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Two arrested

Leeward dredging application still with Planning Department PAGE 


New revenue measures will not be effective April 1, Premier PREMIER, Dr. Rufus Ewing said the delay in the passage of the 2013-2014 Budget has no influence on revenue collections. PAGE 


for murder A Young father was murdered on Saturday night (April 13) in a shooting on Airport Road, Providenciales. Long Bay Hills resident Kaziah Burke, 25, was pronounced dead at hospital after attempts to resuscitate him proved unsuccessful. PAGE  5

DEAD: Kaziah Burke

Vehicle flips over with a family of four PAGE 


Nearly 100 infants may not have placement for upcoming school year PAGE 


Vehicle burned and firearm discharged at Blue Hills home The remains of the burned vehicle





April 16 - 22, 2013

April 16 - 22, 2013






April 16 - 22, 2013

New revenue measures will not News Express be effective April 1, Premier Editorial Turks and Caicos

The time has come


t is said that there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. So when we felt the birth pains of a newspaper for the Turks & Caicos Islands thirty-one years ago, even though we welcomed the excitement of a new attempt, we were fearful of the graveyard of failed attempts by so many before us whose bones we would have to walk through in order to reach the pinnacle of our success . You see, when we decided to publish a newspaper for the TCI there had been at least a dozen attempts by bright and well-heeled individuals, who all fell by the wayside. Why we succeeded, only God knows. But we can tell you this: the road was not easy. The year was July 7, 1982 when the first issue of the Turks & Caicos News (now the Weekly News) rolled off the presses in Hialeah, Florida and hit the streets of Grand Turk. Grand Turk was all that mattered back then, so it took longer to reach the other islands. But the timely arrival of the Turks & Caicos News was the fulfillment of a dream by a native son who had worked in publishing all his life; who had promised himself to return home one day to produce the first professional newspaper for his homeland. And even though the fledgling economy back then could hardly support a 12-page tabloid, its founder and publisher believed that the day would come when the Turks & Caicos would be able to support its own newspaper, as the TCI grew to take its place among the region, where democracy deepened because of the embrace of a free press, freedom of speech and information technology. Thirty-one years later we are attempting to expand that vision. That original dream of providing a weekly voice for the expression of views, opinions and ideas has not waned or weakened. In fact, we have strengthened our commitment to better serve you through this medium. Hence this new edition. The News Express will not replace nor compete with the Weekly News; it will complement it. We have learned through thirty-odd years of publishing that most news events in the Islands tend to happen on the weekend. We have long felt the need to expand our coverage of weekend events and to increase the service for our advertisers and readers, but resources did not allow. Now is the time, we feel, to make this move. And we hope that just as you have supported us over years through advertising and readership, you will continue to help us keep this dream alive as we look forward to the next thirty-one years. We hope you enjoy this new edition. Published by Duncanson Publications Ltd. Leeward Highway, Providenciales P.O. Box 52, Turks & Caicos Islands, BWI W. Blythe Duncanson – Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Vanessa Narine - Senior Reporter Faizool Deo – Sports Cord Garrido-Lowe – Graphics/Production Editor Dilletha Lightbourne-Williams – Office Manager Email: (Advertising), (News), Tel. 649-946-4664 (office), 649-232-3508 (after hours) Website address:

PREMIER, Dr. Rufus Ewing said the delay in the passage of the 20132014 Budget has no influence on revenue collections. Adding further clarification, he explained that the new revenue measures, which will be introduced as alternatives to Value Added Tax (VAT), will not be backdated. At a press conference last Friday (April 12), the Premier was asked about the opportunity cost lost when it came to revenue collection, given that the passing of 2013-2014 Budget has been delayed. and, if was passed on scheduled, would have seen the new revenue measures being effective earlier than it will now be with the delay. He explained that the latest delay in finalising the Fiscal and Strategic and Policy Statement

(FSPS) was due to revisions in the area of revenues, where additional financial commitments had to be made. The FSPS has to be approved by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) before the new budget can be finalised and debated and passed in the House of Assembly. Till then, business is as normal. Ewing pointed out that April 1 is the beginning of the 201320147 financial year, with Government accounts will reflect the same, and revenues are being collected in the new financial year as per normal. Cabinet met last Wednesday (April 10) and examined in detail the latest version of the FSPS prepared by the Ministry of Finance, which included revised estimates for expected revenues from existing

sources. Cabinet also discussed options for further tax increases necessary to ensure the expenditure plans for 2013/14 and subsequent years are robust and sustainable. These included the legislative and administrative changes required to broaden accommodation tax to other tourist related services, a flat rate property tax and a professional service tax with a view to these measures coming into effect from 1 October 2013. Other tax raising options were considered and is expected to be examined in more detail by the Ministry of Finance during April. The budget is expected to be placed before the House of Assembly in June, according to the Finance Minister, Washington Misick. (VANESSA NARINE)

Leeward dredging application still with Planning Department BY VANESSA NARINE THE LEEWARD dredging debacle is at a standstill as the application for work remains in the hands of the Planning Department. There is strong opposition from local stakeholders on the controversial issue who insist that Blue Haven Marina and Resort not dredge the Leeward channel, least it affect marine life in the area. Asked for an update, Premier, Dr. Rufus Ewing, said he is awaiting a report from the department. At a press conference last Friday (April 12), Ewing said the report will be sent to the Governor first before a decision is reached. The Premier stressed that currently the laws in the Turks and Caicos Islands prevent dredging in a protected national park. To that end, he said if the Leeward development is one that the Government wants to move ahead with, it will require a change in legislation. If that is the case, he said, the matter will go to the House of Assembly where the people’s elected representatives will debate the future of the development. Asked how heavily public opinion would weigh on his Government’s decision to approve the Leeward Development and take the matter to the House of Assembly, Ewing said any move forward on the matter will be decided by the House. A source inside the Turks and Caicos Islands Government (TCIG) indicated that a few board members in the Planning Department are not in favour of the dredging. However, whether this is the position of the entire board is left to

An impression of Blue Haven Marina and Resort’s facility come summer 2013

be seen. The developers, Blue Haven Marina and Resort, appear confident that the application will be approved, in light of the fact that the company is sticking to its announcement late last year that by summer 2013 it will be able to cater to yachts up to 180 feet. According to a report by Sarah Bensimon for ‘All at Sea Caribbean,’ Blue Haven Marina and Resort intends to make its summer 2013 idea a possibility through “plans for maintenance dredging” that will bring its capacity to 12 feet, which is projected to be completed by winter 2013. Once completed, Blue Haven Marina and Resort is expected to offer 51 berths for yachts up to 180 feet, initially with a max draft of 5.5 feet; marina concierge that will cater to crews and guests with exclusive itineraries and planned activities; and highly secure marina docks to ensure privacy, among others. Bensimon’s report said: “The marina, an integral part of the Blue Haven Marina and Resort, is surrounded by nearly 20 acres of

waterfront land on the exquisite northeast coast of the island. “Marina guests will have full access to the resort, including a hotel boasting a gym, private beach and an infinity-edge swimming pool with lounge decks for entertainment. “Also on property will be several restaurants, bars as well as an array of water sport activities and day charters – both sail and sport fishing. “Nearly complete, the marina has nearly 6,000 linear feet of dockage and is constructed of 15-foot-wide concrete floating docks. “Conveniences such as on-site customs and immigration services and a marina operations center will feature a lounge for captains and crews, as well as showers, a chart room and a crew work room. “The offerings will be topped off by an exclusive concierge for marina customers ready to organise activities, excursions, rental vehicles, restaurant reservations and more. “Top-notch provisioning with the capability to bring almost anything to the island will be readily available to mega-yacht crews and their guests. “Boasting the third-largest coral barrier reef system in the world, the islands are renowned for the finest of tropical beaches….” On the question of who owns or manages Blue Haven Marina and Resort there is much speculation. Attempts made by the Weekly News to contact a person in authority at Blue Haven proved futile. According to the September 6 to 13 edition of the Sun, Blue Haven Marina and Resort was initially the Leeward Marina, which was once owned by Lord Michael Ashcroft.

April 16 - 22, 2013



Two arrested in relation to Kaziah Burke’s murder BY VANESSA NARINE

A YOUNG father was murdered on Saturday night (April 13) in a shooting on Airport Road, Providenciales. Long Bay Hills resident Kaziah Burke, 25, was pronounced dead at hospital after attempts to resuscitate him proved unsuccessful. While details of the incident are still somewhat sketchy, Acting Deputy Commissioner, Rodney Adams, has reported two persons have been arrested and are assisting police with investigations. According to him, additional arrests are expected to be made soon. Officers of the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force responded to a report at 8.32pm of several gunshots being heard in the vicinity of Caicos Petroleum gas station on Airport Road in Providenciales. Emergency services responded and found the young man with multiple gunshot wounds, lying on the ground near the Executive Tours office. Burke was rushed to Cheshire Medical Centre where medical staff continued their efforts to resuscitate him, but were unsuccessful. He was pronounced dead at 9.07pm. At a joint press conference on Monday between the Office of the Premier and the police, the Acting Commissioner said the police are following several leads. He added that it is too early into the investigation to pronounce on a possible motive. Asked if the shooting was gang related or random, Adams declined to comment, pointing out that the incident, less than 48-hours old, is still under investigation.

Also in the interest of the ongoing investigation, he declined to say whether or not the weapon in the murder was recovered. Burke’s post mortem is expected to be completed later this week. According to Adams, a family liaison officer has been assigned to Burke’s family and is in constant contact. He stated that counselling is also being considered for the family to help them cope.

INCREASE IN GUN CRIMES The Acting Commissioner was asked about the increase in gun crimes in the Turks and Caicos Islands. He acknowledged that compared to last year, there has been an increase in gun crimes. Adams noted that the guns are coming into the TCI via the United States and possibly Haiti. He added that there are no professionally manufactured guns locally, but would not dismiss the possibility of locally made weapons. “We are assuring public that matters like this taken serious,” Adams stressed. According to him, no stones will be left unturned as the force goes after those responsible for criminal acts. In response to the increase in firearm incidents, Adams explained that the police have revised their strategies and will be implementing new counter measures to tackle crime in the Islands. “We will do what needs to be done to take the streets of TCI back… we will do what is necessary,” he posited. Divisional Commander, Superintendent Kendal Grant, addressed the consequences of being found in possession of an illegal

firearm. He pointed out that the maximum penalty is 10 years in prison, with the minimum time being no less than five years, in addition to a fine. Grant appealed for persons in the community to contact the police to report possession of illegal firearms. The Divisional Commander made it clear that the police will be stepping up presence on the streets. SUPPORT Acting Premier, Akierra Missick, maintained that her Government is committed to providing law enforcement with the necessary support needed to combat crime efficiently. “We are taking this matter very seriously,” she said. Missick added that the nation is troubled and must “come together” to address this. She pointed out that not only will a young man not be able to contribute to society, but Burke was a father and relation of many. “The nation mourns with the family,” the Acting Premier said. She called for the community to allow the police to do their job. Missick, as well as Adams, sounded similar calls for members of the public, who may have witnessed this incident, to assist in their investigations. Anyone who has any information on this incident is asked to call CrimeStoppers anonymously on 1-800-8477. Tips can also be submitted anonymously in English, French or Spanish on either www.crimestoppers. tc or on Facebook as a fan of CrimeStoppers Turks & Caicos. CrimeStoppers tips are received in the USA.

168 illegal immigrants captured on sloop and detained AT ABOUT 12.30am on Monday (April 15) a vessel with 168 people on board was intercepted in the waters off Providenciales. All 168 passengers were taken to South Dock before being transferred to the Detention Centre for processing and repatriation. Minister of Border Control and Labour, Ricardo Don Hue Gardiner, in a statement said: “The Government of the Turks and Caicos Islands will not tolerate this illegal activity.

“While we cannot stop boats from leaving other countries to come here, we can and will remain vigilant to that activity, and through our border control systems, we will monitor our shores to maintain the integrity of our boarders and our immigration laws and protect our national security. “To those who will test our resolve to enforce our border security, I will tell them to think again. “It is a dangerous journey that they undertake, often on overcrowded and

unsafe vessels which endanger their lives and the lives of their families. “We will not tolerate any abuse of our security. We will detect your ship, your ship will be seized and destroyed and its captain prosecuted. “We will detain anyone who tries to come here illegally and they will be sent back home.” The Minister acknowledged the efforts of the border control team and the team at the Detention Centre.

Kaziah Burke, known as Buck

Alleged Canadian fraudsters extradited to the US DIRECTOR of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Joann Meloche, on Monday (April 15), disclosed that the United States Department of State has formally requested the extradition of Cullen Johnson, 64, and Elaine White, 69. And the Canadian duo was arrested on provisional warrants pending the completion of extradition proceedings and escorted from the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) by the US Marshals Service. According to a statement from the DPP, the extradition request was made relative to charges of fraud and money laundering. The two had applied to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for political asylum in September, but were denied. A source told the Weekly News that the two alleged that their lives are in danger if they are extradited, hence the application for political asylum. The two alleged international fraudsters were caught on Providenciales in August and charged with a number of immigration violations. Immigration officials in Providenciales picked up Johnson and Whyte after the USA and Canada issued international warrants for their arrests. They first appeared in court on August 28 with their attorney, Mr. Alvin Garland. The two were further remanded to the Grand Turk prison for 28 days during an appearance in the Magistrate

Court in Grand Turk on September 17, after they told the court that they had made the application to the UNHCR. Reports are that they had purchased a condominium at La Vista Azul in Turtle Cove, Providenciales, and had settled prior to being apprehended. (VANESSA NARINE)

Elaine Whyte

Cullen Johnson





Investment interest continues to be encouraging THE interest in investing in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) continues to be encouraging, according to Premier, Dr. Rufus Ewing. Speaking at a press briefing last Friday (April 12), he explained that his Government is looking at various areas, which includes improving on “bottlenecks” that need to be improved on. Ewing added that with the return of European Union (EU) support, some $15m is available under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF).

One remaining Cuban opts to return home after failed asylum application – Another appeals UNHCR decision FOUR of six illegal immigrants detained in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) were granted asylum two weeks ago. And of the remaining two, both Cuban nationals, one has opted to return to his home country, while the other is appealing the decision by the United Nations Human High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to deny asylum. Minister of Border Control and Labour, Ricardo Don Hue Gardiner, at a press conference last Friday (April 12), explained that given that the illegal immigrants were detained for some months, the remaining two were released into the custody of someone who “provided the necessary security” that was needed. According to him, his Ministry has not approached the matter from a criminal justice standpoint, given the prevailing circumstances. He said since one of the individuals has opted to return to Cuba, after the failed asylum plea, adding that he was confident that the second individual poses no threat, as it relates to fleeing custody. Gardiner noted that his Ministry now awaits the advice of the UNHCR on moving forward.

The Premier noted the monies will go toward budget support and improve on the business environment in the TCI. The $15 million programme is intended to help revive growth in TCI through improving the investment climate and increasing investment. According to Ewing, areas such as work permits and business licensing processing, fast tracking the development of agreements with possible investors, developing e-governance and improving the capacity of the Strategic Policy and Planning Unit (SPPU) in the Ministry of Finance are among the areas to be tackled. This latest update comes after one in late January by Finance Minister, Washington Misick. He noted that several tourist developments are being looked at by the current administration, three of which are in the Family Islands. And he maintained that

developments in the Family Islands are important to developing a viable private sector in those areas. These included, the West Caicos development, which has been stalled since 2008, is in progress; and in South Caicos, the High Point Resort and East Bay Resort are projects that are also progressing. The Finance Minister noted that the Administration is currently working on the Fraction Ownership ordinance and the Credit Union ordinance, as well as on establishing a working group of Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) and one that will address the reestablishment of TC Invest, in addition to two papers that were presented to Cabinet on the same issue. The country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was 4.1 per cent in 2011, a result of the improved fiscal position and the success the TCI had in attracting investment both internal and external in the past year. (VANESSA NARINE)

April 16 - 22, 2013

Direct costs of cruise port closure estimated at under $1m THE actual direct costs of the cruise port in Grand Turk being closed just over three week are still being analyzed, but Premier, Dr. Rufus Ewing, at a press conference last Friday (April 12) said the estimated the costs at under $1m – a shortfall in revenue that will affect the 2012-2013 budget. Some 3,000 tourists pass through the cruise port on a daily basis and pay a head tax of $2.50. Merchants serving the port also suffered losses due to the closure. Last Wednesday (April 10), Cabinet heard a presentation by David Candib from the Carnival Corporation about the reopening of the Grand Turk Cruise Centre on Monday (April 8). Candib reassured the Cabinet that Carnival continues to view Grand Turk as one of its major cruise destinations and understood the important impact it had on the economic livelihoods for many people on the island. He apologised for the unplanned closure and whilst it would not be possible to route more ships to Grand Turk during the latter part of this season, he stated that they were planning a high number of ship arrivals

in the next season following the slower summer period. Candib also mentioned comments received from passengers who have asked to have more and wider variety of attractions and excursions, including the opportunity to visit other islands such as Salt Cay. He said there was still considerable ‘untapped’ opportunity in Grand Turk and he encouraged entrepreneurs to come forward with proposals. According to the Premier, Carnival is undertaking the assessment of the losses as the details of the number of ships and passengers passing through the cruise port during the closure are in their possession. He acknowledged that while the direct cost is estimated at under $1m, the indirect losses are also a factor to be considered. “The closure affected most sectors of Grand Turk’s economy,” he said. According to him, a significant part of Grand Turk’s economy is dependent on the tourism industry, in particular Carnival Cruise. The final numbers are expected to be released soon. (VANESSA NARINE)

Review of Trade Union Ordinance to attract Detention centre public consultation facilities under review

MINISTER of Border Control and Labour, Ricardo Don-Hue Gardiner, last Wednesday (April 10) secured the agreement of Cabinet to review the Trade Unions Ordinance of 1942 with a view to modernise the legislation, the only such one in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI). The review is expected to attract public consultation, according to Premier, Dr. Rufus Ewing, who addressed the issue in further detail at a press conference last Friday (April 12). Ewing explained that the modernisation of the Trade Unions Ordinance will allow an array of

issues to be removed from under the Government’s remit and placed with Trade Unions – where concern like employer-employee disputes are best placed for resolution. He acknowledged that no timeline has been set for the review to be completed, particularly given the public consultation component of the undertaking. Following the review the Trade Unions Ordinance of Cabinet, the Minister of Border Control and Labour is expected to present proposals on the reform of Employment Legislation to Cabinet soon. (VANESSA NARINE)

FSC legislation to be put to the House CABINET, at its meeting last Wednesday (April 10), agreed to give further consideration to draft legislation prepared by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) and presented by the acting Attorney General, Rhondalee BraithwaiteKnowles, on the regulation of the Domestic Insurance Industry. And also agreed that the legislation needed to be put to the House of Assembly as soon as possible.

At a press conference last Friday (April 12), Premier, Dr. Rufus Ewing, explained that legislation has been in development for some years not, but was not considered by a previous session of the House of Assembly or the Consultative Forum during the Interim Administration. According to him, this is the first time it was presented to Cabinet and all efforts will continue to ensure that it is tabled in Parliament soon.

– New centre could be on the cards THE facilities at the detention centre in Five Cays, used as the holding place for illegal immigrants, are currently under review. And Minister of Border Control and Labour, Ricardo Don-Hue Gardiner, told the media last Friday (April 12) that the review could either see renovations made to the currently facility or the establishment of a completely new centre. The facilities came under criticism when four Cuban asylum seekers took drastic steps to protest the conditions at the centre by sewing their lips together. Additionally, only last Monday (April 8), some 21 illegal Haitians, of 111 taken into custody after being discovered on a sloop entering the country, escaped the detention centre. According to the Minister, the fact that the current detention was not originally designed as a detention centre is one that must be appreciated.

Ricardo Don-Hue Gardiner

Gardiner acknowledged the challenges at the facility, at the top of the list of which is the shortcomings as it relates to the issue of security. “We are aware that this is an ongoing problem,” he posited. In the short term, the Minister said “stop-gap” measures are in place, while in the long term the review will be undertaken. He said, “In the last few days we have been collecting the information we need to make a decision.” Gardiner said the review is expected to be completed in the next several weeks. (VANESSA NARINE)

April 16 - 22, 2013



A section of the women at the meeting of the PDM’s Women’s Arm


PDM Leader, Sharlene CartwrightRobinson, at last Thursday’s meeting

PDM’s women arm resuscitated EFFORTS are underway to resuscitate the Women’s Arm of the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), a branch that is as old as the party itself. And Party Leader, Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, at a meeting of women interested of being part of the initiative last Thursday evening (April 11), explained that the focus of the Arm is empowerment. She pointed out that women have always been working behind the scenes and, with the change of times, there are more women who want

to contribute to the development of their country. According to her, the party’s Women’s Arm will be that platform to advance different initiatives focused on changes that women in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) want. “This opens the door for women who want to make a contribution,” she said. Cartwright-Robinson added that she is confident that, unlike in the past, the Women’s Arm will not be an undertaking that will fall through.

