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TEXAS SINGS! Volume 29 Number 2

Official Publication of the Texas Choral Directors Association

Spring 2013

Come to the 58th Annual Convention July 21–24, 2013 San Antonio, Texas

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Spring Is in the Air — Convention, Here We Come!


t’s hard to believe another convention is just around the corner! I swear I just completed all the paperwork and unpacking from the last one! This year’s convention will be my second go ’round and there will once again be a few new things as we continue to evolve technologically and organizationally. You can rest assured, however, that some things never change about the TCDA convention: • The event is always a great reunion • It is full of rich learning opportunities • There is always lots of new music to consider for next year, and • The networking and professional development opportunities are endless!

The partnership with Texas Bandmasters creates wonderful leveraging opportunities to directly benefit many of you. This year, child care for children 10 years and younger will be complimentary. The New Teacher Academy is another great benefit of collaborating with TBA. Designed primarily for directors beginning their teaching careers in Fall 2013 or those with limited experience, this academy offers eight hours of CPE credit while addressing many useful classroom management skills and career survival strategies. It’s only available to TCDA members through PREREGISTRATION, ending on July 1, so don’t miss this opportunity. As you read the articles contained in this issue of Texas Sings! I hope you will agree that the TCDA Board has planned a fabulous convention. I continue to be amazed at the commitment, creativity and talent each board member brings to this organization.


Texas Sings! · Spring 2013

It’s been such a pleasure to work with Amy Allibon, Kari Gilbertson, Mark Rohwer and Karen Gonzalez, and I will miss each of them as they complete their board service this summer. I’ve learned so much from these devoted TCDA members. I hope to see all of you at the opening Soiree on Sunday evening, July 21. There will be even more hors d’oeuvres this year! And it’s such a fun time to see your old friends and meet new ones. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to work with you.

TEXAS SINGS! TEXAS CHORAL DIRECTORS ASSOCIATION President Jeff Rice, Waco Past President Amy Allibon, Fort Worth

Volume 29

Number 2

Spring 2013

contents President’s Page Reflections on My Life as a Choral Director by Jeff Rice


President-Elect Billy Talley, Amarillo

Candidates for TCDA Board of Directors


Convention Clinicians


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Membership, Convention & Hotel Forms


High School Vice President Mark Rohwer, Flower Mound

Convention Conductors & Accompanists


Convention & New Music Reading Clinic Schedule


Middle School/Junior High Vice President Kari Gilbertson, Richardson Elementary Vice President Laura Rachita, Friendswood Church Vice President Gary Mabry, San Antonio Secretary/Treasurer Karen Gonzalez, Rowlett Executive Director Sharon Lutz, Austin

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Elementary Vice President Laura Rachita


Church Vice President Gary Mabry


Secretary/Treasurer 27 Karen Gonzalez

On the cover: Taylor Scott Davis, Director of Music and Worship Arts, First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth, leading a sacred music reading session at the 2011 TCDA Convention. Photo by Mark Rutkowski.

TCDA is an affiliate of ACDA. Spring 2013 · Texas Sings!


President J eff

R i ce

Reflections on My Life as a Choral Director


here will you be July 21–24, 2013? I hope you will join me, and the rest of the TCDA Board of Directors, at the 58th Annual Texas Choral Directors Association Convention and New Music Reading Workshop in San Antonio. Our TCDA convention is an important time to renew relationships with colleagues and refresh our minds by attending workshops and reading sessions designed to inspire and inform. The TCDA Board has planned a scintillating slate of workshops featuring outstanding clinicians, conductors, and accompanists. Make your plans now to be at TCDA 2013!

Ever ponder how you came to be a choral director? How would you answer that question? This summer’s convention is going to be one for the record books! The historic agreement between the Texas Choral Directors Association, the Texas Bandmasters Association, and the Texas Orchestra Directors Association has brought about one of the largest music industry trade shows in the United States. As each association conducts its own summer convention, the exhibit hall will be a combined effort. I hope you will embrace this new format as an opportunity to provide financial stability for all three associations and to forge stronger relationships with our instrumental music colleagues. Thanks to our Executive Director, Sharon Lutz, for her leadership during these changing times. Under Sharon’s leadership we are implementing other new initiatives this summer such as a New Teachers Academy (in conjunction with TBA), a mentor program to help new members meet people, and a reduced convention registration rate for first year teachers. Also, the registration process has been improved for both members and vendors. If you have not done so, visit to renew your membership and pre-register for the convention. We are fortunate to be surrounded by colleagues who have molded and shaped us into who we are 4

Texas Sings! · Spring 2013

today. Take a moment and make a list of the top ten people who have influenced your career. There are many VIP’s of Texas choral music who have achieved legendary status by their lifetime of work in school and church music. Each of us is an amalgamation of the mentors and teachers who have taught us and served as models for our profession. Now think of the next generation entering the choral music profession. Who will they list as their top ten most influential people? I believe many future Texas choral directors are sitting in our classrooms today. What influence are we having on these future colleagues? Are we demonstrating professional integrity in our day-to-day dealings with our students? Do we demonstrate the daily habits and manners that are to be carried on to the next generation of teachers? Do we show compassion and concern for our students? Are we consistent in creating a positive atmosphere in our classroom? Do we work well with other professionals in our program or on our campus? We must strive to be the best we can for the sake of our students and for those who will carry our profession forward. This leads me to a related question I came across in a recent ACDA Choral Notes online article. Scott Dorsey, ACDA Director of Education and Communication, asks, “Ever ponder how you came to be a choral director?” How would you answer that question? My answer is rather long and complicated, but it also includes a list of 10 influential people who guided me on my journey. As I celebrated my 50th birthday recently, I had the opportunity to share my story with my students. It was a therapeutic experience to recall these experiences, and I hope it will be the same for you as you consider this question. Here is my story. Although I sang in 2nd grade children’s choir at church, my first memorable choral experience was in the 5th grade choir in elementary school. My recollection was that I had to audition, we rehearsed after school, we sang an arrangement of “Go Down Moses”, and the music teacher/choir director was very pretty. In 6th grade I began to sing in my church middle school youth choir where we did fun musicals and trips. I tried out for a solo once but

didn’t get it. As a member of my church high school youth choir, the director told me he thought I had a good voice and I should try out for the special youth ensemble. Around the same time, I became friends with a few kids who sang in our high school choir, and one of my good friends and I decided to audition together. Turns out we were both pretty good tenors. I imagine the director (Mr. Duane Gohlke) was pretty excited to have two 9th grade tenors walk in and say they wanted to audition for the choir. Well, we both made the choir and, for reasons I can’t explain, I started taking voice lessons. TMEA All-State auditions, NATS competitions, UIL solos, church solos, etc. suddenly became my life. Making the All-State choir my junior and senior years singing under the direction of Dale Warland and Donald Neuen cemented my love for singing and choral music. In particular, the Palestrina “Tu es Petrus”, and the Erb “Shenandoah” were the most beautiful, captivating pieces of music I had ever sung. After three years in high school choir I was hooked on choral music. Miraculously, I was accepted to Baylor University and began as an undecided major while taking voice lessons from Dr. Karen Peeler and Dr. Bill

McGraw, and singing in the choirs (Jon Johnson, John Dickson, Robert H. Young, and Hugh Sanders). During my freshman year I went to TMEA to hear a friend sing in the All-State choir, and following the concert, my high school choir director encouraged me to follow my gifts and go into music education. That was the turning point for me. The series of events in my life to that point had been leading me to become a choral director. My desire became so strong that I took his advice and declared my major to be music education with a choral music emphasis. The culmination of my Baylor experience was student teaching with Howard Thompson at Midway High School. I am pretty sure I was a terrible student teacher! I had never done anything like that and I was not prepared for the experience. For some reason I stuck with it, though, and got a job the next year teaching middle school choir. So, that is the story of how I became a choral director. What is your story? Just think, there may be a 5th grade kid in your choir or a 9th grade tenor who walks in to audition for your choir who may be a future choral director and TCDA president! I could have never imagined the life I have lived because I joined the choir and became a choral director! Share your story!

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Spring 2013 · Texas Sings!


President-Elect B i ll y

T alle y

Reaching Out to New Teachers


s I write this article, I am returning home from a very satisfying week of concerts, workshops, exhibits, and camaraderie of the TMEA convention in San Antonio. As I made my way through the rows of exhibits, I was excited by the realization that the exhibit areas for our TCDA convention will look very much like TMEA because of our new agreement with TBA and TODA. Yes, it will be noisy with all of the instrument companies but we will now have the chance to visit with many more vendors than in years past. And there are a number of companies returning that had stopped buying booth space. The music stores, instrument shops, fundraising companies, travel companies, and other vendors are vital to the success of our convention. Thank you, TCDA/TODA/TBA vendors for your support of music in Texas. I am amazed at how much work is done by your Board. As President-Elect, I feel like I am riding in the back seat with very little to do. I just sit back and watch Jeff Rice drive the TCDA SUV to the 2013 summer convention. There are talented vice-presidents putting together a convention you will not want to miss, so check out their articles to get the details for each division of TCDA. In every region across Texas, there are music teachers that are not a part of the TCDA experience. I’m not sure I would have become a member were it not for a group of men who invited me to attend in the summer of 1979. Doug McCause, Bill Devers, and Lee Kendle took me to workshops, reading sessions, and concerts. More importantly, they took me to dinner and made me a part of the “choral dialogue” at every convention we shared. I learned more about teaching from those discussions than from any education methods class I ever took, and I am grateful to them for sharing their experiences with me. I want to challenge each of you to bring a music teacher to TCDA this summer. Walk them through


Texas Sings! · Spring 2013

the registration process. Help them with hotel accommodations. Take them to the Soiree and introduce them to your friends. Share a meal. As members, we need to be pro-active in showing new teachers the importance and benefit of attending the convention.

