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TaxiPoint Chief Editor: Perry Richardson

TaxiPoint Joint Editor: Steve Kenton TaxiPoint Joint Editor: Michael Murphy

TaxiPoint delighted to offer the first interactive monthly digital taxi magazine Welcome to the first edition of TaxiPoint’s new digital magazine. We’re delighted to bring you new feature stories, the most talked about articles, letters and interactive debates and polls. TaxiPoint went live in June 2017 and we pride ourselves in bringing you the UK’s premier taxi news hub. Our website has now amassed over 1.5 million page views as we publish independently and impartially to all corners of the industry. Just like our website, this digital magazine will include a range of regional, national and global articles and discussions. Our aim is to be your go-to publication for reliable taxi news and information; and we’re extremely grateful for your support and readership.

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In this month’s edition we’re taking a closer look at vehicles in the taxi industry; focusing on the cars we drive and the impact of new technologies. Make sure you don’t miss next month’s edition by subscribing for free to TaxiPoint today. Thank you and be lucky,

TaxiPoint General Manager: Lindsey Richardson

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Perry Richardson TaxiPoint Chief-Editor and Licensed Taxi Driver

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