The consensus from the women at last Thursday night’s meeting was that the Arm will see women empowering each other to advance change in areas that they are affected, as well as contribute to the TCI. At the first meeting the group discussed an unemployment drive, its by-laws and elections of officers. Kendra Parker was elected President of the Women’s Arm. Plans are also in the pipeline to revive the party’s Youth Arm. (VANESSA NARINE)

Premier, Dr. Hon. Rufus W. Ewing entertained a courtesy visit to the Office of the Premier by members of the Embassy of the Phillipines, Ariel Penaranda, Consul General and Luzviminda Padilla.

Efforts being made to mobilize Meetings with foreign diplomats community participation in National a good opportunity to advance Consultation on education mutual interests, Premier PREMIER, Dr. Rufus Ewing, last week, entertained a courtesy visit to the Office of the Premier by members of the Embassy of the Philippines, Ariel Penaranda, Consul General and Luzviminda Padilla. And he maintains that these meetings are good opportunities to advance issues that are of mutual interest. He explained that the meeting with the officials from the Philippines gave both parties an opportunity to tackle labour issues and illegal immigration – both major concerns in the Turks and Caicos. Ewing made it clear that persons, regardless of nationality, will face the force of the law if they are found in violation of it. He stressed that the laws apply equally to everyone. The Haitian Consulate, which opened in early February 8, brought

with it, not only the promise of improve dialogue with officials, but also the promise of greater trade, investment opportunities and better working relations – greater collaborations - with the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI). However, in the last few weeks, there have been sloops arriving in the TCI with illegal immigrants, sometimes in the hundreds; the most recent of which saw 111 persons apprehended and taken into custody. Aside from engaging foreign officials, Ewing said his Government has also been engaging committees representing the interest of foreign nationals living in the TCI, the most recent being with Dominican Republic nationals. The Premier said engagements with representatives of foreign nationals in the TCI will continue. (VANESSA NARINE)

THE Ministry of Education is making efforts to mobilize community participation for the National Consultation on education set for sometime this month. Minister of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture, Akierra Missick, in a statement noted that the Government of the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) is guided by the principle that our highest priority is the educational development of our people – the bottom line that gives context to review of several key areas in our education system. She said: “We want to ensure that we have a system that meets the developmental needs in an evolving, multicultural society such as ours. We want to ensure that all levels of the system are interconnected and are working toward the same goal as our children progress seamlessly through the system from Early Childhood to Primary to Secondary

and on to College. “We as a government have stated our commitment to ensuring that our educational system develops into a world-class system that will produce world-class citizens. This is a major priority. “The Ministry of Education has the critical task of overseeing the a system that is responsible for shaping the lives of our citizenry, driven by the philosophy that our education system should provide opportunities for individuals to learn how: to live together, to be, to know, to do, to think, to communicate, and to change. “We are therefore inviting all stakeholders in education and in the community in general to participate in our National Consultation on Education.” Community members across the TCI are being asked to attend the national consultations on Grand Turk, South Caicos, North Caicos,

and Providenciales on the dates are yet to be announced. Survey forms are available for completion and members of the community are asked to complete the brief survey form and drop it in the boxes that will be made available. Concerns of those who will be unable to attend are invited via email at or via letter addressed to ‘National Consultation on Education, Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture, Government Square, Pond Street, Grand Turk’. Another interesting component in the consultation is the launch of a website, where persons can also make their contributions by clicking on the Citizen Feedback link. The Education Minister maintains that the investment of time will be a worth investment that advances improvements in the education sector. (VANESSA NARINE)



April 16 - 22, 2013


We welcome letters from all members of the public on a variety of topics Please note that all submissions are subject to editing in keeping with defamation laws and newspaper style. Letters should be accompanied by the author’s full name, location and phone number. Names will be withheld if requested.

Trust in the legal system An almost free Dear Editor, In reading your fine paper I noted that Mr. David Cadman, a local attorney, has been brave enough to come out with a column, ‘Let’s Talk Law’. This is a big step in the right direction as finally a member of the legal profession is actually talking to the public. He has also explained that the TCI legal profession is making some changes, so that the public may come to have a wee bit of trust in the legal system. I would hope that Mr. Cadman is not just paying lip service but will start addressing specific cases that are in the public interest, such as the fact that a matter of wrongdoing was reported to the Bar and the Bar took months to answer. When they answered they basically said, the letter is not written in the right format so we will not answer your concerns. A second letter was written and to date this letter has never been

answered. F u r t h e r requests for help have been made to the Integrity Council, who basically agreed that the second letter was well written but they could not make the Bar have the integrity to answer, or deal with the matter as they should. Help was also requested of the court itself and the Chief Justice but nothing has come back to the wronged party. Is this normal conduct for a Bar Association Mr. Cadman? The fact that the judge visiting TCI (Judge Harrison) to preside over the SIPT trials in a former ‘very political’ case condemned the very person who had paid in part to bring the case, and along with the other judges wrongly told the world that this person had

We welcome letters from all members of the public on a variety of topics Please note that all submissions are subject to editing in keeping with defamation laws and newspaper style. Letters should be accompanied by the author’s full name, location and phone number. Names will be withheld if requested.

Send letters to

perpetrated the fraud at the heart of the matter, yet the judges never even heard from the condemned. To this day I cannot, nor will anyone tell me who the defrauded party is, and how much was defrauded. Furthermore in this case Dextra vs. the Bank of Jamaica the record shows that the condemned criminal has been chasing around the police, the judges, and the officials asking if they would be kind enough to explain who he has defrauded and of how much? All so he can work it out on the basis of the truth; but the judges and government officials have all been running away from the condemned criminal. Is this normal conduct for a court Mr. Cadman? These two cases have been widely published in the TCI press, but no one in the legal profession says a word. These and other matters of great injustice can be easily resolved if Mr. Cadman would be kind enough to point out to us the public one point of law, the Magna Carta says, “to no one will we sell (justice), to no one will we delay or deny justice or right”. The question is who is the “we” that the Magna Carta speaks of? As once the public can locate and find the ‘we’ prompt, impartial and fair justice with set rules, can be accessed and this is what the public is asking for, and is promised by the constitution. Over to you Mr. Cadman. Regards,

university education

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John D Wildish

Dear Editor, In these scary times we have often wondered where and how we can make ends meet, for beyond high school educational purposes help is available, all you need to do is search! With the advent of technology and specifically the computer (laptops are classrooms where you go) it can bring school to you in your home. Anyone desiring to get a tertiary education and cannot afford the tuition can follow this article and link, and be pleasantly surprised or happy! I link you with the following: “University of the People (http:// is the world’s first tuition-free, non-profit, online academic institution dedicated to opening access to higher education globally for all qualified individuals, despite financial, geographic or societal constraints. “Founded in 2009 by educational entrepreneur Shai Reshef, UoPeople is affiliated with the United Nations GAID, the Clinton Global Initiative, and Yale Law School ISP. “UoPeople has signed collaborative partnership agreements with New York University (NYU) to accept students; and with HewlettPackard (HP), through the Catalyst Initiative, to provide student internship opportunities. “UoPeople offers undergraduate programmes in Business

Has anyone read and digested the 8,000 pages? One thing is clear the PNP government who started NHIP and who hired Inter-health Canada cannot be the ones to do the audit. We wonder at those that cooked up this scheme. We have been told openly that the steering committee included Doctor Ewing, Rhondalee BraithwaiteKnowles, Royal Robinson, Denise Saunders and Delton Jones. The names alone make my point. The plan was for everyone to be covered and that turned out to be a farce. Basically only those working are covered. However the government, (the people), are obliged to pay at least two thirds of the plans cost. Therefore our tax dollars are paying for something we don't qualify to receive unless you are working. Who is working? The civil servants and some few folks in private industry. Three per cent of wages is a good

deal for the workers, but they also are kicking in the other two thirds of the high cost program, through their other taxes. In effect they are paying 18 per cent. When you buy anything that was shipped in and had duty applied you are paying taxes. NHIP is now soaking up four out of every 10 tax dollars and your taxes have gone up, up, up! The time has come for serious reconsideration but our Premier is avoiding this health care crisis like the plague. Portia, like Amanda, will not tackle the problem. Can an auditor separate primary care costs at Cheshire Hall Medical Center from secondary care when the two are handled under one roof? Why are referrals to the USA stopped? Can anyone negotiate a deal with Jackson Memorial? The time has come to deal with the fiscal problem as well. Why should the citizens have to

payback hundreds of millions misspent and wasted by only a few people. Is that fair? The whole country is being charged for what someday will be tried in court. We now have to pay for the defense of those charged and they are appealing, delaying the cases before they start, abusing the system. The delays are squarely in the hands of the Progressive National Party who does not seek justice and is avoiding it at our expense. Is this fair? The majority of voters on the two most populated islands said they wanted a PDM government. However everyone voting PDM, the vast majority, are being made to suffer. The audit, fiscal plan and prosecutions must go forward. The time has come the Walrus said...!

Edward E Smith, Providenciales


The Walrus THE opening line of the 1872 poem by Lewis Carol is “The time has come the Walrus said,” and that is exactly the point we are now facing. Three years have passed since NHIP came into being using Interhealth Canada as the secondary care provider and we have spent the better part of $200m. The 8,000 page contract reportedly calls for the cost of operations for the first three years to form the basis for charges to our government from this point on. In my opinion this is bad clause. Who has been monitoring the decisions which affected these costs for this three year period?

By David Tapfer What is needed is a hardnosed audit; someone who can dig and sort out what the costs actually were, and if they were reasonable. Who knows what the contract provides for in this audit?


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April 16 - 22, 2013





Governor, we are wondering why? Dear Editor, The record shows that two elected governments of the TCI supported and endorsed the Conch Farm project for its aim to create jobs, contribute to economic diversification, and promote a green alternative for these islands. The government of then chief minister, the Rt Hon C. Washington Misick on January 22,  1995, nine days before the general elections, granted Trade Winds Industries Ltd, the conch Farm Company,  5.03 acres of land, approved the proposal to fin fish and there entered a development agreement and development order. Then on January 31, 1995, the Rt hon Derek Taylor was elected chief minister and one ought to have thought that this agreement was dead on arrival ‘DOA’ but no! On reviewing the deliberations of the executive council of December 1994, the new Chief Minister, Derek Taylor ratified the decision of the previous PNP government to grant the conch farm the right to farm fish. Chief Minister Taylor, on March 9,  1995, then directed the officials, the AG’s Chambers to develop new agreements and orders to carry this decision into effect. How is it then that some 18 years later, 1995-2013, that this Governor

is attempting to deny the Conch Farm its rights, and the promise of jobs for the local economy and the agreements reached by two duly elected governments, which by the way, the British did not have to remove from office?  We are still being met with the misleading position of the governor dipping into what must now be ministerial affairs. Even so, why would the Governor deny this previously established ministerial decision, pretend that the commitment is not there, and bury his head in the sand. This is also a complete and deliberate denial of  on-going government policy, ie. that is found in the environmental charter. It is a willingness to defy the agreements made by two elected chief ministers 18 years ago, to impose his will, his lack of a proper policymaking process to undermine the progress made by these islands and the Conch Farm towards sustainable development? This Governor is pretending to ignore pre-existing obligations on the Government for no reason at all. So the motive and reasoning, suspect as they are, remain at issue. Governor, we are wondering why? Yours, Brianca Johnson

Warranties not limited Dear Editor, There is an inaccuracy to general manager of the Butterfield dealership, Ronel Rodriguez’s, comments in Vol. 27 No.13 of the Weekly News, April 6 to 12. On page 11 ‘Butterfield Chevrolet Dealership…’ he states: “We have the longest warranty offered on vehicles on the island which is a guaranteed three year warranty.” This is not a true statement. Since 2003 Land Rover, all models offer three years full factory warranty plus and additional year ‘good will warranty’ cover on all mechanical components and a five year warranty on paint and corrosion. Since 2004 Jaguar offered the

same warranty on all models. Since 2003 Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge offered a two years full factory warranty and in 2012 introduced a three year warranty with an option for the customer to buy a further two years making a five years warranty on all three brands. Fiat was introduced in 2008 offering a three year full factory backed warranty. To the best of my knowledge Suzuki also offer a three year full warranty since 2003. On the above information it seems that the longest warranty on island is not three years but five years. Yours faithfully, John Phillips

Hundreds pushing and shoving to get inside to register their children

Nearly 100 infants may not have placement for upcoming school year DIRECTOR of Education, Edgar Howell, recently confirmed that the numbers registered for kindergarten placement for the upcoming academic year are higher than the space availability. Howell noted that the department counted about 220 applications seeking entry for the 2013-14 school year.

During the three day registration process which began on March 18 at the Gustavus Lightbourne Sports Complex, officials from the Education Department stressed that there would only be sufficient space for about 150 students. This figure takes into account the three government primary schools

on Providenciales. The director stated that he was not ready to give an official comment but, he did want to mention that he and his team were doing the best that they could to try and accommodate as much students as possible. He added that there would hopefully be other good alternatives. (DAISY HANDFIELD)

Police Commissioner assures that TCI still has one of lowest crime rates in region THE Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force Commissioner, Colin Farquhar, last Friday (April 12), gave his assurance that the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) still has one of the lowest crime rates in the region and has excellent success in solving crimes. He was respondi ng to the recent spike of violent crimes in the Islands. Farquhar stated that the increased crime is being countered with investigative and patrol initiatives, which have had very positive affects in reducing crime. The Police Commissioner noted that various other investigations have led to crimes being detected in a matter of a few short days. He acknowledged local police officers for their tireless efforts and for utilising sound police investigative strategies in apprehending the alleged suspects responsible for the crimes. Farquhar also thanked the community, businesses, and Government for their assistance and support. According to him, strong partnerships are imperative to ensuring a safe and secure society for

our citizens as well as our visitors. He attributed the Force’s recent successes to strong partnerships. However, the Police Commissioner stressed that residents and visitors must continue to exercise proper precautions and have an awareness of their surroundings as it is recognised that there are still individuals who will take advantage

of situations and persons to further their criminal enterprise. The Force is expected to initiate a programme to work closer with hotel security officers, managers and other tourism related personnel on crime prevention. This is an addition to other special initiatives already in place, which have had positive outcomes.

SIPT settles with Samuel Been THE SPECIAL Investigation and Prosecution Team (SIPT), on Monday, settled civil recovery proceedings brought against Samuel Been to a value of $825,000. Attorney General, Huw Shepheard, in a statement said: “I have today agreed to settle civil recovery proceedings brought against Samuel Been. “At the same time criminal

proceedings against him for an offence of conspiracy to defraud and acquiring the proceeds of criminal conduct, contrary to Section 29 of Proceeds of Crime Ordinance 1998 will be discontinued. “The settlement will result in the transfer to the TCI Government of property owned by Mr. Been at Sammy Been Plaza, Providenciales, valued at $825,000.”



April 16 - 22, 2013

Eight District Constable trainees successfully complete training programme BY DAISY HANDFIELD A SPECIAL ceremony was held at the Stanley Williams training complex in Providenciales on Friday to commemorate the eight District Constable trainees who successful completed their two week training course. The event was attended by the leader of the Opposition, Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson who led in prayer, Hon. Sean Astwood, the MP for the Five Cays constituency, Police Commissioner Colin Farquhar and a number of other police officials. Demetri Swann, Damian Palmer, Sherika Dean, Latusher Gibson, An-Leslie Garland, Marvin Rolle, Brandalee Hanchell and Tamoy Lewis were the constables who were awarded certificates at the end of the ceremony. Two of the constables will be going back to the Grand Turk Police Station. They will be sent to the Grand Turk Cruise Ship Centre to not only engage with the public but to also ensure them of their safety and security. The other six will be posted at Providenciales International Airport due to the upcoming expansion. Course facilitator, Inspector Ennis Grant, commended the trainees on their hard work and dedication throughout the course. He said: “Over the past two weeks the District Constables arrived at this location to do training. “I’m happy to report that they displayed a high degree of dedication and professionalism throughout their training. “They conducted themselves with example and took in the lessons quite well. “This is evident from their

Training manager Curvalene Skippings-Godet, primary facilitator Inspector Ennis Grant, Commissioner of Police Colin Farquhar, acting officer in charge of HR department Inspector Dwight Gardiner, assistant facilitator Sgt. Winston Grant and eight District Constable trainees

performance and final examination which all of them recorded a pass grade.” The eight were lectured by a number of police officials on duty patrol, crime scene management, physical fitness, drills, practical aspects of court procedures, police station duties, crime scene management and other areas. Police Commissioner Colin Farquhar reminded the individuals that although the training came to an end, their job was still a never ending learning process. Farquhar said: “This is just your first step; this two week

course is only giving you a little bit of information to get you started. “It’s all about service; it’s about pride and integrity. “The easier way I explain it to people is, treat the public as you would treat your parents. “There is always going to be times when people aren’t going to listen to you so you have to be a little patient.” Over the next week or two the delegates will go through a series of orientation events where they will receive lectures from the various airport officials.

TCI top model contestants to appear on the Breakfast Club show THE Breakfast Club Show is once again inviting contestants from this country’s most coveted event, the annual TCI Top Model Contest and Fashion Extravaganza, and giving them the opportunity to be heard on air. As of last Friday (April 12), the contestants will make guest appearances each Friday over the next few weeks from 8:00am

to 8:30am on 88.7FM, where they will be interviewed by hosts, Diana Swann and Allan Forbes. Last year a similar undertaking was made and the contestants spoke about themselves, the training process, their journey and what they hope to achieve once this year’s TCI Top Model Contest wraps up.

April 16 - 22, 2013





April 16 - 22, 2013

Opposition Leader calls for action to address child abuse and autism BY VANESSA NARINE CHILD Abuse and autism, according to Leader of the Opposition, Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, are underrepresented issues. And in a month marked to raised awareness of both problems, Cartwright-Robinson has called for action: financial support to ensure no child is suffers, education to combat the stigma associated with both problems; and provisions for testing so autism can be accurately diagnosed and diagnosed early. The Opposition Leader said: “My call this year comes on three fronts: to those in authority and influential settings, I am calling on you to assist our children financially and otherwise and to take our responsibility seriously about leaving no child behind; to those parents who know that something is wrong but for fear of stigmatization have opted to not have their children tested or treated, I say to you that you are doing your children a major disservice; and finally, I call on the Government of

Vehicle burned and firearm discharged at Blue Hills home A FAMILY was awakened in the early hours of Saturday morning to the sound of gunshots fired at their home and flames destroying one of their vehicles. The incident happened at a house near to the Clement Howell High School in Blue Hills at about 1:15am. According to police, a number of persons arrived at the residence and set fire to the vehicle. They also poured gasoline around the house in attempt to set the house and persons in the house on fire. Luckily no one was hurt and minimal damage was done to the residence, however the vehicle was completely destroyed. The investigation is continuing. Police are appealing to the public who may have any information about criminal incidents to call them on 911 or CrimeStoppers anonymously on 1-800-8477. Tips can also be submitted anonymously in English, French or Spanish on either www.crimestoppers. tc or on Facebook as a fan of CrimeStoppers Turks and Caicos.

Leader of the Opposition, Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson

the day to make provisions for the testing of our children so that they can be accurately diagnosed and early.” According to her, too often heads are buried in the sand when it comes to the issues of child abuse and autism, and result is the effective pretense that neither exist. She said: Over the years we have lost too many otherwise productive citizens who have been misdiagnosed, mislabeled, overlooked or become withdrawn all because of our lack of knowledge of critical signs and symptoms and

unfortunately too often, our lack of interest. “Abuse takes many forms. Verbal and mental abuse leaves scars just as physical abuse does. Just as tender seedlings need environments that are conducive to their positive growth, so do our children. When factors compromise the best environment, those seedlings’ growth are stunted, warped or in severe conditions die. This holds true for our children when they are abused in any form. “We are all players and partners in this environment and we all have crucial roles to play.

