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Weekly News Volume 26 | No. 33 | August 18 - 24, 2012

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Political Activities Ordinance is fair and balanced compromise, Governor Ric Todd THE Political Activities Ordinancewas signed into law by Governor Ric Todd on Monday.




IBG winds down operations in the TCI GOVERNOR Ric Todd, on Tuesday, disclosed that the board of directors of the International Banking Group (TCI) Ltd PAGE has announced the wind down of local commercial operations. 





T urks and C aicos

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PDM says TCIG quarterly financial report misleading – Finance Ministry PS says PAGE  6 party misread report THE PDM has said that the quarterly report on the finances of the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) is misleading.

TCI to get first

medical university

THE Turks and Caicos Islands will be home to the Global University Schools of Medicine and Public Health (GU-MED) come autumn of 2013, PAGE  5 whose starting investment is approximately $8.4m.

Provost/ Dean, Mr. Tomlin Paul, Governor Ric Todd, Founder, Mr. Raul Cuadrado and Dr. Carlton Mills



August 18 - 24, 2012

August 18 - 24, 2012







Boyle and Royal Recently Chief Executive, Mr. Patrick Boyle told TCI that Dr. Ewing was central in the formation of the National Health Care Plan. In a public letter of a week ago, Royal Robinson, a PNP executive, confirmed Boyle’s statement. Royal also admitted his part. Remember both received honorariums for their roles in formation of NHIP. Elections are less than 90 days away and there is one burning issue By David Tapfer to be addressed. the economy and taxes. We need to face facts. The last elected government ran the country absolutely bankrupt. Their fiscal irresponsibility came at us in two waves: • Wave one, the PNP ran up huge bills we were unable to pay; and • Wave two, the PNP committed us to financial obligations for the next 20 plus years which we can not afford. These obligations are in one area alone; the health care contract, hospital buildings and facilities, NHIP. These two problems have been the primary cause of the prolonged duration of the interim government. It has been obvious from day one of British take over that there would be no influx of cash from the mother country. Also painfully obvious is there will be no inquiry into the reasons behind the long-term health care obligations we are stuck with. All this happened under the nose of three British Governors. Beginning with Posten and continuing and widening under Tauwhare. Governor Wetherell followed suit by approving the National Health Plan committing us to massive payments and therefore massive tax burdens. This has already caused massive tax burdens and a raid on the pension fund. We may soon see the two funds blended. Blended and both broken? It was Wetherell who suggested the blending; however, it is painfully obvious that governors past and present are not the decision makers. The shots are being called by the Foreign Office, which is well disconnected from the problems. They are in my view also well disconnected from the solutions. Politics in Britain allowed the PNP spending and the commitments to go forth and it is politics in Britain that is failing to find reasonable solutions. They are in fact playing the same game that the PNP administration played, “fudging” the numbers. The first quarter report is a hoot! Income is less than budgeted and expenses are higher than budgeted and yet we show a surplus! The answer is simple. You sold the water plant stock and raided the National Insurance Fund. Anya is another Delton! When I read CEO Boyles charge to civil servants not to take political sides I have to smile because Anya propping up his position with all that “fudge” is exactly what he is preaching against! Funnier still is Dr. Ewing’s TV interview. According to the good doctor, he can stop Britain from controlling government finances via the CFO bill if he is elected. His party might somehow refinance the $260m loan without a British guarantee. What banker will loan the party millions who created the need for the loan in the first place by reckless and irresponsible spending by making unsustainable commitments. As Skippings points out the hospitals alone will cost the TCI taxpayers more than half a BILLION dollars in the next 20 years and Interhealth Canada, which will cost much more, has got to go! If that can be accomplished how long will it take to pay down the massive $260m loan?

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August 18 - 24, 2012

Political Activities Ordinance is fair and balanced compromise, Governor Ric Todd – Party leaders unhappy with spending limit BY VANESSA NARINE THE Political Activities Ordinance was signed into law by Governor Ric Todd on Monday. It comes into effect on August 28 when it will become another key milestone in the hosting of the November 9 elections. Todd, at a press conference on Tuesday, said, “The legislation is a fair and balance compromise.” The ordinance sets out clearly how parties finance themselves and account for the money they raise; who can donate and the amounts; and controls how the parties spend the money raised in their election campaigning. Todd said, “This ordinance marks a big step in making TCI politics open and transparent, and it will be key in avoiding the abuses that occurred in the past. “I am sure it will be widely welcomed. TCI is leading the way in the region.” He explained that new legislation supports free and fair elections and added that the Integrity Commission will be responsible for monitoring enforcement of the legislation. Todd stated that the legislation takes into account the local culture of campaigning in deciding the controls for campaign spending. According to him, the political parties have been engaged throughout the drafting process, as

has the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD). The WFD, at the end of July, visited the TCI for the third time and focused on turning elections legislations, in particular the Political Activities Ordinance, into practical systems. Todd said, “What the Westminster Foundation did was to work through the mechanics of the legislation, it is new and there are some complexities, but the important thing is that he Integrity Commission is there to ensure that things are fair.” The Governor maintained that the legislation reflects what is best practice in the conduct of elections worldwide. Todd stressed that the legislation helps to move the elections campaign towards issues relating to the future, rather than issues related to “turkeys and ham,” hinting at the possibility of parties bribing voters with favours. He said, “We are in no way trying to constrain the elections campaign or are we trying to stop the parties from doing what they want in setting out their manifestos for the people of these islands.” According to the new law, political parties have a campaign limit of $600,000. Todd said, “I hope political parties will be willing to work within this.” UNHAPPY Leader of the Progressive National

Party (PNP), Dr. Rufus Ewing, told the Weekly News that the spending ceiling of $600,000 will limit the impact of the party’s campaign. He said, “There are lots of restrictions, it is across the board so it is not unfair, but there are challenges with moving our campaign forward, for example with the transport of candidates to the different islands.” According to him, the PNP met with the Governor on Tuesday morning to discuss this and other concerns. Ewing said, “We talked about issues like bribery, deciding how you draw the line with bribery and just being a good citizen. “There can be someone asking you to help them with a need and ask they for food and you may buy them a food basket.” People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) leader, Mr. Oswald Skippings, reiterated similar sentiments, adding that the Caribbean way of campaigning is different from what is done in the United Kingdom. “When you consider transport to other islands and the other costs associated,it eats quickly into your budget when you need to move many people around,” he said. Skippings maintained that the monies are not enough. The new legislation is specified explicitly in the new ordinances milestone and takes forward one of the recommendations of the 2009 Sir Robin Auld Commission of Inquiry.

IBG winds down operations in the TCI THE board of directors of the International Banking Group (TCI) Ltd, on Tuesday, announced the wind down of its local commercial operations. The IBG, in a statement, explained that in its original business plan it predicted that the new bank, which opened its doors in 2010, would be lossmaking for the initial period of trading. The statement said, “Various unique events have conspired against the success of the new bank. “These included the worldwide economic crisis, the impact of the failure of TCI Bank and the uncertainty that the constitutional crisis in the Turks and Caicos Islands generated. “As a result, and despite measures to reduce costs, IBG has found it difficult to develop new business and

on-going losses have far exceeded original expectations. “In the circumstances, we believe that the responsible action is to undertake an orderly wind down of the retail banking operation and to ensure all depositors are paid out in full.” The bank added that it will continue to provide merchant services and some credit card facilities. CAYMAN ISLANDS STAKE Cayman National Corporation, which owns Cayman National Bank, holds a majority share in IBG. A statement issued by Cayman National on Tuesday, said, “Cayman National Corporation decided to become an investor in the International Banking Group (TCI) Ltd. (IBG) some years ago, at a time

when economic conditions were far more favourable than they are now.” Stuart Dack, president and chief executive of Cayman National Corporation, as well as IBG chairman said, “The impact of a global recession, local economic slowdown, and instability in public finances coupled with delays in opening the new bank, which were outside of our control, have resulted in a slower initial development of the bank than anticipated. “With these factors in mind it is with great regret that we have made the decision to restructure the business and in the process make some staff redundant.” The process to wind-down the banking operations commenced this continued 

August 18 - 24, 2012




TCI to get first medical university BY VANESSA NARINE THE Turks and Caicos Islands will be home to the Global University Schools of Medicine and Public Health (GU-MED) come autumn of 2013, whose starting investment is approximately $8.4m. Governor Ric Todd, on Tuesday, announced the Turks and Caicos Islands Government’s (TCIG) approval of the project. GU-MED has also received interim accreditation from the Caribbean Authority for Accreditation in Medicine and other Health Professions (CAAM-HP). CAAM-HP is the accrediting authority for the CARICOM countries and will facilitate the completion of construction and development of Provo's first university. The university was the brainchild of Dr. Raul R. Cuadrado, chairman, founder, rector, Dean Emeritus and distinguished Professor of Public Health, who hopes it will meet the urgent need for primary care practitioners and experts in public health. MUCH WORK The Provost (senior academic administrator)/ Dean, Mr. Tomlin Paul, explained that work on having the university established in the TCI has been going on for the last few years. He noted that plans have already been drawn up and approved for the refurbishing and fitting of the Prestige Property, which will house the university. Paul maintained that work will start as soon as possible. GU-MED’s facilities in Providenciales, in addition to

Provost/ Dean, Mr. Tomlin Paul, Governor Ric Todd, Founder, Mr. Raul Cuadrado and Dr. Carlton Mills

housing space for administrative offices, classrooms, seminar rooms and library, will also house an integrated basic sciences laboratory, a communication and clinical skills lab, and a Center of Excellence and Research (COE&R). All classrooms and seminar rooms will be equipped for videoconferencing and electronic systems will allow for real-time demonstrations and interactive teaching and learning. The Provost/ Dean stated that there will also be a Center of Excellence and Research within the TCI specialising not only in medical, but also public health training. This will afford the TCI the opportunity to interact with higherlevel academic medicine and participate in research with potential

health benefits to its population. According to him, once work is completed CAAM-HP officials are expected to visit and give their final approval for the university to begin operations. He said, “We want to be different, we want to be relevant and innovative…we will be looking at research and innovative programmes outside the traditional curriculum.” GU-MED, Paul said, the university will offer: • A four year allopathic medical course leading to the award of a Degree in Medicine (MD); • An innovative Advanced Standing Program for issuance of MD; • Degrees for qualified Physician Assistants (PAs), Nurse Practitioners (NPs), as well as qualified International Medical

IBG winds down operations ... continued

week and customers are reportedly being advised accordingly. Governor Ric Todd, in commenting on the wind down, said, “They have decided to wind down the bank’s retail operations, after consultation with the Financial Service Commission, in order to best protect the interests of their depositors.” He made it clear that the Financial Services Commission is in discussion with the International Banking Group to ensure that: • All depositor’s funds will be protected and returned to them as soon as possible; • The bank will seek to sell on all loans on their books to another commercial loan provider; and • That IBG will contact their local shareholders directly to discuss their position. According to him, the closure of IBG’s banking operations in the TCI

does not compare with the TCI Bank situation from 2010. The Financial Services Commission closed TCI Bank in April 2010 after the bank suffered a number of significant withdrawals of funds, which left it unable to operate normally and meet its obligations on a timely basis. Three months after the collapse of TCI Bank, IBG began its operations. Todd said, “This action by IBG does not mean that the commercial banking sector in TCI is in trouble. “The International Banking Group is a relatively small operator which holds few deposits and has a low number of loans on its books. “The closure of IBG, while regrettable, is a commercial decision by the bank. It is not a reflection of low confidence in the TCI economy. “The economy remains strong and is growing, as demonstrated by the GDP figures, which indicated growth of 4.1 per cent in 2011.” (VANESSA NARINE)

The IBG office in the TCI

Graduates (IMGs) from approved World Health Organisation (WHO) schools; and • Masters and Doctorates degrees in Public Health. He noted that clinical rotations will be conducted in accredited hospitals in the United States of America, the Caribbean and the United Kingdom. SERVICE LEARNING The Provost/ Dean said, “We will be collaborating closely with the health sector here in the TCI, in exposing out students to primary and secondary healthcare practice…we will be bringing together local and overseas expertise.” He explained that the model for medical education is one that recognises the importance of the

teaching hospital, as well as the need for providing accessible and quality primary healthcare. “We will have our students working with the Ministry of Health in the local health centres. We hope to have the type of partnership that facilitates service learning. “Service learning is not new to the region, it’s where you have the students offer a service while they learn…we hope to have such a model not only in Providenciales, but in the other islands.” On that note, Paul added that medical practitioners locally will be involved in rolling out the university’s curriculum. He said, “It will be a combination of overseas and local faculty…there are a number of practitioners here in the islands who have tremendous experience and expertise who we will be engaging as associate lecturers and part-time lecturers.” According to him, GU-MED has already signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica, and the Yale School of Public Health, New Haven, Connecticut, seeking to establish affiliations across academic and research areas. Academic world known researchers will serve as faculties and as mentors for the students in their graduate dissertations.

OPPORTUNITY FOR LOCALS The Provost/ Dean said the university will start out with 20 students, but is expected to expand to accommodate 100 students annually. According to him, students will be taken from across the Caribbean region, as well as other parts of the world. However, he acknowledged the need for local envolvement and assured that within the first five years of operation, “bridge facilities” will be available to cater to the needs of local students coming out of high school. “We will certainly be looking at this,” the Provost/ Dean said. As to the entry requirements, Paul stated that while the university will be accepting the best students, there will be no discrimination in providing opportunities for aspiring health practitioners. Asked about tuition, the Provost/ Dean noted that the GU-MED’s rates are competitive, set within the region of approximately $28,500 annually, compared to rates in the United States, which range closer to $40,000. Dr. Carlton Mills, who has actively been involved in getting the project off the ground, made it clear that the university’s establishment is not a “fly-by-night” operation, which is why its establishment took a few years. “There are tremendous benefits that the university will bring to the Turks and Caicos Islands,” Mills said.


August 18 - 24, 2012


A Weekly News column that puts you on the spot for your opinions on the issues of the day

Repealing VAT

People do not need rhetoric

PARLIAMENTARY Under Secretary of State, Mr. Henry Bellingham, and leader of the Progressive National Party (PNP), Dr. Rufus Ewing, met in London recently. Following the meeting Ewing said that once studies are conducted to back an alternative revenue raising strategy, VAT can be repealed. Governor Ric Todd had stated earlier that an elected government would not be able to repeal the legislation. What are your thoughts?

Dangerous promise

Trips to London and visiting Bellingham and a host of movers and shakers over there had already been done by PDM’s Doug Parnell three or four times. To begin with, PNP leader Ewing seemed so pleased he was invited to the Olympics and some meetings. Then came the backlash from PDM’s Skippings refusal to go because Olympics attendance was less than business like. Next, we heard Ewing would not attend the Olympics, only the meetings, but once he arrived in London off to the show he went!

Both Ewing and Simons were elected PNP leaders on the basis they would take the country independent and fire Garlick. What happened to that? When Ewing returned, it appeared he never discussed these topics in London. We need to ask why. Better yet why not ask Britain to kick in and pay the bills they let the last administration commit to? How in the world can Ewing or anyone escape the VAT tax except by other taxes? This is a dangerous promise made by this leader.

VAT is a sore issue for the people of the islands and it is a known fact that politicians in election mode will capitalise on the issues that are affecting the average man and woman in the TCI. However, the people do not need rhetoric. What is interesting about Ewing’s promise to repeal VAT is that he points out that an elected government will have to come up with a viable alternative. This whole matter is not rocket science, but the rhetoric being spewed by politicians are confusing the people. It is very simple, the people of these islands want better roads, schools, and public services and that has to be paid for by taxes. What Ewing has said is that his party will be able to come up with a good alternative to VAT. However, people need to face the facts, public expenditure is paid for by taxes and if it is not VAT then government has to raise revenue through some other tax. What the people of the TCI deserve is fact not rhetoric.

PDM says TCIG quarterly financial report misleading – Finance Ministry PS says party misread report BY VANESSA NARINE THE People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) has said that the quarterly report on the finances of the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) is misleading. In a statement, the party said, “We read with amazement the quarterly report on the country’s finances and are concerned about the picture that TCIG is attempting to portray.” The report was made public at the end of July and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Mrs. Anya Williams, maintained that the TCI is making steady progress towards achieving a surplus by the end of the 2012/2013 financial year. However, the PDM has said that the party is concerned about the true picture of the country’s fiscal performance. The party’s statement said, “It is important for our people to remember that during this quarter, lands were sold and the shares owned by the TCIG in the Water Company were also sold. “It would appear that there should have been a greater surplus as a result of these two transactions, but the surplus recorded is a little over the amount of the monies received as a result of the sale of the government’s shares in the Water Company only.

Ministry of Finance, Mrs. Anya Williams

“We now note the receipt of a large sum of monies from the Salt Cay Development Company and expect at least this full amount to be a part of the surplus for the second quarter.” MISUNDERSTANDING In an invited comment, the Finance Ministry PS explained that the PDM’s comments reflect a misunderstanding of the quarterly report. She noted that the report said that total TCIGrecurrent revenue for the period stood at $49.2m versus recurrent expenditure of $35.3m, non-recurrent expenditure of $4.2m, capital contributions of $1.8m and debt servicing payments of $0.3m, resulting in a net revenue account surplus of $8.2m. “Recurrent revenues do not include capital revenues, which is what the land sales and shares in the Water Company were,” Williams said.

The PS said land sales for the first quarter was approximately $220,000 and, like the shares owned by the TCIG in the Water Company, are assets whose sale did not influence the reported surplus of $8.2m for the first quarter. The first quarter financial report stated that capital revenue was $10.7m and exceeded the budget by $8.8m and last year by $8.1m. The year to date over performance was due to the unbudgeted receipt of $7.5m from the sale of the Provo Water shares, and a timing difference resulting from $1.15m being received from theFCO earlier than was budgeted. While sale of land to the end of June totalled $0.2m which was in line with budget and $2.3m less than last year. The underperformance against last year was due to a timing difference, as the exact timing of land sales receipts is difficult to predict. Williams added that the monies from the Salt Cay Development Company were not received until the second quarter and would not affect the stated surplus. She maintained that the financial report does give a true and fair view of the country’s financial position. The release of the quarterly statement is a requirement under the Public Financial Management legislation, which states that quarterly statements must be made 28 days after the end of the quarter.

A question of management

I still have not truly gotten a real outline on the disadvantages or benefits of VAT as yet, but all I know is the taxes are not matching the average man’s income. In favour of VAT, we can still consider price control. What of that? I do believe they can reduce the national debt if they extended the period in which it will be paid off by, Then we would not be scratching our heads every way we turn. The economy is what it is, however it is up to us to manage our pockets wisely.

We can only hope

I hope that he is right!

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St. Lucian national appointed as TCIG’s chief economist GOVERNOR Ric Todd, this week, appointed Dr.Ubaldus Raymond as the Turks and Caicos Islands Government (TCIG) chief economist. Raymond, a St. Lucian national, is expected to take up his appointment on September 1. Mr. Stephen Pollard, whose contract ends later this month, served in the post prior to the new appointment as interim chief economist. Raymond is the holder of a PhD in Development Economics from Howard University and brings to the position a wealth of experience in monetary and fiscal policy, international and corporate finance and management economics. A former senator in the St Lucian Parliament, Raymond also served as the parliamentary secretary in the Ministry of Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs. Prior to his stint in government, he worked as a senior economist in the Public Service Commission in Washington DC and as an assistant Professor of Economics at Florida A&M University. Finance Ministry Permanent Secretary and chair of the interview panel, Ms. Anya Williams, said, “I am pleased that we were able to find someone of the calibre of Dr Raymond to fill the post of chief economist.

Dr. Ubaldus Raymond

“He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the post. I look forward to working with Dr. Raymond as we chart a course to an economically prosperous and fiscally prudent TCI”. The appointment was advertised in February, but because there were no applicants, the post was readvertised in early April. From the second process seven candidates applied and five were shortlisted. One applicant withdrew for personal reasons on the morning of the interviews so the panel interviewed four candidates. The interview panel included Mrs. Anya Williams, Mr. Stephen Pollard, Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Hugh McGarel-Groves and TCIG’s Human Resources Director, Mr. Mark Greenway.

