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Volume 32 Number 3


Official Publication of the Texas Choral Directors Association

Fall 2015


Lynne Gackle College/Community

Thomas Rinn High School

Billy Talley Past President

Connie Horton Middle School/Junior High

Michele Hobizal Elementary

Kari Gilbertson President

Sharon Lutz Executive Director Joshua Taylor Church

Leigh Ann McClure Secretary/Treasurer

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TEXAS SINGS! Texas Choral Directors Association

2015-2016 Officers: President Kari Gilbertson, Garland Past President Billy Talley, Amarillo College/Community Vice President Lynne Gackle, Waco High School Vice President Thomas Rinn, Fort Worth

Volume 32 • Number 3

Fall 2015

TABLE OF CONTENTS You are Smart. You are Important. You are “Karl” 2 by Kari Gilbertson, President Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen ..................................... page 3 by Billy Talley, Past President 2015 TCDA Student Scholarship Recipients ........................... page 4 2015 TCDA Awards ....................................................pages 5 and 8 2015 TCDA Convention .................................................... pages 6-7

Middle School/Junior High Vice President Connie Horton, Spring Elementary Vice President Michele Hobizal, Katy Church Vice President Joshua Taylor, Dallas Secretary/Treasurer Leigh Ann McClure, Keller

In Memoriam ......................................................................... page 8 The Nerdiest Choir Teacher .................................................... page 9 by Ren Robertson Financial Report ................................................................... page 10 Advertising • Sponsorship • Support .................................... page 11 The Suggestion Box ............................................................ page 12 by Sharon Lutz

Executive Director Sharon Lutz, Austin

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TCDA is an affiliate of ACDA. TEXAS SINGS! • Fall 2015

Celebrating 60 Years


President’s Letter by Kari Gilbertson

You are Smart. You are Important. You are “Karl” The 60th Anniversary TCDA Convention was remarkable, wasn’t it? Thank you to Past President Billy Talley, the TCDA Board and staff, the volunteers, and the clinicians, conductors, and committees, for their hard work and planning. It was such an amazing event! From the Soiree to the sessions, to the Honor Choir and the Business Meeting and Anniversary Celebration, it was a mountaintop experience. Bravo to all of you! Whether you’ve taught for a few months, or for 25 years, we’ve all had “Mountaintop Moments” in our careers. These moments can define us and give us hope, and even get us out of bed after a sixteen-hour day. Being elected President of TCDA is certainly one of my mountaintop moments. I’m humbled and honored to serve in this capacity as TCDA moves forward to future adventures while continuing to honor the greatness of its past. Our fall meeting was full of ideas for new and exciting challenges and opportunities and I cannot wait to share some of them with you. Let’s climb every mountain! Less encouraging are the valleys of teaching. We’ve all had them. Those humbling moments that can slap you back into reality. Let me tell you about one of mine. Over a decade ago, I was feeling pretty good about myself. I was the Teacher of the Year for my campus and my district, I was on the school instructional team and finding my stride in the world of Texas choirs. Confidently, I went to pick up my school ID badge. And there it was, my identification for the year: KARL GILBERTSON. After a few seconds of humility came the profound realization that the world may not be as impressed with me as I sometimes am with myself. The badge reminded me of what my grandmother


used to say, “Don’t get too big for your britches.” In fact, I still wear it behind my current school badge. It is my “Badge of Humility” and a daily reminder to focus on what is important—my students, my choirs, my relationships! That badge reminds me to invest my time in teaching what is important. Our friend, Dianna Jarvis, says it best: “Are you spending time or are you investing time?” Planning, liturgical calendars, and objectives are important. So are concerts. But is it more important that your choir can sing the Bach B minor Mass on your first concert, or is it more important that your choirs fully understand your procedures, good rehearsal practices, foundational musical skills, and maybe even your purpose for sharing music with each other and the world? Let’s face it, we need confidence and a certain amount of bravado to do what we do. So, believe that you are important! Sometimes we feel like our choirs, administrations, congregations, and certainly our paychecks, don’t reflect the right amount of appreciation. You may want to read The Courage to Teach by Parker Palmer. One of my favorite quotations is, “As I teach, I project the condition of my soul onto my students, my subject, and our way of being together.” If I value what I teach and project the importance of singing and making music together to make for a better world and community, surely that is worth any extrinsic reward the world has to offer. For me, TCDA is a place where those missions and goals are echoed and portrayed in its members across this great state every year. TCDA reminds me that I am important, what I teach is important, and that I am part of something important. Best wishes to all of you as you move further into your annual choral adventures. Stay humble…but keep climbing those mountains! I look forward to seeing you at our July 21-24, 2016 convention.