“A recent incident caught on tape shows what our children are sometimes subject to and this in itself ought to have awakened this issue in our hearts and minds. “As parents, we are first and foremost the protectors for our children and then as citizens of this country, we are all guardians of the future citizens – yes other people’s children remain our responsibility despite how far we might have removed ourselves from this custom. “We owe it to our children and our country to ensure that our children are safe, healthy in mind and body and given the best opportunity to mature into productive, wholesome citizens. “I acknowledge the work of new and important specialist Partners such as CAPAA and The RTC Police Force Special Unit and celebrate them in the efforts to care for our children in this fight. We are all Partners together with these Bodies and Government Agencies and we must remember that in our efforts to protect our children we must be responsible, sensitive and honest. Remember that they are all our children and therefore all our future.” In the area of autism, CartwrightRobinson acknowledged the work of local advocate, Nicole Cox, and Bric’s Academy, which has taken on the unique path of working with our

children who have been a champion in the cause for our children who require specialist attention. She said: “Autism, recently new to discussions in this country, can no longer be ignored or misdiagnosed as more and more parents are coming forward sharing that their child has been diagnosed with autism. Whilst it is a disorder, my research shows that it is treatable and children can become productive citizens with the right resources and support. “Too many parents with autisticdiagnosed children are struggling on their own with little to no support. Each child is our responsibility and each child deserves a fair chance at life. It is time we join this cause and help our children.” The Opposition Leader noted that the time is past for autism and child abuse to be issues that are just talked about. She made it clear that comprehensive programmes are needed to help the children of these Islands –a move that must be made, in addition to advocating for all citizens to act responsibly and be positive players and not negatively label or tolerate our children doing this same. Cartwright-Robinson maintained that these are real problems that must be met with real solutions.

Stop searches to continue OVER the 324 hours, police officers from various units conducted a number of stop and search operations in Providenciales. Officers were searching for illegal drugs, weapons and stolen

goods. These stop and searches will continue as the police continue with its commitment to search for weapons and illegal drugs and keep these items off the streets.

Several minor offences under investigation The vehicle flipped over in the bushes

Vehicle flips over with a family of four ON SATURDAY morning a family of four narrowly avoided serious injury when their vehicle lost control and flipped over on Millennium Highway in Blue Hills. A mother and three children were rushed to Cheshire Hall Medical Centre following the incident where they were treated for minor injuries

and were shortly released. According to police reports, the family was driving along Millennium Highway by Maranatha High School at about 10am. While trying to avoid an object on the road the driver lost control of the vehicle and it flipped over onto its roof. (DAISY HANDFIELD)

OFFICERS of the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force are investigating a number of incidents reported between last Thursday (April 11) and Friday (April 12) within the districts of Providenciales. The offences included: burglary in Five Cays, where a cash register and a laptop computer were reported missing; malicious damage to property in Blue Hills, where a wallet containing documents was reported missing; and an assault of a make in Kew Town who received non-life threatening injuries.

Anyone with information, which may assist police, is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 18008477, or call the Police at 941-3397. Police are appealing to the public who may have any information about criminal incidents to call the Police on 911 or Crime Stoppers anonymously on 1-800-8477. Tips can also be submitted anonymously in English, French or Spanish on either or on Facebook as a fan of Crime Stoppers Turks & Caicos. Crime Stoppers tips are received in the USA.

April 16 - 22, 2013


Water woes strike Salt Cay again SALT Cay was battling water woes again during the later part of last week, forcing Government’s hand to fast track the approval of funds budgeted for in 2013-2014, a budget that has not yet been passed. Premier, Dr. Rufus Ewing, explained that there are provisions that allow for emergency expenditures of these kinds. The monies will go to the replacement of the Reverse Osmosis (RO) water plant on Salt Cay. The plant on the Island is over 40 years old, the oldest of all the RO plants in the Turks and Caicos Islands. It is operated out of a container, under conditions that are not considered ideal given heat emitted, the heavy vibrations and the poor

and dangerous working conditions Water is sold at issue points on Salt Cay and residents are also dependent on rain water catchment. Given the problems water had to be shipped from Grand Turk to Salt Cay, according to Ewing. Minister of Government Support Services, George Lightbourne, at the last Cabinet meeting (April 10) was asked to prepare a cost and time estimate for the replacement of the RO water plant on Salt Cay. He was also asked to report on progress with the construction of the building and installation of the RO plant on Grand Turk and the design of a new water billing system using pre-paid water meters. These issues are expected to be

discussed further at the next Cabinet meeting on April 24. Last week, Government announced its pledge of $1.5m this year towards improving the water delivery systems. This is in addition to some $2,387,605 that is planned to be spent between 2013 and 2016, with particular focus on Grand Turk, Salt Cay and South Caicos. Under this programme, investments in Salt Cay would see a new RO plant and building works that are estimated at $270,750, while installation of a pipe network system would be done at an estimated $109, 250 and new generators would have cost $750,250 – a total cost of $456,250. (VANESSA NARINE)

Man arrested for possession of fake firearm A 34-year-old male was arrested for the offence of possession of imitation firearm in connection to

The deteriorating container in which the RO plant is stored

an incident that occurred on last Tuesday (April 9) in Five Cays, Provo.

Bahamian charged for wounding LINCOLN Williams, of Freeport Grand Bahama, was formally charged and cautioned by the Police for wounding in Providenciales. He appeared in court last Friday (April 12) and was remanded until June 7th. It was reported that last

Tuesday (April 9), Williams got into an altercation with another male where he used an object and struck the male to his body. The male was taken to the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre where he was treated for nonlife threatening injuries and later released.

Firearm discharge and other criminal act in Blue Hills under investigation OFFICERS of the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force are investigating an incident that occurred in the Blue Hills area at approximately 1:15 am Saturday morning (April 13) involving the discharging of a firearm and additional criminal acts. Investigations revealed that a number of subjects arrived at a residence in the Clement Howell High

A damaged hose on the Salt Cay RO plant


School area and set fire to a vehicle and a residence before firing several shots in the direction of the residence. No one was injured in the incident. The fire destroyed the vehicle but only caused minimal damage to the residence. Police patrols searched the area, but were unable to locate the men. The investigation is continuing.


April 16 - 22, 2013


Regional News

Police force launches web shops investigation in Bahamas THE Royal Bahamas Police Force has launched an intensive investigation into all web shops throughout the country to determine whether illegal activities are taking place, according to Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade. This new development came from the Commissioner just days after Chief Justice Michael Barnett lifted an interlocutory order that had kept web shops open. Since then, the public and political pundits have been calling on the RBPF to take action and shut down number houses everywhere. However, Mr Greenslade told The Tribune that it won’t work that way. He said the Force is now conducting a probe to see if web shop owners are deviating from the clauses of operation allowed in their business licenses. He also said he would not discuss

how, when or what tactics the police would use to carry out the clampdown. “The police,” Mr Greenslade said, “will do what is allowed by law. “With the web shops, if they have legitimate business licenses we cannot just go in and shut them down. If you do that then you are doing something illegal. “But what we are doing from here on out is we are investigating these businesses and where we find that they are doing something illegal and not within the confines of the law we will shut them down. We are wide awake on this. “If you are offending against the law as a business person we will take action against you. “As for how, when, where it will be done, I will not have that discussion with anyone. But people will hear and see when the police

force makes its move.” Concern has been raised that the Christie administration is attempting to dodge the issue of shutting down web shops as it appears that no one in government wants to take on the job of enforcing the law. On Wednesday, National Security Minister Dr Bernard Nottage said that although he was certain that the police force has enough personnel to do whatever needed to be done with web shops, he could not say what the definitive plans were. He added that it was not his job to direct the police chief. Dr Nottage said: “We haven’t spoken about shutting down the web shops, that’s not my job. “It’s not the minister’s job to tell the commissioner how to do his job.” He said that officials would have to wait on the advice of Attorney General Allyson Maynard-Gibson before making a decision on the way forward. (Tribune242)

T&T woman chopped: former Windies cricketer probed

Turtles create hundreds of nests in the area’s beaches every year.

New law to protect Puerto Rico leatherback turtles PUERTO Rico has introduced a new law protecting a swathe of the island’s coast that has become a major nesting site for the world’s largest turtle, the leatherback. The Northeast Ecological Corridor comprises 14 sq km (5.4 sq miles) of the island’s coast. The law ends a 15-year battle which pitted developers against green activists and several celebrities. Leatherback turtles are a highly endangered species. “Today this important, highly ecologically valuable resource is being protected forever... History is being made,” said Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla, according to the island’s Vocero news site. Developers had been looking to

build hotels, golf courses and luxury homes in the area, arguing that this would boost the local economy and create jobs. But the area - boasting lush vegetation and pristine beaches - is now likely to become a centre for eco-tourism. As well as being a nesting site for the leatherback turtle, the area is home to more than 860 different types of flora and fauna. It also contains a bioluminescent bay, featuring micro-organisms which glow in the dark. Leatherback turtles weigh around 600kg (95st) and their shells can be up to two metres (6ft 7in) long. The shell is flexible and covered in a black leathery skin - hence the name leatherback.

A CRICKETER who played on the Trinidad and Tobago and West Indies teams is being investigated in connection with assault of a close female relative on Thursday. Acting Senior Superintendent of the Southern Division Cecil Santana confirmed on Friday that the suspect in the case was the 33-year-old cricketer (name not released), who allegedly chopped a female relative. She was chopped on her right hand at the cricketer’s house. He was kept for several hours in police custody on Thursday night. Police were told that the suspect and the female relative were having a domestic dispute when he allegedly chopped her with a Chinese chopper. The woman was treated at a district health centre for a chop wound to her wrist. She was discharged and made a report to police. Santana said police were waiting on a medical report to submit in a case file to senior officers who will decide whether charges are to be laid against the cricketer. Investigations are continuing. (Trinidad Express)

Engine problems reportedly caused the crash.

American, Canadian pilots killed in Guyana plane crash TWO pilots, an American and a Canadian, were killed Saturday when the small aircraft they were flying crashed into a house in Guyana, officials said. The pilots, whose names were not released, were the only people on board the six-seat plane. Their Piper Aztec twin-engine aircraft had just taken off from Guyana’s Ogle Airport when it encountered engine trouble, according to Robeson Benn, the South American country’s minister of transport. The plane crashed into a house in the coastal village of Sparendaam,

about 5 miles (8 kilometers) east of the capital city of Georgetown, authorities said. Residents in Sparendaam said they heard a loud explosion as the aircraft crashed into a small wooden house. The only person in the house, Florence Dyer-Tyndall, 69, told reporters she ran out of the house after hearing the impact and seconds before it burst into flames. The plane was registered to an American aerial photography and survey company based in Miami, the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority said. (CNN)

St Lucia seeks closer ties with Africa ST LUCIA is seeking to strengthen its existing diplomatic relations with Africa, according to a senior official of the Kenny Anthony administration. “We believe that we need to re-engage with the African states many of which have and continue to emerge as important economic entities and we need in that context to engage them to assist us with our own development,” said Dr. Vaughn Lewis, the special advisor in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Speaking during a television programme here, Lewis, a former prime minister, said “we have lost influence in persuading Britain and the European Union as to what we want and it is those emerging African countries that will have the influence”. He said the need to deepen relations with the world’s secondlargest and second-most-populous

continent is in keeping with a new policy direction to review and realign the country’s foreign relations. Dr. Lewis said while St Lucia may not be able to rely on aid from Africa, the island can engage the continent to stimulate investment and to lobby on St Lucia’s behalf in international circles. He told television viewers that the African continent is a very important region for St Lucia as a small island developing state. “The African continent as a source now of extensive raw material for China becomes a major player and that has meant that those countries have assumed a greater presence in international trade and negotiation than even a decade ago and that means that as small as we are Saint Lucia needs to find ways of engaging those regions and countries,” he added. (CMC)

April 16 - 22, 2013




Regional News

April 16 - 22, 2013


Above average Atlantic hurricane season predicted in early forecasts THE JUNE 1 start of the Atlantic hurricane season may seem a long way off, but judging from several early forecasts released this week, the Caribbean would be well advised to prepare for some pretty wild weather. The bad news is that Colorado State University (CSU) weather gurus Phil Klotzbach and William Gray are predicting a turbulent, above-average storm season. The worse news is that several other prominent climatologists agree. The CSU tropical research experts, in a pre-season forecast released yesterday, predicted 18 named storms, including nine hurricanes, four of which would be major. This compares with an average season’s tally of 12 storms, including six hurricanes, three with winds greater than 110 mph. According to the two CSU climatologists, the tropical Atlantic is unusually warm and El Niño, the atmospheric force that inhibits storm formation, is unlikely to emerge this season, which runs through November 30. “Typically, El Nino is associated with stronger vertical shear across the tropical Atlantic, creating conditions less conducive for storm formation,” Klotzbach said. The two experts also noted that the Atlantic basin remains in an era of tropical intensity, where more hurricanes tend to form, the result of a natural cycle.

Mr Maduro had campaigned on a platform of continuing Hugo Chavez’s socialist policies.

Maduro wins Venezuela presidential election Experts from Colorado State University, Tropical Storm Risk, Weatherbell, and Weather Services International are all expecting an active 2013 storm season.

Adding his comments on El Nino, Jeff Masters, chief meteorologist of online weather site Weather Underground, said years where neither El Niño nor its polar opposite, La Niña, emerge can be highly active. “Remember the neutral El Niño year of 2005?” he said, referring to the season when 28 storms, including 15 hurricanes, formed. While the numbers of storms Klotzbach and Gray predict are rarely right on target, they have accurately predicted when a season would be more or less active than normal in four of the past five years. The two CSU experts were offtrack with their initial prediction for 2012 last April, calling for a considerably slower than normal

season. Like other prediction teams, they thought El Niño would arise by the heart of the season. They were all wrong, however, and the year ended with 19 named storms, including 10 hurricanes, making it the third busiest season on record. Respected forecasters Tropical Storm Risk (TSR) are also expecting an above average season this year. They predict 15 named tropical storms, 8 of which will become hurricanes and 3 of which will attain Category 3 status or higher becoming major hurricanes. This is about 30 percent above the average storm formation levels and TSR said that it puts the above average nature of the 2013 hurricane season down to two factors.

Caribbean on stronger economic footing than before 1990’s - IMF THE International Monetary Fund (IMF) says low-income countries (LICs), including the Caribbean, have “bounced back” in the past two decades. An analysis in the Washingtonbased financial institution’s latest World Economic Outlook (WEO) suggests that “dynamic low-income countries are on a stronger economic footing today than before the 1990s, and, therefore, better placed to stay on course.” After a first wave of growth takeoffs—expansion in per capita output for at least five years averaging at least 3 ½ percent a year—by lowincome countries in the 1960s and early 1970s, there were fewer in the 1980s, the report says. According to the report, growth in many of these countries decelerated as global economic conditions deteriorated, adding that a second wave of takeoffs started in the 1990s. The IMF says a key concern is whether recent takeoffs by lowincome countries could unravel like

some did in the past, especially if global growth remains sluggish. The study suggests that such risks are lower today, with the authors finding that recent takeoffs by low-income countries lasting longer than those before the 1990s. “There also seems to be more at play than strong global conditions in helping takeoffs, as many low-income countries, whether resourceor manufacturingoriented, were unable to take off, despite supportive global conditions,” said John Bluedorn, one of the study’s authors. He said takeoffs in both generations typically paid off, with a 50–60 percent rise in per capita income over the 10 years after takeoff, in contrast to much smaller gains for low-income countries that did not take off. “This is an important message for some two-thirds of today’s lowincome countries that have yet to experience a growth take off,” said Jaime Guajardo, another author of

the report. The research finds important similarities between takeoffs in both generations. Both see higher investment rates and export growth than low-income countries that could not take off. The IMF says this underscores the “well-established roles” of capital accumulation and trade integration in development. Drawing on historical experiences, the study documents that, although low-income countries were able to take off by reducing imbalances, not all maintained their progress. Those that persisted in addressing vulnerabilities or implementing reforms that helped raise productivity enjoyed sustained growth, the study says. “The key takeaway for today is that LICs must avoid overstimulating demand or accumulating excessive external debt despite ultralow global interest rates,” said Rupa Duttagupta, who led the research work. (CMC)

SOCIALIST candidate Nicolas Maduro has won a narrow victory in Venezuela’s presidential poll. Mr Maduro, who was chosen by the late Hugo Chavez, won 50.7% of the vote against 49.1% for opposition candidate Henrique Capriles. The electoral commission said the results were “irreversible”. There has been no comment from Mr Capriles, who earlier on Sunday has suggested there was an attempt to doctor the result. Mr Maduro told a rally of supporters in the capital Caracas that he had won a “just, legal and constitutional” victory.

However, the margin of victory was far smaller than that gained by the late President Chavez over Mr Capriles at elections last October. Mr Maduro said he was willing to allow an audit of the election result. Almost 80% of eligible voters took part in the poll. Mr Maduro had been serving as acting president since Mr Chavez died of cancer on 5 March. He is due to be sworn in on 19 April and serve until January 2019 to complete the six-year term that Mr Chavez would have begun in January. (BBC)

Bahamas property owners to receive tax amnesty THE BAHAMAS government is providing a tax amnesty to property owners ahead of the June 30 deadline. The government says effective immediately, the Real Property Tax Amnesty Programme could save home owners up to 50 per cent of the taxes owned to government if they make arrangements with the assessment team. But the government gave no indication as to how much money is owed to it by tax payers. According at the Chief Evaluation Officer and Controller of Inland Revenue, Roger Forbes, taxpayers have three options to meet the June deadline. He said taxpayers would then have up to December 2013 to finalise a zero balance on their property tax accounts. “The government has instituted an amnesty programme under the Real Property Tax Act and it allows persons to benefit tremendously from several options under this programme,” said Forbes, noting that persons who have properties that are assessed with arrears of not more than three years, are able to get relief on the assessed amount, plus the surcharge interest of 50 percent. “That’s 50 per cent of the tax amount and 50 per cent of the

surcharge. That’s a tremendous relief. That’s for arrears of not more than three years, and of course, those taxes must be paid in full by the 30th of June, 2013,” said Forbes. “The second option is for properties that are on the assessed list and with arrears going back for more than three years. These persons are entitled to a waiver of 100 per cent of the total surcharge,” he said, adding however, the payment must be made in full by December 31 this year. The third option would allow people with properties that are not on the assessment list to get theim on the list. “The government will waiver the taxes for the prior years, providing again that the property is on the register with our department, that is the Evaluation Department, on or before the 30th of June, 2013,” Forbes said, adding that nearly 20 per cent outstanding properties remain to be put on the list. Forbes said Bahamians would know how much they are required to pay when they receive their tax bill which, if they are exempt, will not show a taxable amount. He said if anyone is in doubt, they are free to call the office and visit to validate the balances.

April 16 - 22, 2013



Science & Technology

Bras make breasts sag, study suggests

The telescope, when built, will have the ability to observe light and objects from 13 billion years ago.

Hawaii to build telescope capable of seeing the early years of the universe HAWAII officials have reportedly signed off on a plan to build one of the world’s largest telescopes on top of a volcano. What could go wrong? According to local reports, state land use officials have signed on a plan that would result in the building of the Thirty Metre Telescope on top of Mauna Kea. On Friday, the Hawaii Board of Land and Natural Resources granted the University of Hawaii at Hilo the request, citing the need for additional research facilities on the island. The board said the university had satisfied eight key criteria and that the state allows

for the building of telescopes on conservation land. The project, which has faced criticism from protesters, will, according to officials, create upwards of 140 full-time jobs and provide the scientific community with one of the most up-to-date research facilities in the world. In addition to creating jobs, the observatory represents a chance for the state to engage in an international project. Under the proposed agreement, the Thirty Meter Telescope would involve parties from a number of countries, including Japan, China, India, and Canada.

Titan is the only known moon with an atmosphere.

Astronomer: Saturn’s Titan may hold clue to origins of life SATURN’S moon Titan may hold clues to how life came to be, according to Josep M. TrigoRodriguez, of the Institute of Space Sciences (CSIC-IEEC) in Barcelona, Spain. Speaking in an interview with Daily Galaxy, Trigo-Rodriguez notes that Titan’s atmosphere could hold a number of clues to how life came to be. “We see Titan as a natural oasis of remarkable astrobiological significance to understand the environment in which origin of life took place on Earth,” he said. “It seems that a plausible scenario to build life consists of a dense atmosphere, where small particles like organic haze and meteoric metals could act as catalysts for the formation of more complex organic

compounds from simple precursors such as carbon monoxide and methane, thus promoting increasing complexity.” The moon’s atmosphere, which some have compared to an early versions of Earth’s, has long been seen as a potential source for bacteria life. The moon, the largest orbiting Saturn, is the only known moon with an atmosphere and its surface it thought to be made up largely of water ice and rocky material. Chances of discovering simple forms of life seemed to increase after the discovery of liquid hydrocarbon lakes in the satellite’s polar regions. Studies examining similar lakes on the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago show an abundance of thriving life forms.

