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I remember Gladys Knight as a girl and her brother Bubba. Gladys has aged so gracefully and I am honored to have her grace the cover of TCP presenting her new release, “Where My Heart Belongs”. Experience her spiritual journey and accompany it with a download. Have you ever done anything, looked back and it was all a blur? You wondered, how did I do that? Well if you remove the “I” you can probably figure it out. Such is the case with the 25 cities “we” visited in 7 weeks on the TCP Magazine Hometown Hero Tour in conjunction with WIDU Radio in Fayetteville Vision Tour. Yes another great year of traveling with my WIDU partners via the interstate, over the river and through the woods. We found some jewels in the community and in this issue of the magazine we introduce them to you. Thanks to Wes and Sandy Cookman, owners of WIDU, for this partnership and our Kingdom Coordinators for hosting the gatherings so we could just come in, make our presentations, enjoy the food, make new connections, fellowship and return home. We have lots of pictures that are posted to our Hometown Heroes Facebook page so check it out and join us next year. I proudly introduce to you 27 Hometown Heroes who are making a measurable difference in their communities. Peggy Tatum, Publisher

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Contents 5 – Editorial 6-19 Introducing 2014 Hometown Heroes 20 – Gladys Knight - Legendary Singer Returns to Gospel Roots With New Project 23 – Juliette Alston leads Global Economic Empowerment Engine GE3 32 TCP Magazine 11th Anniversary Volume 03, Issue 8 The Connection Place, Inc. 181-104 Wind Chime Court Raleigh, NC 27615 919-796-4724

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God placed certain people on this earth to care for the sick, ailing and those in their final season of life. Without the love of caregivers, those people are helpless and their final days do not mirror their life’s beginning when everybody was excited at their arrival. Geneva Hodges spends her days making each day a little easier for those waiting for God to reach out his hand as they cross over. Even though she acts tough on the outside and carries a shield, Geneva is a silent advocate for those in need. Her acts of kindness run under the radar unknown unnoticed.

Pastor McDonald is our South Carolina Hometown Hero. She has been the pastor of Church of God for All People for 13 years. She has a strong will and demands that every kingdom assignment should be done in excellence. Conforming to things that are not of God is totally unacceptable in her sight. With eight children, Pastor McDonald knew that to be an example, the love of God had to show in family first. The example of not being overburdened with debt was fulfilled with paying off the church mortgage and purchasing additional land. The church started an organization called Giving Back to the Community which helps to feed the hungry and provide gifts when needed. Page 6

Pastor Jones has a heart to serve and in the rural areas of Sampson County there is much that needs to be done. Her desire to make improvements in the community is effective through her one on one ministry on the streets or in the homes of those in need. Her contributions are done in obscurity for she is looking for her payday in eternity. Pastor Jones not only brings church to those in need but she also provides transportation to the fallen. She has been pastoring outside the four walls of the church with plans to have a physical location by December.

Pastor Glass is a well-traveled preacher, gospel recording artist and humanitarian. This matriarch understands the importance of keeping family together and through her ministry at Cornerstone Church she has become an instrumental leader within the four walls of the church as well as the community of Danville. The Food Give-Away Ministry at the Cornerstone Church donates more than 100 pounds of food each month to help those less fortunate. Their annual Community Day provides free cooked food, clothing, household items, health care screenings, a blood drive, live entertainment and a Kids Zone.

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Lt. Rowland is the Executive Director of the Dunn Police Athletic League. The basic mission of PAL is to offer youth of Dunn and the surrounding area a viable alternative to the temptations of street life, which can lead to a life of crime, alcoholism, drugs, vandalism, delinquency and gangs. PAL keeps young men and women active, interested and busy through its supervised/multifaceted programs geared to develop leadership traits and build good citizens for tomorrow. PAL is dedicated to instilling in youth a value system that recognizes the need to respect and protect human rights and to uphold and obey the laws of our city, state and nation.

