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Dear Parent,

Tanglin Trust School is the oldest British international school in Southeast Asia. Founded in 1925, it has evolved into a large and modern co-educational school that offers both A Levels and IB Diploma, and yet has always retained the distinct hallmarks of a Tanglin education.

Tanglin has a contemporary vision of learning. Excellent teachers provide the nurture, challenge and pedagogical framework that assure success. A Tanglin education is grounded in the British curriculum, with students benchmarked against their contemporaries in the UK to ensure the appropriate outcomes. Technology provides essential tools for the development of skills and ways of thinking that will equip our students and Tanglin Alumni for a plural and changing world.

Our school strategy follows six key themes: Inspired Learners; Flourishing Individuals; Personal Best; Team Tanglin; Sustainable Futures; Our People. These themes are woven through our schemes of work so that every member of our community understands our key foci.

We are one school with three very distinct heartbeats. Our Senior, Junior and Infant Schools are all outstanding schools; collectively, they create a coherent learning pathway. Tanglin believes in a holistic education in which wellbeing is nurtured, where students are safe and known well by teachers, where contribution to the community is expected, where talents outside the classroom are developed, and where academic effort and scholarship are honoured.

We look forward to explaining how your child will thrive at Tanglin.

“We aspire to be the best school in the world with a dynamic learning community which nurtures and inspires every individual to be the best they can be.”



Our Mission

Tanglin Trust School Singapore has a long tradition of providing British-based learning with an international perspective. At Tanglin, we strive to make every individual feel valued, happy, and successful. Responsibility, enthusiasm, and participation are actively encouraged, and integrity is prized. Working together in a safe, caring yet stimulating environment, we set high expectations while offering strong support, resulting in a community of lifelong learners who can contribute with confidence to our world.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the best school in the world, with a dynamic learning community that nurtures and inspires every individual to be the best they can be. Our core values of Respect, Responsibility and Purpose are at the heart of everything we do.



In 1925, five students stepped onto the grounds of a new school on the site of the Tanglin Club, Singapore. Founded by Anne Griffiths-Jones OBE, its aim was to provide a quality education for the children of expatriate families. While Tanglin closed during World War II due to the Japanese occupation of Singapore, the determination of “Miss Griff” – who was herself interned by occupying forces – ensured its name endured. The school continued to grow as several other institutions, remembered in our modern House system, were brought under the Tanglin name.

Tanglin Trust School, as it is now known, continues to thrive at its Portsdown Road campus, where it has been situated since 1981. Today, it provides a British-based education with a uniquely Singaporean perspective; conscious of its heritage while embodying a modern and outward-facing view. As it prepares to celebrate its centenary in 2025, Tanglin is unveiling several new world-class facilities on campus that will cement our status as a global centre of educational excellence.



Tanglin is proud to be a not-for-profit school with all school fees dedicated to providing an outstanding education to our students. In addition, Tanglin also benefits from The TTS Foundation, established in 2012, which helps spearhead a variety of programmes to enrich our students’ education. Philanthropy funds exceptional opportunities helping to drive sustainability initiatives; encourage student leadership and service activities; give access to inspirational visitors and significantly drive both participation and excellence in our sports and arts programmes. Generously supported by our parent community, these opportunities enable Tanglin to provide our students with more than just a worldclass education; they nurture global citizens who ‘pay it forward’ to make the world a better place. To read more about the TTS Foundation, turn to p51

As we approach the centenary of the Tanglin Trust School in 2025, we will continue to grow our ambition of providing a not-for-profit, world-class education and hope you will join us on this journey for the benefit of the Tanglin community.



At Tanglin, we are passionate about learning. A distinctive international learning community that utilises both British-based and international learning programmes, we nurture and inspire lifelong learners and global citizens who contribute to the world with confidence. Learning at Tanglin is not confined to the academic curriculum; we strongly believe in the value of a holistic education and encourage all students to embrace opportunities for learning through The Arts, Sports, Languages, Technology and even beyond Tanglin.

Through this holistic approach, the Tanglin Learner develops the character attributes that they need to flourish: Reflective, Risk-takers, Communicators, Knowledgeable, Balanced, Caring, Thinkers, and Resilient Inquirers.



Throughout their Tanglin journey, children are empowered to explore an extensive range of subjects taught by specialists in the Infant, Junior and Senior schools. Our bespoke 3-14 Curriculum, spanning from the Nursery to Year 9, enables children to make connections with their prior knowledge and helps deepen their understanding of different subjects, with trackable Milestones that bridge the three schools and ensure continuity of learning. Our approach to learning is grounded in the broad, balanced, and rigorous tradition of British schools, and tailored to reflect our international setting and diverse community.