FOR generations, women have been advised that wearing a bra would keep breasts from sagging, prevent back pain and improve posture. Wrong, wrong and wrong, according to a study conducted by Jean-Denis Rouillon, a sports medicine specialist from the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire in Besancon, France. “Medically, physiologically, anatomically — breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity,” Rouillon said, as quoted on “On the contrary, they get saggier with a bra.” Rouillon should know: Since 1997, he has been studying the breasts of 330 volunteers ages 18 to 35 using a slide ruler and a caliper to record the changes in breast position as the women aged, reports. His meticulous research revealed that women could experience about a 1/4-inch (7-millimeter) lift in the nipples each year they didn’t wear a bra, news site Counsel & Heal reports. The researchers involved in the study suggested that bras —

New research indicates that breasts gain no benefits from “being denied gravity”.

which Rouillon now calls “a false necessity”— discourage the growth of supporting breast tissue, leaving the breasts to sag more quickly. Other research has challenged the conventional wisdom that breast-feeding causes breast ptosis (sagging). A 2007 study of 132 women revealed that breast-feeding had no effect on the degree of breast sagging. What did affect breast ptosis, that research revealed, was age, smoking

status and the number of times a woman had become pregnant. Because Rouillon’s study focused on younger women, he cautioned that the results can’t be generalized to all women. “It would be dangerous to advise all women to stop wearing their soutiengorge [bra] as the women involved were not a representative sample of the population,” he said, as quoted in French news site The Connexion. “It would be of no benefit to a 45-year-old mother to stop wearing a bra,” Rouillon said.

Red wood ant mounds on an earthquake fault in Germany.

The nest is almost 10 feet longer than the previous record.

Ants lead the way on earthquake prediction

Largest wasps nest: 22-Foot Nest breaks Guinness world record

ANTS with the world’s worst taste in real estate seem to sense earthquakes before they strike, according to research presented on April 11 at the European Geosciences Union annual meeting in Vienna. Active faults, fractures where the Earth violently ruptures in earthquakes, are the preferred housing site for red wood ants in Germany. Researcher Gabriele Berberich of the University Duisburg-Essen in Germany has counted more than 15,000 red wood ant mounds lined up along Germany’s faults, like candy drops on a conveyor belt. For three years, Berberich and her colleagues tracked the ants 24-7 with video cameras, using special software to catalog behavioural changes. There were 10 earthquakes between magnitude 2.0 and 3.2

A 22ft (seven metre) long wasps nest has been discovered in an abandoned house by police officers in San Sebastian de La Gomera on the island of Tenerife after a series of calls from concerned neighbours; it sets the new world record for the Largest wasp nest (indoor), according to the World Record Academy. The Guinness world record for the largest wasp nest ever recorded was found on a farm at Waimaukau, New Zealand; it measured 3.7 m (12 ft 2 in) long, and was 1.75 m (5.25 ft) in diameter and approximately 5.5 m (18 ft) in circumference. It had probably been constructed by introduced German wasps (Vespula germanica).

during the study period, 2009 to 2012, and many smaller temblors. The ants only changed behavior for quakes larger than magnitude 2.0, which also happens to be the smallest quakes that humans can feel. During the day, ants busily went about their daily activity, and at night the colony rested inside the mound, mirroring human diurnal patterns, Berberich said at a news conference today. But before an earthquake, the ants were awake throughout the night, outside their mound, vulnerable to predators, the researchers found. Normal ant behavior didn’t resume until a day after the earthquake, Berberich said. So how do ants know an earthquake is coming? Berberich suspects the insects pick up changing gas emissions or local shifts in the Earth’s magnetic field.


World News

April 16 - 22, 2013


Lady Thatcher: Well-known hymns and poems for funeral WELL-KNOWN hymns and poems will mark Baroness Thatcher’s funeral on Wednesday, Downing Street says. Details of the ceremony have been published, including the hymns To Be A Pilgrim, I Vow to Thee My Country and Love Divine, All Loves Excelling. The programme features lines from Wordsworth’s Intimations of Immortality and TS Eliot’s Little Gidding. Meanwhile, the Bishop of Grantham - where Lady Thatcher was born - called the scale of the event a “mistake”. Speaking to BBC Lincolnshire, the Rt Rev Dr Tim Ellis said the ceremonial funeral was “asking for trouble” and should be “more lowkey and personal”, because people would use the event for their own political agenda. Lady Thatcher, who died at the age of 87 on 8 April, has been awarded a ceremonial funeral with military honours, one step down from a state funeral. However, it has been reported she herself insisted she did not want her body to lie in state or money to be spent on a fly-past. It was also her wish the armed forces play a key part in the ceremony. On Wednesday, the former prime minister’s coffin will travel by hearse to the Church of St Clement Danes the Central Church of the Royal Air Force - on the Strand. It will then be transferred to a gun carriage drawn by the King’s

Pope Francis is seen here meeting senior clergymen on St Peter’s Square last month.

Soldiers have been preparing the gun carriage that will carry Baroness Thatcher’s coffin.

Troop Royal Artillery and taken in procession from St Clement Danes to St Paul’s Cathedral. The route will be lined by military personnel from all three services. Fourteen Chelsea Pensioners, aged from 65 to 90, will line the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral on Wednesday as the cortege and military escort draw up to the sound of a halfmuffled bell. The former prime minister had strong connections to the Royal Hospital Chelsea, home of the Pensioners, over the last 10 years. The Margaret Thatcher Infirmary opened there in 2009. The coffin will be carried into and out of the cathedral by bearers from military units closely associated with the Falklands campaign. The occasion will be marked by a processional band of the Royal

Marines and a gun salute at the Tower of London. Senior politicians and foreign heads of state will take their seats under the dome of St Paul’s before members of the Thatcher family followed by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are escorted from the Great West Door. In front of the coffin, Lady Thatcher’s grandchildren Michael and Amanda Thatcher will lay cushions bearing the insignia of two orders she was appointed to - the Order of the Garter and the Order of Merit - on the Dome Altar. At the foot of the lectern there will be arrangements of white lilies and greenery. Amanda Thatcher and Prime Minister David Cameron will deliver two readings from the King James Bible.

Pope picks cardinals to advise on Vatican reform THE Catholic Church’s new leader has appointed a group of top churchmen to advise him on how to reform the Vatican’s often arcane bureaucracy. Pope Francis chose eight cardinals and a bishop who between them represent nearly every continent, and only one of whom is currently a Vatican official. The bureaucracy, or Curia, has been blamed for the Church’s hesitant response to sex abuse and other crises. It is nearly 50 years since the Vatican’s last major reforms. The cardinals who elected Pope

Francis last month were strongly critical about basic failings of the Curia under Pope Emeritus Benedict, the BBC’s David Willey reports from Rome. The cardinals include two Europeans (from Italy and Germany), two from Latin America (Chile and Honduras), one from the US, one from Asia (India), one African and one Australian. An Italian bishop will act as secretary. Announcing the appointments, the Vatican said the pontiff had got the idea of forming the advisory body from meetings ahead of his election by cardinals last month.

Bronx man arrested for shooting neighbour’s dog

Spike, a Maltese belonging to Marco Lopez, was shot to death in the Bronx by Lopez’s neighbor Donald Savino, who was arrested after the incident.

A 73-YEAR-old Bronx man was arrested for fatally shooting his neighbor’s dog — as the little Maltese’s owner helplessly stood nearby, officials said. Donald Savino allegedly aimed his high-powered air rifle from an open window and fired two pellets at the 8-year-old pooch, Spike, about 6 p.m. Tuesday, officials said. “He was smelling a tree,” said Spike’s owner, Marco Lopez, 49. “Suddenly, I hear this noise .... I hear my dog cry — he was screaming in pain.” The wounded pooch hobbled back to Lopez’s house next door before it collapsed. Lopez spotted Savino standing near an open window of his Throggs Neck home. “I said, ‘Why did you shoot my dog?’ ” Lopez recalled. “But he wouldn’t come out.” Lopez and his family rushed the 9-pound dog to an emergency vet,

but he could not be saved. Savino — who kept a sign on his lawn that read, “Keep your dog off the grass” — later confessed to the shooting, according to court papers. “OK, I did it,” Savino allegedly said. “I didn’t mean to kill the dog. I just wanted to shoot it in the butt and scare him.” Investigators found the rifle, a Crossman .22-caliber Magnum, inside Savino’s home. He was waiting Saturday to be arraigned on a string of charges that include animal cruelty and weapons possession. Lopez said his wife and three children were so devastated by the loss of their pet that he bought a poodle puppy, named Lex, on Saturday. “You have no idea all the pain we went through,” Lopez said. “We loved (Spike) so much .... It was such a terrible way that he died.” (NYDailynews)

The bus was carrying 43 seated passengers, but there were many others standing in the aisle, state media reported.

At least 33 dead in Peru bus crash A PACKED passenger bus tumbled into a river near the Peruvian city of Trujillo early Saturday, killing at least 33 people, state media reported, citing regional authorities. The bus was carrying 43 seated passengers, but there were many others standing in the aisle, leading authorities to believe the death toll might rise, according to ANDINA, the state-run news agency. Among the dead were many doctors and nurses, the agency

reported. Photos from the scene showed the mangled wreckage of the red bus in the middle of small rapids on the rocky Moche River, flanked on either side by steep green slopes. The bus was heading from Huamacho to Trujillo when it went off the road and into the river, local police told ANDINA. Authorities believe the accident happened around 4:10 a.m. (5:10 a.m. ET), the agency reported. (CNN)

April 16 - 22, 2013

World News



White House believes deadly Boston Marathon bombing act of terror

Although North Korea cannot reach the heart of the US there are a number of other countries it can hit.

Kerry urges North Korea to join regional dialogue US SECRETARY of State John Kerry has called on North Korea’s leaders to “come to the table in a responsible way” to end regional tensions. Speaking in Tokyo, the fourth and final stop on his Asian tour, Mr Kerry warned North Korea it risked further isolation if its threats continued. He also reaffirmed the US commitment to defend its allies, including Japan. The countries he had visited were united in seeking the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula, he said. On Friday Mr Kerry visited South Korea, and on Saturday he was in China, whose leaders he has said are “very serious” in their pledge to help reduce tensions - and to help end the

North Korean nuclear programme. North Korea has recently threatened attacks against South Korea and the US, sparking alarm in the region. Speculation has been building that the North is preparing a missile launch, following reports that it has moved at least two Musudan ballistic missiles to its east coast. Japan is within range of these rockets and has been taking precautions, including setting up batteries of US-made Patriot antimissile systems around the capital and sending two warships to the Sea of Japan, with orders to shoot down any missiles fired towards the Japanese islands.

Man set to walk 500 miles on silt for Cancer A MAN is set to walk on stilts along every street in Coventry for his latest fundraising challenge. Stuart Kettell, 48, of Balsall Common, has raised more than £35,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support since 2006. He set off from Broadgate and said he would stilt walk on all of the city’s accessible roads, covering more than 500 miles (805km). His past activities have included a week in a box suspended by a crane and running in a giant human hamster wheel. Mr Kettell, a cameraman, said he wanted to start raising money for MacMillan eight years ago after filming cancer patients it supported. He has since seen the help a friend received from the charity. “I saw firsthand the work that they do and it just inspired me,” he said.

Stuart Kettell is set to make the big walk for Cancer

The deadly bombing at the Boston Marathon that killed at least three and injured more than 80 is believed to be an act of terrorism, senior White House officials told Fox News. Two explosions tore through the finish line of the world-famous race just before 3 p.m., going off simultaneously as throngs of onlookers watched runners complete the 26.2-mile trek. The timing of the blasts immediately sparked suspicions of a deliberate act. “When multiple devices go off, that’s an act of terrorism,” a senior administration official told Fox News, just moments after President Obama delivered a statement to the nation and did not use the word “terror.” The official stressed that with details still coming in, it is unclear whether a foreign entity like Al Qaeda was behind it or whether it was home-grown terrorism. As a result, this official said the administration did not want the president to get out too far ahead and directly call it “terror.” In addition to the deaths, some 80 people were injured – including up to 10 with amputated limbs. Authorities were guarding a person of interest at

The scene near the finish line of the 117th Boston Marathon

a local hospital, according to a New York Post report confirmed by Fox News. The person, who sources said was 20 years old, had severe burns, but authorities had not determined whether the person was a victim or a perpetrator. Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis said during a press conference that no suspect is in custody. The first two explosions occurred at 2:50 p.m. – nearly five hours after the marathon began – about 50 to 100 yards apart, according to Davis. A third explosion occurred near the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

in the Columbia Point section of Dorchester, several miles southeast of the marathon's finish line, at around 4:15 p.m. Police could not say if it was related to the earlier explosions. The horror unfolded as the city marked the 238th annual Patriot's Day, commemorating the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord at the beginning of the Revolutionary War. Competitors and race organizers were crying as they fled the bloody chaos, while some witnesses reported seeing victims with lost limbs.

Louisiana town bans sagging pants A LOUISIANA town wants to prohibit people from sagging, or wearing pants below the waist and exposing their underwear. The ban would set a high price on low pants, slapping violators with a series of fines: $50 for the first offense, $100 for the second and $100 and 16 hours of public service for each subsequent offence. The Terrebonne Parish Town Council voted 8 -1 to pass the ordinance, which the parish’s president is expected to sign into law, reported WWL-TV. “Appearing in public view while exposing one’s skin or undergarments below the waist is contrary to safety, health, peace and good order of the parish and the general welfare,” the ordinance reads. Before the vote, Jerome Boykin, president of the local chapter of the NAACP, argued in favor of the sagging ban. “There is nothing positive about people wearing saggy pants,” he said. “This is not a black issue, this is not a white issue, this is a people issue.” Diana Collins, an NAACP youth director, said that sagging should not be tolerated. “We (are) here tonight to try and put a stop to this thing and let these boys and girls look decent,” she said. But plenty of people, such as Montegut resident Ida Moore, think

New York State Sen. Eric Adams bought billboard space for his “Stop the Sag!” campaign in 2010. This sign at Sterling Pl. and Franklin Ave. in the Brooklyn encourages people to pull their pants up.

that the government should not have the power to ban sagging even though it looks “foolish, unattractive and unbecoming.” “It’s certainly not the first time elders complained about the social mores and dress habits of young people,” Moore told WWL-TV. “But to make laws of governing social differences is a slippery slope to the level of government that we do not allow.” The American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana sent a letter to the council saying that the ban is unconstitutional.

“To ban a particular clothing style would violate a liberty interest guaranteed under the 14th Amendment,” the letter reads. “The government does not belong in the business of telling people what to wear. Nor does it have the right to use clothing as a pretext to engage in otherwise unlawful stops of innocent people.” Sagging is also under attack here in New York. A few years ago, State Sen. Eric Adams unveiled a series of billboards throughout Brooklyn reading, “Raise your pants, raise your image!”


April 16 - 22, 2013


Share and like photo comp begins A FUN voters’ poll on Facebook will allow fans to vote for their favourite TCI model. Organisers of 2013 TCI Top Model Contest and Fashion Extravaganza created the poll on www.facebook. com/tcitopmodel to give friends and family the chance to get their girl a top prize. The TCI Top Model Facebook page allows Facebook friends to cast a vote by clicking ‘like’ or ‘share’ on their favourite 2013 TCI Top Model Contestant photo. The photos that receive the most votes will win a $250 gift certificate for Business Solutions and a gift certificate to Gilley’s Café. The Facebook ‘Share & Like Me’ voters’ poll will close on Monday, April 28 at 6pm. The poll will not form part of the scores going towards choosing the 2013 TCI Top Model Contest winner. For the competition itself, the

contestants are being judged on eight categories, with the highest score attainable being ten points. There will be pre-show and event judging. The pre-show judging will be on personality, professionalism, models portfolio folder and industry readiness. The event judging will be on Impact Appeal (initial presence on the catwalk), Rock That Look (Runway Walk), Royele Swim (physical fitness in the swimsuit segment) and Fashion Forward (how best they showcased the finale garment). These eight categories will go towards naming the Turks and Caicos their 2013 TCI Top Model winner. 

 The actual 2013 TCI Top Model Contest themed Royele Couture: LUXE will be held at the Williams Auditorium in Providenciales on Saturday, May 4.

The TCI Top Model Facebook page allows Facebook friends to cast a vote by clicking ‘like’ or ‘share’ on their favourite 2013 TCI Top Model Contestant photo.

Cabinet awaiting progress report on hospital audit PREMIER, Dr. Rufus Ewing, last Friday (April 12), confirmed that Cabinet is awaiting a progress report on the status of the hospital audit. The financial and clinical audits of the operations of the local hospitals, functioning as a result of the controversial Inter-Health Canada deal, were supposed to have been completed at the end of March, according to the Premier at a press conference at the beginning of March. The Turks and Caicos Islands

Government (TCIG) representatives, the Clinical Services Review Board and the Contract Management Team are supposed to be involved in the audit. The report is expected to have details of: all contracts and subcontracts issued by the hospital, in terms of who receive the contracts, the costs and their duration; the procedures for tendering contracts; staffing information, as it relates to salaries and wages, allowances, benefits, as well as the makeup of staff, the number of locals and

expats employed; and that the hospital’s fee schedule – as this was information the Premier said was asked for by his Government. As promised by the Premier the audits will provide his Government with a final evaluation on the way forward. The financial and clinical audits are expected to have the effect of reducing hospital cost and improving clinical care, in addition to holding the hospital accountable for any defaults under the contract. (VANESSA NARINE)

April 16 - 22, 2013





April 16 - 22, 2013

New initiative to target women in sports TO ATTRACT more women to athletics and to encourage gender equality in sports and physical development, officials launched a ‘Women in Sports and Physical Development Initiative’. The Commonwealth Games Association (CGA) of the Turks and Caicos Islands in partnership with the Gender Affairs Unit announced the initiative at the Graceway Sports Centre on Wednesday, April 10, under the theme, ‘Women Taking Action in 2013 and Beyond’. President of the TCI CGA Rita Gardiner said: “The primary function of this new association is to foster growth and development of women in sports as well as encourage a more active physical routine resulting in more competitive sporting females. “Additionally, the association will be tasked with ensuring that women are involved in the decisionmaking process and advocate for a female representative on any national executive or administrative board.” The idea for the enterprise, she said, began as part of a five year development plan for the island and seeks to get all females, young and mature, more involved in physical activities. A more physical lifestyle among women, she said, will benefit society significantly as it will help to eliminate health problems and combat some social problems.

