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No one is denied healthcare, Stubbs-Smith



CFO leaves by weekend


MINISTER for Health and Human Services, Portia Stubbs-Smith, in responding to questions by the Opposition related to persons being denied healthcare in the House of Assembly last Friday (April 26), stressed and repeated that no PAGE one in the Turks and Caicos Islands is denied healthcare. 


Hundreds of thousands spent on repatriation

MINISTER for Border Control and Labour, Ricardo Don-Hue Gardiner, reported to the House of Assembly that some $617,780 has been spent on detention and repatriation of illegal immigrants to the Turks and Caicos Islands since November 2012. PAGE 

Express april 30 - MAY 6, 2013 | Volume 1 | No. 3


Premier talks gun control PREMIER, Dr. Rufus Ewing, last Friday (April 26) in the House of Assembly, extended condolences to the loved ones and friends of 25-year-old Kaziah Burke who was murdered on April 13. PAGE 


Misick says stamp duty was never an incentive for locals to own 7 property PAGE

THE STAMP Duty (Amendment) Bill 2013 was brought to the House by Finance Minister, Washington Misick, who made it clear that the stamp duty provisions were never set to act as an incentive to locals to own property.

Snwazna Adams takes the crown 22


Miss Salt Cay, Snwazna Adams was crowned Miss TCI Universe 2013 after gaining the approval of an esteemed panel of judges in the two-day competition at the Williams Auditorium on April 26 and 27.




April 30 - May 6, 2013

April 30 - May 6, 2013





April 30 - May 6, 2013

No one is denied healthcare, Stubbs-Smith BY VANESSA NARINE

MINISTER for Health and Human Services, Portia Stubbs-Smith, in responding to questions by the Opposition related to persons being denied healthcare in the House of Assembly last Friday (April 26), stressed and repeated that no one in the Turks and Caicos Islands is denied healthcare. A few Opposition members mumbled agreement that the Health Minister may be out of touch with reality, when Opposition Appointed Member, Clarence Selver, voiced the possibility. Speaker of the House, Robert Hall, admonished the other side to move on the business of the people and direct questions not statements of who is or is not out of touch with reality. Selver asked if the Ministry kept a record of persons who are denied care at InterHealth Canada. Stubbs-Smith reported that there is no formal system to record such, but pointed out that the National Health Insurance Programme (NHIP) has a record that forms a monthly report from InterHealth Canada, which is reviewed by the Ministry. Selver pressed on asking if people are unable to access care, what is done. The Health Minister explained that there is a process and persons can make an appeal to NHIP and the Ministry will consult with the Permanent Secretary and the matter is taken from there. Opposition Member, Edwin Astwood, questioned what the policy is, if someone is unable to access care and suffers further or even dies. He said: “We know of a number of people who were denied healthcare.” Stubbs-Smith, in response, stressed that no one is denied healthcare. Leader of the Opposition, Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson,

asked the Minister to explain her statement. Stubbs-Smith stated that the exact process that is used to address problems with accessing healthcare will be detailed and tabled in the House of Assembly for members to peruse.

COVERAGE Selver, turning his attention to health coverage, asked if any changes had been made to the NHIP Ordinance regarding the 90 day period, after which a person’s insurance card becomes invalid for non-payment of contributions if they become unemployed. The Minister noted that the changes have not been made as yet, but the NHIB is working aggressively to have the amendments made. Persons who are unemployed for more than 90 days and are facing challenges with their health insurance coverage are expected to see an improvement in the situation as Cabinet addressed the matter at their meeting earlier in April. Cabinet discussed the proposal to extend coverage to persons unemployed for more than 90 days and to returning unemployed graduates. It agreed to consider the issue at the next Cabinet on the basis of further work by NHIB and the Ministry of Finance on the costs of this extension and options for how these costs could be covered. Selver pressed the issue, coming back to the bottom line that people are being denied healthcare. He asked if an individual presents themselves to access healthcare, will they get service or not if they have been paying into the health insurance scheme, but have been unemployed and the contributions stopped. Stubbs-Smith said she will not answer the question and reiterated that no one is denied healthcare. The Opposition Leader asked the Minister if she could say how

Turks and Caicos



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persons are registered under NHIP and how many of these are working persons. The Minister noted that 21,049 are registered and of that number some 15,639 pay into the scheme. Cartwright-Robinson asked about the numbers of Belongers versus expatriates who are a part of the scheme. Stubbs-Smith said 5,902 are expatriates and 15,147 are not. At a sitting of the House of Assembly on March 14, Premier, Dr. Rufus Ewing, made it clear that these challenges are not insurmountable. Ewing, said: “During the

economic downturn, several persons lost their jobs and stayed in the country. “Many persons left the country, the result being a significant reduction in revenue for the NHIP. “A number of these individuals are on NHIP accounts as owing significant outstanding amounts; this dilemma intensifies itself as the unemployed individual is clearly unable to settle this debt. “The current terms of the NHIP exclude those who amongst us who are most greatly in need and run counter to its intended design, which was to afford coverage and enable

protection of those most vulnerable. “Mr. Speaker, in addition to extending coverage to those persons who are unemployed beyond 90 days my Government has asked the NHIB to consider the implementation of an amnesty period and the removal of the penalty for delinquency in payment to the unemployed based on determined means, as these simply serve as an impediment to coverage and access to care.” The leader of the Opposition, Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, had, prior to that, stressed that the challenge to accessing healthcare is mounting.

Hundreds of thousands spent on repatriation BY VANESSA NARINE MINISTER for Border Control and Labour, Ricardo Don-Hue Gardiner, reported to the House of Assembly that some $617,780 has been spent on detention and repatriation of illegal immigrants to the Turks and Caicos Islands since November 2012. He was responding to a question by the Opposition Appointed Member, Clarence Selver, at the last sitting of Parliament last Friday (April 26). Selver asked about how many vessels were apprehended in local waters since January 1, 2013, how many persons were detained and how many were repatriated and at what cost? Gardiner said from January 1 to April 26, five sloops have been apprehended, 507 illegal immigrants detained and 450 repatriated. The cost of repatriation for the year amounted to $115,786. Government Appointed Member, Ruth Blackman, asked why the others had not been repatriated as yet. According to the Minister, the remaining 57 persons are currently unaccounted for, 54 having escaped the Detention Centre or escaped before being brought to the centre. He added that with the exception of the escapees, all others were processed at the centre. Governor Appointed Member, John Phillips, questioned whether or not any of the boat owners or captains were known or apprehended. Gardiner said the information is available, and asked for some leeway to not to make it public at the time. REPRESENTATION Selver, continuing his line of questioning, asked if the Minister’s visit to Haiti in February and the presence of a Haitian representative in the TCI has made any difference to the steady flow of persons illegally

entering the TCI. The Minister said that his Government has engaged their Haitian counterparts to address the issue. However, he made it clear that one meeting is not enough to tackle a decades old problem. Selver also asked about the Government’s policy regarding persons travelling in unsafe conditions on the sea and what steps if any are being taken by the Haitian government to discourage those vessels leaving their waters. Gardiner noted that as it related to the policy of the Haitian Government, he cannot comment. He said: “No government would subscribe to a policy that would encourage people to risk their lives.” Adding his bit, Premier, Dr. Rufus Ewing, stated that the Minster in charge of the welfare of the Haitian diaspora is expected to visit the TCI soon - another effort at continued dialogue and collaboration to tackle the problem of illegal migration.

ASYLUM Leader of the Opposition, Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, questioned the Minister about the Government’s Asylum Policy and the implications to the individuals who are granted asylum. Gardiner said the persons who were granted asylum would be given work permits. According to him, the TCI has an obligation as it relates to the United Nations’ (UN) principles for dealing with refugees. He pointed out that the TCI committed to accept and consider asylum applications several decades since application of the convention. Gardiner noted that a possible review of the immigration laws could be on the cards, as it will be the right move to have the principles of the UN convention enshrined in law. Four of six illegal Cuban immigrants detained in the TCI were granted asylum earlier in April, the most recent to be involved in asylum proceedings.

Gov’t in court for 13 civil matters ACTING Attorney General, Rhondalee Braithwaite-Knowles, reported that 13 civil matters have been filed against the Government. The Opposition’s Appointed Member, Clarence Selver, posed the question in the last sitting on the House of Assembly, last Friday (April 26). He said: “Will the Honourable Acting Attorney General be pleased to state the number of cases that have been filed against the Government and will the Hon. Attorney General further say in terms of dollars, what is the sum total of the amounts the plaintiffs are seeking?” Braithwaite-Knowles, in her response, was unable to answer the last part of Selver’s question

definitively. She said an estimation of the costs is on-going and a final report will be tabled in the House of Assembly when completed. Opposition Leader, Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, asked for a timeline of the cases filed. However, the Acting AG was unable to provide that information. She explained that some of the 13 cases were filed in 2013, but she did not have the exact number. The interim administration left office after the people returned an elected government to power on November 9, 2013; and indications are that the 13 cases span both administrations. (VANESSA NARINE)

April 30 - May 6, 2013



CFO leaves by weekend BY VANESSA NARINE

CHIEF Financial Officer, Hugh McGarel-Groves, will be out of the Turks and Caicos Islands at the end of the week, May 4. The Department for International Development (DFID) has confirmed the end of his contract. During his time in the TCI, McGarel-Groves has been working with Deputy CFO, Stephen Turnbull, who was nominated by the DFID to function for an interim period, until the end of August. Turnbull, in March, travelled to the TCI to begin the handover and to assist the Ministry of Finance with its budget and fiscal planning. DFID is in the process of recruiting a permanent CFO to take over from Mr. Turnbull in due course. Turnbull is a qualified accountant with more than 20 years of experience, of which over five years have been in Overseas Territories, including two as a Public Finance Adviser in TCI.  Premier, Dr. Rufus Ewing, in reacting to the news when it broke, said: “I am indeed encouraged by

the official press release by Mr. Neil Smith stating that the Chief Financial Officer Mr. Hugh McGarel-Groves will no longer be the Chief Financial Officer of the TCI as of May 4. “Mr. Smith made a specific effort to indicate that the CFO's departure was due to the expiration of his contract on May 4 of this year, a date that was supposedly previously determined and supposedly unrelated to the requests made from the Turks and Caicos Islands Premier for his withdrawal. “If this statement is indeed factual, then the CFO would have been departing our shores some four and a half weeks following the previously intended April 1 launch of the Value Added Tax programme with whose development he was integrally involved. “His absence would have removed the oversight that would have been required from his office during the first phase of the implementation of an undertaking as significant as this project was. “This would have indeed demonstrated a significant level of irresponsibility on the part of those

Premier talks gun control PREMIER, Dr. Rufus Ewing, last Friday (April 26) in the House of Assembly, extended condolences to the loved ones and friends of 25-year-old Kaziah Burke who was murdered on April 13. In maintaining that the Turks and Caicos Islands cannot “allow or tolerate” growing violence in the Turks and Caicos Islands, he broached the topic of gun control. Ewing made it clear that guns are not necessary in local communities. He alluded to the amnesty programme announced by the Police Commissioner, Colin Farquhar, last week. Under the amnesty programme residents who hold an unlicensed firearm, have the opportunity to surrender the weapons to any police station, church or pastor no questions asked.

Farquhar assured that: “Any person who voluntarily surrenders or disposes a location of any firearm, explosion or ammunition during this amnesty period will not be charged with any offences related to illegal possession, custody or control of that firearm, explosive or ammunition. “The guns will have ballistic testing done to remain on files but they will be destroyed.” The Premier stressed the need to get illegal guns off the streets of the TCI. He added that a halt on the issuance of licences of certain types of weapons, including rifles, is being looked at. According to him, the current administration is also looking at bringing in firearm legislation to ensure that persons act responsibly. (VANESSA NARINE)

whose offices were responsible for crafting this project as well as its implementation plan and further justifies the position taken by the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands to stand together against VAT.” Ewing noted that his Government will welcome the opportunity to engage in productive and mutually beneficial dialogue with the current CFO’s successor, to the better interest of the country’s people and nation on the whole. He said: “I will however make it clear that my Government will continue to ensure that the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands will continue to be heard and will continue to be the primary stakeholders in any major decisions on a national level, as we are the ones who are left to bear all burdens at the end of the day.” Leader of the Opposition, Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, stated that given the shortcomings

CFO Hugh McGarel-Groves

of the CFO in the execution of his duties, she was sure the ending of his contract had nothing to do with the Premier’s appeal for his recall. She said: “It was expected given how the implementation of VAT (Value Added Tax) was handled. “The Appropriations Committee meeting was especially damning on the part of his performance.”

According to her, VAT was not the only issue where his performance was questionable and pointed to National Insurance and dealings with the statutory boards, among others. McGarel-Groves is not a civil servant of the UK, but a contract worker and has been the CFO since August 2011, when he replaced former CFO, Caroline Gardiner.

No plans to pursue full membership of CARICOM, Ewing BY VANESSA NARINE OPPOSITION Appointed Member, Clarence Selver, last Friday (April 26) questioned whether or not the Turks and Caicos Islands will be moving towards full membership of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). Premier, Dr. Rufus Ewing, in responding to the parliamentary question, explained that the TCI will not be moving in that direction at this time. However, he made it clear that his Government will pursue greater participation in activities, as well as take on a greater leadership role with the body. Selver questioned how greater participation and leadership would be possible with the TCI being only an associate member. Ewing pointed out that there are many opportunities for associate members to sit on committees or chair bodies without going to full membership. He added that the TCI’s increased participation with CARICOM will allow a better understanding of the

requirements of full membership. The Premier stressed, however, that the people of the Islands will have to be made aware of the pros and cons of going toward full membership, before proceeding forward. At the 24th Inter-Sessional meeting of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) held in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on February 18 and 19, Ewing noted the TCI had not been as public in its support of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), but was looking to shift that paradigm. At the CARICOM Heads of Government meeting, Ewing said: “We may not have been as bold as we could have been in championing the ideals of the community. “We may have failed to look within the region for the assistance in strengthening our institutions and building our democracy. “The Turks and Caicos Islands have a vested interest in CARICOM, not least because we have living and working among us, citizens from perhaps every member and associate member of

the community. “Your Excellency, please know that the Government of the Turks and Caicos Islands is committed to this region as we strive to build our small nation. “I want to make clear that that commitment is not at the expense of our willingness to continue to work with the United Kingdom government. “The government of the United Kingdom must by now realise that the Turks and Caicos is not prepared to go along, with all that they propose just to get along. “The partnership only works, if, notwithstanding our status as Overseas Territories, Her Majesty’s Government recognises that we also carry the mandate of a constituency, whose interest we have a duty to represent.” The TCI’s status as an associate member of CARICOM was suspended in 2009, following the suspension of the 2009 Constitution. With the return to democracy and the bringing into force of the 2011 Constitution, the country was able to return to CARICOM.



April 30 - May 6, 2013

Premier says independence comments were sensationalised BY VANESSA NARINE THE INDEPENDENCE question came up the second time in a matter of months at the 14th annual Caribbean Tourism Organisation

organised Sustainable Tourism Conference (STC-14), which opened on April 15 in Trinidad and Tobago. At a regional level, independence in the Islands first came up at the 24th Inter-Sessional meeting of the

Governor agrees with Misick on moving to self reliance FINANCE Minister, Washington Misick, last week told the Weekly News that the Turks and Caicos Islands is working to reduce its reliance on the UK. His comments came after being asked about the local impact of the move by Fitch Ratings in downgrading the United Kingdom's long-term foreign and local currency Issuer Default Ratings (IDR) to 'AA+' from 'AAA'. The downgraded credit score translates to an impact to the Turks and Caicos Islands, since it essentially means that the UK government’s loan guarantee to the country is affected. The loan of $170m, at 3.20 per cent, is due to be repaid 2016. However, Misick pointed out that guaranteeing the loan is the extent of the support the UK currently provides to the TCI. At a press conference on Monday, Governor Ric Todd

said: “I think what the Finance Minister explained, more eloquently and clearly than I can, was the situation, which is as you know, TCI has a loan which is guaranteed by the UK, which means that the TCI can borrow at a much lower rate. “In 2016 that loan guarantee expires and from that time TCI will be expected to raise the money it needs on international markets without a UK guarantee. “What Mr. Misick has also explained is that the Premier has now sent to the FSPS… a medium term into long term plan on how the TCI will raise money, spend money, how it will pay down its debt and how it will then be able to borrow in 2016 without a UK government guarantee.” The Finance Minister contended that to date the TCI has done a good job of moving toward greater self-reliance.

Caribbean Community (CARICOM) held in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on February 18 and 19. Premier, Dr. Rufus Ewing, when asked to clarify whether or not he was pushing the independence agenda, made it clear that his comments were sensationalised. He told the Weekly News that during his visit to the twin islands, Caribbean media asked about his position on independence for the Turks and Caicos Islands. “The only thing they had to ask me was about independence,” Ewing said. The Premier told the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) that “independence remains a major issue” three years after Britain suspended the island’s constitution and set up a one-man commission to probe the government of former Premier Michael Misick. During that interview, he said: “I think any right thinking country should have independence as its destination. The time period however is the question. “The need for independence must be the goal and so everything you do should be to prepare your people and country for that giant step. “There will be a number of factors that will come into play as to whether or not that time should be fast tracked or continue along the pace that you would desire to have or would like to have and that would depend on the on-going relationship with the United Kingdom government and the people in the territory.”

Missick questioned over possible curriculum changes EDUCATION Minister, Akierra Missick, in Parliament last Friday (April 26) was questioned on what faults she had discovered with CXC and why the urgency to change the curriculum. The question was moved by Opposition back bencher, Clarence Selver. The Minister said she was not prepared to answer the question, pointing out that the question is asking for her opinion. She said: “I have my opinion, it is not my Ministry’s opinion, but I am entitled to personal opinion.” Selver pressed noting that he was not asking her to express her opinions, but to either say whether or not there were faults with the CXC curriculum, hence the move to address a possible change. To that, Missick stressed that the upcoming National Education Consultation will discover faults, if any, which is the reason for a consultation.

Education Minister Akierra Missick

She said no other assessment of the curriculum and its suitability for the Turks and Caicos Islands has been done. Missick made it clear that the consultation will address different concerns, which include curriculum, school infrastructure, training and retention of staff, the use of

technology, special education, safety and security, and access and inclusion to educational institution. She said: “Every opportunity will be taken to ensure the best for our children and the consultation based on this.” According to her the local education sector is poised to move forward, an effort that will provide youths in the country with access to an opportunity to set a goal, achieve that goal and move on in life. “I will fight for the change we need,” she stressed. Stakeholders in education sector and in the community are being asked to participate in the Ministry’s National Consultation on Education, which will be held in Providenciales, North and Middle Caicos, Grand Turk, and South Caicos during the month of May. The consultations will be in Providenciales on May 6, North and Middle Caicos on May 7, Grand Turk on May 13 and South Caicos on May 14. (VANESSA NARINE)

Premier Dr. Rufus Ewing

Ewing added that the government “of the day” would also have a role to play and should be “allowed to do what is right by the people, for the people to improve their standard of living and to prepare us for our plans for moving towards that step of independence.” He said: “If it doesn’t happen, all it does is to make the people even more convinced that independence is our only way out.” The Premier also told CMC that over the past three years, more citizens have become convinced “that independence is the way to go, more than ever before in the past because of the relationship we have had [with Britain] over the past three years.” He said: “The stability is just about there. We have elected a government that we have confidence in from a stand point of investors…if anything happens then we can keep on going back to by-elections and by-elections and so it may not give the people the level of security they would want.” Ewing also told CMC that he was still “awaiting” a response to suggestions that Britain was trying to re-colonise its territories in the Caribbean including the Cayman Islands. “Well, I am sure everybody has a reason for doing things and I am still awaiting the answer to the question,” he said, adding “if I were a conspiracy theorist that would be my theory” as to whether London was using finances to the territories to “keep them in check”.

POSITION UNCHANGED The Premier made it clear that his position on independence in the TCI had not changed, adding that while his administration is working to put the country on the path to selfdetermination, its realisation will be decided by the people of the Islands. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s (FCO) Secretary of State, William Hague, in a letter on March 12 addressed the issue of independence, a response of sorts to comments made by Ewing at February’s CARICOM meeting. Hague said: “If the people of the TCI express a wish for independence through a clear and proper process, the UK government will meet its obligations to help the territory to achieve it.” In a March 20 letter, Premier, Dr. Rufus Ewing, responded to the Secretary of State. He said: “In regard to our position of independence, it is without a doubt that independence is indeed our destiny. “It may or may not come under my leadership, but whenever it comes, it will be by an act of the determined will of Turks and Caicos Islanders. “When the timing is appropriate the question on independence will be asked through a referendum and I am confident that the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands will be given the same opportunity as those in the Falkland Islands to answer the question as to whether it is their wish remain a UK dependent territory.” On March 15, Ewing told the House of Assembly that Turks and Caicos Islanders are more than ever in favour of independence. He said: “Mr. Speaker, I am convinced that, now more than ever, Turks and Caicos Islanders are more in favour of independence, mainly because of the breakdown in the relationship or so called partnership between TCI and the UK and their appointed officials and their confidence that we, through elected Government, can more loyally and justly serve the better interests of our country and people.” Prior to this, the Premier had gone on record to acknowledge that the TCI is not ready for independence.

