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May 2019 | | 5

TaxiPoint LEVC Factory Tour: Ansty Park

Article written by: Perry Richardson

On a cold and wet afternoon I travelled across to Coventry in my own LEVC TXE to learn more about the vehicle I and other cabbies now call their ‘office’. The Ansty Park factory has served Coventry for many years and has become a welcome part of the community in that area. Whilst there’s no getting away from its huge domineering size, there’s a very personal feel as soon as you step in. Having put on my white coat and swapped my shoes for their own on-site boots to reduce any dirt making its may to the production line, I was ready to learn more. With roughly 1,600 TXE’s on London’s roads and many

Image: LEVC

more now appearing in cities across the UK, the TXE is looking to impress both drivers and passengers using the vehicle. Let’s take a look at how it’s built and what makes the taxi a distinguished “Super-brand” icon in the UK...

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