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Weekly News Volume 26 | No. 38 | September 22 - 28, 2012

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The newest group opposing the implementation of the Value Added Tax (VAT) is a grassroots movement, the TCI People’s Referendum Committee, which has amassed overwhelming support, according to co-chair, Mr. O’Brien Forbes. PAGE  5 inside

Decision on highrise up to elected government – Todd

THE green light for the highrise development is a decision that will be left for and elected government, according to Governor Ric Todd. PAGE 


Chevron TCI sells assets to French company A FRENCH supplier of petroleum, the multinational company RUBIS, is the newest investor in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) with its purchase of Chevron’s assets here. PAGE  7

TCI wins top honours at WTA

THE Turks and Caicos Islands remains a top regional tourism destination, distinctly noted when the island and several local resorts copped top honours at the prestigious World Travel Awards (WTA) Caribbean and Americas Ceremony. PAGE  22

PPP is a movement, leader Harold Charles The People Progressive Party (PPP) officially launched on Wednesday. The candidates named on the ticket to date are, Dr. Edward Smith, deputy leader Mr. Zhavago Jolly, leader Mr. Harold Charles and Mrs.DorellDelancy





September 22 - 28, 2012

September 22 - 28, 2012






September 22 - 28, 2012

Decision on high-rise development up to elected government – Todd BY VANESSA NARINE THE green light for the high-rise development is a decision that will be left for and elected government, according to Governor Ric Todd. Changes in legislation to permit high-rise developments in the Turks and Caicos Islands will be the decision of a democratically elected House of Assembly and government. The Governor met with leaders of the three political parties and the developers last Thursday – a meeting he described as “full and valuable”. Todd said, “I have given careful consideration to all the issues concerning and surrounding this development; had discussions with those involved; and taken account of advice, formal and informal representations and the results of the public consultation. “I have given weight to the arguments put to me by the political parties that decisions on this development should, given the timing of this proposal, be made the responsibility of an elected House of Assembly and government. “Taking account of all the circumstances, I have concluded that there should not be any change to the legislation relating to the height of the buildings on TCI before October 15 and that a decision on this legislation should be taken by an elected House of Assembly.” The Governor acknowledged that the proposal for a mixed use, 28-storey high-rise development on Providenciales has been widely debated across TCI in the last few weeks. He said, “I would like to note that before this development, or any development, can take place a procedure set out in law must be followed. “It is an over-simplification to say that TCIG or the Governor can just ‘approve’ this or any development. “This case is unusual because the

proposed development is of a height contrary to existing legislation, but even if that legislation were to change, the proposal would still have to go through a full and normal planning process, including impact assessments and consultation. “In the event the developer sought any investment incentives, there would also have to be a Development Agreement between the developer and TCIG prior to the planning process being initiated.” ASSESSMENT Prior to the meeting, the Governor made public the Public Consultation Review, last Monday, which is an assessment of the public’s views on the high-rise development. The ten-page report noted that in February 2012, developer, Mr. Hugh McLean met with government officials to discuss a development project for the Turks and Caicos Islands. Mclean submitted an outline proposal for a Mixed Used Development that includes an EP Hotel, Conference Centre, Retail and Professional Offices – one that outlined expanding and diversifying the current tourism product offering on TCI and brings the potential of increased tourism development and conference facilities, as well as providing a number of jobs. The developer also presented the proposal to Advisory Council, both political parties and the public during a consultation on July 18 that was held at the Gustarvus Sports Complex in Providenciales. One 190 people signed in during the public consultation with an estimated 400 people in attendance. The Public Consultation Review said, “In total over 700 written submissions were received on the Skyline proposal. “610 submissions were collected by the developer, in favour of the mixed use high rise concept of the

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An artist impression of the Grace Bay high-rise

resort. “There were 195 email submissions to the Investment Unit and Governor’s Office mainly in objection to the project. “The largest majority of feedback collected by the developer illustrated three options to: • Keep project as proposed • Decision with the planning board • To reduce the height of the proposed project to 21 stories “In over 75 per cent of these submissions all three boxes were ticked, with 589 persons agreeing to the project and the decision taken by the planning board. “Many respondents felt that they were unable to make an informed decision based on the available information supporting it. “There was also a broad view that no decision should be made without supporting technical information from an environmental impact study and planning assessment were made and submitted to the public. “Another prevalent theme in the submissions was concern about the environmental impact of the project and whether it was in the right location. “Government departments and the public at large noted a wish to access or comment on the project on the basis of a building outline and the block and parcel numbers. “Considerable concerns were raised on the impact a high rise would have on the low density tourism model currently in practice, which is paired to the ‘Beautiful by nature’ motto of the tourism product. “It was argued that the reputation and brand of the TCI would be undermined by the proposal. “The party leaders also stressed their willingness to assume this responsibility and to take the necessary decisions about the proposal. “I am asking the Attorney General to consider options for amendments to legislation which would permit higher rise developments than those currently envisaged by existing law. “I have also asked the TCIG Chief Executive Officer to instruct the Planning Department to consider options for updating the zoning, planning and development rules as a basis for work the elected government

can continue in November. “The question of how many jobs would in practice be obtained by islanders and permanent residents was a particular theme. “It was noted that the mixed use project provided a secondary platform for commerce and business linkages.” In the report, the Planning Department, noted that a move from a maximum height of seven to 28 storeys would be excessive and would have enormous impacts on the island of Providenciales and on the entire country. The report said, “The department’s view is that increases in height and density of buildings should be gradual in order to ensure compatibility with the existing environment and infrastructure…. the department suggests a reasonable and gradual increase, for example, from seven storeys to ten storeys.” WILLING According to the Governor, the party

leaders also stressed their willingness to assume this responsibility and to take the necessary decisions about the proposal. Leader of the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), Mr. Oswald Skippings told the Weekly News that Todd’s decision was in line with the party’s position, which is that the decision should be left to an elected government. He added that the feedback from the developer was that they are interested in going forward with the project, but are weighing the possibilities of whether an elected government will even green light the project. Skippings said, “A PDM administration will entertain the proposal.” A statement from the Progressive National Party (PNP), on Monday, said, the PNP is pleased with this outcome. The statement said, “Following the election a democratically elected PNP Government will work with all stakeholders to formulate a comprehensive physical development plan that is consistent with our tourism marketing policy that will serve as a framework for future development on our islands. “The PNP will continue to request that the TCIG not implement any further policies or legislation until after the National Election on November 9, so the people of Turks and Caicos may have their voices heard through their elected representatives.” A representative from the People Progressive Party (PPP) was unavailable for comment up to press time.

Parties support presence of election observers THE three political parties are supportive of the presence of election observers in the interest of a fair and transparent election process. During the September 6 sitting of the United Kingdom (UK) Parliament, Conservative Member of Parliament (MP), Mr. Andrew Percy, questioned the new Parliamentary Under Secretary of State in the Foreign Office (FCO), Mr. Mark Simmonds, about monitoring for local elections. Simmonds said, “The Turks and Caicos Islands Government is inviting, with our financial support, observers for the forthcoming elections. “They have agreed with the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (UK) to organise an observer mission including UK and regional monitors.” Leader of the People’s

Democratic Movement, Mr. Oswald Skippings, told the Weekly News that observers are always welcomed. According to him, encouraging the presence of observers indicates the TCI’s support for compliance with the international standards for democratic elections. “We want a fair process,” Skippings stressed. Dr. Rufus Ewing, Leader of the Progressive National Party (PNP), reiterated similar sentiments. He said monitors will help to ensure elections are free and fair. Deputy Leader of the People Progressive Party (PPP), Mr. Zhavago Jolly, stated that his party welcomed any move that will make the election process transparent and fairer. Elections are slated for November 9. (VANESSA NARINE)

September 22 - 28, 2012




Major support for VAT referendum


THE newest group opposing the implementation of the Value Added Tax (VAT) is a grassroots movement, the TCI People’s Referendum Committee, which has amassed overwhelming support, according to co-chair, Mr. O’Brien Forbes. The committee, last Wednesday, began their campaign in Grand Turk and concluded on Monday in Providenciales. Forbes said, “We were overwhelmed by the response that we received.” Islanders were invited to fill out a small form with three yes or no questions, which for the most part questioned the responder on their knowledge of VAT. Forbes told the Weekly News that the final results will be available before the end of next week. “We are expecting to have a report for the Governor,” he said. Asked if the report would be sent to the political parties also, the committee’s co-chair noted that this is a possibility, but stressed that the committee would much rather deal directly with an elected government to more effectively represent the

views of the people. Forbes and Mrs. Edith Skippings have been working as co-chairs of the committee, along with several stakeholders to stress opposition to the implementation of VAT. According to Forbes, supporting groups include the Christian Council and the Ministerial Fellowship, among others. He told the Weekly News that other major business entities such as Business Solutions have supported the committee by printing materials free of cost, among other donations. Forbes added that the Turks and Caicos Independent Business Council’s (TCIBC) has some input into the committee’s work, but not direct influence. “This is largely a grassroots effort,” he said.

UNDEMOCRATIC The committee’s co-chair maintained that the referendum is not a hostile act towards the interim administration. According to him, the committee’s position is that it is undemocratic and immoral for an interim government, where the sole statutory power is an

appointed Governor, to alter the TCI’s economic life through the imposition of a tax system, without the proper, credible consultation. He stated that it a means to allow the voices of the people to be truly heard, as opposed to ‘consultations’ that do not allow the people of the TCI to have the last word on a change that would significantly impact their lives. Forbes stressed that the committee is founded on that principle and out of the concern, that since the partial suspension of the constitution, there has not been a single instance in which the people have spoken with one voice. He said, “My co-chair and me are merely setting up for political office. Let me be clear, we are not running for anything. “Our forefathers, parents, all uncles and aunts - all of them along with ourselves are seeds of this soil. “And we cannot stand by without a voice on critical issues that affect our lives and the stability of our country. “This referendum may have dealt with a variety of issues since the partial suspension of the constitution. “However, the Value Added Tax

(VAT) so directly affects us - each and every one of us - that it begs for a response on principle.” The committee in a statement last week said, “The British interim government at Turks and Caicos Islands,announced an intention, resting on their best judgment, toimplement Value Added Tax (VAT) in the TCI. “The announcement and subsequent statements – particularly thoseof the TCIGhave caused such consternation, that to the extent that a people must acquiesce to their method of taxation, the situationhas become untenable. “The TCI People’s Referendum Committee, together with itssupporting groups, have taken the view that, itis not the British or the interim government whose job it isto preserve democracy. “We have concluded that if we want democracy, we must thinkit; make it; take it.”

SUPPORT The political parties have expressed support for the referendum. People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) leader, Mr. Oswald Skippings, told the Weekly News

that the referendum’s objective is in line with the party’s position on VAT. “We fully support the referendum,” Skippings said. Leader of the Progressive National Party (PNP), Dr. Rufus Ewing, stated that the referendum will present an objective view of the people’s position on the implementation of VAT. “It will help an elected government in moving forward on this matter,” he said. Meanwhile, Governor Ric Todd, at a press conference on Wednesday, maintained that VAT will not increase prices in the TCI, adding that the current high prices are reflection of “geography and humanity” given that the country imports most of what is consumed. Todd stressed that VAT will give TCI the stable revenue base that it needs. In addition to the TCIBC and the TCI People’s Referendum Committee, an unnamed anti-VAT group, in May, started a petition that targeted 3,001 signatures to prevent the implementation VAT. VAT will be implemented on April 1, 2013.

Parties step up campaigning with seven weeks to go BY VANESSA NARINE POLITICAL parties, this week, stepped up their presence in the constituencies with corner meetings, meet and greet gatherings and appearances on radio programmes, among others. The Progressive National Party (PNP) leader, Dr. Rufus Ewing, told the Weekly News that the party is just getting started. “We will be stepping up our campaign each week,” he said. Ewing maintained that the PNP will be pushing forward in line with the party’s slogans, ‘Dawn of a New Day’, as well as the common catch phrase among supporters, ‘PNP, all the way’. PNP candidate Mr. Gregory Lightbourne started the party’s busy week with an appearance on the Breakfast Club 88.7 with host Diana Swann.

Lightbourne focused on community development, building a stronger economy for residents and a need for more policing in the area to provide security for both residents and the hundreds of visitors and tourists who frequent to quaint settlement He said, “My focus is working on getting a stronger community development programme off the ground that all residents will be proud have and can work to build and sustain.” Lightbourne was also on Perspectives 105.5FM with host Conrad Howell, where he made clear his plans for his constituency and made a bid for supporters to send him to the House of Assembly for a second time. When pressed by host Conrad Howell later in the morning about how his campaign is going, Mr.Lightbourne minced no words by saying “this campaign is not

about me but about how we together, could move our constituency and our country forward. “This is my main focus in this campaign and I am hearing from the residents in Wheeland on my campaign that they do not want to hear about the past but how we could move forward into better days especially for their children. “I am listening and I plan to work on the issues that affect them.” Also on Monday went door to door in the Blue Hills constituency and later that day the PNP Blue Hills Candidate, Mr. Adrian Williams, along with the PNP leader other PNP members met with voters, to discuss issues, and listen to voters concerns. On Tuesday, Five Cays candidate, Mr. Thomas Clay Ewing, went door to door to meet voters in that district. RIGHT DIRECTION Leader of People’s


Movement (PDM), Mr. Oswald Skippings, told the Weekly News that his party is on a roll. He said, “We are not going to slow down. We will be escalating our campaigning closer to elections so that we can be more visible among voters.” According to him, the response from the people has been overwhelming and the people are interested in the party’s plans for the future. “We are looking forward to engaging people across the Turks and Caicos,” Skippings said. The PDM held their Grand Turk Rally last Friday and on Monday had their first taping on WIV’s ‘Meet the Candidates’ programme. On Wednesday, a PDM team had a walk-through in Middle Caicos, followed by a rally in Kew, North Caicos.

A rally in Middle Caicos is scheduled for Saturday. On Tuesday, the party is expected to participate in the Youth Round Table, as part of the National Youth Week activities. The third party, People Progressive Party (PPP), hosted their official launch on Wednesday and is expected to be engaging voters in the upcoming weeks. The Director of the Integrity Commission, Mr. Eugene Otuonye, in an invited comment, said all parties will be registered by the end of September to contest the upcoming elections. According to him, the commission is working closely with parties, as well as candidates who have expressed interest in running as independents in the upcoming November 9 elections, to ensure that the laws regulating the election process are adhered to.



September 22 - 28, 2012

A Weekly News column that puts you on the spot for your opinions on the issues of the day

Is the TCI ready?

THE Equality Bill was made public last Thursday and follows Governor Ric Todd’s announcement in May about changes in the Turks and Caicos Islands that would advance gay rights. According to Todd, the provisions reflect those of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). The proposed bill also advances gender, race and religious freedoms, among others. However, in the TCI, the controversial element is the push for gay rights. As a Christian nation, can the TCI support this bill?

Much more than gay rights

The bill is actually deeper than gay rights and will have a greater impact on the lives of people in the TCI, especially those who operate businesses. Further training will be required on how to employ people from different ethnic groups, building designs will have to change to accommodate those with disabilities. The list of changes is endless. We should be worried about other things, rather than just gay rights.

A question of human rights

The matter before us is a matter of human rights. I will not paint everyone with one brush, but the Turks and Caicos Islands is not entirely Christian. In my years here, I have found several people to be open about many things. Whether people like to acknowledge it or not, there are gay communities here. I see no reason why we cannot support this bill. However, openness aside, the fact is that this bill will put the TCI on par with other nations across the world when it comes to equal rights.

What many people seem to be missing is that these are not just rights, these are HUMAN rights.

Absolutely NOT!

The TCI will not and should not support this bill when it comes to the advancement of gay rights in TCI. It is amazing how the British want to implement policies that meet the criteria on the European Convention on Human Rights when they took away our freedom on August 2009. Did the suspension of the constitution and denying us the right of an elected government reflect the European Convention on Human Rights. These people are a joke and are hypocrites. This bill should not even be entertained at this time. Of course, we need to have equality in pay whether you are a local or expat. We need a bill to address this urgently, but not a bill that involves pushing the gay rights movement.

Why fix what’s not broken?

Repeatedly this issue comes up but people of the TCI have never shown prejudice against gays. There has been less racial and nationality prejudice demonstrated in the TCI than in

most other nations including the UK. Why try to fix something that is not broken? In the USA, they elected a Roman Catholic president in the 1960s and a biracial president born in Hawaii in 2008. However, the far left leaning agenda of the world’s larger democracies including the UK and USA has promoted Godlessness and atheism. ‘In God we trust’ has become in Blair or Obama we trust! Here we preached ‘In Misick we trust’. In the USA abortion and gay rights have become woman’s health issues and the pairing of like genders an alternative normality. Not in any Christian’s book. Tolerance, yes! Normality, no! In our small country the result of Godlessness has led to our suffering the higher cost of living brought on by worshiping our golden cow, then filling his saddle bags with green dollars. All so he could waddle off to another country in his Gucci shoes leaving us to pay the bills.

To each his own

Everyone ought to have equal rights under the laws, including the right to marry whomever they choose.


The bible preaches against ‘lying with man as if with woman’. The fate of Sodom and Gomorrah was shown to be the results of blatant homosexuality. The choice, however, is up to the individual and ‘do not know and do not tell’ has always worked. Even when we knew, we tolerated and did not persecute. Pushing the gay agenda could start a donnybrook or royal fight. Best to leave it alone. Who is behind the push for this law? Polls have shown homosexuality to be the choice of only a few. Is Europe the proper model for anything? They are now broke and shown by two world wars and the suppression of Jews and other minorities that they need the law, we do not.

We have all religions represented here in the TCI and no one is persecuted for their beliefs. I believe Governor Todd could make better use of his time than rushing these unneeded laws into place.

All about Todd’s agenda

The Turks and Caicos Islanders have been pushing for equal rights for equal pay legislation, job placement and a say in our countries affairs against the British Constitution, trial by judge alone, increased taxation, the implementation of VAT, redundancies and pay cuts. What Governor Ric Todd done for us on this front? Nothing! I think it is wrong for him to seek to push his own agenda for persons who are not being discriminated against considering that our original constitution already provided that gay persons could not be discriminated against due to their sexual orientation for any reason. The Governor is clearly unfair, nondemocratic and disrespectful to the people of this country. I hope that he is aware under God’s law if he does not ask for forgiveness; he is going to burn in hell.

We have to take a stand

If the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands do not stand up to this kind of insubordination and blasphemy to God’s word, we will end up like Sodom and Gomorrah.

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New bill sets out penalties for MPs BY VANESSA NARINE

THE House of Assembly Powers and Privileges Ordinance 2012 and Standing Orders replaces the outdated 1979 ordinance and, among other provisions, sets out penalties for Members of Parliament (MPs). The Ordinance sets out a range of procedures, and details the privileges and immunities of members of the Assembly. It provides for a new range of punishments for offences including behaviour within the precincts of the House of Assembly, bribery of a Member of the House, and a

Member giving false information to the House or the disclosure of confidential information The Advisory Council, on Wednesday, discussed the provisions of the Ordinance and at a subsequent press conference, Governor Ric Todd said the specific provisions are to ensure that appropriate behaviour by MPs. He said, “We need to know how House will work.” According to him, the Ordinance supports the honest, open and transparent functioning of Parliament, in the interest of people of the Islands.

Todd said, “It makes provision for how they can behave, what they can say, what cannot say and gives the Speaker the power to end a speech if it is deemed trivial, irrelevant or repetitive.”

MUZZLE The Governor rejected the assertion that the new Ordinance is designed to muzzle or limit Members of Parliament in any way. Todd stressed that the new bill is an “updated and modernised” version of previous legislation that guided the operations of the House of Assembly. According to him, it strengthens

Parliament’s functioning by encouraging good behaviour and setting penalties for MPs that abuse privileges in the House of Assembly. “It is designed to give people what they want, effective, open and transparent and MPs whose behaviour reflect high standards,” the Governor said. He pointed out that while MPs have privileges and immunity, they also have obligations. Todd said, “They respect those privileges and behave in an honest, transparent and open way.” The Consultative Forum also reviewed the bill on Thursday.