House Speaker offers reward for garbage dumpers IN AN act of clear frustration, Speaker of the House, Robert Hall, last Friday (April 26) offered a $200 reward for the identification of persons who have been dumping garbage in inappropriate places. “This is just low down, good for nothingness,” the Speaker

said, “I hope persons will feel some sense of shame and desist from such actions.” Communities, up to last week, hosted massive clean-up campaigns across the Turks and Caicos Islands to mark Earth Day and stress the importance of keeping the country ‘beautiful by nature’.

April 30 - May 6, 2013



Misick says stamp duty was never an incentive for locals to own property – New amendments debated BY VANESSA NARINE THE STAMP Duty (Amendment) Bill 2013 was brought to the House by Finance Minister, Washington Misick, who made it clear that the stamp duty provisions were never set to act as an incentive to locals to own property. Misick moved that the bill be read a second time last Friday (April 26), a motion seconded by Premier, Dr. Rufus Ewing. The bill seeks to amend the Stamp Duty Ordinance to discontinue the payment of stamp duty in installments and the 10 per cent discount offered to persons who paid stamp duty in full upon presentation of the instrument for stamping. The option to pay stamp duty in installments and the 10 per cent discount offered to persons who paid stamp duty in full were changes introduced by an amendment to the Ordinance in 2010. The Opposition’s Appointed Member, Clarence Selver, raised the question of the impact on locals, who would have benefited from the opportunity to stagger payments

of stamp duty, rather than the full payment at one time. According to him, the former administration saw this challenge and put in place the legislation to allow locals to meet their obligations. He said: “If in 2010 the former government saw the need to provide this kind of relief, in 2013 the condition has not improved for the bulk of locals…if you move around the communities, the cries are demeaning and any amount of relief that we could provide for our people at this time, it is our duty to do so. “I would like for us to ensure that we are not making it more difficult for our people…yes wealthy investors can benefit, understandable if this is your target, as if an investor cannot pay their stamp duty you question viability of project…when it comes to locals, you question the rationale here.” Misick stressed that the 2010 amendment was not an incentive and neither are the 2013 amendments. He explained that the people who need the Government’s help are working with the bank. The Finance Minister said “This

Police offer reward for info on Burke murder THE TURKS and Caicos Islands Police Force, last Friday (April 26), offered a reward for any information that will lead to the arrest and charging of the person(s) responsible for the fatal shooting of 25-year-old Kaziah Burke. Kaziah Burke was shot multiple times on Saturday, April 13, near the New Era gas station on Airport Road in Providenciales. He was pronounced dead at 9.07pm that night at the Cheshire Medical Centre, where he was rushed by emergency services responders. The last word on the on-going homicide investigation was that four persons are still under a detention order: two for seven days, one for five and the other for three. Police Commissioner, Colin Farquhar, noted that the investigation was “going on very well” when asked earlier last week. The police are asking members of the public with information to

Finance Minister Washington Misick

was never an intention to facilitate property ownership by Belongers.” According to him the reason

for the 2013 amendments were to have a taxation platform that was sustainable and in a robust real estate market government can expect a flow of revenue every year. Misick said: “We need practical measures if we are to demonstrate to the UK that we are serious about generating the levels of revenue to support ourselves….it is an important measure.” According to the Finance Minister the amendments are necessary as they form an important part of revenue. He pointed out that the amendments are an alternative to Value Added Tax (VAT), which the House voted unanimously to repeal. “The money has to come from

somewhere,” Misick said. The Finance Minister pointed out that the amendment will improve cash flow and get rid of the administrative burden of piecemeal collection, as well as ensure painless collection of revenue to meet spending objectives. Leader of the Opposition, Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, questioned whether there were consultations with the real estate industry to assess impact of this change. Missick said the Real Estate Association was supplied with information, as well as the Chamber of Commerce, and both are fully on board. The bill was sent to the committee at the end of last Friday’s debate.

Acting AG declines to answer questions about Munroe OPPOSITION Appointed Member, Clarence Selver, was asked by the Acting Attorney General (AG), Rhondalee Braithwaite-Knowles, to withdraw a question he asked, last Friday (April 26), in the House of Assembly about a response from her office to Trevor Munroe. The executive director of National Integrity Action (NIA), Professor Trevor Munroe, in a letter dated January 24 called attention to what he described as inequality as it relates to the laws governing the rich and the poor. The letter followed the announcement by the Special Investigations and Prosecution Team (SIPT) on its $12m settlement with Sandals Resorts International, owned by Jamaican national, Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart. Selver, in his question, said: “

Dr Trevor Munroe of ‘transparency international’ had written earlier seeking clarity on the administration of justice in the TCI that is apparently based on one’s ability to pay money to avoid prosecution. “(a) Will the Hon. Acting Attorney General say if Dr. Munroe’s letter has been responded to privately or publically seeing his concern was raised in the public domain? “(b) And on what basis are persons who ought to be prosecuted assessed and qualify for the privilege of paying cash, in return for a closed and sealed file regarding future prosecution and maintain a clean criminal record?” Braithwaite-Knowles cited a contravention of the standing orders of the House of Assembly, explaining that questions asked in Parliament

cannot contain imputations; in this case that justice is for sale. “I would request that the Member withdraw the question,” she said. The Speaker, Robert Hall, asked if Selver would withdraw the question and said: “I hope you noted the standing orders raised and are mindful of them.” The Opposition Appointed Member declined to withdraw the question, but requested that the Acting AG answer the first part of the question. The Speaker left the decision to respond up to the Acting AG, who did not answer the question at all. The last word the Weekly News had on the matter from BraithwaiteKnowles, earlier in April, was that a response had not been sent yet, but a letter was being drafted. (VANESSA NARINE)

Amanda Missick takes oath of allegiance Kaziah Burke was shot multiple times on Saturday, April 13

call Crime Stoppers anonymously on 1-800-8477. Tips can also be submitted anonymously in English, French or Spanish on either www. or on Facebook as a fan of Crime Stoppers Turks & Caicos. Crime Stoppers tips are received in the USA.

IN THE first sitting of the House of Assembly since she was declared the winner of the March 22 by-election, Amanda Missick took her oath of allegiance last Friday (April 26). Speaker of the House, Robert Hall, admonished Members of Parliament to move on with the business of the people. He noted that there are hungry mouths to feed, jobs to be created and much other work to be done. “Collectively we have to do something about this,” Hall said. According to him, utterances dominated by ‘me’ and ‘I’ must be replaced with ‘we’ and ‘us’. Hall said: “Every day I see the challenges that are there and the dangers that members of this House face…there are those who are about to bring you down.” The Speaker called for Members to seek to do good for the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Minister of Environment, Home Affairs and Agriculture, Amanda Missick


April 30 - May 6, 2013


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Taboo topics Dear Editor, No jobs, high un-employment, failed succession plans, questionable development agreements, imminent taxes, NHIP hospital denial, NIB social assistance; are all taboo or dark-side words when it comes to everyday living (or survival) here in the Turks and Caicos Islands. But taboo words or not, the unemployment state in this country

is affecting every single facet of living, wellbeing and economy alike. But miracles are on the way now that there is an elected government, we are expecting to get help with this unemployment state we are currently in, but getting such help from the government operatives comes with conditions and with prices. Or should I say, if the price is right, such as a lunch invite or a see

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you at the ‘place’ later for pay out? TCIG Labour and Immigration Departments, through elected representatives (MPs) as desired by the electorate, the time has now come when measurable efforts must be placed to guarantee eligible TCIs are working! How do they do this is the topic now being discussed, and hopefully will draw the attention of appropriate stakeholders who will understand the plight and join in the effort of just cause! I now ask the question, do they really want to provide gainful employment and equal opportunity for the potential TCI workers or is this just a classic exercise of bait and switch, show of deceit and overtly control of the system? Do we really think that the Labour Department wants to address the unemployment problem? And if we sincerely do, do we really believe that the Labour Department can fix the problem? For whatever it is worth I invite the general public in a concerted write-in effort to share their views to assist in solving this now national crisis! I honestly believe that the Labour Department really wants to provide equal opportunity, but in all reality, it appears (and some may say it is true) to have such baggage.

The good old days RECENTLY we saw an old movie about US president Franklin Roosevelt who was stricken with polio. His upper body recovered, but not his legs. Nevertheless he went on to become president, elected for four terms. As a child my family was concerned about polio and we were warned to stay away from ponds and places where it was thought the disease might be lurking. Then in the early1960s the Sabin vaccine became readily available and we stood in line to get our dose. It was a wonderful day. As life moved on we have seen and experienced cancer cures and

By David Tapfer control of hypertension. My boyhood friends and TCI friends have the technology to control their diabetes. We now have jet planes, computers and cell phones to make life easier. Sometimes I wonder how we got along without them.


Then I think of what we have lost; quiet times and the charm of distance. That screaming 100 plus horsepower outboard speeds you along, but does it make life better than the noiseless, but slow sail boat journey? The answer it seems lies for some in the tremendous quantity of sailboats we now see in the marinas of my hometown on the great lakes of the United States. The automobiles of bygone days were not up to the standards of today. Electronic injectors and computers have replaced carburettors and contact points. Tune ups are rare. However, points and plugs were cheap and easy to change and you could do it yourself. Easy to change clutch discs were

They are so hamstrung with owing repayment of favours that it is almost impossible to systemically implement, monitor and/or enforce for fear of being exposed. Without drawing unwarranted attention or using the big ‘C’ corruption word, we must question the department effectiveness, or should we say clout? So we begin with a recent event that was the brain partner-project of the Labour Department, and what do we get? Shock, disappointment and disbelief not just from the Labour Department, but from all other stakeholders to some degree as demonstrated. Before demonstrating this lapse everybody must first give props to a recent event the Employment Service Department (Labour) and the TCI Hotel and Tourism Association (attending agents) for hosting the employment drive on April 16 at the Gustarvus Sports Centre. And just think about it, day in and day out, these very thousands of job seekers, are in and out the properties of the very organisations (participants with tables in the employment drive) looking for work and are told no work. What will now make them think that at the call of an employment drive announced an hour before the event will get them hired? TCI people cannot be all that stupid, or is it that the attending agents think that TCI are that naïve?

So what were the results of such an event? Total failure and real disappointment would be a kind way of describing results. To add insult to injury the event itself was so poorly attended not even sufficient attendance to be counted on two hands and two feet, and all students. It was not worth the effort so that the potential employers could repeat no, again! And the very sad part about this national spectacle is just that, it is merely a spectacle. And the players are fully aware of it, including our very own Labour Department! Are we just lacking the foresight or is it just the Labour Department does not know what to do, or simply does not want to do the right thing? I think not but who is there to say? Recent events may cause one to think differently as depicted here. I now draw an illustration for case and point to show cause. How is it that a person (expat) from one organisation can be trained and eventually promoted, but when in the same instance, a TCI indigenous (note, I did not say Belongers, because therein too, lies overt selection – locals vs. papers) comes from another organisation with the required equivalent experience in years and function, hiring/selection is denied for lack of experience? This situation is very troublesome, and does need real humane addressing. Yours,

replaced by complicated computer controlled automatic transmissions. The last vehicle we had here in the TCI was a stick shift and I loved driving that simpler machine. It brought back my youth. As refrigerators have replaced ice boxes, large flat screen colour TVs have replaced radio and black and white tube sets. There is still nothing more enjoyable than a sing along with someone playing the guitar and/or piano. As a youth, boat rides and car trips were the mainstays. Now it is gun fights and intoxicating parties. Maybe the good old days were a better time. Life has been cheapened and the thrill of simple things and long trips has been lost. Abortion, gay rights and drugs have replaced marriage, valued children and a cold one. Now the question, have we progressed or regressed? Life in the big democracies is life in the fast lane. The fast lane folks have poured into little TCI to slow down and

enjoy the clean environment. It was the last administration who tried to import the fast lane which was unaffordable and obviously undesirable. Ask any tourist. The fact is we now have to dig our way out and with the same leftover tools from those ill-advised years. The symptoms of the fight to resist the slowdown are youth gangs, guns and left over government members getting in trouble. We who have raised children know full well that guns and drugs and booze parties do not make good citizens. If we want to move back to the simpler purer values our church teaches we must throw off the legacy of the fast lane mentality and an entire political party who pushed drugs and booze and the jet set mentality. More importantly, the sooner, the better.

Edward Smith, Providenciales

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April 30 - May 6, 2013






A series that seeks to engage the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands on issues and act as a medium through which they can hear from prominent personalities on current concerns, including on politics, development and the environment, among others. Send comments to

Screams for more than justice BY VANESSA NARINE MY COLUMNS in this series have always brought my readers ‘Face to Face’ with different personalities and ideas, coupled with my thoughts pertinent to those national interests. This week, staying on a major national interest issue, I pen sentiments that are a touch on the personal side. After years of being a journalist, I have covered everything from babies born on Christmas day and people with disabilities overcoming the overwhelming challenges – stories of hope – to the misery of families struggling in poverty and gruesome accidents complete with all the blood and gore – stories of despair. On Saturday (April 27), however, I covered my first funeral and shed tears for a young man, 25-year-old Kaziah Burke, whom I did not know. I shed tears for the heartbreak that rocked his loved ones to the core. But more than that, I think my tears came with the recognition of a most disheartening pattern – the fact that people become aware of the things that truly matter when tragedy strikes, but forget this awareness with time and return to their routines. People die and those around them despair for a time and move on, as

rightly they should. However, when the death of a young father is as senseless as his was, there is a demand for more than is currently being done by all the well-meaning people involved. Such needless loss of life screams for justice and, more importantly, for change. CHANGE There is a demand for tangible change that would have not made his death in vain. There is a possibility that justice may not be served, but if it is, the other side of the coin – a saddening reality – is that change may not follow and this, I think, justifies tears, as without change there is likely to be more senseless loss of life. I’ll play devil’s advocate and say that people die every day and while the loss of life is saddening it is not something to become overly despondent over. But in a community that is as small as that of the Turks and Caicos Islands, with less than 40,000 people, such despondence comes with knowing that such needless loss of life most definitely need not be the case. The gruesome nature of this incident needs to be addressed in a

Decision on dolphinarium depends on judicial review, Amanda Missick MINISTER of Environment, Home Affairs and Agriculture, Amanda Missick, told the House of Assembly last Friday (April 26) that the decision on the proposed dolphinarium by Dolphin Cove’s developers, will be dependent on the outcome of the judicial review. She noted that the Planning Board deferred the application contingent on the judicial review, among other factors. The judicial review of the amendments to regulation 18 of the Fisheries Protection Ordinance was heard before Justice Margaret Ramsay-Hale on April 17, who, in late January, ruled in favour of the application. And she decided that the matter will be heard on July 24 and 25 at the Providenciales Supreme Court. Peter McKnight filed the

application on behalf of the Providenciales Chamber of Commerce, TCSPCA, Pride Ltd, Turks and Caicos Reef Fund. The application seeks to quash Governor Ric Todd’s decision on October 24, 2012, to amend regulation 18 of the Fisheries Protection Ordinance. The amendment allows the importation of marine mammals into the Islands by a person who holds a permit, certificate or other document authorising importation and keeping of marine mammal for the purposes of display, exhibition or performance. Ronan Cosgrove from the Attorney General’s Chambers represented the defendant, Governor Ric Todd. The issue of marine mammal captivity has drawn widespread criticism from animal protection agencies. (VANESSA NARINE)

comprehensive manner that goes further than policy decisions, but rather extends to resonating with persons at the grassroots. Change that is far reaching does not come as a matter of inevitability, nor is it automatic, and it will not come even after justice is done without effort. Advancing change is a struggle and one that, more often than not, is built on loss and fuelled by unwavering commitment and effort and passion that comes from knowing loss and recognising that there is much more at stake – the future of generations to inherit the society we leave behind. Reinhold Niebuhr had a simple prayer that has been repeated by many since he said it: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change and the courage to change the things I can…” The application of these words for the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands translates to accepting that a young man has died and while his son will grow up without a father and his loved ones will miss him, there is something that can be done. Change must happen because further generations of these Islands depend on it. A countless number of influential people have championed the cause of change for centuries; everyone from Barrack Obama, who said: “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for.

Twenty-five-year-old Kaziah Burke was shot and killed on April 13

We are the change that we seek,” to Mahatma Gandhi, who said: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” PERSONAL RESONANCE The situation as it stands in these Islands, according to many, whose families have been here for generations, some as recent as a decade ago, is much different from what it used to be. There must be some personal resonance for the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands, because the situation will not change until people challenge themselves to change, an uneasy task I’ll accept, but one that must be undertaken. Parents have to challenge themselves with their children, friends need to challenge each other and the list goes on. The bit of good news is that switching up the dynamics of the current situation starts with the commitment of just ‘a few good men’. The death of one person does not stop the Earth from revolving and the current situation has the potential to worsen, if not addressed, increasing the urgency for action.

The will to advance change does not lie with the politicians who sit in the House of Assembly, but with the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands, whose mandate they carry. Kaziah Burke was shot multiple times on Saturday, April 13, near the New Era gas station on Airport Road in Providenciales. Emergency services responded and found the 25-year-old Long Bay Hills resident lying on the ground. Burke was rushed to Cheshire Medical Centre where medical staff continued their efforts to resuscitate him, but were unsuccessful. He was pronounced dead at 9.07pm that night. Police last Friday (April 26) offered a reward for any information that will lead to the arrest and charging of the person(s) responsible for the fatal shooting. At the ceremony that commemorated the life of Kaziah Burke, I was reminded of a quote from Martin Luther King Jr., who said: “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” Screams for justice and, by extension change, must not go unheard.

Provo’s Young Democrats speak out on youth violence THE PROVIDENCIALES Young Democrats, a chapter of the youth arm of the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), has issued a call for an end to youth violence following the recent murder of Kaziah Burke. In extending condolences to the family and friends of the murdered man, the young democrats also called for a national conversation on values to address youth violence. One member said: “We must begin to mobilise as a community to end violence. We applaud the TESS movement that is spreading since this unfortunate incident and

we pledge our support 100 per cent.” The Young Democrats group noted that one life is one too many to be blighted by violent crime in the TCI society and that justice must be served. The group, in a statement, said: “We can all play a part in ensuring that [crime is combatted] by divulging any leads or information you may have about this or other crimes to the Royal Turks and Caicos Police Force or anonymously through Crime Stoppers. “Moving forward, we pledge our commitment to engage in

partnerships and projects geared toward creating and implementing strategies to combat youth crime and violence.” Burke was rushed to the Cheshire Medical Centre last April 13 following a shooting incident on Airport Road in Providenciales. He later succumbed to his injuries after attempts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful. Police are still investigating the incident and a number of arrests have since been made in relation to the shooting. They have, however, refused to pronounce on whether the shooting was gang related or not.



