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Weekly News Volume 26 | No. 08 | February 25 - March 2, 2012

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Governor faces tough questions – Dissatisfied Islanders voice their concerns in frankest terms Governor Ric Todd’s song was the same for most of Wednesday evening’s public meeting at the Gustavus’ Lightbourne Sports Complex, “Its not true….you are mistaken…you are factually incorrect,” but the people of Provo were not satisfied with these answers, which barely scratched the surface of their queries.


Close to 150 persons attended the public meeting and Todd was met by placards that called him out, largely, on issues of transparency.

Gov’t revenue soars but TCIG still records a $19.9m deficit GOVERNMENT revenue is up nearly 40 per cent, according to TCIG’s finance chief, but a multimillion dollar deficit remains.



Taxes are legal

In response to the upcoming Taxation Without Representation case, which is in an advanced state and ready to file, Governor said the ...



Governor adamant that $10M should be transferred PAGE  7

The National Insurance Board (NIB) and the Interim Administration sorted out administration issues in court on Monday, as they relate to the motion to halt the transfer of the $10M to Government’s coffers.





February 25 - March 2, 2012

February 25 - March 2, 2012





February 25 - March 2, 2012


Gov’t revenue soars – But TCIG still records a $19.9m deficit GOVERNMENT revenue is up nearly 40 per cent, according to TCIG’s finance chief, but a multimillion dollar deficit remains. Recently released figures show that the country’s income is even better than predicted souring by tens of millions. Chief Financial Officer Hugh McGarel-Groves revealed on Thursday that budget measures are showing real results. Records for the third quarter of the 2011/12financial year, the period ending December 31, 2011, show an increase in revenue of $33m or 39 per cent on the same period the year before. This saw government income rise to $118.5m for the nine month period - up $2.3m or two per cent against budget forecasts. But despite this increase TCIG recorded a deficit of $19.9m for this period - $7.4m higher than budgeted last Spring but still $33.5m lower than for the same period the year before. Mr McGarel-Groves explained:“The finances of the Turks and Caicos Islands under the interim administration are definitely moving in the right direction. “This analysis shows that the measures we have introduced are having an effect. “I look forward to the end of year figures which will take into account the record high season tourism figures as well as the revenue generation measures announced last November.” The increase in revenue has been brought about by measures designed to bring the budget into surplus in 2012-13. Governor Ric Todd said:

“Clearly, it is one of our significant milestones to achieve a surplus by March 2013. “Not only is this necessary for elections to be held in TCI, but Government finances need to be in the black in this way in order to begin tackling the $189m debt inherited from the previous elected administration. “I firmly believe that tackling this debt in a professional and open way will send a message to the world that the TCI is properly governed once again and is open and ready for business.”

The Q3 report shows that TCIG is working hard to reduce its costs as well as increase its revenues. Import duty is the government’s main revenue source with receipts to end of December totalling $35m, which was $0.7m or two per cent less than budget, but $3m or nine per cent above last year. Customs processing fees of $9.3m was $0.7m above budget which helped to mitigate losses on import duty. Accommodation tax totalled $21.9m by the end of this quarter, $4.6m or 26 per cent above budget

and $5.6m or 35 per cent above last year. Stamp duty on land transactions totalled $12.1m at the end of December. At the same period last year stamp duty totalled $7.7m which demonstrates growth of 57 per centor $4.4m when compared to collection this year. According to the report 36 per cent of all government expenditure is on civil servants’ pay. Those who are accepted for the $8.5m voluntary severance scheme will have left by March 2012, helping reduce government expenditure. The government also had to pay NHIB $15m in this period against a

budget of $9m. Historic liabilities costs are already more than double its full year budget of $3.3m, standing at $8.6m to the end of December 2011. It is anticipated that this will total $19.1m by March 31 covering, rent, utility, infrastructure, medical, professional and other fees dating back as far as 2005. The $12m annual SIPT and Civil Recovery expenses are already offset by income of $1.2m received on December. The top five of the 51 civil recovery cases currently underway would alone see $50m returned to the people of the TCI significantly offsetting SIPT and Civil Recovery costs.

Public meeting hears that Islanders not intimidated by the Administration – Governor frankly called a dictator By Vanessa Narine The local people of the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) maintain that they are not intimidated by the Interim Administration and will represent themselves to ensure their rights are respected – a fact made clear at Wednesday evening’s public meeting. At the Gustavus Lightbourne Sports Complex, the Governor was told in frank terms that he was a dictator. One contributor at the meeting said, “Sir you are a man who likes to argue based on facts…the Oxford dictionary says a dictator is a ruler with total power over a country,

typically one who has obtained control by force, a person who behaves in an autocratic way….you Sir, by definition, are a dictator.” That definition goes on to say that a dictator (in ancient Rome) can also be a chief magistrate with absolute power, appointed in an emergency. These comments drew loud cheers from close to 150 persons gathered for the meeting. The contributor added that the time had long gone for the Administration to sit down with the TCI people as equals to have productive consultations on the way forward. “It is time we stop playing games,” he said. Todd returned that he was not a dictator, as he did not see himself possessing any coercive powers. “I do not feel like a dictator,” he

said. The Governor added that the ability of the Interim Administration to effectively govern the TCI depends on the cooperation of the people. “Yes I do sit down and talk to the people,” he maintained. A press statement issued from the Governor’ office on Thursday stated that the public meetings are the Governor’s way of developing meaningful two-way communications with the widest possible variety of stakeholders including politicians, party officials and supporters, community leaders and private individuals from across the TCI The statement quoted the Governor as saying, “While the various parties involved might not agree with each other’s positions,

I am determined that we can and do meet to discuss issues of mutual concern in a respectful and constructive fashion. Amongst the excitement and exuberance of last night I genuinely believe that good progress was made towards achieving this and improving the quality of our ongoing dialogue.” During last night’s meeting the Governor reiterated the importance of achieving a fiscal surplus by March 2013, adding that this was an essential first step towards bringing down and eradicating the Islands’ debt, which currently stands at $189M. Todd has acknowledged that the recent tax rises affect those on lower incomes the most, but pointed to many reason to be more optimistic about the economy, citing expansion at the airport, Digicel’s newly announced $8.5M investment in the country, record visitor numbers and a sound plan to reduce the running costs of Government.

Governor responds to taxation lawsuit Published by Turks & Caicos News Company Ltd. Cheshire House, Leeward Highway, Providenciales P.O. Box 52, Turks & Caicos Islands, BWI W. Blythe Duncanson – Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Faizool Deo – Sports Samantha Dash-Rigby – Court Cord Garrido-Lowe – Graphics/Production Editor Dilletha Lightbourne-Williams – Office Manager Email: (Advertising), (News), (Talk Back) Tel. 649-946-4664 (office), 649-232-3508 (after hours) Website address:

Taxes are legal In response to the upcoming Taxation Without Representation case, which is in an advanced state and ready to file, Governor said the taxes are legal. Pressed at Wednesday evening’s public meeting at the Gustavus’ Lightbourne Sports Complex, this was the Governor’s only response to the matter. In an invited comment, Jerzy

Kolodziej, who is filing the lawsuit, says papers will be filed early next week. He explained that the papers will be asking for a judicial review, the second step in this process. Kolodziej contends that taxation without representation is contrary to provisions our current Constitution. “I have all of the necessary

precedent law to fully support my case and I am as confident as anyone could be that the case is one that has a much better that even chance of success, he said in a prior interview. Kolodziej has a background in law is academic and never pursued qualifications to practice law, but worked as a practitioner briefly by leave of the court in one particular matter.

February 25 - March 2, 2012




Governor faces tough questions – Dissatisfied Islanders voice their concerns in frankest terms By Vanessa Narine Governor Ric Todd’s song was the same for most of Wednesday evening’s public meeting at the Gustavus’ Lightbourne Sports Complex, “Its not true….you are mistaken…you are factually incorrect,” but the people of Provo were not satisfied with these answers, which barely scratched the surface of their queries. The Governor’s series of six public meetings oncluded last night and other meetings were held in Grand Turk, Salt Cay, and North, Middle and South Caicos throughout January and February. The purpose of the meetings was two-fold: first, giving the Governor an opportunity for the local people to hear directly from him about the work of the Interim Administration and second to update the people on the Interim Administration’s eight milestones. However, not satisfied with his responses, the people’s comments kept coming, stretching the session to over four hours, as they protested the highhanded approach of the Interim Administration in addressing the affairs of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Close to 150 persons attended the public meeting and Todd was met by placards that called him out, largely, on issues of transparency. The cards’ messages included ‘You are a liar, dictator and thief’, ‘You simply intend to destroy us’ and ‘1st class tickets and 5 star vacations = Budget Deficit’. The Governor attempted to address concerns related to everything from the return to elected Government by the end of 2012 to the increase in taxes and the possibility of achieving the eight milestones – or millstones as the people and even the Governor, who slipped once, called them. One person at the meeting commented that the people who were being so vociferous with their criticisms seemed to have short memories. He said they forgot that they themselves criticized the past elected government that was made up of TCI natives. WORST OFF Crayton Higgs, owner of Business

Governor Ric Todd addressing the gathering

Solutions, in his contribution dismissed this idea easily when he made it clear that the only difference between the past regime and the current administration is that they were elected and the Brits were appointed. He said the TCI are appreciative for the Brits assistance in stepping in to right the wrongs of the past government, but stressed that the Interim Administration is now more corrupt that the government under Mike Missick. “You came and made yourself more corrupt that Mike Missick,” he said, drawing loud cheers from the gathering. Higgs charged that the only people benefiting from the actions of the Interim “Administration” were the cronies of those in power. According to him, the collections being made in taxes are not spent back in the TCI, as it should, to help the local economy. He stated that his business, a major stationery supplier in Provo, does not benefit from government spending on stationery supplies, rather these monies are spent in Miami. Higgs pointed out the fact that methods of the Interim Administration are costing the TCI people. He highlighted the touchy matter of the Special Investigation and Prosecutions Team (SIPT), pointing out that their accommodation at high-end resorts in the Islands is an expense of the TCI people. “With all due respect Governor … if I were in their position my work would never be finished,” Higgs

Provo people made clear their dissatisfaction with Governor Todd

said. The businessman’s impassioned comments touched on the possibility of the Interim Administration’s ulterior motives to strip Islanders of both economic and political power, by making natives a minority in the TCI. “There is a purpose behind their actions,” he said. Higgs charged that the Pathway to Citizenship has been made a milestone to increase the numbers of expats here and reduce the natives to a minority. “Mr. Governor, do not take our meekness for weakness,” he posited. Governor Todd responded saying, “You are almost entirely wrong.” He stated that no citizenships are being given out under the Interim Administration currently and the people of TCI have, through the Pathway consultations, informed policy makers of their views on the best way to handle citizenship. DIVIDE AND CONQUER Lillian Boyce, who has been charged by the SIPT, stepped up to add her contribution and called attention to the fact that the British are using the age-old divide and conquer strategy as they have in all their territories. She argued that the administration was attempting to make criminals out of the locals and suggested that the Governor should stop preaching to the local people that the past regime was corrupt and take responsibility for the state of TCI’s current state of affairs. The Governor returned that he

had taken his responsibility very seriously and pointed out that the Interim Administration was still paying the debts incurred before the British occupation of the TCI. Mrs. Stephanie Duncanson added her bit and called for the Governor not to take lightly the angst of the TCI people. “Is it time the British Government took the TCI people seriously,” she stressed. Duncanson, a businesswoman, maintained that “enough is enough” and it was time that the work of rebuilding the TCI got started. “Bring to the table the intelligent minds of this nation, people who know what they want and are determined to get it,” she said. According to her, “serious times are ahead” considering that good people were being made criminals and hard-working common people were coming to poverty. Todd maintained that the TCI people were being taken seriously, adding that the people had been engaged in advancing the TCI. This point was debunked by another contributor, Albray Butterfield, who noted that the people the Governor consults are the Advisory Council and the Consultative Forum – two committees that were hardly represented at the meeting. Butterfield stated that the absence of the committee members suggested either that the committees were failing the people or the committees’ views were not being considered, as the Governor was not bound to take on board the recommendations of the

committees. There were several other contributors including activist Ewonka Selver, Clarence Selver and Dr. Rufus Ewing, who proffered comments that addressed similar concerns raised by their fellow Islanders. They condemned the Administration’s highhanded approach, lack of transparency and lack of consultation, citizenship, the SIPT investigations, immigration, border control, taxes and fiscal matters, as well as the milestones. The consensus among the people was that there needs to be a change and the best way to do that was through a return to elected government. They claimed that the Interim Administration, which has become widely unpopular with the people, had failed to lead and cannot follow, so it must go. AGGRESSION NO GOOD Governor Todd called for TCI people to recognize that that the resort to aggression and violence would be unfortunate for the Turks and Caicos. The gathering returned with a call for a grown up relationship between the Administration and the people, where there are no impositions on the people, but a real consultative way forward; a transparent process of advancement where the lives of the TCI people can be improved. The Governor told the people that the most significant thing he would take from the meeting the fact that the people want a return to elected government – a government of the people, by the people, for the people.



February 25 - March 2, 2012

A Weekly News column that puts you on the spot for your opinions on the issues of the day

Governor’s powers questioned The Turks and Caicos Government could soon face yet another lawsuit. Hot on the heels of the NIB suit against the Governor, Jerzy Kolodziej is calling for a landmark judicial review of the Governor’s power to impose taxes. Mr Kolodziej, an English law academic who lives on Grand Turk, argues that only Parliament has the right to impose taxes and that taxation without representation is contrary to the provisions of the constitution. His article appears on page four of last week’s Weekly News. We would like to have your views.

Full support

I support wholeheartedly the good gentleman’s lawsuit. We ought not have taxation without representation. We ought not to have increase in taxes during tough economic times!

Applause in order

I applaud Mr Kolodziej’s efforts. We need a strong showing of support to stop further taxes and in particular VAT which will only benefit the accountants. It would be wiser to enforce the taxes already in place such as duty, NIS and NHIP, stamp tax, bed tax etc. instead of bringing in yet another tax when they aren’t collecting the current ones. If the UK Government continues on in this way, there won’t be anything or anyone left to pay these ‘taxes’. Enough is enough, let us rebuild, reconfigure and reinvent ourselves with intelligence and integrity instead of the knee jerk reaction of adding another tax in what is supposed to be a tax haven country.

Follow suit

The whole country should file applications against the Government for our money. This latest example just goes to prove how absolute power corrupts. If he is allowed to get away with this it would be setting a dangerous precedent. It should not be allowed.


Amen! Amen! Amen! I cannot take it no more; this is a one man army is out to destroy us as a country. There has to be a voice from the people that is heard when it comes to what is good or bad for us all. The reasons for these taxes had nothing to do with me, so why do I have to be footing any of this bill. Yes, I know that there will be some taxations but every time I come up for air, the blow fish sucks the air out of me. Come on man, no additional taxes and decrease some of those that we have now. People are struggling. Why has he not increased minimum wage?

Growing restless

Yes, kudos to Mr Kolodziej for being one of the very few who sees that the Emperor has no clothes! Let us begin to show them our dissatisfaction. Let us make them know that we are growing exceedingly restless with their bloodsucking at our expense. We have all been deluded and have swallowed the British ‘cool-aid’ that the Governor can tax us at whim. If it turns out that Mr Kolodziej’s legal submission is correct then our colonial masters have a major problem. But even if he were somehow wrong in law the political reality is that no Governor, no British (or Canadian) mandarin sent here to do their dirty work upon us, can stay here one day longer than we the people tolerate them! We must and will free ourselves of the tyranny!

TCI is not Britain!

The questioning of the right to impose the taxes is driven by the fact that they type of taxation being imposed is both unfair and counterproductive to balancing the budget now and in the future. It is not a surprise that the Foreign Office is installing this type of taxation because it is what works in Britain; this is not Britain. The small population of people here did not pay taxes except duty and some small fees. They spend the taxes gleaned from the tourists, resorts, real estate sales and work permit holders. They did this by connecting themselves to government. This is why you saw those Grand Turk PDM folks fight for the right to get back into government. This is why the PNP are desperate to get reorganised so they can feed again at the government table. Why else would a medical doctor, lawyer or telecommunications leader turn politician? The taxes are there to pay down the millions in debt spent by the last elected government and the millions which we continue to spend on the obligations we are left with. The old form of taxation on tourism can work if it was managed right. We can charge more tax on rooms. People in the USA pay more. When we

raised the departure tax tourist arrivals went up. It is simple, cancel NHIP which is unaffordable after less than two years. With the new tax rates and poor care it will soon end up being boycotted. Strip civil service down, which was supposed to happen three years ago, raise the hotel tax and renegotiate the cruise ship arrival fees. We get 3 ½ bucks per visitor while other destinations get 20 bucks. Expand the economy with more resorts by giving concessions and by forcing down electrical prices. People came here to escape taxation and now they leave for the same reason. Put Islanders into the resort jobs not government. Open up the family islands by opening the old plantation ruins as a tourist attraction via the National Trust traffic. Start now to empower and expand the trust by cancelling the DECR. The British Government is arriving at a point where they own the economy. They owned the oversight responsibility of letting the former ministers strip the country and for almost four years they owned the continuing deficits they have run up. Britain must invest by paying off the national debt and paying for SIPT and CRT who are here because of poor oversight. What choice will an elected government have except to tax as well? As long as the Governor gets advice from that certain council member, we can expect more of the same.

I would have like to see this initiative coming from an indigenous Turks Islander(s). I say this within the context that over several decades, I have watched immigrant after immigrant (paper Belongers) such as Courtenay Barnett, the late Lloyd Rodney, Chuck Hess etc. take on the fight of matters of national importance and win many times to their own personal detriment. Where are all the indigenous TCI Islanders who have been privilege to receive the benefit of higher learning, many paid for by the state, and have done well from opportunities given to them by these islands? Why do we always have to have nonBelongers fighting our cause and yet many of us are so antagonistic towards them and often times resist their offer to help and their desire to be embraced and benefit from any resulting prosperity of their efforts. If we don’t bond together and fight we will be dead meat and the vultures will not even be interested to eat the carcasses when it’s over because it will be too toxic. How can we sit down and allow the FCO to be dictating our future when they were the ones who presided over our demise and vehemently declared through one of its operatives, Megg Munn, that there was no evidence of corruption in the TCI? The same people continue to send agents here to investigate and provide solutions to the problems they created in the first place and we expect to get a different result.

A fight we all must fight

The only way we will ever get to the bottom of what went wrong in these islands and bring to book those responsible (irrespective of who is culpable) is to temporarily take the TCI from under the supervision of the FCO.

What we are facing today will require all hands on board. Every resident of these islands, Belonger and non-Belonger, will need to pool our resources and collective skills and experiences to confront these tigers which have been released on us by the FCO. Finally, we have someone who is bold enough to challenge the reckless and illadvised draconian tax measures being implemented by the interim administration. The only disappointment that I have is that

Let’s get real

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February 25 - March 2, 2012




Facing the financial future ALL the big names in TCI’s financial services gathered together to discuss a way forward for the sector this week. Turks and Caicos’ Financial Services Commission (FSC) hosted a meeting of key players, government representatives and its own board on Friday (February 17). The event was entitled ‘Sustainable Development for the Financial Services Sector’ and aimed to improve communications between all stakeholders in the industry. It was also developed to identify risks and opportunities for the future, and highlight laws designed to help the industry expand. Kevin Higgins, managing director of the FSC, said: “[Friday’s] event was a great opportunity to gather the FSC, industry representatives and the government in the same room in order to agree the challenges we face, and identify areas we can move forward on together with the aim of securing the future of financial services in the TCI.” The retreat included presentations from the Bankers Association, Association of Licensed Trustees, the Insurance Managers Association and the Insurance Association. Areas of concern and ideas for future development were discussed in an open and constructive atmosphere. Suggestions and priorities will now be considered by the FSC for possible inclusion in the FSC Action Plan 2012-16 which it aims to publish shortly. A first draft of the plan was shared with the industry immediately ahead of the retreat as a basis for consultation during the day. During the event attendees received confirmation of the TCI Government’s support for the financial services and future development of the industry. Philip Rushbrook from the Governor’s Office said: ‘The pooling of ideas, agreement of the existing risks to the industry and the acceptance of the need for collaborative working to address the challenges faced by the financial services sector is vital for the long term future of the industry. “I very much hope this will become a regular event and offer the administration’s full support to promote a modern, regulated and expanded financial sector.” The Attorney General detailed the current programme to revise TCI’s legislation which includes several measures relevant to the financial services industry.

Governor adamant that $10M should be transferred – Dr. Ewing calls the transfer “ludicrous” – Attorney to respond to NIB’s challenge by March 12th By Vanessa Narine The National Insurance Board (NIB) and the Interim Administration sorted out administration issues in court on Monday, as they relate to the motion to halt the transfer of the $10M to Government’s coffers. A source close to the NIB told the Weekly News that the a consensus was reached between the parties and the Attorney General has until March 12th to respond to the NIB’s challenge, subsequent to which the NIB has until March 19th to make a further response. Once these formalities are observed a hearing is expected to be scheduled so a judgment can be made. Some legal minds estimate that the proceedings could take up to a year, costing both sides a significant sum, but the NIB Board maintains that they are prepared to spend the estimated cost of up to $100,000 to save $10M. The matter of the transfer came up at Wednesday evening’s public meeting at Gustavus Sports Complex, where the Governor came

Governor Ric Todd

under fire for wanting to move the monies from NIB. LUDICROUS President of the Civil Service Association (CSA), Dr. Rufus Ewing, argued Wednesday evening that the transfer of the $10M was ludicrous. He pointed out that in his experience with the National Health Insurance Plan (NHIP) the payment should not be made and the conclusion that the debt is $10M was

Governor pronounces guilty verdict By Vanessa Narine A nervous Governor Ric Todd, slipped in saying that “guilty” people, those charged by the SIPT, should be held accountable for their deeds – making public his pronouncement of those in question. His comments drew the outrage of an already agitated gathering of about 150 persons at Wednesday evening’s public meeting, which was held at the Gustavus’ Lightbourne Sports Complex. Todd found it difficult to retract his statements, even as he insisted he did not say “guilty”. He went on to stress that those arrested under the SIPT investigations are innocent until proven guilty. The Governor tried in vain to convince the gathering that those charged by the SIPT will have a fair trial, a matter exacerbated when he said the matters will be tried without a jury. He went on to point out that there are many cases where cases have been tried without a jury and the process has remained fair. However, his subsequent comments were inadequate to quell the ire of the local people.

