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You know them for the #1 hit “The Struggle Is Over”, and with great demand Youth for Christ (YFC) is back!!! Encouraging another worldwide campaign and introducing their next hit single “He Can” (Work It Out) from the highly anticipated release entitled “Thanks In Advance” recorded in Orlando, FL

Youth for Christ “THANKS IN ADVANCE” In Stores February 16, 2010

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Another year has passed and we are yet holding on. Over the past year we resorted to communicating more via the Internet and in the process, we have serviced over 100 clients in the advertising of their ministry or service through affordable eblast distribution. Our database is manageable and we are reaching the 10,000 subscriber mark. I appreciate all of you for your confidence in using our services. We recently returned from the Stellar Awards and were pleased to support Raleigh’s own Gerald Hinton and CoCo McMillan. Gerald was nominated for Music Video of the Year for “The Battle’s Not Over” accompanied by Pastor Shirley Caesar with music production by Willie Hill and video production by Denver Wright of WIZPRO Creative Services. CoCo was nominated for New Artist of the Year. Even though neither came home with the coveted award, it was indeed a memorable occasion for all of us that supported them over the years. Papa San and Peggy Tatum at the Stellar Awards

This issue of the magazine celebrates our 6th Anniversary and also presents Version 2 of Raleigh’s Angels which was the first feature for the cover of our Inaugural Edition of TCP Magazine in 2004. We are pleased to present CoCo McMillan, Marshetta Parker and Veronica Evans as our newest Raleigh’s Angels. Women of God whose songs and demeanor are the epitome of worship, praise and adoration for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We are also excited about our new contributing writers Dr. Paige Chargois, April Mial, Cynthia Jones, Tolly Carr and the continued contributions of Dr. Francine Hash and Adrienne Miller. I truly appreciate the seeds that these writers sow into my life. We trust that you will enjoy this issue of TCP Magazine and we look forward to speaking with you soon. Peggy Tatum, Editor, email:

Volume 02, Issue Number 3 Publisher/Editor-In-Chief: Peggy Tatum Webmaster: Ted Tatum Photographer: Rick Crank - PIXBYRIC.COM Graphic Design: Denver A. Wright WIZPRO Creative Services, Contributing Writers: Cynthia Jones, Adrienne Miller, April Mial, Dr. Paige Chargois, Dr. Francene Hash, Tolly Carr

Contents 5 - Editorial 6 - Ida Muldrow – Designer for the Stars 8 - Upper Room Christian Academy 9 - Music Connection 11 - 80 and UP 12 - Raleigh’s Angels V2.0 - CoCo McMillan

The Connection Place, Inc. 181-104 Wind Chime Court Raleigh, NC 27615 Tel: 919-676-0263 Copyright © 2010 The Connection Place, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction of any material in this magazine is prohibited without written permission of the Editor.

13 - Raleigh’s Angels V2.0 - Marshetta Parker 14 - Raleigh’s Angels V2.0 - Veronica Evans 18 - HP Virginia Gospel Showcase 21 - Adrienne Miller’s, How Do You Look?

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Upper Room Christian Academy Moves Into High School


First Lady Pamela Wooden is on a mission, to invest in the education of a child within a Christian environment. Until last year, Upper Room Christian Academy housed K-8, and now, she has recently added the 9th grade to their curriculum. She discusses the need to make that addition. “After graduating from our 8th grade, students were placed into the public schools,” begins Wooden, “and immediately there was a major culture shock.” The culture shock included a negative change in culture and environment of the student. As a result, parents expressed a strong desire to keep their children in a Christian school and Wooden made plans to make accommodations for those students entering high school. Prayers for the new addition were answered, as 12 students are currently enrolled in school. Wooden states that “Our prayer was for only ten, but God blessed us that much more!” The ability to add a new grade occurred through student enrollment, donations and fundraising. Wooden remembers when she and her husband were contemplating building a school in the 1990s. “At the time, the practical (financial) needs did not meet the spiritual needs,” she states, “but my husband had a great concern about the agenda of the public school and wanted to do something for his community. So through prayer and continued faith,” she points out, “in 1998, The Upper Room Christian Academy opened its doors to a pre-school (K-2) with a $50,000 donation from Upper Room Baptist Church.” From there, a grade was added every year until the goal of 8th grade was reached. Now, her journey is to continue adding a grade a year until they have a 12th grade in their high school. Wooden is quick to stay that although grades are important. “The success of each student is also based on their development both socially and spiritually.” She states that “many of the children come to her lacking confidence, but leave with a lot of it.” Some of the ways that each student lacked confidence may have been in raising their hand, asking and answering questions or not speaking clearly in public schools. However, with the help of the small ratio of students to teachers (15:1), the involvement of the parents in their children’s development and the overall care and encouragement of the school, students advance through grades at the Academy with confidence, which resonates throughout other areas in their lives. In addition to a strict curriculum, the school offers students the opportunity to be encouraged by and encouraging to others. In the past, Martin Luther King, III, son of the civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr., was a guest speaker at an event. He encouraged students to “stay in school” and “do well”, because of the sacrifices made by others, so they would have the freedom to become successful. Wooden proudly states that the students have also “displayed their artwork and literature” at malls and have earned the title “National Champions in their [basketball] division.” Wooden continues to say that “there are many more events” and positive progressions of the school in store for the upcoming year. She prides herself in the Christmas and Easter programs, including theatrical productions, for and by the students, in the months to follow. In addition to the school and those who keep it running, she applauds the parents who invest in their child’s future because “they are worth investing in.”