Celebrating 60 Years

So, believe that you are important!

TEXAS SINGS! • Fall 2015

Past President’s Letter by Billy Talley

Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen By the time you receive this edition of Texas Sings!, the school year will be well underway. The honeymoon period has ended and reality is setting in. It was so easy at the beginning of the semester to put a positive spin on your situation. When asked about how things were going, you could say “It’s going really well. We are going to have a great year!” Can you still say that? By now you know who your challenging students are. The irritations are starting to become infections and may even threaten the health of your entire program. In addition, you are battling issues outside of the choir room that gnaw at you constantly. You are dealing with apathetic parents, unsupportive administrators, and a community that never seems to understand the importance of music. It would be easy to simply throw up your hands and say, “Why bother?” I have certainly felt that way many times over the years. I have gone through periods where I could not seem to shake myself out of my pity party. And I have not been a very effective teacher during those times.

This is when I have to remind myself that every student who comes into my room deserves the very best I have to offer. It may take special effort, but I have to find something positive and beautiful in every rehearsal. I have to put aside my personal feelings so I can be a bright spot in the lives of my students. No matter what the talent level of the group, no matter what the socio-economic level, no matter what the administration is doing to derail my program, I have to be determined to make great music in every class. And the same is true for you. You are the defining element in your room every day. In your hands is the power to enhance the lives of your students through the music we make. Choose to overcome the obstacles. Choose to be the best part of your students’ day.

We offer our sincere appreciation to our Convention Exhibitors, Advertisers and Sponsors. We value your support. A special thanks to our many dedicated and hard working volunteers. YOU make our convention a great success. There were over 600 industry-related booths in the Exhibit Hall at the 2015 TCDA Convention this summer. TEXAS TEXAS SINGS! SINGS! • Fall • Fall 2015 2015

Celebrating Celebrating60 Years 60Years



2015 TCDA Student Scholarship Recipients

President Billy Talley, Daniel Bryson, Chris Jorns, Susan Anderson, Natalie Manning, Kelsey Hohnstein, Emily Premont, Lorissa Mason, Past President Jeff Rice. (Not pictured: Obinna Okechukwu, Kelley Poché-Rodriguez, Ryan Rogers, Kevin Tarpley.)

Congratulations to these scholarship recipients: Susan Anderson, Texas State University – Natalie Manning, University of North GENERAL FUND Texas – LIZ VOLK & GENERAL FUND

Emily Premont, University of Houston – WILLIAM GORHAM & GENERAL FUND

Daniel Bryson, Texas Christian University Lorissa Mason – JIM AND GLENDA – CLOYS WEBB & GENERAL FUND CASEY & GENERAL FUND

Ryan Rogers, University of Houston – PAST PRESIDENTS & GENERAL FUND

Kelsey Hohnstein, Texas Tech University Obinna Okechukwu, Southern – JACKIE COCKE & GENERAL FUND Methodist University – GENERAL FUND

Kevin Tarpley, Texas State University – DONALD BAILEY & GENERAL FUND

Chris Jorns – GANDY INK

Kelley Poché-Rodriguez – ABBOTT IPCO & GENERAL FUND

A SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR SCHOLARSHIP DONORS Jennifer Adams Frierson Chris Ahrens Kimberley Ahrens Joseph Akers Amy Allibon Melanie Altman Kathryn Amshoff Jo Antinone Lauree Aschen Saundra Ashworth Archie Bailey Mark Baker Joey Bansuelo Carroll Barnes Sam Bartos Susan Bartos Shawn Bell Tammy Benton Chelsea Berner Terry Berrier Rick Bjella Jan Blize Erin Bodhaine Genevieve Boisse Amanda Bond Fredy Bonilla Patricia Bonner Sandy Borrego Douglas Boyer Emily Brackney Carl Braden Tracy Bradstreet Lynn Brinckmeyer Robin Brockway-Nichols Kathy Brodhead Dianne Brumley Michael Bryson Robert Buchanan Rebekah Bulen Susan Burt