April 30 - May 6, 2013

April 30 - May 6, 2013




April 30 - May 6, 2013


A massive turnout at the ceremony to commemorate the life of Kaziah Burke and for loved ones to say their last goodbyes

Relatives beset by grief unwilling to say goodbye so soon

Loved ones and friends say final goodbye to Kaziah Burke

– Underlying message a call for justice BY VANESSA NARINE SCREAMS of his name ‘Kaziah’ and ‘it’s not fair’ and heart wrenching sobs echoed within the walls of the St. Monica’s Anglican Church on Saturday (April 27), as loved ones and friends said their final goodbyes to the Kaziah Burke. The 25-year-old father to young son Shamar, was shot fatally multiple times in a drive-by two Saturdays ago (April 13). Hundreds turned out to pay their last respects, including the Premier, Dr. Rufus Ewing, Deputy Governor, Anya Williams, Opposition Leader, Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, and other members of Parliament – a congregation that filled the church to capacity, with many even standing outside. While the grief of the senseless killing has rocked the local community, the underlying message at the ceremony that commemorated his life was the call for justice. Father Bernard Been in encouraging the bereaved centered his message on love; calling for those hurting not to be angry; calling on parents to not seek to be their child’s friend, but a parent and correct them at an early age; calling on anyone with information on the murder to do what it right and let honestly prevail; and calling for justice that is fair and transparent, that is pursued from a position of peace. “This is another said day in the TCI…today tempers are flaring because of the careless and ridiculous way he was executed…Kaziah was not an angel, but he did not deserve this,” he said. He called for tempers to be cooled and anger abated in the interest of preventing self destruction. “As long as we remain angry, we destroy ourselves,” Been said. He noted that something is wrong in the Turks and Caicos Islands,

a small country where someone can play God and take a life so senselessly. Lightening the moment, Been shared a story about a man: a man heard a whistling sound, but did not turn back to see what it was and as the sound drew closer he finally turned, only to be nicked by a train and sent to the hospital for three months. When he was out he went to see a friend who offered to prepare him tea and hearing the whistling of the teapot, the man took a bat to the piece of equipment. Later his friend asked why only to be told ‘you have to catch these things when they are small because when they get bigger they can kill you’. “Correct your children when they are young…if you would have told me we would be here 10 years ago, I would have said no,” Been said, noting that TCI can return to better days. He added that more often than not people are fine with sitting around and talking about others and about events, but not prepared to speak up when it counts. “We all must play our part…there are those who know the story of what happened and refuse to speak up… silence will not see justice done,” Been said. He underscored the importance of the judiciary and police officers to not fail in their duty to deliver justice - justice that is fair, transparent and equal for everyone regardless their colour, last name or nationality. “For there to be justice, there must be peace,” Been said. He acknowledged that there are no words that will take the hurt away, but stressed the need for Kaziah’s death to be used as a turning point for the Turks and Caicos Islands, a wakeup call for a paradigm shift in the current direction society is moving – an effort that will ensure

Kaziah’s death is not in vain. “Enough is enough,” Been stressed, a refrain that the congregation repeated. MUCH TO BE DONE Bishop Derek Browne had similar sentiments to share, pointing out that as a community there is much to be done. “We have to get to the cause, the root, of the violence in our community,” he said. According to him, education on conflict resolution is part of what is needed. Browne was blunt with the truth, pointing out that too many guns are finding homes in the houses of people in these Islands. “How many more must die before something is done?” he asked. The Bishop said the local community must become a community again and the Government must work with the people to provide positive and meaningful activities for youths, as well as provide them with positive role models. In comforting the bereaved, he encouraged them with the knowledge that “mourning lasts for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” Browne underscored the fact that while that night of mourning may be “long and dark” there will be a sunrise in time. “Your pain is severe and a hollowness and emptiness will only remain empty if you let it… fill that void with happy memories,” he said. The Bishop acknowledged that at the moment there are more questions than answers, but comforted those suffering to find peace in their faith. A LIFE THAT SPOKE VOLUMES The tributes that poured in were many and echoed one message,

Hilda Caley is helped out of the church as her son’s body is taken to the cemetery

that Kaziah’s life spoke volumes of the good, kind, caring, loving and generous person he was. His aunt, Mariah Burke, used those same words to describe her nephew – a nephew she never met, but only communicated with via telephone and chatting. She pointed out that Kaziah hinted at trouble when he told her about an incident a few weeks before he was murdered and she “encouraged” him. Her words of encouragement to those in pain were: “We can close our eyes and wish he were here, or open our eyes and see all he has left. “Our hearts can remain empty, or we can let the love he left fill that space. “We have to cherish his memory and let it live on….I have been robbed, we are all hurting, but Kaziah is beautiful in death, as he was in life.” Burke noted that Kaziah had a “golden heart” and touched the lives of many who knew him. “We all loved him…cry now because he’s gone, but smile because

he lived,” she said. Kaziah’s classmates, the class of 2005, also paid tribute to him in song, many of his friends breaking down in tears midway. Kaziah’s mother, Hilda Caley, his friend, confidante and a major influence in his life, was inconsolable during the service, but was the recipient of hugs and kind words as she grieved the loss of her only son. Kaziah LeRoi Burke was born on May 29, 1987, in Grand Turk and attended the Ona Glinton and Osetta Jolly Primary Schools, as well as the Richmond Hill Preparatory School, then on to the Clement Howell High School. He was remembered for his love of the sea, spending hours on the seashores, basketball, football, video games, recording and producing music and challenging others to a game of dominoes. Kaziah was hailed as a person who was a hard and reliable worker, with a positive outlook on life. Kaziah Burke was laid to rest at the Bight Public Cemetery.

April 30 - May 6, 2013

Man faces multiple charges for violence THOMAS Watkins appeared in Providenciales Magistrate’s Court on Monday before Judge Jolyon Hatmin for several charges. Watkins is accused of using an offensive weapon to cause fear, usage of violent language and assault occasioning actual bodily harm. On top of those charges, he is facing four more

charges in a separate case - common assault, violent language, throwing missiles and malicious damages to property. Watkins is scheduled to appear back in Providenciales Magistrate’s Court on May 1 for a plea and direction hearing. His bail application has also been extended until that date.

Blue Hills man charged with possession of firearm ROYAL Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force (RTCIPF) has responded to a number of firearm incidents that have taken place over the past few weeks in Blue Hills, Providenciales. On Monday Gino Gerbex, a resident of Blue Hills remained remanded in custody after appearing in Providenciales Magistrate’s Court before Judge Clifton Warner for the possession of a firearm without licence. Police officials said they

discovered the weapon in Gerbex’s possession on April 25. Because it is a firearm incident, it can only be charged by a judge and a jury so the matter will be heard in Supreme Court. Gerbex was not asked to enter a plea and he has the right to apply for bail in the Supreme Court. He is scheduled to appear at Grand Turk Supreme Court on June 7 for a sufficiency hearing.

Two tourists accused of attempting to travel with ammunition CATHY Sulledge Davis and Horace Avery Norrell Jr. and appeared in Providenciales Supreme Court on Monday facing two separate charges of attempting to travel with ammunition in their luggage. Both parties were released on bail and had to pay a cash fine of $4,000 as security in case they attempted to flee the country. According to the courts, Davis was caught at Providenciales International Airport with ammunition in her luggage on Thursday attempting to board an American Airlines flight to Texas. Meanwhile Norrell’s ammunition was discovered in

his luggage that Friday while attempting to travel to Miami. Norris and Davis were arraigned in Providenciales Magistrate’s Court, where accordance with the strict guidelines set out in the Firearms Amended Ordinance, they were remanded into custody. On Monday they were given bail pending sufficiency hearings to be held in the Supreme Court on June 7. It has still not been confirmed whether or not the two individuals share any connections. (DAISY HANDFIELD)

Man accused of actual bodily harm ON MONDAY, Charles Anace appeared in Providenciales Magistrate’s before Judge Clifton Warner to answer to a charge of occasioning actual bodily harm. The offence is alleged to have taken place on March 19, 2012. The case was adjourned



until June 25, when Warner will reappear in the magistrate’s court to answer to the said charge. Anace was previously remanded on March 22, 2012 and was later granted bail on April 18, 2012. He is currently on bail with no conditions.

Access to education under scrutiny BY VANESSA NARINE

ACCESS to education for all children in the Turks and Caicos Islands was analysed in the House of Assembly last Friday (April 26). Education Minister, Akierra Missick, reported that some 1,985 students are enrolled in government schools without TCI status, while 2,236 with status are enrolled. The Opposition’s Appointed Member, Clarence Selver, asked the Education Minister to outline the Government’s obligations regarding the provision of education for school children and say if the obligation extends to persons who have no legal status in the TCI. Missick explained that for non-Belongers, the parents of children must have a legal right to be in the Islands and the child has to be endorsed on either a Permanent Resident Certificate (PRC), a work permit or a Belongership card. According to her, if those documents are missing then the child’s registration in public schools will be affected

Year-end finances tabled in House of Assembly MINSTER for Finance, Investment and Trade, Washington Misick, last Friday (April 26), tabled the audited report of the Financial Statement of the Government of the Turks and Caicos Islands, for the year ending March 31, 2012 Misick noted that the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) will have an opportunity to review the audit and raise any issues, as well as bring parliamentary questions to the House. In the interests of time, there were no comments from other Members of Parliament, who chose to bring comments after the PAC review. The report was circulated to members of the House.

and the matter is referred to the Immigration Board for clarification and assistance. Leader of the Opposition, Sharlene CartwrightRobinson, asked if records are kept in such instances, and Missick replied that they were. The Education Minister also reported that the average cost of providing education per student within schools, at all three levels, is over $3,000 per student annually. She added that the cost is calculated by using the number of teacher and staff members divided by number of students, not taking into account the one-off expenses that are capital expenditure. Missick stressed that the Government’s obligations are clearly outlined in the 2011 Constitution. The Constitution, under

the Protection of Right to Education section, stated that: “Every child of the appropriate age, as provided by law, shall be entitled to receive primary education which shall, subject to subsection (3), be free. “Every person who is the parent or legal guardian of a child shall be entitled to have his or her child (of whatever age) educated, at his or her own expense unless a law otherwise provides, in a private school (that is to say, a school other than one established by a public authority) and, in such a school, to ensure the religious and moral education of his or her child in accordance with his or her own convictions. “(4) Nothing in any law or done under its authority shall be held to contravene subsection (3) to the extent that it is reasonably justifiable in a

democratic society and to the extent that the law in question makes provision requiring private schools, as a condition of their being allowed to operate and on terms no more onerous than are applicable to schools established by a public authority, to satisfy— (a) such minimum educational standards (including standards relating to the qualifications of teaching staff and other staff) as may be prescribed by or under that or any other law; and (b) such minimum standards imposed in the interests of public order, public morality or public health as may be so prescribed.” The Education Minister added that the TCI has also signed on to the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child, one provision of which is the right to education.



April 30 - May 6, 2013

Veranda sale brings in $1.32m in stamp duty

Staffers engaged at last Wednesday’s workshop

Anti-bullying workshop successful STAFFERS in the Department of Social Development and Gender Affairs, last Wednesday (April 23), participated in an anti-bullying workshop, which was facilitated by educator and co-founder of the Learn and Lead Educational Centre, Yolande Robinson. Those participating in the session, which was considered a success,

were from Grand Turk, South Caicos, North Caicos and Providenciales. Participants learned general information about bullying, which included the types of bullying, characteristics and ways to help the bully, the bullied and the bystander. Time was also spent analysing family and environmental

influences and discussing how to create caring and supportive schools and communities all within the context of prevention and intervention. The take away of this important workshop was that staff members will be incorporating the knowledge gained into the support they provide to their clients.

Regional tourism bosses launch logo comp THE CARIBBEAN Tourism Organisation (CTO) is preparing to launch a Total Visitor Satisfaction (TVS) programme throughout the region at Caribbean Week in New York to be held June 1 to 8. The programme measures visitors’ satisfaction in seven core areas including accommodation, immigration and customs, restaurants, sites and attractions, shopping, safety and security and transportation and infrastructure - as well as total visitor satisfaction with the destination.  Given the uniqueness of the TVS programme in the tourism industry, the CTO has decided to develop a TVS logo for advertising and

branding purposes. To that end, CTO is providing the public the opportunity to offer their input into the design of the logo. The CTO TVS Logo Design Competition is open to all legal residents of CTO member-countries. The aim is to enable its entire membership to participate in the CTO’s pursuit of an elegant visual identity of the TVS programme. The logo should represent CTO’s shared goal of improving visitor satisfaction, with all Caribbean destinations encompassing the building of a reputation for service excellence. To be eligible to enter this competition, participants must be

Causeway traffic diverted to facilitate construction of culverts MOTORISTS are being advised of a temporary traffic diversion on the North to Middle Caicos Causeway this week. An advisory from the Public Works Department of the Ministry of Support Services said a temporary route has been constructed adjacent to the causeway to facilitate the installation of concrete box culverts by contractor Cove Construction. “The construction of box culverts is important to the refurbishment of the causeway as they will increase the water

flow area through the causeway, an improvement both from the engineering and environmental aspects,” it read. Drivers are being cautioned to take extra care on this section of the causeway, particularly at night. The department further advised that work is on schedule for the construction of the causeway and apologised for any inconvenience caused. The final outcome will be a noticeable improvement in the journey between North and Middle Caicos, the statement said.

18 or over, be a legal resident of a CTO member country and not be a member of staff nor an immediate relative of a member of staff of the CTO. All entries must be submitted online on Caribbean Tourism Organisation’s website www. tvslogos by May 15, 2013. All entries must be submitted together with the personal information of the applicant which includes the applicant’s full name, address, e-mail address and contact number(s). Only one entry per person is accepted. The design should be submitted in colour and black and white in jpeg or png format and not exceed 5MB in size. The pixel height and width of submission should be between 500 and 700 pixels, inclusive. The winning design will be selected by a panel within the CTO Secretariat and it will be unveiled at the official launch of the TVS programme at Caribbean Week in New York from June 1 to 8. The CTO member countries are Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Curaçao, Dominica, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Montserrat, Puerto Rico, St. Eustatius, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, St. Martin, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands and Venezuela.

THE VERANDA Resort, acquired last year by Sandals Resorts International (SRI), attracted stamp duty of $1.32m, according to Finance Minister, Washington Misick. Opposition Appointed Member, Clarence Selver, in Parliament last Friday (April 26), asked the Minister to say what amount of stamp duty the sale attracted and whether or not the money has been collected by the Government. According to Misick, the full amount of stamp duty will be paid off when the new development agreement is signed. He said the agreement is expected to be finalised on May 8 when it is presented to Cabinet at its next meeting. The new agreement is expected to replace the 2006 one SRI had with the former administration. Staying on the Veranda issue,

Selver asked the Acting Attorney General, Rhondalee BraithwaiteKnowles, to say if there had been a change in the title of the public beach access between the beaches property and the Veranda property. The Acting AG said there has been no change in the title; however, she acknowledged that an application has been made to lease the land. Selver asked for her to clarify if, when the lease comes into effect, the public will lose access to that stretch of beach. Braithwaite-Knowles said she was unable to answer that question. She did, however, point out that, as a matter of practice, if a party leases land then the applicant will have sole access. The resort has been rebranded as the Key West Luxury Village and is set to be officially opened on May 22. (VANESSA NARINE)

UK warship patrols between TCI and Haiti LAST Sunday a UK vessel patrolled the waters between the TCI and Haiti at the request of the Governor given the recent attempts of illegal entry into the islands. According to a release from the Governor’s office, the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Wave Knight, during her passage south of Salt Cay, took the opportunity to observe and gather information on the presence of vessels fishing the Mouchoir Bank. Wave Knight, which is on the UK’s Atlantic Patrol Task (North) in support of Overseas Territories, also passed Grand Turk and South Caicos during the morning hours, before looping around North and Middle Caicos and

Providenciales in the afternoon. Earlier this month, TCI immigration officials repatriated nearly 300 illegal immigrants. The release said the Haitian and TCI governments are working closely to prevent sloops of emigrants from even considering leaving Hispaniola. The Atlantic Patrol Task (North) commitment has one or more UK warships stationed in the Caribbean to provide disaster relief during hurricane season. The ships also work with other nations to prevent human and drug trafficking. They also occasionally undertake fisheries protection in the waters of Overseas Territories.

Acting AG talks affordable homes THE DEVELOPMENT of the second phase of the affordable homes in Wheeland has made available 282 lots, 197 of which have been sold to date. This was according to Acting Attorney General (AG), Rhondalee Braithwaite-Knowles, who dtailed the breakdown of beneficiaries of the initiative, in response to a question in the House of Assembly last Friday (April 26). The Opposition’s elected member for Blue Hills, Goldray Ewing, asked the about the ratio of Turks and Caicos homeowners occupancy in the development versus work permit holders. Braithwaite-Knowles noted

that statistics from the Crown Land Unit, which falls under the scope of the AG’s Chambers, show that 81 per cent of Belongers control ownership of properties. Meanwhile persons with work permits account for four per cent, persons with Permanent Resident Certificates eight per cent, Government workers three per cent and naturalized citizens four per cent. Ewing asked if work permit holders are allowed to purchase Crown land and whether the land Ordinance or regulations provide for such. The Acting AG said up to 30 per cent of properties are available for ownership by non-Belongers.

April 30 - May 6, 2013


April is set aside as Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Month and during this month, the Weekly News will be bringing you stories and tips from social workers in the Department of Social Development and Gender Affairs.

Recognising abusive behaviour in yourself FRUSTRATIONS sometimes get the best of the best of us and being able to recognise risks before you reach that particular breaking point is very important, more so to those close to you who are vulnerable. The key here is to know that there is support and resources in your community that can help you break the cycle of abuse. Do you feel angry and frustrated and don’t know where to turn? Raising children is one of life’s greatest challenges and can trigger anger and frustration in the most even tempered. If you grew up in a household where screaming and shouting or violence was the norm, you may not know any other way to raise your kids. You owe it to yourself and loved ones to recognise when you need help, as painful an acknowledgment as it may be. Children experience their world as normal. It may have been normal in your family to be slapped or pushed for little to no reason, or that mother was too drunk to cook dinner. It may have been normal for your parents to call you stupid, clumsy or worthless. Or it may have been normal to watch your mother get beaten up by your father. Recognising that you have a problem is the biggest step to getting help. If you yourself were raised in an abusive situation, that can be extremely difficult. How do you know when you’ve crossed the line? When: 1. You can’t stop the anger: What starts as a swat on the backside may turn into multiple hits getting harder and harder. You may shake your child harder and harder and finally throw him or her down. You find yourself screaming louder and louder and can’t stop yourself. 2. You feel emotionally disconnected from your child: You may feel so overwhelmed that you don’t want anything to do with your child. Day after day, you just want to be left alone and for your child to be quiet. 3. Meeting the daily needs of your child seems impossible: While everyone struggles with balancing dressing, feeding, and getting kids to school or other activities, if you continually can’t manage to do it, it’s a sign that something might be wrong. 4. Other people have expressed concern: It may be easy to bristle at other people expressing concern. However, consider carefully what they have to say. Are the words coming from someone you normally respect and trust? Denial is not an uncommon reaction. The first step to getting your emotions under control is realising that they are there. If you were abused as a child, you may have an especially difficult time getting in touch with your range of emotions. You may have had to deny or repress them as a child, and now they spill out without your control. Learn what age appropriate is and what is not: Having realistic expectations of what children can handle at certain ages will help you avoid frustration and anger at normal child behaviour. For example, new-borns are not going to sleep through the night without a peep, and toddlers are not going to be able to sit quietly for extended periods of time. Develop new parenting skills: While learning to control your emotions is critical, you also need a game plan of what you are going to do instead. Start by learning appropriate discipline techniques and how to set clear boundaries for your children. Parenting classes, books, and seminars are a way to get this information. You can also turn to other parents for tips and advice. Take care of yourself: If you are not getting enough rest and support or you’re feeling overwhelmed, you are much more likely to succumb to anger. Sleep deprivation, common in parents of young children, adds to moodiness and irritability - exactly what you are trying to avoid. Get professional help: Breaking the cycle of abuse can be very difficult if the patterns are strongly entrenched. If you can’t seem to stop yourself no matter how hard you try, it’s time to get help, be it therapy, parenting classes, or other interventions. Your children will thank you for it. Learn how you can get your emotions under control. Child sexual abuse is never okay. If you know someone who is being abused you can help by speaking up and reporting any case of child sexual abuse. Break the silence against child sexual abuse. Speak up and report.


EU aid for 107 disaster affected residents ONE hundred and seven households have been selected to receive assistance under the EU $6.5m fund with their rebuilding efforts following the devastation wrought to their homes by Hurricane Ike in 2008. Governor Ric Todd, who is also TCI Disaster Recovery Board chairman, made the announcement on Monday (April 29) during a press conference held at the Department of Disaster Management. These persons were selected out of the 235 who applied. The successful applicants are from Grand Turk, Salt Cay and South Caicos, and were identified by the United Nations as most in need of assistance. Governor Todd noted that all of the applications were very fairly and thoroughly reviewed. He said: “We are very determined to be fair to everyone, therefore there is an appeal procedure for those who are not happy with the outcome and all the appeals will be taken very seriously.” Speaking about the selection process, European Union (EU) project manager, Susan Breetzke said: “We want to make sure that the information that we have used, that people have given us, is all the information and is the correct information before reaching the final beneficiary.” She added that the applications were broken down into categories of those homes, which need minor repairs, those that need the most substantial repairs and those that need to be demolished and rebuilt. Breetzke pointed out that the money will not be disbursed to the affected persons, rather, following a period of survey of the damaged properties by contractors, they will then determine what the cost of repair or rebuilding will be and proceed from there. She said: “In June when the application process concludes with the appeal process, we’ll know exactly how much falls into each category then we will be able to collect the contract and say how much money we are going to spend.” The main criteria for approval entailed an income threshold of $35,000 and below, that the damage must have occurred as a result of Ike or Hannah, that the applicant had to have been living in the property immediately prior to the hurricane and that they must be the legal owner of the property, she added. However, as regard to the last criterion, Breetzke noted that it is not being applied narrowly. She said: “We recognise that for families there is an inheritance issue; whoever has ownership hasn’t been transferred, so we’ve taken that in a broader sense rather than a narrow sense.” The EU project manager said the households which applied were visited and from this it was determined which met the criteria and priority groupings were then

Governor Ric Todd and EU project manager, Susan Breetzke

applied, so that the neediest would receive assistance first. She added that priority group one are pensioners, elderly and the infirm; group two includes single income families who are stilling living in damaged houses; in group three are those families who have been displaced by the hurricane; and in group four, those persons who fall in groups two and three whose properties require minor works. Applications falling into priority one will be responded to first, any funding remaining after reconstruction or rehabilitation of the dwellings in this group will be allocated to applications in priority group two and then priority group three and then priority group four, a release from the Governor’s office said. Applicants are asked to bring identification - driver’s licence, NIS card, passport number or nationality card - with them to collect their letters, as these will only be handed to the applicant or to an individual authorised to collect the letter. This authorisation should be in writing, give the telephone number of the applicant, be signed by the applicant and give the name

and identity number of any of the aforementioned forms of ID, of the person who will collect the letter. Breetzke said the biggest eliminator of applications was that the grant was very specific on the household income being taken into consideration. She said in cases of extended families the income of all persons were taken into account, thus ruling out some households. She said: “The biggest issue… is the issue of land tenure, because sometimes a property has not been transferred on a register to a beneficiary of a will, if there is a will, for as many as three or four generations. “So proving land ownership is still an issue we have to resolve.” Meanwhile, applicants who have been declined have until May 31 to appeal the decision if they feel that their information is not accurate, their circumstances were not accurately reflected in their application form or the general criteria or priority groupings were not correctly applied to their application. All appeals will be a considered by the Disaster Recovery Board and the full list of beneficiaries will then be released on June 13.