There is not a young teacher in our state who wouldn’t welcome a call or email from an experienced teacher asking if they need some help. I have been privileged to supervise many student teachers. Some of these young people enter teaching with an “I’m going to rule the world” attitude, while others have a wide-eyed “deer in the headlights” look. With the help of my current student teacher, I compiled topics for a new teacher (many of these are covered at our convention). Here are some questions a new teacher might ask: • What do I do the first day of school? • How do I audition singers? How do I do voice testing? • How do I choose music for each choir? • How do I set up a choir calendar for the year? • What constitutes a good fundraiser? • How do I keep financial records? • How do I choose and plan a spring trip? • What are some effective ways to recruit singers? • How do I teach sight singing? • What is the process for sight singing at UIL? • What are some effective warm-ups for choir? • How do I handle discipline problems in the rehearsal? • What is the entry procedure for UIL Solo/ Ensemble Contest? • How do I choose music for UIL Choir Contest? What is the PML?

• How do I access the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules? • What kind of uniform will a choir wear? Who pays for the uniforms? • How do I know what constitutes an appropriate tone for my choir? • How can I be an effective judge for region/area auditions? • What are my administration’s expectations of me? Those of us who have taught for a few years handle these topics automatically, but there are young teachers around us every day trying to figure out the answers. We can do a great service to music education by making ourselves available to

them. There is not a young teacher in our state who wouldn’t welcome a call or email from an experienced teacher asking if they need some help. Just ask “What’s your biggest challenge this week?” and be ready to listen and offer suggestions. I can hardly wait for this summer’s TCDA Convention! President Jeff Rice and my fellow Board members are preparing an amazing convention in beautiful, sunny San Antonio! Bring the family. Stroll the Riverwalk. Play in the TCDA Golf Tournament. Take an extra day and go to SeaWorld or Fiesta Texas. Visit the Alamo. Meet new friends and say hello to old acquaintances. Recharge your personal batteries for the coming school year. I’ll see you there!

A Special Thanks to Exhibitors & Sponsors Thank you for being a part of the TCDA team. July 21–24, 2013, will be an exciting Convention, and TCDA is grateful for the continued support you provide to our organization and to choral music in Texas! To obtain even more exposure for your business, we hope you will consider one of the many TCDA sponsorships for this year’s Convention (below). For a sponsorship form or advertising rate sheet, please access or call us at 512/474-2801.

Convention Sponsorship Opportunities • Soiree (Opening Reception) ($2,500 or 5 @ $500) OUR THANKS TO CARL FISCHER MUSIC AND US INTEGRITY TOURING FOR SPONSORSHIP. THREE SPOTS LEFT! • Morning Coffee ($2,700 or 3 @ $900) • Clinician Sponsor ($500 each) • Convention Backpack Headliner ($2,000) NO LONGER AVAILABLE! OUR THANKS TO AMERICAN CLASSIC TOURS & MUSIC FESTIVALS • Golf Hole Sponsor ($100/hole) • President’s Reception ($1500 or 3 @ $500) • On-Site Registration ($2,500 or 5 @ $500) • High School Student Day Sponsor ($500) NO LONGER AVAILABLE! OUR THANKS TO ENCORE PERFORMANCE TOURS • Cash Giveaways (5 @ $500 each)

Advertising Opportunity in TCDA Convention Program • The TCDA Annual Convention and New Music Reading Clinic Convention Program is the official convention magazine and includes a complete listing of events, workshops and reading sessions, exhibitor information, and much more. The Convention program is distributed to over 1700 convention attendees. Please go to for additional advertising opportunities in TCDA publications. Thanks again for your support! Spring 2013 · Texas Sings!


PAST President A m y

A ll i b o n

4th Annual High School Student Day In 2012, over 350 student leaders for high school choral programs attended TCDA’s High School Student Day. Since its inception in 2010, over 800 high school students have been touched and inspired by TCDA’s willingness to invite student leaders to our convention. Just as the convention inspires choral directors, our convention now serves the student leaders of choral programs across the state.

Dr. Tim is the pied piper of inspiration— there is no better than Dr. Tim! Words do not describe how well he puts leadership in terms the students understand. On Monday, July 22, the student leaders of your choral programs have the chance to be impacted by three of the most amazing teachers—Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, Connie Sanchez, and Dr. Paul Rardin. For $15, your students receive two hours of unparalleled leadership, inspiration, and training from Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser. You may have heard Dr. Tim during his many presentations at TMEA, during one of the other numerous times he has been to Texas, or read one of his books. If you have never taken your students to his summer leadership training session, you will be amazed. I am a groupie who loads my officers on a bus each summer to travel to Dallas to hear him speak to an auditorium full of student leaders. I have probably seen his session a dozen times, but each time I walk away with a new idea and spirit. My students walk away transformed. Dr. Tim is the pied piper of inspiration—there is no better than Dr. Tim! Words do not describe how well he puts leadership in terms the students understand. (By the way, Dr. Tim’s regular


Texas Sings! · Spring 2013

workshop costs $30 per student—this is $15 PLUS two more awesome sessions! What a deal!) The second session of High School Day will be led by Connie Sanchez. Connie has been everything from a 5A theatre teacher to a church Youth Group spon- Tim Lautzenheiser sor! Imagine a teacher on your campus who has been Teacher of the Year THREE TIMES. Connie is magical with high school kids and will engage them in team building activities for a solid hour. You are invited to attend, watch the fun, and obtain a handout of the games to take back to your Connie Sanchez own choir room. The final session will be led by Dr. Paul Rardin of Temple University. You may remember Dr. Rardin as he led the much-acclaimed 2011 All State Men’s Choir. (I’ll never forget “House Party” that he wrote and conducted—will you?) Dr. Paul Rardin Rardin will guide the students through a one-hour rehearsal of carefully selected octavos, explaining how they can be better leaders in rehearsal. You would not believe how amazing our student leaders will sound in this onehour session! They will be renewed by Dr. Rardin’s

wisdom and wit, but also by the simple experience of singing together. This session closes their day, followed by time in the exhibits or along the beautiful San Antonio Riverwalk. Last year, many students and parents traveled to San Antonio the day prior to High School Student Day and made it a mini-vacation/retreat. Since the travel day would be a Sunday, perhaps more from distant corners of the state can consider this event in 2013. Myths about TCDA’s HS Student Day: I have to supervise and chaperone my students. FALSE. Send a parent or two with your kiddos and enjoy the convention. You must enroll them as a TCDA member and provide some adult supervision—that is all! HS Student Day is just for choir officers. FALSE. Why not send your show choir or chamber choir? Aren’t they leaders in your program?

HS Student Day will interrupt my convention. FALSE. HS Student Day occurs during TCDA, but is independent. You can be as involved or uninvolved as you like. Registration for High School Student Day will extend through June 15. Please visit the TCDA website at for official forms. As this is my final article for Texas Sings! I would like to say that it has been an honor to serve the TCDA membership for seven years. I am humbled by the opportunity to serve the colleagues I admire so much. There are no words to describe how much I appreciate the work of the Board of Directors with whom I have joyfully served over the years, and I wish the future Board the best. I feel bittersweet about assuming the role as HAS BEEN Past President after the 2013 convention, but I know the organization is in great hands with Mr. Talley, a terrific Board, and Sharon Lutz at the helm. I thank the membership for this opportunity to serve.




New Music for Every Level Sunday, July 21, 6:30 pm

Marriott Riverwalk Alamo Ballroom Complimentary Drink Tickets in Convention Program

• Be Thou My Vision • A Greater Peace • Puer Natus • & many more For PDF downloads and publisher links visit

Spring 2013 · Texas Sings!



candidates H i g h

S ch o o l

V i ce

Board of Directors P r es i d e n t

Robin Brockway-Nichols has taught secondary choral music in Texas for 19 years. During her

nine-year tenure as Director of Choirs at Newman Smith High School in the Carrollton–Farmers Branch ISD, the choral program has grown to seven performing ensembles, with all groups earning consistent superior ratings at UIL competitions. Robin’s teaching responsibilities include the A Cappella Choir, Varsity Men, Varsity Women, and the vocal jazz/show ensemble. Robin began her teaching career in Plano at Bowman Middle School where she was selected “Beginning Teacher of the Year.” For six years she was Associate Choral Director at Haltom High School, and accompanied the Haltom Varsity Treble Choir for their 2000 TMEA and 2001 National ACDA Convention performances. An active clinician and collaborative accompanist, Robin has conducted TMEA All-Region Choirs across North Texas, and accompanied All-Region Choirs and the Texas All-State Women’s Choir. Robin serves TMEA as Region 24 Secretary and Vocal Division Chair, and she is a member of the TMEA/TMAC Curriculum and Assessment Committee. Robin is a member of ACDA, TCDA, TMEA, TMAA, and Pi Kappa Lambda.