April Mial is the president of Lilac Films []. She can be emailed at

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TCP Magazine is proud to present these featured CD’s. To contact any of these record companies just e-mail us at:

Coming Soon Ivan Powell and Garment of Praise “Chance of a Lifetime” 919-247-2649

Available Now Apostle Freida Cates “So You Would Know” www.myspace/fcministries 919-231-1251

James F. Carr Available for Bookings 518 421-9188

Prepare yourself to be enormously fed and abundantly nourished by the new sophomore project from gospel recording artist William Taylor. This new 2010 project is titled L.A.M.B. FOOD, which stands for “Love All My Brethren”. It’s fulfilling and healing sounds promises to be full of spiritual and strengthening vitamins you can grow from.

For Booking Contact: Frank Williams Ph: (919) 327-8907 Facebook – Search for William Taylor, Raleigh

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80 & UP

by Dr. Francene Hash

As I was entering the check out area at the grocery store, I heard a lot of excitement and saw people running out of the store. Was it a bomb alert? Was it a robbery? What was happening that could have caused so much of a ruckus? Looking out of the front window into the parking lot, I saw an elderly gray-haired lady lying on the pavement. She had been struggling to lug groceries to her car and push her walker at the same time, thus the walker tumbled over causing her to fall and hit her head on the edge of the sidewalk. It made me think, why was she alone? Where was her family? Does she even have a family? Can you imagine how fearful she must have been for so many strangers to swarm around her? Were they there to genuinely help her or to take advantage of her vulnerability and rob her? Another petite little elderly lady with her teased bouffant hairstyle and ruby red lipstick was in front of me in line trying to purchase her groceries. She was such a dainty little person, but she did not know how to write a check. She kept saying “my husband always did this”. So she just gave the check book to the cashier to let her handle it for her. I have just transitioned into another era of my life where I am the care giver for my 88 year old mother. My mom, the lady who was such a sharp dresser, an astute singer, energetic pastor’s wife, who has done so many good deeds, and has made wonderful memories for her family is now in an era that some would call her golden years, but are they so golden? I see her frustration as she struggles so hard to be independent, because all of the desire to do the things that she has always done is still within her mind but her frail body won’t allow her to do what she desires. This honor of being this astonishing lady’s care giver has made me very cognizant of the elderly. As I have launched into this honor which required me to place my degrees that hang on the wall to the side for a moment, I realize that this is a call from God to be able to successfully serve her. Just as a young mother makes changes in her lifestyle and her daily routine to be the best mom she can be for her newborn, we too as adult children must prepare for the inevitable to care for our parents and elderly family members when they reach a stage where they can no longer care for themselves. From multiple doctors appointments, purchasing groceries, cleaning up spills, helping with baths and lotioning, getting dressed, preparing healthy meals, taking medicine on time, giving insulin shots, the list gets long. The bible tells us to honor our father and our mother that our days will be long upon the earth which the lord has given us. Long life, abundance in health and wealth… Not by my might, nor by my power, but by the anointing of the Holy Spirit, I will have the energy and strength to nurture my 88 year old mother with love. I pray that God has someone who will listen to His voice and step up to the plate to give a love that surpasses all understanding to the elderly in their families. American families could take a lesson from the Greeks where it is an automatic family heritage to take care of their elderly family members and not place them away into nursing homes. Although we have some beautiful retirement centers where some seniors choose to live out their independence, this should be a choice and not because there isn’t a family member who has enough love to take on the care. This article is the beginning series of interviews of caregivers for the elderly 80 years old and above, especially those who have been faithful in Christian and community work. It is my prayer that each reader will take a deep survey and begin to make preparations for their golden years as well as to give golden love to their elderly family members. Galatians 5: 22-23: “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. Dr. Francene Hash, contributing writer. Author, motivational speaker, ministry administrative consultant:

