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be utilized to re-calibrate performance

infrastructural platform for a variety

spaces relative to audience position, size

of sensing and control technologies for

and spatial distribution. Alternatively, in

acoustic and interactive responsiveness.

service of universal accessibility, individual

Microphone-based systems can prioritize

occupants’ hearing requirements can be

sound level samples to an average decibel

addressed through the use of customized

range and inform the sound dampening

identifying receivers, providing location

cells to adjust accordingly, allowing more

information to the system, which in turn

or less reverberation and optimizing aural

adjusts local aural conditions to suit

conditions for listening to specific types of

individual capacities. These variations in

music or performance. Multi-modal sensors

controls logic combined with the system’s

such as the Kinect can dynamically track

formal flexibility enable a range of potential

locations of sources and receivers and may

architectural acoustic applications. D

ThĂźn | Velikov | McGee

Research Through Making


The prototype system forms an intelligent

System Prototyping and Assembly An iterative process of making, testing and system refinement was central to the project.

Dimensions 26  
Dimensions 26