from the neighbouring schools. “The Director of Culture with support from Anderson thought it a great idea to offer a chance for the North Caicos schools to experience basic dance training,” the release read. “There was also the awareness of the added benefit of offering a wonderful form of recreation, exercise and fun for anyone in the community, who has an interest.” The programme will serve as a pilot for other dance programmes that will eventually take place in the other Government schools

Young pageant winners receive donation from taxi drivers THE LITTLE king and queen of the 2014 Enid Capron Primary School pageant received a generous donation from the Turks and Caicos Islands Taxi Drivers’ Association this week. Winners Rasheek Rigby and Obed Leopold appeared in the studios of TCI Butterfly Effect (105.5FM or 103.5 FM) by the Market Place, where they were interviewed live on the air by radio personality, Dorell Pratt-Delancey on Friday (June 6). During the interviewing process, president of the Taxi Drivers’Association, Toussaint Capron, presented the principal of Enid Capron Primary School, Rachel Taylor, with a $500 cheque which will be used to purchase laptops for the winning students. Capron said that he and his colleagues wanted the Turks and Caicos Islands community to know that they play a role in the community and like to give back. Principal Taylor expressed gratitude for the donation and the students also presented the Taxi Drivers’Association with a special plaque made out of a conch shell for their support. Enid Capron Primary School’s annual school pageant took place at the Williams Auditorium on Friday (May 30) under the theme Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras is a cultural festival celebrated all over the world, but made popular by the state of Louisiana, which includes the practice was wearing masks and costumes. (DH)

Enid Capron Primary School teacher, principal Rachel Taylor and Little Ms and Mr Enid Capron Primary School

throughout the Islands. During the classes students learn various dance techniques such as TCI cultural and folklore dance, African dance, creative dance, hip hop, Caribbean dance and elements of ballet and modern dance. Already, class size has been growing and although dominantly attended by girls, there has been the interest from a few of the boys as well. A number of people have been in support of this venture in collaboration with the Department

of Culture including Marguerite Anderson, Raymond Gardiner High School’s performing arts coordinator, Caribbean Cruisin’ TCI Ferry, Superior Auto Rental and Tours and the District Commissioner of North Caicos, Donna Gardiner. The organisers would like support from other sponsors and collaborators who can provide water, juices and snacks for the dancers, ferry tickets, and transportation of students and teachers to and from the venue. Those interested can call the Department of Culture on 941-8434.

The Towers of Babel “An ancient city in the land of Shinar in which the building of a tower intended to reach heaven was begun and the confusion of the language of the people took place.” Gen 11:4–9. The Towers of Babel is a collective of voices consisting of various artists prepared to display their exceptional art forms and foster the inner artist in other individuals; providing a venue for the outpouring of their undeniably unique gifts. This group brings to the stage and page productions rarely displayed on stages in the Turks and Caicos Islands melding with some of the most unique artists the country has to offer. For more information email or visit

To the handsome man sitting across from me on the tube By Chelsea Blues

While I am often distracted from your face, By the beautifully, thrown down McDonald’s cup on the ledge by the window, I do sometimes Look upon the painkiller ad above your head as well.

President of the Taxi Drivers’ Association, Toussaint Capron makes cheque presentation the teacher at the ECPS.

Though the central tube map Is infatuatingly fascinating, The empty seat to your left needs filling, But I’ve chosen to sit opposite So you’d be forced to look my way in between gazes. Now I haven’t said a word to you But if you remember seeing me before getting off at Bond Street: I really think you’re fit. Yours truly, Girl wearing floral shoes, black leggings and coat, with the yellow scarf Wearing a determinedly constipated look Pretending to look serious and interesting (hope it worked).

Lifestyle... 18



June 14 - 20, 2014

How does your garden grow

Fire ants Ants are among the most numerous of all the insects. The Fire ant, (Solenopsis invicta) in particular is the most common specie in the Turks and Caicos Islands and all parts of the world. It is considered the most aggressive. There is a great diversity among ants and their behaviors. They range in size from two to about 25 millimeters (about 0.08 to 1 inch). Their color may vary, most are red or black. Fire ants have three pairs of legs, and a pair of antennae that seems to be invisible to the naked eye attached to the head. Just like other ants, the worker and soldier ants are sterile females. The queen is responsible for laying thousands of eggs. The number of males is low, because only one male is needed for the entire reproduction process. Contrary to what most people believe, the fire ant does not just open their mouth and ‘bite’. They use their


Denis is a passionate landscape architect who enjoys the creative process and his clients’ joy when projects come to life. Contact Denis at Nature Splendor for your landscaping, installation or garden maintenance needs. For more information call 332-3381 or email

jaws to anchor themselves and then, like a bee or wasp, inject venom using a sting at the tip of their abdomen. Using their strong mandibles to attach themselves to the victim’s flesh, they can sting many times continuously. Fire ants are one of the most successful groups of insects in the animal kingdom and are of particular interest because they are a social insect and form highly organized colonies or nests, sometimes consisting of millions of individuals. Colonies of invasive ant species will sometimes work together and form super colonies, spanning a very wide area of land. Ant colonies are sometimes described as super


Weekly Recipe Katherine Withers Green, 27, is a mum of one 14-monthold avid pasta lover. She knows from experience that finding meals that are nutritious, quick and easy to make, and that can be frozen for a later date is tough. These recipes are aimed at mothers looking to make the transition from baby food to ‘real’ food.



• 2-4 potatoes (depending on size) • 4 eggs • 1 tbsp of milk • 1 onion • 2 cloves of garlic • Grated cheese • Assorted filling (ham, peppers, peas, mushrooms, broccoli, tomatoes, courgettes or whatever you have in the fridge!)


• Boil potatoes, cool and slice. Fry onions and garlic until soft. • Add potatoes and any other filling to frying pan and heat through. • Add beaten egg and milk mixture. • Cook until set around the edges but still soft in the middle.

organisms because they appear to operate as a single entity. The lifespan of Fire ant workers depend on their size. Minor workers may live 30 to 60 days, media workers 60 to 90 days, major workers 90 to 180 days, and queens may live two to six years. Complete lifecycle from egg to adult takes between 22 and 38 days. The life cycle starts when the queen mates with a male. Flea larvae, chinch bugs, cockroach eggs, ticks, and other insects are also on their menu. They especially like to eat soft fruits, but the most fascinating thing about them is that they can carry food twenty times their body weight;

truly fascinating. They also like to make their mounds in sunny areas. Therefore, pastures are heavily infested. If you want to get rid of the fire ants, locate the colony (the mound will be impossible to miss), but remember to inspect bushes, pipes, pots or sidewalk edges as ants like to build their nests near structures. Treat the colony (or colonies) with individual mound treatments or baits. You can use over-the-counter insecticides, or, for more severe cases, buy products from a professional. For quick results, use an insecticide that can be dissolved in water (follow the directions on the container), and drench the mound with the product. You can also use a granular insecticide that can be applied with water. While these insecticides kill the ants that are

• Sprinkle cheese on top and place under a hot grill. Cook until browned on top. • Serve hot (not too hot for little fingers) with baked beans, peas, jacket potato, or a cold slice of avocado - or leave to cool and eat cold in packed lunches! • A very versatile option for kids of all ages.

The Weekly News is looking for a restaurant, café or personal chef to contribute weekly recipes to the newspaper. For more information call 946-4664 or email

Tamika has a Master’s Degree in Dietetics and Nutrition from Florida International University and is a registered dietician with the American Dietetic Association (ADA). She is currently executive director of Nutrition in Demand, a non-profit aimed at increasing awareness to health and healthy eating. For more information email or visit

underground, you need to apply one to two gallons of insecticide to each mound to kill the entire colony. On a positive note, experts believe that they are essential to the tropical forest ecosystem as they turn the soil and redistribute nutrients. They also clean the ecosystems by removing small dead or dying creatures which hastens decomposition. Although small, they do have a powerful bite, so don’t mess with them and watch your step! Gardening news: Care to share your gardening thoughts, insights, triumphs, disappointments or photos with your fellow gardening enthusiast? I invite you to now join the new active discussions gardening forum specially created for the Turks and Caicos gardeners. Please come share your comments and thoughts at



Fathers’ Day AS WE get ready to celebrate Father’s Day this coming Sunday, I reminisce about growing up and remember well that while my father was usually the one out front, my mother was definitely the quiet storm always keeping things safe and secure on the home front. This is true of so many women; in fact, women have been dubbed the ‘gatekeepers’ of good nutrition and health in the home. So this week as we celebrate Men’s Health week (June 9 to 15) and Fathers’ Day (June 15), I would like to highlight the role of the woman in ensuring the men in her life stay healthy for a long time. Women tend to frequent doctors’ offices much more so than men for a variety of reasons. Therefore, the chances of a woman detecting a problem and getting a solution are much higher. It’s important that wives encourage their husbands to go to the doctor when they are having unusual symptoms and even if there is no symptom.

Men have been told for so long that ‘big boys don’t cry’ that they are very reluctant to tell a doctor about any medical problem. One of the most common types of male cancers is prostate cancer. The prostate is a walnut size organ that sits at the bottom of the bladder and one of its main functions is to produce semen which helps to transport sperm. Much scientific research has been done in this area proving that foods high in lycopene can help to protect the prostate against cancerous cells. Lycopene is part of the carotenoid family - the phytonutrient that gives food its red-yellow colour. Tomatoes, but especially cooked tomato products, are very high in lycopene. This includes pizza sauce, tomato paste, and ketchup.

Other foods such as watermelon and guava are also good sources of the antioxidant lycopene. So, ensuring that the refrigerator and cupboards are stocked with healthy foods should be a top priority. So ladies as we pause to celebrate the men in our lives who are being awesome dads this Fathers’ Day, lets also help them to celebrate every day they are blessed with by reminding them to get regular check-ups and ensuring they eat foods that support good health. Men are known for their love of meat but high consumption of red meat has been linked to a variety of cancers. Let’s gently try to steer them away from these foods and offer healthier alternatives along with lots of fruits and veggies. Happy Fathers’ Day!

Nutrition in Demand. A non-profit organisation helping you to 'Eat healthy longer, better tomorrow'. Call 242-3978 or 442-3978.

June 14 - 20, 2014




The Dentist and you  By Easher Parker

Easher is a Turks and Caicos Islands native with a natural talent for writing and a love for all things beauty and style. If you have any questions or suggestions for a topic email To find out more visit or follow twitter or Instagram @itseasher for fab instant updates.

Five swimsuit covers you already own THERE is no need to empty our wallets when it comes to swimwear. Especially not in the islands when sun, sand and stilettos are an everyday thing for us. Let’s not forget to mention the crazy price tags. I’m someone who loves to have fun with clothing and in the process I learned two things. One, there are several staples that can be dusted off and doubled as swimsuit cover ups. Secondly, you save money. Who doesn’t want to save money? It’s MONEY! Plus isn’t that the point of clothes? Is to wear them? That’s what I call the beauty of style. You can do amazing things with just a few great pieces in your wardrobe. Keep reading because maxi skirts and summer dresses didn’t make this list! Boyfriend shorts. These are loose fitting and comfortable. Keep a great top and spicy shoes of your choice in your beach tote. That way you can stylishly transition your look from sand and water to public settings without remaining half exposed. Shirt dress. These make great layers to bikini ensembles. You can wear them unbuttoned to your fancy. Either half way or all the way. What I love about a piece like this is its versatility. You can pair it with a straw fedora. Maybe even a belt and brightly coloured footwear to dress it up for lunch with gal pals. Overalls. Yes, OVERALLS! In this case you can obviously omit a shirt if you plan on using it as a cover up. Just remember the style rules, balance being one of them. Not every bikini top paired with overalls may turn out to be a haute choice! Large scarf. This can either make a great bottom cover up or depending on its size a great wrap-around. It’s all up to you. Plus I don’t believe it is very difficult to find a large scarf on island or anywhere else in the Caribbean. There’s a rainbow of options out there to suit even the most finicky eyes. They’re virtually everywhere. Floral shorts. What better place to wear floral shorts than under some island sun? Or next to some selfie worthy beachfronts? Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with mixing and matching. You never know what stellar looks you may come up with. Now, of course I trust you would use a little discretion on how you decide to style one or all of the items listed. If it’s any help, white is always on trend during the summer seasons. You can also get away with big, shiny accessories!

Mark Osmond BDS (Lond) LDS RCS (Eng). Mark Osmond Dental Clinic - (649) 432 3777, or Find us on Facebook

By Dr Mark Osmond

Geriodontics GERIODONTICS is the branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental diseases and problems specific to old people (approximately 65yrs plus). There are a number of things that can be different about geriatric dentistry to regular dentistry. This is especially true if the patient suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, has had a stroke or has any other physical disability. It is not uncommon that problems can arise due to the taking of specific medications that are treating other conditions. A common side of many medications is a dry mouth. Dry mouth can make it difficult to wear a denture, chew and swallow food. Also a lack of saliva can lead to an increased chance of tooth decay. In the elderly it is common to see some gum recession as a result of previous gum disease. An exposed root surface due

to recession has no enamel cover protecting the tooth so the decay process can move swiftly through the dentine. Because the decay is starting lower down the tooth, the distance to the nerve chamber is shorter and so root canal problems arise sooner. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings will help to combat this; for these reasons I recommend that older patients come to the dentist at six monthly intervals. I also see on occasion the failure of large and extensive restorations that have deteriorated over years. Treatment can sometimes be challenging in elderly both in terms of performing the treatment itself and also for the patient to adapt to the new restoration. In an instance like this I would work slowly and carefully with the patient to ensure the treatment is clearly understood and is as least traumatic as possible.

