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ES TASIS Times Volume 2 Issue 6

May 2012

Welcome to another edition of the ES TASIS Times!

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As June quickly approaches, we present to you the final edition of the ES TASIS Times for the 2011-12 school year. We hope you enjoy all of the creative work put into these pages by our Elementary School students, parents, and faculty. In the immortal word of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, “Engage!� ES TASIS Times Staff

Any ES student can contribute artwork, photographs, fiction, poetry, interviews, investigative reports, or any other original work! To submit, email your work to: Have questions? Ask one of our staff members below!

parent volunteers Ms. Bellon Ms. de Sanctis Ms. Lodolo Ms. Manzotti Ms. Simon

teacher volunteers Ms. Zanecchia Ms. Boughey Ms. De Bianchi Ms. Hinchliff Ms. Prince Ms. Sindona Ms. Van Oosterwijk Mr. Venchus

Caterina Millo, Grade 2

student staff Aida B. Giangi I. Ada N. Giordana F. Alessandra T. Gregoria F. Anna K. Karolina M. Bea C. Kolby K. Carola C. Kristina H. Carola L. Leo L. Charlie R. Leo M. Claire S. Mattias R. Cristian R. Michaela H. Dea R. Michele C. Dion R. Natasha B. Ferdinand S. Nickolas B. Oscar S. Filippo C. Francesco C. Skye R. Gaia d.S.

Dhoni Crash in the Maldives Written and photographed by Filippo Cipolini, Grade 5

During Spring break in the Maldives an unusual accident took place. It was a beautiful sunny day and the sea was calm and transparent like glass and the sky was cloudless. I was excited because this was going to be my first dive since December and the first one of the vacation. Unfortunately, I could not have known that things were not going to go as planned... I got into the boat called a Dhoni and soon the instructor, whose name was Andrea, started refreshing me on the signals and procedures and how to assemble all the instruments and gadgets. Once he had finished, I then started talking with the other divers on board and with the crew, when suddenly I noticed another Dhoni heading straight for us. I stopped talking, shocked, and moved close to the instructor to get a better view. Andrea started shouting to our captain “Turn right! Turn right!” because he also saw that the other boat was coming straight towards us. It was too late! There was a loud crunching sound and the other Dhoni just crashed into ours, and scattered hundreds of pieces of wood into the deep blue sea. We ran to the front of the boat to check the damage that had been caused to the boats. The front of the other boat had completely crumbled and the Dhoni I was on had a big hole on the right side, and was slowly starting to take in water. The captain decided that it would be best to try and return to the island from which we had started our adventure. Fortunately, the island was pretty close, but the captain was not very smart. He began to accelerate, but that caused the boat to fill even more quickly with water. Soon the front of the Dhoni was at water level. The captain then made a final attempt to save his ship from sinking and drove the boat nose first into a sand bank. So my dive almost ended up being a dive with the boat, especially if you consider that we were actually sinking. The next day, I discovered that the Dhoni had finally been towed away from the sand bank at 2:00 in the morning, after the local boat men had managed to temporarily patch up the hole.

My Lost iPod

By Mikhail Vasiliyev, Grade 1

First, I gave my iPod to Giovanni. Then, I put it in my backpack. Next, I went to my car and did not find it. I did not see my iPod anywhere. I was terrified! Finally, I went home and found it. I was so happy!



Allegra Corrente, Grade K


By Dominique De Sousa Kruekeberg, Grade 1

Papa is silly. Papa is funny. Papa is nice. Papa is sweet. Papa and Mama love each other. Papa and Mama are the best.


! e n o Z e l P uzz Source: Toni Blay

Rebus Riddles Presented by Natasha Bellon, Grade 5 Source:


Puzzle answers on Page 12! Maze by: Tiger Pixel


People Who Help Us At School By Ms. Ilse’s Pre-Kindergarten Class

Delaney asked Ms. Kish: What is your favorite color? My favorite color is green. Where do you like to go on holiday? I like to go on holiday in Maui, Hawaii.