Bull City Outreach Ministries operates 98% of the time on the streets. Pastor Shuff and wife Angie work with prostitutes, pimps, gang members, drug addicts, drug dealers, alcoholics, homeless, etc. totally off of donations from individuals, businesses and churches. They attempt to reach people for Christ through feeding them on the streets, feeding families while relatives are in jail, or when family members are out on the streets high on drugs or prostituting themselves. “We attempt to reach people for Christ when they are thirsty on hot days using water and sodas. We have brought people into our home and cared for them, attempting to teach them the Word of God, life skills, and the proper way to live.� BCOM provides clothing, monies for medications and transportation. Their van travels on average 300-400 miles a week without ever leaving the city of Durham. Page 8

The loss of her sight in 2000 did not take away Rosa LeSane’s joy. This Elizabethtown resident has been a beacon of light for the community. Her love for WBLA and WIDU offers her an opportunity to volunteer and help promote events. She has missed only one WIDU Anniversary since inception. Rosa is a former Girl Scout leader whose troop reigned in cookie sales for their district. She birthed five children but at one time, there were 15 heads in their home. Rosa loves kids and she made them excel. She was often mistaken as a paid employee at school.

Dr. Greene is President and Chancellor of Christian Outreach Bible Institute. She is involved with feeding the hungry, ministering to ex-drug addicts and alcoholics. Dr. Greene’s ministry collaborates with local agencies and the Police Department. At the VA Hospital she worked as a Chaplain providing Pastoral Care to substance abuse out-patients. Her non-profit, Christian Outreach Ministries Everyday, (C.O.M.E.) ministers to chemical and substance abuse clients in the downtown Fayetteville area by providing counseling, food, clothing and (as funds permit) clothes washing facilities to those in need. Every year Dr. Greene provides a free dinner for Thanksgiving and Christmas. She always provides gifts to those who attend. Page 9

“What makes Enlighten The World Ministries unique is that we are a mobile food pantry. People who find themselves in need of food, usually don’t have the money for gas to go get food, and many don’t have a car. With our Mobile Crisis Center, we go into communities, open our doors and distribute food and clothing. Currently, we are averaging feeding and clothing 850 people per month at four locations in Sampson and Duplin Counties.” In addition to being a mobile food pantry and clothes closet, Enlighten The World also partners with the American Red Cross to respond to local disasters such as home fires, floods and storms.

Bishop Williams started early in his ministry learning everything he could to become the leader he is today. Presiding over the Western Assembly Disciples of Christ has afforded him the opportunity to mentor numerous pastors and lay members. As Editor of TCP Magazine, I wanted to especially recognize him for being an influence and mainstay in my Christian life. His establishment of the Christian Youth Fellowship gave me the opportunity to learn how to speak in public on various topics when I was a teen and afforded additional opportunities for my family. Even though he has numerous accomplishments on his own, I prefer to honor him for contributing to who I am today.

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Once possessed by the need for drugs, James sought help from the original Malachi House formed by Bishop Otis Lockett, Sr. and became a success story. As Executive Director of Malachi House II, James Speight knows the life of his participants. He has championed the call to continue providing men with the opportunity to live a life free from life-controlling addictions and has emerged Malachi House II as a program with the mission to restore men back to their rightful place in their families and communities. Results from Malachi House II far exceed the national average.

Dreams of going to Paris after graduating from NC A&T University faded after returning home to Greenville. Seeing the need for latchkey children to have a safe environment after school, Renee Arrington formed The Little Willie Center named after a neighborhood child who hung out at her parent’s restaurant after school. For twenty years The Center has been providing academic tutoring, life skills and plenty of home cooked meals to over 40 kids each year from ages 3-17. Operating on a shoe string budget, Evangelist Arrington relies on her son Marvin Jr. and the community for support.