August 18 - 24, 2012




Sense of family stressed at PDM’s fundraising banquet BY VANESSA NARINE THE People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) continued with preparations for the upcoming elections with a fundraising banquet last Saturday at the Regent Palms resort. Guest speaker, Mr.JasminWalkin, member of the party’s youth arm, stressed the importance of maintaining a sense of family among party supporters – which by extension underscores the party’s position on inclusivity. He said, “We are and should always be a family.” According to him, the a sense of family encourages unity – a kind of unity that makes political parties great and enables great things to be accomplished in difficult times. He said, “We are the party which was birthed by the Most Honourable James Alexander George Smith McCartney and the black power movement in 1975. “We are the party that stood up for the poor and oppressed. We are the party who in 1975 informed the British Government that enough was enough and it was time for a change. “We are party that challenged the United Kingdom government to raise civil servants’ pay and address the poor economic conditions in this country in 1975. “We are the party that took serious actions against the UK when they thought we would just go away with empty promises. “We are the party who demanded and negotiated the first advance constitution for the Turks and Caicos Islands in 1976. “Ladies and gentlemen, in case some of us have forgotten we are the party who formed the first elected ministerial government in these Turks and Caicos Islands in 1976. “PDMs, our party is a great party because history will record that we have done some great things. “And if you have been listening to the cries of the people in this country; we have some more great things that we have to do….in the midst of all that has gone wrong in this Turks and Caicos Islands, this is still a time for greatness. “At a time when we have witnessed one of the greatest administrative collapses by a government, this is still a time for greatness. “At a time when many breadwinners are jobless while bills are piling up…this is a time for greatness. “At a time when we have witnessed significant cuts in education but increased spending in the expansion of the court and the prison, this is still a time for greatness. “In an age where we have seen oppression after oppression of our people this is a time for greatness.” He stressed that, amid the current difficulties plaguing the TCI, great parties are united parties

PDM leader addresses the gathering

UNITED FRONT Walkin called for a united front to be maintained and the bigger picture to be the focus going forward. He said, “Our history of bringing this country together should have been the glue which sticks us together as a party. “But what often happens is sometimes we behave too much like a party and stop behaving like the family we used to be. “We cannot allow selfishness, stubbornness, arrogance, hidden agendas, hunger for power, small mindedness, greed and skullduggery turn us into the very people are looking to defeat. “Like a family, we have our differences, we have our fights, we have our competitions, we have different philosophies, however when the fighting is over we have to still be a family. “Great parties are inclusive parties.” He reminded PDM supporters in attendance that with the openness and inclusive attitude of JAGS McCartney, the PDM were able to form the first ministerial government of the TCI. On that note, the PDM’syouth arm member underlined the importance of the training the youth. Walkin said, “Great parties train the young people to be great leaders…our party has been viewed by young people as the older folk’s party. “Why? Because we often feel like there is no room for us in this great party. “We often feel like you will never trust us to serve and share in the greatness of this party. We do not want to hurt this party; we want to help this party. “My generation wants the opportunity to work for the PDM and convince other young people to join this great movement. “We the young democrats of the PDM want to be embraced so that we can embrace others. Great parties have great young people. “PDMs, how can you train us to be future leaders without trusting us in the present. You can trust us.

A cross section of the gathering at the PDM’s banquet last Saturday

“We are not here to change what the PDM stand for; we are here because we want the PDM to stand up for us.” He explained that the party’s young democrats have much to do, but will not be able to contribute with underlying feelings of distrust and lack of opportunities. Walkin said, “Sometimes it feels as if we are swimming against the current, but we have to keep swimming….this is our time to challenge our generation to believe in our cause. INTEGRITY The guest speaker turned his attention to the failures of the past and stressed that the people of the TCI want leaders with integrity. He said, “PDM I need not remind you tonight of what a party with no integrity can do if they are elected. PDMs we must maintain our integrity as a party. “Can there be bad apples on the tree? Of course there might be. No party is perfect. However, we must shake the bad apple of the tree. “Hubert Ingraham says ‘if your hand is caught in the cookie jar, we gonna cut it off’.” Walkin made it clear that for a party to succeed, it must listen to their voters. He said, “We cannot allow ourselves to be caught up in the idea of who we are and supposed to be at the expense of ignoring our voters. “Our vision and purpose means nothing if voters do not believe it and do not believe in us…there is a feeling in the atmosphere. “From Grand Turk to Provo voters are calling for change. They are calling for integrity in public office; they are calling for hope, they calling for help. “You see something special is taking place among our citizens. There is a cry for honesty. There is a cry for the truth. There is a cry for a real party with real candidates, with real character, with real ideas.” Ending his speech on a note of encouragement, Walkin pointed to the PDM’s record. He said, “We got it fix in 76, we

got it straight in 88, we were much alive in 95, we had a second time in 99, we were trying for history in 2003 and now we must ring the bell in 2012.” HARD WORK PDM leader, Mr. Oswald Skippings, in his speech, acknowledged the hard work ahead and was optimistic in promising victory at the polls, as well as progress and prosperity for all in the TCI. He said, “This is going to happen. There ain’t no stopping us now.” Adding her bit, deputy leader of the PDM, Mrs.Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, said, “The country suffers when there is no PDM in the chair.” According to her, leaders who assume an office during this period are making a bold move in difficult times. She said, “It (the road ahead) calls us to hard work. we have a very short time to get to where we need to go, we have to work hard…we all have to do our part, with a spirit of oneness, for one purpose, to advance

this country through the election of a PDM government come November 9. “We have a short time to get to elected office and there is much work to be done.” Cartwright-Robinson added that the PDM’s leadership team does not promote itself as newcomers, but as champion record holders. “Let us let this night of elegance and class take us all the way through, doing things in decency and order, doing things true PDM style. “We must recognise that all of us working together will achieve what we want, come November 9,” she said. Chair of the PDM, Mr. Lynden Hall, pointed out that the party has come a long way and will continue to move forward, until its goal of unity in these islands are met. Other highlights of the evening included the actual installation and pinning of officers of the party; recognition and pinning of stalwarts; a lifetime award to the late JAGS McCartney and a tribute to the PDM members who passed away during the past few years.

Man seriously injured after scaffold collapses

A MAN suffered multiple injuries after falling when scaffolding collapsed outside a building in Providenciales, yesterday. The victim was cleaning windows with a colleague three stories high at TCI Lotto, close to the IGA Supermarket on Leeward Highway. Provo’s 911 call centre were alerted, with operators giving immediate first aid advice by telephone to bystanders Emergency services rushed to the scene, found the injured man lying on the pavement with serious head injuries, and suspected broken limbs. The other man was unhurt.

The victim was rushed to the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre by ambulance where he underwent surgery. Dr. Denise Braithwaite, acting chief medical officer at InterHealth Canada, said, “The patient was stabilised in the emergency department by a team comprised of the emergency physician, general surgeon and anaesthetist. “He was later flown to the Bahamas for further treatment from a neurosurgeon. He left Provo in a stable but critical condition.” Police have launched an investigation into the cause of the accident, which happened just before 2pm.



August 18 - 24, 2012


PDM asks FCO to arrange stakeholder meetings in UK BY VANESSA NARINE

and Members of Parliament.

THE People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) has asked the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), through the Governor’s office, to arrange a stakeholder meeting in the United Kingdom in anticipation of a visit by a party delegation. Deputy of the PDM, Mrs. Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, told the Weekly News that the party is awaiting settlement on the dates for the meetings. She said, “We are confident that we will be able to meet with the key players who have a hand in the politics of the TCI.” According to her, the party expects to meet with the movers and shakers in the FCO, UK ministers

CONTINUED ENGAGEMENT Cartwright-Robinson added that the PDM continues its engagement with the Governor’s office. She said, “It would not hurt to foster a productive relationship with stakeholders in the government of the TCI. “Confrontational relations will not be in the interest of the people and anything beyond what we doing will be a last resort.” The deputy leader noted that in the last two weeks, the PDM has met twice with the Governor’s office. She said several issues were raised, including the request of the controversial Interhealth Canada hospital’s contract.

Deputy of the PDM, Mrs. Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson

Cartwright-Robinson said, “The Governor said he was prepared to release contract, but a confidentiality

Maximo Taveras appointed as Dominican Republic General Consul to the TCI MAXIMOTaveras, the Dominican Republic Consulate General based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, has recently been appointed as Non-Resident Consul General for the DR to the TCI. Consul Taveras’ appointment came after he led a delegation on an eight-day visit to Providenciales to provide much needed consular services to Dominican nationals from August 6 through 14 at United Consultant Immigration Service on Old Airport Road. The Department of Protocol Directorate of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in London issued the confirmation on August 2, as handed down by the Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. This was a major milestone for the Dominican community since it was the first time the British Government credited Dominican consular representation in the TCI. During his official visit, the General Consul processed first time passport applications as well as renewals. He also registered children for naturalisation as Dominican nationals. President of United Consultant Felix Peña,hosted the delegation andbeamed with pride at the success of Mr Taveras and the services he rendered to the Dominican community here in the TCI. “We are very proud of what he established. The visit was very successful. A lot of Dominicans renewed their passports and registered their children,” Peña stated. In fact, Mr Taveras is scheduled to return to the TCI in early September and at a low cost of $275 per application, Peña believes it is a bargain since it saves Dominicans the plane fare home. During his visit to the TCI, Mr Taveras paid a courtesy call on Governor Ric Todd in Grand Turk, where he presented his credentials. "I expressed to the Governor

agreement will have to be signed. “It would not make much sense to the party to see the contract and not be able to talk about it…The AG (Attorney General) has drafted the confidentiality agreement, but the PDM is still contemplating its decision.” Another issue, she said was raised, was the counting of ballots for the At-Large candidates. The deputy leader said, “We settled with the Governor and elections supervisor that ballots will be counted in each polling station, rather than the delay of being flown to one central place for counting.” Cartwright-Robinson maintained that the PDM is making representation to the Governor on the interests of all the people in the TCI. She said, “The dangerous condition of the Salt Cay stairway, used by passengers to access boats is an important issue. “There are a few corporate bodies that are willing to assist

in improving the condition of the stairway, but they are waiting on a decision from the government, which is still pending.” The deputy leader added that another controversial issue that came up during the meetings was the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Bill. She said, “We know that the CFO Bill will be in place as long as the UK loan guarantee is in place. “What we spoke to was the relationship between CFO and an elected government….if the relationship is good then we do not foresee a problem, but if it is not then we have serious concerns. “We believe that meetings of this type should continue so as to solidify our efforts in establishing healthy working relationships with British officials.” Cartwright-Robinson stressed that the PDM will continue to engage the interim administration in the run up to elections, to keep issues relevant.

Claims and Objections period begins THE Claims and Objection period, leading up to the November 9 elections, began on Wednesday. The process is in accordance with the 2012 Elections Ordinance and Elections Supervisor, Mr. Dudley Lewis, maintains that the right to appear and be heard

includes the right to make written representations. He noted District that any person is entitled to appear and be heard. The Claims and Objection period is expected to conclude on August 27.

The places and times for hearing Claims and Objections are as follows:



8 am 8 am 2 pm 2 pm

12:30 pm 12:30 pm 5:00 pm 5:00 pm

9 am 9 am

..2:00 pm ..2:00 pm

TUESDAY AUGUST 21, 2012 Governor Ric Todd and General Consul MaximoTaveras discussed bilateral trade between the Dominican Republic and the TCI with investments in the hotel and tourism industries.

the interest of President Leonel Fernandez and the presidentelect Danilo Medina, to define mechanisms to provide timely assistance to Dominican nationals living in the TCI,” Taveras said in a subsequent interview with the media. There was also talk of a business treaty and investments in the hotel and tourism industries and bilateral trade between the Dominican Republic and the TCI. "We started talks for a mission of Government and businesses in the Turks and Caicos visiting the Dominican Republic to hold business meetings with entrepreneurs in the agricultural area of the meat industry and the construction area," Taveras revealed. He also met with the Director ofImmigration Larry Mills and

Police Commissioner Colin Farquhar to discuss matters relating to the Dominican community in these islands. As part of his portfolio as General Consul to the TCI, Mr Taveras will also act on behalf of Dominicans whose rights have been violated in the workplace or otherwise, those with issues with the police, Immigration and Labour Departments. Mr Taveras, has served as Dominican consul inPuerto Ricoand theVirgin Islands for several years and is also thedeanof allthe consulsof differentnations representedthere,thus increasingtrade relationsand culturaltourism. An honorary consul will have to be appointed to act MR Taveras behalf when he is away from the TCI and Mr Peña is optimistic that he will be confirmed in the position.




9:30 am 11:00 am


12:30 pm- .2:00 pm


2:30 pm- .4:30 pm

North Caicos West






12:30 pm 12:30 pm 5:00 pm 5:00 pm


August 18 - 24, 2012




TCI needs to become a vital cog in the world’s economy, economist Gilbert Morris BY VANESSA NARINE ECONOMIST and Professor, Mr. Gilbert Morris, contends that the Turks and Caicos Islands need to become a vital cog in the world’s economy – in the interest of greater success and development. He said, “Turks and Caicos is a small cog in the vast wheelworks of the global economy. “The crucial question is can we become a vital cog – no matter how small – in the international system of finance and trade based on the development needs of these islands, resting on a realistic understanding of our potential, our capacity and our place in the world? “How do we do it under the pressures, allowances and constraints of a globalising world?” According to him, the answer lies in understanding that: • That Turks and Caicos exists in a globalised world; • That small immature nations – more often than not exist dependently rather than interdependently; • That recognition of TCI’s dependencies and a practical approach to the cultivation of interdependencies are nonpolitical processes; • That the cultivation of interdependencies with other nations requires strategic thinking, based upon a realistic understanding of our place in the world and our potential; and • That the catalyst for development is infrastructure, education and human resource development. Morris said, “It becomes clear then that the most advanced nations of the world operating on a set of deliberate policies function interdependently, even if they do not always function cooperatively. “That is to say, there is a level of recognition between these countries that they must depend upon each other. “At a basic level therefore, such interdependencies are strategic, whilst the cooperation that exploits them is more often political; even where it is a necessity.” The economist noted that policy makers must question what TCI’s strategic interdependencies are, as well as what the nation’s cooperative strategies to strengthen and exploit such interdependencies where they arise are. He said, “Strategic interdependencies become structural and inescapable. So for instance, when Singapore decided to enter the business of financial services, instead of merely passing a few laws, or engaging in general promotional tours.” The economist explained that

Singapore decided to enter this sector in such a way that nations more powerful than itself would come to depend upon Singapore. He said, “They created for the first time, 24 hour Foreign Exchange (FOREX) trading; making themselves indispensable to the world. “In our own case, we have a quite powerful example: During the American colonial period the principal means the British used to feed meat to the British forces in America was the use of Turks and Caicos salt. “This interdependent relationship ended after Toussaint L’Overture defeated Napoleon’s Swiss-Polish contingent forces at Haiti. “As such, it cut off access to salt from these islands and that undermined the British capacity to feed their armies and contributed to the success of the American Revolution. “The problem is that we have not been the beneficiaries either of this past interdependency, nor it seems have we cultivated an approach, not merely to survival, but for a deliberate integration into the world. “As such, we have not really engaged the world. Our place in the world and the nature of our existence are for the most part – wholly dependent rather than interdependent. “On the dependent side, the value of the currency we use depends on policies in the US Treasury Department and the general economic policies of the United States government. “We import 98 per cent of what we consume; we do not have an international bond rating; we have very poor economies of scale, which affects first costs pricing on imports and we require foreign labour for growth and the viability of our domestic markets. “These factors make us dependent on other nations – whether formally and implicitly, as in the case of the United Kingdom – or informally, as in the case of the Bahamas, the United States and the island of Hispaniola.” According to him, factors like these indicate an openness in the local economic model, but not necessarily an openness that is embraced or dealt with strategically to improve the local economic situation. A L T E RIN G DEPENDENCIES Morris said, “The principle point to be made about our dependencies and that until we recognise them, prioritise them, engage and exploit them under a clear proactive set of well imagined strategies, we cannot transform them into strategic interdependencies – as Singapore did

We need a blueprint for our brand to the world, and we must know why it is viable, valuable, sustainable and how it can deliver competitive advantages for us in the world – ECONOMIST and Professor, Mr. Gilbert Morris

in Foreign Exchange Trading - that provide us leverage and competitive advantages against other nations.” He stressed that altering these dependencies must be done through creative strategies, that allow TCI to be interdependent with other nations. The economist said, “We may do this within a competitive nexus, that means we have to become both matured and realistic about how to develop ourselves by and though an intelligent application of our minds.”

He maintained that local policy makers must reason a deeper way, to gain an insight on the way forward, considering that globalisation is sustainable because of the strategic application of technologies that creates speed and scale. Morris said, “This means if we are to acquire and adopt the enterprise technologies that drove the strategies of nations such as Singapore…we need a development plan, a blueprint or roadmap for where we want to go

as a nation “We need a blueprint for our brand to the world, and we must know why it is viable, valuable, sustainable and how it can deliver competitive advantages for us in the world. “When we speak of ‘brand’ here, we are not merely speaking of a single industry sector, such as our luxury resort sector. “We are speaking of the entire country, and what it brings to mind, once its name is called both in the minds of its citizens and in the near and far abroad.” On that note, he pointed out that much emphasis must be placed first on developing the nation’s people and infrastructure to serve as the platform for competitiveness The economist made it clear that these are the key resources to our arrival at some measure of TCI’s potential. He said, “Turks and Caicos, if it is to compete in the world and correct its dependencies, it must become the most well educated nation in our region, or perhaps given its size in the world.” Morris added that there is much potential in the TCI and there is no reason why advances cannot be made to place the country more prominently as a part of the global economy.

Governor Todd approves boundaries for upcoming elections GOVERNOR Ric Todd signed the Electoral Districts (Boundaries Amendment) Ordinance into law on Tuesday. He said, “This ordinance is a key milestone on the route to the elections on November 9. “I am grateful to the members of the Electoral Boundaries Commission for all their hard work in producing the report which has commanded widespread support.” The proposed ten new provisional electoral districts for the upcoming November elections are: 1. Grand Turk North (former West Road and Overback) 2. Grand Turk South (North and Back Salina and Salt Cay) 3. South Caicos, East Caicos, Little and Ambergris Cay 4. Middle and North Caicos and Parrot Cay 5. Leeward, Providenciales, Pine Cay, Little and Big Water Cays and East Cays, including Dellis Cay 6. The Bight, Providenciales 7. Cheshire Hall and Richmond Hill,Providenciales 8. Blue Hills, Providenciales 9. Five Cays, Providenciales

Governor Ric Todd

10. Wheeland and North West and North Central,Providenciales, and West Caicos. Todd appointed an Electoral District Boundary Commission in the latter part of June, which was tasked to make recommendations on the boundaries of the ten new electoral districts for the Turks and Caicos Islands. The commission presented its final report to the Governor on August 7, following a public consultation. The report was then submitted to the Foreign Secretary who gave his approval on Monday, August 13, for

the Governor to enact an ordinance giving effect, without modification, to the recommendations contained in the report. Leaders of the Progressive National Party (PNP), Dr. Rufus Ewing, and People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), Mr. Oswald Skippings, both agreed that they are pleased with the initial proposed boundaries set for the ten electoral districts. Dr. Ewing told the Weekly News that his party was pleased with the initial propositions and maintains the same position on the final report, which has few adjustments. Leader of the PDM stated that his party would have like Grand Turk to have three seats, and one each for North and Middle Caicos. However, Skippings told the Weekly News that his party is prepared to work with the boundaries that have been approved. He added that the PDM will be undertaking a public education programme to enlighten voters on the new system, since the ten districts are a reduction from the usual 15 constituencies that have been the norm in past elections. (VANESSA NARINE)



August 18 - 24, 2012

August 18 - 24, 2012




August 18 - 24, 2012


We welcome letters from all members of the public on a variety of topics Please note that all submissions are subject to editing in keeping with defamation laws and newspaper style. Letters should be accompanied by the author’s full name, location and phone number. Names will be withheld if requested.