Louis asked Mr. Brooks: Do you like coming to PE with us? Coming to PE with Pre-K is the high point of my week. I love the kids. They are a total scream! I savor the moment of quiet away from my desk, and I am never tired of watching Mr. Volpi’s artistry in the classroom. Who is the coolest superhero? “Ny-Man!, Master of the Elementary School!”

Amy asked Ms. Ilse: What do you do after school? There are many things I do after school: preparing for the next day, teaching Dutch, singing in the faculty choir, going to the gym, visiting Pre-K children at their homes, etc. Do you like to watch the stars? Yes, I like watching the stars, especially on a clear summer night. What do you do on the weekend? On the weekend I usually start with cleaning the house and doing some grocery shopping. When all the hard work is done I like to sit down with a good book, go for a hike and go out with my husband. I also like to Skype with my family over the weekend.


Romeo asked Mr. Volpi: What is your favorite animal? My favorite animal is a dog. Would you like to come to our class? Yes, I would love to come to your class, but I really don’t have any time to do it.

Mykhaylo asked Ms. Williams: What is your favorite color? My favorite color is pink. Do you have any children? Yes, I have two daughters.

Connor asked Ms. Tracie: What do you have for breakfast? Whatever I cook! It is different every day. What is your favorite song? “Uprising� by Muse. What is your favorite day of the week? Maybe Monday. I get to see Pre-K again, have cooking club, choir, and family time.

Keana asked Ms. Carol: When were you born? I was born 106 years ago in Canada. Why do you like gummy bears? I like gummy bears because I do not like chocolate. Where do you like to go on holiday? I would like to go on holiday in Australia and New Zealand.

Allegra asked Ms. Shingler: What is your favorite color? My favorite color is blue. What is your favorite animal? My favorite animal is a dog.

Robbie asked Fabio: What is your favorite food to eat? I like all food! What is your favorite food to cook? My favorite dish to cook is lasagna.

Enrico asked Rosi: Do you have children? Yes, I have two daughters. Do you like playing soccer? Yes, I like playing soccer.

Gabriele asked Ms. Shireen: What do you do after school? I like meeting up with my friends or reading a book.


Aliens Come to TASIS

Feast your eyes on this fiction!

By Moritz Mohr, Grade 4

I’m Moritz. I go to TASIS school in Lugano. We have trees, houses, a lake, and lots of cars. Last week I was in math class as a rocket crashed into the field. The rocket hit a building. People were scared. We looked out the window and aliens were coming out the rocket. Aliens hit the lunch van and a tray of rice fell out. The aliens were scared. I had an idea. I ran to the lunch van and told the cooks my idea. The cooks helped me pour rice around the aliens. The aliens were scared. The military came and took the aliens to jail. Everyone was happy. THE END

Anna Belan, Grade 2

Cos and the Crystal By Will Lazar, Grade 1


One weekend, a spy named Cos was walking to get to the tram to go up Monte San Salvatore. Cos realized that there was a man with a purple crystal. At the top of Monte San Salvatore, he arrested the robber. Then he took the crystal back to the shop. THE END

Aurora Peltier, Grade 2

Mousie and Bunny Go to the Moon! By Tilly Fadlon, Grade 2

Mousie and Bunny were in a field of flowers. Mousie found a rocket made out of metal. The rocket was hidden in the tall grass. It appeared from nowhere! Mousie and Bunny climbed into the rocket and they flew to the moon. They got out and luckily there was a man called Stinies there. He had his own rocket. He was an astronaut. Mousie and Bunny were scared, but he helped Mousie and Bunny fly back home!

