2021 Spring Newsletter & Annual Report

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OCTOBER 1, 2020 — SEPTEMBER 30, 2021


Not that long ago, Traverse City’s bayfront consisted of shuttered up factories, commercial warehouses, and a battered and neglected shoreline. Thanks to city and regional leadership, the work of many individuals and non-profit organizations, and significant local, state, federal and tribal investments, today we enjoy a waterfront that boasts deep blue waters, inviting beaches and parkland, active public spaces, and a bustling section of the Traverse Area Recreational Trail (TART) hosting over 2 million visits each year. This past summer, the Michigan Department of Transportation launched plans for improvements to the Grandview Parkway between Garfield and Division Streets. Front and center in community conversations around MDOT’s work is the community’s passion and connection to West Grand Traverse Bay. We know it will take strong partnerships to protect and enhance the waterfront and reimagine better connections to and along the bayfront. And we’re excited about what we’re seeing in state and local leadership to lean into those partnerships for a better way to move along this corridor. Our region has a reputation for getting things done, which is why we’re optimistic about the opportunity to build on past successes and look forward to an improved and expanded TART along the bayfront that will link all of our parks and neighborhoods, businesses, and community institutions from Garfield to Division. We believe the TART improvement and expansion effort will, like it did nearly 30 years ago, catalyze action to support a more robust active transportation network. There is a clear expectation that we continue to seek ways to thoughtfully improve and expand access for more people to get outside and experience northern Michigan’s beauty—but in the face of climate change and housing costs, we know the need is now for more efficient and enjoyable ways to commute by bike, foot, and bus. It is the success of partnerships of the past and passionate community expectations still in place that keep our gaze up, always seeking better ways to work together and looking for new opportunities to make critical connections. With our eyes on the horizon, we recognize our collective actions make for stronger, healthier communities where our physical and spiritual needs can be met, our environment is valued and protected, our economic successes are shared, and all of our community members feel welcome and safe. With your help, we are building on the past, looking toward the future, and every day grateful for the trails you helped create that connect us all.

Chris Gallagher — TART Trails Board President


Julie Clark — Chief Executive Officer


EXECUTIVE BOARD OF DIRECTORS Chris Gallagher President Ross Hammersley Vice President Meg Ackerman Secretary Linda Cline Treasurer

BOARD MEMBERS Jessica Alpers George Bearup Paul Bussey David Edelstein Sara Harding Tara Hochstetler Matt McDonough Nan Ray Rick Simonton Mike Tarnow

STAFF Julie Clark CEO Brian Beauchamp Communications & Policy Director Jamie Burley Finance & Administration Manager Elizabeth Calcutt Trail Development Director Chris Deyo Data Wrangler Caitlin Early Campaign & Development Officer

Amy Hartzog Trail Planner Chris Kushman Trail Planning & Management Director Kate Lewis Community Engagement Manager Dana Pflughoeft Marketing & Event Intern Casey Ressl Development Director Don Cunkle Recycle-A-Bicycle Program Director

Janna Goethel Annual Gifts & Special Events Coordinator

Many thanks to Susan Vigland, Chris DeGood and Laura Galbraith for their years of service on the TART Trails Board of Directors. We're grateful for their incredible contributions through the years to the organization and our community.

Photo Credit: Tom Balazs Cover photo taken at Maple Bay Natural Area, a Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy property along the planned Nakwema Trailway.

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Beyond Your Back Door Over the last two years, the constant change has provided the unique opportunity to rethink and reimagine our surroundings. It grants us permission to refocus our lens and concentrate on what is most important in our lives—physical health, mental wellbeing, family, community, and the natural world around us. Trails thread through and support all of these. That is why we have been hard at work to make every home a trailhead. Imagine an entire region linked with safe, comfortable, and convenient corridors to take you where you want to go by foot or by bike, connecting you to the people and places you love and inviting you to explore and experience places beyond. Breaking ground this year, the 1.8-mile Acme Connector Trail will provide the critical infrastructure for you to do just that. Extending from the current TART terminus at Bunker Hill Road, residents and visitors alike will be able to safely access Acme Township businesses, existing trails, and recreation opportunities. This trail also functions as the southernmost section of the Nakwema Trailway— a generational asset that connects each community it runs through to more than twenty-five natural areas and seven townships.

Visualize a transportation and recreation loop that provides a non-motorized connection that has not formally existed before. It lies engulfed by the beauty of a northern Michigan inland lake, glistening with sailboats, kayakers, anglers, and birders. Just to the south of the heart of downtown, you can access the Boardman Lake Loop Trail and easily connect to the Eighth Street businesses, the library, Photo Credit: Prein&Newhof Oryana, Medalie Park, and NMC’s University Center. To the north, you can hop onto the TART to take you to crystal blue beaches, east to the Vasa, west to the Leelanau Trail, and south to the natural surface Boardman River Trail where you will feel miles away from the hustle and bustle of town, though it is right in our very own backyard. This vision is close to reality. Construction crews have been working continuously on the southernmost and final section since the completion of the section between 14th Street and NMC University Center last summer. We are looking forward to celebrating its completion with you this summer!

The NMC community is thrilled to have the Boardman Lake Loop Trail] in our beautiful backyard along Boardman Lake now. The connectivity for our students and lifelong learners between NMC campuses and our greater community is such a tremendous asset! I’ll be cheering on all the ambitious walkers, runners, and bikers heading out on the trail from our new foundation office in the University Center building!”