Names of applicants for residential scheme published THE CROWN Land Unit of the Attorney General’s Chambers has named 88 persons as applicants for Crown land. A statement from the unit indicated that applications are for land within the residential scheme PLS001, North West and North Central Providenciales. Applications for PLS001, North West and North Central Providenciales, represent the reopening of Crown land allocations after a three and a half year suspension following the assumption of British Rule in 2009. According to the statement, residential scheme PLS001 consists of 104 parcels of sizes between 0.22 and 0.38 of an acre. It is located in the fast developing area adjacent to, and to the immediate west of the

Millennium Heights housing development. Prices range from $13,050 to $18,000 with a 25 per cent TCI Belonger discount applied. The unit advised that interested parties can view the applications at the Crown Land Unit, Providenciales between Monday, April 29, and Tuesday, May 7, between the hours of 2pm and 4.30pm. It added that written comments regarding any of the applications must be addressed to the Director of Crown Land, Crown Land Unit, Government Compound, Grand Turk or sent via email to or by fax to 946-1145. All comments are to be sent in by May 10 for consideration, the unit further advised.


April 30 - May 6, 2013


Baha Mar confirms Bahamas’ immigration held staff at Sheraton -After “raid” at Atlantis FOLLOWING shock in the private sector over an Immigration Department “raid” at Atlantis earlier this week, Baha Mar confirms it had its own Immigration “visit” when five senior engineers at the Sheraton were “detained” by officials on their lunch break. Senior vice-president of external and governmental affairs, Robert “Sandy” Sands confirmed the incident to The Tribune, last night, which he said occurred on Wednesday. “They approached a number of our expatriate staff at one of our hotels, the Sheraton, during the lunch period,” he said. “But we were able to satisfy the officers – who were respectful, I want to make that very clear – that we had the necessary paperwork that was in process and approvals etcetera from the Immigration Department.” The officials did intercept the staff in public view, Mr Sands continued, but “at our urging” officials agreed to “take it to a private location” where the matter was resolved. “Five were in fact detained, temporarily,” he said, “and upon documentation that we provided were released.” Those five engineers are of American and English nationalities. “Our position, quite frankly, is that as an investor, Baha Mar certainly supports legal immigration and as a company we are also deeply interested in actively recruiting talented Bahamians to work in various positions throughout the

organization,” Mr Sands said. “The long-term success of our project depends on attracting expatriates whose skill sets contribute to the success of the project or our operating entities and by extension contribute to the long term success of our operation. “We have to be careful in terms of the manner in which enforcement of the Immigration Department is conducted and we really have to enhance the perception that the government welcomes foreign investment and by extension welcomes those skill sets that are not readily available within the country.” The country also has to be “very careful” that it does not send signals to investors or potential investors that the country is not investorfriendly, he explained. “And I honestly believe that we must find the way to be able to improve the whole process of communication between ourselves as customers of the Immigration Department and how we initiate enforcement. Especially in public or in front of tourists in public held areas... This whole questions of handling privately and with sensitivity, I think, is very critical, especially in our sector.” #However, Mr Sands stressed the officials handled the situation at the Sheraton with respect. “They weren’t high handed; they were respectful,” he said. “But the issue for us is that we believe a number of these things can be handled privately and with sensitivity; and we really, this whole

approach of heavy-handedness and the perception of inflexibility does not all go well for us as a destination. “What is important to note is that every country in the world has some form of legal immigration and has in place, processes to attract skill sets that are not readily available. The Bahamas is no different and so we really have to create a climate that does not inculcate fear in the business community and among potential investors.” Tuesday’s incident at Atlantis left visitors and employees, both startled and baffled as three Immigration officers disrupted operations at Dolphin Cay to detain and carry off the attraction’s head sea lion trainer. The Tribune understands that without warning, two uniformed men and one plain-clothes officer marched into the water park through a back gate, found the American citizen in the middle of a guest interaction with sea lions, and demanded that she produce her passport. When she explained that she did not carry the document to work, the officers escorted her to a government vehicle, put her inside, and drove off without further explanation. According to well placed sources, Kerzner had applied for a work permit renewal for the employee, but it was denied in December. The resort then filed an appeal, the results of which are pending – a situation which according to normal immigration procedure, allows an employee to continue working until the matter is resolved. She was later released after a colleague contacted Immigration and informed them of the appeal.

Columbus providing free internet, educational TV to Barbados schools SCHOOLS in Barbados will enjoy a boost to their efforts to integrate technology into the teaching and learning process. Columbus Communications has announced that free internet, free educational cable TV and discounted landline telephone service will be provided to every primary and secondary school passed as it builds out its fibre optic network in Barbados John Reid, president and chief operating officer for Columbus Communications, parent company for Columbus Barbados. made the announcement at the company’s launch event last week. “Our most important pillar of Corporate Social Responsibility is “Enabling Learning Through Technology,” Reid said. “We cannot wait to see how teachers and students in Barbados will incorporate the technology in their learning and teaching environment.” Reid revealed that it has been

John Reid, president and chief operating officer for Columbus Communications

very rewarding to see how the programme has translated in the other territories in which Columbus operates , and how young people are transforming their world with the access to Columbus’ broadband technology. Some example he gave included a primary school in Jamaica setting up an on-line radio station, while another has created Wi-Fi zones where lessons are shared on the net. The technology has enabled

teachers’ innovation and some have used the technology to create Math and English teaching software to enhance performance. Columbus Communications operates one of the most advanced broadband networks in the Caribbean region, spanning 27 countries with operations in 15. In Barbados, Columbus operates both the Flow and Columbus Business Solutions brands. With Flow residential clients will enjoy triple play services – digital cable, the fastest broadband internet, and digital landline telephone. Columbus Business Solutions will facilitate the increasing demand for ICT and managed services to business customers, with a comprehensive portfolio including data centre services, broadband video and voice solutions for small and medium enterprise customers, cloud based voice, security and business continuity solutions. (Caribbean 360)

The Avian Influenza (H7N9) has killed at least 20 people in China so far.

Caribbean on alert after deaths mount in China from bird flu outbreak THE Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) has put regional countries on alert for the Avian Influenza A (H7N9), also known as bird flu, that has killed at least 20 people in China. “CARPHA...has specifically put all of us in the Caribbean on alert and what we have been asked to do is to intensify our surveillance systems for acute respiratory infections and submit any viruses that we cannot subtype,” said Barbados Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Joy St. John. “We have stepped it up to involve all doctors to ensure that if they see any unusual clinical pictures, any unusual displays of respiratory illness that they should alert us and send in samples of the nasal pharyngeal swabs with a clear travel history and all of the other required information. “We have surveillance (for

acute respiratory and severe acute respiratory illnesses) that has been going on for years. In the Caribbean region, we are very strong on this. So every week, the Epidemiology Unit checks how many of these cases we’ve had and we have sentinel sites around the island mainly through the polyclinics. “ Dr. St. John said that the health authorities have been getting daily reports on the International Health Regulations (IHR) focal points. “As part of the normal system, we were already checking and then we have had alerts from WHO (World Health Organization) and back-ups from PAHO (Pan American Health Organization) directly on the IHR focal points and then now we have the overlay of the Caribbean putting us on alert and asking us to do specific things that we were already doing.”

Information technology can boost Caribbean economies - study CARIBBEAN countries have been told that purchasing goods and services in the information technology (IT) sector by government offices provides untapped potential for stimulating domestic economic progress. The new study by the United Nations notes that while local IT firms contribute to increased productivity, employment and innovation, these local businesses mainly in developing countries like the Caribbean, are often constricted by low domestic demand. The study, titled “Promoting Local IT Sector Development through Public Procurement” had been undertaken by the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The study argues that public procurement can boost demand for their products. “Leveraging public procurement for IT-sector

development is a complex challenge, but can be a powerful policy tool when successfully applied,” said Anne Miroux, Director of UNCTAD’s Division on Technology and Logistics. According to the study, the participation of local IT firms in public tenders is often hampered by a lack of trust and awareness, by the technical complexities of IT procurement, by inadequate procurement frameworks and capacities and by an absence of relevant IT standards and interoperability frameworks. Drawing on country reviews over several countries and citing other evidence, the study suggests governmental actions that can promote local IT-sector development through public procurement. “A competitive local IT sector is essential for developing countries to reap full benefits from the world’s rapid evolution in ICT,” according to UNCTAD. (CMC)

April 30 - May 6, 2013



Bahamian attorney accuses government of having double standards with gambling

The Suski are lucky to still be alive after their chartered boat sank.

U.S. siblings recovering after Caribbean shipwreck ONE moment they were reeling in a fish, and the next they were shipwrecked . Two American siblings, Dan and Kate Suski, are recovering on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia after a weekend fishing trip turned into a harrowing experience. Their charter boat sank Sunday, and the pair endured many hours in the water before reaching a beach, a Saint Lucia police detective said. Four people were on the boat -the two Americans, a captain and one crew member. A Saint Lucia resident found

the Suski siblings on the beach and called police, the detective said. The captain and crew member were found hours later. “We are feeling stronger each day and looking forward to reuniting with family and friends,” Dan Suski told CNN via e-mail. He and his sister expect to return to the United States by Sunday. “They told me they had a fish on the line, and were fighting the fish, then heard a noise,” said David Suski, an older brother who was not on the trip but was briefed by his siblings.

ATTORNEY Wayne Munroe accused the government last week of having different and higher standards for foreigners in the Bahamas, despite claiming to believe in Bahamians. He was commenting on a new gaming bill that would allow casino operators to facilitate on line gaming or “interactive gaming”, however it will still remain illegal for Bahamians to gamble. The bill, which is still in the draft stage, is expected to be presented to Parliament on May 1. Mr Munroe said he is disappointed in the government for giving the impression to Bahamians that “local is bad and foreign is good.” “Is this government saying that visitors will once again be able to do something Bahamians can’t? It appears there is a different, higher standard for foreigners. It seems that they are treated like saviours. They came to rescue the Bahamas and because of this they are treated much better than Bahamians. I don’t understand how Bahamians, who are taxpayers, are getting less consideration,” he said. “Bahamians should be very upset

Attorney Wayne Munroe says he is disappointed in the doublestandards of the government when it comes to gambling.

about this especially because this was drafted around the time the government asked Bahamians to vote on gambling in the referendum. The present government campaigned on believing in Bahamians, well this bill will tell Bahamians exactly what the government thinks about them. If you are a hard core Christian fundamentalist who is trying to save

this country from the scourge of gambling then you should also be upset at this.” Mr Munroe, who represents six web shop owners fighting for the right to participate in the gaming industry, said his clients are “concerned” about this bill, but understands that the gaming industry is a gamble. He also said the interactive gambling will not allow the gamblers to win cash prizes but rather loyalty points. He said: “These points will be applied towards things related to their visit here, which is still a form of gambling because they are still getting something of value. I have some opinions on what the government should do and I am drafting something to give them. I’m working on my many, many views that I am going to express to the government through the proper channels and I’m looking at how it is going to affect my litigations.” In January, Bahamians overwhelming voted “no” to gaming in the Bahamas, specifically to the taxation and regularisation of the gaming industry. (Tribune242)



IMMEDIATE OPENING Manager of Resort Services

Application are requested for the above mentioned position


Primary Responsibilities: • Detailed cash flow projection and analysis • Reconciliation of daily sales • Weekly internal audits, with written reports to principals • Preparation of monthly financial statements • Implementing and documenting policies and procedures • Plan and develop systems and procedures to improve quality controls and efficiency of all departments • Responsible for inventory control • Maintain financial records in accordance to U.S. and U.K. standard • Oversee and manage bookkeepers and cash accountants of company and subsidiaries • Applicants must have minimum of 4 years higher education degree in Accounting or Finance. Must be proficient with the ability to train others in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 8.0 or higher • Must be proficient and knowledge in the development of extensive financial formulas in Excel and Access with the ability to train others • Position requires nights, weekends and possible holiday work schedules • Must have strong analytical and organizational skills • Exceptional written and verbal skills in English is a must • Applicants will be subjected to extensive testing and background checks for confirmation on the above criteria • Salary commensurate with experience • Belongers preferred

Duties include:

• Develops and implements resort and guest service strategies, initiatives and programs which are aligned with Regent’s overall mission, vision and market strategy/positioning. • Implements all Regent standard services and programs and ensures ongoing compliance. • Oversees and directs management of the housekeeping, pool and beach and laundry departments. • Develops annual departmental budget and capex budget and accountable for financial results. • Drives for continuous improvement by gathering and analyzing customer feedback, reviewing management reports and developing strategies to improve department and resort services. • Oversees and ensures all physical facilities and décor are aligned with Regent’s standards, image and aesthetic. • Starting salary 50k per annum not including service charge.

Interested applicants should apply to the Regent Palms, Monday through Friday and bring along an updated resume or by emailing to marjorie.dorsett@,no later than Friday, May 10, 2013.

Interested applicants are asked to submit your resume/CV by email to:

• Minimum 15 years management experience in luxury hospitality, having been head of department in at least 3 different departments and Executive Committee level for 5 years. • Minimum 5 years international hospitality management experience with branded hotel/ resort. • BA/BS degree or equivalent. • Previous experience in application of management contract requirements and brand standards within luxury hospitality operation. • Previous experience in development and implementation of guest services within luxury hospitality operation. • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. MUST BE ABLE TO WORK ALL DAYS AND SHIFTS





UK official asks wealthy elderly to ‘hand back’ benefits WEALTHY elderly people who do not need benefit payments to help with fuel bills or free travel should give the money back to the authorities, the work and pensions secretary says. Iain Duncan Smith told the Sunday Telegraph that he would “encourage” people who do not need such financial support “to hand it back”. But the decision whether or not to do so was up to them, he added. He also criticised the BBC’s coverage of his welfare reforms. There has previously been a discussion in government of means testing to exclude richer pensioners, but Mr Duncan Smith said there were no plans to make that change. He also said that the new universal credit - a payment that marks the biggest overhaul of the benefits system since the 1940s - was being implemented over four years because “I want to get these things right”. A pilot for the system is being launched on Monday for a small number of new claimants at a jobcentre in Ashton-under-Lyne, in Greater Manchester. ‘LAZY’ REPORTING Of the new credit scheme, Mr Duncan Smith said: “We want to say to people, you’re claiming unemployment benefit but you’re

Iain Duncan Smith told the Sunday Telegraph that he would “encourage” people who do not need such financial support “to hand it back”.

actually in work paid for by the state: you’re in work to find work. That’s your job from now on: to find work.” The BBC’s political correspondent, Robin Brant, says free bus passes, television licences and help with winter fuel payments are benefits for all people over the required age, which Prime Minister David Cameron promised to keep at the last election - but he has come under intense pressure to change his mind. The Liberal Democrats have proposed a review of the benefits, or taxing them.

The government is in the final stages of deciding its spending plan for the next three years, with welfare accounting for the biggest chunk of it, our correspondent added. And Mr Duncan Smith also said the government have “had a lot of moments with the BBC” regarding its coverage of his welfare reforms. “They have always tended to to look at the welfare reforms from the jar that is marked - and it’s a very leftist jar - ‘less money bad, more money good’. So if you are reducing welfare you must be doing something rather nasty.”

Dhaka building collapse: death toll in the hundreds THE owner of a factory building that collapsed in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka, killing hundreds of people, has been arrested. Local government minister Jahangir Kabir Nanak said Mohammed Sohel Rana was arrested at the Indian border. He had been in hiding since the Rana Plaza collapsed on Wednesday. Rescuers are in a race against time to reach remaining survivors as officials prepare to bring in heavy machinery to move the wreckage. Mr Nanak said that Mohammed Sohel Rana was arrested near the landcrossing in Benapole along the border with India’s West Bengal state. Mr Nanak made the announcement by loudspeaker at the site of the collapsed eight-storey building in the Dhaka suburb of Savar. He said the arrest had been made by soldiers from the Rapid Action Battalion. The BBC’s Anbarasan Ethirajan in Dhaka said rescue workers cheered and clapped at the news. Bangladeshi TV later showed Mr Rana in handcuffs after being flown back to Dhaka by helicopter. GROUP OF NINE There has been widespread anger at the disaster and six people, including three factory owners and two engineers, have now been arrested.

April 30 - May 6, 2013

Chile newborn burnt alive in ‘sect ritual’ POLICE in Chile have arrested four people accused of burning a newborn baby to death in a “healing ritual”. Those arrested include the mother of the child, and the suspects are said to be members of a religious sect. The three-day old baby was thrown into a bonfire in November in the town of Colliguay because the group reportedly considered it an antichrist. Their alleged leader, Ramon Gustavo Castillo Gaete, has been on the run since February. Mr Castillo Gaete, who was known as “Antares from the Light”, considered himself a god and believed the world was about to end on 21 December 2012, authorities say. He is thought to be the father of the murdered baby. He is accused of convincing the mother, Natalia Guerra, to hand over the newborn for the “sacrifice”. HALLUCINOGENIC DRUGS The baby was born in a clinic of Vina del Mar, Miguel Ampuero, vice-chief of the Chilean Investigative Police (PDI), told reporters. But the authorities soon found out the newborn had never been officially registered. “`The baby was naked. They strapped tape around her mouth to keep her from screaming. Then

Police are hunting Ramon Gustavo Castillo Gaete, for allegedly burning his own child alive.

they strapped her to a board. After summoning the spirits, they threw her on the bonfire alive,’’ the investigator said. The fire had been previously prepared in a two-metre deep hole in the ground. The sect is thought to have been founded in 2005. Members apparently consumed ayahuasca, a potent hallucinogenic plant used for centuries by South American indigenous peoples, during their rituals. Investigators say Mr Castillo Gaete had sexual relations with all the women in the sect. He was last seen before travelling to Peru to buy ayahuasca, authorities say. (BBC)

Bolivian church denies collusion in theft of jewels

Building owner Mohammed Sohel Rana was detained in a border town on Sunday.

The building housed several garment factories. By Sunday evening the confirmed death toll had reached 377, but hundreds more are still missing. Earlier, two more people were pulled alive from the rubble and a group of about nine survivors was also located. Teams were using light cutting equipment to try to reach them, our correspondent says, and water and food were being dropped to them through gaps in the rubble. Police said officials had ordered an evacuation of the building on Tuesday after cracks appeared, but that the factories ignored them and were operating the next day.

Factory bosses Mahbubur Rahman Tapas and Balzul Samad Adnan surrendered to police early on Saturday while Aminul Islam was arrested later the same day. Thousands of relatives of missing workers are waiting at the site as survivors and the dead are pulled from the rubble. At least 3,000 are estimated to have been in the building when it collapsed. About 2,430 are now known to have survived. There is no official figure on the number of people still missing, but Akram Hossain, a deputy director of the fire service, said their chances of survival were “diminishing by the minute”.