Darren Campion Michelle Capdau Alexander Carr Roni Carrasco Jennifer Carter Beth Casey Nora Cason Nicole Catoire Muncy Celia Christina Chapman Andre Clark Betsy Clark Thomas Coker Lorelai Cole Rose Collins Dylan Corder Melinda Cotten Sarah Council Nancy Crownover Carolyn Cruse Andrea Cruz Kyle Damron Barbara Dardeau Lauren Dastmalchian Stephanie Daugherty Christian De la Cruz Ashley Delaney Betty Devine R. Michele Dial Gregory Doss Cynthia Douglas Jason Dove Elizabeth Edwards Kerri Edwards Paula Edwards Susan Elliott Pamela Elrod Marianne Engle Olivia Epperson Stephanie Ertel

Claudio Esquivel Stephen Evans Joshua Heath Farr Christopher Fiorini Charles Flores Lynne Gackle Susan Galentine Jennifer Gallagher Gershom Garcia Sylvia Garza Dana Gibson Kari Gilbertson Shelba Gorham-Bell Stephen Gusukuma Margaret Haddad Sandra Haggray Julia Hall Clinton Hardy Charles Hausmann Loyd Hawthorne Alison Haygood John Hemmenway Sarah Herrington Bethany Hill Michael Hitt Michele Hobizal Robyn Hollimon Randy Hooper Hillary Howerton Austin Ishee Molly Jackson-McConville Judith James Stephen Johnson Cindy Johnston Kirsten Jordon Cynthia Juarez Myron Karner Donald Kearney Amy Kelley Gaylene Kelley

Jenny Kelly Kathryn Kendall Maureen Keton Evan Key Todd King Paula Knight Cheryl Knighton Becky Knox Kathy Kuddes Elizabeth Kulbeth Cheri Lafferty David Landgrebe Ron Lange James Lee Angela Leonhardt Grace Littlefield Kelly Lockwood Andrea Loer Maria Lorentzen Carl Lorey Tonya Lovorn Asa Low Martha Low Cyndie Lowry Aaron Lucero Sharon Lutz Nicki Lyford Grant Lyons Michael Lysinger Gary Mabry Ginger Mann Richard Mann Lauren Markham Jennifer Marrero Laura Martin Matthew Martin Sandra Mattson Lizabeth McCabe Alan McClung Leigh Ann McClure

Candy McComb Marguerite McCormick Caia McCullar Katherine McDaniel Kelly McDonald Kathryn McEntyre Brian McKinney James McLendon David Means Darla Meek Dinah Menger Sandra Messbarger Glen Miller Connie Miserak Vanessa Mora Susan Morrison Debra Moses Mark Mustol Cara Naizer Susan Neff Courtney Neva Carisa Niemeyer Brittney Nixon Obinna Okechukwu Janwin Overstreet-Goode Ashley Owen Diane Owen Kay Owens Kimberly Parks-MacQueen David Patterson Tracey Patterson Deborah Payne Michael Perez Deborah Pesnell Joel Petrosko Mary Jane Phillips Robert Phillips Debbie Pilgrim Armando Pinales Gregory Portland ISD

Celebrating 60 Years

Emily Premont Terri Preskitt-Brown Joel Price Terry Price Sara Proodian Milton Pullen Laurie Purcell Mallory Purkis Judy Putney Carol Pyle Laura Rachita Jeffery Rice Kyle Richards Dennis Richardson Jasmine Richardson Guadalupe Rivera Charles Rives Paul Roberts Troy Robertson Amanda Robison Stephanie Rodriguez Cindy Rohe Mark Rohwer Melissa Roth Michelle Roueche Adam Samuels Janie Sard Sally Schott Julie Scott Karen Seiffert Josef Sells Kendall Seuser Pauline Sexton Heather Sharp Don Shelley Sandy Shelley Kenny Sheppard Kay Sherrill Amy Solberg Steven Sparkman