Picture a multi-use trail, an extension of the arterial, running north and south and benefiting commuters, visitors and students alike. Currently, the northern end of the Three Mile Trail connects East Bay Township from the Traverse City State Park waterfront to South Airport Road. The nearly two-mile planned extension from the trail terminus at South Airport to Hammond will directly link thousands of students to four different schools, with another four schools on the periphery. This once unwalkable, unbikeable, heavily trafficked corridor will now connect trail users to area recreation facilities, grocery stores, schools, a library, town hall, and incredible natural areas. At the center of this corridor, the keystone of the passageway lies the 200+ acre Mitchell Creek Meadows Nature Preserve, a Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy property. The trail extension through these uplands, lowlands, forested areas, and creek crossings will transport trail users from an urban setting into an outdoor recreation sanctuary. This stunning preserve is packed with ecological significance and passive recreational potential. The common theme among these three trail projects is the critical community connections they provide. They offer access to the natural world as they traverse the beauty that surrounds this region. They provide the respite that we require to clear our minds and open our hearts and they lead us to what we love: our families, and our community.

The Safe Routes to Schools extension of the TART Trail system will go through the heart of GTRLC's Mitchell Creek Meadows Nature Preserve, a spectacularly diverse natural area. Students and families will enjoy passing through this urban oasis with woods, meadows, streams and wildlife viewing opportunities. The trail will be further enhanced due to its proximity to the Conservancy's future Conservation Center, under construction today, and set to open in 2023. We are so proud to be partnering with TART and East Bay Township on improving access to nature in one of the fastest growing communities in Michigan and in an area with so many neighborhoods and schools."


Photo Credit: Noah Jurik Photo Credit: Nate Richardson




Collaboration is the Key to Unlocking Transformational Change The progress on projects that we celebrate today, in each and every phase, is the direct result of homegrown collaboration. We are mobilizing partnerships to implement immediate and impactful connections between neighborhoods, parks, natural areas, schools, and local businesses. An example of powerful partnerships in practice is the Three Mile Trail Extension Project. Thanks to the quick-acting Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy, the 2019 purchase of the Mitchell Creek Meadows Nature Preserve property provides the missing link for partners at TART Trails, East Bay Township, Norte, and the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy to get to work on the design and engineering of the long-planned extension. These powerhouses came together with ideas, resources, and expertise to accomplish a shared vision of access and connectivity. This vital non-motorized connection will improve the lives of thousands of residents and create a trail experience unlike any other in the area.

Imagine weaving through the lush cedar forest and rolling along a woodland creek while going to school, commuting to work, or simply exploring. This experience will soon be possible for everyone. The Norte staff is thrilled. We have walked the property, and it is diverse and lovely. Collaborating on projects like the Three Mile Trail with TART, the Land Conservancy, and the community is how we make lasting progress.”

— JILL SILL, NORTE INTERIM EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR The 100+ mile TART Trails network boasts an abundance of natural surface paths thanks in large part to our partnership with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. The origins of this relationship go back long before the formation of the TART Trails organization. The well-known and much-loved Vasa Pathway in the Pere Marquette Forest is a year-round destination for cross-country skiers, runners, hikers, mountain bikers, walkers, and naturalists. Owned by the state of Michigan, and managed for grooming by TART Trails, this state land hosts over 30,000 visits a year. In addition to collaborating with partners to expand our non-motorized trail network, we also work continuously to make sure what is currently on the ground remains well-maintained and in good health. Last year, we made significant improvements to the thirty-year-old Traverse Area Recreational Trail between Airport Access and Three Mile Roads. We surveyed trail users and followed the data collected. What it told us was that 30% of the 300,000 visits per year were by commuters—people going to school, work, the grocery store, and places they needed to be. The aged and crumbling trail was essential to their lifestyle. Thanks to our government partners at the City of Traverse City, East Bay Township, Grand Traverse County, and Grand Traverse County Road Commission for recognizing the need for improvement, we widened and repaved the infrastructure and beautified the corridor. Commuters and visitors alike now enjoy a smoother and safer ride on their journey.




The desire to turn our well-traveled trails and pathways into more than just a way to get to your destination was the inspiration for our Art on the TART program. This placemaking program focuses on transforming our shared public spaces to strengthen the connections between people and these places. Art on the TART features artworks in multiple disciplines and includes year-round public art installations as well as temporary exhibitions and community art. Art on the TART collaborates with community partners to make art accessible to all and engage trail users in thoughtful aesthetic expression. Pieces in the collection illustrate the rich cultural identity of northwest Lower Michigan and speak to the natural setting of the region.

I see the partnership between TART and the [Traverse City] Arts Commission as bringing together separate, but closely related, strategies for bolstering mental & cultural health—two squares that make up the vibrant quilt of our region, if you will. Both public art & public trail access add enormous value to the cultural, aesthetic, and economic vitality of a community—contributing to this community's identity, fostering community pride and a sense of belonging."









seedling SUSTAINABLE traversetrails.org




Meeting Increased Demand

An investment in trails is an investment in community, in people, in health, in local economic development, and in our future. We have seen firsthand how your investment in trails over the years is paying off in profound ways. It has been well documented that since the start of the pandemic, trail use has significantly increased as people took to all things outdoors. Just talk to your local bike shop owner or outfitter and they will share their challenge of keeping shelves stocked with the goods to help people get out and get active. While the start of the pandemic accelerated trail use, there does not seem to be any slow down in activity. If anything, the trend continues as people bring family and friends along the journey to better health and fresh air adventures. And so much of what folks are out enjoying is thanks to the network of trails in our area. With your support, we will be breaking ground on the Acme Connector Trail this spring that will provide important community connections and be the springboard for further trail development northward to Elk Rapids and eventually to Charlevoix as part of the Nakwema Trailway project. Additionally, we are eyeing significant trail expansion and improvement opportunities along the Bayfront in Traverse City as that portion of the trail sees millions of visitors each year due to its popularity among locals and visitors. These connections are designed to make it easier to get around on foot or by bike, whether you are out for a recreational stroll or on your way to an important work meeting.

