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Corruption probe to

‘Empower us

to govern’ – Consultative Forum chair Lillian Misickurges ‘partnership’ with UK UK OFFICIALS must act as partners with the TCI and not “overseersand bankers”if the country is to fully recover from its“financial black hole”. PAGE 


hit $33m

– Three years for SIPT and civil recovery team THE cost of corruption investigations is likely to hit a massive $33m, the Governor revealed this week.


TCI records third murder for 2011 TERVILUS Lovely became TCI’s third murder victim for this year after his lifeless body was found by police in thick bushes somewhere off South Dock Road on Wednesday. PAGE 

Overseas AG to see local AG case


A DECISION could be made sometime during the Christmas holidays on whether anyone will be charged based out of an alleged altercation between Attorney General Huw Shepheard ... PAGE  4

Boombastic at Grace Bay Mr Boombastic, Shaggy himself was the surprise live performer to rock these revelers at the Grace Bay Club appreciation party Tuesday.




December 17 - 21, 2011

December 17 - 21, 2011





December 17 - 21, 2011


‘Empower us to govern’ – Consultative Forum chair Lillian Misick urges ‘partnership’ with UK UK OFFICIALS must act as partners with the TCI and not “overseersand bankers”if the country is to fully recover from its“financial black hole”. Consultative Forum chair Lillian Misickmade her point clear in a passionatespeech to forum members in Providencialeson Tuesday. Her well-receivedend of year address spoke of the government’s “administrative incompetence” as well as a growing feeling of “distrust and alienation” toward them. But she added that relationships could be mended if changes are made in the way they includeTCIslanders. “Their blueprint to ensure good governance and sound fiscal management will never be worth the paper it’s written on if they do not interact with us more as mentors and partners than as overseers and bankers,” she stressed. “Having said all that, I am confident we shall overcome all of the interpersonal and structural challenges we face.” During her speech Ms Misick described 2011 as an AnnusHorribilis – a term made famous by Queen Elizabeth II in 1992 following a year of personal tragedy. “By contrast I’m referring to the national woes that have befallen our nation this year,” she said. “But, as we are fast approaching the dawn of a new year, I think it is best to look forward and not dwell too much on the past.” She said it was important to remember that the British Government are implementing structural reforms to help TCI avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.

However too many British officialsare unaware that they are partially responsible for creating andwidening the problem, the forum chair stressed. “Some of us may be able to offer far better advice on solving our economic problems than the British experts who have been retained to do so.” Ms Misickurged the UK to hire a local certified public accountant to replace the ex-pat chief auditor who was recently dismissed. The forum chair also spoke of her recent visit to London to speak with UK Minister for Overseas Territories Henry Bellingham. She was accompanied on the trip by Governor Ric Todd andAdvisory Council member Theo Durham. At the conference onUK’s

relationship with its Overseas Territories, Mr Bellingham said he was committed to building “mutual respect, mutual trust, and mutual appreciation”. “I must say it was both humbling and heartening that the heads of all of the other territories expressed abiding sympathy with our plight and shared their hope for our return to local rule as soon as practicable,” Ms Misick said. She revealed that during the conference she shared her views on ways to forge a more collaborative relationship. “As a general proposition I admonished them that no number of structural reforms can ever compensate for the spirit of distrust and alienation of goodwill that are growing between us.” She told conference attendees that there is a clear lack of transparency and consultation in the TCI, and added that the country is being governed from “behind closed doors”.

Lillian Misick

The “public spectacle” of the civil servants’ strike could even have been avoided if the Consultative Forum were involved, she said. “Instead, the British displayed the very kind of administrative incompetence they decried in

the local leaders they are now prosecuting.” During her trip Ms Misick also told Mr Bellingham that the strictly UK advisor policy and nonTCI deputy governor has sent an “untenable neo-colonial message”. “I concluded by lamenting that what the British are doing in the TCI these days seems geared more towards limiting their contingent liabilities than towards empowering us to govern ourselves.” As she came to the close of Tuesday’s speech Ms Misick stressed that there can be no excuse for apathy and cynicism among TCI citizens. “It will not do, for example, for us to protest in the streets about constitutional reforms when virtually none of us can even be bothered to submit suggestions on what constitutes the best path to TCI citizenship.” She said her wish for the New Year is that the Consultative Forum is empowered to fulfil its mandate.

Overseas AG to see local AG case A DECISION could be made sometime during the Christmas holidays on whether anyone will be charged in the alleged altercation between Attorney General Huw Shepheard and state prosecutor Leonard Franklyn. Weekly News understands from the Governor’s Office that this is so because at that time, the AG will be taking vacation and the investigating police will submit a report to Governor Ric Todd, who will in turn invite the attorney general of another jurisdiction to examine the files and decide whether any charges are to be

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laid. According to reports on Thursday, December 1, a loud vocal altercation between Mr Shepheard and veteran prosecutor Leonard Franklyn turned physical. Police have confirmed the investigation is based on a complaint of assault filed against the AG. Around that time, Governor’s Office Spokesman Neil Smith had stated: “We can confirm that a member of the Attorney General’s chambers has been placed on administrative leave under Ordinance 8.1.11 on full pay and until further notice, following an incident yesterday, Thursday, December 1. “The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force is investigating a complaint in relation to this incident.” On the following Monday however, when quizzed on the entire affair and the fairness of suspending only prosecutor Franklyn though there were two persons involved, Governor Ric Todd displayed nifty footwork in his response: “I do not want to say anything in these investigations, meanwhile the individuals concerned are returning to work.” Throughout grilling by journalists at the end of a media briefing held for Department for International Development Minister Alan Duncan, the Governor displayed a reluctance to comment on the issue. “I am not prepared to say any

Governor Ric Todd

Huw Shepheard

more about this case given that investigations are on the way. I think the procedure is a procedure, which is sensible and right in the circumstances. “I think the decision to suspend one of the people involved was taken by the TCIG, by the chief executive and the permanent secretary.” But it was following these statements that Mr Todd doubled back to assure journalists of all involved being returned to work. The Governor sought to assure everyone of the impartiality of the probe. “The investigations which are being pursued are going ahead, they will reach their conclusion. I have no say in anything in these

investigations. “The investigation is being carried out by the police.” When it was suggested that the work of the police may be affected because they report to the AG Governor Todd retorted: “No they don’t. The local police answer to me.” He added: “The investigation is being carried out as normal and proper under civil service investigation procedures. “Allegations have been made which are being investigated. I have complete confidence that everyone in the AG’s chambers will do their job professionally, honestly, openly and in the interest of the people of the TCI.”

December 17 - 21, 2011




Corruption probe to hit $33m

– Three years for SIPT and civil recovery team

THE cost of corruption investigations is likely to hit a massive $33m, the Governor revealed this week. Both the SIPT and civil recovery teams will be in place for a total of three years – at a price tag of $11m per year. But according to Governor Ric Toddthese expenses will be recouped many times over and the government’s coffers will be “significantly” boosted. Mr Todd made the announcement following a meeting with

Consultative Forum chair Lillian Misick. She stressed that “communication and transparency” were lacking in the government and people were getting “mixed messages”. As a result Governor Todd released a statement outlining the costs that the government is likely to incur throughout the course of the corruption probe. “Each year the SIPT costs approximately $7m and civil recovery $4m. Both are expected to

Anti-Corruption Day observed The Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) Integrity Commission joined the nations of the world to observe Friday December, 09, 2011 as United Nations International AntiCorruption Day. According to a December 09 media release, the Commission states that on this International Anti-Corruption Day, the organization reaffirms its resolve to play a leading role in this anticorruption campaign, and wishes to thank the government, citizens and residents of TCI, especially persons in public life for their support and cooperation since its establishment. Since 2003, the United Nations (UN) has designated December 09 as a day to raise people’s awareness of corruption, and its devastating effect on the economic, social and political lives of a people and to identify the tools to combat and prevent it. Corruption undermines democracy, good governance, justice and the rule of law; it breeds poverty in the midst of plenty; insecurity where there should be safety. Corruption is a deadly cancer that corrodes and destroys the social, economic and political fabrics of any nation. Act against corruption. The global reach of corruption and its scourge, led to the passing of the UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC)

and The OECD Convention on the Bribery of Foreign Officials in International Transactionstwo very important global legal instruments in the fight against corruption. Countries were urged to incorporate the provisions of these Conventions into their domestic laws. In 2008, TCI enacted the relevant legislation namely, the Integrity Commission Ordinance 2008 (the Ordinance), which essentially mirrored the provisions of these Conventions. The Ordinance came into force on June 1, 2009. On May 10, 2010, the Integrity Commission was established under this Ordinance with a mission to lead in combating corruption and promoting integrity, honesty and good faith in public life so that public resources are used fairly and equitably for the benefit of all TCI citizens and residents. Since its establishment, the Commission has worked to help set up the legal, infrastructural and institutional framework necessary to effectively and efficiently carry out its statutory and constitutional mandate. The passage of the Integrity Commission Ordinance and the establishment of the Integrity Commission is a clear message of commitment by the TCI government and its people to fight corruption.

run for three years each,” he said. He revealed that up until September 30 the joint cost of operations hit $17.4m, of which $10m was funded by a UK Government grant. This year’s remaining costs – of $7.4m - and next year’s expenses will initially be paid for by the government. But funds will ultimately be recouped from the proceeds of the civil recovery programme. “This has already made significant

progress recovering $2.25m in cash and some 800 acres of land valued at $150m,” the Governor said. “The pace, success and sums recovered throughout 2012 is expected to accelerate greatly, recovering millions of dollars in misappropriated funds and assets for benefit of the people of the TCI.” He said that the original ministerial statement about the SIPT and civil recovery programme revealed that the UK would make a contribution to the first year costs.

He added: “I am sorry if TCIG did not make this clear enough at that time. “We will investigate all means of reducing this burden to TCIG, including asking the UK for additional support, but, clearly, this is not guaranteed. “However, and it is worth repeating: we expect that the costs of these investigations will be recovered many times over and will significantly boost the coffers of the TCI Government.”

TCI records third murder for 2011 TERVILUS Lovely became TCI’s third murder victim for this year after his lifeless body was found by police in thick bushes somewhere off South Dock Road on Wednesday. An autopsy will be performed within the next few days to ascertain the cause of death but reports suggest that Lovely was shot. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The Weekly News found out that Lovely had arrived in the TCI by boat sometime in2009 from Haiti in search of a better life. Even after two years of unemployment Lovely remained faithful to God and participated in everything in the church, his pastor Frandy Antoine of Messenger Baptist Church said. The church took care of him and gave him money to look after himself. Lovely was present in church on Sunday and no one could believe that hewould have been dead the same week. “The entire congregation is shocked because Lovely was a very nice person,”Pastor Frandy’s wife said. On Sunday, he performed his Usher’s duties but called Pastor Frandy on Monday sayinghe could not make it to church because he was not feeling well. On Wednesday, he was still unable to go to church but refused all the clergy’s attempts totake him to the hospital. Instead, he decided that he would go and find some bush to make tea since he believed that that would cure his ailment. So, he took a male friend and set off to find the medicine.

Lovely Tervilus

While looking for the bush, the men noticed a police vehicle coming behind them andthey ran into the nearby bushes because they had no legal status in the TCI. Once in the bushes, they came face to face with three men who demanded what they were doing there. They explained to the men that they were running from the police because they were illegal but the men accused them of being police spies. Despite their strong denials, the men demanded that they hand over their cellular phones, which they did. It was then that Lovely’s friend ran away leaving him behind. The men tried to shoot the fleeing friend but the bullet missed him. The police was notified but when they arrived, it was too late for Lovely. He had been shot dead. Tragically, his father who owned a business in Haiti had been shot

dead just 22 days before. Now Lovely’s grieving brother who lives in Canada is lamenting the loss of his father and brother, saying: “Why I live now?” Lovely leaves to mourn two children, his mother and brother. A police report confirmed that the incident occurred in a wooded area off South Dock Road, Providenciales. There, a man was found with fatal injuries and was pronounced dead on the spot. Police investigators are asking the public’s assistance in solving this senseless crime. Anyone with information can contact the Police at one of the following telephone numbers 9464259,999, or through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-8477 or through a web tip on www.crimestoppers Turks and Caicos on Facebook.



December 17 - 21, 2011

A Weekly News column that puts you on the spot for your opinions on the issues of the day

Can the TCI remain competitive? According to recent reports the cost of electricity is set to shoot up again this month. Added to that the Interim administration has recently introduced a barrage of tax increases in what it claims is an effort to achieve a budget surplus. These factors are increasing the cost of living and of doing business in the Turks and Caicos Islands. We asked our readers this week, do you think that these increases are making TCI an unattractive jurisdiction as a tourist and investment destination?

Sucking the country’s blood

The taxes are 100 per cent wrong. The TCI has prospered as a low tax destination for investors. In that our mother country had denied financial responsibility, they are trying to get blood out of a dried turnip. All the blood in the country was sucked out by the last government with the rubber stamped approval of Britain. As islanders, we know how to avoid most of the taxes. This is not Britain. The FCO-run British employees who allowed it to happen are now replaced with British employees who don’t know how to fix the problems. Like any broken enterprise, it is time for an injection of cash from the UK not these taxes. There has been no new serious investment since Gordon Wetherell arrived. This is due to two factors. 1. The PNP government had their hand under the table to every prospective investor. The investors that provided the bribes were obviously not qualified financially to complete or run the developments. Look around, the ruins are everywhere. The TCI has a bad reputation that will haunt future governments for years. As one investor told us in 2004 after meeting with our former premier “you have a problem”. 2. The British takeover has left the state of the TCI in limbo. What investor of means would come here now? No concessions, the highest cost of living, including exorbitant electrical rates and fuel costs. Forty per cent import costs, including the basic duty, sur tax and tax on the expensive freight plus monopolized freight handling on all inbound materials and supplies. Add the extraordinary high departure tax, medical taxes bound to rise again and again for mediocre medical services and a retirement tax also predicted to rise. The PDM under Taylor was too slow and too cheap and the PNP was morally too fast and too expensive. What investor will be confident talking to those newly elected PDM executives or the PNPs who may be headed for court one and all? What investor would feel confident talking to a British adviser who may be transferred to

St. Helena or Pitcairn Island tomorrow? God only knows how this will work out but Britain must inject gold not loans to be paid back with taxes. It appears we cannot go backwards. We must wait out the Brits and find a new way forward. Backwards never, forward ever.

Not only fish in sea

Absolutely! Turks and Caicos isn’t the only game in the Caribbean.

Difficult to live

I think it’s making it unattractive to live here as a resident, Belonger or Ex-Pat, let alone tourists and investors.

On the brink

Tax increases on the locally based population has long reached its brink. Are we all to go to hell for a surplus when the world is in a recession? Many businesses have already closed their doors and countless persons have already fled the jurisdiction leaving an even smaller pool to pay into government’s tax schemes. Not only are they forcing people to leave, they are not encouraging inward investment which is needed to give the dollar more spending power. These Brits who are so called financial experts do not understand the dynamics of our country and are making grave mistakes due to their ignorance.

Impossible to survive

The fact that electric rates are going up again dictates that SIPT is investigating the wrong criminals. It is also a fact that these people are damaging any possible recovery that we might have and for sure they are restricting any progress on in the Turks and Caicos Islands. They are making it absolutely impossible to survive in this climate and as soon as I complete my current projects, I will cease and desist from making any further investment because we cannot compete with other destinations in our hemisphere because we need to continually increase our rates in order

to keep our heads above water... Had these rates been in effect before I started my current projects, I would have never started and put well over a million dollars back in my pocket to invest elsewhere, anywhere else but the T & C. Furthermore, I have several investors wanting to build and I cannot in all good conscience continue to advise them that this is the place to be, certainly not under these circumstance and in particular in this economy. Somebody needs to start a class-action suit against these people that are hell bent for destroying us as a tourism and investment destination. They are worse than Wall Street and must have gone to school there.

No skills

The main concern of the British bureaucrats, right now, is to get ‘Mother England’ out from under the loan guarantee they had to make, due to our crushing debt. I want to clarify that this debt was accumulated under their watchful eyes, in full cooperation with a local government, run amok. However, it is our debt and we must repay it. The bureaucrats need to get in as much cash as they possibly can, in the shortest time possible, thus taxes upon taxes. They do not have either the skills or the patience to let the islands recover financially through the encouragement of development. They want to get their guarantee liquidated now. We will bear this burden until the debt is paid in full. As to the attractiveness as an investment jurisdiction, we are still a lower cost place than many. The main thing that will make the Turks & Caicos an attractive place to invest will be clear cut and well enforced laws regarding development rules and regulations, ‘campaign contributions’ and planning ‘approvals’. We cannot expect to attract serious corporate investment unless we get rid of the old ‘pay to play’ ways of development here.

Unviable for us

Not only are they making it an unattractive place for new investors they are making it unviable for the ones that are here. Shops are closing at a quickening pace since retailers have borne the huge brunt of all the tax increases including the ‘duty processing fees’, huge work permit increases, business license increases and now if they take credit cards they have a 10 per cent fee on the bank fees they are charged so they lose another 0.5 per cent of their margins. It is very hard for them to increase their prices most of time as well since no one on island has any money so they cannot afford to shop now. Soon there will only be the few large stores left with all the small ones being taxed out of business. Then who will pay all of the taxes? The only businesses worth investing in are ones that are in the service industry who still pay practically no taxes and those directly involved in tourism. If you can run a tourism service business you are in the right business. You can tell all of the tax increases and new taxes have been introduced by civil servants that have no business sense or experience, if they had they would be looking at ways to encourage businesses not taxing them to death. Fairly soon there maybe another large exodus of small businesses owners leaving island

since they do not see a and VAT is looming as more jobs losses, less NHIP, duty and all of taxes.

profitable future here well. That will mean people paying NIB, the other introduced

Costs always high

The cost of doing business in the T&C has ALWAYS been high. (I am speaking from experience over the past 28 years). Mike and his gang really upped the ante, but obviously those people who did business with him could afford it. Now we all have to pay, to get back on track. The Brits and their plans are not perfect. But compared to the past 14 years of PDM, then Mike’s PNP administrations, the Brits are still looking good too me. For all of you who have the right to vote (unlike me), perhaps you will take a better look at the ‘resumés’ of those who wish to get elected, in the future. In the meantime, if you want elections, then we all have to help stabilize and re-energize the economy whether or not we have the right to vote.

What about us

Absolutely not. Just the opposite. People will soon learn that it is too expensive a place to visit and they will seek other locations which are more tourist and/or business friendly. And, what about the people who live in the TCIs? How are they going to survive the increases?