Another problem that is fairly common amongst the older population is broken dentures. How and where the denture is broken dictates whether it can be fixed but it is not unusual that dentures cannot be fixed to a good standard and a new one is required. I find that is it often better to duplicate and copy an existing denture - even it if is not perfect - as this is the shape the patient is familiar and comfortable with, rather that hoping the patient will adapt to a new denture. If you are an elderly patient booking a dental appointment or are booking one on behalf of an elderly patient, I would recommend you explain any physical disabilities or any other challenges that the patient might have. This way the dentist can be prepared and may well allow a little extra time when the patient attends the appointment.


Alternatives to physical punishment MANY of us were raised with physical punishment by parents as a means of teaching us right from wrong. But has this type of punishment assisted in what appears to be our escalating aggressive nature? I’ve heard appalling reports from acquaintances that remember being hit with whatever their parents could get their hands on. They laugh about it now, reliving tales of punishments that, said aloud, idealistically play between the lines of discipline and abuse. It’s rather conflicting to train kids that if anyone outside of their home beats them, it’s wrong. But your parents, who are supposed to love you more than anyone outside of your home, can beat you and it’s not only acceptable, it’s encouraged. I feel this trains kids that love is supposed to hurt. Only those that love you can hurt you physically. How then, do you explain to a teenage girl, that it’s incorrect for the boyfriend who says he loves her to beat her when she behaves adversely to him, but it’s okay for her father to do so? I definitely think that we are

By Audley Astwood Audley is a former police detective and broadcaster. He is currently the public relations officer for the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force. and has dedicated his time at work and much of his free time focusing on crime prevention and community policing. For more information call 941-4448 or visit

training our kids that aggression is the right reaction to feelings of disapproval. Many times as parents, we are so overwhelmed we become uncompromising and don’t stop to consider the environment we are creating, using violence as a means of training our kids how to behave correctly. Can we not accomplish similar outcomes by teaching them cause and effect? Or (particularly for younger kids), let them fall so that they understand cause and effect. I’m not saying put your children’s life or safety at risk, but maybe let them have extra food and then explain the stomach ache afterwards. There are options to beating that will encourage morals in our kids other than terror and reactionary aggression. And whether we want to accept it or not, a spanking is an aggressive action.

Time and again we permit our goals to surpass the potential lasting effects of this type of punishment. Here are some options that I hope you will try before dismissing them. Give your children the dictionary and make them write out the meaning of the action they are being punished for and present it to you, so that you are certain they comprehend the severity of their actions. If your children love to play video games, when they misbehave, don’t let them play video games and explain to them that poor behaviour can lead to a lifetime of having to take orders from other people. Let your children know how happy you are when they achieve great things. They will promptly discover the distinction between making you happy verses disappointing you, and endeavour for the former.


Regional News


More than 40,000 live under the poverty line in the Bahamas CHILDREN under 14 have the highest poverty rate in the Bahamas as national statistics released earlier this week reveal more than 40,000 persons in the country (with a population of 382,600) live under the poverty line on less than $5,000 per year. Findings show that 12.8 per cent of the population is living in poverty with a 3.5 per cent hike in the annual poverty line since the last recorded study in 2001, from $2,863 to $4,247. Women represent 52 per cent of all poor persons, but have a lower poverty rate than that of men; however, women-led households have a higher rate of poverty at 9.7 per cent, than that of households headed by men at 7.9 per cent. The absolute poverty line is $11.64 per day, according to the Department of Statistics’ 2013 Household Expenditure based on socio-economic and demographic information collected from households throughout the country

last year. The poverty line represents the amount an individual needs to meet basic necessities, which were described as a combination of the minimum expenditure needed for a nutritionally adequate diet as well as the amount needed for basic nonfood necessities. Children under four had a poverty rate of 18.6; ages five to 14 had a poverty rate of 19.3; ages 15 to 19 had a poverty rate of 18 per cent; and ages 20 to 34 had a rate of 12.6 per cent. Adults 35 and older had a poverty rate of less than 10 per cent. Households living in poverty jumped from 5.3 per cent in 2001 to 8.7 per cent in 2013, the report continued, with 42 per cent of Bahamian households headed by women. According to HES data, the annual expenditure for Bahamian households is $53,124. Of this figure 30.5 per cent is spent on housing and utilities, 11.4 per cent on

transportation and 14.9 per cent on food and beverages. Large households with seven or more persons had the highest poverty rate, 32 per cent, with rates correlated to size. One person households had a 1.9 per cent rate, and households with four persons had a poverty rate of 9.9 per cent. Common-law households had the highest poverty rate at 17.9 per cent and widowed households the lowest at 5 per cent. According to the HES data, Haitian nationals had the highest poverty rate at 37.7 per cent, as well as Haitian-led households at 27.9 per cent. Bahamian nationals had a poverty rate of 11.1 per cent and nationals of Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States at 3.4 per cent. The poverty rate is reportedly highest in the Family Islands at 17.2 per cent, and the lowest in Grand Bahama at 9.7 per cent. The poverty in New Providence is at 12.6 per cent. (Tribune242)

Lawyers to act in N.S.A. spy row THE Bahamas’ Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell raised concerns before the Organisation of American States last week over reports that the NSA has been recording virtually every cell phone conversation in The Bahamas, emphasising that the allegations cannot go unanswered. His statements came as international reports emerged that the Bahamas government has directed its lawyers in the United States to represent its interests on “surveillance and privacy matters”. According to a post on The Hill, an American news website, the law firm Hogan Lovells has been directed to give advice and representation to the Bahamas government on “general diplomatic representation and foreign policy matters, US laws, regulations, policies and actions by US Congress, Executive Branch and US government agencies that may affect or relate to the activities and interests (of The Bahamas), including but not limited to surveillance and privacy matters…”. The website cites a federal disclosure document from the US Department of Justice, which The Tribune has seen, that was reportedly signed on May 30 by Hogan Lovells. When contacted by The Tribune for comment, Mr Mitchell declined to discuss the contents of the document saying that he had not seen it. He said that Hogan Lovells has been the “government’s lawyers for years.” Another government official told The Tribune that no instructions were

The Bahamas’Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred Mitchell said that “in order to avoid any (misconceptions) about our friendship, there should be an explanation”.

given from the Attorney General’s Office in relation to the matter. Hogan Lovells has represented the government on various issues over the years. However, according to international reports, this is the first time the firm has expanded its focus to represent the Bahamas on “surveillance and privacy matters.” A little over a week ago, documents released by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden alleged that the NSA has been recording every cellphone conversation in The Bahamas and keeping those recordings for up to a month. While speaking in Paraguay before the OAS last Wednesday, Mr Mitchell called for full disclosure on the issue. “In order to avoid any (misconceptions) about our friendship, there should be an explanation,” Mr Mitchell said. “The Bahamas wishes to underscore

the most worthy principles of this organisation, as expressed in the OAS charter: that international law is the standard of conduct of States, the primacy of sovereignty, maintenance of territorial integrity, freedom from undue external intrusion and influence, safeguarding the rights of our citizens, and a reaffirmation of the importance of good faith for relations.” “This framework and mutual respect for these tenets which allows for a hemisphere to coexist peacefully and progress together and which helps to avoid moral double-mindedness and selective application of these principles, which can unnecessarily hinder harmony amongst states and in the multi-lateral sphere.” Mr Mitchell told the delegates that they “will be aware of the challenge the Bahamas faces now where our citizens are questioning what these high ideals of territorial integrity, sovereignty and respect for the rule of law actually mean in practice.” “On May 19, news reports across the globe reported that an action occurred which violated the rights of Bahamians and visitors to our shores to their privacy. Indeed, The Bahamas is not the only country who has suffered this alleged activity. We have engaged at a bilateral level to determine the truth or accuracy of these reports, and continue to do so. Cooperation in international fora requires an interdependent context. Whether we are large or small, rich or powerful, we depend on each other.”

June 14 - 20, 2014

Devaluation of Barbados dollar looming says former PM THE Barbados dollar, the third highest in the English-speaking Caribbean, could soon be devalued, according to former Prime Minister Owen Arthur, who wants government to tell the people what the country faces. Arthur made the comments Sunday night against a backdrop of Barbados last week suffering a downgrade from Ba3 to B3 by international financial rating agency Moody’s, and amidst government’s cost-cutting efforts to tame a runaway deficit. “Our fiscal situation at its worst should have been five percent of GDP,” Arthur said, adding, “But the government and [Finance Minister] Sinckler reported to parliament that it was 11, so it is twice as bad as its worst case scenario. “Moody’s is telling us that it had to downgrade Barbados by three notches because the Central Bank has been printing money and it is undermining and threatening the stability of the Barbados dollar.” The Barbados dollar at a fixed rate

Former PM Own Arthur said that Barbados’s fiscal situation is at its worst.

of US$0.50 cents is number three in the region behind the Cayman Islands and Bahamas dollars in that order. Arthur’s comments came one day after Prime Minister Freundel Stuart had likened the Moody’s report to “garbage.” Arthur urged the prime minister to seek advice before speaking on such matters to avoid bringing his office into disrepute.

T&T Minister: New mapping system to locate children at all times A NEW mapping system to help pinpoint the exact location of children at all times was announced on Thursday morning by Minister in the Ministry of the People and Social Development, Vernella AlleyneToppin. At the time, Alleyne-Toppin was paying a courtesy visit to the relatives of murder victims nine-year-old Jadel Holder and 15-year-old Jamal Braithwaite, at their home at Petunia Avenue, Morvant. Alleyne-Toppin expressed

condolences to the grieving relatives, including the boys’ mother Michelle Holder, for their loss and officially informed them that the Government would be prepared to provide assistance and counseling to the family. Holder accepted the offer from the Minister, saying she was very “happy and thankful” for the offer and the gesture of kindness. Speaking to members of the media following the visit, Alleyne-Toppin revealed the news of the mapping system.

Barbados PM explains unemployment through Caribbean slave history BARBADOS’S Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has cited traditional high Caribbean unemployment as a reason for current challenges to the National Insurance Service (NIS) fund that pays relief benefits to workers who lose their jobs. Derek Osbourne, an actuary at the Bahamian company, Horizonnow Consultants, who conducted an actuarial review of the NIS Unemployment and Severance Funds in 2013, was last week reported to have warned in his submission that unless government urgently injects money into the NIS Unemployment Fund, it would struggle to pay benefits in two years. “Employment has always been an issue here in the Caribbean. One of

the features about Caribbean history after about 450 years to 500 years, is that we’ve only had full employment in the Caribbean during the days of slavery,’ Stuart said. He added that the region has struggled to create economies capable of absorbing its available workforce through employment. He said for this reason, “the unemployment fund has always been the most challenged of our funds because unemployment, in these islands in the Caribbean, Barbados included, has always been a challenge. “There has never been a time in the history of the Unemployment Benefit Fund in Barbados when it was not under challenge.”

June 14 - 20, 2014

Regional News

Shanique Myrie growing impatient with Barbados EIGHT months after the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) ruled that Jamaican Shanique Myrie be awarded damages for an illegal cavity search, detention in a dank room in the Grantley Adams Airport, and subsequent deportation, she is yet to collect a cent. In October last year, the CCJ ruled that Myrie should be paid US$38,620 in pecuniary and nonpecuniary damages by the Barbadian Government. Myrie expressed frustration on Monday and said the Barbadian Government was deliberately dragging its feet. “I am getting impatient. I can’t understand why after eight months I can’t even hear a word about what’s happening about the money. It seems they want to wait until I get grandchildren. It’s just not fair,” Myrie told the Jamaica Observer. Myrie’s plight came to international light after the Observer chronicled how she was violated by a female immigration official and locked away with another woman in a cold, filthy room before being deported to Jamaica, despite not



Shanique Myrie’s payment of US$38,620 by the Barbadian government is eight months overdue.

being found with any contraband or deemed to be in violation of any Barbadian law. “It was not easy for me to come forward and speak about the treatment. I am encouraging others to speak out for their rights, so this is what I am doing now. I need my money,” she said. As a party to the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas, Barbados has a duty to comply with all the judgements of the court promptly. (Jamaica Observer)

Bermuda, Cayman Islands are top tax havens for U.S. firms BERMUDA and the Cayman Islands are the top tax havens for American corporations to legally reduce their federal tax liability, a study by U.S. PIRG and Citizens for Tax Justice concludes. More than 64 percent of Fortune 500 companies had a subsidiary in Bermuda or the Cayman Islands as of 2013, the examination of company annual reports and securities filings showed. Both countries have no corporate income taxes in contrast to the 35 percent corporate tax rate in the United States. The two liberal groups released the report at a time when Congress and the Obama administration are considering an overhaul of the corporate tax code. Fortune 500 companies collectively hold $1.95 trillion in foreign accounts, according to the report by U.S. PIRG and Citizens for Tax Justice. “We’re looking at tax havens seriously and closing loopholes,’’ Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer said in an interview. I don’t know anything about this report, but there are a lot of loopholes that ought to be closed.’’ There is widespread bipartisan congressional support for enacting a

lower corporate tax rate with fewer loopholes. Cracking down on the legal tax avoidance by multinational corporations that can book profits overseas at a much lower effective tax rate could be a key component of a tax overhaul. The awareness has been heightened by Pfizer’s recent unsuccessful efforts to buy Britishbased AstraZeneca to lower its taxes in a so-called tax inversion that would move its headquarters overseas. The authors of the new report weren’t able to determine how much profits the Fortune 500 booked specifically in Bermuda and the Caymans, but they cite Internal Revenue Service data that suggests U.S. companies are using subsidiaries located there to legally avoid taxes. According to the IRS data, U.S. companies – not just the Fortune 500 -- collectively booked profits in Bermuda and the Caymans in 2010 that were more than 16 times the gross national product of the two countries combined. That signals the earnings are actually earned elsewhere, said Dan Smith of U.S. PIRG, one of the authors of the report. The problem is not new. A

2008 report by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service found American multinationals attributed 43 percent of their overseas earnings to five tax havens – Bermuda, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland. The U.S. government doesn’t require disclosure of where profits are earned versus where they are booked. “We should be able to know on a country-by-country basis where they are reporting their profits, where they are doing actual business and where they are paying taxes,’’ Smith said. Apple, which has three subsidiaries in tax havens, has $111.3 billion offshore. IBM, with 15 subsidiaries in tax havens, has $52.3 billion in foreign accounts. Citigroup, with 21 tax haven subsidiaries, holds $43.8 billion overseas, and PepsiCo, with 137 tax haven subsidiaries, has $34.1 billion offshore. “Citi operates in 101 countries globally, employing tens of thousands of local residents in the countries where we do business,’’ Citigroup spokeswoman Molly Millerwise Meiners said Friday in an email. “Citi strictly abides by all tax laws in the United States and throughout the world.”