She applauded the five young ladies who took part in the CARIFTA games, proud of the increased number that represented the Islands. The launch was attended by Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Akierra Missick, Regional Development Officer for the Commonwealth Games Canada Chantelle Grant, representatives from TCI CGA, Gender Affairs Unit and the female athletes who represented TCI at the CARIFTA games. Minister Missick said that it is always positive to see women getting out there and she applauded them for “doing pretty much everything”. But she reminded them to take some time to get involved in physical activities and to take care of themselves. The main objectives of the initiative are to raise awareness of the benefits of sport and physical activity for girls and women and increase the number involved in sport and physical activity as athletes, coaches, administrators and volunteers. Also on the list of goals are the establishment of equity as a norm in sport and physical activity in communities around the country, and to award those who have made outstanding contributions to sports in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Subsequent to the launch an association will soon be formed and efforts to propel the objectives forward will begin. (KH)

Stakeholders gather for the launch of the Women in Sports and Physical Development initiative

President of the TCI Commonwealth Games Association Rita Gardiner applauds the young ladies who represented TCI at the CARIFTA games

Poor community turnout for tourism partners’ cleanup campaign in Five Cays THE ‘Five Cays Concerned Citizens Group’ headed by Angela Tucker and. Mattie Delancy, in collaboration with the Turks and Caicos Tourist Board, the Environmental Health Department and the Public Works Department, received the support of the community of Five Cays in a cleanup campaign last Saturday (April 13). However, the turnout was not what was expected. Head of the Five Cays Concerned Citizens Group, Angela Tucker, told the Weekly News that the turnout was poor, but noted that another cleanup is planned for Saturday (April 20). She attributed the poor turnout to

the fact that there was a funeral in the community on the same day. The district’s elected representative, Sean Astwood, who was out last Saturday, explained that the cleanup campaign has to be a community event, as without buyin from the community the problem would be a recurring one. “If we don’t have the buy-in that this will be the Government or persons like myself throwing resources at a problem today only to have to deal with it again tomorrow. The more we can get the community involved they we have that safeguard in place to tackle this problem. “I am working with Government departments and with the private

sector to ensure that we have a full clean up of this community…this will take some time, but I am sure we can get this done.” Astwood made it clear that last Saturday’s activity is not a one-time thing. Director of Environmental Health, Kenrick Neely, said: “We would like to thank ‘The Five Cays Concerned Citizens Group’ for organizing such a great effort. It is something beneficial and considerate for the community and we would like to see other communities follow suit.” Neely stressed the importance of the campaign and the cleanliness of the islands in general. He said: “If we don’t take pride

in keeping our community and country clean we will see an increase in diseases such as cases of dengue fever, the norovirus and other vectorborne diseases, even cholera. We must take pride in our country and it starts with our residents.” With Five Cays becoming the latest hotspot for tourist seeking the local experience, with the opening of Bugaloos, the Director of Tourism, Ralph Higgs, said: “Over the months we have seen a steady increase of visitors to the community of Five Cays, seeking our native cuisines, enjoying our local bands and relaxing on one of the most beautiful beaches on island. It is imperative that we keep the entire community

of Five Cays clean. “The cleanliness of the Five Cays community, and by extension the Turks and Caicos Island, is valuable to our tourism product and reinforces our ‘Beautiful by Nature’ slogan.” Speaking from a Public Works perspective, Acting Principal Engineer, Garvin Thomas, added his bit and said: “We will be cleaning Five Cays starting Monday (April 15). Street cleaners will be out and about cleaning our sidewalks and roadside areas, and the Environmental Health Department will assist with the collection of garbage bags. We will also be cleaning the Five Cays Community Center during this time.” (VANESSA NARINE)

April 16 - 22, 2013





April 16 - 22, 2013


Drake slams Chris Brown, says Rihanna ‘fell into my lap’ DRAKE and Chris Brown may not brawling in clubs anymore, but they’re still a long way off from burying the hatchet. On Friday, Drake, 26, hit back against his R&B rival, 23, slamming Brown on East Village Radio’s “Keep It Thoro” show. “Don’t ask me s-t about that man when I come up there. Leave that man alone. Stop preying on his insecurities,” Drake told journalist Elliott Wilson. “His insecurities are the fact that I make better music than him. I’m more poppin’ than him.” Drake also referred to Brown’s onagain, off-again girlfriend Rihanna, who Drake also briefly dated. “At one point in life, the woman that he loves fell into my lap,” Drake said. “I did what a real n---a would do and treated her with respect. She’s not up there talking down on me.” The Canadian rapper also mocked Brown’s musical skills. “I don’t want to hear that man rap,” Drake said. “Nobody wants to hear me rap against him. I really do this s-t. Let him put out that, whatever, ‘Project X’ or whatever he’s working on and I’m going to put out that real s-t for the people.” “Nothing good can come out of

‘Gangnam Style’ to ‘Gentleman’ for Psy

Psy hopes for another viral smash hit with Gangnam sequel Rapper Drake fired back at Chris Brown on radio show ‘Keep It Thoro’ Friday night, lashing out at Brown for his ‘insecurities.’

that situation,” Drake added. Chris Brown had a succinct response to Drake’s interview. On Twitter, the singer put up just three letters: “Lol.” The beef between Brown and Drake has been well documented ever since the two got into a heated altercation at a SoHo club last June. On Wednesday, Brown’s former bodyguard Patrick Strickland filed suit

against the hotspot W.i.P., claiming that the club is responsible for a head injury he suffered because it sat Brown’s friends and Drake’s entourage close to each other, despite knowledge that the two parties were rivals. The suit claims that the club had an employee hand Brown a note from Drake’s posse that read “I’m f-king the love of your life,” apparently referring to Rihanna.

Reebok drops Rick Ross over lyric apology fallout HIP-HOP artist Rick Ross learned Thursday he’d been dumped by the sportswear company Reebok after the company decided he hadn’t shown an “appropriate level of remorse” for using lyrics in one of his songs that seemed to allude to raping a woman. In the song “U.O.E.N.O,” Ross raps: “Put molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it. I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it.” The drug mentioned in Ross’ song is “molly,” which is a slang term for a powerful form of the psychoactive drug MDMA, commonly called ecstasy. His lyrics sparked outrage from fans and activist groups. Reebok released a statement on Thursday announcing it had severed ties with Ross. “Reebok holds our partners to a high standard, and we expect them to live up to the values of our brand,” the statement read. “Unfortunately, Rick Ross has failed to do so. While we do not believe that Rick Ross condones sexual assault, we are very disappointed he has yet to display an understanding of the seriousness of this issue or an appropriate level of remorse. At this time, it is in everyone’s best interest for Reebok to end its partnership with Mr. Ross.” Ross took to Twitter in early April to seemingly apologize for the lyrics

GET your dance shoes on. Korean singer Psy, who became a worldwide sensation with his smash hit “Gangnam Style,” is making another attempt at a global phenomenon. He performs his sequel, “Gentleman,” live for the first time Saturday, hoping to avoid the fate of other one-hit wonders. His video for “Gangnam Style” was the most viewed clip on YouTube with a staggering 1.5 billion views -and growing. More than 50,000 fans are expected to pack Seoul’s World Cup Stadium on Saturday to see “Gentleman,” a performance that will be streamed live on YouTube. The concert comes against a backdrop of increasing tension in the region amid North Korea’s

belligerent rhetoric and nuclear threats. But it’s business as usual for many in Seoul. Neither the government nor concert organizers are concerned about any additional security measures for such a massive gathering, and tickets have been selling fast. “The thought of danger never even occurred to me,” said Seoul resident Sungoh Bang, who plans on attending the concert with a group of friends. “Gentleman” and “Psy” were two of the most searched for keywords on South Korea’s biggest online portal, Naver, on Thursday, as Psy posted a snippet of his new dance. But fans and critics eager to see the rapper’s new video in full will have to wait longer.

Ex-con Snipes might re-start career with Expendables 3

A protest against Reebok for not firing rapper Rick Ross over sexist and violent lyrics outside the Reebok Flagship Store In New York on April 4, 2013.

he used in his song. He tweeted: “I dont condone rape. Apologies for the #lyric interpreted as rape. #BOSS” Two hours later he attempted to apologize again: “Apologies to my many business partners, who would never promote violence against women. @ReebokClassics @ ultraviolet” Much of the Twittersphere reacted negatively to his apology attempts: @RadicalONFIRE wrote: “RICK ROSS needs to work on the sincerity of his apologies...just saying.” @AprilLeighTree: “Once again a mega-gross rapper promotes rape culture. @Reebok spokesperson &

lowlife Rick Ross should be fired! #NotBuyingIt” @lovetricialee: “Rick Ross is simply another expanse of how much further we have to go. Truly pathetic.” @weakforcouture: “I hate rick ross. He’s an idiot who’s trying to backpeddle out of a scandal he brought upon himself” On April 4, scores of protesters with the women’s activist group UltraViolet picketed outside a Reebok store in Manhattan and delivered a petition demanding the sportswear manufacturer break with Ross.

ONLY a week out of jail, it would appear that Wesley Snipes is ready to start up his acting career. Convicted of tax evasion back in 2008, Snipes has spent the last 16 months inside a federal correctional institution. Does this mean his fans are going to get a “Blade 4”? No. Reports are surfacing that muscle man Sylvester Stallone wants Snipes in the third installment of “The Expendables.” Co-written and directed by Stallone, the franchise has seen great success at the box office grossing nearly $275 million worldwide with the first movie (“The Expendables”), and “Sly wants to help Wesley get back on his feet,” reveals an insider. “He sees him as a super addition to ‘The Expendables’ in what will be their biggest adventure yet.” This sounds like the perfect opportunity for Wesley to reintroduce himself into the acting community as “Expendables” is action-packed and full of intense combat scenes. Snipes holds a 5th degree dan black belt in Shotokan Karate and has shown the world his butt-kicking abilities in films like “Passenger 57,” “The Art of War” and the “Blade” trilogy. He would definitely fit in

Wesley Snipes has been an action hero for many years. He thrilled in the vampire trilogy Blade.

with cast mates that include Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li and Dolph Lungren. Also in discussion for the “Expendables 3” movie are Harrison Ford, Clint Eastwood and Jackie Chan. Sylvester also has his eyes set on Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis reprising their roles.

April 16 - 22, 2013




Michael Jackson wanted children to have a ‘normal childhood’

Kenny Rogers (r) poses with fellow Hall of Fame inductees Bobby Bare and “Cowboy” Jack Clement

Kenny Rogers to join Country Hall of Fame VETERAN singer Kenny Rogers has told fans he is “very excited” to learn he is to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. “I think it’s so cool,” the 74-yearold performer said in a personal message posted on video sharing site YouTube. “I’m glad it happened before I died.” “Everything pales in comparison to this,” Rogers told reporters later. Singer Bobby Bare and producer “Cowboy” Jack Clement will also

be inducted at a ceremony later this year. The new inductees will bring the membership of the Country Music Hall of Fame, founded in 1961, to 121. Already among that number is singer Dolly Parton, with whom Rogers performed on the 1983 duet Islands in the Stream. Houston-born Rogers is also known for such country standards as The Gambler and Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town.

ALL the King of Pop wanted for his children was something he never had: a normal upbringing. While the world saw Michael Jackson for his eccentric lifestyle and ever-changing appearance, he was known by his children as a doting dad who made them wear masks for a good reason, said his 15-year-old daughter, Paris Jackson. “He didn’t want anyone to see what we looked like,” she told the Daily Mail’s Sunday magazine. “That way we could have what he didn’t, which was a normal childhood.” In a wide-ranging interview, Paris said she’s hoping to turn Neverland Ranch into a haven for sick children when she’s older. She and her brothers, Prince and Blanket, now 16 and 11, spent part of their youth at the once-iconic estate before their father died in 2009. The sprawling ranch has been abandoned since 2005, and is now owned by a private equity firm. Paris made an emotional pilgrimage there two years ago and was saddened to see its famous Ferris wheel had been removed. “I cried and cried,” Paris said. “It’s beautiful there. It still has

Paris Jackson would rather wear surgical gloves than rhinestone-encrusted ones.

good energy.” On the road as children, she added, her father would make an effort to share special moments with them. At hotel rooms, he would build a makeshift cinema using a projector and bed sheet. With Paris’ growing interest in music, her famous moonwalking father would give her dance lessons. “He was an incredible father. We all loved him to death,” Paris said. For a while, she had kept a “shrine” to Michael Jackson in the bedroom

of the Southern California home where she and her brothers live with their grandmother, 82-yearold Katherine Jackson. Paris continues to live the life of an average American teen, and has recently been photographed as a cheerleader for her high school. Ultimately, she’s not looking to get into show biz, she confessed. Instead, she wants to become a heart surgeon. “I want to help people, that’s it,” she said. (

Malawi’s president ‘furious’ after Madonna criticised Jay Z and wife Beyonce recently visited Cuba.

Jay-Z defends Cuba visit in new song called Open Letter Jay-Z has defended his visit to Cuba in a new song. The rapper released Open Letter after two politicians asked about his trip to the island with his wife Beyonce. The government officials from Florida asked if the couple’s visit was officially licensed. US citizens are not allowed to travel to Cuba as tourists but can obtain licences for academic, religious, journalistic or cultural exchange trips. OPEN LETTER On the song, Jay-Z raps about his distaste for politicians and says: “Want to give me jail time and a fine, let me commit a real crime.” Jay-Z and Beyonce are both supporters of President Barack

Obama. Jay-Z raps in his song, “Obama said, ‘Chill, you gon’ get me impeached, you don’t need this (expletive) anyway, chill with me on the beach.”’ “I done turned Havana into Atlanta... Boy from the hood, I got White House clearance.” The White House said President Barack Obama did not personally approve Beyonce and Jay-Z’s trip to Cuba. When asked about the lyrics, White House spokesman Jay Carney joked: “I guess nothing rhymes with treasury.” “It’s a song. The president did not communicate with Jay-Z over this trip.” US Treasury officials said the couple’s trip was licensed as a cultural exchange. (BBC)

MALAWI’S President Joyce Banda was “incandescent with anger” over a statement labelling US singer Madonna a bully, the BBC has learnt. She was unaware of the harshlycritical statement that was issued by her office following Madonna’s recent visit to the country, senior officials have said. The statement accused Madonna of exaggerating her contribution to the country and demanding VIP treatment. Madonna, who was visiting her charity in Malawi, hit back at the criticisms. She described them as lies and said she began her involvement in Malawi seven years ago “with honourable intentions”. ‘RED CARPET’ A well-placed source told the BBC that President Banda was “incandescent with anger” when she heard about the statement, and a senior official has confirmed she knew nothing about it. The statement, issued on Wednesday, accused the star of wanting Malawi “to be forever chained to the obligation of gratitude”. It claimed Madonna believed the

Madonna said she came to Malawi with “honourable intentions”.

government should have “rolled out a red carpet and blast the 21gun salute” upon her arrival in Malawi. “Granted, Madonna is a famed international musician. But that does not impose an injunction of obligation on any government... to give her state treatment. Such treatment, even if she deserved it, is discretionary not obligatory,” the statement said. And, in reference to a row over whether she is building schools or classrooms, it said she “needs to learn as a matter of urgency... the

decency of telling the truth”. Emily Banda, head of Malawi’s NGO board, said that although President Banda “did not approve” or indeed know about the statement, there would be no apology for the mistake. Some of the criticism of Madonna’s charity work was justified, she said. WAR OF WORDS Madonna, who has adopted two children from Malawi, originally planned to build an $15m (£9.9m) girls’ academy.


Job Listings Services Auto sales real estate


Brama Kumaris


3-bedroom apartment $1100.00 per month it will be available May 1st.

contact: 946-4664

April 16 - 22, 2013

946-4664 Fax: 946-4661



ERNEST WILLIAMS Is looking for a

Raja Yoga Meditation Centre Turks and Caicos Islands

Telephone 946-4760 & 332-4101 Email:


Labourer to work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 343-1095 8042

Construction scaffold and roof tiles for sale CONTACT: 431-1591 OR 231-3788

April 16 - 22, 2013




Dolmen Import & Export LTD dba Dolmen construction

Concrete Pump Operator

Is currently seeking highly qualified applicants in their respective fields:

The Pump Operator will possess competency in the following areas in order to perform his role in a safe, productive, and effective manner

Carpenter Rental equipment Mason Electrician Plumber Painter

Belongers need only apply.

Contact (649) 946-8521 E-mail:

EBONY BEAUTY SALON is looking for a



To work 6 days per week from 10:00am-6:00pm Suitable applicant must have at least five years of experience in the cosmetology field Must be a team player and have a good work ethics

CONTACT: 231-3788

Contact: 649-347-3630






* Drive concrete boom pump on public Roadways * Establish proper base to set up boom truck * Capable of operating four section booms. * Determine concrete mixes to pump under design pressure allowed by pump * Follow manufactured guidelines and safety requirements in operating pump * Capable of setting up pump systems * Must be able to perform Daily Inspections and Daily Maintenance on equipment * Commercial B,C,D,E,H Driver's License

* Clean driving record for the last Five years * Minimum 5 yrs experience operating concrete boom pumps of 36m and more. * Good directional skills * Customer Service Orientated * Must be physically fit and able to handle average weight of 80 pounds * Ability to kneel, stoop, crouch, balance, climb or crawl * Ability to maintain balance * English, Creole & Spanish would be an asset.

Please reply with references and police record to or call 941-4398

Amazing Value! Lot for Sale

In Gated/Planned Community in Long Bay. Flamingo Crossing lot comes with full set of House Plans, all underground utilities, etc.

$49,999 o.b.o. Call 231-3788

FOR QUICK SALE PRICE SLASHED $180,000 CASH! House and ½ Acre land Richmond Hill 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath Fully furnished

Call: 231-3788



April 16 - 22, 2013




is looking for a


BLUE HORIZON RESORT MIDDLE CAICOS Phone: (649) 946 6141 e-mail:



Our restaurant and bar requires an energetic, professional staff member who has an excellent track record in hospitality and who thrives in a fast-paced service environment. Excellent communication skills are essential to build a rapport with guests and ability to lead the front of house team.

Duties and Responsibilities

Job Role:

• Basic server requirements: Preparing tables, serving guests, preparing checks and taking payments. • Showing guests to tables during Lunch & Dinner service. Oversea the flow of guests within the restaurant. • Manage the reservations, and team shifts • Liaise between kitchen staff and floor staff • Maintain ambience of restaurant – lighting, music, cleanliness, hygiene ·∙ • Oversea and pro-­actively deal with guest queries and complaints

Job Skills:

• Able to communicate clearly in and possess a good command of verbal and written English. • A minimum of 2 years experience working as Head Waiter/ess, or Maitre’D. • Excellent Customer Service Skills and ability to understand and respond to individual guests needs • A genuine interest and understanding in food and drink – wine and cocktail knowledge is essential • Exceptional communication and presentational skills • Able to organize time effectively, ability to multitask • Ability to work as part of a small team, independently and use initiative* *Applicants must be willing to reside in Middle Caicos *Remuneration based on experience

CHEF / COOK Duties and Responsibilities

• To support and communicate regularly and effectively with the Head Chef • To be responsible for ensuring all kitchen staff are preparing and presenting quality food • To report any issues with food quality and freshness to the Head Chef / Executive Chef • To ensure all kitchen staff follow correct food and hygiene standards • To lead by example for staff ensuring that the kitchen is always presentable • To communicate with the Head Chef on a regular basis regarding all stock levels

Job Skills:

• A minimum of 2--3 years service as a cook in a high volume environment • The ability to work well under pressure • Effective communication skills with a variety of people • The ability to set goals, organize your time and staff • A strong commitment to safety

REMUNERATION BASED ON EXPERIENCE *Applicants must be willing to reside in Middle Caicos

• Serve liquor, wines, and bottles beverages. • Mix cocktails and specialty drinks • Take beverage orders from serving staff or directly from patrons. • Routinely maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the bar, all its utensils and bar equipment. • Ensure that the bar stock is adequate for the day’s service.

Skills and Specifications

▪ Must have pleasant personality and cheerful disposition ▪ Must have experience working as a bartender for working knowledge on various liquors, wines and alcoholic beverage and how they are mixed ▪ Must have excellent oral communication and interpersonal skills

Education and Qualifications

▪ Course in culinary sciences is an advantage *Pay Rate Based on Experience – Base Rate 8.00 hr *Applicants must be willing to reside in Middle Caicos  

WAITER/WAITRESS Job Description:

Serve food and beverages to guests in our dining establishment.

Kitchen Helper

Job Skills:

• Exceptional communication and presentational skills • Able to communicate clearly and possess a good command of verbal and written English • A minimum of 2 years experience working as server in a fast paced environment • Excellent Customer Service Skills and ability to understand and respond to individual guests needs


Base Rate 8.00hr *Applicants must be willing to reside in Middle Caicos


must be willing to work weekends, nights and holidays salary negotiable apply with resumes to Bay Bistro, Grace Bay HELP WANTED Belonger only need apply




Gardener 8041

Duties: general maintenance, carpentry and masonry skills desirable

Housekeeper Duties: Cooking and meal preparation, culinary skills desirable

Both positions applicants must be prepared to work flexible hours and 6 days per week. Salary $5.50 per hour

Contact: 231-5084

or email:


C & J EMPLOYMENT Hereby acting on behalf of our clients:


ERB Construction, Paradise Entertainment (Philip Hawkins) Cowdrey Lightbourne, Terrell Gardiner

Job Duties:

• Greet and escort customers to their tables. • Check with customers to ensure that they are enjoying their meals and take action to correct any problems. • Explain how various menu items are prepared, describing ingredients and cooking methods. • Inform customers of daily specials. • Prepare checks that itemize and total meal costs and sales taxes. • Present menus to patrons and answer questions about menu items, making recommendations upon request. • Remove dishes and glasses from tables or counters, and take them to kitchen for cleaning. • Serve food and/or beverages to patrons; prepare and serve specialty dishes at tables as required. • Stock service areas with supplies such as food, tableware, and linens.


3ToBarbers work 5 days


– $6-$8 per hour

Mechanic – $7-$9 per hour

Domestic Worker – $5.00 per hour

Contact: 347-2093


per week. Salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 347-6642



COCO BISTRO Is looking for a

Waitress To work 6 days per week salary $6.00 per hour

• Must have 3-5 years experience • Must have a smiling and pleasant personality whiles serving tables and communicating with others

Contact: 946-5369


April 16 - 22, 2013



ADITHA BROWN Is looking for a


ANTWANN MISICK is looking for a

Is looking for 5


contact: 231-2900


To work 6 days per week salary $250 weekly.

Labourers Farm Helper To work on North Caicos must be able to work 6 days per week salary $5.50 per hour.

contact: 246-4769



To work 5 days per week salary $150 per week.

contact: 242-3763 8065

Medical Officer Job Purpose

Medical Officer is responsible for the Operations department and the development and enforcement of policies and procedures as it relates to the NHIP Emergency Overseas Treatment Programme as well as coordinating appropriate cost efficient health care services with best medical practice.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Manage the Medical Aspects of the NHIP Emergency Overseas Treatment Programme


Been Construction

Is looking to fill the following positions:

Requires a


4 Cosmetologists 2 Domestic Workers 3 Barbers Must have at least 3 years experience in field Salary based on commission, suitable applications Must be able to work flexible hours including weekends and holidays THESE POSITIONS ARE AVAIABLE A.S.A.P.