Marsha Spinner Lindsey Spitsberg Tammy Stallcup Gloria Stephens Heather Stewart Robert Stovall Breanne Strawn Lindsay Swartwood Shane Swenn Billy Talley Randy Talley Lonnie Tanner Diana Taylor Joshua Taylor Ouida Taylor Carolyn Terrell Karen Thomas Nikki Thompson Deborah Tidwell Ann Treleven Jeff Van Hal Whitney VanZandt Eunice Vargas Sally Vasquez Aaron Vaught Eric von Hindman Brandon Walker John Wayman Betsy Weber Theresa Whatley Donna White Tanner Wilemon Kitty Williams Dorothy Wilson Renee Wilson Jean Wood Charlotte Wurman Lyn Zeller Roderick Zeman Henrik Zetterstrom

TEXAS SINGS! • Fall 2015

2015 TCDA Awards Young Director of Distinction Awards

Wesley Davis Marcus HS, Flower Mound

Texas Choirmaster Award

Kelly Talley Arlington ISD, Arlington

Tanner Wilemon Timber Creek HS, Fort Worth

In Grateful Recognition of Vision & Commitment as a Founding Member of TCDA

Terry Price Preston Hollow Presbyterian, Dallas

William Hunt Georgetown

Support the Future of Choral Directing TCDA wouldn’t exist without you. Please give to the TCDA Scholarship Funds. Visit for details and online contributions or call us at 512-474-2801. Thank You! TEXAS SINGS! • Fall 2015

Celebrating 60 Years


The 2015 TCDA Convention, celebrating 60 Years o

“Fantastic repertoire selections. Really interesting and amazing arrangers” “Home Free was awesome! Great concert. One of the best ever for TCDA!”

“I feel refreshed, reassured, and ready to rock my first year!”

Dominick DiOrio with Honor Choir

Corpus Christi Cathedral Choir

“Good music for veterans and general concerts. Great variety of music”

“The New Teacher Academy is a wonderful opportunity for new teachers to become aware of important information our professors don’t have time to cover in class. I am so glad this resource is available to me and I highly recommend all new teachers attend.”

“Very capable and well-prepared conductors and accompanists”

Honor Choir with Andrea Ramsey and Patricia Neighbors

s of TCDA service to members, was a huge success! Dance Along

Why Attend TCDA Convention? Let us Count the Ways . . .

Having fun at the Soiree

Golf Tournament

• Interactive workshops taught by knowledgeable and entertaining clinicians • Valuable reading sessions for finding music for your ensembles • Powerful performances by professional choirs and performing groups • An Exhibit Hall filled with music, software, attractions, retail, and much more! Shop til you drop!

“Diverse learning opportunities in every session”

• New Teacher Academy offers classroom management, discipline, communicating with administrators, booster clubs, and more— a must for starting your first year, or returning to teaching • Discount for First-Year Teachers • A Special Time to see old friends and make new ones!

Don’t Forget . . . • Convention expenses are tax-deductible (convention fee, lodging, transportation and meals). Consult the IRS website Membership is not tax-deductible. Over 500 attended Student Day with Jeremy Spicer.

• Renew membership and pre-register for convention by July 1st - Save $20! • Make hotel reservations prior to June 30th to receive contract rates! Share a room to save costs. • TCDA welcomes students as well as out-of-state convention attendees. Kari Gilbertson (left) and Sandra Snow

Check the TCDA website later this year for a Preview of 2016 Convention Highlights Th.-Sun., July 21-24, 2016 •