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Raleigh’s Angels V2.0 - Shawn “CoCo” McMillan

by Cynthia Jones

The beautiful, talented Gospel singer, born Shawn Felicia McMillan, but goes by CoCo McMillan, is a native of St. Pauls NC. She was given the nickname “CoCo” back in High School and it stuck. She comes from a family full of singers, and one of her cousins was even the background singer for the King of Rock and Roll, “Elvis Presley.” CoCo got her start like most artists did singing in the church. She along with other family members, grand kids, and friends use to travel with their grandma who was also a preacher, to different churches to sing in grandma’s group called the “True Tone Juniors.” It was CoCo, along with the other grand kids, family members and friends, and that was the beginning of what would end up being a 14-year Professional singing career, with the first 11 years being on the road singing with R&B crooner Gerald Levert. Yes, CoCo sang both gospel and R&B later on. In fact, that’s how Gerald Levert discovered her when she was with a group called X-uality. They were the opening act for Gerald once, and after the show they had a chance to meet and sing for him, which ended up taking them to Cleveland, Ohio for an audition in 1995. It was a done deal, and the rest is history. She not only sung with Gerald Levert, but she also sung with Aaliyah, The OJays and Miki Howard. As a matter of fact I remember seeing CoCo throw down at an upscale restaurant called “Gregory’s, in North Raleigh when she performed at an event for Shaw University’s Cape Program. She was dressed in a metallic silver trench coat wearing some killer high heel shoes doing a Pattie Labelle number… now you know everybody can’t do Pattie Labelle, but CoCo? She brought the house down, the girl had skills. Yet still in the back of her mind, she was bothered, feeling like she was straddling the fence singing both R&B and gospel, while all along knowing her true calling was to be in the gospel music ministry. CoCo received criticism from the church community for singing R&B with Gerald Levert while also singing gospel music… it was my job, but I always managed to keep God first said CoCo. Even though she did not always cross every “t” and dot every “i”, she still constantly prayed and asked God for strength, and strength she received from a strong support system from her mother, her Aunt Jean, First Lady and her Pastor, Rev Melvin Jackson of Mitchiner’s Grove Church. They comforted her during those rough times. Her Pastor (Melvin Jackson) and grandmother (Alice McMillan) would always say, “You are there for a reason, and while you are there, mind your business, represent God and stay focused. He would let her know that the church was praying for her and to know that she would come out when God says so, and He did after she had surgery for fibroids in 2005. The Lord told her it was time for her to turn everything over to Him. A lot of people thought she was crazy for leaving Gerald, but she knew it was the right thing to do. She was going to totally trust God, so she sat down and had a talk with him about her decision to leave and he understood completely, giving his stamp of approval. But before she left, she had a chance to really talk and minister to Gerald when they traveled to South Africa. Seven days later he died. The music industry was shocked to hear of his passing, but before Gerald died, CoCo was able to record a gospel song with him called “Thru the Storm” which is on her current CD. She was able to perform the song with Gerald on what would be his last two television appearances; one on BET’s Bobby Jones Gospel Show and the other on TV One’s Gospel with Jeff Majors. CoCo just returned from Nashville, TN for the 2010 Stellar Awards where she was recognized as one of the nominees for New Artist of the Year from her current project, “I’ve Been Delivered” which was released July 14, 2009 on King Size Gospel/T Records. Currently CoCo is diligently working on her next project; therefore, she has very little time to unwind, but when she can, she enjoys playing with her dog “Jane”, kickboxing and taking long walks at the beach, other than that, her schedule is pretty busy as a Diversity Program Manager/Recruiter for IBM. Trying to juggle the two careers pretty much keeps her on the go, but she is very thankful for having such a supportive manager, Jamila Petite and her team at IBM for working with her travel schedule throughout her music career. She also is very thankful for her Manager, Saquan Johnson and the rest of the KSG team, Sabrina and Annie for putting up with her, because she knows she can be a hand full at times.