Pure timing

Dear Editor, Do the people have a right to know that a surplus budget in operations is not the same as the ‘TCI economy has recovered’? In the simplest terms, a surplus (residuals) is when revenues exceed expenditures. How could there be a surplus when (balanced budget) planned collections should equal planned expenditures? Poor allocations in the budget development stage, aggressive revenue collections, or reductions in expenditures. The question is, which of these examples resulted in the Turks and Caicos Islands interim regime government having a surplus budget results after the first quarter for the current fiscal year? Or better yet, maybe it was pure timing? Only the Permanent Secretary, the CEO, the Governor, or the UK ministers, were key operatives for this year’s budget. There are individuals who actually think and say that now that the budget this quarter is in a surplus

mode, unemployment and labour issues should go away. So far from the truth, and very sad that the general community is left in the dark, confused. I wait to see who in government jumps forward not only to explain the windfall, but provide the country at large with a clear understanding and share knowledge, that the TCIG budget is separate and distinct from, and are not drivers of, the performance of the TCI economy. What then drives the economy? Simply stated, consumer spending creates jobs, jobs create consumer spending, and both generate import customs tax revenues. When spending slows, businesses can’t afford to pay employees and must lay them off. The unemployed are unable to spend, because they have no income. Those who have jobs become fearful of losing them, so they stop spending. It becomes an economic death spiral of accelerating job losses and slower spending. TCIG must now take measures to halt this trend.

In addition the latest restructuring of Department of Economics, Planning and Statistics (DEPS) was done by Garth Armstrong from the UK who was appointed as the Governor’s economic advisor and who felt that there should only be one chief economist. Notwithstanding that, there was a sitting chief economist in place who was appointed and confirmed by the Public Service Commission (PSC). As best practiced, in almost all developing countries there is sometimes a need for specialist help. Even in St Lucia that was practiced, but what cannot be understood is that in every situation this interim administration feels that this help is needed, ably qualified Turks and Caicos Islanders are not the preferred persons to provide this help. We still have a very long way to go, and I do hope that come November 9, TCI votes for a change in the status quo. Regards, Edward Smith, Providenciales

St Kitts is a VAT laboratory

Dear Editor, The government’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Hugh McGarelGroves issued the following press statement on July 31 concerning statements made at a recent anti-VAT public meeting. “During this meeting video clips were played which claimed that VAT implementation in St. Kitts and Nevis (SKN) had not gone well. This is inaccurate. “By way of countering these claims, the CFO would make the following points: “According to the International Monetary Fund, the implementation of VAT in St Kitts and Nevis is a part of the solution to its economic malaise, not part of its cause. This response has been commended by the IMF as recently as 25 July 2012. “This malaise is due to the economy of SKN has suffered from the external shock of the global economic crisis as well as internal bad policy and mismanagement leading to excessive public sector

wage bill, lack of control over public enterprises (statutory authorities), resulting in budget deficits and accumulated, unsustainable debt. But none of this was caused by VAT. “VAT only commenced on SKN 21 months ago; that is, long after the decline began. “The outlook for the SKN economy is now positive.” As is usual, the CFO is way off base and missing the point entirely. The video was not produced from the point of view of the IMF or any other world body. We chose instead to look to St Kitts as a VAT laboratory. With VAT having been implemented in St Kitts just 22 months ago, it was a great opportunity to judge how all sectors of their economy had been affected and see if there were be any lessons to be learned. And the St Kitts VAT model is particularly relevant to the TCI since our Green and White Papers were copied from St Kitts by the same team (CARTAC) that implemented


VAT in that country. CARTAC are the IMF contractors hired to implement VAT in the TCI. The Interim Administration is quite happy to throw around theoretical economic conclusions without any supporting data. Now our CFO will recognise that VAT has produced revenues for St. Kitts and satisfied their IMF masters. But he blames the stagnant St Kitts economy on the “global economic crisis”. I think that every interim administration official who presumes to make decisions on our longterm economic well-being should be required to visit St Kitts, really talk to the people from all sectors, and then judge if VAT is really the appropriate way forward for the TCI economy. You can view the St Kitts video that our Governor and CFO have referred to as “inaccurate” right here: David Douglas, Providenciales

Civil servants’ circular

Dear Editor, Members of the Grand Turk branch of the PNP Young Nationals have had growing concerns throughout our various meetings regarding the recent circular sent out by the government’s Chief Executive Officer. It stated that: “Anyone above the grade of senior administrative officer is prohibited from attending party political meetings and rallies and meetings of campaigning organisations save that Permanent Secretaries and heads of department may, with the consent of the Head of the Civil Service (CEO), attend such meetings in order to inform the meeting of developments in government policy or the application of government policy to particular circumstances.” Our main concerns are the fact that persons in Grand Turk are mainly employed by government and statutory bodies and we have numerous persons that have been invited to attend meetings and are fearful of doing so because of the circular. We also feel that this goes contrary to our fundamental freedoms set out in Article 11 of the European Convention of Human Rights stating that: “Everyone has the right to freedom, of peaceful assembly and to freedom of association.” It is also understood that Article 11 states that “the imposition of lawful restrictions on the exercise of these rights by members of the armed forces, police or administrators of state” shall not be prevented.

However, the question remains what lawful reason the CEO has for preventing such personnel from attending meetings? Through independent research and also outlined in Article 11 a lawful restriction would be to prevent disorder, criminal activity, protection of health, protection of morals, if the purpose of the gathering promotes criminal activity, if the literature distributed encouraged disorderly conduct. We are requesting that the CEO revise this circular forthwith in a manner that is in compliance with our constitution and with that of all other international conventions. The leader of the Progressive National Party says: “The PNP had discussions the CEO and Permanent Secretaries concerning this issue of civil servants attending political rallies and meetings. “The PNP is of the view that no one should be prohibited from attending any public political meeting or rally, but senior civil servants should not declare their political preference by the wearing of logos or other paraphernalia of political parties at such meetings. “The prohibition of civil servants from attending these meetings is a gross violation of their constitutional and human rights. “I hereby call on the CEO to retract and amend the circular.” Yours sincerely, Concerned members of the PNP Young Nationals

Change its way of thinking Dear Editor, Please allow me to express my feelings as a man who has a family to take care of and one who depends on the construction industry. I have noticed that many outsiders have had a lot to say as to why they do not want the high-rise hotel to be built. Many of them are not from here and should not have a say in this matter. I think that the paper should not print what a person has to say unless their name is there. Before I go further I would like to point out what two prominent Belongershave to say about this country. Mr. John Smith said, that the growing tourism sector in the TCI demands that changes be made. Economist, Mr. Gilbert Morris, said if the TCI is to maintain gains made in the last decade, it must abandon fear and the paranoid misconception of its importance on the world stage.

While our so-called leaders are playing politics with the livelihoods of TC Islanders and the future of our children, the investors are deciding whether to go to another country to build their high-rise. Those who have objected to this development are people who do not have to worry about where they will get money to put food on the table or send their children to school. The fact is that with the advances in the Caribbean, high-rises will come and we will be left behind. The tourism here is growing and we need places to accommodate them and this development means more jobs and more money coming into the local economy. The high-rise will mean much to people who are depending on the benefits that will come with it. Yours, Cardinal Levar Porter, Five Cays

Please keep your letters to a maximum of 450 words or we may not be able publish it.

August 18 - 24, 2012

A proud Ms Muriel Hanchell – "Miss Moonie's" herself, sitting, with staff at the store's opening night

The pool and palm trees in addition to the candle lit tables by night create the perfect ambiance for a lovely evening of dining

Miss Moonie's WHETHER it is hot chocolate, laundry detergent, pain reliever or a delicious home-style meal you are looking for, Provo’s first modern convenience store and restaurant promises to satisfy the needs of residents any time of day or night. Miss Moonies, located at the Seven Stars roundabout on Leeward Highway, officially opened its doors for business on August 8 and will remain a 24-hour shop. Being the first of its kind in Provo, Miss Moonie’s ranks parallel to high standing international convenience store shopping. On entering customers are wowed, comparing it to the likes of St. Maarten, Trinidad and even New York. Comments like, “it feels like I’ve stepped into another country” and “the atmosphere is unbelievable” are just a few of the positive remarks coming from patrons. “I’ve been here five times already since I heard about it, it’s really nice here, I don’t think I’ll be going downtown for anything anytime soon,” said one Leeward resident. Local owner, Trevor Saunders explained that the concept of Miss Moonie’s was inspired by his grand aunt, Muriel Hanchell, affectionately called ‘Miss Moonie’, who raised him from infancy. “I want to use this restaurant to tell a story, to create a cultural environment that will allow customers to experience native childhood stories told through dishes originating from the island of South Caicos.” Saunders grew up in South Caicos with his grand aunt who, in 1971, established Muriel's Enterprise as a convenience store and restaurant, operating from the ground floor of her family home. The success of her business later inspired the establishment of Yum Yums in Providenciales, in the 1990s, and later the popular downtown Sweet T's, meaning Sweet Trevor Saunders. In naming his new establishment, Saunders found it fitting to honour ‘Miss Moonie’ whom he adores like his mother. He credits his mother, Beverly Lewis, as “the key to the



– Provo's first 24-hour convience store delivers much more...

I want to use this restaurant to tell a story, to create a cultural environment that will allow customers to experience native childhood stories told through dishes originating from the island of South Caicos – Local owner, Trevor Saunders

whole operation”, complimenting her execution of his ideas and looking to her hospitality experience to assist in making the business a success. Pleased with their newest family venture, Saunders added, “This [store] is going to be like wine, it will only get better.” Presently, the store stocks a range of essential household items, such as groceries, snacks, juices, toiletries and beauty supplies. The store section also offers over the counter medications and will soon be opening a Western Union money transfer booth. The restaurant includes a daily variety of foods ranging from sandwiches made to order, burgers and fries, a selection of Caribbean inspired cuisine including peas and rice, barbeque, jerk and fried chicken and their signature conch fritters. Available are several options of natural fruit juices and a choice of six flavours of ice-cream including cotton candy and rum and raisin. The store also includes a selfserved tea and coffee section offering a variety of blends, and fresh pastry that is baked daily. The restaurant offers 24 hours delivery to hotels and businesses in Providenciales. Saunders aims to provide excellent service and “value for money with great prices, offering islanders a cheaper alternative to essential shopping, convenience and a one-stop shopping experience”. “Anything you want, if we don’t have it just tell us and we will get it,” he proudly stated, beaming in the well-designed shop which capitalised cleverly on the 3000 sq. ft. space.

There are three options of seating available to allow customers to dive into their snacks or food. Several tables are situated in the front of the restaurant, while inside features a casual café style seating but the most stylish and surprising alternative is outside the back door, which reveals a cosy, chic dining area, surrounding a pool. The pool and palm trees in addition to the candle lit tables by night create the perfect ambiance for a lovely evening of dining. Soon, Saunders said, patrons who are dining at the poolside will be able to see their food being prepared as the Chinese cuisine will be prepared in an open style kitchen in that area. Currently, Saunders is focused on making available lunches, snacks and juices for kids going back to school. He disclosed that the convenience store and restaurant is only the beginning of Miss Moonie’s enterprise. Plans are underway on

This store is going to be like wine, it will only get better – Trevor Saunders

opening another branch in South Caicos. “A key feature will be the addition of a fish and meat mart which is expected to be launched in about six months,” he said.

The store section also offers over the counter medications and will soon be opening a Western Union money transfer booth

“We have purchased a fishing boat which will be based in South Caicos. Processing will be done in South Caicos but will be distributed wholesale and retail by the different branches of the enterprise.”



These characters from the Tempest are haunted by strange shapes in another scene from the Tempest

August 18 - 24, 2012

A ghost haunts Macbeth in another scene of the play put on by the youth centre

Young actors bring Shakespeare plays to life BY VANESSA NARINE YOUNG actors, members of the Edward Gartland Youth Centre, put their best on display when they brought to life condensed versions of William Shakespeare’s plays, Macbeth and The Tempest. The youngsters explored the deceitful ambitions of Macbeth who was swayed by “instruments of darkness.” A quote from the play sums up Macbeth’s downfall: “And oftentimes, to win us to our harm, the instruments of darkness tell us truths; win us with honest trifles, to betray us in deepest consequence (Banquo, Act I, scene iii).”

The finality of “What’s done is done” (Lady Macbeth, Act III, scene ii) was made clearer as they young actors exposed the consequences of a blood-filled path of treachery. By the end of the play, there were particular point that stuck, “Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing (Macbeth, Act V, scene v).” If the first play did not quite capture the attention of the audience, the dramatization of The Tempest’s lighter note engrossed the onlookers.

Emerson Charitable, in his role as Caliban the savage, saw regular eruptions of laughter, with lines like, ““You taught me language, and my profit on't Is, I know how to curse. The red plague rid you for learning me your language! (Caliban, scene ii).” The young actors skillfully maneuvered the play’s many layers, illusion, power, magic, servitude, manipulation, perception, redemption and knowledge – ending with expressions of truth, whatever individual truth members of the audience took away. The performances were the culmination of a weeklong summer workshop that ended on August

3rd, which was facilitated by volunteers Scott Cannon and Susan Cade, affiliated with the non-profit organisation, Pages to Pirouettes, founded by Cade and an associate. The Turks and Caicos Friends of the Arts Foundation (TCFAF) funded the workshop. Director of the Youth Centre, Ms. Roxann Wake-Forbes noted the Shakespeare and other interdisciplinary workshops held over the summer have transformed the participating youngsters. She said, “We are running several workshops for the summer, but this is the third year we have done the Shakespeare workshop and you see them with more self-esteem and

confidence. “When the summer holidays are over we have a range of extracurricular activities that try to engage the youth of TCI and make a change where we can.” The Director added that the Centre has almost 1,000 youths registered and 15 volunteers working with them in different areas free of cost. “We are always welcoming more volunteers…what we really need is more local support,” she said. Wake-Forbes stated that transformation of the children participating in the summer workshops is clear testimony of the impact the Youth Centre has in helping to mold the country’s youth.

RTCI officers lauded for efforts to police public beaches WHEN it comes to policing public beaches, Britain could learn lessons from the Turks and Caicos Islands. That’s the opinion of UK tourist, Alan Carmichael, who reckons the RTCI Police’s high profile patrols on Grace Bay is what keeps visitors coming back to Provo. The retired police officer is impressed by the use of All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), which are a familiar sight on the sands. He said, “This is my second visit to the TCI and it’s one of the safest places I have ever been to. When you to come to a place like this you spend a lot of time on the beach and I’ve been really impressed with the way it is policed. “Beach crime is something that resorts around the world suffer from but here you do feel very safe. For me that’s down to the police presence with officers patrolling up and down the sands at regular intervals. “Not only does that act as a deterrent against crime, it also offers reassurance for visitors because you

know that help is never far away. “Be it a crime or a medical emergency, the ATVs are fantastic and can get to places where regular emergency vehicles cannot. “I’ve never seen any problems on Grace Bay and I’m sure the way it’s policed has a lot to do with it. “If you feel safe and secure you are going to keep coming back year after year and that’s obviously good for tourism.” Carmichael, who lives on the east coast of England, said that police forces in Britain should follow the RTCI Police’s example. He said, “There are a lot of beaches and resorts in Britain and I think high-profile policing with ATVs would work really well.” “In fact I think there are a lot of countries that would benefit from such a service because there is always going to be crime and incidents on beaches that attract lots of visitors. “I congratulate the RTCI Police for the way they do things and I hope

An RTCI officer patrolling the beach on an ATV

others around the world take notice.” Grace Bay and its beaches are patrolled by officers from the RTCI Community Policing Department using ATVs donated by Crime Stoppers and the Zero Tolerance Committee. Inspector Nigel Couch, who heads the department, noted that

Carmichael’s comments were much appreciated. He said, “The beaches are obviously the TCI’s biggest assets and thousands of people visit them every year. For that reason, it is essential that we have high-visibility policing to ensure people’s safety. “It’s always nice when you

receive compliments from people, but much of the credit has to go to Crime Stoppers and the Zero Tolerance Committee. “It was thanks to their hard work, fundraising and generosity that we have the ATVs and it’s great that visitors are appreciating the big difference they have made.”

August 18 - 24, 2012



Beaches to host 2012 World Travel Awards THE World Travel Awards (WTA) has selected the world renown Beaches Turks and Caicos Islands Resort Villages and Spa to host its 2012 Caribbean and the Americas Ceremony on September 14. This year marks the 19th anniversary of the WTA and the second time being hosted by the Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort Villages and Spa. The distinguished awards labeled by the Wall Street Journal as the “Oscars of the travel industry” are regarded as the very highest achievement that a travel product could hope to receive. Established in 1993, the WTA acknowledges, rewards and celebrates excellence in the different sectors encompassing the travel and tourism industry. Chair of Sandals and Beaches Resorts, Mr. Gordon “Butch” Stewart, noted that he is thrilled to host the awards for the second time. He said, “There is no better event

Digicel donates $3,000 to Panther’s Track Club THE Panther’s Track club of Providenciales received a generous donation of $3,000 from Digicel to assist with the August 7th meet, which will feature the best of Turks and Caicos Athleticism on display at the only IAAF qualifying event held in the country. The check presentation comes at a time when the company and indeed the world are celebrating the excitement of Sports at the Olympic Games in London. The club, which has over 40 members, provides training and mentoring for the young people who are desirous of performing well in various disciplines of track and field. Current World Junior Champion, Delano Williams is a product of the club and is exemplary of the talent that exists and can be nurtured in the TCI to perform on the world stage. Head of Marketing, AvaDayne Fulford said, “Digicel is very proud to support the efforts of the Panthers Track Club because we believe in the work that they do in nurturing young aspiring athletes here at home, preparing them to perform and shine on the athletic stage abroad. We have seen the product of their hard work come back with CARIFTA medals and recently Delano Williams who came out of their camp went on to bring home gold at the World Junior Championships.”

Resort Sales Manager, Ms. Tanya Swann

that epitomizes the incredible products of the travel and tourism industry than the World Travel Awards.” “Beaches Resorts is honoured to host this year’s Caribbean and The Americas Gala in the beautiful Turks and Caicos.” Director of Tourism with the Turks and Caicos Tourist Board, Mr. Ralph Higgs, said, “These awards recognize the best in the travel industry while also celebrating the rich diversity of the nominees: their culture, heritage and people.” In welcoming the WTA back to the islands he said, “Our destination is poised for success as the global economic recovery begins to take shape and with WTA taking place here, it signifies to the world that the Turks and Caicos Islands is open for business, ready to provide a unique travel experience for all.” Resort Sales Manager, Ms. Tanya

Swann, added that the ceremony is expected to be an impressive red carpet event, including cocktails, a gourmet dinner, presentation of the coveted awards and top entertainment including surprise guest artistes from Jamaica, Barbados and right here in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The prestigious black tie event, which is to be held in the French Village of the resort, is expected to see about 350 guests in attendance, including persons from the WTA committee. Swann said, “Being the host, Beaches will accommodate the guests and make all preparations for the ceremony.” “The entire French Village will be shut down just to host for the event.” “It gives us much exposure and will allow the guests to see and experience Turks and Caicos as well as the Sandals brand” Graham Cooke, President and Founder of WTA said, “We are delighted to be hosting our Caribbean and the Americas Ceremony 2012 in Turks and Caicos, a paradise destination currently enjoying a surge in tourism arrivals. The nation is entering an exciting new chapter in its history and tourism will play an even greater role in its economic evolution.” The ceremony marks the second leg of WTA’s Grand Tour, a global search for the world’s leading travel brands in the Caribbean and Americas, as well as other regions. After the search, regional winners will be judged in the WTA’s Grand Final, which takes place in New Delhi, India, in December, to select world’s best.