To date those arrested and charged to date include:

1. Former PNP minister Floyd Hall; 2. Former PNP minister Jeffery Hall; 3. Former PNP minister Lillian Boyce; 4. Former PNP minister Samuel CUT HERE

Been; 5. Floyd Hall’s wife, Lisa Hall; 6. Floyd Hall’s brother, Quinton Hall; 7. Lillian Boyce’s brother, Earlson Robinson; 8. Developer Richard Padgett; 9. Developer Jak Civre;

10. Jeffery Hall’s attorney, Melbourne Wilson; 11. Thomas Chalmers ‘Chal’ Misick, brother of former Premier Michael Misick; 12. Leader of the PNP, Clayton Greene; and 13. Former Environment Minister

inconceivable. According to him, the sum of $10M is questionable and if any monies were to be paid over, then it should be paid to the people, who should be reimbursed for the expenses the government is claiming they should be paid for. Dr. Ewing lashed out at the Governor’s double standard in writing off the $11.8M owed to the NIB by the administration via the Amnesty and changing laws to take from NIB. “What you are doing is wrong Governor,” Ewing said. Governor Todd argued that the monies are owed and the calculations made to arrive at the sum of $10M was transparent and done by experts, not based on personal experience, which Ewing’s conclusions are based on. He added that the documents detailing these calculations are currently available for public scrutiny. The Governor was adamant that the $10M was the real debt owed by the NIB and should be paid.

– Tries in vain to assure public of fair trials McAllister Hanchell. A court date of April 17th has been set for the 13 persons charged to appear in the Providenciales Supreme Court.



February 25 - March 2, 2012


First civil servants accepting severance to go next week – Majority to be let go in March By Vanessa Narine The first civil servants who have accepted the severance payments will be let go next week, with the majority leaving in March. This was according to the Governor’s Spokesman Neil Smith, who added that the civil servants who have accepted the offer will receive “life-change packages”, since they would receive two year’s salary that can possibly be used as capital to improve their lives. NO FORCE Smith denied too that anyone was being forced to accept the package, as this would go against the essential concept of a voluntary package. It was being alleged that a number of persons, in particular teachers and police officers, were being forced to take the severance package, with the threat that their positions would be made redundant if they did not. However, Smith stated that he had not heard of this and noted that this

should not be happening. The deadline for expression of interest in the scheme was Friday, February 10th and reports are that there were 814 indications of interest, 369 that were definite. The Governor’s Spokesman reiterated the Administration’s position on approving the applications for severance, stating that expressions of interest in the severance package would be approved based on affordability and what skills could be let go, as against what skills the economy needs to advance. The campaign to reduce the civil service, which totals some 2,500, was a cost cutting measures resorted to by the Interim Administration in order to balance the budget – a major milestone that would see fresh elections staged. Civil servants’ wages were cut in 2010 leading to massive strike actions and disagreements with the Civil Service Association (CSA). The Governor later agreed to

several adjustments. He announced a number of changes to the public sector voluntary severance scheme for workers who volunteer to leave the job. These enhancements followed representations to the Interim Administration from a number of stakeholders, including the Civil Service Association (CSA) and included: • A doubling of the lump sum element of the voluntary severance terms for weekly paid workers from one to two weeks wages per year of service; • Reducing to four years the limit on re-employment in the public service, rather than a total ban; and • Agreement that severance payments may, if the employee wishes, be paid in quarterly or monthly instalments. Todd at the time said, “I understand that this is a difficult time for all public servants…that is why I have listened to the feedback from several quarters and have introduced these improvements to ensure that we treat people as fairly and generously as we can.”

Parole board meets in 2012

SIX early release applications were considered during this year’s first meeting of the TCI parole board. The group of esteemed residents, police and government that make up the board gathered last Thursday (February 16) to assess the latest requests. Following a thorough deliberation three applications were forwarded to the Governor for his consideration and action. The parole board held its first meeting for 2012 in the conference room at the Ministry of Home Affairs and Public Safety at Hibiscus Square in Grand Turk. As part of its business members heard updates on former prisoners who had been granted parole. The board also received an update

on the progress of the Parole Process and Procedures Manual that is being put together by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Members of the board then travelled to Grand Turk Prison where they interviewed all six applicants for parole – one of which was new. They reconvened at the Ministry of Home Affairs where they continued their deliberation before forwarding three requests to the Governor. Members of the board include chair William ‘Bill’ Clare, Kathleen Durham, Herbert Ingham, Bishop Austraham Hamilton, Acting Permanent Secretary of Home Affairs and Public Safety Barbara Higgs, Superintendent of the Prison Ian Sargent and director of the

Department of Social Development Annette Joseph. Also present were secretary Teresa Andrews, senior social worker Tiffany Thomas and Peter White, change manager in the Ministry of Home Affairs and advisor to the board. This was the board’s final meeting as their extended appointment will expire on February 28. The new board is expected to be in place by early March and the board’s next sitting is scheduled for June. Members of the public are asked not to meet or write to individual members of the board in their private capacity to try and lodge grievances, lobby on behalf of specific inmates, curse and abuse members or in any way try to influence them.

Public debate on citizen status HUNDREDS of residents have voiced strong views on the proposed new pathway to citizenship during consultations led by the Consultative Forum. The lengthy consultation period ended on Friday (February 17) and now feedback on controversial legislation will be ordered and thoroughly assessed. Once public opinion has been considered, draft legislation will be finalised and organisational policies, procedures and working practices will be set up before the summer. Lillian Misick, chair of the Consultative Forum, said: “I welcome the extremely high level of engagement with this process from across the islands. “The Consultative Forum will now collate the views which have been received, and ensure that the key messages are fed into the design of a fair and transparent process, which will be set out in new legislation over the next few months.” Implementation of a fair and transparent pathway to TCI status is one of the eight milestones to be met before a return to elected government. During the course of the consultations more than 140 email submissions were received. These included emails on behalf of families and groups, and there was one from Grand Turk signed by 386 TC Islanders. A large number of Consultative Forum led meetings were held throughout the islands and supported by the Ministry of Border Control and Labour. These explored the questions raised on the ministry’s consultation paper and questionnaire. Questions considered during the consultation included whether a points system should be used to

determine Turks and Caicos Islander status and to award Permanent Residence Certificates (PRCs). This approach had been recommended by a 2004 Immigration Review Commission which attached points to such attributes as age, type of occupation, level of skills, level of income, country of origin, ethnicity and ability to speak and write English. The public discussion also focused on the pathway to PRC, what should be the time period for a person to qualify by working, and whether qualification should be limited to only certain categories of workers. Feedback was also invited on if the migration and citizenship system should be used to attract potential investors in property and business enterprises, and if so what is the right level of investment and should the PRC be issued in advance of making an investment? Also discussed was the length of time a couple should be married before a non-Belonger spouse can apply for TCI status. Currently the spouse can initially be granted a residence permit for five years which confirms they have the right to work. They may then apply for Belonger status on the ground that they are the spouse of a Belonger and living together. In support of a fair and transparent process for acquisition of Turks and Caicos Islander status, the Ministry of Border Control and Labour is also taking forward a comprehensive change programme. This will address all aspects of border control, migration, employment services, enforcement and compliance, permanent status and citizenship and civil registration services.

Bringing out the leader from within TWENTY local youths will learn how to become the educators and leaders of tomorrow during a special eight week course of workshops in Grand Turk. The National AIDS Programme and HIV Prevention Unit have joined forces to teach high school students how talk to their peers about HIV and STIs. During the events participants aged 14 to 17 will explore topics such as effective communication, team building, time and stress management and conflict resolution. And it will all take place through multimedia presentations, learning games and activities, discussions and drama. Aldora Robinson, coordinator for the National AIDS Programme,

explained that the programme “forms part of the new strategy to address youth peer education on a more local, cultural, cost effective and sustainable level”. She added: “It is also a support to the new Health and Family Life Education Curriculum supported by the National HIV Prevention Unit through the DFID funded project.” The class ‘Bringing out the Leader from Within’ is facilitated by Learn and Lead Educational Centre. The eight week programme begins this Saturday (February 25) at the Environmental Health conference room and will continue each Saturday from 3pm to 5pm. Interested parties can contact the National AIDS Programme on 9461675 for more information.

February 25 - March 2, 2012

& CrimeCourt



Victim unhappy with thief’s three-year prison sentence LAMONT Robinson was this week tried and sentenced to three years imprisonment for stealing a computer, but the victim is unhappy with the sentence. Robinson, of Sandy Ground Five Cays faced a three-day trial for robbery before Justice Joan Joyner and a seven-member jury panel consisting of two men and five women. Joshua Gardiner, who testified in the Providenciales Supreme Court that his laptop was “forcefully” taken from him in Five Cays on November 17, 2010, has expressed his disappointment at his attacker’s jail term. “I forgive him but I don’t agree with the sentence,” Gardiner told the Weekly News after the trial. “I want my laptop. Sending him to prison doesn’t get me my laptop back,” he lamented. During the trial, manager of Grace Bay Car Rental Todd Foss, testified that on November 16, 2010, he donated a HP laptop valued $450 to Gardiner. The computer came complete with a carrying case, cables and software. Gardiner told the court that he solicited the computer from Foss, to assist in writing a book on the

Joshua Gardiner

authentic history of sports in the TCI. The book had already been commissioned by the Director of Education to be placed in every school nationwide, the man testified. Gardiner, who suffered from multiple sclerosis for the past 35 years and does not work, said that such wide distribution promised to fetch him a healthy sum of money. Around $250,000, he said. But, that did not come to fruition. On November 17 around 9pm, Gardiner decided to go to a friend’s

house to work on his book since he had no electricity at home. He carried with him the computer in its case and another bag with the manuscript. En route, he realised that someone was following him, so he turned around and came face to face with his stalker. It turned out to be someone whom he knew for over eight years and regarded as his son, Lamont Robinson. But the young man had something over his mouth in an attempt to mask his identity. “I still recognised him because I know him,” the witness said explaining that Robinson had helped him on numerous occasions to weed his yard and lift things he could not. “I was not afraid of him because I felt comfortable around him”. However, the young man stopped in his tracks when Gardiner turned around and said nothing when the elderly man asked him several times: “What happen?” Despite the uneasiness he felt, Gardiner turned and continued towards his friend’s house. After a few steps Robinson rushed him and tried to grab the bag with the manuscript. He then threw the sickly man to the ground, snatched the bag

of papers and began to walk away. Suddenly he halted, returned and grabbed the other bag containing the computer and left. The man claimed that throughout the entire attack, he screamed and shouted to neighbours for help. He immediately reported the matter to the police. Gardiner said that he saw Robinson a week later and he appeared to “regret what he did”. The accused gave him back the manuscript and after apologising, promised to help him get back his computer, which he (Robinson) had already sold. During cross-examination from defence counsel Arthur Hamilton, Gardiner denied that he gave Robinson the computer to sell to support his (Gardiner’s) drug habit. “I am an alcoholic but I do have principles,” Gardiner retorted. However, at the close of the prosecution’s case, Robinson took the witness stand and told his side of the story. He said that Gardiner gave him the computer to sell. He tried to sell it to an old partly deaf lady, but she had no money, so he took it to a Dominican man who usually bought electronic items from him.

He left the computer with the man and returned the following day for the money. The man paid him $250 even though he asked for $300. He claimed he does not know the man’s name and has not seen him since. The defendant said that he saw Gardiner a few days later and the man demanded his money from the sale of the computer. However, Robinson told him that he was going to keep the money since the police was looking for him because the elderly man had told several persons that he robbed him. When he was eventually arrested a few days later, Robinson denied all knowledge of the computer. He explained to the jurors that he lied to the police and denied the computer because he was afraid. After a short deliberation, the jury unanimously found him not guilty of robbery but guilty of the lesser count of theft. He was sentenced to three years incarceration less the eleven months he spent on remand. Gardiner felt that instead of jail time, the dread-locked Robinson should have been placed on probation and ordered to return the laptop to him.

First guided tours to Northern Haiti – New firm expands sports adventures in TCI Drawing inspiration from Taino Indians who once inhabited the Turks & Caicos Islands and Haiti, a new sports adventure company called Caicu Naniki has emerged on the scene in Provo. Meaning ‘Island Reefs where the Festive Spirit Lives’ the company aims to raise the profile of the Turks & Caicos as a sports vacation destination and provide the gateway for adventure tourism in northern Haiti. Created by TCI residents Ben Stubenberg and Chloe Zimmermann, Caicu Naniki (pronounced “kai-koo nah-nee-kee) offers several exciting and unique opportunities for visitors and residents to trek across the spectacular bluffs of Middle Caicos, watch in awe migrating humpback whales with their calves off Salt Cay, or get into fast growing sports like open water swimming and

freediving. Many of these sports adventures can be combined, like swimming and yoga or freediving and whale watching. Among their immediate plans is put in the first open water swim training zone in the Caribbean Region off the Alexandra Resort beach. Beginning April 2, the company will also offer sailing charters through the Caicos Cays on the luxury catamaran Oteka. Mr. Stubenberg and Ms Zimmermann are the founders of the annual Turks & Caicos ‘Race for the Conch’ Eco-SeaSwim for charity the first week of July that features the 1-mile and 2.4 mile world class open water competition in Grace Bay. The success of the Eco-SeaSwim inspired the expansion into sports adventure travel that taps into the growing market of open water swimmers and tri-athletes, as well as people who want to do something

incredible they have never done before. “These islands have a wild, unspoiled beauty and offer countless possibilities for active vacations,” said Ms Zimmermann. “This makes the Turks & Caicos a natural for sports adventure travel.” Mr. Stubenberg noted, “Here you can train for your next event or learn a new sport and return home with that ‘WOW’ sense of adventure.” Haiti Adventure Tours Caicu Naniki is also the only tour company that offers guided overnight excursions to Northern Haiti, including a spectacular hike to the mountaintop Citadels, the largest and most majestic fortress in the Americas and a UN World Heritage Site. “It’s a unique chance to see this country’s incredible beauty and vibrant affirmation of life that is too often overshadowed by stories of despair and destruction,” according

to Mr. Stubenberg. He said, “We have found that the interest is particularly strong on Provo. The common ‘complaint’ we get from people we take on the Haiti excursion is “We want to stay longer.” Groups fly from Provo to CapHaitian on Air Turks & Caicos, a 40-minute flight, and stay at Cormier Plage Beach Hotel just outside town along a stunning coastline. Mr. Stubenberg said, “Haiti is also a Taino word meaning land of high mountains…following the success of the slave rebellion, the freed slaves decided to name the new country from St. Dominique to Haiti, the term used by the Tainos for their island. These were also the first people to greet Columbus on his first voyage when he arrived in these islands and Haiti.” According to him, for each activity, the company uses the experienced professionals in TCI and Haiti to ensure that participants

have the safest and most rewarding experience. Chloe Zimmermann, the owner/ manager of Marco Travel on Provo, has three decades of destination planning and travel adventure experience in the Turks & Caicos Islands and Haiti. Ben Stubenberg, swimmer, surfer, and sailor, was the Chief of Transportation for several Club Med villages and has extensive experience leading adventure tours throughout the Caribbean region. Since 2000, he has organized medical team trips to Haiti and hikes to the Citadelle. Both are the co-founders of the West Indies Bluewater Swim Series and were recently selected by Open Water Source as the top 100 ‘Movers and Shakers’ in the open water swimming world. More information about the sports adventure activities and excursions can be found on or by calling (649) 432-5000 or (877) 6209331.



February 25 - March 2, 2012

We welcome letters from all members of the public on a variety of topics.

Counting on the environment Give me a break! Dear Editor, The Turks and Caicos Islands truly are beautiful by nature. From quaint seaside settlements of North and Middle Caicos, centuries old towns of the salt islands to Provo, its multi-million dollar strand along Grace Bay, each island presents a unique experience. As a country, the TCI is rich in natural resources but not necessarily the riches that generally come to mind where commodities are traded for quick, consistent gain. Our riches surround us in clean turquoise seas, soft sandy beaches, expansive natural areas and pristine wetlands. With well over 40 islands and cays, there still are places in the TCI, where no hand has touched or foot has tread. Although development in the TCI has rapidly increased over the years, in reality the surface has just been scratched. New hotels, condominiums, homes and villas will be built over

time, the balance between progress and nature will undoubtedly be tested. Recently the National Trust has submitted a proposal for consideration to designate the TCI as a world heritage site, will include the cays and Salt Islands of Grand Turk, Salt Cay and South Caicos. The proposed World Heritage Site will bring together pristine marine, terrestrial environments and diverse animal species, including marine mammals, corals, fishes, reptiles and birds, while preserving the unique elements of a centuries old industry, way of life. Along with the Ramsar site for wetlands of international importance and a robust national park system, the National Trust and its strategic partners seek to thread the TCI’s natural places into a tapestry, protect an ecosystem that is rich in diversity of natural, historical and cultural importance. Understanding and preserving the natural, historical and cultural

environment of the TCI is paramount to protecting the country’s lifeblood, tourism. As with most countries in the region, around the world, tourism is the primary factor in providing stability, good jobs and government revenue. Realising that individual actions, both positive and negative will directly impact the longterm sustainability of our natural resources, the country’s issues becomes everyone’s business. The National Trust was established to serve all of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Locals, residents and visitors alike are encouraged to participate in the numerous programmes and initiatives undertaken by the trust by visiting or calling 941-5710. Together, we can help to protect and preserve our natural resources, for the enjoyment of all, for future generations. Douglas Fenimore

Dear Editor, I note your editorial in last week’s issue about the Attorney General. That office has more than its share of intrigue going on! An ‘impartial investigation’ into the A-G’s assault case being done by the Commissioner of Police? Give me a break! These ‘num-nuts’ don’t have the decency of even dressing it up to even LOOK impartial by getting an outsider investigator/A-G to conclude an investigation! In a proper jurisdiction, an ‘insider’ is never appointed from within the system to investigate the heads of the police force or heads of the legal system itself - an outsider is always required just to assuage the public that an impartial review has indeed taken place. Yet further insult to the intelligence of the public in this jurisdiction! You rightly question the emotional stability of this A-G. You should also have questions about the appointment of his right-arm, the so-called Director of Public Prosecutions (designate) Joanne Meloche. How does someone get a

job for a position that does not yet legally exist, over a year before it could possibly exist, and without any advertisement for the position, excluding the possibilities of betterqualified applicants? This is the sorry lot of hotheads in the legal system of the TCI at this our most critical time! No wonder the territory is in the mess it’s in! From the TCI Bank debacle to recent blundering with NIB and tax issues, all developed under the A-G’s ‘deft’ legal advice and guidance, not to mention the major blundering and pettiness on the DPP’s side in major prosecution screw-ups - these islands have been uniquely abused. Would someone in England please save us from these intellectual and emotional midgets! Editor, you would do well enough to share with your readers the insight recently shared by the inside knowledge of the Editors of the TCI Journal and reprint their op-ed of 16th February. Sincerely, Concerned Citizen

Empower the Consultative Forum Dear Editor, It is so interesting to have a Consultative Forum chairperson seeking oversight powers today into the Airports Authority and the “wellorchestrated closure of the TCI Bank”. She occupies the similar office that the former Speaker held but it would seem that he and his government wanted no part of oversight, whatsoever. Despite it all, “eyes and hears” focus must continuously be kept on the middle Caicos land scam. This deal has so many problems that its pains one to see how a Governor, an Attorney General, a director of land surveys, a House of Assembly, a government, a country could all let this massive rip off of 2,500 acres of land from the people to go for so long. It was always policy from 1976 to 2009, at least unstated or the fake excuse that former ministers gave, that they could not handle deals over 100 acres of land themselves and that such transactions always had to go the Cabinet or Executive Council. At its lowest possible value of $10,000 per acre this part beach land could have fetched at $250m on the open market. The fact was that this was prime

pristine, partly waterfront land on Middle Caicos situated in one of the closest English countries to the USA where the value could easily have been $450m. Yet the Belize Bank, now the British Caribbean Bank, were able to place a $7.5m mortgage on this property under the watchful eyes of Clayton Greene, then House of Assembly Speaker. If that Speaker cared one ounce of concern for the TCI and its people, he would have advised at the least to kill the deal or to come up with better figures or to insist that proper procedures be followed. Anyone, the man on the street, the layman, the realtor, the member of the House of Assembly, not least a lawyer, would have asked how could such a transfer of 2,500 acres of land take place. Was there a Cabinet Meeting, did the Governor sign, was there a survey, what is the paper trail? It would appear that none of these questions were ever asked and none could be answered in the affirmative. In fact, there was no Cabinet meeting sanctioning such a transfer, there was no survey and the only official sanction of the transfer was that a minister ‘told the land registry to make the transfer’.