Haiti legislative poll date announced amid protests Installing a solar panel on Lefties’ snack shack in Barbados. (Credit: Stephen Leahy/IPS).

Many small islands embracing renewable energy FACING potential extinction under rising sea levels, many small island nations are embracing renewable energy and trying to green their economies. Although the least responsible for carbon emissions, small countries like Barbados are on the front lines of climate impacts. “Small island nations’ voices have to be heard by the rest of the world,” said Achim Steiner, executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). “Many will undergo fundamental changes. Some will lose 60 to 70 percent of their beaches and much of their tourism infrastructure. Climate change will destroy some countries and the livelihoods of millions of people,” Steiner told IPS in Bridgetown. Up to 100 percent of coral reefs in some areas of the Caribbean sea

have been affected by bleaching due to too-hot seawater linked to global warming. Without global action to reduce emissions there may not be any healthy reefs left in the entire Caribbean region by 2050, according to UNEP’s Small Island Developing States Foresight Report. Released in Bridgetown on World Environment Day Jun. 5, the report calculates that island nations in the Caribbean face187 billion dollars in shoreline damage from sea level rise well before the end of this century. A 50-cm sea level rise will mean the country of Grenada will lose 60 percent of its beaches. Sea levels are destined to rise far higher than that, say recent science reports about the unstoppable melt of the massive ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland along with hundreds of glaciers.

THE Haitian government has announced a date for legislative elections, which are two years overdue. The first round will be held on 26 October 2014, but the second round still needs to be scheduled. Voters will be asked to cast their ballots for 20 seats in the 30-member senate, all seats in the lower chamber, as well as hundreds of municipal posts. The announcement came as thousands of people demanded the resignation of President Michel Martelly. Protesters threw stones at police, who fired live rounds into the air in an effort to disperse the crowd. The demonstrators called on the president to organise not just legislative and local elections but also to bring forward presidential polls, which are scheduled for 2015. Mid-term senate elections in Haiti had been due in May 2012, while the municipal poll is three years behind schedule as the country struggles to recover from the devastating 2010 earthquake. The date for the polls was set after lengthy negotiation by Cardinal Chibly Langlois to overcome a political deadlock between the

Anti-government protests have grown more frequent in recent months.

opposition and the government. Opposition politicians accuse President Martelly of wanting to rule by decree - a likely scenario if no elections are held before the lower chamber’s term runs out in January. The government argues that opposition politicians were also dragging their feet in the hope of extending their time in office without elections. The opposition and the government are also blaming each other for the slow pace of reconstruction efforts.

Nearly 200,000 people are still living in shelters and a cholera outbreak has killed 8,500 people. President Martelly says billions of dollars in aid money has failed to materialise and the opposition is blocking his attempts at implementing reforms. The opposition accuses his government of corruption and of autocratic tactics. Meanwhile, international donors say they are holding back on promised aid because the political situation is too unsettled. (BBC)


June 14 - 20, 2014


Dr Mike Pienkowski of UKOTCF and Governor Peter Beckingham hold a copy of the Birding in Paradise booklet

Bird-watching guides to help extend visitor season A SERIES of new guides to bird-watching in Turks and Caicos Islands were unveiled at the new site of the TCI National Museum, Grace Bay, Providenciales on Thursday (June 12). The guides are designed to help extend the TCI’s tourism offer year round, especially on its less populated islands. They were jointly created by the UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum (UKOTCF) and the TCI National Museum. Within the series called Birding in Paradise, there is a different 48 to 60 page booklet for each of the TCI’s family islands of Providenciales, Middle and North Caicos, South Caicos, Grand Turk and Salt Cay. Each booklet is lavishly illustrated with colour photographs taken in the TCI and contain descriptions of the birds, where to find them, heritage features, maps and other information. Launching the booklets, Governor Peter Beckingham said that long-term livelihoods in the TCI depend on its natural and historical assets and attracting visitors to experience these unique features. “I welcome the work of the UKOTCF and the Turks and Caicos National Museum in providing the information which enables the TCI to better develop these opportunities.” The booklets’ lead author and photographer, Dr Mike Pienkowski of UKOTCF said that the TCI is one of the best places in the world to view wetland birds, and one of the most important seabird breeding areas in the Caribbean. He said that among the land birds, there are two sub-species, the greater Antillean bullfinch and thick-billed vireo, which occur only in the TCI. “The number of people who take bird-watching holidays across the world is huge, and these people tend to spend their money directly in local

communities,” he said. “Many Caribbean countries tap into this market – which greatly extends traditional peak visitor seasons by safeguarding the wildlife and the special places it needs to survive. “To begin to provide a basis for the provision of such vacations, we have produced the five new booklets which we are publishing this week. “It is now up to local tourism providers and entrepreneurs to turn this opportunity into a business reality.” Director of the Turks and Caicos National Museum, Patricia Saxton, added that she believes that the TCI has a terrific advantage through their unique selling points of wildlife that occurs nowhere else in the world. “Together with our unique history and culture, I think that this is an unbeatable tourism offering,” she said. “I would like to thank our partners at UKOTCF, who have given so much time over the past 17 years to help TCI rediscover and begin to better

protect its outstanding natural heritage.” The booklets are on sale from several outlets throughout the TCI. In most cases, outlets will be selling their local booklets, but the full range will be available from the TCI National Museum in Grand Turk and its new facility on Providenciales, as well as the Unicorn Bookshop, Big Blue Unlimited, and the Regent Palms. They are also available in an online to download for tablets and other devices on the UKOTCF website www. There are at least 1,747 species of animals and plants that are native to TCI; 16 of which are endemic. This includes five species of reptiles, together with a further 12 endemic subspecies, some of which may be elevated to species level with further study. There are possibly many more unique species amongst the less studied groups of animals and plants.

Huge garage sale coming soon

NEXT weekend residents can sell their unwanted possessions or pick up a bargain at a huge garage sale in Tropicana Plaza, Providenciales. Books, toys, clothes, prom dresses, bikes and electronics will all be up for grabs during the event from 4pm until 7pm on Sunday, June 22. And those wishing to sell their old bits and pieces can set up a 6ft by 3ft stall for a small fee of $10. If selling furniture or other heavy items vendors are advised to bring a photograph to display, and

cars for sale can be parked out the front of the arena with price, details and phone number. Tickets are available at the Making Waves Art Studio in the Regent Village, Grace Bay. Those bringing vehicles to sell must tell organisers in advance of the event. Sellers are also asked to bring their own small table if available. During the garage sale there will be a cash bar and finger food. TCI Red Cross will be invited to collect what is not sold.

June 14 - 20, 2014





June 14 - 20, 2014

June 14 - 20, 2014






June 14 - 20, 2014

Truck driver in Morgan accident pleads not guilty THE driver of a truck that plowed into a bus carrying comedian Tracy Morgan pleaded not guilty during his arraignment Wednesday amid accusations he had not slept for 24 hours before the crash. Kevin Roper did not say much during his arraignment before Middlesex County Superior Court Judge Bradley Ferencz in New Jersey. “Let me just give you a caution, sir,” the judge told the defendant. “You make sure your lawyer knows exactly where you are. You go anywhere, you drive anywhere, you go across country somewhere else, you need to be in contact. You understand that?” “Yes sir,” Roper responded. Prosecutors charged him with vehicular homicide and assault by auto in the Saturday pileup that killed comedian James McNair and injured Morgan and three others in the limo bus on the New Jersey Turnpike. “We enter a not guilty plea across the board obviously -- the fatality and the remaining counts of assault by auto,” defense lawyer David Glassman told the court. Morgan, a former cast member of “Saturday Night Live” and the comedy series “30 Rock,” remains in critical but stable condition. Comedian Ardie Fuqua, Jeffrey Millea and Harris Stanton were also injured; Stanton is the only one who has been released from the hospital. Shortly after the accident on the New Jersey Turnpike, Roper, who

Rihanna won the inaugural award last Saturday night.

Comedian Tracy Morgan, a former cast member of “Saturday Night Live” and the comedy series “30 Rock,” remains in a critical but stable condition after the accident.

drives a Walmart truck, posted $50,000 bond and was released the same night. The bail was kept the same. In the criminal complaint, police said Roper had been awake for more than 24 hours at the time of the crash. He failed to notice traffic slowing in front of him and hit Morgan’s bus despite trying to swerve out of the way, according to authorities. It’s unclear how they determined the trucker was sleep-deprived. Walmart said it believed Roper was operating within federal rest guidelines but said it would take full responsibility if the investigation shows its truck was to blame. Federal law mandates drivers work no more than 14 hours for any shift -- 11 of those driving. “The details are the subject of the ongoing investigation and we are cooperating fully with the appropriate law enforcement

agencies,” said Brooke Buchanan, a spokeswoman for Walmart. Under New Jersey law, a driver can be convicted if there’s proof he had been without sleep for 24 hours when the accident occurred. Morgan underwent surgery for his broken leg and is likely to remain hospitalised for several weeks, his publicist Lewis Kay said. The comedian’s fiancée, Megan Wollover, asked fans Tuesday to stop speculating about his health after rumors surfaced that he could lose his leg. “The concern for his well-being has been overwhelming, but Megan is respectfully asking that the media await official word through these channels before speculating (mostly inaccurately) on his condition,” Kay said in a statement. “Rumors about amputating his leg are completely fabricated.”

Cuban ballet dancers defect to US on Puerto Rico tour SIX dancers with Cuba’s National Ballet have arrived in Miami after defecting while on tour in Puerto Rico at the weekend. Pedro Pablo Pena, director of the Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami, said the four men and two women had found their careers on the island limited. Cuban dancers, who earn $30 a month on average, often defect while on tour. The most recent case was in March 2013 when seven members of the same group defected during a visit to Mexico. Mr Pena says he spoke to four of the dancers on Sunday and pledged to support them while they determine

Rihanna wins Most Desirable Woman at Guys’ Choice Awards BARBADIAN superstar Rihanna has added yet another award to her collection of music and fashion trophies. This time it’s the inaugural Most Desirable Woman award presented during Spike TV’s Guys’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday night. The Diamonds girl waved her trophy of golden antlers

– affectionately nicknamed “Mantlers” – as she was told that men “desire” her more than most other women in 2014. The 26-year-old star looked elegant in a slinky black silk midi dress that fell all the way below her knees, as she accepted the award from comedian Kevin Hart at the Culver City event.

Games of Thrones have become increasingly popular this season.

Game of Thrones overtakes The Sopranos as HBO’s most popular show of all time

Cuba is famous for producing top-class ballet dancers but defections have become common.

their next steps. Mr Pena himself is an exiled Cuban dancer and has taken in numerous ballerinas throughout the years. He told Spanish news agency EFE he believed at least 35 dancers

had sought asylum in the US since 2007. Cuba is famous for producing top-class ballet dancers and its wellknown National Ballet School reopened last year after more than $2m (£1.2m) of restoration work. (BBC)

HBO announced last week that its intensely followed fantasy series, Game of Thrones, has edged out another one of the premium cabler’s more brutal outings, The Sopranos, to become the network’s most popular show of all time. The record was held by the mobster drama’s peak audience of 18.2 million viewers, which the show reached in 2002. Game of Thrones‘ average season four audience has increased from 18 million to its current record high of 18.4 million viewers. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Thrones‘ audience has increased by a stunning 4 million

viewers since the third season’s premiere. We recently reported that Thrones, in contrast to its incredible success in the more traditional realm of Nielsen ratings, has effectively dominated the torrenting world, too. Each Sunday night (or Monday morning, depending on where you’re located) hundreds of thousands of fans (likely without HBO subscriptions) flock to the globe’s most popular torrent tracker to illegally download the latest Thrones episode, mere moments after the official broadcast ends and it’s uploaded by whichever brave pirate gets to it first.