Daniella Ponomareva, Grade 1


Tom and the Mystery of the Cloudmen, Part 2 By Giordana Fiorentino, Grade 5

Tom woke up, startled and frightened. He looked around: he was lying in a narrow, bumpy bed, and he was in what looked like an old, wooden cabin. Of course! It was the cabin of the pirates’ ship, those mysterious cloudmen who had kidnapped him. Any other boy would have actually hated these criminals, but Tom suddenly felt thankful for them. So what if the ship sailed to another country, possibly another world? He didn’t care. All he wanted was to leave the dreadful, dull, boring place he had lived in. Anyway, nobody would even notice him missing. He was so unimportant to all the people in his town. Tom sought adventure and fortune; he was ready for this trip. An hour had passed, and Tom was still locked up in the cabin. But then, he heard footsteps approaching. The door opened with a creak and a cloudman stood Source: Ian Britton on the entrance. Tom had made up his mind to escape to the deck, since it was getting stinky and hot in the cabin. The monster had a bowl of soup in his hand, and the boy took the chance to run away. Strangely, he passed right through him! Tom rushed up a set of stairs and arrived on the deck. He hid among a pile of stinky, greasy sacks! As he sat down, he took from his pants pocket Source: a biscuit he had stolen from the bakery shop in town. As he wolfed down his supper, he looked up at the sky. The sight was amazing! The ship was no longer sailing on water, but flying in mid-air. They were high up in the sky, so high they were almost reaching the stars! Tom wondered how he could breathe at this height, but then forgot about it and fell asleep. When he awoke, the sailboat had stopped. They had arrived at a point where there were clusters of light everywhere–stars. Tom felt a strong desire to lunge for them, and without thinking, he did. To his surprise, he was floating! All of a sudden, he felt this was the right place for him. Yes, he would stay here. No more wandering in the streets, starving. No more feeling lonely. He saw a figure approaching. It was very familiar, in fact. It was... his grandpa! Well, he was dead, but his kind spirit remained. Tom ran to him, and he felt like he was reuniting himself with the only person who had ever loved him. Tom didn’t think he had ever felt happier in his life, and indeed, he had not.

The Dingo and The Kangaroo By Katarina Bellon, Grade 1

The dingo is trying to stay down so the kangaroo will not see him. He is going to kill the kangaroo for dinner and for the baby dingoes. The koala is hanging onto the tree to climb up and get the coconuts on the palm tree.


Uther Pendragon’s Shield By Kolby Kish, Grade 4

Source: ƒernando

One day Uther Pendragon was sharpening his sword. Uther Pendragon was the leader of Camelot, but let’s go back to when he was a squire. Uther Pendragon was walking in the forest with Merlin for service. They walked to a spot called Dragon’s Cave. They walked in and Merlin said in a quiet voice, “there is a secret door in this cave and I have the key.’’ It took a while but then Uther saw some suspicious looking rocks and slashed them with his sword and found out it was the secret door! To Be Continued… Isabella Bunford, Grade 2

The Dreamer, Part 2 By Gregoria Fiorentino, Grade 5

Suddenly, Sid awoke, drenched with sweat. He was in a damp cell full of horrid, stinky rats that kept biting him. What was he doing h... oh, now he remembered going to Monsterland! He spied a big, ugly, warted troll eyeing him wearily, like he was a dangerous criminal. He was filled with terror when a thought struck him: he was going to be cooked! “Now, now, don’t panic. What does mom say in these situations? ‘When trapped, always try to escape’.” He glanced around and he saw an open window! He cautiously climbed the wall, just as the troll turned away, and at last he jumped, and was on the other side. Red fields lay beyond, and he could see an old, bearded man sitting there, as if waiting. Sid reluctantly went over to him and asked, “Are you able to take me to the human world?” The man regarded him curiously and then nodded. With a swift movement he seized his arm, and when Sid blinked he was in his cozy bedroom once again. “Oh yessss!” But a figure was looming in front of him: his mom. “Sid!” she shouted. “Where have you been?” Now all that mattered was explaining all that happened to his mom... Source: Sampo Teräs


Kristina Hayrapet, Grade 5


nswe A e n o Z P uzzle Rebus Puzzles (Top left to bottom right): Forgive and forget, bigger and better, top secret, small print, red herring, for instance, too funny for words, small talk, once in a blue moon, cross breed, downright stupid, shut up sit down