THE Catholic Church in Bolivia has rejected accusations by President Evo Morales that bishops are implicated in a spate of thefts from churches. The Bishops’ Conference called the remarks “incredibly hurtful”. President Morales made his comments after a statue of Bolivia’s patron saint, Our Lady of Copacabana, was stripped of its gold and jewels. Mr Morales said the bishops held the keys to the churches and should know who was behind the crime. Three members of the clergy were among six people arrested over the theft. On Monday parishioners visiting the basilica in Copacabana found the statue of the saint stripped of 18 of its valuable jewels. Among the items stolen are the golden crowns of the Virgin and her child, rings adorned with pearls and precious stones and various gold ornaments. The thieves used a ladder to climb the back wall of the church, entering

through a small window eight metres (26ft) up, according to one of the priests at the basilica. The theft comes after nine colonial churches in the southern Potosi region were stripped of their riches. Bishop of Potosi Ricardo Centellas said there was not enough security in place to protect the priceless colonial art and jewels many of these churches hold. But President Evo Morales said he believed the thefts may have been an inside job. “Every day you read in the papers about this Lady who’s been stripped of her jewels, or that saint who’s missing his adornments,” he said on Thursday. “But who has the keys to the churches?” he asked. “It’s the bishops, and the bishops know who comes and goes, and therefore they know who took the jewels.” The Bishops’ Conference said it was deeply hurt by the allegations. (BBC)

April 30 - May 6 2013


Angolan plane fall man ‘wanted better life’ A MAN found dead in west London after falling from the undercarriage of an aeroplane wanted to come to Europe for a better life, an inquest has heard. Jose Matada, 26, from Mozambique, was found in Mortlake in September after he fell from a Heathrow-bound flight from Angola. West London Coroner’s Court heard he may have died before hitting the ground because of the high-altitude cold. Coroner Dr Sean Cummings recorded a verdict of accidental death. Police were only able to identify the body after contacting phone numbers stored on Mr Matada’s mobile phone. Det Sgt Jeremy Allsup, of the Metropolitan Police, told the inquest officers contacted a woman in Switzerland who had exchanged text messages with him. The woman, referred to as Ms Hunt, told police Mr Matada had worked for her family as a housekeeper and gardener in South Africa and had spoken to her about travelling to Europe. The court heard Mr Matada, who turned 26 on the day he fell, had “desired to travel to Europe for a better life”.

The stowaway may have been dead before he hit the ground.

Det Sgt Allsup described how Mortlake residents heard a “thud” shortly before the British Airways flight was due to land. Forensic pathologist Dr Robert Chapman told the inquest that Mr Matada suffered “very severe injuries”, particularly to his head. Dr Chapman said temperatures of between minus 50C and minus 60C, the lack of oxygen at high altitude and the dangers of the plane’s retracting landing gear could all have caused Mr Matada’s death before he fell to earth.


Mother of Boston Marathon bombing suspects in federal terrorism database from 2011 LIKE mother, like sons. Zubeidat Tsarnaev, mom to the accused Boston Marathon bombing suspects, landed in a federal terrorism database in 2011 — and possibly fostered her boys’ anti-U.S. sentiment, officials said. “She’s . . . a person of interest that we’re looking at to see if she helped radicalize her son or had contacts with other people in other terrorist groups,” said U.S. Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger (D-Md.) on Friday. The ethnic Chechen mother’s name was entered into the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment in 2011, according to a U.S. intelligence source. It was the first time U.S. officials acknowledged the mother was known to American authorities before sons Tamerlan, 26, and Dzhokhar, 19, unleashed hell at the Boston Marathon on April 15. Three people were killed and more than 260 injured in the twin blasts on Boylston St. The brothers later executed a Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer and wounded a transit cop, officials said. The CIA and the FBI, based on information from Russian officials, added Tamerlan’s name to a watch list over his radical Islamist views around the same time that his mom was identified. Despite the heads-up, Tamerlan was allowed to move freely through the U.S. and back to his native Russia in the months before the Boston

The mother of the two Boston bombing suspects was questioned by a team of investigators from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow this week. Here, she speaks at a news conference in Makhachkala, Russia, on Thursday.

terror attack. The elder brother died in a gunfight with law enforcement four days after the attacks. In other developments Friday: • Tamerlan’s kid brother Dzhokhar was transferred Friday from a Boston hospital to a federal prison medical center, authorities announced. The teen terror suspect is recovering from a gunshot wound to the throat and other injuries suffered in the brothers’ failed getaway attempt. • NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly refused to bad-mouth FBI

officials who remained closedmouthed over the brothers’ purported plot to detonate six bombs in Times Square. “I’m not going to characterize it,” Kelly said when asked for his feelings about the 48-hour delay in sharing information. “We want to know things as quickly as possible.” • The imam who married Tamerlan to a Rhode Island native on June 21, 2010, remembered the pair as “a happy couple.” He only learned about the groom’s part in the bombing when approached by a reporter.

New Italian ‘grand coalition’ government sworn in Prince Philip hailed the regiment’s “enviable reputation for peacekeeping”

Duke of Edinburgh ‘well’ despite eye injury BUCKINGHAM Palace has played down fears about the Duke of Edinburgh’s health after he was pictured with a badly-bruised eye during a trip to Canada. It is understood that Prince Philip, 91, did not fall and simply woke up with the bruising a few days ago. The duke earlier presented a new ceremonial flag to 3rd Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment, in Toronto. He is the regiment’s colonel-in-chief. He arrived in Canada on Friday and was expected to return to the UK on Sunday. Hundreds of people gathered to watch the military ceremony which featured parachutists and rappel teams racing down the side of a building. He told troops that “in a world where there is so much senseless

violence, the regiment has an enviable reputation for peacekeeping”. It is the prince’s first major foreign visit since 2011 when he accompanied the Queen on a tour of Australia. This time he has not been joined by the monarch on what the palace has described as a private engagement. His most recent overseas trip was to visit British troops in Germany last May. Philip, 91, has been admitted to hospital three times in the past 18 months after suffering health scares. Following his arrival from London - on an aircraft provided by the Royal Canadian Air Force - the duke was presented with the insignia of a Companion of the Order of Canada and Commander of the Order of Military Merit by the Governor General of Canada, David Johnston. (BBC)

A NEW Italian government has been sworn in at the presidential Quirinale Palace in Rome. Democratic Party Deputy Leader (PD), Enrico Letta, becomes prime minister at the head of a “grand coalition” including Silvio Berlusconi’s People of Freedom party (PDL). The swearing-in signals the end of two months of political deadlock. Away from the ceremony, outside the PM’s office, two police officers were injured in a shooting incident. One was shot in the neck and is described as being in a serious condition. The second suffered a serious wound to the leg. A pregnant woman was also slightly hurt. A man, named as Luigi Preiti, has been arrested. Prosecutors said he had confessed to targeting politicians, angry that he had lost his job. Rome Prosecutor Pierfilippo Laviani said he “wanted to shoot politicians, but given that he couldn’t reach any, he shot the Carabinieri”. The Mayor of Rome Gianni Alemanno said: “It’s not an act of terrorism but certainly the [political] climate of the past few months has not helped.”

President Napolitano (R) says the government headed by Enrico Letta (L) will have the support of both houses.

Since February’s inconclusive poll there has been political stalemate in Italy, which is still plagued by economic woes after becoming one of the first eurozone victims of the global financial crisis of 2008. The shooting happened about a kilometre (mile) away from the swearing-in ceremony, where, beginning with Mr Letta, the 21 new government ministers stepped forward one by one to receive the oath of office from President Giorgio Napolitano.

Correspondents say the “grand coalition” between Italy’s current main right- and left-wing parties is unprecedented, and will probably prove an uneasy alliance. Mr Berlusconi will not be a minister but had pushed for leading figures from his party to be given top posts. Mr Alfano, the PDL’s secretary and one of Mr Berlusconi’s closest political allies, is deputy prime minister as well as interior minister in the new government.



April 30 - May 6, 2013


“Kaya” which was done by Bob Marley (seen here) and the Wailers features 24 re-mastered tracks including a previously unreleased live show recorded in 1978.

“Kaya” comeback for Bob Marley and The Wailers TO CELEBRATE the anniversary of Bob Marley & The Wailers’ classic 1978 release “Kaya,” Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) has released “Kaya: 35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition” (Island/Tuff Gong/UMe), an expanded, double-CD collection featuring 24 remastered tracks. In addition to the original 10-song release is the B-side “Smile Jamaica,” while the second disc features the previously unreleased concert

“Live at Ahoy Hallen,” which was recorded in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, on July 7, 1978. Packaged with the original artwork, “Kaya: 35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition” comes with a 23-page booklet that includes lyrics, rare photos and extensive liner notes. In a departure from the reggae legend’s more political stance, “Kaya” adopted an easy-listening approach, focusing on the pursuit of inner peace, love and romance.

NBA legend Michael Jordan reportedly met Cuban model Yvette Prieto in 2008 and has had a relationship with her since then

Michael Jordan weds Cuban model Basketball legend Michael Jordan wed his model girlfriend Yvette Prieto in Florida on Saturday, surrounded by NBA royalty. Ex-Knicks center Patrick Ewing and Jordan’s former Chicago Bulls teammate Scottie Pippen were among the 500 guests who watched His Airness tie the knot inside Bethesda-by-the-Sea, an Episcopal church in Palm Beach, according to People magazine.

A reception for 2,000 guests was held afterward at the Bears Club, a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course in Jupiter, Fla. “They’ve been planning for months and months,” a source told People. “He wanted to give Yvette everything she’s ever wanted.” Prieto, a 35-year-old former model, met the Charlotte Bobcats owner at a Miami nightclub in 2008. They got engaged around Christmas 2011.

April 30 - May 6, 2013




April 30 - May 6, 2013


The new queen is flanked by first runner, Frenica Williams (right) and second runner up, Vanessa Hall (left)

Frenica Williams, Miss South Caicos was awarded Best Body and Miss Photogenic

MISS Salt Cay, Snwazna Adams was crowned Miss TCI Universe 2013 after gaining the approval of an esteemed panel of judges in the two-day competition at the Williams Auditorium on April 26 and 27. The 26-year-old teacher from Clement Howell High School also succeeded in charming the audience, even those who came in support of other contenders. She was also awarded the title of Miss Intellect after being asked: “What is the greatest social issue facing the Turks and Caicos Islands today and what solutions would you recommend to resolve it?” Adams answered: “One of the greatest social issues that the Turks

in place that will put more penalties and levies on the perpetrators of these crimes and violent acts.” After receiving the crown, the beauty said that “excited” was an understatement to describe how she felt. She said that the pageant experience had taught her to relax and believe in herself and just let her personality shine through. In preparation for the Miss Universe Pageant, Adams said she will be doing a lot of “training, reading and researching on international affairs, national affairs, exercising, dieting.” Her platform in the upcoming competition will be education “because I’m in the education field, I

Miss Salt Cay displays her physique in swimwear from Saint George Fashion House

Snwazna Adams takes the crown and Caicos Islands face today is violence and it’s not only gun violence but it’s also drug abuse which leads to violence. “And I would say that one of the ways that we can tackle this issue is to start programmes within the school system that will better educate the youth. “Also have parent and children programmes where parents can help in the process of bringing up their children because sometimes these children come from single parent homes and the only way they can turn to is violence and drugs because of their peers or the peer pressure that surrounds them. “We can also put better legislation

The sizzling six display their creative national costumes

love the whole concept of educating the youth because they are the upcoming generation”. Apart from the glamorous crown and title, she will receive a host of prizes including $3,000 cash, a down payment on a new home, tablet and wifi service from Islandcom, Rock it Hot fitness membership for one year and a Digicel smartphone and service for one year. She will also be Digicel’s brand ambassador and lead an ad campaign, be featured in and on the cover of Times of the Islands magazine and receive a Saint George Fashion House wardrobe for Miss Universe competitions, along with more fabulous prizes.

First runner up went to Frenica Williams, Miss South Caicos, who was also awarded Miss Photogenic, Best Body and Best National Costume. Miss Grand Turk Vanessa Hall took the second runner up spot while Miss Middle Caicos Cortrina Cooper won Best Talent and was also voted Miss Congeniality by the other contestants for her likeable and fun personality. The pageant stretched over two events; the preliminary completions saw the girls in swimwear, national costume and a display of their talent. A panel of seven judges including John Wright of Wrightfully Fit, Judge Margret Ramsey-Hales, Director of Culture David Bowen and Rock it

April 30 - May 6, 2013



Judges of the final event join the winners onstage

Hot’s Natasha Leybush assessed the girls in the preliminary event. At the grand finale on April 27, the contestants displayed swimwear from Saint George Fashion House in a swimsuit presentation, exhibited their national costume, evening gown and answered their final question. Each contestant randomly picked a number assigned to each judge who then posed their question to that participant. The judges who were entrusted with the decision of choosing the most spectacular contestant to represent the TCI on the world stage included Regent Palms manager Karen Whitt, Digicel CEO E Jay Saunders, attorney Oliver Smith and president of the Miss Bahamas Universe Organisation Michelle Malcolm. Chief judge Gordon Burton, director of Caribbean Management Service, was tasked with the job of combining over 14 judges’ scores to determine the winner of the pageant. During the two evenings, contestants were not the only ones who entertained the crowd. The event was punctuated by spectacular entertainment from Crystal Charles, the Blackout Crew,

Frenica Williams, Miss South Caicos, wins Best Costume in this creation depicting TCI’s beautiful underwater scene

Snwazna Adams is crowned by TCI’s first representative to the Miss Universe Pageant, Constance Lightbourne – Miss TCI Universe 1980

Donna Messam, Edison Goddard, Craig Archibald and Robyn Hinds – with all their performances ending

of the organisation Kazz Forbes and his team of organisers delivered a fantastic pageantry experience of

The ladies look glamorous in their elegant evening gowns

in eruptions of applause from the crowd. Spectators agreed that president

glitz, glamour and grace for the six contestants, and all of Turks and Caicos to enjoy. (KH)



April 30 - May 6, 2013

The ten young ladies vying to be TCI’s next Top Model

Some lovely island chic outfits on display

Contestants display fashion from local area retailers on Regent Street

Top Model event delights spectators JUST one week before the highly anticipated Top Model contest, organisers hosted a fabulous event on Regent Street, presenting to the public a peek of what the ten young ladies will be bringing to the competition. Eager onlookers lined the street at the April 27 event, ‘Before Couture: An afternoon on Regent Street,’ to see the contenders model items from the area retailers and compete in a fun fashion challenge. In the challenge, each contestant was required to pick four items off a rack of clothing provided by the Salvation Army and “rock the runway”, down Regent Street and back, in the least possible time. The participants were also judged on their choice of clothing and how well they strutted in the getup. After an exciting scramble to get through the challenge as quickly as possible, Ethline Wilner did it best in the least time. Other entertainment during the afternoon affair included amazing performances by Rock it Hot Dance Group, Ryesha Higgs and Trigga Api. The Top Model Contest, themed ‘Royele Couture: LUXE,’ is scheduled for Saturday, May 4, at the

Williams Auditorium. Ariel Cox, Stacie Ann Thomas, Felicia Williams, Iberly Abreau, Jessica Johnson, Sarantina Philantrope, Ethline Wilner, Samentha Etienne, Dwina Ariza and Carlisa Williams are vying for this year’s title. In the past months contestants have been working resolutely to prepare themselves for the contest which can gain them top modelling contracts and launch them into successful careers in the industry. Pre-show judging will evaluate the contestants’ personality, professionalism, models portfolio folder and industry readiness. On the evening of the event, judging will be done on Impact Appeal - initial presence on the catwalk; Rock That Look - Runway Walk; Royele Swim - physical fitness in the swimsuit segment and Fashion Forward - how best contestants showcase the final garment. Tickets are currently on sale for $75 for VIP and $50 for general admission. For more information or to purchase tickets, call 649.344.2502, visit or
email (KH)

April 30 - May 6, 2013



Trying to win the fashion challenge: A model hurriedly puts on her selected pieces

Just one week away from the Top Model contest, participants gave the public a peek of what’s to come

Rock it Hot dance group entertains the crowd

All garments worn in the show can be found in the boutiques on Regent Street


Job Listings Services Auto sales real estate


Brama Kumaris


3-bedroom apartment $1100.00 per month it will be available May 1st.

contact: 946-4664

April 30 - May 6, 2013

946-4664 Fax: 946-4661



MARIANE DILL Is looking for a

Raja Yoga Meditation Centre Turks and Caicos Islands

Telephone 946-4760 & 332-4101 Email:



Worker To work 6 days per week salary $6.00 per hour. contact: 946-4211 8110

Construction scaffold and roof tiles for sale CONTACT: 431-1591 OR 231-3788

April 30 - May 6, 2013



QUINBY HALL Is looking for a

Is in need of filling the position of a



To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 331-1274


REGINALD TALBOT Is looking for a

;;Position involves the general operation and supervision of a car rental ;;Successful applicants must possess the following qualification ;;Previous experience in working at a busy car rental agency ;;Good customer service skills a must ;;Excellent communication, writing and computer skills ;;Previous supervisory experience necessary ;;Must be willing to work weekends and holidays ;;Good organizational and problem solving skills ;;Starting salary approximately $25k/ year, but commensurate with experience

Amazing Value! Lot for Sale



CONTACT: 231-3788

contact: 232-7344

Salary $2,500.00 per month





Please send resume via email to: Those applicants with required qualification will be contacted for an interview BELONGER ONLY NEED APPLY




In Gated/Planned Community in Long Bay. Flamingo Crossing lot comes with full set of House Plans, all underground utilities, etc.

$49,999 o.b.o. Call 231-3788

FOR QUICK SALE PRICE SLASHED $180,000 CASH! House and ½ Acre land Richmond Hill 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath Fully furnished

Call: 231-3788




April 30 - May 6, 2013




The Provo Children’s Home is seeking caregiver/supervisors for the Home located in Chalk Sound in Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands. The following requirements apply: • Preferred but not mandatory, a degree in psychology, counseling or social work • Experience working in related field ie teaching, nursing, coaching, day care, etc. • Ability to build constructive, caring, nurturing relationships with children with complex needs • Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office programs • Excellent written and verbal communication skills • Preferred qualifications in food prep and handling • Ability to cook meals for large numbers • Preferred First Aid training • Must hold a clean, valid driver’s license



;; Through knowledge of food products, standards, recipes and proper preparation ;; Good communication skills, both verbal and written ;; Excellent computer skills ;; Must be able to swim ;; Minimum of 5 years experience working as a chef ;; Must be prepared to work long hours including weekends and public holidays and to live onboard the vessel ;; Starting salary of $400 per week ;; Belongers only need apply

Please email resumes to 8124

These posts are residential and require a certain percentage of over night shifts. Private accommodation and meals provided on overnight shifts. Salaries start at $1200 per month and are dependent on experience and qualifications. Only Belongers need apply.

The position(s) are available from July 2013. Interviews will be by appointment only. Please send resumes to PCH Director at All correspondence is via email and all applications must be received by May 15, 2013.

Hertz / Mystique Car Rental Tel# 649-941-3910

Vehicles for Sale Make/Model


License # Colour


Nissan March Nissan March Nissan March Nissan March Toyota Vitz Toyota Vitz Toyota Vitz Toyota Vitz Toyota Vitz Mazda Demio Mazda Demio Mazda Demio Ford Focus Hyundai Accent Hyundai Accent Hyundai Accent Hyundai Accent Hyundai Accent Hyundai Accent Hyundai Accent Hyundai Accent Ford Taurus Ford Taurus Toyota Corolla Jeep Wrangler Jeep Wrangler Jeep Wrangler Mitsubishi Pajero Town & Country Town & Country Town & Country Town & Country Dodge Caravan Town & Country Dodge Caravan Ford Freestar Ford Expedition Ford F150 Ford Escape Daihatsu Terios Ford Explorer

2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2006 2007 2007 2007 2006 2007 2006 2007 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2006 2006 2006 2007 2007 2007 2000 2005 2005 2005 2006 2005 2006 2005 2004 2004 2009 2007 2008 2009

7724 7725 7727 7728 7738 7739 7741 7742 7743 6794 7735 7736 7018 7654 7501 7652 7653 7655 7656 7657 7658 6790 6791 6889 6897 6853 6890 6597 6693 6695 6694 6800 6698 6789 6697 6497 6867 7703 7012 7332 7593

8000.00 9000.00 10000.00 8000.00 9700.00 9000.00 8000.00 10200.00 9500.00 7500.00 8500.00 6500.00 7500.00 12000.00 9500.00 12000.00 12000.00 12000.00 12000.00 12000.00 12000.00 6500.00 6000.00 10500.00 20000.00 20000.00 20000.00 8500.00 8500.00 8500.00 8700.00 9000.00 8500.00 10000.00 10500.00 6000.00 15500.00 29900.00 18000.00 16000.00 30500.00

Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Light Blue Silver Blue Silver Silver Silver Silver Burgundy Silver Dark Gray Dark Grey Silver Light blue Dark Grey Dark Grey Dark Grey Silver Silver White Grey Blue White White Gold White Silver Navy Blue White Blue Gold Red Tan White Tan White Silver

Newer vehicles are available for information please call the Office 941-3910




Must have open water scuba diving certification Must have at least 5 years experience working on yacht Must be fluent in Spanish, English and German Must be computer literate Must be prepared to work long hours including weekends and holidays and to live onboard the vessel • Starting salary of $400 per week • Belonger need only apply

Please email resume to 8125

Tropical DMC is looking to fill the following position: CONCEPT DESIGNER NEEDED • This position is part time and would require someone with an artistic background to come up with design concepts for weddings and events held on island. • The candidate must be able to use power point, MAC and other software to create floor plans and layouts of locations. Web experience an asset to assist in setting up design ideas online • The candidate must have a background in artistic design and hold an art degree from a recognized institution. • Experience with oil and water based paint, clay, pottery wheels, sculpting and airbrushing. Candidate will need to be able to hand paint set designs,

welcome gifts, signage and other items per event. • Floral design experience also required. • Physical labor to set arbors, and other set props will be necessary so candidate must be in good physical condition • Candidate must not be afraid of heights as climbing ladders and hanging lighting will be required • Must have vehicle and valid insurance and driver’s license • Rate of pay $10 per hour • Hours will vary depending on the season • This is a part time position as hours will range from 10-25 hours per week depending on events.

