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Who Would Have Known…… It started with a vision that was beyond our personal dreams. I had no idea but my husband could see it plainer that I could. However, when that we met obstacles and blessings, but the blessings prevailed. I was Kingdom and learn everything that I could from missed opportunities. emphasized it whenever I could. It was my aim to save others from our co-pilot, we maneuvered the storms up to the time when Godly journey. Our first year started with enthusiasm and we ran at bring the right people together, elevate them and to nudge them forward and wait for the fire Grammy nominations, careers that have The attempt to unite ministries was ferent ministries and clients together them but for key players within the powerful women who were able to ships were formed that were Four years ago, a family tragalong enjoying life and hitting treated the experience as a questioning Him, I asked God could turn this experience to share the testimony and daughters who were hiding When we started, our audievery agenda. Online flip and laptops were a luxury. In we have entered into an era “Jesus Is Soon To Come”. Unadjust and keep up with techzines have gone to print only, remained in print and added an have embraced social media and to Europe and beyond. We became an award winning publiMedia of the Year Awards, a Crystal Mic of the Year, Community Involvement Award nominated for a Rhythm of Gospel Award. featuring Pastor Shirley Caesar was featured as an innovative design using video elements The emblem on this page replicates the covers of TCP seven years. Each cover was designed with a certain genius of Denver Wright came the WOW factor. No man dedication of writers, photographers, designers, spouses, direction, there would be no TCP Magazine. Pray with us as we the introduction of TCP BIZ and as we continue to build relation-

that we could accomplish such a task as publishing a magazine, adrenalin kicked in, nothing seemed impossible. Each step forward, totally committed to endure, to help my fellow man, to enhance the From past mistakes, I held on to the slogan, “Don’t Alter The Vision” and falling into traps and making the same mistakes that I did. With God as people were placed in our path. Begin with me as I share highlights of the a rapid pace. True to our name, The Connection Place, every effort was made to wait for reciprocate. We continued to extend our arms to those who had potential, to ignite. It was such a joy to see those gospel artists who have excelled to Stellar and expanded and dreams that have launched. realized in 2006 with the formation of 8 Round. We brought together difto cross promote their businesses. It wasn’t enough for us to know faith-based community to unite. The effort brought together some fulfill some of their needs within the circle. Lasting relationtruly God ordained. edy struck from out of nowhere. Imagine driving a bump in the road that throws you off track. I way that God needed my attention. Instead of to show me what I needed to do and how we into helping others. Doors opened for me healing commenced for mothers and behind masks. ence didn’t rely on cell phones for magazines were extremely rare the short span of seven years, when saints are really saying, til He returns, we will have to nology. While other magawe have persevered and online version as well. We have expanded our reach cation with three Print Finalist, Business Person and we are currently Our Summer 2006 cover by Digital Juice Software to create print graphics. Magazine over the past theme and with the creative is an island and without the supporters like you and Godly embark into a new season with ships to bridge the gap.

Peggy Tatum, Publisher TCP Magazine

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Christian Jukebox Top Ten Rev. Arvetra Jones, Jr. Top Ten 1. Bishop Michael Blue and the Voices of Hope Sanctuary Choir – Breakthrough 2. XCEL – Woe Be Unto You 3. The Nevel Sisters – Company 4. Donald Ashley & Millennium – Favour 5. Gaye Arbuckle – Totally Committed 6. The Wilmington Chester Mass Choir – All Hail King Jesus 7. Pastor H. E. Dixon & Truth Tabernacle – Another Yes Lord 8. Michael M. Smith – Bigger Than I Imagined 9. Kenny Smith – Perfect Place 10. Teen Pure-In-Heart – Where Would I Be

1. Mike Trotter Jr – Shift 2. Carmen Calhoun - The Gift 3. Angela Bryant-Brown - Mary, Did You Know? 4. Byron Cage - I Give You Praise 5. Mary Mary – Walking 6. Tye Tribbett – Champion 7. DeWayne Harvey & the Greater Blessings Whose Report 8. Stephanie – Victory 9. Nu Tradition - Thou Art Worthy 10. Kevin LeVar & One Sound - A Heart That For-

Reach Records’ Last Night of the Unashamed – The Movement Tour by Monica Michelle

Reach Records exploded the last night of the Unashamed – The Movement Tour on Friday, November 19, in high style and with a blast! The press conference started at 3pm. The renowned groups, Pro, Tedashii, Sho Baraka, TripLee, and LeCrae made rounds to each of the media representatives which included Holla Back TV, SteelRoots, DJ PDogg with Rhythm & Praise Party, Pastor Frank, Lil Preacha with Da TakeOVA, and Monica Michelle with Michelle Minutes. In the background, the sound checks could be heard with Nate the Drummer as the vendors set up in the arena. At 4pm, the line started to form outside as DJ PDogg started spinning some tracks. To mark the occasion, Art Hooker was on assignment to film documentary footage. Once the last group picture was taken for all those that have worked together on this tour, the rush of the crowd filled the room as the doors opened at 6pm. Pumping the already excited record breaking crowd even further, at 7pm, a thunderous prayer and words were heard from the two pastors that joined together to make this happen: Pastor James T. Roberson III from Church on the Rock Raleigh and Pastor Jerome Gay Jr. from Vision Church. The guys stepped out and totally commanded the stage as they shared Christ with excellent transitions. Each delivered the music that God gave them at 100%. Through their life impacting songs, over 5000 people from newborns to older adults watched and participated with thunderous applause and praise. Truly a life changing impactful night to remember that left the crowd wanting more and eagerly awaiting the next Unashamed – The Movement Tour.