September 22 - 28, 2012




Chevron TCI sells assets to French company BY VANESSA NARINE A FRENCH supplier of petroleum, the multinational company RUBIS, is the newest investor in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) with its purchase of Chevron’s assets here. Governor Ric Todd, at a

press conference on Wednesday, explained that RUBIS has already invested some $20m in the economy. Locally, RUBIS is expected to take over as the wholesale supplier to Texaco gas stations across the Islands. Todd noted that more details on

the company’s operations would be available soon. He also pointed out that the company recently donated $5,000 to the Wellness Centre on Grand Turk. The Governor added that RUBIS is looking to adopt a school in Providenciales. Todd described the company’s

Milestone progress resulted in far-reaching reforms, Governor GOVERNOR Ric Todd, on Tuesday, made public his final report on the milestones and contends that their progress has resulted in far-reaching reforms in the Turks and Caicos Islands. According to him, progress against the eight milestones has left the TCI with an improved, more effective and sustainable public service; modernised legislation; stronger control of its public finances investing in key priorities; and sound management of the economy, which has been growing since 2010 and by 4.1 per cent in 2011. Todd maintains that these principles have sought to instil good governance at the heart of the public service and have underpinned the activities of the interim administration since it took on responsibility for governing the territory. This happened following the suspension of the TCI Constitution after the damning conclusions reached by the Sir Robin Auld led Commission of Inquiry in 2009. The six-month long, highly detailed investigation by Sir Robin concluded that there was a high probability of systematic corruption in the TCI Government, legislature and public officers of the territory; compounded by a serious deterioration – from an already low level – in the territory’s system of governance and public financial management. This corruption appeared to have consisted mainly of bribery and fraud by developers and other investors of ministers and public officers, so as to secure Crown land on favourable terms. The eight milestones themselves were published in 2010 and outlined the practical steps that would need to be taken in order address the institutional problems and return to an elected assembly and government. The eight milestones are: 1. Implementation of a new TCI Constitution Order, in support of recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry, which

underpins good governance and sound public financial management; 2. Introduction of a number of new ordinances, including those making provision for: i) the electoral process and regulation of political parties; ii) integrity and accountability in public life; iii) public financial management; 3. Establishment of robust and transparent public financial management processes to provide a stable economic environment and a strengthening of the TCI Government's capacity to manage its public finances; 4. Implementation of budget measures to put the TCI Government on track to achieve a fiscal surplus in the financial year ending March 2013; 5. Implementation of a transparent and fair process for acquisition of Turks and Caicos Islander status; 6. Significant progress with the civil and criminal process recommended by the Commission of Inquiry, and implementation of measures to enable these to continue unimpeded; 7. Implementation of a new Crown land policy; 8. Substantial progress in the reform of the Public Service. Todd said, “The beneficial changes brought about by the milestones provides any future elected administration with a solid and more sustainable base with which to consider affordable levels of public expenditure, demonstrate continued good governance and achieve sustainable economic development to the benefit of all people in TCI. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone across TCI, in the Governor’s Office and UK government for all of their hard work and commitment to embed the reforms in everyday practices and embrace these better ways of working. “The support provided by TCI public servants, advisers, legal drafters and numerous other

contributors has been exceptional. “The programme of work to modernise the management and delivery of public services in TCI, as well as to put public finances on the road to recovery, modernise legislation and strengthen the economy is simply the most extensive undertaken for any UK overseas territory.” Achievements against them have led to the TCI Constitution being reinstated on October 15, triggering the general election on November 9.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme as an “ambition plan” – one he commended. GOOD INDICATOR The Governor explained that the investment is indicative of investor confidence in the local economy. Todd said, “They would not put $20m in an economy that is in free fall or collapsing or in recession or hopeless,” He pointed to other recent investments, signs of the economic turnaround, which include Amanyara’s expansion follows, Digicel’s $7m growth plans for TCI, the £15 million second Fixed Based Operation (FBO) at the airport and the $9m investment in a new medical school. The Governor also pointed to the proposal for the development of a high-rise in the TCI. He said, “Their (the developers) willingness to invest $200m is of course a major vote of confidence in TCI, illustrating both the strong economic position which TCI currently has and the potential of the islands.” Todd added that the Interim Administration has invested significantly in improving the economy. According to him, an elected government will have a good “starting point” from where they can

continue economic progress. PLANS The Governor also told the media that RUBIS has not only bought Chevron’s assets, but has plans to develop the business. He stated that the company is reviewing alternative ways to import fuel into the TCI, among other developments. “RUBIS is looking at lower cost and more efficient ways to bring fuel into the country…they are looking at different options,” Todd said. Chevron’s sale of its assets in the TCI follows the recent wind-down of operations in Cayman Islands and the Bahamas. After the French Antilles and French Guiana in 2005, Bermuda in 2006, the latest RUBIS acquisitions in the Caribbean is fast establishing the company’s position as a leading independent petroleum products distributor. RUBIS distributes Liquid Petroleum Gas, retail, commercial and aviation fuel, and refined products. While Chevron continues its retreat from the Caribbean region, the French multinational has projected strong growth in 2012 based on these acquisitions.

The damaged vehicle

Man killed in weekend smash-up PAUL Joseph, 28, was killed on Saturday in a smash-up in the vicinity of Suzie’s Turn on the Leeward Highway. Joseph suffered fatal injuries when the vehicle in which he was a passenger collided with another vehicle. Both drivers and the passengers of the second vehicle suffered non life threatening injuries.

Seargeant Diamond from RTCI Police said,“The 911 center was alerted just after 11:00pm on Saturday to a serious motor vehicle accident at the roundabout on the eastern carriageway of the Leeward Highway, in front of Suzie Turn involving two vehicles. “All four passengers of the two vehicles were injured and rushed

to the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre by ambulance. “Sadly one of the passengers succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at 1am.” Police are continuing their investigation into the accident. Anyone who either saw the collision or who has information to call the police at 911 or Crimestoppers at 1-800-8477.




September 22 - 28, 2012

PPP is a movement, leader Harold Charles BY VANESSA NARINE THE People Progressive Party (PPP) officially launched on Wednesday and leader, Mr. Harold Charles, stressed the note of change, making clear that it is more than a party, rather it is a movement. To date the candidates on the party’s ticket are Charles running in the Five Cays district, Mr.DorellDelancy running in the Bight district and Dr. Edward Smith and Mr.Zhavago Jolly, whose districts have not yet been settled on. According to Charles, the party is still considering other members, but provisionally Smith is expected to run in Cheshire Hall and Richmond Hill, while Jolly is expected to campaign in Wheeland. The Weekly News understands that Mr. Lou Claire, who has previously been named on the party’s ticket, has decided not to run as a candidate, but remains a PPP supporter. CHANGE Charles addressed the issue of a third party’s success and pointed out that while third parties have not

historically done well, times have changed. According to him, the vision of the PPP encompasses change at every level, particularly on the issues of economy, job creation, employment and education. Charles pledged that his party will work with all stakeholders to improve the situation in the Turks and Caicos Islands. He pointed out that the party’s members are people with the skills that can make a difference in the TCI. “We know how to create jobs… we can improve the economy… we will support law enforcement to enforce the laws,” Charles said. The PPP leader landed a blow on the other two parties when he pointed out that under both administrations the people saw recurrent problems, such as children not being able to secure placements in public schools. He explained that this was the reason he did not join forces with the two major political parties. “After all those years, what changed?” Charles questioned. He said, “Change is needed now… this is why we formed the PPP.”

The party leader promised progressive and innovative policies that will empower and educate Islanders, as well as give opportunities for them to realise their potential for success. Charles called for Islanders to take the PPP seriously. The PPP leader acknowledged that the party will not have a large representation in the National Assembly, but expressed confidence that the party can amass enough support to play a meaningful role in the governance of the TCI, this time around. “We have a great vision and plan for the TCI,” he posited. VISIONARY On that note, the party’s deputy leader, Mr.Zhavago Jolly, underscored the fact that the party’s platform is a visionary one, one that tackles: • Economic development; • Education; • Healthcare reform; • Affordable housing; • Social services • Environmental protection; • Creation of a community investment act;

Millennium Highway works have 20-year guarantee, Watts ENGINEERING Supervisor, Mr. Norman Watts, contends that the resurfacing works on 1.5miles of the Millennium Highway have a 20-year guarantee. In addition to the resurfacing work, safety features such as durable centerline markers and reflective road studs are being installed. Works began on Tuesday, with traffic being diverted to the Blue Hills road. In an interview with the Weekly News, Watts said, “I am confident that we got value for money. When these works are done, the good thing is that it will last for 20 years with minimum maintenance.” “We were able to source good materials and the construction company, Herzog Construction, has met our specifications.” According to him, some drainage works are also being tackled along the Highway. Watts said, “The problem with this stretch is the water from the buildings above the road washing down dirt to the road. We will be putting in drainage to stop the runoff of water from affecting the road.” Mr. Garvin Thomas, also from the Public Works Department, also spoke the Weekly News and noted

that all works are expected to be completed by October 5. He said preliminary works began in August, adding that there have been no hiccups so far. Thomas said, “Everything is running smooth and we do not foresee any problems.” Manager of Herzog Construction, Mr. Mike Eddy, told the Weekly

News that work is on schedule and expects it to be completed in time. The works on the Highway cost some $544,000 and forms part of a public expenditure plan that also sees repairs being made to the Caicos Causeway; water supplies on Grand Turk and Salt Cay; public schools infrastructure. (VANESSA NARINE)

Workers paving the Millennium Highway

• Comprehensive immigration reform; and • Transparent governance. He hailed the party’s formation as a bold move that is focused on reversing the “deplorable” current situation in the TCI. “Change is what we stand for... the PPP represents change,” Jolly stressed. He urged Islanders to question whether they were satisfied with the current state of affairs and realise that the PPP will make a difference by advancing change. “Mahatma Ghandi said ‘Be the change you want to see’…we will not sit back and wait for change… the PPP is change,” the deputy leader stressed. According to him, the PPP will support policies that will ensure that economic advances are sustainable booms. Jolly noted that the PPP is committed to reforming healthcare by reviewing theInterHealth contract. “Public health is a civil right,” he said. He stated that affordable housing will be advanced by reforming TC Invest to assist Islanders to have “true” affordable housing. Jolly stated that the PPP will improve social services by offering opportunities for locals to “develop and grow” so that they realise their full potential.

“If we do not give the youths opportunities to develop their talent then they cannot compete…the PPP is prepared to invest in our natural and human resources,” he said. On the issue of environmental protection, the deputy leader pointed out that in a country with just over 30,000 people, there is no investment in recycling, when larger countries have succeeded with such initiatives to protect their environment. Jolly said, “We are in a position to move our country forward…my goal is not to be a politician, but to be a civil servant…I am prepared to make that sacrifice. “This is a chance for the TCI to be a part of change.” Dr. Edward Smith noted that the PPP is supportive of a comprehensive approach to address the issues that are affecting the people of the TCI. Party candidate, Mrs. DorellDelancy, in her remarks, said, “Evil strives when good men sit back and do nothing.” According to her, the PPP is an inclusive party that that has heard the cries of the people of the TCI and has stepped up to address them. She pointed out that the PPP may not be the popular vote, but expressed confidence that it will be. “Today is the PPP’s time,” Delancy stressed. The PPP’s slogan is ‘a new horizon’ and has a sunrise as its symbol.

Interim Administration focused on leaving a positive legacy GOVERNOR Ric Todd, at a press conference on Wednesday, noted that the Interim Administration is focused on leaving the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) a positive legacy. He said, “The last pieces of legislation enacted by the Interim Administration… contribute not only to meeting the milestones, but also to the goals of modernising the laws of the TCI, providing TCI with the positive legacy of a more effective public service, with significantly improved control of its public finances, and better functioning institutions.” This week the Advisory Council reviewed the House of Assembly Powers and Privileges Ordinance 2012 and Standing Orders, the Equality Bill and the Integrity Commission Third

Amendment Bill. The Council meeting also discussed the Public Financial Management regulations and Public Financial Management Framework Document, which support and give effect to the Public Financial Management Ordinance passed earlier this year. Todd noted that the Constitution comes into effect on October 15 and in the run up to elections, the Interim Administration will continue its work to maintain good, honest and transparent government; develop economy; and build and consolidate reforms. According to him, the priority is to ensure that the TCI is in the best condition possible before an elected government comes into power. (VANESSA NARINE)

September 22 - 28, 2012






PROFILE: Dr. Rufus Washington Ewing is the son of Mr. Hilly Ewing, veteran parliamentarian and Mrs. Jane Ewing of the historic settlement of Blue Hills, Providenciales. He was raised in a staunch Seventh Day Adventist home where honesty, integrity, love for mankind and service to one’s community were natural expectations from him and his many siblings. Dr. Ewing showed early signs of his academic prowess when, after leaving the Blue Hills Primary School, he went on to become the valedictorian of the Class of 1985 at the Turks and Caicos High School. This academic achievement, rewarded by scholarship, led him to the Barbados Community College where he completed his A Levels. He moved on to the University of the West Indies Mona Campus where he pursued medicine and was awarded the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Degree (MBBS) in 1993. A true patriot at heart, he was instrumental in establishing the Turks and Caicos Students Association (TACSA). He served this organisation for four years, two as its vice president and two as its president. After his internship in the Bahamas, he returned to UWI in 1996 to read for the Degree of Doctor in General Surgery. Two years later he became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Scotland, then received training in Pediatric General Surgery at the IWK Grace Health Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He secured his Doctor of Medicine in General Surgery in 2001. In spite of his doctorate, Dr. Ewing still saw

it fit to read for a Masters at the John Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, obtaining that degree in 2008. Eager to contribute to national development, Dr. Ewing presented his ideas to both political and healthcare leaders; both seeing his fervour and capability, blessed him with the position of Deputy Chief Medical Officer (DCMO) with direct responsibility for the Myrtle Rigby Health Complex (MRHC); he also became lead surgeon of that complex. He was instrumental in each step, which led to the commissioning of the MRHC Operating Theatre and the ensuing reduction in costs for overseas treatment. By the time Dr. Ewing was appointed Chief Medical Officer he had already made significant contributions in clinical guidance in the development of the new hospital facilities and the implementation of the National Health Insurance Plan. Numbered among his contributions at this juncture was moving the operating level of Chief Medical Officer and Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) from the level of the hospital to that of the Ministry of Health and hence strengthening the leadership, management and policy development capacity of that ministry. He is also given credit for: the Treatment at Home Policy; Treatment Abroad Policy, Health Care Infrastructure Development Policy; Health Strategic Plans; Primary Health Clare Renewal; Migrant Health Evaluation Policy and Programme and Health Care Regulations. After the suspension of the TCI Constitution and the imposition of direct rule from Britain, Dr. Ewing became frustrated with the policy direction of the interim administration, and along with other civil servants revitalised the dormant Civil Service Association (CSA) of which he was elected as its president in January, 2011 and fought for the rights and welfare of civil servants. Dr. Rufus Ewing is married to his university classmate, and fellow doctor, Dr. Dawn Perry and together they have a son. EWING ON ISSUES: 1. What are top priorities for the people of TCI?

Ewing: Jobs and the economy are the first things on the agenda. We have to build a stable revenue base. Equally as important is education and youth development. On healthcare, the PNP will be looking to restructure and strengthen healthcare delivery.


A series that seeks to act as a medium for the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands to engage prominent personalities on current issues, including politics, development and the environment, among others affecting the nation.

Going forward, we cannot develop as a socially segregated nation.

Dr. Rufus Ewing

AST acts do not always create eternal conditions; rather change is paramount and is necessary, as well as interesting. In the run up to the November 9 elections, Face to Face is assisting the people in raising the bar in terms of their demands from their politicians – public servants – more so in this period of heightened political activity. This week the Weekly News continues to introduce you to your political leaders, leader of the Progressive National Party (PNP), Dr. Rufus Ewing. All interviews with the leaders of the three political parties were done prior to the start of this series to ensure that the answers provided were not influenced in one way or another and that the people can assess the positions of their leaders fairly.


6. What is a controversial issue for you going forward? (The Weekly News questioned Ewing about his involvement in the controversial Interhealth Canada deal, when he served as director of medical services.)

Ewing: Every civil servant’s role is to inform and advise policy makers on the strength of their technical expertise. That was my role. That is what I did, I advised and the government of the day made the decisions. 7. What drives your ambition and your ideology?

Ewing: People drive me. Each individual having the opportunity they need to reach their true potential is what drives me. 8. Describe your party’s legacy.

2. What are your views of the interim administration governance to date?

Ewing: The interim administration has been confrontational and autocratic in their governance, almost dictatorial. While some of the policies they have implemented have been beneficial, not all have been in the best interest of the people. 3. What are your views on development and diversifying the economy?

Ewing: Diversification is an utmost priority. The economic plans of the past are out of touch.

4. What are your views on independence?

Ewing: The PNP is ready for independence and we are committed to becoming independent. When the people are ready for independence they will need us to be ready and we are. If we have to make that stand tomorrow we have to be prepared to do so, and the PNP is ready. 5. What are your views on integration – given the population make up of TCI?

Ewing: I strongly support a population policy and we will develop it. The PNP’s vision is empowerment of all nationalities among us.

Ewing: The party’s legacy has always been one that focuses on progress and looks after the interests of the people. There have been people who have been accused of alleged crimes, but largely the focus of the party has been and is forward moving, progressive. 9. Politicians are public servants. Respond to this.

Ewing: Politicians have a mandate from the people. They serve the people. The actions they take are on behalf of the people, in their best interests and that of the country. Send your comments to

Next week Face to Face will feature leader of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Mr. Harold Charles.

Equality bill is framework to enforce constitution, Governor Ric Todd IN response to widespread criticisms over the provisions in the proposed Equality Bill, particularly concerning sexual orientation, Governor Ric Todd stressed that the Bill provides the framework to enforce provisions in the Constitution, nothing else. In addition to protecting against discrimination based on sexual orientation, the Bill proposes to lower the age of consent to engaging in homosexual activity from 18-years-old to 16-years-old. The public is seeing the Bill as a push for gay rights in the Turks and Caicos Islands, which is historically a Christian nation. At a press conference on Wednesday, Todd pointed out

that the TCI Constitution says it is wrong to discriminate based on age, disability, marriage, political opinion, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, gender and sexual orientation. The Governor said, “The Bill has attracted a lot of comments, but be clear, the Bill is simple… the only thing bill does is set up framework to ensure that people can give effect to those rights.” According to him, the Equality Bill prevents discrimination and is not about “promoting” anything. He reiterated that the Bill proposes to stop discrimination based on age, disability, marriage, political opinion, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief,

gender and sexual orientation. Todd said, “The Bill is about preventing discrimination and nothing else.” Asked about the existence of evidence to prove that discrimination in the TCI, the Governor said, “It does not make sense to say something is not allowed in the Constitution, if you do not have legislation to enforce it.” Todd maintained that the Equality Bill is about giving effect to what the Constitution says. According to the Bill, any person or anyone knowingly helping another to do anything that contravenes the provisions can be prosecuted in court and fined up to $5,000. (VANESSA NARINE)


September 22 - 28, 2012


We welcome letters from all members of the public on a variety of topics Please note that all submissions are subject to editing in keeping with defamation laws and newspaper style. Letters should be accompanied by the author’s full name, location and phone number. Names will be withheld if requested.

A coalition government? Dear Editor, Thank you for allowing me space in your paper to say a few words concerning my country and its future. I believe that all the men and women put forward by the two political parties are good and decent people who would do their best to lead our county to prosperity and stability. However, I think working together as a coalition government would read their desired end more quickly and smoothly. A two-year period trial might be ideal. We all want the same things. After listening to the Expressions programme on June 22, 2012, I am convinced that we need to do more to unite the PDM, PNP and, by extension, the Turks and Caicos

Islands. Our young people are not interested in division, so the older people have to stop these barriers to a united TCI in its tracks. The people who come to our shores are put in a natural winning position because we are at war with each other. The foreign nationals have the best of both worlds, here and at home. Turks and Caicos Islanders, Belongers, citizens and well-wishers of our country need to work together to overcome the struggles that have beset us. Thanks to our ambitious parents, PDM and PNP governments, or population is now better educated. Let us continue to do the same and

earn our respect in this world. With God on our side, we shall overcome! From the beginning of the British direct rule, consultations have not been in our favour. We do not know what promises have been made to the expat communities, and no clear understanding of the loan arrangements are known. Our people are being sent home without jobs.What is next? The answer is unity. Let is emancipate ourselves: mentally, emotionally and spiritually. God has the power to help or to overthrow (2 Corinthians 25:8). Yours, Charles Palmer, Providenciales

What is our children’s future?

Dear Editor, I am deeply concerned about the future stakeholders of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Are we doing what is necessary to ensure that our children’s futures are bright and successful? Are we properly planning and equipping them to take over this country? Welfare budgets have been reduced to nothing, physical education, information technology and music teachers have been sent home, classrooms are over-crowded and teachers are under paid. To add insult to injury the scholarship budget has also been significantly reduced. We are learning that ill children are also being refused medical care for lack of payment or the fact that their parents’NHIP has been cancelled due to unemployment. Children have rights. The government signed on to the UN Convention on Human Rights over three years ago and in doing so legally entitled children to rights at home, school, work, public places, recreation centres, government facilities and in any other place in

the country they may travel. Children have rights to a decent life, education, health (meaning the right to medical assistance from doctors and access to medicine and also be attended to in cases of malnutrition, sickness and or other medical emergencies), healthy food as well as good drinking water, clothing, shelter, clean surroundings and a healthy natural environment, equality, religion (yet the government sought to remove religious education from schools), the right to protection against mistreatment and physical and mental abuse, the right to protection for those who are sick, disabled or otherwise incapacitated. Being aware of these rights, what are we doing as a nation to ensure that our children’s dignity in the absence of these rights is being kept? Who is going to be accountable when their rights are ignored?


Thank you Dear Editor, Saturday, September 15, 2012 is ‘National tell a Police Officer Thank You day’ and the Police Welfare Association will like to say thank you to the RTCI Police Force for the great job that they are doing in keeping the Turks and Caicos Islands a safe place to visit, live and grow old. It is a tough job for all of us and most of us feel like giving up but don’t - stick to the fight when you're hardest hit, it's when things seem worst that you mustn't quit. Although it is rough for us, never betray your badge, integrity, character or the public trust and always uphold the constitution of your country and the agency that you serve. Whenever you become stressed, depressed, demotivated and feel like giving up,remind yourself constantly that in everything you do, put God first and he will direct you and crown your efforts with success. When a man is trying to please God, he makes even his worst enemies to be at peace with him. God comforts us in our troubles so we can encourage others in theirs. I encourage you to stay positive, even when work becomes frustrating

or something negative happens, look on the bright side because with Noah it only rained for forty days and forty nights! Here are our words of encouragement: The Hero There are heroes who walk among us never looking for glory or praise They don't seek and never get recognition for their thoughtful, caring , dedicated and hard working ways. Living lives of deep commitment providing for those they hold dear Steadfast with a quiet strength through times of laughter and tears. You are a person like that to me The most selfless women and men by far So RTCIPF, we'd like to thank you From the bottom of our hearts. Believing in your dream will energise your capability and you will see it coming true. Be inspired and bless and may God continue to protect you. Enjoy your day! Yours, Police Welfare Association

What can the government, parents, teachers, preachers and social organisations do either separately or combined to ensure that we are living up to a standard when we can say that we are doing all that we can, exhausting every effort to ensure that our future generation is safe under our watch? I am saddened and burdened. I’m hurt and disappointed when I consider how far we are from where we ought to be. When I consider that many do not recognise that children are people with rights and that it is our responsibility, our legal and moral authority to enrich their lives with these basic and fundamental rights. I pray that the leaders of our country keep this in mind and in their hearts, that they are also burdened with it considering that if we fail, we would have failed our forefathers who struggled to get us here and we would have failed the future of this country which would be to our demise. Yours,

Governor not independent

Euwonka Selver, Providenciales

McAllister Eugene Hanchell, Providenciales

Dear Editor, For those who know me well, I have a clear track record of being plain speaking, fearless of victimisation and for calling things as they are. I have also been fearless in pointing out the abuses and conflicts of interest by the FCO, the Governor and the SIPT, with respect to the hiring of a private prosecution team, the hiring of the judiciary and representatives making public statements about persons’ guilt before they are charged, as well as the passage of suppressive and racial legislations and policies. I have called out the administration for its hypocrisy in its criticism of the past administration’s development policies, in particular, while at the same time stifling development and passing the buck on the 28-storey development. The introduction of VAT was approved, despite the cries of the majority of Turks and Caicos

Islanders and foreigners alike. The Governor maintains an office within the office of the SIPT without shame or intent to appear to be independent. I saw Governor Ric Todd today, Wednesday, September 19, in the kitchen talking with members of the SIPT. He even called them to attend the front desk when I visited for my weekly registration of being on the island of Providenciales. There is obviously no respect and no intent to appear independent, at the very minimum, by the FCO and the Governor. The people of the Turks and Caicos Islands should not hope for impartiality any time soon. We must become a politically independent nation within four years after the general election of November 9, 2012.