Please send your resume and cover letter to:

Teresa Brunner, Tropical Destination Management | 649-231-4161


Architect required to assist design team with preparation of Construction Documents, Drawings, and Specifications, with focus on the Design, Construction Management, and Supervision in the single family residential market in the Turks & Caicos Islands. Successful applicant will possess a comprehensive understanding of Building Science and Architectural Design, with good communication skills and team attitude, and, must be a Graduate Architect with minimum 10 years experience in the industry. A knowledge of Jandy Caretaker in-floor pool cleaning system and Pentair Prologic Control system would be a great asset.

Computer literacy shall include:

• AutoCAD Architecture and 3D imaging • Critical Path scheduling software (preferably Primavera's SureTrak) • QuickBooks Accounting system • Adobe Photoshop • Sage Master Builder • On Screen Takeoff • Word processing • Spreadsheet applications

Interested individuals shall submit resumes to: R.A. Shaw Designs Project House, Leeward Hwy, Providenciales. Tel. 941-4394


April 30 - May 6, 2013




The Meridian Club On Pine Cay

is looking for a

Turks & Caicos Islands British West Indies



To work 3 days per week salary $5.00 per hour. Contact: 247-4588 8150

GENTS BARBER SPA Is looking for a

Barber contact: 347-3121


To work 6 days per week salary $6.00 per hour.

JIMBOLYA TRUCKING Is looking for a

Mechanic To work 5 days per week. Salary $6.00 per hour.

email: jimbolyhr2014@ 8152

1). General Manager and 2). Island Administrator Note: Meridian Club operations include a hotel and home rental operation, along with restaurant, bar, guest excursion, marine, maintenance, gardening, commissary, K-9 security and housekeeping services. We handle all reservations and marketing services in-house. Given our size and limited housing capacity, we cannot afford to have management personnel for each area of operations, so these are unique positions requiring multiple skills and obligations. Hours in each position are those necessary for proper operation of resort and island 7 days per week throughout season. Both employees must therefore reside full time on-island. Husband and wife team strongly preferred because of joint responsibilities and limited housing capacity. Salaries: Commensurate with education, training, experience, work record and capability. Minimum combined salary for both positions $75,000/yr. Duties of General Manager: Oversees all island and resort operations; schedules all staff work and vacations; ensures staff discipline; oversees restaurant and commissary operations; interviews and hires new staff members as necessary; conducts staff performance reviews; oversees staff training programs; oversees preparation of operational budgets; oversees reservation services, guest services and marketing operations for hotel and home rental operations; schedules all staff, homeowner and guest transportation to and from island; oversees some resort capital improvement projects; maintains cordial guest relations; oversees scheduling, catering and service for special events; oversees homeowner services; ensures safety of all persons lawfully on island; oversees all homeowner, guest and staff accounts; represents resort at meetings of Hotel Association and Tourist Board; arranges entertainment for resort functions; must dine and socialize with guests some nights every week during resort season; provides first aid and CPR to guests, homeowners and staff when necessary and arranges evacuation for medical care when indicated; jointly oversees and personally provides care, training and handling services for K-9 security dogs. Qualifications Required for General Manager:

MANVELLA PRATT is looking for a

Caretaker To work 5 days 8151

per week salary $6.00 per hour.

Contact: 441-0022

at The Meridian Club on Pine Cay

;; Minimum of 4 year bachelor’s degree from accredited college or university in hotel management or equivalent discipline. ;; Minimum of 10 years experience as general manager of 4-5 star resort. ;; Must have at least 5 years experience in overseeing restaurant operations. ;; Must be skilled in handling all duties specified above. ;; Must be willing to reside on Pine Cay on a full time basis, 24 hrs/ day. ;; Must have at least 5 years experience in resort marketing operations

;; Must have at least 5 years experience in managing resort reservation operations. ;; Must have at least 5 years experience in preparing resort operational budgets. ;; Must have training in first aid and emergency resuscitation techniques. ;; Must be willing to work evenings when necessary and remain available for emergencies at all times. ;; Private island work experience desirable. ;; Must have training and experience handling K-9 security dogs or be willing to take K-9 training courses. Duties of Island Administrator: Oversees all homeowner service operations and some capital projects( in conjunction with Assistant Island Manager/ Head of Maintenance); oversees all resort administrative functions, including bookkeeping, ordering, staff time records, payroll and billing; assists in maintaining staff discipline; handles insurance issues for resort and island operations; oversees front office staff; participates in establishing operational budgets for resort and island; ensures proper hurricane preparations; maintains records of homeowner services; represents resort and island at hotel and tourist Board meetings; oversees gardening/landscaping operations; works with General Manager to ensure island safety and cordial guest and homeowner relations; provides first aid and life-saving assistance for guests, homeowners and staff as necessary in emergencies and arranges for evacuation to medical facilities on Providenciales if indicated; monitors night security of island and responds to security problems; serves as liaison with Government Labour and Health officials; required to dine and socialize with guests some evenings every week during resort season; jointly oversees and personally provides care, training and handling services for K-9 security dogs. Qualifications Required for Island Administrator: ;; Minimum of 4 year degree at accredited college or university. ;; Minimum of 5 years experience in handling administrative duties at 4-5 star resort. ;; Must have at least 5 years experience in resort guest service operations. ;; Must be skilled in handling all duties specified above. ;; Must have experience in preparing resort operational budgets. ;; Must be willing to reside on Pine Cay on a full time basis, 24 hrs/ day. ;; Must be skilled in using Quickbooks bookkeeping system. ;; Must have first aid and emergency resuscitation training. ;; Must be willing to work evenings as necessary and remain available for emergencies at all times. ;; Experience working on privately owned island desirable. ;; Training and/or experience in landscaping or horticulture desirable. ;; Must have training and experience handling K-9 security dogs or be willing to undergo K-9 training courses. Starting Date for Both Positions: Upon acceptance.

Contact Person and Contact Information: Board of Directors of The Meridian Club, Limited. Please send: 1. resume with your contact information (mailing address, e-mail address, phone number) and 2. several references with contact information and a statement of how you know each person named, by e-mail to or by fax to 649-941-7010 or deliver to The Meridian Club c/o Turks & Caicos Sotheby’s, Venture House, Grace Bay road (Salt Mills area) 3. please respond no later than May 5, 2013 Additional Information: All qualified applicants will be interviewed.



April 30 - May 6, 2013



Labourers Is looking for 2

To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour contact: 946-5612

BELONGER STATUS APPLICATION (Section 3 (5) of the Immigration Ordinance)

Take Notice that I, RIC TODD, Governor of Turks and Caicos in exercise of the powers conferred on me by section 3(2) of the Immigration Ordinance intend to grant a Certificate of Belonger Status to Junelle Audige-Stubbs a national of Haiti by virtue of marriage to a Belonger. RIC TODD

The Windsong Resort is seeking suitably qualified individuals for the positions shown below. These positions are full time, require periodic international travel and a flexible work schedule that includes holidays, weekends, and extended days. Salary commensurate with experience, education, and training.

Windsong Resort

Requirements: • Minimum 5 years of experience over the past 7 years ( min 3 years with a single company/property) as a Resort General Manager at a successful 50+ room Caribbean property with a minimum of 4 star rating. • Hospitality MSc Degree desirable. • Minimum 3 years of experience managing a successful resort or free standing food and beverage operation. • International experience an asset and second language (Spanish or French) highly desirable. • Minimum 5 years managing condominium strata operations • Dedication to developing a strong team approach to operations. • Excellent business and personal references • Direct experience, skill and knowledge in: • 1. Developing and monitoring guest satisfaction programs • 2. P&L analysis and annual budget preparation with monitoring and reporting functions to corporate office • 3. Developing long and short term marketing plans with milestone achievements • 4. Building schedules for annual facilities maintenance and long term preventative maintenance programs • 5. Revenue management and extranet operations • 6. Human resource and local labor relations

Director of Operations Windsong Resort

Requirements: • Minimum 5 years of experience over the past 7 years ( 3 years with a single company/property) in resort development in an executive position, including production of development proformas, real estate marketing plans, construction costs analysis, resort construction contract administration and resort real estate brokerage sales administration • All the requirements for the position of General Manager

Please email resume to Windsong Resort 649-941-7700V 941-7719F Suitably qualified Belongers who possess the requirements listed above are encouraged to apply.

is looking for a

BETH OWEN Is looking for a

Boat Captain Contact: 941-3047

contact: 346-5941

– $5.00 per hour



Domestic Domestic Worker Worker To work 1 day



General Manager


Is looking to fill the following positions:

– $7.00 per hour Must be willing to work 6 days per week


JAY & DOREEN STUBBS Is looking for a

Labourer/ Yardman To work 3 days per week salary $120 per week.

contact: 231-3184

To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.


AUDITOR NEEDED BSBA graduate major in accounting.15 years experience in internal and external auditing. Excellent knowledge of QuickBooks, POS, Peachtree and Quicken software’s. Excellent knowledge in preparation of financial reports Must be able to work on deadline Email:



per week salary $5.00 per hour. Contact: 232-5583


B & M CONSTRUCTION Is looking for the following persons:

Finish wood


Must be willing to work 5 days per week salary commensurate with experience.

Contact: 242-3256


Mega Yacht Operations Manager New marina seeking to fill this position in demanding industry. Applicants must possess all of the following:

;5 ; or more years experience in mega yacht operations and a thorough understanding of the mega yacht industry. ;5 ; or more years experience in the marina industry, specifically marina operations and management, including sales and marketing and management of marina events. ;Familiar ; with the budget process and have 5 or more years experience at managing budgets to meet or exceed financial goals. ;A ; well developed network within the mega yacht industry, specifically the Caribbean and Mediterranean markets. ;An ; understanding of the mega yacht charter industry and connections in the charter broker industry. ;Advanced ; skills in all Microsoft applications are essential and knowledge of IQ Ware is an advantage.

Please submit your resume with a cover letter to with “Marina” as the subject by Monday 13th May 2013. 8148



Is looking for 2

Is looking for a



To work 6 days per week

Contact: Padma 331-4101



Supervisor To work 6 days per week salary $10.00 per hour. Contact: 441-6669


For Graceway Sports Centre • Must have certification in Qwan-Ki-Do • Must have 5-7 years of training in respective field and 3-5 years minimum teaching experience for different age groups and levels are mandatory • He or she must be able to physically demonstrate, explain and teach techniques, postures, poses and sequences • English language skills are also required


Email your application to:

BCS-CS/MAC MOTORS/ FOOTPRINTS/ GLAMOUR GIRL Salon Land Rover Specialist/ Operations Manager • Diagnose and repair cars, light, trucks, heavy trucks and earth moving equipment • Diagnose and repair hydraulic drive systems • Working knowledge of diagnostic tools such as GTR, Dealer • Connect IDS, WDS,Starscan,DRB3,NGS and Tech 2 • Qualified Professional Technician (ASE Certified, Master, L3 and up) • Automotive Service Knowledge • Must have 15 years experience. Salary is negotiable

BARBERS/ CLEANERS Salary $5.00 per hour


Salary $8.00 per hour



BAYVIEW MOTORS is in need of filling the position of


• • • • • •

Successful applicants must possess the following qualifications: Previous experience in managing a similar sized automotive dealership Must be familiar with all facets of the management of an automotive dealership Experience in managing a busy automotive service department Experience with collision estimation Experience in automotive sales, including vehicle purchasing and manufacturer pricing negotiation • General knowledge of automotive mechanics a definite asset • Excellent communication, writing, and computer skills • Starting salary approximately 50k/year but commensurate with experience

Please send resume via email to: Those applicants with required qualification will be contacted for interview BELONGER ONLY NEED APPLY 8134

VACANCY British Caribbean Bank is looking for applicants to fill the role of

Supervisor – Credit Interested parties should possess: • At least 10 years banking experience; • Professional Qualifications in the field of Banking or Finance; • Experience in Retail Banking, Operations, Commercial Lending, Relationship Management and Computer Literacy

Contact: PO Box 270, 101 Governor’s Road, Leeward, Providenciales Belongers need only apply

Send your email to or call (649) 241-1228

The Financial Services Commission, a statutory body of the Turks and Caicos Islands Government responsible for the licensing and regulation of financial services businesses, is seeking qualified applicants for the post of

Regulatory Policy Analyst DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES The holder of this position will carry out the following duties: Undertake research, under the direction of the Head of Banking and Trusts or the Managing Director, to determine any weaknesses in the existing regulatory framework and make recommendations for the enhancement of same for the financial services sector. Such research to also include an internal review to determine any gaps in the standards being used and those of international standard setters and make recommendation for reducing or eliminating such gaps. Assist in the development of methodologies to guide the Bank and trusts Department’s supervisory regime, both offsite and onsite. The holder of the position will also be expected to help formulate standards to ensure that sound business and financial practices are adhered to by licensees. Conduct appropriate research and draft responses to surveys from international agencies in respect to the supervisory practices and framework of the Turks and Caicos Islands as may be requested. Keep abreast of developments in international regulatory standards such as the Basle Capital Accords and Core Principles, Corporate Governance etc. and make recommendations to ensure that the jurisdiction is on par with best practice and compliant as far as possible with the adoption of these. Participate in onsite and offsite examinations with the objective of establishing where changes may be required to improve these areas. Perform other functions as set out in the job description in relation to the post or as may be assigned by the Head of Banking and Trust or the Managing Director.




• Must have minimum of 10 years knowledge of Neapolitan and Roman style pizza making • Must know preparation with short and long rising dough’s • Must have experience with a high temperature refractory oven • Must be willing to work weekends, evenings and holidays • Must be available to work 6 nights per week • Must speak, read and write English • Must have clean police record • Salary $450.00 per week


• Must have 5 years experience on the line with Italian cuisine • Must be willing to work weekends, evenings and holidays • Must be available 6 nights per week • Must speak, read and write English • Must work well with others and work well under and work well under pressure • Must have clean police record • Salary $6.00per hour

Submit resume to P.O. Box 543 or deliver resumes to restaurant Monday – Friday 10:00am-3:00pm closing date for application is May 10th, 2013

SPECIFIC KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED • Sound knowledge of banking law, trust law and AML regulations; • Sound knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Accounting Standards (IAS); • Sound knowledge of the workings of the Basle Committee on Bank Supervision and the related Core Principles; • Sound knowledge of banking operations and practices and current developments in the financial sector, both local and international; • Sound understanding of IT systems and their use in the financial services industry; • Sound knowledge of specialty areas such as economics and statistical research mythologies and techniques.

EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting/Finance or other related discipline. Five (5) years related experience. OTHER INFORMATION APPLICABLE TO THE POST This position falls within Grade 6 of the Commission’s pay scale. Actual salary payable will be determined by reference to the degree of qualification, experience, knowledge base and other criteria that the Commission may assess. The duties for the above post may be carried out at either of the Commission’s offices in Grand Turk or Providenciales.

Applications should be received no later than May 10, 2013 and may be emailed to or faxed to 1-649-941-8379


April 30 - May 6, 2013


YA3B acting on behalf of our clients La Pause Store, Major Beauty Salon, B Beauty Box is looking to fill the following positions:


Domestic Worker To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 941-3713


Job Advertisement Caicos MARINA & SHIPYARD Marine Labourer


April 30 - May 6, 2013


;; Must have proven experience hauling and blocking boats in the correct areas on blocks or stands. ;;General understanding of boat construction ;; Keen attention to detail. ;; Self motivated ;; Ability to work some weekends and holidays.

Duties Include:

Cleaning the facilities, landscaping, greasing machinery, washing boats, pressure washing boat bottoms, sanding and painting boat bottoms using antifouling paint.

Nail Technician – $6.00 per hour Supervisor – $8.00 per hour 2 Hairdressers – $6.00 per hour Contact: 344-4540


School For Field Studies, South Caicos Job Title:

Student Affairs Manager

Job Summary:

Manage the non-academic affairs of US college students in a field-based, study abroad program. Salary: Salary commensurate with experience. Qualifications: BS or Masters (preferred) in relevant discipline, Current Wilderness First Responder/CPR Certifications, Experience managing student groups, Experience managing logistics

To Apply: Please send your CV to RDAKE@FIELDSTUDIES.ORG by April 30, 2013. CV’s will be reviewed and only potential candidates will be contacted. Start Date: August 2013


Wage rate: $8.00 per hour.



;; Must have proven experience repairing outboard motors. ;;Keen attention to detail. ;; Ability to work some weekends and holidays ;; 10 yrs experience in marine engine repairs, formal training in mechanics and electrical 12V systems

Duties Include:

Diagnosis and repair of marine gas engines and installation of new units. Analyzing defects and adjusting or repairing mechanical systems of outboard motors as well as replacing parts, such as gears, magneto points, piston rings, spark plugs etc. and reassembling motors. Wage rate: $10.00 per hour



;; 5 years experience working with fiberglass ;;Must be willing to work in full chemical suit with respirator ;; Have a general knowledge of boat construction ;; Prior experience painting and installing fiberglass in a marine environment. ;; Keen attention to detail ;;Ability to work some weekends and holidays

Duties Include:

Grinding and installing fiberglass, sanding bottom paint, assisting with hauling boats and preparing boats for painting. Wage rate: $11.00 per hour



;; 10 years experience working with fiberglass ;;Thorough understanding of the various types of resins and their uses ;; Thorough understanding of boat construction ;; Experience operating boat lifting equipment ;; Must be willing to work in full chemical suit with respirator

Duties Include:

Construction of fiberglass molds, sanding and painting bottoms and operating boat lifting machinery. Wage rate: $11.00 per hour

Applications must be submitted in writing and delivered by hand to Caicos Marina and Shipyard, Long Bay Highway, Providenciales, Tel: (649) 2321905/ 946 5600. Applicants must have five plus (5+) years experience working at a marina. Closing date for applications is 30th April, 2013. Suitable candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Community Fellowship Centre Accepting applications for:

Church Administrator Requirements:

• Must be a born again believer • B.SC in Business Administration/Management studies or related field • At least 5 years in an administrative capacity • Strong leadership, organizational and administrative skills • Must possess experience and training in Business Administration or Church Administration • Must have effective budgeting and accounting skills Suitable applicants may forward resumes addressed to

Church Board – Community Fellowship Centre Leeward Highway, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands Tel: 649-941-3484 Fax: 649-941-3482. Email:

Housekeeper/Dog Sitter needed

Job requirements

• include full responsibility for house, as well as taking care of dogs. Cleaning, changing linens, ironing walking, washing and feeding the dogs are just a few of the many various tasks to be accomplished on a daily basis. • Candidates must have experience in care of very elderly a necessity. • Must be available on short notice, including nights and weekends. • Must be bilingual: Spanish and English. • Must be enthusiastic and like dogs. • Base salary $5 an hour. Applications in writing, including 3 references, can be sent to:

Rockgarden Ltd. c/o Saunders and Co. Post Office Box 257 Town Centre, Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands Deadline for submissions I May 2013

April 30 - May 6, 2013





is looking for a


Is looking for a

Is looking for a


To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour. Contact: 341-2178 8116

per week salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 241-1429


School For Field Studies, South Caicos

Waterfront Assistant – Center for Marine Resource Studies

Job Summary: The purpose of this position is to provide support in the areas of program delivery, academics, research, group dynamics, logistics, program safety, risk management and site maintenance. Salary: Stipend provided Qualifications: Active Dive Master Cert. and Insurance, Current CPR/First Aid, BA/BS in Marine Science/Policy, Small boat experience, Willing to work flexible hours, Clean driving record

To Apply: Please send your CV to RDAKE@FIELDSTUDIES.ORG by April 30, 2013. CV’s will be reviewed and only potential candidates will be contacted. Start Date: August 2013

Is looking for a

Kitchen Helper

Domestic Domestic Truck Driver Worker Worker To work 6 days To work 5 days per week salary $6.00 per hour. contact: 231-6926


To work 5 days per week salary $6.00 per hour contact: 946-8550


The Somerset Strata Management Co. Ltd.

JOB VACANCY The Somerset Strata organization is seeking suitable qualified Belongers who possess the requirements listed are encouraged to apply. Ideal candidates should possess luxury resort experience, be professional in attitude and demeanor and must read and speak English fluently.