2015 TCDA Awards Choral Excellence Awards

Paula Edwards Robert E. Lee HS (Retired) Midland

Dianna Jarvis Bush MS, San Antonio

Patricia Neighbors Richland HS, North Richland Hills

Cynthia Nott Children’s Chorus of Greater Dallas, Dallas

Robert Stovall Fort Worth Country Day School Fort Worth

Cheryl Wilson Garland HS, Dallas

In Memoriam Kathy Lynn Blair, Austin – December 6, 2014 Shayne Childers, Seminole – August 8, 2014 David Bruce Custer, San Antonio – November 18, 2014 M.G. Garvin, Garland – April 28, 2015 Priscilla Gaston, Irving – July 22, 2015

Joyce Hull, McAllen – November 24, 2014 Wynona Lipsett, Mexia – January 2, 2015 Twyla Nau, Nederland – October 30, 2014 Phillip Raddin, Spring – September 17, 2014 Dr. Robert Charles Scott, Kingsville - July 13, 2015

Visit for full listing of award recipients, criteria and application deadlines. TCDA welcomes member nominations for Young Director of Distinction and Choral Excellence Awards. 8

Celebrating 60 Years

TEXAS SINGS! • Fall 2015

The Nerdiest Choir Teacher 2nd year choir teacher, Moorhead JH, Conroe ISD

by Ren Robertson,

On TCDA, Comaraderie and Support I’m a choir teacher entering into the second year of my career. When July 23 rolled around, I felt giddy in a way I hadn’t felt much of the summer. The TCDA convention was upon me and I couldn’t have been more excited about my first experience. After settling into the hotel in San Antonio, we hurried over to the convention center for registration. As I rounded the corner to the registration area, it felt as though the heavens opened up and the shining relief of so many familiar faces washed over me. People from Baylor, people from when I was in school, people I’ve met since I started working, people I love, all of them gathering in one spot. That warm tingle you get when you run up to someone with unbridled enthusiasm and they greet you with the same level of excitement, over and over. Then I walked down to the junior high honor choir and turned pages for my (wonderful, beautiful, talented) friend who was playing for the soprano sectional. The sweet baby angels singing with beautiful clear voices, watching a master at work at her craft…. We left and headed to the Soiree, free drink tickets clutched in our hands, and I felt the rush of seeing the people I loved once again. By the end of the night, I had met new people and settled around a table swapping stories. After dinner, we shuffled back to the hotel and passed out. The next morning I went to the first reading session, and then the whole day was packed. I wanted to see everything and attend every session. In between this hustle, my high school choir director made time to eat lunch with me and another one of his students. I parted from them to assist with a session passing out hand-outs, then ran from that session to another to rehearse for an example choir I was a part of, and met up with a sweet man who wrote a piece for the junior high honor choir. After that I ambled around the convention center, and later that night enjoyed dinner with friends. The next morning I volunteered to help with one of the first sessions of the day. I arrived at 7:00 and saw my junior high choir teacher, who I love as much as the air I breathe. I greeted people as they walked into the session and then walked around collecting handouts from the teachers presenting, feeling like I was illicitly running through a veritable fount of wisdom. I attended a few TEXAS SINGS! • Fall 2015

July 27, 2015

more sessions before finally settling into my seat for the junior high honor concert. The music was so beautiful and elegant and the kids were so happy. The concert was smooth and very well planned (and it is not easy to maneuver that many children, least of all junior high). Then, I watched as some of my favorite people were elected to the new TCDA Board and saw new and seasoned teachers honored in front of their peers. Watching them walk up to the stage and accept their awards as their accolades were read, I couldn’t help but feel proud of them. It took two days after convention to put into words what my first TCDA convention meant to me. Well, it’s really only one “word” and that is: SUPPORT. I felt a sense of support that is sometimes hard to come by in the darkened trenches of the school year. I felt connected to people, and I need that connection to feel grounded. Being surrounded by like-minded people who love music was intoxicating. Each person who put themselves in front of their peers to offer advice felt like delivery of a personal gift to every teacher. Every teacher who offered themselves up to be the subject of an anonymous voting process in order to help lead TCDA to new heights took on a stress they didn’t need, but they did it so they can devote hours to making future conventions as amazing as this one. The selflessness involved with putting on the convention almost takes my breath away. Other people going out of their way to support their peers, many of whom they haven’t even met. My heart is full. But more than that, with the first day of school looking much closer than it did on the other side of TCDA, I am bolstered, ready for a fresh start and with more energy than last year. I feel renewed and refocused, because if year one was about survival, then year two will surely be about growth.