Provo Museum gets anonymous donation of $100,000

THE National Museum on Providenciales received an anonymous donation of $100,000, which will go towards the facility’s first exhibit, which is a recreation of a typical 1800’s Caicos dwelling on property adjacent to the future site of the museum in Grace Bay Village. The museum’s Board of Directors acknowledged that the museum’s first exhibit was largely made possible through the donation. The Physical Planning Board has approved the plans for the exhibit and construction has commenced. Once completed, the new museum on Grace Bay is expected to open up the world of TCI history and culture to Turks and Caicos islanders, residents, visitors and students. The Board of Director agree too that it will also provide much needed space to display exhibits that have been in storage for lack of exhibit space in Grand Turk. The Directors expect the Turks and Caicos National Museum on Providenciales to not only support itself, but also ultimately support the Grand Turk museum financially and operationally.

The new Museum on Grace Bay is in final architectural planning stages. Project architect, Mr. Jeff Lee, of JAL Consultants Ltd. stated that the museum will feature a glass front entry foyer, a 10,000 square foot museum exhibit and display space, mezzanine offices, a museum retail shop and a museum curatorial workshop. He said, “The Caicos Heritage Project has been meticulously researched through research, site visits to North and Middle Caicos, and interviews with Belongers. “The exhibit will be an accurate recreation of a typical Caicos family home that would have existed during the 1800’s, the style of which carried well into the 20th century. “The project will be completed in the style and context of the Caicos Islands and will include not only an authentic outdoor cooking area, a typical outhouse and traditional furnishings.” The Turks and Caicos National Museum is an organization that is privately operated, funded and managed and its museum building on Grand Turk has been in operation for more than 20 years.

this week

Friday, July 27 to Friday, August 3 Friday, August 17  Danny Buoy’s is Provo’s premier live music and sports destination, serving lunch and dinner daily from 11:30am.

It is the perfect place to escape from the heat and hang with friends, all in smoke free airconditioned comfort. Happy Hour specials from 4-7pm Monday-Saturday

 Get into the weekend mood with the intense and electrifying Tae-Bo class at Graceway Sports Centre from 6pm to 7pm. Free for fitness members, $12 for non-members. Visit for more information or call 4426349.  Craig Archibold gets the party started at the Regent Palms from 7pm on Friday nights with the sound of classic Caribbean and Motown tunes. Call 946-8666 for details

Saturday, August 18  The Weekly Community and Farmers’ Market organized by TCI Red Cross is on at the organization’s headquarters, opposite Lime on the Leeward Highway in Providenciales, from 10am to 2pm.

Persons will be able to purchase freshly grown produce and locally

sourced items. For more information on the Weekly Community and Farmers’ Market call (649) 247-8911. With regard to the TCI Red Cross’ services or how you can volunteer or donate, contact our Provo office on (649) 941-8056 or email OR for Grand Turk call (649) 946-2761 or

 If you’re looking for a serene and relaxed way of starting your weekend, bring your yoga mat at Graceway Sports Centre every Saturday at 9am and let David Bowen lead you into the wonderful world of yoga! Amazing fees for an amazing class! More info at 442-6348”  Mums and Tots Dance Party classes are held every Saturday at Graceway Sports Centre for mothers and their little ones. Mothers, bring your little ones to dance, jump, twist and shake! Children have fun learning movement basics to fun music and mums get a light exercise while spending quality time. Mums and Tots classes begin at 10am and cost just $10. Dads are welcome! Call Shara Bowen on 244-1103 for more details.

Tuesday, August 21  Residents of Provo, between the ages of 18-30, can join the Rotaract Clusat 6:15pm at the Edward Gartland Youth Centre for a full and frank discussion with Mary Hamilton, the Rotarian of the Year for 2011/2012.

 The Secret is Out! - pass it on to your friends and family - in support of the Youth Enterprise - every Tuesday night are having ‘All U Can Eat Spaghetti Night’ at HorseEye Jacks.

Got an event you wish to advertise? Call us on 946 4664 or email for a free listing.

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How to handle criticism

(Part 2 of 2)

Part one of this column looked at what criticism is, the history of criticism and it began looking at receiving criticism from others. Part two of this article will now focus on managing criticism and dealing with it in a proactive manner. Those who handle criticism best understand that it is usually counterproductive to get caught up in the emotional outbursts of others. Effective criticism managers deal with criticism in the following ways. First of all, they tend to see the criticism as an opportunity to learn about themself, their ability to handle tough situations, or to learn more about the critic. Thus, it may be a time to reflect, to grow, or to realize that the critic is not interested

Alligator Pears and Apples

Ingredients • 2 avocado - peeled, pitted and diced • 1 large red apple - cored and diced • 2 tablespoons honey • 1/2 cup raisins, soaked in water and drained • 1 tablespoon hulled sunflower seeds Directions 1. In a medium bowl, combine the avocados, apple and raisins. Drizzle with honey, and sprinkle with sunflower seeds. (Nutritional Information: Amount Per Serving Calories: 294 | Total Fat: 15.9g | Cholesterol: 0mg)

Joanne Gobeil

Registered Psychologist

in helping us become better. Secondly, they recognize there may be truth in the criticism and they re-examine their actions. People who deal well with criticism also separate the criticism from the critic. Even if the critic is neither credible nor well intentioned, the information may still be useful. Therefore, it is helpful to focus on the review, not the reviewer. With that being said, it is critical to remember that information (i.e. criticism) is just that, it may be correct or it may be incorrect. This is one of the real secrets of managing criticism-when you hear criticism, think information.

When dealing with criticism, remain in the third person. Do not get caught up in the rampant emotionality, instead look at the events as a dispassionate third party, merely observing the other person and assessing their tactics and motives. We want to be a witness to the criticism not the victim. Exercise your choice to not get emotionally drawn into the world of the critic. We also want to recognize the potential for personal development. Look more carefully at how the criticism may help you-even if it is nothing more than an exercise on how to remain calm in the face of hostile criticism. Challenge yourself to find something in the criticism that may help develop your charactereven if that something is patience. Do not dwell on the criticism. We know that there are a multitude of reasons why people offer criticism, and often the reason may have little to do with the recipient. If the criticism is accurate then learn the lesson. Consider what needs to be done to improve, implement the improvement, and get over it and move on. Get rid of that replay button! We also want to evaluate our improvement in managing criticism. The more we encounter criticism, the better we can become at handling it. Some of the signs of criticism management progress include

health Tip 

Alligator pears This week we will be looking at a fruit that is colloquially known as the Alligator Pear, named after its shape and the leather-like appearance of its skin. This time of year the fruit, more commonly called avocadoes, can be seen in supermarkets more regularly. Based on research avocado fruits are from the Persea Americana, a tall evergreen tree that can grow up to 65 feet in height. There are dozens of varieties of avocadoes, which falls into three main categories - Mexican, Guatemalan, and West Indianwhich differ in their size, and their appearance. An avocado plant grown from seed will take 5 to 13 years to maturity. The most popular seen avocado is the 'hass variety'. Avocado contains minerals and vitamins such as, Vitamin A, B, C, E, and K, copper, iron, fibre, protein, oleic acid, folate, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

By Phillip Simmons Avocado helps to control blood pressure, helps to promote eye health, helps to reduce the risk of stroke, helps to cure bad breath, helps with better nutrient absorption, helps to prevent breast cancer, has antiaging properties, helps with heart health, helps to inhibit the growth of prostate cancer. As usual, this week as I say thank you to God for his unmerited favour, I leave with you with inspiring words from Michael Manley, the fourth Prime minister of Jamaica, (19721980, 1989-1992), who said, “Any realistic vision of change must be based on the notion of empowerment of people.”

a greater confidence, increased inner strength, active involvement (not being reluctant to address criticism prone situations), greater commitment to effectively give and receive criticism, assessing that criticism does not equal accuracy, better ability to learn by managing the criticism, realizing that criticism is not as threatening as you might have first thought, seeing the humour in it, and having a greater understanding of criticism and the impact it can have on other people. Lastly, remember, according to

August 18 - 24, 2012

Sydney J. Harris, “Maturity begins when we’re content to feel we’re right about something without feeling the necessity to prove someone else wrong.” If you feel though you need assistance in managing how you deal with criticism, contact Joanne Gobeil at Caribbean Psychological Services (649) 432-6956 or jogobeil@yahoo. com. (Caribbean Psychological Services #114 Neptune Plaza, Sandcastle Road, Grace Bay, Providenciales (649)432-6956)

August 18 - 24, 2012

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How does your garden grow




Tamika graduated from Florida International University in Miami with a Masters degree in Dietetics & Nutrition. She is a registered dietitian with the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and licensed to practice medical nutrition therapy in the state of Florida. Email Tamika via or with your healthy eating questions.

Mosquitoes in the garden There are two things that mosquitoes need. They need blood to manufacture eggs and a place to lay their eggs. The mosquitoes lay up to 250 eggs at a time in still water and will hatch in about seven to 10 days. That is why it is important to clean out water weekly, to keep mosquitoes from breeding. Mosquito hatcheries are everywhere. Many items that might keep water include wheelbarrows, tires, cans, bottles, toys, garden equipment, pool covers, pipes, tarps, drains, bins and even a bottle cap. In addition, remove standing water from fountains, ditches, clogged rain gutters, plant saucers, puddles and, buckets. The cistern should be sealed and its opening should have a mosquito net. If you have a pond or fountains, you might consider adding fish that would eat the mosquito larvae. To avoid mosquito bites, it’s always wise to wear long sleeves, avoid wearing perfume and scented hair products, make sure you have installed or repaired window and door screens, and apply insect repellent that contains DEET only on children over the age of two months. Another product made of Oil of lemon Eucalyptus is effective, but should never be used on children under the age of three. Dengue fever is primarily a disease of the tropics that is transmitted by the mosquito. The mosquito is a day biting animal that prefers to feed on humans. Those infected with dengue can suffer from a spectrum of

BY DENIS Belanger - NATURE SPLENDOR For all your landscaping, installation or garden maintenance needs, please call or write for a free estimate: 332-3381 or

illnesses ranging from a viral flu to severe and fatal hemorrhagic fever (DHF). The dengue virus is passed back and forth between mosquitoes and humans and causes an extraordinarily painful ailment that exists in four known strains or serotypes. Dengue is especially dangerous to children, who generally have one infection, but if bitten again can get a more serious infection that can lead to dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF). DHF causes severe internal bleeding, shock, and circulatory collapse, and is usually fatal to children. Dengue is increasingly becoming a plague of global proportions and may soon eclipse malaria as the most significant mosquito-borne viral disease affecting humans. Mosquito Trapping Devices; many mosquito trapping devices are based on generating carbon dioxide (CO2) to lure the mosquitoes to the device. Once near the fan on the device, the mosquitoes are sucked up into the device and into a collection bag where they will die. The CO2 baited traps will catch mosquitoes. However, even an impressively large collection, may be a minute percentage of all the blood-seeking females in the area and this will not

likely impact large populations of mosquitoes. These devices are only successful if the wind is low, the actual mosquito population is low and there are no other factors to attract the mosquitoes in that area. Bug Zappers use ultraviolet light to lure mosquitoes into a trap that will electrocute them. These devices attract many types of insects such as moths and beetles. Studies have shown that these devices do not reduce the number of biting mosquitoes, and they kill other types of insects more often than they kill mosquitoes. The best way to reduce the mosquito population is by preventing them from breeding in close vicinity to your home; by making sure your garden has no nests, as well as sharing this information with your neighbors. Gardening news: Care to share your gardening thoughts, insights, triumphs, disappointments or photos with your fellow gardening enthusiast? I invite you to now join the new active discussions gardening forum specially created for the Turks and Caicos gardeners. Please come share your comments and thoughts at tcigardening.

Nutrition Myth Busters There are many sources of nutritional information, some are reputable, and some are not. The result is there are many nutritional myths. This week, I want to address some common nutrition myths because I hear so many pieces of misinformation on a daily basis. The following are a few of my favorites. 1. Carbohydrates are bad for you. I think this is by far the most common myth I hear. My response is always to find out why someone believes this which is usually followed by an explanation such as, ‘it makes you gain weight.’ Excess calories and lack of physical activity cause you to gain weight—not carbohydrates. These excess calories can come from carbohydrates, protein or fats. One of the main reasons we think carbohydrates cause weight gain is because we usually eat such large portions. It is recommended though that you choose your carbohydrates wisely—a piece of whole wheat bread instead of a sugar glaze doughnut. 2. Sugar or excess sweets cause Diabetes. Not true. Sugar and sweets may lead to excess weight gain and obesity but not diabetes. There are many risk factors that contribute to the development of diabetes—overweight or obesity, genetic pre-disposition, age etc. When there is a defect in the way insulin responds to blood glucose levels or the body is not producing enough insulin, then someone develop diabetes. 3. Sweet potatoes are better than white potatoes. Actually both potatoes are very nutritious—just providing different nutrients. Sweet potatoes are loaded with beta carotene hence its red color. Beta carotene is the dietary form of Vitamin A, so sweet potato is an excellent source of that vitamin. White potatoes are one of the best sources of potassium—much more so than bananas. 4. Everyone should eat a gluten free diet. Gluten is a protein found in wheat products but there is no need to avoid it unless you have a health condition. The only people that need to avoid gluten are persons who have been diagnosed with celiac disease. Persons with celiac disease should avoid wheat, rye oats and barley. These are just a few of the many nutritional myths that are “out there” affecting people’s food choices. Every so often, a new food fad will emerge and because of great marketing and intense media attention millions of people may get swept up in the hype without really knowing the facts. Just one more reason to be sure you get your food and nutrition information from a Registered Dietitian.

ACCU Medical Nutrition is based in Graceway IGA Plaza, Providenciales. Call 946 8308, 242 3978 or 442 3978.


Regional News


August 18 - 24, 2012

Eastern Caribbean seeks economic unity THE NINE-member Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) is pushing harder for regional integration with the launch of a new parliamentary forum that it says will play a major role in its efforts to establish an economic union. “If the OECS Economic Union, and one of its principal organs – the OECS Assembly – are to guide us in overcoming the obstacles to growth and development, then it cannot be the ‘talk-shop’ that our people mock so derisively,” Antigua’s Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer said at the launch over the weekend. The host PM said the value of the OECS Assembly as a forum for regional dialogue cannot be overstated, insisting that he expects “robust debate in this Chamber on the direction that regional integration should take. “The OECS Assembly will perform a vital democratic function: it will monitor and debate the implementation of the OECS Economic Union, bringing to bear the views of representatives from constituencies all across the Union,” he told the inaugural session on Friday night. St. Vincent and the Grenadines legislator Rene Baptiste, who was elected as the Assembly’s first speaker, reminded regional legislators that: “we have serious work to do. “This is our occasion to write our history with our own hands and in our own words,” she said of the work of the Assembly, which will comprise five legislators from each independent member state and three from the legislatures of each non-independent country, with representation from both the ruling administration and the political opposition. It will meet at least twice annually and is one of five principal organs established by the Revised Treaty of Basseterre establishing the

Economic Union. Its most important function is to be a consultative body to enhance regional dialogue on the critical issues of integration and development and to make proposals to the OECS authority for the enactment of regional legislation binding on all member states. Spencer reminded the Assembly of the failure of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) initiative named the Assembly of Caribbean Community Parliamentarians (ACCP) which he said “fell into disuse even before it started”, adding its failure “should be a subject for early reflection by the OECS Assembly”. St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, who is also chairman of the subregional grouping, said the Assembly should not be regarded as “an intellectual or academic pursuit” and that hoped it would serve as a venue where all legislators would engage in a “profound consultative process in decision making hopefully that would evolve into actual law making and direct elections in the not too distant future”. Gonsalves said that the configuration of the regional integration process was now changing and the sub-region, comprising Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Montserrat, St. KittsNevis, Anguilla and the British Virgin Islands, must not be complacent. “Do not for one moment think that we cannot suffer reversals in our subregional integration movement,” Gonsalves said. “To be sure we have made immense progress since the original Treaty of Basseterre was signed in 1981. Our Revised Treaty of Basseterre of 2012 has made a quantum leap in regional governance and the creation of a single economic

space, but challenges abound,” he said, noting that the global economic and financial crisis could have a serious effect on the socioeconomic development of the sub-region. St. Kitts Nevis Opposition legislator Mark Brantley, who spoke on behalf of the sub-regional opposition grouping, used the occasion to plead for a more democratic process in the region. He assured that while the cause of regional integration has the full support of the parliamentary opposition region, it was important to be accepted as “equal partners in the deepening and strengthening of our integration process”. He warned against making the new Assembly a “forum for high sounding words and lengthy speeches when the harsh realities at home militate against good governance and democracy. “Good governance at home has to be a prerequisite of good governance regionally. The parliamentary opposition cannot be included at the OECS Assembly in St. Johns but ignored or marginalised in Basseterre, Roseau, Road Town or The Valley,” Brantley said. Brantley said that it is a matter of “tremendous regret” that some of the OECS countries still do not have Integrity in Public Life legislation or Freedom of Information legislation to give the populace a mechanism “to rein in the base impulse of governmental corruption. “From Antigua to St. Kitts to Dominica to St. Lucia to St. Vincent… it seems that each round of elections is met by an equally acrimonious and expensive round of litigation,” said Brantley, noting that these election petitions prolong the electioneering well beyond the election cycle with its attendant debilitating effect on the psyche of the Eastern Caribbean people.

Cayman Islands to hike work permit fees, hotel and departure taxes THE Cayman Islands is planning to hike hotel and departure taxes. Increasing fees for work permits is also planned, in order to help bail the British Caribbean territory out of financial hole. Premier McKeeva Bush said last Wednesday that those measures and others should generate $52.5 million in 10 months. Associated Press reports that his announcement came two days after Bush scrapped a plan to impose a direct income tax on expatriates working in the famed no-tax financial centre. It had outraged many on the islands, where financial

services and tourism are the pillars of the economy. Under the new plan, the territory’s departure tax would rise to $37 from $25, while the hotel room tax would jump from 10 percent to 13 percent. Fees would rise on work permits for financial controllers, accountants, real estate brokers and other uppertier employees, Bush said, but the cost of permits for lower-paid job categories, such as janitorial and security staff, would not rise. According to AP, Bush stressed he has “no intention to levy any form of taxation on corporate earnings, capital gains or profits generated by

businesses.” The islands’ budgets must be approved by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and Bush said the Foreign Office is expected to comment on the tax proposals next week. Bush, who is also the finance minister, said he hopes to deliver a budget by Aug. 20. Zero direct taxation, friendly regulations and the global money they lured have transformed the tiny British territory into the world’s sixth largest financial center, with $1.6 trillion officially booked international assets. (Eturbonews)

High standards: A brief to promote Caribbean rum is up for grabs.

Hunt to promote Caribbean rum amid subsidy dispute A multi-million pound global brief is up for grabs to promote Caribbean rum as a dispute escalates over subsidies to multinational producers. The brief, which has been put out by the West Indies’ Rum and Spirits Producers’ Association (WIRSPA), is worth up to £4m and will run for almost three years. It calls for an agency to create an integrated marketing and comms campaign to raise brand awareness and promote the ‘authentic Caribbean rum’ (ACR) marque. The brief seen by PRWeek states: ‘The ACR marque is an instrument for, and a symbol of, authenticity, provenance and quality of premium rums from the ACP [African, Caribbean, Pacific] Caribbean.’ The marque is only given to rum produced from sugar cane juice

or molasses within the Caribbean region. The brief is the latest step made by the Caribbean to distance itself from global alcohol producers and comes at a time of increasing tension between the Caribbean region and the US, which has been accused of damaging the former by offering subsidies to multinational rum producers. Caribbean rum-producing countries are up in arms over the subsidies to multinationals in its territories, claiming they ‘cover over’ taxes back to the multinationals. It is suggested that the Caribbeans cannot compete on price. In the brief, agencies are asked to focus specifically on America and Europe, with particular emphasis on Italy, Spain and the UK, where the marque is set to be reintroduced.

