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All Roads Humans of New York is a website featuring street portraits and stories of strangers in New York City. Started in 2010, the site features over 6,000 portraits that have been collated into a New York Times-bestselling book. Inspired by this remarkable site, the TASIS club ‘Sasquatch’ has begun their own portraits-and-stories project, which may not result in 1.6 million followers on Facebook like HUNY, but will be tailored to the faces who inspire our community every day. On these two pages are a few of the stories which are also on the website. Additional stories are added every day. Tweet, share, and email them to each other. Take a look: All Roads and enjoy more!

“Tell me something about yourself.” Well….I really like photography class. It is a class I always enjoy coming to and I take photographs now even when it is not assigned.

He’s my little Koala bear!!

Avatar: The Last Airbender

“What is the best part of being a Dad?” Truly experiencing unconditional love….

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” A teacher -no wait a policeman - no wait a policewoman.

“What is that?”

All Roads website "How was visiting campus with your son?" Sasquatch Blog


I’ve wanted children since I was 15. I’m glad it took me another 15 years before I actually had one. Today I came to visit our 15+ year old photo students with my son. It feels like I was never gone. I felt very inspired to continue working, help students with their projects, fix problems, and be engaged. I still have many months to be a simple housewife before I return, but it was good to visit.

It is my iPad stand. I bought it on eBay from China.

“Where did you meet this man?” On Academic Travel in Venice I was on the photography trip. I wanted to take this man’s photograph, so I asked him permission first and then also gave him 3 Euros. Later I came back, and he was smoking. I think he bought cigarettes with the money.

I am trying to save the hedgehogs. We took one home to get to the shelter last week, and it kept escaping the box and running around the car. It is safe now at the shelter.

Yes, you could say my favorite sport is basketball!

Fall 2013 33

All Roads Lead to TASIS  

All Roads is a blog started by the TASIS club ‘Sasquatch’ to collect stories and portraits of the TASIS community.

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