You play you pay

If the last Governing party (PNP) had managed the budget and not spent the monies for their personal use, we would not be in this predicament. Irresponsible, extravagant spending by our past government call for drastic measures. If the ministers plus, persons responsible for putting us in this position cannot repay the monies they spent for themselves, friends and families, then it falls on us, the people of the TCI to get our government back to a stable position. You play you pay. And, unfortunately, it’s we, the little people who must bear the blunt and suffer the consequences.

Recessionary taxes

At one point reality will hit the Interim Government and they will stop these undue, unnecessary, ill-timed, ill-planned and recessionary tax increases. The Permanent Secretary Finance, the Chief Economist and the Chief Financial Officer must all stop advising the Governor to increase taxes on the people. The blame is 90 per cent that of the former PNP regime. Because of them, the British had to take over, there would be no bad economy and continued 

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December 17 - 21, 2011




2ND quarter spending above budget GOVERNMENT spent more than what was budgeted in the second quarter but Chief Financial

Officer Hugh McGarel-Groves, has described as ‘cautiously optimistic’ his overview of the fiscal position of

the Turks and Caicos Islands. A media release from the Government Press Office stated that the first quarter’s results showed

Continued because of them the British are here imposing austerity measures on the people, poor and rich alike. Death and taxes have the same common interests-people. Taxes were a bad idea when Floyd Hall introduced 25 per cent a gallon on fuel sales and this bad idea now got the attention of the interim government to place an additional 50 per cent on fuel sales per gallon to 75 per cent. There is one guarantee, in addition to the $260 million guarantee, here and that all of these tax measures will create a wider and deeper deficit. Between 1995 and 2003 under the former PDM Government of the Hon. Derek Taylor the TCI began an upward economic climb, taxes were lowered and the budget reached 13 per cent annual growth rates. This trend continued until 2008 under the former PNP regime. Owing to downright corruption, etc, all blessed and approved by the British government the economy collapsed and they had to take over. The reality is that it would seem that the interim government is looking at these islands through the eyes of 1995-2008 era where growth rates were high, taxes could be easily absorbed and the economy would grow nonetheless. This is obviously not the case; these consumption-based taxes are creating a situation where people have to choose between paying for the taxes and eating. The result is less consumption, less spending, fewer monies to tax and the budget deficit widens. Since 2008 to now some 50 per cent of the working population has left the TCI, hundreds of containers of family belongings have been shipped out of the islands. They are now seeking to tax an economy which is 50 per cent less than what it was. Already the islands have greater incentives to spend less and save. Even saving is not a real possibility. On top of the Interim Government taxes, we have the stevedoring deal at South Dock Providenciales which is also increasing the cost of living across the board and by an additional 20 per cent. The Governor, the Interim Government, Hon Minister Alan Duncan, the Grand Turk Chamber of Commerce, the Providenciales Chamber of Commerce, must all take the same position and resolve that these tax increases are bad for the TCI economy and will help kill it. Alan Duncan himself admitted that the statistics, the instruments of measuring the economy are not present and there are no real heuristic devices by which to measure the economy and growth. Likewise these tax measures must be taken in the dark without proper analysis except a need to balance the budget and to meet the election date milestones. By then I am sure the economy may be completely dead. The result of an absence of planning means that there is greater taxes, increased cost of living, the added cost of doing business in the TCI and as a result the TCI is financially a difficult place to invest. To market these islands in a truly competitive manner the cost of doing business and these unneeded taxes must come down. Some businesses cannot pay the NHIP insurance premium because it is too high at 5 per cent, the NIB is 8 per cent, taxes across the board, and the

list is huge. What is needed is a touch of realism. Members of the former PNP regime must come forward and admit that they are responsible for the mess, show the SIPT and the Asset Recovery team, where the country’s monies are and allow these islands to grow. Asset Recovery teams, the Interim Government and the public, whilst pointing the much needed finger of blame at the former regime, must resolve that asset recovery monies should be treated as revenue and to reduce taxes. They must also resolve not to pay for rents which are 200 per cent the real value and for bad deals. This must include lands sold, revenues diverted etc. Finally, the Interim Government must wake up to the reality that increased taxes are not good for an economy in decline and tax increases ought to only be used when an economy is overheating. Reduced taxes will help to end the recession in the TCI.

Remain competitive

Tourists pick destinations for specific reasons such as exploring a new region, water sports etc. As long as the TCI remains competitive with other destinations in the Caribbean, including the Bahamas, then I do not believe a reasonable increase in taxes will pose much of a deterrent. With respect to investing in the TCI the same logic would apply, however in this case the comparison should only be with the Bahamas due to topography, location and demographics. Ways to encourage development in the TCI are to ensure that the process is transparent, efficient and is one-stop shopping for approvals. An investor should be able to go to a single government office, be met by friendly, knowledgeable staff who do all they can to take care of this potential customer. Approvals should be in a timely manner (if all criteria have been met) so that this investor will become a repeat customer and be happy to tell others about the ‘positive’ experience he had when dealing with the government staff.

Naïve notion

I do not believe that these challenges are making this an ‘unattractive’ choice for tourism investment. I feel that that we, as a nation, had a rather naive introduction into the world of tourism. In turn, the investors that were the pioneers of that industry here were equally inducted into a somewhat idyllic opportunity. The same is true of tourists who desire to view our pristine horizons. The contrast of that day and time to now is relative to the extremes of conditions. Subjectively, it seems that we may have now become a non-interest to heavy investors, but I think that looking at the quality of our product we are still strong contenders for long-term investors. Our unfortunate political unrest and struggling economy are not permanent conditions neither are they unique to our country. There may be more consideration and negotiation for investment prospects now and the process may turn more slowly, but by no means do I feel we have now become a lame duck to tourists or investors.

good progress in putting the TCIG’s public finances on track to achieve a fiscal surplus in the financial year ending March 2013. The main reason for further optimism in the half-year results was a 34 per cent rise above the same period last year in government revenues to $80.7 million - up three per cent from the same period last year. In spite of this percentage point increase in performance over the corresponding period last year, there remained overspending. The second quarter report read in part: “Total expenditure stood at $95.6 million, which was $9.5 million (11.1 per cent) above budget, mainly caused by unbudgeted historic liability payments. “Staff costs remain the most significant aspect of TCIG expenditure, accounting for 37 per cent of total expenditure to date and 44 per cent of total revenues collected to date. Staff costs of $35.2 million were $2.0 million (5.9 per cent) above budget, which is largely attributed to the delayed implementation of the Public Service Reform Program. “Subventions to statutory bodies were above budget by $0.3 million (7.5 per cent) and Sundry Expenses were above budget by $1.3 million (21.3 per cent). Other unfavourable budget variances were Rental of Assets, Operating Expenses and Grants and Contributions.” The second quarter financial statement was published on Tuesday, December 13. Accommodation tax continues to perform well above last year and budget for the year so far with receipts of $17.7 million, $4.38 million (32.9 per cent) up on last year and $3.5 million (24.8 per cent) up on budget. The revised forecasts for the remainder of the financial year anticipate an overall 25 per cent increase above the previous year and 15 per cent increase above budget, which is in line with advance bookings noted by hoteliers within the islands. However, import duty was the main revenue source for the year to date with receipts of $20.9 million slightly ahead of last year, but down $2.2 million (9.5 per cent) against the optimistic budget of $23.1 million, whilst Customs Processing Fees of $5.4 million were in line with the budget. The second quarter was however met with many challenges particularly in the area of expenditure which were $9.5 million (11 per cent) above budget, mainly due to the unbudgeted historic liability payments that had to be made. At the end of September 2011, the net of revenue and expenditure showed a cumulative deficit of $14.9 million, doubling the predicted budgeted deficit of $7.3 million.

Hugh McGarel-Groves - CFO

This is a significant reduction from the $35.3 million deficit figure at the same stage in 2010. This increase in the half-year deficit was principally caused by the government settling a total $8.2 million of mostly unbudgeted historic liabilities including: Utilities & Infrastructure $5.2 million, Medical $1.7 million, Office Supplies $0.6 million, Professional Fees $0.3 million and Travel $0.3 million. According to the government statement, it was in order to mitigate any further escalation in the deficit that led to the budget measures announced in November, which introduced a number of tax rises from December 01. These tax rises are projected to help ensure the government is back on track to achieve its objective of a financial surplus in the year ending Mar 2013, by reducing the potential $35 million deficit this year to under $30 million and improving next year’s forecast by $16 million. Additionally government said achievement of this surplus in 2012/2013 would also depend, amongst other factors, on keeping the public service reform program on schedule. The release quoted CFO McGarelGroves saying: “The detailed results from the second quarter of this financial year reveal that there are real reasons for cautious optimism about the government’s financial position, despite some setbacks on unbudgeted historic liabilities, as we work towards the milestones of providing a stable economic environment and reaching a financial surplus next year. “Further, we can have improved confidence in our financial data due to our commitment to achieve reliable financial reporting. New measures have been put in place to track the monitoring of both revenue and expenditure programmes through individual monthly meetings with ministries and departments, supported by improvements to the reporting system to ensure more accurate and timely financial information being available.”



December 17 - 21, 2011


Gov’t gets $1.25m boost from corruption accused – John Gill will face no criminal proceedings

THE government’s coffers will soon have a $1.25m boost following the country’s first SIPT-led civil recovery action. Corruption accused John Gillhas agreed to fork out the cash and in return will not have to face any criminal charges. On Thursday (December 9) Attorney GeneralHuwShepheardsaid that he was satisfied the “public interest”would be served by this settlement. During a short hearing the Chief Justice hearddetails of the allegations and the settlement that had been reached between the TCI Government and Mr Gill.

He then made the civil recovery order under the provisions of the Proceeds of Crime Ordinance 2007. Mr Shepheardsaid: “After a comprehensive investigation by the Special Investigation and Prosecution Team (SIPT) into the role of John Gill and following a detailed review of the evidenceagainst him I agreed to proceed in his case by way of a civil recovery action.” He revealed that Mr Gill will be ordered to pay $1,250,000 to the governmentto settle all criminal and civil issues thatwere identified during the course of the SIPT inquiry.

These follow allegations ofunlawful conduct that surfaced during the Commission of Inquiry in 2008. “I am satisfied that the public interest is served by this settlement and it is asettlement that is consistent with the interim administration’s policy that it wishesto treat in a fair and proportionate way with all self-confessed wrong doers,” the Attorney General said. “I willin appropriate cases consider that an acceptance of responsibility and an agreementto make financial recompense is a sufficient way to resolve these issues, whilstalways reserving the

Elections on track for 2012 - Governor optimistic about financial recovery ELECTIONS will take place at the end of 2012 if TCI’s financial recovery continues as planned. That’s the word from Governor Ric Todd who made his end of year round up at the Advisory Council meeting on Wednesday. “This is a challenge not just for the Governor’s office, the Advisory Council and TCIG – it is something that we must all rise to meet,” he said, “but it is definitely achievable.” Following this year’s final meeting of the advisory council in Grand Turk,Governor Todd spoke of the progress made during the past year and the country’s prospects for the future. “We all know that TCI has been through a tough time over the last few years, partly due to the global recession, partly to the problems caused by previous mismanagement. “The people of the TCI are still paying the price. “The interim administration is working hard to try to remedy these problems, to further develop the economy and to improve public services. “Despite these present difficulties and challenges, there are grounds for growing optimism in 2012.” Governor Todd said that the recent

Governor Ric Todd

publication of the TCI Government’s financial position demonstrated the interim administration’s commitment to transparency. It detailed the fiscal situation for thesecond quarter of this financial year, from June 1 to September 30, 2011. “The latest detailed account of the TCIG finances show that our reforms are, can and will have a positive effect,” the Governor said. “TCIG’s income has risen, in the first half of this year it is up 34 per cent on the same period last year. “The financial statement sets out the facts that illustrate that our economy is showing signs of recovery.” He added that accommodation taxes were up 24 per cent to $17.7m

since last year and said the next few months are likely to be a “bumper high” tourist season. Air passenger arrivals are up 15 per cent on last year and a $15m investment in a second new private jet facility at the airport has also been made. “Through the milestones, we have a clear way forward set out by Ministers,” Governor Todd said. “The good news is that elections can be held before the end of next year if these are met.” The Governor stressed that returning to fiscal surplus in 2012/13 is the“most challenging” milestone. “As has been widely covered, our estimates for this year have had to be significantly altered in view of unbudgeted bills from the past and a slower than expected rate of public sector reforms. “Strong positive action is being taken to combat these factors.” He added that the first SIPT led civil recovery agreement for $1.25m was recently completed. Meanwhile the main civil recovery programme has won back 800 acres of Crown land, worth $150m, and nearly $1m in cash. “I am confident that more dishonestly acquired land and cash will be returned to its rightful owners, the people of TCI.” Mr Todd said. “Taking all this together, I think that there are good reasons to be positive about the prospects for TCI in 2012.”

right to take criminal proceedings in the right case.” In deciding whether to prosecute an individual or a company, the Attorney General applies a two stage test. First whether it is in the public interest to prosecute, and second whether there is sufficient reliable evidence to be reasonably certain of obtaining a conviction. It is in considering the public interest that the AG takes account of whether an offender has accepted responsibility for his actions and is willing to make financial recompense. Only if the AG is satisfied that that acceptance and willingness to make financial recompense is a sufficient way to dispose of the case will he conclude that it is not in the public interest to prosecute.

The practice of accepting a civil recovery instead of pursuing a prosecution has a long history in English law. Its use is encouraged by several international organisations such as the OECD and the United Nations in their model laws on financial crimes. This week Mr Shepheard responded to requests for further information on his decision with information on the process. But he said thatrevealing specific details on the case could prejudice other proceedings and would also be criminal contempt of court. “It must be remembered that there are on-going criminal proceedings against other individuals that could be prejudiced if I were to disclose the full details of how and why I reached the conclusion that it was appropriate not to prosecute Mr Gill.”

Electoral list compiled by summer - Rushbrook ALL internal structures will be in place for elections to go ahead next year as planned, the Governor’s Office has confirmed. A new electoral list will be compiled, governing measures put in place, and ordinances drafted. The reassurance comes from Director of Strategy Phillip Rushbrookwho outlined estimated timelines at Tuesday’s Consultative Forum meeting. He said that electoral and political reforms are on course for elections to take place at the end of 2012. “With regard to the question on the electoral boundary commission, an Order in Council was passed by the Privy Council in November which provides the legal base for an electoral boundary to be set up at an appropriate time by the Governor here in the TCI. “This will happen in spring next year following the inputting of census data into the process for setting constituency boundaries for the assembly. “This will lead to voter registration and a new electoral list by summer 2012.” Mr Rushbrook said new ordinances and updates to ensure future elections are representative and conform to the new

constitution are also in the works. “The FCOhas financed two new ordinances,” he said, “one is an update and revision of the elections ordinance and that is currently being drafted and will be circulated early next year. “This is already at an advanced stage and is being finalised before consultation now.” He explained that the ordinance takes into account the changes recommended by CARICOM following the last elections. It is also influenced by the Electoral Reform Intellectual Society, as well as observations made by the Supervisor of Elections in the TCI. “The drafting of the second ordinance on the conduct of political parties and individuals, both during elections and when in public office,will be drafted by March 2012,” he said. “It will also take into account provisions regarding campaign financing, campaigning techniques and party donations.” New measures to govern the electoral process, regulation of political parties, integrity and accountability in public office and public financial management all form part of the ministerial milestones to be met before elections can be held.

December 17 - 21, 2011

& CrimeCourt


WITH Samantha Dash-RIGBY

Filipino man shot during robbery A MAN of Filipino descent was shot after he was attacked and robbed on Saturdayevening on South Dock Road. The victim was treated for his non-life-threatening injury at the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre and was later released, a police source revealed. At the time of the robbery the man was on the South Dock Road with a computer in his possession. A lone gunman approached him and took the computer from him shooting him in the process.

Up to press time on Thursday, no one had been charged with the shooting and policeinvestigations are on-going. They are seeking the public’s assistance to solve this crime. If you have any information as it relates to this incident, you are asked to contact the police on 946-4259, 911 or 999. You can also callCrime Stoppers at 1-800-8477 or through a web tip on www.crimestoppers Turks and Caicos on Facebook.

Man fired for fighting on job A YOUNG man who got into an altercation with a co-worker over a plate of food was freed on his own recognisance to keep the peace and orders to pay the other compensation. Lanard Wilson, appeared in the Providenciales Magistrates’ Court before Magistrate Clifton Warner on Wednesday charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm. It was said that on January 19 at the verandah Resort, Wilson assaulted another employee. On his first arraignment in court, Wilson pled guilty with explanation, but the court did not accept it and entered a not guilty plea. On the defendant’s behalf, defense


attorney Kendle Williams said that Wilson has remorsefully pleaded guilty and apologises for the offense. He explained that the incident occurred as a result of the circumstances which preceded that caused tempers to be inflamed. Wilson has been punished already, in that he lost his job at the resort. “I thought your reaction was out of proportion”, magistrate Warner told Wilson before placing him on a bond to keep the peace for one year. He was released on his own recognisance of $500 and has to pay the complainant $500 compensation in four months time.

High school boy guilty of burglary A TEENAGED schoolboy was placed on $2,000 bail with strict orders to return to court on April 20 for sentencing after he admitted breaking into a woman’s home and stealing her computer. The schoolboy appeared in the Providenciales Magistrates’ Court before Magistrate Clifton Warner on Wednesday charged with burglary. The court heard that earlier in this year, the woman secured her home by locking all the windows and doors before she left for work.

When she returned around 6pm she discovered that the bathroom window was open and the computer, which valued $850, was missing. She reported the matter to the police and Crime Scene Investigators dusted for fingerprints. On the toilet bowl, they found the defendant’s finger and palm prints. The Magistrate was told that the computer was never recovered nor did the student offer any assistance as to where it might be. It was then that the Magistrate

Large drug bust in the Bight A FEMALE has been charged with a string of drug related offences and is set to face Providenciales Magistrates’ Court on a date unknown at this time. Police sources have not released the woman’s name but disclosed that she was charged with possession of cocaine, possession of cocaine with intent to supply, possession ofcannabis and possession of cannabis with intent to supply. The female along with two men were arrested on December 10 at a house in the Bightafter police searched it. The drugs

were seized by the police. Police spokesman Inspector Calvin Chase said that the search resulted from a routine vehicular stop search by police ranks on Friday evening, December 9. While executing the stop search on the vehicle, police gleaned information from the passengers, which pointed them to premises in the Bight, That tip-off led to “a significant drug bust” in the Bight area, Inspector Chase stated. The woman has since been released on police bail with a surety.

learnt that the police compared the prints found at the scene with the boy’s prints, which they already had in the system. The schoolboy said nothing in his defence in court and Magistrate Warner called for a probation report pending sentence.

