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Planning Your Destination Wedding In Maui

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Your Hawaiian Wedding!

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Why Destination and Why Maui? Destination Tips What to Bring Hotels vs. Event Venues Beach Permits Marriage Certificate Your Maui Personality Central Maui South Maui West Maui Northshore / Upcountry / Hana


Why Taylor’d Events by Jennifer?

You are on your way to having your Hawaiian Wedding!

Why Destination and Why Maui? I’ll answer the second question first. Because I love Maui! I was almost 13 years old when I took my first trip to Maui, and it was the best family vacation. We had a great time, just hanging out at the beach and pool, and going to luaus. Fast forward to the year 2000 when I took the man who is now my husband to the island and we stayed at the same condo. Nothing had changed. It was still perfect and my husband fell in love with it. Maui was one of the first places my husband suggested we get married, but we had a large family attending, and his mother had never flown in an airplane, so traveling from the Midwest to Maui was not a viable option. But we did go back to Maui for our honeymoon in 2005 and now we return every year. Maui offers so many activities during the day and nightlife in some parts of the island. And at the end of the day, there are places to get away from it all. Why plan a destination wedding on Maui? For starters, it’s easy to get there from the west coast; most major airports have direct flights to Maui. Then there’s the weather which is near perfect. And there are many places to get married besides the beach, including historic venues and even unique spots next to a lava field. You can get married any day of the week! Keep the wedding small and only invite who you want, not who your family thinks you should invite. And here’s a final reason: the honeymoon starts right away since there is no need to get on a plane (unless you want to go to another island). You’re already here!

Destination Tips Planning      

Start planning at least six months out. Decide which part of Maui you will visit. Secluded? Luxury? Active? Research destination marriage laws (more on this later). Decide how many people you will invite. Decide on your wedding style: hotel or event venue. Determine your budget.

Travel 

  

Call your credit card company one week before your leave to make sure they authorize your transactions while you are away from home. Allow plenty of time between connecting flights. Arrive at your destination at least four days before the wedding. Do not pack your wedding dress; carry it on, along with anything else you need for the wedding.

Wedding Week    

Get wedding attire steamed / pressed. Pick up marriage certificate. Give yourself plenty of time to relax and enjoy the guests that came to celebrate with you. Delegate on the day of your wedding.

Aubrey Hord Photography

What to Bring I found this great packing list for a Destination Wedding on – CLICK HERE for her lists and more information about packing. It’s a terrific resource for women who like to travel. When I travel to and from Maui, I wear light layers, so as soon as I get off the plane I am ready for the warmer weather. I recommend packing the items marked with an * in your carry-on luggage. If your checked luggage gets lost, you’ll have the “must-have” items until it arrives. Clothing Wedding dress – carry on in a garment bag and either stow in the overhead bin or see if the flight attendant can hang it with the coats in first class                

2 bathing suits *1 bathing suit 1 bathing suit cover-up * 1 hat or head scarf 3 sundresses 1 evening / reception dress 2 pairs of shorts 2 skirts 2 tanks or camisoles 1 light cardigan Undergarments for wedding dress 7 pairs of underwear *1 1 strapless bra 1 regular bra 1 pair of PJs 1 set of wedding night lingerie 1 pair of socks

Shoes Wedding shoes - if you are getting married on the beach or on a lawn near the beach, I recommend wearing flat sandals. It’s almost impossible to walk on the sand in anything else. Hiking sandals / shoes Flip flops Wedges Toiletries Bobby pins Brush / comb Hairspray / hair product – go light if you are going to be spending a lot of time at the beach Makeup – I suggest having your wedding day makeup done by the hotel spa, so just bring your bare necessities Shampoo / conditioner / body wash – call ahead to see if the condo or hotel supplies these items Body / face lotion Travel toothbrush / toothpaste Contacts / solution Deodorant Disposable razor Nail clippers / file Sunscreen Aloe Vera SPF chap stick Insect repellant

Medical Items Prescriptions in their original bottles Birth control / contraceptives – unless the plan is to start making babies right away Pain reliever Electronics * Camera – nice to capture events before and after the wedding day Cell phone I pad / e-reader IPod / headphones Chargers and batteries Power strip for all the chargers (no need to carry this on) Miscellaneous * Wedding band Wedding jewelry Mending kit Vows Seating chart (if you are using one) Other * Passport Credit card

Hotels vs. Event Venues Aubrey Hord Photography

Hotels vs. Event Venues Hotels are the first places most couples look when planning a destination wedding. Many hotels offer packages which include all that you need for a wedding, and your reception can be held in the hotel restaurant or ballroom. Since everything is on property, hotels are a great option if you are seeking ease of use. Event venues are great places to consider as well. Most are right on the water, offer a private area to get ready, and you can bring your own wedding professionals. Check with the venue to see if you or your caterer will need to rent tables, chairs, and linens. Most venues offer packages so you can use their preferred vendors to make your wedding special.

Beach Permits Nothing screams romantic more than a sunset wedding on a beach on Maui. Since all beaches are public property in Hawaii, the state has a few rules and regulations you need to follow. Basic Requirements Complete and submit application for acceptance by the state. Submit a certificate of insurance of current liability insurance for at least $300,000 per incident and $500,000 aggregate, naming the State of Hawaii as an additional insured.