If elected…

I believe in the “gospel” of choir and its ability to change lives, enrich everyday living, and raise spirits. Not everyone has the resources to provide our students access to world-class performance venues, performances, or guest clinicians, but we ALL have the ability to walk into our classrooms every day with the intention to bless. The tough part is staying inspired. Rest, relaxation, and planning go a long way, but so does commiseration/collaboration with other teachers striving to provide the finest music education for their students. I keep a drawer of session handouts, notes, programs, and remembrances from TCDA conventions. It’s labeled INSPIRATION; when I’m struggling to solve a problem or need extra motivation I dig through it and almost always find treasure – an amazing piece of music, a moment remembered, a turn of phrase I wrote down. There is no substitute for the inspiring workshops, world-class clinicians, quality new music, and fellowship made available to us by the TCDA Board. If elected, I pledge to continue the incredible work of past and present Boards, and hope to facilitate not only new mountaintop moments for you, but daily blessings as well. My 20 years in music education have left me MORE hopeful and inspired about the work we do, in every district, every school, and in every type of choral classroom. It would be my great honor to serve as the next TCDA High School Vice President.

Christopher Fiorini

is currently Choir Director at Langham Creek High School at Cypress Fairbanks ISD. His choirs have earned consistent UIL sweepstakes at Concert and Sight-Reading Contests. Chris received an Award of Distinction at the American Classics Madrigal Festival in his first year of competition, and was the sole nominee from Langham Creek HS for the UIL Sponsor Excellence Award in 2012. During Fall 2012, Chris began a new venture in collaboration with Cy-Hope and the Choir Council of LCHS to start a choir for underprivileged children in the Cypress-Fairbanks community. Chris attended the University of Houston and was a member of the Concert Chorale under the direction of Betsy Cook Weber. He performed with the Concert Chorale twice at TMEA and at ACDA. Chris was invited to sing with the select choir from the University of Houston that competed at the Choir of the World Competition in Llangollen, Wales. He serves as the Treasurer and Honor Choir Tenor section leader for TMEA Region 27, and is an active clinician and adjudicator at area schools and at TMEA.

If elected…

I am a firm believer that strong choral programs begin with the selection of quality literature. My first priority as High School VP would be to continue providing quality literature at all reading sessions and encourage publishers to provide the membership of TCDA with the newest and best publications. If elected, I will work to provide the membership with new, motivating clinicians who think outside the box and bring new ideas to incorporate not only into our rehearsals and performances but also into the management of our programs. I will work collaboratively with the current and former boards as well as the membership for the best solutions to govern our organization. I would not be honest if I said that I have all the answers and a wealth of experience. The fact is, I don’t have 20+ years of teaching experience and I don’t have a multitude of life experiences on which to base my candidacy. However, I do have a passion for choral music, an open mind and ear, a collaborative spirit and a determination to continue with the fine tradition that has been TCDA. 10

Texas Sings! · Spring 2013

Gene Holkup is in his 24th year of teaching choral music in Texas, serving as the head choral direc-

tor at Homer Hanna HS in Brownsville since 2007. Prior to that, Gene was a choral director in McAllen ISD, Edinburg CISD and Calallen ISD. Choirs under his direction have consistently earned superior ratings and sweepstakes, and the Homer Hanna HS Varsity Women’s Choir was selected to perform at the Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas as part of the 2012 Southwestern Division Convention of ACDA. Gene earned a BME degree in vocal performance from the University of North Dakota and a MM degree in choral conducting from Sam Houston State University. He is active in TMEA, serving as Region 28 VP and as the Area G Vocal Coordinator for the TMEA Mentoring Network. Additional service includes Area G Vocal Auditions Chair, Region Vice President, Region Chair, Region MS Vocal Coordinator, and a member of the Convention Facilities Team. He has served as a member of the UIL Sight-Reading Music Selection Committee and as Vocal Representative to the UIL Music Advisory Committee. He has served TCDA as a Reading Session Conductor, a member of the Nominations Committee, the Ways and Means Committee, and the Hospitality Committee. Gene is an active adjudicator and clinician.

If elected…

It would be a privilege to serve my profession and give back to the organization I love. I would like to improve upon these areas: recruiting and retaining excellent choral directors; adding more interesting sessions on technology; and advancing the great Texas choral tradition. The friends I have made at TCDA have shaped me as a teacher and as a person. I would like to encourage camaraderie among our membership, especially between the new and the more experienced. Perhaps we could begin an internet forum for exchanging ideas, repertoire and rehearsal techniques. I look forward to selecting quality choral literature for perusal during the TCDA Reading Sessions. One of my strengths is my knowledge of the choral repertoire, and I look forward to the challenge of selecting music that will provide options for the diverse needs and capabilities of our choral programs. I have been blessed to teach and influence young people in a state that truly leads the nation in choral music education. My TCDA friends have served as mentors who have guided my development as a musician and teacher, and it is because of their inspiration that I can offer assistance to others.

M i d d l e S ch o o l / J u n i o r H i g h

V i ce P r es i d e n t

Lorelai Cole is in her 13th year as head director of choirs at North Richland Middle School in Birdville ISD. Prior teaching positions include eleven years in the Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD at Central Junior High and Euless Junior High, and one year as assistant director at Heritage Middle School in Grapevine-Colleyville ISD. For two years Lorelai served as the assistant director of the HEB ISD Elementary Honor Choir. While at Central Junior High, Lorelai’s Varsity Treble Choir was selected to perform at the 2012 Southwestern ACDA Convention. Her choirs have consistently received sweepstakes ratings at UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Contests as well as Best in Class and Overall Outstanding Choir awards at music festivals and competitions. Lorelai received her BA in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy from The University of Texas at Arlington. Recognitions received at UTA include the Chamber Singers Award and Vocal Department Student of the Year. Lorelai began her career as a private voice teacher at Bedford Junior High, L. D. Bell High School, and Colleyville Heritage High School. Active as a clinician and adjudicator, Lorelai holds memberships in TMEA, TCDA, ACDA, and TMAA. If elected…

I would strive to bring high quality music reading sessions as well as workshops that address the ever-changing needs of our MS/JH teachers. With my passion for retaining students in our choral programs, I would encourage workshops on recruitment and ways to continuously improve vertical alignment from elementary music through high school choir. I would love to create a MS/JH Choir blog as an addition to the TCDA website. Whether you are a veteran teacher or new to the profession, teach in a rural or urban area, dialogue and collaboration are priorities for strengthening our skills and knowledge. Hopefully, this would provide another way to help each other with new ideas, technology use, concert ideas, and the building of a support system. I am certain my passion, endless energy, and love for teaching MS/ JH choir will help me fulfill the duties and expectations of TCDA Middle School/Junior High Vice President. I feel honored to be nominated and would find it a great pleasure to serve TCDA.

Voting will take place during the Convention. Ballots are to be placed in the registration area ballot box. Spring 2013 · Texas Sings!


Jennifer Gallagher has been the head choir director at Nolan Ryan Junior High in the Alvin Independent School District since it opened in 2008. At its inception, the men’s choir consisted of three boys, and today, the program has grown into 200 students in six performing ensembles. Jennifer is currently the Fine Arts/Elective Department Chair for the campus. A summa cum laude graduate of the University of Houston, Jennifer was the recipient of a Moores School of Music Scholarship, a Terry Foundation Scholarship, and a TMEA Scholarship. She performed with the Moores School Concert Chorale under the direction of Betsy Weber at the National ACDA Convention in 2006, at the TMEA Convention in 2008, and at the International Musical Eisteddfod in Llangollen, Wales in 2009. Jennifer also serves as the Junior High Chair for the Region XVII Vocal Division. Choirs under her direction have received consistent sweepstakes ratings at UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Contests, and her varsity treble choir was selected to perform at a Bay Area Chorus Invitational Concert in 2011. If elected…

I am committed to continuing the tradition of excellence set by the current TCDA Board and their predecessors. It is truly an honor to be nominated at such an early point in my career, and I am interested in providing a fresh perspective to serve my colleagues and the future of our profession. I believe I have the organizational skills and attention to detail to effectively manage this position. I have had the privilege to mentor several young teachers, and it is my passion to help them stay motivated and enthusiastic with fresh ideas to ensure student success. It is often said that junior high is a “special” place—and when I tell people what age I teach, they usually say, “My, you are a saint!” It is my goal to search for meaningful workshops, quality repertoire, and outstanding clinicians so we junior high directors can continue our “sainthood” for years to come!

Craig Griffith is in his 18th year as choir director at Abell Junior High in Midland where he also serves as Fine Arts Chair. Craig was co-director of the Lee Freshman High School Choirs from 1999 – 2012. Under his direction, both the Abell and Lee Choirs consistently earned sweepstakes in UIL contests as well as “Best in Class” and “Overall Outstanding” awards from music festivals and competitions. Craig is a graduate of East Texas Baptist College. Prior to Midland, Craig taught at Liberty-Eylau Junior High and High School in Texarkana; at P. E. Wallace Junior High in Mt. Pleasant where he was named “Teacher of the Year”; and at Wills Point Junior High, where he developed the choir program. He was Abell’s Teacher of the Year in 2001. Craig serves Region 6 as Junior High Vocal Chair, and twice served as Region Vice-President. He served on the UIL Sight-Reading Committee as a judge at UIL Concert & Sight-Reading competitions and as an All-Region clinician across the state. Craig is a member of TMEA, TCDA, and TCTA. If elected…

It has been through TCDA that I have learned and grown as a music educator. Year after year new ideas are presented to me (and to all of us) to help us become better teachers. Tried and proven techniques breathe new life into our classrooms. Every year we come together to hone our abilities, thoughts, our classroom management, as well as find pieces of music that we hope will open the eyes of our students to see the incredible world we love – the world of choral music. If elected, I will use our rich heritage as well as our glorious future and combine educators from all levels of experience to present clinics that will enhance our teaching. I will continue the great reading sessions of new music and strive to include more “tried and true” reading sessions, and I will work with all board members to provide areas of pedagogy for MS/JH teachers of all levels and years of experience. It would be an honor to serve as your MS/JH Vice President and along with you, be “Our Voice” with the board.