Eleven reported crimes in less than two days CRIMINAL elements have been busy in Providenciales over the last 48 hours, two police 24-hour crime recap reports have revealed. In less than two days from December 14 to 15, police have responded to 11 reported crimes ranging from burglary to murder. Four burglaries, two attempted burglaries, three thefts, one assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and one murder. In addition, during this same time, a female was arrested on suspicion of sending death threats and extortion via email, while a male was arrested on suspicion of theft in connection with one of the theft reports for the said period. One man was charged for allegedly taking a motor vehicle without authority on Monday, December 12. Another was charged for burglary, which allegedly took place on Saturday, December 10. Police investigations are ongoing.

Five Cays man to pay Woman raped in South Dock for breaking police station light bulb Three-yearA YOUNG man who was found to be mentally unstable appeared in court on Wednesday and was fined $350 for damaging property that belonged to the Government. Vincent Rigby of Five Cays admitted to Magistrate Clifton Warner that he maliciously damaged a fluorescent light bulb at the Five Cays police station on November 24, 2010. It was alleged that whilst in custody with other male prisoners on that day, Rigby demanded that the police release him on bail or he would break up the cell. Around 4.30pm the female police in charge heard the cell door slam and went to investigate. It was then that she saw, Rigby climb up and break the bulb on the

ceiling. The owner of the building was called in and the police obtained an estimate of $360 for the repairs. Defense attorney Kendle Williams told the Magistrate that his client is sincerely apologetic and asked that his sentencing be limited to the cost of the repairs. After learning that Rigby has since been taking his prescribed medications and is on the mend mentally, Magistrate Warner dismissed the case under the Probation of Offenses Ordinance and ordered him to pay the cost of the repairs as compensation. Rigby now has to pay a total of $1,110 as he did not pay a previous fine of $750.

A HAITIAN woman was raped after an armed man got into her vehicle and forced her male companion to drive to a remote area in Providenciales on Saturday. Reports suggest that the couple were in a car somewhere on South Dock Road when an armed man accosted them. The attacker then forced the man to drive to an area off South Dock road where two additional male subjects became involved. The driver of the vehicle was robbed of his personal belongings and his vehicle was stolen from him. The three men then took the woman to the nearby bushes where one of them sexually assaulted her before they left. The Criminal Investigation Division and the Sexual Offence/ Domestic Violence unit are investigating this crime. This was the second known crime

that was committed on South Dock Road withinone week and police have issued a warning to the public. Police press liaison officer Inspector Calvin Chase released a statement “cautioning persons travelling in the area of the South Dock Road to use extreme caution in slowing to pick up persons or parking in unlit, unpopulated areas”. He also advised people to keep their vehicle doors locked at all times and only open for those known to them. Again, police are asking the for the public’s assistance as it relates to this incident. Anyone with any information which may be of assistance can contact the police on 946-4259 or 999. They can also call Crime Stoppers on 1-800-8477 or through a web tip on www.crimestoppers Turks and Caicos on Facebook.

old found dead in pit

ON WEDNESDAY on the island of South Caicos the lifeless body of a three-year-old girl was found in a pit of water. A police report confirmed that the toddler was found sometime around 5.45pm in the uncovered pit at a location known as The Flat. The child was later pronounced dead by authorities and a post mortem will be conducted to determine the cause of death. Police have already begun their investigations into the shocking find.



December 17 - 21, 2011

December 17 - 21, 2011





December 17 - 21, 2011

We welcome letters from all members of the public on a variety of topics.

Letter of the week

Good news for the Morleys Dear Editor, A while back I had written highlighting the injustice that had occurred to Mr and Mrs John Morley. They had bought 1.58 acres of Middle Caicos land, for 92,500US$ cash, they had got plans approved and commenced construction, importing three containers of goods to this end. In October 2007 without notice or warning the government had shut down construction and taken away their land as it was too close to the ‘Indian Caves’. From 2007 till just recently the government has been in possession

of both Mr Morley’s land and money, and this was not right. I would like to report that the government just recently has stepped up to the plate and done the right thing; they have provided Mr and Mrs Morley with another piece of land so that they continue on with their construction project. This is good news and I would say well done to the governor and his team for finally doing the right thing in respect to this injustice. I would also take the opportunity to ask The Planning Department to extend mercy and grace to the Morley’s, allowing them

to use the costly plans they already have to construct their building on their new piece of property. In exposing this injustice I had pointed out that “with the measure you use it shall be measured onto you – and even more” Mark 4vs24. It is good to see, that finally those in authority have acted and brought relief to the Morley’s and I am sure that this measure of relief will be now be extended our nation as well, and TCI like the Morley’s will be getting back to work. God Bless the TCI John D Wildish

British fairytales Dear Editor, I have come to one conclusion in dealing with the British Government the past nearly three years of Interim administration. They are not truthful and in fact they tell blatant lies to the general public, especially when it comes to the financial state of the country. For example, the British FCO, Caroline Gardiner that was brought in stated in a release that our national deficit of $8.5 Million last year when she did her analysis. This figure has subsequently changed many times. The international development minister recently told the press that the deficit now stands at more than $30 million since the recent discovery of unpaid bills to the tune of $15 million dollars was found hidden in drawers. Forget the fact that Martin Stanley’s figures are completely different, in that his calculations were much higher. According to Mr Stanley, the Interim Administration inherited a debt of 71 million from the former PNP Government as at March 31, 2009 which has subsequently increased to $191 million by September 30, 2011. Forgive me if I am wrong, but I don’t believe any of the above. First of all, if our debt was down to $8.5

million under Mrs Gardiner, why are others coming up with much higher numbers? Additionally, I find it extremely difficult to believe that we have hired the best financial experts the British have to offer who sat in offices and did not open their desk drawers for three years as the international development minister suggested. What were they doing while being paid by the people of the TCI? Twiddling their thumbs perhaps? Mr Stanley’s observations were my favorite because his at least proves that the British Government is as capable of managing our finances as they do their own (not very well), to see an increase under such experts of $120 million in fewer than two years is unheard of. Lets do some basic math to set the ignorance straight, $8.5 (Gardiner) + $30 (International Dev Min) + $191 (Stanley) = $229.5 million. I am sure you will agree that $260 million is far more than enough to cover $229.5 million with change to spare. So if any of you are right or all completely wrong, we should have had money in the kitty to cover it. Do us a favor and make public the accounting dealing with the borrowed $260,000,000 dollars.


How was it spent exactly? Who received it? How much of it ended up where it started with the British Advisors, council and experts? Better yet what happened to the hundreds of millions of dollars that Helen Garlick claimed her team recovered? Couldn’t the recovered hundreds of millions coupled with the $260 million dollars set us straight? Where has the country’s money gone? I think we need an inquiry into the inquiry because these numbers cannot be true. We will never know what the proper accounting in our country is, but I advise them to take a closer at their extensive room service tabs and allowances that our costly and inefficient counterparts are costing us. My take of course is that we get our locally elected and accountable government back in office so our queries and concerns won’t fall on deaf ears. Its time we got off our collective butts and take our country back from these Brits who obviously are not transparent, accountable or forthcoming with information that should be public because we can’t depend on them to tell the truth. Euwonka Selver

The PS selection a conspiracy Dear Editor, At this time we do not want, nor can we afford to have any more scandals here in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI). Scandal, scandal, and more scandal; when will it stop? The permanent secretaries (PSs) positions in single-ministry functions were all made vacant and redesigned/re-developed as multiministries functions; and all current holders as well as others were asked to apply for these jobs. What an insult to any reasonable thinking person. If the current PSs were not performing as single functions, how will these same individuals perform as multi-functions? Impossible, these individuals sure cannot, unless there was personal or private training going on and the individual were waiting for such an opportunity! Not hardly. Too busy doing other things. So it can be inferred and clearly seen that the whole plan is to get rid of these current holders and hire new/ select staff. Wrong, though the act can be reasoned; but the way the whole process is now being done begs questions worldwide. All tenets of human resource management talent selection processes are being violated, less person individual rights, as the other not-select individuals are with contempt, excluded and discriminated against. What is going on in the Turks and Caicos Islands? Many members of the past administration, lawyers, private citizens, and even people from afar. But to now afoul the hiring process of the highest administrators of the country is treason. Will there be anyone tried with treason for this act? Let us get the facts:

PSs positions advertised Panel of Evaluators commissioned (along with family members of select applicants, TCI – CEO Designate) Of the 33 applicants, a select number were invited to a private meeting with the Panel Short-list was developed … current state of the process. Does anyone smell conflict, conspiracy, or afoul here? If we do, and for fairness not knowing how it works here in the TCI, let us now get the players who are responsible to correct such lapses. Just for starters, we must call on and ask: Where is the recent Integrity Officer? Where is the Human Right Commissioner? Where is Mr D. Ric Todd, Governor? Where is the recent appointed/ selected CEO? My God, TCI, a Christian country, the new CEO, (who will be replacing Mr. Martin Stanley), who has not yet resigned from his job in the UK (agencies for person with disabilities – Public Works), was one of the persons meeting covertly in the private meeting. The man is already showing his true colors, and his disregard for the rule of law. What kind of leadership are we now importing here in the TCI? Do we not have enough conspiracy going on here in the TCI right now? Do we need more of what we cannot handle? Do we need this new CEO here as he is now deemed to be corrupt? And most important, the selection is a fault and must be re-done. Name withheld by request

Prices up Dear Editor, Obviously the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development have their heads up their collective arses if they truly think we aren’t going to

feel the impact of increased fees and taxes on goods imported before December 1. Prices started going up as soon as they made the announcement.

Please note that all submissions are subject to editing in keeping with defamation laws and newspaper style. Letters should be accompanied by the author’s full name, location and phone number. Names will be withheld if requested.

Tina Wolfe

December 17 - 21, 2011



The AG should step aside Dear Editor, Prosecutor Files assault charges against Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) Attorney general (AG). Can the country’s chief law enforcer break the law and at the same time maintain impartiality in investigating himself? I think not! Then why is an accused felon still serving in the highest prosecutorial office in the country? This simple question is therefore addressed to the Governor of the Turks and Caicos Islands, The Attorney General of the Turks and Caicos Islands, and the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands, and of course, you the reader here in this virtual world. I have copied and pasted this above heading as captioned in the TCI Sun Newspaper 12/3/11; and am hoping that it reads differently, because I am now trying to hold my wits, and ask myself the question, is this for real, and is this is something happening right now in the TCI? My good senses tell me I am sane, my not as good senses tell I am reading a real article, and that indeed the AG of the TCI is accused of assaulting a colleague, a fellow Prosecutor, a Crown employee, a member of the TCI Judiciary, a member of the TCI Supreme Court, a subordinate of the AG, a Belonger of the TCI, and last, and most important, an individual, and fellow human being! Every single possible rights activist and advocate has been called upon, and I expect these bodies, specifically, the Governor’s Office,

the AG’s Office and, of course, the Human Rights Commission, to immediately rise to will, and take or make the appropriate actions and ask that the Attorney General in person do the honorable thing, and recluse (suspend or put on administrative leave) himself from his prosecutorial office until this matter is resolved. If this action is not immediately executed, then everything else fails in the AG’s Office and the entire Department of Public Prosecutions is suspect of running afoul. There are now two sets of standards, one for the Attorney General’s office and one for the general attorneys office and the public. Will the now present prosecutions and possible convictions be safe seeing that we have an AG that is accused and may be under indictment himself? The AG’s office is now suspect as a disgrace, and right now, unwarranted attention is being drawn; a position with which, the AG’s office cannot, must not, and should not be associated. Will the intended and pending internal/external investigations be free from interference, and fair? Will the investigators perform a fair investigation on their supervisor; knowing that there may be reprisals from the AG himself, or any other succeeding AG’s staff? There are doubts, and the only way for these doubts to be cleared is for the AG to do the right thing, and step aside. Regards, Edward E. Smith, PhD.


ACCP meets in Barbados

TCI POLICE Commissioner Colin Farquhar joined other commissioners from around the Caribbean at a two-day inter-sessional meeting of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police (ACCP) in Barbados on December 6 and 7. The commissioners in attendance were from Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Montserrat, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, and St Vincent and the Grenadines, Bermuda and Jamaica were represented by their respective deputy commissioners. The focal points of the meeting were the “delivery of community based policing and combating organised crime for the survival of the region,” Acting Commissioner of Barbados Bertie Hinds stated at the opening ceremony. Hon Adriel Braithwaite MP, Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs, Barbados, delivered the keynote address and stressed the importance of engaging strategic partners in the fight against crime. His comprehensive speech covered a wide range of topics including, drug and firearms trafficking, seizing criminal assets, the need for effective witness protection programme, videotaping of suspect interviews, witness

engagement, intelligence sharing, community policing and schools programmes, complaints against police and police integrity. President of the ACCP, Commissioner Ellison Greenslade, QPM, MBA in his brief remarks said that he was pleased to be present in Barbados to discuss with partners regional crime issues and the importance of partnerships in crime fighting. HE Ruth Archibald, the Canadian High Commissioner in her remarks expressed the importance of police training and that Canada had funded a recent senior command course. Phil Culligan, Deputy British High Commissioner Barbados, identified the importance of donor country coordination and the importance of partnerships in fighting crime. Christopher Sandrolini, Charge d’Affaires, Embassy of the United States in Barbados identified the importance of the role of the ACCP in coordinating regional crime fighting efforts. The plenary sessions of the meeting saw a number of issues presented and discussed which included community based policing and its impact on community safety, regional approach to dealing with organised crime and attendant challenges. Obtaining forensic evidence from bank notes and other items, a

framework for regional cooperation for training and development, a regional approach to ethics and integrity education, were also discussed. Reports were submitted from Carnival Cruise Lines and Cruise Lines International Association on crimes committed on board cruise ships, Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Regional Security System, among other entities. Other business included the Secretary/Treasurer Financial Report, a review of ACCP Permanent Secretariat, the post of Secretariat Manager, and proposal for a new IT Environment at the Permanent Secretariat. They also discussed the upcoming conference to be held in the Bahamas May 21 to 25 next year. During the meeting Arnaldo Martinez, systems sales manager Caribbean region of Motorola Solutions Inc, awarded ten scholarships to children of police officers from Antigua and Barbuda, Jamaica, Barbados, Belize and St Christopher and Nevis. The meeting was held in Christ Church at the DiviSouthwinds Resort. Apologies for absence were received from the Commissioners of Police of Anguilla, Aruba, Grenada, and United States Virgin Islands.


Ghosts of Christmas Past

As the season of the Saviors birth approaches we can not help but remember the Christmas days of long ago. On Christmas eve day Grandpa Tapfer would pick me up and I would spend the day with dad’s parents. During my visit Santa Claus would visit our home as my parents decorated the Christmas tree and wrapped gifts. My Grandparents would drive me home in the dark and we enjoyed seeing the few homes decorated with lights. The celebration then began with all my Grandparents, parents, Aunt Pearl and brother Jim. Gifts were exchanged and Christmas cookies broken out. Christmas day was church with

By David Tapfer mom and cousin Lois singing in the large, wonderful choir. A big meal and Christmas carols as mom played the piano. Yvette as a girl was celebrating in North Caicos where she found some beautiful fabric in the pillow

case which was hung up for Santa’s deposits therein. A few pieces of candy and dreams of the dress the cloth would produce were part of her Christmas day as was a meal of chicken from the yard and rice. My Grandparents placed oranges under their Christmas tree reminding Grandma of her childhood when she, one of 11 children in rural Ohio, celebrated Christmas enjoying the then special fruit and little else. In later years mom and Lois spent weeks before Christmas cooking thousands of Christmas cookies which the wider family and friends gratefully received. Yes there was the wonderful home made annual fruitcake too. Florida years with Yvette

included decorated trees and Christmas family affairs. In Middle Caicos food gifts from merchants and politicians replaced those treasured earlier celebrations. However spending the day with Ma Charity and local friends and contacting children via the phone kept family Christmas alive. Bread pudding, potato and corn bread replaced cookies and fruit cake. These memories are burned into the fabric of my life. Yvette and I recently discussed the gift expectations of today’s children. Fancy cell phones, computerized games and things which hurt the year end budget. I wonder if children are the better for what we shower upon them. The orange loomed

large in Grandma’s life as did the dress fabric in Yvette’s. The most wanted and appreciated gift of my youth was an inexpensive radio kit which I had to construct myself. I modified that treasured kit over and over. It was perhaps, the beginning of a career. No restaurant meal or computer can replace those wonderful Christmas days gone by. Now Mom is gone, Dad long past and my second mother Ma Charity taken from us. However the children are all healthy with a new spring grandchild expected.. My prayer for the younger generation is that they will have memories to savor as rich as our own.



December 17 - 21, 2011


Symbol of light in TCI By Rabbi SholomBluming WHEN you drive pass the Seven Star roundabout this next week it is likely you’ll see something you haven’t seen there before - a large Menorah candelabra. During this wonderful holiday season we commemorate the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. During Hanukkah, we kindle small menorahs in our own homes and also in the public thoroughfare. What is the significance of the menorah, you might ask.Allow me to share with you some background

information. Over 2200 years ago the Greek Assyrians under the rulership of Antiochus captured the ancientland of Israel, subjugated the people and forbade them from practicing their religion. They occupied the holy temple and did not allow the Jews to worship God there. This persecution extended for years until a small group of Jews known as the Maccabees, revolted against Antiochus and his mighty army. This small group of believers,

armed with much less than the mighty army of the Greeks, battled with them. God in his grace placed the enemy in theirhands. The weak overcame the strong, the few overcame the many, those who sought liberty and freedom overcame the tyranny of the despotic king, the Assyrians were routed from the land andliberty once again prevailed upon Israel. When the Maccabees returned to the holy temple and sought to rekindle the menorah they found only one small jar of pure oil which had enough to burn for one day.