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Even though a Pastor, she is comfortable with being just Deborah. She is a consummate giver not looking to receive anything except the GRATIFICATION of knowing that she has  helped someone and also knowing that she has done the will of the one who sent her. Deborah states, “I think that heroes turn from their agenda to help encourage and stir up the gift inside of whomever they are trying to help! My greatest desire is to see someone get off the streets, and realize that they can become a productive citizen, one who is not after receiving hand-outs, but simply need a hand-up, then has the mind to pay it forward.�

If you are ever looking for anyone to be in your corner, look no farther than Evangelist Davis. WIDU Sales Rep, Wesley Johnson was so excited about the Hometown Heroes for Laurinburg he was like a kid in the candy store trying to decide what to buy. He assured me that there were two equally yoked candidates in town. Evangelist Davis loves her community and is committed to Scotland County. Her energy brings excitement to those who are in her midst. She lives to serve and to share the gospel. She is a vital member of any team that she is involved with and always gives her best.

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Mary is just elated about her selection as a Hometown Hero. She has adopted the vision of WIDU as being informative, inspirational, knowledge based and issue driven. She wants to empower the people of God to be all they can be – good citizens and Christians of the community. She accomplishes that via radio on Wake Up Scotland County as a facilitator. Her civic responsibilities include Co-Chair of the City of Laurinburg Crime Drug & Violence Commission and a member of the Democratic Women of Scotland County. Mary is definitely in the right place to make a change in her community. She is a member of Multitude Church in Scotland County.

Through Women Uplifting Women, Men on the MOVE and the Parkview Teen Club, Lorie Washington has boldly tackled her community amongst naysayers. She listens and hears the needs of the community and takes action with no respective person. For the youth, issues such as violence, gangs, teen pregnancy prevention are addressed through films, discussion groups, skits or plays she has written. She keeps the line of communication open between parents and their children. She addresses living standards, responsibility and accountability from the whole family perspective. Lori is a true Warrior and will let nothing stop her from changing lives that the Devil has corrupted.

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“May the work I’ve done speak for me.” I didn’t get the opportunity to meet Martha Beatty. God called her home 5 days before Christmas last year at the age of 57. Before she left this earth, she left a foot print of her work in Raeford feeding the hungry through the North Carolina Coalition Against Homelessness. I was told that when you saw Martha, she always had a pen and pad. Her tireless work for her community led to the recommendation to the City of Raeford to rename Robbin Heights Park in her honor.

As pastor of Transformation Christian Church, Pastor Barnwell has opened his doors to those rejected by others. Walk inside his church and you will see an assortment of the population. He solicits anyone with issues – the drug addicts, prostitutes, gang members, fornicators, etc. Yes, the same sinners that Jesus sought out. His hook is one hour services; we will feed you and send you home with clothes. This strategy has pushed services to three times on Sunday, increased Bible Study and the need to find a new location. This young pastor/musician encourages entrepreneurship among his congregation and the best is yet to come.

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As pastor, Dr. Walker has labored to build a community of excellence for over 40 years. TV and radio ministries, a day care center, a tutorial program, ministerial training and a non-profit corporation called the EBC “ATOM” Project, Inc., a program aimed at improving the quality of life for lower and middle-income citizens are all part of the Ebenezer Baptist Church Family. In addition, he is a gospel recording artist. His well-known hit “One Day At A Time,” continues to inspire the hearts of many across the nation. His bout with prostate cancer in 1996 led him to champion the cause by educating his brethren. His shocking discoveries led him to write, “Brother To Brother--You Don’t Have To Die Of Prostate Cancer.” Dr. Walker has also been an inspiration by showing his everlasting love for his wife, Joyce and being a caregiver until she was called home.