From Year 10, in the Upper School, students can customise their own curriculum while, in the Sixth Form, our dual pathway gives students the option of taking either A Levels or the International Baccalaureate – a unique proposition in Singapore. With consistently outstanding exam results in both pathways, our students go on to study at some of the best universities in the world, including Oxbridge (UK) and Ivy league institutions (USA).

Scan the QR code to read more about Tanglin’s 3-14 Curriculum Framework.



Our outstanding teaching is supported by world-class learning spaces that span the campus. From Nursery to Sixth Form, students learn in cutting-edge facilities that represent the latest in educational discourse. Our Infant School is Curiosity Approach-accredited, featuring creatively constructed classrooms inspired by naturalistic materials, while the Forest School area provides a safe and secure environment onsite for early outdoor exploration. In the Junior School, specialist spaces, led by subject experts, span a comprehensive Media Suite, to a science laboratory, dance and drama studios, and kitchen. In the Senior School, our Design & Technology suite includes 3D printers, vinyl cutters and thermoforming equipment, while the Film Suite features a 40-seat cinema, and colour grading, sound design and photography studios.

The Tanglin Centenary Building augments our existing offering for children of all ages with a 50-metre rooftop swimming pool as well as 15-metre-high climbing wall, Gymnastics Centre and Music School, equipped with three Fazioli grand pianos. The building also includes community-centric facilities such as The Institute@Tanglin, a professional development space for both students and staff, as well as a Parent Café.



Tanglin has a thriving, vibrant and energetic Arts programme that plays a vital part in campus life. There are numerous opportunities for students of all ages to develop and showcase their skills in art, design, drama, music, and filmmaking.

Our well-resourced departments, together with robust programmes, create a rich learning environment that is bursting with creativity, giving students the opportunity to thrive and providing a springboard from which students can leap into their areas of interest.

Our students are inspired by specialist teachers, and a variety of Arts practitioners who are regularly invited to the school, including percussionists, ceramicists, and theatre companies. Throughout the year, there are highquality ensembles, recitals, performances, and exhibitions on and off campus, both within Singapore and, when possible, internationally. From the Nursery Christmas Singalong to the prestigious IN Art Exhibition at Sixth Form level, every child at Tanglin is supported and encouraged to grow creatively, socially, and intellectually.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” –
Thomas Merton, No Man is an Island


Our philosophy is based on supporting people who love engaging in sport and who are leaders in a culture that inspires self-expression, adaptability, independence, and responsibility while under pressure.

Led by Heads of Sport for Football, Rugby, Touch, Netball and Aquatics, our whole-school Sport pathway from 3-18 engages and encourages our youngest children to develop basic movement skills, while supporting our Seniors to improve sport-specific skills. Our aim is to guide students to several opportunities that will help them develop a lifelong love of Sport, no matter their interests or ability level. Our diverse offering currently includes Movement Freestyle, Martial Arts, Archery, Climbing, Water Polo, and many more. At Senior level, students can choose from up to 12 sports each term.

All children at Tanglin have access to world-class facilities and equipment that enable them to take part in this extensive programme. The facilities at the Tanglin Centenary Building, for example, boosts our school’s competition hosting capabilities with a Gymnastics Centre, 50-metre swimming pool, 15-metre-high climbing wall, as well as an indoor sprint track—enabling children of all ages to aspire higher than ever.



At Tanglin, we value the learning of a language and recognise the increasing relevance of modern foreign languages in today’s global economy and for tomorrow’s global citizens.

Our guiding principles are to encourage a love of languages and an appreciation of diverse cultures, as well as to equip our students with essential language-learning skills that form a strong platform for fluency and further study beyond Tanglin.

Children are introduced to Mandarin Chinese in the Nursery, where the singing of Chinese rhymes gives way to topic-based learning as children move up through the Infant School and into the Juniors. In the Senior School, Chinese is offered alongside French and Spanish. Students who are native speakers of a language other than English are encouraged to develop this through our Mother Tongue programme, working towards appropriate first language qualifications and possibly the prestigious IB Bilingual Diploma. In-classroom learning is also supported by engaging Languages-focused clubs, as part of the Co-Curriculum programme.



Technology provides us with some wonderful tools that enable high-quality learning to take place. However, the learning comes first. Our goal is to create an environment where technology devices are as invisible and unremarkable as books, paper, and pens.