God performed a miracle and the small oil that had enough to burn for one day illuminated for eight days –enough time for new oil to be produced. Since then Jewish people have celebrated the holiday of Hanukkah by kindling candles each night, one candle the first night, two candles the secondnight, until all eight candles are kindled the last night. The message of Hanukkah is the following: a message of religious freedom and tolerance. Tyranny has no place in this world. The message of the menorah is a universal one and applies to all people. Light a candle. Whenthe world turns dark around us and the forces of darkness engulf a person you can’t chase out darkness with a stick. Bring light and the darkness will disappear on its own. Love and goodness is much stronger than hostility and indifference. Add more light each day. Light up the world with more goodness each day and be not simply satisfied with

yesterday’s achievements. Hanukkah is about minorities and ethnic groups being different. Like the colours of the rainbowour differences add to beautiful diversity. We must celebrate diversity and not allow others to turn it into divisiveness. This is the season for all of us to commemorate God’s blessings each in their own way andbring more cheer, goodness, faith, and caring to all people, regardless of race, colour or creed. Although perhaps small in number there’s been a Jewish presence in the island for some time. The TCI is a bastion of freedom and democracy allowing for our many diverse groups to sharein brotherhood and goodness of heart. May this holiday season truly be a source of blessing for all of our citizens with peace and harmony. As we look at the light of the menorah may its light be a beacon of hope blessing and freedom for all. To learn more about Hanukkah contact

Chamber blasts Fortis The Providenciales Chamber of Commerce’s presentation to UK MP Alan Duncan has shown a no nonsense approach to economic reform, but in outlaying an eight-prong formula the private-sector organization trod on toes of one of its own. As the Minister of State for International Development within the Department for International Development, Mr Duncan, holds direct responsibility for the British Overseas Territories, and was on a three-day factfinding visit here from December 04. COC in its document charged that the huge cost of electricity is stifling economic diversification. And, describing contract renewal terms that the Providenciales plant, Fortis, agreed to with government as ‘preposterous’ the organization called for an investigation and revocation of the deal. Further, the private sector group called for deregulation of power supply with the first step being to force the company build an electricity-producing generator at the garbage dump, or allowing a private contractor to do so. “Fortis should be obliged to purchase the power produced [by a private contractor] at the base rate charged to TCI consumers plus some portion of the fuel surcharge. Fortis would still be compensated for distribution. All businesses and persons wishing to do so should be allowed to produce solar power and put this into the grid, which would in some cases turn their meter backwards during very sunny periods and stay hooked to the grid for evening or cloudy periods.” But Fortis, a full member of COC, cried foul complaining that the Chamber did not contact it before arriving at these

conclusions though the company has at all times been pre-disposed to meeting the body on any matter. “We are therefore a bit surprised that the company was not given the opportunity, as a Chamber of Commerce Member, to give our input as it relates to electricity deregulation before the recommendations were submitted,” CEO and President Eddington Powell stated. He said that the power company intends to open its own talks with the UK Minister of State, Alan Duncan, on this matter. In another matter that COC saw having a negative impact on economic progress the Chamber said: “The interim government is applying an increased taxation solution to achieve economic recovery in the TCI. While this may achieve a balanced budget, the cost of doing so will be the loss of ability to achieve a sustainable economic recovery due to the fact that the main source of taxes, private business, will not survive”. It also has issues with the manner in which the islands are administered: “The COC is concerned that major decisions are being made in regular consultation with what is far too small a sampling of the business community. Advice or recommendations are limited to and by the Advisory Council and the Consultative Forum; so far this system has not yielded resoundingly acceptable results”. The eight-point plan that the COC described as ‘sensible ideas worthy of exploration’ are – immigration reform; electricity generation; diversification of the economy; financial services development; promotion of the TCI; training programmes; medical school and tourism; and resort attraction.

December 17 - 21, 2011




Maskanoo highlights cultural heritage MUSIC, colour, costumes and dance will bring Grace Bay Road to life this Boxing Day. The second annual Maskanoo parade will blend the traditional Christmas masquerade with elements of Bahamian’s Junkanoo. It is being hosted by the Turks and Caicos Hotel and TourismAssociation (TCHTA) and the Cultural and Arts Commission (CAC). Last year the event was a huge success with hundreds of people lining the street between Seven Stars Resort and Salt Mills Plaza to watch and take part in the parade. TCHTA association executive Stacy Cox said she is excited to showcase TCIculture again. She explained: “The organising committee is working around the clock to ensure that the event is a hugesuccess. “We must commend our sponsors and supporters who saw the importance of the event andwhose contributions and support will make Maskanoo a reality on December 26.” This year the entertainment lineup has grown, with more bands, musicians and dancers preparing to hit the streets. There will also be more food

this week

Friday, December 16 to Thursday, December 22

MASK MONEY: Bianca O’Neil from CIBC First Caribbean presents TCHT Aassociation executive Stacy Cox with a donation for Maskanoo 2011

vendors in the food pavilion and plenty of arts and crafts will be sold along the road. Maskanoo’s official photographers GT Portraits will capture the event and attendees will have the chance to get their photo taken alongside the logo.

The CAC is encouraging people to make their costumes and instruments from recyclable materials to protect the environment. And prior to the event they will be hosting a number of workshops for those interested in being part of the parade.

Friday, December 16

Monday, December 19

 Danny Buoy’s is Provo’s premier live music and sports destination, serving lunch and dinner daily from 11:30am. Danny Buoy’s is the perfect place to escape from the heat and hang with friends, all in smoke free air-conditioned comfort. Happy Hour specials from 4-7pm Monday-Saturday

 Are you in the dance mood? Join Graceway Sports Centre and dance your booty off with Shara Bowen and her incendiary Zumba class from 10.30am to 11.30am. Call information at www. or on 442-6348.

 Ready to start the weekend party? Join Graceway Sports Centre and dance your booty off with Shara Bowen and her incendiary Zumba class from 10.30am to 11.30am. More information at www. or on 442-6348.  Live music duo NaDa will be providing entertainment at Mango Reef restaurant at the Alexandra resort this evening. Starts 6.45pm. Call 946 8200 for more details.  Get into the weekend mood with the intense and electrifying Tae-Bo class at Graceway Sports Centre from 6pm to 7pm. Free for fitness members, $12 for non-members. Visit for more information or call 442-6349.  Craig Archibold gets the party started at the Regent Palms from 7pm on Friday nights with the sound of classic Caribbean and Motown tunes. Call 9468666 for details.

Saturday, December 17  Comfort Suites official opening December 17

Pirates of the Curry Bean

The Pirates of the Curry Bean THERE was plenty of excitement and energy in the air on Friday and Saturday, December 09 and 10 for Provo Primary’s annual Christmas production. This year the children from years two to six told the tale of the most fierce, scariest -and smelliest pirates ever to sail the seven seas, the pirates of the Curry Bean. With fantastic realistic costumes and bright colourful, scenery, the story was brought to life through great acting and catchy, toe-tapping musical numbers. The show was directed and choreographed by Mrs Shara Goldsmith, with the help of all the teachers. The children in years four to six were cast as the main parts with Sebastian Whitehead and Grace Mann providing outstanding performances as young Jack, Liza and Caitlin Arnold as their Mother

Pearl on which the story was centered. Impressive performances were by Noah Reckhorn as ‘Redbeard’ Captain of the Pirates, Orin Campbell as ‘Captain Cod’, and Mia Gray as Admiral ‘Hornhonker’ stealing the show with their humorous characters and brilliant acting. The year three children performed the opening number to the show ‘Pot of Gold’ with some fantastic dance moves and eyecatching rainbow streamers. They were then a part of the final scene as a native tribe, with the girls all looking beautiful as hula dancers and the boys showed what fantastic sports they are by not only dressing up in Hawaiian hula-girl style costumes, but also the fact they were complete with coconut bras. The year two children sang a song about being rats and monkeys out at

sea and had the audience laughing with their part in a performance of a ‘Benny Hill’ style scene where we had monkeys chasing pirates, pirates chasing monkeys, parrots chasing cats, and sailors chasing themselves. Along with surprise appearances from Mrs Alison Williams, school Director, Mrs Stephanie Twigg, school Administrator and Mr Sajouste Duchenigue, school Caretaker running across the stage with mops, broom-sticks and pizza boxes. On Friday night viewers were treated to Anu’s kitchen where they could sample delicious, home-made curry. Over all it was a great weekend for the children and all who watched – showcasing what dedicated, hardworking and talented children are a part of Provo Primary, performing it all with Piratical Style.

 Mums and Tots Dance Party classes are held every Saturday at The Athletic Club in Saltmills Plaza for mothers and their little ones. Mothers, bring your little ones to dance, jump, twist and shake! Children have fun learning movement basics to fun music and mums get a light exercise while spending quality time. Mums and Tots classes begin at 10am and cost just $10. Dads are welcome! Call Shara Bowen on 244-1103 for more details.

Start your week with a fun and calorieburning Tae-Bo class at Graceway Sports Centre from 6pm to 7 pm. Free for fitness members, $12 for nonmembers. Visit for more information or call 442-6349.  Girls and boys aged 11 to 19 years old are invited to take part in a fun singing group. The TCI Youth Chorale rehearses every Monday at 6pm at the Edward C Gartland Youth Centre, downtown, Providenciales. For more information call 331-7176.  Are you in need of inner peace? Interested in a healthy lifestyle and a toned and flexible body? Then you need David Bowen’s yoga classes at The Athletic Club in the Saltmills Plaza. Come along on Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 7am, Tuesday and Thursday at 6.30pm or Saturday at 9am. Call 941-8686 for more details.

Tuesday, December 20  Do you like Latino music and hot parties? Join Graceway Sports Centre and dance your booty off with Shara Bowen and her incendiary Zumba class from 5.30pm to 6.30pm. More information at or on 442-6348.  Live music duo NaDa will be providing entertainment at Mango Reef restaurant at the Alexandra resort this evening. Starts 6.45pm. Call 946 8200 for more details.

Wednesday, December 21  Kick back with live music from Soul Redemption at the Regent Palms on Wednesdays from 7pm. Call 946-8666 for details.

Thursday, December 22  Get up and jump into your sports shoes for a morning Tae-bo class at Graceway Sports Centre from 9am to 10 am. Free for fitness members, $12 for non-members. More information at www. or on 442-6349.

Sunday, December 18  Feeling lucky? Win cash at the Rotary Club’s weekly bingo night every Sunday from 7pm at Club Pillows opposite the Veranda resort in Grace Bay.

 Celebrate good health with Wellness Coach Benneth Williams every Thursday evening. Come along to Williams Block, suite number six, on Lower Bight Road, Providenciales, from 7pm. There you will get a free wellness consultation and an hour of fun. For more details call Benneth at 2460300 or email

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The Dentist and you 

Healthy teeth, Healthy Heart It has been known for some years that there is a correlation with poor oral hygiene and heart disease, but the evidence to support maintaining good oral heath has recently become

How to make natural Noni juice

even more compelling. A new study in which 100,000 people were followed around over a 7-year period has found that people who visited the dentist for checkups and cleaning twice a year had a 24 per cent lower risk of heart attack and a 13 per cent lower risk of stroke, compared with people who never visited a dentist or went once in 2 years. These findings have recently been presented at the American Heart Association Scientific Meeting in Florida. Regular brushing of teeth and good dental care helps to prevent the accumulation of plaque which is the substance that builds up on teeth from food, drinks and saliva. Plaque build-up over time leads to gum disease. It is the bacteria involved in gum disease that can enter the blood stream and it is thought that this causes artery walls to become inflamed which can lead to heart attacks or strokes.

December 17 - 21, 2011

Dr Mark Osmond Talking about the professional removal of dental plaque, Dr Nigel Carter, Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation said, “If this is not taken away then the gums will become inflamed, causing gingivitis and eventually gum disease. This is when your general health, not just your oral health could be effected. “Gum disease has been linked to many diseases and illnesses in the body, an increased likelihood of suffering a heart attack being one of them.” The good news is that it does not take major lifestyle changes to get your teeth and gums in good shape and therefore help protect your heart. Twice daily brushing of teeth, first thing in the morning and last thing at night, with a smallheaded toothbrush and toothpaste will remove much of the food debris and plaque deposits from the teeth. Regular flossing is also important as this helps remove deposits in hard to reach places between the teeth. A check-up with the dentist will identify if you are suffering with gum disease. If this is the case, the dentist will prescribe several visits for deep cleaning during which the plaque and hard deposits (calculus) will

be removed and the teeth polished. Sometimes antibiotics will also be prescribed. Then, follow-up threemonthly cleaning sessions would be advised to ensure your gums stay healthy. As well as improving your dental health, a professional cleaning also makes your teeth feel much nicer and can also improve your breath. Even if you don’t have gum disease, twice yearly ‘maintenance’ visits to the dentist for a check-up and cleaning will ensure that any problems will be identified and treated before they can be allowed to develop into anything more serious. While you’re caring for your teeth, you’re helping to take care of your heart too. Introducing Dr Mark Osmond, our most recent columnist Mark has been a practicing dentist for over 20 years having

qualified from Kings College, London in 1989. He practiced for 15 years in the UK, owning and operating two successful multi-surgery clinics in Cambridge and London’s West End. Mark then relocated to Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands in 2005 where he has been working to the present day. Mark is available for appointments at his new practice, Mark Osmond Dental Clinic, which is located at Graceway IGA complex, next door to Flamingo Pharmacy. Mark is qualified to perform all aspects of general dental surgery. He has a particular interest is complex cosmetic restoration and is the only dentist on island able to place and restore dental implants and offer Invisalign Orthodontics. On Facebookmarkosmonddentalclinic

- Analgesic: The noni tree is also known as the ‘painkiller and the headache tree’. Noni has been found to be 75 per cent as effective as morphine sulphate in relieving pain without the toxic side effects; - Antibacterial, antifungal and antiparasitic: with the presence of active compounds like anthraquinones, scopoletin and terpenes, noni is

effective against bacteria and fungus. - Anti-inflammatory: Noni juice has shown similar results to the newer over-the-counter antiinflammatory drugs, called nonsteroidal anti- inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) - Anti-tumor/anti-cancerous: Noni Juice contains noni-ppt, which has shown anti-tumor activity

health Tip 

Noni the wonder fruit

1 Pick fully ripened Noni to prepare the juice. 2 Wash the fruit. (Be careful not to blemish the skin when you wash.) 3 Put the fruit inside a large sterile airtight container so it can age. 4 Put the container outside for several weeks, ideally from 6 to 8 weeks. During this time, the fruit will ferment and the juice will separate and accumulate on the bottom of the container. 5 When the fruit has finished fermenting, strain the juice in order to remove most of the pulp. 6 Store in the refrigerator in a glass container. You should drink 1 to 2 ounces of the Noni juice in the morning. If you think noni juice has a strong taste, you can add fruit juice or honey to sweeten it.

It is indeed an honour, and a priviledge to give thanks to Almighty God for his loving kindness towards my wife and I, likewise to you readers. Thank you so much for your attention to all of the columns that you’ve read so far, and readers allow me also from my wife, and I to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and we trust that you have a BRIGHT, and PROSPEROUS New Year. For a brief moment, allow me to lay a bit of foundation for where I am going to take you from research. About more than a week ago, I visited a cousin of mine’s yard, and just in front of the porch of the house, this evergreen tree laden with some interesting looking fruits, so I did ask permission to pick some of the fruits, Permission was granted, and I picked. After leaving the yard I thought about doing some research on the fruit, and that fruit is the ‘Noni fruit’. So, it is on this basis I write to you from research. The noni plant

By Phillip Simmons blossoms in virgin lands generally near the sea. It transforms into a tree and grows up to 10 to 20 feet high. It gives fruit the whole year round, and the flower is white. The pulp is brown and dense. Health Benefits of Noni - Immune booster: Noni is considered as one of the most nutritious fruits. Many of its nutrients are known to stimulate the immune system; - Digestive Stimulant: Noni juice has traditionally been used as a laxative; - Anti-oxidants: Research has shown that noni juice exhibits better antioxidant activity than grape seed extract and pycnogenol;

December 17 - 21, 2011

Lifestyle... GARDENING 


How does your garden grow





Tamika graduated from Florida International University in Miami with a Masters degree in Dietetics & Nutrition. She is a registered dietitian with the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and licensed to practice medical nutrition therapy in the state of Florida. Email Tamika via or tamikahandfield@yahoo. com with your healthy eating questions.

Pomegranate Tree The pomegranate tree is native from Iran to the Himalayas in northern India and has been cultivated since ancient times throughout the Mediterranean region of Asia, Africa and Europe. The branches of the pomegranate tree are often stiff, angular and covered in spines that are a natural defense against some of its insect predators. The red brown bark color will later become gray with age and they can live up to 200 years in some areas, but will stop producing fruit after about twenty in most cases. Leafs may persist on the tree even when no fruit is bore and the shape of the leafs themselves are long and narrow in a lance shape, they are also very glossy, beautiful, and come in a variety of shades. The flowers that blossom in spring before fruit arrives also come in a variety of shades depending on the type of tree you buy, but are commonly a deep scarlet red or white. There are many different species but the most popular are the Wonderful, the Angel Red, the Sweet and the Greneda, or Grenada in some parts of the world. Regardless, most are over an inch across in each petal and have a red calyx in the middle which later produces fruit, the calyx itself is fleshy and tubular in appearance. The pomegranate tree can be crosspollinated by insects but is also self-pollinated. Of course crosspollination is always better for your tree so insects buzz around it.


For all your landscaping, installation or garden maintenance needs, please call or write for a free estimate: 332-3381 or

Pomegranate trees need direct sunlight for them to bear fruit. Though, the tree has a smallish size and is quite pretty so many people are happy just to have this tree as a decoration in their yard. The pomegranate is neat in appearance and is rounded to look more like a shrub than a tree. It can, under the right circumstances however, grow up to 30 feet, but far more normally reaches around 12 to 16 feet in height. Though, there are many dwarf varieties such as the Nana. Be sure to plant your pomegranate tree in a very sunny location with plenty of room to grow and blossom it’s wonderful fruit which by the way tend to make it’s branches sag, so never plant anything else underneath it or place it in an area where it has no room to slump down a bit. You may also want to consider staking this tree down as it is really more of a shrub with soft and flexible wood that blows around easily. Simply tie a string suitable for young trees around the trunk and stake it on opposite sides of the ground. This is particularly vital when first planting you tree before the roots have time to grow. To prune your tree start in early

spring before they start to blossom, you do not want to loose any fruits. If your tree has already started producing leaves and is ready to blossom you will have to wait before pruning it. The shoots coming up from the trunk are the ones you need to worry about pruning, simply take off the extraneous shoots with a pair of loppers, a pruning tool, and then discard in compost or the trash. Do not forget to put some pruning salve on the cut shoots to prevent your tree from developing viruses, bacteria or insect infestations in the exposed tissue of your tree. Over all pomegranate trees do not need much pruning and it is better to have some stray shoots than to over prune them and ruin your tree. For enjoying out-of-hand or at the table, the fruit is deeply scored several times vertically and then broken apart; then the clusters of juice sacs can be lifted out of the rind and eaten. In some countries, such as Iran, the juice is a very popular beverage. Pomegranate juice is widely made into grenadine for use in mixed drinks. In the Asiatic countries it may be made into a thick syrup for use as a sauce. It is also often converted into wine.