At MDOT, we are committed to providing mobility options for all, and we are privileged to have relationships with TART Trails and other organizations across the state that share our purpose. Not only do TART and other trail networks provide myriad recreational and health benefits, they are an ever-growing contributor to our state’s economy.”

— PAUL AJEGBA, DIRECTOR: MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Additional investments made in the trail network years ago are paying off with year-round use. Winter months can challenge even the hardiest of souls to venture out on the coldest of days, but thanks to years of commitment to snow removal on the TART and grooming on the Vasa, Leelanau and now Muncie Lakes Trails, winter trail use continues to provide ways for us to stay active in all four seasons.

With an eye towards the future, we’re continuing to map out plans to reach places like Blair Township and opening the doors for better connectivity in some of our local communities that are ready to support trails due to the benefits they bring. We’re working on active transportation plans that complement the trails and make those important connections between neighborhoods in downtown Traverse City and across the region. Due to an increase in activity on the Leelanau Trail, generous donors stepped up to help us add a new parking lot at the Shady Lane road crossing. The new parking lot and kiosk have been an instant hit and are helping alleviate some of the pressures at Fouch Road and Fourth Street trailheads. The new Shady Lane trailhead, equipped with benches and enhanced with public art, provides safe and convenient access for more people to get on the trail all year-round. Other improvements this past year include repaving and widening the TART to allow for a smoother ride and accommodate more users, and improving the TART and Leelanau connector between the Larkin Group building and Carter Road to address drainage issues.




COMMUNITY BENEFITS OF TRAILS Trails are not just recreational amenities that provide a few people with a chance to bike, walk, run, and ski. Health care professionals, business leaders, and the users themselves believe these trails help define the area and give the Traverse region a sense of being an active community. Tangible benefits include:









TRAILS FOR ALL In an era where the dominant narrative is all too often focused on our differences, trails have a special way of bringing people together. TART Trails is committed to making the trail network a place for everyone and creating an environment where all people are made to feel welcome.

The first collaboration between TART Trails and Northern Michigan E3 centered on the Juneteenth event at F&M Park. This gathering of community members was a place to recognize history while envisioning the future of the region. Both organizations fully understand the value and need to build infrastructure and opportunities that connect people and communities to each other. And both organizations also recognize that not everyone has historically had the same access to mobility, public spaces, and encouragement to be outside. It was a natural partnership for us to seek chances to collaborate when possible, which was again actualized during the MLK Day of Volunteering when TART joined E3 in building a better region together."


Statistics provided by ACHD Commuteride


As work continues to expand and improve your trail network, there is renewed effort to to integrate best practices for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion into institutional values, policies, and programs. Diversity on the trails is an important reflection of this community’s work to support folks from all walks of life. No matter who you are or where you come from, the trails are yours to enjoy freely and safely. In that same regard, we acknowledge that all of the trails that make up the TART Trails network, now and in the future, exist on the ancestral lands of the Anishinaabe people who are today represented by the nations of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians and the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians. One of the many benefits of trails is the impact they have on local communities and culture. Places with easy access to non-motorized trails have a heightened sense of outdoor spirit and a greater likelihood of people getting outside on a regular basis. In the past twenty years, over 100 miles of community trails in our area have been established, thanks to the partnerships and collaboration of people working together on a common mission. Together, we are using our diversity as a strength towards building common ground, getting more people outside and active, honoring our cultural heritage and offering access to all.

GOING CLEAN, GOING GREEN Surveys along the Traverse Area Recreational Trail have shown a steady increase in the number of people using the trails for transportation purposes such as a daily commute to work, trips to the store, visits to the library and occasions when they would otherwise drive the car. Bicycle infrastructure and walkable communities are identified globally as ways to help lessen our carbon footprint and make it easier for people to choose alternative ways to get around. With more places for walkers and cyclists to go, the more people will get around on bike and by foot. It’s a positive feedback loop leading to healthier communities and a healthier planet.


Not only is your support for trails helping provide community health and economic benefits now, but you are investing in the Traverse region’s transition to lower carbon emissions in the future.



THE SLEEPING BEAR HERITAGE TRAIL: EXPANDING THE EXPERIENCE TO THE NORTH The Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail is a treasure for the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, and for all of Leelanau County. The usage of this beloved legacy Trail will continue to increase for many future generations to come. The Trail unites communities, businesses, non-profits, and provides recreational opportunities for users of all ages and abilities."



Trail design and engineering is underway for the next phase of the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail from its current endpoint at Bohemian Road north to Good Harbor Trail. This nearly-five-mile stretch will provide non-motorized access to some of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore’s most impressive landscapes. Heritage Trail visits once again set records with over 88,000 people taking to the trail. Locals and visitors alike were able to enjoy the National Lakeshore in a new way that gets them out of the car and right into the wonders of the dunes, woodlands, and panoramic lake views. Of course, no trail comes to life without the power of partnerships. Collaboration with the Friends of Sleeping Bear Dunes, National Park Service, Michigan Department of Transportation and Networks Northwest is the bedrock of this trail. Together, we’re building a new way to connect to the places we treasure and preserve the places we love.