Greene and the Bank should have questioned these issues. What is surprising still is that there is no outcry over this land scam from the political high command in the TCI, the PNP regime, the agitators, the people blaming others for what they did, the real cause of the problem. It is also mind boggling that there are not yet any organised demonstrations over this theft of some near half a billion of dollars’ worth of land from the people for a mere $7.5m, less than ten per cent of the value of the land scammed away from the people of the TCI. Also, it would seem that the Financial Services Commission, the Financial Crime Unit of the Royal Turks and Caicos Police Force seem equally unconcerned over this massive theft of too much land from the people of the TCI. It would seem that there is no local representation on this issue and as long as it not one of them, the ripoff of all of this land, 2,500 acres is of no concern. The serious thing is that with this state of affairs and if the Brits were not here who would have investigated and seen to that the perpetrators would be brought to justice.

Given what we see, suspect, are not hearing, fear, apprehend and given the perceived need to protect certain people in the UK High political command, there is no real urgency to investigate this deal any further. They must know, whoever they are, that this issue will not go away, that it will not die, that this generation of Islanders will want to know “why did you sell my birth right for that mess of pottage?” It does behove members of the PNP regime’s high command, the public, the police, the SIPT, all stakeholders to look seriously intro this massive deal. There cannot be any business as usual. Just like the Hon Lillian Missick has been asking for oversight abilities and scope into the airports authority and the closure of the TCI Bank, her forum should be granted oversight functions over areas like these. It would seem that despite any form of criticism or praise that Mrs Missick and her forum are prepared to probe, dig and investigate no matter what. The questions here must be raised again and further. What is so telling however, is

the absolute silence, the blessed quietness over the Middle Caicos land deal, the hospital scam, the stevedoring contract, the Lower Bight roads, the well planned closure of TCI Bank, the NHIP scam, the millions of unanswered questions in too many National Insurance audit reports showing serious errors, New Media Network, funding of CARIFTA etc. They were all caused by the former PNP regime causing there to be a British controlled interim government, increases in taxes and making the people pay for what they in the PNP regime did. All in all the shenanigans of the Middle Caicos land scam, how it was done, the flirting of public controls, the fraudulent title transfer without there being a meeting of the cabinet; these all repeat themselves in the many other scams the form PNP regime committed against the people of the TCI. They must know: the former PNP regime, the British House of Lords, the House of the Commons, the Prime Minister, the FCO, that this issue, like all the other massive issues, will come up every other month but will never go away. Samsune Taylor

Please note that all submissions are subject to editing in keeping with defamation laws and newspaper style. Letters should be accompanied by the author’s full name, location and phone number. Names will be withheld if requested.

February 25 - March 2, 2012




Disappointing meeting with Governor Dear Editor, I must say that I am quite disappointed that our first public town hall meeting with the Governor was not taken seriously. There were no experts or heads of department present to answer any questions or concerns that the public had and as usual the diplomat and dictator we are blessed to have as our Governor was unwilling or incapable of answering anything. He boasted of having the most transparent Government in the Caribbean - far from what is true. As we know in dealing with transparency the following concerns are at the forefront in the minds of the citizens of this country: -The budget was passed by a sole Governor and was not debated by the house. Despite requests by the public we have not been able to obtain a copy. -The contract with Interhealth Canada has not been made public, although it’s obviously a plan that we cannot afford to continue paying into. It costs $125m to break this contract now. It will cost $1.2bn if we continue to pay into it over the set 25 years of the contract. It makes sense to break it and source an alternative management company. -The public has not been privy to the terms of the $260m loan. We feel that the repayment of this loan

as a milestone is unrealistic and unconstitutional. Rather than killing 30,000 people to pay it off in three years, the repayment ought to be extended to 10 to 20 years which would reduce stress and is more in the normal practice. Additionally our British MPs overseas need to be educated on the fact the HMG has never given us a “bailout” as was widely published in their press. As we all know signing as a guarantor on a loan of $260m is by no means giving us a “bailout” especially to the tune of over $400m - this was reckless propaganda on their part. -The transfer of funds from NIB to the TCIG is illegal. Having the Governor rewrite our laws to make it legal was a dangerous move and it sets a bad precedent. He has not been honest about the true figure owed. A British financial expert in 2009 stated that the figure owed was some $90,000 - how that became $10m in two years is unconscionable. He has produced no proof of this debt and as such this transaction should not happen. As a matter of fact the NIB wrote off over $15m in unpaid debts by the government. So in fact it would make more sense for the government to be putting money into the pension fund rather than stealing from it.

- T h e government has not been honest about the true financial position in this country and we feel that their practices are not working and are further sinking the country as the debt went from $70m when the local government was ousted to $189m under the British watch. This coupled with the increases in taxation, the increase inflation and lack of inward investment is only aiding our demise. Not to mention the high cost of maintaining our British counterparts in the form of SIPT, advisors, the attorney general and the Governor himself. Most agree that the population is too small to pay into your elaborate tax structure and as is, it is seeing the nation to poverty. Perhaps we could look at taxing the more than one million annual visitors to the country, rather than placing the burden on 30,000. -In the constitution the Governor is responsible for internal and external security. The people of the Turks and Caicos need to have Ric Todd recalled or brought up on charges for grounding the marine branch of the police force and disabling the radar.

He is in breach of his constitutional obligation and the influx of illegal vessels, is causing illegal immigration, infectious diseases and increased crime to grace our shores. It would make one to wonder, exactly what is his strategy? -We recognise that we do need to import some labour in the country. However, it should only be done in instances where specialists are needed that are not already on the ground. As much as possible, where applicable, locally based personnel should be sought. This will encourage a better standard of living and is more likely to have the money earned, spent here since the persons reside here. This is as opposed to persons sending money out of the country every month to families residing abroad. -The enlargement of the franchise is an issue that ought to be taken into consideration by an elected government who is accountable to the people and have their mandate. It is wrong for the Governor to carry on discussions with visitors and work permit holders concerning the acquisition of our citizenship. This discussion should be carried on with the citizens of this country exclusively. If we must enlarge our franchise or change our land policy the model from Bermuda would suit us best.

However, as stated due to the fact that it is a policy decision, this milestone ought not to be. It should be tabled and left up to the people’s representatives. -The milestones as set out were not agreed to by the people of this country. Not only are they are not achievable in the given timeframe, but they are not in the best interests of the people of this country. Most feel that it is unfair and is forced British policy that does not fit into the dynamics of politics here in the islands. These milestones only seek to expose the fact the interim administration and Her Majesty’s Government is out of touch with wishes of the people of the Turks and Caicos, but it would seek to set them out as dictators and oppressors. The Governor comes across as racist and very condescending in meetings. I feel that he has not grasped the idea that a public servant is a servant of the people. We pay his salary; he should be accountable to us instead of insulting our intelligence and simply showing up with no answers just to say he attended. I was not impressed and disappointed that we could gather not scientific proof and facts or figures. We are forced to take more serious measures under the circumstances. Euwonka Selver

Cleaning the slate COMMENTARY

In my school days students were assigned to erase the blackboards and clap the erasers. Wash them clean on Friday ready for Monday morning. As students we had copied the information and kept it in folders. It occurred to me we need to do the same thing here in the TCI. Clean the slate and start over based on lessons of the past. The principle problem TCI has with the interim government is that British bureaucrats are trying to install a taxation model that works poorly in the UK. In this island economy it will not work at all. Large countries have sizable natural resources, private industry and numerous private jobs both manufacturing and service industries employing giant populations. Skimming

By David Tapfer tax dollars from workers incomes supports government. This is not the system that worked 10 years ago in the TCI. Here we taxed the visitors, financial services and foreign workers. Other than duty only a small tax was levied on local business and drivers. There is also a one time tax on the sale of land called stamp duty. (Land is rarely resold.) A small tax to force retirement savings

called NIB worked but is now targeted for destruction. When government was turned over to Mike and Floyd we began to see change. Income taxes and annual property taxes were scheduled to join increased license fees. Land was flipped and the stamp duty not always collected. The British have continued down this road halting land sales. Gordon Wetherell who seemed as blind as TauwaharePosten continued this trend using advice from civil servants put in place by Mike and Floyd. Governor Todd now imposes taxation on islanders with a vengeance while confirming the appointment of the same civil servants. The 11 % hospitality tax must not be touched said Wetherell. Why not ? In the USA hotel tax has reached 20 % in some places. We could raise millions by imposing only a couple

more points. Meanwhile no hesitation to impose bigger departure taxes and custom duty. The vistors in bigger numbers dispite the tax but islanders import less. There is a message in these results It was Hall-Ewing-Boyce who jumped way ahead to put in place government run health care. Health costs in the USA-BritainCanada before government and hack attorneys got involved were.... no problem ! Now NHIPs here and elsewhere threaten to bankrupt governments. We chuckle when we see numerous new laws put in place to prevent corruption in government. Laws exist against drugs, murder and robbery. However these crimes against ourselves are growing in popularity every day. Reason, government economy, immigration

and education gone haywire ! It is time to wipe the slate clean and begin again with people who understand what works in an island economy, not anyone with the agenda of a bureaucrat or civil servant but someone with vision and knowledgeable people to back them up. We need to take the following action. Speed the prosecutions and get that behind us. Protect and enhance our historical sites through the National Trust not DECR mistrust. Let us begin by insisting millions of British citizens chip in a few cents to raise millions to pay the debts left by the PNP-British mess. It was their Blair-Brown Foreign Office who let all this happen. How do we achieve these goals is what we need discussed by the talk shows and activists.



February 25 - March 2, 2012


No catch, just cash – Local NGO inviting requests from those in need By Vanessa Narine It sounds too good to be true, but to Director of the Turks and Caicos Star Foundation, Mr. David Fenimore, maintains that there is no catch, just cash for those in need. “It does sound too good to be true, but there is no catch. What we are trying to do is give back to the Turks and Caicos,” he said, “We are actively looking for more requests for our database to be able to provide more opportunities for potential donors.” Fenimore stated that the Star Foundation operates as a conduit to local charities, artists and schools, among others, in the hopes that some form of financial assistance can be provided to allow them to carry on with the operational side of their respective endeavours. He explained that the organization is a non-profit, charitable foundation, which was established by United States based philanthropist Charlotte

D’Arcy Donaldson, who has been coming to TCI for many years, and wanted to give something back to the community she fell in love with. “About 85 per cent of our operational costs are covered by Ms. Donaldson and we do have some donors who make donations to the operational upkeep, but we are a sustainable group that is here to provide the opportunities that local islanders need,” Fenimore said. According to him, requests are taken in five different areas Arts, Health, Environment, Wildlife and Education. “What we do is take the request and publicize them online through our website, www., to match donors to those requests,” Fenimore said. CHALLENGE Fenimore stated that the Foundation does most of its fundraising overseas and through tourists visiting the TCI.

However, he noted that the challenge lies in the changing the perspective of the average tourist who visits the Islands and thinks there really are no pressing financial needs for locals who aspire to greater heights. “The challenge we have is to change the perspective that all is not good and well and let them see that there are real needs they can contribute to and help improve a life,” he said. The Director stated that the organization is looking to establish on-island corporate partnerships with those who share the Foundation’s vision. “What we are looking at is that if we can get in-kind donations from different corporate groups we can package this and use it to raise funds. For example if we can get a hotel room we can bring in let’s say a well know person and set up something where we can use that person to help us raise funds,” he said. Fenimore stressed that the focus of the Foundation is to make available the opportunity for locals to advance in a particular field, be it the arts or education. In the area of Arts, assistance is available in the form of art grants; financing to promote art, music and theatre education; promotion of children’s arts appreciation; provision of local studio space

What we do is take the request and publicize them online through our website, to match donors to those requests – David Fenimore

for local artists and support for performance art organizations, as well as visual art initiatives. The assistance in Health caters for the provision of emergency vehicles and training, promotion of HIV/AIDS awareness, promotion of health societies and support groups, the encouragement of health education in schools and the relief of hunger among children and families. The Foundation’s support for Wildlife sees assistance being offered to support to create and maintain a petting zoo, protect and preserve the many species of wildlife on TCI and protect marine life. In Environment, funds can be accessed to develop recycling campaign, preserve National Trust properties and support the TCI Hurricane and Disaster Relief Fund.

Fenimore noted that so far majority of the requests have been in the area of education. In the education, area, apart from libraries, financing can be sourced to create scholarships and grants for students to receive tertiary education, import books and academic materials from around the world, as well as provide students with access to the computer. The Director stated that the most recent assistance was given to the Enid Capron Primary School for a library project. He said support has also been given to local artists and funded scholarships and church projects as well as sponsoring a local hockey team among other things. “We are here to give back where there is a need,” Fenimore posited.

Long strap fern discovered on the TCI A first-time record of a plant species was made for Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) last Saturday, the long strap fern. The long strap fern (Campyloneurum phyllitidis) was identified by DECR Caicos Pine Recovery Project Manager, B Naqqi Manco and photographed and filmed by Dr. Mike Pienkowski and Ann Pienkowski of the United Kingdom Overseas Territories Conservation Forum (UKOTCF). The plant exists in the Greater Antilles, South Florida, and Central and South America, and is classified as rare in the Bahamas. Previously thought to be absent from the TCI. the fern is now known to exist in North Caicos. Two large plants were located south of Kew Settlement in a low, rich area, attached firmly around

the lower parts of tree trunks. This is the typical habit of the strap fern, growing as an epiphyte attached to trees or logs. Upon consultation with residents of Kew Settlement, it was found that the plant is known from a few other locations but is recognised as unusual. The DECR hopes to be able to incorporate the long strap fern into its Native Plant Biodiversity Conservation Nursery in North Caicos, a facility shared between the Overseas Territories Environment Programme (OTEP)-funded Caicos Pine Recovery Project and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC)-funded Rescue and Collection of Endangered and Endemic Plants Project. During a second visit to the site with nursery caretaker, Junel “Flash” Blaise, the Caicos Pine Recovery

Project team collected spores of the fern to attempt to grow it in a horticultural setting. Ferns can be difficult to grow in a nursery because their life cycle is quite unlike that of other plants. They require a sterile environment free of mould and bacteria when grown artificially. The strap fern was a favourite houseplant in Victorian England, but the few known specimens in TCI will be kept safe from collection so that they may be enjoyed by all. Two other species of ferns, the rabbit’s foot fern (Phlebodium Aureum) and the esurrection fern (Pleopeltis Polypodioides) have been discovered in North Caicos over the last ten years; both are also new records for TCI. Formerly, all three of these ferns were classified in the genus Polypodium, but have since been reclassified.

February 25 - March 2, 2012




White Paper aims at improved public accountability The Interim Administration aiming at improved public accountability by way of a White Paper, which summarizes proposed new and amended pieces of legislation to guide the future governance of the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI). Governor’s Spokesman Neil Smith, when asked at his Tuesday press briefing, could not comment further as it relates to more details as to how the White Paper will be implemented. The White Paper was launched for public review on Monday, 20th February 2012, and has been approved by Governor Ric Todd The White Paper has been presented to the Advisory Council and the Consultative Forum for review. It was prepared by the EU funded Legislative Review project team, headed by Professor Rose-Marie

Antoine, which has spent several months with senior government professionals, its advisors, and special interest groups on a wide range of areas, touching all government ministries. The White Paper gives the public an insight into the policy issues involved, analysis of the issues and possible legislative direction being taken and a basis for consultation on these new laws. The key areas targeted for review and reform are: • Regulation of Healthcare Facilities and Health Professionals • Trafficking in Persons • Regulation of Crown Land • Integrity in Public Life • Creation of a Fractional Ownership Scheme • Improvements to the Land Registry • Juvenile Justice, the Rights of the Child and Adoption

• Family Law and Domestic Violence law • Public Service Reform • Environment, including Public Health, Agriculture, Aquaculture and Waste Management • Immigration • Labour and Industrial Relations • Upgrade of the International Financial Sector • Companies, Commercial Entities and Investment • Oversight to Implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT) • Education • Stamp Duty The project is expected to address identified deficiencies and gaps in laws which are key to the governance process in the TCI, and develop more efficient and transparent modes of operation for the public sector. This EU funded Project, and similar exercises being undertaken

by the Attorney General’s Chambers through its own resources and through UK funded drafters, is expected to help the TCI meet one of the key milestones for a return to elected government, that is, the introduction of new Ordinances and amended legislation to address deficiencies in the existing legislative framework. The review and reform exercise should result in new laws that are compatible with the new Constitution and with regional and international treaty obligations. The Territorial Authorizing Officer for the EU funded Project in the TCI is Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Chairman of the Project Working Group, Mr. Delton Jones. Jones, in welcoming the launch of the White Paper said, “The Project is an important input to ongoing efforts to elevate public sector

management through the institution of a series of political, economic and social development projects aimed at helping to restore the economic viability and good governance of the TCI. “The EU Project is thus one component of a wider initiative of stabilization and development towards a path of greater financial viability and sustainability being undertaken by the TCI Government. We are very thankful to the EU for providing the funding to enable the TCI to engage the services of the very experienced team of consultants to work along with the Working Group to undertake this very important legal review/reform project. “I hope the populace would embrace the opportunity to make an input into the final laws through the consultative progress that is integral to the project.”

210 CHHS students gear up for life after high school By Vanessa Narine More than 200 fifth form students at Clement Howell High School (CHHS) benefited from the school’s annual Exit Readiness Programme, which aimed at preparing students for life after high school, be it in the work environment or at tertiary education institutions. One of the school’s two guidance counselors, Ms. Claudell Seymour, told the Weekly News that this endeavour focused on better equipping students to deal with life outside of high school. She agreed that some students are ready to begin the transition from high school well before they receive their diploma, but acknowledged that guidance is essential to helping today’s youth make the decision that is in their best interest. Few high schools are prepared to provide students with challenging academic or career experiences outside of school and Seymour contends that the CHHS’ Exit Readiness Programme fills in as best it can. Seymour explained that a

workshop was held to prepare the students with the know-how as it relates to interviews, interaction and behaviours in the work environment. “That is the first phase. There are three phases in the programme. The second one is college readiness, where the students are given information on the different options available to them and the courses offered,” she said. According to her, representative from the local Community College and the University of the West Indies were present during this phase of the programme to enlighten the students on possible pathways. The final phase in the programme, Seymour said, is the mock interviews, where the students were able to practice the skills learnt in the first phase of the programme. “The Guidance Department was pleased to work with Ms. Bridgette Thomas from the BNC Consulting Group this year,” she said. BNC Consulting Group Ltd, in its continued partnership with the CHHS, facilitated the Exit Readiness Programme. Each year, BNC Consulting Group facilitates

Students prepping for their interviews

interview preparation workshop, and invites members of the business community to volunteer as mock interviewers allowing students to practice the skills learned during the Workshop. Seymour agrees that many students have spent their school years having most of their decisions made for them and are largely unprepared for postsecondary academic learning

environments and the world of work. She noted that this opportunity is provided to prepare them for environments outside of high school and clear any disillusions they may have as to the happenings in these different settings. The fifth form students turned out to school today in workplace attire, seemingly ready to take on the world – as most headstrong youth are.

Guidance experts contends that moving from the structured and contained environment of the high school to situations in which the consequences of their own decisions are more immediate and severe may be less difficult if students have access to controlled opportunities to venture beyond the institutional support of the high school during their junior and senior years.



February 25 - March 2, 2012


autism awareness By Nicole Cox, a mother living with autism

InterHealth Canada Chief Executive, Roger Cheesman, right, shows Anguilla Chief Minister, Hon Hubert Hughes, and his delegation, the CT scanner at the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre.

Anguilla Chief Minister on fact-finding mission in TCI – Lauds the advances at the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre Chief Minister Hughes, leader of the Antigua United Movement, was in the TCI on a fact-finding mission along with other senior Anguilla Government ministers and officials and during a visit to the Cheshire

Hall Medical Centre lauded the advances at the facility. During a tour of the facility, the Chief Minister described the InterHealth Canada facilities as “extremely impressive.”


Look who’s turning 2!

May you have a wonderful Day. Filled with so much fun Playing games with all your friends With cake for everyone Along with this just remember That God Has Love For U... For you are Extra Special to him And to Us You’re Very Special too!!! Happy Birthday To An Amazing Little Boy Named Cadeyn Williams. Best Wishes from Your Mom And Dad Christina Stubbs & Wayne Williams Jr., also from your siblings Kiki, Tre-Tre and your baby sister Neah; your aunts and uncles and your grand parents Wayne & Janet Williams and Michelle and Gladstone Pratt. Birthday Kisses and hugs from Mama Lena and Ma Betty and the entire family circle. Send your special occasion to: Rebecca Bird, Weekly News, Cheshire House, Leeward Highway, PO Box 52, Providenciales or email to Free of Charge!

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He said, “This is a truly wonderful facility and I congratulate InterHealth Canada and the Turks and Caicos Islands Government on what they have achieved. “Healthcare is one of the biggest and most important issues for any country and I’ve been really impressed with what I have seen.” According to him, what is obvious is that the people of the TCI now have wonderful medical services to call upon and a hospital they can be truly proud of. He said, “Walking around, it is obvious these facilities are of huge benefit, as is the expertise and experience of all the highly qualified staff I have met. “This really is an outstanding asset and I it is an inspiration to smaller countries around the Caribbean and the rest of the world. Everyone I have spoken to has nothing but praise for the facility.” Hughes was shown around by InterHealth Chief Executive, Dr Roger Cheesman, and Chief of Medical Services, Dr Robyn Barnes. Adding his bit, Dr. Cheesman said InterHealth Canada was pleased to host the delegation from Anguilla. He said, “InterHealth Canada’s innovative Public Private Partnership programme in healthcare here in the TCI has sparked a great deal of interest and there are projects underway in Europe as well as the Caribbean, while interest is also being shown in West Africa. “We have been most pleased to share with the Hon Hubert Hughes and his delegation of senior officials, the outcomes of our programme and we are equally pleased that they have shown considerable interest in what we do and how we do it.” The Anguilla praise follows similar comments from government officials in a number of other countries, including Trinidad and Tobago, the United Kingdom and Poland.