Minimum of 5 years experience. Salary negotiable depending on level of qualification and experience. Please fax resume to

Tel: 941 7625


LEW 1 SHIPPING LTD. Seeks to fill the following positions:


Contact: 241-5099/ 241-4464/344-44748048 MODERN DAY CONSTRUCTION Is looking for a

Domestic Worker Must be willing to work 3 days per week Salary negotiable

Contact: 649-941-5707 Fax: 649-941-5708 8047

• Coordinate the development of a defined Benefit package inclusive of specification and costing • Suggest and implement systems and procedures to facilitate achieving objectives on areas of Health Care

Services and Pharmaceutical Benefits

• Conduct surveys of health providers and facilities to derive baseline data on the availability and quality of services as well as the capacity and readiness to meet demands of NHIB • Convene and take the lead in meetings and other mechanisms aimed at defining criteria for in clusion in the NHIB provider network as well, as developing norms and protocols for quality assurance utilization reviews, access to overseas care; modifications ( inclusion and exclusion) of items in the benefit package; • Collaborate with other members on the NHIB team in the design and implementation of activities related to accreditation of health providers • Collaborate with other members of the NHIB team in defining and developing contractual agreements with local and overseas providers for services in the benefit package; • Assist in the development of detailed terms of reference and procedures for the activities of the NHIB Medical Review Committee • Prepare for and participate in seminars, workshops and public meetings organized by the NHIB

Person specification

To work at a warehouse

Working hours: Monday-Thursday 8:00am5:00pm, Friday 8:00am-4:30pm

• Enforce cost-reduction strategies and recommend options in the management of claimant’s care

Carpenter To work 5 days

per week salary $7.00 per hour. contact: 347-3776




Salary will commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Is seeking a

Master Sommelier

For immediate employment The successful candidate will have: wine list and the beverage department • A formal sommelier or hospitality based as a whole qualification – this will be advantageous • Be responsible for ensuring the ultimate but not essential profitability of the beverage department • A minimum of five years experience in • Manage the cellar and ensure that fine restaurant or at a luxury five-star stock levels and ordering are handled property efficiently • A strong restaurant and staff • Train the service team on a regular basis management and guest interpersonal • Engage with the chef on offering skills interesting wine pairing • Contactable references • Salary commensurate with experience • A clean police record resume to be received by april 18th, • The successful candidate will: 2013 • Be responsible for maintaining a top shelf

P.O. Box 675 Leeward Highway, email:

• Education: Academic qualification at least at the level of Bachelor in Medicine/ Bachelor in Surgery; • Experience: At least 7 years’ experience as a full time practitioner in primary care and hospital settings. • Experience with health insurance operations such as member of medical review panel will be an asset. • In-depth knowledge of the local health sector; • Strong written and oral skills including computer literacy in the main processing, spreadsheet and presentation graphics programs. • Skills in managing meetings, negotiation and consensus building. • Effective, interpersonal, communication and customer services skills


Deadline for Submission is April 12, 2013 All Applications should be addressed to:

Zaneta Burton Chief Executive Officer National Health Insurance Board Salt Mills Plaza Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands British West Indies Email:


the largest readership in the turks & caicos


30 CLASSIFIEDS OCEANVIEW BEAUTY SALON is looking to fill the following positions:

April 16 - 22, 2013


ROSELEE J. MISICK Is looking for a

REGINALD TALBOT Is looking for a


Must be willing to work 5 days per week salary commensurate with experience.

Contact: 232-5443


per week salary $5.00 per hour. contact: 231-5170


Salary $2,500 per month.

Contact: 232-7304 8051


This Notice is placed in this newspaper pursuant to an Order of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Central Region, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, dated March 25, 2013 in the matter of R. v. Kenneth James and Rosemary Cremer (the “Proceedings”). This Notice is directed to the senior officers or acting and directing minds of the following corporations registered in the Turks & Caicos Islands: (a) Ford Glenn Group Inc., (b) Sterling Capital Corporation and (c) Eveline Holdings Inc. (hereinafter, the “Corporations”). In the Proceedings, the Crown (prosecution) intends to bring an Application in the Superior Court of Justice for an Order unsealing and obtaining access to the contents of several documents and banking records associated to the Corporations which were seized under Search Warrants and a Production Order. Those documents and banking records are presently under seal in the secure storage of the Superior Court of Justice. On October 3, 2012, the Superior Court of Justice appointed Scott K. Fenton of the law firm of Fenton Smith, Barristers as a Referee to assist the Court in protecting the interests of any potential privilege holders who may have an interest in asserting solicitor-client privilege over the documents and bank records seized under the Search Warrants and Production Order which remain under seal in the custody of the Court. The contact information for Fenton Smith, Barristers is 445 King Street West, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5V1K5; (office) 416-955-1611 or 416-968-0526; (fax) 416-955-1237; (email) If you are a senior officer or acting and directing mind of any of the Corporations, and you wish to assert privilege on behalf of that Corporation over any of the documents or bank records currently under seal that will be the subject of the Crown’s application to unseal, you or your legal counsel, or counsel for any of the Corporations, should contact the Referee without delay and, in any event, no later than fourteen (14) days from the date of this Notice. If you or your counsel, or counsel to any of the Corporations, wish to assert a claim of privilege over any of the documents or banking records in question, please notify the Referee by calling (416) 955-1611 or 416-955-4551 or send an e-mail to sfenton@ The Referee will ensure your wishes are conveyed to the Superior Court of Justice and can assist you in explaining the steps required for you or your counsel or counsel for any of the Corporations to participate in the Proceedings in order to assert a claim of privilege. If you wish to obtain independent legal advice about the issues raised in this letter but do not know a lawyer in the Province of Ontario from whom to receive such advice, you may call the Referee at (416) 955-1611 or 416-955-4551 or send an e-mail to sfenton@ The Referee can refer you to independent counsel qualified to practice law in the Province of Ontario. If you fail to contact the Referee within fourteen (14) days of the publication of this Notice, the Referee and the Court may assume you and the Corporation(s) do not wish to make any claim of privilege over the documents and banking records that will be the subject of the Crown’s application to unseal. In that instance, you should be aware that the documents and banking records of the Corporations may be unsealed by the Court and provided to the Crown for further disclosure and potential use in the Proceedings without further notice to you.”

Please bring all applications to Flowers by Environmental Arts located at U102 Venture Hours, Grace Bay Road, Providenciales or email: Natalie@ successful applicants will be notified by phone for interview


Hairdresser Domestic Masseuse ToWorker Technician work 6 days

• Minimum 5 years experience as a floral designer with relevant certification • Extensive knowledge of different flowers, foliage and potted plants (names, seasonal availability, lifespan) • Up-to-date on current fashion and styles in floral design while at the same time understanding the traditional use of certain flowers for wedding, funeral etc. • Willing to work outdoors and irregular hours • Comprehensive QuickBooks knowledge • Engaging and outgoing personality who enjoys working with public • Starting salary $1,700 per month


the largest readership in the turks & caicos

JOB ADVERTISEMENT Gansevoort Turks + Caicos is a contemporary luxury full service boutique resort on Grace Bay Beach. We are looking for driven and energetic professionals with Five Star experience and who are committed to achieving excellence by ensuring Five Star standards and services are continuously delivered.

Housekeeping Manager Needed for the Housekeeping Department. The Manager is required to have at least a high school diploma and previous experience Housekeeping experience in a luxury resort environment. Responsible for training new employees and ensuring work schedules are coordinated to maintain the highest level of consistent quality for our guests and owners. The manager will oversee the work of the employees, order cleaning supplies as needed, assign and inspect work. The manager assigns tasks to employees and may make cleaning suggestions to help improve service. Manager must be able to resolve guest issues regarding the cleaning or hotel services. Must be Computer literate with knowledge of Microsoft Office software and Opera to prepare reports, employee schedules, inventories, budgets as required; should have good communication skills; and MUST be detail-oriented and tenacious.

Housekeeping Supervisor Works with Room Attendants to ensure guest rooms and public areas are maintained to luxury standards. Assists in assigning staff daily tasks according to occupancy. Inspects work and coaches to develop consistent skills, assists in inventory and reporting. At least 2 years experience as luxury resort room attendant and supervisory experience preferred. PC skills required, Opera preferred, must have exceptional attention to detail and consistency in adhering to luxury standards. Salary: $8.00-10.00 Hourly

Laundry Manager 3 years experience in laundry as a Supervisor. Familiarity with presser/folder an asset. Responsible to maintain accurate inventory of linens and towels, forecast reordering, protect assets, train, and coach and manage staff. Must be Computer literate with knowledge of Microsoft Office software and Opera to prepare reports, employee schedules, inventories, budgets as required; should have good communication skills; and MUST be detail-oriented and tenacious.

Interested applicants can contact our Human Resources Department, Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm on (649)941-7555. E- Mail cover letter outlining your interest and supporting experience in a particular position along with your Resume or C.V. to


April 16 - 22, 2013





Is looking for a

DENTAL HYGIENTIST Requires the following qualified staff:

I, Craig K. Potts, have applied for a Casino License pursuant Charter 115 of the Turks and Caicos Islands Casino Ordinance. The said Casino is to be operate at 1 Old Airport Road, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands


;; Must be registered either in the UK, USA or Canada at least 4 years clinical experience required ;; Must be prepared to work weekends ;; Salary to be negotiated

Waitress Salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 344-6532


Any person who desires to object to the grant of the license shall send to the Minister before such date, April 27th, 2013, two copies of a brief statement in writing of the grounds of his/ her objection



Contact: Dental Services Ltd., Leeward Highway, Providenciales. Telephone: 946-4321. Fax: 946-5487. 8080

bayview motors


• Minimum 2 years experience as a florist with relevant certification • Knowledge of different flowers, foliage and potted plants (names, seasonal availability, lifespan) • Up-to-date on current fashions and styles in floral design while at the same time understanding the traditional use of certain flowers for weddings, funerals etc. • Willing to work outdoors and irregular hours • 2 years customer facing experience in retail using POS Systems • English speaking • Engaging and outgoing personality who enjoys working with the public • Starting salary $2,000 per month

Please bring all applications to Flowers by Environmental Arts located at U102 Venture House, Grace Bay Road, Providenciales or email to : Successful applicants will be notified by phone for an interview

Bohio Dive Resort Guanahani Restaurant - Grand Turk

Immediate Opening for

Jr. Sous Chef Requirements:

• minimum 1 year culinary experience in a full service, dining establishment • post-secondary degree or equivalent qualification by experience • must have strong knowledge of kitchen inventory and ordering process and ability to supervise a staff under the direction of Executive Chef • must be able to work mornings, nights and weekends on a schedule • excellent culinary technique and ability to work the line during all meal periods • exceptional customer service orientation complying with company service culture • must be fluent in English, verbal and written forms

Duties will include:

• coordinate the inventory and disbursement of all supplies with F & B Manager • inspect and ensures the proper set up and readiness of each item on menus • supervise daily food preparation • ensure a level of quality, portion control and plate presentation is adhered to consistency • work closely with staff to exceed guest expectation

Interested applicants should apply to:

Bohio Dive Resort with an updated resume or email to info@ 649-946-2135





Budgets / Forecasts & Reporting • Co-ordinate and prepare annual budgets, including operating and capital expenditure budgets. • Ensure the accurate preparation / reporting of monthly financial results in strict accordance with Group policies. • Ensure that revenue is allocated correctly, taking corrective action where inconsistencies arise • Ensure approved capital expenditure budgets are adhered to at all times. • Analyze business performance / results, providing feedback to Senior Management General Business & Finance Administration  • Lead the Finance department team and guide them to ensure the daily operation and the financial close  process, including the pre-close and post-close preparation and review of balance sheet accounts reconciliations are complete • Ensure compliance with statutory authority and audit requirements • Ensure the effective management of all taxation and legislative, reporting financial status as needs basis • Implement and ensure appropriate financial and internal controls in compliance with Company Policies and procedures • Account management of loan portfolio • Preparation of financial statement and in house reporting • Supervision & training of accounting department • Bank, A/R, & A/P reconciliation, bank deposit, petty cash management • Purchase and billing audit Asset Management  • Ensure the general ledger is reconciled to the assets register, on a monthly basis • Ensure all company assets are monitored and accurately accounted


Skills and Experience: To be considered for this role you will need to possess: • post secondary accounting degree • 10+ years overall experience in automotive dealerships. • Knowledge of accounting, budgeting, and cost control principles including GAAP financial regulations. • Knowledge of automated financial, accounting reporting systems. • Working knowledge of short and long term budgeting and forecasting, rolling budgets, and product-line profitability analysis • Up to date knowledge of regulations and compliance issues. • The ability to lead change processes and provide financial leadership. • Ability to motivate teams to produce quality materials within tight time frames and simultaneously manage several projects • Professional written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills.

Pls forward all resumes to or pick up an application from Bayview motors between the hour of 8am-5pm 8066


Representative Must be willing to work six days a week and on holidays. Salary $5 per hour. Duties includes selling, stocking shelves, cleaning and inventory. Belonger only need apply

Contact: 241-3206 Is looking for the following persons:

Is looking for a

– $6.00 per hour

– $8-$10 per hour

Contact: 241-8191

ISLAND VILLA MANAGEMENT Is seeking qualified applicants to fill the following opening for our clients:



Worker To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 344-5329

LEW & JAN CONSTRUCTION Is looking for a

Labourer Tile Layer


Is looking for 2

Labourer to work 6 days per week salary $6.00 per hour. Contact: 232-7317



Student Affairs

Duties include: laundry, making beds, cleaning of all room etc. Must have at least 3 years experience in this area. Person apply must be able to read and write English. Must be willing to work weekends, and public holiday. Salary $5.50 per hour


To work 6 days per week

Contact: 946-4445

Contact: Padma 332-1401



My Dee’s


Is looking for a

Is looking for a

Is looking for a

Kitchen Nail Helper Tailor To work 6 days Technician To work 5 days

per week salary $8.00 per hour. contact: 241-9105 8054

per week salary $5.00 per hour. Contact: 649-243-2344


Is in need of a



Basic Essentials


April 16 - 22, 2013


To work 6 days per week salary $150.00 per week. Contact: 2457777 or 347-3121



Internship Title

Waterfront Assistant


– Center for Marine Resource Studies

The successful applicant will have a proven track record of successful group facilitation, team building, conflict resolution, the ability to foster in students a sense of community and group responsibility, a proactive attitude toward program safety, a respect for local cultures, and an appreciation of the logistically complex nature of being an active participant in a residential, fieldbased, academic program. Minimum Qualifications: • Bachelor's degree in a relevant field; Masters preferred • Professional outdoor, experiential, and/or field education experience • Significant experience managing student groups in a residential setting • Demonstrated skills in: group facilitation, team building, conflict resolution, outdoor leadership, risk management • Demonstrated community outreach experience and organization • Wilderness First Responder and CPR Certifications, or equivalent • Strong organizational and problem solving skills • Computer skills in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel) and Windows • Desired Qualifications: • Experience living or working in host country or region with appropriate language skills • Previous experience in developing materials for promoting environmental awareness • Life Saving or Emergency Water Safety Certification • Other Expectations: • Ability to work well both as a team member and independently • Live on campus full time • Willingness to work flexible hours and live on-site at the field station with a small team of permanent staff and groups of U.S. undergraduate students • Demonstrated commitment to environmental and community issues • Start Date: August 2013. Location: South Caicos Island, Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies

Please submit CV prior to April 30, 2013 to Robert Dake: RDAKE@FIELDSTUDIES.ORG 8077

Job Summary:

The purpose of this position is to provide support in the areas of program delivery, academics, research, group dynamics, logistics, program safety, risk management and site maintenance. Interns assist faculty with various research projects, including planning, data gathering, analysis and report writing. Interns also assist the Diving Safety Officer in the implementation of the dive and waterfront program, activities, and operations including the safe and prudent conduct of SCUBA, snorkeling, swimming, and boating activities conducted at the Center.


SFS Center for Marine Resource Studies - South Caicos, Turks & Caicos Islands, B.W.I.

Reports to:

Center Director. Day to day supervision may be delegated to Student Affairs Manager, Faculty, Site Manager, or Diving Safety Officer as appropriate.

Minimum Qualifications:

• BA/BS in Marine Ecology, Marine Resource Management or Marine Policy and Socio-economics • Current First Aid and CPR certifications • Current, active Dive Master certification, including insurance • Experience organizing and facilitating groups • Clean driving record and ability to operate standard transmission vehicles and boats • Small boat handling experience • Demonstrated ability to work as a team member and independently • Demonstrated commitment to environmental issues • Willingness to work flexible hours and live on site at the field station with a small team of permanent staff, groups of US undergraduate students and visiting researchers or programs

Preferred Qualifications:

• M.Sc. in Marine Ecology, Marine Resource Management or Marine Policy and Socio-economics • Successful completion of an SFS or similar international residential program

To Apply: Please send your CV to RDAKE@FIELDSTUDIES.ORG by April 30, 2013.






BCS-CS/MAC MOTORS/ FOOTPRINTS/ GLAMOUR GIRL Land Rover Specialist/ Operations Manager

Is looking for a

Is looking for a


To work 6 days per week including weekends and holidays salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 649-941-2372


REPAIR SHOP MECHANIC Requirements: • Certified in combustion engines • Must have excellent written and oral communication in English • Certified in electrical systems • Must have a minimum of 7 years experience in 2 and 4 cycle engines • Must be a high school graduate • Must have a minimum of 7 years • Experience in Diesel and gasoline engine

• Must hold valid TCI Driver’s license • Must be computer literate • Must have at least 7 years experience in repairing electrical tools • Must be able to work weekends and holidays • Must have a clean police record • Must have knowledge of OSHA • Must have 2 written references from past employers • Salary $400.00 per week

Applicants will be submitted to extensive testing and background checks to confirm above criteria deadline for submission of applicants with resume and references April 26th, 2013. Submit to:


on behalf of his clients:

A&M Cleaning is seeking employment for the following

Green Keeper

Salary start at $6.00 per hours. Interested candidate may contact A&M Cleaning at 343-3123 for further details regarding employment.

Wilbur Clement Nathaniel Caley is seeking employment for the following:

Green Keeper

Salary start at $5.00 per hours. Interested candidate may contact Wilbur Caley at 232-6898 for further details regarding employment.

Raymond Storin Burey is seeking employment for the following:

Green Keeper

Salary start at $5.00 per hours. Interested candidate may contact Raymond Storin Burey at 2446386 for further details regarding employment.

Estel Plumbing LTD is seeking employment for the following:

Assisting Plumber

Salary start at $5.00 per hours. Interested candidate may contact Estel Plumbing LTD at 241-0397 for further details regarding employment.

"B" Beauty & Health Spa is seeking employment for the following:

Cosmetologist 1 Salon Helper

Salary start at $5.00 per hour. Interested candidate will be subject to work four (4) days a week. Contact number is 242-4528 or visit the salon at the old airport road regarding employment.

Clinton Higgs is seeking employment for the following:

Yard Keeper

Salary start at $5.00 per week. Interested candidate will be subject to work five days a week and on call as requested by the employer. Successful candidate duties will be to keep the yard clean, take out the garbage and cut the trees to a standard level at Club sodax on Leeward Highway, Providenciales. You submit your application through

Vilbert Probus 241-2046 is seeking employment for the following: Salary start at $5.00 per week. Interested candidate will be subject to work five days a week and on call as requested by the employer. Successful candidate duties will be to keep the yard clean, take out the garbage and cut the trees to a standard level at the apartments, located at South Dock road, Providenciales.

Interested candidate may also apply through ricardofulford@ Good look to all interested applicant.

Auto Diesel



Must be able to work flexible hours salary commensurate with experience.

Salary $5.00 per hour


Salary $8.00 per hour

Send your email to or call (649) 241-1228

Contact: 946-4783


SHARKBITE RESTAURANT Established High Volume restaurant requires



Ricardo Fulford Consultant Services

Yard Keeper

• Diagnose and repair cars, light, trucks, heavy trucks and earth moving equipment • Diagnose and repair hydraulic drive systems • Working knowledge of diagnostic tools such as GTR, Dealer • Connect IDS, WDS,Starscan,DRB3,NGS and Tech 2 • Qualified Professional Technician (ASE Certified, Master, L3 and up) • Automotive Service Knowledge • Must have 15 years experience. Salary is negotiable


April 16 - 22, 2013

• At least 7 years experience in the restaurant industry • University Degree • Human Resources & Management experience • Proficiency in MS Word, MS Excel, and Quickbooks, as well as POS systems • Applicants with Sales, Advertising and Marketing experience will be given preference • Proven ability to build, strengthen and maintain customer relations

• Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills • Min 3 years experience in a management position Ideal applicants will have experience in high-pressure situations, with the ability to work independently, and as part of a team. All applicants must have a valid drivers license, and be willing to work 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays. Salary $400.00 per week plus depending on experience level

Please send detailed resume and cover letter to Only applicants that send a resume will be considered.