Please keep your letters to a maximum of 450 words or we may not be able publish it.

September 22 - 28, 2012



Our fiscal cliff COMMENTARY

No foreign power has put the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) in the serious financial condition we are in today, not even the British. The Brits have prolonged our fall over our own fiscal cliff. Had we gone over the cliff the British State Department, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), would have been embarrassed for their obvious lack of oversight. We need to be embarrassed for our lack of foresight! Since we had a zero credit rating after making those massive loans in 2004-2005 and the British had to guarantee of $260m bailed us out. We have been bankrupt since late 2005. We sold land

By David Tapfer to keep the wolves from the door as someone hid millions in bills, in government drawers. An unsustainable solution of course. It was not the interference from outside that caused the problems we have. It was clearly the last elected administration. We elected them

The empty rhetoric of the PNP

Dear Editor, The whole mandate of the PNP Government between 2003 and 2009 is empty political rhetoric and deliberate misleading of the people. It comes as no surprise that the PNP rally was marred by empty political rhetoric. With the serious issues facing this country, there is a need to stabilise this economy and build a brighter future for the PNP. But the only thing the PNP is good for is rhetoric, empty promises and speeches that they do not really believe in. People who care about the TCI cannot listen and or believe anything because like before we will get hurt by them. Today the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands are being forced to pay for the hospital deal. This deal is costing the government some $60m plus a year and with NHIP payments to Interhealth Canada, the real price will be $100m annually for a period of 25 years. The result of this rip-off and scam is the following: suspension of the constitution, increased taxes, removal of scholarships, ten percent in salary cuts for the civil servants and VAT. All these bills and more to pay the ultimate owner of Interhealth Canada. All in all, this is the PNP’s deal

which is hurting the poor people of the TCI. This is so wrong. So VAT is the source by which the payments to Interhealth Canada can be guaranteed. The imposition of VAT can be directly traced to the closure of TCI Bank, the hospital scam, the lands sold off at Joe Grant’s Cay, Dellis Cay, the 2,500 acres at Middle Caicos, the loss of $30m from National Insurance. In other words, these taxes can all be traced and placed to the blame of the PNP government and what they did. So with Rufus Ewing the only thing they can come to the people with is lies and of course empty political rhetoric. This deal is directly hurting all TC Islanders. It prevents us from having scholarships, new roads, new schools and primary healthcare. Now they are talking about independence which means they want to be free to do more and more deals like this. The only thing a PNP government is good for is to lie, make up lies, do dangerous deals, blame the British while at the same time they are 100 per cent guilty for these crimes against the people of the TCI. Yours,


Samsune Taylor, Providenciales

and we are living with their legacy. Their leader has escaped to another country and his relatives and associates, those not yet in court, are running again for election. Right now the focus is on the election and its campaign promises. Let us refocus on the longer term, the legacy of debt now piled on the backs of the children of this country! TC Islanders, their children and residents will long be paying down the massive mortgage on the hospitals. By the year 2034 when we pay off the fat mortgage on these two buildings, the cost to our people and children will be 450 million dollars in principle and interest. Hundreds of millions more will be spent on this thing we call the National Health Insurance Plan (NHIP).

NHIP is costing 60 millions per year. In the next 20 years this will amount to a cool $1.2 billion! We have already spent at least 140 million. How then can we afford new schools, teachers, education and scholarships? If we had not gone down the NHIP road, the extra $75m we invested in the last two years could have built schools and educated our people to serve as teachers. Right now it appears the tax rates must rise higher to meet budget demands and the ordinary cost of running the government. Enter the Value Added Tax (VAT). Is the problem solvable? Yes it is, but it will take courage! Courage first and foremost to cancel NHIP; with NHIP gone and the hospital construction audited, we can get our finances under control.

There is $3.9 trillion in private capital waiting in the USA to invest somewhere. Until we show responsibility in controlling our expenses and replacing recklessness with responsible government, you will not see development return. The Interim folks can dream about their 30 plus projects, but we have not seen new ground broken or anything new finished and operating in years. Must we prostitute our Beautiful by Nature ethic to 28 stories? Once this happens we will have to compete with mainland high-rise opportunities. That cannot and will not work in the long term. I submit we have already slipped over the fiscal cliff edge and are hanging by the rope called draconian taxes. Who will have the nerve to straighten out health costs and pull the country and its children back to the top of the cliff where we and they can look out and see TCI's promising future?

Who are Turks and Caicos Islanders? Part two

Dear Editor, Exploitation backfired Expats have been exploited to build this country. The employers sought to enrich themselves on the backs of their employees by grossly underpaying them and at the same time not hiring the natives. By so doing they gave the expats economic power over the unemployed natives. It’s now too late to cry wolf. Melting pot Like the USA, Canada and many progressive countries which have been built upon migrant labour, the TCI has become, like Toronto, a melting-pot. Providenciales Provo in particular which possesses 75 per cent of the population of this country has birthed a political party the PPP (People Progressive Party) which all Belongers can relate to. Unity I see the PPP as a unifying party/ force/organisation in which all the stakeholders will seek to find acceptance regardless of their origin of birth, but for their collective contribution to the development of this country. This party represents the party of

the immediate future. No matter where you come from as long as you’re a Belonger, a stakeholder in the future of the TCI.

The children are the future The children are the undeniable future of this and any country once its navel strength is buried in that country, you’re a citizen of the TCI. The PPP is not a Haitian political party Direct and to the point; Haitians cannot vote in the TCI, no foreign nationality can form a political party in this country. The PPP represents the voice of the common Belonger who has historically been voiceless – the disenfranchised, the rejects, those who have realistic vision, who have the interests of the TCI at heart. Fact More than 50 per cent of native TCIs have multicultural families. We have wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, partners of foreign origins we have children who have evolved from these unions be they are Haitians,

Americans, Dominicans, Jamaicans, Africans or many other nations of the earth. So, it’s totally hypocritical and illogical to deny the end products that we have procreated or to deny our children. It’s unrealistic.Why would we have these foreign unions produce children and at the end of the day deny them the privilege to become a part of us in a progressive day? Everybody came from somewhere. In general, we are one human race. The Governor of Canada Was the first and only black person to hold that post. To top that off the Governor of Canada is a woman, not born in Canada, but in Haiti. Francois Duvalier (Papa Doc) was not born Haiti but in Inagua, Bahamas was the President of Haiti. Sir Oscar Lynden Pindling is presumed to have been born in Jamaica. He led the Bahamians to independence. Us TIs came here as slaves from Africa via Bermuda and our slave masters. The point I’m trying to make is that everybody in the TCI came from somewhere. Yours truly, Joshua Gardinder, Providenciales

Please keep your letters to a maximum of 450 words or we may not be able publish it.



September 22 - 28, 2012

Turks and Caicos Reservations launches villa guide AS part of its mission to help people travel to Turks and Caicos easier and smarter, locally based Turks and Caicos Reservations, on Tuesday, launched its first in-depth destination guide to help simplify planning and booking the ideal vacation in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Available immediately, free of charge, the 16-page Ultimate Turks and Caicos Villa Guide is a onestop resource for villa selection in the Turks and Caicos that includes money saving tips, questions to ask before you book, what to pack and descriptions of the various villa neighborhoods. General Manager of Turks and Caicos Reservations, Val Kalliecharan, said, “As reported recently by Forbes and consistent with what we are seeing in terms of travel trends, people are traveling more frequently, for longer periods of time and in bigger groups - often with family, friends, and children. This is fueling an interest in villa vacations. “Villas are becoming a popular choice for travelers because they can represent great value and provide a more authentic island experience. With our new Ultimate Turks and Caicos Villa Guide visitors have easy access to all the information they need to find, select and book a villa vacation in the Turks and Caicos Islands.” According to her, with a wide range of villas available in Turks and Caicos, travelers face a challenge in finding and choosing the one that suits their interests, preferences and budget.

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The open-air living room in Villa Balinese, one of the many villas featured in new free, 16 page the Ultimate Turks and Caicos Villa Guide from Turks and Caicos Reservations

Governor heads to South Caicos GOVERNOR Ric Todd begins another tour of the Family Islands on Friday with a meeting in South Caicos. The meeting, his fourth open public meeting in the island, is slated for the Community Centre South Caicos at 13:00hours. According to a statement from the Governor’s office, the meeting was called to allow the Governor to hear directly from the people about issues of concern to them and provide those attending with an opportunity to speak directly to him about the completion of the Interim Administrations’ milestones. Todd is expected to defend the Administration’s far-reaching

reforms that have left the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) with what he describes as “a more modern and sustainable public service, stronger control of its public finances and management of the economy” as it returns to local elected government come November 9. Todd is expected to also visit a number of government departments to meet the staff and visit the School for Field Studies. District Commissioner Emily Malcolm will accompany the Governor on his visit. The next two legs of The Governor’s tour of the Turks and Caicos Family Islands will take him to Middle Caicos on Mon, September 24, and to North Caicos on Tuesday, September 25. In Middle Caicos, the public meeting will take place in Conch Bar

Community Centre from 3.00pm until 4.30pm. According to the Governor’s office, during his visit there, he will check on the progress of the Middle Caicos Clinic and visit staff in the District Commissioners’ office. The public meeting in North Caicos is scheduled for 2.30pm until 3.30pm in the Kew Community Centre. During his stay on North Caicos, Todd is expected to visit the Adelaide Oemler Primary School, the Bottle Creek Clinic, the Government Farm at Kew and the Reverend Courtney Missick’s farms also. The statement from Todd’s office said, “These meetings form part of the Governor’s personal commitment to meet with the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands in order to hear from and speak directly to the people of the Territory.”

Middle Caicos loses popular expat Word has reached Middle Caicos that 62-year-old Cathy Ramsey, beloved wife of Michael Ramsey has passed away September 4 in the USA. Mrs. Ramsey succumbed to complications from a two-year battle with cancer. After their first visit to Middle Caicos in 1998, the Ramsey’s purchased a piece of private land and are building a home on Middle Caicos where they have been frequent visitors. Cathy was a animal lover and went to great lengths to help the ‘potcake’ dog population. Cathy “exported” many potcakes finding homes for them in the USA She was an animal advocate in the United States and traveled to New Orleans after the hurricane inundated the city helping to rescue stranded animals. Mrs. Ramsey had an outgoing personality and was loved by all she met. She brought seeds and gifts to the community and carried

Cathy Ramsey was a animal lover and went to great lengths to help the ‘potcake’ dog population

local craftwork home whenever she visited. Her death is being felt by the community. Pastor Williams remembered her during Sunday services as he spoke of Cathy's personality. Her husband Mike and two grown sons survive Cathy.

September 22 - 28, 2012



Volunteers complete eight projects in two-day outreach BEACHES Resort’s philanthropic arm, the Sandals Foundation teamed up with Flight Center Canada, one of the world’s leading travel consulting companies, for the fourth time to continue their legacy of providing the largest community outreach program in the Caribbean. Last week, over 600 Flight Centre employees descended on Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort Villages and Spa to hold their National Leadership Conference. The group collaborated with the Foundation in order to undertake a wide range of community projects that would have a direct positive impact on the communities and schools across the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI). Eight major projects were undertaken, each covering different areas from repairing and renovating to creating and collecting. Flight Centre President, Mr. Greg Dixon, said, “Working on these projects gave us a chance to give back to the destinations that help us make a living - it was our chance to prove that we are responsible and caring travel professionals by getting engaged in some charitable work with our great partner, Sandals, and our friends - the Caribbean locals. “Flight Centre is a company made up of incredibly passionate and dedicated people. This was our chance to show ourselves and the travel industry how working together can produce amazing results. We are leaving a legacy and starting a trend that we hope lasts for years to come.” Mr. Dixon and a team of 247 volunteers also ventured to Blue

Hills to visit the foundation sponsored school Clement Howell High. There, they constructed 20 picnic tables for their lunch shed, completely renewed the surface of their basketball court, painted their administrative and canteen buildings along with 15 doors of their Industrial Arts building, constructed 40 garbage receptacles, taught crucial environmental lessons to over 150 students and helped to install 15 brand new computers donated by the Sandals Foundation as well as repair other computers in their computer labs. Heidi Clarke, Director of Programs for the Sandals Foundation, who was on hand to help with these projects, said, “The Sandals Foundation is extremely grateful to the Flight Centre team who have partnered with us for the last four years to invest in making a difference in the Caribbean.” “This year in Turks and Caicos the volunteers engaged in environmental projects, helped to restore a local heritage sight, beautified and enhanced two local schools, interacted with community members and donated much needed school supplies and books. “When the Flight Centre travel consultants learn about the communities we work with and interact with the local people, they leave our shores and promote giving back to the communities through the Sandals Foundation. We have seen the amazing benefits of their visits and our partnership and we continue to be touched by both their generosity and their dedication in

Enid Capron’s kindergarteners get new infant play area

taking time out to give back in this region.” In Five Cays, a team of 260 volunteers gave a facelift to the Enid Capron’s playing area while constructing eight picnic tables to compliment the area. The volunteers also completely transformed the infant play area by building a sand box, a basketball court and completely, installing swings and slides then enclosing the area with brightly colored picket fences. Enid Capron Principal, Mrs. Rachel Taylor, said, “We are so happy that the Flight Centre group was able to come and not only improve our reading garden, paint our buildings, build garbage receptacles around the school compound but also build a new infant play area for our kindergarteners. Now the students have a beautiful, clean and comfortable area that they will enjoy using.” The foundation and Flight Centre also work closely with Turks and

Caicos National Trust to get some much needed work done at the Cheshire Hall Historical Ruins and Little Water Cay National Reserve. A team of 25 volunteers completely transformed the trail way at the historical site by adding 80 feet of gravel at the entrance which will help in making the nature walk more accessible for visitors. Volunteers also planted mangroves along the eroding coast line of Little Water Cay while others enhanced the aesthetic appearance of the nature reserve by painting the 200 yard trail-way in white paint. Director of the National Trust Ethlyn Gibbs- Williams, said, “The National Trust is so appreciative of the work done on Little Water Cay and at Cheshire Hall Plantation Historic Site. “The group helped with the much needed mangrove planting and reparation of the trail on the Cay and also realigned the trails Cheshire Hall Ruins and provided gravel

placed which uplifted the appearance and will indeed make walking more comfortable for some of our visitors, we thank them for helping us to safeguard the natural, historical and cultural heritage of the Turks & Caicos Islands.” Despite its impending closure a team of 42 volunteers provided some much-needed work at the Conch Farm. The volunteers embarked on a massive cleanup that included the removal of old shells, repairs of the conch pens and other groundwork around the facility. The volunteers also hosted two Reading Road Trips that saw the participation of over 200 children; this included a reading session at the Paradise Baptist Church in Five Cays and an Environmental Class at the Clement Howell High School and Enid Capron School. At the end of the extensive twoday outreach, the eight projects are estimated to have benefited over 4,000 local residents.

Youth Week to stress youths’ role in national development, Musgrove The PNP’s new office in the Bight

PNP opens constituency office in the Bight THE Progressive National Party (PNP), last Wednesday, opened their constituency office in the Bight. Party leader, Dr. Rufus Ewing, and the Bight Constituency Candidate, Mrs. Porsha Stubbs Smith, were in the company of supporters for the opening. Using the occasion to expand on her plans for the Bight, Stubbs noted that a PNP administration would encourage entrepreneurship, enhance educational programs and enhance parks and recreational centers to improve infrastructure in

the area. According to her, the PNP will also partner with stakeholders in the Grace Bay area to advance community development, improve the social and health care infrastructure and Stubbs noted too that a Community Clinic is also on the cards. The constituency office will be open from 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday to speak with someone at the office you can call Tel: 242-2764. And on a lighter side, the office is expected to have weekly ‘Souse Out’ on Saturdays starting at 7:30am.

THE Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) will mark Youth Week, commencing Sunday, with a range of activities across the Islands. And Director of Youth, Ms. Angela Musgrove, told the Weekly News that the primary focus of the week’s activities is to underscore the importance of youth development and its impact on national development. She said, “This is an opportunity to emphasise the importance of youth development and the role that youths play in national development.” According to her, at the end of the week of activities the Youth Department will continue working with youths across TCI. “We are hoping that during this week our young people recognise their importance and focus on self development so that with our help

Director of Youth Ms. Angela Musgrove

they can contribute to national development,” Musgrove said. She maintained that youths must be involved early in the process of

national development. Musgrove added that planning committees were set up in all the Islands to organise events for the week. One of the highlights of the week is the round table, scheduled for Tuesday at the Felix Morely Community Centre, hosted by the National Youth Parliament, which will see youths engaging local politicians. Other activities include debates, school quiz competitions, talent shows and a Parade and Banner competition on Saturday at the National Stadium in Provo. The theme for Youth Week 2012 was inspired by seven-year-old Kirnae Rigby from BEST Institute and is ‘Stand Up, Speak Up – Take responsible action’. (VANESSA NARINE)

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September 22 - 28, 2012

The Dentist and you  Mark Osmond BDS (Lond) LDS RCS (Eng). Mark Osmond Dental Clinic - (649) 432 3777, or Find us on Facebook

Prevention is better than cure As is true with all aspects of healthcare, prevention of dental problems is better than needing treatment: it is better for the longterm health and strength of your teeth and it is usually better for the health of your wallet! It is no catastrophe if an adult requires the odd filling over the course of his/her lifetime. This can occur to even the most diligent of people. However, I think it is fair to say that nobody wants a mouth full of (painful) cavities, rotten, broken or crumbling teeth, teeth requiring extraction or gaps in the mouth where teeth are missing. As well as the pain aspect here, it is likely your teeth/ mouth will look unsightly and your breath will be fairly unpleasant too.

Celery Chesapeake

Dr Mark Osmond

Daily Care The first and singularly the most important thing you can do to prevent teeth and gum problems is to brush your teeth. Brushing your teeth is like washing your knife and fork after you have eaten your dinner with them- you would not return them to cutlery drawer without being washed and clean, ready for use the next time, so do not do it with your teeth! You should brush at least twice a day, when you get up in the morning and the last thing before going to bed at night, using a fluoride toothpaste. This removes the plaque- the white build up that occurs on your teethand any food debris left on or around your teeth that, if not removed regularly, will start to cause dental caries (decay). Fluoride is important

because it strengthens tooth enamel, can reverse early decay and help reduce sensitivity. Use a toothbrush with a medium/small head as this makes it easier to get into hard-toreach places in the mouth. Gently brush the outside, inside and chewing surface of each tooth. 2 minutes is enough time to thoroughly brush an adult’s teeth. In the case of children up to the age of 7 years, it is often better that the adult does at least some of the brushing to ensure that all the teeth are getting cleaned properly. I recommend using a child’s fluoride toothpaste as the flavor is often less strong and more palatable for a child and the fluoride level is suitably adjusted. I recommend flossing after you have brushed your teeth in the evening. This removes food particles that are wedged in between the teeth that cannot necessarily be removed by brushing alone. Whilst not completely necessary, some people like to use a mouthwash, which gives a fresh, clean sensation in the mouth. Specifically the foaming action/ bubbles of a peroxide

health Tip 

The monterey Celery stuffed with a cream cheese and dried beef mixture. This is a very simple dip, and you get the pleasure of watching your guests go to town on it! Ingredients • 8 ounces dried beef, chopped • 1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, softened • 3 tablespoons prepared horseradish • 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper • 1 teaspoon lemon juice • 1 bunch celery Directions 1. In a small mixing bowl, combine beef and cream cheese; mix well. Add horseradish, black pepper and lemon juice, mix until well blended. Cover, and refrigerate for 1 hour. 2. Remove leaves and ends from celery, and cut remaining stalks in half. Spread cream cheese mixture into the celery stalks. (Nutritional Information: Amount Per Serving Calories: 155 | Total Fat: 10.5g | Cholesterol: 53mg)

This week’s feature is a familiar crop that stands tall and waits for its turn to be harvested – celery. The most often seen variety that is 'The Monterey'. Based on research celery is a biennial vegetable (meaning it has a normal life cycle of two years) that belongs to the umbelliferae family, whose other members include carrots, fennel, parsley and dill. Plant your celery in the summer to harvest a winter crop. Celery contains, boron, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium, folic acid, zinc, sulphur, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, amino acids, and fiber. Celery is helpful in fighting illnesses such as, arthritis, cardiovascular health, hypertension

By Phillip Simmons and urinary disorders, relief from cold, reduces severity of asthma, restful sleep, helpful in reducing weight, inflammation, relief from common cold, and migraine headaches. As always, it is with joy I give praise to the King of all creation for his kind concern towards me. And to end things off, a quote, from former First Lady of the United States of America 19331945, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, “A stumbling block to the pessimist, is a stepping stone to the optimist.”

mouthwash can be effective in lifting any remaining food particles from the teeth. I recommend a mouthwash that is alcohol-free. Regular visits to the dentist Dental check-ups or examinations are important in ensuring that any problems are detected early and corrective action can be taken by the dentist. You can have cavities or gum disease without necessarily having pain; bad breath, bleeding gums, a white or light brown mark on the teeth can all be signs of potential problems or you may have

no obvious symptoms at all. Early detection and correction of dental problems will mean less chance of dental pain, less chance of requiring emergency, complex or expensive treatment and less chance of losing teeth. I recommend a dental check-up once a year if your teeth are in good shape or every six months if you have had or are having problems. I also recommend that children attend every six months. Professional cleaning will also ensure that teeth are given a thorough, deep cleaning and any calculus- which regular brushing at home cannot remove- is scaled away.

September 22 - 28, 2012

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How does your garden grow




Tamika graduated from Florida International University in Miami with a Masters degree in Dietetics & Nutrition. She is a registered dietitian with the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and licensed to practice medical nutrition therapy in the state of Florida. Email Tamika via or with your healthy eating questions.