Josiah, aged four

“Crime and Punishment” part TWO

Continuation of quote from Tameika Meadows, M.Ed.:

“All of that describes what Time Out is not. So what is Time Out supposed to be? The goal of Time Out is to decrease the future occurrence of a specific behavior. The child should learn over time that engaging in a specific behavior leads to a removal of reinforcement. All punishment techniques should result in the target behavior going down. If the target behavior does not go down, then what you are doing is not punishing to the child. There are two main categories of Time Out: Exclusionary & Non-Exclusionary. Exclusionary is when the child is removed from the environment and the reinforcement. This is the most common type of time out I see, where the child is sent out to the hallway (if in school), or sent to a certain chair (if in the home) for a period of time. Non-Exclusionary is when the child remains in the environment, and only the reinforcement is removed. I don’t see this kind of time out as often. This would be things like planned ignoring, or taking a reinforcer away Now that you know what Time Out is, here are some examples of correct implementations: During a session with a client you bring out some toys to play with. The child immediately reaches for the Play-Dough, so you open up the Play-Dough and start playing. The child begins mouthing the Play-Dough. You give the child a reprimand to stop eating the PlayDough. The child continues to try and eat it, so you close the PlayDough and place it out of reach. You then direct the child to help you put a puzzle together. Once the puzzle is done, you bring the Play-Dough back out and remind the child “No mouth” before letting them play with the Play-Dough again. Some of the children in your 1st grade class are being disruptive and off task during art time. You remove your attention from those children and start giving eye contact and compliments only to the children who are doing their art project (e.g. “Lisa I love the circle you made! Very nice”). As the other children stop being disruptive and start doing their art project, you give eye contact, praise, and smiles to them too. You are in the backyard with your children, swimming together in the pool. Your son begins to play too roughly with his sister, and won’t stop splashing water in her eyes. You tell your son to leave the pool and go sit on the grass. Your son starts crying and stomps over to the grass and sits down. Once he is calm and quiet, you tell him he can get back in the pool and remind him to play nicely. Setting a partition in the classroom and when a child misbehaves they must go sit behind the partition. They are still in the classroom, but they cannot participate in or see what ‘s going on.” For more information on autism email: Next Week: “Crime and Punishment: The Verdict”

February 25 - March 2, 2012




this week

Friday, February 24 to Thursday, March 1  Craig Archibold gets the party started at the Regent Palms from 7pm on Friday nights with the sound of classic Caribbean and Motown tunes. Call 9468666 for details

Customer Service Manager Daphne Penn makes the donation to Education Department Director Edgar Howell

Education department’s science fair gets $10,000 from Fortis TCI The Education Department’s 2012 science fair got a boost from Fortis TCI, on Tuesday, when the company handed over $10,000 Department as part sponsorship for this year’s activity. The science fair will be held under the theme ‘Students of the TCI employ the scientific method’. Director of the Education

Department Edgar Howell told the Weekly News that the science fair will be held on March 7th and 8th, during Education Week, which starts on March 4th. He said the fair encourages the creativity of students in applying everyday scientific principles to a project.

“Last year we say the students from Clement Howell High School using average materials we use everyday in their project…it was very creative,” he said. According to him, some aspects of technology will be included in this year’s fair, which is being held for the third consecutive year.

This year’s top-10 competitors in the National Primary Schools’ Spelling Bee

Friday, February 24  THE GLOW IN THE DARK PARTY IS BACK!!!! Glow Painted Models, DJ Events, Show, Drink Specials, state of the art lighting and sound system and lots of prizes. New DJ line-up and more make this Bigger and Better Start time 9:30pm. Dress Code: WHITE, NEON, BLACK, YELLOW, GLOW COLOURS AND FLUORESCENT ATTIRE ----- Everything Glow! $10 advance tickets; $15 at the door; $20 pay no more at the door special; $ 25 VIP w/ bottle service and seating; $40 platinum package and advance ticket holders receive a premium door prize & line by-pass. PASSES AVAILABLE AT: Three J’s Liquor store and Club Pillows. Located next to the Alexandra Resort

 Danny Buoy’s is Provo’s premier live music and sports destination, serving lunch and dinner daily from 11:30am. It is the perfect place to escape from the heat and hang with friends, all in smoke free air-conditioned comfort. Happy Hour specials from 4-7pm Monday-Saturday

Fifteen schools participate in annual spelling bee Fifteen schools participated this year in the Department of Education’s annual British Atlantic Financial Services National Primary Schools’ Spelling Bee. The competition kicked off on Thursday at the Gustavo’s Lightbourne Sports Complex, with the top 10 spellers moving on to the finals, which were held last Friday at Beaches Turks & Caicos and Spa. The participants for this year are:

• Briann Gardiner - Adelaide Oemler

Primary School • Chelsea Stubbs - B.E.S.T. Institute • Brianna Brown - Enid Capron Primary School • Yana Villanueva - Holy Family Academy Catholic School • Jessika Corvil - Hubert James Primary School • Angelica Howell - Ianthe Pratt Primary School • Savannah Moore - Iris Stubbs Primary School • Alex Chattergoon - MILLS Institute • Davion Thomas - Oseta Jolly Primary School

• Selena Grant - Precious Treasures School • Tamia Robinson - Provo Christian School • Noah Reckhorn - Provo Primary School • Travon Walkine - Richmond Hill Preparatory • Stephanie Zins - The Ashcroft School • Aeryn Outten - Wesley Methodist School They were taken from Grades Four to Six and some have competed in prior competitions.

Saturday, February 25  The Weekly Community and Farmers’ Market organised by TCI Red Cross is on at the organization’s headquarters, opposite Lime on the Leeward Highway in Providenciales, from 10am to 2pm. Persons will be able to purchase freshly grown produce and locally sourced items. For more information on the Weekly Community and Farmers’ Market call (649) 247-8911. With regard to the TCI Red Cross’ services or how you can volunteer or donate, contact our Provo office on (649) 941-8056 or email OR for Grand Turk call (649) 946-2761 or  If you’re looking for a serene and relaxed way of starting your weekend, bring your yoga mat at Graceway Sports Centre every Saturday at 9am and let David Bowen lead you into the wonderful world of yoga! Amazing fees for an amazing class! More info at 442-6348”  Mums and Tots Dance Party classes are held every Saturday at Graceway Sports Centre for mothers and their little ones. Mothers, bring your little ones to dance, jump, twist and shake! Children have fun learning movement basics to fun music and mums get a light exercise while spending quality time. Mums and Tots classes begin at 10am and cost just $10. Dads are welcome! Call Shara Bowen on 244-1103 for more details.

Sunday, February 26  Rotary Bingo has a new home at CLUB PILLOWS in the Bight next to Smokey’s (Opposite Veranda Resort) EVERY SUNDAY! Doors open at 7:00 pm

Thursday, March 1

 Get into the weekend mood with the intense and electrifying Tae-Bo class at Graceway Sports Centre from 6pm to 7pm. Free for fitness members, $12 for non-members. Visit for more information or call 442-6349.

 Weekly Foreign a Fare night every Thursday at the Bohio Dive Resort (Grand Turk) from 6:30 p.m. Each week different dishes from a different region in the world. Previous nights have included: Italian, Spanish, English, Indian, Chinese, Moroccan, South African and Thai. For details, call 946-2135 or go to www.bohioresort.com946-2135

Got an event you wish to advertise? Call us on 946 4664 or email tcweeklynews@ for a free listing.




February 25 - March 2, 2012

Mind, Body & Soul 

Assessing for a learning disability Evaluation is an essential beginning step in the process for a child who may have a Learning Disability. In order to help a child we must first be able to determine what the root of the problem is. The purpose of an assessment is: 1) to see if the child has a Learning Disability as outlined by the Diagnostic Statistical

Spicy Basil Chicken

This is an authentic taste of Thailand that is served best over white rice. Ingredients • 2 tablespoons chili oil • 2 cloves garlic • 3 hot chile peppers • 1 pound skinless, boneless chicken breast halves - cut into bite-size pieces • 1 1/2 teaspoons white sugar • 1 teaspoon garlic salt • 1 teaspoon black pepper • 5 tablespoons oyster sauce • 1 cup fresh mushrooms • 1 cup chopped onions • 1 bunch fresh basil leaves Directions 1. Heat the oil in a skillet over mediumhigh heat, and cook the garlic and chile peppers until golden brown. Mix in chicken and sugar, and season with garlic salt and pepper. Cook until chicken is no longer pink, but not done. 2. Stir oyster sauce into the skillet. Mix in mushrooms and onions, and continue cooking until onions are tender and chicken juices run clear. Remove from heat, and mix in basil. Let sit 2 minutes before serving. (Nutritional Information: Amount Per Serving Calories: 244 | Total Fat: 9.4g | Cholesterol: 69mg)

Joanne Gobeil

Registered Psychologist

Manual – Text Revised – 4th Edition (DSM-TR-IV), 2) to identify the child’s strengths and weaknesses, 3) to gather information that will help determine the child’s educational needs, 4) to guide decision making about appropriate educational programming for the child, and 5) to provide answers as to why the child is experiencing difficulties. Prior to an assessment taking place, the child’s parent must give informed consent for the assessment to occur. The difference between a formal assessment and an informal screening needs to be clarified. Some teachers and school counselors will use classroom observations and report cards to informally screen a child who they believe may be struggling in class. It is important to recognize that although beneficial, an informal screening does not provide the necessary information to diagnosis a child with a Learning Disability and it does not provide the required information to determine what the underlying problem is that

the child is experiencing. Thus, although helpful, a screening does not provide the information that is needed to develop a concrete plan to assist the child. An assessment, more specifically a psychoeducational assessment consists of a series of tests. Part of the assessment (Behavioral Assessment System for Children – Second Edition) looks at the child’s social and emotional functioning, including hyperactivity, attention problems, aggression, depression, anxiety, social skills, and study skills. Another component of the assessment (Wechsler Individual Achievement Test – Third Edition) evaluates where the child is academically in regards to mathematics, listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Thirdly, the child’s intellectual ability is measured (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Integrated – Fourth Edition). On this test, the child`s scores are based on their performance relative to students of the same chronological age. Furthermore, the child’s intelligence quotient or IQ is generated. As well, his or her verbal comprehension, perceptual reasoning abilities, working memory, and processing speed are also determined. Another component of the assessment

(Bender Visual-Motor Gestalt Test – Second Edition) gathers information about the child’s development and neuropsychological functioning. It reveals the maturation level of vasomotor perceptions, which is associated with language ability and various functions of intelligence. Comprehensive testing observations include physical demeanour, drawing technique, test taking behaviour, and attitude. Lastly, if it fits for the child and his or her school, an onsite observation is completed. However, when assessing teenagers, an onsite observation does not usually take place. Once all of the testing is completed, the various forms are either hand scored or entered into a software scoring program. The results are then interpreted by the psychologist and compiled into a report. At this stage, one of the key components to the assessment is added into the report-the recommendations and the strategies. Unfortunately, this is often the weakest area of the report, yet it so crucial. Many professionals

do not take the time to list a multitude of strategies that will help the child. The recommendations and strategies are based on the test results and they provide ways in which the parents and teachers can help the child in need. Once the comprehensive report has been completed, the psychologist meets with the parent(s) to discuss the assessment results as well as the strategies and recommendations that they have to help the child. The report is private and is owned by the parent(s). If the parent(s) chooses, the report is shared with the child’s school. It is more beneficial when the report is shared with the child’s school; however, this is ultimately up to the parent(s) to decide. The psychologist can then meet with the school to discuss the report and to assist in developing an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) that is tailored to the child’s needs.

Caribbean Psychological Services, #114 Neptune Plaza, Sandcastle Road, Grace Bay, Providenciales, (649)432-6956.

health Tip 

Nature’s own aromatic herb It is that time for us to read a little more from research, as always I must give thanks with a grateful heart to the Almighty Creator for his loving kindness towards me, and as always to you my readers, thanks again for your attention. This week lets talk about a very ‘aromatic herb’ which is ‘Basil’. Perhaps readers you can just walk outside in your own backyard garden and find a basil plant? Now I have used this herb on a number of occasions and I just love the

By Phillip Simmons ‘aromatic scent’ that it has when using it. According to research, Basil - is a popular herb in Italian cooking particularly in pesto. This flagrant and flavorful herb is relative to

Basil is an excellent nutritious addition to your pasta, sauce, soup, or salad.

peppermint, is an excellent nutritious addition to your pasta, sauce, soup, or salad. Basil is also a good source of

Vitamin A, which helps prevent damage to the cells from free continued 

February 25 - March 2, 2012

Lifestyle... GARDENING 


How does your garden grow





Tamika graduated from Florida International University in Miami with a Masters degree in Dietetics & Nutrition. She is a registered dietitian with the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and licensed to practice medical nutrition therapy in the state of Florida. Email Tamika via or with your healthy eating questions.

Does your Ficus hedge lose its leaves? Does your Ficus hedge loose it’s leafs? Well, it might be because of the Fig Whitefly. Whiteflies are small, winged insects that belong to the Order Hemiptera, which also includes aphids scales, mealybugs, and bugs. These insects typically feed on the underside of leaves with their “needle-like” mouthparts. Whiteflies can seriously injure host plants by sucking juices from them causing wilting, yellowing, stunting and leaf drop. The leaves of ficus trees infested

Nature’s own aromatic ... continued

radicals. Vitamin A also prevents free radicals from oxidizing cholesterol in the blood stream, preventing cholesterol from building up in the blood vessels. Magnesium is also present in basil. This essential mineral helps the heart and blood vessels to relax improving blood flow. Other nutrients found in basil include iron, calcium, potassium, and Vitamin C. Eugenol, which is found in essential oil of basil, provides an anti-inflammatory effect, by blocking enzyme called cyclooxygenase. Aspirin and Ibuprofen work by blocking this same enzyme. So basil can have healing benefits, and provide relief from the symptoms of inflammatory problems, like rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel conditions.

BY DENIS Belanger - NATURE SPLENDOR For all your landscaping, installation or garden maintenance needs, please call or write for a free estimate: 332-3381 or

with whiteflies begin to turn yellow before the leaves are dropped from the plant. Ficus trees without their leaves are one of the most obvious symptoms of a whitefly infestation. This whitefly has been most commonly found infesting weeping fig (Ficus benjamina) but has also been seen on other species of ficus. Ficus Benjamina are commonly used as hedges but also grow as trees. If the foliage is disturbed the small, white gnat-like adult whiteflies can be seen flying from the foliage. The adult whitefly resembles a very small moth with a yellow body and white wings with a faint grey band in the middle of the wings. Immature stages (eggs and nymphs) can be found primarily on the underside of the leaves. Prior to adult emergence, the nymphs are tan to light green discs with red eyes. The underside of infested leaves look like they are dotted with small, silver or white spots which are actually the empty “skin” of the pupae after the adult emerges. The biology of the fig whitefly is not known, however, it is probably similar to related species. Eggs which are usually laid on the underside of leaves hatch into a crawler stage. The crawler wanders around the leaf until they begin to feed. From this point until they emerge as adults, they are immobile and remain in the same place on the plant. These feeding, non-mobile stages (nymphs) are usually oval, flat, and

simple in appearance. Whiteflies only live about 30 days, but they breed quickly. Management: Although efforts to understand and control this pest are ongoing, there are several potential options for whitefly control. However, it is necessary to consider the site (landscape, hedge, large tree, container, production, etc), the size and number of trees, and the surrounding environment before taking steps to control this pest. For large trees, for example, a foliage spray may not be possible. Insecticidal oil sprays (Neem oil) may be an effective method of control for homeowners, but, thorough coverage of the undersides of the leaves is especially important. It will also be necessary to repeat these applications every 10 to 15 days. The use of other insecticides may be necessary to control this pest. These products would include systemic product and applied to the soil. Protecting natural enemies may be a critical component in the long-term control of this pest. Other products available for homeowner use include, Bayer Advanced Rose and Flower Insect Killer (cyfluthrin), Sevin (carbaryl), Malathion, and others, however, these products may also be harmful to the natural enemies. One issue is, you may eradicate yours, but your neighbor may have them and may not treat for them…

One way we can care for our heart is by eating more fiber.

Fiber for healthy hearts

For the past several weeks we have been talking about various foods and nutrients that can offer health benefits in helping to keep a healthy heart. This week we continue with the same theme as we are still celebrating National Heart month. The heart is a very important organ; therefore, great care must be taken to ensure we have a healthy heart for many years to come. One way we can care for our heart is by eating more fiber. I know you have heard various health professionals say, “You need to eat more fiber,” but that’s about all they tell us. How much fiber do I need? Will any type of fiber work? Which foods are high in fiber? Are just some of the questions you may have. As it turns out, all kinds of fiber are useful to the body; however, there is a difference in which body part finds the fiber useful. The two kinds of fiber are soluble and insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber is mainly useful for maintaining gut health and keeping us regular by forming bulk. It is mainly found in whole grains and vegetables. On the other hand, soluble fiber, the fiber that helps prevent heart disease, plays a major role in eliminating the bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) from our arteries by forming a gel and attaching itself to the LDL cholesterol then eliminating it as waste. You will remember from previous articles, that there is good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL). The bad guy (LDL) clogs up our arteries and blood vessels preventing blood flow to and from our heart. An analogy is the plumbing in your house; if there is a blockage in your pipes, your water flow may slow down or stop or the blockage can create intense pressure causing the pipes to leak or even burst. A littler Liquid Plumber may have prevented a major catastrophe. The same applies to soluble fiber and maintaining your heart health. It is recommended that we get between 25-38 grams of fiber per day; however, American statistics show that most adults get only 15g/ day on average. Obviously these numbers are based on the general population; therefore, you may need more or less based on you. Sources of soluble fiber: oatmeal, oat cereal, lentils, apples, oranges, pears, oat bran, strawberries, nuts, flaxseeds, beans, dried peas, blueberries, psyllium, cucumbers, celery, and carrots. For help on increasing your fiber intake and lowering your cholesterol, please contact me for an appointment.

ACCU Medical Nutrition is based in Graceway IGA Plaza, Providenciales. Call 946 8308, 242 3978 or 442 3978.


Regional News


February 25 - March 2, 2012

Eastern Caribbean moving towards greater integration DEEPER economic union is at the centre of the Eastern Caribbean’s attempts to build a platform for sustainable growth, the Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank said on Thursday. But others may need to take a different path, warned Sir Dwight Venner. “Each country and region must establish its own trajectory on the way to accelerated growth.” The Eastern Caribbean is conducting “an experiment of great importance to the region,” he said, according to a transcript of his speech to Sterling Asset Management’s 10th anniversary celebrations at Hope Gardens, Kingston. The Revised Treaty of Basseterre, which came into being on January 21, 2011, provides for full economic union and creates the framework for a single financial and economic space, he said. “The movement towards consolidation of the major institutions such as banks and insurance companies should lead to a more efficient and cost-effective financial system.” The Eastern Caribbean also responded to the recent global crisis with an eight-point stabilisation and growth programme, he said. The islands began their union

in 1981 with the original Treaty of Basseterre, which centralised the judiciary, central banking, civil aviation and telecoms regulation as well as banking and securities regulation. The new treaty aims to increase functional co-operation in tourism, manufacturing, agriculture and information technology, as well as health and education. Sir Dwight pointed to the daunting task facing island nations in restructuring their financial sectors after they became independent against a background of international upheaval. The last time there was relatively stable growth in the global economy was in the 1950s and 60s, he said, noting that oil, currency, banking and financial crises followed the demise of the Bretton Woods agreement in 1971, when the US broke the link between the dollar and gold. “Our countries have had to chart a development path in which our financial institutions have had to play a significant role,” he said. “The economic arrangement centred on the export of raw materials and the importation of consumer durables, capital and intermediate goods and even food. “Foreign commercial banks

dominated the financial system and their lending was oriented to facilitating this anti-developmental economic system.” Different parts of the Englishspeaking Caribbean dealt with this in different ways, some by leaving the bank alone, some by nationalising them, and some by forcing local ownership participation on them or establishing state-owned competitors. But since the first oil price shock in the early 1970s, the economic progress of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union countries has been challenged. Although growth hit an annual average of six per cent in the 1980s thanks to the banana boom, tourism and foreign direct investment, it has fallen to around 1.5 per cent in the last decade. The region is now one of the most highly indebted in the world, Sir Dwight said, with debt to GDP ratios of over 100 per cent, partly because the standard of social welfare is that of a middle to high-income country, while economic development has not kept pace. “The economies must be reoriented to create domestic efficiencies that make them more competitive, both regionally and internationally,” he said. (Jamaica Observer)

23.8 million stay-over visitors came to the region in 2011.