2021 by the Numbers

111 FREE


The Recycle-A-Bicycle, now in its fifteenth year, continues to have a meaningful impact on the community and provide individuals in need the freedom of mobility, always free of charge. While 2021 presented its own unique challenges, one thing that never waivered is the dedication of Don Cunkle and his RAB volunteers. Many thanks to Bob Resh, Jeff Zawisza and Melissa Zawisza for their many hours supporting the good work that Don does in the community. Despite a worldwide shortage of bicycles and bicycle parts, R-A-B received more donated bicycles last year than ever before. The Bike Swap was back in almost pre-pandemic production and the shop crew also pulled off a mini mid-May sale. Don’s looking forward to an even brighter and busier new year and connecting with more clients in need.

co m




LEARN MORE ABOUT RECYCLE-A-BICYCLE AT traversetrails.org/recycle-a-bicycle/ OR FOLLOW US ON Facebook



Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation Campbell Endowment


Cherryland Electric Cooperative’s Cares Fund

bicycles provided to clients since RAB founded in 2007




Cherry Capital Cycling Club

Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians




2021 R-A-B FUNDERS 4FrontCredit Union


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HOURS LOGGED traversetrails.org



FINANCIALS FOR OCT 1, 2020 - SEPT 30, 2021

YEAR-TO-YEAR SUMMARY 2019-2020 / 2020-2021


EVENTS OTHER 2.4% 2.3%







$ 336,485


$ 40,928


$ 38,457


$ 1,680,863 *






EXPENSES $ 1,264,993


$ 1,087,136 $ 178,335 $ 68,928



EXPENSES $ 2,463,172

$ 69,297



$ 1,680,863



$ 1,974,893


$ 1,332,754

$ 35,155 $ 1,334,399

$ 210,785

$ 1,334,399

* Revenue does not include in-kind contributions of $187,924 ($30,688 in noncash contributions and $157,236 in donated service)




WAYS TO GIVE TART Trails is funded through the generosity of over 1,900 donors who know what trails contribute to our community and culture. TART Trail is 80% privately funded—truly an organization of the people, by the people, and for the people. We coordinate closely with public, private, corporate and nonprofit partners to make sure every dollar we receive is leveraged to its fullest potential. We offer a number of ways to support TART Trails, including:



Gifts to the Go Farther Fund provide TART Trails with significant capital and flexibility to grow our trail network, pursue property acquisition opportunities, and tackle critical projects with quickness that enable us to meet our communities’ needs and create meaningful connections.

Mile Markers, Wayfinding Signs, Vasa K Markers and event sponsorships like Tour de TART are great ways to support trails while marketing to members of and visitors to our community.

SUSTAINERS CIRCLE With a $1,000+ annual contribution, Sustainers are a group of individuals, organizations and businesses committed to a shared vision for thriving, connected communities through trails.

TRANSFER OF STOCK A great option to make a difference for others that has potential tax benefits for you.

QUALIFIED CHARITABLE DISTRIBUTION Donating from an IRA if you are over 70 1/2 years provides a tax and penalty free way to keep the trails great and growing.



Our planned giving program makes it easy to designate TART Trails in your estate plans, ensuring a lasting legacy.

Donations of goods and services go a long way in boosting our bottom line.


COMPANY MATCHING GIFTS With participating employers, doubling your donation has never been easier.

A convenient way to work charitable gifts into your monthly budget to provide ongoing support for connections today and tomorrow.




Sustainers Circle of Donors for 5 to 9 years 

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Sustainers Circle of Donors for 15 to 19 years 

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GO FARTHER FUND DONORS Dan and Marsha Edson  

TRAILBLAZER SOCIETY OF PLANNED GIVING Anonymous John and Rebecca Bercini  Bob Carstens (Memorial Member) Daniel and Linda Cline  Sara Cockrell  Donald and Marylou Coe Jim Cunningham Robert and Nancy Doughty    Parker Field   Lois Goldstein and John Heiam  Sara and Eric Harding  Wayne Harner and Mary Pat Key Barry and Evelyn Harper   Brian and Jennifer Jaffe  Elaine Jason (Memorial Member) Martin and Anita Klein Bruce and Karen Nichols Karl Pearson   Scott and Pam Phillips   Rick and Donna Simonton  Dave Steffey  Bob and Jodie Wick Lars and Carol Wigert (Memorial Members) Dan Wittkopp (Memorial Member)

EASEMENT DONORS Grand Traverse County Grand Traverse Highlander, LLC Lake Point Commercial Property, LLC Lake Pointe Village Partners Lake Ridge Condominum Lear Corporation Logan Cove Condo Association Logan Pointe Condominium Association Logan’s Landing LP Melling Tool Northwestern Michigan College Premier Place Condominiums Value City Furniture Wysong Group, LC



$5,000 OR MORE ANNUALLY Anonymous 4Front Credit Union  Bruce and Christie Alton William and Vicki Anderson   Aspire North REALTORS Edmund F. and Virginia B. Ball Foundation   George and Patricia Bearup    Carol and Dennis Becker The Les and Anne Biederman Foundation  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan  Cindi and David Boesler  David and Mary Ann Borton  Eric and Julia Braverman Brick Wheels    Thomas O. Brown Foundation  Phil and Mary Beth Canfield Charitable Fund  Jen and Tyler Cerny Cherry Capital Airport City of Traverse City Sara Cockrell  Donald and Marylou Coe Tom Compson and Christy Larimer-Compson  William and Dea Danly John R Danly Family David and Gloria Dean Jim Dombrowski    Peter Doren and Karen Mauro-Doren  East Bay Township Dan and Marsha Edson   Debbie Edson ♥ ♥ Dave and Jane Fisher  Martha Garber  Bob and Kathy Garvey, Garvey Barn Bob and Carol Goff  Lois Goldstein and John Heiam  Ted and Trudy Grainger Foundation Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa & Chippewa Indians   Grand Traverse County Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation    Charles Stephen Baum Endowment Campbell Endowment Gardner Mahalo Fund Hoensheid Donor Advised Fund Land Use Conservation and Planning Endowment LouAnn’s Endowment for Women’s Leadership Robyn and Charlie Polzin Fund Serendipity Endowment TART Trails Endowment Jim Tompkins Endowment for TC Youth Traverse City Track Club Endowment     Lars Wigert Endowment Great Lakes Energy People Fund Hagerty    Dr. Timothy and Mrs. Sally Hanley    Herrington-Fitch Family Foundation HP Foundation  Bob and Ranae Ihme Brian and Jennifer Jaffe  Elaine Jason Tim and Amy Jenema Dick and Karleen Kelley  Kathy and Kerry Kelly  Steve and Shira Klein Klekamp Family Elizabeth Koegel Fund Jack and Jeanne Lane Harold and Pam Lassers  Gary and Holly MacAulay  Leonard Marszalek  Kathy Heil and Dave Monstrey     Kathryn and Mike Moyer Mark and Helen Neithercut Frank Noverr and Toni Tonda  The Oleson Foundation    Geoffrey Peckham Chuck and Julie Percy  Tom and Martha Phillips   