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Raleigh’s Angels V2.0 - Marshetta Parker by April Mial “I always liked to sing in groups, but I never wanted to be an artist,” explains Marshetta Parker, “but sometimes God leads you down a different path.” Born in Michigan, Parker is the youngest of four children – she has two older brothers and an older sister. Both of her parents are pastors, who encouraged their children to have purpose with God. Follow God is what they did – her sister continues work with her parents at their church in Michigan, her brother, Pastor Wil Nichols is the pastor of Victorious Praise Church in Research Triangle Park, NC and her other brother drives from Virginia to attend Victorious Praise. So as Pastor Nichols built his church, he suggested to Parker that she come down to North Carolina after receiving her degree from Michigan State University. However, she decided to work in Detroit for four years before coming to Raleigh in 1996. Here, she worked at IBM as a Project Manager, met some good friends and decided to stay. Moving to Raleigh, Parker found a purpose. Even though she did not necessarily believe that her purpose was to lead, she was pushed into the role of being group leader to the praise and worship team. Once secure in that position, she heard about the Bobby Jones Showcase in New Orleans. “It was January when I heard about it and the showcase was in March, but I had no CD or no single.” So instead of waiting until the following year, she sought counsel from her brother, Pastor Nichols, as to what she should do. He suggested that she follow the path that God wanted her to go. He believed that if this opportunity presented itself, then it may be the direction that He wanted her to pursue. Therefore, equipped with the information about the showcase, the confirmation from her brother and with her own belief that God dictates one’s path, she decided to attend the showcase. Attending the showcase meant that she would need to have a finished product by March, leaving only two months to complete. Her background as a Project Manager prepared her for this task. She sat down one day to lay out her plan to get the single finished with a professional cover and multiple CDs in her hand the day before she boarded a plane to New Orleans. I asked her to explain the normal amount of time to produce a single and a bonus track on a CD and she mentioned that it would take about three months. She further explains that, “everything I did towards the completion of the CD coincided with making hotel reservations, buying plane tickets and getting ready for the showcase.” Thus, she executed everything about the trip through faith, as if her footsteps were already ordered. The trip to New Orleans changed her life! Marshetta states, “I took three singers with me; Ken Brown, Brooke Carden and my niece Tonya Nichols. We checked in on time. New singers are encouraged to sit and listen to everyone else.” Listening to everyone else is exactly what they did, for hours. The program started at seven in the evening and once eleven o’clock rolled around, they would finally perform on stage. The entire program ended around twelve thirty in the morning. Even though it was late, when they were on stage, they warmed up the crowd with their first single, “My Everything.” She talks about how the audience was dancing and praising God. “Even though we were towards the end of the program, people really responded to the song because it is a very uplifting and inspirational song.” Lyrics written by Parker and the musical production written by Darnell Taylor, “My Everything” speaks about how God is everything to everyone at the same time. She discusses how “for me, he is my healer, but someone else may need Him to be something else. But the good thing about who He is, He is all that we need.” Then she sang a little of the chorus, “God is my refuge. God is my strength. Present in the time of trouble. He is my everything.” The bonus track, “Game Over,” also written by Parker and Taylor, is an upbeat song that says, “The time has come to make a change. You decide which way you want to go.” She states that the song encourages people to do what they have to do in order to get over daily trials and tribulations. Upon her return to Raleigh from the New Orleans trip, she was renewed with inspiration. She decided to attend the showcase the next year because of its positive experience. She also decided that the experience gave her a good kick start and motivation to finish the album. Soon after her return, she was invited to perform on a radio station in Sanford, May 2009. (continued page 15)