Caribbean tourism records growth in 2011 WARNING that the region was not yet out of the woods, the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) has said the Caribbean recorded a rise in tourist arrivals in 2011 when compared to 2010. The organisation is forecasting further growth this year. Making the announcement on Wednesday at the State of Industry press conference in Barbados, the CTO announced that 23.8 million stay-over visitors came to the region in 2011, an increase of 3.3 per cent over 2010. Cruise passenger arrivals, however, were flat, rising marginally by 0.3 per cent to 20.6 million. “The Caribbean tourism industry is holding its own, remaining afloat and resilient amid turbulence in the marketplace. Tourist arrivals to the Caribbean region remained buoyant in 2011, continuing the recovery process which began in 2010,” Sean Smith, the CTO’s statistical specialist, announced at the news conference at the organisation’s headquarters in Bridgetown. He noted that the increase in arrivals came on the back of a strong performance during the winter months, followed by a downward trend and less than anticipated

growth during summer. “Tourist arrivals during the winter months (January to April) were up 4.4 per cent over the previous winter, which had grown by 3.9 per cent over 2009. The summer period ending December recorded a lower than expected increase of three per cent,” Smith revealed. As is customary, the Canadian market performed strongly with arrivals up 6.8 per cent over 2010, but growth from the US was modest at 1.7 per cent, while Europe was flat, recording a 0.6 per cent rise. Smith warned, however, that the Caribbean was not yet out of the woods, as the data revealed uneven growth among some destinations and that revenue continued to lag. High unemployment in the major source markets, pressure on the monetary and fiscal systems, as well as high oil prices continued to be of concern to the region, the CTO official said. “In light of these realities, arrivals to the Caribbean are not expected to exceed a three per cent increase in 2012, and visitor expenditure is also not expected to grow meaningfully during this year,” Smith said. Cruise arrivals, he added, are likely to rise by two to three per cent in 2012. (Jamaica Gleaner)

Criminal charges filed against Barbados CLICO officials A reveller from the Grande Rio samba school performs at the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, early Tuesday, February 21. Countries around the world celebrate before the beginning of Lent with balls, parties, and parades with floats and costumed dancers.

Rio carnival street parade draws record numbers One of Rio de Janeiro’s oldest and most popular carnival street parties has attracted a record 2.2 million revellers, police say. The Cordao da Bola Preta parade is famous for attracting a diverse crowd, spanning all ages. For the first time in its 93-year

history, the event allowed electric sound systems and reversed its normal route. Police said that despite the large crowds, the event had been peaceful. Dressed as the cartoon character Asterix, Elson de Deus, 65, told Brazilian newspaper O Globo he had

been attending the parade ever since he was 13. This year, he had taken his son along to the parade to continue the family tradition. Elizete Vieira, 77, said she had waited for four hours to secure her spot in the parade.

CRIMINAL charges have been filed in the magistrates’ court against former executive chairman of CLICO Holdings (Barbados) Limited, Leroy Parris, and current president Terrence Thornhill. Official police sources have told the Midweek Nation that the two executives are to be served with summonses to appear in court. They are accused of contravening an order by the Supervisor of Insurance in August 2009, which prohibited

the company’s subsidiary CLICO?International Life Insurance (CIL) from selling new business. The two have been charged under Section 185 of the Insurance Act, Cap 130, which states that anyone found guilty is liable to a fine of Bds$1 000 or a year’s imprisonment “and where the offence is a continuing offence, by a further fine of Bds$250 for every day which the offence continues”. (Barbados Nation)

February 25 - March 2, 2012

Regional News


Bahamian teenage mother birth rate down 14% in 40 years – Births to unwed mothers up THE BAHAMAS recorded a significant decrease in births to teen mothers over the last four decades, according to a new report. The Department of Statistics study said births to teenagers have dropped by 14 per cent, per thousand Bahamians. However, the report also shows births to unwed mothers shot up over the same period by 33 per cent. In a statement to the press, the department revealed the findings of its Births Report for the Bahamas, which focused on the reproductive trends and patterns of the country over a 40-year period. It said: “The birth rate to teen mothers 10 to 19 years of age has decreased significantly, from a high of 32.4 in 1970 to a low of 17.6 births per 1,000 females in 2010. “Births to unwed mothers escalated during the past 40 years, from 29 per cent in 1970, to a high of 62 per cent in 2009. Births to this cohort of mothers remained the largest annual natural increase to the Bahamian population,” it said. The department’s report also

revealed that reproductivity among Bahamians has decreased by 13 percent over the period in question. “The Bahamas recorded its highest reproductive rates in 1970, when the birth rate peaked at 28.8 or nearly 29 live born children per thousand population. This rate steadily declined to 15.5 in 2010. Women between the ages of 20 and 29 accounted for the largest proportion of births.” According to the department, women in 1970 were expected to have an average of four live born children throughout their childbearing years. “Four decades later, with a population more than doubled, the number of children to women has decreased to two during their life time,” the report said. The study concluded that births by foreign women have decreased by 12 per cent since 1970, and that in 2010, “the Bahamas recorded 61 stillbirths (or fetal deaths)” - 56 per cent lower than in 1970. All the statistics in the report are measured per thousand Bahamians. (

Police arrested Vedel Browne, 28, a suspect in the recent armed robbery of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.

Alleged machete robbery charged in Nevis POLICE on the Caribbean island of Nevis said Monday a local man has been arrested and charged in the recent armed robbery of vacationing Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer. The suspect, 28-year-old Vedel Browne, turned himself in Sunday after officials declared him “a person of interest,” and released his photo to the media, according to Sgt. Cledwyn Jeffers of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force. Browne was formally charged with robbery Monday afternoon, said Sgt. Stephen Hector of the police force. Hector said the offense is a felony and carries a maximum

sentence of 20 years upon conviction. Breyer, his wife, her sister, and another guest were in the justice’s vacation home February 9 when an intruder armed with a machete broke in and robbed the occupants of about $1,000. Officials said no one was hurt in the incident. The male assailant fled the scene, according to court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg. The robbery was reported to local authorities shortly after it happened. Breyer and his family have since returned home. The justice attended a dinner last week in Washington with Vice President Joe Biden and the visiting Chinese vice president. (CNN)


REDjet bumps up fares for some routes LOW-COST carrier REDjet, which offered airfares for as little as US$9.99 at start-up 10 months ago, has bumped up tariffs for the period leading up to and after Easter for passengers travelling to and from Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad. The airline said it was offering what it described as a promotional sale with a base fare of US$39.99 for the period March 1 to April 30 for those routes. Dubbed March Madness, the sale extends to the Barbados to Trinidad, Guyana and St Lucia routes, but with a base fare of US$4.99. Nyssa Pierre, communications executive at REDjet, said the airline decided to put on the March sale because the US$9.99 fares were “always quickly purchased by early bird passengers.” The airlines website says that prices can be up to and over US$99 if booking is done within two weeks of flight date or if there is strong demand and the lowest fare seats are sold out. David Miller, executive director at the Fair Trading Commission, said flexibility was one of the features of airline pricing and they did not have to stick to prices previously advertised. “They are not bound to keep that price forever, he said. In the airline industry it allows them to price seats at US$9.99 and when those seats are finished they can price them upwards if they want,” Miller added. Caribbean Airlines has not

Redjet said that the US$9.99 fares were “always quickly purchased by early bird passengers.”

announced a sale for the period leading up to Easter, but has fares starting at US$79, basically doubling the REDjet base fare. After tax is added and not considering any “extras” the total cost of the REDjet one-way promotional flight totals US$115.80. Extras include priority boarding (US$10), baggage (starting at US$10 for small luggage up to US$25 for larger ones), travel insurance ($9.40) and text message confirmation (US$1). Caribbean Airline’s after tax total is US$154.01 and includes a mandatory travel insurance fee of US$18. There is no additional

cost for baggage and the options of priority boarding or text message confirmation does not apply to that airline. REDjet said the airline did “phenomenally well in the 10 months since we started in May 2011. In that time and in spite of significant delays, we have been able to expand our network to six routes. We have had particular success on our Guyana, Trinidad and Barbados routes, with newer routes like Antigua showing significant gains. As a result of our profitability and success we acquired our third aircraft in December, currently in operation.” (Jamaica Gleaner)

KFCs in Nassau closed because of union row KFC NASSAU outlets were closed this week until further notice as outraged employees staged a sitdown protest over the cancellation of its voluntary union recognition. Workers were given until Thursday to sign a new contract or face termination, according to staff who said they refused to work at the request of former bargaining agent Bahamas Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union. Some 300 workers are affected by the sudden move, according to Minister of Labour Dion Foulkes, who confirmed it was the first time a company has rescinded voluntary recognition. In a press statement Monday night, KFC Nassau explained the historic decision to break union ties followed five months of stagnant negotiations over crucial “financial points of contention”. “[Monday’s] decision means that

KFC Nassau will no longer meet, consult or engage with the Union on matters pertaining to the terms and conditions of the company’s workers,” the release stated. “As a result of the cancellation KFC Nassau will be dealing directly with its individual employees regarding their terms and conditions of employment.” The labour agreement between the two parties expired on September 24, 2011, and negotiations on a new agreement began in December. The fast-food chain has argued that its current wage and benefits package is “two times higher than all other fast food brands”. In an unusual move earlier this month, Restaurants (Bahamas) posted a newspaper advertisement detailing the staff’s wage and benefits package compared to its competitors. Staff salaries were said to

be between 79 to 92.5 per cent higher than its fast food industry competitors. The notice also suggested that KFC employees enjoyed other benefits not provided by its competitors, including pension fund payments, health and welfare benefits, a Christmas bonus, paid birthday, long service payment and an employee aid fund. While admitting that the cancellation was “drastic”, a KFC spokesman explained the decision was the only option to save the Nassau franchise and employee jobs. KFC Nassau said it is now “forced to unilaterally offer its employees an employment package that maintains their existing wages and a guaranteed 7.5 hour work day”. It was also added that a voluntary severance package will be considered for staff that do not want to work under the new terms.



February 25 - March 2, 2012


Young and brave: Little Kaidan Bobb drew a lot of admiration from the crowd

The noble seven: Cheerfully sporting their new hair do are from left, Cord Garrido-Lowe, Mary Thompson, young Kaidan Bobb, organiser Lynn Robinson, Cristina Zaccheo, David Keil and David Galluzzi.

Three girls, four guys go bald for cancer awareness Seven courageous residents who volunteered to have their heads shaved in aid of Cancer awareness, raised over thirteen hundred dollars. A jovial crowd turned out to Somewhere on the Beach Bar on Wednesday evening, cheering in support of this most daring charitable event. This fundraiser is the second of its kind in Providenciales and was organized by Lynn Robinson in honour of her sister who is a breast cancer survivor. Last year’s event proved to be a success at raising money when Lynn, the sole participant, decided to go bald in front of the crowd. This year, her intention to involve more people was also a success. She was joined by seven volunteers including brave little six year old Kaidan Bobb, who said he was doing it to “try to help take away cancer”. The other participants in this worthy cause were Mary Thompson, Cristina

Zaccheo, David Galluzzi, Cord Garrido-Lowe, and David Keil who admire Lynn’s efforts to make this bold statement. They all maintained that it’s for a good cause and they would do anything they can to help spread awareness and continued research. While most of us look at this act as incredibly daring, they all sat pleasurably while the electric razors removed their lovely, curly, straight, blond and brunette locks as they know their courage is nothing compared to that of the patients fighting cancer. Facing flashing cameras and TV crews, the noble seven cheerfully sported their shaven heads as they hope it will raise awareness and make a difference somehow. The event is expecting to raise more than two thousand dollars in aid of the National Cancer Society. For Lynn, this “bald” statement serves not only to raise money and awareness of cancer but also to be

Sisters in the fight: Cristina Zaccheo, Mary Thompson and Lynn Robinson were happy to go bald for the cause

Dare to lose it all: The women checked in to their breezy salon for a clean shave

mindful that “what you put in and on your body can be harmful.” She urges everyone to be more conscious of damaging chemicals by reading labels and trying to practice healthy living habits.

Cancer claims millions of lives each year as millions more are being diagnosed with this deadly disease, which is still a leading cause of death worldwide. This fact makes it no stranger to us as almost everyone in

the world is either related to or knows of someone who has contracted the disease. Hundreds of charities exist word wide, all in an effort to put an end to this deadly disease.

Just another day at the barber: The guys most visibly, did have a lot to lose

February 25 - March 2, 2012






February 25 - March 2, 2012

Rihanna and Chris Brown single has domestic violence experts and fans worried FANS MAY have been shocked upon hearing Rihanna and Chris Brown had reconciled (on the mic at least), but domestic violence experts weren’t. The release of the exes’ collaborative single, “Birthday Cake (Remix),” was a jolt to many who remember the pictures of Rihanna’s battered face from the pre-Grammy incident three years ago. Reps for both sides, however, have said repeatedly that the two are just friends. Advocates said they wouldn’t be surprised if the match soon goes from co-artists to couple, however. “I don’t think it’s unusual that a couple would get back together after a period of time,” said Ellyn Loy, the director of clinical services at the House of Ruth in Maryland. “Statistics show generally that half of women leave and half go back a number of times before they make a final decision about the relationship.” Regardless, experts said, even being friends could turn into a bad situation for the pop stars. Experts cautioned that Rihanna, 24, should look for warning signs —

Adele made her feelings known about having her acceptance speech curtailed

Brit awards TV audience ‘the biggest since 2005’ Chris Brown and Rihanna in 2007, before their violent breakup

if Brown, 22, becomes controlling, jealous or aggressive toward her, verbally or physically. Rita Smith, executive director of National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, said she didn’t believe Brown seemed that reformed, judging by his reaction to fan criticism and media scrutiny of his performance at the Grammys. Many people were unhappy about seeing

a performer on the show who had a record of domestic violence. After the show, Brown tweeted, “HATE ALL U WANT BECUZ I GOT A GRAMMY Now! That’s the ultimate F— OFF!” “The response was fairly belligerent and didn’t really indicate that he had changed much in the several years since the assault,” Smith said. (

MORE people tuned in to ITV’s coverage of this year’s Brit Awards than have done so in the last seven years. The average audience to have watched the ceremony on ITV1 and catch-up channel ITV1+1 was 6.2 million - the event’s highest audience since 2005. If the catch-up figures are excluded, the average audience was 5.9 million. ITV said it had received 170

complaints about the climax to Tuesday’s telecast, which saw an acceptance speech by Adele cut short by host James Corden. The channel has issued a public apology to the singer, who reacted to the perceived slight by aiming a rude gesture at Brit organisers. “That was for the suits at the Brit Awards, not my fans,” she told reporters afterwards. “I’m sorry if I offended anyone, but the suits offended me.”

SCTC Security Services


SCTC Security Services is looking to fill the following positions.

Unarmed Security Officers Turks and Caicos firearm licensed Security Officers Armored Transport Vehicle Officers Applicants must have a clean police record, speak English, follow orders well and be a team player. Belongers only need apply.

Interested Parties please call (649) 431-4071 6326

February 25 - March 2, 2012




Vybz Kartel and Ninja Man remanded in murder cases PROMINENT Dancehall superstars, Vybz Kartel and Ninja Man are resigned to similar fates after both artistes were denied bail on murder charges. Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, appeared in theHome Circuit Court in

All of the accused were remanded into custody until

March 16 when they will return to court for another

hearing of the matter. Their prospective defense lawyers

were reportedly served all documents pertaining

to the Williams case and indicated that they will make bail applications for their respective clients at the next hearing.

Vybz Kartel was once again denied bail.

Kingston last Friday morning as he and his legal team once again sought bail in the Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams murder case. The prominent artiste, along with Portmore Empire protégé, Shawn Storm, designer, Calvin Haye aka Moonie and three other men stand accused of being involved in Williams’ murder this past August.

Biggest Loser contestants threaten to quit show THERE’S a big, fat problem on the set of “The Biggest Loser” -- TMZ has learned nearly all of the remaining contestants have walked off the show and are threatening to quit after learning about a secret “twist” that could seriously affect their shot at the $250,000 grand prize. Multiple sources connected with the show tell us ... the mutiny took place this week ... when the losers got word that producers were considering bringing back previous contestants to compete for the grand prize. We’re told most of the current contestants were pissed -- feeling it was unfair that prior losers would get a second bite at the apple ... so they banded together and decided to protest by walking off the show in the middle of shooting an episode. Sources tell us ... show honchos have shut down production for at least a week while they figure out how to handle the situation. A rep for NBC had no comment on the situation. (TMZ)

$38 per person and half price for kids



February 25 - March 2, 2012

February 25 - March 2, 2012




World News


February 25 - March 2, 2012

NHS ‘will be Cameron’s poll tax’, says Ed Miliband LABOUR leader Ed Miliband has told David Cameron he risks making NHS reform “his poll tax” - in noisy Commons clashes over the health bill. Mr Miliband repeatedly accused the PM of refusing to listen to medics’ concerns about the controversial bill. But Mr Cameron attacked Labour as “rank opportunists” - for calling for the publication of documents on the bill. He said Labour had refused to publish a similar document when in power and were “not fit for government”. The two clashed at Prime Minister’s Questions, ahead of a Labour-led debate calling for the publication of the government’s risk assessment of the impact of an NHS shake-up in England. ‘NOT FIT’ The controversial Health and Social Care Bill has passed through its Commons stages but has been amended several times by the House of Lords. Crossbencher Lord Owen is expected to put down an amendment to the bill which would delay its passage through Parliament until after a Freedom of Information ruling on the “transition risk register” on 5 and 6 March. In the Commons, Mr Cameron said Labour frontbencher Andy Burnham had blocked the publication of a risk register in September 2009 when he was health secretary. Mr Cameron said it showed Labour “absolutely revealed as a bunch of rank opportunists, not fit to run opposition and not fit for government”. ‘ARROGANCE’ But Mr Miliband accused the PM of having excluded the “vast majority”

Rescue workers ease a casualty out of the wreckage.

Argentina train crash in Buenos Aires ‘kills dozens’ David Cameron produces Labour briefing on NHS bill during PMQs

of health workers from a “ridiculous summit” on the Health and Social Care Bill on Monday. Having previously said he wanted to listen to NHS workers “now he can’t even be in the same room as the doctors and nurses” - suggesting he had “lost the confidence of those who work in the NHS”. He told the PM “nobody believes him and nobody trusts him on the health service” and claimed the bill had become a “symbol of his arrogance”. Referring the hugely controversial policy seen as helping hasten the end of Margaret Thatcher’s leadership of the Conservative Party, Mr Miliband added: “This will become his poll tax. He should listen to the public and he should drop this bill.” LIB DEM SUPPORT Fifteen Lib Dem MPs are backing Labour calls for ministers to publish the Department of Health’s risk assessment of the NHS shake-up. The government is appealing against a Freedom of Information ruling that it should be published in the public interest. The appeal is due to be considered on 5 and 6 March.

Labour is now using its “opposition day debate” to demand that the government “respect” the information commissioner’s ruling and publish the report. The vote is not binding but would increase pressure on the government. An early day motion on the same issue has been signed by 15 Lib Dem MPs - including Duncan Hames - an aide to Energy Secretary Ed Davey. Mr Burnham told MPs there had been “crucial differences” between the document whose publication he had blocked in 2009 - the strategic risk register - and the one Labour was now pressing the government to publish. He said he had not initiated what he described as the biggest ever topdown re-organisation of the NHS at a time of its biggest ever financial challenge - and the information commissioner had not ruled in 2009 that the paper should be published. Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has said it would be “completely misleading” to publish the register, which was put together before changes were made to the bill and had been intended as an “internal mechanism”. (BBC)

Eleven-year-old beaten to death for nine hours for not vacuuming AN 11-YEAR-OLD Pittsburgh boy suffered nine hours of vicious abuse from his mother’s boyfriend before dying of his injuries, all because he failed to vacuum the apartment, police said Sunday. Anthony Bush was watching Donovan McKee while his mother was at work on Saturday, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported. The 29-year-old savagely beat the boy for failing to clean up. “Bush disciplined the child by beating him with various objects found in the apartment,” Homicide Lt. Daniel Herrmann told the PostGazette. Police said Bush used several wooden sticks on McKee, snapping

the wood in the process. He then made the young boy pick up the pieces. At one point, Bush used a needle and thread to close a gash he made in McKee’s knee, according to WTAE 4 News. When McKee’s mother returned around 11:40 p.m., she called authorities to report that her boyfriend had beaten her son and that the child was unresponsive, police said. Authorities arrived and found the child had suffered a head wound and had no pulse, the Post-Gazette reported. The boy still showed some signs of life and was rushed to the hospital, but later died.

Anthony Bush, 29, is facing charges in connection with the beating death of his girlfriend’s 11-year-old son, police say.

A 5-year-old child was also in the house at the time but was unharmed, police said. Bush was charged Sunday with homicide and child endangerment. (

A TRAIN crash at a station in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, has killed 49 people with at least 600 more injured, officials say. The train slammed into the barrier at the end of the platform at the Once station during the morning rush hour. “We assume that there was some fault in the brakes”, Transportation Secretary JP Schiavi said. Eyewitnesses said the train was travelling fast. Dozens of people remain trapped. “The train was full and the impact was tremendous,” a passenger identified as Ezequiel told local television. Medics at the scene were overwhelmed by the casualties, he added. “People started to break windows and get out however they could,” another eyewitness told Reuters. “Then I saw the engine destroyed and the train driver trapped amongst the steel. There were a lot of people hurt, a lot of kids, elderly,” the eyewitness added. The train had hit the barrier at

about 12mph (20km/h), destroying the front of the engine and crunching the carriages behind it, Mr Schiavi said. One of the carriages was driven nearly 6m (20ft) into the next, he said. Emergency workers are working to extract dozens of people trapped inside the first car, said health official Alberto Crescenti. Survivors told local media that many people had been injured in a jumble of metal and glass. Some suffered fractures and other serious injuries. Many parts of Argentina’s rail network are antiquated and in need of repair, the BBC’s Vladimir Hernandez in Buenos Aires reports. Several similar accidents have occurred in recent years. In September 2011, 11 people died when a commuter train in Buenos Aires hit a bus crossing the tracks and then hit a second train coming into a station. This latest accident is Argentina’s worst train crash since 1970. (BBC)

Harrogate teacher set fire to himself at school A HARROGATE teacher who felt under pressure to get good exam results set himself on fire in the school car park, an inquest has heard. David Charlesworth, a science teacher at Rossett School, died in hospital after suffering 79% burns to his body. Harrogate Coroner’s Court was told he felt stressed that some of his students would not achieve good grades. The court was told he suffered bouts of depression which often coincided when A-levels students were taking exams. ‘Fantastic’ teacher The school’s head Patricia Hunter told the hearing sitting at the magistrates’ court, how Mr Charlesworth had “very high standards”. She told the court: “He never wanted to let anyone down,

particularly the students. “I think some of that was selfimposed anxiety.” She described him as a “fantastic” teacher and said he wrongly thought some of the coursework marks would be poor. “There was no reason in my opinion to be disappointed. The exam results didn’t bear that out.” His wife Jennifer, a fellow science teacher, recalled how her husband would take coursework on holiday. Mrs Charlesworth said: “He felt under pressure that the children get the grades and the pressure was only his and that wasn’t comfortable with him.” The court was told he went to see his GP who initially treated him with medication before referring him to a mental health team in March 2011 where there was a waiting list.