S ec r eta r y - T r eas u r e r Terry Berrier is in her 14th year as the Associate Choir Director at Lake Highlands High School, and has taught choir in the Dallas area since 1982. Terry’s service includes the women’s choirs, AP music theory, the band in the pop group, plus piano accompaniment for A Cappella and the Men’s Choirs. Currently, Terry serves as the LHHS Lead Teacher for the Create Schools of Excellence in the Arts, funded by a grant through the O’Donnell Foundation. Terry has been professionally associated with TCDA, ACDA and TMEA since graduating from Texas Tech University. Her service includes TMEA Region 3 Secretary, Region 3 Vocal Division Chair, and twice as a Texas All State Choir Section Leader. In 2007, Terry was a recipient of the UIL Sponsor Excellence Award, and was named a top ten RISD STAR Teacher for 2010. 12

Texas Sings! · Spring 2013

If elected…

I know of few professions that benefit as much from their organizations as Texas choir directors benefit from TCDA. TCDA has provided me with great networking, resources for music, classroom support, and challenges for my professional growth. I am organized and informed and feel that I could continue making strides in our online and on-site registration. It is a new era for TCDA and I believe that I can bring wisdom and new ideas to the board and membership. I want to help serve Texas choir directors by giving back some of what I have gained over all these years.

Cynthia Douglas is the Choir Director at Cypress Ranch High School in Cypress Fairbanks ISD,

and currently serves as TMEA Region 27 Vocal Chair. She has directed choirs at A.P. Solis Middle School and Edinburg North High School in Region 15, and Spring Woods Middle School and Cy-Fair High School in Region 27, earning Sweepstakes honors and top festival awards at each school. Before coming to secondary and college level teaching, Cynthia spent several years as an elementary music specialist in Carthage TX, and in Eaton Rapids, MI. She was the first choral director in Spring Woods Middle School’s sixty-year history to take choirs to UIL, earning the school’s first Sweepstakes awards for Non-Varsity Treble, Varsity Treble, and Non-Varsity Tenor-Bass Choirs. She has conducted All-Region Choirs in Region 15, 23, 26, and 27, and is a sought after clinician and adjudicator. Cynthia earned a BME and an MM at Stephen F. Austin State University. She taught voice at the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point and at Millikin University, where her students include competition winners and the star of an original Broadway cast. Cynthia has performed with regional opera companies and orchestras in Texas, Maine, New York, and throughout the Midwest. She performs regularly with the Texas Master Chorale, directed by Brad Bouley, and with the First United Methodist Church Sanctuary Choir in Downtown Houston, directed by Dr. Terry Morris.

If elected…

I will never forget my first TCDA Convention. Near the end of my senior year in high school, my director, Mrs. Glenda Casey, told me, “You need to come to TCDA this summer. They are going to have a Student’s Chorus, and there will be opportunities just for you!” I was honored to be a part of the first group of college students at TCDA, attending workshops led by Rene Clausen and performing his Magnificat. After several days of sessions and workshops, I was excited, inspired, and certain that this was right where I was meant to be. There were so many choir directors at convention, all still learning from each other and growing as educators. The first TCDA Convention I attended made a lasting impression on me, and I have been a member ever since. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to give back to an organization that has given so richly to me. If elected, I will gladly serve TCDA and its membership to the best of my ability.

Sandy Shelley has been teaching middle school choirs for over 20 years. Currently she is Choir Director at Sunnyvale Middle School in Sunnyvale, where she teaches 5th through 8th grades. Sandy has served Region 3 as Middle School Vocal Division secretary and chairman. She was chosen for Mesquite ISD’s Apple Corps for Outstanding Teachers. Her choirs have won many awards at UIL Contests, Hurricane Harbor Choral Competitions, and her groups have performed at TMEA conventions in 2002 and 2006. Sandy earned her BM degree at Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos and her MM at the University of North Texas in Denton. Sandy is active as a clinician and adjudicator, and serves as a member of TMEA, TCDA, and TMAA. In addition, Sandy is busy at her church where she accompanies the choir, directs the youth choir, plays handbells, and assists her husband, Don Shelley, the Director of Music. If elected…

I would be honored to have the opportunity to give back to TCDA and its members, because TCDA and its members have given so much to me. I have attended almost every summer convention since my college years (that’s a LOT of conventions!). I have presented at workshops, assisted with honor choirs, and directed a reading session. I am a better teacher given the knowledge that TCDA has shared with me, and the opportunities given to me by TCDA to learn new music and new techniques. Thank you TCDA! I would be honored to return the favor by being your Secretary/Treasurer. I believe my organizational skills and penny-pinching abilities would serve our members well. In these challenging economic times, I will do whatever I can to help TCDA and our membership use every dollar efficiently. I believe our organization is important to the quality of choral music in Texas, and that our conventions are worth the time and money so that we can lead our students to success. Thank you for your consideration and your vote. Spring 2013 · Texas Sings!


2013 TCDA Convention


David Childs – see page 18 Paul Rardin – see page 8 Connie Sanchez – see page 8

Karen Andrews

David Angerman

Angela Brill

Dianne Brumley

Dave Collett

Jo Lynn Cookus

Audrey De La Cruz

Owen Duggan

Denise Eaton

Monte Garrett

Lee Gwozdz

T.J. Harper

Michele Hobizal

Dianna L. Jarvis

Karen Kenaston-French

Ruth Ann Lind

Eunice Marrero

Jerry McCoy

Dinah Menger

Gabe Musella

Deborah Oakes

Matthew Perez

Brenda Varvoutis Renander

Katie Richardson

Kenny Sheppard

Dennis Shrock

Joshua Taylor

Mike Ware

Kitty Williams


Texas Sings! · Spring 2013


Derrick Fox – see page 22 Lynne Gackle – see page 22

Kendall Allen

Heather Bolin

Nicole Bouley

Derrick Bready

Beverly Golden

David Landgrebe

Amy McMichael

Clorese Porter

Heather Sharp

Morris Stevens Jr.

Joseph Stobaugh

Theresa Whatley

Accompanists Laura Farnell

Joseph Fuller

Peggy Graff

Jane Haas

Georgia Kornegay

David Lawson

Rae Moses

Patricia Neighbors

Lana Cartlidge Potts

Janet Pummill

Kristin Simpson

Jon Starling

Stefanie Stephens

Catherine Stevenson

Lonnie Tanner

Mary Jane Thornton

Jennifer Zaccagni Spring 2013 · Texas Sings!


Texas Choral Directors Association Membership Form 2013

Texas Choral Directors Association


Check if applicable: First Year Teacher New to Texas New TCDA Member Opt out vendor e-mail




$50.00 _____

$95.00 _____


$50.00 _____

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$20.00 _____

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Nam ______________________________________ Name _______________________________________________________________________ Home Address ________________________________________________________________ City _____________________________________________ State _____________________ Home or Cell _______________________________

Zip ___________

Employer ___________________________________________________________________ Title __________________________ Work Address ________________________________________________________________ City __________________________________________ State ____________________ Zip ___________ Work Phone _____________ FAX __________________________________________ E-mail ________________________________________ Alternate E-Mail ______________________________ Preferred Mailing Address: Home ______ Work _____ Employment:









Please consider a donation to a TCDA Scholarship (minimum gift $5.00). Designations below: AMOUNT: TCDA General Scholarship __________ Past Presidents Scholarship __________ Liz Volk Scholarship __________ Cloys Webb Scholarship __________ Donald Bailey Scholarship __________ William Gorham Scholarship __________ Jackie Cocke Scholarship __________ Jim and Glenda Casey Scholarship __________

In Memory/Honor of ______________________________________

Return form with payment by July 1 to:


7900 Centre Park Drive, Suite A Austin TX 78754 Phone: 512-474-2801 Fax: 512-474-7873

GRAND TOTAL THIS PAGE: Please give a Membership Form to a colleague not in TCDA! Thanks for your support


Convention Pre-Registration Form (Membership Required) Registration at door $130. Pre-registration deadline July 1, 2013 Return form to: TCDA * 7900 Centre Park Drive, Suite A * Austin, TX 78754 FAX: 512-474-7873 *

Convention Pre-Registration Fee**

Check if applicable: Request a Mentor

Active Associate Retired

$110 $110 $ 35

Would like to be a Mentor Would like to be considered

Student Out-of-State

$ 25 $110 (Out-of-State ACDA

as an Accompanist First Convention

pay convention fee only)

Optional Events/Items Family/Guest Badge @ High School Day @

$15 per person; 13+ yr = $15 per student =

__________ __________

New Teacher Academy **C Proof of eligibility required. Golf Tournament





$25.00 $ 5.00

_________ _________

(Day Care Complimentary for 10 and younger)

Merchandise Polo (S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL) TCDA Mug

Size _________

Scholarship Donation (minimum gift $5.00) TCDA General Scholarship In Memory/Honor Of ___________________________________ Past Presidents Scholarship


Liz Volk Scholarship Cloys Webb Scholarship Donald Bailey Scholarship

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William Gorham Scholarship Jackie Cocke Scholarship Jim and Glenda Casey Scholarship GRAND TOTAL ALL ITEMS (INCLUDING MEMBERSHIP):

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If you are completing this form on behalf of a TCDA member, please provide the following:

____________________________ ____________________________

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Email: _________________________________________________ Phone: _______________________ **Attach Authorized PO

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover and Authorized POs. Credit card payments must be made on-line or by calling the Convention fees include all exhibits and clinics and two Soiree drink tickets. • Membership dues paid to TCDA are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes; however, dues payments may be deductible as ordinary and necessary business expense. Donations to TCDA and/or TCDA scholarship are tax deductible.