Growing ginger root Growing Ginger root is not that complicated. Ginger loves a sheltered spot, filtered sunlight, humidity, and rich, moist soil. You can get started using store bought ginger root. And you can easily grow ginger in pots or tubs. Make sure you select fresh, plump rhizomes. Look for pieces with well developed "eyes" or growth buds. (The buds look like little horns at the end of a piece or "finger") Some people recommend soaking the rhizomes in water over night. That is not a bad idea, since shop bought ginger might have been treated with a growth retardant. Whether you grow your ginger root in a pot or in the ground, you do need really good soil to start with. It needs to be rich enough to feed your ginger, it needs to hold enough moisture so it doesn't dry out, but it needs to be free draining so the ginger roots don't become water logged. Good compost is of course ideal. When you plant, make sure you select a spot where the plants get plenty of light but no direct sun, and where they are protected from wind. You can cut or break up the ginger rhizomes in little pieces with a couple of growing buds each. Alternatively, just plant the whole thing. Plant your ginger root three to six inches deep, with the growing buds facing up. Growing ginger does not take up much room at all. Every rhizome you plant will first only grow a few leaves, in the one spot. Over time it will become a dense clump and very slowly get bigger, but only if it is not harvested. The rhizomes underground also do not seem to mind if they become a bit crowded. Ginger only grows to about two to three feet in height. Ginger needs a lot of moisture while actively growing. The soil should never dry out. Do not overwater, though, because the water that drains away will take nutrients

BY DENIS Belanger - NATURE SPLENDOR For all your landscaping, installation or garden maintenance needs, please call or write for a free estimate: 332-3381 or

Risk factors that affect cholesterol levels Anybody can develop high cholesterol at any given time in his or her life. However, some risk factors make us more susceptible to developing higher than normal levels of cholesterol. Some of these factors we have no control over, but there are other risk factors, which are definitely under our control. I will attempt to briefly explain each risk factor so that you have a better understanding of each one.

with it. Ginger is a slow growing plant and easily overgrown by others. If you are growing ginger in good, rich soil, it should not need anything extra. If you do not have good soil, or if you are growing ginger in some standard bought potting mix, then you have to feed it regularly. Work in some organic slow release fertilizer at planting time. After that, you can use some liquid fertilizer like seaweed extract or fish fertilizer every few weeks. If you are growing ginger root in the garden you can start stealing little bits of it once it is about four months old. Just dig carefully at the side of a clump. (This "green ginger" does have a lot less flavour than the mature stuff, though.). However, usually it takes eight to ten months to get ready. When they are ready, break up the rhizomes, select a few nice ones with good growing buds for replanting (you can replant them straight away), and keep the rest for the kitchen.

You can also freeze them. When growing ginger as outlined above you will not see any flowers. A clump needs to be about two years old to flower. So if you want to see your ginger flower leave it in the ground, and just dig very carefully at the edges of it to harvest bits here and there. However, the flowers of culinary ginger are green and insignificant anyway. There are, however, some spectacular flowering gingers. If you are after great flowers get some of those. They are grown exactly like the culinary ginger, but just forget about the harvest. Gardening news: Care to share your gardening thoughts, insights, triumphs, disappointments or photos with your fellow gardening enthusiast? I invite you to now join the new active discussions gardening forum specially created for the Turks and Caicos gardeners. Please come share your comments and thoughts at

Uncontrollable Risk Factors 1. Heredity: everybody makes cholesterol but there are some persons who make much more than is needed. There is no cause for this except that this is something that is imbedded in your genetic makeup which means you have a family history of the disease. 2. Age: As we get older, our cholesterol levels naturally start to go up. It begins to rise around age 20 and continues to go up until about age 60 or 65. 3. Sex: Before age 50, men’s total cholesterol levels tend to be higher than those of women of the same age—after age 50, the opposite happens. That’s because with menopause, women’s LDL levels often rise. So ladies, that’s two very good reasons why we should try to stay as young as possible for as long as we can. Controllable Risk Factors 1. Diet: There are three main nutrients in our diet that is responsible for raising our LDL or ‘bad cholesterol’ levels—saturated fat, Trans fat and cholesterol. Of these, saturated fats have been shown to have the most impact on our levels and should be limited as much as possible. 2. Overweight: Being overweight raises our LDL levels and triglycerides (another kind of fat floating in our blood) but helps to lower our HDL or ‘good cholesterol’ levels. 3. Physical activity: There are many benefits to being physically active including helping us to lose weight which helps to raise HDL levels resulting in lower LDL cholesterol levels. Having high cholesterol levels is a major risk factor for developing heart disease, so it is important that we know and monitor our cholesterol levels. For ways on how you can help to lower your cholesterol, give me a call or stop by for an appointment. ‘Like’ my page, ACCU Medical Nutrition—Nutrition in Demand, on Facebook and receive up to date nutrition information.

ACCU Medical Nutrition is based in Graceway IGA Plaza, Providenciales. Call 946 8308, 242 3978 or 442 3978.



September 22 - 28, 2012

Smart Entrepreneurship this week

Friday, September 21 to Friday, September 28 Friday, September 21

 Danny Buoy’s is Provo’s premier live music and sports destination, serving lunch and dinner daily from 11:30am. It is the perfect place to escape from the heat and hang with friends, all in smoke free airconditioned comfort. Happy Hour specials from 4-7pm Monday-Saturday  Get into the weekend mood with the intense and electrifying Tae-Bo class at Graceway Sports Centre from 6pm to 7pm. Free for fitness members, $12 for non-members. Visit for more information or call 4426349.  Craig Archibold gets the party started at the Regent Palms from 7pm on Friday nights with the sound of classic Caribbean and Motown tunes. Call 946-8666 for details

Saturday, September 22  The Weekly Community and Farmers’ Market organized by TCI Red Cross is on at the organization’s headquarters, opposite Lime on the Leeward Highway in Providenciales, from 10am to 2pm.

Beginning 4:45 am, start & finish for all routes is at Green Bean Café, Turtle Cove, Providenciales

Half Marathon: Lower Bight Road past BEACHES. Turn left at Jericho Baptist Church & right at 4 way stop. Run past The Palms, & turn left to Somerset & left to the Sands. Continue to Leeward Gates & past Ashcroft School. Turn around spot is junction of Tamarind Lane and Governors Road. Return same route to Green Bean. 5K and 10K Route: Same as half marathon but turn around at Forbes Road past Coral Gardens for the 5K and at The Sands for the 10K.  If you’re looking for a serene and relaxed way of starting your weekend, bring your yoga mat at Graceway Sports Centre every Saturday at 9am and let David Bowen lead you into the wonderful world of yoga! Amazing fees for an amazing class! More info at 442-6348”  Mums and Tots Dance Party classes are held every Saturday at Graceway Sports Centre for mothers and their little ones. Mothers, bring your little ones to dance, jump, twist and shake! Children have fun learning movement basics to fun music and mums get a light exercise while spending quality time. Mums and Tots classes begin at 10am and cost just $10. Dads are welcome! Call Shara Bowen on 244-1103 for more details.

Tuesday, September 25 Persons will be able to purchase freshly grown produce and locally sourced items. For more information on the Weekly Community and Farmers’ Market call (649) 247-8911. With regard to the TCI Red Cross’ services or how you can volunteer or donate, contact our Provo office on (649) 941-8056 or email OR for Grand Turk call (649) 946-2761 or  Come out to cheer the Provo Roadrunners inaugural 5K, 10K, Half Marathon (members only), in support of a healthy lifestyle change

 The Secret is Out! - pass it on to your friends and family - in support of the Youth Enterprise - every Tuesday night are having ‘All U Can Eat Spaghetti Night’ at HorseEye Jacks.


Got an event you wish to advertise? Call us on 946 4664 or email for a free listing.

Is QuickBooks right for my business? I have decided to write the column a little different this week by answering a question I received via email recently. I encourage readers to continue to email me their concerns, and I will endeavour to provide answers. Question: Everyone from the banks to other business friends are telling me even more now, that I need to change my old way of manually recording my sales and expenses and to purchase a computer program that would do everything for me. I really don’t understand this computer stuff and everyone recommending QuickBooks and I really do not want to get rid of my faithful cash register. How can I be sure that QuickBooks it is not too complicated for me and will work for my little retail business? Signed, Need Help. Dear Need Help, Congratulations on your willingness to inquire and explore a system that would make your business financial management run more efficiently. QuickBooks is the ideal software for accounting. I would recommend going to a training class or finding an accountant who will take the time to work with you on setting up the software and helping you understand how to utilize it. You will master your usage even quicker, once you know the terminology and workflow

it uses. Besides training classes in QuickBooks, I also recommend taking the tutorials available right inside QuickBooks in the Help menu. They are an awesome resource when learning the program. I call them the “On call doctor”. In addition there is also an online user community were you could get help from people with lots of experience. It is very cost effective, user friendly and very thorough. Any software is going to have a learning curve and working with a professional is ideal to help educate you on the process and improve your confidence as a business owner. I have no doubt that QuickBooks is a good choice for businesses with annual revenues of less than $2m, and often an acceptable choice for much larger businesses. I strongly recommend QuickBooks Pro as it is designed for businesses that want the basic accounting tools, plus easy, efficient way to manage more complex business information,

By Sophia Thomas

Business Consultant and Trainer

such as accounts payable, job costs, employee time, payroll cash flow, assets and loans. One of the beauties of QuickBooks Pro is that it also offers customizable invoices, and a fast, easy way to exchange information with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook, and many other business applications. My favourite advantage of QuickBooks is that as an Entrepreneur, you can easily generate the reports with the information you need, so you always know where your business stands. You instantly know whether you are making money and whether your business is healthy. These quick reports help in making strategic decisions both short and long term. Just to share one of my customer’s comments who switched to QuickBooks two years ago, she says “I’m normally a skeptic about change in my business, but I believe that our switch to QB in these tough economic times, have contributed a great deal to helping us stay in business”. Best of luck in your efforts to keep track of your finances and with your new friend Mr QuickBooks! For further information or assistance, you may contact 231-2486 or email: fenelonempowerment@

autism awareness By Nicole Cox, a mother living with autism

Back to School Checklist There was this movie that I used to love called “Heist”. It starred Gene Hackman and Delroy Lindo, two of my long list of favorite actors. The plot had many twists and turns, something that I LOVE in a movie, but basically it was about a professional thief who decided to retire after having his face caught on film during a daylight robbery. His fencer, played by Danny DeVito, decides that Hackman and his crew owe him one more job before he calls it quits: Hijacking MILLIONS in Swiss Gold! In the end, Danny and members of the crew attempt to betray Hackman but end up losing everything as Hackman was always one-step ahead of him. He and Lindo walk away with the entire haul! I LOVE that movie! I especially like the “business lingo” used by the thieves amongst

themselves to describe what moves they had to make. ‘The Meet’ was one of the terms they liked to say: It described a regrouping of the gang at a specified place and time. If the plan went well, “I’ll see ya at The Meet.” If a plan went south, “Get to The Meet.” Either way, “The Meet” was where everyone ante’ed up and made plans for the next move. Secret Weapon #3: “The Meet”Parents and teachers should have checkpoints with each other. Especially if you know your child has challenges. Every 3 weeks or so, you should plan a rendezvous to examine your child’s performance with the teacher. It doesn’t have to be long, it just has to be specific. You should both have a list of questions and comments for each other to plan what academic moves should be next. You should evaluate the first portion of your

(Part 3)

previous plan to see if it is working and to tweak the areas that might not be working. If things are moving along nicely, then The Meet will go off without a hitch! If there was a problem and the plan isn’t working the way it should, knowing that The Meet is coming up soon will help belay panic. Exchange email addresses and phone numbers with your child’s teacher. This way you can make sure to share observations and ideas immediately, rather than risking forgetfulness before The Meet. If carefully executed, you can be one step ahead of any issues that may stand in the way of you and your child’s golden success! Visit http://iloveaba.blogspot. com , http://dawnprogram. and www. for more on mainstream and special needs learning.

September 22 - 28, 2012




Topless Kate photos hit stands in more countries

Paris Hilton reportedly made the statements during a taxi ride.

Paris Hilton says gay men are “disgusting and…most probably have AIDS” PARIS Hilton is under fire for comments she made about gay men ... claiming, “Gay guys are the horniest people in the world ... they’re disgusting. Dude, most of them probably have AIDS.” The comments were made during a Sept. 7 cab ride in NYC -- and Hilton’s team claims the cab driver secretly recorded the audio while Paris was having a conversation with a gay friend. During the conversation, a man can be heard bringing up Grindr -a popular social web site that gay men sometimes use to find sexual partners. Hilton responds, “Ewwww ... gay guys are the horniest people in the world. Most of them probably have AIDS ... I would be so scared if I was a gay guy ... you’ll like die of AIDS.”

Hilton’s rep has released a statement ... saying, “Paris Hilton’s comments were to express that it is dangerous for anyone to have unprotected sex that could lead to a life threatening disease.” “The conversation became heated, after a close gay friend told her in a cab ride, a story about a gay man who has AIDS and is knowingly having unprotected sex. He also discussed a website that encourages random sex by gay men with strangers.” “As she was being shown the website her comments were in reference to those people promoting themselves on the site. The cab driver who recorded this, only provided a portion of the conversation.” “It was not her intent to make any derogatory comments about all gays.”

TOPLESS photos of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, hit newsstands in yet another country Thursday, as a magazine in Denmark became at least the fifth outlet to run the pictures causing headaches for Britain’s likely future queen. The Danish gossip magazine Se och Hoer ran the photos a day after its sister publication in Sweden did. They’re the same photos first seen last week in the French magazine Closer, then in an Italian magazine and an Irish newspaper, Se Og Hor Danish editor Kim Henningsen said. “It’s a set of unique photos from an A-class celebrity. We are a leading gossip magazine in Denmark, and it is my job to publish them,” Henningsen said. “If the British royal family want to sue us, then it will happen then and we’ll deal with it.” Closer was fined Tuesday for publishing the topless photographs, and ordered not to distribute the magazine in print or online. A French court ordered the magazine to hand over the original photos to the royal family within 24 hours of the ruling and to pay them 2,000 euros (about $2,600). The magazine must pay a further 10,000 euros a day if it is late in handing over the photos.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge travel in a traditional canoe during a visit to Tuvanipupu Island in the Solomon Islands on Monday. Magazines are still printing her photos, but with a lot less clothes on.

The magazine declined to say whether it has complied with the order. A French prosecutor opened a preliminary criminal investigation into the incident Tuesday, separate from the royal family’s civil suit, the Nanterre prosecutor’s office said. The royal family filed a criminal complaint seeking invasion of privacy charges against Closer and possibly the photographer, a palace spokeswoman said. Se och Hoer’s editor in Sweden, Carina Loefkvist, would not discuss the identity of the photographer, but

she did say her magazine bought the images Friday.

Unpublished Claude McKay novel found

The 35-year-old Shakira and her 25-year-old boyfriend, football player Gerard Pique, are expecting their first child.

Shakira pregnant with first child SHAKIRA is pregnant! The 35-yearold singer posted the news, in both English and Spanish, on her website Wednesday. “As some of you may know, Gerard and I are very happy awaiting the arrival of our first baby! At the time we have decided to give priority to this unique moment in our lives and postpone all the promotional activities over the next few days,” Shakira wrote. The Colombian star also announced that she would be cancelling her appearance at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas on September 21 and September 22, where she

was set to perform along with fellow Latin entertainers Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull. Pregnancy rumors first hit the blogosphere in June, when Fox News speculated that the singer and her boyfriend, 25-year-old FC Barcelona soccer star Gerard Piqué, had purchased a swank mansion in Barcelona because she was already expecting. In late July, the rumors seemed all but confirmed when the couple was spotted shopping for maternity clothing in Miami. The baby is the first for both Shakira and Piqué, who first began dating in April 2011.

THE INTERNATIONAL literary world is still coming to terms with the recent discovery of a previously unknown manuscript by Jamaicanborn writer and political activist Claude McKay. The New York Times reported Saturday that a Columbia graduate student and his adviser have authenticated the student’s discovery of the unknown manuscript of a 1941 novel by McKay who died in 1948. A leading Harlem Renaissance writer and author of the first novel by a black American to become a best-seller, McKay’s work includes the 1919 protest poem ‘If We Must Die’, (quoted by Winston Churchill) and Harlem Shadows, a 1922 poetry collection that some critics say ushered in the Harlem Renaissance. He also wrote the 1928 bestselling novel Home to Harlem. But his last published fiction during his lifetime was the 1933 novel Banana Bottom. The just-discovered manuscript, Amiable With Big Teeth: A Novel of the Love Affair Between the Communists and the Poor Black Sheep of Harlem, was discovered in a previously untouched university archive and offers an unusual window on the ideas and events (like Mussolini’s invasion of Ethiopia) that animated Harlem on the cusp of

Damian Marley, and a number of other Caribbean singers, has been nominated for the award.

Marley, among Caribbean names nominated for MOBO awards Claude McKay was the first black American author to write a best-seller.

World War II. The two scholars have received permission from the McKay estate to publish the novel, a satire set in 1936, with an introduction about how it was found and its provenance verified. “This is a major discovery,” said Henry Louis Gates Jr, the Harvard University scholar, who was one of three experts called upon to examine the novel and supporting research. “It dramatically expands the canon of novels written by Harlem Renaissance writers and, obviously, novels by Claude McKay.

DAMIAN Marley, Konshens, Mr. Vegas, Popcaan and Sean Paul have been nominated for a Music of Black Origin (MOBO) award in the Best Reggae Act category. The MOBO committee announced the nominees for this year’s award ceremony on Monday. The award was established in 1996 to recognise artists of any ethnicity or nationality performing ‘urban’ music, MOBO is the only black award show in Europe. This award has been won by Alberoise, Gyptian and Sean Paul to name a few and has witnessed performances from Usher, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, John Legend, and Kanye West.


Regional News


September 22 - 28, 2012

Obama issues Bahamas drug warning PRESIDENT Barrack Obama has issued a list of nations contributing to drug production or transit - and named The Bahamas as one of those considered a major part in the drug trade. In a presidential memorandum, he said: “I hereby identify the following countries as major drug transit and/ or major illicit drug producing countries: Afghanistan, The Bahamas, Belize, Bolivia, Burma, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Jamaica, Laos, Mexico, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela. “A country’s presence on the majors list is not necessarily an adverse reflection of its government’s counternarcotics efforts or level of co-operation with the United States. Consistent with the statutory definition of a major drug transit or drug producing country set forth in section 481(e)(2) and (5) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended (FAA), one of the reasons major drug transit or illicit drug producing countries are placed on the list is the combination of geographic, commercial, and economic factors that allow drugs to transit or be produced, even if a government has carried out stringent narcotics

President Obama has also named the DR, Haiti and Jamaica on the “major drug transit” list.

control law enforcement measures.” He added: “This year, the Caribbean was examined for its relative importance as a transit zone for illegal substances destined for US markets. Without factoring in illegal maritime and air drug smuggling believed to be destined for Europe and beyond, approximately five percent of all drugs destined for the United States are estimated to pass through the majors list countries of The Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Jamaica. As traffickers constantly reorder their routes and

methods, the United States and other donors continue to believe that countering the drug trade in the Caribbean is in our national interest, as well as that of the countries themselves. Without the rule of law, well-run institutions, and effective drug interdiction, the viability of the broad range of national and regional goals adopted by Caribbean countries is threatened. “European, Canadian, and US bilateral drug control support, as well as the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative, contribute to the region’s ability to prevent and address drug trafficking and related violence and crime in the Caribbean. Similarly, key undertakings by the Organisation of American States and UNODC in the region -- especially those aimed at bringing long-term stability to Haiti -- are an important part of the policy and assistance mosaic for smaller countries seeking to build on the successes of broad regional policies and programmes. “United States analysts estimate that approximately 95 percent of illegal drugs cultivated and produced in South America destined for the United States are smuggled through Central America, Mexico, and the Eastern Pacific, primarily using maritime conveyances and illegal air flights.” (Excerpts from Tribune242)

Industry leader says Caribbean must prepare for spill WITH several Caribbean countries embracing offshore oil drilling, nations in the region should step up their abilities to combat emergencies stemming from deep-water wells, an industry leader and former U.S. regulator said Friday. The remarks, delivered by onetime offshore energy chief Michael Bromwich and Lee Hunt, the former president of the International Association of Drilling Contractors, came one day after a summit on oil spill response in Trinidad. The conference brought together 100 representatives from industry, the U.S., and nations around the Caribbean Sea to discuss the challenge of tackling an oil spill in the region. “This is a shared sea and a shared set of problems,” Bromwich said in a conference call with reporters Friday. “Were there to be a spill event, it would not possibly be contained to one country but would quickly spread to others.” Bromwich noted the enthusiasm for offshore drilling in greater and greater depths around some Caribbean countries, such as Trinidad and Tobago. “Things are moving forward quite quickly,” he said. “The reaction has to be that if that is going to happen down the road, the country and the entire region need to be more prepared than they are now.” Existing International Maritime Organization meetings offer a forum

Michael Bromwich says of the Caribbean: “This is a shared sea and a shared set of problems.”

for government-to-government talks about offshore activity, but this conference brought in industry. Bromwich said the conversation among Caribbean oil regulators must continue. “They need to speak with each other more frequently,” he said, “and begin to figure out ways to work with each other to build up a more ... robust capacity.” The region could borrow ideas from the U.S. response to the Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010, including the industry’s development of capping and containment systems for reining in runaway subsea wells. “The lesson overall from the U.S. experience was you cannot afford to

be unprepared,” said Hunt, the founder of Open Forum, which organized the conference. “Although these countries are moving forward very aggressively and eagerly with their deep-water leasing and plans, they know that they must have industry response capacity and capability well established before they actually begin to drill.” Two companies now provide containment equipment and services for deep-water wells in the Gulf of Mexico: the Marine Well Containment Co. and Helix Well Containment Group. Access to a containment system now is required before oil companies can get government approval to drill deepwater wells. BP also has stashed its own capping stack and other equipment along the Houston Ship Channel. It was engineered so it can be flown in Russian cargo planes to subsea wells around the globe. But none of that equipment is available in the Caribbean Sea. MWCC and Helix systems are targeted solely to the Gulf. The infrastructure is different too; not every country has deep-water ports or even airports capable of serving large cargo planes. Hunt emphasised that the region needs more than just big equipment to choke off a deep-water well. A suite of tools are needed too, he stressed, along with expertise to deploy them.

The Bahamas’ PM Perry Christie feels that boosting the private sector will lead to more jobs.

Christie: Boosting private sector in the Bahamas will bring jobs PRIME Minister of the Bahamas Perry Christie declared the PLP government will deliver jobs through stimulating the private sector – as they did during their last term in office. The government is also looking at introducing a programme that will benefit Bahamians who did not secure permanent employment at the end of the FNM’s 52-week job programme, Mr Christie said. “When the PLP was last in power we created 22,000 jobs. We’ve come to power again to do the same thing. It’s not a question of me playing politics or a point here and there – there are too many people unemployed in the Bahamas,” Mr Christie said, speaking outside Cabinet this week. “It’s scandalous that the FNM decided to use the kind of stimulus package that they did in giving people jobs that they could not account for, where people are turning up saying they’ve come for their money but they’re not working. We need to have a real effort at being able to have a meaningful employment programme implemented.”