UK ripe for Caribbean trade after Olympic billions – Says British parliamentary official Bellingham RECIPROCAL TRADE, driven by export into Europe, will surely lift Barbados and Caribbean economies out of stagnation. This is the view of Britain’s parliamentary under secretary of state in the foreign and Commonwealth office, Henry Bellingham, who says Caribbean nations must move swiftly to exploit the billions of pounds sterling expected from the London 2012 Olympics. On Wednesday, at the second CARIFORUM-EU Business Forum at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London, he said, “The Games are expected to generate about £21 billion (BDS$64 billion) for the [British] economy, where there are £1 billion (BDS$3.05 billion) in deals and projects expected to be announced this summer alone. We want the Caribbean to be part of this and to maximize the benefits to the region itself.” Bellingham pointed to this enormous business opportunity during his presentation Taking Advantage Of Investment Opportunities Within The Caribbean

And Europe at the forum hosted by the Caribbean Export Development Agency. “Britain is the gateway to Europe. If there is more we can do with our Caribbean partners, it is really to drive home that vital point,” the politician stressed. In addition, he noted that in 2011 Britain’s bilateral trade with the Caribbean exceeded £800 million (BDS$2.4 billion), which represented £379 million in British imports and £446 million in British exports, and the British government had a target to double bilateral trade between Britain and the Caribbean by 2015. The Westminster member of parliament said the Caribbean’s reliance on imports alone, particularly through tourism, and Britain’s on exports, would stagnate bilateral trade. “We want Caribbean imports into [Britain]. We want companies like Grace Kennedy, which employs over 200 people in manufacturing and distribution in London and north Wales, to expand and set an example to other companies,” Bellingham said.

August 18 - 24, 2012

Regional News

Christie shocked at Maynard’s death BAHAMAS’ PM Perry Christie said he was shocked and deeply saddened by the sudden and untimely death of FNM chairman Charles Maynard. Mr Christie said when he first heard the news from Allyson Maynard-Gibson, the first cousin of Mr Maynard, he couldn’t believe that someone so young and vibrant had passed away. “Allyson Maynard, my Attorney General, called me and told me that Charles had died and she asked if she could come late to Cabinet because she was considering going to retrieve the body, and while she was telling me what happened I was just absolutely shocked that someone who was full of life and involved in a campaign would die,” he said.?“I know he had a lot of energy and he brought a lot of energy and experience to the FNM in the position that he had and so I was really shocked. “Charles was a member of the party that I was in and when Dr Nottage formed the CDR, Charles formed it with him and when Dr Nottage returned to the PLP Charles found a position with the FNM and with Ingraham and became a Minister of State and then a full Minister of Cabinet. “So he at 42 years of age, had been able to in a short period of time to perform significantly in the country in the capacity as a member of the Cabinet. He lost the elections to us but went right away and got an executive position as chairman of the FNM.” Mr Christie said despite their differences in the past, Mr Maynard was a great man who will be missed dearly. He also said the government will provide Mr Maynard with an official state funeral if the family so wishes. “Even though in public life you have fierce differences, and I had my fierce difference with Charles Maynard, in death you are saddened

FNM’s chairman Charles Maynard died at age 42.

deeply by it because you know it is an acute loss to his wife and children and an acute loss to his parents and siblings, who he was so very, very close with,” he said. “You know obviously he will be missed by his organisation and by his family and I would wish to extend the collective sympathy and condolences of the government and most certainly to his organisation the FNM for their loss. “Also to his wife children and parents and siblings for their loss. “We will obviously do whatever we have to do if they would wish us as the governing party to provide him with what he is entitled to in terms of the arrangements after someone has died and who has served in a high profile position. “He is entitled to an officially recognised funeral but we will work with the family. We have the discretion to do some things and we will work with the family depending on what they would like.” (

No IMF programme for Barbados – Says finance minister NOT one iota of thought is being given to putting the country under any International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme or devaluing the Barbados dollar. Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler yesterday dismissed as “mischief” suggestions that Barbadians should have any such fear. “There is no IMF programme in Barbados; there is no contemplation of an IMF programme whatsoever by this Government. We do not need it and therefore, in the context of



that, whether IMF or no IMF there is no contemplation, either explicitly or implicitly, of a devaluation of the Barbados dollar.” He sought to make that clear in the House of Assembly after Christ Church West MP William Duguid raised concerns following the first reading of The International Monetary Fund (Amendment) Bill 2012. The amendment brings domestic legislation in line with changes to the IMF’s articles of agreement. (Barbados Nation)

Abusive husband chops wife to death, then hangs self in T&T A DAY after Patrick Parris murdered his estranged wife, he was found dead, hanging by the neck from a tree at the back of his house in Trinidad. On Monday, Parris, 49, stabbed and chopped to death 43-year-old Julie Parris who had obtained a domestic violence protection order against him six months ago. Parris also chopped his son, Brian, when he tried to defend his mother. Brian Parris’s pregnant girlfriend, Lucy Faria, was also chopped. The attack happened at Mahabalsingh Trace, Navet Village, Rio Claro, around 9 a.m. on Monday. The dead woman’s niece, Jessica Lovelace, 19, told the Express that Patrick Parris had been an abusive husband who had threatened to kill his wife many times. Lovelace said, “Things were good with them until some five years ago. “He became very violent. He would beat and curse her. He accused her of being unfaithful. But Julie was not that person. I don’t think she had anybody else in her life other than him.” Lovelace said Julie moved to a house at El Guanapo Estate, but

Patrick Parris knifed his estranged wife to death, chopped his son, his son’s girlfriend and then later committed suicide.

Parris followed her. “He broke up the windows in the house. Last Christmas he burned almost all of her belongings, her wedding dress, curtains, furniture and other things. She took out a restraining order against him. But he still terrorised her. He would go at her workplace at KFC, Rio Claro,

and embarrass her,” she said. Lovelace said Faria announced that she was pregnant on Sunday. “On Monday he (the killer) came to the house and said she (Faria) was a disgrace to the family. And all she (Julie Parris) said was ‘I don’t know why he does get on like that’. He came and said, “All allyuh dead today.” Parris, a gardener, used a knife to stabbed his wife multiple times. When Brian Parris tried to defend his mother with a cutlass, Parris grabbed it and chopped him on the head and shoulder. He also chopped Faria and his wife. Another son, Steve, 13, who witnessed the attack, ran to a neighbour’s house for help. Julie Parris died in the house and her killer ran off in the bushes. Faria lost three fingers on the right hand and is in critical condition at the Sangre Grande Hospital. Relative said they were concerned about the health of the unborn child. Brian Parris is also at hospital. (Trinidad Express)

High-risk inmates placed in uniforms at two prisons in Jamaica

Dominican Republic President-Elect Danilo Medina

Mejía offers new DR president conditional support FORMER opposition presidential candidate Hipólito Mejía has offered president elect Danilo Medina his support in the implementation of actions that benefit the vast majority of Dominicans. “President Danilo Medina, we have a commitment to the country, for which we are always willing to offer our cooperation in any actions directed at benefiting the great majorities,” he stated. In a speech made two days before Medina takes power, Mejía said that the new president would need to concentrate on all the nation’s strengths in order to solve the problems left by the Fernández

administration and stressed that facts, not words would define his attitude towards the president. He said that the Dominican Republic could not cope with the new government continuing on the irresponsible path of “extravagant expenses of the PLD administrations”. Mejía, who represents a PRD party faction, said that he would not support any tax reform that harmed the public or the productive sectors. He warned that he would be alert in order to save the people from paying the price of the financial disaster he said had been left by president Leonel Fernández.

Inmates at two of Jamaica’s highsecurity prisons are now being issued with uniforms by the Department of Correctional Services. Prison boss Lieutenant Colonel Sean Prendergast says this is the first phase of a plan to put all 4,500 inmates and wards of the state across the entire penal system in uniform. Prendergast says the move has been met with opposition from some inmates and their families, but says the department is undaunted. Prendergast argues that having the inmates in uniform eliminates several security risks at the prisons. The new prison garb will consist of khaki pants and a plain t-shirt. They will have other features, but the commissioner of corrections says he is not ready to discuss those publicly. The move is also part of the efforts by the Department to avoid a repeat of the embarrassing liquor-and-marijuana-laced party staged by prisoners dressed in expensive clothes at the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre last December.



August 18 - 24, 2012

August 18 - 24, 2012





August 18 - 24, 2012

August 18 - 24, 2012





August 18 - 24, 2012

August 18 - 24, 2012



Jones apologises for urging John Travolta to 'come out' RASHIDA Jones found herself in the awkward position of apologising for her flippant remarks about John Travolta's sexuality Tuesday morning after recently encouraging the movie star to "come out." "Made a thoughtless comment about John Travolta," she tweeted. "I sincerely apologise. Nobody's personal life is my business." Late last week, Jones jokingly insisted that Travolta, who has been plagued with rumors that he is gay, should finally come out about his sexuality. The "Celeste and Jesse Forever" actress, 36, was discussing her obsession with R&B singer Frank Ocean's recent admittance when talk turned to other public figures who should come out. "There needs to be, like, a professional athlete that comes out," her film-writing partner Will McCormack said. "And a movie star! It's

Rashida Jones commented that actor John Travolta should 'just come out,' but later apologised for her words.

time," Jones replied. "Yeah, like a big one," McCormack quipped. "A movie star. Like John Travolta? Come out! Come on," Jones said. "How many masseurs have to come forward? Let's do this." The "Parks and Recreation" star added that she recognised

that "people are so precious about their careers," but insisted that "big stars need to come out." "Ricky Martin was huge," Jones said. "That was big; I was really happy about that." Spinning Platters writer Jason LeRoy defended Jones' statements Tuesday, asserting that Jones only meant well.



World News


US launches sweeping immigration reform UNDOCUMENTED immigrants are applying for the temporary right to live and work openly in the US, as a sweeping immigration policy reform takes effect. Up to 1.7 million people could be eligible for the programme, unveiled in June by President Barack Obama after pressure from Hispanic voters. Republicans say Mr Obama has passed over Congress - and unemployed US citizens - with the programme. The Latino vote could be important in November’s presidential election. LONG QUEUES Illegal immigrants are getting their records in order as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) starts accepting applications. In an internal document, DHS officials estimated 1.04 million people would apply in the first year. The Migration Policy Institute and the Pew Hispanic Center have estimated as many as 1.7 million people could be eligible under the programme. The administration’s plan is to stop deporting many illegal immigrants who were brought to the

Students await assistance with immigration paperwork in Los Angeles

US as children. To be eligible, immigrants must prove they arrived in the US before they turned 16, are 30 or younger, have been living here at least five years and are in school or graduated or served in the military. They also cannot have been convicted of certain crimes. The Obama administration detailed on Tuesday what documents illegal immigrants need to qualify

for the programme. The paperwork for the programme can be downloaded from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website. Applicants must pay a $465 (£300) fee and provide proof of identity and eligibility. This could include a passport or birth certificate, school transcripts, medical and financial records, military service records and, in some cases, multiple sworn affidavits.

U.N. cites war crimes in Syria by government, rebels BOTH Syrian regime forces and antigovernment rebels have committed war crimes in the Syrian conflict, a U.N. commission concluded Wednesday. The U.N. Independent International Commission of Inquiry said government forces and their Shabiha militia allies committed crimes against humanity such as “murder and torture, war crimes and gross violations of international human rights and humanitarian law, including unlawful killing, indiscriminate attacks against civilian populations and acts of sexual violence.” In the town of Houla on May 25, the commission said, President Bashar al-Assad’s forces and militia allies were responsible for killing more than 100 civilians, nearly half of them children. The anti-government armed groups that have emerged over the past year also have committed war crimes, including “murder, extrajudicial killings and torture,” the report says. But the commission says these actions “were not of the same gravity, frequency and scale as the ones perpetrated by government forces and the militia.” The commission issued the report as fighting raged in Damascus and in other cities across the country. Since February 15, the report says, “the situation in the country has deteriorated significantly with armed violence spreading to new areas and active hostilities raging between rebels and the government and the militias.”

August 18 - 24, 2012

British Bank in $340 Million Settlement for Laundering STANDARD Chartered, the British bank, has agreed to pay New York’s top banking regulator $340 million to settle claims that it laundered hundreds of billions of dollars in tainted money for Iran and lied to regulators. The agreement is a victory for Benjamin M. Lawsky and his 10-month old agency, the New York Department of Financial Services, which took on the bank alone in charging that it schemed for nearly a decade with Iran to hide from regulators 60,000 transactions worth $250 billion. Some federal authorities worry the deal has the potential to undercut a sweeping settlement between the bank and federal regulators, including the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department. They are also investigating Standard Chartered, a 150-year-old bank based in London with operations across the globe. The $340 million deal is a huge amount for a single state regulator, and it falls near the middle of the collective settlements that the Justice Department and the Manhattan district attorney have reached with other global banks in recent years over money laundering charges, from $619 million with ING bank in June to $298 million with Barclays in 2010. Standard Chartered has maintained that only $14 million of the $250 billion in transactions violated federal regulations. In a

statement announcing the settlement, Mr. Lawsky said, “The parties have agreed that the conduct at issue involved transactions of at least $250 billion.” The bank said in a regulatory filing Tuesday that “a formal agreement containing the detailed terms of the settlement is expected to be concluded shortly.” Standard Chartered “continues to engage constructively with the other relevant U.S. authorities. The timing of any resolution will be communicated in due course,” the filing said. After frantic negotiations with Mr. Lawsky’s office, which threatened to revoke the bank’s state license at a hearing scheduled for Wednesday, Standard Chartered made a calculation to settle, in part, to resolve the public relations headache, according to people briefed on the matter. The agreement ends a weeklong international drama that thrust the upstart regulator into the spotlight and pitted Mr. Lawsky against federal authorities who thought he was overstepping his bounds and British authorities who accused him of tarnishing the reputation of their banks. The size of the settlement is puzzling to some federal officials, including the Justice Department, because there is still widespread disagreement about the extent of the bank’s wrongdoing, according to regulators briefed on the matter. (

Ohio teen confesses to killing 5-year-old niece with a scythe Both the Syrian forces, seen here, and anti-government rebels have committed war crimes according to the United Nations.

At least 178 people died in Syria Wednesday, the opposition Local Coordination Committees of Syria said. Ninety of them were in Aleppo

province, and most of them were in Izzaz, a town near the Turkish border that was shelled by regime warplanes. (CNN)

London Mayor Boris Johnson: PM must stop ‘pussyfooting’ BORIS Johnson has urged Prime Minister David Cameron to stop “pussyfooting around” and invest in major infrastructure projects in London. The Mayor of London told the Evening Standard that money should be spent on projects such as Crossrail 2 and extra river crossings. He said he still supported plans for an airport on an artificial island - dubbed “Boris Island” - in the

Thames. A Number 10 spokesman said Mr Cameron had declined to comment. Mr Johnson said: “This is the time to be ambitious about London and what it can do for Britain. “One of the ways of doing that would be to commit to further infrastructure — Crossrail 2, more river crossings, a massive house building programme for the city.

AN OHIO teenager is in jail on $500,000 bond after he confessed to brutally killing his 5-year-old niece with a scythe, WXIX-TV reported. Jada Beth Williams’ body was found lying in a pool of blood in the garage of a home in Jackson Township. Tina Williams, the little girl’s grandmother, made the gruesome discovery and called 911, telling the dispatcher that Jada “was here with the guy I live with and my grandson, and she is dead.” In a recording of the call, obtained by the Fayette Advocate, Williams says the girl is “covered in blood.” Matthew Kaleb Pierson, 18, told police he killed his niece a day earlier. He confessed to beating Jada with the scythe, a grass-cutting tool with a curved blade, and placing her body in the garage, according to an affidavit. At a press conference, Highland County Sheriff Ron Ward said she apparently died from “multiple blunt force trauma to the head, neck and face.” Complete autopsy results are pending.

Matthew Kaleb Pierson, 18, at a court appearance.

Pierson was charged with murder Tuesday. Shawn T. Williamson, 38, the owner of the home where Jada was found, was held as a person of interest but eventually released. Ward said other people could be charged in connection with her murder, and the charges against Pierson could be upgraded. (

August 18 - 24, 2012

World News

British Bank in $340 Million Settlement for Laundering

Standard Chartered, the British bank, has agreed to pay New York’s top banking regulator $340 million to settle claims that it laundered hundreds of billions of dollars in tainted money for Iran and lied to regulators. The agreement is a victory for Benjamin M. Lawsky and his 10-month old agency, the New York Department of Financial Services, which took on the bank alone in charging that it schemed for nearly a decade with Iran to hide from regulators 60,000 transactions worth $250 billion. Some federal authorities worry the deal has the potential to undercut a sweeping settlement between the bank and federal regulators, including the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department. They are also investigating Standard Chartered, a 150-year-old bank based in London with operations across the globe. The $340 million deal is a huge amount for a single state regulator, and it falls near the middle of the collective settlements that the Justice Department and the Manhattan district attorney have reached with other global banks in recent years over money laundering charges, from $619 million with ING bank in June to $298 million with Barclays



in 2010. Standard Chartered has maintained that only $14 million of the $250 billion in transactions violated federal regulations. In a statement announcing the settlement, Mr. Lawsky said, “The parties have agreed that the conduct at issue involved transactions of at least $250 billion.” The bank said in a regulatory filing Tuesday that “a formal agreement containing the detailed terms of the settlement is expected to be concluded shortly.” Standard Chartered “continues to engage constructively with the other relevant U.S. authorities. The timing of any resolution will be communicated in due course,” the filing said. After frantic negotiations with Mr. Lawsky’s office, which threatened to revoke the bank’s state license at a hearing scheduled for Wednesday, Standard Chartered made a calculation to settle, in part, to resolve the public relations headache, according to people briefed on the matter. The agreement ends a weeklong international drama that thrust the upstart regulator into the spotlight and pitted Mr. Lawsky against federal authorities who thought he was overstepping his bounds and British authorities who accused him of tarnishing the reputation of their banks.

Israel ‘prepared for 30-day war with Iran’ ISRAEL’S outgoing home front defence minister says an attack on Iran would likely trigger a monthlong conflict that would leave 500 Israelis dead. Matan Vilnai told the Maariv newspaper that the fighting would be “on several fronts”, with hundreds of missiles fired at Israeli towns and cities. Israel was prepared, he said, though strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities had to be co-ordinated with the US. Meanwhile, a US blogger has published what he says are Israel’s attack plans. Richard Silverstein told the BBC he had been given an internal briefing memo for Israel’s eightmember security cabinet, which outlined what the Israeli military would do to prevent Iran developing nuclear weapons. Tehran insists its nuclear programme is entirely peaceful. ‘ISRAEL PREPARED’ The purported leaked Israeli memo suggests that the military operation would begin with a massive cyberattack against Iran’s infrastructure, followed by a barrage of ballistic missiles launched at its nuclear facilities. Military command-and-control systems, research and development facilities, and the homes of senior figures in nuclear and missile

Iran has the largest and most diverse ballistic missile arsenal in the Middle East.

development would also be targeted. Only then would manned aircraft be sent in to attack “a short-list of those targets which require further assault”. BBC diplomatic correspondent Jonathan Marcus says it is not possible to verify the authenticity of the document, but the proposed mission would be huge and have potentially far-reaching consequences. Iran’s government and military have made it clear that if it is attacked either by Israel or the US, it will respond in kind, either directly or through proxies. In his interview with Maariv, Mr Vilnai said Israel had “prepared as never before”.

“There is no room for hysteria,” said the former general, who is stepping down at the end of August to become Israel’s ambassador to China. He echoed an assessment by Defence Minister Ehud Barak, who said that it was believed that some 500 people in Israel might be killed. “There might be fewer dead, or more, perhaps... but this is the scenario for which we are preparing, in accordance with the best expert advice.” “The assessments are for a war that will last 30 days on several fronts,” he added, alluding to the possibility of attacks by the Iranian-backed Lebanese Shia Islamist movement, Hezbollah, and Palestinian Islamist militants in the Gaza Strip.