The Nation of Big Brothers is a comprised body of men in the community, who has the compassion to lead and guide young men ages 9 - 24. Their mission is to “Reach One Teach One”. Their objective is to SEEK to restore honor, dignity and respect in the lives of young men, SERVE our youth by providing positive influence through motivational programs and SAVE them from a path of self-destruction. Their daily task is to reach out to young men through door-to-door home visitation who are facing challenges. The N.O.B.B. provides oneon-one support in hope to help change the lives of young men to become productive citizens. Page 15

The first time I took a good look at the homeless was through the legally blind eyes of Vandolyn Bradley and an email that caught my attention. She had rallied her troops and was coming to Raleigh’s Moore Square with a truck full of coats she had collected. My daughter and I joined her and contributed about 10 coats. The up close experience of my brethren in that freezing weather was forever etched in my mind. Vandolyn’s passion to impact lives and make a difference through Da’ Jesus Factory and Women On The Move for P.E.A.C.E. Outreach Ministries certainly places her as a Hometown Hero reaching out to other communities.

Samuel McAllister retired to North Carolina but still has strong ties to Connecticut. He is a family man and is evidenced by the comfort of having his lovely wife Sylvia by his side and not letting outside activity interfere with family time. He is among the spry 80+ club. His strong faith in God and treating people the way you expect to be treated are traditions that have faded. His involvement in government in St. Pauls allows him to be a mouthpiece for the community effecting change. His wisdom has reinforced the challenge of a young pastor to consider him his Hero.

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Wanda Davis’ sweet spirit must be the catalyst that gets results. She is focused on what she wants to accomplish and doesn’t have time to play games. She loves living in Whiteville and has found the right opportunities to make a difference. By supporting other organizations she strategically places herself in a position to have a voice and be respected by her peers. Her commitment to her church, job, family and community is impeccable. Wanda is not interested in talking about it or being acknowledged for getting it done. Her satisfaction lies in ‘It’s Done. Let’s Move On to the Next’.

Atiba founded The OOPS Foundation in January 2014 to fully follow his passion of assisting the community. We’ve all had OOPS in our lives & the Foundation was started to give & educate the community that our OOPS is not the final chapter. Programs include GED, Dress for Success, Social Media Etiquette, Couponing Classes, etc. OOPS pays for short term college training & assists with tutoring & mentoring. Atiba also serves as Chairman of the Commission on African American History, NAACP Executive Board, Parks & Recreation Committee, Blue Ribbon Commission, & a member of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church and Hanover Lodge #14.

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Homelessness affects all of us in some way and it happens at our own back doors! 65% of the homeless population consists of women with 2-3 children and they are the fastest growing group among the homeless in the U.S.! Pathways for Life Project “UP!”, a 501c3 charitable organization, is a training and empowerment platform for homeless women with children to help them regain their self-worth and to rebuild a productive lifestyle for themselves and their children. Mother Mildred T. Hash is the 2014 YWCA Women of Vision Lifetime Achievement Recipient for Humanitarian Services. The Mildred T. Hash Torch Award Sponsorships support local shelters that specifically service women with children.

A servant at heart, “Deacon Bobby” is always the first face you see when you drive up to church. He’s never lost for words and never short on time. That makes him a good candidate for the Nursing Home Ministry. Being able to entertain and bring joy to the faces of those confined to the facility isn’t for everyone. His skills as a truck driver also extend to his transportation ministry. He takes the wheel and chauffeurs for his church, friends, the elderly and disabled whenever needed. Deacon Bobby does it all for the joy of helping his fellow man. Page 18

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Gladys Knight Legend returns to Gospel roots with new project.

She rode her ‘Midnight Train to Georgia’ and all the way to the top of the charts. She drove fans crazy with ‘Love Overboard’ and a slew of hits spanning more than five decades. Now, the Empress of Soul is taking it back to what stirred her soul from the startgospel music.

Gladys Knight’s latest release is a gospel album entitled “Where My Heart Belongs.” The legenda 11-track project as a solid mix of contemporary and traditional gospel, including tracks “Always” a album with a purpose.