Celebrating 60 Years


2015 TCDA Financial Report For Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2015

Scholarship Report

Revenue & Expenditures

as of September 30, 2015

January through September 30, 2015

Scholarships Beginning Balance, 1/1/2015 Contributions to 9/30/15 Awards Paid Adjustments

170,012.82 8,581.50 (13,500.00) (6,659.37)

Scholarship Balance, 9/30/2015


Scholarships funded by: Abbott-IPCO Gandy Ink

500.00 1,000.00

Balance Sheet as of September 30, 2015

ASSETS Current Assets Checking/Savings Bank of America, Checking Petty Cash Total Checking/Savings Other Current Assets Accounts Receivable, Gen Accts Rec, Magazine Lincoln Financial Investments Prepaid Exp, Bulk Postage Scholarships Total Other Current Assets

123,684 50 123,734 1,846 1,378 112,769 694 158,435 275,122

Total Current Assets


Fixed Assets Depreciation Reserve Fixed Assets, Electronics Office Furniture/Equipment Total Fixed Assets

(28,329) 20,032 17,640 9,343

TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES & EQUITY Liabilities Current Liabilities Other Current Liabilities Sch Payable, Bank of Amer Sch Payable, Lincoln Fin Soc Sec/Medicare, FICA Total Other Current Liabilities Total Current Liabilities Total Liabilities Equity Net Assets, Restricted Opening Balance Equity Net Income Total Equity TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY


(1,163) (3,756) 2,990 (1,929) (1,929) (1,929) 158,435 206,856 44,837 410,128 408,199

INCOME: Operating Income Collection Fees, ACDA Membership Dues Royalties/List Sales Shared Office Income Total Operating Income Convention Income Directors Chorus Exhibit Rents Function Ticket Sales Golf Tournament High School Day Honor Choir Income Member Souvenirs Registration Fees Showcases Sponsorship Sustaining Dues Total Convention Income Publications Income Magazine Advertising Total Publications Income TOTAL INCOME EXPENSE: Total Administrative Exp Convention Expenses Anniversary/Promo Audio/Visual Child Care Contract Labor Decorating Entertainment Facilities Rents Functions Golf Tournament HS Day Expense Member Souvenirs Photography Piano and Organ Rentals Postage, Printing and Supplies Security & First Aid Student Assistants Technology, On-site computers Total Convention Expenses Church Service Exp Directors Chorus Exp Honor Choir Exp Other Program Exp Total Commissioned Work Exp Scholarship Donation Total Other Program Exp Directors’ Expenses Board Meals Travel, Directors Total Directors’ Exp Publications Exp Technology TOTAL EXPENSE NET INCOME



60 Years

8,238 79,725 267 2,400 90,630 4,210 97,516 6,130 3,100 7,130 27,104 2,165 184,933 1,296 14,720 6,646 354,950 10,659 10,659 456,238 151,277 16,725 23,487 1,280 1,066 17,712 21,990 20,748 28,162 1,623 1,589 1,071 1,557 2,856 2,734 3,947 2,456 12,997 162,000 850 5,006 16,238 4,473 1,478 5,951 6,388 26,753 33,141 33,242 3,695 411,401 44,837 TEXAS SINGS! • Fall 2015 TEXAS SINGS! • Fall 2015

ADVERTISING SPONSORSHIP SUPPORT Texas Sings! is the official publication of TCDA, serving over 1600 choral directors in Texas and representing elementary, middle school, high school, college and church. This publication is our main vehicle to communicate with our members and to promote the choral arts within our state. The Spring issue is published in April and the Fall issue is published in October. For those of you wishing to advertise choral programs and events such as summer camps and tours, as well as showcase educational tools and products to Texas decision-makers, please consider Texas Sings!