June 14 - 20, 2014




Casey Kasem’s family feud: Judge allows water, food infusions stopped CASEY Kasem, an iconic voice of radio and television for decades, lies critically ill in a Washington state hospital, while his three children from his first marriage fight with their stepmother, Jean Kasem, in court and the media for control of his final days. A Los Angeles judge reversed his own decision Wednesday and gave daughter Kerri Kasem the authority to have doctors end his infusions of water, food and medicine. Kasem’s doctor concluded that contining the artificial nutrition and hydration would only “at best prolong the dying process for him and will certainly add suffering to an already terribly uncomfortable dying process,” said Kerri Kasem’s lawyer, Troy Martin. “The court’s decision today upheld our father’s explicit wishes as expressed by him in his health directive,” Kerri Kasem said in a statement after the hearing. She was referring to a directive her father signed

in 2007, saying he would not want to be kept alive if it “would result in a mere biological existence, devoid of cognitive function, with no reasonable hope for normal functioning.” An attorney for Jean Kasem, Steve Haney, slammed the judge’s decision, calling it “the functional equivalent of a death sentence.” “Nobody wants Mr. Kasem to die,” Martin said. “The fact is that he is dying from sepsis and dementia.” The public battle -- always emotional and sometimes bizarre -- began in October 2013 when daughters Julie and Kerri led a protest outside of Kasem’s Los Angeles mansion, holding signs demanding that their stepmom let them see their ailing father. When confronted earlier this month in Washington state, a rep for one of the daughters said, Jean Kasem tossed raw hamburger meat toward one of her stepchildren, saying she was throwing the meat at “the dogs.” The dispute is about love, Kasem’s

Rapper Lil’ Kim had a baby girl -- and named her Royal Reign. (Chelsea Lauren / Getty Images)

Lil Kim names baby Royal Reign Lil’ Kim now has a lil’ girl! The rapper gave birth to her first child on Monday, according to several reports. She of rap royalty also picked a regal moniker for her tiny tot, naming the heiress Royal Reign, Entertainment Tonight first reported, with E! News confirming the arrival with Kim’s rep. Yes, that’s really the name she chose, as redundant as it may be. No need to coin a stage name should the baby decide to follow in mommy’s footsteps, though, right? The 39-year-old “Lighters Up” emcee welcomed Royal Reign at 9:58 a.m. at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey, her rep told E! Royal Reign weighed in at 6 pounds, 5 ounces and measured 19.5 inches long. Soon after the news broke Monday, news stories reporting the birth and her little one’s title

were retweeted from her official Twitter account. Then congrats began streaming in from her famous friends. “Congratulations 2 my sis @ LilKim & her precious healthy Babygirl #RoyalReign May she be Blessed! I’m happy 4 u kimmy (hugs),” tweeted rapper Missy Elliott. “Congrats to my bb and her bb @LilKim,” wrote Miley Cyrus with several heart-shaped emojis. Though Kim, real name Kimberly Denise Jones, hasn’t confirmed who the child’s father is, he is believed to be New York rapper Mr. Papers. The “Money, Power, Respect” rapper debuted her burgeoning baby bump in February when she wore a colorful floor-length gown at a New York Fashion Week after-party and confirmed she was expecting. The “Dancing With the Stars” alum also that she still planned to work during her pregnancy. (LaTimes)

oldest daughters said. His wife of 33 years argued it’s about Kasem’s fortune, built over four decades of radio and television voice work. Kasem’s voice counted down the “American Top 40” hits each week for nearly four decades in a radio show heard around the world. He voiced the cartoon character Shaggy on “ScoobyDoo” cartoons for 40 years. He was the voice of the NBC television network for years. He narrated thousands of radio and television commercials during his career.

After Casey Kasem was told he had Parkinson’s in 2007, he signed a document giving his oldest children authority to make his medical decisions if he should become unable to do so himself.


World News


Merkel tells Cameron not to threaten her with British EU exit ANGELA Merkel has told David Cameron not to threaten her with the prospect of British exit from the European Union, amid a disagreement over who should be the next president of the European Commission. The prime minister is attempting to block former Luxembourg prime minister Jean-Claude Juncker from securing the top job in Brussels. The British government is worried he is too keen on further EU integration and would frustrate its attempts to negotiate looser membership terms for the UK. However Juncker is the preferred candidate of the German chancellor and she reiterated her support for him during a joint press conference in Sweden with Cameron on Tuesday morning. In an embarrassing public rebuke, Merkel told Cameron that “threats” were not part of the “European spirit” that EU leaders should live up to. It was recently reported that Cameron told Merkel it was possible the appointment of the federalist Junker would lead to British voters choosing to leave the union. Juncker is the candidate of the centre-right European People’s Party (EPP) - the largest grouping in the European Parliament following last month’s elections. Under the Lisbon Treaty, the European Council - made up of the leaders of the member

(L to R) British Prime Minister David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Swedish Prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte talk in a boat near the summer residence of the Swedish Prime Minister in Harpsund 120km west of Stockholm on June 9, 2014.

states - is supposed to “take into account the elections to the European Parliament” in choosing a candidate for the presidency, who must then be approved in a vote of MEPs. But Cameron is seeking to secure enough allies to form a blocking minority in the Council against Juncker under the qualified majority system, which gives added weight to the votes of bigger countries. In Tuesday’s press conference, alongside the Swedish and Dutch prime ministers as well as Cameron, Merkel said she had made herself “clear” that she was in favour of Junker’s appointment. “But when I made that statement in Germany I also made the point that we act in a European spirit . We

always do that. Otherwise we can’t arrive at a compromise,” she said. “We cannot just consign to the back-burner the question of European spirit. Threats are not part and parcel of that spirit, that’s not how we usually proceed.” Cameron, who joined the three other leaders to row around the lake in Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt’s boat, made clear that he was hoping for the support of his like-minded northern Europeans in driving forward EU reform. Addressing the suggestion he had made threats, Cameron said he took a “very straightforward approach” to the negotiations over who should be the next leader of the European Commission.

Iraq crisis: Islamists force 500,000 to flee Mosul AS MANY as 500,000 people have been forced to flee the Iraqi city of Mosul after hundreds of Islamist militants took control of it, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) says. Troops were among those fleeing as the jihadists from the ISIS group took the city and much of Nineveh province. The head of the Turkish mission in Mosul and dozens of consulate officials have been seized. PM Nouri Maliki has asked parliament to declare a state of emergency. The US said the development showed ISIS was a threat to the entire region. ISIS - the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which is also known as ISIL - is an offshoot of al-Qaeda. It now controls considerable territory in eastern Syria and western and central Iraq, in a campaign to set up a militant enclave straddling the border. Residents of Mosul - Iraq’s second city - said jihadist flags were flying from buildings and that the militants had announced over loudspeakers they had “come to liberate” the city.

Cars carrying Mosul residents caused a giant traffic jam outside the nearby Kurdish city of Irbil.

“The situation is chaotic inside the city, and there is nobody to help us,” said government worker Umm Karam. “We are afraid.” Staff working for the IOM in Mosul say that all official buildings there have been taken over, including police and military bases, and the airport. A Turkish official said 48 people, including the head of the diplomatic mission, had been seized in Mosul. Many police stations were

reported to have been set on fire and hundreds of detainees set free. “The army forces threw away their weapons, changed their clothes, abandoned their vehicles and left the city,” Mahmud Nuri, a resident fleeing Mosul, told the AFP news agency. There has been a large number of civilian casualties, the IOM says, and some mosques have been converted into clinics to treat the injured.

June 14 - 20, 2014

Britain: Currency market rigging could become criminal offence RIGGING the foreign exchange, bond and commodity markets could become a criminal offence, the British government was expected to warn the City on Thursday as part of its latest effort to clean up the financial markets after a wave of scandals and allegations relating to key benchmarks. Criminal offences for manipulating these global markets, which are based in London, will be among measures considered in a year-long review being launched by the chancellor, which was immediately criticised by Labour for being too late. It follows steps in 2012 to allow prison sentences of up to seven years for anyone involved in rigging the key interest rate benchmark Libor. George Osborne is expected to say in his Mansion House speech: “The integrity of the City matters to the economy of Britain. “Markets here set the interest rates for people’s mortgages, the exchange rates for our exports and holidays, and the commodity prices for the goods we buy. I am going to deal with abuses, tackle the unacceptable behaviour of the few and ensure that markets are fair for the many who depend on them.” A European directive published in February set out rules for making abuse of such markets a criminal offence, but Osborne intends to opt out of this directive – a move a Treasury source insisted was not intended to delay the implementation

George Osborne was expected to use his Mansion House speech to promise to ‘deal with abuses … and ensure that markets are fair for the many who depend on them’. (Photograph: Oli Scarff/ Getty Images)

of possible prison sentences but to give the UK the ability to bring in new rules more quickly than the EU’s 2016 deadline. The chancellor is asking the new deputy governor of the Bank of England, Minouche Shafik, to lead the review of “fair and effective markets along with Martin Wheatley, the boss of the Financial Conduct Authority who led a review into Libor rigging, and Charles Roxburgh, the director general of financial services at the Treasury. But any tougher regime will take time to implement as the review will not be completed until after the general election and a consultation on the review will not begin until the autumn.

Tennessee man accused of chopping up woman and eating her remains IT WASN’T enough for Gregory Scott Hale to kill his victim, authorities say. He also chopped off her head, her hands, her feet. Buried her torso in a burn pile outside his south-central Tennessee home. And -- by his own admission -- ate some of her remains, according to the affidavit filed against him. According to the same document, Hale confessed to the killing of the 36-year-old woman, identified as Lisa Hyder by Capt. Frank Watkins of the Coffee County, Tennessee, Sheriff’s Department. “Lisa was a sweet girl, a very pretty girl,” her friend and neighbour Vicki Keenan told CNN affiliate WSMV. “... It’s got to be a very sick mind to do something like that.” There’s no indication Hale and Hyder knew each other before she was killed, apparently on Friday,

said Watkins, who added that authorities don’t have any reason yet to believe Hale had done this before. Authorities learned about the apparently random crime on Sunday and arrested Hale a day later. The affidavit says after killing her, the 37-year-old man put her slashed-off head and hands in a plastic bucket. Her feet and other cut-off body parts went into another bucket. It was not known who, if anyone right now, is legally representing the accused. Numerous CNN calls placed Tuesday to his relatives and associates were not immediately returned. Hale is being held in Tennessee on $1.5 million bond related to charges of first-degree murder and abuse of a corpse. His next scheduled court date is June 23. (CNN)

June 14 - 20, 2014

World News



Mob sex assaults on women overshadow Egyptian inauguration

More than 3,000 families joined the squatters settlement known as the “People’s Cup,” in the hope of using the global sporting event as a platform to pressure the government to provide low-income housing.

‘Peoples’ Cup’ camp pressures Brazil ahead of World Cup Almost overnight, a patchwork of plastic tents appeared on an empty piece of land less than 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) from the World Cup stadium as a show of force from Sao Paulo’s working poor. In a matter of weeks, more than 3,000 families joined the squatters settlement known as the “People’s Cup,” hoping to use the global sporting event as a platform to pressure the government to provide low-income housing. On a recent morning, Jucilene de Oliveira was working in the communal kitchen -- a lean-to made from plastic tarps and plywood -preparing lunch for families in her

quadrant. She said her rent in Sao Paulo’s East Zone nearly doubled when the stadium was being built. “We paid 700 reais ($314) on rent, then food and clothes, it was too much,” she says. She, her husband and four daughters now camp out in a small tent stacked with mattresses, hoping to persuade the government to build subsidized housing on the occupied land. “We don’t want anything for free, but we need something we can pay,” said the young manicurist. “If we can pay 700 reais a month for rent, we could pay that in installments for a housing unit.”

UNIFORMED Egyptian police pull a woman in nothing but her underclothes from a frenzied mob. “Get back boy! Get back!” the officers say as one lifts his pistol into the air. Large patches of skin on the victim appear bloodied and raw as she struggles to walk toward a police van with hordes of men still fighting for a handful of her body. Moments later, she falls to the ground, naked. Police carry her into the vehicle, seemingly incapable of thwarting the crowd. In the background, revelers set off fireworks and wave flags to celebrate the election of Egypt’s new president. This is just one of at least five mob sexual assaults that took place in Cairo’s Tahrir Square in the past week, according to the “I Saw Harassment” campaign, which documents sexual violence against women in Egypt. The attack is shown in a less than two-minute viral cell phone video that CNN cannot independently verify. It is unclear when the video was shot, but social media reports indicate the incident took place Tuesday after Egypt’s election body announced Abdel Fattah el-Sisi won elections in a landslide. Days later, as the restive country celebrated the presidential

inauguration, human rights groups documented more sexual assaults in Tahrir. “It is shameful that the security leaders of the Ministry of Interior did not take into account any security measures or plans to prevent such incidents,” a statement from the “I Saw Harassment” campaign reads. “Junior officers and individuals were left alone to face sexual harassment groups without any tools or plans.” Four of the five victims sexually assaulted in the square required medical attention, the “I Saw Harassment” campaign said. The attacks against them were so ferocious that several officers deployed to rescue the women were themselves wounded by the crowd, according to a statement from the Interior Ministry on Monday. Police arrested seven men Monday on charges of sexual harassment after two women filed police reports and identified their attackers, an Interior Ministry spokesman said. Video of one of the assaults was posted on YouTube and the video is a part of the ongoing investigation, said another official from the Interior Ministry, who was not authorized to speak to the media. The response by authorities did little to squelch anger on social media channels, where many criticized the authorities and criticized local media

for a lack of professionalism. “They are happy, huh?” Maha Bahnassy said laughingly about the crowd on private network Tahrir TV during a live report on harassment from inside the square. Bahnassy publicly apologized Monday, saying her comments were misunderstood. Activists said the anchorwoman’s jarring remarks appeared part of a general trend by Egypt’s pro-military factions to sideline the systemic violence against women in favor of glorifying Egypt’s new head of state, former army chief Abdel Fattah elSisi. The state-affiliated National Council of Women characterized Sunday night’s violence as an orchestrated conspiracy against elSisi, saying, “The acts were meant to spoil the joy of Egyptians and their wedding of democracy.” The group called on officials to find the “masterminds.” “Every day sexual harassment is a social epidemic affecting everyone, every day. Mob violence is an extreme form of this act that has been normalized by society,” said Noora Flinkman, communication manager at HarassMap, a volunteer-based initiative aimed at combating sexual harassment. The group dismissed claims that the attacks were part of an organized political act against the new government.