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YOUNG SAINT AND ISRAEL: MUSICAL MISSIONARIES Incorporating the Word of God into Song in Today’s World

Two men… One mission… Meet Israel, a thirty-seven year old minister through song with a thirst to change the world because the old world he once knew changed for him. Now meet Young Saint, a twenty-one year old who exhibits himself beyond his years. He too is a minister through music who uses the style of rap to tell life changing stories. He encourages young people to embrace Jesus Christ and live by His example. Separately, each man is they are called L.I.F.E. urges Christians to live background), to posiGod… and they do this

a favored artist, but together, along with a group of other artists, STYLE, which stands for Living in Faith Eternally. The group a life like Christ, to show compassion for others (no matter their tively impact someone else’s life, and to build the kingdom of through incorporating the Word of God into lyrics and song.

Although Israel’s story crowd when he was of crimes and going to but I wanted to blend in ated, he sought Jesus to take the reigns for that pressured him to do things fell into place. were given to me in

has a statistical beginning of hanging around a destructive younger, only to follow into a negative path of committing series prison, he eventually changed. “[At 15], I didn’t know who I was, with everyone. So, I lost my identity.” However, while incarcerChrist and through those teachings, Israel decided to allow God his life. No longer did he want to be a part of a vicious cycle things that were unfavorable to God. “Once I accepted Christ, God placed within me the songs to my album. Although they 1998, they are still relevant today.”

His first album, HE IS what your age/Or what Jesus Christ. The inspicurred while noticing the around male prisoners. “Very provocatively,” he wanted to help women and men have a standard choosing mates] and to show women that they like that [to get a good man].” To hear the entire The other rapper, Young Saint, grew up with a listened to his father’s musical collection, which included LL Cool J ciation for beats and writing songs. Currently, Young Saint is workWAY before his six-month deployment to Afghanistan, that begins in different paths and different shoes,” he begins, “but there is only one kingdom of God.” He will release his album after he returns home. breakout songs on the album states that I’m rooted/I’m planted in the never losing/Never concerned about what the haters doing/I keep my I’m pursuing.

REAL boasts the favorite song, “Real Woman”… No matter you look like/A woman is not a woman/Until she lives with ration for the song ocway women dressed remembers, “and I for themselves [in don’t have to dress song, log onto www. love for sounds. He and gained an appreing on his album ONE January. “We all have way to make it to the “I’m Rooted”, one of word of God/I ain’t mind focused on what

With an album on the way and one already completed, these young artists are on the move! They have already sparked the excitement of audiences ranging from young children to elders. Their lyrics are catchy and educational, while their stage presence is memorable. They’ve had performances stretching from the ends of North Carolina to ends of the country, including Florida and California. If you are interested in having them perform at your event or interested in supporting their events, please log onto or In addition, if you are interested in connecting with Young Saint, he can be emailed at Israel can be emailed at Contact her at or April Mial is the president of Lilac Films, specializing in music videos, video production and making movies. She is the author of “Out on a Limb…and Standing”, which discusses how past experiences can positively impact the future. The book is available at Barnes and April is also the president of the NC Triad of NABFEME (The National Association of Black Female Executives in Music and Entertainment). She can be reached at

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Living it Out

By Adrienne Miller Founder, Life’s Food For Thought sm © Founder/President, Share His Light ® Ministries, Shout!2 Stop Traffickingsm

I am surprised by life sometimes. Not in the direction I’m going, but the longer I stay here it’s the things that happen in this world that often startle me. Life has a way of bring the blows upon us even when we ourselves are not to blame. I think we’ve seen that a lot lately with all of the constant economic drama. The good guys don’t seem to be winning right now. My well placed trust in God is getting me farther then in my hope and good thoughts in the powers that be. Being a fan of action and adventure I love a good “cliff hanger” or “dangling rope episode.” For the most part, the good guy usually does come out on top. Lately, I’ve been wondering how bad it would be to just let go of the rope. If you know where you’re going to land, it’s ok. But taking the chance there is no safety net or arms to catch us can really test our faith. I wonder how many times in my life I should have just let go of the rope. Resign myself not to defeat, but to turning my attention to the One God; trusting and knowing He has my present in hand with a thought and plan for my future. Letting go can bring us freedom if we can be secure in a better plan. Sometimes we don’t know if that plan exists, or is even available to us. Jesus, God’s Son, provided that better plan. Death has no hold on us when we have given our life to Him, trusting in Him as our Savior. Waiting and living it out can take more courage, anyone can let go of the rope! But God can give us the wisdom to know when to hold on and when to let it go! And, when we do let go, He will be there to catch us, hold us, or deliver us—whatever He thinks is best for us. If we trust in Him we need to let Him fill our order with His answer and not our preferences. Recognizing God’s will for our lives will not only help keep us from troubles but build our faith. Not in the assurance of what we can accomplish if we only try, but in what God can make happen in our lives when we choose to give Him our time, attention, and troubles. © 2009-2011 A. Miller Reproduction, distribution or reprint of this article is prohibited without express written permission of the author, A. Miller. Adrienne is President/Founder of Share His Light® Ministries and Founder of Life’s Food For Adrienne is the author of three books. She travels worldwide preaching, teaching, and sharing the message of holiness. And that God wants to have a personal relationship with all of us. Visit her on the web: and Contact her:

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7th Anniversary Edition of TCP Magazine

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