Download additional forms:

2013 TCDA Convention/Clinic San Antonio, Texas Reservation Cutoff: Hotel Reservation Form :

es Dat 3 n o i 1 t ven –24, 20 n o C 21 July

June 28, 2013

TO SECURE YOUR HOTEL CHOICE AND RECEIVE (After this date, room IMMEDIATE CONFIRMATION, MAKE YOUR blocks could be released and hotels may charge RESERVATION ONLINE.

WAYS TO RESERVE YOUR HOTEL ROOM Online: Fax: 210-207-6702 No Phone Reservations Mail: TCDA Housing, 203 S. St. Mary’s St., Ste. 200, San Antonio, TX 78205

higher rates.)

Select Hotels: Rooms are assigned first come/first served. If choices are not available, a room will be secured at a hotel based on your preference of rate or proximity and availability. Use code only, not numbers. See Hotel Listing for rates and codes. 1st Choice: ______ 2nd Choice: ______ 3rd Choice: ______ 4th Choice: ______ 5th Choice: ______ 6th Choice: ______ If hotel choices are sold out, which is more important: Room Rate: _______ Location: _______ * Please Note: Hotels are non-smoking except La Quinta Inn & Suites Convention Center * Reservation will not be processed, if form is incomplete. Keep a copy of this form for your records. Do not mail after faxing. Acknowledgements are e-mailed if a valid e-mail address is provided below. Photocopy this form if you need more than one room. ARRIVAL DATE: _______________

DEPARTURE DATE: _______________


_______________________ 2. _______________________ 3. _______________________ 4. _______________________ Room Request?: One Bed: ______ Two Beds: ______ Smoking: ______ Non-Smoking: ______ ADA Accessible: ______

SPECIAL REQUEST: ________________________________________________________________________________________ (Room type & special requests based on availability at check in.) ATTENDEE INFORMATION: (REQUIRED) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FIRST NAME MI LAST NAME __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ E-MAIL ADDRESS __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ AFFILLIATION / INSTITUTION __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ STREET ADDRESS OR P.O. BOX NUMBER __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CITY STATE COUNTRY ZIP CODE __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *FAX NUMBER (*if international, please indicate country & city code) *DAYTIME PHONE NUMBER ROOM GUARANTEE: All rooms must be guaranteed with either a credit card (valid through July, 2013) or check. Reservations will not be accepted without guarantee. If you choose to mail a check deposit, make it payable to TCDA Housing in the amount of $200 and mail along with your housing form to the address provided above. Type of card: Visa __________ MasterCard __________ American Express __________ Discover __________ Card Number: ___________________________________________________________________

Exp. Date: _______________

CHANGES / CANCELLATIONS: All cancellations must be received by the TCDA Housing Bureau on or before May 28, 2013 to avoid a penalty. Any cancellations received after May 28, 2013 will be assessed a $50.00 cancellation fee. Continue to use the TCDA Housing Bureau for all changes/cancellations through July 5, 2013. Beginning July 6, 2013, contact your hotel directly. All cancellations must be received at least 72 hours prior to arrival or one night's room & tax will be assessed. Your hotel may charge a fee for departure changes at check in.

NOTE: ALL SUITES must be requested in writing to the Housing Bureau via email at, or fax 210-207-6702. One night’s room & tax may be charged by the hotel to your credit card prior to arrival anytime after June 28, 2013.

Please contact the TCDA Housing Bureau should you have any additional questions: 210-207-6734.





Cont. Breakfast

Parking / Day

1) Courtyard by Marriott San Antonio Riverwalk

207 N. St. Mary's Street





2) Crockett Hotel

320 Bohnam


$1 5 - $135



T 600 E. Market OU


3) Grand Hyatt San Antonio


4) Hilton Palacio del Rio 5) Historic Menger Hote 6) Holiday Inn Market Square




/ Self


/ Valet


/ Self

200 S. Alamo


$141 - $175


204 Alamo Plaza


$115 - $130


$25 Valet

318 W. Cesar E. Chavez Blvd. (formally Durango)





$17 / Self $21 / Valet

7) La Quinta Inn & Suites 303 Blum Street Convention Center



8) Marriott Plaza San Antonio

555 S. Alamo



9) Residence Inn by Marriott Alamo Plaza

425 Bonham


10) San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter

101 Bowie Street



- $20


T 11) San Antonio Marriott OU711 E. Riverwalk Riverwalk OLD



- $17




- $17

$3 / Valet




$29 / Valet



$15.00 $25 / Self $33 / Valet $25 / Self $33 / Valet



/ Self


Texas Choral Directors Association

58th Annual Convention & New Music Reading Clinic • July 21–24, 2013 • San Antonio (Times and locations are subject to change.)

Sunday, July 21 9:00am–7:00pm 9:30am 10:30am–12:30pm 11:00am–1:30pm noon–4:00pm 12:30–2:30pm 1:00–5:00pm 1:00–11:00pm 1:30–6:30pm 2:00–6:00pm 2:30–4:00pm 4:00–5:00pm 4:15–6:30pm 5:00–6:00pm 4:00–6:30pm

Exhibitor Setup Golf Tournament TMAA Executive Committee UIL Music Advisory Committee TMEA Elem Region Chair Luncheon/Officer Training TMAA Committee on Standards of Adjudication & Performance Practices Texas Private School Music Educators Association Executive Committee Child Care Available TMEA/UIL Choral Sight Reading Committee Registration/Hospitality Open MS/JH Honor Choir Registration TCDA Ways & Means Committee TMAA Vocal Workshop TCDA Nominating Committee MS/JH Honor Choir Sectionals

5:00–6:30pm 6:30–8:30pm

Workshop 1: Col/Comm – From Student Teaching to Teaching Students TCDA Soiree

Exhibit Hall C The Quarry 207 218 Marriott RW 207 213 209 and 211 218 West Registration Lobby 001 River Room 210 212 210 103 Mission Room, 101, 102, 001 River Room 206 Marriott RW Alamo BR

Monday, July 22 7:00am–6:00pm 7:30am–11:00pm 8:00–9:00am 8:00–9:00am 8:00–9:00am 8:30–11:30am 9:00am–5:00pm 9:15–10:15am 9:15–10:15am 9:15–10:15am 9:15–10:15am 9:30am–4:00pm 10:30–11:30am 10:30–11:30am 10:30–11:30am 10:30–11:30am 11:00am–2:00pm 11:45am–12:45pm 11:45am–12:45pm 12:30–1:15pm 1:00–2:00pm 1:15–2:15pm 1:15–2:15pm 1:15–2:15pm 1:30–4:30pm 2:30–3:30pm 2:30–3:30pm 2:30–3:30pm 16

Registration/Hospitality Open Child Care Available Workshop 2: Col/Comm – Round Table Community Choirs Workshop 3: Church – Advent, Lent and Ordinary Time, Oh My! Planning for the Church Year Reading Session 1: Pop/Jazz MS/JH Honor Choir Rehearsal Exhibits Open Workshop 4: El – Sing Your Own Part Workshop 5: Church – Building Bridges and Creating Community Workshop 6: HS – Bad Choral Music and How to Spot It Reading Session 2: MS/JH Boys High School Student Day Workshop 7: Col/Comm – Performance Practices in the Baroque and Classical Eras Workshop 8: MS/JH – Assessment in the Choral Classroom; Fifty Shades of Grading Reading Session 3: Unison/SA College Conductor Rehearsal TMEA Vocal Region/Area Chair Luncheon Workshop 9: HS – Choir/Band Reading Session 4: Sacred U/2pt Visit the Exhibits Workshop 10: HS – Getting to Know You Workshop 11: El – Sing and Play Reading Session 5: Adv JH/HS Training Reading Session 6: Adv HS/Coll MS/JH Honor Choir Rehearsal Workshop 12: Col/Comm – ACDA International Conductor Exchange Program Workshop 13: Church – Tried and Proven Closed Rehearsal - Cantare Houston

Texas Sings! · Spring 2013

West Registration Lobby 209 and 211 206 207 Ballroom A 001 River Room Exhibit Hall C 206 207 Ballroom A 103 Mission Room Ballroom C3 206 Ballroom A 103 Mission Room 101 and 102 Marriott RW Ballroom A 103 Mission Room Exhibit Hall C Ballroom C3 206 Ballroom A 103 Mission Room 001 River Room 206 207 Ballroom A