Wrap up that food Hello readers. It is awesome to have so many of you reading my articles and finding them helpful. Providing help and information has always been the objective of my writing; so, I say a huge thank you. It is has already been established through previous articles how much I enjoy this particular time of year. I can still remember the smell that permeated the house as my mom prepared the ham for Christmas dinner. Then she would give me a small piece of the skin (never mind the negative health consequences) to quiet my whining and appease me until the next day. My point? Food is more than just food. Food means love, food means family and food has many emotional ties (I will discuss this further in subsequent articles). The Christmas season is a time of love, laughter, food, family and sharing; however, it should not be a time we share food-borne illnesses. Below are some safety tips that can help you, your kitchen and your food be germ free zones this holiday season. Many of them you may know and are practicing. However, it never hurts to be reminded. • Playing it safe—keep your hands, cooking surfaces and utensils clean. Always wash hands and cutting boards after handling raw foods. Ideally, two cutting boards is preferred—one for meats and another for vegetables. • Proper techniques—never thaw meat by leaving it out of the refrigerator all day; instead, place it in the refrigerator a few days prior to cooking. Ensure it is on the bottom shelf in a pan so that juices do not contaminate other food. • Wrap it up—the tradition is to sit and socialize for hours after we eat while the food sits out on the stove. This becomes a playground for harmful bacteria. According to the USDA, foods such as cooked and cured meats, cheese, meat salads, coleslaw and potato salad should not be left out for more than two hours. Food should be stored in a shallow container (to cool quickly) and placed in the fridge. • Second time around—always bring left over food to a gentle boil or ensure it is heated thoroughly before you eat the next day. If leftovers will last more than 2-3 days, freeze them. This holiday, do not open your homes to uninvited guests— harmful bacteria. Like my page, ACCU Medical Nutrition—Nutrition in Demand, on Facebook and receive up to date nutritional information.

ACCU Medical Nutrition is based in Graceway IGA Plaza, Providenciales. Call 946 8308, 242 3978 or 442 3978.



December 17 - 21, 2011


Scotia entering 2012 on top Scotiabank will cruise into 2012 as the Turks and Caicos ‘Bank of the Year’, having received that accolade from The Banker magazine for this

territory along with Antigua, Belize, Cayman Islands, and Guyana. The Banker is a leading international finance and investment


Birthday boy Keishawn HAPPY 12th birthday to our TrackStar KEISHAWN from: mom Elizabeth, dad Kevin, sisters & brothers esp. Angel & Angelo, Grammy Berthamae, Grand-daddy Mervin; aunts esp. Marie, Beverly, Malissa, Nishka, Garnique & Brianna; uncles esp. Tyrone, Marvin, & Lil Merv, Cousins and the entire family circle. We love you

Happy birthday Tajhari! Happy fourth birthday greetings go out to our Prince Charming Tajhari Williams. Greetings come from your proud mom and dad Dilletha and Elwood Williams, from your sisters Krizia, Kridijah and Krishanah, your big brother Addly, grandparents Clevie and Annie Lightbourne andEndilee Williams, andall your aunts and uncles. We love you JhaJha, enjoy!

magazine. Scotiabank received the award at a ceremony in London, England on November 30. The results were formally announced in the December issue of the The Banker magazine. The winning banks are selected for their ability to deliver shareholder returns and to gain strategic advantage. All entries are judged by The Banker’s editorial team. “We are proud to be the recipient of this award and we want to thank The Banker magazine for recognizing Scotiabank’s success,” said Cecil Arnold -Country Head Scotiabank (Turks and Caicos) Ltd. “Our continued strength in the Caribbean is a result of the Bank’s dedication to continually improving customer service across the region and providing our customers with quality products with the goal of helping our customers become financially better off.” Scotiabank has been part of the Caribbean and Central America region since 1889 when the Bank opened its first office in Kingston, Jamaica. It asserts itself as now the leading bank in the region, with operations in 27 countries, including affiliates. The Bank has more than 15,000 employees in the region, including affiliates, serving more than two million customers, with 450 branches, kiosks and other offices, more than 1,000 ABMs. The Banker’s Bank of the Year

Scotia tops - Phillip Cross - Senior Manager, TCI (L) and Marlon Rawlins - Country Manager, Antigua & Berbuda display their trophies

Award is magazine running magazine, source of

in its 12th year. The is the world’s longest international banking recognized as a leading information on finance

and investment around the globe. The magazine is a key source of data and analysis for the banking industry and is read in more than 180 countries.

Happy Birthday Garnique ONCE a year we get the chance To wish you birthday cheers. It pleases us no end to say, I wish you another great year. So happy birthday to you Garnique, From the bottom of our heart. And may your good times multiply, Till they’re flying off the chart. From your beautiful kids: Lil Mikey and Tranique, mom: Rev. Violet Thompson & the entire family circle Send your special occasion to: Weekly News, Cheshire House, Leeward Highway, PO Box 52, Providenciales or email to Free of Charge!

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Ira wins

In picture, Ira Gibson (L) receives from Owen Hamilton, President of the Rotary Club his cheque for the $10,000 prize in the Rotary Pot of Gold raffle at the Rotary meeting last Thursday.

December 17 - 21, 2011




autism awareness

First domestic violence walk a success

By Nicole Cox, a mother living with autism

Josiah, aged four

Spectrum of Hope

Partnership, compromise and what? pt.1

At any given moment, on any given day you can expect a touch of chaos to ensue. We have three children, ages two, four, and six. Any parent of multiples knows, ages mean nothing to children. They act how they want in order to serve their immediate purpose, giving rise to all kinds of pandemonium. For example: the six-year old will decide to act like a two-year old because the 2 year old won’t give her the four- year old’s toy. The four-year old will take the six-year old’s role and simply find another activity, which of course is jumping in the bed. The two-year old will then do what any four-year old would do and condescend to the six-year old like an eight-year old with a well-pitched ‘Na-na-NA-Nana!’ They will both scream for mommy and begin out-shouting each other with allegations, in between pinches and pushes. In the meantime, mommy can’t come because she is catching the four- year old from doing back flips off the bed and breaking his neck. At that point we have to throw in a random occurrence like a ringing phone, a boiling pot or an unexpected visitor. Now to make this picture complete, your well-meaning spouse is on the laptop in a cozy corner of the house blissfully surfing the web, oblivious to the madness around him. What do you do? You could scream at everyone, run to the bathroom and lock yourself in there until it all goes away (not that it has ever done that). But a better option may be to rely on your first line of defense: partnership. While you were in the game, the spouse was on the bench resting up to be tagged in. Choose a phrase or a term used only between you to signal one has completely gone into red zone. Calmly find your partner and say ‘Overload’ ‘Tag’ or anything that you have mutually agreed is reserved for times of emotional, mental or physical exhaustion. It should be agreed beforehand that no matter what the teammate is doing, they must stop and take over for the other. This is non-negotiable. In exchange, the exhausted member must take that opportunity to retreat to solitude and recharge, Not take up another demand. This is partnership in motion. One of the keys to surviving parenthood, especially with Special Needs children, is remembering that your spouse is not the enemy. He or she is your partner. And like any great team, there must be a playbook, practice, communication and willingness to multitask when a teammate is down. It has to be set in stone so that you know what play to call when the situation demands it. This won’t eliminate every stress, but it can cut down on unnecessary panic, diminish meltdowns and speed up recovery time in between the ones that do occur. For single parents, try to find a friend or family member who can provide a similar arrangement. Choose times when you know it can be demanding in your daily schedule or you may be especially tired. These will be when you are most susceptible to a short fuse. Remember, we cannot teach our children anything if we are too upset or exhausted to think clearly and act consistently. Preemptive thinking can be so rewarding. Children naturally test limits to find thresholds that will allow them their way. Presenting a unified and cohesive standard of what is acceptable behavior in your home is the first step to behavior management for children and sanity for yourself. For more information on autism email: Next Week: “Partnership, Compromise and What?” pt.2

DOZENS of people including three men joined the domestic violence awareness walk in the Grace Bay area on Saturday morning. Though the route was considered long by some participants, many of them braved the rain and trekked the complete distance, returning to the finish line soaked. The walk began at 5.30am from the IGA Gourmet in Grace Bay to Ashcroft School and back. Gender Affairs deputy coordinator Barbara Handfield said: “It was a success even though the turnout was disappointing.” She explained that though the event was poorly attended she considered it a success because the people who came were not obligated to do so. “But they saw that it was for a

worthy cause and so they came out.” She is optimistic that it will be bigger and better next year. “The Gender Department would really appreciate if people would support it because it was for a worthy cause,” she said. She also promised a shorter route for people who are not used to walking. Ms Handfield issued an encouragement to men to “support ventures like this because men are victims to gender-based violence also”. She explained that victims of men on men violence constitute one of the highest in the gender-based violence cycle. The deputy took that opportunity to introduce the TCI’s domestic violence website which can be found

at The site was sponsored by LIME and will be officially launched in January. Inspector of police and officer in charge of sexual offences unit Irene Butterfield said that she was also a bit disappointed with the turnout and is looking forward for much more people next year. She also hinted some things could be improved upon to ensure a united march next year. “People acted as though it was a marathon and some were running. Everybody should have been walking together,” she opined. Despite that, she said that she was really happy to be a part of the walk and saw it as doing her part towards putting an end to domestic violence here in the TCI and worldwide.

Comfort Suites re-opening bash IT was the re-opening party on Monday December 12, for the new and highly improved Comfort Suites at Ports of Call. After three and a half months of extensive refurbishment, the new Comfort Suites have a clean, fresh and modern decor with some of the friendliest staff in the TCI. The night included complimentary canapés and drinks, showcasing the food and variety of beverages the suites have to offer. Prestigious guests from the suites and surrounding areas came to relax and enjoy the very Caribbean feel of the night, from The Steelpan Man, Mr Kelci Talbot starting the night off playing the soothing Caribbean beats of the steel drums, to the return of the Island boys to finish the night off with the funky, rhythmic sounds of the electric guitar. The Island boys were at the grand opening of the Comfort Suites 14 years ago, and naturally were very happy to be a part of the re-opening of the improved resort. Fairways steak house bar tenders were there providing guests with exceptional, friendly service and a great variety of complimentary wines and beers. Horizon Construction company provided an ‘extraordinary service’ working on the complete refurbishment of the 40 rooms and the surrounding reception area, breakfast room and pool side lounge. All of which have been tastefully decorated and designed, to a high standard. Mr David Crofts, Resort Manager said: “We are very happy to be celebrating the improved Comfort Suites tonight, we have worked hard at maintaining a truly Caribbean feel to the complex. We have employed only TCI staff and will be using

Guests at the Comfort Suites re-opening party

local bakeries for our continental breakfasts. We want our guests to have a holistic, real, Caribbean sensory experience from the moment they enter the Comfort Suites to the day they leave. The lobby and breakfast room will be exhibiting pictures of the TCI, from past history provided by The Grand Turk Historian Museum. We want our guests to experience TCI hospitality at it’s finest”. It is not only the resort that has been renovated, with a new beach access and eight person golf buggy to deliver guests to the best beaches the TCI has of offer, the Comfort Suites have worked hard to provide their guests with all they need to have fun in Provo. Situated in an ideal area for the use of the shopping plaza, surrounding nightlife and the golf course only a few minutes down the road, the Comfort Suites have much to offer their guests.

Kelci Talbot on the steelpan



December 17 - 21, 2011

The Flower Girl Regent Village Back Room

X-mas Sale 7th, 2011

Saturday December 1



December 17 - 21, 2011





December 17 - 21, 2011

New British nationality fees THE MINISTRY of Border Control and Labour is notifying the public that a new fee Schedule has been approved under the British Nationality (fees) Regulations that

provides for the following increases: (a) Registration of a person of full age as a British Overseas Territory Citizen (BOTC), from $100 to $250;

(b) Registration of a minor as a BOTC, from $100 to $250; (c) Grant of a certificate of naturalization as a BOTC, from $250 to $500;

(d) Registration of a declaration of renunciation, from $20 to $200; (e) Supplying a certificate or other copy of a notice, certificate, order, declaration or entry given, from $20

to $40; (f) Administering the Oath of Allegiance, from $6 to $10; These fees will come into operation on Wednesday, December 14, 2011.

December 17 - 21, 2011





December 17 - 21, 2011

December 17 - 21, 2011


Statutory bodies renewed – But reform is on the cards TCI’s 37 statutory bodies will remain in place for at least another three months after the boards were temporarily renewed. But a cull will soon take place under an impending government restructure and appointment of new permanent secretaries, the Governor’s office announced this week. Governor’s spokesmanNeil

Smith said: “It was brought to my attention today that there is a view that the statutory bodies’ board appointments had expired – this is not the case.” He revealed that the boards were renewed for three months on December 1. “They will continue to be renewed in this fashion until the structures of the five new ministries under the new

permanent secretaries are agreed. “When this is completed decisions as to what statutory body functions would be better taken back into government will be finalised. “What is clear is that at 37 there are too many statutory bodies for an administration and country the size of the TCI and reform is required.”



Regional News


Most Jamaicans want Andrew as PM – Jamaica Gleaner poll ALMOST 50 per cent of Jamaicans believe they are worse off today than they were in 2007 when the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) was elected to form the government. But that has not stopped a large plurality of Jamaicans from seeing the JLP as the better party to manage the affairs of state at this time. A just-concluded Gleanercommissioned Bill Johnson has found that 41 per cent of Jamaicans believe the JLP would do the better job of governing the country at this time. Thirty-six per cent of Jamaicans believe the Portia Simpson Millerled People’s National Party (PNP) would do a better job, while 23 per cent are undecided. The majority of the voters (55 per cent) also believe that JLP leader Andrew Holness deserves to be returned as prime minister after the votes are counted come December 29, while 30 per cent say someone else should get the job. Of those who say “stick with Andrew”, 27 per cent say they have

Andrew Holness is tipped according to the poll to take the top spot.

adopted this position because he deserves a chance, 27 per cent say because he is young and 10 per cent admire him for what they say are his good ideas.

The voters who want to see the back of Holness include 24 per cent who say he lacks experience, 12 per cent who say he is too young, 11 per cent who claim he cannot be trusted and 11 per cent who argue that he is the same as former JLP leader Bruce Golding. Holness also continues to lead Simpson Miller as the person voters believe would do a better job as prime minister in today’s Jamaica. Forty-four per cent of the respondents told the GleanerJohnson team they believe Holness would be the better head of government while 35 per cent said Simpson Miller. The nine percentage point gap between the two is almost unchanged from when the pollster asked a similar question in October. The latest Gleaner-Johnson poll was conducted on December 10 and 11 in all 63 constituencies. It has a sampling error of plus of minus three per cent and a sample size of 1,008. Johnson will return to the streets to test the pulse of the nation on one more occasion before the December 29 general election. (Jamaica Gleaner)

‘FNM has mismanaged country’ – Bahamas’ opposition MP Pinder THE FNM administration has done nothing but mismanage the country and its economy, opposition MP Ryan Pinder claimed on Wednesday. During the House of Assembly debate on 15 Bills aimed at reforming the financial sector, Mr Pinder said the government’s actions have put the country’s financial stability at risk for decades to come.

The Northern Zone is under a “green” alert. So far, the town of Sarapiquí, north of Limón, has been affected the most with flooding, while the rest of the Caribbean coast to Panama is under constant surveillance by members of municipal emergency committees In Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí (in the province of Heredia, not to be confused with Puerto Viejo in the southern part of the province of Limón) at least 450 people of the more than 1.100 that are in shelters due to the swollen rivers, rain and cold.

“Uncontrollable borrowing, the lack of fiscal responsibility and discipline on spending has resulted in negative outlooks and commentary about the financial and economic state of the Bahamas,” he said. “Under this FNM administration, the credit rating was downgraded more than once and we are at risk for another credit downgrading.” Mr Pinder went on to present parliamentarians with a timeline of the country’s credit rating history. The recent downward trend is proof, he said, of the FNM’s inability to manage the country’s finances. In December 2009, he said, Standard & Poor’s (S&P), a leading credit rating agency, “took an extraordinary position in downgrading the credit rating of the Bahamas on the grounds of increased spending and a narrow revenue base that has weakened the government’s fiscal position,” Mr Pinder said. According to the Elizabeth MP, the government failed to heed S&P’s warnings, causing further downgrading. He noted that in 2011, S&P made more observations concerning the Bahamas’ economy. “In the July 25, 2011 report, Standard & Poor’s identified that one of the weaknesses of the Bahamas was a rise in fiscal debt and deficits that were generated during the

recession,” he said. Mr Pinder said S&P asserted that the country’s credit rating could improve if the agency saw reasons for optimism. He said: “They do recognise that ratings could rise if the government takes a more proactive response to reduce the debt levels. “I see no proactive, progressive policy from this government. In fact this government is all about debt, and more debt, and more debt, and more debt, without care or concern with how it will be paid back. “Standard & Poor’s observed that at the time of the report the deficit as a percentage of GDP was more than 65 per cent higher than the average for BBB rated countries.” Mr Pinder said this demonstrates the government’s lack of a progressive policy to reduce the debt ratio. Speaking later during the debate, Marco City MP Zhivargo Laing pointed out that government debt has risen, not just in the Bahamas, but around the world as the result of the largest international economic crisis in almost 80 years. Producing charts that indicated upward trends in public debt in a number of countries, including the Bahamas, Mr Laing nevertheless assured parliament that the country is well placed to meet its debt servicing responsibilities, not just now, but also well into the future. (

December 17 - 21, 2011

Politicians should not fear leaving office – Bahamas’ PM Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham on Tuesday night hit out at politicians who continue to fight “tooth and nail” to return to the House of Assembly after it becomes clear they are no longer wanted. “My hope is that those who seek public office will consider it a duty and responsibility to serve and not to gain a personal advantage,” said Ingraham during the last sitting of the House in 2011. “Conversely, individuals should come to accept that not being elected to Parliament will not be a disadvantage. “They can expect to be treated fairly in or out of office. It is very important for a democracy to have as its underpinning that if you get elected and you are unelected that you can live in a society as any ordinary person. “You can live [by] rules that are

Hubert Ingraham

clearly established that you can be employed, that your children can have access to whatever availabilities to society, and that no one will be out to get you because you have served in politics. Ingraham, who has been in parliament for over 30 years, said he hopes the new breed of politicians will have ideas. (Nassau Guardian)

Caribbean Airlines launches route from Kingston to Miami Caribbean Airlines, now merged with Air Jamaica, relaunched a route between Jamaica and the US on 9 December under the Air Jamaica brand. Air Jamaica used to operate between Kingston (KIN) and Miami, FL (MIA) for decades until the route was dropped in 2009, but Caribbean Airlines now again operates the route four times weekly – on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays – with 154-seat 737-800s, but frequencies will increase to daily in February. Competition comes from

American Airlines’ thrice-daily service. Caribbean Airlines’ acting CEO Robert Corbie commented: “The resumption of direct service to Miami by our Air Jamaica brand solidifies our commitment to offering our customers better connectivity to North America, providing more options to and from Florida from Jamaica. As the only regional carrier to offer non-stop services from Jamaica to three of Florida’s major cities, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and now Miami, we are a fundamental resource in Caribbean aviation.” (

Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast is under flood alert.

Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast under “yellow” alert The swelling of the river waters, flooding of many areas and continuing rains in Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast has led the Comisión Nacional de Prevención de Riesgos y Atención de Emergencias (CNE) to declare a “yellow” alert for the canton de Sarapiquí.

According to the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional (IMN) - national weather service - the instability in the weather will prevail in the area for the remainder of this week, hitting hard the Caribbean and Northern zone and to a lesser extent the rest of the country.

December 17 - 21, 2011

World News



French banker says UK Lagarde: No country’s economy should be downgraded first immune from rising risks THE chairman of the French central bank, Christian Noyer, has said ratings agencies should downgrade the UK before France because its economy is weaker. US agency Standard and Poor’s recently warned France its rating could suffer over the eurozone crisis and downturn. “The downgrade does not appear to me to be justified when considering economic fundamentals,” Mr Noyer said. The British Government responded by saying the UK had a credible plan for dealing with its deficit. Speaking to French regional newspaper Le Telegramme, Mr Noyer said any downgrade should start with Britain “which has more deficits, as much debt, more inflation, less growth than us and where credit is slumping”. Britain was not identified as a credit risk by Standard and Poor’s in its report earlier this month. The spokesman for UK Prime Minister David Cameron said: “Credit ratings are a matter for credit rating agencies but we’ve put in place a credible deficit reduction plan and you can see that credibility in the UK’s bond yields.” There is a sense of frustration across the eurozone that last week’s summit in Brussels seems to have done little to calm the financial markets, the BBC’s Chris Morris

Christian Noyer heads France’s central bank.

reports. Relations have been strained between France and Britain, which vetoed changes to the Lisbon Treaty that would have allowed for closer economic integration. Hungary and the Czech Republic raised concerns on Thursday about the plans for a closer fiscal union, saying they should apply only to eurozone states. Loss of the top credit grade would have serious economic implications for France, increasing the interest rate it paid for new state borrowing. Mr Noyer accused ratings agencies of putting at risk “the positive feeling that existed on the markets the day after the Brussels summit”.

IMF head Christine Lagarde has said the world economic outlook is “gloomy” and no country is immune from rising risks. She said all nations, starting with Europe, needed to head off a crisis with risks of a global depression. “There is no economy in the world immune from the crisis that we not only see unfolding but escalating,” she said. “It is going to be hopefully resolved by all countries, all regions actually taking action.” Meanwhile, ratings agency Standard and Poor’s downgraded 10 Spanish banks by applying new ratings criteria. And France’s official statistics agency, INSEE, said that it expects the Europe’s second-largest economy to fall into recession in the final three months of this year and the first quarter of 2012. France, Spain and Italy have been facing rising borrowing costs. Many investors fear one will be the next eurozone member to need a bailout. Speaking at the US State Department in Washington, she said global economic leaders now needed to take a rounded approach towards addressing monetary weaknesses, such as those underscored by the current eurozone debt crisis. “It is going to require efforts, it is going to require adjustment, and clearly it is going to have to start

One in five women has been raped in the US – CDC ONE in five American women will be raped in the course of her lifetime, according to a survey released by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention in the United States of America. The shocking detail was part of a comprehensive report on various types of sexual violence. The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey is ongoing, CDC officials say, and data is being compiled through telephone surveys throughout the country. The report highlights several other statistics that highlight the frequency of sexual violence in America, particularly violence that occurs in intimate relationships: * One in four women has or will be a victim of severe physical violence by an intimate partner in her lifetime. * One in six women will suffer a terrifying experience at the hands of

Feminist leaders and activists hold signs to protest sexual violence.

an abuser or stalker. * One in six women has been the victim of a stalker, and the act of stalking often occurs via text messages, social networking sites or unwanted phone calls. * 80% of rape victims were attacked before the age of 25. * Men also experience violence in intimate relationships, though they are far less likely than women to

report it. * Roughly 1 in 7 men has experienced severe physical violence at the hands of an intimate partner at some point in their lives. * One in every 19 men claims to have been stalked to the point that they believed their lives were in danger. * More than 25% of male rape victims were first assaulted when they were 10 years-old or younger.

IMF chief Christine Lagarde was speaking at the US State Department.

from the core of the crisis at the moment, which is obviously the European countries and in particular the countries of the eurozone.” Ms Lagarde mentioned economic bright spots in Asia and Latin America, which she said had taken, with IMF help, steps during crises in the 1980s and 1990s to address weaknesses in their banking systems and their financial frameworks. “All those challenges that they

faced in the days of the Asian crisis, of the Latin American crisis, have now served them well,” Ms Lagarde said. On Thursday, a closely-watched survey suggested the downturn in the 17 economies that share the euro had eased slightly in December. The composite survey of thousands of firms by Markit showed a continued contraction - but at a slower rate than in November. (BBC)


Job Listings Services Auto sales real estate


Been Mep LTD


Required a qualified

on behalf of J.S. Johnson & Co. (Turks & Caicos) Ltd. is looking for an experience


Insurance Agent

for commercial and residential projects, must have at least 10years experience in commercial field.

• With minimum of ten (10) years experience in General Insurance Marketing, Claims and Underwriting. • Minimum qualification required is a Diploma in Insurance • Applicants must be motivated and have a good understanding of the client’s insurance requirements. • Salary ranges between $2,500- $3,000 monthly (net) depending on experience and qualification

Domestic Helper Please fax resume to 941 7627


For office, prefer a person with experience Salary negotiable depending on experience.

Please send resume for the attention of Ms. Majorie Ramsey, Human Resource Manager, P.O. Box 229, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands




Worker Wanted

Must have own transportation Must speak English Must be good with large dogs Must be willing to work Monday-Friday 8:00am2:00pm

Contact: 331-5214


ANTHONY GARLAND Is looking for a

December 17 - 21, 2011

946-4664 Fax: 946-4661



STUDIO APARTMENT FOR RENT $650.00 per month Gated Community Furnished

Contact: 231-3788

FAST SALE 1.3 Acres Of Land Ocean Drive, Turtle Tail Semi-Hilltop

$300,000 o.n.o.

CONTACT: 231-3788


Labourer Female Driver Is looking for a

To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Call today to advertise

VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY!! the largest readership in the turks & caicos

946-4664 OR EMAIL


contact: 232-3207

With own transportation must be able to work from 9am – 3pm

contact 231-3788



is looking for a

Labourer contact: 347-8398


to work 5 days per week salary $80.00 per week.


• Degree qualified Chief quantity • Surveyor required with minimum 15 years experience in all facets of the quantity surveying practice, ability to work under pressure with little to no supervision • Must be fully conversant with CSSP Ripac & Timberline Estimating Software, and on Screen Take-Off Software.

Please forward your resume to P.O. Box 709, Providenciales



Is looking for a

Is looking for a




to work 6 days per week salary $200 per week. contact: 242-8509 DANIEL FELIX

Connolly Motors Ltd

Clerk Worker To work 5 days To work 6 days per week. Salary $200 per week.

Contact: 946-5321

per week salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 231-0539

and a Maid

To work 6 days a week including holidays and weekends. Salary is commensurate with experience and qualifications.


• For a commercial store, prefer a person with experience • Salary negotiable depending on experience.

Contact: 342-3373

Please fax resume to 941 7626

Domestic To work 6 days. Applicant must be honest, reliable and hardworking. Salary $5.00 per hour.


Contact telephone number 941-7264


Sales person


Contact: 247-0176


To work 4 days per week. Salary $40 per day.

Is looking for a

Require a

for Kia dealership


Mason Seymour

G&J Management Service LTD

Is looking for a

Is looking for a

Training and Marketing Manager

Is looking for a

FAX: (649) 946-4661






PHONE: (649) 946-4664



December 17 - 21, 2011




PHONE: (649) 946-4664



C & S Professional Services

On behalf of our clients: New Hope Baptist Church, Charles Barber Shop, Marvin Pratt

Acting on behalf of our clients: Carol Skippings, James Forbes, Georgette Dorvil is looking to fill the following positions:

Teacher – $800 per month

FAX: (649) 946-4661

WARD CONSULTANCY Acting on behalf of our clients: Faces & Fingers, Coyaba Restaurant is looking to fill the following positions:

Gardener/ Maintenance

Banking Hours

during the Christmas Holiday

– $5.00 per hour

– $5.00 per hour

3 Domestic


Must be able to work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

– salary $5.00 per hour Shift hours

– $5.00 per hour


Experience required

Contact: 946-5759




– salary $200 per week.


Contact: 649-332-5533

Weekly News the national newspaper of the turks and caicos islands



The Bankers Association wishes to advise that All Banks will be observing the following business hours during the Christmas period.

December 22, 2011 9:00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. 5942

Barber Contact: 649-941-8382

December 17 - 21, 2011

December 23, 2010 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. December 24, 2011 Closed December 26, 2011 Closed December 27, 2011 Closed December 28, 2011 Normal Business Hours December 29, 2011 9:00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. December 30, 2011 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. December 31, 2011 Closed January 3rd, 2012 Normal Business Hours

Merry Christmas to All!

The Turks and Caicos Islands’ oldest and WRITERS / leading publishing house is in need of additional staff to fill the following posts:



Candidates must have at least five (5) years experience working full-time for daily newspapers and/or news/features magazines, reporting on hard news, features and parliamentary/court proceedings. Salary paid weekly will commensurate with experience.

REPORTER TRAINEE Preferably a High School graduate or someone with an extremely good command of the English language for court and community reporting. Ability to drive and use a camera a desirable asset. Salary paid weekly will commensurate with experience. Position available March 1, 2010


ADVERTISING SPACE SALES PERSON Candidates must have had actual hands-on experience selling advertising space for newspapers and magazines. Ability to assist clients with the writing of copy for ads and gathering of collateral an asset. Salary is commission based. Position available October 30, 2011

Forward applications to: The Publisher Duncanson Publications Ltd. P.O. Box 52, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands Email: NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE Preference will be given to Belongers and Legal Residents Closing date for applications is December 31, 2011

FOREMAN OPERATORS LABOURERS DRIVERS AC MANAGER QC TECHINICANS To work 5 days per week. Salary ranging from $7.00 to $12.00 per hour. Applicants must be willing to work on weekends and holidays. Perspective applicants must have experience in asphalt work. Please submit applications to main office.

C5-6 Caribbean Place, Leeward Highway Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands



PHONE: (649) 946-4664



E-Reservation Marketing Specialist

FAX: (649) 946-4661

NAVA JEWELERS LTD dba EFFY JEWELERS Affiliated with world renowned jewelers EFFY Jewelers with stores throughout the Caribbean and the World is now accepting applications/ resumes for


A Providenciales tourism marketing company has a position available for an experienced e-reservation and marketing specialist with five to seven years of experience and in-depth knowledge of on-line travel booking sites and processes. This person will assist updating the web-based reservations booking software, training other agents on how to use it and preparing commission and booking reports. The qualified candidate should have a college degree in a travel / tourism or related field, experience working in a call-center and the ability to effectively interact with hotel reservations managers. Annual salary will range from $25 000 to $35 000 a year depending on skills and experience, part of the salary will be commissioned based. The position will involve shift work, including working weekends, holidays and nights. A valid driver’s license, as well as owning a car is required. Belongers only need apply

Requirements: A minimum of two 2 years jewelry sales experience or equivalent together with a proven track record of employment in a related field of business as well as a positive attitude and aptitude toward work in a customer service oriented business. Suitable candidates that do not possess the relevant required work experience but display a clear willingness to learn quickly on the job and/or benefit from the Company’s in house training initiatives may be likewise considered in exceptional circumstances

Fax resume, cover letter and a minimum of three professional references to 941-4219 by December 22, 2011 5955


• Exceptional communication and customer service skills • Trustworthy and dependable • Must be willing to work flexible hours including weekends and holidays and irregular cruise ship schedule • Clean criminal record • Unblemished employment history • All candidates must be fluent in English and only Turks and Caicos Islands citizens need apply.

Applications/resumes should be forwarded by e-mail to: or hand delivered to the Company’s Resident Manager at the Grand Turk Cruise Center

the largest readership in the turks & caicos


December 17 - 21, 2011


Deputy Secretary Turks and Caicos Islands Government As part of its public sector reform programme, TCI Government is reducing the number of ministerial departments. New Permanent Secretaries are in the process of being appointed and applications are now invited for the Deputy Secretary posts that will help them lead the new ministries through significant change. These are important senior leadership roles transforming the effectiveness and efficiency of public services. Several positions are available and successful applicants will be appointed to the most appropriate ministries. Applicants will need to be TCI Belongers or demonstrate strong and permanent links with the islands. Previous government experience is not a pre-requisite and applications are invited from anyone with relevant leadership and management experience. Applications will

be welcomed from current TCI civil servants with relevant experience, skills and potential without regard to current seniority. Candidates need to be creative and strategic thinkers, with real leadership ability as well as a relevant level of financial understanding. Change-oriented and with a record of getting things done through people, they will be persuasive communicators, orally and on paper, able to manage complex stakeholder relationships. Above all they will be of unquestionable integrity, with the courage to insist on, and exemplify, the highest moral standards and behaviours. To download further details, including how to apply, please visit or telephone Cyre Ferguson +1 649 232 2447

Applications received after midnight on Sunday 15th January 2012 may not be considered. 6004


To clean commercial office, prefer a person with experience. Salary negotiable

Mechanic Salary $7.00 per hour 8am-5pm




Contact: 649-245-6788 5941

Labourer Labourer Labourer To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 941-4440


Painter Barber Is looking to fill the following positions:

Security Chief

Contact: 431-4071


• Applicants must have at least 10 years experience in management of companies with 50 employees or more • Applicant must be able to communicate in both English and French • Belonger only need apply

Knowledge, skills and qualifications: • Drivers license, skills in driving cars with manual transmission • Knowledge of Italian language • At least 10 years experience • Salary $250.00 per week

2 Barmaids

Is looking for a

TDMG Concordia Is looking for:

Constrcution Supervisor



contact there 241-9950

contact: 243-3174


I. G. is looking for a


1 Domestic Worker Must be willing to work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Knowledge,skills and qualifications: • Drivers license, skills in driving cars with manual transmission • Knowledge of Italian language • Recommendation letter from the former employer • At least 5 years experience • Salary $200 per week

Contact: 245-5777


To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.


Is looking for a qualified

Contact: 231-2355


Two Domestic Workers

Contact: Margarita Williams @ 231-0882

Tucker Hill Nursery & Landscaping


Chartered Architectural Practice Sterling Property Consultants

Must have at least 5 years experience Salary negotiable. Belonger only need apply

Worker To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 342-4935

Fax: (649) 941-8388



To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour send resume to P.O. Box 954

is looking to fill the following positions:

To work 7 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour.


Contact: 946-4291

to work 7 days per week salary $6.00 per hour Must be able to work weekends, holidays, days and night shifts.


is seeking to employ a

To work 6 days per week. Salary $250.00 per week.

BAY BISTRO Is looking for a

Is looking for a


Is looking for a


Marine Auto

To work 6 days per week salary $5.50 per hour

Please fax resume to 941 7627

MACKEY’S TIRE Is looking for a


Maid Required a

(1995) is seeking to employ one



Seeks to hire a qualified

Building Thermographer Capable of producing detailed building energy audits

Suitable candidates will have an internationally recognized building thermography qualification and previous experience in producing energy audits for buildings located within the Caribbean region. Salary is on a commission basis only. Applicants should deliver their CV and a covering letter to : The Managing Director, Sterling Property Consultants, 2b Courtyard Plaza, Leeward Highway, Providenciales.



To work 7 days per week salary $5.50 per hour.

Contact: 232-3318

PART-TIME when needed on 35 foot sports fishing boat must have good local experience and references.


Island Fire Supply LTD


FAX: (649) 946-4661



PHONE: (649) 946-4664

December 17 - 21, 2011

Contact: 941-5887

Salary based on experience








ROBERTA OUTTEN is looking for a

Contact: For further information 649-244-4281


To work 5 days per week. Salary ranging from $7.00 to $8.00 per hour. Applicants must be willing to work on weekends and holidays.


Jewelry Domestic Repairman to work 5 days per week

salary $6.00 per hour from 8:00am-5:00pm Monday - Saturday 5937


NATURES VISION LTD. Is looking for a

Is looking for a Professional


FAX: (649) 946-4661



to work 3 days per week salary $5.00 per hour. 5922 contact: 242-9426 or 341-9084

NOTICE OF CONSTRUCTION Construction is underway for PR11018 for Groyne Repairs on Parcels 19-29, Block 60901, (Emerald Beach, Providenciales). Construction is anticipated to be completed on or about December 20, 2011

WAITRESS To work 3 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 244-8935 5939

contact: 246-6608


PUBLIC AUCTION 1. Parcel 60805/15/K19

Engineer for the Project: Coastal Design and Engineering (CDE). Questions shall be directed to Karyn Erickson or Christin Perkinson at 941-7309 or 241-4012 5844

FOR SALE CONTACT: 431-1591 OR 231-3788

To work 5 days per week. Must be able to work weekends and holidays. Salary $5.00 per hour

Scotiabank (Turks & Caicos) Ltd. of Cherokee Road, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands hereby gives notice of its intention to sell by Public Auction the following properties pursuant to its power of sale as registered Chargee under the Registered Land Ordinance of the Turks and Caicos Islands:

Project Description: The work will replace an 80 ft section of two existing groynes. Public access along the back beach will remain open during construction. The beach will be closed in the active work area (near the water line) between 7am and 5pm, daily.

Construction scaffold and roof tiles for sale

Is looking for a


PHONE: (649) 946-4664


Cheshire Hall and Richmond Hill, Providenciales. Comprising of a three bedroom townhouse in phase 2 of the Flamingo Park The unit consist of 10 main rooms; kitchen, living and dining room, 2 full baths and 1 part bath. The development as communal facilities including a pool, gazebo, pergola lounge area, paved parking, landscaping, 4 tennis courts and boundary fencing/walls. Registered Proprietors: Deanne Nicola Williams

2. Parcel 50402/93

Kewtownship, North Caicos. Comprising of a single storey residential development, providing four bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, and kitchen and dining area. Registered Proprietor: Annie Victoria Williams

3. Parcel 60604/20

Norway and Five Cays, Providenciales. Comprising of a single storey residential development providing two bedrooms, three bathrooms, kitchen, dining and living room. Registered Proprietor: Henry Nathaniel Rigby

4. Parcel 60611/53

Norway and Five Cays, Providenciales. Comprising of 0.25 acres of an undeveloped inland lot. The property is elevated at its roadside frontage and the land slopes slightly in an easterly direction. Any development on the land can enjoy the view of a pond located south-east of the property. Registered Proprietor: Carline Sylvestre

6. Parcel 6113/147

Long Bay Hills, Providenciales comprising 0.51 acres of an undeveloped inland lot well elevated with limited ocean views of the southern shores of Providenciales. Registered Proprietor: Darnell Laverne Penn.