‘Brooklyn Butcher’ makes court appearance

A ruined flat in Sloviansk. The town of 120,000, a stronghold of the separatist rebels, has come under heavy bombardment as fighting continues between rebels and government forces.

Ukraine crisis: Death toll in east ‘at least 270’ THE Ukrainian government has confirmed 270 deaths in the eastern provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk since operations against militants started this spring. According to the health ministry, which based its figures on bodies handled by morgues, 225 people had died in Donetsk and 45 in Luhansk. It clarified a statement by the health minister on child deaths, saying 14 reported victims had died of illnesses.

Reports say two children were killed in the town of Sloviansk this month. A boy aged 12 and a girl aged six died as a result of shrapnel wounds, according to a preliminary report issued by a regional health official on Tuesday. The town of 120,000, a stronghold of the separatist rebels, has come under heavy bombardment as fighting continues between rebels and government forces.

THE 7-year-old girl who miraculously survived being slashed by the Brooklyn Butcher was released from the hospital Wednesday. Mikayla Capers got to go home after nearly two weeks at New YorkPresbyterian Hospital, where she was recuperating from the brutal June 1 attack that killed her 6-year-old friend, Prince Joshua (P.J.) Avitto. The little girl suffered serious injuries when a knife-wielding madman stepped into the elevator at the Boulevard Houses in Brooklyn and viciously stabbed the two children. “Mikayla Capers is ... out of the hospital today,” Mayor de Blasio said at a press conference to announce the belated installation of video cameras in the Boulevard Houses and other NYCHA buildings. “She misses her dear friend P.J., but her life is a testimony of perseverance and strength and we’re going to be here for her,” he added. The $500,000 camera installation at Boulevard Houses comes out of $27 million fund the City Council had set aside to improve security at NYCHA facilities — but the project was long overdue when the ‘Brooklyn Butcher’, who cops

Daniel St. Hubert, aka the ‘Brooklyn Butcher’ who allegedly stabbed to death P.J. Avitto, 6, tried to speak as he was indicted Wednesday in Brooklyn Criminal Court.

identify as Daniel St. Hubert, went on his Sunday slashing spree. The hulking ex-con was in court Wednesday as Mikayla left the hospital. For many of P.J.’s relatives, it was the first time they got to lay eyes on the suspected killer. “Is it all right I have a moment with the court, a short moment?” St. Hubert calmly inquired in Brooklyn

Criminal Court after a prosecutor announced he’d been indicted for P.J.’s murder. “No,” said Judge Matthew Sciarrino. St. Hubert, shackled and wearing an orange jail-issued jumpsuit, was escorted to lockup. “I guess he wanted to play a crazy, mental role. I don’t know,” said P.J.’s grieving father, Nicholas Avitto.


Job Listings Services Auto sales real estate Hernandez Human Resources Looking to fill the following position on behalf of our clients, Dominique heavy Equipment, Robust, North Caicos CafĂŠ (Bar), Lavardo Garland, Designing Image Salon, JSS Beauty Salon

2 Mechanics 5 Bar Maid 1 Waitress 1 Baby sister 2 Hairdressers 1 Cosmetologist

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Beautiful hillside, water front lot in Paw Paw Joe, North Caicos South


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The Somerset Resort Management Ltd. is seeking Labour Clearance for the positions listed below. Suitably qualified Belongers who possess the requirements listed are encouraged to apply. Ideal candidates should possess luxury resort experience, be professional in attitude and demeanor and must read and speak English fluently. Positions require a flexible schedule which includes holidays, weekends and evenings, and extended hours on occasion. Salaries are based on experience and qualifications.

Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons for the position of Accounts & Administration Officer for an established Insurance Brokerage in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands. Areas of responsibility should include but not limited to: • Assist with the preparation of monthly financial statements and Annual Accounts • Cash flow forecasting and monitoring • Management of Accounts Receivables & Accounts Payables • Bank Reconciliation • Cash management • Monthly financial reconciliation and settlement with Insurance Companies, Brokers, and Agents • Payroll • Office Administration • Preparation and Filing of Annual Returns and other regulatory issues

Director Of Finance To direct the Organization’s day-to-day financial planning and accounting practices. Under the leadership of the General Manager, the successful applicant will be responsible for the preparation and analysis of the financial reporting process for the Resort as well as the annual budget process. He/she will provide strong leadership to the accounting team and will develop, implement and monitor effective financial controls and procedures, providing management with advice and making recommendations to improve process and financial performance.

The suitable candidate should have post secondary education (Bachelor or Associate Degree or studying toward professional qualifications in Accounting) with a minimum of seven years relevant work experience. In addition, the successful candidate will be someone who is a self starter and possess strong interpersonal and organizational skill and can work closely with others in a small office environment. Proficiency in Microsoft Office is essential. Knowledge of "Power Broker" an insurance brokerage management software package would be useful.

Qualifications: minimum four year degree in related field. Graduate Degree preferred. Minimum of 5 years hospitality industry experience as Director of Finance / Comptroller. Experience with formerly distressed properties desirable. T he ideal candidate will also have knowledge of Visual One software.

Remuneration will be commensurate with qualification and experience. Interested persons should submit their resumes or CV's with references to NW Hamilton

Insurance Brokers Ltd via email insure@, attention ACCOUNTS & ADMIN


Qualified Belonger candidates can complete an application form in person at The Somerset on Grace Bay or submit a resume by e-mail at Tel: 649-339-5900. Fax: 946-5839. The closing date for applications is June 20th, 2014


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Scholarship Programme The TCICC Foundation wishes to remind prospective applicants of the approaching June 30, 2014 deadline for the submission of applications. To be eligible applicants must:

* be high school graduates with at least 4 CSEC or IGCSE passes two at General 2 or equivalent B grade or higher, and 2 at General Three or equivalent C grade or higher; * have evidence of acceptance from the Community College; * have evidence of legal status; * submit two (2) forms of identification (Passport, Driver's Licence or NHIP Card); * have two Letters of Reference one from previous school and one from a community leader; * have certified copies of examination results, High School Diploma; * submit Official Transcript * submit a Personal Statement for choice of study and future goals; * have proof of parent's/guardian's income

Applicants may log on to the College website for additional information. All applications must reach the Community College on or before June 30, 2014.



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Parcel 16 & 17 are adjacent to each other and parcel 20 is two lots to the north, Parcel 16 comprises 0.74 acres, Parcel 17 comprises approximately 0.64 acres and Parcel 20 comprises approximately 0.40 acres. The land has good elevation with a ridge midway through the lots north to south; although not directly beach front, the property benefits from ocean views to the east. Mains utility is not readily available to the parcels boundaries.

Border Holdings Limited

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The subject property comprises vacant ocean front land located on the south coast of the Island of Grand Turk. The subject land is vacant and covered in indigenous vegetation with a sandy beach to the oceanfront section. The Town area and the Grand Turk International Airport are a short distance to the north and the town area provides retail, commercial, educational, churches, restaurants and bars. The Carnival Cruise Centre is a short distance to the west.


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Title No. 10508/16,17 & 20, South Suburbs, Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos Islands. The subject property comprises three adjoining ocean view lots. The lots are regular shaped, slight undulating topography with a total registered area of 1.78 acres.




Meridian Mortgage Corporation Ltd. as Chargee, pursuant to its charge and the Registered Land Ordinance, hereby gives notice that it will cause to be sold the property listed below by Public Auction, to be held at the office of Meridian Financial Group, Le Vele Plaza, Grace Bay and Providenciales at 10.00 a.m. on Friday 4th of July, 2014.




Notice Of Sale By Public Auction Location

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Temple Securities Ltd; is seeking experienced Investment Advisors. The remuneration for this position is commission based only. The following qualifications will assist the successful candidates with their applications: • Proven knowledge of financial instruments and securities markets • Canadian Securities Course or Series 7 • Certified Financial Planner or CFA designation is highly recommended • Detailed oriented with the ability to meet deadlines • The ability to demonstrate research and problem solving skills • Excellent communication skills are essential • Proficiency in Excel and MS office environment • Post secondary education is a fundamental asset • Minimum 10 years experience in a major brokerage firm • Existing Client base of $10million in assets is required • Client minimum assets should be in excess of $100,000 per client • Proven willingness to continue to build a client base

Please forward your resume in confidence to: Human Resources Manager; Temple Financial Group 228, Leeward Highway, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, BWI Tel: (649) 946.5740 Fax: (649) 946.5739 Along with copy to Department of Labour, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands 9948

June 14 - 20, 2014



The Pavilion formerly O’Soliel SEEKS


Seeking hostess /waitress to cater to our upscale restaurant clientele. English language is a must and a winning attitude. Applicant must have the ability to work well under pressure. Must have experience with guest interaction and communication is essential and fluency in English and a second main language is required. French or Spanish. All applicants must have a minimum of 3 years experience, and willing to work long hours, weekends and holidays and sometimes split shifts.

Interested persons should contact 941-4033. C/o Alliance Realty Ltd. THE LIGHTHOUSE CHURCH KEW NORTH CAICOS Is looking for a

Pastor For a Creole congregation salary negotiable.

Contact: 946-7718


BEAUTY AT THE BEACH TELEPHONE: 946-5093 Is seeking an exceptional


• Must have at least five years experience • Must be able to perform Swedish Massage, Stone Massage Body Scrubs & Rituals • Must possess a clean valid driver license • Must be available to work over 6 days per week showing flexibility of time • Must have managerial skills • We are a full service salon so Aesthetics, Manicures & Pedicures, Waxing skills would be an advantage



FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION EQUITY LTD. pursuant to the Registered Land Ordinance of the Turks and Caicos Islands, hereby give notice that it will cause to be sold by public Auction, the following property:




• Degree in Finance, Commerce or Accounting or equivalent • Excellent written, verbal and communication skills • Previous experience in automotive dealership preferred

DUNCANSON & CO. Barristers & Attorneys

PUBLIC NOTICE DUNCANSON & CO. Barristers & Attorneys are pleased to announce the re-opening of our Leeward Highway Office for ongoing legal services to the public. We are located in our own building across the street from the Supreme Court complex, next door to the offices of TC Weekly News and between that and the St. Monica's Anglican Church.

• Civil Litigation (Particular competencies: Judicial Review and other claims against TCI Government/Departments, Mareva and other Injunctions, Land, Trust & Bank disputes) • Property Matters, Planning Department & Development Issues • Business Law • Immigration • Labour Disputes

Registered Proprietor: MAXWELL EARL HAMILTON


Due to change of season we are selling lots of items at discount prices. Towels, curtains, bathroom sets, bathroom coordinates, napkins, cups and glasses, canisters, mixing bowls, serving trays and much more for your house.

We specialize in:

Title 60900/194, Chalk Sound, Providenciales, being comprised of a 0.73 acre parcel of land fronting on Chalk Sound on which is situated a three storey, 6200 square feet single family residence with 3 bedrooms and studio unit with bedroom, service elevator, swimming pool, plunge pool, dock and other attractive features, landscaping and brick driveway.

The auction will be held at the offices of Twa, Marcelin, Wolf, 1276 Leeward Highway, Providenciales on Thursday July 3rd, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. For further particulars please contact Twa, Marcelin, Wolf at 649-946-4261 or at


Duties and Responsibilities:

• Daily input of transactions to accounting software • Preparation of financial statement and in-house reports • Bank A/R and A/P reconciliations, bank deposits, petty cash management • Purchasing and billing audit Salary commensurate with experience

Candidates can forward a detailed resume to: or drop off at the reception desk at Bayview Motors Only qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview 9919

Telephone: (649) 941-4444 Telefax: (649) 941-4235 Cellphone: (649) 245-1314 email: DUNCANSON & CO. Barristers & Attorneys

PO Box 52, Cheshire House East 1315A Leeward Highway, Providenciales


the largest readership in the turks & caicos




To be responsible for the upkeep of property and must be willing to work on weekends salary $6.00 per hour interested person should.

contact: 231-2621 Is looking for a


Is looking for a



the largest readership in the turks & caicos


To work 6 days per week salary $5,000.00 per month. contact: 332-3539 9943

PRESIDENTIAL SECURITY Is seeking highly trained professional, experienced

To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 946-4055


Security Officers To work 5 days per week salary $6.00 per hour.

contact: 231-1000 or 333-1000

Premier Contracting Services Seeks suitable qualified applicants to fill the positions of laborers:

LaboUrer X 2

Qualification and responsibilities includes • Minimum 3 years experience in landscape maintenance • Responsible for weeding, pruning, trimming all plants on property, sweeping • Cleaning windows, restrooms and removing of trash and solid waste • Must have good knowledge of gardening techniques and ability to apply pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers properly • Responsible for the upkeep and general look / maintenance of entire grounds • Ability to maintain and repair irrigations systems • Willingness to perform numerous laborious tasks • Willingness to perform all other tasks in relation to general cleaning ad or labor Salary: $7.00 per hour Deadline for submission of applications is June 20th 2014 Written applications along with relevant qualifications and references should be addressed to the attention of:


domestic worker

June 14 - 20, 2014


Edith Cox Suite 200 Graceway Plaza Providenciales

dck TCI, Ltd.

dck TCI, Ltd.