February 25 - March 2, 2012

World News


Costly terror trial ends with acquittals ONE of Northern Ireland’s biggest and most expensive terrorist trials ended Wednesday with 12 of 13 defendants cleared of all charges against them, including murder, kidnapping and having guns. The suspected members of the pro-British or loyalist paramilitary group the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) were being tried at Belfast Crown Court on the word of two selfconfessed UVF members, brothers David and Robert Stewart. Nine of the accused were acquitted of murdering paramilitary leader Tommy English in October 2000. The 40-year-old Ulster Defence Association (UDA) member was gunned down in front of his wife and young children on Halloween night during a bloody feud between rival groups. The Stewart brothers admitted to their part in English’s killing and agreed to testify to get a reduced sentence. The so-called “supergrass” non-jury trial started in September 2011 but Wednesday ended with the judge branding the prosecution witnesses “unreliable.” Justice John Gillen said the Stewarts were “ruthless terrorists who had lived on a daily diet of lies.” Up to 200 people including armed police were in the courtroom, and supporters cheered when the not guilty verdicts were read out. A spokesman for the UVF-linked Progressive Unionist Party, Ken Wilkinson, said the proceedings had

been “a show trial” which had cost “in the region of 20 million pounds” (approximately $31 million). He added, “The supergrass system failed in the 1980s and it has failed today.” Supergrass is a slang term for an informer. The one defendant convicted of any offenses was found guilty of possession of a sledgehammer intended for use in terrorism and intending to pervert justice. One of those cleared of murder is alleged loyalist leader Mark Haddock, who had been accused of ordering the death of UDA boss English. Haddock, aged 43, had been named as a police agent in a 2007 report on the UVF by former Northern Ireland police ombudsman Nuala O’Loan. O’Loan said a UVF gang based in the Mount Vernon estate in north Belfast had been involved in up to 15 murders and that the Northern Ireland police special branch unit had allowed informers within the Mount Vernon group to act with impunity. The Ulster Volunteer Force and Ulster Defence Association were responsible for the killings of hundreds of people during the conflict between pro-British and pro-Irish forces in Northern Ireland over a 30-year period known as the Troubles. Most of their victims were Catholic civilians. The groups have remained active since the signing of the Good Friday peace agreement in 1998. (CNN)


More child soldiers in Somalia fighting CHILDREN as young as 10 years old increasingly face horrific abuse in war-torn Somalia as the Islamist militant group Al-Shabaab has targeted them to replenish its diminishing ranks of fighters, according to a Human Rights Watch report released Tuesday. While the recruitment of child soldiers by the Somali insurgent group is not new, the report said the scale of child abductions over the past two years is like nothing documented in the past. Shocking patterns have also emerged of children serving as human shields on the battlefields, according to Human Rights Watch. “We’re beginning to see more and more instances where children are essentially being used as cannon fodder,” Tirana Hassan of Human Rights Watch told CNN. Al-Shabaab fighters abduct young girls and boys from their homes or schools, in some cases taking entire classes, the report said. Children can be sent out to recruit other children, according to the organization. One survivor told Human Rights Watch he was asked by a group of kids to play football at a nearby field. When he arrived, he and others were gathered up and sent to training camps, the survivor told Human Rights Watch. The camps are places where children live in fear, said Hassan, an emergencies researcher for the international human rights group. “They see injured and dead fighters, many of them children, coming back from the battlefield,” Hassan added. Recruits are taught to use weapons and to throw hand grenades and are subjected to a myriad of abuses

The Somali militant group Al-Shebaab kidnaps children and uses them as soldiers, Human Rights Watch says.

including rape, assault and forced marriages, according to Hassan. Dozens of recruits, mostly ages 14 to 17, are driven by truckloads to the front line, where they are told to jump out only to be mowed down by gunfire while Al-Shabaab fighters launch rockets from behind, according to Hassan. A 15-year-old boy recruited by Al-Shabaab from his school in Mogadishu in 2010 told Human Rights Watch that “out of all my classmates -- about 100 boys -- only two of us escaped, the rest were killed.” “The children were cleaned off. The children all died and the bigger soldiers ran away,” the youth told Human Rights Watch. Somalia’s transitional government also was criticized by Human Rights Watch for not ending its own use of child soldiers. “Al-Shabaab’s horrific abuses do not excuse Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government,” said Zama

Coursen-Neff, the group’s deputy children’s rights director. “The TFG should live up to its commitments to stop recruiting and using children as soldiers, and punish those who do.” Gen. Abdulkadir Ali Diimi, the head of Somalia’s National Army, said he was unable to comment on the report. The 104-page report, released two days ahead of a Somalia conference hosted by the British government, grimly details countless violations against children based on more than 160 interviews conducted over the last two years with Somali youngsters who escaped from AlShabaab forces, as well as parents and teachers who fled to Kenya. “For children of Somalia, nowhere is safe,” Coursen-Neff said. On Thursday, senior representatives from more than 40 governments will converge on London in a diplomatic push to find political solutions to restore stability in Somalia. (CNN)

Report: 15,000 die each year crossing India train tracks On Tuesday, Marie Colvin said the bombardment of Baba Amr had been “unrelenting”.

Journalists Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik die in Homs

TWO PROMINENT Western journalists have been killed in the Syrian city of Homs in the latest violence which left 60 people dead across Syria on Wednesday. Sunday Times reporter Marie Colvin, an American, and awardwinning French photographer Remi Ochlik died when a shell hit a makeshift media centre in the Baba Amr district. Troops are shelling oppositionheld areas of Homs, besieged for

weeks. Thousands have died in unrest against the rule of President Bashar al-Assad. More than 40 people died on Tuesday alone, including Rami alSayed, a man who broadcast a live video stream from Homs used by world media. Mr Sayed was fatally wounded by shrapnel during the shelling of Baba Amr. His brother posted a video of his body in a makeshift hospital.

TRAINS are as intrinsic to life for India’s billion-plus people as cars for Americans. Think, then, what it means that the Railway Ministry has been accused of ignoring “massacre” on the tracks. About 15,000 people die each year simply trying to cross India’s mammoth network of railway lines, much of it left over from colonial days. That according to a scathing new safety report that blames the government for a lack of safety on a railway system used by 20 million Indians each day. Often, vast slums hug tracks and people live lives synchronized with the rhythms and noises of the trains roaring by. They walk the tracks every day as though it were their backyard. The report by the safety panel, set up in September after a series of rail

accidents, said many of the deaths resulted from outdated technology and a lack of infrastructure. “Reluctance of Indian Railways to own these casualties, which do not fall under the purview of train accidents but are nevertheless accidents on account of trains can by no means be ignored,” said the report issued recently by the High Level Safety Review Committee. “No civilised society can accept such massacre on their railway system,” it said. The panel said 6,000 of the deaths occurred in Mumbai’s commuter system alone. “We feel the grim situation on the Mumbai suburban system has to be tackled on a different war footing,” it said. People are dying, it said, because of unmanned train crossings and

a lack of barricades, fences and pedestrian bridges. Or the platforms are too narrow and stations lack facilities such as elevators for the disabled. Another 1,000 people die because they fall off crammed compartments or in train collisions, the report said. It said accidents of a minor nature and near misses were not included in the data. The report made a host of safety improvements and recommended a budget of about $20 billion over the next five years to implement changes. “The demands on the system are rapidly growing without commensurate investments for up gradation of technology and modernisation consistent with modern times,” the report said. (CNN)


Job Listings Services Auto sales real estate



WANTED DOMESTIC WORKER Domestic Applicant must possess the following: Honesty, reliability and must be able to work on one’s own initiative. Must be able to work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour

contact: 341-5919


To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.


Contact: 343-8800


FAST SALE 1.3 Acres Of Land Ocean Drive, Turtle Tail Semi-Hilltop

946-4664 Fax: 946-4661




$300,000 o.n.o.

$650.00 per month Gated Community Furnished

CONTACT: 231-3788

Contact: 231-3788



Art Sales

Manager The role of the Art Sales Manager will include supervision and management of purchasing and sales of Jewish art works and products.

Sales Associates • • • •

Retail Jewelry Sales Experience Excellent Customer Care Focus Teamwork and ability to meet company objectives Trustworthy, dependable & willing to work flexible hours including weekends and holidays • Ability to achieve goals as outlined by management NORDICA DELL Colombian Emeralds International Beaches Resort, Turks & Caicos Islands Fax: 1-649-941-2333 (NO PHONE CALLS)


Chevron Turks and Caicos Ltd.


“as is”a 1984 GMC 5000 usg refueler

Closing date for applications is Friday, March 3rd 2012. Application must be submitted to:

Manager Bruno Fine Arts Grand Turk Cruise Centre Grand Turk

Colombian Emeralds International, “The World’s Foremost Emerald Jeweller” with over 50 stores worldwide has exciting career opportunities.

Forward your CV and covering letter by e-mail to:

• Minimum 2 years experience as a Manager as well as in-depth knowledge of Israeli Fine Art, Sculptures and Jewish history. • Qualified candidate will possess 15 years in the sales and customer service industry as well as be bi-lingual. • Salary payable: $12,000.00 per annum plus commissions on sales.


February 25 - March 2, 2012

1987 International 5000 usg refueler, 1981 GMC 5000 usg refueler, and two 10K usg horizontal storage tanks. Interested parties please send proposal in closed envelope to Chevron Turks and Caicos Ltd., South Dock Road, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos , referencing Sale of Fleet, to the attention of Mr. Khalil, Raven, no later than February 9, 2012. 6304

Chevron Turks and Caicos Ltd. has the rights to accept or refuse the proposals received 6348

Construction scaffold and roof tiles for sale CONTACT: 431-1591 OR 231-3788




Hostess To work 6 days per week salary $6.00 per hour.

Labourer Must be willing to work 4 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.


Fax resumes to: 946-5022

Contact: 342-4908


Farmers To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 243-7886 or email:


FAX: (649) 946-4661

Scooter/ Vehicle Mechanic

Is looking for a


PHONE: (649) 946-4664




NEEDED Must be able to work 6 days per week. Must be trustworthy and reliable. Salary $200 per week.

Email: ldickenson or 231-4485 6300

Responsibilities: • Dismantle engines and repair or replace defective parts, such as magnetos, carburetors, and generators. • Remove cylinder heads, grind valves, and scrape off carbon, and replace defective valves, pistons, cylinders and rings, using hand tools and power tools. • Hammer out dents and bends in frames, weld tears and breaks; then reassemble frames and reinstall engines. Responsible for body maintenance and paint repair work • Repair or replace other parts, such as headlights, horns, handlebar controls, gasoline and oil tanks, starters, and mufflers. • Repair and adjust motorcycle subassemblies such as forks, transmissions, brakes, and drive chains, according to specifications. • Replace defective parts, using hand tools, arbor presses, flexible power presses, or power tools. • Reassemble and test subassembly units. Disassemble subassembly units and examine condition, movement or alignment of parts visually or using gauges. • Listen to engines, examine vehicle frames, and confer with customers in order to determine nature and extent of malfunction or damage. • Connect test panels to engines and measure generator output, ignition timing, and other engine performance indicators. • Performing small maintenance requests on all vehicles (cleaning, inflation tires, fixing all mechanical malfunction, etc) • Liaise and Assist with Scooter Operations agent with office duties when necessary • Advising Management of all daily activities • Responding to queries regarding scooter/buggy/vehicle functionality raised by customers, agent and mgmt. in the most friendly and adequate manner as possible • Support the Company’s promotional efforts. • Ensuring that all returned vehicle are cleaned and ready for next day’s use. • Any other duties assigned by Management Qualifications: • Candidate must be able to drive a scooter/buggy, as delivery and pick up requests are a normal part of this function. • Candidate must be aware of the basic and all technical functionalities of a scooter/ buggy/vehicles • Candidate must have a minimum of 7 years experience in scooter/buggy/vehicle operations and mechanics • Candidate must be personable and customer service oriented All Salaries are subject to negotiation.

All interested please forward resumes to


February 25 - March 2, 2012



PHONE: (649) 946-4664 ALTAGRACIA BAR & RESTAURANT Is looking for 2

February 25 - March 2, 2012 FAX: (649) 946-4661


AMANDA A. MISICK Is looking for a




Is looking for a

Is looking for the following persons:

Labourer Mechanic – salary $5.00 per hour

contact: 345-5305

contact: 332-6420


To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.



• to distribute ‘Islander Ginger Beer” and • related products. Candidate must possess an • intimate knowledge of the brewing process and have good communication • skills in English. Must also have marketing • skills. Driver’s License and delivery vehicle.

• Must have at least five years experience in Horticultural work • Use of private vehicle required with local drivers license with excellent driving record • Must work holiday and weekends • Must have Experience with QuickBooks and Excel • Must be fluent with English skills oral and written • Must have Knowledge of chemicals and fertilizers and their uses • Must have skill and experience in Design and landscape irrigation • Must have the Ability to lead and work along with the landscaping crews • Must have a Valid and good standing police record • Positions above require working in outdoors and manual labor public holidays and weekends Salary ranged based on experience

Contact: 649-241-6271


Is looking for the following persons:

4 Waitress

– salary $6.00 per hour


Must be willing to work 6 days per week.


Is looking for a

contact: 431-6163


Kitchen Helper

Must be willing to work 6 days per week Salary $5.50 per hour PENN CONSTRUCTION


Must be willing to work 5 days per week Salary $6.00 per hour B’S BEAUTY is looking for the following persons:

Beautician Salary $5.50 per hour Barber Salary $6.00 per hour

Must be willing to work 6 days per week

Contact: 242-4528


Masseuse laboUrer To work 6 days per day salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 241-0249

To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 344-1183 CLUB SODAX


Is looking for a


Building for Sale

• Applicant must have 2 years experience, must be reliable and friendly. • Applicant must be neat and tidy and present a positive image, and must be able to willing to work shifts, weekends and holidays. • Wages start at $6.00 per hour. Application deadline is February 21st 2012.

Interested persons should send applications via fax at (649) 941-4034. C/o Alliance Realty Ltd.

Six (6) One (1) Bedroom One (1) Bath. Located on Millinneum Highway


– salary $5.00 per hour

per week salary $5.00 per hour.


Cocktail Waitress

2 Bartenders

Labourer To work 5 days 6287

To work 5 days per week salary $6.00 per hour.


is looking for Bar/ Wait Staff

Contact: 244-3204




Is looking for a

Requires one

Painter Contact: 244-5702


Grand Turk


Is looking for a

contact: 341-5796


contact: 941-3047



Contact: 243-3337 or 341-4113

Lost Cay Bottling Company



contact: 247-4507


per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Must be willing to work 5 days per week salary $6.00 per hour.

Contact: 231-1489

Contact Tel: 649 333 1723 or 649 246 6119 Email: capronis2005 6208


Worker To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 941-4540


Labourer To work 5 days

Technical Maintenance Person Domestic Worker

per week salary $5.00 per hour.


Is looking to fill the following positions:

contact: 232-1025

Must be willing to work 6 days per week



Is looking for a

To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.



days per week $5.00 per hour



per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Labourer To work 5 days

– salary $9.00 per hour


Labourer Waitress To work 5


Waitresses To work 5 days

Is looking for a

February 25 - March 2, 2012


PHONE: (649) 946-4664



SHANE HAWKINS Is looking for a


Is looking for a


To work 6 days per week salary $6.00 per hour.

Contact: 241-2962

Contact: 246-2155


Salary $8.00 per hour. Must work 4 day or when needed.



Is looking for a

Is looking for a


Domestic Worker

Housekeeper To work 6 days contact: 241-2897


per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Stephen Jennings Is looking for a

Labourer Contact: 241-5472


Must be willing to work 4 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 241-2201


To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.


Needed Company requires technician to work on financial equipment . Salary and benefits commensurate with experience. Please email resume TECHJOBTCI@GMAIL. COM or mail to TECH JOB TCI, C/O Chalmers & Co, P.O. Box 620, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands.


TOM’S BAR Wheeland


Assistant Manager

The assistant manager for this dynamic company that is involved in the purchase, importation and sale of gastronomic goods to restaurants and private connoisseurs must have a good knowledge of gastronomic goods (wines, spirits and gastronomic specialties) from Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Quebec Canada. A person who is fluent in English, French and Arabic is preferred. Salary commences at $1,800 per month.

Interested persons can contact the Director at 941-5216

Seeks to employ the following persons:

2 Bi-Lingual Barmaids Waitress Salary $5.00 per hour


contact: 345-5367


31 FAX: (649) 946-4661



PHONE: (649) 946-4664

February 25 - March 2, 2012 FAX: (649) 946-4661


3 Barmaids


GNIWE CONTRACTORS Is looking for 2

Is looking for a

Is looking for a


Must be willing to work 6 days per week. Salary $6.00 per hour JACQUELINE DESRONVIL

International Transfer Company Limited


Is looking for a

(C.A.M.) in the Turks and Caicos Islands) seeks to employ a

contact: 346-8896

To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Is looking for a

Labourer 6346


contact; 244-9696


To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Is looking for a

Flower CoOrdinatoR • Must know different kinds of flowers • Must know how to treat flowers • Must know how to arrange and take care of flowers

Sales Clerk

To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour must have knowledge of QuickBooks POS.

contact: 946-5378


• Applicants must be willing to work on weekends • Must have basic knowledge of computers • Applicants must have a clean Police Record and have excellent communication skills • Applicants must have good typing skills

contact: 231-2683 FLOWER GIRL


Transfer Clerk Please send all application to: P.O. Box 398

To work 6 days per week salary $7.00 per hour.



To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour. contact: 231-2701


Interested persons can email:

Labourer Tile Setters Labourer

Contact: 231-3788


Vacancies Exist for the following disciplines. Suitably experienced and qualified Belongers are encouraged to apply:-


Applicants must have full qualifications and a minimum of 5 years specialist experience.

1 GP/ED (previous applicants need not apply) 1 ED 1 Internist 1 Paediatrician 1 Orthopaedic Surgeon 1 Obstetrician/Gynecologist


Applicants must have full qualifications and a minimum of 3 years specialist experience.

1 x Pharmacist 3 x Registered Nurses 1 x Senior Midwife 1 x Radiographer 1 x Senior MDR Technician

ADMINISTRATION 1 x Medical Transcriptionist

Initial applications may be made by submitting to Interhealth Canada a comprehensive CV showing qualifications and experience. The CV should be emailed to Please ensure that a contact telephone number or email address is included in the application. The closing date for applications is 5th March 2012.


February 25 - March 2, 2012 PHONE: (649) 946-4664




FAX: (649) 946-4661

CHAMPIONS FOR CHRIST INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE An affiliate of A Touch of Love Ministries International Center

Position Available

Warehouse Attendant

English/Literature & Math/ Science Teacher Needed Requirements:

• Bachelors/Masters degree from reputable institution in area of discipline; Advance degree a plus • Minimum of 5-7 years teaching experience in secondary or post-secondary education • Experience with Christian education curriculum • Persons must be an active born-again Christian who believes in the work of the Holy Spirit; Submit resume and three references including one from current Pastor. • Salaries will be based on qualification and experience.

Position Description

Candidate is responsible in coordinating receipt of cargo delivered to warehouse and stacking of same into available pallet slots. In particular, maintaining general tidiness of the warehouse and exterior property. Reports to: President & CEO

Detailed Duties and Responsibilities

1) Primary responsibility is to perform maintain cleanliness of the ware house and exterior property. 2) Clean all company equipment. 3) Manually load client trucks with product purchased from warehouse.. 4) Assist truck operator with tank transport loading and safety checks. 5) Provide yard and off-site marshaling of transport for truck operator, ensuring that hazards are avoided and motorists are aware of equipment presence. 6) Other duties and projects as assigned.

No phone calls Address applications:

Essential Requirements

Executive Board Champions for Christ International School of Excellence #5 Park Place Industrial Park Providenciales,Turks & Caicos Islands, BWI

1) Must possess a valid Turks & Caicos driver’s licence and capable of operating a vehicle with a manual transmission.

Only Belongers need to apply for this position. Hourly pay: US$ 8.00 per hour. Closing date for applications is March 15th, 2012.

Email: Fax: 1-877-580-8743

Submit curriculum vitae and reference letters via e-mail to:



FIRST GLOBAL INSURANCE BROKERS, LTD. T/A UNITED RELIANCE INSURANCE BROKERS (2008) First Global Insurance Brokers Limited t/a United Reliance Insurance Brokers (2008) is seeking a qualified individual to fill in the following position of:


A vacancy exists for the following discipline. Suitably experienced and qualified Belongers are encouraged to apply:-

The ideal candidate should possess the necessary experience and must meet the following qualifications for: REQUIREMENTS: - Minimum 15 years experience in the Insurance Industry in Underwriting, Claims and Risk Management in Property, Casualty and Medical - Must have earned Insurance Degree or Bachelor’s Degree (College Graduate) or equivalent - Proficient in oral and written communication - Computer Literate - Good Negotiation Skills - Certified Insurance Practitioner - Must be able to effectively respond to Insurance Companies, Reinsurers, Brokers and Agents - Knowledgeable in the Insurance regulations both Local and Foreign particularly in London Markets - Must have thorough knowledge of the Turks & Caicos Islands Traffic Code - Technical knowledge preferably in Engineering, Electronics and Accounting OTHER DUTIES - Must be able to attend to on-call duties especially in emergency situations particularly during Catastrophes

SYSTEMS ENGINEER The successful individual will be responsible for:@@ Operating and maintaining in-house applications; planning and conducting migrations and upgrades; overseeing database specific technical assignments. @@ Assisting in projects covering documentation. @@ Investigating and resolving general, but often complex, issues and queries from users of hospital IT systems and manageing and maintaining the hospital IT infrastructure. @@ Applicants must possess an academic degree in IM&T or Technical level in computer, business or quantitative field such as Computer Science, Business, Operations or Mathematics. Initial applications may be made by submitting to Interhealth Canada a comprehensive CV showing qualifications and experience. The CV should be emailed to

Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications.