Off-duty cop kills angry dad after hurting the man’s daughter with his motorcycle Prince Philip has spent the last few days taking part in Cowes Week on the Isle of Wight.

Prince Philip back in hospital ‘as a precaution’

THE Duke of Edinburgh has been taken to hospital as a “precautionary measure” after a recurrence of a bladder infection, Buckingham Palace has said. Prince Philip, who is 91, was driven by ambulance to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary while staying at Balmoral with the Queen, a spokesperson said. The duke originally suffered the infection shortly before the Diamond Jubilee concert on 4 June. He is likely to remain in the NHS hospital for the next few days. Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall are at their private residence of Birkhall on the Balmoral Estate, BBC correspondent Peter

Hunt says. It is not known whether other royals are there, but a palace spokesman said it was usual for members of the royal family to be in residence at Balmoral during the summer period. The duke was last seen at public engagements in Cowes earlier this week. It is the third time he has been in hospital in the last nine months: he also spent four days in hospital over Christmas, following an operation to clear a blocked heart artery. In March, Prince Harry said the operation - which was successful - had given his grandfather a “new spurt of life”.

AN OFF-duty Chicago police officer injured a 4-year-old girl with his motorcycle, and then shot and killed her outraged father. Fraternal Order of Police Spokesman Pat Camden said the cop “fired in defense of his life,” the Chicago Sun-Times reported. The 43-year-old officer, an eight-year veteran of the force, intentionally ditched his motorcycle Saturday night in Maywood when he saw the little girl – identified by WLS-TV as Taniyah Middleton – suddenly run into his path. The downed bike skidded down the street, slamming into the 4-yearold and her 18-year-old cousin John Passley, who had rushed to help her. As the officer tried to help, her 26-year-old dad, Christopher Middleton, came out of a nearby restaurant. Officials said he was visibly angry and shouting. After the officer identified himself as a cop, Middleton punched him in the face and continued to pummel him after he fell to the ground.

Christopher Middleton and his 4-year-old daughter Taniyah.

Passley allegedly joined in by kicking the officer. “He was about to lose consciousness to people beating him,” Camden said. The cop drew his gun and fired once at Middleton. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital later Saturday night, leaving behind a 6-year-old son and an unborn child as well as his daughter. “Chris was a great father,” Middleton’s cousin, Mathis Hoskin, said. “He was always helpful, never

mad - always happy with a smile on his face.” An off-duty Illinois police officer injured 4-year-old Taniyah Middleton with his motorcycle, and then shot and killed her outraged father Christopher Middleton. Taniyah spent the night in the hospital for contusions and abrasions, according to the SunTimes. The officer suffered possible broken bones from the motorcycle accident, as well as contusions from the beating.


Job Listings Services Auto sales real estate Kevin & Sons construction Is looking for a

laboUrer/ domestic Workers salary $5.00 per hour contact: 649-2474068 between the hours of 10 am – 3 pm 6989




3-bedroom apartment $1100.00 per month it will be available May 1st.

contact: 946-4664


1.3 Acres Of Land Ocean Drive, Turtle Tail Semi-Hilltop

August 18 - 24, 2012

946-4664 Fax: 946-4661




$225,000 o.n.o.

$650.00 per month Gated Community Furnished

CONTACT: 231-3788

Contact: 231-3788

Construction scaffold and roof tiles for sale CONTACT: 431-1591 OR 231-3788

August 18 - 24, 2012 Seaview Laundromart & Variety Store


Is looking for a

Launderer To work 6 days per week. Salary $200 weekly.

Contact 649-343-8371


SKILLED HANDYMAN Required experience gardener with painting and masonry skill required for maintenance position with Arawak Construction & Maintenance must be able to work 5 days per week Monday – Friday 8:30am5:00pm salary $5.60 per hour must have own transportation


Please send resume via email to: Closing date: August 25th, 2012 Belongers only need apply

ALBERT STUBBS Is looking for a

Domestic Worker 7087

To clean an Art Studio must be willing to work 4 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 242-4548


HURRICANE TIPS • Do you have a Family Plan in the event of a hurricane? It is important that you prepare yourself, your family and home now for any storms that may be ahead. • Check Insurance Policy; ensure policy is up to date. • The roof is usually the most vulnerable part of the house during a storm. Therefore, attention should be paid to inspecting your roof at the start of the season and make repairs as needed. • If you have hurricane shutters, inspect them now and repair damaged ones. Know how to install them. If you’re boarding up your windows, have the wood and tools handy. • Clear your premises of discarded objects such as old cars, pieces of metal, tin, wood (including pallets). • Keep trees and shrubbery trimmed, especially those near your house and power lines.

Nap ba ou kek infomasyon souzafe cyclone • Eske ou genyen yon plan pou fanmiy ou yon an moman cyclone yo ta va mete pye? Li tre empotan pou kapab prepare tet ou, avek fanmiy ou pou tout cyclone ki genyen pou kabap vini. • Ou bezwen gade tout regleman asirans ou yo, epi tou, gade bye pou ou kapab we ki le yo pral fini. • Le pli souvan, se tet kay yo ki pi fasil pou genyen pwoblem panda moman cyclone yo. Se pout et sa-a nap mande ou pou ou pote anpil atansyon. Se pouf e enspekte tet kay ou yo pandan sezon cyclone yo pral komanse, se pou si yo ta va bezwen pou ou fe repare yo. • Si toutfwa out a va genyen yonkay ou byen yon kote ki plis an sekirite pou

Contractor 7080

To work 6 days per week. Salary $7.00 per hour.

ou kapab rete pandan moman cyclone yo nap mande ou, pou ou kapab gade yob yen se pou si out a va bezwen fe repare domaj ke yon genyen. Tankou, si out a va bezwen bare fenet y oak pot yo, ou va bezwen bon bwa ki byen solid avek bon plywood epi bon klou. • Netwaye byen lakou kote ou rete, retire tout vye bagay ki pa bon: tankou vye machinn, vye bout fe avek tout lot ti moso bwa tankou (Pallet). • Tankou tout moun konnen ke nap rantre nan sezon cyclone nan, nap mande ou pou ou kabap netwaye byen pye bwa ke out a va genyen nan lakou ou yo, especialman say yo ki tout pre kay yo avek fil kouran elektrik.

Puntos Importantes Para la Temporada de Huracan • Tenga su familia algun plan en evento de un huracan? Es importante que se tomen las medidas necessaries para protegerse, su familia y su casa ahora, antes que lleguen algun huracan. • Chequea su polizas de seguros, asegura que este al dia. • La parte de la casa que es mas vulnerable durante algun huracan es el techo. Entonces, ponga atencion en la inspeccion de su techo al comienzo del tempotada y hagan las reparaciones necessaries. • Si tengan protectors de Madera para proteccion de vidrio, las inspeccionen y hagan las reparaciones necesarias. Aprenden a instalarlas ahora. Thengan las maderas y herramientas disponibles si van a cubrir las ventanas. • Limpia la orilla de su casa de objectos desechados como, vehiculos inutiles, pedazos de metal, Madera o latas vacias. • Mantenga los arboles y arbustos recortados, especialmente los que estancerca de su casa y las lineas electricas.

List of Shelters for 2012


Sa se lis kote ki pral reseve pou moun rete pan jou cyclone yo Lista de Refugios

Sa se zon-n ki kapab genyen anpil dlo Areas Suceptible a Inudaciones

PROVIDENCIALES LOCATION Enid Capron Primary School, Five Cays Oseta Jolly Primary School, Blue Hills Precious Treasures School

Five Cays, Providenciales Blue Hills, Providenciales Near Light Industrial Subdivision, Discovery Bay, Providenciales

MIDDLE CAICOS Conch Bar Community Centre Mt. Moriah Baptist Church Bambarra Community Centre

Central Town Area, Conch Bar Central Town Area, Conch Bar Central Town Area, Bambarra

NORTH CAICOS Sandy Point Community Centre Kew Community Centre Adelaide Oemler Primary School Lighthouse Church

Central Area, Sandy Point Central Area, Kew Central Area, Bottle Creek Richmond, Bottle Creek

SOUTH CAICOS Community Centre Mt. Oliver Baptist Church

Contact: 345-1507



GRAND TURK Green Door Grand Turk Community College Grand Turk SALT CAY Community Centre Methodist Church Hall

PROVIDENCIALES GRAND TURK Wheeland, Blue Hills At the back of Leeward Palms area In the area of Kingston, The Bight Long Bay Hills Juba Sound Square) Kewtown Blue Hills (Old Clinic) Leeward Highway in the area of Cedar Lodge At the back of Glass Shack The by-pass road leading to Five Cays

West Road North Backsalina (The Garden) Palmgrove The Salinas South Backsalina (Virgil’s



Downtown (Central), South Caicos Downtown (Central), South Caicos

The Flat The Salinas, east of Primary School East Canal Turtle Crawl

Bottle Creek Kew Settlement Whitby

Old Naval Base, Lighthouse Road,


Old Naval Base, Lighthouse Road,

South District, Salt Cay North District, Salt Cay

Deans Dock Road Airport Road Portion of Folly Road

The Quarry Grand Turk, Central Creek North Creek Close Haul Road






Is seeking a


Is looking for a

Mechanic Helper The individual must: @@Have experience in servicing vehicles @@Be able to work without supervision @@Have 5 years experience in the field @@Send all applications to the above mentioned address

August 18 - 24, 2012


The individual must:

• Have 6 years experience on construction sites and in maintenance carpentry • Be able to work without supervision • Able to work flexible hours • Must have experience in masonry and plumbing Send all applications to the above mentioned address 7094









contact: 2432473 or 247-9433


Is seeking a

SALES CLERK/ ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE PERSONNEL The individual must: • Be computer literate and familiar with the QuickBooks program • Able to speak fluent English and Spanish • Have 5 years experience in the Auto Parts Industry • Send all applications to the above mentioned address




Is looking to fill the following positions:

To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour


Salary $5.00 per hour ONLY BELONGERS NEED APPLY 7103

Message From

The Turks & Caicos Islands National Insurance Board


To work 6 days per week salary $150.00 per week contact: 649-344-2677



CALASCO Is looking for a

NEEDED To work 5 days per week 8am-4pm salary $5.50 per hour.

Contact: 344-7979 On Tuesday and Thursday Only between the hours of 4pm-6pm references required

Labourer To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 232-1001 7081

Job opportunity

1. Submission of Monthly Contribution Statements All contributors of the Turks and Caicos Islands National Insurance Programme are reminded that contribution statements MUST be completed properly with the National Insurance numbers of all employees before submission to NIB’s offices. It is not the responsibility of the National Insurance Board to insert National Insurance numbers on the contribution statements submitted by employers on behalf of their employees.

Senior Litigation Solicitor A senior litigation solicitor is required for a busy firm based in Providenciales. The successful candidate will be a qualified solicitor with at least ten years post qualification experience in appropriate litigation disciplines – commercial, corporate, construction, insolvency, negligence, compliance, fraud and related matters. Excellent communication skills and ability to manage files and work independently is essential, together with requisite experience in preparation of cases to instruct counsel and direct client relationsExperience in mediation/A.D.R. will be a considerable advantage.

2. Late Payment of Contributions Contributors are also reminded that: • payments are due at the end of each month in order to maintain coverage; and • all contributions paid outside the 30-day grace period will attract a 10% additional charge for the first month and 3% for every month or part thereof of delay.

3. Contribution Rates It is an offence for an employer to require an employee to pay his\her National Insurance contribution in full. • In the Private Sector the employer is required to pay 4.6% and the employee 3.4% of the salary up to $600.00 per week or $2,600.00 per month; • In the Public Sector (Government) is required to pay 4.025% and the employee 2.825% of the salary or wage up to $600 per week or $2,600 per month.

Please send application in writing to the managing partner, Miller Simons O’Sullivan, P.O. Box 260, Butterfield Square, Providenciales, or email to



August 18 - 24, 2012



JOB OPPORTUNITY Carlisle Supplies Limited require


Dynamic Public relations firm requires an experienced public relations professional to asset the Director in a challenging environment. Candidate must possess: • A minimum 10 years relevant public relations experience with a track record of sound decision making and managerial skills Excellent writing and verbal communications skills Strong Public speaking skills A graduate degree or higher in Communications Willingness to travel internationally at own expense Willingness to work weekends and holidays if required • Belongers are encouraged to apply. • Compensation is performance and commission based

DUTIES TO INCLUDE: • Full knowledge of Peachtree Accounting System • Accounts payable- Monthly management accounts • Full knowledge of Microbiz, POS System• Accounts Receivable – Credit Control – Invoicing Inventory


Interested and qualified persons should apply in writing with resume and cover letter to: info@ or

For Electrical & Plumbing Store

To assist and work alongside the Managing Director in all aspects of running the Company on a day to day basis, including dealing with staff, supplies, clients etc. At least 10 years experience required and a CAT Accounting and Degree in Business Administration

INTERIOR DESIGNER Finishing Touch in Providenciales requires a qualified interior designer. Requires strong understanding of design principles and excellent auto cad skills. Will be able to handle multiple projects. Salary starts from $3600 per month depending on qualifications and must be a fully qualified interior designer with experience in hospitality and residential projects.

Please send resume to Tanis Wake-Forbes with relevant experience to Interviews will be by appointment only. Position available September 2012. Applications must be submitted by Aug 24th, 2012. Belongers Only need apply.


ICC&Sco General Manager Healthcare Facilities Management ICC&Sco are currently advertising the post for an experienced Corporate Healthcare Facilities General Manager responsible for Interhealth Canada Construction & Services (Hard & Soft Full Facilities Management & Construction Services). Belongers are encouraged to apply. The successful candidate must have a minimum of 10 years Healthcare Construction & Facilities Management experience at Directorate level, PFI / PPI experience or equivalent is also essential for this post, along with a proven track record in Contract Management & Business Development. The post reports to the Interhealth Canada & Construction Services Board & is based at Cheshire Hall Medical Centre Providenciales with frequent travel to Cockburn Town Medical Centre Grand Turk and overseas travel as determined. The post holder must be available to be on call 24hrs as required Post minimum Requirements / Qualifications or equivalent: • Bachelors Degree in Business Studies / Facilities Management or equivalent • Advanced Food Hygiene Certified • BIFM (British Institute of Facilities Management) • NEBOSH / IOSH Certified • Good Knowledge of Accreditation Canada Standards / ROP’s, EFQM or equivalent & Corporate Governance Salary dependant on qualifications and experience.

The closing date is Friday 17th August 2012. Please send CVs to pnicholson@interhealthcanada.tcand ensure contact numbers and email addresses are included.

SECRETARIAL DUTIES: • Excellent speeds in Shorthand and typing are required • Full knowledge of Microsoft Office and Excel • Competent in dealing with the administration of security alarm system and KEE Sewage Systems • CAT Accounting and Degree in Business Administration Salary – Remuneration in the line with experience

Fax resume to 649 9464437. Belongers only need apply


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EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY A vacancy exists at the Turks and Caicos Islands National Insurance Board for a Compliance Officer at its Providenciales Branch Office, and applications are invited from suitably qualified and experienced Turks and Caicos Islanders to fill the post. CORE FUNCTIONS OF JOB - Assisting with the analysis of arrears reports - Assisting with the preparation of case files for prosecution of non compliant entities and individuals - Attending court to represent the Board’s interests when required - Assisting with the conducting of surveys to determine compliance levels - Recording and reporting daily findings - Serving non compliance notices and warning letters - Inspecting wage books to ensure accurate payments are being made - Assisting in investigations to ensure contributions are current - Inspecting incident books - Visiting non compliant contributors or those in arrears to encourage them to bring payments up to date - Assisting with the investigation of benefit claims, missing numbers and invalid dates of births EDUCATIONAL REQUIRMENTS This position requires an Associates Degree in Business or the equivalent. Experience should span: - Knowledge of the statutory regulations governing National Insurance - Knowledge of conducting investigations & Prosecutions - Knowledge of case file preparation - Bookkeeping or payroll OTHER REQUIREMENTS The applicant must have a valid driver’s license and be of good moral character evidenced by a current Police Record. Salary to be negotiated and will be determined based on qualifications and experience. Applications giving fill details of qualifications and experience should be sent to the Deputy Director Corporate Services, National Insurance Board, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands to reach no later than Friday 24th August, 2012.


August 18 - 24, 2012




For a local design firm candidate must have at least 5 year design experience in high-end residential and commercial work, proven client development skills, and a minimum of 7 years in a leadership position. Design school and a BA in a related field is required as well as international contacts in the design and furniture industry 7079



Is looking for a

To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 241-4464



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In Gated/Planned Community in Long Bay. Flamingo Crossing lot comes with full set of House Plans, all underground utilities, etc.

$49,999 o.b.o. Call 231-3788

Caicos dream tours

(Boat Charters – Snorkeling – Tours and Excursions – Professional Fishing)

Position Available

Inbound/outbound Tour Assistant Job Description: • Responsible for achieving sales target and growth • Responsible for ensuring high customer service satisfaction • Conduct sales calls and visit • Respond and follow up customer enquiries and requests • Communicate customers expectations internally and with vendors • Develop strong customer relationships through regular visits and timely response to other queries • Attend to clients booking or queries over the phone, fax or email Qualification • Minimum degree in sales and marketing, travel and tourism or 3-5 years experience in this field • Proven track records in sales and marketing in related field • Good interpersonal and communication skills • Highly resourceful self- driven and independent • Must have proper training certificates • Willing to work ling hours 6994

August 18 - 24, 2012

Rene Georges Is looking


West Bay Club


Seeking one

To work 6 days per week. Salary $7.00 per hour.

Contact: 649-2410426


Contact: 946-4214


Heavy Duty Mechanic Applicant must have at least six years experience with concrete equipment, hydraulics and heavy equipment. Applicants must be able to prove their own tools. Applicants must be prepared to work late days, evenings, and weekend as the job dictates. Apply to CBMS LTD.

Seaside Laundromat & Variety Store is looking for a

Launderer Salary $200 weekly


Marine Supervisor Applicants must have 15 years of marine experience required for dredging and underwater marine maintenance and repair. Applicant must have excellent management and organizational skills. Applicant must be prepared to work long hours and weekends as required and to be on call for emergencies. Applicant must have a clean police record.

Please reply with certification and references to 941-5660 or Harbour Transport Ltd. 6995

Island Elevators Requires a



Must be willing to work 6 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour

Contact: 331 6920

Contact: 941-8408


Contact 649-343-8371



duties include, waste water treatment management and pool treatment. Person must have at least seven years experiences, self motivated able to work six days per week including public holidays, overtime and extreme pressure at times. Salary $7.00 per hour.



Is seeking a pool and beach server which includes serving food and beverage to the guests on the beach and around the pool. Able to work weekends pay is part on what you sell. Belongers only apply.


Handyman Required experience gardener with painting and masonry skilled required for maintenance position with Arawak Construction & Maintenance must be able to work 5 days per week Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm salary 5.60 per hour must have own transportation.

Please send resume via email to: Closing date August 25.Belongers only need apply 6988

LYNEAL GIBSON Is looking for a

Labourer To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 649-343-2688



QUICK SALE House and ½ land Richmond Hill 1 Bedroom 1 Bath Fully furnished

Call: 231-3788 ICC & Sco

JOB OPPORTUNITY ICC &S co General Manager – Healthcare Facilities Management

ICC&Sco are currently advertising the post for an experienced Corporate Healthcare Facilities General Manager responsible for Interhealth Canada Construction & Services (Hard & Soft Full Facilities Management & Construction Services). Belongers are encouraged to apply. The successful candidate must have a minimum of 10 years Healthcare Construction & Facilities Management experience at Directorate level, PFI / PPI experience or equivalent is also essential for this post, along with a proven track record in Contract Management & Business Development. The post reports to the Interhealth Canada & Construction Services Board & is based at Cheshire Hall Medical Centre Providenciales with frequent travel to Cockburn Town Medical Centre Grand Turk and overseas travel as determined. The post holder must be available to be on call 24hrs as required Post minimum Requirements / Qualifications or equivalent: • Bachelors Degree in Business Studies / Facilities Management or equivalent • Advanced Food Hygiene Certified • BIFM (British Institute of Facilities Management) • NEBOSH / IOSH Certified • Good Knowledge of Accreditation Canada Standards / ROP’s, EFQM or equivalent & Corporate Governance Salary dependant on qualifications and experience.