Tanglin embraces modern technology wherever it supports our mission. Our students use technology to inquire, communicate and safely take risks, and become confident users of current technology in a range of contexts. On leaving Tanglin, they understand the

benefits, limitations and risks associated with its use. The use of technology is embedded across all curriculum areas to support learning from the Infant School to Sixth Form. Children use specialised apps to support specific skill development and, as they progress through the school, they learn to use an increasing range of devices and applications. Mobile devices mean students can take their learning wherever it is needed and ensure a seamless transition between in-classroom and external activities, as well as remote learning.



We are proud that Tanglin students consistently achieve exceptional results that far exceed local and global averages, and that they go on to attend some of the best universities in the world, spanning North America, the UK and Europe, Australasia and right here in Singapore. In 2022, our students received offers from an astonishing 157 different institutions.

At Tanglin, we support students to achieve their “Personal Best”. Preparation for life beyond Tanglin starts as early as Year 7, when students are provided with opportunities to explore the world of work and can meet professionals from different industries. In the Upper School,

students undertake work experience, and can access a variety of psychometric and aptitude tests to help clarify skill sets and interests. In the Sixth Form, our Careers & University Guidance Team is on hand to help students to make the right decision about their next steps. Its bespoke one-on-one guidance helps those wanting to enter tertiary education to navigate different countries’ application systems, prepare personal statements and college essays, take part in mock interviews, and receive moral and practical support. Tailored advice is also given to those wishing to take a Gap Year, enrolling in National Service, or taking a different pathway.

25% from the USA including: Brown University Yale University Stanford University

5% from Canada including: University of British Columbia University of Toronto 9.6% entering National Service 11.3% taking a Gap Year

60% from the UK, including: University of Oxford University of Cambridge

Offers from 157 institutions

Destinations across 10 countries

5% from Europe including: École Hôtelière de Lausanne (Switzerland) Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)

99% of Tanglin students received their first-or second-choice university

5% from Australia/Asia

including: University of New South Wales University of Sydney National University of Singapore

“Excellence is never an accident.”
– Aristotle


The Co-Curriculum is a central part of every student’s journey throughout their time at Tanglin. As part of the holistic education offered at Tanglin, students are inspired and encouraged to aspire for themselves through the range and quality of the provision provided, helping them to flourish as individuals and to begin to discover and achieve their personal best. Consequently, the focus on the quality of activities offered extends not only to the content, but the pastoral care which is provided during the activities offered. Whilst the various activities throughout the Co-Curricular offering are wide and varied, it is this care and concern for the individual and their own development which links the whole offering.

27Through the participation in regular weekly activities, students are supported in their academic learning and pastoral wellbeing as well as being equipped with passions and interests that will bring them joy and enrich their lives. It is a means through which we open doors to our students and offer opportunities that help them nurture a variety of skills, pursuits and passions that will remain with them beyond school and for the rest of their lives. We aim to not only provide students with the best possible start to their future careers; we also nurture them as happy and fulfilled individuals who go on to fulfil their potential even beyond their time with us at school. That is the success that Tanglin’s Co-Curriculum supports and embodies.

Scan the QR codes for more information on Tanglin’s Co-Curricular Programme.



The House system is a Tanglin tradition that quite literally colours campus life – many Alumni report their fondest moments at the school are of taking part in House Days while dressed in their brightly-coloured kits. It is an integral aspect of a Tanglin education that is synonymous with fun, friendship and a feeling of belonging.


Spanning from the Nursery up to Year 13, our unified House system gives all children at Tanglin a “home” that will remain theirs as they journey through the school, a home they can share with any siblings who may later join them. Named for areas of significance in the school’s rich heritage, the eight Houses are led by Year 12 House Captains and represent the diverse nationalities,

cultures, beliefs, backgrounds, interests, talents, and abilities that typify the Tanglin community. The House Calendar of events features a wide range of activities and competitions, from sporting events to musical performances, debating competitions and charity drives, and – of course – the much-beloved House Days, ensuring every child can contribute with pride.



Sport forms an integral part of our Co-Curricular offering. Our extensive programme enables students to both exercise their sport-specific interests and try out new and exciting activities that are appropriate for children at each stage of the 3-18 pathway.

Our programme aligns with the school’s vision of nurturing multi-movement children to Year 4, with children set to become young multi-sport athletes as they develop through Years 5-7. Thus, children in the Infant School are able to choose from a comprehensive range of Tanglin- and externally-run activities, while Junior School children have access to a variety of options as diverse as Archery, Bouldering and Invasion Games. For our highest performing athletes and squads at Senior level, before and afterschool sessions enable the provision of highquality training and development. ‘Tanglin Lions’, as our teams are known, participate in a wide range of competitive leagues and events, both in Singapore and overseas. We successfully compete in ACSIS (Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools), FOBISIA (Federation of British Schools in Asia) and SEASAC (South East Asia Student Activity Conference).