PAYLESS WAREHOUSE LTD. Position Available:

Financial Controller Applications are requested for the above mentioned position:

Primary Responsibilities:

;; Detailed cash flow projections and analysis ;; Reconciliation of daily sales ;; Weekly internal audits, with written reports to principals ;; Preparation of monthly financial statements ;; Implementing and documenting policies and procedures ;; Plan and develop systems and procedures to improve quality control and efficiency of all departments ;; Responsible for inventory control ;; Maintain financial records in accordance to U.S. and U.K standard ;; Oversee and manage bookkeepers and cash accountants of company and subsidiaries ;; Applicant must have a minimum of four year higher education degree in Accounting or Finance. ;; Must be proficient with the ability to train others in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 8.0 or higher ;; Must be proficient and knowledgeable in the development of extensive financial formulas in Excel and Access with the ability to train others ;; Position requires nights, weekends and possible holiday work schedules ;; Must have strong analytical and organizational skills, exceptional written and verbal skills in English is a must ;; Applicants will be subjected to extensive testing and background checks for confirmation on the above criteria ;; Salary commensurate with experience

Belongers preferred

Interested application are asked to submit your resume/ CV by e-mail to


April 16 - 22, 2013


The Law Firm of STANFIELD GREENE is seeking one (1) suitably qualified


The Tuscany Resort

Is looking for a

Is looking for

A Greenskeeper

The successful candidate will be responsible for the firm’s civil and criminal litigation. Applicants should have at least 10 years experience with emphasis in the field of litigation, should possess good writing skills and have an eye for details. Salary is negotiable and based on experience. Applicants should apply by sending their resume or CV to:




1 Kitchen Consultant and Trainer

Is looking for a

$1500.00 per month: must have minimum 10 years experience as an executive chef. Must have experience teaching and training in a culinary environment. Hours as needed.

To work 6 days per week salary $200 per week. Contact: 244-0469


Stanfield Greene PO Box 481, Graceway House Building A, Suite 201, Leeward Highway Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands ATTENTION: Clayton S. Greene. Email: Belongers only need apply. Only those Applicants that will be interviewed will be contacted.

Taking Applications for Bartenders, Servers and Kitchen support staff; preference given to belongers.

Contact: 649.441.7314 or email: for an appointment.

the largest readership in the turks & caicos

TCMillwork ltd.

Architectural woodworking, Cabinetry and Design South dock road, P.O. box 238 Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands

Supervisor To work 6 days per week salary $10.00 per hour. Contact: 441-6669


Paradise Photography

Position: Photographer Contact:

Paradise Photography is looking for an experienced photographer with the following: *Minimum 3 years of professional photography experience, which includes working for a photography business/company.*Formal degree (Bachelors in Photography) *Experience with doing weddings as a primary shooter.*Solid portfolio demonstrating experience. *Experience processing images using artistic filters. *Demonstrated experience with portraits and posing groups and individuals.*High level of client relations skills, including experience with on-line postings of galleries and fulfilling client photo orders. *Knowledge of File Transfer Protocols and other internet based mediums.*Design experience *Demonstrated skill in shooting and processing RAW images using professional grade raw processors (e.g., Photoshop). Salary: Commission based Additional: applicant must have professional camera gear and computer equipment/ programs to process files.

Applications must be submitted to:


Millshop Manager Skills Required:

• 5 years minimum in this position • Overseeing operation • Prepare and provide work, supplies, drawings to employees. • Prepare orders for materials necessary for ongoing millshop operations in a timely and prudent manner. • Delegation of work. Quality control. Ensuring the facilities at the millshop operate safely, efficiently and profitably, and are kept in clean working condition. • Overseeing production schedules. • Liaise with Owners, Purchasers, and consultants, site personnel, staff, employees, subcontractors and suppliers of TCMillwork in a professional and courteous manner. • Certificate required: Carpentry-Cabinet making-Joinery • Working knowledge of AutoCAD • High-end technical woodworking skills • Must have excellent leadership and communication skills, multi-lingual preferred • Professional, disciplined, punctual, reliable and affable • Salary at $14.00 per hour

Molder operator Skills Required:

• 5 years work experience in woodworking, joinery and cabinet making. • Trained to operate 5 heads molding machine. • Salary at $8.00 per hour

CNC operator


Skills Required: in Grace Bay

is looking for a

Chef De Partie • Must be able to work weekends, nights and holidays 6 days per week • Must be able to clean the kitchen after service • Must have at least 8 years experience • Good knowledge of general restaurant cooking • Expert in sautéed seafood, shellfish, meat and poultry



2 Cooks Must have minimum of 10 years experience in a high volume kitchen specializing in Mexican Food. Fluent in Spanish and English. Pay $7.50/hour

to work 6 days a week. Salary $6.00 per hour. Contact: 941-4667

• Good knowledge of butchery • Good knowledge of sauces, broths and dressing • Expert also in grilling and rotisserie • Must be able to understand and speak English • Must be physically fit, dependable and hardworking • Salary commensurate with experience and quality of work

All resumes CV’s letters of references along with a clean police record must be delivered at Caicos Café, Grace Bay


• 5 years work experience in woodworking, joinery and cabinet making. • Trained to operate CNC machine. • Salary at $8.00 per hour

Skills required for all 3 positions below:

• Individual must have previous experience with manufacture, construction, and installation of high end cabinetry. • Must be familiar with operation of all current woodworking machinery and tools with proper safety practices. • Must be able to read Auto-Cad drawings. • English speaking, bilingual preferred.


Operate molder and CNC machine, cabinetmaking, refinishing, and installation. Assist other employees in general millshop operations and maintenance. Must be professional and courteous.

Please send applications to: contact person: Mario 231-2995 8076

April 16 - 22, 2013



Career Opportunities Grace Bay Club is looking for candidates that have the requirements listed along with an outgoing professional manner. They love to work with different types of people, meet challenges with a positive attitude and live the standards of our organization. Their management style is one that balances a commitment to people and their development with business/financial accountability and delivers an exceptional guest experience

Director of Engineering

Restaurant Servers:


Job Overview:

• Masters in Engineering • Minimum 10 years of total experience • Provide leadership and build an engineering team(s) to ensure engineering capability meets program requirements for various maintenance and modification programs and that associated drawings and specifications are accurate so that products are in accordance with proper engineering techniques and applicable specifications. • Previous 5 star luxury opening Resort experience a must. Previous Caribbean and International hotel experience a definite asset. • Previous experience with “Green Initiatives” a definite asset. • Analyze problems associated with development of equipment or systems. • Conduct property surveys to identify hazards to guests & employees recommending corrective actions. • Strong written and oral communication skills. Ability to use MS Office products(i.e. Word, PowerPoint, Excel & Microsoft Project) • Qualified Belongers need only to apply. • Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience

Thai Cook Requirements:

• Two years experience as a Cook with emphasis on Asian inspired dishes • Must be hard-working, organized, creative and passionate about food and customer service • Must be able to work in a high-pressure, high-turnover environment • Must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, be a team player and also able to work unsupervised. • Must be able to work a flexible schedule including days, evenings, weekends and public holidays • Food preparation and cooking, plating, presentation • Kitchen maintenance and cleaning • Maintaining and ordering stocks and supplies • Menu planning • Following food safety requirements • Qualified Belongers need only to apply. • Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience

Kitchen Helper Requirements: • • • • • • • •

Assist with Food & beverage service Receive and store supplies Stock cupboards, refrigerators and salad bars Clean food preparation and storage areas Assist with food preparation Work with minimal supervision Belongers need only to apply Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience

• Qualified individuals should have a minimum of 3 years restaurant experience. Individuals must possess strong work ethics; have a working knowledge of fine dining steps of service, and the ability to provide our guests with an outstanding dining experience. Servers should be industry professionals with excellent food and wine knowledge. • Job Requirements: • Responsibilities include setup, organization and cleanup of service areas. • Responsible for staying current with daily menu items and changing wine lists. • Must be able to work as part of a motivated, high energy team that takes pride in their work. • Lifting of trays loaded with food, plates and glassware required. • Responsible for responding to any situation at any given time in a professional and courteous manner. This may include answering any questions posed by guests • Stack, lift and carry trays in a systematic and safe manner • Clean and retrieve tables in a neat, timely and professional manner. • Receive, process, and present all food and beverage orders according to Grace Bay Club standards • Responsible for using suggestive selling techniques, when appropriate and doing so in a courteous manner to up sell and in turn increase the average check • Qualified Belongers need only to apply • Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience

Domestic Worker/Housekeeper Job Requirements:

• Ensure the cleanliness of all hotel areas • Assist in all Housekeeping responsibilities, cleaning of all guest rooms, stocking amenities and linens • physical stamina and mobility including ability to reach, kneel and bend • ability to lift, push and pull required load (usually about 30lbs) • Ensure inventory is used properly and in supply at all times • Possess knowledge of proper cleaning supplies and chemical handling • Qualified Belongers need only to apply • Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience

Labourer Job Requirements:

• Operate, maintain and repair the property’s heating, ventilation air conditioning and refrigeration systems • Perform Laundry and Kitchen services • Perform preventative maintenance on the hotel’s systems • Pool cleaning, chemical testing, adding chemical as required • Maintain the proper use, cleaning, maintenance and storage of all tools. • Responsible for cleaning grease traps, lift stations, checking & treatment of sewage treatment plant • Belongers need only to apply • Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification

and experience

Food & Beverage Manager Requirements:

• At least 5 years of 5 star Food & Beverage experience. Caribbean experience considered an asset. • At least 5 years five star restaurant management experience. • Degree in hospitality desirable. • International experience and multi-lingual to assist our International clientele would be an asset. • Knowledge of fine wines. • Energetic, positive visionary leader, dedicated to motivating and developing team members. • Must be competent with a PC and Micros experience is an asset. • Assists with strategy, budgeting, cost management and delivering on objectives. • Exceptional communication and customer service skills and lives the standard of the organization. • Belongers need only to apply • Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience

Spa Therapists Job Requirements:

• Grace Bay Club is looking for a Massage Therapist/ Esthetician who is an enthusiastic team player with excellent customer service. • The therapist will be responsible for administering professional facial, massage and body treatments to our guests. • Must have a thorough knowledge of the skin with numerous massage modalities. • Must possess a general understanding of body treatments and be willing to train in our spa’s specific facial, massage and body treatment offerings. • Must possess excellent communication skills and be able to learn the product and service knowledge necessary to effectively provide wellness solutions to meet the needs of our guests. • The Therapist will be required to properly care for equipment, perform prep work, clean and restock spa rooms • Assist in all areas of the spa operation as requested by Supervisors or coaches. • Be flexible with your schedule, supporting the needs of the spa. • Build respectful and cooperative relationships with colleagues and leaders. • He/she must maintain the standards of Grace Bay as found in the standard operating procedures of the department, an as they are amended from time to time. • Education and Experience: • Secondary level education is required. Good writing, reading, listening and basic computation skills are necessary. • Previous experience in a 5 star spa is required. • International qualifications (or qualifications equivalent to international standards) are required in Esthetics and Massage Therapy. • Qualified Belongers need only apply. • Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience

Interested persons can contact our Human Resources Department no later than November 1, 2012 @ (649) 946-5050 Ext. 1050. Email: | Fax: (649) 946-5758 P.O. Box 128 Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies


April 16 - 22, 2013


Sports International

Sir Chris Hoy expected to announce retirement from cycling

Group Managing Director CONTINENTAL TRUST CORPORATION (TCI) LTD. is seeking to employ a qualified senior trust & estate Lawyer to serve as Managing Director and in-house counsel to the Company as well as Group Compliance Officer and Managing Director of the member firms of the MORRIS, COTTINGHAM Group of financial services companies. The successful applicant must have a Bachelor of Laws Degree from a commonwealth jurisdiction, a minimum of ten (10) years professional experience in and fully conversant with all relevant aspects of international Trust and company law and practice. The candidate must also be a self-motivated achiever with good leadership skills and the ability to supervise and communicate effectively. Exposure to and extensive experience in Anti-Money Laundering compliance and reporting issues is essential. The successful candidate will report directly to the board of directors of the Company and will be expected to: advise clients on domestic and international Trust and Estate Planning and taxation matters, be conversant with U.S. FATCA legislation and regulations as well as U.S. reporting requirements for beneficiaries of trusts; direct the marketing and promotion of the Group’s professional services generally and develop the Group’s business worldwide. A considerable amount of client contact and relationship management is required in this position and the successful candidate must be a seasoned professional to manage this effectively in the best interests of the Company. Challenging ad hoc project and business consultancy work including commenting in depth on relevant legislation and regulation will also be required. Travel, occasionally on very short notice, will from time to time be required. A three year contract will initially be offered with an imminent to immediate starting date that may be extended in satisfactory circumstances. The salary level on commencement will be negotiable

about any decision he has made." Hoy claimed his first Olympic gold medal when he won the one kilometre race in the velodrome at Athens in 2004. Successes in the team sprint, keirin and sprint at the Beijing Games four years later gave him three more gold medals and he was voted the 2008 BBC Sports Personality of the Year before being knighted in the New Year's Honours list. He then took his tally to a British record six Olympic gold medals by winning the team sprint and keirin at London 2012. Hoy had the motivation of carrying on until the 2014

Commonwealth Games, with the track cycling taking place

at the velodrome which was named after him.



Is looking for a

is looking for a

Sous Chef Must have at least 7 years experience in Italian cuisine. Must be customer service oriented. Willing to work weekends and holidays

Contact: Via Venteto at: 649-941-2372


Supervisor To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour. contact: 232-5262



huge surprise, if indeed, he does retire," said BBC Sport cycling reporter Jill Douglas. "He said after the Olympics he would take some time [to decide his future]. "He's had a long holiday and been busy developing his new bike brand and he will have thought long and hard


Labourers ;;Must have at least 3 years experience and be able to work with little supervision. Salary start at $6.00 an hour and is based on experience. ;;Deadline for applications is April 25th 20113 ;;Salary is based on experience

Interested persons should be dependable and send applications via fax at (649) 941-4034. C/o Alliance Realty Ltd.


Scotsman Hoy, 37, won two gold medals at the London Olympics in 2012. BBC Scotland is reporting that Hoy will retire immediately and not compete in the 2014 Commonwealth Games, which take place in the Scottish city of Glasgow. "It doesn't come as a


GREAT Britain's most successful Olympian Sir Chris Hoy is expected to announce his retirement on Thursday. The six-time track cycling champion is to hold a news conference in his home city of Edinburgh where it is thought he will make his decision public.




CONTINENTAL TRUST CORPORATION (TCI) LTD. is a Licenced Professional Trustee, based on the Capital Island of Grand Turk, in the Turks and Caicos Islands, that specializes in the provision of professional trustee services to a wide range of private international clients. It is also part of the MORRIS, COTTINGHAM Group of financial services companies, in affiliation with a network of associate firms worldwide in all aspects of international financial services.


Interested persons must address their application in writing to the following:

The National Insurance Board hereby invites tenders from established Security Companies with experience of at least five years in the field to provide Security Services for its offices on the Islands of Grand Turk and Providenciales.

Sharon Simons Morris, Cottingham Wilma House Hibiscus Square, Pond Street P.O. Box 156 Grand Turk Turks and Caicos Islands

CONTACT INFORMATION Interested eligible bidders should contact the National Insurance Board for detailed specification for tendering at the following address:


E-mail: or Fax: 649-946-2503 Suitably qualified Belongers need only apply 8046

Each bid should be submitted no later than 12 Noon on Friday 26 April, 2013. 8061

April 16 - 22, 2013


Ministry of Finance Revenue Control Unit


Owners, Managers and Operators of businesses registered within the Turks and Caicos Islands are advised that effective April 10, 2013 they have 15 days in which to regularize their operations. The Revenue Control Unit in the Ministry of Finance, Trade and Tourism is therefore appealing to all businesses to regulate their status within 15 days of this notice, to ensure that they are in good standing in relation to the payment of all fees, charges and arrears. Following the expiration of this notice, TCIG will publish the names of those businesses that are not in good standing. This is to alert the community of all legitimate businesses operating in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Revenue Control Unit Town Centre Mail, Providenciales Tel: 649-946-2801 Ext 80901 Fax: 649-941-9649

TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS Financial Services Commission


In addition, individuals who fail to comply with this notice will have their Business Licenses suspended and revoked under Section 10 & 11 of the Business Licensing Ordinance. Operators of businesses that have ceased operations are required under section 8 & 9 of the Business Licensing Ordinance, to give notice of changes in the particulars of the business, including the date the business ceased to operate. There are penalties for failing to adhere to these requirements which have been expressly provided in writing to all Licensee Holders. This is the final appeal: Ensure that your Business License is current; otherwise TCIG will commence legal proceedings against all defaulters. For further details, please contact:

Revenue Control Unit Hisbicus Square, Grand Turk Tel: 649-946-2801 Ext: 42002 Fax: 649-946-2686

Tender Request for Construction Services-Interior Redesign

The Financial Services Commission invites proposals from suitably qualified contractors to undertake a remodeling of the Commission’s offices at Caribbean Place known as Unit C7/C8. The brief scope of the works is as described below: • Remove existing partitions; • Supply of new partitions, fixtures and fittings according to the design specifications; • Installation of new partitions, fixtures, fittings and furniture according to design specifications; • Replace existing flooring with new raised surface and installation of tiles and carpeting as indicated; • Upgrading and improvement of plumbing, electrical and air conditioning systems; • The installation of permanent hurricane shutters; • Repainting of finished surfaces and the removal of debris. Interested parties may pick up a copy of the design drawings and specifications, which will be provided at a cost of $50, between the hours 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 pm Mondays to Fridays as well as to view the property in question. Interested parties are required to submit their bids in writing to the Commission at its office at Unit D7/D8, Caribbean Place, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos no later than 2:00 pm Thursday, April 25, 2013. Late tenders will NOT be considered under any circumstance.

Tenders must be accompanied by the following: i. Valid business licence for the appropriate category of construction work; ii. Certificate of Good-standing from the Companies Registry (for companies) or Business Names Registration for partnerships and individuals; iii. List of personnel who will be involved in the execution of the works and their qualification and or experience; iv. Details of at least two (2) references for which similar works have been carried and v. Reference letter from the bankers of the interested parties. Tenders should be submitted in ordinary form to include detailed description of the service provider and setting out the timeframe for carrying out the works. The original and one copy of the Tender proposal should be placed in a sealed envelope and delivered to the Commission’s office. The envelope should be addressed to the Managing Director of the Commission and clearly marked “Tender for Construction Works”. The tender will be opened after the expiry of the deadline by a panel of officers of the Commission. The Commission does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender. Financial Services Commission: 01/2013 April 11, 2013


Sports International

April 16 - 22, 2013


Bryant could be out six to nine months with torn Achilles tendon KOBE Bryant had surgery Saturday on his torn Achilles tendon, ending his season with two games left in the Los Angeles Lakers’ playoff chase. Lakers trainer Gary Vitti thinks Bryant will need at least six to nine months for recovery from the most serious injury of his 17-year NBA career. Given Bryant’s history of swift recovery from countless minor injuries, Vitti and Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak both believe the 34-year-old guard could be back for their season opener in the fall. “I think that’s a realistic goal for him, based on what he was talking about this morning,” Kupchak said at the Lakers’ training complex after visiting Bryant at the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic. Bryant completely tore his left Achilles tendon late in the Lakers’ 118-116 win over Golden State on Friday night, falling to the hardwood after pushing off his planted foot in an ordinary move toward the hoop. Although he stayed in the game to hit two tying free throws with 3:08 to play, Bryant’s season was over. Bryant’s foot will be immobilized for about a month to prevent him from stretching out the tendon, followed by a lengthy rehabilitation process. Nobody knows how the injury will affect Bryant’s play, but his decision to have surgery less than

Guillermo Rigondeaux (right) recovered from a knock-down to win a unanimous decision.

Rigondeaux beats Nonito Donaire to keep belt

Kobe Bryant uses his Instagram account to share pre-surgery photos with his fans.