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Raleigh’s Angels V2.0 - Veronica Evans by Paige Lanier Chargois It’s God’s timing, not hers. It’s her season to revolutionize worship experiences in Judea (NC), Samaria (the USA), and the uttermost parts of the world (going international) in due time! Hailed as a “prophetic psalmist,” for Veronica Evans it was her love for worship – her thirst and hunger for the Lord – that such a calling was unleashed in her life. She has embraced what she believes is God’s divine purpose for her life! After years of singing and music ministry, a new dimension was born! A worship revolution is underway! She has continued to shape and craft worship experiences seeking to meet the great emerging need of transforming worship for many believers! What previously was a more “traditional” worship and more “performance” based music, she has endeavored to help it become encounter centered. It is that “encounter” that is revolutionizing the Sunday church service and beyond because the encounter is not as much with one another as being brought “face to face . . . one on one . . . with God,” declares Elder Veronica Evans! Age-old traditions and inadequate teaching about worship serve to cripple those who desire to be better worshipers and who seek to get more out of their worship experiences. As a prophetic psalmist, she “leaves room for the Holy Spirit to speak or sing through her . . . quote scripture . . . nothing rehearsed . . .” is the way she describes prophetic worship. Her N.O.W. (Night of Worship) services leave people questing for the spiritual qualities they not only see in her, but experience through her ministry. She is quick to speak of the sacrifice and level of surrender to the Lord required and just as quick to acknowledge that most believers are not as willing to face what they must give up to get there! “It’s a daily walk,” she declares. “It requires you to be in the Word and in the presence of God because the anointing is given in measure (of our willingness to more deeply commit ourselves to the Lord),” she continues. Most believers struggle with what they have to give up to reach new spiritual depths in the Lord. However, not enough of them consider “what they will receive in return,” says Psalmist Evans, for such diligence, determination, and discipline! Supporting such a life orientation, she quotes Matthew 16:24 . . . “Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.”

“The rewards,” she exclaims, “outweigh anything we have to lay down for Him.” She is the first to admit it is not easy since she still has to juggle being mother, wife, and even entrepreneur with her husband in their personal business. But, somehow, such anointing has enabled her to make room for every facet of God’s special blessings in her life as she continues to help lead a revolution of worship! It is not only a “calling” she shares: “It is connected with my purpose and my destiny!” To get to this level she has fasted and prayed. Both have ushered in a new season in her life after having “been planted” she says, “for 15 years in (other ministries).” Knowing she had “heard from the Lord . . . it took a leap of faith . . .” to respond to what she knew He was asking of her. “It’s a daily walk” she confesses. Her mandate is biblical . . . John 4:23-24:”Yet a time is coming and has now come

when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. 24God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth.

Amazingly, Jesus spoke such words to the woman at the well: a thirsty woman who needed to carry water to others who were just as thirsty! As it was then, so it is today in the worship revolution! Folk are indeed more thirsty today than the initial moment when Jesus pronounced how The Father wanted to be worshipped. Let the revolution continue!

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Raleigh’s Angels V2.0 - Marshetta Parker (continued) (continued from page 13) She jumped at the opportunity. Armando Hancock, a radio and television host in Sanford, allowed her, along with different artists, to perform on both stations. Victorious Praise decided to host the event, and also allow Parker to have a CD release at the same time. Performers from all over, including DC, Atlanta and the Bahamas, were in attendance. When she isn’t working at the church or on her CD, she is a wife and mother. She met her husband in 1998 and they married in 1999. They have three girls ages 9, 6 and 3 years old. Parker will be quick to say with a smile that “all her girls keep her busy.” Her CD with the first single, “My Everything” and a bonus track, “Game Over” can be purchased in the bookstore at Victorious Praise. You can also visit her website:


“NEX WORLD” Coming April 2010

For bookings contact: Antoine Michelle Management at 480.371.9557

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2009 4th Annual HP Virginia Gospel Showcase & Conference No More Contaminated Worship TCP Magazine Editor got the opportunity to participate for a second year in the HP Virginia Gospel Showcase and Conference. Under the leadership of founders Bishop Ernest Hunter and Apostle Laequinla Hunter, two days of worship and education were held at New Mount Joy Food for Living Ministries in Suffolk, Virginia. The Hunters are passionate about the sincerity of worshipping God and Apostle Hunter’s leadership in Worship permeates the contaminated worship that has become a lifestyle of entertainment. The Hunters bought in some of the most sought out professionals in the industry to pour their knowledge into the attendees. Steven Ford, Bryant Scott, Troy Sneed, James Walker, Earl Bynum, Sheilah Belle and Kevin Bond went beyond the call of duty to educate the gospel artists and music enthusiasts. Tyscot recording artist, Christopher Lewis, was one of the guest artists on Saturday night. This Conference ranks among one of the best that I have attended based upon cost, integrity and the personal feedback that the artist were able to receive. The Hunters treat you like family and operate in a spirit of excellence. A montage of pictures from the event is shown. I encourage you to visit their website at and register for their 2010 Showcase & Conference.