“My desire for this album is to motivate and serve as an introduction to Christ,” said Knight. “I vivi my life when I felt lost, as if something was missing. I was desperately seeking answers and when I learned that it was Jesus Christ. He gave me this gift and out of obedience, I want to give Him back

Known for her chart-topping pop and R&B hits, and her family affair with the Pips, the Georgia-born s ing her to Christ through music. “My mother reassured me at a young age that my music was a gift share it freely for His glory,” said Knight.

Influenced by her late son Jimmy Newman, Knight joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day to seek the Lord. We had been searching for the best of the Lord, the most of the Lord,” she reca Magazine. “My son Jimmy and his wife were the first to join the Church, after his best friend shared hi joined the Church. I watched their lives grow, and to see how my grandchildren were being raised a me.”

Newman would baptize his mother that year. “I feel so blessed because my son held the priesthood a me,” she continued in that interview. “It is such a precious thing to me. I was overjoyed.”

Knight has created and directs the Las Vegas-based Saints Unified Voices Choir. The multicultural g made up of 100 volunteer singers for Christ, has recorded several albums, including a Grammy-Aw freshman album, One Voice. Under Knight’s direction, SUV has been credited with adding cultural and “umph” to the Mormon Church. The choir members are here because of their testimonies and the to serve the Lord,” she told LDS Magazine. “They’re not perfect, but they’ve got the vision and unde of our calling as a missionary effort, and they are dedicated to the work. Our congregations are fille growing diversity of people from different races and cultures. I look forward to the day when we embra music without feeling uncomfortable.”

In Knight’s latest project, listeners can expect both soothing, meditational songs and uplifting, upbea Standout tracks include “Just Look Up” and the God-directed musical prayer, “I Need You”. Knight b listeners will also enjoy memorable tracks including, “Midst Of The Rain”, “There Is A Green Hill Far and “Were You There.”

She’s gone from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame to a star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She’s dazzle Grammy stages and on “Dancing With the Stars.” There’s very little this iconic American singer hasn But through “Where My Heart Belongs” Knight proves that as long as you stay true to the Lord, an you come from, you will never be led astray. “My faith was formed because of her (mother) and throug journey of life, my faith has strengthened because I know that Jesus covers me through it all.” written by Nicole Carr Page 20

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GE3 - The Global Economic Entreprenuer Engine “Our goal is to raise the economic level of this community thru entrepreneurship. It was Napolean Hill who said, if you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way”. GE3 has been busy for the last few months focusing its efforts in Kabale, Uganda, a rural market town that borders Rwanda, with a population of roughly forty thousand people. Through the efforts of GE3, and our partners, twentyeight businesses have either been started or expanded.

Juliette Alston

The first and perhaps most obvious factor affecting entrepreneurship in developing countries is the lack of capital and financial innovation. Many people in developing countries have limited personal savings and lack the necessary capital to start their own business.

Not only has GE3 provided the funding for these entrepreneurs to move forward in their businesses, but GE3 is helping them to develop the mindset of a business owner by facilitating programs to support training in “running a business”. GE3 strives to ensure that entrepreneurs obtain holistic economic development resources and in order to accomplish this, it is vital that external partnerships opportunities abound for those interested in connecting with our mission. Entrepreneur Recruitment Prayerfully help us reach under privileged entrepreneurs who are: • Currently in business or seriously interested in starting a business and in need of financial assistance • Willing to complete the application process (which includes the application and an interview) • Committed to receiving business training • Willing to provide feedback and complete progress reports We assist all types of service and product based businesses. GE3 is not restricted to a particular church denomination and strives to work across denominational affiliations to strengthen the Church. Entrepreneurs do not have to be affiliated with any church. It is GE3’s mission to meet the needs of the whole person. If you share in this vision, we ask that you prayerfully consider supporting our efforts by: • Committing to be a one-time or monthly partner • Volunteer your time to assist a small business through training and counseling • Donate services or products in support of our fundraising efforts If you are willing to support us in our efforts to raise the economic level of communities all over the world, please contact us at Page 23

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TCP Magazine Fall 2014

TCP Magazine Fall 2014  

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