Applications must be emailed to: Attn: Managing Director First Global Insurance Brokers Limited P.O. Box 117, Caribbean Place 1254 Leeward Highway Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands Applications must be received by the 5th March 2012


Please ensure that a contact telephone number or email address is included in the application The closing date for applications is 5th March 2012. 6338



PHONE: (649) 946-4664

February 25 - March 2, 2012



Is looking for a



Salary $5.00 per hour

Send your email to or call (649) 241-1228


Spa Therapist We are seeking a qualified Spa Therapist with a minimum of five years’ experience for our Thalasso Spa. The successful candidate will be qualified to provide our spa clientele with high quality therapeutic treatments, including a full range of body massages, ear candling, lymphatic drainage, and pregnancy massages, as well as providing manicures and pedicures. This position will also assist the Spa Manager with day-to-day administrative duties, including inventory management, appointments, etc.

To work 5 days per week salary $7.00 per hour.

Contact: 345-9911



LEW 1 SHIPPING Seeks the following person:


Diagnose and repair cars, light, trucks, heavy trucks and earth moving equipment • Diagnose and repair hydraulic drive systems • Working knowledge of diagnostic tools such as GTR, Dealer Connect IDS, WDS,Starscan,DRB3,NGS and Tech 2 Qualified Professional Technician (ASE Certified, Master, L3 and up) Automotive Service Knowledge Must have 15 years experience. Salary is negotiable

FAX: (649) 946-4661


To work 5 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour. Contact: 649-941-5707 Fax: 649-941-5708



LABOURER General labor @@ Able to work with little or no supervision, be physically fit, dependable and hardworking @@ Must be self motivated and able to understand, read, write and speak English

Salary: $500 to $750 per month and 10% - 12.5% commission on treatments provided, (both salary and commission commensurate with experience) plus service charge. On-site bedsit provided.

Send inquires to:

Caribbean Diamond Residence Leeward, Governors Road Turks & Caicos Islands. Tel: 649-231-4885

Closing date: 20 March 2012. Belongers only need apply


TCInvest/ Revenue Control Unit


Public Notice

Dishwashers required for our food and beverage operations. Weekend, holiday and shift work. Must be able to work late hours. Wages range $5.00 to $5.50 per hour, plus service charge and tips Belongers only need apply. Closing date: 20 March 2012

The Business Community is hereby advised that effective 27th February 2012, the Small Business Center of TCinvest responsible for processing, approving and issuing Business Licenses will be physically moved to the Revenue Control Unit Office (RCU) in Provo and remain in the Headley Durham Building in Grand Turk. All documentations including new applications and renewals should be submitted to the Revenue Control Unit, Town Center Mall, Providenciales, and/or Headley Durham Building, Church Folly, Grand Turk. For license related issues on South Caicos, North Caicos, Middle Caicos and Salt Cay, please continue to submit the documentation to the District Commissioner’s Office or your preferred RCU office location.

Kitchen Helper Point Grace is currently seeking a kitchen helper for our food and beverage operations. Applicants wishing to apply for the kitchen helper position must have at least 2 years previous experience in a full service restaurant and be willing to work days, nights, and weekends. Wages range $5.00 to $5.50 per hour, plus service charge and tips Belongers only need apply Closing date: 20 March 2012 Please apply in writing to: , Point Grace, PO Box 700, Grace Bay, Providenciales. Email: Fax: 946-5097


For more information or questions, please contact TCInvest Grand Turk on Tel: 1 (649) 946-2058 in Providenciales Tel: 1 (649) 941-8465 or Revenue Control at 946-2801. 6356

February 25 - March 2, 2012


PHONE: (649) 946-4664





Must work 6 days per week salary $7.00 per hour.



@@Must have experience in making bracelets and chains @@Must be willing to work 6 days per week @@Salary $8.00 per hour plus commission

Contact: 941-5331

Labourers to work 7 days per week 8am5pm salary $5.00 per hour

contact: 246-4769



Is looking for the following persons:

is looking for a

Salary commensurate with qualifications. Resumes can be faxed to 941-3425 and the Labor Department, Providenciales as soon as possible


Barber Labourer Cleaner/ Domestic Worker

Must be willing to work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 347-1030

Established High Volume restaurant requires

Asst. Manager Sharkbite Bar & Grill Qualifications:

• Min 15 years experience in a restaurant management position • Sommelier Certification and experience building extensive wine lists • Human Resources & Management experience, experience in training new staff members • Proficiency in MS Word, MS Excel, and QuickBooks, as well as POS systems with an emphasis on accounting systems for restaurants • Proven ability to build, strengthen and maintain customer relations • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills • Ideal applicants will have experience in high-pressure situations, with the ability to work independently, and as part of a team. All applicants must have a valid driver’s license, and be willing to work 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays • Salary $400.00 per week plus depending on experience level Please send detailed resume and cover letter to bistroshannon@yahoo. com. Only applicants that send a resume will be considered.

And 1 Kitchen Labourer and 2 Kitchen Helpers

Applicants should send their resumes to

before February 29, 2012. Only Belongers need apply.



A local law firm is seeking a highly qualified Attorney-At-Law who has been called to the English Bar/and or a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales with ability to practice in the Turks and Caicos. Must possess a Bachelor of Laws Degree and hold 15 years of practical experience in litigation, commercial law, intellectual property law, corporate law, insolvency law, property and internet law with the ability to initiate, thoroughly advise on, prepare and plead litigious matters. Previous extensive experience within the Caribbean required and the applicant has to be a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. Salary commensurate with experience.

Send resumes into 6315


NOTICE LOST LAND CERTIFICATE TITLE NUMBER SECTION ISLAND 20214/58 RURAL SOUTH CAICOS WHEREAS, WILLIAM CLINTON CLARE of Leeward Going Through, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, has declared that the Land Certificate for the abovementioned title number registered in his name was inadvertently mislaid and cannot be found. TAKE NOTICE that I, ANDREW GALE, Registrar of lands shall issue a new Land Certificate for the said title within six (6) weeks of the date of the first publication of this Notice in a local newspaper and the Gazette. DATED this 13th day of February, 2012 -----------------------------------REGISTRAR OF LANDS -------------------------------WITNESS


• At least 10 years experience in the restaurant industry. • Ability to work on line and prep all type of food. • Ideal applicants will have experience in high-pressure situations, with the ability to work independently, and as part of a team. All applicants must be willing to work 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays. • Salary $5.50 per hour. Please send detailed resume and cover letter to bistroshannon@yahoo. com. Only applicants that send a resume will be considered.

A local law firm is seeking a highly knowledgeable Corporate Administrator. The successful candidate must have a minimum of ten years experience in all aspects of corporate management procedures and practices in the TCI including anti-money laundering and compliance procedures. Must have a graduate degree in Business or Finance and up-to-date professional certifications in AntiMoney Laundering and Compliance. Must also have the knowledge and skill to manage the entire corporate arm of the firm, including finances and staff, with much experience in international client relations. Knowledge of the Bahamian corporate law system and the law systems of surrounding Caribbean nations will be a plus. Salary will commensurate with qualifications.



FAX: (649) 946-4661


Is looking for 4


Is looking for the following persons:

contact: 343-1627







the largest readership in the turks & caicos





Is seeking to employ a



MARIE JOSEPH Is looking for a

Seeks the following, one

Is looking for a




Worker To work 5 days per week salary $100.00 per week.

contact: 342-0154 or 232-2267


Applicant must possess qualifications and have at least four (4 ) years experience. Salary commensurate with qualifications

fax resumes to: 941-8673

FAX: (649) 946-4661


Labourer Contact: 344-9885


Is looking for a

Domestic Worker /


To work 6 days per week salary $5.50 per hour.

per week salary $5.00 per hour.


contact: 243-6772


There is a current recruitment exercise being undertaken to find a replacement Registrar whose main duties are set out below. In the meantime, and for a period of at least three months beginning as soon as possible, it is hoped to recruit a person into the post on a temporary basis. The salary and allowances payable will be on a pro-rata basis for the period of the appointment.

contact: 649-245-4750 ATRIUM MANAGEMENT LTD.


Registrar of Supreme Court and Court of Appeal

To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour must be hardworking and reliable.

Is looking for a

Temporary Vacancy



PHONE: (649) 946-4664

February 25 - March 2, 2012


Is looking for a

Worker Labourer To work 6 days To work 5 days

contact: 333-010 6316

per week salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 347-1030

SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONBILITIES: The incumbent in this position is responsible for the efficient day-to-day operations of the Supreme Court and its Registry. He/She will work under the direction of, and assist, the Chief Justice, issue process and ensure due execution of judgments; supervise the administration of cases including setting dates for and issue hearing notices; correspond with Attorneys and Litigants to ensure that all files are properly maintained; manage the Registry Office and supervise staff. In addition, the successful candidate will act as Registrar of the Court of Appeal, which includes the preparation of appeal bundles; as well as scheduling and attending the sittings of the Court under the direction of the President of the Court of Appeal. The Registrar also manages the budget for the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal. He / She is also expected to train, develop and appraise staff in the Providenciales and Grand Turk Office and will be supported by a Deputy and Senior Deputy Registrar. The successful incumbent may also be required to perform any other related duties as may be assigned by the Chief Justice.

Owner/manager One Limited, on behalf of Strata Corporation #95, is looking for an owner/manager who lives within the community of One Lofts and who has the requirements below. Position requires employee to be on call 24 hours/day and requires flexibility with working hours. Candidates will need to be able to work with owners/strata committee and must have strata accounting experience and solid computer skills.

This position is for a small strata corporation and is remunerated on a very limited budget. No office and no car are provided.

QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE The position requires the incumbent to have Seven (7) years post-admission experience and he/she must be qualified for admission under the Legal Profession Ordinance [Cap 2:10] to practice as an Attorney of the Supreme Court of the Turks and Caicos Islands or admitted to practice as a barrister of solicitor in a Commonwealth jurisdiction or Ireland.

You must possess the following: • Must be an owner of a One Loft residence who lives in the One Lofts complex • Must be willing to be on call 24 hours, work on weekends and have flexibility with working hours • Ability to work with minimal supervision; must have good time management and ability to operate under pressure • Capability to work closely with existing vendors and owners, managing relationships professionally • Advanced experience with Microsoft Office • Strong written, verbal and non-verbal communication skills and positive attitude • Fluency in English • References required

RENUMERATION PACKAGE: SALARY $ 48,600 – 51,840 PER ANNUM Other benefits offered in addition to basic salary include Transportation allowance, Professional allowance, Telephone allowance, Housing allowance and economy return passage.

Applicant’s resume including contact number or email address, two letters of reference and a police certificate should be sent to the Permanent Secretary, Office of the Public Service Management, Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands. Fax (649) 946-1582. Email: Extension: 10318 Deadline: February 28th 2012

Please send application & resume to: or FAX: (649) 946 5452 4305




February 25 - March 2, 2012 PHONE: (649) 946-4664




Rock of Jesus Ministry


Is seeking employment for :


(1) Video technician & 1 Video Man

(3)Plumbers (3)Masons (3)Carpenters Labourer

Must be able to produce graphic designs, special effects, editor animations, commercials etc.

(1) Recording Engineer

Must have knowledge of computer, sound system, music industry, radio & audio engineering systems.

@@ Must have at least 3 years experience and be able to work with little supervision. Salary start at $5.50 an hour and is based on experience. @@ Deadline for applications is February 22nd 2012. @@ Must be able to work weekends and holidays if deemed necessary.

Applicants must have a minimum of five years experience. Must be able to understand, speak & write English. Must have a valid driver’s license Must be a Christian. Salary based on experience. Please fax or email resume to

Interested persons should be dependable and send applications via fax at (649) 941-4034 C/o Alliance Realty Ltd.

Fax: 946-4283 Email: or Situable applicants Will be contacted for an interview.



VACANCIES Building Materials Ltd


Wishes to hire persons for the following positions:

INVENTORY CLERK – PLS & GDT Job Requirements: The Inventory Clerk holds a very key position in determining the continued success of the company. The Receiving Officer must think and work strategically at all times as complimentary and within the framework of the strategic goals set by the company through senior management. Having a tremendous grasp of the tactical measures required to successfully achieve set goals is also mandatory. The perspective must always be a healthy one that balances cost effectiveness within the scope of achieving best gross margins, inventory control and also new business opportunities that would take the form of innovative ordering and new department creation and developing. Must possess an A.A, BA Degree or equivalent in the related field. Salary $2500.00 monthly

Grand Turk Cruise Center LTD is currently seeking qualified applicants to fill the following position:


ASSISTANT LEAD Job Requirements: Assistant Lead directly supervises Sales Associates in a specific department/s. The Assistant Lead is responsible for the dayto-day management of the store. Duties include supervisory functions such as personnel work, inventory monitoring, budget compliance, sales promotion and financial performance. Assistant Lead is also responsible for ensuring the highest level of customer service throughout the store. He / She is a role model and leader and must solve issues, make informed decisions and manage the workforce and time efficiently and effectively in order to achieve maximum results in the financial, operational processes and people areas. Must possess a BA Degree or equivalent in the related field. Salary 2800.00 monthly

@@ Applicants must be able to demonstrate proficiency in both rough and finish carpentry and be familiar with the safe and efficient operation of most commonly used power tools. @@ Shape or cut materials to specific measurements using hand tools, machines or power saw. @@ Interpret sketches or basic plans to prepare project layouts and determine dimensions and materials required. @@ Build and repair wooden bridges and buildings. @@ Build or repair fixtures and fittings used in buildings. @@ Erect scaffolding and ladders for assembling structures above ground. @@ Repair or replace damaged or defective parts or sections of structures using hand tools. @@ Finish surfaces of woodwork or wallboard in buildings using paint, hand tools and paneling. @@ Inspect ceiling, floor tile, wall coverings, siding, glass or woodwork to detect broken or damaged structures. @@ Knowledge of plumbing and/or masonry would be an asset. @@ Applicants must be willing to work nights, weekends and holidays. Must be able to lift min. of 50lbs, speak English and able to work well as part of a culturally diverse team.

Sales Clerks, Sales Associates & Sales Persons & Cashier Applicants Must: Have At least 5 years experience or prior working knowledge of the related department. Must be a High School Graduate and Computer Literate. Salary $6.50 per hour.


Have at least 5 years experience driving and operating heavy equipment and trucks 2 tons or more Must possess a class B – H Turks and Caicos Islands Driver’s


License. Salary $9.00 per hour

Labourer/Cleaner Salary $6.00 per hour

IT Computer Consultant Applicants Must: Have At least 6 years experience or prior working knowledge in the related field. Must be possess B.A. degree in IT or related field. Must be Consistent, Punctual & Responsible able to work on your own initiative? Salary $2400.00 per month

Mason Applicants Must: Have At least 5 years experience or prior working knowledge in the related field. Salary $6.00 per hour All Applicants must be: Punctual & Responsible able to work on your own initiative Have a friendly temperament and be willing to go beyond the call of duty to make customers happy. Be able to write and speak English fluently (bi - multilingual is a plus) Be wiling to work flexible hours. Be willing to work as a team member. Be able to work with little or no supervision.

Financial Controller Applicants Must: Have At least 6 years experience in the related field Possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting CPA or (equivalent) Prepare detailed and necessary Financial Reports to Management Must be Consistent, Punctual & Responsible able to work independently and able to supervise an accounting team of 5-10 persons Be wiling to work flexible hours. Be willing to work as a team member. Salary: $ 6800.00 per month

Applications for all positions will be accepted from Belongers only. Submit Resumes to or collect applications at:


Interested persons should contact:

GTCC Human Resources Fax: (649) 946-1041 or E-Mail:

FAX: (649) 946-4661

Building Materials Ltd. The Human Resource Department Email:


Sports International


February 25 - March 2, 2012

Cameron hosts talks on football racism BRITISH Prime Minister David Cameron held talks at 10 Downing Street on Wednesday to discuss racism in football following several high profile incidents in the English Premier League. “We simply cannot brush this under the carpet,” Cameron said, writing in The Sun newspaper. “I’ve no doubt that football will crack this

problem — and the Government stands ready to do anything it can to help.” Racism has been in the spotlight after cases involving some of football’s most-famous players and figures. England national manager Fabio Capello resigned this month after a meeting with English Football Association chairman David

Bernstein. Capello had openly criticised on Italian TV the English FA’s decision to remove John Terry as England captain. Terry, who is accused of racially abusing another player during a match, will go on trial July 9 following the Euro 2012 finals. The case stems from comments the Chelsea footballer allegedly

made to Queens Park Rangers player Anton Ferdinand in an English Premier League match last year. Alison Saunders, chief crown prosecutor for London, said Terry is being prosecuted for a “racially aggravated public order offense” because of the comments during the October 23 match. The maximum penalty for the

offense is £2,500 (about $3,950). The London-born defender has denied the allegations. Cameron says recent events highlight the need to end “all forms of discrimination.” The FA, the Premier League and every club has signed onto a charter to “Tackle Homophobia and Transphobia in Sport.”

Qualified PADI/NAUI SCUBA Instructors Needed Successful candidate will be a PADI MSDT with current membership and insurance, resort operations experience including advanced level instruction, dive accident management, compressor maintenance, equipment and engine maintenance and repair. Captain’s license and STCW95 qualification preferred, or applicant must be willing to train.

Vacancy Notice


Starting Salary $380 - $500 per week based on experience and qualifications. Contact David Volkert at 946-4232 or info@ Positions available starting March 15, 2012. Please submit applications before March 12, 2012

– Governor’s Office



This is a tourism related job and will include all aspects of the company’s daily routine including but not limited to, teaching all levels of instruction, guiding dives, boat and vehicle operations and working the front office. The work schedule will include weekends, public holidays and occasional night dives.


An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks and Caicos Islands Government for the Post of Director in the Governor’s Office. The incumbent in this senior position is the critical interface between the Governor’s Office and the TCIG, organisations across the islands including businesses, Non Governmental Organisations, and in due course the Legislative Assembly and Cabinet. He/ she is expected to guide and manage these key relationships, give policy advice and provide strategic and technical support to the Governor as it relates to the effective operations of the Governor’s Office and House. He / she is also responsible for preparing annual estimates of expenditure for both the Governor’s Office and House to ensure that it is in alignment with budgetary provisions. The post holder must manage the Governor’s Office to coordinate meetings, seminars and conferences; oversee the preparation and arrangements of various ceremonial functions; supervise staff; as well as accompany the Governor at meetings, conferences and seminars to represent the Turks and Caicos Islands and act as a central Point of Contact. The incumbent must also work with the Turks and Caicos Management Team to contribute on behalf of the Governor to policies, strategies and initiatives that impact the Turks and Caicos Islands; and attend meetings on the Governor’s behalf.

Sanctuary Ltd is seeking a suitable qualified individual to fill the following opening. The ideal candidate should have extensive experience in the resort/ hotel industry and/or managing private homes.

Estate Manager Requirements

• Minimum (5) years experience as an estate or property manager • Must possess a thorough understanding of all areas of private home management and supervision of design, construction and major renovation • Must be able to monitor and manage the household budgets • Strong knowledge of operating in the Caribbean • Must be able to work well in stressful, high pressure situations • Must be computer literate • Must be able to operate Crestron Systems • Must be able to supervise day to day operations and set up yearly maintenance schedules • Must liaise with worldwide offices • Must be willing to work weekends and holidays • Must be able to liaise with worldwide FBO’s • Must be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement and undergo extensive background checks

QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE The position requires a first degree or equivalent in a Management related area from a recognized institution. The candidate must have at least five (5) years experience, two (2) of which should been functioning at a managerial level.

Responsibilities • • • • •

Manage and administrate operations of multiple properties for employer Monitor and manage the household budgets System and Procedure development Oversee and monitor the household bank account(s) Oversee major renovation, design and land altering projects, in addition as requested act as liaison between employer and contractors • Oversee security requirements • Oversee all household personnel and scheduling • Oversee all shipping and transport details

SALARY: $49,800 - $54,000 per annum. Other benefits offered in addition to basic salary include Transportation Allowance and Telephone Allowance.

Applicant’s resume including contact number or email address, two letters of reference and a police certificate should be sent to the Permanent Secretary, Office of the Public Service Management, Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands. Fax (649) 946-1582. Email: Extension: 10318

Salary: 120k per annum Applications must be submitted to:

Marsha Blanche Misick & Stanbrook Via E-mail Via Tel.: 946-4732 /Fax.: 946 – 4734


All applications are to be received by March 09, 2012


February 25 - March 2, 2012


PHONE: (649) 946-4664



FAX: (649) 946-4661

NOTICE OF SALE BY Labourer Mclean Gardiner Is looking for a

To work 5 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour.