Above and Below: Simone Primo, Grade 1

Alessandra Treherne, Grade 3


The NonFiction Nook Supporting an Organization By Cristian Riis, Grade 4

If someone asked me to raise money for an organization, I would raise money for my dad’s cycling team, Team Saxo Bank. The team helps people get healthy. Also, the team needs money every year because they have to get new shirts and pants. I think it is a good cause because they help people learn to be professional cyclists. The team also teaches cyclists to eat the right foods, how to train, and to win races. I think it’s important to try to become the best cycling team. Source: Team Saxo Bank

Supporting Airedale Terriers By Francesco Colombo, Grade 4

If I could start an organization, it would be to help raise money for Airedale Terrier breeders. The money would go to professionals who keep only Airedales and breed them. The breeders need money to provide good food and care for the dogs. They can’t sell the dogs for too much money if they want to find good homes. The organization would ensure fair treatment of the dogs and buy them the best food for breeding. Then, I would save some money to reinvest into the organization. Source: Top Dog Directory

Spring Break

By Dea Recica, Grade 5 Over this relaxing spring break my family and I decided to tour places in Europe. First of all we departed from Lugano, Switzerland and after an 8 hour drive we approached Prague, Czech Republic. In Prague I visited my old home, my old school, and my old friends. They were all amazingly happy! After that we hopped in the car and another 8 hour drive was awaiting, uhh! We went to Amsterdam, Holland and there we visited the Anne Frank Museum. It was awesome, we got to see her room, her diary, and were she was hiding during the horrible war! We also got to visit the Van Gogh museum. We saw his beautiful paintings and my favorite one was The Yellow House. We also got to go on bikes because they are really famous there; they even have a space for bikes in the middle of the road. On the last day we went on a private boat tour that our dad organized for us on the water canals which were narrow but really cool and different from everyday things. We ate a luxury dinner and stopped at different hotels to pick up the food! After that we visited Dusseldorf, Germany to see our uncle and his wife. We went on the big antenna where we could see all of Dusseldorf and it was glass so I tried lying down and it was really scary.  From there we left and drove for another 8 hours to get to Lugano. I hate traveling by car to far away places so I don’t think I enjoyed the traveling part but the destinations were fun. We traveled 3000 km! When we returned to Lugano we stayed home for a couple of days, then went to Barcelona by plane and there we visited the Sagrada Familia, the National Museum, the Soccer Stadium, the Olympic Stadium, and Park Guell designed by Gaudi. I think we ate the most luscious food ever! We ate fresh lobster that was moving (but then they killed it), fresh shrimps, octopus, fish, sardines, paella (a traditional dish with rice and sea food), and also creamy creme catalana. This vacation was really fun and amusing!



By Philip Bunford, Grade 4 Information and Images from: Mandy Barrow

The Normans were originally from northern France and wanted to invade England. William, Duke of Normandy, was the head of the Norman army. He was born in 1027 and became Duke of Normandy when he was only 7 years old. The Normans ate leeks, onions, turnips, parsnips, and carrots for vegetables. They also ate hazelnuts, walnuts, gooseberries, blackberries, blueberries among other things. The Normans lived in huts made of wattle and daub that had thatched straw roofs. They also ate animals from where they could eat meat. These animals were wild boars, foxes, beavers, bears, trout, mackerel and many other animals. Their clothes were made from animal skin and fur. They traveled by boat, horseback or on carts pulled by cattle.



ong ago there lived a child whose name was Albert. His father was an important warrior that went to battle every day and had no time to play with him. So one day Albert was annoyed and set off to find his friend Jerome. His parents found that he was a much better boy than Jerome and this made Jerome sad because he was trying his best to not be careless. One day Jerome’s and Albert’s parents decided to send them to a kind of summer camp where they could play interesting games with other children. There was also a teacher to explain how it worked. The two boys had great fun because they played a game called Cross Arrows were they needed to throw an arrow with a hole in it and make it pass through the other player’s arrow. The summer camp ended and by then Albert was behaving kind of badly so that Jerome’s parents would not say bad things to him. THE END

Masha Is’kova, Grade 1


, Grade 1

, Grade 1

A Book Report About “Tiddler” By Michaela Holmes, Grade 1

The name of my book is “Tiddler”. Julia Donaldson is the author. I like Tiddler because he is a fish that tells funny stories that he made up. I love Julia Donaldson’s books. My favorite part is when Tiddler tells the story about the fishing net. If you want to find out more, read the story! I recommend this book.