7. Parcel 60400/311

Chalk Sound, Providenciales. Comprising of a high-end detached residential home. The property provides three main bedroom, three and a half bathrooms, four living/ dining areas on the ground floor. There is a pool and deck area to the rear and a carport to the front of the property. Registered Proprietor: Patsy Lee Jennings The auction will be held at the offices of Scotiabank (Turks and Caicos) Limited, Grace Bay Branch, Providenciales at 11 o’clock in the morning on Friday the 23rd day of December 2011 A reserve price will be fixed on all parcels. A deposit of 10% is due immediately upon all accepted bids. Terms and Conditions of Sale by Auction are available by request from Scotiabank Collections Manager (649) 946-4750.


December 17 - 21, 2011



PHONE: (649) 946-4664 Urban Construction/ MBA Construction is looking to employ

2ToLabourers work 5 days contact: 231-0019


per week salary $5.00 per hour.

December 17 - 21, 2011


FAX: (649) 946-4661


UBIQUE LTD. Is looking to hire the following persons:

Maid Beach Attendant

Equity Ltd., as Trustee, pursuant to the Registered Land Ordinance of the Turk & Caicos Islands, hereby gives notice that it will cause to be sold by public action the following property:

@@ Must be willing to work 6 days per week @@ Must be willing to work nights Sundays, holidays @@ Must have knowledge of laundry facility @@ Must have worked in a small resort with at least 5 years experience @@ Salary $5.00 per hour

Title 60905/157K17, Leeward Going Through, Providenciales A 1700 Sq. ft. 2 bedroom 2 1/2 bathrooms furnished Palmyra Condominium Unit also known as Unit 305 Registered Proprietor: Future Capital Holdings Ltd.

Send resume to fax: 649-941-5639 5980


The auction will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday , January 10th 2012 at the offices of Twa, Marcelin, Wolf, Chancery Court 1726 Leeward Highway, Providenciales. For further particulars please contact Twa, Marcelin, Wolf at: – reference Auctions or call 649 946 4261. All sales subject to reserve; ten per cent (10%) deposit required with successful bid

the largest readership in the turks & caicos

The Meridian Club on Pine Cay


The Meridian Club on Pine Cay The Meridian Club, one of the Turks and Caicos Islands’ original and most unique resort experiences is now seeking a

Security Positions for The Meridian Club on Pine Cay

Financial Controller

Patrol Dog Handler/Trainer/ Security Supervisor

With IT experience to over see all aspects of accounting and finance for the Club.

WAGE/SALARY: $15.00/hr plus lodging. QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED: Must be comfortable working with and training Police Dogs. At least 5 years prior experience as patrol dog handler, trainer and security worker essential. Must have training in martial arts/self defense and be physically fit and capable of controlling and restraining a large, powerful dog. Must provide satisfactory proof of clean police record. Training in general First Aid. Fluency in English required. NOTE: Must be willing to reside on Pine Cay on a full time basis and work nights, as required. DUTIES: Include security patrols with police dogs; response to security problems as needed; Feeding and caring for dogs; exercising and training dogs: Scheduling, supervising and providing additional training to other security personnel; Supervising and training fire control response team. First responder for medical emergencies.

Dog Handler/Security Level 2 Salary: $7-8.50/hr depending upon experience, training and work record, plus lodging. Qualifications: Must be comfortable working with and training with Police Dogs. Prior experience as patrol dog handler and security worker essential. Must be physically fit and capable of controlling and restraining a large, powerful dog. Must provide satisfactory proof of clean police record. Fluency in English required. NOTE: Must be willing to reside on Pine Cay on a full time basis and work nights, as required. DUTIES: Handles, feeds, exercises and trains security dogs; responds with dog to security problems; conducts periodic security patrols with dog, including night patrols, and serves as member of fire response team.

Responsibilities: @@Day to day administration of all functions associated with finance and accounting. @@Managing working capital requirements. @@Supervision of staff. @@Financial analysis @@Implementation and monitoring of internal controls @@Cost management and control, including developing and implementing @@inventory systems, time management, theft analysis and financial @@security measures. @@Coordination of new IT systems and related programs @@IT Development-supervision and training of Club office and supervisory @@employees in IT and related programs. @@Miscellaneous bookkeeping and payroll functions. @@Troubleshooting overpayments to vendors, collection of unpaid bills, @@processing customs clearance of shipments, tracking orders and @@assistance with budget preparation @@Requirements: @@Completion of a recognized accounting designation or work experience equivalent with a particular interest in setting up systems of internal control @@Self motivated and hands on individual. @@Computer skills proficiency. @@Strong interpersonal skills. Able to work well with individuals with diverse personalities. @@Positive attitude. @@Excellent communication and time-management skills @@Minimum 5 years in management level accounting position @@Minimum of 5 years experience developing and implementing IT systems @@Note: The position is based on Pine Cay but the successful candidate will be able to commute from Provo or North Caicos. Permanent housing is not provided. However, overnight stays will be required several times per month. Holiday and Weekend availability also required. • Annual Salary: Based on qualifications and experience. From US$45,000 • Position available: Dec 2011 • Applicants should submit resumes that must include educational background, work history plus 3 references with telephone numbers and description of how you know that person. A telephone contact for applicant must also be on cover letter or resume. • Qualified candidates will be called within 2 weeks of receipt of application

STARTING DATE for both position: February, 2012

Contact Person and Contact Information: Send resume with references and your contact information (mailing address, e-mail address, phone number) plus copy of police report and passport to Beverly Plachta by e-mail to manager@meridianclub. com or by fax to 941 7010 no later than December 20, 2011 Additional Information: Belongers need only apply. All qualified applicants will be interviewed 5968

Please send letter of interest and resume along with a copy of passport to Beverly Plachta via email: manager@ or fax: 649-941-7010.





Is looking for 2

is looking for a

3 Domestic Workers 3 Labourers 1 Security Officer


Must be willing to work flexible hours Must be trustworthy, dedicated and reliable. Salary $5.50 per hour

Please call 245 4612

Is it time for a view from a new office window? Dive Provo is looking for employees interested in embarking on a career in the resort diving industry

is looking for:



Applicants must be honest, reliable and hard working. Salary $5.00 per hour.

MYRLANDE CASTON is looking for a

Is looking to fill the following positions:

is looking for a

to work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour send resumes to P.O. Box 954 5999

Applicant must be willing to work weekend and long hours when called upon, salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 242-1315



Is looking for a

Is looking for 3

contact: 247-9552




to work 5 days per week salary $6.00 per hour

to work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour send resume to P.O. Box 954 5994

contact: 241-9642



Is looking for a

Is looking for a

is looking for




Stephen Clarke Is looking for a

RENTAL AGENT To work 6 days per week salary $150.00 per week.

Contact: 244-0469


Domestic Worker To work 7 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 341-9982


Please contact 946-5300 5967


Contact: 245-4742

To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.



contact: 231-0242




To work days a week including weekdays and holidays. Salary to commensurate with experience

Duties include all aspects of customer service, car rental sales and dealing with E-mail correspondence pertaining to car reservations. To work 5 days per week including weekends and holidays. Salary to commensurate with experience.

To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour send resumes to P.O. Box 954

with at least 5 years experience must be willing to work 5 days per week salary $7.00 per hour.


To work 5 days per week must have experience in yard maintenance salary $5.00 per hour send resume to P.O. Box 954

Painter Painter 5961


Must be able to work 5 days per week salary $5.00-$5.50 per hour

Must be willing to work 7 days per week salary $6.00 per hour. Contact: 2424006 or 347-3121 5970


Cashier/ Labourer

is looking for a


Worker 5964

3 Hairstylists 2 Nail Technicians


Labourers Gardener Upholstery DJ Contact: 231-1199

Contact: 231-4077 by December 22nd, 2011


• Be good swimmers and comfortable around boats • Include good passes in English and Mathematics at high school levels • Enjoy providing superior services to TCI’s Visitors • Be comfortable working around a variety of nationalities and cultures • Accept training at no personal cost and be willing and able to graduate to PADI Dive Master level




Suitable Candidates will:

Interested parties should contact Dive Provo by email to: diveprovo@ providing a letter of introduction and curriculum vitae with a copy also to by January 20th, 2012.

ANTHONY CLARKE Is looking for a

Labourer Labourer Labourer to work 5 days per week salary negotiable.


To work 5 day per week. Salary $5.00 per hour. Send resumes to P.O. Box 954 5995


Delroy S. C. Lightbourne / Anthony Forbes


FAX: (649) 946-4661



PHONE: (649) 946-4664



December 17 - 21, 2011

Must be able to work on holidays and weekends. Salary $5.00 per hour. Send resumes to P.O. Box 954 5973


Sports International


December 17 - 21, 2011

Ricciardo and Vergne to drive for Toro Rosso in 2012 TORO Rosso have announced an all-new driver pairing for the 2011 Formula One season with Daniel Ricciardo and Jean-Eric Vergne replacing Sebastien Buemi and Jaime Alguersuari. Both new signings are part of the junior driver program at Toro Rosso’s owner and fellow constructor Red Bull, and both featured in practice sessions for their new team

during the 2011 season. Australian Ricciardo also drove for Hispania Racing (HRT) in the second half of last season. The 22-year-old said he was delighted to secure his future in the sport. “To be honest, I am still jumping up and down with excitement at the news,” he told Toro Rosso’s official website. “I can’t wait to get to work once testing begins.

Ward Consultancy


acting on behalf of our clients: Coyaba Restaurant, E.Y. Contractors is looking to fill the following positions:

Is looking for 2


supervise and participate in cooking and baking and the preparation of foods, plan and price menu items, keep records and accounts


Contact: 649-332-5533


to perform maintenance work on a equipments in order to prevent damage from occurring, also diagnose the problem and make repairs on the equipments etc. Salary negotiable


To clean property. Must be willing to work 5 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour. Send resumes to P.O. Box 954 5998

Dan Wheldon was killed by a fence pole that sliced through his car. Daniel Ricciardo (L) and Jean-Eric Vergne will be driving for Toro Rosso in the 2012 Formula One season.

“This is a really big deal for me and something I have wanted ever since I was driving for Toro Rosso on Friday mornings at the races in the first part of last season.” Like Ricciardo, Vergne, from France, is a former winner of the British Formula 3 Championship. The 20-yearold said he was determined to repay the faith his team had shown in him. “Christmas has come early for me this year! Having driven for them a few times this year and also testing


VICE PRESIDENT OF RESORT ASSETS Requirements: • University degree in business administration or related discipline • Proven track record of managing and overseeing existing resort and property development group • Excellent leadership and public speaking skills • Must have at least 5 years in a senior Condo Resort Management position • Strong analytic abilities with capacity to conceptualize, design and implement initiatives • Ability to motivate management team and others to meet and exceed company goals Duties Include: • Overseeing all operations, marketing, quality assurance, initiatives, profitability, asset management and general performance for the group • Ensuring that management, marketing and financial strategies and procedures are consistent with and achieve group goals • Assisting with development and implementation of group business plan • Providing strategic direction and management of group interests, long range planning and new business development • Consistently delivering accurate forecasting projections for area of responsibility and implementing effective adjustments as required to ensure profit integrity

for Red Bull Racing in Abu Dhabi, I definitely feel ready to make the move, even if I know there is a big difference between testing and actually racing. “I enjoyed working with the guys at Toro Rosso this year and I can’t wait to be part of the team for real. Sitting on the grid in Melbourne next March cannot come soon enough.” Team principal Franz Tost defended the decision to replace Buemi and Alguersuari, saying his new duo had long been primed for their debut seasons with the team. (CNN)

IndyCar star Wheldon killed by fence pole, says independent report INDYCAR driver Dan Wheldon was killed by a fence pole that sliced through his car, causing fatal injuries, an investigation into his death concluded Friday. The 33-year-old Englishman, a two-time winner of the famous Indy 500, died in a 15-car crash at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway during the final round of the 2011 series on October 16. The report, published on the official IndyCar website, said the circumstances of the accident were a “perfect storm” as his car flew into the air and hit the track side fence. “The chassis impacted a

vertical post along the right side of the tub that -- as the car passed by -- created significant damage extending from the pedal bulkhead, through the cockpit and shearing off the roll hoop,” IndyCar President of Operations Brian Barnhart was quoted. “As the pole intruded the cockpit, the impact with the driver’s helmeted head produced non-survivable blunt force trauma.” Wheldon, who had started at the rear of the 34-car field, was in 24th place on lap 11 when the accident occurred, causing him to decelerate from 224 mph to 165 mph before he hit a car in front of him. (CNN)


Project Sales And Marketing Executive Requirements:

• Candidate should have in excess of 10 years of experience in pre-construction selling of large value projects. • Strong preference for international sales experience and established relationships with foreign marketing agencies • Proven sales history performance in excess of $20 million annually • Predominantly commission based remuneration • Strong understanding of preconstruction documentation and contracts · Good knowledge of Excel, PowerPoint required · Experience with website, and other social media site development and maintenance



Interested applicants should apply by delivering, faxing (946-5198) or emailing (humanresource@ a current resume to The Sands, HR Department. Deadline is December 28th 2011.

Interested applicants should apply to The Sands, by delivering, faxing (946-5199) or emailing ( a current resume to The Sands, HR Department.



December 17 - 21, 2011




Sports International


December 17 - 21, 2011

NBA star Paul traded from Hornets to Clippers FOUR-TIME NBA All-Star Chris Paul has been traded from the New Orleans Hornets to join the Los Angeles Clippers in a deal that sends Eric Gordon, Al-Farouq Aminu and Chris Kaman in the opposite direction. As part of the deal for the point guard, the Clippers have also given the Hornets a first-round pick in the 2012 draft. The Hornets were eager to trade Paul, with the 26-year-old’s contract due to expire at the end of the forthcoming season. NBA commissioner David Stern was required to approve the deal due to the fact that the Hornets are owned by the league. New Orleans general manager Dell Demps was on the verge of sealing a trade last week which would have seen Paul head to the Los Angeles Lakers, but the NBA vetoed a three-team deal claiming the Hornets could do better. “We wanted to make sure that we got the best possible deal for a player of Chris’ caliber, and we feel great about the outcome,” Jac Sperling, appointed by Stern as governor of the Hornets after the league acquired the team in December 2010, told the NBA’s official website. The Clippers’ franchise has been largely a losing one over the years and has been in the shadow of the long-successful Lakers, who have been champions 17 times to their local rivals’ none. Paul’s presence is expected to invigorate the team. He has been in

Spain striker David Villa had recently lost his place in the Barcelona team to Chile’s Alexis Sanchez

Villa breaks his leg as Barca brush Al Sadd aside

Chris Paul will team up with “Dunk King” Blake Griffin.

the NBA for six years, leading the league in steals on four occasions, and will be paired with Blake Griffin, last year’s NBA Rookie of the Year. The North Carolina-born star averaged 18.1 points and 2.7 rebounds in three years with the Hornets. Last season, Paul played in 80 games averaging 15.9 points, 9.8

assists, 4.1 rebounds and 2.4 steals. Shooting guard Gordon heads to New Orleans after three years in Los Angeles, while 21-year-old Aminu played his rookie year with the Clippers last season. Center Kaman was an All-Star in 2010 and spent eight years at the Staples Center. (CNN)

SPANISH international striker David Villa suffered a fractured leg as European Champions Barcelona brushed aside Qatari side Al Sadd 4-0 Thursday to reach the final of the FIFA Club World Cup. Villa fractured his left tibia while trying to latch on to an Andres Iniesta through ball after 34 minutes of the semifinal clash in Japan’s Toyota City and was carried off on a stretcher. Spanish champions Barca will come up against Santos in Sunday’s final after the Brazilian team beat Japan’s Kashiwa Reysol 3-1 Wednesday. Barca sealed their comprehensive victory with a brace from fullback Adriano and strikes from

Mali’s Seydou Keita and Brazilian Maxwell. Villa was restored to the starting line-up by coach Pep Guardiola having recently lost his place in the team to Alexis Sanchez, with the Chilean preferred for last weekend’s “El Clasico” victory over archrivals Real Madrid. Sanchez arrived from Udinese in July, but saw the start of his Barca career hampered by a hamstring injury. The 22-year-old’s recovery and return to the first team has prompted speculation over Villa’s future with the Catalan giants. The 30-year-old has found the net just five times in 15 Spanish La Liga appearances this season and now faces a lengthy period on the sidelines.

Khan hopeful of overturning Lamont Peterson decision AMIR Khan believes he has a chance of having his defeat by Lamont Peterson overturned on appeal. The 25-year-old lost his WBA and IBF light-welterweight titles on Saturday night as Peterson won a narrow points decision in Washington D.C. Khan crucially had two points deducted by referee Joseph Cooper for pushing and insists the decision was unfair. He said: “We have appealed. In the next seven to 10 days we should find out and it could be overturned.” Khan had Peterson on the canvas twice in the opening round - although only one was counted - and his twopoint penalty proved costly after judges scored the fight at 113-112, 113-112, 110-115 in favour of the local fighter. The Bolton-born fighter is adamant that he won the fight and will fight Peterson again next year regardless of the outcome of the appeal. Although it is rare to have decisions overturned, WBC lightheavyweight champion Bernard

Powell was the fastest man in the world over 100m between 2005-2008

Khan wants ‘neutral’ venue for Peterson rematch.

Hopkins has been successful in having October’s fight against Chad Dawson changed from a loss to a technical draw. Khan said: “I was treated unfairly during the fight. Lamont Peterson’s coach even said to me that he knows how it feels to be robbed. “The referee was from Washington so he was always going to favour the home fighter. He walks the streets

of DC so if he was fair and took points off Peterson he’d be hated in Washington. “My titles were snatched off me unfairly. I don’t think he’ll be refereeing a big fight again. “I want a rematch in a neutral place with a neutral referee and neutral judges. Not Washington or the UK, somewhere like Las Vegas would be fine.” (BBC)

Powell set to run Birmingham Indoor Grand Prix JAMAICAN sprinter Asafa Powell will make his British indoor debut at the Birmingham Grand Prix on 18 February. Powell has not ran an indoor 60m race since 2004 but believes a change in his competition schedule could give him the edge at the 2012 Olympics. “My coach and I think doing an indoor season is the best move,” said Powell.