TEXAS SINGS! • Fall 2015

Call us at 512-474-2801 for more information, or visit us at

The TCDA Convention Program is distributed on-site to every convention attendee and is another way to publicize choral programs and events, and receive exposure for your company. This issue includes a complete convention schedule for all activities and events, including performing groups, headliners and clinicians, exhibitor information, and much more. TCDA offers many sponsorship opportunities during convention. We’d love to partner with you!

We appreciate our advertisers and sponsors!

Celebrating 60 Years


The Suggestion Box by Sharon Lutz What a great 60th TCDA Celebration! We celebrated in style, from our wonderful Honor Choir, the Birthday Party, the special Home Free concert, the great workshops and clinics, the Sing-In, and the fun-filled Exhibit Hall. On behalf of the TCDA staff and the Board, we extend heartfelt thanks to our longtime TCDA members for their support of this association, and a special thanks to those of you attending convention for the first time. Our goal is to bring you a convention that offers every choral director inspiration, tools and resources to enhance teaching as well as opportunities to network and have fun with your colleagues. Suggestions received this year were extremely positive. As always, continue to give us your feedback and comments. It’s important we hear from you to ensure we plan an annual convention tailored to your wants and needs. Thanks for your support of TCDA.

Workshops/Reading Sessions • Consider a workshop on riser choreography and show choir choreography. • Add perforated sheets to program for note taking during workshops. • Try not to schedule workshops simultaneously for MS. • Start first workshop of the day at 9 am instead of 8 am. • Offer more “Tried & True” (i.e. spirituals: divide between HS/MS. Maybe funny songs for Christmas, or other concerts. • Really loved “It’s My Party.” I like the multi-presenter concept but fewer clinicians would allow more time for their presentations. • Nice work, TCDA board, on selecting reading session music. • Offer a reading session for small church choirs and community choirs. • Offer a session for underpaid directors and new teachers focusing on specific tricks for a rehearsal, warm-up, and attacking new music (need lots more to take home and use). Sandra Snow touched on it but it was a very hard and traditional competition piece. • Encourage composers/arrangers to offer more options in music. I found very cool pieces but not in SSAA or SAB. • I realize majority of attendees are teachers needing competition pieces but please remember us non-school groups w/ amateur members when building reading sessions. 12

• Sandra Snow and Frank Eychaner were excellent presenters. • I’m a community semi-show women’s choir director and a Catholic Church music minister. I came to convention to learn how to be a better director and to find new music. I wanted to meet others who work in a similar situation. I need fun, jazzy, and some serious pieces for SSAA both with piano and a cappella. Music needs to be contemporary music for untrained singers.

Other Comments • Congratulations on a spectacular 60th Anniversary Convention. Thanks for your tireless work. • Excellent in all areas. • Worship service was wonderful. • Andrea Ramsey and the Honor Choir was amazing. • A great way to “jump start” the year. I really benefit from visiting with friends and mentors. • Please try to avoid Sunday convention dates in the future. • Can exhibit hours be extended? • Bring back the shopping bags; backpacks are not useful. • Registration process was inefficient; too many separate lines. • Sing-In is a GREAT idea; keep doing this, even on lesser known works. • The Business meeting was too long. • Love the digital voting. Love expanded use of Guidebook App.

Celebrating 60 Years

TEXAS SINGS! • Fall 2015

Bringing a fresh approach to your festival experience and providing the best for the students and teachers of Texas.


San Antonio

April 23, 2016

April 22-23 & May 6-7, 2016

Performances P erfformances at Mansfield ISD Center for the Performing Arts

Performances att P f Edgewood Theatre of Performing Arts

INSTRUMENTAL AND VOCAL DIVISIONS Concert Band Orchestra String Orchestra Performance only rate or the option to add on theme park admission. College adjudicators provide a recorded as well as written critique of your performance. For more information and to apply online, visit:

Mixed Choir Women’s Choir Men’s Choir Able to apply online, schedule performance times, pay by credit card and update your reservation 24 hours a day Professional Recording


Texas Sings fall 2015  

Volume 32 Number 3 Fall 2015 Official magazine of the Texas Choral Directors Association

Texas Sings fall 2015  

Volume 32 Number 3 Fall 2015 Official magazine of the Texas Choral Directors Association