Leo Manzotti, Grade 2

Dominique De Sousa Kruekeberg, Grade 1

Laura Frei, Grade 2


The World of Boys Vs. Girls By Lucy Steiner and Jennifer Kraemer, Grade 4

“Crash!” That was the sound of a glass bottle breaking in a laboratory. The Bad Boys were trying an experiment. “Now look what you have done, Oliver!” screamed Tom in Oliver’s ear. “You broke the glass bottle!” “I am sorry I was feeling sick, it was not my fault that Sam cooked rotten food!” replied Oliver. “Then why didn’t I get sick?” exclaimed Tom. “I do not know, maybe you have a better stomach. And you were the actual person who broke the glass bottle,” said Oliver. “But it is not my fault that you bumped into me and then I let go of the glass bottle.” “Sorry!” replied Oliver. After their argument Mr. Grim (the captain of the Bad Boys) came in. “What is all this fuss about!” shouted Mr. Grim. “He did it, he broke the glass!” shouted Tom and Oliver at the same time. “Well we have a mission to do,” said Mr. Grim, “So make a new potion, in a new glass.” They went off to one side of the lab. Meanwhile... The Good Girls were thinking of a plan to defeat the Bad Boys. Carola thought about making a fire in the Bad Boys’ laboratory. But everyone else disagreed. Lucy thought about sneaking into the Bad Boys’ laboratory to destroy their plan. Everyone agreed. So off they went... The Good Girls had arrived at the Bad Boys’ laboratory. They could hear the boys on one side of the lab. “Fire!” cried Miss Cool (Good Girls’ captain). Now that the coast was clear, Jennifer dashed to get the piece of paper with the Bad Boys’ plan. When Miss Cool saw the plan she exclaimed, “We need to stop the Bad Boys from destroying the world!” “But how?” exclaimed Carola. “Do not be too loud,” whispered Lucy. Lucy had not paid much attention to the conversation. “I got it!” screamed Lucy. At that moment Oliver and Tom came in to see who made all of this racket, and they saw the Good Girls. To Be Continued...

Pooh Goes Canoeing

By Michaela Holmes, Grade 1 One day Pooh and Piglet went canoeing in France. Piglet was scared because he thought that they might tip over. They rented a canoe. The colour of the canoe was purple. Pooh and Piglet started to canoe down the river. They saw a water rat, a turtle, a fish and a crocodile. Piglet was trembling but Pooh kept rowing. Soon they came to the end of their trip. It was great, they both enjoyed it.


Milla De Bustis, Grade K

Ryan Sample, Grade K


By Chiara De Bustis, Grade 3

Little dog with sad eyes Little dog by my side Little dog following me home tonight Laid watching me all through the night If I was your owner, I would be so kind Little dog I wish you were mine. Source: Alessandra Luvisotto

The Spider and The Fly

By Alessia Galeotalanza, Grade 5

Uhuru Hegelund, Grade K

One day a spider was walking, While a fly was talking, The spider went closer and closer, And the fly didn’t notice her, Then the other flies were sighing, When a web kept that fly from flying.