During their last tenure in office, the FNM had implemented the 52week job retraining programme which paid and placed Bahamians, who were unsuccessful in finding jobs, in various positions at both private and government businesses. The employers in question then had the option to permanently hire the workers if they so desired. The Prime Minister said: “But whilst we’re doing that, we’re trying to drive the private sector (with) direct forms of Bahamian investment to create more jobs.” Like at the Albany Resort, he said, jobs will be created in a “meaningful way” through developments in the private sector. He used the expansion of the Cove Hotel in Georgory Town, Eleuthera as another example, adding that the development is “expanding significantly.” The Prime Minister also hit out at a statement by FNM deputy leader Lorettta Butler-Turner, who attributed the recent decline in the nation’s unemployment rate in part to the 52-week programme and other FNM initiatives.

Cayman hikes work permit fees FOLLOWING a revision to the Cayman Island budget, higher work permit fees entered into force on September 13, 2012, the government has confirmed. The changes, introduced as part of the islands’ revised budget, are contained in the Immigration (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations, 2012. Increases to work permit fees were agreed as a more favourable alternative, during talks between the local financial services industry and the government, to a controversial tax on the remuneration of nonresident workers. Under the changes, work permit fees for executive persons engaged in financial services businesses in

Grand Cayman (such as a managing directors, chief executive officers, general managers, vice presidents) rise from KYD20,500 (USD25,000) to KYD30,375. Work permit fees for key non-executive roles, such as directors of marketing/trading, financial controllers etc. have increased to KYD20,925 from KYD15,500. Work permits for highlyskilled financial services roles will generally now range from KYD13,650-KYD20,925, from KYD10,500 previously, affecting roles such as trust officers, senior business analysts/senior financial analysts, trust/fund administrators, and auditor/audit officers, among numerous others. (

September 22 - 28, 2012

Regional News

Grenada PM in move to save Gov’t GRENADA’S Prime Minister Tillman Thomas has made a calculated move to save his government from toppling. Thomas who is facing a noconfidence motion has written to Governor General Sir Carlyle Glean asking that the Parliament be prorogued sixth months early. The seventh Grenadian Parliament opened on March 29 this year and was scheduled to come to an end on March 31 next year. Thomas’ decision to cut the life of the Parliamentary year means that when the next session begins, the no-confidence motion against him would have fallen off Parliament’s Order Paper and would need to retabled if it is ever to be debated. A brief statement from Office of the Prime Minister on Monday said a date for the commencement of the new session of the eighth Parliament will be announced. The Parliament has not sat since August, shortly after the no-confidence motion was tabled by government backbencher, Karl Hood. In May, Hood resigned as Minister of Foreign Affairs in Thomas’ troubled



government which has an 11-4 majority. Hood is one of four MPs of the National Democratic Congress sitting as backbenchers in the House of Representatives. There was widespread speculation that those four backbenchers as well as the four opposition members would have teamed up to provide the eight-vote majority needed to push through the no-confidence motion. It’s why there had been increasing calls for the government to convene the parliamentary sittings. “The people have long gone back to work after the carnival. As MPs we must also go back to work,” government backbencher Peter David is quoted as saying in the Grenadian media. “The motion presently before the parliament should be given the opportunity to be debated in the House of Representatives.” Opposition Leader Dr Keith Mitchell had also called for the debate on the motion saying the failure to have it was entirely contrary to the principles and practices of democracy which risks damaging Grenada’s image in the international and regional community. (Jamaica Gleaner)

Communities and crops swallowed as Hispaniola lakes mysteriously swell LIKE something out of the X-Files, Lake Enriquillo in the Dominican Republic has doubled in size over the past eight years, submerging thousands of acres of farms and more than a dozen villages. Neighbouring Haiti is not much better off, with the smaller Lake Azuei having also steadily expanded, destroying homes and farms as well as occasionally blocking a key crossborder highway and disrupting trade and travel. The two lakes are only three miles (five kilometres) apart, are fed by some of the same streams, and share as yet undetermined factors that are swallowing surrounding areas at a relentless pace. Regarded as “a slow-motion disaster”, the phenomenon is potentially catastrophic for two countries already burdened by environmental challenges. The waters’ rise has increased exponentially in recent years, especially after the heavy rains of 2007 and 2008, and Tropical Storm Isaac didn’t help. The cause remains a mystery, but theories as to why the lakes are swelling range from sediment and

Haitian and Dominican officials are trying to understand the cause of the slow-motion disaster that is overtaking thousands of acres of land. (Caribbean 360 photo)

trash clogging the water system to increased rainfall from climate change and heavy storms. Some even speculate that Haiti’s 2010 earthquake may have shifted faults beneath both lakes. The rise of Enriquillo, the Caribbean’s largest lake, has flooded 16 communities in two provinces, more than 46,500 acres of agriculture land and 1,000 properties, according to a July study conducted by the Technological Institute of Santo Domingo and the NOAA CREST Centre of the City College of New York. Some 10,000 families have

lost cattle, farmland or their homes as a result. Heavy rains worsened the situation in Haiti last year and dozens of families were forced to evacuate. Many migrant labourers who cross into the Dominican Republic couldn’t make the journey. “It’s a clear environmental disaster,” said Antonio Perera, the Haiti country manager for the United Nations Environment Programme. “It’s happening slowly, slowly, slowly, and you won’t see the immediate effects like an earthquake or hurricane.”

A Message from the Turks & Caicos Islands National Insurance Board

TCI BANK Limited Recovery of Funds The Turks & Caicos Islands National Insurance Board is pleased to inform the General Public that the Board has recovered a total of $9M from TCI Bank Limited. This amount comprises the $5.5M debenture which has been paid in full; and $3.5M recovered in the first dividend payment of twenty cents (US$0.20) on the dollar ($1.00) on the $17.3M in deposits held with the bank. The Board is awaiting the payment of interest and the reimbursement of legal costs incurred in relation to the recovery of the debenture. We are awaiting further tranches as the liquidators continue to finalize the closure of the Bank. The Board encourages all depositors and other creditors of TCI Bank Limited who have not yet received a payment, to lodge and actively pursue their claims. You may obtain further information at NATIONAL INSURANCE TURKS & CAICOS PROVIDING SOCIAL SECURITY PROTECTION YOU CAN DEPEND ON.



September 22 - 28, 2012

Guidebook launched to create good citizens TODAY’S children are tomorrow’s future - this is the sentiment shared by the creators of the ‘Me, Myself and TCEye’ teachers’ and students’ handbook aimed at nurturing and developing good citizenship. The guidebook, constructed through a collaborative effort between Crimestoppers, the Ministry of Health and Education, and Scotiabank, was introduced in a press conference last Wednesday and will be delivered through supplementary lessons to be taught in schools. Crimestoppers president Ian McLeod, said that the idea originated several years ago from a similar ‘Me, Myself and I’Crimestoppers Trust UK programme and was carefully tailored by education professionals to make its content relevant to the TCI. The project will begin as a trial in three primary schools with participating students from grade one through six. The schools that will be involved in the pilot programme are Enid Capron Primary and Ashcroft School

on Providenciales and Charles Hubert James Primary on North Caicos. McLeod said that the objective of the programme is to create good citizens “and hopefully have no crime or very little crime”. “We believe that good citizens will not commit crime,” he said. The curriculum development members whose tasks comprised of creating the lesson plans included former primary educator and TCI Community College chair, Candice Malcolm; social worker, Social Development and Gender Affairs, Tanza Bain; Community Police Officer Nigel Couch; National Youth Director, Angela Musgrove and Ashcroft School principal, David O’Connell. Malcolm explained that the handbook was designed to integrate easily in the already existing social studies syllabus. “The new programme will go hand in hand with the curriculum that the teachers are already using in the schools but we decided to focus more on citizenship and civics…

Some of the partners instrumental in developing ‘Me, Myself and TCEye’, a teachers’ and students’ handbook intended to create good citizens. From left, National Youth Director Angela Musgrove, TCI Community College chair Candice Malcolm, Crimestoppers president Ian McLeod, Education Director Edgar Howell, Scotiabank’s director Cecil Arnold, Claire Parrish and Ashcroft School’s principal David O’Connell.

to compliment the curriculum...not to give the teachers an additional subject or much additional material,” she said. “Because it’s a pilot programme we will have to go back into the schools and evaluate the programme and make improvements.” To make the assessment and enhancement of the programme easy, the students will be required to keep a portfolio containing a compilation of all the assignments. After the trial programme is completed and adjustments have been made to the handbook, it will be available to primary schools throughout the islands. The team hopes to make this

possible by the beginning of the next school year. Ashcroft School principal, David O’Connell praises the handbook’s wide perspective from which it was constructed. He said, “What the programme brings to the community is perspective of government, public and private schools, it brings the perspective of international style schools and different teaching styles and put all of those strengths together.” The attractive programme includes stimulating practical lessons on what makes good citizens, values, living in a diverse world, respect, dangerous drugs and the cost of

crime. Scotibank’s managing director, Cecil Arnold expressed his delight in the being a partner in the project saying he is proud of “the great partnership between the public and private sector in making something very useful for the citizenship of this island, particularly the young people in the schools”. Director of Education Edgar Howell emphasised that “the idea is to have in a few years and successive generations of Turks and Caicos Islands, young people and residents who care for their country and will help the adults to build a solid and firm county through their actions and attitudes.” (KH)

CAPAA survey finds shortcomings in Grand Turk prison THE fact that the juveniles are being held in a prison in Grand Turk that is designed for adults has been a point of criticism over the past years in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Last Saturday, the Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Association (CAPAA), visited the Grand Turk prison to ascertain the living condition and wellness, in line with the rights of the child under the United Nations (UN) Convention on Children’s Rights. CAPAA maintained that prison is not the place that these youths should be housed. Their statement said, “It is not appropriate for reform. “We must be cognisant that while they are young it is possible to shape their minds and we feel that given the correct environment they could become productive members of society once reintroduced.” According to the association, it is committed to educating and advocating for the rights of the children. SHORTCOMINGS The statement said, “In CAPAA’s

Officials in attendance for family day at prison

study we noted a number of areas that needed immediate attention, such as the need for light fixtures in the rooms occupied by the children, who currently have no access to lighting at nights, and sheets and pillows for their twin beds. “There are also no fans to ensure ventilation in the rooms or screens for the windows and door to reduce the effects of mosquitoes and sand flies. “The children (7) who currently share three small rooms that were originally apart of the female

quarters outnumber the amount of beds available, as is one child has to sleep on the floor due to inadequate spacing.” CAPAA’s survey, noted that in terms of education, the juveniles are being taught either English, maths or social studies for one hour a day. “We at CAPAA were concerned about the few subjects and the limited time given that these children have to be reintroduced to a formal school environment and some are now eligible to sit CXC exams.

“In our opinion, more is needed in this area to effectively equip them if they are to succeed once reintroduced to society,” the statement said. According to the association, the children noted that they are allowed to play basketball on occasion or use the gym facilities at the prison, but are eager to engage in other activities, such as gardening on the farm at the facility to have some contact with their natural environment. CAPAA’s statement said, “We also encourage this for mental wellness and the therapeutic attributes that gardening offers. “We are committed to being in contact with the superintendent, wardens and the children going forward to improve their situation there and to ensure that their rights are not being violated.” FUN DAY On the note of commitment, CAPAA, last Saturday, used the visit to double as a fun day for the children. The association collaborated with the Human Rights Commission to

host the event for the children, as well as visiting family members. The fun day included burgers and hot dogs and goodie bags packed with foodstuff and personal items donated by CAPAA. The association’s statement said, “We were happy to talk with all the children, wardens and the superintendent to discuss living conditions, programmes and overall wellness of the youths.” A number of officials including Head of Welfare, the Human Rights Commissioner and members of the prison board, including the Superintendent Ian Sargent attended the function at the prison. In the 2012-2013 budget, monies were approved for the construction of a Home for Juveniles, as well as other provisions to address alternative sentencing. CAPPA maintains that it intends to advocate for the country’s youths to ensure that TCI’s manner of dealing with children, not only juveniles, meets internationally acceptable standards in the protection of their rights.

September 22 - 28, 2012



PROGRESSIVE NATIONAL PARTY September 21 to October 1 – Calendar 2012

 Sept. 21st - MASS RALLY - KEW CONSTITUENCY R. Donhue Gardiner Candidate & Leadership Team at 7:00pm at the Basketball Court. All residents of North Caicos are welcomed to attend. Come out and listen to our team as they speak to the issues and their plans for North Caicos and for the country. - PNP Leader Dr. Ewing and Grand Turk Candidates meet with Youth at the Community College in Grand Turk at 10:00am to Share their vision for the Youth. - Leadership team meets with the Ministry of Health at 2:00pm  Sept. 22nd -WHEELAND TOWN HALL MEETING AND LEEWARD MASS RALLY Gregory Lightbourne Town Hall Meeting at the Wheeland Basketball Court starting at 6:30pm  Sept. 22nd - MASS RALLY - LEEWARD CONSTITUENCY Leeward Constituency Mass Rally at 8:00pm at Heavin Down Rock with Leeward Candidate Akierra Missick and the Leadership Team.  Sept. 23rd - START OF NATIONAL YOUTH WEEK - PNP Leadership Team at New Testament Church in Blue Hills for Youth Week Service. - PNP Members will attending Bethany Baptist Church Appreciation Service for Rev. Derek Hamilton at 11:00am  Sept. 24th - WHEELAND CANDIDATE WILL BE ON PTV - Gregory Lightbourne will be on PTV Talk show with 7:00pm with Host Conrad Howell - Sept 24th - book me for Conrad Howell radio show perspectives - I will be discussing Youth issues.  Sept. 25th - NATIONAL YOUTH WEEK National Youth Parliament panel discussion with Leader and Deputy at

10:00am Felix Morley Community Center. PNP Candidate Clay Ewing will be in attendance.  Sept. 27th - LEEWARD MEET AND GREET Akierra Missick meets with residents of Long Bay Hill at Fun World Parking Lot starting at 7:00pm

PNP National Policy Forum September 29, 2012 - 9am to 6pm - Brayton Hall Come listen to The Progressive National Party Candidates as they present their plans for the Turks and Caicos Islands. Join in the discussion during the plenary sessions as we plan to shape the future of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Platform speeches to be given on 1. Our Jobs and Economic Plans 2. Education and Youth Empowerment Plans 3. Health Care and Social Plans 4. Immigration and Labour Plans  Sept. 29th - GIRLS ROCK RALLY The Women of the Party host a rally dedicated to the women of the country. Come and hear our super women candidates who will tackle the issues head on as your elected members at 7:00pm PNP Headquarters, Airport Road Providenciales.  Sept. 30th - CANDIDATES MEET AND GREET/TOWN HALL MEETING Akierra Missick for Leeward Palms at the Leeward Palms Park at 7:00pm  Oct. 1st - PNP LEADERSHIP TEAM MEETS WITH PROVIDENCIALES CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AT WIND SONG RESORT



Regent Palms' General Manager Karen Whitt and Stan Hartling of Hartling Group accept the Regent Palms' award for TCI's Leading Spa Resort and Caribbean's Leading Spa Resort. Also on stage at far right is reigning Miss Earth Carlisa Williams

September 22 - 28, 2012

Sandals Resort International CEO Adam Stewart receives World Travel Award's Rising Star Award from WTA president Graham Cooke

TCI wins top honours at WTA THE Turks and Caicos Islands remains a top regional tourism destination, distinctly noted when the island and several local resorts copped top honours at the prestigious World Travel Awards (WTA) Caribbean and Americas Ceremony. The 19th annual event held on September 14 at the Beaches Resort and Spa saw leading travel brands from across the Caribbean and Americas awarded much desired trophies in recognition of their excellence in the travel and tourism industry. TCI’s Grace Bay Beach won the illustrious title of Leading Beach Destination in the Caribbean, a title that it has captured several times in the past. Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort Villages and Spa was named TCI’s Leading Resort as well as the Caribbean’s Leading Family AllInclusive Resort. Other victors from Turks and Caicos included Parrot Cay, winner of Caribbean's Leading Boutique Hotel; Amanyara – the Caribbean’s Leading Luxury Villa; Grace Bay Club - Turks and Caicos’ Leading Hotel; Seven Stars Resort – TCI’s Leading All-Suite Hotel. The recently renovated spa at the Regent Palms was voted TCI’s Leading Spa Resort and also won in the category of the Caribbean’s Leading Spa Resort. Jamaica and its tourism partners kept a frequent presence on stage, dominating the industry as the destination that collectively acquired more awards than any other. The Sandals brand emerged as the biggest trademark winner, capturing about 15 awards in various categories. Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart, chairman of Sandals Resorts International, said: “We are honoured to receive the highest number of awards in Sandals Resorts’ history. “We always strive for excellence, and continue to invest in our product so that each year we can be proud to say we are the Caribbean’s Leading

TCI's Director of Tourism Ralph Higgs receives award for the Caribbean's Leading Beach Destination (Gracebay Beach) from WTA President Graham Cooke as hosts Miss Bahamas, Anastagia Pierre and American actor Walt Willey share the moment. Also gracing the stage is Miss Earth 2007 Tameka Deveaux Francis at far right

Hotel Brand.” Dubbed the ‘Oscars of the travel industry’, the glitzy black tie gala was hosted by reigning Miss Bahamas, Anastagia Pierre along with American actor and comedian Walt Willey. The event was graced by representatives from the finest travel brands, a delegation of VIPs, senior

tourism figures and international media from over 30 countries. Keeping the crowd entertained during the gourmet dinner and punctuating the presentation ceremony were top entertainment by local and regional performers including Julian Garland, Shawn Campbell and Elroy Simmons. Chairman of the Turks and Caicos

Bahamian singer Alia Coley performs for the crowd

Jamiaican singing sensation Shawn Campbell

tourism board Dr. Hubert Fulford expressed how proud he was that the TCI hosted the awards for the second time saying: “We are very proud of our tourism product here in the Turks and Caicos but more especially of those who have invested in our tourism industry and those who continue to invest.” Ralph Higgs, director of tourism,

Turks and Caicos Tourist Board congratulated the winners and nominees and expressed his pleasure in having over 30 countries see and experience the splendour of the TCI. Winners of the ceremony will compete against other WTA regional winners in the Grand Final which will take place in New Delhi, India, in December. (KH)

Accepting the trophy for Caribbean's Leading Hotel Brand is Sandals Resort International CEO Adam Stewart along with other Sandals Executives

September 22 - 28, 2012





September 22 - 28, 2012

LAND FOR SALE In beautiful Bottle Creek, North Caicos

.46 acres overlooking the creek, spanning King Road and Windsor Road


CALL 232-3508, AFTER HOURS 332-6398

September 22 - 28, 2012




Salman Rushdie: “My view was and is that nothing is off limits”.

Salman Rushdie: Satanic Verses ‘would not be published today’

SIR SALMAN Rushdie has said he does not think his 1988 novel The Satanic Verses would be published today because of a climate of “fear and nervousness”. The writer said the banning of his book in many countries and the subsequent threats on his life had created a “longterm chilling effect”. “A book which was critical of Islam would be difficult to be published now,” he told the BBC’s Will Gompertz. He said the only way to solve the issue was for publishers to “be braver”. “The only way of living in a free society is to feel that you have the right to say and do stuff,” he said. Many Muslims regard The Satanic Verses as blasphemous, and the book is still banned in India. The 65-year-old writer lived in hiding for many years after Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa calling for his execution. Sir Salman said writers were still being attacked for their works in the same way, in Muslim countries including Turkey, Egypt, Algeria and Iran. “If you look at the way in which free expression is being attacked by religious extremism, the things of which these people are accused is always the same it’s blasphemy, heresy, insult, offence - it’s this medieval vocabulary. “We’re in a difficult place because there’s a lot of fear and nervousness around.” He pointed out that, as recently as last week, Channel 4 had cancelled a screening of its documentary, Islam: The Untold Story, following security threats. “The fact a documentary about Islam can be pulled because someone is worried about the consequences is an indication of that,” he said. However, the author said he noted that, on the 20th anniversary of the fatwa, many who had arranged protests against him told newspapers they thought their actions had been a mistake.

Is now recruiting for the following positions; suitably qualified Belongers who possess the requirements listed below are encouraged to apply. Ideal candidates should possess luxury resort experience, be out-going and friendly, with a professional demeanor and must be fluent in English, be a team player with a strong work ethic, available for work on public holidays, weekends and evenings. Salaries are based on experience and qualifications.