“If I’m going to be challenging for medals I need to be racing the best people and the calibre of athletes [at Birmingham] has always been strong.” The 29-year-old former 100m world record holder, who will be based in the city next summer ahead of the London Games with the rest of the Jamaican squad, has clocked the most sub 10-second races in history.

December 17 - 21, 2011

Sports International


Four jockeys banned for corruption by BHA JOCKEYS Paul Doe and Greg Fairley have been banned from racing for 12 years for “not riding a horse to its merits” after an investigation into corruption. Two other jockeys are among 11 people barred from the sport following a British Horseracing Authority probe. Kirsty Milczarek has been banned for two years, while Jimmy Quinn has received a sixmonth punishment. Owners Maurice “Fred” Sines and James Crickmore have been banned for 14 years for betting on their own horse to lose. Fairley and Doe had both quit racing earlier this year. Quinn and Milczarek were both found guilty of corruption, but the latter was also found to have breached a rule forbidding jockeys passing on information

in return for reward. Quinn, who has ridden four winners for champion trainer Richard Hannon this year, does not intend to appeal while Milczarek does. Five others - Nick Gold, Peter Gold, Shaun Harris, David Kendrick and Liam Vasey - were also found guilty of “corrupt or fraudulent practice”. Vasey, Kendrick and Harris were banned for five, four and three years respectively while a decision on Nick and Peter Gold’s penalties will be made after further written submissions. Paul Fitzsimons, now a trainer, and Darren May were cleared of all charges. All those found guilty have seven days to appeal against their bans but are excluded from the sport during that period. (BBC)

Injury forces defending champs out of Sailing World Championships BRITISH pair Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson have been forced to withdraw from the World Championships due to Percy’s back injury. The defending champions and Olympic gold medallists led the standings in the Star class on Tuesday. “We’re really disappointed to have to pull out,” said Percy, who will compete with Simpson at the 2012 Olympics. “We were having a great regatta, were sailing well and were really enjoying the racing.” The double Olympic gold

Injury has denied Percy and Simpson the chance to defend their world title

medallist added: “We haven’t done a lot of racing recently so it was great to be racing together with Bart again, and to be racing as well as we were. (BBC)

Warne cleared to make comeback despite burnt hand SHANE Warne has been passed fit to make his cricketing comeback in Australia’s Twenty20 Big Bash League on Saturday. The legendary leg-spinner, 42, burnt his bowling hand while cooking earlier in the week and posted pictures of his damaged fingers on Twitter. But on Friday he tweeted: “All clear with hand specialist - so playing tomorrow night if selected.” Warne, who retired from international cricket in 2007, is due to play for the Melbourne Stars against Sydney Thunder. He added that his fiancee Elizabeth Hurley, the British actress, had agreed to toss the coin at Saturday’s game at the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). Warne wrote on Twitter: “Who’s coming to the G? Let’s fill the G and support the melb stars. Off to training now.” It will be the first time Warne has played at the iconic MCG since he quit the international game after helping Australia to a 5-0 Ashes series victory over England in 2006/07. He took 708 wickets in 145 Tests during a 15-year career for Australia, a tally bettered only by Sri Lanka’s Muttiah Muralitharan. Warne continued to play Twenty20 cricket but retired in May after leading Rajasthan Royals in the first four seasons of the Indian Premier League. However, he decided to return with the Stars, one of two Melbourne franchises in Australia’s revamped T20 competition. He said he wanted his three children to see him at work and it was an “added bonus” that Hurley would also be there. (BBC)

New Zealand in thrilling cricket Test victory over Australia NEW ZEALAND recorded their first Test victory in Australia for 26 years with a thrilling seven-run win in Hobart, to draw the two-match series 1-1. It was only their third Test victory in 28 matches on Australian soil. The Australians resumed on day four needing only 169 more runs with all 10 wickets intact, but lost Phil Hughes in the second over of the morning. Seamer Doug Bracewell took 6-40 as Aussie opener David Warner carried his bat for a maiden Test century. Left-hander Warner, previously thought to be a Twenty20 specialist, was playing in only his second Test, and after adding 72 with Hughes he put on another 50 with Usman Khawaja (23) to leave Australia in relative command at 122-1.


It was New Zealand’s first Test win against Australia on any ground since 1993.

Shane Warne still hopes to make his debut for Melbourne Stars on Saturday.

Charlie feels there should be a Most Valuable Team’s award.

Hello fans. Glad you are enjoying the column. And if you like soccer great. And if you don’t well TOUGH! Soccer can be a bit strange at times. I am always explaining it to some people (especially my Mum). Take for example the MVP award. The letters MVP stand for MOST VALUABLE PLAYER but soccer is a team sport so how can you have an MVP? You need a team to play soccer not just one player. So really you should have an MVT. A MOST VALUABLE TEAM award. Everyone in the team would get an MVT shirt. The shirt makers would love it. They would have a field day, whatever a ‘field day’ is! This week I thought I would write about Christmas. I like Christmas. My mates do too. And my dog. And my cat. Christmas is great! But it can have a strange effect on people, especially on grown ups. They can start acting a little weird. A

little over friendly. I noticed it at the IGA the other day. They bend down towards you, ruffle your hair (always the hair) and say things with a silly grin and in a silly voice. Not their normal voice. Things like “is Santa coming?” How would I know if Santa’s coming? Christmas is a time of year when people eat too much and drink too much. They buy things they would never usually buy at any other time of year. Things like tinsel, egg nog, mince pies and dates. Sometimes they can’t think of what present to buy their young son, grandson or nephew. Well whenever anyone asks me what any young TCI soccer player wants for Christmas I just shout out “BALLS!” Big balls, small balls, bouncy balls, red balls, blue balls, pink balls—any balls. Give a kid a ball for Christmas and that kid will be your friend for life. Have a great Christmas.


Sports International


Joe LeMonde (centre) with two Canadian players.

The Sailrock Lobsters played flawless in their recent clash.

Provo Hockey League:

Lobsters flawless against Owls THE SAILROCK Lobsters played flawless against the Gracebay Car Rentals and Sales Owls last Saturday in the Provo Hockey League’s Mini Division. The game ended 6-0 after Joe Canham (three goals and an assist), Brooke Rivers (two goals), and Joshua Saunders (one goal) all found themselves in the scorebook. The loss was the second for the Owls given that they were beaten by the Gansevoort Gators in the opening clash 10-5. Carson Greatrex continued his dominance in that division with five goals and one assist, while Dylan Ayer added four goals and two assists and Zachary Scholar one goal and two assists. Dylan Brubaker led the attack for the Owls with four goals and one


LIGHTNING’S FIRST WIN The Coco Bistro Lightning recorded their first victory this season in the Bantam Division by a margin of 10-6 against the Pearls Residences Sharks. Goals for the Lightning came from Ricardo Valcin (five goals and one assist) and Javiera Bovell (two goals and one assist); for the Sharks Cole Nickson and Orrin Campbell had two goals and one assist each. The Lightning were later whopped by the Saunders and Co. Hurricanes 4-12. Livingston Ferdinand led the attack for the winners with six goals and an assist while Sebastian Turbyfield added three goals. Valcin scored all of the Lightning’s goals.

December 17 - 21, 2011

TCBC DIVISION The J and W Construction Flames suffered two losses in the TCBC Midget Division last week. They opened with a 4-8 defeat against the Twa Marcelin Wolf Pirates: Quinn Higgs scored all the Flames’ goals and Miguel Malcolm (also two assists) and Myrhon Pereira had three goals each while Gabriel Diotte-Joly had two goals and three assists for the Pirates). In the second midget clash, the Carib Gaming Panthers won 9-5. Rajhan Munnings scored four goals and made one assist for the Panthers while his teammates Christian Robinson and Serena Delancy added two goals and an assist each. Higgs finished with three goals for the Flames.

Taking care of the rugby world

INTERHEALTH Canada TCI was put on the sporting map in a massive way during the autumn. Orthopaedic surgeon Joe LeMonde flew the flag at the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand where he was engaged as doctor to the Canadian international side. In sports medicine terms it doesn’t get much bigger than that and we congratulate him on this wonderful achievement. Joe said: “It was a great honour to represent my country at such a huge event and in a country that is rugby crazy. “I had a few challenging injuries to attend to which kept

me very busy and I was proud to have worn my TCI rugby jersey on occasions during the tournament. “For a second tier nation, Canada performed well and it was certainly a great experience for both the team and myself as a doctor.” Canada failed to qualify from the group stages although they did record a win over Tonga and a draw against Japan. We lost to New Zealand which was expected as they went on to win the cup outright.” Joe is not only the Canadian rugby doctor; he also has a similar role with the Maple Leaf’s Winter Olympic team.

Josh for Sports

Women’s Football League:

Focus on roller hockey

AFC Hurricanes and Net Rockers level on points

HISTORICAL EXPOSE According to my research, no one knows exactly when roller hockey began. The Guinness Book of World Records states that the sport was first played in London, England in the late 1870s, but it was not known as roller hockey then; it was called rink polo. During the 1920s, boys in New York were playing roller hockey on city streets. Today girls play the game also. It was not a game with precise rules or expensive equipment. A small block of wood was used as a puck. A goal was scored by hitting the puck over a sewer. The players were decked out in their uniforms: including shin-guards and chest protectors, cut from old blankets, quilts and discarded tubes. The New York City Department of Parks created what is believed to be the first roller hockey rink in 1960. It was located in Jamaica in the Borough of Queens. There are two types of roller

By Joshua Gardiner

hockey: puck roller hockey and ball roller hockey. For puck roller hockey many leagues used a roll of electrician’s black tape as a puck; sporting good stories also sold plastic pucks for the sport. They are the same size as the pucks used in ice-hockey (three inches in diameter), but being plastic and hollow there is little pain or bruising should you get hit by one. Electrician’s tape offers the same advantage. CONTINUE NEXT WEEK.

The Women Football League (WFL) entered into the break for the festive season with two teams levelled on points. AFC Hurricanes have ten points, the same as Net Rockers, but sit above last year’s champions as a result of having scored more goals. These teams tied two weeks ago (11) but they both got back to winning ways last weekend. Net Rockers defeated Revolution FC 4-0 with goals from Jancilia Cox, Niquita Rosemaine, Kayla Gardiner and Carmela Giordano. In the earlier match AFC Hurricanes had to wait until late in the game before overcoming a resilient AFC Strikers. AFC Strikers have yet to win a game this season, but the team, consisting of players from the TCIFA Under-14 Girls’ Centre of Excellence, has been improving week by week. The first half was evenly matched with both teams’ defence on top. Yarileke De La Cruz came close to opening the scoring, but her shot narrowly missed the target. AFC Hurricanes struggled

to find their rhythm and although they had more of the possession they failed to trouble the Striker’s standin goalkeeper Waldine Pierre. In the second half the more experienced Hurricanes’ players began to exert more pressure on their young opponents who continued to frustrate their sister team. Willandra Elliott, Shinaydine Pluviose and Melissa Jean Guy were impressive in the centre of defence, and it was only after a clearance ricocheted off a defender that the Hurricanes were able to break the deadlock through Christina Hinds on the 65th minute. Strikers had several chances to draw level as Yarieleke De La Cruz hit a fierce shot from thirty yards that was well saved by Amelie Speer. Minutes later Yarileny De La Cruz broke through the Hurricanes’ defence and saw her shot roll agonisingly wide of the goal. However, Sarah Cenary guaranteed the win for the Hurricanes as she was on hand to finish a well taken goal in the 80th minute.

Coach Gerry Gregg was relieved that his team managed to see out the win. “The girls (Hurricanes) were pushed all the way today, thankfully we managed to get the goals we needed, but we will need to play better in the new year if we are to challenge Net Rockers.” Technical Director Matthew Green was delighted with the performance of the young Strikers team. “I am sure a lot of people thought the league would be too tough for the young girls, but they have improved tremendously in such a short space of time. They are becoming more confident with every game and they are quickly adapting to playing at a higher level. This will stand them in good stead when they compete internationally in years to come. They can all feel proud of what they have achieved and I predict that by next season they will be in a position to challenge for the title.” The WFL restarts on January 15th.

December 17 - 21, 2011



Bien-Aime becomes first TCIFA official to sit on CFU’s Finance Task Force LONE female on the Caribbean Football Union’s (CFU) Finance Task Force, the Turks & Caicos Islands Football Association’s General Secretary, Sonia Bien-Aime, said her appointment is a humbling experience and noted that she was “privileged” to be selected. Bien-Aime became the first TCIFA official to sit on the committee after she was advised by the current regional president (Ag) to do so. This Task Force is charged with the preparation of advice which will allow for continuity of the Union in addition to a more optimum means of functioning. The working group will be responsible for a number of considerations to include: review of the CFU’s financial status, recommendations regarding the financial structures of the organisation, interim measures for the administration and operation of the CFU, amongst a list of other recommendations which shall be presented to the presidents at the CFU President’s Meeting on December 20th and 21st in Zurich, Switzerland. Of the appointment, Mrs BienAmie said: “This is the first time that the Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association has been entrusted with the responsibility to do such, and as the only female on the panel, it will be our collective efforts as a working group to contribute to the necessary

Majorie Basden has regained the Schools’ Basketball Championships title.

The CFU’s lone female on its Finance Task Force, Mrs. Sonia Bien-Aime.

reform and modernisation of the Union going forward.” “During this critical phase in CFU’s history, it is my endeavor to take full advantage of this moment in the best interest of the Turks & Caicos Islands, the Caribbean and regional football, thus ensuring that integrity and best practice is observed and adhered to at all times.” Other members appointed to the CFU Finance Task Force include: Jeffrey Webb (Cayman Islands FA President); Anton Sealey (Bahamas FA President); Louis Giskus (Suriname VB President); Joseph Cheney (Grenada FA President); Lyndon Cooper (St. Lucia FA President) and Eric Labrador (Puerto Rico FedFut President).

Maranatha were good enough to take the title this year, but just fell short in the championship clash.

2011 Schools’ Basketball Championships “best ever” – Director of Sports

THE just concluded 2011 High Schools’ Basketball Championships had all the right ingredients to take the sport forward in a positive way, and was in fact the “best ever” according to the Director of Sport Alvin Parker. The event was won by Marjorie Basden Knights for the 11th time as they re-affirm themselves princes of basketball in the Turks and Caicos Islands. In the final game the Knights defeated Maranatha Blizzards 87-79, after the dominant school had played undefeated in the championships. Kivarno Handfield nabbed the MVP award for the winners, but

Maranatha dominated the other individual prizes. Dwayne Hamilton tallied 45 boards to finish as the best rebounder, while team-mates Kenly Walters finish with the most steals’ award (25) and Dudreco Forbes as the best assist player (23 assists) and with the most blocks (nine). The Sports Commission, which has run the championships since 1995, felt the excitement of the games. As the head, Parker opined that it was dubbed “heart-attacking” games by some “because of the heart pounding moves and breathtaking action.” Of the championships he said: “It was one which helped us to identify new talent and prove that

TCIFA Super 7’s Football League:

Air Turks and Caicos win inaugural title AIR Turks and Caicos lifted the inaugural championship trophy of the Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association’s Super 7’s Football League after a close 1-0 victory, which was not separated until the last minute, against the AFC Academy. On the final night of the league, which TCIFA officials tout will be bigger next year, the HAB Harriers won the ‘B’ final with a 5-3 finish against the SWA Sharks and the AFC National secured third place against the Pedagogue FC. In the opening game HAB Harriers secured the fifth spot overall with a 5-3 win against the SWA Sharks. The Harriers made an impressive start as they raced into a 3-0 lead with goals from Sanjay Campbell (2) and Jon Flanagan. However, rather than fall apart, the Sharks bounced back to even things up as Paul Collis (2) and Basil McGregor were on target before the halftime whistle. The second half was evenly matched until Flanagan grabbed his second goal and Jornel Magroire

secured victory for HAB. In the second game of the evening AFC National recorded a comfortable 5-1 win against Pedagogue FC. Luis Turbyfield opened the scoring after converting Bobby Kwatt’s well placed cross. Kwatt then doubled the lead from the penalty spot, prior to adding his second goal of the game shortly before halftime. Matt Green added a fourth goal and Anell Super drove home for a fifth as he latched on to Steve Wilson’s expertly placed through ball. Pedagogue FC tried to get back in the game and never gave up and were rewarded for their efforts when Haroon Swaby rifled a shot into the roof of the net. The final itself was a very closely fought affair and the deadlock was only broken in the last minute of the game. Air Turks and Caicos were expected to win the game handsomely, especially as AFC Academy had several key players missing, but Ian Hurdle inspired his team, who almost pulled off a shock victory. The

Flamingo boys had a lot of possession, but the Academy team’s defence made it very difficult for their opponents to make any clear cut chances. As the game went on, AFC Academy handled the pressure well and always looked dangerous on the counter-attack. In fact it was the younger team which almost took the lead when Fred Dorvil’s header came back off the bar and appeared to cross over the line. Hurdle almost scored the goal of the season when his thirty yard volley was deflected wide for a corner. However, it was Air Turks and Caicos who managed to claim the win as Events Jean scored a close-range effort following a last minute corner kick. Air Turks and Caicos were naturally relieved after the final whistle after being pushed so close; however after playing the season undefeated no one can begrudge them their well earned title. Kwatt stole the individual awards after taking the MVP and the best goal scoring trophies

talent is alive and well throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands.”

ACADEMICS Parker added that the championship was the “first national event of the 2011-2012 school year where academics and behavioural requirements were enforced, resulting in a positive impact for our athletes and their schools. We received no complaints from the accommodating venue, which in the past resulted in written and voiced complaints about the travelling schools. The stated academic requirements to participate in the national tournament consist of a 2.5 GPA or equivalent percentage. The Sports Commission will continue to develop and enforce these requirements throughout 2012.” FINAL CLASH Handfield led the winners’ attack with a whopping 35 points, 11 boards, five steals, four blocks and two assists; while Devin Jules scored 14 points, made four assists, three steals and one block. Maranatha, whose only losses were to the eventual champions (also 67-82 in the preliminary round), dominated most of their games including a 59-point thrashing of Wesley Methodist (9132). In the final clash they made a run for the title and looked solid, but although Forbes controlled the offence with 35 points, 18 huge boards, seven steals and eight assists it was Marjorie Basden’s night. Walters assisted with 17 points and 10 steal, 11 assist and six rebounds and Hamilton with 11 point, 13 rebounds, six assists, three steals and two blocks for the second placed finishers.



December 17 - 21, 2011

December 17 - 21, 2011





December 17 - 21, 2011

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