24 hours after getting hurt suggests he’s determined to get back on top swiftly. “He’s already taken the challenge,” Vitti said. “For us, it’s going to be trying to slow him down.” And while it’s far too early to predict exactly when Bryant will be back, the Lakers say they wouldn’t consider parting ways with their franchise player, who will make nearly $30.5 million next year. If the Lakers used the amnesty clause on Bryant in early July, they could save

possibly $80 million in luxury taxes. “That’s not even something that we’ve discussed,” Kupchak said. “That’s the furthest thing from our mind right now.” The fourth-leading scorer in NBA history has logged heavy minutes all season on his high-mileage legs, basically dictating his own playing time while the Lakers chased a playoff spot. He has played far more minutes than any other NBA player over 30, including nearly 46 minutes per game in the seven games leading up to Friday night. (

Masters 2013: Adam Scott beats Angel Cabrera in play-off ADAM Scott clinched his maiden major title and became the first Australian winner of the Masters with victory against former champion Angel Cabrera in a sudden death play-off at Augusta. Scott, 32, holed a 15ft birdie putt in virtual darkness across the 10th green on the second extra hole to deprive Argentina’s 2009 winner after both players birdied the 18th in regulation to reach nine under on a dank, drizzly day. Australian Jason Day, runner up with Scott in 2011, was third at seven under with Tiger Woods (70) and another Australian Marc Leishman (70) tied for fourth at five under. “It fell my way today, there was some luck there but it’s incredible to be in this position. I’m honoured,” said Scott, who squandered a fourshot lead with four to play to lose the Open to Ernie Els last year. “This is the one thing in golf we hadn’t been able to achieve,” he added. “It’s amazing that it’s my destiny to be the first Australian to win.” Scott’s long birdie putt on the 18th gave him a round of 69 and a one-shot lead over Cabrera, who was waiting back down the fairway in the final group. The Argentine kept his focus despite the roars from the green and hit his approach to a few

THE UNBEATEN Guillermo Rigondeaux handed Nonito Donaire his first defeat in 12 years as the Cuban retained his WBA junior featherweight title. Double Olympic gold medallist Rigondeaux recovered from a knockdown at the Radio City Music Hall, New York, to win by a unanimous decision and take Donaire’s WBO version of the belt.

Filipino Donaire came into the fight on a 30-fight winning streak. But Rigondeaux, 32, inflicted his first defeat since 2001. Donaire floored Rigondeaux early in the 10th round but it was not enough to stop the judges awarding the fight to the Cuban 114-113, 115112 and 116-111. Rigondeaux won Olympic gold in Sydney in 2000 and Athens in 2004. (BBC)

Fogg wins Marathon World Cup gold medal in Mexico BRITAIN’S Daniel Fogg won his maiden World Cup race as he took gold in the FINA 10km Marathon World Cup in Mexico. The 25-year-old beat Germany’s Olympic silver medallist Thomas Lurz into second in the fourth leg of the series, with Italy’s Simone Ruffini third. Loughborough’s Fogg, who finished fifth in the 10km at London 2012, won in one hour, 56 minutes 38.1 seconds. Swansea swimmer Tom Allen and Sheffield’s Tom Sunter finished 11th and 28th respectively. Berni Dietzig, British Swimming interim head of open water, said: “The boys have done a great job to achieve this result and the race was

Daniel Fogg took the gold in the FINA 10K marathon.

very challenging. “He was continuously challenged for the lead by some of the world’s best open water swimmers over the last 2km, but he displayed his strength and determination and defended his position into the finish.”

Adam Scott of Australia celebrates with his green jacket after he won the 2013 Masters golf tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, April 14, 2013. (REUTERS/Mike Segar)

feet before making his birdie for a 70 to join Scott. Both came up slightly short of the 18th green on the first extra hole and Cabrera, playing first, almost holed his chip and tapped in from a foot for a four. Scott left his chip three feet shy but holed it and they went back down the 10th. They both hit good approaches to the heart of the green but Cabrera, who won a play-off against Chad Campbell and Kenny Perry three years ago, missed his putt before Scott made his. “That’s how golf is. I came back

and I had that chip on 18, I could have won it,” said Cabrera. “But Adam’s a good winner. I would have been happier if I had won but he’s a great player, I get along with him, we’ve played together in the President’s Cup and I’m happy for him.” Cabrera, the joint overnight leader with Brandt Snedeker, held a two-shot lead at nine under during the first nine but on the way home he shared the lead with Scott and Day, who was two in front with three to play before bogeys at 16 and 17.

Jamie Murray and partner John Peers won their match 1-6 7-6 (7-3) 12-10.

Jamie Murray & John Peers win doubles title BRITON Jamie Murray and partner John Peers beat Bob and Mike Bryan to win the US Men’s Clay Court Championship. The unseeded pair saved a match point to win 1-6 7-6 (7-3) 12-10 and inflict the American number one seeds’ first defeat in a final this season.

Murray, brother of world singles number two Andy, and his Australian partner also beat fourth seeds Eric Butorac and Jonathan Erlich in Houston. “Any time you beat the Bryans you’re going to be happy,” said Murray.

April 16 - 22, 2013

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Alonso grabs China win on ‘perfect Sunday’

Samir Nasri gave Manchester City a 35th minute lead in its FA Cup semifnal against Wembley at Chelsea. The Frenchman darted into the penalty area before lashing the ball past goalkeeper Petr Cech.

City comes out on top in semifinal showdown MANCHESTER City capped off a memorable week by booking its place in the FA Cup final for the second time in three seasons. City, which defeated fierce rival Manchester United at Old Trafford last Monday, claimed a 2-1 win over Chelsea at Wembley Sunday to set up a final tie with Wigan Athletic. City last won the country’s oldest and most prestigious cup competition back in 2011 when it defeated Stoke 1-0. On this occasion, Samir Nasri’s first half strike and Sergio Aguero’s looping header secured victory for Roberto Mancini’s men in a

thrilling contest against last season’s European Champions League winners. Demba Ba’s spectacular 66th minute strike had given Chelsea a sniff of a comeback and manager Rafael Benitez was left seething after claiming his side was denied a clear penalty. The Blues looked set to equalize when Fernando Torres raced through only to appear to be wrestled to the ground by City captain Vincent Kompany -- but the officials decided against awarding a spot kick. “Was it a penalty? Yes clearly. Very clearly,” Benitez told ITV.

FERNANDO Alonso hailed a “perfect Sunday” following his victory at the Chinese Grand Prix. The Ferrari driver, who clinched his first win of the season after seeing off Lotus’ Kimi Raikkonen and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton, moved up to third in the drivers’ standings following his success. Alonso had not won in China since 2005, but the double world champion believes this latest triumph could be the sign of things to come for Ferrari ahead of next weekend’s race in Bahrain. “It was definitely a fantastic race for us from start to end, without big problems with the car - a perfect Sunday,” Alonso told reporters. “The team did a perfect job with the set-up of the car for qualifying and the race, with perfect pitstop times and the way they were executed. “The victory is a good reward for the team, and well deserved after the disappointment in Malaysia. It feels great. “With the two races we have finished this year, with a second place (in Australia) and the victory today, the start of this campaign is looking good. “We are very optimistic, but we need to keep going like this in this direction, with good weekends, without any extra risk, and hopefully in Bahrain (next Sunday) we can again score some good points.”

Fernando Alonso celebrates after winning the Chinese Grand Prix Sunday.

Alonso was desperate to bounce back after crashing out after just two laps of the Malaysian Grand Prix last time out. A second place in the opening race of the season in Australia and another assured performance in Shanghai has given those backing the Spaniard for the title cause for confidence. “Every year, especially in Ferrari, especially every campaign you start people expect only wins from you, the World Championship,” Alonso added. “Every race is more or less the same. Every season I’ve started in Formula One, this is the 13th, there is a battle with teammates, always discussions. “So this year is no different. I think pressure is always there sometimes. As I said, you can deliver

a good result, everyone is happy. “Sometimes you cannot do it and you need to improve. I think we’ve been working very hard this winter with the team and after the first two races as well. “These three weeks were very useful for us in Maranello, working out a little bit which way we can perform a little bit better, especially in qualifying which is one of our problems. “I’m very happy with the job done and I’m in the best team, so I should be confident that everything will go in the right direction.” While Alonso’s performance grabbed the attention, it was another bad day for Red Bull, which was fined $6,500 after the Australian’s right-rear wheel came off during the race.

Black Caviar scores her quarter century

Jerome Boateng opens the scoring for Bayern Munich against Nuremburg at the Allianz Arena.

Bayern Munich near Bundesliga points record BAYERN Munich and Borussia Dortmund recorded thumping wins in the Bundesliga on Saturday as both teams returned to domestic action following Champions League triumphs in midweek. Bayern, who wrapped up their 23rd Bundesliga title last weekend, thrashed Nuremburg 4-0 at the Allianz Arena. Jupp Heynckes rested nine of the team who beat Juventus 2-0 in the Champions League quarterfinal but still cruised to victory. First-half goals from German defender Jerome Boateng, Mario Gomez and Brazilian Rafinha gave the home side a virtually

unassailable lead before Swiss winger Xherdan Shaqiri grabbed a fourth 11 minutes into the second half. “The game showed my players have a very professional attitude at this stage of the season,” said Bayern coach Jupp Heynckes. “It’s good that I was able to make nine changes, we still have a lot of games ahead of us and I wouldn’t have made the changes if I hadn’t felt this team would win.” Bayern now have 78 points with five games remaining and seem assured of breaking Borussia Dortmund’s league record of 81 points set last year. (BBC)

AUSTRALIAN wonder mare Black Caviar extended her unbeaten streak to 25 races in some style on Saturday, blowing away her rivals in the TJ Smith Stakes at Sydney’s Randwick Racecourse. Her 25th victory was also her 15th at the sports highest level, overtaking the mark of 14 Group 1 wins set by the legendary Kingston Town in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It was in 2011 that Black Caviar posted what many consider her greatest-ever performance in this very race, beating Hay List by three lengths after trailing him by the same distance coming into the home straight. On this occasion no such heroics were required. Facing one of her toughest-ever fields, including her old foe Hay List, admittedly not the force he once was, and the in-form Bel Sprinter, Black Caviar’s regular rider Luke Nolen had to jockey for position in the early stages as he sought to overcome an unfavorable inside draw. The decisive move came around 300 meters out, when Nolen guided her away from the softer ground by the rail and settled her behind the leaders towards the middle of the track. From there, all Nolen had to do was pull the pin and the six-yearold instantly responded, lengthening away from the rest of the field with

Luke Nolan rides Black Caviar to her 25th consecutive win at Royal Randwick Racecourse on April 13 in Sydney, Australia.

her to claim her eight consecutive Group 1 win. All day Sydneysiders had celebrated the presence of one of Australia’s most popular sporting heroes. Flags in her trademark salmon and black colors fluttered over Sydney’s iconic harbor, while the capacity crowd ensured Randwick Racecourse was filled the rafters. Speaking after the race, Black Caviar’s trainer Peter Moody praised the crowd, adding that he was “extremely proud” of his mare for breaking Kingston Town’s record.

As Black Caviar was cheered on her way back to the winners’ enclosure her jockey noted, “You can see what she means to racing. To be part of that -- words escape me.” With Black Caviar’s form seemingly better than ever despite her age, her connections have hinted that a return to Royal Ascot, scene of her narrowest-ever victory, may be on the cards later this summer before a rendezvous with Frankel in the breeding shed in what would surely be considered the racing world’s own royal wedding. (CNN)


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April 16 - 22, 2013

TCIFA Bay Bistro Women’s League:

Red Devil and Black Warriors lead The TCIFA Bay Bistro Women’s League reached the half way stage last week with the Red Devils and Black Warriors leading the standings on 12 points whilst the Blue Knights and Pink Panthers trail behind on six points. The Red Devils played some very attractive football in their opening game against the Pink Panthers and opened up a comfortable 4-0 lead at half time with goals from Kadine Delphin (2), Joan Whent and Maiya Madden. The second half was a more even affair as the Panthers offered more competition, but Delphin rounded off an excellent individual display with another well taken goal to give her team an impressive 5-0 win and a hat-trick for herself. In the other opening game the Blue Knights earned their first win of the season against the Black Warriors courtesy of a goal from

Melissa Jean Guy. However, the Warriors bounced back with a 9-0 demolition of the Panthers in their closing game. The Warriors were scintillating in attack as Monae Gooden scored a hat-trick and Sarah Cenary scored six goals as the Panthers’ defence found the Warriors offence too hot to handle. The final game was perhaps the most entertaining of the evening as the Blue Knights came from behind to defeat current league leaders, the Red Devils. Delphin scored twice for the Devils, but goals from Yarielca De La Cruz, Barbara Anderson and Melissa Jeab Guy ensured that the Knights claimed the win and moved up the league table. MVP for the week was Kadine Delphin of the Red Devils whose overall passing and shooting was first class.

North Caicos set to tackle Provo under lights on Friday NORTH Caicos Knights will travel to Providenciales for an inter-island junior rugby clash with home team Provo under lights at the Meridian Field on Friday night from 19:00h. Information from the TCIRFU states that the Knights’ coach Donnovan Garvey vows revenge for the narrow loss in the last meeting and has had his boys

on a vigorous fitness training programme that consists of eating only raw fish and coconuts. “The Provo Pygmies will be like jam between an elephant’s toes when the NC side is finished”. All TCI residents are invited to come out and watch a titanic clash with playing spots for the upcoming Trinidad and Tobago trip on the line.

Cheshire Hall will be looking to add the President’s Cup to their WIV League title. (Photo by Steven Kendrew)

Cheshire Hall win President’s Cup opener THE WIV Men’s Football League Champions Cheshire Hall attempt at the double started with a 6-3 win over the SWA Sharks in the President’s Cup opener at the TCIFA Ground last weekend. Despite dominating the league, the champions had their hands filled against the Sharks. In fact the game was quite even until the last 20 minutes. The Sharks took the lead when Dadi Aristide beat three men and unleashed a tremendous shot beating Ricky Henry to his left from 25 yards. Even the Sharks’ manager

was not sure that the shot would have scored after it left Aristide’s boot. Cheshire Hall equalised a minute later with a powerful looping header by Lenford Singh from the edge of the area after a cross from the left. The eventual winners then gave a penalty away via handball in the 15th minute which Paul Collis scored to put the Sharks back in the lead. Navar Cumberland then equalised in the 31st minute with a cool finish after a defensive mistake, but Sharks re-took the lead with another Collis penalty after a trip on Aristide in the

box just before half time. Things boiled over in the second half when Nickenson Agelus and Collis were sent off for a punch and a push respectively during a melee. This seemed to unsettle the Sharks more and Cumberland took advantage after beating the onrushing Sharks’ keeper to equalise after a run down the right. From then on the Sharks’ heads dropped and Cheshire Hall took control for a win with two goals from Fred Dorvil and one from Marlon Davidson.

Josh for Sports

The people perish for want of vision I MOSTLY believe that if certain individuals had the will of me they would try to eliminate me from the face of this earth. However, my life, destiny and sojourn are not or never will be dependent upon the grace, whimsy or favour of any human being. My whole life has been sports oriented. The love of sport was responsible for the break-up of my first marriage. I can give certain scenarios where I lost a lot financially because of my sports addiction. I am sharing all of this to point out that whatever I write in these columns I write expecting no financial gains or special favours.

By Joshua Gardiner SICK LITERALLY SICK The night the CARIFTA team left for Nassau I went home and literally cried, I became sick. A flood of

mixed emotions inundated my spirit. It will forever haunt me as to the reason I was not even considered to be taken to the Games. I created the TCAAA and I took the TCI to CARIFTA in Nassau in 1978 and we medalled bronze. Actually Edith Skippings was on that team, she is now the president of the TCAAA. Imagine what it would have done for the TCI if I were taken as a delegate. Imagine the accolades we would have received on Inter-Caribbean TV from all the CARIFTA countries when the BAAA would have automatically acknowledge me as a Bahamian track and field legend and have me inducted into the Bahamian Hall of Fame. Furthermore the

Bahamians would have glorified my past accomplishments while on that soil. 1. Youngest, most successful track coach (national for the Bain-Town Flyers and the Bahamas). 2. Founder of club which evolved Frank Rutherford, Pauline Davis, and Eldece Clarke-Lewis (all Olympic gold medallists). I also helped to coach Mike Sands who ran for the club in 1974. 3. The Prime Minister Hon Perry Christie knows me personally as a Bahamian legend. He was also a triple jumper. 4. The stadium named Thomas Robinson. The last time Tommy ran for the Bahamas was in 1976

at the Commonwealth Games in Scotland. I was on that team representing the Bahamas. I was 19 years old. Tommy was in his 40s. 5. The Bahamas would have also known that I was born in the TCI and thus would have developed a new respect and appreciation for this island chain. Finally knowing full well that I’m a world class long/triple jump coach and not utilising my expertise to our benefit is most illogical and demands a lot of questions to be answered. At any rate time will tell: 1978- One bronze medal 2013- One bronze medal You be the judge!

April 16 - 22, 2013

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Kirk Adams scored 24 points and 12 boards for South Caicos.

The 2013 U-15 Sailrock Girls’ League champions the Yellow Jaguars.

U-15 Sailrock Girls’ League:

Sandro Jermain led Police to an unexpected series sweep over the Predators.

PABA Night League semis:

Defending champions go down in game one THE Flyers suffered a four-point loss in game one of their best-in-five semi-final clash with nemesis South Caicos Harbour Boys last Saturday night at the Gus Lightbourne Sports Complex in Providenciales. The Provo Amateur Basketball Association (PABA) Night League series, which is a replay of last year’s final, ended with the Harbour Boys winning 63-59. Kirk Adams led the attack for the winners with 24 points, 12 boards and four steals while Jonathan Paul chipped in with 19 points and five boards. The Flyers were led by the dependable Anthony Cash who scored 18 points to go with five rebounds and five steals. R. Fulford assisted with 14 points and six boards. Police advanced over the

Predators despite being seeded below. The Lawmen swept the bestin-three quarter final series with a game-two win (69-61). Sandro Jermain was unstoppable with 26 points and 17 rebounds while K. Doughty also played hard to finish with 23 points and 12 boards. The Predators were led by Elliott Johnson with 14 points and 12 boards. The favourites for this year’s title, GT Stallions, whipped the Knights 74-43 to advance to the final four. Driko Saunders had 23 points and eight boards while B. Sweeting finished with 11 points and four rebounds. Peter Sylvin led the Knights with 19 points, while teammate D. Weydens just missed out on a double-double with 12 points and nine boards.

Yellow Jaguars crowned champs THE Yellow Jaguars, who played with determination and spirit, were crowned champions when the U-15 Sailrock Girls’ League ended last weekend. The Jaguars were only defeated once during the season. The White Wolves ended as the league top goal-scoring team and were runners-up with the Red Devils behind in third place. The final games saw some high scoring affairs as the White Wolves finished with three straight wins over the Striking Cheetahs (50), Green Dragons (2-1) and the Titans (15-0). Shinaydine Pluviose scored 10 goals for her team and was assisted by Amise Phanord (6), Mykelor Michel (4) and Sydnee Campbell (2). The Red Devils had a mixed day, losing 2-1 to both

the Yellow Jaguars and the Titans. However they managed a thrilling 8-5 win against the Green Dragons as Yarielca De la Cruz scored all eight goals to ensure she took home the top goal-scorer award. Despite losing all three games, Chrsytal Striling tried her best to invigorate the Dragons and scored five of her team’s goals with Waldine Pierre adding three goals herself. The Titans managed a consolation win as Monae Gooden’s two goals helped them overcome the Devils. The Striking Cheetahs beat the Dragons 2-1 courtesy of two goals from Sanadia Forbes and the Jaguars rounded off their championship campaign with two wins against the Devils (2-1) and the Titans (10) before drawing (1-1) with the

Cheetahs. Briandie Brooks, Erica Jean Guy and Yarileny De la Cruz found the back of the net for the champions. After the games Technical Director Matthew Green thanked all the players, coaches and referees as well the sponsors Sailrock for their efforts. “This has been another successful league for the association and it is great to see so many young players improving. There have been some excellent performances this season and all the award winners thoroughly deserve their trophies, but this year the competition was fiercer than ever, which is great to see.” Our Girls’ programme continues to flourish which is pleasing and should ensure we will have more international success in years to come”.

SAILROCK U15 GIRLS LEAGUE POINTS TABLE Pos. Team P W D L GF GA 1 Yellow Jaguars 15 12 2 1 28 10 2 White Wolves 15 10 1 4 52 11 3 Red Devils 15 6 5 4 31 24 4 Striking Cheetahs 15 5 1 9 14 26 5 Green Dragons 15 3 2 7 23 35 6 Blue Titans 15 3 1 9 13 55

GD PTS +18 38 +41 31 +7 23 -12 16 -12 11 -42 10



April 16 - 22, 2013

April 16 - 22, 2013



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.46 acres overlooking the creek, spanning King Road and Windsor Road


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April 16 - 22, 2013

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