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Bradley and Kristen Johnson Debra Johnson Delbert and Nancy Johnson Scott and Karen Johnson Christian Vanderkaay and Lauren Johnson Timothy Nelson and Nancy Johnson Rex Johnson Jill Johnston Laura and Ron Jolly Michael and Barbara Jonas Sue and Robert Jones David and Kim Jung Kal Excavating, Marie and Joel Voss Neil Kalee Gary and Linda Kaleita John Kalthoff Marilyn Kamp Randy Karfonta Cal Karr and Jayne Mohr Randolph and Helen Karsten Alan and Teri Kasper Ann and John Kassen Christine and Mark Kaufman Jim and Renee Kaufman Kerry and Donna Kaysserian Angie and Brian Keas Heather Neitzke and Scott Keely John and Laura Keenan Brooks and Shelly Kelley Jean Kerver and Lee Kellogg Emma Kelly Pat and Sue Kelly Martha and David Keltner Cliff and Kathy Kelto Amy Kennedy Vita Kennedy and Christopher Morse John and Connie Kerns Brian and Carey Kerr Kathleen Kerr Rhiannon Kerr Jeff and Sue Kessler Paul and Shelley Kester Carlton Ketchom Ed and Linda Ketterer Blake and Lynda Key Estee Kieras Dr. Brian and Mary Pat Kiessling Gerald and Michaline Kilts Priscilla Walmsley and Doug Kimble Robert and Carol Kindt Amy King Mark and Marcie King Heather Kingham and Mark Elliott Darrell and Shirley Kinnan David Kirby and Martha Topol Bill and Jane Kirschke Wayne Kladder Martin and Anita Klein Leonard and Constance Klein Douglas Klein Kathryn Klein Ray and Cindy Klepper Charles and Molly Klettner Tom and Nancy Klug Henry and Barbara Klugh Kristina Klusek Kip and Melanie Knight Jane Knisley Jim and Kathy Koch Tracie and Paul Kochanny Fred Koehler Rosalie and Ronald Koenig Mera and Peter Kohler Colleen and Paul Kollmeyer David and Gail Komendera Mary and Patrick Kondrat Patricia and Randy Kopf Debra Korreck Sheryl Korthals John and Joanne Kostrzewa Julie Kradel and Steve Kostyshyn Ted and Jeanne Kraimer David Kranker Creative

Charles and Judith Kraus Dave and Barbara Krause Ira and Anne Kreft Jeff Kroeger Janet and Mike Kronk Faith and Ralph Krug Amy and Roman Krzyzanowski Petra Kuehnis Thomas and Deborah Kuemin George and Betty Kuhn Greg and Lisa Kulesza James Kure and Karen Smith Charles Pryde and Clare Kurz Heidi and Tom Kussurelis Jill and Dave Kuznicki Laitala Family Fund Michael and Mary Lajiness Land and Water Conservation Fund Martin A and Marsha L Langhorst Foundation Eric Langley Gary and Cher Larson Laura Larson Byron and Margie Latter Mark and Lynn Laughlin Christine and Bryan Lawton Albert and Helen LeBlanc Charitable Fund Jonathan Ledsky and Jeanne Cole Christine Lee William and Jeri Lee Ralph and Patricia Lee Ayla LeFlore Reba Leiding Kathleen Leismer Holly Leiter Kevin Leiter Susan Leithauser-Yee Kevin Lejeune Herb and Barb Lemcool Jim Lemire Claire Lepine Joe and Joanie Leppek Connie Leutloff Gary Lewins Terry and Karrin Licht Julia Liebner Mary Ann and Gerald Lievois Lighthouse 100 Ultra Lloyd and Judith Lindner Tom Lindrup Erik Lindstrom Margaret Littin Steve and Pat Lockman John and Susan Lombardi Kathy and Chuck Lombardo Shannon Loomis Ali Lopez Ron Lovasz Kristen Lund John and Valerie Lupe William and Jeri Lustig Nancy and Fred Luthardt Richard and Karen Luther Tom Lyon Mike Maasberg Jim and Christina MacInnes Lorah and David MacIntosh Laura Macke Roderick and Julia Maclachlan Carl and Diane Madion Megan Madion and Michael Nizzi Magagna Family Foundation Anne Magoun and Bruce Borchardt Tami Maisel and Jon Buiteweg Sue Makrianis Joe Malecki Evan and Becca Malowinski Homer Nye and Rebecca Mang David and Anne Mann Jillian and Craig Manning Tom Mead and Lauri Mannion Aaron and Lori Mansfield Pete and Mary Mantei Marathon Automotive