The Adventure of XŨл7iAÃ*¥Ợ

Learning English Through Writing

By Alessio Mauri, Grade 4

Once upon a time, there was an alien named XŨл7iAÃ*¥Ợ. He was green, orange, red, black, white, silver, and gold. He liked space cats, he liked space carrots, he recycled paper, and he hated music. He lived on a planet called HelloMichele. One day, while he was going to work, the humans attacked him and he felt bad, angry, unhappy, and mad. So he destroyed the humans, but they destroyed the planet where his job was. He tried to go home, but on the road to his house there were many asteroids, and it was difficult to avoid them. When he arrived at the right place, he didn’t see his home but he saw a girl who had survived. He married her, they had children, and they rebuilt the planet called HelloMichele. The End

The Superhero and The Thief By Lorenzo Carlini, Grade 1

Once upon a time, a bad man ran into a restroom. One superhero went in after him. The man saw the superhero and asked, “Where did you come from?” The superhero caught the man and he took him to prison. The End

Luna The Dog

By Caterina Millo, Grade 2

Once upon a time, a stray dog called Luna was pregnant, but she could not have her puppies because she didn’t have any food. Then a girl named Chiara came to see what was there. She got there and she saw the dog. Chiara said, “I will take you home.” She took the dog for a walk, then they went home and Chiara said, “Can I have this dog, Mom?” Mom said, “Yes,” and Dad said, “OK...OK.” “Hooray!” said Chiara. Then the dog had her puppies and ate some food. The End

Mike The Penguin By Oliver Butti, Grade 2

Once upon a time, there was a penguin named Mike. He was tall, white, and black. He liked to play with a ball and to eat fish. One day, he went to the lake because he wanted to swim. Mike needed to jump in the lake but the water was cold. He decided to wait until later so he could jump in the water to catch the red fish and he could eat the fish. Finally, he jumped in the lake and he ate the fish. The End


The Apple and The Hedgehog By Eva Vardanyan, Grade 4

Once upon a time, on a very old tree in a forest, there lived a little apple. Also in this forest, there lived a hedgehog under a big bush. Three years earlier, the apple’s mother had fallen down and had died because she was old. One day, when it was very windy, the apple fell down, but the hedgehog caught him. They went to the hedgehog’s house because the hedgehog was very funny and a good friend. After this, the apple wasn’t afraid of ever falling down again because he didn’t live on the tree but on the ground. And they lived for a very long time and happily forever. The End

Mister Wiz and The Monster By Tori Lazar, Grade 1

Once upon a time, there was an old wizard. His name was Mister Wiz. One day he made a scary, big monster. But then the scary, big monster ran away. The End

The Dog and The Hunter By Allegra Masnata, Grade 3

Once upon a time, there was a little, brown hunting dog called Pippo who lived with his master, John, and all his family in a small village in the Alps. On a cold and rainy November morning, John went into the forest with Pippo hunting for wild boar. They walked for a few hours, but they did not see any people as it was very cold and it poured rain. John said to Pippo, “I wish we could be in front of a fireplace now. When we get back, we will eat some nice hot soup.” Pippo barked. He liked this idea. Just at that moment, they saw a big, wild boar walking on the path. They immediately ran up behind it, but John fell into a hole and broke his leg. The temperature was cold, the rain increased, but John took a piece of paper and wrote a note. He put it in the dog’s mouth and said, “Go home and give it to my wife.” Pippo ran as fast as possible through the forest and arrived home. He barked to warn Elisabeth. She read the letter and went to call the doctor. But the doctor asked, “Where is John?” Elisabeth answered, “In the forest.” The doctor said, “The forest is very big. We need to know where he is.” Pippo barked and went out of the house to indicate the direction. The doctor and Elisabeth followed him and other people joined them. Pippo led them to John. He was there. A couple of men prepared a stretcher to transport John home. John was safe thanks to Pippo. Elisabeth cooked a nice hot soup and they ate in front of the fireplace. The End


Photography in Finland

Getting ready to go on the sled with the dogs.

A reindeer came to us and I gave him food.

By Bea Campomori, 3rd Grade


By Gaia De Sanctis, Grade 3

Easter bunny hopping and jumping, green grass floating and growing. Lovely flowers full of colors, peaceful deer, jumping like colors. Chicks are born, fawns grow a little horn!


ES TASIS Times May 2012  

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