2:30–3:30pm 4:00–5:00pm 5:00–6:30pm 7:00–8:30pm

Workshop 14: MS/JH – Teamwork and Teambuilding for the Choral Classroom Performance: Cantare Houston College Conductor Rehearsal Worship Service: All God’s Children

103 Mission Room Ballroom A 206 and 207 Travis Park UMC

Tuesday, July 23 7:30am–4:00pm 7:30am–11:00pm 8:00–9:00am 8:00–9:00am 8:00–9:00am 8:00–9:00am 8:30–10:15am 9:00am–5:00pm 9:15–10:15am 9:15–10:15am 9:15–10:15am 9:15–10:15am 10:30–11:30am

10:30–11:30am 11:30am–1:15pm 11:45am–12:45pm 11:45am–12:45pm 11:45am–12:45pm 11:45am–12:45pm 1:00–4:00pm 1:00–4:00pm 1:00–2:30pm 1:15–2:15pm 1:15–2:15pm 1:15–2:15pm 2:15–3:30pm 2:30–3:30pm 4:00–5:30pm

Registration/Hospitality Open Child Care Available Workshop 15: El – It’s All About the Singing Workshop 16: Col/Comm – Round Table - Two Year Colleges Reading Session 7: MS/JH Treble Workshop 17: HS – The 2014 Texas All-State Choir Music - An Introduction and Conversation MS/JH Honor Choir Rehearsal Exhibits Open Workshop 18: El – The Singing Child - Tips & Toys From Tone to Text Workshop 19: MS/JH – So You Think You Can Teach? Workshop 20: HS – The Singing Hand: A Master Class for Conductors Reading Session 8: Sacred/General SATB TMEA Region Meetings 1–5, 23, 24: Room 217ABC 6–10: Room 001 11: Room 101 13: Room 102 12, 16, 21, 28: Room 214CD MS/JH Honor Choir Rehearsal (closed) Ch & HS: Visit the Exhibits Workshop 21: El – The Singing Child - Musicality & Movement Workshop 22: Col/Comm – Conducting Master Class Workshop 23: MS/JH – Tune In College Conductor Rehearsal MS/JH Honor Choir Assembly El & Col/Comm: Visit the Exhibits Past Presidents Luncheon Workshop 24: Church – A Whole Child Approach to Church Children’s and Youth Choirs Reading Session 9: El/MS/JH Holiday/Seasonal Reading Session 10: HS Treble/Men TMEA MS/JH Coordinators Meeting Workshop 25: HS – The Notes Must Not Seem Stuck Together TCDA Business Meeting

West Registration Lobby 209 and 211 206 207 Ballroom A 103 Mission Room 001 River Room Exhibit Hall C 206 207 Ballroom A 103 Mission Room 14, 15: Room 207 17: Room 218 18, 25, 26: Room 214AB 19, 20: Room 206 21, 22, 27: Room 103 Ballroom A Exhibit Hall C 206 207 Ballroom A 103 Mission Room 001 River Room Exhibit Hall C Marriott RW Salon A 206 Ballroom A 103 Mission Room 206 Ballroom A Ballroom A

Wednesday, July 24 8:00–10:00am 8:00am–noon 8:00–9:00am 8:00–9:00am 8:00–9:00am 8:00–9:00am 9:00am–noon 9:15–10:15am 9:15–10:15am 9:15–10:15am 9:15–10:15am 10:30–11:30am 2:00–6:00pm

Hospitality Open Child Care Available Workshop 26: El – More Pat, Tap & Clap - Less Yap Reading Session 11: HS Holiday/Seasonal Workshop 27: Col/Comm – Round Table - ACDA Student Chapters Closed Rehearsal – Vox Humana Exhibits Open Workshop 28: El – Tried and Proven Reading Session 12: Sacred Advanced Workshop 29: MS/JH – Revisiting Ophelia Reading Session 13: HS SATB Performance: Vox Humana TCDA Board Meeting

West Registration Lobby 209 and 211 206 Ballroom A 101 103 Mission Room Exhibit Hall C 206 207 103 Mission Room Ballroom A 103 Mission Room Marriott RW Bowie Spring 2013 · Texas Sings!


College/Community Ra n dall

H o o pe r

Sharing Inspiration


he TCDA board has assembled inspiring concerts, interesting sessions and fun for the 2013 Summer Convention. Plan to join us July 21–24 for this summer’s convention of inspiration. Here are highlights for the College and Community Choir Division:

Inspired through listening Two Texas choirs are performing this summer. Cantare Houston, conducted by Kevin Riehle, will premiere the High School Division’s Commission by Jocelyn Hagen, whose music is described as “dramatic and deeply moving” and “melodically driven, boldly beautiful, and intricately crafted.” The Dallas based 24 voice professional ensemble Vox Humana, conducted by David Childs, will close our

Vox Humana Vox Humana is a 24-voice chamber choir that draws together musicians representing the finest vocal talent from across the United States to present performances of the highest professional quality. Vox Humana was formed in 2010 by Artistic Director and President, David N. Childs.


Texas Sings! · Spring 2013

convention. This ensemble dedicates itself to the performance of contemporary music as well as traditional Western repertoire. Inspired through coaching Eighteen students were selected from Texas universities to participate in the David Childs undergraduate conducting master classes and to conduct the High School Treble/Men’s Reading Session. These students will work with Karen KenastonFrench from the University of Texas at Arlington and Kenny Sheppard from Southwestern University. Attend this reading ses- Kevin Riehle sion and participate in the reading choir to support these inspiring young conductors. Inspired through new ideas The Division’s Conducting Master Class will be led by David Childs of Vox Humana and Highland Park United Methodist Church, with Vox Humana as the conducting choir. Participants will learn how to better communicate the desired musical outcome through the conducting gesture.

TJ Harper of Providence College in Rhode Island and the Director of the ACDA ICEP, Monte Garrett of Howard Payne University, and Jerry McCoy of the University of North Texas, will present a session on the ACDA International Conducting Exchange Program. The ICEP develops exchange possibilities for U.S. choral conductors and brings choral musicians from those countries here, and U.S. conductors then visit those countries during the same calendar year. This session will present experiences with this program and information about how to get involved. Dennis Shrock of TCU will present a session on the Performance Practices in the Classical and Baroque Eras. This session will be based on the research of Dr. Shrock for his books Performance Practice in the Classical Era and Performance Practice in the Baroque Era. Dr. Shrock presented at the 2011 ACDA National Convention on the topic of Performance Practices in the Classical Era, and he will expand the topic to include Baroque performance practice. Morris Stevens of St. Edward’s University will conduct the Advanced High School and College Reading Session. Plan on participating in the reading choir for this session (it traditionally contains the most challenging literature). We will need a healthy choir of singers to successfully render this music. Inspiring new teachers Dianne Brumley of the University of Texas at Brownsville will present From Student Teaching to Teaching Students. She will moderate a panel of first year teachers in a discussion about the reality

of first year teaching experiences. This session will take place before the Soiree on Sunday night and is open to the entire TCDA membership. Also, TCDA will provide a First Year Teacher Academy all day on Sunday, July 21. This program is designed to introduce first year teachers and teachers new to Texas to the inner workings of Texas secondary music contests and organizations. Help us get the word out to teachers who may benefit from this training. The cost will be $35.00 for the academy and $50.00 to join TCDA. Inspired through sharing and conversation A new component this summer will be Round Table Discussions at 8:00 am each day. This year’s topics will be: Two-Year Colleges. Discussion will focus on literature, the 2+2 program, recruiting and retention, led by Andre Jaber of Houston Community College Southwest and the President of TTCCDA; Bobbie Douglas of Tarrant County College Northeast Campus; and Dennis Richardson of Del Mar College; Community Choirs. Discussion will focus on the traditional choirs vs. non-traditional choirs, literature, recruiting, working with adults, travel, funding, and programing. It will be led by Brad Bouley of the Texas Master Chorale, Diane Benson of the Houston Choral Showcase and Ralph Frederick Stannard of Plano Civic Chorus; ACDA Student Chapters. Discussion will focus on sponsoring an ACDA student chapter, the process of beginning a chapter, program ideas, encouraging membership attendance at TCDA, SWACDA and ACDA conventions, and getting

Cantare Houston Under the direction of founder/artistic director Kevin Riehle, CANTARE seeks to create a community of people changed by the power of great choral music. CANTARE performs in some of Houston’s most remarkable venues such as the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Rothko Chapel, Zilkha Hall, and Houston Baptist University’s Morris Cultural Arts Center. The Choir’s annual Christmas Concerts at the Museum of Fine Arts are one of the “Must Have” tickets of the holiday season.

Spring 2013 · Texas Sings!


undergraduates involved with ACDA and TCDA. This discussion will be led by Craig Gregory, Associate Director of ACDA. ACDA and TCDA Student Membership Initiative and National Convention Registration Scholarships This fall the national ACDA office offered discounted college student memberships. The TCDA board offered twelve memberships to the six Texas ACDA student chapters. We agreed that TCDA would pay $15.00, ACDA would pay $15.00 and each student would pay $25.00 to become a member of both TCDA and ACDA. Six students in Texas took advantage of this offer. The second part of the initiative included five National ACDA Convention Registration Scholarships. Of the six students, five

were selected at random for a full registration scholarship to attend the Convention in Dallas in March 2013. If we want to continue this initiative, I encourage each College with a student ACDA chapter to take part in this unique opportunity. It is a way to provide meaningful payback to students who work hard for our organizations, and introduces them to organizations that are important to their future. Inspired yet? Since my first TCDA Convention in 1988, I have found something inspiring each summer that helps me renew my excitement and energy for the upcoming season. I hope you will attend this summer’s TCDA convention July 21–24, and that it will do for you what it has always done for me, inspire!