Project Manager

Project Executive

Is filling a Project Manager position for a large-scale resort development.

dck TCI, Ltd. is filling a Project Executive of Construction position for a large-scale resort development.

Responsibilities: Development of baseline schedule including sequencing, duration, logic, cost/manpower loading, etc., including subsequent scheduling maintenance. Initiation and development of cost report from bid estimate. Analysis and negotiation of owner and subcontractor change orders, pay requests, cost proposals, time extension requests, etc. to ensure accuracy and compliance with contract requirements, monitoring and control of construction through administrative direction to ensure project is built on schedule and within budget, and through subcontractor performance, e.g. quality control, safety, scope of work, coordination with other trades, etc. Liaison with Owner, Design Team, Subcontractors / Suppliers to facilitate construction activities. Ensure accuracy of all required reports, logs and register. Complete ownership of production status and reporting; hiring, training, retaining and developing staff.

Responsibilities: Clearly interpret, communicate, and ensure compliance with project’s technical requirements, details and specification; coordinate daily activities between home office and field; establish base-line project schedule and reporting procedures for updates to stakeholders; oversee advertisement of bids, pre-bid meetings, bid openings, evaluations, pre-award meetings, and make recommendations for awarding contracts; coordinate the execution of subcontracts, attachments and exhibits; monitor trade/subcontractor activities to ensure safety, quality and efficiency; insure accuracy of all reports, logs and registers required to record the construction function; complete ownership of financial status and cost reporting; hiring, training, retaining and staff development.

Applicant must have: Minimum of 15 years of construction management experience on fasttrack design build hospitality project of $100+ million; thorough knowledge of project management procedures, estimating techniques, design and engineering disciplines as well as cost control systems; planning skills to anticipate project needs and risks; ability to handle wide range of tasks and multiple priorities; ability to establish performance expectations and hold people accountable for results; ability to conduct meetings with subordinates, design consultants, owners and other business unit leaders to receive, discuss and present project and corporate strategies; ability to anticipate resource requirements and recruit qualified resources; excellent organizational, leadership, analytical, oral and written communication skills; commitment to execute work and professionally represent the corporation.

Apply at: , click Careers and upload your detailed resume and three business references no later than June 27, 2014.

Applicant must have: Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Industrial Technology or a related Quantity Surveying/Construction Economics degree; minimum 15 years of construction management experience on fast-track design build hospitality project of $100+ million; thorough knowledge of project management procedures, estimating techniques, design and engineering disciplines and cost control systems; demonstrated skills in planning and anticipating project needs and risks; ability to conduct meetings with subordinates, design consultants, owners and business unit leaders to receive, discuss and present project and corporate strategies; ability to anticipate resource requirements and recruit qualified resources; excellent organizational, leadership, analytical, oral and written communication skills; a commitment to execute work and professionally represent the corporation.

Apply at: , click Careers and upload your detailed resume and three business references no later than June 27, 2014.

June 14 - 20, 2014




Notice Of Sale By Wanted Public Auction urgently Meridian Mortgage Corporation Ltd. as Chargee, pursuant to its charge and the Registered Land Ordinance, hereby gives notice that it will cause to be sold the property listed below by Public Auction, to be held at the office of Meridian Financial Group, Le Vele Plaza, Grace Bay and Providenciales at 10.00 a.m. on Friday 4th of July, 2014


Title No. 10709/39, Salt Cay, Turks & Caicos Islands. The subject property comprises a total land area of approximately 2.42 acres. The property comprises vacant land. Parcel 10709/39 is located on the south end of Salt Cay is ocean front with an approximate ocean frontage of 215 linear feet based on the block plan provided.




Russell Alexander Garland

Approximate Area

2.42 acres

Must have thorough knowledge in the floral business with 3-5 years experience.

Call: 231-3788

Acting on behalf of our clients:

Kenya Green Grass Cutter 346-1660 Straudia Gardiner Laborer 244-9978 Arnold Baron Laborer 345-6804 First Class Cleaning Services 2 Cleaners 333-1238 Deomard Clare Laborer 331-8034

Seeks to appoint for September 2014

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION ARE AVAILABLE BY REQUEST, FROM MERIDIAN MORTGAGE CORPORATION LTD. Meridian Financial Group P.O. Box 599 Le Vele Plaza, Grace Bay Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, B.W.I Tel. (649) 941-3082. Fax (649) 941-3223

Floral Designer


Principal 9959

Director of Marketing JOB OVERVIEW: The successful candidate will develop an Innovation & strategic marketing plan which continues with the past successes and at the same time can bring us to a new level of brand awareness and customer loyalty. This position will help architect the customer experience by designing, coordinating, executing and measuring the effectiveness of compelling strategic marketing activities while ensuring all marketing activities are integrated and aligned within the brand standards.

Minimum Qualifications: Required

• Minimum of 5 years as Director of Marketing for a Luxury Brand within the Caribbean • Extensive knowledge of the US, Canadian & South American Markets • 3 Years online marketing experience with direct knowledge of PPC, GDS and Redirect Marketing. • Experience in working with Keywords & SEO • Experience developing and managing budgets, and hiring, training, developing, supervising and appraising personnel. • Demonstrated successful experience writing press releases, making presentations • Proficiency in MAC Creative Suite and Microsoft Office Suite including word processing • Strong oral and written communications skills, with excellent vocabulary in English. • Out-of-town, overnight travel is required • Understanding and knowledge of Blogging • Frequent travel to/from USA and TCI

Email: Fax: (649) 946-5758 P.O. Box 128 Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies

Candidates for application to this post must be able to demonstrate the following: • Successful management of schools within the UK education system; • Breadth of knowledge of the National Curriculum of England and conversancy of strategies and new initiatives in curriculum development, in particular the National Primary Strategy (DfEE, UK National Curriculum); • Proven management experience within an International School environment; • Successful experience of managing people, resources and budgets within an International School community; • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to act as ambassador for the School; • Academic credibility (recognized degree and teaching qualification) and good intellect; • Leadership skills and ability to motivate and influence; • Experience of and desire to further promote a programme for CPD (Continuing Professional Development); • Ability to plan strategically, set a vision and translate it into reality; • Good judgement and the ability to make difficult decisions when necessary. Candidates must possess the energy and commitment to effectively develop best practice, ultimately striving to raise academic standards and pastoral care across the whole school. Candidates must have a desire to promote team collaboration and staff development.

Class Teachers Applicants for teaching posts must: • Hold relevant qualifications from a recognized faculty of Education • Possess knowledge of the British National Curriculum / SATs • Proven experience with Primary aged children Classroom Assistants for Early Years (P/T and F/T) Classroom assistants required. Posts are part time (mornings only) and F/T (whole day). Applicants for all posts at The Ashcroft School must possess the desire to work collaboratively within a committed and dedicated team. Applications for posts require a letter of application, current CV and recent photograph.

Full applications by email must be sent to:

Stewart Howard, C/o The Ashcroft School Email: showard@ Closing date: 13th June 2014




Applicants must posses a minimum of 5 years experience, with knowledge of plants / Chemicals and fertilizer sprays, be able to work with minimum supervision. Applicant must be horticulture and be certified in preparation and application of chemicals as well as treatment of weeds. Must be proficient in computer, can do minimal computer trouble shooting and knowledgeable in quick books for point of sale transaction and inventory software. Applicants must be willing to work outdoors with irregular hours. Starting salary is $2,500 per month may include weekends and holidays. Please drop all applications to Flowers by EA located at U102 Venture House, Grace Bay Road, Providenciales or Email to c/o NatalieZaidan. Successful Applicant s will be notified by phone for interview.

NW Hamilton Realty Ltd., Real Estate Agency on Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands is looking for an experienced Realtor/Broker to develop and manage the Agency. The Agency is a full service real estate company whose core business consists of real estate sales, property management & rentals of homes, condominiums, and commercial properties. Providencials is home to one of the most progressive real estate markets in the Caribbean. This is an excellent opportunity for an experienced self-starter who would welcome the challenge and high income potential.



The successful applicant should have at lease fifteen years experience in Real Estate, sales and management. Experience in the Turks and Caicos or the Caribbean will be useful.

the largest readership in the turks & caicos

Notice Of Sale By Public Auction Meridian Mortgage Corporation Ltd. as Chargee, pursuant to its charge and the Registered Land Ordinance, hereby gives notice that it will cause to be sold the property listed below by Public Auction, to be held at the office of Meridian Financial Group, Le Vele Plaza, Grace Bay and Providenciales at 10.00 a.m. on Friday 4th of July, 2014.


Title No. 10508/19, South Suburbs, Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos Islands. The subject property comprises a total land area of approximately 0.54 acres. The subject property comprises vacant ocean front land located on the south coast of the Island of Grand Turk. The subject land is vacant and covered in indigenous vegetation with a sandy beach to the oceanfront section. The Town area and the Grand Turk International Airport are a short distance to the north and the town area provides retail, commercial, educational, churches, restaurants and bars. The Carnival Cruise Centre is a short distance to the west. Parcel 19 comprises 0.54 acres. The land has good elevation with a ridge midway through the lots north to south; although not directly beach front, the property benefits from ocean views to the east. Mains utility is not readily available to the parcels boundaries.




Andrew J. Newlands

Approximate Area

0.54 acres

June 14 - 20, 2014



Notice Of Sale By Public Auction Meridian Mortgage Corporation Ltd. as Chargee, pursuant to its charge and the Registered Land Ordinance, hereby gives notice that it will cause to be sold the property listed below by Public Auction, to be held at the office of Meridian Financial Group, Le Vele Plaza, Grace Bay and Providenciales at 10.00 a.m. on Friday 4th of July, 2014. Location

Title No. 60900/245/K64, Leeward Going Through, Turks & Caicos Islands. Unit 7302 Ocean Club, The subject property comprises a third floor unit of approximately 1,570 square feet base on information taken from the resort plan within the established Ocean Club condominium resort located on Grace Bay Beach on the Island of Providenciales.




Turquoise Investment Holdings Ltd.

Approximate Area

1,570 sq.ft.


TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION ARE AVAILABLE BY REQUEST, FROM MERIDIAN MORTGAGE CORPORATION LTD. Meridian Financial Group P.O. Box 599 Le Vele Plaza Grace Bay Providenciales Turks & Caicos Islands, B.W.I Tel. (649) 941-3082 Fax (649) 941-3223

Interested persons should send their resumes/CVs by email to: Or fax to (649) -946-4042, marked REAL ESTATE OPPORTUNITY.


Meridian Financial Group P.O. Box 599 Le Vele Plaza Grace Bay Providenciales Turks & Caicos Islands, B.W.I Tel. (649) 941-3082 Fax (649) 941-3223






The Help Desk (241-7734) is acting on behalf of our clients:

J & W Construction Labourers, Electrician $5/$8 per hour.

Quality Supermarket (941-7929)


Labourer $5.00 per hour.

worker Hair 649-946-5547


Contact Sandra MacLeod:

dresser Salary: $5.00 / Hour

Contact: 649-3458282 / 649-346-8003

Labourer, Truck Driver $5.00 per hr

Island Home Builders Labourers $5.00 per hour.

Island Painting


To clean hotel room/laundry. Must be willing to work weekend and holidays. Salary $5.00/ hour

Acres of Diamonds

Painter $7.00 per hour.



PROVO AUTO SUPPLY Is currently looking to employ a


who will be responsible for the daily maintenance of the building, stocking of shelves and any other duty that may be assigned to you This individual must posses the following: • Adequate tools to perform his duties • Must be able to work with little or no supervision • Must be computer literate

• Must be able to work weekends • Must possess a valid driver’s license Please submit all application between 9am-5pm MondayFriday

Bayview Motors Ltd. P.O. Box 619, Leeward Highway, Providenciales



1 Open Water Scuba Diving Instructor / Engineer

the largest readership in the turks & caicos

REQUIREMENTS AS FOLLOW: • Valid PADI/SSI/TDI membership and liability insurance • PADI/SSI Enriched Air Instructor • Minimum of 5 Specialty Ratings • Working Knowledge of Under water Camera/ Videos and Edition

Notice Of Sale By Public Auction

• Computer Literate • STCW95 Complaint • Be prepared to live onboard & work long hours including weekends & holidays • Experienced in the Hospitality industry

Belongers need only apply Starting salary $400.00 a week

Please send emails to or call 941-7825


June 14 - 20, 2014

Meridian Mortgage Corporation Ltd. as Chargee, pursuant to its charge and the Registered Land Ordinance, hereby gives notice that it will cause to be sold the property listed below by Public Auction, to be held at the office of Meridian Financial Group, Le Vele Plaza, Grace Bay and Providenciales at 10.00 a.m. on Friday 4th of July, 2014. Location


Title No. 60501/175, 178 & 179, Blue Hills & Stammers Run, Turks & Caicos Islands. The subject property comprises a total land area of approximately 0.95 acres. Utilities laid to boundary. Lots available for sale individually.

Gansevoort Turks + Caicos is a contemporary luxury full service boutique resort on Grace Bay Beach. We are looking for driven and energetic professionals with Five Star experience and who are committed to achieving excellence by ensuring Five Star standards and services are continuously delivered.