ROOM ATTENDANT • Suitable candidates must have a minimum of 2 years experience working at a 5 Star Resort in a similar role • Must have a strong attention to details and exceptional ability to maintain the highest standards of quality required • Assist in all Housekeeping responsibilities, cleaning of guest rooms, stocking amenities and linens • Must have the ability to lift at least 50lbs • Perform any other tasks or projects as directed by Housekeeping Manager

TAILOR • Suitable candidates must have a minimum of 2 years experience working at a 5 Star Resort • Must have strong attention to details and exceptional ability to maintain the highest standards of quality required • Perform any other tasks or project as directed by Housekeeping Management


SOUS CHEF • A Minimum of 5 years International experience in 5 Star properties with exposure to fine dining and volume operations, and a minimum of 2 years international experience as an Sous chef • Education: College Degree, preferably specializing in Hospitality Management or Culinary Arts • Sales/Profitability/Cost Control • Product Quality & Service Delivery • Sanitation and Housekeeping • Training and Development • Administration • Innovative and creative concept development • Strong leadership capabilities

RESERVATION MANAGER • Minimum 3 years experience as Reservation Manager, and a total of 10 years experience working in a resort reservation department • Must be fluent in at least 3 languages • Experience in rate and yield management and e-marketing • Exceptional telephone sales skills • Full Acknowledge of Visual 1 PMS and Microsoft Office • Must have the ability to work on own initiative • Able to lead a dynamic team and or work well with other key managers and other staff • A strong communicator, motivator and coach

INVENTORY CONTROLLER • Minimum of 3 years experience as Inventory Controller • Ensure that materials shipped and received are verified against pertinent documentation • Establish and maintain procedures for determining and meeting the organization’s receipt and delivery commitments by handling materials and using time effectively • Recommend and assist in implementing operating procedures • Promote continual improvement within the inventory control operation • Follow receiving/shipping methods for materials using the established operations procedures • Resolve emergent issues for expedited deliveries to supporters and others • Confer and correspond with establishment representatives to rectify problems with receipts and with shipments as needed

MIXOLOGIST • A minimum of 4 years as a mixologist in a busy 5 Star operation • Possess a professional upbeat attitude while keeping a crowded bar happy, lively and enthusiastic • Extensive knowledge of different types of beverages and • Ability to create a high level of quality and “value for money” products • Energetic with excellent control and cashier skills • Hospitality or Culinary Arts qualification is desirable • Ability to work under pressure

• Suitable candidates must have a recognized qualification as a finishing carpenter and a minimum of 2 years working experience at a 5 Star Resort • Must have strong attention to details and exceptional ability to maintain the highest standards of quality required • Perform any other tasks or project as directed by Management

COOK - CHEF DE PARTIE – CHEF DE TOURNANT Candidates must possess a minimum of 2 years’ experience, and be hardworking, dependable individuals with a passion for hospitality. A strong work ethic and excellent culinary knowledge are required. A culinary degree or relevant training is vital. Fine dining experience within a five-star resort environment is essential. The ideal candidates will be team players who work exceptionally well in a fast-paced environment. Responsibilities may include, but not be limited to: • Assisting in the creation and planning of menus and specials • Preparing, seasoning and cooking salads, soups, fish, meats, vegetables and other foods • Participating in the preparation, cooking and baking of menu items • Properly displaying and presenting food as designated by the Executive Chef • Properly receiving, storing and rotating food products in compliance with HACCP standards • Maintaining the cleanliness and organization of all kitchen and food and beverage areas • Monitoring and controlling the maintenance and sanitation of kitchen equipment • Physical ability to lift, carry, move, push or pull heavy items up to 100 lbs. • Working in confined spaces with extreme temperatures (hot or cold)

SPA THERAPIST • Suitable candidates must have a minimum of 3-5 years experience working at a 5 Star Resort in a similar role • Minimum NVQ level 2 or Equivalent Qualification required • To carry out treatments according to the prescribed standards • Responsible for maintaining the day-to-day cleanliness and hygiene of all treatment rooms in accordance with the Health and Safety and hygiene legislation • The ability to handle and control stock within rooms, ensuring products is filled up ready for each day. To store and utilize all chemicals properly and safely • Assisting at Spa reception, taking Spa bookings and upselling treatments along with identifying opportunities to sell products • To be expected to work to the demands of the business, involving the working of unsociable hours


Closing Date: October 1st, 2012 Suitably qualified candidates should apply in writing or by phone to the following:

Bridgette Thomas - BNC Consulting Group, Ltd Website: Email: phone: 649-332-2565



World News


September 22 - 28, 2012

Nick Clegg apologises for ‘breaking pledge’ over tuition fees increase NICK Clegg has apologised for the Lib Dems breaking their pledge to oppose an increase in student tuition fees. In a party political broadcast to be aired next week, the Lib Dem leader says he is sorry the party “did not stick” to its pre-election promise. “When you have made a mistake you should apologise,” he adds. Labour said Mr Clegg had broken a key election pledge and it was not good enough to “just brush that promise aside”. The BBC’s political editor Nick Robinson said Mr Clegg had resisted making such a “clear and direct” apology for nearly two years. Mr Clegg believed the decision to break his word by first signing then breaking a pledge to vote against fee rises had become a weight around his and his party’s ankles, Nick Robinson added. However, Mr Clegg does not apologise for backing the decision to raise fees. He continues to argue it was the right move in the circumstances and the package offered by the coalition - in which no fees are paid upfront - was fairer for students than the previous system of university finance. MPs approved plans in 2010 to allow universities in England and Wales to charge annual tuition fees

Nigg Clegg said that his party was sorry it “did not stick” to its pre-election promise.

of up to £9,000, nearly three times the previous £3,200 limit. ‘NOT EASY’ Before the 2010 election, all Lib Dems had said they would oppose any rise in fees. More than 21 Lib Dem MPs voted against the proposals at the time, including former leaders Charles Kennedy and Sir Menzies Campbell, while a further eight abstained or did not vote. Mr Clegg was among 27 Lib Dems to support the proposals. In next week’s broadcast, filmed

in Mr Clegg’s home, the deputy prime minister returns to an issue which has been the source of the biggest division in the party since it came to power in May 2010. “There’s no easy way to say this: we made a pledge, we didn’t stick to it - and for that I am sorry,” he says. “When you’ve made a mistake you should apologise. But more importantly - most important of all - you’ve got to learn from your mistakes. And that’s what we will do. “I will never again make a pledge unless as a party we are absolutely clear about how we can keep it.” Speaking to the BBC in 2010, Mr Clegg said he was “not going to apologise for this for one minute”, adding that “to govern is to choose particularly when there is not very much money”. Harriet Harman, deputy leader of Labour, said: “This was not just the small print of his manifesto, this was Nick Clegg’s key election promise when he asked people to vote for his party. It is not good enough for him to just brush that promise aside. “Instead of crying crocodile tears he should vote with Labour to bring these tuition fees down. If Nick Clegg does not back his words with action he is just weak and spineless.” The development comes ahead of the start of the Lib Dems autumn conference on Saturday. (BBC)

Xi Jinping warns Japan over East China Sea dispute CHINA’S leader-in-waiting, Xi Jinping, has said that Japan should “rein in its behaviour” and stop undermining Chinese sovereignty, state media have reported. His comments follow days of sometimes violent anti-Japanese protests in China over a chain of disputed islands in the East China Sea. Mr Xi said that Tokyo’s purchase of the islands from private owners last week was a “farce”, Xinhua reported. The move triggered a wave of protests across China. In some cities on Tuesday, Japanese shops and businesses were attacked amid heightened tension on the anniversary of an incident in 1931 which led to Japan’s invasion of north-east China. Thousands of protesters chanted slogans outside the Japanese embassy in Beijing as riot police lined the streets. The islands - known as the Senkaku islands in Japan and the Diaoyu islands in China - are claimed by both countries and have long been

a point of contention. More recently there have been fears of naval conflict between the two countries. TERRITORIAL DISPUTE Mr Xi, expected to become China’s next leader, made the remarks during a meeting with US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta who is currently in Beijing as part of a regional tour. The talks marked Mr Xi’s first official meeting since he went missing two weeks ago without further explanation. His disappearance fuelled widespread rumours over his health and a political struggle. But Mr Panetta told the BBC that Mr Xi appeared “in good shape”. “I found him not only to be healthy, but very much engaged in the issues that were before us,” Mr Panetta said, adding that the meeting lasted half an hour longer than planned. Chinese officials have called on the US to remain neutral in their ongoing territorial dispute with Tokyo.

Mr Panetta sought to reassure Beijing on Wednesday that his country’s strategic shift towards the Pacific was not an attempt to curb Chinese power. “Our rebalance to the Asia-Pacific region... is an attempt to engage China and expand its role in the Pacific,” he said. “It’s about creating a new model in the relationship of our two Pacific powers,” he told cadets at an armoured force engineering academy. The defence secretary said that as the world’s two biggest economies, the two countries must forge stronger ties between their armies to avoid potential crises. “Our goal is to make sure that no dispute or misunderstanding escalates into unwanted tensions or a conflict,” Mr Panetta said. Correspondents say that his remarks are the latest effort by Washington to bolster military relations with the People’s Liberation Army, which has in the past been reluctant to promote contacts with the US top brass. (BBC)

David Viens is on trial for the murder of wife Dawn, who has been missing since 2009.

California chef on trial for slowcooking his wife for four days A CALIFORNIA chef told police he slow-cooked his wife’s body for four days after accidentally killing her, the Los Angeles Times reported. The grisly detail emerged Tuesday during the second week of the murder trial of David Viens, accused in the death of 39-year-old Dawn Viens in October 2009. In two March 2011 interviews with authorities that were played for the jury on Tuesday, David Viens recounted how he caused the death of his wife and disposed of her remains. The interviews were conducted in a hospital because Viens had jumped off an 80-foot cliff when suspected by police in his wife’s disappearance. David Viens, 49, said on the night of Oct. 18, 2009, he taped his wife’s mouth and bound her hands and feet to prevent her from “driving around wasted, whacked out on coke and drinking,” according to the Los Angeles Times. “For some reason I just got violent,” Viens said, according to the paper.

He said he panicked when he woke up the next morning and found his wife dead. Viens told investigators he placed her body into a large drum of boiling water and used weights to keep it submerged, the newspaper reported. “I just slowly cooked it and I ended up cooking her for four days,” he said, according to the paper. “You cooked on Dawn’s body for four days?” responded Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Sgt. Richard Garcia. “Before it was done,” Viens said. He didn’t say where he cooked the body, but Viens owned the Thyme Contemporary Cafe in Lomita, Calif., at the time. The defendant did say he kept his wife’s skull. “That’s the only thing I didn’t want to get rid of in case I wanted to leave it somewhere,” he admitted, according to the Los Angeles Times. He told police that the skull was in his mother’s attic in Torrance, but they did not find it there.

Gay marriage bill is rejected by Australian parliament

AUSTRALIAN members of parliament have overwhelmingly rejected a bill that would have legalised gay marriages after days of heated debate. The House of Representatives voted 98 to 42 against the bill, with one MP resigning a key post after making controversial comments against it. Australia does not permit gay marriage, though some states allow civil unions. Gay rights activists called the decision a “slap on the face,” ABC News reported. The majority Labor MPs were allowed to vote on the bill based on their beliefs rather than on party lines, while the opposition voted against it. Both Prime Minister Julia

Gillard and opposition leader Tony Abbot voted against the bill. Labor MP Anthony Albanese, who voted for the bill, remained optimistic despite its defeat. “I think at some future time our parliament will catch up with community opinion, just as it has on other issues,” he said. “When marriage equality occurs, people will wonder what the fuss was about.” The debate on the bill saw the resignation of Liberal MP Cory Bernardi from his parliamentary secretary post after linking gay marriage to bestiality. He had also questioned whether the passage of the bill would lead to broader definitions of who could legally get married. (BBC)

September 22 - 28, 2012

World News



France in embassy alert over Prophet Muhammad cartoons

Clockwise from top left: Manfo Asiedu, Muktar Ibrahim, Yassin Omar and Ramzi Mohammed.

London bombers seek fresh appeal FOUR men jailed over a failed plot to bomb London in 2005 have launched a legal bid to overturn their convictions. Lawyers for the men convicted of the 21 July attacks say a senior scientist raised concerns about key evidence. The men say doubts about whether their bombs were viable were not disclosed to the defence during their 2007 trial. Papers have been lodged with the Criminal Cases Review Commission

and Court of Appeal. Muktar Ibrahim, Yassin Omar and Ramzi Mohammed took rucksacks packed with explosives onto tube trains and a bus in July 2005, just a fortnight after four earlier bombers had killed 52 commuters. They were all jailed for life. Manfo Asiedu backed out at the last minute and removed the battery from his bomb before ditching it in a bin in a West London park. He was jailed for 33 years.

SECURITY has been increased at France’s interests abroad after a French satirical magazine published obscene cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. French embassies, consulates, cultural centres and schools in some 20 countries will be closed for the next few days as a precaution. Government ministers voiced concern at the Charlie Hebdo cartoons but defended the freedom of the press. Riot police have been deployed around the magazine’s offices in Paris. The magazine has confirmed that its website has been attacked. It was not accessible as of Wednesday morning. Its paper edition features caricatures which play on both the uproar in the Islamic world over an amateur video which mocks Islam and the row over the publication in France of topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge. A tenet of Islam bans the portrayal of its founder, the Prophet Muhammad. Some 30 people have died in violent protests which erupted early last week over the Innocence of Muslims video, which was made in the United States. The dead include the US ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, and three other Americans, who died in Benghazi. US and other Western embassies have come under attack in mainly Muslim countries.

Charlie Hebdo’s editor defended his magazine’s decision to publish the cartoons.

‘DISGRACEFUL AND HATEFUL’ Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said he was “concerned” at the cartoons and had ordered “special security measures... in all the countries where this [publication] could pose a problem”. The closures relate to possible protests following weekly Muslim prayers. A statement about the cartoons on the French foreign ministry’s website quotes Prime Minister JeanMarc Ayrault as saying “freedom of expression is one of [France’s] fundamental principles”, as are secularism and respect for religious convictions. “And this is why, in the current context, the prime minister would like to express his disapproval of any excesses,” the statement adds. But US White House spokesman Jay Carney expressed concern at the decision to publish the cartoons, comparing them to the Innocence of

Muslims video which caused uproar in last week. “We know that these images will be deeply offensive to many and have the potential to be inflammatory,” he said. “... We don’t question the right of something like this to be published, we just question the judgement behind the decision to publish it and I think that’s our view about the video that was produced in this country and has caused so much offence in the Muslim world.” Muslim leaders urged calm in France, which has the EU’s largest Muslim community - about 10% of the population. “This is a disgraceful and hateful, useless and stupid provocation,” Dalil Boubakeur, rector of the Paris Grand Mosque, told the Associated Press news agency before meeting Mr Valls. “We are not like animals of Pavlov to react at each insult,” he added, referring to the Russian physiologist who pioneered research into conditioning. Charlie Hebdo, known in France for its scatological cartoons, has caricatured other religious figures in the past, including a “Pope special” in 2008 which resulted in an unsuccessful court action accusing the magazine of inciting hate. One of the milder cartoons in Wednesday’s edition, the cover image, shows an Orthodox Jew pushing a turbaned figure in a wheelchair, with the caption “You mustn’t mock”. (BBC)

Florida farm hand, accused of sexual abuse with donkey, vows to get animal back The Perkins sextuplets from left to right: Benjamin, Allison, Levi, Leah, Andrew and Caroline. Leah was the last to leave the hospital this week.

Sextuplets can finally go home A TEXAS couple can finally welcome home the last of their adorable six-pack. Leah, one of the sextuplets born to David and Lauren Perkins, has been released from Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women after a 4-1/2-month stay in neonatal intensive care, hospital officials said Tuesday. The tiniest of the Perkins’ six babies was born with digestive problems that required two surgeries to help repair part of her bowel. Now, her parents are eager to see her permanently reunited with her three brothers and two sisters at their home in the Houston suburb of Pearland. “We are so excited to finally have all of our children under the

same roof,” Lauren Perkins said in a statement. “It has definitely been a challenge having to manage our family in two places but we look forward to Leah’s homecoming.” The hospital hosted a “send-off celebration” Monday. Coincidentally, Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women was home to another notable birth this month when Louisiana couple Bruce and Sarah Plauché welcomed quintuplets. For the Perkinses, both 29, it took fertility treatments involving “2 weeks of shots and a couple turkey bastings” to finally conceive. There was just a 25% chance the procedure would work at all — and a 1% chance they would have sextuplets, doctors told them. But an ultrasound proved surprising.

A FRISKY farmer hand cuffed after allegedly telling police he masturbated with a donkey told a Florida court Tuesday that he wants his burro back. “There’s got to be due process here. I paid $500 for her,” said 31-year-old Carlos Romero, according to the Ocala Star-Banner. But Marion County officials want custody of the miniature donkey named Doodle, and plan to put her up for adoption, the newspaper said. The animal appeared in good condition after the alleged abuse. Romero pleaded not guilty to charges of sexual activity involving an animal and animal cruelty. His bail was set at $2,000 and was placed into Marion County Jail. He was arrested Monday at an Ocala farm after farm proprietor Gerald James told police about the Aug. 15 incident. According to a police report obtained by, James said he was delivering a horse when he allegedly saw Romero

Carlos R. Romero of Ocala, Fla., is accused of having sex with his miniature donkey, Doodle.

shirtless and with his pants pulled down, appearing to have sex with a donkey in an equipment room. When police interviewed Romero, he allegedly told them he had used his fingers to clean the animal’s genitals and generally becomes aroused seeing animals in heat. The sexual contact, he allegedly told

police, was an accident. But police said he also admitted to masturbating with the animal five or six times and called Florida “backwards” because people frown on zoophilia. In an interview with the StarBanner from jail, Romero said he has “never been a people person” and has always had an attraction for horses. “I’ve had a sexual excitement with animals more than humans. … I would’ve eventually had sex with [Doodle],” but told the newspaper that he didn’t because “she’s blooming into maturity.” In a twist, Romero said it was James who should have been arrested for invasion of privacy and being a “Peeping Tom.” James, however, told the StarBanner that he doesn’t want the randy Romero, who’s vowing to get out of jail and go back for Doodle, anywhere near the farm. “No one feels comfortable around him,” he said. (

Job Listings Services Auto sales real estate


Brama Kumaris

Raja Yoga FOR RENT

3-bedroom apartment $1100.00 per month it will be available May 1st.

contact: 946-4664

Meditation Centre Turks and Caicos Islands

Telephone 946-4760 & 332-4101 Email:


September 22 - 28, 2012

946-4664 Fax: 946-4661



EBONY BEAUTY SALON & SPA Is seeking the following:

Hair Stylist

Barber Successful applicants must have at least 3-5 years experience in particular field expected to work six days per week salary arrangements based on qualifications.

Contact: 649-243-1775



Construction scaffold and roof tiles for sale CONTACT: 431-1591 OR 231-3788

September 22 - 28, 2012 GENESIS AUTO MOBILE REPAIRS


2 Labourers


Labourer To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 246-1721



Is looking for

Is looking for a


Contact: 649-241-4156



Is looking for a

Is seeking a

With the ability to do vehicle electrical, fault and hydraulic systems diagnostics. Must be available for 24 hours roadside assistance and onsite repairs. Must have 10 years experience and computer with programs for diagnostic analysis. Salary $12.00 per hour



Needed Bonded Warehouse facility requires a labourer for general cleaning, maintenance and operation of equipment. Salary: Starting $5:50 per hour for 40 hour work-week.

Contact: Cargo Express at 70 South Dock Road. Fax: 941-5525 or leave application at front desk. Application deadline: October 5, 2012


Computer Technician

Must be able to work 5 days per week salary $6.00.

contact: 244-7130


Must be willing to work 6 days per week. Must be trustworthy and reliable. Salary $5.00 per hour. Hours are from 8:00am4:00pm

Contact: Serge Tuyssuzia at fax: 941-3637


NOTICE Amazing Value! Lot for Sale

This is to inform the public that Caroline Mary Samuel of india no longer works with the Flower Girl and has no authority to do any business transaction on behalf of the Flower Girl Ltd. Management

G & J CONSTRUCTION Is looking for a

PLUMBER HELPER To work 6 days per week salary $7.00 per hour.

Contact: 941-3937

Kiwi Connections Ltd.

Unskilled Labourer $5.00/hr – Must be able to lift heavy material of 100lbs+ Must be able to work early morning and late evenings both on weekdays and weekends - with varying schedules Applications accepted from Belongers / Turks & Caicos Islanders Only

Call (649) 941-5613 7205


CRÈME X RECORDS Is seeking the services of a


• Must be able to do the following: • Self conduct studio sessions • Maintain, upgrade and repair studio hardware • Use Protools, Sonar, Nvendo and other DAW’s Arrange, create, mix and master music *in addition to above persons who are proficient in computer programming would be an asset


who specialize in Reggae, Dancehall music and who are able to write and arrange their own songs • Male or female • Between the ages of 18 – 30

Interested persons can contact Livingstone Lightbourne at 649-345-1247 or email


In Gated/Planned Community in Long Bay. Flamingo Crossing lot comes with full set of House Plans, all underground utilities, etc.

$49,999 o.b.o. Call 231-3788




Sales Clerk Salary $5.00 per hour.

Is looking to fill the following positions:

Sales Clerk 3 Labourers Must be willing to work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Send resumes to fax: 649-946-7311 7230

Richmond Hill Preparatory School

TEACHERS NEEDED Primary School College- trained teachers with a minimum

of 8 years experience. Applicants must possess a first degree or higher and be creative and hardworking SALARY NEGOTIABLE

1 Janitor/Cleaner

to clean bathrooms and classrooms 5 days per week Salary $5 per hour Contact :

Richmond Hill Prep. School 6 Richmond Hill Road Providenciales. 946-4957


Contact: 649-946-4844 MY DEE’S NORTH CAICOS

September 22 - 28, 2012


Grace Bay Suites Is looking to fill the following positions:

Applications must be in no later than October 1, 2012

LUCY MOTT Is looking for an

•Cleaner •Maids •Life guard •Masseuse •Beach/pool Attendants •Front desk •manager

Part-time & live in position available immediately Please deliver resume with salary expectations to front desk. References will be given to qualified Belongers 6954


ISLAND VILLA MANAGEMENT Is seeking qualified applicants to fill the following opening for our clients:

To work 6 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour. Contact: 431-6163



the largest readership in the turks & caicos


Is looking for a

Housekeeper Duties: Laundry, making beds, cleaning of all the rooms etc. Must have at least 3 years experience in this area. Persons must be able to read and write English. Must be willing to work weekends and public holidays. Salary $5.50 per hour

Contact: 946-4445 7223

CARIB GAMING LTD. is seeking two (2)



Seasoned Slot Machine Technicians Must have experience of at least 2 years salary negotiable. For further inquiries please Contact: Mr. Williams 332-6364


Labourer To work 6 days per week salary $6.00 per hour.

contact: 231-7317 BRIC’S ACADEMY is looking for


Worker To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour

contact: 941-2450


QUICK SALE House and ½ Acre land Richmond Hill


Caicos Pride Products seafood processing plant located in South Caicos is seeking employes,both male and female, to fill the following positions:

Conch Peeler Fish Cleaner Lobster Cleaner Prospective employees are required to reside in South Caicos and must be willing to work for extended hours, weekends and selected public holidays. Wage rates are commensurate with performance.

Applications may be submitted to the Labour Department or directly to the company via email: info@ or fax: (649) 945-3571. The deadline for all applications is September 17th, 2012.


1 Bedroom 1 Bath Fully furnished

Call: 231-3788

September 22 - 28, 2012



NOTICE 2003/CLE/gen/01232


Cosmetologist With over 5 years experience in all types of nails, hands and feet care services. Applicants experience must include working in the Tourist Sector. Wages $300 per week plus commission scheme. The successful applicant must be a team player and highly motivated to excel.

COMMONWEALTH OF THE BAHAMAS IN THE SUPREME COURT Common Law & Equity Division BETWEEN SCOTIABANK (BAHAMAS) LIMITED – Plaintiff AND JULIAN O. MOSS – Defendant TO: JULIAN O. MOSS TAKE NOTICE that: 1. A Notice of Intention to Proceed filed on the 6th day of June, 2011 have been issued against you in the Supreme Court of The Bahamas being Action No. 2003/CLE/gen/01232 by Scotiabank (Bahamas) Limited, the Plaintiff herein. 2. That the Plaintiff herein, intends to proceed with this matter at the expiration of one calendar month’s notice from today’s date. 3. It has been ordered that service of the Notice of Intention to Proceed in the said action be effected on you by virtue of this advertisement.

For an interview or appointment phone Sandy Lightbourne at 231-1092 Mon to Fri between hrs of 10am and 5pm. Resumes and references required. Applications would be considered from Belongers only and must be received by 28th September, 2012.