A Special Thanks to our Round Table Discussion Leaders (College Division): Diane Benson, Houston Choral Showcase Brad Bouley, Texas Master Chorale Bobbie Douglas, Tarrant County College Northeast Campus Ralph Frederick Stannard, Plano Civic Chorus Craig Gregory, Associate Director, ACDA Andre Jaber, Houston Community College Southwest Dennis Richardson, Del Mar College


Texas Sings! · Spring 2013

High School M a r k

R o h we r

Planning, Dreaming and Scheming for Next Year — It’s All Part of Convention


ach year, it seems that the time between TMEA and the end of the school year just… evaporates. There are musicals, solo/ensemble contests, and stress from the graduating class of kids that we still remember as punky 8th graders. There is a banquet to plan, a pop show to execute, and auditions to run. And that’s just from the 2012–13 year; there is also planning, dreaming and scheming for the next year. Thank goodness for the people who are presenting sessions and workshops for the High School Division at this summer’s TCDA Convention! I know that the activities over July 21–24 will prepare me for the next school year adventure, and you can benefit as well. I am especially honored to announce the 2013 Convention will feature the commissioned work of Jocelyn Hagen, whose piece entitled Vespertilians, will be performed by Cantare Houston. Jocelyn, who hails from Minneapolis, was a professional accompanist Jocelyn Hagen, 2013 by age 15 and has been High School Division Commissioned Composer teaching piano and composition for ten years. She has received over 40 commissions, 50 premieres and 100 performances. The High School Division workshops this summer are certain to inspire and energize as you prepare for another great year of choral music education. We are blessed to have Dr. Paul Rardin as a Headliner Clinician. Many of you will remember Dr. Rardin from the amazing work he did with the 2011 All-State Men’s Choir. He will present three sessions: a repertoire selection entitled Bad Choral Music and How to Spot It; a correct performance practice session entitled The Notes Must Not Seem Stuck Together: Guidelines for Stylistically Informed Performances; and a third session entitled The

Singing Hand: A Master Class for Conductors. These will be enlightening sessions you will not want to miss. This year, Past President Amy Allibon brilliantly tied the High School Student Day session to High School Division activities, and Dr. Rardin will conduct and work with the high school students. In addition, Haltom High School master teacher Connie Sanchez was such a hit at last year’s event that we’ve asked her back, and I am inviting you to watch her session with the students called Getting to Know You: Games, Activities, and Strategies to Build Connections. Please consider bringing students to High School Student Day, and find time to drop in and be invigorated along with them! We will adapt the formerly-known-as-All-StateReading-Session to be more interactive. Newly elected TMEA Vocal Division Vice President Dinah Menger will facilitate a session entitled The 2014 Texas All-State Choir Music—An Introduction and Discussion. This is an opportunity to ask questions about the all-state music, gain a perspective about the 2014 All-State conductors, and learn about the latest developments as everyone gears up for the fall audition season! Important Note—due to the high cost of the all-state music packets—remember, this is not new music, unlike other TCDA reading sessions—complimentary packets will no longer be available, so bring your own, or purchase one from the many vendors available.

All of us teach on an island much of the year, and it is important to commiserate with our peers and friends who put up with us all year! To celebrate our new convention format, we will have a workshop this year that focuses specifically on forming partnerships with our instrumental continued on p. 23

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Middle School/Junior High K a r i

G i lbe r ts o n

Not Just for Recipes Anymore


haven’t tired of teaching. I know I can teach many more years … and that’s good because I have many more to go before I can retire! What I worry about is not the teaching, but how many times can I adapt to the changes in our students and our school culture. How many times can I reinvent myself for a new generation? How do I keep my teaching fresh and relevant? One of the resources I’ve found most recently is…the Internet! It’s not just for casseroles anymore. A good friend introduced me to Pinterest. Wow! At first I was in recipe and holiday décor heaven! But then, I noticed there are resources for my classroom. There is a treasure chest of ideas from solfege games to warm up songs; video clips to rhythm games; multidisciplinary connections to discipline strategies. If an idea isn’t specifically for my grade level, or even a music classroom, I have fun adapting it for my needs. My “School Ideas” board has become more active than my “Places I’d Like to Retire” board! From web links on a Pinterest board, I find other new, wonderful resources to supplement a good “old fashioned” choir rehearsal. If I’m learning, I’m adapting. If I’m adapting, I’m relevant. Perhaps this veteran has a few more tricks up her sleeve after all. Need to spice up your choir room with some different flavors and recipes? The TCDA Board has been working on a “TCDA Summer of 2013” board and we’re excited to share our plans with you. Workshops Each day of the convention, we have practical and motivational workshops in the MS/JH Division to get you charged up for the new year: We’re excited to offer the MS/JH Honor Choir under the direction of the incomparable Dr. Lynne Gackle and accompanied by Rae Moses. Speaking


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from the experience of my own students, many that participate in this wonderful choir are so excited about singing, they have gone on to make one of the Texas All State Choirs. In addition to her inspiring work with the choir, Dr. Gackle will reprise her 2010 standing Lynn Gackle room only session on her landmark book on developing and nurturing the female, adolescent voice in Revisiting Ophelia. We’re fortunate to have Dr. Derrick Fox, a dynamic speaker and conductor from Michigan State University, joining us as a headliner. If you are exploring new Derrick Fox ideas to keep your singers engaged, Derrick’s session on Tuning In is for you. Think assessment is a dull topic? Wait until you hear Dr. Fox’s session Fifty Shades of Grading. You will be introduced to and/or become familiarized with a variety of assessment models that allow for individual student evaluations that benefit the entire choral program. Implementations of these methods are easy; they work well for any music curriculum and the results will demonstrate your students’ achievements to administrators, colleagues and parents. They did it! Matthew Perez and Katie Richardson survived student teaching; they graduated, and landed their first real teaching job! Now what? So You Think You Can Teach? This session will explore ideas to tango your way to the top while

waltzing through your first year of teaching with ease. Directors, young and old, will leave this session with practical advice about conducting, communication, time management, and establishing routines. You’ll be ready to take your new moves back to your dance floors . . . errr . . . classrooms!

Think assessment is a dull topic? Wait until you hear Dr. Fox’s session Fifty Shades of Grading. Do you spend more time in your choir classes trying to find leadership than you do investing time to inspire it? Teaching partners Dianna Jarvis and Audrey de la Cruz will give practical tips, fun games, and poignant reminders about reaching the leadership potential in your choir program in Teamwork and Teambuilding for the Choral Classroom. Need to know how to build a cohesive and connected choir community? Attending this workshop will enable you to tap into the not so hidden potential in your choir. “Pin” some new music to your library…Reading Sessions Think of the New Music Reading Sessions as a

High School continued from p. 21 friends in order to strengthen our collective educational experience. Veteran teachers and colleagues Denise Eaton and Gabe Musella will present A Conversation about Collaboration, highlighting the many benefits that come from working with each other. Make sure you bring your band director! There will be no TCDA BBQ this summer. While we love the BBQ, we have a rare and exciting opportunity to catch up with friends old and new, near or far, from choir, orchestra, or band, all without missing a session or performance! Please take advantage of one of the unsung (sorry for the

way to tweet in person about some newly published repertoire for your school year. One of the best ways to start your school year “ahead of the game” is to sing, hear, choose, and order new music that you hear at the new music reading sessions. This year, we will have four MS/JH reading sessions to start your countdown. Nikki Bouley, accompanied by Stefanie Stephens, will conduct new repertoire for MS/JH Treble choirs. Theresa Whatley, accompanied by Mary Jane Thornton, will introduce us to the new tenor/bass repertoire. Patricia Neighbors will accompany as Heather Sharp conducts the music that bridges that gap in the JH/HS Training session. New to the reading session lineup is a holiday session aimed specifically for Advanced Elementary choirs and MS/JH programs. Don’t miss Heather Bolin, accompanied by Catherine Stevenson, as they share what’s new for the holidays. We have many opportunities to help you look ahead to a new and exciting year. Our convention is not just for work; it’s for renewing relationships, finding inspiration, and thinking outside the box. So, bring a friend, and plan on making the 2013 TCDA convention a part of your “School Ideas Board.”

pun!) benefits of the TCDA Convention, a chance to unwind and deepen friendships. All of us teach on an island much of the year, and it is important to commiserate with our peers and friends who put up with us all year! Make plans to go to this summer’s convention and leave plenty of time to wander the exhibits— bring your students to High School Student Day, encourage a friend to join TCDA and join you at convention, and take time to relax and dream big about your upcoming year. See you in San Antonio!

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News You Can Use About 2013 Convention! ■■ Combined Exhibit Hall Will Feature More Than 600 Booths ■■ Childcare Is Complimentary ■■ First-Year Teachers Joining TCDA Receive a 50% Reduction in Convention Fee ■■ New Teacher Academy on Sunday, July 21— Valuable Tips, Tools & Skills ■■ The Soiree on Sunday, July 21, Includes More Food. Meet TCDA Officers, Request a Mentor. ■■ No TCDA BBQ—We Hope to Bring It Back Next Year!