FEDERIC PIERRE Is looking for a

Is looking for a

Scotiabank (Turks & Caicos) Ltd. of Cherokee Road, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands hereby gives notice of its intention to sell by Public Auction the following properties pursuant to its power of sale as registered Chargee under the Registered Land Ordinance of the Turks and Caicos Islands:

1. Parcel 60805/15/K19 6360

Contact: 341-0453


Cheshire Hall and Richmond Hill, Providenciales. Comprising of a three bedroom townhouse in phase 2 of the Flamingo Park Development. The property has access to the communal facilities at the development including a pool, gazebo, pergola lounge area, paved parking, landscaping, 4 tennis courts and boundary fencing/walls. Registered Proprietors: Deanne Nicola Williams

2. Parcel 50402/93

Contact: 232-7256


To work 5 days per week salary $12.00 per hour.

Labourer To work 5 days per week $5.00 per hour.

contact: 341-8604


Tile Man


INSIGHT LTD. Is looking for a

Is looking for a

Kewtownship, North Caicos. Comprising of a single storey residential development, providing four bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, and kitchen and dining area. Registered Proprietor: Annie Victoria Williams

3. Parcel 60907/229/K9

Leeward Going Through, Providenciales. Comprising of a two bedroom townhouse at the Provo Golf Club with kitchen and dinning area, 2 full bathrooms. The property benefits from view of the first tee and comes with half price golf membership and access to a pool which is shared between 9 units. Registered Proprietor: Simon Richard Padgett

4. Parcel 60604/20

Contact: 231-3323 or email:


Must be able to work nights and weekends salary $5.50 per hour.


CARPENTER To work 5 days per week salary $12.00 per hour.

contact: 347-0771


To work 5 days per week salary $800 monthly.

Contact: 331-3020




PER WEEK CALL 946-4664




Norway and Five Cays, Providenciales. Comprising of a single storey residential development providing two bedrooms, three bathrooms, kitchen, dining and living room. Registered Proprietor: Henry Nathaniel Rigby

5. Parcel 60611/53

Norway and Five Cays, Providenciales. Comprising of 0.25 acres of an undeveloped inland lot. The property is elevated at its roadside frontage and the land slopes slightly in an easterly direction. Any development on the land can enjoy the view of a pond located south-east of the property. Registered Proprietor: Carline Sylvestre

6. Parcel 60503/57

Blue Hills & Stamers Run, Providenciales. The subject property provides a range of residential buildings positioned on a prominent site fronting the Blue Hills coastal Road. There is a large single storey retail store in front to f the property. Altogether the property provides a total of 33 rooms; seven living rooms, one dining room, seven kitchen, seven full baths, one part, bedrooms and 1family room. Registered Proprietor: James Calvin Williams

7. Parcel 60400/311

Chalk Sound, Providenciales. Comprising of a high-end detached residential home. The property provides three main bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, four living/dining areas on the ground floor. There is a pool and deck area to the rear and a carport to the front of the property. Registered Proprietor: Patsy Lee Jennings.

8. Parcel 60900/194

Leeward Going Through, Providenciales. The subject 0.65 acres development is comprised of two buildings. There’s a main two- storey residence providing a three bedroom, two bathroom house and three rental units. The adjoining semi-detached structure provides three apartment units each comprising of bedroom, bathroom, open plan Kitchen/dining/living area. Registered Proprietor: Usril Alexander Morris

9. Parcel 60900/123

Leeward Going Through, Providenciales. The subject property is comprised of a main residential development and a guest house. The main building provides 3 bedrooms, 2 full bath, living room and kitchen. There is a deck and hot tub in the garden at the rear of the property. Registered Proprietor: Carmen Rochelle Brown

10. Parcel 60609/68

Norway and Five Cays, Providenciales. Comprising of a partially completed two storey residential development. The property provides the following completed works; foundations, water cistern under building, internal block walls, internal concrete stair 95% completed , plumbing rough-ins, electrical first fix, formwork and rebar to upper floor ring beam, superstructure walls, concrete slabs to balconies and upper floor slab. Registered Proprietors: Sean Gerald Rodgers and Nyoshi Natasha Rodgers

11. Parcel 60503/83

Blue Hills & Stamers Run, Providenciales. Comprising of a two-storey apartment building. The lower floor provides 3 (three) apartments each consisting of one bedroom, bathroom and an open plan living/dining room. The upper floor provides a 3 (three) bedroom apartment comprising of open plan Living/dining room, kitchen, Master bedroom (with ensuite and walk in closet) Two bedrooms, and external patio. Registered Proprietor: Georgia Rosemarie Williams

The auction will be held at the offices of Scotiabank (Turks and Caicos) Limited, Grace Bay Branch, Providenciales at 10 o’clock in the morning on Friday the 9th day of March 2012. A reserve price will be fixed on all parcels. A deposit of 10% is due immediately upon all accepted bids. Terms and Conditions of Sale by Auction are available by request from Scotiabank Collections Manager (649) 946-4750.




Sports National

February 25 - March 2, 2012

WIV Provo Premier League:

Battle of top teams end in draw FIFA call for more

THE two unbeaten teams in the WIV Provo Premier League stayed undefeated since neither could take total control of the other in their much anticipated clash. The SWA Sharks battled back from two goals down at the half to even the game before the final whistle to keep themselves deadlocked with Cheshire Hall FC. The game started off at a fairly frenetic pace, but with Cheshire Hall mostly on top, especially in midfield. This superiority was translated into a two goal lead by half time. Firstly, with an own goal after a shot by Yohan Grant eluded the Sharks’ keeper, hit a post and rebounded off the goalkeeper who perhaps should have dived for the initial shot; then secondly with a superb cross by Grant which the keeper missed and which John Beckford bundled in off his chest. At this stage Cheshire Hall were looking comfortable with the older Sharks midfield huffing and puffing to try and gain possession, which they did on occasion by creating two good one-on-one chances in the process, but without any goals to show for it. Except for the scoring opportunities

by their opponents the Sharks held out defensively quite well for the first half. A change in midfield formation gave the Sharks a bit more bite generally with Collis pushing further forward, whilst Cheshire Hall were told to be more patient and calmer in their build up by Coach Smith. The arrival of a couple of strikers for the Sharks in the form of Reynaldo Garcia and Stephens Derilien also helped, but some exceptional distribution from Collis capitalised on the additional pace up front. Cheshire Hall kept up the pressure, but a more mobile and pacy Sharks forward line caused problems and goals eventually came, first from Rey Garcia pouncing at close range onto a Woody Gibson cross and then after a goal keeping mix up with Ricky Henry hitting his own player with a clearance leaving an easy tap in for Garcia. Cheshire Hall had a few chances, one with a “4 on 2” situation but to no avail. Both teams could have gone and won the game with chances at both ends, but 2-2 was probably a fair result with Sharks “getting out of jail”. In the other clash HAB FC

defeated Pedagogue FC 4-1. Both squads went into the game with improved squads, particularly HAB who have recruited Joseph Ronald, a well known and skilled player. HAB started by defended deep relying on hitting Pedagogue on the break which worked well helped by some defensive errors from Pedagogue . Craig James made a big difference in central defence putting his Creole night school lessons to good use to organise the shape of the team. Goals came from Dukens Dorisca, ably assisted by Rodney Davilmar and James Rene, who also had a good game in defence. Pedagogue did manage a lot of possession with good work from Dane Ritchie and Carlington Smith. Half time came with HAB 3-0 up. Pedagogue hit back with a goal from Smith after good work from Ricardo Walker. They were pushing HAB hard in the 2nd half, but were unable to capitalise on a number of chances. HAB weathered the storm and got the crucial 4th goal to end their opponents’ hope of a late fight back.


PLAYERS should shake hands in the centre circle after games, a FIFA panel chaired by Franz Beckenbauer has said. The idea comes from Task Force Football 2014, an expert group set up to improve sportsmanship and the game’s image. The German legend said: “At full time I think it would be a better image, when leaving the pitch together and not refusing a handshake.” The panel viewed footage of various incidents, such as the 2010 World Cup final. This issue came under the microscope recently when Liverpool forward Luis Suarez served an eight-match ban for racially abusing Evra in a Premier League encounter between the two north west rivals in October, and responded by snubbing the Manchester United defender during their clash on February 11. Suarez has, however, since

apologised for his actions. Beckenbauer said such flashpoints should not be allowed to happen again. Speaking about the Suarez incident, he said: “This is the first time I ever saw it myself. I think we simply have to stop it.” But Beckenbauer said players should not be disciplined for falling short of Fifa’s fair play code, and the governing body should first remind players and coaches of their responsibilities. The Task Force was created by FIFA president Sepp Blatter to improve the image of football ahead of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. It includes Brazil great Cafu and Kalusha Bwalya, president of the football association in Zambia - the country which won the African Cup of Nations earlier this month. The panel were also critical of the behaviour of coaches and substitutes on the sidelines.

Pelican Bay Restaurant and Bar

is situated on Grace Bay Beach at the Luxury All-Suite Royal West Indies Resort. Pelican Bay delights guests with exceptional all-day dining; an outstanding variety dinner menu; and the most delectable breakfast and Sunday Brunch

Positions Avaliable • Must have 10 years’ experience • Knowledge of food costing and controls, monthly inventory, • Knowledge of food hygiene and safety, menu planning, managing and scheduling staff, • Prep food for Breakfast/lunch /dinner • Ability to understand menus follow recipes, basic sauces/ butchery. High level of food hygiene is • required. Must be willing to scrub, clean, mop, floors walls and equipment

Kitchen Helper • • • •

Must have 5 years’ experience Knowledge of food hygiene and safety, Prep food for Breakfast/lunch /dinner Ability to understand menus follow recipes, basic sauces/ butchery. High level of food hygiene is • required. Must be willing to scrub, clean, mop, floors walls and equipment

@@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@

Floor Supervisor/ Captain

• Posses 4 years minimum of experience in food and beverage supervisory position, • Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills, knowledgeable on Micros, must work well under pressure • Experience and knowledge of wines and wine service is crucial.


• Minimum 2 years of food and beverage in a upscale restaurant • Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills, knowledgeable on Micros, must work well under pressure • And have a friendly yet professional demeanor, must be a team player

Preparation of monthly financial statements Detailed budgeting and cost control Cash flow forecasting and treasury management Monthly compilation of sums insured aggregates Liaison with outside auditors as well as manage yearly audit Perform internal audits Quarterly and yearly report submission to the FSC Implementing and documenting policies and procedures Leading and developing staff Manage all administration and human resource functions in office Branch office management Reporting to shareholders Head office reporting

Applicants must be designated CPA, CA, or CGA and have a minimum 10 years management experience with at least 5 years experience at the Financial Controller level in the Insurance Industry. Applicant must also possess 3 years experience managing an insurance company at the branch level. Must be proficient in Microsoft Excel and major Microsoft office automation products and have strong analytical and organizational skills as well as strong written and verbal communication skills. A proven strong work ethic is essential. Remuneration is based on experience and is in the 70K+ range.

All the positions above requires working long hours nights and days public holidays and weekends Salary range based on experience

For more information on job descriptions, please contact or 231-1869 Please call for an appointment, bring along your resume and resident status



Interested Turks Islander Applicants are asked to submit your resume by e-mail to




February 25 - March 2, 2012

Sports National



TCIFA Schools’ competition:

Approximately 40 teams will battle ROUGHLY 40 teams will battle in the Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association (TCIFA) School’s competition in Providenciales from next week. Teams will compete in eight categories: U-11 Boys, U-13 Boys, U-16 Boys, U-20 Boys, U-11 Girls, U-13 Girls, U-16 Girls and U-20 Girls. The anticipated turn out has pleased the hardworking TCIFA Technical Director Matthew Green. “Every year the competition becomes bigger with more schools competing. A lot of the schools have been practicing for a while now and the games should be very exciting.” Teams are divided in groups with the best placed teams progressing to semi-finals and in the case of the U-11 Boys (which has 12 teams competing) quarter finals. Games start at 3.30 pm and are played on the following days: Tuesday 28th February Under-11 Boys and Under 13-Girls, Wednesday 29th Under-13 Boys, Thursday 1st March Under-11 Girls. The finals will be played on Friday March 2nd. Green hopes that the competition will encourage more schools to set up programmes for their students. “There are a few schools that are not competing, but hopefully that will change next time. We realise that not all schools

have facilities to play soccer after school but that is why we encourage them to use our pitches for their extracurricular programmes and PE lessons”. The competition is an important part of the TCIFA calendar as it allows the association a chance to reach new players. Green added: “The games will allow our academy coaches to spot new talent that can be invited to join our programmes, youth leagues and Centre’s of Excellence. Every year we find new recruits that end up becoming valuable members of our programmes, I will be paying close attention to these games to see if we find any more diamonds in the rough”. When asked who he felt would win this year Green said it was too close to call. “Enid Capron normally do very well at the Junior level, but I think they will be pushed very hard this year by the likes of Ianthe Pratt and Oseta Jolly. Provo Christian, Provo Primary should also do well but Wesley Methodist look very strong in the girls’ competitions. It promises to be a great week of football and I encourage parents and teachers to come out and support their kids”. More information on the games can be found at the TCIFA offices on 941 5532 / 231 1860. Senior school games will be played later in March (23rd-30th).

Technical Director Matthew Green said the competition would be stiff this year.

Jaguars warm up for T20 cricket competition with win

LAST year’s Twenty20 cricket finallist the Guyana Jaguars made themselves tournament ready with a victory over newcomers Kishco last Sunday at the Downtown Ballpark in Providenciales. The two teams were preparing for the HAB Group/Gansevoort Turks and Caicos T20 cricket competition from March 3rd, which includes a total of seven teams. They are: the Police Cricket Club sponsored by CIBC First Caribbean Bank; Guyana Jaguars sponsored by Island Escapes Turks

& Caicos; JamTurks sponsored by West Bay Club Resort; TCI Rugby Football Union sponsored by KB Homes; Quality Supermarket Tigers sponsored by Caribbean Energy; Kishco CC sponsored by Kishco Trading and Beaches Sports Club sponsored by Beaches Turks & Caicos. Batting first after winning the toss in the practice match, the Jaguars posted a respectable 180-6 from their allotted overs. Sheldon Henry hit an unbeaten 86 runs (10X4s, 2X6s) while Winick Caleb added 30 runs and Marcel Morris

chipped in with 27. Bowling for Kishco, Maddy Nath took 2-23 runs from two overs and Vinod Panikar nabbed 2-24 from four overs. In Reply Kishco were dismissed for 144 runs in 16.3 overs with Ajesh Vargesh (37 runs) and Simjo Devassi (28 runs) leading the attack. Bowling for the Jaguars the veteran Beashan Bhagwandas bagged 3-32 from four overs and 17-year-old Jawellin Sealey captured 2-20 runs from three overs.

Josh for Sports

“Sports-a-jumping” again The time is about 5:30 PM on Tuesday February 21st, 2012. I am at the Downtown Ball Park in Provo. The sun has almost set, but yet there are at least 40 persons (men, women and children) earnestly participating in their preferred sport. They are trying to perfect/progress their skills. There are footballers, softball players, boxers and even American football players. The sun has now gone and the gate is closed. I have moved to the Gustarvus Lightbourne Gym; as I entered, I met persons playing basketball. At 6 pm the security asked them to leave because the court is now reserved for the volleyball players. All of these volleyball players are working professionals, who only find time to play after work at nights. The regrettable thing is that the men are given Tuesdays only to play

By Joshua Gardiner

while women are given Mondays and Wednesdays. Some of the women use the Tuesdays to sharpen their skills. I have witnessed the evolution of these players. Two years ago some of them could not even execute the three basic hits of bump-flick/setspike/smash. These players are now [in my opinion] ready to play in international competitions. My special concern is that our

players need serious training and more time to practice if they are to be competitive. Unfortunately volleyball is not played in the school system. That’s a crying shame. For this reason, we do not have a pool base from which to choose or prepare future prospected players. This defect must be corrected. Volleyball must become an integral part of our scholastic physical education/recreational programme. Furthermore, our national group of players needs a qualified, experienced coach to work with them. I am offering my services free of charge to help prepare our players to advance to the next level (IVF Certification Courses). I am not a certified volleyball coach on paper because I’ve never participated in their programme, but on the contrary, I was a past volleyball coach at the

national level in the Bahamas. I am also an experienced international player, having represented the Bahamas previously in international competitions. So my expertise is not a point of contention. The best of these players, in my humble opinion, at the moment is the 6ft 6in James Duruham. This player, when hot, spikes from all over the court. Furthermore, I am confident that there are others out there who can fit into this national programme. As if this was not enough excitement for one evening, a group of three persons played table tennis for hours during the volleyball session. Trust me; they are extremely good players, but need to help create a national table tennis association to push the sport forward. On top of all this, track and field, I understand, continued at the National Stadium until night fell.

For all the above reasons I am obligated to declare that “sportsa-jumping” in the way that it did in 1978. I encourage all able bodied persons to participate in the sport of their choice. In closing, I am tired as the night slips on and now the Filipinos are practicing basketball, after which the gym will be closed. I have noticed that the Filipinos have now permitted a foreign national to actually participate in their scrimmage/practice game. It is now Wednesday morning; I have returned to the ballpark and have been watching the Alpha Christian Academy’s Sports. Finally all of you, my loyal column readers, are encouraged to visit the Meridian Field to watch the 7-a-side Rugby Festival from 1pm and be witness to the level of progress made by our national rugby union.



February 25 - March 2, 2012

Williams now king of sprinting in TCI – Betters own 200M – Breaks Cox’s 22-year-old 100M record IT’S OFFICIAL—Delano Williams is the king of sprinting in the TCI. He made sure of this when he smashed two national records at last weekend’s Milo Western Athletic Championships in Jamaica. The 18-year-old clocked 20.53s and 10.34s in the 200M and 100M respectively. The Munro College sixth former passed his 200M record (20.73s), which he achieved at last year’s Western Champs, while he broke Rodney Cox’s 100M record of 10.45s which was accomplished in Guatemala in 1990. His 10.34s is a new meet record at the Montego Bay Sports Complex. WORLD CLASS At the school level in Jamaica he showed what TCI was capable of when he defeated their golden boy, Green Island High’s Odail Todd, in the Boys’ Class I 100 and 200 metres finals. Todd is the IAAF World Youth 100m champion. Todd actually ran a personal best (PB), that of 10.42s, but he was short of Williams’s new PB in the shorter version. In the 200M, Todd ran hard to

equal his PB (21s), but again he was short of Williams. BEYOND EXPECTATIONS At the start of this athletic year the CARIFTA Games U-20 200M champion, Williams, was anticipating records, but he felt that he would have just reached 10.40s before the season ended. His previous PB was 10.51s, while his best hand time is 10.39s. Local newspapers in Jamaica called Williams a star and indicated that he was the man to beat in both events at this year’s ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys’ and Girls’ Athletics Championships. For the modest Williams, he did well because of training. “I ran fast because I trained hard. My coach always tells me, whatever I put in that is what I am going to get out.” Williams is still hoping to qualify for Team Britain in this year’s Olympics, since TCI is barred from participating at the Games. Local officials are assisting in getting him to the host nation’s trials. IMPRESSIVE SPLIT Although all the attention was on

Munro College’s CARIFTA Games Under-20 200m champion, Delano Williams (centre), takes the sprint double at the Milo Western Athletic Championships, beating Green Island’s IAAF World Youth Champion Odail Todd at the Montego Bay Sports Complex. (Photo: Paul Reid)

Williams, another TCI athlete in Jamaica, Angelo Garland, who is also in sixth form at Munro College, did an impressive split of 48.4s in the Medley Relay for his school. The

time could push the newcomer on the world renowned 4X400m Munro Relay Team according to a source at the school. Commonwealth Games bronze

medallist (long jump) Ifeanyi Otuonye did not compete because he injured his left knee. The youngster is confident that he will be in action again very soon.

PABA Night League:

South Caicos and Flyers battling for top spot SOUTH Caicos and Flyers will battle this weekend for the number one spot in the closing stage of the regular season of the Provo Amateur Basketball Association (PABA) Night League being played at the Gustarvus Lightbourne Sports Complex. Both teams have recorded 14 wins with just one loss each. Last Friday night South Caicos defeated Police 62-58 after Kirk Adams poured in 18 points, seven rebounds, six assists and three steals. Jonathon Paul supported with 15 points, seven boards, eight assists and two steals. For

the Lawmen Delano Smith scored a game high 20 points, while he made two assists and three steals and K. Doughty added 18 points, five boards and two assists. On Saturday night the Flyers whipped the Steelers 66-45. Zachery Rigby led the attack with 18 points, four steals and three assists. Cameron Henry guided the Steelers’ offence with 22 points, eight rebounds and four assists. In the second game on Friday Predators defeated Cobras 50-44 after Roger Martinez just missed a triple double with 13 points, 10 assists and eight steals. His partner

Troy Saunders had a double-double with 10 points, 10 rebounds and three steals. Alvin Handfield led the Cobras with 10 points and six rebounds. Predators also won on Saturday when they got past Customs 45-42. Saunders scored 15 points and grabbed nine rebounds and three steals, while Michael Taylor had 15 points, six rebounds and four assists. Ezra Taylor (11 points, 12 rebounds and four steals) and Derek Hanna (10 points, five assists and three steals) were in double figures for the losing side. The Playoffs which are scheduled to begin on March 3rd will have

Flyers whipped the Steelers by 21 points last Saturday. They can claim the number one position in the league with a victory over arch rivals, South Caicos, this weekend.

six teams battling for supremacy. Predators sit in third position behind South Caicos and the Flyers

while the Knights and the Lions are currently in fourth and fifth positions and Customs in sixth.

February 25 - March 2, 2012





February 25 - March 2, 2012

Turks & Caicos Weekly News  

The National Newspaper of the Turks & Caicos Islands. Dated February 24 - March 2, 2012. Issue 08. Volume 26.

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