Mary Ellen and Don Marik Bill and Debra Marsh Randy and Linda Marshall John Martens and Danile Stoltzfus Martens The Martin Company Deana Mason Marcella Massa Materne North America Richard and Theresa Mattarella Paige Maurer MAWBY Carrie Mayes Cynthia and Pat McCall Woody McCally Timothy and Valeri McCarthy Peg and Kevin McCarty Carole and Will McCord Andrew McCoubrey Robert Reider and Susan McCraven Dawn and Tom McDonald Matt and Ann McDonough Mark and Natalie McGhan Jim and Cary McGovern Catherine and Robert McKinley McLain Cycle & Fitness Eric McLean McMillen's Custom Framing Beca McMullen Janie McNabb and Chris Wendel Lindsay and Kent McNeil Don McNew Keelan and Meri McNulty Walt and Meg Meeker Meijer, Traverse City Linnaea Melcarek Jim Sluyter and Jo Meller Laura and Steve Melvin Michelle Mercer Roger and Janice Merriman David Mertz and April Stuck Ken Weaver and Constance Metcalf Richard Meteyer Alison and John Metiva David and Lucinda Michelin Autumn and Brian Mier Curt and Eileen Mikulski Todd and Allison Millar Bonnie and Greg Miller Carol and Skip Miller Clark and Cathy Miller G. Bob and Eleanor Miller Fred and Linda Miller Kathleen Miller Katie Miller Luke Miller MaryEllen and Ray Miller Matt Miller Reed and Susan Miller Robert Miller Sally Miller James and Mary Beth Milliken David and Susan Milne Samuel and Karen Mitchell Melinda Mitchell and Jeremy Treadwell Sandy and Steve Mitton Dan and Lynne Mixer Marsha Mixer Robert Mizell Erica Mohr Sharon and Pete Moller Lisa Molmen Ruth Ann Molmen James and Cindy Monroe Emily Monstrey Joe and Lynn Montroy Jim and Amy Moore Kristin and Bruce Moore Jay and Karen Moore Karen Moore Scott Mordell Merrill and Jena Morey Betsy and Daniel Morley Dennis and Linda Moroz

Geri and Gerald Morris Rebecca Watson and Alan Morris Mary Beth Morrison Toni Morrison Casey Ressl and Jim Morse Chandra and Douglas Morse Morse Moving Morsels Megan Motil Mt. Holiday, Inc. Wayne and Heidi Mueller Kent Mueller Mark Mueller Mug Family Charitable Gift Fund Kathi and Craig Mulder Barbara Mullaly Colleen and Emmett Mulligan Dewey and Sandra Mummert Jo Ann and Gary Munce Mundos Roasting & Co. Mark and Rose Muniak Eric and Annette Munson David Murphy and Suzanne Peters Dick and Shirley Murray Nick and Kim Murray Todd and Lisa Myers Dianna and Timothy Nance Robin and Steve Nance The Narrows Yacht Club Taylor and Marian Nash Richard and Sharon Nash Samir Nazir Chloe Neely Thomas Nehil and Gail Walter Catherine Lynn Nehill Roger and Stephanie Nelsen William and Rhonna Nelson Pat and Jennie Nestor Networks Northwest Maxi Neugebauer Therese Neumann Dan and Lisa Newman Rosa Schindler and Rick Ng Susan Nicholas Carol Niemi Christine Noga Mary Nolan North Peak Brewing Company Northern Roots Functional Wellness Northern Strategies 360 Douglas Northrop Mark Noss Rick and Pat Nuffer Gerald Nyquist Tim and Laura Nyquist The Bill and Kim O'Brien Giving Fund Thomas and Elizabeth O'Brien Vincent O'Brien Thomas and Antonia O'Bryan Michael O'Bryan and Karen Sullivan Patrick and Marlene O'Connor Mark and Anne O'Dell Denise and Mike O'Leary Mark Oberschmidt Kenny Rogers and Jenny Obudzinski Rich and Adrianne Odell Drew ODonnel Jeff Offenhauser Joseph and Kerrileigh Ohanesian Eric and Marita Okerstrom Mike and Daniele Okma Allen and Amy Olender Andy and Debby Oliver Michelle and Tom Olman John and Carolyn Olson Joyce and Eric Olson Gary and Patty Olson Gary and Teresa Olson Stephanie Olszewski Cliff Onthank Ken and Becky Osborne Debbie and Dale Ostema Charles Ostholm

John Ott and Mary Cullen-Ott Bob and Laura Otwell Otwell Mawby, P.C. Dan and Jill Packer Laurie and Jim Padden Paddle TC Mike Schaeffer and Debby Page Paige Lee Interiors Raenette and Steve Palmer Jeana and Terry Paquet Roger and Sandra Parkins Randy and Nancy Parks Grant and Paulette Parsons Craig Partridge Dan Pater John and Susan Paul Paul Maurer General Contracting Thomas and Donna Paulson Brad Pauly Cilla Payne Robin and Dan Pearson James and Marilynn Pecott Heather Pence Perry and Heidi Pentiuk Steve and Jane Perdue Joanne Peregrine Bill and Lynne Perkins Mary Peters John and Carol Peterson Curt and Gussie Peterson Rebecca Peterson Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation by the Blanchard Family Fund Rick Zahler and Trish Petrat Pets Naturally & D.O.G. Bakery Frank and Angela Petty Heather Peyton Tom and Christine Pfennig John and Amy Pflughoeft Chester and Lori Pflugrad C. David Phelps and Sherry Small Bill Phillips Denny and Maude Phillips Kenneth Pickering Kathy Pilon Donald and Elizabeth Placek Platinum Sound Lou and Joy Platteborze Rachel and Jason Plum Rick Pool Nancy and Thad Popa Ann Porter Tom Porter Ann and Tom Post Amy Powell Nancy and George Powell Verne Powell Jim and Janine Powers Jeffrey Powers Christy Prahl Anita and Terry Pratt Adam Prettyman Cindy Price Kathleen and Mark Primo Derk and Shannon Pronger Charitable Fund Brenda Prough Beth and Scott Pryde Lyn Dolson Pugh and John Pugh Michele Rudd and Roger Putman Jane and Jeff Puvogel Michael and Laura Puzio James Quigel David Wright and Julie Quinn Robert and Rita Quinn Race Day Events John and Linda Racine Diana Raddatz Carol Rademacher Roger and Barbara Raehl Elsie and Don Randall Bill and Amy Ranger Dan Rankin Susan Rauser, State Farm Agent