Sport Mascot

Tanglin Lions is the collective name given to sports teams representing Tanglin Trust School.



Our outstanding Co-Curricular offering empowers students at Tanglin to discover new passions and develop existing ones.

Across Art and Design, Dance, Drama, Music and Film, we offer students the opportunity to take part in specially staged performances, to try out new instruments, learn the art of videography as well as meet and share their skills and talents with like-minded peers.

Every day on campus, our students engage in new and exciting activities, from ukulele lessons in the Infant School, to the Junior School’s Chinese Dance club and the Senior School’s many visual arts meets and music ensembles.



Our programme of Clubs and Societies is designed to broaden our students’ horizons, to make learning dynamic and engaging, and to help them see the value of learning beyond the context of classrooms and examinations; it is at the core of a Tanglin education. Our diverse range of weekly activities cater to all kinds of students, and encourage independence, creativity and collaboration. All students are warmly encouraged to participate and try a wide range of activities during their time at school.

In the Infant School, these opportunities include the Year 2 Children’s University and Student Council. In the Junior School, children can choose from a range of activities, from

learning to cook in our MasterChef kitchen to computer game design and the Junior Model United Nations (JMUN). In the Senior School, we offer a broad range of Clubs from Coding and Encryption to Journalism and Film Making, as well as general-interest academic societies like Scholars. Competitively minded students can choose from a wide range of challenges, including debating, Olympiads and school quiz leagues. There are also opportunities for students to receive recognised qualifications in Philosophy, personal STEM projects and Digital Marketing. To support students for the next steps in their careers, we offer a range of clubs and workshops such as MedSoc and the Oxbridge Preparation group.



There is so much more to Outdoor Education than the “school trip”. At Tanglin, we are committed to making sure that carefully constructed outdoor learning is embedded throughout our curriculum.

We aim to find the right challenge and adventure for students through a balance of inspirational locations and unique experiences. Our youngest children begin their explorations in our onsite Forest School area, local parks and reserves before gaining the confidence to enjoy their first overnight stay at the Singapore Zoo in Year 3. Seminal trips for our Senior School students have included India, Borneo and Mongolia. However the environment is not the experience: the true value of outdoor learning lies in our

ability to make real world connections, and to link our experiences outside the classroom back to our everyday lives. That’s why, with each new encounter, we aim to build upon children’s prior learning and encourage them to reflect deeply on the skills and knowledge they gave gained.

Regardless of the status of international travel, our focus on learning over location has ensured students of all ages continue to enjoy quality experiences on campus and in Singapore. From the opening of our new onsite Forest School area to days spent sea-kayaking in Sembawang, we continue to deliver a world-class Outdoor Education programme at Tanglin.

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” – Albert Einstein


We are fully committed to our core values of Respect, Responsibility and Purpose and aim to nurture a sense of service in our children. Tanglin is socially responsible and proud to contribute to the future of Singapore and the world. We believe that everyone in our community can contribute to make a difference and we hope that by the time our students leave us they have an informed conscience and the will to act upon it.

From Nursery through to Sixth Form we embed philanthropy and service into students’ experience. In every student’s journey through the school there is the opportunity for meaningful engagement with the local community and the world beyond. From 3 years old, we support our students’ understanding of global issues and the need for giving back and service work. Classes in the Infant School support their own charity, and through the Student Council, Infant children can give their input on which charities to support. They also regularly organise fundraising activities and host fun play dates with children from a local children’s home.

This continues in the Junior School, where each year group chooses one local charity. There is a social co-responsibility between the children and the organisations they support. The children will choose what projects they would like to support from the organisations. In addition, one international charity is also supported by all year groups.

For instance, Junior children hold an Enterprise Week to raise money for Caring for Cambodia.

Across Junior School, children do a hygiene pack donation drive for different organisations, such as Caring for Cambodia before the teacher training trip between Christmas and Chinese New Year. Children also donate school bags and uniforms for Caring for Cambodia.

Community service continues in abundance throughout the Senior School where several charities and organisations are supported through year group charity weeks involving student-led initiatives, the International Duke of Edinburgh (DoE) Award and Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) projects. CAS forms part of the Tanglin Core for all students in the Sixth Form, whether on the A-level or IB pathway. Each year our Sixth Form students work with over 30 local organisations, as well as leading initiatives with younger students.

The TTS Foundation also encourages students from Year 10 and above to apply for the Deirdre Lew Service Award that provides monetary funds to enable our students and recent Alumni to complete a service activity or a service trip. The aim is to encourage students to learn more about the world they live in, make a positive contribution and exercise responsible citizenship.