Costs The cost of a beach permit is ten cents ($.10) per square foot, with a $20 minimum which will secure 200 square feet of space on the beach. If you require more than 200 square feet, enter the requested square footage on the permit and it will be automatically calculated.

Aubrey Hord Photography

Time Limits The maximum length of any permit is two hours, including set-up and tear down. Attendee Limits The average number of participates for a beach wedding permit is nine. Most events professionals are not comfortable with an event that exceeds 25 people. This includes the photographer, officiant, and planner. If you are planning or thinking about an event larger than 25-30 people, you should call the state at 808-587-0439 to discuss your plans prior to submitting an application. Restrictions No alcoholic beverages. No accessories, structures, devices, amplified instruments, appliances, apparatus, or equipment of any type can be placed on or within the right of entry area or premises. This includes but is not limited to the following: Arches – bowers – alters – tables – chairs – tents/tarps – event signage – stanchions, posts or ropes to mark the space reserved.

Restricted Beaches The following Maui beaches are restricted: Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve/La Perouse Bay Ka’anapali Coast (extending from Canoe Beach on the south, to Ka’anapali Shores on the north)

Visit these websites for more information: General information: Terms: Beaches requiring permits: FAQs from the Department of Land and Natural Resources:

Aubrey Hord Photography

Marriage Certificate To lawfully marry in the State of Hawaii, a license must be obtained from an authorized agent. Once the license has been issued, there is no waiting period before the marriage can take place. Who is Eligible? o There is no state residence or U.S. citizenship requirement. o A blood test is not required. o The legal age to marry is 18 years of age. License Requirements o Prepare and file the application in person with the marriage license agent. o Provide the necessary proof of age. o If previously married and the divorce or death was occurred within 30 days of applying for a marriage license, present proof of original divorce decree or death certificate to the marriage agent. o The application may be completed online (see website below). The application WILL NOT be accepted if sent by postal mail or email. License o o o o

A marriage license is issued at the time the application is submitted to the marriage license agent. The fee is $60 (plus $5 administrative cost). The fee may be paid online or in person at the time the application is submitted to the marriage license agent. The license is only good in the State of Hawaii and it expires 20 days from and including the date of issuance.

Marriage License: Marriage License Agents on Maui Linda Albright: (808) 875-8459 – Wailuku / Kihei / Wailea Douglas Mina: (808) 242-5854 – Wailuku Sherilynn Takushi: (808) 276-6919 – Lahaina / Kahului Cynthia Wolfe: (808) 875-8459 – Wailuku / Kihei / Wailea

Your Maui Personality

Your Maui Personality

Central Maui This is the isthmus between the two mountains and is the first place you’ll be when you arrive on Maui. The airport, county seat, most of the island’s shopping, and lots of sugar fields are located here. West Maui This area extends from Lahaina up to Kapalua. If you want to be in the hub of the island’s activity, this is the place for you. Lahaina, the capital of old Hawai’i, is the heart of Maui. Between the shopping, activities, and restaurants, there is plenty to see and enjoy. Most of the hotels and condos are in the original tourist area of Ka’anapali, including the Sheraton, Westin, Hyatt, and Ka’anpali Beach Hotel. Beach weddings are restricted in this area, but all the hotels have areas on their lower lawns (close to the beach) for weddings. The only drawback is the walkway that connects all of the hotels on the beach. South Maui South Maui starts in Kihei and extends to Makena. This part of Maui is drier and is the second largest tourist area. It offers many condos and basic shopping needs. Wailea is home to the Four Seasons, Marriott, Waldorf-Astoria, Fairmont, and several other high-end hotels. As you travel further south, you will end up in Makena. Northshore / Upcountry / Hana I really shouldn’t lump these together, because they each have great traits and offer a unique experience.

Aubrey Hord Photography

Why Taylor’d Events by Jennifer for Your Maui Destination Wedding? Getting married in Hawaii is an experience of a lifetime, particularly if you select a location in Maui for your beach wedding. Making sure you choose an experienced destination-wedding planner is something that can’t be overlooked! Let me help make your wedding day as stress-free and enjoyable as possible! I have long-standing relationships with hotels, venues, and wedding professionals, so you know they have been vetted and are true professionals. In addition, our team of Maui wedding professionals is experienced and can direct you to the perfect wedding vendors to suit your needs and budget. Our creative team includes local photographers, videographers, chefs, and floral designers. We can also direct you to our trusted celebrity mainland artists who will travel to your destination. Taylor’d Events By Jennifer specializes in Hawaiian weddings and special events with an emphasis on the island of Maui. Let us help you find your dream venue, whether it’s a bed and breakfast, private estate rental, or fabulous resort. Our Hawaiian wedding packages reflect the Aloha (love) of the Islands. Each wedding is coordinated as if it were my own. The couples I work with are like Ohana (family), and I do my very best to treat you as such. It is my pleasure to be part of your Alohiki (families joining together). Mahalo (thank you) for letting me share in your special day and perfect Maui wedding. Aloha!

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Planning Your Destination Wedding In Maui  

A handy guide to planning your Hawaiian destination wedding. By Jennifer Taylor- Photography by Aubrey Hord

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