Larry and Carolyn Rawsthorne Lisa Raymo and Gary Schilkey Jerry and Mary Raymor Mary RazSmith and Edward Smith Kate Redman Thomas Reeber Tom and Lisa Reehorst Mathew Reeves Judy Reich Doug and Jenny Reid Ray and Ginny Reilly John and Peachy Rentenbach Robert and Elaine Resh Kent and Mary Ann Reynolds Libby Tomlinson and Ed Reynolds Ray Trudgeon and Holly Reynolds Michele and David Richard Sandy and Jim Richardson Phil and Joan Richardson Karen Richardson Ken and Joan Richmond Kathleen and Louis Ricord Todd Riecke Debra and Terry Riedinger Barbara Riehl Laura and Peter Rigan Joe and Linda Ringer Randy and Melanie Rippentrop The Ritsema Blossom Fund Lisa and Nathan Ritter Joe and Maria Rivest Charitable Fund Shawn Roach Richard and Janet Robb Richard and Barbara Robbins Daneen and Michael Roberts Lois and Duane Robertson Kelly and Cherie Robinson Margaret and Jon Robinson Leslye Robinson Ron and Patti Robinson Michael and Libby Robold Thomas Rochford Tim and Peggy Rod Pam Roddy Kimberly Roden Randy Rodes Mary and Louis Rodewig Elise and Tom Roe Bruce and Joyce Rogers Dawn and Darrell Rogers Dr. and Mrs. James Rogers Bill and Jeanne Rokos Jean Rokos and Michael Spry Dave and Liz Rollert Mary Rollert Peter Romeo and Chris Varner John and Laura Roney Janet Rorick Daniel Rose Marcia Rose William and Pamela Rosenberg Ken and Cindy Rosiek David and Carla Rosier John Rosso John and Barbara Rothhaar Adam Segerlind and Jenee Rowe Michael and Kathleen Ruch William Ruesink Jeff and Jennifer Rundio Linda and Craig Rundle Running Fit Anthony and Natalie Rupard Jean Russell Kevin and Mary Jo Russell Oscar and Marilyn Rye Karl and Kristin Rylands Karen Wells and Paula Sagala Tom and Jody Sakorafis Patricia and Lyndon Salathiel Mark and Michelle Salgat Matt and Donna Salon Tony and Erin Salvagione Bob and Sue Sandtveit


Richard and Maryellen Sanok John and Margaret Sargent Don and Margaret Sarna Matt and Sara Satkowiak Erik and Angela Saxon Scenic Route Sweatshirt Co. Susan Sanzi-Schaedel and Andy Schaedel George and Deborah Schankler Mike Scharpf Chris Schatte Melody and Brian Schell Sharon and Mark Schikora Ray and Jayne Schmekel Norm and Cathy Schmitt Alan and Cynthia Schneider Christine Schneider Paul and Shaun Schneider Jim and Heidi Schramski Mary Jo and Kurt Schrank Lawrence and Ellie Schroeder Ted Schroeder Kurt Schuler Dennis and Linda Schultz Richard Schultz, Jr. and Elaine Schultz Rick and Judy Schultz Marty Schultz Janet Schultze Holly and Aaron Schurg Susan Schwartz Sharon Schwarz Eric Schweers David and Debra Schweitzer Bill and Irene Scott David Scott Sharon Scranton Chris and Anita Scussel Eliza Searles Tim and Lisa Sebright Linda Seder and Shane Wyatt James and Carol Seidel Kathy and Kevin Seitz Mary Beth and Bill Sellers Pam Shore and Rena Seltzer A.J. Send Bill Send Dennis Seppanen James and Marcia Servis Megan and David Shapiro Libby Shapiro Lynn and Scott Shattuck Ben Shaw and Maria Villac Alan Sheets Kathryn Shelley-Barnes Jamison Sheppard George and Quita Shier Christa Shilling Carol Shipley Clare Shipstead Michael and Linda Shomin Ron and Jane Shoup Rick and Heather Shumaker Jennifer and Scott Simons Joy Simonson James and Jane Sitko Timothy and Marilyn Sitts Kevin Skarnulis Mr. and Mrs. Charles Skinner Douglas and Marcie Slater William Slater Margaret and Paul Sloan Tom Slopsema Mark and Ann Smith Brian Smith Christopher Winslow Smith and Michelle Smith Ned and Kathin Smith Laura and Stephen Smith Lydia Smith Mary Smith Pamela and Roger Smith Randy Smith Sandra and Stephen Smith Timothy Smith Michael and Linda Smith-Wheelock

