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While this island is full of hidden culinary gems, our resident sushi rock star can be found at Hinoki Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar. If you’ve ever wondered where other chefs come to enjoy authentic Japanese sushi, you will find them here on their night off. From the locals who show up at the moment the doors open to secure their spot at his bar, to the chefs who wrap up the night, they all come here to Hinoki to experience the pure joy that is Chef Chi Chi. Chef Chikara “Chi Chi” Yamagishi is equal parts sushi chef, comedian, and restaurateur. From the moment you see his smile it’s clear his heart’s desire is for you to enjoy your sushi, enjoy your experience, and to keep coming back for more. He chuckled as he explained, “I want you to feel special. I enjoy myself while I am making your sushi and when people eat my sushi they feel happy and want to come back again.” He makes special tiny rolls for children who may be intimidated by trying sushi. His eyes light up as he remembers serving first rolls to people who are now grown and bring their own children in to learn to love Chi Chi’s sushi. Born and raised in Tokyo, Chi Chi came to the United States when he was just 20 years old. The story he told his mother was that he was coming here to play tennis, but the truth is that it was really to find a lady. While the lady has come and gone, Chi Chi has grown roots here in Hilton 30


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