The closing date is Friday 17th August 2012. Please send CVs to and ensure contact numbers and email addresses are included. 6978



HOLE IN THE WALL Kitchen Helper Domestic Worker Cook


Salary must commensurate with qualifications. Resumes can be faxed to 941-3425 and the Labour Department, Providenciales as soon as possible 7075


Grace Bay Suites Is looking to fill the following positions:

•Cleaner •Maids •Life guard •Masseuse •Beach/pool Attendants •Front desk •manager

• General Labour • Able to work with little or no supervision, be physically fit • Dependable and hard working • Must be self motivated and able to understand, read, write and speak English fluently

Is looking for a

Internal Service Representative Salary $8.00 per hour Painter salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 232-5999


TANYA WILLIAMS Is looking for a


Send inquiries to: Norstar Group Ltd. P.O. Box 532 Suite 2C, Courtyard Plaza, Leeward Highway Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands Telephone: 649-941-3600/3500 or Fax: 649-941-3608



Gardener/ Helper To take care plants to keep yard well maintained must be willing to work 6 days per week 3 weeks vacation accommodation on property salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 232-1473 6953

Cosmetologist To work 6 days per week salary $7.00 per hour.

contact: 247-7951



Labourer Salary $6.00 per hour

To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 344-1854


• Ensure all rooms are properly clean and neat. • Assist in all housekeeping responsibilities and maintaining of the rooms • Possess knowledge of proper cleaning supplies and chemical handling. Salary $5.00 per hour

Part-time & live in position available immediately Please deliver resume with salary expectations to front desk. References will be given to qualified Belongers 6954



To work 6 days per week. Salary $8.00

Contact: 649-345-7512


on behalf of Clients • To work 5 days a week some Sundays and Holidays required if needed Salary $6.00 per hour.

Call: 946-8289

FLOWER GIRL Is looking for a

Store Clerk

• To work 6 days per week • Must be energetic, honest, friendly and outgoing • Must be between the ages of 30-50 • Must submit a resume along with a reference from your last employer

Contact: 231-3788

Island Escapes TCI Ltd. Is seeking to employ a

is looking for a

Is looking for a


Domestic Workers Responsibilities :

Labourer Sales Clerk

• Must be willing to work six days per week and extra hours if needed • Must be honest, reliable and proficient • To perform assigned duties as needed Salary $5.50 per hour

Is looking to fill the following positions:

Is seeking


Worker between the hours of 9:00am-4:00pm

Norwani Services limited

Is looking for a



Contact: Serge at 649-941-3637

Stephen Jennings


Is looking for a


August 18 - 24, 2012


Suitable Person: • Must be willing to work six (6) days per week • Must be honest, reliable and proficient • Work is mostly manual and lifting inventory is a must • Hours are from 8:00am-5:30pm six days per week some extra hours maybe required at times

Applications must be submitted via email: or fax: 649-946-4871 7084

Gardener to work 6 days per week Salary $5.50 per hour.

Contact: 941-4006


Experienced Assistant Manager Is required for the running of programs at the Youth Centre. Must be available to work holidays and weekends. REQUIREMENTS: • University degree or Diploma in psychology, counseling, social work or similar field • At least five (5) years experience working in a related field • Computer literate in Microsoft Office programs • Excellent skills of working with children ASSETS • Administration management or other office experience • Strong written, verbal and communication skills Deadline for applications is 20th August 2012 Belongers only need apply

Email your resume to or contact 331-9602 6995

August 18 - 24, 2012



Brama Kumaris

PERSONAL ASSISTANT Applicant must possess the following: Reliability and must be able to cater at large function. To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour

Contact: 343-8800

Raja Yoga

Enrollment Welcomed at Middle Caicos School

Meditation Centre Turks and Caicos Islands

Telephone 946-4760 & 332-4101

Doris Robinson School has room for primary school students grades K through 6 Email:


RENY JEAN Is looking for a

Caicos Coral Horse Back Riding Requires a

Horse Trainer Instructor to work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 346-8349


THOMAS HANDFIELD Is looking for a

• And tour guide with knowledge in all manner of equestrian disciplines • Must posses a CHA (certified horsemanship association) level 1. • Salary commensurate with experience • Only Belongers need apply

Contact 649-3313939



United Consultant

United Consultant

Acting on behalf of our client Ocean Outback is seeking a

Acting on behalf of our client Ocean Outback is seeking a


With parents leaving Middle Caicos to seek employment there is room in the Primary School at Conch Bar for students to be enrolled. Parents interesting in finding residences for the children can contact Pastor Evon Williams at 245-5266.

VACANCY The TCIAA is accepting applications for the following positions:

Watch Manager Airport Rescue Fire Fighting Service

Purpose of Job


Domestic Worker Divemaster Worker contact: 231-1176


contact: 231-0824


To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour

Must have own transportation and work weekends and holidays. Salary $8.00 per hour.

Must have own transportation and work weekends and holidays salary $8.00 per hour.

contact: 231-0824 7085


Main Accountabilities • Create, deliver and assess Recurrent Training of all fire service officers of equivalent rank as well as subordinate ranks within the fire service. • Carryout and comply with operational administration requirements including producing reports, conduct investigations and facilitate debriefing following an incident/Accident. May be required to attend post-incident enquiries. • Be able to carry out audits as part of an audit team that is capable of withstanding scrutiny of an external organisation/body. Qualifications The following qualifications are desirable. • Holder of a CAA/ICAO Watch Manager’s Certificate or Equivalent. • Training certification indicating the ability to train officers of equivalent rank as well as subordinate ranks within the fire service. • A minimum of eight (8) years experience in an aerodrome or airport fire service, two of which should have been at Watch Manager or equivalent level. • Must be proficient in English language. • Must be computer literate. • Must be able to satisfy all health and security requirements of the TCIAA and ARFFS.


Finishing Touch in Providenciales requires a qualified interior designer. Requires strong understanding of design principles and excellent auto cad skills. Will be able to handle multiple projects. Salary starts from $3600 per month depending on qualifications and must be a fully qualified interior designer with experience in hospitality and residential projects.

This position will require inter island travel. Applications should be submitted to the Human Resources Manager Turks and Caicos Islands Airports Authority Providenciales International Airport

Please send resume to Tanis Wake-Forbes with relevant experience to Interviews will be by appointment only. Position available September 2012. Applications must be submitted by Aug 24th, 2012. Belongers Only need apply.

Train, Manage and Organise the response of ARFFS personnel and appliances to Aircraft Emergencies, Domestic Emergencies and Special services and ensuring the continued operation and integrity of the Aerodrome in compliance with Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) licensing regulations and TCIAA Policies and Procedures.




Sports International

August 18 - 24, 2012


Federer and Djokovic concerned about injured tennis rival Nadal’s future ROGER Federer and Novak Djokovic have expressed their concern for the future of Rafael Nadal after their great tennis rival pulled out of this month’s U.S. Open due to his

ongoing knee problems. The Spaniard withdrew from the season’s final grand slam event on Wednesday, when Federer began his preparations at the Cincinnati

Masters with a 6-3 6-2 win over Russia’s Alex Bogomolov Jr. “I wrote him and he told me it wasn’t looking good at all. I kind of knew,” world No. 1 Federer told reporters after

VACANCY Communications and Navigation Technician

setting up a third-round clash with Australian rising star Bernard Tomic. “But obviously when it’s official it’s disappointing for tennis, there’s no doubt about it. I would love to have him in the draw. In particular 12 days before the Open you figure he might still have time to fix what he has to fix to get ready. “That’s what is sort of scary. There is obviously the whole debate going on if he is going come back for this year. I hope he will. He’s definitely got some more weeks off now because of it. I hope in hindsight this is a very smart decision by him. But it’s obviously a big blow and disappointing news for the tennis world.” Former No. 1 Nadal won a record seventh French Open title in June after his customary busy clay season,

Rafael Nadal (left) and Roger Federer have played each other 28 times over the last nine years

but lost in the second round at Wimbledon and was unable to defend his Olympic singles title at London 2012. “Tennis is going to lose a little bit because of Rafa not being there and playing, because he’s somebody that has made a history of this sport,” said U.S. Open champion Djokovic, who began his Cincinnati campaign with a hard-fought 7-6 (7-4) 6-2 win over Andreas Seppi of Italy, having retained his Toronto Masters title on Sunday.

“We all know how good he is and how popular he is. Obviously it’s that serious that it takes him out from the tour for the last couple of months. I’m sure that if he was able to perform in the U.S .Open he would come.” Nadal and Djokovic had contested four successive grand slam finals, a run that was broken at Wimbledon when Federer beat Andy Murray to join Pete Sampras on seven titles at the grass major and reclaim the top ranking from the Serb. (CNN)

Job Overview:

The individual must be able to install, maintain, repair, modify and ensure the safe operation of ATC communication and navigation systems. This position provides maintenance of equipment service to the Air Traffic Services (ATS) Department through scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and responding to ad hoc situations as they arise. All work must meet current legislation and regulations.

Ugandan gold medal winner gets $80,000 check, hero’s welcome

Applicants must have:

• Minimum 5 years ATS Systems Maintenance • Sound knowledge of Airport Operations • Sound Knowledge of Air Traffic Control Systems; Including integration, installation and maintenance.

Skills & Qualifications:

• BSc. in Electrical Engineering or Certification in Radio & Electronics Engineering or acceptable equivalent from a Professional Accredited technical body. • Processes good RF knowledge and skills. • Excellent IT skills

Requirements of the Job:

• Work independently and as part of a team • Provide comprehensive support to the Engineering & Maintenance Team

Systems Experience:

Must have experience on some or all of the following: • Repairs & maintenance of PAPI and AGL systems • Repairs & maintenance on Navigation Aids preferably Racal MK2 A DVOR and Fernau DME 2020 • Repairs & maintenance on Communications (VCCS, Radio Systems, Antenna Systems, Cabling Systems) • Meteorological sensors and display systems • Computer based systems diagnostics and computer networking • Control & Monitoring Systems • Fiber, Copper and Wireless Networks.

Other Information to note:

The position offered is subject to Security Clearance, which is required in order to obtain an Airport Security Pass. The nature of the job includes traveling to other islands to carry out work.

Applications should be submitted to the Human Resources Manager Turks and Caicos Islands Airports Authority Providenciales International Airport 7095

A UGANDAN marathoner who won the nation’s first Olympics gold medal in 40 years returned home to a hero’s welcome and a check for $80,000. Stephen Kiprotich, 23, was virtually unknown in Uganda before he stunned his Kenyan challengers, who were heavily favored to win the marathon during the London Olympics. His unexpected win sparked excitement in the East African nation that won its last gold medal in the Munich Games in 1972. Throngs flooded the airport to honor Kiprotich, whose win sparked fierce pride as the nation celebrates 50 years of independence. “I need to salute Kiprotich and those people who helped him to train,” said President Yoweri Museveni, who had breakfast with him Wednesday at state house in Entebbe. “This gives us morale boost to organize ourselves better.” Museveni also presented Kiprotich with a check of Ugandan shillings 200 million ($80,000), according to a statement from the president’s office. He ordered the money be deposited on his account before the close of business

Ugandan Olympics marathon gold winner Stephen Kiprotich smiles during a press conference on arrival at Entebbe International Airport on August 15, 2012.

and pledged to build a threebedroom house for his parents in eastern Uganda. “This medal is from God particularly now that Uganda is celebrating 50 years of independence,” the president said. The president also pledged to provide more support to Ugandan athletes and build a high altitude training facility for future runners. Kiprotich moved to Kenya’s high altitude Eldoret region to train because of lack of training facilities in his nation. The Ugandan Olympian

started off the marathon by trailing behind the Kenyan duo that won silver and bronze, but finished with a big lead. After he crossed the finish line, he dropped to his knees and bowed, draped in a Ugandan flag. “I have been dreaming, ‘Can I be like John AkiiBua?’,” Kiprotich said after winning. “ I think today I joined the champions, so I am happy.” The late Akii-Bua won Uganda’s first Olympic gold four decades ago in the 400-meter hurdles. (CNN)

August 18 - 24, 2012

Sports International



Lewis Hamilton says title ‘Devastated’ Muamba retires from soccer within grasp after win LEWIS Hamilton says his victory in the Hungarian Grand Prix proves that he can still win the world title. The McLaren driver is still 47 points behind championship leader Fernando Alonso, who finished fifth, but Hamilton says it shows he has the pace to close the gap. “Game on - it’s a long way to go. This shows it’s all to play for,” he said. “Not enough points taken from Fernando, as he still got 10 points, but if we can continue this performance.” Hungary was the 11th race of the season and there are still nine remaining, starting with the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps on 2 September, following Formula 1’s summer break. Hamilton took his victory, which came from pole position, following race-long pressure from the two Lotus cars of Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean and he said their pace proved McLaren still had to improve their car. (BBC) “We need to improve the car still in many areas, and that, I’m sure, we

Lewis Hamilton is 47 points behind championship leader Fernando Alonso.

will do,” he said. “Lotus are going to win at some stage. That car looks absolutely fantastic to drive; they are doing a great job. “It’s not unexpected - they’ve won world championships in the past, they are a fantastic team. And they’re picking their pace up.(BBC)

DEVASTATED, but grateful to be alive -- soccer player Fabrice Muamba announced his retirement on Wednesday, five months after suffering a cardiac arrest on the playing field. The 24-year-old, who played for English Premier League club Bolton Wanderers, collapsed during an FA Cup match at Tottenham Hotspur in March. Medics battled to resuscitate the midfielder in front of the White Hart Lane crowd and it was later revealed the Zaire-born player’s heart had stopped beating for 78 minutes. Muamba spent one month in a London hospital and had hoped to make a playing return, telling CNN this month that he had been back on the pitch in an informal kickaround, but medical experts have advised him against attempting a comeback. “As part of my ongoing recovery, last week I traveled to Belgium to seek further medical advice from a leading cardiologist,” the former Arsenal trainee, who represented England at under-21 level, said in a

Muamba’s heart had stopped beating in March after suffering cardiac arrest on the playing field.

statement released by Bolton. “But the news I received was obviously not what I had hoped it would be and it means I am now announcing my retirement from professional football. “Football has been my life since I was a teenage boy and it has given me so many opportunities. Above all else, I love the game and count

The previous 24 games that the two countries had play saw Mexico winning 23 and the other playing to a draw.

USA beat home team Mexico for first time in 75 years The extended time could give England a chance to resolve tension with the talented Kevin Pietersen and possibly include him on the squad.

ICC extends deadline for World Twenty20 squads to be submitted THE International Cricket Council has extended the deadline for World Twenty20 squads to be submitted by six days. The 15-man squads originally had to be handed in by Saturday, but the ICC has extended the deadline to the 24 August. That decision potentially gives England more time to resolve tensions with Kevin Pietersen. The 32-year-old recently apologised for “provocative texts” he sent to South African players.

Pietersen, who has 1,176 Twenty20 runs and was player of the tournament when England lifted the trophy in 2010, was not included in the original 30-man party after quitting limited-overs internationals in May. However, he effectively reversed that decision earlier this month, making himself available to play for England in all forms of cricket. The World Twenty20 tournament begins in Sri Lanka on 18 September and runs until 7 October. (BBC)

AFTER 75 long years, the United States’ national football team can finally celebrate a victory across its southern borders. The U.S. had drawn one and lost 23 of 24 previous matches in Mexico, but Michael Orozco Fiscal’s late goal in Wednesday’s friendly international was enough for a landmark success over the newlycrowned Olympic champions. Orozco Fiscal, who plays for Mexican club San Luis, netted from close range in the 80th minute to inflict just the ninth defeat for Mexico in 120 games at the Azteca Stadium. Mexico beat the U.S. 4-2 in last year’s Gold Cup final in Pasadena, after which former Germany international Klinsmann replaced Bob Bradley as coach. “I think it’s huge,” head coach Jurgen Klinsmann told U.S. Soccer’s official website. “It’s huge for all American fans and it’s huge for the team. It’s historic. Elsewhere, Argentina registered a 3-1 win away

to Euro 2012 semifinalists Germany with Lionel Messi scoring after missing a penalty in the Frankfurt contest. The Barcelona forward failed to convert a first-half spot kick after Germany goalkeeper Ron Robert Zieler had been sent off for hauling down Jose Ernesto Sosa. An own-goal from Sami Khedira gave Argentina the lead early in the second half, before Messi and winger Angel Di Maria put Alejandro Sabella’s team 3-0 up. Germany could only offer Benedikt Howedes’ late goal in response. Louis van Gaal began his second spell in charge of the Netherlands national team with a 4-2 defeat in a rematch of the Euro 2012 quarterfinal, England turned the tables on Italy to register a 2-1 win in Switzerland. Fielding a much-changed team weeks after being beaten 4-0 by Spain in the tournament final, Italy took the lead through Daniele de Rossi’s first-half header.

myself very lucky to have been able to play at the highest level. “While the news is devastating, I have much to be thankful for. I thank God that I am alive and I pay tribute once again to the members of the medical team who never gave up on me. “I would also like to thank everyone who has supported me throughout my career, and the Bolton fans who have been incredible. I am blessed to have the support of my family and friends at this time.” (CNN)

Roryt Mcllroy is the new number one ranked golfer in the world.

New No. 1 McIlroy wins PGA Championship by record margin RORY McIlroy stormed to his second major title on Sunday as he won the PGA Championship by eight shots at Kiawah Island in South Carolina and returned to the top of the world golf rankings. The Northern Irishman played 27 holes after coming back to the Ocean Course early to complete his third round, after which he had built a threeshot lead. And, in similar fashion to his eight-shot victory at last year’s U.S. Open, the 23-yearold showed no nerves as he bounced back after struggling in the season’s first three majors. He has won his two majors at a younger age than Tiger Woods did.


Sports Caribbean


August 18 - 24, 2012

English speaking Caribbean has one of its best Olympic showings THE men’s 4x100 metres relay race brought the curtain down on the English-speaking Caribbean’s performance at the London 2012 Olympics, which was a superior performance to the region’s outing at the games four years earlier. By the close of the games, the official tally for the countries of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) stood at 18 with seven gold, four silver and seven bronze – surpassing the 15 taken in Beijing four years ago. Jamaica continues to be the CARICOM pace-setter for at the Olympics. When Usain Bolt blazed across the finish line Saturday to lead the Jamaican men to a new world record of 36.84 seconds in the 4x100 metres relay it was a fitting performance to cap off a 12-medal haul for the Jamaican contingent. Team Jamaica acquired a perfect set of four each of the gold, silver and bronze medals in these games, captured primarily by their outstanding track & field team. While all eyes were on the superstar sprinter, who confirmed his dominance by retaining his Olympic titles from last year and silencing speculation that teammate Yohan Blake could cause one of the games’ biggest upsets; other CARICOM nations were quietly making history on the tracks. Another tall, lanky runner in the form of Kirani James powered home in the 400-metres race to bring his island Grenada its first ever Olympic gold medal. This was enough to place Grenada at the top of the medal standings in a tongue-in-cheek medal table by ABC Grandstand

The Jamaican sprinter objects to a law that sees him taxed on global sponsorship and endorsement earnings as well as any appearance fee when he competes in Britain.

The 4X100M Jamaican relay team broke the world record at this year’s Olympics.

Sports, which ranked countries according to the number of gold medals it achieved per capita and Gross Domestic Product. As a result of its small population and economy, Grenada was able to beat Jamaica into second place in this ranking. The 19-year-old from the Grenadian fishing village of Gouyave not only delivered a gold medal, but a half-day holiday for his people as the Grenadian government declared that the nation could have the afternoon off last Tuesday after James won his race. Also benefitting from a national holiday will be the people of Trinidad and Tobago. Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar declared in an address to the nation on Sunday that Monday would be a national holiday to celebrate the country’s best performance ever at an Olympic games.