Responsibilities: Troubleshoot and perform minor repairs on heating, cooling and ventilation systems Paint and repair drywall along with performing routine maintenance jobs and repairs around the property General Requirements: Must be a team player with a desire to deliver excellent customer service to our guest Must have clear English communications skills (written or oral) Previous experience in this area would be an asset Salary for this position will commensurate with qualifications and experience Qualified Belonger candidates are requested to submit a CV by e-mail to:


Aleisa Musgrove, Strata Operations Manager The Somerset Resort on Grace Bay Submissions for this job position should be received no later than April 30, 2013

Patient Administration


The Somerset Resort Management Ltd. is seeking Labour Clearance for the positions listed below. Suitably qualified Belongers who possess the requirements listed are encouraged to apply. Ideal candidates should possess luxury resort experience, be professional in attitude and demeanor and must read and speak English fluently. Positions require a flexible schedule which includes holidays, weekends and evenings, and extended hours on occasion. Salaries are based on experience and qualifications.

Cheshire Hall Medical Centre Providenciales, TCI

InterHealthCanada (TCI) Ltd wishes to appoint a healthcare professional to the post of Patient Administration Manager. Reporting to the CEO, post holder will be responsible for the following:-


• Management of Patient Health Records & Statistics (Preparation of statistics and monthly reports as required by Management and Head Office) • Management of patient administration and financial function (including billing, dept collection) • Liaison – Medical and Insurance agencies and doctors (internally and externally) • Management and training of the overall within the department • Ensure compliance with company policies and procedures

Outgoing, friendly and highly experienced swimmer. Must be energetic and enjoy working outdoors. Ability to lift heavy objects weighing up to 50 pounds is required. CPR/First Aid certification is required. Lifeguard and rescue experience desired. Must have previous watersports experience in a five-star resort environment.

ROOM ATTENDANT Possess at least 3 years of experience in five-star resorts. Strong attention to details and exceptional ability to maintain the highest standards of quality required. Must be a team player with a strong work ethic. Courteous individuals who possess a positive demeanor and a commitment to excellence are required.


The incumbent must have at least an associate’s degree in business management or equivalent with 5 years experienced in cash collection and revenue protection. The incumbent must poses a minimum of two (2) years in managerial or supervisory experience preferably in a healthcare environment, excellent organizational skills, interpersonal communication skills and the ability to function independently. Extensive knowledge of medical terminologies is a bonus.

LINEN ROOM CONTROLLER Possess at least 3 years of experience in five-star resorts. Must be calm, efficient, proficient, professional, knowledgeable and organized to fulfill requests consistent with five-star luxury standards. A good knowledge of hotel operations with a focus on housekeeping is vital. Ability to direct and resolve issues and/or concerns promptly is required. Ideal candidates must be able to influence and promote a cohesive and positive work attitude among all staff members.

Remuneration packages will be based on qualification and experience. Only qualified B.O.T.C-Turks and Caicos Islands and persons with Belonger Status should apply.

Email qualifications and experiences to: Closing date for application: Tuesday 30th April 2013


Qualified Belonger candidates can complete an application form in person at The Somerset on Grace Bay or submit a resume by e-mail at Tel: 946-5900. Fax: 946-5839. The closing date for applications is May 6, 2013.




April 30 - May 6, 2013

WARD CONSULTANCY Acting on behalf of our clients: Ripple Ltd., Coyaba, Southwind Millwork is looking for the following persons:

Assistant Manager of Special Projects and Procurement Requirements: • Knowledge of the installation and maintenance of Saflok Door Locking systems • Specific engineering experience related to water treatment plants, swimming pool equipment, irrigation, lighting systems • Must have existing relationships with product suppliers in India, China and other Asian countries with knowledge of Indian languages helpful (Hindi, etc) • Project management experience including managing construction labor, contractors, engineers and architects • Minimum of 5 years experience in procurement and managing refurbishment budgets • Understanding and Experience of Strata Management • Diploma in International Hospitality Management • Computer literacy (Microsoft Word, Opera,CAD) Responsibilities • Planning and managing all capital expenditure projects as decided by the hotel owner, including setting out and managing budgets, procurement, purchasing and installation where necessary of furniture, equipment and other items for the hotel, negotiations with subcontractors, management of labor and equipment companies. • Negotiating with international suppliers, including existing key suppliers in India, China and other Asian countries. • Assisting the hotel Engineering department with procurement needs, and repairs when necessary to systems installed in the hotel rooms, restaurant, kitchens, swimming pools and all other areas of the property. Knowledge of the installation and maintenance of Saflok Door Locking systems • Qualified Belongers need only to apply • Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience

Personal Concierge/Butler Requirements: • Provides a very personal, detailed, seamless service to guests • Take care of guests needs in a highly professional manner. • Be seen by the guests in response to all the guest’s needs and requests. • The attention to detail required and the ability to anticipate the needs of guests needs demand that the butler is a consummate hotel professional with impeccable standards • Strive to create an atmosphere that makes a ‘wow’ impression on the guests • Will not accept anything less that the best available presentation of the suites/ rooms and public areas of the floors. • Must take gentle care of all their guests from arrival until departure without imposing themselves on the guest • Fluency in a second language preferably Spanish or Italian would be an asset • Belongers need only to apply • Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience

Cook Job Requirements: • Middle level culinary skills • Dependable, proactive, organized, team player • Education from a formal culinary program • At least two to three years cooking experience; preparing international breakfast, lunch and dinner in regional cooking environment • Sanitation certificate • Ability to plan, organize and execute meal plans • Must speak and read English fluently • Additional languages an asset • Qualified Belongers need only to apply • Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience

Executive Assistant to the Chief Operations Officer/VP S&M (COO/VP S&M) & Marketing Coordinator JOB OVERVIEW: The Executive Assistant to the COO/VPS&M is responsible for supporting the COO/ VPS&M in all professional duties, including but not limited to, personal and business phone calls, emails, texts and faxes, travel requirements ie. Visa applications, Accommodation, tickets as well as creating travel schedule to manage all business meetings, booking conferences, report writing, data input, expenses/travel budget etc. As Marketing Coordinator key responsibilities include assisting pre-arrival coordinator with VIP Calendars and itineraries for key influencers, issuing gift certificates for suites when approved by Director of Sales and Marketing (DOSM), processing local marketing invoices when approved by Director of Marketing (DOM), responding to sponsorship requests, ensuring adequate exposure gained from sponsorship. Ensure all PR material is tabulated and filed. Alias with DOM and have photo library updated. Ensure copy on partner websites is current. Database management for DOSM, COO and E Marketing.

CFWF assist COO REPORTS TO: COO/Vice President of Sales and Marketing, DOSM & DOM (all daily duties and tasks to be coordinated with DOM) KEY RELATIONSHIPS: Internal: Grace Bay Resorts Sales and Marketing, Senior Leaders at any resort under Grace Bay Resorts Management, Reservations teams and all other relevant departments External: Key S&M & and PR Representatives, Resort guests, Travel Agents, Tour Operators and Meeting Planners. Minimum Qualifications: Essential: • Minimum 5 years international experience as executive administrative assistant/ manager. • International, five star, hospitality experience • High school graduate. (College degree is desirable) • Fluency in English (A second language is highly desirable). • Front Office, Reservations, and Sales experience preferred • Food and Beverage Marketing & knowledge • Experience with Opera is desirable • Must be willing to make international trips in support of the COO/VPS&M, • Must have excellent communication skills and ability to support the COO & S&M team as necessary. ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS • maintain strict confidentiality and discretion • Problem solver, effective communicator and team player. • Dependable, trustworthy, exceptionally organized.; a true multi-tasker • Ability to work with little to no supervision • Must work well under pressure with extreme time lines • Must be detailed oriented and highly organized • Will be responsible for daily organization of the Chief Operating Officer's personal and professional calendar. • Must be able to represent the hotel and the COO/ VPS&M, in his/their absence. • Must always demonstrate a professional appearance. • Must have demonstrated PC skills including PowerPoint, MS Project, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe C Suite, Excel pivot tables and databases. • Perform job functions with attention to detail, speed and accuracy. • Prioritize and organize. • Be a clear thinker, remain calm and resolving problems using good judgment. • Follow directions thoroughly • Understand guest’s services and needs. • Work cohesively with co-workers as part of a team. • Be able to manage several responsibilities and roles that report to DOM, DOSM and COO/VP S&M • Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience

Interested persons can contact our Human Resources Department no later than May 6th 2013

@ (649) 946-5050 Ext. 1050 Email: | Fax: (649) 946-5758 P.O. Box 128 Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indie

Waitress Labourer Cabinet Maker Must be willing to work 6 days per week. Salary range $6.00-$7.00 per hour

Contact: 345-7512


Grace Bay Club is looking for candidates that have the requirements listed along with an outgoing professional manner. They love to work with different types of people, meet challenges with a positive attitude and live the standards of our organization. Their management style is one that balances a commitment to people and their development with business/financial accountability and delivers an exceptional guest experience

SHEIK & SASSY is looking for a

Masseuse/ Hairstylist To work 5 days per week salary commensurate with experience

Contact: 331-1809


Jayne Hutcherson is looking for a

Painter To work 5 days per week salary $8.00 per hour.

Contact: 245-4742


Career Opportunities

LAS BRISAS RESTAURANT is looking for a

Waiter To work 6 days per week including weekends. Salary $6.00 per hour. Must have 3-5 years experience. Must have a smiling and pleasant personality while serving tables. Must know how to communicate with customers.

Contact: 946-5306





Is looking for a

Security Officer

Is required to work in a busy family home


Contact: 231-1000


An opportunity exists for two fully qualified accountants who possess a minimum of six years professional experience gained within a “Big Four” public accounting firm. Salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience. If you wish to be considered for these opportunities please apply in confidence by sending details of your experience and qualifications to either: KPMG Ltd. or The Labour Commissioner, P.O. Box 357 Labour Office The Village at Grace Bay Butterfield Square Providenciales Providenciales Turks & Caicos Islands Turks & Caicos Islands

Or fax your particulars to 946-4619


Job Requirements • Level 2 International Tennis Federation approved • Hold a Physical Trainer Degree • Minimum 7 years experience as a junior and professional tennis player • Certified for junior training • USTA player 7.0


Primary Duties



Is seeking suitably qualified Belongers to fill the positions outlined below. Ideal candidates must possess luxury resort experience, a professional demeanor, and a strong command of the English language (oral and written). Relevant experience and a passion for hospitality is required. Salary is based on experience and qualifications.

Lead Server Cost Controller Controller to Food & Beverage

Closing Date March 9, 2013 BELONGERS ONLY NEED APPLY

Bridgette Thomas BNC Consulting Group, Ltd email: phone: 649-332-2565

IMMEDIATE OPENING We are actively recruiting an Outlet and Banquets Manager who will provide hands-on oversight of a popular outdoor, beachside restaurant. The incumbent will ensure guest service and financial goals are met or exceeded. He or she must be flexible to work long hours as business demands, and must be able to manage banquet activities from inception to completion. The successful candidate will assist other restaurants or bars within the resort and will work a shift schedule with rotating off days.

Job requirements: • Certified as a personal trainer and group trainer • Minimum of 7 years experience as a trainer and fitness instructor • Degree in sales/ marketing with minimum 7 years experience • Proven results in managing businesses in a successful and profitable manner • Proficient in Microsoft application (office package), Photoshop/ Corel Draw • Website and facebook account maintenance Wages commensurate with experience and certification

Rooms Division Manager Kitchen Steward Room Attendant Commis Chef

Applications must also apply in writing with resume to: or P.O. Box 143, Providenciales


Is looking to employ

Please send your resume to:

• The successful candidate must possess the following qualities and experiences • Full of energy, reliable and trustworthy • Use their own initiative and be able to multi-task • Experienced housekeeper who is also use to looking after children • Possess a clean TCI drivers license is essential • Dog lover • Be willing to work flexible hours including holidays, weekends and evenings • Be willing to look after the household when owners are absent including the dogs • Possess excellent command of English • Summary of duties and responsibilities • General housekeeping duties • Looking after children • Running errands and grocery shopping • Cooking • Walking and washing 3 dogs


To work 5 days per week. Salary $6.00 per hour.

• Hands-on management of the daily service of assigned restaurant, including responsibility for daily closing to ensure adequate supervision of outlet staff. • Oversee the implementation of service and brand standards, share recommendations and guest comments with the Chef and F&B Management team • Develop and implement outlet promotions calendar for F&B products and events. • Conduct competitor analysis and remain knowledgeable of local market initiatives, analyze food and beverage statistics through point of sale system • Monitor performance of the restaurant through analysis of guest feedback (comment cards, trip-advisor, etc.) and financial results. • Maintain and enforce procedures to ensure the security of monies, credit and financial instruments and transactions • Replenish supplies and inventory in a timely and efficient manner, minimizing waste and controlling costs. • Ensure restaurant and all restaurant equipment is in proper operational condition and is cleaned on a regular basis. • Participate in budgeting and forecasting and P&L analysis including productivity and cost management. • Directly responsible for meeting financial, service and guest satisfaction targets for assigned outlet.

Job Requirements

Hospitality Degree or equivalent combined experience and education Minimum 5-7 years proven restaurant management and banqueting experience within a resort environment Demonstrated ability to work with and engage multicultural/multi-ethnic teams and guests Strong verbal and written communication skills, excellent command of the English language Pleasant, outgoing personality with the ability to handle the pressure of a fast-paced environment Quality oriented with focus on details and high performance standards Flexibility to work rotating shifts Strong knowledge of food costing and working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Infogenesis POS system

Competitive compensation package

If you possess the required qualifications, please contact Bridgette Thomas, BNC Consulting Group, or call 649332-2565 to schedule an interview or obtain additional information. 8140


April 30 - May 6, 2013


April 30 - May 6, 2013


Science & Technology

Early signs for HIV cure are ‘promising’ as Danish scientists begin test on humans is halting a large study on creating an AIDS vaccine because experimental shots failed to prevent HIV infection. The Danish trial uses a treatment that forces the HIV virus from socalled reservoirs it forms in DNA cells, bringing the virus to the surface, according to The Telegraph. Once the virus is exposed, the body’s natural immune system can destroy it with the help of a vaccine.


Sogaard told The Telegraph. Fifteen people have been signed up for the trial, which was awarded a new round of funding from the Danish Research Council worth about $2.1 million. Similar research is being conducted in Britain through a collaboration of five universities focusing on people who only recently were diagnosed with HIV.



is looking for qualified, experience applicants for the position of:

Is looking for a

is looking for a


KITCHEN HELPER BARTENDER DISHWASHER • The successful applicant must possess the following skills and experience: • Must have experience in your respective field • Food safe certificate or equivalent • Must be willing to work holidays and weekends on a

While the procedure appeared to work using human cells in a lab, whether it will prove successful in a human body remains to be seen, said Dr. Ole Sogaard, a senior researcher at Aarhus. “The challenge will be getting the patients’ immune system to recognise the virus and destroy it. This depends on the strength and sensitivity of individual immune systems,”

;;Must be able to verify skills ;;Must be able to hang and finish drywall ;;Must be willing to do some laborer tasks as needed ;;Salary $7.00 per hour

flexible schedule • Ability to speak English is essential • Must have clean police record • Preference will be given to experience and qualified Belongers

Contact: 231-1928

Please contact: 441-3466 for an appointment or interview Wage commensurate with experience 8155


Tile Layers

To work 5 days per week salary $7.00 per hour.

Contact: 346-6830


Y.A.3.B Consultancy Acting on behalf of our clients Major Beauty Salon, Provo Entertainment Denise Smith, V&M Security Ltd. is looking for the following persons:

Security Officer – $7.00 per hour


is looking to hire

3 Gardeners/ Labourers

2 Waitresses – $6.00 per hour

2 Bartenders – $6.00 per hour

1 Hairdresser

Contact: 344-4540


Submit application with detailed resume and references to Brigget Jolly, Leeward Palms, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands or Tel: 649-231-8891 no later than May 1st, 2013


Must be hardworking respectful and have firm command of the English language and must be good with dogs.

Please contact Twa, Marcelin, Wolf at 946-4261


SALES AGENT WANTED job vacancies ;;Candidate must have English language O’level standard ;;Computer literate and prepare to learn the Blue Bird Auto Rental System • Include all aspects of customer service, car rental, sales and dealing with email correspondences pertaining to car reservation • Should also be willing to work weekends and holidays

– $5.00 per hour

Contact: 242-0388

Needed to provide housekeeping services this includes preparing and serving meals, laundering must have previous domestic work experience salary $14,000.00 per annum.

Labourer needed. duties to include general chores related to yard, house also running general errands. Must be able to work 5 days a week. Salary $5.50 per hour.

• Starting salary $5.50 per hour • Must have previous gardening experience and be familiar with landscaping equipment such as lawnmowers etc. • Must be willing to carry out work such as heavy lifting, digging, weeding, trimming and plant waste removal • Must be willing to work weekends and holidays • Must have a clean police record

Please contact: 332-4280 to arrange an interview

per week salary $8.00 per hour.

Domestic Worker




Domestic Worker

Carpenter To work 5 days


DANISH scientists claim they’re on the brink of a “promising” breakthrough to cure HIV. Researchers at the Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark said they’re now conducting clinical trials on humans using a “novel strategy” that has worked in lab tests, London’s The Telegraph reported. The announcement comes just days after the U.S. government said it

Sogaard said that the research in Denmark would be a cure for those already infected, but wouldn’t prevent HIV or AIDS. Finding a cure — one that is also widely accessible and affordable to the public — took a hit in the United States when experimental shots failed to reduce the amount of the AIDS virus in the blood, the National Institutes of Health said. “It’s disappointing,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. But, he said, “There was important information gained.”

Please contact: Josephine O Connolly Tropical Auto Rentals Ltd. Tropicana Plaza Providenciales Telephone: 649-946-5775/946-5300


HOLE IN THE WALL Domestic Worker



Cashier Salary commensurate with qualification

Resume can be faxed to 649-941-3425 and the Labour Department, Providenciales as soon as possible 8131

April 30 - May 6, 2013



Brown’s dad not excited about Rihanna -Prefers Sparks

Sir John wanted to end the feud with Madonna after he suggested she was lip syncing during her Re-Invention Tour in 2004.

Elton John and Madonna’s feud over CAN you feel the love between Elton John and Madonna? Sir John told Extra their decade-long feud is no longer. “We were in a restaurant in France in the summertime,” he explained. “She came in, and I sent over a note. She was very gracious. I apologised profusely because what I said should never have appeared in public.” Their altercation began in 2002 when John had choice words over Madonna’s song for the James Bond “Die Another Day” film. He remarked that it was “the worst Bond tune ever.”

If that weren’t enough, the “Candle in the Wind” singer accused Madonna of lip syncing during her ReInvention Tour in 2004 and deepened that speculation when he said, “Make sure you lip-sync good” before her Super Bowl performance. Even John’s husband David Furnish insulted the Queen of Pop when he said “I like Madonna’s music, but not her movies,” while attending the 2012 Golden Globe Awards. Even more, Furnish said “she should stick to what she is good at,” when Madonna beat John for the Best Original Song.

Clint Eastwood dreams of making films for another two decades.

Clint Eastwood says he’d love to be directing at age 105 CLINT Eastwood may be 82 years old, but he dreams of making films for two more decades. In a wide-ranging conversation Saturday about the art of film directing, Eastwood expressed admiration for the 104-year-old Portuguese director Manoel de Oliveira. “It would be great to be 105 and still making films,” Eastwood said. Chuckling, he called such a hope “the ultimate optimism.” Eastwood last directed 2011’s “J. Edgar,” a biopic of the FBI head J. Edgar Hoover.

After acting in last year’s baseball drama “Trouble With the Curve,” he has several films in development. The “Million Dollar Baby” and “Unforgiven” director joined fellow filmmaker Darren Aronofsky for a staged talk at the Tribeca Film Festival following a screening of Richard Schickel’s documentary “Eastwood Directs: The Untold Story.” Eastwood regaled the Tribeca Performing Arts Center crowd with the accrued, pragmatic wisdom from his late career as an acclaimed filmmaker.

CHRIS Brown’s dad would rather his relationship with Rihanna not last “Forever.” Speaking exclusively to the Daily News, Clinton Brown said he would prefer his hotheaded son stay away from the Barbadian bombshell who he infamously assaulted in 2009. “I personally really didn’t want him and Rihanna back together,” said Clinton Brown, 48. “You have to have a balance in a relationship. You have to have someone who is spontaneous and whimsical but you also have to have someone who is grounded and logical.” That’s certainly not the case with Rihanna and her boy toy. Brown brutally beat the singer just before the Grammy Awards in 2009, nearly destroying his career. Nevertheless, Brown and Rihanna rekindled their romance late last year, much

to the horror of pop fans the world over who were repulsed to see the successful, confident pop star forgive her abuser. The drama has, predictably, been nonstop. In January, Brown got into an altercation with the singer Frank Ocean over a parking space. In February, he wrecked his black Porsche while, he said, fleeing the paparazzi. Just two weeks ago Brown stood before a Virginia judge, accused of failing to complete community service required after assaulting Rihanna. Clinton Brown worries the roller-coaster romance could fly off the rails and end in tragedy. “I hate to use examples, but Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse — I mean I could go on and on!” Clinton said in his modest bungalow in the tiny town of Tappahannock, roughly an hour northeast of Richmond, Va. “Is that a given — that you can’t have fortune and fame without (death) being the end

The older Brown feels that his son Chris Brown would be better off without Rihanna.

result?” Clinton split from Brown’s mother, Joyce Hawkins, when Brown was 6. The dad remains a big presence in Brown’s life, though the only indicator of his son’s success is a shiny silver BMW parked in the driveway. He conceded that he understands Brown’s attraction to the diva dubbed RiRi.