REGISTER NOW FOR THE 2010 HP VIRGINIA GOSPEL SHOWCASE! July 23-24, 2010 Spiritual Contamination $1,000 cash, prizes, demo deal and trophy Choirs, Ensembles, Soloists, Spoken Word, Quartets, Kingdom Kids, Praise Dancers & Vendors – Register Today Kingdom Kids and Praise Dance Showcase each with a $500 Cash Prize! Register online: Early registration ends April 1, 2010! Page 18

Phaze II Winners of the 2009 HP Virginia Gospel Showcase The numbers were trickling down and the winner had not yet been decided at the 4th Annual HP Virginia Gospel Showcase. Suddenly appearing on stage is a quartet that unexpectedly captured the crowd’s attention within seconds. The judges looked at each other in amazement. After a solid harmony, a slim young man dressed in black comes to the edge of the stage and questions the audience. After that, the quartet groove was on and a group called Phaze II that came together a year before would walk away on the following night with the $1,000 cash prize. In 2001, a group of young men excited about Christ and who loved to sing decided to start a gospel group. Glen Dunston, Tony Jenkins, Javon Johnson, Eric Moore, and Lauren Young formed Phaze II. In September of that year, the group had their first and only program. The group ended up drifting apart. In 2004 Eric Moore left for college. In 2008 he returned home from school and was eager to regroup. With Eric and Javon still around, they added new additions James Bell and Montell Hill. With these new arrivals the four of them resurrected Phaze II. They stepped out on faith singing and spreading the good news and three more members joined them; Rio Davis, Ryan Haskins, and Derrick Reese. Last year, this group who was totally souled out for Christ recorded their first project. On July 6, 2009, just prior to the HP Gospel Showcase, “Stepping Out on Faith” was completed and the group celebrated their release on August 9, 2009 with an additional $1,000 from their Showcase winnings. Ready to set the world on fire ladies and gentlemen is Phaze II.

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“How Do You Look?” © By Adrienne Miller I have seen quite a few ads for gym memberships and fitness equipment now that it’s the New Year. I am all for getting into shape; right now I want to concentrate on staying there! None of us can accurately predict what our life will be in 2010. But through our own actions we can predict with some certainty how it will be. Life frequently reflects the result of one bad choice, and sadly, not the culmination of the whole. Life requires us to be vigorous and strong. That is for those that are living and not just existing. We are going to fail in the endeavor of being strong, not just this year, but every day, if we are trying to do it all in our own strength. We can determine to have strength and courage, and even prepare ourselves physically. But apart from God, we can never look or be spiritually strong. Staying strong with God yields more lasting bulk than the leanness one can acquire from dieting; which can easily yield to the result of a super-sized meal. Not to say life’s problems can’t look not only giant in the rearview mirror as they approach, but take up a seat in our car once they arrive; causing us to forget all the strength we have acquired with God. How do I look…spiritually? I’ll be asking God this everyday, and in the years to come. I’ll depend on Him to tell me, and I will look to Him and His word to build me. Not physically, necessarily, but spiritually. Because when the physical muscle fades, I will be depending on Him for the spiritual muscle He has built in me, to carry me through. By the way…how do you look? © 2010 A. Miller Reproduction, distribution or reprint of this article is prohibited without express written permission of the author, A. Miller. Adrienne is President/Founder of Share His Light® Ministries and Founder of Life’s Food For Adrienne is the author of three books. She travels worldwide preaching, teaching, and sharing the message of holiness. And that God wants to have a personal relationship with all of us. Visit her on the web: www. and Contact her:

Join Adrienne Miller at the Human Trafficking Awareness Conference For Pastors, church leaders, and other interested individuals. Thursday, February 18, 2010 8:30 am Registration/Check-in.Snack Breakfast 9:00-12:00 Track One-Introduction to Human Trafficking 12:00 Lunch-Q and A 1:00-4:30 pm Track Two-Introduction to Sex Trafficking/Combating Sex Trafficking Lunch will be served. Certificate will be given to all participants. $25.00. Facilitator: Lisa Thompson , Salvation Army, National Headquarters Sponsored by Shout!2Stop Trafficking and Jubilee Fellowship. Conference Address: Korean First Baptist Church 8905 Ray Road Raleigh , NC 27613 919.961.8859 To register or for more information: contact Adrienne Miller, 919.846.6773

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TCP Magazine - Winter 2009 Edition  
TCP Magazine - Winter 2009 Edition  

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