Trinidad and Tobago ended this year’s games with a medal tally of one gold and three bronze medals. The gold medal was won in spectacular fashion by another Caribbean 19-year-old, Kershorn Walcott, who did cause one of the biggest upsets of the games. The javelin thrower not only gave the twin island-republic its second ever Olympic gold medal, but he also amazed the world by snatching victory away from his eastern European competitors to be the first person from the western hemisphere to win gold in that event in the past 60 years. Also storming their way into national history was the Bahamian 4x400 metre relay team. Winning their nation’s only medal at the 2012 Olympics, they also brought home The Bahamas’ first gold medal in that event. (Caribbean360)

Bolt will not run in UK again until tax laws change TRIPLE London 2012 Olympic champion Usain Bolt has refused to compete in the United Kingdom (UK) again until the country changes its tax laws. The Jamaican sprinter, who won gold medals in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay at the Games in London, objects to a law that sees him taxed on global sponsorship and endorsement earnings as well as any appearance fee when he competes in Britain. And despite setting a new world record during the Olympics, the 25-year-old, who has been reported to earn around US$20 million (J$1.8 billion) a year, says his UK-based fans won’t see him compete until the tax laws are loosened. “As soon as the law changes, I’ll be here all the time,” Bolt said. “I love being here. I have so many Jamaican fans here and it’s wonderful.” Glyn Bunting, a partner at Deloitte, told a British radio station

that the UK customs and tax department would not only want a slice of Bolt’s winnings in the UK but also his multimillion-dollar sponsorship deal with Puma. “Usain Bolt will be paid a considerable amount of money to wear a particular brand of clothing or a particular type of racing shoe and Her Majesty’s Revenues and Customs (HMRC) wants its share of that income,” Bunting said. NO RACE BEFORE OLYMPICS Bolt had not raced in the UK for three years prior to this year’s Olympics, for which HMRC announced a tax amnesty for competitors. A spokesperson for the HMRC told The Telegraph: “The Government put in place a tax exemption so that nonresident Olympic and Paralympic athletes would not pay UK tax on their income from Olympic and Paralympic appearances.

Bahamas to host inaugural IAAF World Relay Championships SOME of the world’s top athletes will converge in the Bahamas when the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) stages the inaugural IAAF World Relay Championships in the new Thomas A Robinson Track and Field Stadium in May 2014. IAAF president Lamine Diack said the two-day competition will “bring together the world’s best athletes” in a schedule that includes the 4x100 and 4x400-metre races as well as the 4x200, 4x800 and 4x1500 relays. The athletes will be competing for $1.4 million in prize money. Speaking at a press conference following the athletic competitions at the London 2012 Olympics, Diack said the IAAF selected the Bahamas based on the past success of the country’s famous “Golden

Girls” in the women’s relays, as well as the men’s 4 x 400 relay team of Chris ‘Fireman’ Brown, Demetrius Pinder, Michael Mathieu and Ramon ‘Fearless’ Miller, who stormed to victory for the gold medal at the recently concluded Games. While the Bahamas has long been a force to be reckoned with in the relays, countries have also been eager to compete in the Bahamas at the Carifta Games, which is expected to be a prelude to the World Relay Championships when it is held in the new stadium next Easter. President of the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations (BAAA) Michael Sands, who delivered a guaranteed letter of acceptance from the Bahamas Government to the IAAF, said they are looking forward to putting on a show that the world has never seen

because there is no comparison with this being the first relay championships to be held. “Our vision, from the beginning, is what do we do with this new facility and how do we promote the sport of track and field in the Bahamas at the same time and continue to grow the sport of track and field in the Bahamas,” Sands said. “The only way to do that is to ensure the stadium does not become a white elephant and to create some incentive for our athletes. “So being able to secure an event of the IAAF World Series, in this instance the World Relay Championships, the IAAF is fully behind it because it’s their event. We are only hosting it. But we are very, very fortunate that they have selected us as the inaugural host of the initial World Relay Championships. It’s a

Bahamas placed themselves as the relay team to be in the 4X400M when they won gold at the just concluded Olympics in London. (Photo:

prestigious event for us.” Sands, who will be seeking another four-year term in office when the BAAA holds elections in November, said a local steering committee, similar to the ones assembled for the hosting of Carifta and the Central American and Caribbean Championships, will be announced shortly. “But there is a lot of work ahead

of us. Like what they’ve done in Great Britain, when we have Carifta coming up in Easter and the Relay Championships in 2014, we are going to need a whole lot of volunteers to make it happen and all hands on deck because the first one has to be a lasting impression, even though they have committed to giving it to us two years in a row. We have to make a showing of it to make it happen.”

August 18 - 24, 2012

Sports Caribbean



Nigeria orders sports overhaul after Olympic failure

Keshorn Walcott shocked the javelin world when he won Olympic gold.

School named after T&T javelin gold medallist PRIME Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Kamla Persad-Bissessar, this week bestowed an additional gift on Olympic gold medallist Keshorn Walcott by naming the Toco Secondary School after him. Persad-Bissessar made the announcement at a reception for Walcott at the school, now name the Keshorn Walcott Secondary School, on Tuesday morning which energised the very tired crowd that had waited hours to see him. The Prime Minister also assured

the school’s principal, Verona DavisModeste, that the school would be taken care of in terms of the need for resources. “It was here that the talent of Keshorn Walcott, 2012 men’s javelin gold medallist, was unearthed and nurtured; it is moments and accomplishments like these that remind us that amidst our many constraints, amidst our limited resources and amidst the many challenges we face, we can still rise,” said Davis-Modeste to loud applause from the audience. (Trinidad express)

Onions takes nine after England release GRAHAM Onions took a careerbest 9-67 after being released by England to play for Durham against Nottinghamshire. Onions only arrived at Trent Bridge at lunchtime and by then had missed Notts, led by Ben Phillips (339) and Andy Carter (3-40), dismiss Durham for 194. He then took nine wickets to record the best first-class figures this season and also ran out Luke Fletcher as Notts were skittled out for 154. Durham then extended their lead to 67 runs as they closed on 27-0. The visitors had begun the day on 85-4 in their first innings and quickly lost Paul Collingwood (21) to Fletcher (3-57). Wickets continued to tumble as Phillips and Carter particularly impressed and Durham were reduced to 144-9. Mark Wood (34), playing in his first game of the season, then put on 50 with Chris Rushworth (24 not out), but the visitors fell six runs short of a batting bonus point. Play media Onions, who took the place of Mitchell Claydon, then took centre

Graham Onions took a career best of 9-67.

stage beginning with the wicket of Alex Hales, with only Paul Franks (53) offering any real resistance. He missed the chance to become the first player to take all 10 wickets in an innings at Trent Bridge when he ran out Fletcher for the ninth wicket. But the dismissal of Carter in the next over saw him finish with the sixth-best figures ever recorded at Trent Bridge. (BBC)

Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan has ordered an overhaul of the sports sector after the country’s failure to win a medal at the Olympics. Minister of Information Labaran Maku said the president wanted a “total and comprehensive” overhaul to restore Nigerian sports to its “past glory”. Nigeria’s performance at London 2012 was the worst in at least 20 years, analysts say. It fared worse than many other African countries, including Gabon. Mr Jonathan had raised the issue at a cabinet meeting in the capital, Abuja, Mr Maku said. “He believes that what this nation needs at the moment is to take a sober look at what has happened and indeed change the scenario... to return the sporting sector to its past glory,” Mr Maku added. BEATEN BY GABON He said Mr Jonathan wanted to increase investment in sport by looking for private and public funding. He also wanted Nigeria to focus on improving in specific sports in the build-up to Rio 2016.

Nigeria’s performance in London was its worst in decades.

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country with 160 million people and sees itself as a superpower on the continent. It spent more than $13m (£8m) on the London Olympics. Nigeria had hoped its athletes would win several medals long-jumper Blessing Okagbare and taekwondo fighter Chika Chukwumerije were expected to do well. Nigeria won four medals at the

2008 Olympics in Beijing. Its performance at London 2012 was the worst since the 1988 Seoul Games, when it also failed to win a single medal. South Africa won six medals in London, including three golds in swimming and rowing. Gabon, with just 1.5 million people, won its first ever medal when Anthony Obame took silver in taekwondo at the London Games. (BBC)

Mo Farah: ‘No way to describe’ double Olympic gold Britain’s Mo Farah says he cannot describe the emotion of winning his second Olympic gold medal. Farah, who added 5,000m gold to his 10,000m title, said: “There’s no way to describe it. You imagine being Olympic champion once, then it happens twice.” BBC commentator Brendan Foster called Farah’s run “the best I’ve ever witnessed in athletics in Britain”. Foster added: “This stadium is my favourite in the world. Every Saturday night, Mo Farah wins a gold medal.” Farah, 29, saluted the home crowd for their support in his achievement of winning the two longest Olympic track races on successive Saturdays. “The crowd was inspiring. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t think I would have dug in as deep,” he said. “It just got louder and louder, it reminded me of when you go to a football match and somebody scores a goal - wow.” Farah says he will delay a decision on whether to move up to the marathon. “I’ve still got stuff to be achieved,” he said. “I want to do more track and maybe move up to marathon, but not yet. “I’ll speak to my coach and plan it out from now. I’ve got a great team, so I won’t rush into it.” He also credited the training

Mo Farah won gold in the 5,000 and the 10,000 metres.

regime imposed by coach Alberto Salazar in bringing him to his peak in London. “I’ve been working out in the winter over 120 miles a week, week in, week out, so there were days when I got up and I was tired,” said Farah. “But when you have a vision and you have a dream, you dig in more. I’m just excited, these two medals mean a lot to me.” Farah is one of five Britons to win two golds at these Games, equalling the hauls of track cyclists Sir Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny and Laura Trott,and dressage rider Charlotte Dujardin. Farah also believes Britain’s achievements at these Games can “inspire a new generation”. He added: “I’m sure there are youngsters out there who have seen

us and want to become an athlete. “There are a lot of youngsters who we can inspire. As long as we work on that, I’m sure that we can bring them through.” Farah took 5,000m gold on Saturday by holding off Ethiopia’s Dejen Gebremeskel to win in 13 minutes 41.66 seconds, with Kenya’s Thomas Longosiwa claiming bronze. In the process, Farah added his name to the group of illustrious names who have won the 5,000m and 10,000m at the same Games. Hannes Kolehmainen of Finland achieved the feat in 1912, followed by Emil Zatopek of Czechoslovakia in 1952, Vladimir Kuts of the USSR in 1956, Finland’s Lasse Viren in 1972 and 1976, Miruts Yifter of Ethiopia in 1980 and countryman Kenenisa Bekele at Beijing four years ago. (BBC)


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August 18 - 24, 2012

Josh for Sports

The golden basketball coach – Dr. Evans WHAT’S for you in life, nobody can take it away. All that glitters is not gold, but, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bushes. THE BAHAMIAN/TCI CONNECTION STRIKES AGAIN We in the TCI have a lot to be thankful to the Bahamians for. When our forefathers found it difficult etching out a living back in the late 1940s and early 1950s, they migrated between the Bahamas and Florida legally (unlike many of our foreign population) in search of a livelihood. My father Obed Sr. and my mother Beatrice Williams were among them who went to Pine Ridge, Grand Bahama. For 36 years my life was shaped and molded by the Bahamian upbringing and mentality, like tens of thousands of our brothers and sisters. Although the majority of us are ungrateful for this connection, I am extremely thankful for this opportunity that life afforded me to become educated and experienced outside of the TCI. For, we are extremely small minded, limited by colonial mentality experience and don’t even love ourselves. A prophet is not without honour except in his own hometown. GOLD, GOLD, GOLD For the past few days, I’ve been delighted to frequent the Gus

Lightbourne Gym to watch the free basketball clinic given to the young men of the TCI. There must have been at least 50 players each day who tried to soak up the world-class instructions and techniques being doled out to them by a Bahamian coach named Ray Evans. WHO IS RAY EVANS I am most privileged to have had an exclusive interview with Mr. Evans. Shock, what you don’t know is bigger than you. THE DOCTOR EXPOSED The large number of basketball players just do not know by whom they were taught. For this coach is a very unassuming looking shortman with a deceptive smile that can be shut off in a micro-second only to be replaced with a stern, straight face that warns you that he’s a nononsense coach. He’s a stringent disciplinarian, who takes no mess from his players. LIFE’S ENDEAVOURS! When coach Evans sat them down and lectured them on the necessity of acquiring life’s survival skills first and foremost of all (through academics) and that whatever sporting skills they may acquire along the way could supplement their economical power like gravy on rice, that’s when I realised that this coach was by no means an ordinary basketball

By Joshua Gardiner

coach. He captured and captivated their interests and motivated their endeavours to do their best. DOCTOR! Up until now these player do not know that Coach Evans should be respected, revered, honoured and addressed rightfully as Dr. Evans—yes coach holds a PHD in counselling. Yet he does not flaunt this accolade. BIOGRAPHY Dr. Ray Evans is a born Grand Bahamian (40-years-old) who grew up among Turks Islanders in Eight Mile Rock (Hanna Hill and Pine Dale) he attended Eight Mile Rock High School. Incidentally he was coached by one of my past athletes McAurther Rigby. Dr. Evans was encouraged to do the clinic by Coach Kevin Harvey. PROFESSIONAL HISTORY Doc coached basketball in Nassau

for six years between Faith Temple, Teleos and Mt. Carmel. He won the championships for four years. From Nassau he coached high school for three years and won three championships. Of the four years he taught in high school in the USA, he won two championships. Now in Canada for four years he has won two championships. CANADA The high school he’s at in Canada is called “Life’s Christian Academy International”—He is a Christian. This school was founded in September in 1982 by Life Centre Church. WEB OUTREACH Dr. Evans has personal contact with a minimum of 75 different colleges and coaches from Divisions 1&2, plus Junior Colleges. He also has contacts with at least 20 high school coaches. GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! As a result of this clinic, Dr. Evans has already secured scholarships for at least: • Four or five high school players • Three junior college players • Two Division II College/University players These students/ basketball players are preparing themselves to leave within the next few weeks. Additionally another 8-10 players

are potted to go next year if they continue what they have learned. DOC’S ULTIMATE SUCCESS— DWYANE WADE Coach Evans was an assistant coach with the US Junior National team which included Miami Heats’ star player Dwyane Wade. Additionally Coach Evans has coached four players who play professionally in countries including: Belgium, Iran, Austria and South Korea. Furthermore, he has assisted at least 60 players to get into college. OFFER OF MORE GOLD Dr. is prepared to quit Canada and relocate here to establish a Junior National Basketball Programme for three years, after another, he would retire. He’s only asking for the basics: car, apartment, basic salary and communication accessories. GIFT In closing, Doc now heads to Jamaica, T&T, Barbados and Nassau in the next five weeks, before he returns to Canada. He is prepared to start as soon as possible in the TCI, if taken up on the offer. Contact Doc on email:, telephone numbers: TCI 245-7738, Bahamas 242-646-5919 and Canada 613-883-4957.

U-19 rugby players depart this Saturday for Canada THE TCI Rugby Men’s U-19 team will leave the Turks and Caicos this Saturday for Canada where they are expected to play Sevens and 15s rugby matches against local teams in

the Toronto Area. This historic tour, the first of its kind for the junior side, will see the young men also attend Ontario Blues training sessions

and combine with the Bermuda’s U-19s side (who are touring at the same time) in matches against local Canadian sides. The players will also get a chance

to do some sightseeing. Last week we introduced you to some of the players. This week we are highlighting the others.

Eduardo Villanueva: Age: 17 Time playing rugby: seven years What I like best about playing rugby: Running

Jaebets Jean Age: 17 Time playing rugby: two years What I like best about playing rugby: Attacking with the ball

Franco Mompremier Age: 15 Time playing rugby: 10 years What I like best about playing rugby: Big Hits

Preston Burant Age: 15 Time playing rugby: 11 years What I like best about playing rugby: Camaraderie

Lincoln Outten Age: 16 Time playing rugby: 10 years What I like best about playing rugby: Sidestepping

Luis Turbyfield Age: 16 Time playing rugby: 11 years What I like best about playing rugby: Contact

August 18 - 24, 2012



Sports National Last minute goal carries TCI’s U-14 to victory over NY team A DRAMATIC last minute goal by Wilkins Sylvain gave the TCIFA U-14 Centre of Excellence Boys a well earned victory in their opening game against the visiting team MSC Boca from New York (USA). The game lived up to everyone’s expectations as two equally matched teams played some very attractive and competitive football. The opening game (three games were expected to be played between the two teams and a Beach Soccer Tournament will also be held) was a close affair as both sides entertained a supportive crowd, showing off their individual skills and excellent team play. The TCI team, despite playing for the first time in this type of environment, started off confidently and kept possession well, fashioning several chances. MSC Boca were restricted to taking long range shots as the TCI defence and midfield were well organised and pressured their opponents well. The half time score was 0-0 and head coach Oliver Smith may have been slightly concerned that his team did not make more use of the possessions they had. The second half was full of drama as both teams went all out for the win. In their first attack MSC Boca hit the crossbar and continued to apply pressure until they took a 1-0 lead as a long range free kick went over the outstretched hands of the TCI goalkeeper and was forced over the goal line amongst a crowd of players. However, the TCI players proved their mettle by responding well as they took the game to their opponents and started to push the ball forward with more pace and

penetration. The tactical switch of pushing Ras Diamond into a more advanced position had the desired effect as he was able to bring the ball forward and create chances for his team-mates. The equalising goal came with ten minutes left to play. A clever through ball by Sylvain saw Jefty Desvalles strike the ball from the edge of the penalty box which was parried by the MSC Boca goalkeeper. A scramble for the loose ball ensued but it was Desvalles who anticipated

the rebound and was able to force the ball home under pressure from several Boca players. The home team continued to pressure their opponents in pursuit of a winning goal and in the last minute of the game Jeff Beljour cut inside from the right wing and found Sylvain in space. He (Sylvain) raced through the Boca defence and calmly finished off the move with a clinical strike to send the home team players and fans into joyous celebrations. Coach Oliver Smith was very

philosophical after the opening game. “I was quietly confident that our boys would do well, but before the game I told them that the result was not that important, what was more important was that we played attractive football. So I am pleased that we not only kept possession well, but we pressed our opponents and gave them little time on the ball. Obviously there are areas for improvement, but we have made a great start to this series of games”. Technical Director Matthew

Green said he found it difficult to hide his smiles as he watched the game. “I was impressed with the boys on so many levels. The way they keep the ball and work hard for each other is a joy to watch. They love the game and want to impress the crowd and their coach, but not by showing off, but by collectively putting into practice what they have learned. Oliver has done a great job in molding these boys into players that can represent the association and the country well”.

TCI has a lot to be proud of; our U-14 footballers were victorious against a challenging NY team.

Caribbean Amateur Golf Championships:

TCI finish fifth in Higgs and Higgs tournament

THE TURKS and Caicos Islands had some success in the just concluded 56th Caribbean Amateur Golf Championships at the Royal St. Kitts Golf Club, in St. Kitts. The pair of Graham Maylan and Richard Sanmiya finished fifth in the nine-team Higgs and Higgs competition. They defeated the OECS, the Dominican Republic, Barbados and the Cayman Islands in that order. Over the four rounds of play the duo accumulated 305 shots with their second round being the best at 74; on that day only T&T,

who won the competition, and Puerto Rico, who finished second, proved better. TCI only participated in two of the five competitions at the championships which concluded on Sunday. In the other, the Francis and Steele-Perkins Cup, the pair of Terry Erskine and Kent Soukup finished ninth. Puerto Rico took the Arthur Ziadie trophy to finish overall winners while T&T finished second, Jamaica third and the Dominican Republic fourth. TCI placed ninth.

Ras Diamond was able to bring the ball forward and create more chances for his teammates.



August 18 - 24, 2012

August 18 - 24, 2012





August 18 - 24, 2012

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