Parcels 60501/175 & 179 comprises of undeveloped lots available in the Blue Hills residential subdivision on the north side of the Millennium Highway. Parcel 60501/178 comprises of an unfinished residential building of approximately 2,640 square feet in the Blue Hills residential subdivision on the north side of the Millennium Highway. Title



Gilbert Fitzroy Selver

Approximate Area

0.27, 0.42, and 0.26 acres respectively

Pastry Chef

SUMMARY: Preparing and serving deserts, pastries and other baked foods. Assists the Executive Chef and the Sous Chef in preparing and serving other type of food. Assists the Executive and Sous chef in training and management of the team members. Helps out with the menu planning. Ensures that all deserts, pastries and baked goods are prepared and served in a timely manner. Ensuring that the kitchen remains clean and thoroughly organized at all times. Responsible for ordering supplies used for making of pastries. Ensure a high level of food quality, value, consistency, and satisfaction to the guests.



SUMMARY: Provide guests with food and beverage service – restaurant, bar, room service, beach & pool. Able to work on feet all day, good math skill, and have a thorough knowledge of working in a fine dining, five star restaurant. Deliver professional, courteous, and efficient service to our Guests. Offer suggestions by using suggestive selling techniques (daily specials, cocktails, appetizers, entrees, desserts, and after dinner beverages). Follow the established table service procedures

Meridian Financial Group P.O. Box 599 Le Vele Plaza Grace Bay Providenciales Turks & Caicos Islands, B.W.I Tel. (649) 941-3082 Fax (649) 941-3223 9958

Interested applicants can contact our Human Resources Department, Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm on (649)941-7555. E- Mail cover letter outlining your interest and supporting experience in a particular position along with your Resume or C.V. to



June 14 - 20, 2014


Sports International

Mayweather tops Forbes list of riches athletes Floyd Mayweather Jr. earned $105 million during the past 12 months for 72 minutes of work in the ring for fights against Canelo Alvarez and Marcos Maidana.


FLOYD Mayweather Jr. has been cashing multi-million checks for his fights for more than a decade. He banked at least $25 million for each of his past nine bouts going back to 2007 when he defeated Oscar De La Hoya in the most watched fight in the history of

boxing pay-per-view events. Mayweather has earned almost $400 million in the ring since he turned pro in 1996 after the Olympics, but he has never had a year like this past one. Mayweather earned $105 million during the past 12 months for 72 minutes of work in



the ring for fights against Canelo Alvarez and Marcos Maidana. The payday puts Mayweather atop Forbes’ annual list of the world’s highest-paid athletes for the second time in three years. Mayweather is the first athlete, besides Tiger Woods, to crack the $100 million earnings

I.G Is looking for 1

Is looking for a

Is looking for a

contact: 331-9649

The applicant will be required to work from Mon – Fri @ $5.00 per hour, weekends and holidays when called upon.

Resume can be fax to 649 946 4564


missionary Salary negotiable

domestic Worker

labourer LABOURER To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 231-1489


To work 6 days per week salary $5.50 per hour.

contact: 331-0694

To work 6 days per week Salary $5.00 per hour

Contact: 342-4935

Notice Of Sale By Public Auction

The Somerset Strata Management Co Ltd, is seeking a suitable qualified Belongers who possess the requirements listed are encouraged to apply. Ideal candidates should possess luxury resort experience, be professional in attitude and demeanor and must read and speak English fluently.

Meridian Mortgage Corporation Ltd. as Chargee, pursuant to its charge and the Registered Land Ordinance, hereby gives notice that it will cause to be sold the property listed below by Public Auction, to be held at the office of Meridian Financial Group, Le Vele Plaza, Grace Bay and Providenciales at 10.00 a.m. on Friday 4th of July, 2014.




Title No. 10709/38, Salt Cay, Turks & Caicos Islands. The subject property comprises a total land area of approximately 2.40 acres. The property comprises vacant land.

Responsibilities: • Complete ground work as directed by the Property Manager which may include picking up trash, sweeping curb and dumpster areas and maintaining landscaping beds and other ground areas • Must have the ability to lift heavy items weighing up to 150lbs • Must have the ability to maintain irrigation systems and provide proper upkeep of sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, fountains, and other grounds features GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: • Must be a team player with a desire to deliver excellent customer service to our guest • Must have clear English communications skills (written or oral) • Previous experience in this area would be an asset Salary for this position will commensurate with qualifications and experience

Qualified Belonger candidates are requested to submit a CV by e-mail to:

Parcel 10709/38 is located on the south end of Salt Cay is ocean front with an approximate ocean frontage of 215 linear.




Wayne Newton Garland

Approximate Area

2.40 acres

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION ARE AVAILABLE BY REQUEST, FROM MERIDIAN MORTGAGE CORPORATION LTD. Meridian Financial Group P.O. Box 599 Le Vele Plaza Grace Bay, Providenciales Turks & Caicos Islands, B.W.I Tel. (649) 941-3082 Fax (649) 941-3223

Joanna Ivasiuk The Somerset Resort on Grace Bay Submissions for this job position should be received no later than February 16, 2014

Domestic Worker 9974

Blue Parrot is looking for a



threshold (Michael Jordan, Michael Schumacher and Mike Tyson have also turned the trick on an inflation-adjusted basis). The September Mayweather-Canelo fight billed as “The One” set records for highest PPV gross ($150 million), live gate ($20 million) and total revenue (roughly $200 million). The Canelo fight marked the second bout in the blockbuster 30-month, six-fight deal Mayweather signed with Showtime in 2013. Mayweather earned a guaranteed $32 million for his May fight with Marcos Maidana where the PPV buys are expected to finish between 900,000 and one million when they are all counted, compared to 2.2 million for MayweatherAlvarez. Mayweather is the most popular boxer on the planet which helps drive PPV sales, but his paychecks get a boost because he also serves as fight promoter, in addition to pugilist.



June 14 - 20, 2014



Sports International

NOTICE OF SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION Scotiabank (Turks & Caicos) Ltd. of Cherokee Road, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands hereby gives notice of its intention to sell by Public Auction the following properties pursuant to its power of sale as registered Chargee under the Registered Land Ordinance of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Brazil will be strong at home.

Brazil are most likely to win the World Cup, but France are better bet, Deutsche Bank finds THE Goldman Sachs research note on the World Cup is always a hot draw on Wall Street, but the research team at Deutsche Bank have now published their own take. So, and this of little shock to anyone, the Deutsche team finds Brazil are the most likely to win the football championship that began this week, with a 12% chance. But in terms of betting, the bookmakers are pricing in a 24.5% possibility of the home team winning it at all. So from

a bettor’s perspective, Brazil are not a good bet. Bookies also are pricing in a better chance for Germany and Spain to win than Deutsche Bank research suggests. France by contrast are a good play. Les Blues have a 7% chance of winning, but bookies are only giving the 25-to-1 side a 3.2% chance. And if you want to back a dark horse, Deutsche Bank suggests Switzerland. At 100-1 odds, the Swiss have a favourable draw and field a decent squad.

Electrical engineer

Please send full resume to Or contact number 3320111 9973

PRICE CLUB Is looking for a

3. Parcel 60720/20 Cheshire Hall and Richmond Hills, Providenciales.

Single storey detached house in Cooper Jack with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, open plan living and dining room with partially completed extension on 1.33 acres. Registered Proprietor: Michael M Williams

Single storey residential property providing two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchens, open plan living/ dining area and laundry room on 0.67 acre. Registered Proprietor: Randy McKenn Ewing

6. Parcel 60702/125 Cheshire Hall and Richmond Hill, Providenciales

Detached two storey building: two bedrooms to the upper floor and a one bedroom apartment to the lower floor with a separated bedroom/guest room at the rear of the house accessed from the upper deck. Registered Proprietor: Harry Turbyfield/ Carmen Fabara (Opera Investments Ltd.)

7. Parcel 60715/186 Cheshire Hall and Richmond Hill, Providenciales.

MAID To do housework and other general cleaning domestic duties. To work 6 days a week including weekends and holiday. Salary is commensurate with experience.

Contact telephone:




Single storey with three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, one half bathroom, living room and kitchen on 0.72 ac re. Registered Proprietor: Cherrie Romayne Forbes-Ingham

5. Parcel 60900/175 Leeward Going Through, Providenciales.

With 7 years of experience, especially in the field of repairing A/C.

contact: 431-2857 or 442-2977

2. Parcel 60900/170 Leeward Going Through, Providenciales.

Single storey residential house with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, laundry room, kitchen, living/dining room on 1.00 acre. Registered Proprietor: Earl Nathan Tucker

Is currently looking to employ an

per week salary $6.00 per hour.

Phase two of the Priton Homes: two bedrooms, one bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, living/dining area on 0.25 acre. Registered Proprietor: Glanedise Walkin

4. Parcel 60610/184 Norway & Five Cays, Providenciales.


cashier To work 6 days

1. Parcel 60002/367 North West and North Central, Providenciales.

Unfinished bungalow multiplex consisting of 3- one bedroom, 2- two bedroom apartments on 0.77 acre of land. Registered Proprietor: Ebenezer Benjamin Williams

8. Parcel 60515/64 Blue Hills & Stamers Run, Providenciales.

Single storey detached dwelling house providing three bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchens, living/dining area and laundry room on approx. 0.22 acre. Registered Proprietor: Thelma Adlaide Lightbourne

9. Parcel 10308/105 South West Suburbs, Grand Turk.

Single storey residential house with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, family room, living/dining room on approx. 0.25 acre. Registered Proprietor: Lester Robert Butterfield and Paula Ann Butterfield

10. Parcel 10303/33 Overback, Central Suburbs, Grand Turk.

This property accommodates three buildings: one concrete building and two wooden comprises of a single storey residential house with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, family room, living/dining room on approx. 0.20 acre. Registered Proprietor: Henry Raymond Jennings

11. Parcel 10204/67 Township, Central Suburbs, Grand Turk.

This property comprises of a main house with two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen, living/dining room, laundry room and a detached wooden dwelling house comprising of one bedroom, one bathroom, kitchen, living/dining room and laundry room on approx. 0.19 acre. Registered Proprietor: Kuthlyn Spencer

12. Parcel 61113/94 Long Bay, Providenciales.

Detached bungalow style residential house with five bedrooms, three bathroom, kitchen, living/dining room, and laundry room. There is a second building on lot which comprises of two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen, and living room on approx. 0.49 acre. Registered Proprietor: Ezra Ringo Tyrone Taylor

13. Parcel 60805/15/K8 The Bight and Thomas Stubbs, Providenciales. This property comprises of a two storey townhouse with three bedrooms, three bathroom, kitchen, living/ dining room, family room and laundry room. Registered Proprietor: Alejandro Rios

14. Parcel 60505/199 Blue Hills and Stamers Run, Providenciales.

Apartment complex and Laundromat. The main building consists of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two kitchens, two living/dining rooms and an additional building with five bedrooms, three bathrooms, three kitchens, three living/dining rooms on approx. 0.20 acre. Registered Proprietor: George Seymour

The auction will be held at the offices of Scotiabank (Turks and Caicos) Limited, Grace Bay Branch, Providenciales at 10 o’clock in the morning on Friday the 27th day of June 2014. A reserve price will be fixed on all parcels. A deposit of 10% is due immediately upon all accepted bids.


Sports International

June 14 - 20, 2014


Rafael Nadal clinches record ninth French Open title

The emotion shows as Nadal gets his hands on the French Open title for an unprecedented ninth time.

NO MATTER whatever else happens in tennis’ clay-court season, Rafael Nadal is almost an automatic at the French Open. Nadal won an unprecedented ninth title at Roland Garros and now only trails Roger Federer on the men’s grand slam ladder after

PROPERTY SERVICES ATTENDANT Responsible for assisting all departments as needed, including, but not limited to: cleaning in all areas of the resort, beach and pool set up and monitoring, filling in for shuttle driver, handyman. Strenuous physical labour requires one who is able and willing to perform heavy lifting, and other physically demanding functions. Valid TCI Driver’s License required. Must be able to speak and read English. Preference will be given to someone with previous resort experience. All applicants must be able to present a clean Police Record if offered a position. Wage commensurate with experience. Individuals must be willing to work holidays and weekends on a flexible schedule dictated by business demands. Please drop off resumes at the Ocean Club Front Desk to the attention of the Human Resource Manager, or via email to Only those receiving an interview will be contacted.


JOB VACANCIES Seven Stars Resort is seeking suitably qualified persons to fill the positions outlined below. Ideal candidates should possess luxury resort experience, be out-going and friendly, with a professional demeanor and must be fluent in English, be a team player with a strong work ethic, available for work on public holidays, weekends and evenings. Salaries are based on experience and qualifications. Suitable candidates must have a minimum of 2 years’ experience working at a 5 Star Resort in a similar role. Must have a strong attention to detail and exceptional ability to maintain the highest standards of quality required.

• Security Officer • Floor Crystallizing Specialist • Stock Controller • Housekeeping Attendant • Housekeeping Manager • Pool & Bar Attendant Closing Date June 27, 2014 Suitably qualified candidates should apply via email to Seven Stars at: for consideration Candidates must possess relevant skills, experience, and a clean police record. ONLY CANDIDATES MEETING MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS WILL BE CONTACTED.

seeing off Novak Djokovic 3-6 7-5 6-2 6-4 on a third consecutive day of steamy weather in Paris, which did no favors for the Serb -- who appeared to vomit slightly in the last set. Their tussle couldn’t compare to last year’s five-set classic in the semifinals or their six-hour duel at the Australian Open in 2012 but the final outcome, to Nadal’s delight, is that he tied Pete Sampras on 14 majors, three behind the 32-year-old Federer. “You are a great champion, Rafa,” Sampras said in an email sent to CNN. “Congratulations on number 14.” Nadal was supposed to be vulnerable here. He merely won one European clay-court title this year before Paris, his lowest haul since 2004 -- and that year the Spaniard skipped the campaign’s second major. There were upset defeats in Monte Carlo and Barcelona, and Nadal’s coach, Toni Nadal, admitted he only won in Madrid because his opponent, Kei Nishikori, was hurt. With every passing encounter against Djokovic at the French Open, the Serb had won more games and kept Nadal on court for longer. He was getting closer.