Job Opportunity CARQUEST AUTO PARTS in Providenciales and Grand Turks is seeking an experienced "Auto Parts Counter" employee.

Dated the 18th day of September, A.D., 2012

GRAHAM, THOMPSON & CO., Chambers, Sassoon House, Shirley Street & Victoria Avenue, Nassau, Bahamas. Attorneys for the Plaintiff


Carib Glass & Supplies Ltd. Is looking for:

Glass Technician / Installer • You must have good sound all round knowledge of window and door installation, maintenance and repairs. • Able to read construction and installation drawings a must. • Possess current driver’s license a must. • Must be fluent in English to read, write and speak. On occasion you will be req. to converse with clients- architects, contractors, and customers • Able to cut/ polish glass is an important requirement as is the need to work as a

team player. • Applicants must be prepared to work on other islands for possibly a few days to a week at a time occasionally. This is not an application for a work permit, but a genuine job offer to the right person’s who has the skills and knowledge required to join our team. Trainee: We are also looking for a trainee to learn all aspects of the glass business.

If you think you may be the person we are looking for either of the positions, please stop by the Glass Shack with a copy of your résumé and have a chat with us.

Duties and Responsibilities: • Serving customers • Maintain high standards of excellent customer service • Handle and resolve customer complaints and returns • Promote a positive store image by exercising sound and ethical business practices • Familiarity with auto parts and or Fax: 649 946 7763




Is looking for a


to work 6 days per week salary $250.00 per week.

Contact: 245-1239


Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, 29 August 2012 – Stewart Howard has been appointed Managing Director of British Caribbean Bank (BCB) Limited, effective from 17th September 2012, with the approval of the Turks and Caicos Financial Services Commission.

As part of our team there are a wide variety of benefits: • Competitive Pay Package • Training • Employee discounts

Interested candidates are encouraged to email your resume along with salary requirements to:

Sales Clerk

New Head of British Caribbean Bank

Requrements: • Have "Auto Parts Counter" experience within the automotive industry for a minimum of at least (3) years. • Must be extremely customer service oriented, motivated and a

team player. • Bilingual is a plus.

Apply if you want to enjoy a long and rewarding career in the automotive aftermarket with one of the industry's leaders.


Stewart Howard

inventory status of parts • Willing to work extended hours if and when necessary.

Is seeking a

Must have the following skills: • Landscaping installation • Garden irrigation • Garden maintenance Salary commences at $6.00 per hour QUALIFIED PERSON PLEASE SUBMIT APPLICATION TO: The Director P.O. Box 417, Providenciales




Mr. Howard previously worked as the Bank’s Risk Manager. Mr. Howard has over 15 years of banking experience, primarily at Republic Bank Limited. He has worked in various fields, including Corporate Banking, Trade Finance, Risk Management, Forex, Operations, Commercial & Retail Lending and Card Services.

Applications are invited for the position of Financial Controller Requirements: • Minimum of 10 years working experience in the Financial Services Industry with a minimum of 7 years at a senior management level. • Strong corporate background in the development and implementation of strategic plans. • Bachelor’s degree in accounting or CPA/ACCA qualified

He has worked throughout the Caribbean region, including Trinidad, Barbados, Cuba, Belize, and the Turks and Caicos Islands. He is a graduate of the Institute of Banking and Finance, Trinidad, in addition to reading for Management and Finance at the University of West Indies, where he earned 1st Class Honours.

Experience in the following areas will be a significant advantage: Banking Operations, Regulatory Reporting, Strategic Financial Planning and Corporate Restructurings Belongers need only apply.

BCB is one of the largest financial institutions in TCI where it provides lending and deposit facilities together with a range of other banking services to domestic and international customers. Its assets comprise principally loans with a high concentration in asset backed lending to the tourism and property development sectors. BCB has one of the strongest balance sheets among the banks operating in TCI. BCB is a division of Waterloo Investment Holdings Limited (WIHL), a BVI business company. 7234

Please Submit Detailed Application to: P.O. Box 270 Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands



NOTICE The business establishment located west and adjacent to T.C. Gas, formerly known as Kerry’s Mechanic Shop, has on its property many abandoned vehicles, boat trailers and miscellaneous personal items, some of these items have been there as long as 7 years The general public is hereby notified that these items will be sold for unpaid rent

Please contact: 231-4949 or 232-6969 for further information

September 22 - 28, 2012


SAG CONSTRUCTION Is looking for a

BEAUTY AND BEYOND Is looking for a


Car Technician

Steel Fixer

Beauty Advisor


Contact: 231-6889

Contact: 941-8928

contact: 231-4371

To work 6 days per week salary $9.00 per hour.

NOTICE OF SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION Scotiabank (Turks & Caicos) Ltd. of Cherokee Road, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands hereby gives notice of its intention to sell by Public Auction the following properties pursuant to its power of sale as registered Chargee under the Registered Land Ordinance of the Turks and Caicos Islands:


To work on North Caicos to work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.


Must have at least 15 years experience Must speak English, Spanish and French Specialize in Computer analysis and Alignment Specialist Salary based on qualification Belonger only need apply Application deadline September 14th, 2012

Contact: 649-245-2897


VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY!! the largest readership in the turks & caicos



1. Parcel 10308/42

Central, Grand Turk, comprising of a two storey residence with a single one bedroom one bathroom guest unit located on the ground floor. The upper floor comprises of two bedrooms with two large walk in closets, one bathroom and a laundry closet. Registered Proprietor: Kendle Berdette Williams and Tanya Doreen Cox

PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police are seeking interested persons to fill the position of PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER

2. Parcel 10104/42

Lighthouse Road, North Suburbs, Grand Turk, comprising of a single storey residence containing four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, living and dining room, and utility closet. Registered Proprietor: Lorraine Marcella Elizabeth –Ann Kenlock -Bovell and Weston Edward Livingston Bovell


As PR Officer, the incumbent will be required to undertake the : • Preparing and distributing press releases to the media locally and internationally. • Arranging and assisting at press conferences on behalf of the Police Department. • Act as the liaison between the News Media and the Police Department. • Attend major scenes including serious accidents. • Preparing Annual Reports that are to be released to the public. • Releasing information under the direction of the Commissioner of Police or the Deputy Commissioner of Police.

3. Parcel 60604/17

Norway and Five Cays Providenciales, comprising of a single storey residence containing four bedrooms, two and a half baths, a kitchen, living and dining room. The house provides good elevation giving excellent views towards the ocean. Registered Proprietor: Timothy Moriah Nash and Delores Oleta RigbyNash


4. Parcel 10409/96

The position will require the incumbent to: • Demonstrate exceptional oral and written communication skills. • Display a high level of confidence, integrity and professionalism. • Demonstrate excellent planning and co-ordination skills. • Be available for duty 24 hours per day due to spontaneous activities. • Be able to work in stressful situations

East Suburbs Grand Turk, comprising of a single storey residence containing three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, living and dining room. Registered Proprietor: Vanessa Denise Forbes

5. Parcel 60503/123

Blue Hills & Stamers Run Providenciales, comprising of a single storey residence containing four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, living and dining room with exterior patio. Registered Proprietor: Vylma Patricia Scriven Williams

QUALIFICATIONS: The incumbent: • Should be versatile in audio visuals and Public Speaking. • Should have experience in Public Relations. • Should hold a degree in communications, journalism or mass media.

6. Parcel 60900/170

Leeward Going Through Providenciales, comprising of a single storey residential building with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, living and dining room. There is a two car garage, fencing and an entrance gate to the front of the property. Registered Proprietor: Floyd Lyndon Ingham and Cherrie Romayne Ingham

SALARY attached to this position is $25,000 per Annum plus Applicable Allowances. Salary MAY be negotiable depending on education and experience.

The auction will be held at the offices of Scotiabank (Turks and Caicos) Limited, Grace Bay Branch, Providenciales at 10 o’clock in the morning on Friday the 5th day of June 2012

Interested persons should submit their Application and attached Resume to:


A reserve price will be fixed on all parcels. A deposit of 10% is due immediately upon all accepted bids..

Terms and Conditions of Sale by Auction are available by request from Scotiabank Collections Department (649) 946-4750 Ext 275

To work 6 days per week. Salary based on commission.

EXPRESS EQUIPMENT is looking for a

Is looking for a

A/Insp. Dwight Gardiner – OIC Human Resources, or Sgt. Curvalene Skippings - Human Resource Officer Police Headquarters, Church Folly, Grand Turk TCI TEL: 946 2731 Ext 30312, Fax 9462099, Email: or Deadline for Submission: SEPTEMBER 26, 2012

IODA STUBBS Is looking for a





Painter To work 5 days per week salary $10.00 per hour.

contact: 343-0812


• Employee will assist the Manager in all areas related to the operation of the new sanitary landfill on Providenciales and Grand Turk. The areas of assistance will include but not be limited to: safety oversight, employee and equipment oversight, financial management, procurement and reporting for contract and environmental compliance. • Requirements: • Work experience: minimum of 10 years of experience in solid waste management field and sanitary landfills and transfer stations in particular, with US EPA Subtitle D (or equivalent) procedures • Education: minimum Bachelor of Arts or Sciences • Skills: • Accounting software –QuickBooks and Peachtree • Waste Tracking Software – Trashflow, Wasteworks or similar • MS Office Suite References Required or fax: 649-946-4734 Is looking for a

Requirements: • Work experience: minimum of 10 years of experience in sanitary landfills operations with US EPA Subtitle D (or equivalent) procedures • Required Certifications: SWANA Solid Waste, Machinery Operators, Landfill Operator Certification References required

Contact: (649) 941-3512



Butcher to work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 941-8010


• Proper care and cleaning skills • Any other duties as may be assigned in regard to general cleaning Requirements: • Self-motivators • Able to understand and speak English fluently • Able to work with little or no supervision • Physically fit, dependable and hardworking Salary starting $5.00 per hour Deadline for applications is October 22, 2011

Contact: George Walkin 231-6167


Kitchen Helper Skill Requirements: • Must be consistently punctual for work. • Maintain a clean work station throughout shift. • Must be able to multi task in a fast pace, high pressure environment. • Be able to stand on ones feet for 8 hours and be comfortable lifting 25 pounds or more without physical restrictions. • Be available to work holidays and weekends with a flexible schedule • Must be able to communicate in English • Must be polite and cordial to co-workers and guests at all times Duties and Responsibilities: • Work with staff members to assure that the restaurant is clean and well maintained throughout the duration of their shift.Washing dishes,Basic food preparation such as portioning items or peeling vegetables, Assist cooks when needed in the preparation of meals for guests. Must supply Resume, Cover Letter, References and Police Record to be considered.

Please apply by email: or call: 941-8260 7201


VACANCY DIRECTOR The applicant must possess the following:

• Strong international corporate finance background, preferably in a major investment bank. • Minimum of 20 years senior management experience in the Finance and Banking Industry • Strong Leveraged finance contacts in the US, UK and Europe • Post graduate degree in Finance or equivalent required Belongers only need apply.

Please Submit Detailed Application to: P.O. Box 270 Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands

per week salary $5.50 per hour


Landfill Supervisor

Belongers Given Preference

Gardner To work 6 days

Is looking for a

Description: Employee will supervise daily operations at the two new sanitary landfills on Providenciales and Grand Turk. The areas of oversight will include but not limited to: laying out daily active face specifications, ensuring proper compaction, slope ratios and stability, overseeing environmental controls such as erosion, vectors, odor and noise, safety oversight, employee and equipment oversight, adherence to design to fill plans or fax: 649-946-4734

is looking for a




The Venetian Resort


September 22 - 28, 2012

Chief Compliance Officer- US Compliance Officer- TCI Position Description: Responsible for maintaining current status of all regulatory requirements including but not limited to the following: •

Maintaining amicable working relationships with the following regulatory bodies: Employees of Financial Services Commission – TCI Employees of Financial Services Commission – Anguilla Employees of US Departments of Insurance Employees of Health & Human Services Offices Employees of various regulatory departments

• Maintain a Library of Documents relating to legal requirements to establish and continue operations for Captives/ Risk Retention Groups • Developing and maintaining all corporate documents required to establish and continue operations as a Captive/Risk Retention Groups • Act as liaison with professional business partners who advise on regulatory issues. • Maintain awareness with other VCM employees of issues relating to reimbursement, cost reporting and other regulatory issues • Provide complete accurate data to regulatory officers as required • Keep Senior Management informed of all pertinent issues • Oversee all systems requirements

Required Competencies and Skills: • • • • • •

Excellent interpersonal skills Excellent written and verbal communication skills Flexibility and multitasking Excellent organizational skills Works well in a small team environment A person with a “take charge” attitude

Preferred Education, Experience: Advanced degree At least two (2) years U.S. healthcare experience Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism experience

Applicant must be able to work in the Turks & Caicos Islands, Anguilla, and in the United States. Salary will be between $15,000 to $20,000. Contact :- PO Box 260, Providenciales, TCI. 7217



September 22 - 28, 2012


Ward’s Consultancy


Acting on behalf of our clients: Complete construction, Platinum Security, Steele Unlimited, Sushi Bar is looking to fill the following positions:

English/Literature & Science/Math

Teacher Needed

Requirements: • Bachelors/Masters degree from reputable institution in area of discipline; Advance degree a plus • Minimum of 5-7 years teaching experience in secondary or postsecondary education • Experience with Christian education curriculum • Persons must be an active born-again Christian who believes in the work of the Holy Spirit; Submit resume and three references including one from current Pastor. • Salaries will be based on qualification and experience. No phone calls please Address applications:

Executive Board Champions for Christ International School of Excellence #5 Park Place Industrial Park Providenciales,Turks & Caicos Islands, BWI Email: Fax: 1-877-580-8743

The successful candidate will assume the role of AREA MANAGER for Sun Oil Turks and Caicos Limited, reporting to Management at Sun Oil Limited in the Bahamas. This position is responsible for managing all aspects of the business including but not limited to Operations, Sales, and Business Development. The successful candidate must be able to demonstrate exceptional leadership skills, ability to work will within a team environment and must possess strong work ethics. A successful work experience in the petroleum industry would be an asset. Core Responsibilities • Safely manage the petroleum operations inclusive of the import, storage and distribution of petroleum products. The products include gasoline, diesel, jet a1, propane (LPG) and packaged lubricants. • Manage all aspects of local business development and customer service. • Comply and maintain all accounting and internal control requirements. • Ensure company’s compliance with all local laws and regulations. Job Minimum Requirements • Must be a Turks and Caicos Islander with a right work within the country. • A Bachelors degree in a technical or business field of study. • 5 years minimum work experience in a similar management capacity. • Excellent computer skills with working knowledge of Microsoft Office Programs. • A strong appreciation for safety and compliance with procedures and regulations. • A strong mechanical aptitude with some experience with equipment maintenance and repairs. • Strong leadership skills with the ability to effectively lead the local team. • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. • The ability to work flexible hours, holidays and weekends. Benefits include: Competitive salary and benefits package, commensurate with work experience and qualifications.


Is looking for a

Is looking for a suitable person to fill position as

Salary $5.00 -$7.00 per hour

Nail Technician To work 6 days per week

Contact: 345-7512

contact: 345-0856

salary $5.00 per hour.



Worker Employee to work 3 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 247-2369



the largest readership in the turks & caicos



Interested persons should apply no later than September 30, 2012 to:

Cleaner Cook Security Officer Labourer Carpenter


An affiliate of A Touch of Love Ministries International Center


Government Vacancy Financial Manager MINISTRY: ALL MINISTRIES  SUMMARY OVERVIEW: An exciting opportunity awaits you for the post of Finance Manager in one of the TCIG Ministries. The post holder is responsible for the shaping of the government budgetary and financial policy such as revenue generation, cost containment and delivery of other budget targets. Providing advice to the Permanent Secretary and Heads of Department, each Financial Manager is expected to generate results that are deemed satisfactory when:• Proper financial systems and controls are in place and maintained correctly • The Ministry’s budget is kept in balance • Revenue collection is increased wherever possible • Government creditors are paid on time • Other budget targets are met  SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONBILITIES: • Develop fiscal policy framework • Respond to queries from the Public Accounts Committee • Advise the Permanent Secretary and the Hon. Minister on policy issues relating to finance • Ensure accurate recording of receipts, payments and income • Providing monthly financial management reports • Ensuring staff development and training • Developing mechanism to manage and monitor income and expenditure • Analyzing department budgets for feasibility • Advising departments on budget adjustment and amendments • Managing the creditors payment settlement system  QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE The successful candidate must possess a Bachelors Degree in Finance or Accounting or equivalent. In addition to the degree or professional designation, the position requires specialized training in Budgetary Control, Financial Planning, and Economics analysis, Management Information Systems, Strategic Planning and Team Leadership. The position requires at least eight (8) years on the job experience to acquire the competencies necessary to respond effectively to the challenges of the functions. This is a specialized position that requires frequent use of analytical and reasoning skills and visual dexterity. SALARY T39 - T43 $39,960 – $43,200 PER ANNUM For more information on the Job Description, please contact the Human Resource Management Directorate Telephone 649-946-2801 Extension: 10321, Facsimile: 649-946-1582, E-mail: All resumes should be addressed to Mr. Mark Greenway, Director of the Human Resource Management Directorate, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Resumes must include applicants current contact information and be accompanied by two letters of reference and a police certificate. Serving Officers should apply through their Heads of Department.


September 22 - 28, 2012 DOLPHIN’S SPORTS BAR Is looking to fill the following positions:



VACANCIES Parrot Cay Resort and COMO Shambhala have vacancies for the following positions:

2 Bartenders 4 Waitresses Contact: 332-6364


Salary is negotiable Interested persons please.

LABOURER DOMESTIC WORKER To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour Belongers will be given first preference.

Contact: 441-7130


RUDOLPH HANDFIELD Is looking for a

Managerial Positions:

Revenue Manager

We are looking for a highly self-motivated individual with exceptional communications skills who has professional managerial experience in Revenue and Reservations Management. The successful candidate must also have the ability to prepare and conduct training for all employees under his/ her supervision within the field. Responsibilities: • Completes the weekly Forecasting reports. • Prepare department Budget and must be able to generate revenue from room sales and international marketing. • Completes the Month End report (including the Star Report) • Weekly payroll, scheduling and training. • Personally handle VIP reservations. • Conduct property tours and site inspections • Coaching, productivity counseling and Motivation for all reservations employees. • Responds to and follows through on all reservations made via res & res2 • Responds to and follows through on all reservations made via GDS. • Monitors hotel availability Opera as well as extranets. • Processes all travel agent commissions monthly • Responds to and follows through on all phone inquires as needed. • Trains new Reservation Agents upon arrival in the department • Assists on special projects as needed. Qualification and Experience • At least 8yrs international experience within the field Revenue and Reservations Management with a Five Star Resort environment. • At least 5 yrs hospitality experience at Managerial levels • Thorough knowledge of COMO Resorts to maximize the selling of property to travel agents, tour operators and general inquires • Strong customer and guest service oriented demeanor with all external liaisons to include, but not limit to travel agents, tour operators, and potential guests • Working knowledge of opera system version 5, computers and Microsoft office suite with proficiency in excel and word. • Well organized with great written and verbal communication skills • Outgoing personality with excellent interpersonal skills, comfortable speaking and enjoy working with people. The successful candidate will be required to reside on Parrot Cay and must be willing to work long hours including Public holidays and Weekends.

• Monitors advance reservation deposit procedure. • Responds to positive and negative comments expressed in comment cards and develops strategies to improve comment card result • Prepares reports as requested to develop a more informative database for applicable decision making. • Maintains statistics on rooms and reservation, customer arrivals and departure, average occupancy rates, and related information. • Establish and maintain operation standards. Initiates new procedures to increase efficiency, productivity and maximum guest comfort and satisfaction. • Preparation of annual budget; assures department operates within approval budget. • Ensure effective manning at all times to maximize productivity and business demands. • Perform all aspects of personnel and training functions, including hiring, performance appraisals, counseling, coaching, disciplinary action, monitor performance, etc. • Ensure and maintain a very high standard of personal hygiene, behavior and grooming standards of all colleagues. • Handle and respond to guest complaints and comments relating to the department tactfully. Qualification and Experience: • Full knowledge of the Hospitality Industry, accounting background and able to train and evaluate in those areas. • At least 3yrs professional Front Office Managerial experience in a Five Star Resort Operation • Strong managerial, leadership, communication and organizational skills • Must be able to handle multiple priorities and be able to work in a fast paced environment. • Working knowledge of opera system version 5, computers and Microsoft office suite with proficiency in excel and word. This position requires applicant to Reside on Parrot Cay and must be able to work public holidays, long hours and weekends.


Director of Food and Beverage Executive Assistant Room Division Manager Head Butler Executive Housekeeper

Kindly contact the Human Resources Department for an in-depth detailed copy of the job description for the above positions. Job Requirement:

Domestic Worker

to work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 242-0785


ROMNEY MISSICK Is looking for a

Gardener To work 6 days per week. Must be honest, reliable and hardworking. Salary $5.50 per hour.

Contact: 243-3769


Assistant Front Office Manager

Duties and Responsibilities includes, achieving customer satisfaction and room revenue goals by supervising the Front Office operation. The successful candidate must: • Ensures that utilizing business forecasts to schedule employees staffs the Front Desk appropriately. • Responsible for the efficiency and profitable functioning of the Front Office Department which includes Front Desk, Guest History, Concierge and Telecommunication. • Motivate all Front Office colleagues to up‐sell rooms and achieve higher average room rate. Maximize room revenue and occupancy by effectively maximizing yield and excel in room up‐selling and other revenue centers. • Oversees and participates in the prompt and courteous check –in and checkout of customers. • Address questions or problems pertaining to customer room accommodation rates. • Aids in planning for meeting and special events by meeting with individual customers and convention representatives.

Candidates interested in the above positions will be required to work long hours, reside on property and are expected to work during the night, weekends and Public Holidays.


Yoga Teacher Chef de Partie Line Chef Housekeeping Supervisor Private Estates Supervisor Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant Commis Chef Demi Chef Pastry Chef Sous Chef Junior Sous Chef Butler Resort Butler Massage Therapist Recreation Attendant Spa Attendant Spa Therapist Water Sports Instructor Food & Beverage Server Turndown Attendant Room Attendant

Salaries for these positions will be paid base on qualification and experience. Please note that all application must be submitted with a valid Police Record, two reference letters from previous employers or a notary public and current educational certificates. Only suitable candidates will be contacted for an interview. Forward your resume to the Human Resources Department at the following address:

Parrot Cay Resort and COMO Shambhala P.O. Box 164. Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands Ph: (649) 946 7788, Fax: (649) 946 7749 Email:



September 22 - 28, 2012


Is looking for a

Pool & Beach Attendant Must be willing to work 6 days per week salary commensurate with experience.