■■ Hospitality Will Accept Credit and Debit Cards! ■■ Guidebook App Available for All Three Convention Schedules! ■■ Hotel Costs a Problem? Share a Room with a Fellow Teacher. Don’t Miss This Year’s Convention! ■■ Pre-Register by July 1 to Save on Convention Fee ■■ Hotel Rates Guaranteed Through June 27 ■■ Membership Required to Attend Convention ■■ TCDA Welcomes Out-of-State Attendees (No Membership Required) ■ 512-474-2801 THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING TCDA





of Southwestern University

Conductors’ Workshop

June 23 - 27, 2013 Conduct

Handel’s Messiah

Clinicians: Dr. Kenny Sheppard & Mr. Brad Bouley

512.639.4604 24

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Elementary L a u r a

Rac h i ta

Rejuvenate Your Teaching, Energize Your Classroom


on’t you wish we could bottle that endless energy that comes from our youngest learners? Elementary students are full of vitality and spunk. They are eager to learn, collaborate with their classmates and celebrate the successes of each other. The good news is that we can offer you a magic potion that will give you the same results! Mark TCDA 2013 on your calendar, and enjoy expanded Elementary Division sessions that will highlight practical solutions to everyday challenges from the classroom to the choral risers.

Look for a BRAND NEW addition to the new music reading session that includes a Holiday/Seasonal session geared especially for upper elementary and middle school choirs. Tuneful singing starts in the classroom in Kindergarten, and fostering good singing habits in the early years makes the transition to choir seamless. Here is a taste of what to expect this summer: Sing Your Own Part. The magnificent Deborah Oakes will share methodology and strategies to grow young singers into competent part singers. You will leave with resources that you can incorporate at the start of your school year. Sing and Play. Do you ever feel like you abandon singing songs when you dive into your recorder unit? The creative Jo Lynn Cookus will show you how to weave singing with instrumental playing using solfege, games and theory. It’s All About the Singing. Ever felt overwhelmed when planning a program? The tried and proven

practices of Angela Brill will lead you down a path of success. The Singing Child. Tips and Toys from Tone to Text. We are lucky as Elementary educators because we get to play with fun toys to make a point in our classroom. The talented Lee Gwozdz will show how these manipulatives help children understand musical concepts. Musicality and Movement. Why fight the natural need for kids to move and groove? Lee Gwozdz is back showing us how movement and rhythm can help students with attention, concentration, cooperation and social integration. More Pat, Tap & Clap: Less Yap. The knowledgeable Eunice Marrero understands the importance of student centered learning. Taking the teacher talk out and putting the student action in is key for active learning. Tried and Proven. The powerhouse trio of Michele Hobizal, Brenda Varvoutis Renander and Deborah Oakes will flood you with the best of the best for elementary choirs. And with Lonnie Tanner at the keyboard, it is bound to be fun! New Music Reading Session. The successful Kenny Allen will guide us through the latest and greatest pieces for your choir. Look for a BRAND NEW addition to the new music reading session that includes a Holiday/Seasonal session geared especially for upper elementary and middle school choirs. I’m getting energized just thinking about it! Join us in beautiful San Antonio this summer. You don’t need to scramble to find a sub or scribble down some canned lesson plans for your non-music teacher sub. Just grab a friend and share in the collaboration of hundreds of colleagues, just like you!

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Church G a r y

M ab r y

Like a Good Neighbor


ommunity usually refers to “a social unit larger than a small village that shares common values. In human communities, intent, belief, resources, preferences, needs, risks, and a number of other conditions may be present and common, affecting the identity of the participants and their degree of cohesiveness” (Wikipedia). My concept of community has expanded quite a bit from that little green house on Avenue F in Hamlin, Texas, where I spent my first years. Our telephone number was 468! I started 1st grade in the big, bustling city of Abilene. Houston pretty well blew my mind when I moved there for a two-year sojourn in 1974. Then it was back to Abilene, then Colorado, then Montana, then San Antonio. The degree to which the Internet has broadened our concept of community is like the Solar System expanding to the Milky Way. We meet many people with different and interesting histories. If we want to learn more about the various communities in which we live, we don’t need more surveys, just more time to tell and listen to stories. It’s not so much that we need more acquaintances, just more friends. That’s the snapshot I am holding up as I serve the TCDA Church Division. Consider how you might expand your sense of community by attending the Church Division sessions at the 2013 TCDA Convention this summer. Take a look at some of those Wikipedia descriptors, especially values, resources and needs, and preview some of the highlights. Our Sacred General reading session will be led by Derrick Bready (Memorial Baptist Church, Pasadena), while Joe Stobaugh (Argyle United Methodist Church, Argyle) will lead our Sacred Advanced session. Beverly Golden (Park Cities Baptist Church, Dallas) will lead the Sacred/2part reading session. We are very fortunate to have Jennifer Zaccagni, Lana Potts, and Laura Farnell serving as accompanists for those events. A Tried and Proven session will be led by Dave Collett (Coker United Methodist Church, San Antonio), Mike Ware (Magnolia), and Owen Duggan (Christ Episcopal Church, San Antonio) accompanied by Jane Haas.


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A Conductor’s Round Table entitled Building Bridges and Creating Community will explore topics such as the needs of various sizes of fellowships, contemporary and blended worship, managing a bivocational ministry, criteria for music selection, and hymn resources. The panel for this discussion will be Ruth Ann Lind (Alamo Heights United Methodist Church, San Antonio), Kitty Williams (First United Methodist, Garland), David Angerman (Bethany Lutheran Church, Austin), and Bryan Priddy (Texas Boys Choir, Ft. Worth). Josh Taylor (First Presbyterian Church, Dallas) will present a workshop entitled Advent, Lent, and continued on p. 27

Texas Boys Choir The Texas Boys Choir was founded more than 65 years ago, and has performed for Popes, Presidents, and for Kings and Heads of State. The Choir continues to earn its reputation as one of the premiere boy choirs in the world. The ensemble performing at the 2013 TCDA convention’s worship service is comprised of treble singers, grades 5–8 from the larger SATB tour choir. During the academic year, these singers, along with the tour choir’s tenor and bass members, rehearse 100 minutes per day, five days a week. Bryan Priddy assumed the position of Artistic Director in August 2008.

Secretary/Treasurer K a r e n

G o n z ale z

New and Improved, Just for You


don’t know about you, but I am certainly looking forward to this summer’s Convention! There are many great things that will be happening, so get ready! If you have not done so, it’s time to renew your TCDA membership at On-line registration is MUCH easier this year due to the hard work by Sharon and Beverly in the TCDA office. The role of Secretary/Treasurer has changed drastically since the introduction of our new technology, and this is an exciting time to be a member of TCDA. Pre-registration for convention is important— you will save $20 on the convention registration price (on-site will be $130). Also, the New Teacher Academy is only available through pre-registration. Reduced hotel rates are only guaranteed through June 27, and there are a limited number of rooms since TBA will run their convention during the same time. So, make your reservations now, and remember to renew your membership first! New teachers, this is for you: TCDA is offering some great new “perks” for new teachers and new members. There will be a 50% convention registration reduction for a first year teacher! Also for the first time this year, new teachers may request a mentor and one will be provided at the opening

Church continued from p. 26 Ordinary Time, O My! Planning for the Church Year. Josh will explore techniques and ideas to make the planning process a positive experience. He will provide suggestions and resources for churches of all shapes and sizes. Karen Andrews (University United Methodist Church, San Antonio) will present a workshop entitled A Whole Child Approach to Church Children’s and Youth Choirs, discussing ways to engage children in a lifetime of music and worship and how to balance fun with meaningful material. She will present ideas for summer programs such as University UMC MusiCamp as well as school year curriculum resources. The annual TCDA Worship Service will be held on Monday, July 22, 7:00 pm, at Travis Park United

night Soiree. We need current members to be mentors to new members. A mentor’s role is easy – simply introduce new members to current members at the Soiree, answer questions, and talk about how TCDA has helped you in your career development and professional network. Spread the Word about the New Teacher Academy and Be a Mentor! New this year, we will accept credit/debit cards at the Hospitality Booth for TCDA merchandise. We will sell mugs, water bottles, and extra backpacks for $5 and polo shirts for $25. If you usually don’t attend the Soiree, this is the year to change your ways. This event is a wonderful reunion of old friends and a fantastic time to make new ones. Thanks to Beverly, there just might be a few more “snacks” again this year! The TCDA board has been working very hard to provide the membership with a top-notch convention with fantastic reading sessions and beneficial clinics led by knowledgeable and engaging clinicians! Make your plans now to attend this summer’s convention and bring along a friend who will benefit from this great organization. Remember, renew dues first and then pre-register—it will save you time and money. I’ll see you there!

Methodist Church, 230 E. Travis. We will be joined by the Texas Boys Choir under the direction of Bryan Priddy and the Russell Miller family (Boerne United Methodist Church) sharing the music of Uganda. Our theme is A Celebration of Community. I hope you will carve out Bryan Priddy July 21–24 to recharge your batteries, locate new music, learn by both discovery and confirmation, renew old friendships, and make some friends. Peace be with you till we meet in San Antonio! Spring 2013 · Texas Sings!


Texas Sings! Spring 2013  

Official publication of Texas Choral Directors Assn.

Texas Sings! Spring 2013  

Official publication of Texas Choral Directors Assn.