Usain Bolt says his return to competition depends on his training.

Bolt ‘not ready’ to race yet after foot injury SIX-TIME Olympic champion sprinter Usain Bolt has delayed his return to competition after falling behind in training because of a foot injury. The world record holder has withdrawn from this month’s Ostrava Golden Spike and Paris Diamond League meetings. Bolt, 27, said he was “100% healthy” and back in full training after missing sessions in late March and early April. But added: “Unfortunately due to the training that I missed I’m behind where I normally am at this time of year.”

The 100m in the Czech Republic town of Ostrava on 17 June would have been the Jamaican’s first race of the year. He had also received top billing for the 100m in Paris on 5 July. “I hope to be back in competition soon, but how soon will depend on my training in the next few weeks,” said the double world and Olympic champion. “It is important for me to take my time this year as I have three tough years ahead in 2015, 2016 and 2017 as I attempt to defend my world and Olympic titles. (BBC)




Whereas, CYNTHIA BEATRICE HALL as Administrator of the Estate of MELLICENT CLEMENTINA TUCKER deceased, Of South Caicos, Cockburn Harbour, Turks and Caicos Islands has declared that the Land Certificate for the above mentioned title number(s) registered in his/her/their name was inadvertently mislaid and cannot be found. Take notice that I, Tresha-Gaye Ustanny, Acting Registrar of Lands, shall issue a new land Certificate for the said title six weeks of the date of the publication of this Notice in a local news paper and the Gazette. Dated this 10th day of June 2014 Signed................................................................... Acting Registrar of Lands Witnessed..............................................................

June 14 - 20, 2014



Sports National Josh for Sports

Exploits and effectiveness of my columns POSITIVE RESULTS We are the most diversified country in the world (per capita) sports wise.

FOR the past 7-8 years, I’ve been writing this sports column for the Weekly News. From the onset, I told the public that this column is designed to analyse, critique and objectively provoke the advancement of national sports in my/our beloved country. I’m bounded by the dogmas of no master. It is my intention to stimulate the progress and advancement and to promote our country as the foremost and premier sporting country in the world (per capita). In my humble opinion, I feel that I’ve done quite a job. As a scientist, by dissecting, analysing and problem solving through these columns, I am satisfied that I have done well. The Weekly News is the only newspaper that has the intestinal

(per capita) in the world of sports.

By Joshua Gardiner

fortitude and expertise to deliver the objectives that I envisioned. MY GOAL My objective is and has always been to create awareness and stimulate interest and pride for us to excel to the point that we, as a small country, become the most prominent country

Provo's young warriors holding off the attack from a much improved Grand Turk team from their previous meet

NO EXCUSES I make no excuses for our accomplishment towards this endeavour. On the contrary, I’m flattered with what we/I’ve accomplished so far in our/my drive towards this direction. In the past 7-8 years I’ve written on at least 31 sporting discipline here in the TCI. I feel that I have been the custodian of advancement and progression due to my unbiased, critical approach. It matters not what one may think of the individual, but through these columns I’ve stimulated progressive advancement of all national sports in my country—except athletics. Yet my scientific analyses have been right on the button.

THREE PARTS There is so much material that I have to break this series into three parts. Over the years I’ve written on at least 31 different national sports that are relevant in our country of 35,000 (legal population). Among those include: athletics, boxing, Olympic sailing, softball, weight lifting, rifle shooting, basketball, swimming, volleyball, martial arts, roller skates hockey, ice hockey, chess, cricket, horse racing, golf, body building, auto rally, table tennis, lawn tennis, kite boarding, cycling, football, rugby, dominos, kick boxing, auto rally and sailing mecca among a few others. SPORTS REPORTING I need to acclaim our sports reporter at large Faizool Deo. You are an expert among experts. You are an

exceptional asset to our paper, they just don’t know. I miss you. PART 1 of 4

Athletics The TCAAA is the only body that has not heeded my counsel. Every prediction that I made came to past. We lost Teray Smith and Delano Williams (two promising future world stars). We still have no national youth programme. RUGBY I’ve never missed a stroke in my analysis of national sports. It’s my understanding that the kicker in question appeared in an interview on WIV and admitted that he did not practice with the team. He goes to school in the USA and only joined the team for those matches (against Jamaica and the Bahamas). Continue next week Love Josh

The future of TCI football. The U9 footballers from Provo (left) and Grand Turk while at the TCIFA Academy Ground last Saturday.

U9 teams from Provo and GT impress coach

Grand Turk's energetic team opened the scoring and defended well to hold Provo to a draw

TCI U9 footballers were impressive in their recent Inter-Islands friendly clash. Three games (six vs. six) between the visiting Grand Turk and home team Provo proved exciting for the fans on Saturday last. Coach Benneth in his report said he was impressed with both sides. “Personal observation is that Grand Turk had excellent team cohesion, which played well for

their team. Our U9 team played an excellent game. I think we should now look at further strengthening the team dynamics.” The young enthusiasts who played the 25 minute games were “excited and eager” to play each other. Overall Jamahi Jean from the visiting Grand Turk side finished with three goals, while Brownston Mompremeir and Rogill added one each.

Carson Greatrex and home skipper Hayden Williams both scored twice for Provo, while Vijay Kalliechatan added another. Benneth also thanked the parents and the Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association (TCIFA) for their “ongoing support and cooperation,” while extending a “special thank you” to Mrs. Jennifer Saunders and Joan Whent.


Sports National

June 14 - 20, 2014


Hope LeVin (left) finished second in the Women’s Surf competition. Man-of-the-match Dane Ritchie receives his award from Honorable Minister of Sports Akierra Missick.

TCICA T20 cricket competition:

Jam Turk bounce back, whip KB Home – Quality Kings dominate Kishco JAM Turk recorded a whopping eight wicket victory in fine style to announce to the other cricket teams in Providenciales that they are still in the thick of things when T20 action continued last Saturday at the Downtown Ball Park. The confidence booster came against the KB Home who were dominant in their previous games. KB Home, who started as favourites in the TCI Cricket Association T20 cricket competition match, won the toss, but batting first did not work in their favour. In fact the team that chased down 213 against Kishco and made over 200 against Beaches could only muster 81 runs before they were bowled out in the 14th over. Rohan Persaud (48) scored over half of the total, after he belted eight fours, but with Calvin Aaron, Colin Sterling and Jeffery Bascoe taking two wickets each the other batsmen were kept at bay. Sports enthusiast Dane Ritchie (also a quality football and volleyball player) then carved out an unbeaten half century as Jam Turk chased down the target in 8.1 overs with the loss of just two wickets. Ritchie hit four shots to the boundary rope and two over in his 52. Persaud and Agas Vass finished with one wicket each.

Venyu Triple-s Invitational:

LeVin finish second in surf, third overall TCI’S Hope LeVin continues to impress on the international kiteboarding stage. The young Provo resident notched up a third place finish in the recent Venyu Triple-s Invitational (dubbed the best kiteboarding event) which was held earlier this month at the Cape Hatteras National Seashore in North

Carolina. LeVin who started the sport in 2005 when she was 11, finished second in the Women’s Surf competition, third in the Women’s Slicks and third overall in the event. Hope, who began kiteboarding competitively, last year, has already won the DR Open women’s event.

The 2014 National Co-ed All Stars softball team won one game at the Paul ‘Dingus’ Thompson slow pitch tournament.

Sabuton John led the King’s batting attack with 47 runs.

KINGS’ DOMINANCE On Sunday at the same venue Quality Kings dominated Kishco. Batting first the Kings raced to 172-4 off their allotted overs with Sabuton John leading the charge with 47 runs (5X4s and 2X6s). Kareem Jack added 36 (6X4s). Kishco were led by Lloyd

Lynch who bagged two wickets for 31 runs in four overs. At their time of the crease however, Kishco could not settle in and were soon bundled out in 13 overs for 86 runs. J. Ganglani and Lynch put up some resistance with 28 (6X4s) and 22 (2X4s) respectively.

TCI All Stars beat Pelican Bay but fall short in Bahamas tournament THE Turks and Caicos Co-ed All Stars made light work of Pelican Bay, but fell short of their other opponents and the same team (in a rematch) last weekend in the Paul ‘Dingus’ Thompson slow pitch tournament in the Bahamas. After losing to Pat Reds in their opener the visiting All Stars romped to a 7-2 win over Pelican Bay, but lost game three to Immigration before being eliminated by Pelican

Bay 5-7 in a re-match. Senior player and Turks and Caicos Islands Softball Federation (TCISF) executive member Paul Virgil-Stubbs said that the team played an “excellent” second game, but lost their way after that. She also credited the competition with giving the new faces (six players) some good exposure “in a different environment”.

June 14 - 20, 2014

Sports National

Angelo Garland, who recently broke the 400M outdoor record twice, would hope to take his form to the Commonwealth Games.

Nine TCI athletes selected for Commonwealth Games THE Commonwealth Games Association of the Turks and Caicos Islands has selected nine athletes, including a female to compete in three disciplines in the July-August event scheduled for Glasgow, Scotland. Six males were selected in track and field and two in weightlifting while the lone female will compete in shooting. National 400M record holder Angelo Garland, long jump record holder Ifeanyi Otuonye and high jump record holder Domanique



Missick will be joined by another jump sensation Kivarno “Barney” Handfield and young sprinters Courtney Missick and Jean Wadly. All six athletes are also listed to compete in the 4X100M and the 4X400M relays. 23-year-old Richardia Missick is set to compete in the 10M women’s Air Pistol competition. While in weightlifting 19 year-old Michael Francois would compete in the Men’s 94kg while 26-year-old Ronald Parker would compete in the Men’s 85kg division.

Cara Buddle, who was outstanding in the mixed tag team league, copped the Best Female Player award.

Callis Jones was named the Best Men’s Player by the TCIRFU.

Jones and Buddle nab top rugby awards National player Callis Jones and female rugger Cara Buddle, who was outstanding in the Pizza Pizza Mixed Tagged Rugby League, were named Best Men’s Player and Best Women’s Player respectively when the Turks and Caicos Islands Rugby Football Union (TCIRFU) held its award ceremony last Saturday evening at the Rugby Summer Ball. The male top prize was sponsored by Digicel while the female top prize

came from PWC. Another big award was the TCIRFU Person of the Year, which was won by Austin Dickinson for work done in Grand Turk in building their rugby programme. Gareth Butler, Lloyd Inwards and Fraser Dods received honourable mention. Michael Williams won the U19 award which was sponsored by Meridian Trust. He prevailed over Kallum Pratt, AJ Forbes, Olivia

O’Connell and Lincoln Outten. Claire Winchester won the Trail Enterprises Most Improved Women’s Player award while Steven Taylor was voted as the Most Improved Men’s Player (Blue Haven sponsored trophy). The Miller Simons O’Sullivan award for best New Women’s Player went to Kadine Delcine while Miguel Malcolm won the HAB Group award as the best New Men’s Player.

President’s Cup final:

Academy eyes the double AFTER a commanding 10-1 win against the Trailblazers in the semifinals the AFC Academy will go into Sunday’s President’s Cup final as favourites. Their opponents, the powerhouse Cheshire Hall FC, would be no walkover, but with the services of US university players Marco Fenelus and Fred Dorvil the Academy team, who won the WIV Provo Premier League (PPL) this season, would have the edge in their quest for the double titles. In the penultimate President’s Cup clash Fenelus fired in a hat-trick including a volley from outside the box. He was also involved in a few other goals, while Dorvil finished with a brace. Young rising stars Ras Diamond and Elton Charles combined for the first goal after a great move down the

left wing, but Trailblazers equalised by the seventh minute of play through a Pierre Richecove goal. With the pace and power of Fenelus, Dorvil, Jerry Liluce and Jensen Joseph the flood gates opened. Joseph, Stevens Derilien, Charles and Wildens Delva also found their way into the scorer’s book. In the other semi-final clash the Sharks had dominated the game early, and had at least two opportunities to score. Cheshire Hall could not find their bearings and even failed on a penalty attempt, but when Phil Shearer was red carded after reacting to a bad tackle Cheshire Hall took more control and soon Rodne Etienne scored a hattrick in the 4-0 win. TOUGH BATTLE Fenelus who opened the scoring

Rodne Etienne, who scored a hat-trick for Cheshire Hall in their semi-finals, would be key in the championship clash.

against the BVI in TCI’s 2-0 win said that the final clash would be “a tough and interesting game” to play. He was however confident that his team can pull off the double.

US based university students Fred Dorvil (bottom left) and Marco Fenelus (bottom right) are expected to bring their A game to the final for the Academy side.



June 14 - 20, 2014

LAND FOR SALE In beautiful Bottle Creek, North Caicos

.46 acres overlooking the creek, spanning King Road and Windsor Road


CALL 232-3508 or 946-4664

June 14 - 20, 2014





June 14 - 20, 2014

TCWN June 14 - 20, 2014  

The National Newspaper of the Turks and Caicos Islands

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