Airport Road, Providenciales Telephone 946 4524


Send resumes to:


Salary starts at $5.50 per hour. Only Turks Islanders need to apply.


and enjoy the Widest circulation in tci



J & W Construction Providenciales Telephone 231-4519

LABOURER Salary starts at $5.50 per hour. Only Turks Islanders need to apply.



REYCHELLE NAIL STUDIO Is looking to fill the following positions:

Acting on behalf of our clients: WBC, West Bay Club, Brid Benjamin, AND Construction and Bottom Up


Domestic Worker Mason Labourer Cook

Technician Salary $5.50 per hour Barber salary $8.50 per hour.

Contact: 344-4540


Executive Tours Ltd


Must be willing to work 6 days per week salary $5.00-$7.00 per hour.

contact: 345-7512 7247


the largest readership in the turks & caicos




An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government Service for the post of Deputy Director of Estates within the Department of Estate Management, Government Support Services. The successful incumbent in this position facilitates the management of TCIG’s estate on a day to day basis inclusive of carrying out periodic inspections and putting in place improvement programmes. He/She would be expected to introduce, implement and assist with the management of a Planned Preventative Maintenance and Asset Management regime aimed at keeping accurate information in relation to TCIG’s Estate and its development. The incumbent will also be responsible for the management process in accordance with TCIG Governance, lease development and Landlord interface, renegotiating of lease conditions with existing leases. He/She will have direct liaison with Land Registry in connection with development of TCIG’s Estate inclusive of matters relating to leases and licences; will act as the Estate Management Department’s point of contact in relation to TCIG’s Disaster Management Policy and perform any other work related duties that may be assigned.


The position requires a Bachelors Degree in Estate Management, Construction Management, Building Engineering or related field with at least ten (10) years post degree experience in the above mentioned fields. He/She must be a member of either the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, Royal Institute of British Architects (or similar) or British Institute of Facilities Management (or similar). Relevant experience in strategic management in a rapidly changing environment and operational performance, facilities management, asset utilisation, building management systems and health and safety preferably gained within the private as well as the public sector planned preventative maintenance, contract management would be an asset.

SALARY: $40,000 per annum Serving officers should apply through their Heads of Department. For persons recruited outside the Turks and Islands a two-year contract is offered. Other benefits offered include a Housing Allowance, Telephone Allowance, an end-of-contract gratuity of fifteen percent of salary; return passage for family of up to two children under the age of sixteen years as well as duty free concession on the shipment of personal effects imported within six (6) months of appointment. For more information on the Job Description please contact the Human resources Directorate Telephone 649-946-2801, Extension: 10318 E-mail: All resumes with contact information and two letters of reference and a police certificate should be addressed to the Human Resource Director, Human Resource Management Directorate, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Facsimile: 649-946-1582





An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government (TCIG) Service for the post of Director of Estates within the Department of Estate Management, Government Support Services. The successful incumbent in this position will act as the professional link to senior officials of TCIG and external parties in the delivery of the Estate Management function and the Development and control of the Estates Management Department. The incumbent is also responsible for Asset Management Planning inclusive of Financial Planning (Capital and Revenue), control and governance of allocated annualised Funding Streams (Capital and Revenue), Facilities Management inclusive of Planned Preventative Maintenance, Property/Land Acquisition and Disposal quality management and Contract management in accordance with TCIG Governance. Although based in Grand Turk the Director of Estates will have an overarching role to manage the Estate throughout the Turks & Caicos Islands.


The position requires as a minimum a Bachelors Degree in Estate Management, Construction Management, Building Engineering, with a Masters Degree in a related field with at least fifteen (15) years, post degree experience in Estate Management, Membership of either the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, Royal Institute of British Architects (or similar) or British Institute of Facilities Management (or similar). Relevant experience in strategic management in a rapidly changing environment and operational performance, facilities management, asset utilisation, building management systems and contract management is a plus.

SALARY: $ 55,000 per annum Serving officers should apply through their Heads of Department. For persons recruited outside the Turks and Islands a two-year contract is offered. Other benefits offered include a Housing Allowance, Telephone Allowance, an end-of-contract gratuity of fifteen percent of salary; return passage for family of up to two children under the age of sixteen years as well as duty free concession on the shipment of personal effects imported within six (6) months of appointment. For more information on the Job Description please contact the Human resources Directorate Telephone 649-946-2801, Extension: 10318 E-mail: All resumes with contact information and two letters of reference and a police certificate should be addressed to the Human Resource Director, Human Resource Management Directorate, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Facsimile: 649-946-1582


September 22 - 28, 2012


White Sands Beach Resort





General Manager Santa Maria Gaming Saloon reporting directly to the Owner. The General Manager, Santa Maria Gaming Saloon, leads the overall operation for the Santa Maria Gaming Saloon. The individual oversees gaming operations, monitors security and risks, expertise in marketing, slot expert, gaming experience, delegates work, sets schedules, maintains budgets, hires employees, and ensures patron satisfaction. The General Manager, Santa Maria Gaming Saloon, is a results oriented leader with demonstrated ability to envision a longer term strategic direction, develop tactical goals/objectives, and execute.


Whereas, Attorney PAUL DEMPSEY on behalf of HILTON CURTIS TAYLOR, has declared that the Land Certificate for the above mentioned title number(s) registered in his/her/ their name was inadvertently mislaid and cannot be found.


• At least 15 years’ experience in casino and gaming environment including Office administration and bookkeeping procedures, Hospitality industry, Casino industry service, Casino marketing, Casino accounting, Slot machines, Slot machines – information systems (hardware/software), Gambling sociology, Business knowledge strategies, and Payroll and HR related policies • Have successfully built at least 3 businesses, in the past 15 years, of projected revenues in the hundreds of thousands • At least 10 years’ staff management, training and supervision experience, of teams of at least 25 employees or more. • At least 3 years’ experience in event planning and management. • Must have obtained a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a combination of work/experience will be considered.

Take notice that I, Alun Rees Registrar of Lands, shall issue a new land certificate for the said title within six weeks of the date of the first publication of this Notice in a local newspaper and the Gazette. Dated this 5th day of September 2012 Signed…………………………………. Registrar of Lands


Witnessed…………………………….. 7232

VACANCIES Applications are invited from suitably qualified Turks and Caicos Islanders to fill the post of

Work environment:

• Willingness to work long hours, overnight shifts if required, and inconsistent shifts.

Please submit resumes to White Sands Beach Resort at

Aviation Security Officers


White Sands Beach Resort

Within the Turks and Caicos Islands Airports Authority (TCIAA), International Airport, Providenciales.

Is hiring an

Assistant Manager

Personal Qualities • Reliable and Punctual • Able to work shifts including weekends and Public Holidays • Able to work under pressure and unsupervised • Confident in dealing with difficult passengers • Strong interpersonal skills • Team player • Short hair trim and no visible signs of tattoos • Clean Police Record • Fluently speak, read and write in English

Reporting directly to the Owner.

Experience/Education: @@At least 8 years’ experience managing a beach resort. @@At least 5 years’ supervision experience, of teams of at least 5 employees. @@At least 3 years’ experience in event planning and management. @@Must have obtained a bachelor’s degree in hotel administration or a combination of work/experience will be considered.

Medical Requirements • Physically fit with good eyesight, color vision and hearing Education and Experience • Good general education including CXC (or equivalent) passes in English and Mathematics • Previous security experience is not necessary as training will be provided • Customer Service experience is desirable

Responsibilities: @@Staff supervision for housekeeping, maintenance, security, bar and restaurant operations @@Responsible for accounting, sales, purchasing and security. @@Responsible for overall site maintenance, including hotel rooms, pool, landscape, storage, bar and restaurant sites @@Responsible for inventory management and control for hotel amenities, bar and restaurant supplies @@Experience in managing, planning and organizing of special functions including wedding, private parties.

Responsibilities • Provide good customer service • Screening of airport staff and departing passengers and their luggage • Control airport access points • Screen unattended or suspicious items • Patrol restricted and public areas • Monitor curb side parking and work closely with Traffic Liaison Officers • Log Book management • Prepare incident reports when necessary

All applications should be sent to Human Resources, Turks and Caicos Islands Airports Authority, International Airport, Providenciales. Fax (649)-941-5996. Closing date for applications is Friday September28th, 2012.

• Good people skills, Excellent customer service, Advanced leadership skills, Teamwork and teambuilding skills, Expert Analytical, math and problem solving skills, Decision making skills, Strong 360 degree leadership and communication (verbal, written, listening, presentation) skills, Troubleshooting skills, Effective verbal and listening communication skills, bilingual English and French, Spanish nice to have, Attention to detail and high level of accuracy, Good planning and organizational skills to balance and prioritize work, Computer skills including ability to operate computerized accounting (e.g. QuickBooks), payroll administration, spreadsheet (e.g. Excel) and word processing programs, and email at a highly proficient level

Skills: @@Display a high level of energy, have an entrepreneurial spirit, be a motivational leader, effective communicator, effective in providing exceptional customer service and ability to improve the bottom line. @@Work environment: @@Willingness to work long hours, overnight shifts if required, and inconsistent shifts.

Please submit resumes to White Sands Beach Resort at . 7219




September 22 - 28, 2012

September 22 - 28, 2012

Sports International



Racism remains “significant” problem in English football

Fernando Alonso is still 37 points ahead of Lewis Hamilton, his closest opponent, with 175 points available in the remaining seven races.

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso says the pressure is on his rivals in title fight FERRARI’S Fernando Alonso says he does not feel under any pressure after McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton narrowed his championship lead. Hamilton’s win in Italy two weeks ago moved him to second in the standings, 37 points behind Alonso, with 175 available in the remaining seven races. “I’m not under pressure at all. I’m probably the only one who can afford a mistake or a retirement,” Alonso said. “The others cannot, so I think it is much more pressure [for them].” Ahead of this weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix, Alonso and Hamilton are the only two drivers to

win three races this season, but Lotus driver Kimi Raikkonen, Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull’s Mark Webber are all tightly packed behind the Englishman and in the championship hunt. McLaren have won the last three races, with Hamilton’s victories in Hungary and Italy sandwiching Jenson Button’s in Belgium, where Alonso was taken out in a dramatic, first-corner collision. Ferrari, like all the top teams, are introducing a series of new components at this race. As a result, Alonso is confident he can fight for pole position and victory both here and in Japan and Korea next month.

ENGLISH football continues to troubled by the scourge of racism, according to a Parliamentary report. Over the last year England’s football authorities -- as well as England’s justice system -- have had to contend with racism cases involving Patrice Evra of Manchester United and Liverpool’s Luis Suarez as well as Chelsea’s John Terry and Anton Ferdinand of QPR. In December, the English Football Association handed Suarez an eightmatch ban and a £40,000 fine after finding the Uruguayan guilty of racially abusing Evra, while in July, ex-England captain John Terry was cleared of racially abusing fellow footballer Anton Ferdinand at Westminster Magistrates’ Court “Much has been done to improve the atmosphere and behaviour at football matches and it has become a much more family-friendly activity,” said chair of the Culture, Media and Sport (CMS) Committee John Whittingdale MP. “However, recent incidents of racist abuse in the UK, both on and off the pitch, have highlighted the fact that there remain significant problems. “It should be a priority for the FA to develop procedures for stewards to follow and regular training opportunities to ensure that all relevant staff at club grounds are capable of reacting swiftly and consistently to incidents of abuse.” And the CMS committee called on the FA to do more in tackling all forms of abuse in the game: “While the general level of progress in combating racism and racist abuse in the UK is positive and

Bermuda-born Clyde Best, pictured here in 1972, became the first black player to establish himself in the English top flight with London club West Ham United.

should be applauded, there is much more that can and must be done, and we believe it is for the FA to take the lead and set the example for everyone, from football authorities at all levels to the grassroots groups, to follow.” The FA, the Premier League and the Football League issued a joint response to the CMS report. “We agree with the Committee that whilst substantial progress has been made to promote equality and tackle discrimination in the game, challenges remain for all of the football authorities,” said their statement. “We remain committed, along with all of our stakeholders, to promoting equality and diversity within the game and to the eradication of all forms of discrimination in football. “We will continue to work across the entire breadth of the sport to

deliver our inclusion and antidiscrimination agenda. In doing so, we will consider in detail how the Committee’s recommendations can support and influence this work. Evidence given to the CMS suggested that homophobia might now be the biggest problem football is facing. “Recent research found that 25% of fans think that football is homophobic while 10% think that football is racist,” said the CMS, which wants the FA to promote a campaign to “highlight the damaging effect of homophobic language and behaviour in around football at every level.” As well as identifying homophobic abuse as well as “laddish” behaviour as significant problems, the report demanded a more active response from the authorities to racial abuse at grassroots level.

In-form McIlroy eyes $10m prize Pacquiao (right) will look to make a strong statement against Marquez after his controversial lost to American Timothy Bradley in June.

Pacquiao aiming to knock Marquez out in fourth meeting Manny Pacquiao has vowed to knock Juan Manuel Marquez out when the long-time rivals meet for a fourth time in Las Vegas on 8 December. The two fighters last met in November when Pacquiao, 33, was awarded a controversial majority decision. In their previous meetings, the pair fought to a draw in 2004 and Pacquiao edged a split decision in 2008. “I want to make this fight short, I want to knock him out,” said former seven-weight world champion Pacquiao. “There’s so many people still asking if I won the fights. I think to myself: ‘Something is wrong. I have to do it again’.

“This time, I will train hard to put this fight up in the history of boxing. I want to erase the doubt of the last three fights.” Pacquiao lost his last fight against American Timothy Bradley in June, a bout most observers thought he should have won. The 39-year-old Marquez, who has 54 wins from 61 fights and is a former three-weight world champion, maintained he won their first three meetings. “Everybody knows I won the fights, and I don’t know what happened with the judges,” Marquez said. “I have to take it out of the judges’ hands this time.”

RORY McIlroy is ready to cash in on his sensational run of form by claiming the $10 million prize by securing top spot in the FedEx Cup play--offs with victory at the PGA Tour Championship. The Northern Irishman is determined to claim a fourth victory in his past five tournaments at the East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta this weekend. The two--time major winner is hoping to round off a memorable year by winning this week’s Tour Championship and in turn secure the FedEx Cup play--offs. Tiger Woods is expected to provide McIlroy’s main source of opposition with the two teeing off together as World No.1 and 2 on Thursday morning. The 14--time major winner has enjoyed a successful year having chalked up three victories on the PGA tour this year. But with Woods failing to win a major since the 2008 U.S Open, a seismic shift in power is already underway. According to golfing legend Greg Norman, McIlroy has already got Woods running scared.

Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods will fight it out at the PGA Tour Championship in Atlanta with both men desperate for victory.

“He’s (Tiger’s) got a new nickname for me, actually. He calls me ‘The Intimidator’,” joked McIlroy ahead of Thursday’s opening day. “No. How can I intimidate Tiger Woods? I mean, the guy’s got 75 or whatever PGA Tour wins, 14 majors. He’s been the biggest thing ever in our sport. “How could some little 23--year-old from Northern Ireland with a few

wins come up and intimidate him. It’s just not possible. I don’t know where he got that from, but it’s not true.” McIlroy can afford to finish as low as 29th in the 30--man field and still land the bumper cash prize. His triumph in last month’s PGA Championship, his second major title victory, has secured McIlroy’s place at the top of the world rankings. “It would just cap off a great year,” McIlroy said. “It’s hard to compare this (the play--offs) to a major championship because it’s a year-long thing and it’s about being consistent. “You have to play well at the right time like I have the last couple of weeks. It would be nice to have something to recognise that you have played the best golf the whole way throughout the year.” “If I win (the Tour Championship), I win (the FedExCup),” he said. “That’s the mindset I’m coming in with. I feel like I’m playing well enough to win. I know if I do that, everything else takes care of itself.” Meanwhile, McIlroy has revealed he will reconsider his decision to compete for Team GB at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.


Sports National


September 22 - 28, 2012

Josh for Sports

When will we ever learn? THE proverbial cliché will always prevail: “He, who lives for self, lives in vain; but he who lives for others, lives to live again”. In my humble opinion the National Sports Commission needs to be decommissioned and all of the commissioners need to be fired because they have been negligent and derelict in the execution of their duties. They needed to make sure that each national sporting body in the TCI functions according to the body’s constitutions. The Sports Commission should be non-political in its undertaking, and should function without fear or favour and should not give

preferential treatment to any person because of their relationship to that person. The development of sports at the national level is serious business. If you can’t help, don’t hinder. When there are irregularities rampant among its ranks, they must be cleared immediately. For, it is impossible to govern others when one does not have the moral scruples or self-will to govern oneself. THE BUSINESS OF FINANCING OUR NATIONAL SPORTS PROGRAMME I’ve had the privilege of living in

Hartling Group basketball team started their title defence with a win.

By Joshua Gardiner

Canada for two years. I learnt that the best way to finance a national sports programme is by operating a national sports lottery.

People gamble all the time. Actually, gambling is a national “pass-time” in many countries, including the TCI. In this country, gambling is legal. It should not be that only private enterprises profiting from the proceeds of gambling. The way forward then would be for the government to establish a National Sports Lottery Commission with the sole/expression intention of drafting legislations to accommodate the coming into existence of a sports lottery. This lottery would never operate in a lost capacity as the payout each time would be based on the amount

of cash received. The lottery would be based on the principle of the various State lotteries across the USA. This lottery can be drawn on a weekly and or a monthly basis. BENEFITS The Benefits would be tremendous as the need for begging/soliciting funds to support the various programmes would be no longer necessary. With sufficient funds in hand, the emphasis can now be focused on the development of our youths’ full potentials. At any rate, I’ve given you food for thought.

Digicel came back in the fourth quarter to defeat Money Gram.

Filipino Basketball League:

Hartling start title defence with impressive win HARTLING Group basketball team started their title defence of the Filipino Basketball League with a win against HAB on Sunday last at the Gus Lightbourne Sports Complex in Providenciales. In the opening day of this season’s league, the powerful centre Richard Sanchez scored a double-double (19

points and 13 rebounds) to lead his team to the 71-60 win. Jai Cabrera added 15, 10 of which came in the first quarter; while Dennis Bragas and Adrian Achuela had nine each. For HAB, Jojo Salvacion led the attack with 19 points, nine of which came from the three-point line. King

Otero, who also scored three threepointers, finished with 14. The day’s biggest defeat was suffered by Islandcom after they scored 56 to Allied Management Service’s 78. Mark Micabalo led Allied Management Service to the 22-point win after scoring 18 points and making five assists. Ferdinand

Masiclat added four three points, while Garry Competente added 10. J. Perez scored 19 while Gomez added 12 for Islandcom. The event opened with Digicel defeating Money Gram 63-58. Money Gram led after three quarters, but a big final session by Willie Fuensalida 13 points, nine of which

came from downtown, propelled Digicel to victory. Fuensalida scored 22 points, while Don Isaiah Dela Rosa added 17 and Hunkeith Principe chipped in with 12 (4X3s). Junel Baybay led the attack for Money Gram with 23 points and 10 boards. Ronald Hernandez added 11 points.

September 22 - 28, 2012

Sports National

Keith Burant will serve another term as rugby president.



Sean O’Neill is the TCI Flamingos’ new captain. Blair Mason, the former skipper, decided against re-election.

Augustin Modeste takes over from Simon Taylor as the national team’s vice-captain.

Re-elected Burant wants rugby to become TCI’s national sport

THE upward mobility of rugby over the last few years has resulted in the unanimous re-election this week, of Keith Burant, as the sport’s head in the islands. The other executive positions of the Turks and Caicos Islands Rugby Football Union (TCIRFU) were also filled without opposition last Tuesday at the Meridian Field Clubhouse. Under Burant’s leadership, the sport has grown tremendously, especially at the junior level. His ultimate plan, is however to make it TCI’s national sport. “The TCIRFU has a four-year strategic plan to make rugby the most popular, dynamic and viewed sport in the TCI. The plan is unfolding as scripted with a junior rugby programme that is working at four different age groups starting to provide a supply of gifted athletes to the men’s programme.” Burant, who also plays rugby at a competitive level, said that the sport is not just growing in Providenciales. “We hope to make further inroads in developing rugby in North Caicos where Donnovan Garvey has indicated he is giving up track to coach rugby full time. Our South Caicos rugby coach, Clarence Stringer, is seeing a lot of youth interest and our plans to implement monthly trips to and from South should generate more interest from the sport.” No structured programme is in the capital because a coach is yet to be identified. Burant said that the “TCIRFU is ready and willing

to provide technical, equipment and financial assistance to anybody willing to help organise youth rugby in Grand Turk.” He said it is exciting to see the development of the young players, especially after five juniors had special training in Ireland at the Leinster School of Rugby Excellence and a team visited Canada for a weeklong tour in the last few months. “You could literally see the players improve each time they stepped on the field during that trip and it was very gratifying to have some of the players state it was the best trip they have ever been on.” Focus will be on the inter-school competitions and domestic league played by the men’s club this year, while the rugby head promises to enhance the local and international playing experiences of the rugby players. The 2012-2013 executive members are:

President: Keith Burant Secretary : Nik Hight Treasurer: Craig James Club Captain: Sean O'Neill Vice Captain: Augustin Modeste Social Officer: Jason Bailey Junior Dev. Officer: Dorel Williams Public Relations Officer: Gareth Butler

The junior players were excited to return to practice.

Large turnout of youngsters for new season A NUMBER of new junior players turned out last Saturday for the start of the new rugby season which resulted in a packed Meridian Field. The youngsters battled the September heat and picked up where they left off at the tail-end of last season, showing great enthusiasm and plenty of skills during their training. One important change to the schedule according to the TCIRFU this time round is the training time for the U-11 boys. “The Under 11 Boys will now train from 11am 12pm. There is a large contingent of players who wish

to participate in both soccer (football) and rugby on Saturday mornings and as we prefer to have the kids as active as possible and don't want to force them to miss out on one sport, it's necessary to hold the session for this age group a little later to allow them the time to get from the soccer field to the Meridian Field.” The new schedule now reads: 9AM - 10AM: Girls All age groups, 10AM - 11AM: Under 8 Boys, Under 15 Boys, 11AM - 12PM: Under 11 Boys, Under 19 Boys. Enquiries are welcome to Jamie Tait, the TCIRFU Rugby Development Officer, on 441-1215 or at rdo@



September 22 - 28, 2012

September 22 - 28, 2012






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September 22 - 28, 2012

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