Irene Smyk-Bickerstaff Maureen and Paul Smyth Connie Snow Mucki and Jacob Sobania Kate Sochacki Richard and Patricia Solem Charles and Dorothy Sommers Charlotte Sommers Rod and Dana Southwell Donna Sowers and Louis Wodtowicz Russ and Tina Soyring Bob Spence Doug and Fern Spence Gary and Carol Spencer Thomas and Rena Spencer Kelsey Splinter Christy and Heather Spoongren Barbara and Peter Springsteen Quinton and Margaret St. John Susan and Ernie St. Pierre Leo and Linda Stallman Tami Stanko John Stankowski Ian Stanley Star Truck Rentals Richard Starr Jane Stearns Shelley Steele Bethany Steffey Dave Steffey Kris Stegmann, DDS Mary Ann and Fred Stehr Jackie and Charles Stein Dave and Terry Stellingworth Mike and Dawn Stemo Stenback Builders Mark and Ann Stephens Denise and Mark Stephens Ross and Dianne Stephenson Kate Sterken John and Laura Stevenson Dan and Jennifer Stiebel Jon Stinson Stockist Coffee Troy and Lynne Stockwell Andrea Stoecker Jim Storey William and Robbin Stott Julia Stout Page Stoutland Robert and Ruth Stow Janet Stowe Kelly Stradinger Kathy and John Strugala Bob and Debi Stuber Marv and Carol Studinger Stych Giving Fund The Eric and Wendy Suehrstedt Charitable Fund Sarah Sullivan and Jason Moore Jerry and Elizabeth Suminski Tom and Marnie Sutter Kjell Svensson Stefan and Sue Svensson Aaron Swanker James and Patricia Swanson Judy and Fred Swartz Sharon Swogger Ken and Kathleen Tabacsko Tabletop Underground Dave and Diane Taghon Alice Tang Emily and Carl Taphouse Eric and Hongyan Taylor Annette Teachout Jill Temple Mike TenBrock Al and Maureen Terbeek June Thaden Sara and Nicholas Theisen Tom Thibault and Ruth Winter Dan Tholen and Nan Worthington Don and Kathy Thomas

Matt and Jenifer Thomas Mollie and Will Thomas Susan Thomas George and Sally Thompson Richard and Nancy Thompson Nichole Thompson Richard and Sera Thompson Don Thomson Kjerstin Thorson Gary and Linda Thornton Bridget and Dan Thuente Dave Tietz Susan Tobin John and Kim Todd Dan Toole and Beth Verhey Steve and Janet Torok Roy and Stacey Townsend Mike Trahey Traverse Magazine Gerald and Margaret Travis Vicki Trent Jocelyn Trepte Trojan and Titan Nordic Ski Teams Sally and Jacob Troyer Kerry and Peter Trucco Dan and JoAnne Tubbs Brian and Laurie Tuck Kerry and Marcy Tucker Sara Jane Tucker Kathy Tuckerman Peggy and Brian Tyler Merilyn Ueno and Doug Zernow Vinson and Rebecca Ulep Lisa Ulrich Lawrence Ungerer United Way of Northwest Michigan United Way of Greater St Louis Up North Media Traverse City Turkey Trot Matt Uphoff Matthew and Judy Vajda Diane Valade William and Mary Ann Valade Howard and Patricia Van Houten Peter and Karen Van Nort Kelley Vandehoef Benedict Vander Kolk Robin Vanderkaay John and Diane VanderVeen Ken and Jan VanElslander Keith and Karen VanHentenryck Mary VanValin Vasa Ski Club Julie and Warren Veltman Tom and Sheila Venhuizen Susan and Tom Verellen Larry and Diane Vidovic Kristi and John Vincent Jan and Marilyn Vlach Tamara Vomastek Philip and Barbara VonVoigtlander Steve and Connie Vorenkamp Hans and Maureen Voss Mike and Carol Wagner Michael and Debra Wagner Donna and Larry Wagner Marc and Danilee Wallach Ken and Joanne Walrad Margaret and Ed Walsh Dave Walston Ashlea and Chris Walter Galen and Julia Walter Jon and Judy Walter Andrew and Elizabeth Walters. Steven Walton Yingjia Wang Lawrence and Jamie Warbasse Pamela and Garth Ward Paul and Paula Ward Lee Warnaar Patricia and Ken Warner Brad Warrick Elizabeth Waters Charles and Glenda Watling

Juanita Watson Price and Jane Watts Jennifer and Allen Weaver Charles and Janet Weaver Kennard and Judith Weaver Kevin and Andrea Webber Carl Weber Gail and Rick Webster Carolyn and Derek Weeks Allyn Weinert Juli Weir Charles and Ann Weitz Diane and Douglas Welker Michael and Phyllis Wells Max Wendell Kris and Randy Wendland Dale and Barbara Wentzloff Susan Wenzlick Richard and Kelly Werback Ryan Werder Bruce and Catherine Werts Dale and Tracey Westerman Debbie and Steve Westphal David and Lori Wetherholt Robert and Mary Weyand Rita Whaley Marsha Wheaton Norm and Mimi Wheeler Brad White Dan and Kay White Duane and Virginia White Emily White Beth and Mark Whiting Harry and Susan Wiberg Paul and June Wieland John Wierenga Dale and Ila Wiersma Kristy and Patrick Wilcox Wild Card Cycle Works Wilderness 8 LLC Kathy and John Wilkinson John Wilkinson and Robin Silva-Wilkinson Tom and Sally Wille David and Roberta Williams Ron Williamson Emily Wilson Gloria Wilson Mike and Ruthanne Wilson Sally Wilson Barbara Winckler Eric and Barbara Winkelman Michael and Cathy Winkler Kerry Winkler Alissa Winters Richard and Andrea Witkowski Rita and William Witler Gera and Jim Witte Peter and Virginia Woessner Gloria and Mike Wolf Shannon Wolf Arthur and Jodie Wood Ron and Gaye Woodward Jim and Patricia Workman Phillip Wright Wunsch Farms Jon and Sue Wyckoff Mark Wyckoff Jonathon Yanover Judy Yates Williams Jennifer Yeatts Michelle and Edmund York ll Nancy and Steven Yuill Sheryl Zajechowski Gregg and Marilyn Zank Jay Zelenock Karen Zerrenner Paul and Imogene Zimmermann Jan and Daniel Zolik Brandon and Merri Zuk Following Stuart M. Zurvalec's Dream by Ben & Jan Zurvalec


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