“She’s beautiful, she’s exotic, she’s successful,” Clinton said. The latter, he noted, is something they have in common. “Sometimes you just need that person who will listen to you without judging, who knows what it feels like. If he talks to someone who’s not in the business they may not understand.”


Sports International


April 30 - May 6, 2013

Bale wins PFA Player of Year and Young Player awards TOTTENHAM forward Gareth Bale has been named Professional Footballers’ Association Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year. He becomes only the third player to win both awards in the same season. “It’s a massive honour,” said the 23-year-old. “To be voted by your peers is one of the biggest things in the game.” Bale fought off competition from Liverpool’s Luis Suarez and Robin van Persie of Manchester United to win the prestigious main award. Suarez, currently serving a 10-match suspension for biting, and Van Persie were named in the Premier League team of the year, although Suarez’s name was twice booed during the ceremony in London. Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick and Chelsea forwards Eden Hazard and Juan Mata, all three of whom were on the shortlist for the main award, were also included in the side. Bale, who was named Player of the Year in 2010-11, was honoured again by his fellow professionals for a season in which he has scored 19 Premier League goals - and 24 in all competitions.

Ray Allen’s record would stand for at least a season since Kobe Bryant, out with an injury, is third on the list with 292. Tottenham forward Gareth Bale becomes only the third player to win both awards in the same season.

“It’s great to win it and I am delighted,” he added. “When you look at the list there are some massive names on it and the other nominees have been unbelievable this year, but I couldn’t have done it without the team. “They have been fantastic this year and so has the manager (Andre Villas-Boas). “I couldn’t have won it without them so I would like to give them all a big thank you as well.” Wales international Bale came

through the ranks at Southampton before joining Tottenham in 2007 in a deal that could rise to £10m. In addition to his goal-scoring, Bale has been responsible for four assists and 243 crosses. His seven goals from outside the box is the most in the top flight. In the young player category, Bale beat Hazard, Aston Villa’s Christian Benteke, on-loan West Brom striker Romelu Lukaku, Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere and Manchester United striker Danny Welbeck.

Allen breaks NBA playoff record for career 3s Ray Allen has broken Reggie Miller’s record for 3-pointers in the NBA playoffs. Allen’s fourth 3 in the Miami Heat’s game against the Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday night gave him 321 for his career, one more than the former Indiana Pacers great. Allen set the record with 8:35 to play, then added his fifth of the night a few

minutes later for No. 322. Allen’s record will stand for at least a season. Kobe Bryant is third on the list with 292, but he’s out for the playoffs. Allen finished with 23 points to help the Heat beat the Bucks 10491 for a 3-0 lead in their first-round series. The Heats later swept the series 4-0.

In slugfest, Danny Garcia tops Brooklyn’s Zab Judah AFTER being kept apart at the press conference, the weigh-in and even a meet-and-greet at Modell’s because of bad blood between the two camps, Zab Judah and Danny Garcia finally met on Saturday night in a title unification match. What unfolded was extraordinary and lived up to the prefight drama, with Garcia dominating the first half of the fight, putting Judah down in the eighth round, and Judah hurting Garcia with a left hand that had Garcia spinning into the ropes in the 10th, in retreat in a sudden, dramatic turnaround. The two exchanged so many hard shots and were both competing at such a high level in the final rounds that when the final bell sounded, the two combatants smiled at each other and embraced. Garcia won a unanimous decision by the three judges’ scores of 115112, 114-112 and 116-111 to retain his WBA and WBC junior welterweight titles before 13,048 loud fans at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. But the Brooklyn-born Judah seemed to have won over the crowd, making a dramatic, even surprising comeback that seemed to counter any of the criticisms fans might have leveled against the 35-year-old fighter beforehand — mainly that he was too brittle and couldn’t take a punch. Judah proved that he could take a punch, and then some.

Maria Sharapova poses next to the Porsche 911 Carrera which she claimed by winning the WTA tournament in Stuttgart. Danny Garcia (l.) connects against Zab Judah and retains WBA and WBC junior welterweight titles in unanimous decision at Barclays Center.

Sharapova in the fast lane again in Stuttgart to claim 29th career title

“Whew!” the 25-year-old Garcia, out of Philadelphia, said in the ring after improving to 26-0. “It was a hell of a fight. I came to Brooklyn and I had to beat the hometown guy. He’s a crafty veteran with power and the strongest fighter I’ve fought. He hit me with a good shot in the 11th. I wasn’t expecting that, but I’m a true champion, and I had to fight through that to be a true champion.” Judah went down from a straight right hand midway through the eighth round just as he had landed a straight left himself. Judah fell straight back onto his backside and rose to his feet but his left eye was bleeding profusely.

MARIA Sharapova won the battle of French Open champions as she claimed the Stuttgart title Sunday with a straight sets win over China’s Li Na. Sharapova will be defending her title at the clay court grand slam in Paris next month, while Li took the French crown in 2011. Sharapova, who won in Stuttgart in 2012, reserved her best tennis of the week for the final as she brushed aside Li in just over 90 minutes on the indoor clay court surface. She had taken three sets to go through in all her three previous matches, but a 6-4 6-3 victory was reward for commanding play.

Judah (42-8) seemed to make a stand in the ninth, fighting back and landing several hard shots. Judah continued the comeback in the 10th, landing a straight left that had Garcia momentarily in retreat. Judah then seemed to hurt Garcia with another left that had his rival spinning into the ropes. Judah continued to apply pressure in the 11th and 12th rounds, causing Garcia to exhale deeply several times as he tried to tame the suddenly revitalized opponent after he had pounded him for the first eight rounds. A head butt in the 12th round caused blood to pour down Garcia’s face in the final minute or so.

“I knew this was going to be the toughest match of the week, so I am really pleased with the way things worked out,” Sharapova told AFP. “She has played good tennis all week and I am really happy to have won here again.” Li had won their previous clash in the semifinals of the Australian Open, but she was broken twice in each set as she slipped to defeat. It has proved an excellent work out for Sharapova as she builds up to the French Open defense, with hard fought wins over Lucie Safarova, Ana Ivanovic and Angelique Kerber on the way to the title match.

April 30 - May 6, 2013

Sports International



Jockey Krigger hopes to become first AfricanAmerican to win Kentucky Derby since 1902

Arturo Vidal celebrates with coach Antonio Conte after opening the scoring for Juventus against Torino.

Juve on brink of 31st Scudetto after late derby win over Torino JUVENTUS need just a single point to clinch their 31st Scudetto title after a pair of late goals gave them a 2-0 derby win over Torino Sunday. Arturo Vidal and Claudio Marchisio broke the deadlock with strikes inside the last four minutes at the Stadio Olimpico to leave Juve 11 points clear of second placed Napoli with four rounds remaining in Italy. Torino ended the match with 10 men when Polish defender Kamil Glik was shown red in injury time for a second bookable offense to complete the dubious double of being sent off in both local derbies, both won by the league leaders and defending champions.

But Torino had played their part in an entertaining match played in appalling conditions and came close to taking a shock first half lead when Argentine midfielder Mario Santana saw his 20 meter strike kept out by by Gianluigi Buffon. Juve’s pressure finally paid in the 86th minute when Vidal crashed home a shot from just outside the area. Local boy Marchisio wrapped up the three points when he converted after Fabio Quagliarella had headed across the face of goal. Chilean star Vidal, who was scoring his fourth goal in three games, paid tribute to their opponents after the final whistle.

THERE’S one thing Kevin Krigger doesn’t lack — confidence — when it comes to race riding or challenging history. If you ask the 29-year-old jockey who is going to win the Kentucky Derby, he’ll gladly tell you it will be Goldencents, the horse he’ll be riding on the first Saturday in May. Krigger rode Goldencents to victory in the April 6 Santa Anita Derby, becoming the first AfricanAmerican jockey to win that race in its 76-year history. If he wins the May 4 Kentucky Derby, he would become the first black jockey to win the Derby since 1902, when Jimmy Winkfield rode the second of his back-to-back winners, His Eminence and then Alan-a-Dale. “It’s sad,” Krigger says of the drought, especially considering that black jockeys once dominated the Derby, winning 15 of the first 28 Derby’s run from 1875-1902. “But I’m ready to be the first since then. No doubt about it, I’m going to be part of history.” Racism and the introduction of Jim Crow laws ran black riders out of racetracks. Even Churchill Downs, where the Derby will be held for the 139th time this Saturday, was completely segregated through the 1950s. Today, African-American jockeys are still hard to find in any riding colony throughout the country.

Jockey Kevin Krigger takes Goldencents out for a workout at Santa Anita Park in California in January.

“Being African-American is a rarity in horse racing but I don’t feel that’s an excuse,” says Krigger, a father of four. “It’s about working harder and I’m going to work harder than anyone. If AfricanAmericans dominated the sport, I’d be the African-American that works the hardest. I base my success on working hard. If I used that excuse, I’m limiting myself. I have no limits to reach my goals.” “He’s got a very good work ethic and never complains about any horse,”

says Krigger’s 65-year-old agent agent Tom Knust, who has worked for Kent Desormeaux and Pat Valenzuela. “He knows he’s a jockey and that’s what he gets paid for. Every day, six days a week he never misses a morning. Sometimes maybe he gets a Tuesday off but that’s it.” Krigger, who stands 5-6, is just the second black jockey to compete in the Derby since 1921, and the first since Marlon St. Julien rode Curule to a seventh-place finish in the 2000 Derby.

No stopping Nadal as he claims Barcelona title No.8 Lawrence Okoye had never played a competitive game of American football.

Okoye: Discus thrower signs for San Francisco 49ers BRITISH Olympic discus thrower Lawrence Okoye has signed for the San Francisco 49ers as an undrafted free agent. Okoye, who finished 12th in the discus at London 2012, has never played a competitive game of American football. “It’s going to be a baptism of fire but I don’t set limits on myself,” the 21-year-old said. Manchester-born Menelik Watson was drafted by Oakland in the second round while Crawley’s Tom Wort

has joined the Tennessee Titans, also as a free agent. Okoye, who stands at 6ft 6in and weighs 21st, turned down offers to play rugby union and was also accepted to study law at Oxford University. He initially said he intended to carry on with the discus and aim for the Rio Olympics in 2016. But he subsequently decided to switch to American football and impressed scouts at the Super Regional Combine despite having never played the sport.

RAFAEL Nadal saw his incredible winning run at Monte Carlo ended last week but made no mistake Sunday in wrapping up his eighth Barcelona Open crown. Fellow Spaniard and fourth seed Nicolas Almagro was Nadal’s victim as he clinched his 39th career title on clay with a 6-4 6-3 victory. Almagro, beaten in his nine previous matches with Nadal, took an early lead with a double break in the first set, but could not hold his advantage. Nadal was as relentless as ever on his favorite surface and needed only one hour 32 minutes to complete victory. “This has been an important week for me. To win here again is a great joy after everything I’ve been through,” Nadal told the crowd after his victory. “It was a fantastic match for me.” Since returning to the ATP Tour following a seven-month injury layoff, he has reached the final in all six of the tournaments he has entered and won four of them, the first man to reach that mark this season.

Rafael Nadal savors an eighth Barcelona Open crown after a straight sets win over Nicolas Almagro.

His Barcelona triumph, making it 39 straight wins in the Catalan capital, has been added to titles in Sao Paulo, Acapulco and the hard courts at Indian Wells. World No.1 Novak Djokovic denied Nadal a ninth straight title in Monte Carlo but sat out the Barcelona event. The pair are set to lock horns

again at the Madrid Masters which starts next weekend as the build-up continues to next month’s French Open where Nadal will be defending his crown. In other ATP final action Sunday, Lukas Rosol, who stunned Nadal in the second round at Wimbledon last year, claimed his first career title in emotional fashion.



Sports National

April 30 - May 6, 2013

TCIFA donates FIFA gear to schools FOOTBALL, which has grown tremendously at the junior level in the TCI, should continue to produce young stars in the years to come since the Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association (TCIFA) has once again invested in youth development. Equipment received from governing body FIFA would be transferred to schools across the country in a bid to produce better school teams. TCIFA’s Technical Director Matthew Green, who has worked with visionary president Christopher Bryant to develop the sport in the TCI at the grass-root level, said that: “As soon as we knew we were receiving the equipment we immediately directed it towards all the schools in the country. Last week we visited fourteen schools in Providenciales and over the next two weeks schools in Grand Turk, North Caicos as well as South Caicos will receive equipment”. The donation include: 50 balls, 200 bibs, 40 fold out goals and almost 500 t-shirts. Green pointed out that a lack of equipment has been the biggest problem facing the sport at the school level. He said the association wishes to be in a position where it could donate “lots of goals and hundreds of balls to each school,” but with a multitude of junior programmes (including school leagues) most of the equipment was in use. He once again reassured schools that the TCIFA wants to work with them. “The TCIFA is keen to helping schools with their PE programmes and after school clubs, all they need to do is contact us and we will offer

Josh for Sports

Principal of Enid Capron Primary School Rachel Taylor (middle) receives the football gear from teacher and coach Haroon Swaby (left) and TCIFA’s Youth Development Officer Sarah Cenary.

assistance in terms of personnel, training, equipment and organisation. The schools that are more active will receive the most support, as FIFA says ‘whatever you do, so will we’.” He added that the TCIFA is fully committed to the development of young people in the country and realises that sport and education should go handin-hand. “It is important that children are given an opportunity to play sports. This is where they learn how to work together, where they develop an understanding of the importance of discipline and commitment as well as express themselves. It is important for young people to be part of a group and

to have fun, hopefully the work that we and other sporting associations do will encourage children to be more active”. Green’s final words were a plea to all who care about the wellbeing of children and the future of the country to encourage children to make the most of their talents. “Many young people lack self-esteem, are unfit and unhealthy, have few goals in life and are drifting on a path that is taking them nowhere. Hopefully a good education balanced with positive and healthy extra-curricular activities will see our children make a success of their lives by using their talents to the full”.

Rochell Williams was the top hitter for defending champions Bethany Baptist Church.

Provo Church Softball League:

Bethany Baptist beat Abundant Life Ministries DEFENDING champions Bethany Baptist Church played to a two-run win when action recently continued in the Provo Church Softball League at the Downtown Ball Park in Providenciales. In the game, which ended 14-12, Rochell Williams was the main hitter for the winners. Earlier last season’s runners up Jericho Baptist Church eased to

a 10-3 win over the St. Monica’s Church. Tamara Hall scored three runs to lead the attack. The Co Ed League, which started earlier this month, has seven teams registered: Bethany Baptist Church, Jericho Baptist Church, Methodist Church, St. Monica’s Church, Abundant Life Ministries, Paradise Baptist Church and Prophecy Church.

Critical analysis continued:

The national state of softball, baseball and netball SOFTBALL FINALLY, after many years, softball at the national level is trying, desperately, to make a comeback. Yet, we have a mighty long way to go. Some 36 odd years ago, softball was alive, kicking and well. Back then, softball was played throughout the high school system as well as the national level where they were teams, both men and women, that participated in regular competition. There was a national association that regulated these activities. TODAY However, the sport of softball has systematically deteriorated, but it is slowly, but surely, making a come-back in Grand Turk, South Caicos and Providenciales (the centre of softball activities).

Did you know that on the ground where the Gustarvus Lightbourne Sports Complex sits was a swampy areas and when it rained it was most difficult to play under those conditions. It was a blessing when the government stepped in to grant the association the land to build the ball park.

By Joshua Gardiner There were at least four teams in GT, two in South Caicos and a handful in Provo. Persons such as Mervin Cox, Willard Williams and Godfrey Been among others spearheaded the efforts in Provo and must be applauded. THE SWAMP

DECLINE However, softball took a noticeably nose-dive in popularity. If it were not for the efforts of the persons involved in the sport, and by persons such as Messer Bain, the Deans, Tanka Williams (deceased), the sport would have died a natural death. THE DOMINICAN FACTOR The Dominican expats population has been mostly responsible for the survival of the sport in the TCI.

The accomplishment of the expat community to the longevity of softball in the TCI needs to be honoured. They, by and large, have been the mainstay of our national teams. They have kept the game alive and need to be given some form of special status by the government. THE CHURCH LEAGUE It’s very visionary to have created the on-going Church League, this helps create players who can contribute towards the enhancement of the development of our national programme. SCHOOL SYSTEM The association has been responsible for re-introducing softball into the school system. They must be applauded for this. However, it’s time for the male students to step up to the plate and participate in this

sport. Again the school authorities need to shoulder their responsibilities to make sure that all sports are played in schools. BASEBALL Little League baseball is struggling and needs all the support and sponsorship possible; contact Pastor Bradley Handfield for more information. NETBALL Netball needs all the help it can get; I’m appealing to you all, my loyal column readers, to support all national sports in the TCI. One of these days we will be proud of our contribution. So long and continue reading Josh for Sports, love you all. PS. Still to come: football, rugby and basketball.

April 30 - May 6, 2013

Sports National



Penn Relays:

Munro College boys settle for second place in 4X400M race TCI’s DELANO Williams led his Munro College team to second place in the High School Boys’ 4X400 Championship of America race at last weekend’s Penn Relays on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Williams, who had dominated Champs and is the 2012 World Junior 200M champion produced one of his amazing splits on the home stretch, but was just pipped at the finish line by Jovan Francis which handed fellow Jamaican school Calabar the win in 3:09.22 minutes. Francis’s 44.8s split was just marginally faster than Williams who ran 44.9s. Senoj-Jay Givans (47.9)

started the race for Munro, with Kaneil Harrison (49.4) and Herbert Thomas (47.0) continuing before the baton reached Williams’s hands. If Munro had won, they would have became the second Jamaican school (Jamaica College achieved the feat) to win three consecutive 4X400M Championship of America races. Munro also medalled in the 4X100M Championship of America race. They placed third. Kingston College won the race in 40.44s, with Wolmer’s Boys finishing second in 40.66s and Munro third in 40.70s with Williams running the third leg.

Calabar’s Jovan Francis pips Munro College’s Delano Williams to win the 4X400M Championship of America race at last weekend’s Penn Relays. (Photo: SportsXplorer (Global Sports Coverage)

Sailrock U-15 Boys’ League:

Grasshoppers crowned champs THE Sailrock Under-15 Boys’ Football league came to an end last week with the Grasshoppers crowned as worthy champions on 25 points, six ahead of their closest rivals the Eagles. At the start of the final day both the Eagles and the Golden Retrievers had an outside chance of overtaking the Grasshoppers but that was not to be as the league champions ended the season with two narrow wins. The Grasshoppers captured the title with a 2-1 win against the Golden Retrievers and 1-0 win over the Tigers. A hat-trick from Myrohn Pereira ensured the Eagles finished in second place as they defeated the Retrievers 3-0. The Golden Retrievers finished in third place with the Tigers bringing up the rear despite a 5-3 win against the Eagles with Jackson Pierre scoring four goals to head to the top of the goal scorer’s table. Head Coach Oliver Smith was very pleased with the standard of football on display. He stated that: “Every year the league gets more competitive and the quality gets higher and higher. The boys are really pushing each other which brings out the best in their attitude, commitment and ability.” Regarding the distribution of

The teams that competed in this season’s league.

awards he added: “It was very tough to decide who should receive the awards this season as so many players have played tremendously well and improved their overall ability. This is a good sign for the future as this group of players continues to move forward and improve”. Technical Director Matthew Green added that: “It is pleasing to

see so many players raising their game and using their talents well. This allows us coaches to appreciate the fact that the ability we see on the field is matched by the conduct and attitude of the players off it. They fully understand that it takes more than talent to become a good player character, behaviour and attitude are just as, if not more important than natural ability.”

AWARDS: League MVP Most Improved Player Top Goalscorer

Mackenson Cadet Grayson Behlmaier Jackson Pierre (16)

Retrievers MVP Tigers MVP Eagles MVP Grasshoppers MVP

Gabriel Diotte Jackson Pierre Jamesly Louis Raymondo Carasco



April 30 - May 6, 2013

LAND FOR SALE In beautiful Bottle Creek, North Caicos

.46 acres overlooking the creek, spanning King Road and Windsor Road


CALL 232-3508 or 946-4664

April 30 - May 6, 2013





April 30 - May 6, 2013

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