We want our students to be ready for whatever life has in store for them. This means equipping them with both the knowledge and skills to not just survive, but also thrive everywhere they go and at every stage of life. At Tanglin, pastoral support is the essential foundation on which effective learning takes place and we provide this with supportive relationships that exist between students and staff, and among the students themselves.

Ongoing relationships with teachers, the close personal attention given to students by specialist staff, and a well-structured system of pastoral care, mean that our knowledge of each student’s abilities and aptitudes is exceptional. This enables us to provide all students with personalised academic and pastoral support which is a key ingredient in their high levels of achievement.



Our aim is to enable all members of the Tanglin community to flourish during their time here and long after they leave. We want our students to be ready for whatever the next stage of life’s journey has in store for them; equipped with both the knowledge and skills that will not only help them survive but thrive as well.

This approach begins in the Infant School, where children learn the “Five Ways to Wellbeing” as part of our whole-school Lifeskills curriculum. Drawing on available research from the field of Positive Psychology, the curriculum also aims to equip students with strategies and techniques to help them

be resilient in the face of emotional challenges. As they progress through the school, students become more aware of their own emotions and how to express their feelings. They experience a range of techniques from mindfulness meditation to laughter yoga, all of which forms a “toolkit” that they can draw on in the future.

We are very proud of the excellent care, guidance and support we offer. The success of our Pastoral system can be seen in the feedback from our Alumni and their families, who consistently comment on the tremendous help and encouragement they received from their peers and our dedicated teachers while at Tanglin.



Tanglin’s outstanding pastoral care is supported by three whole-school teams that together form the Coordinated Wellbeing Services. The three teams – the Tanglin Nursing Team, School Counselling department and Educational

Psychologist work proactively to support our children and their families as and when a need arises. The teams regularly contribute to the Lifeskills curriculum and, when possible, offer workshops to Tanglin parents.

“Welfare, health and safety of pupils are outstanding across the school. Leaders have established a very strong culture of safeguarding. The counselling, pastoral and nursing teams help those pupils who are emotionally vulnerable. They also contribute to the school’s overall development of emotional well-being, including during the COVID-19 pandemic.” - 2022 UK Ofsted British Schools Overseas (BSO) Inspection Report on students’ welfare, health and safety at Tanglin.

Claire Holmes, Head of Counselling Services


As the first truly international school in Singapore, Tanglin Trust School has been part of the Singapore educational landscape for over 95 years. We always seek to identify opportunities to enhance student learning at school by leveraging on the skills and experience in our Tanglin community. In fact, we encourage parents to support the school and students’ learning through different venues such as Friends of Tanglin, Work Experience Opportunities, Careers Fairs, Specialist Speakers, Volunteers, and Sponsorship.



At the heart of our school is our community, all within it belong to the Friends of Tanglin. The school has a dedicated Friends of Tanglin staff team to foster this community spirit, support partnership between parents and teachers and connect an active social and professional network. Friends of Tanglin warmly welcome and support new parents and help them integrate into Tanglin life and often, life in Singapore. The community is engaged in social events, community initiatives and volunteer programmes. Behind the scenes, our team of parent volunteers support our community by running the lost property office, second hand uniform BIG collection, $10 Christmas Shoppe and enriching classroom activities such as mystery reader, field trips, English

Speaking Board (ESB) practice and Wow days. We respect and value the contribution parents can make to the school and through a grassroot approach, volunteer class representatives liaise between teachers and parents, and provide the opportunity to feedback through termly catch up/coffee meetings with the Heads of Year.

Throughout the year, our community comes together through various parent-led events/ groups, such as class socials, book, yoga, running and coffee-explore clubs as well as exciting whole-school festivities, such as our much-loved Summer Fete and Christmas Fair. We encourage our community to be active and to get involved!



A Tanglin education is enriched by the work of the TTS Foundation, first established in 2012 to provide exceptional educational opportunities for students which go over and above the curriculum.

With the support of the Tanglin community, it has brought noted Antarctic explorers, ceramicists, master puppeteers, Olympic medal winners, and expert cave divers to campus, enabling eye-opening experiences for our children that engage and inspire, and may well prove life-changing for some. On top of impacting students at every age and stage of the Tanglin journey, the TTS Foundation also supports our Alumni in their chosen endeavours, supporting them to lead rich and fulfilled lives beyond their time at school. Grants and awards assist our Alumni to complete internships, undertake service activities, achieve career development goals, and embark on audacious projects. Previous examples have included mountain climbing or cross-Channel swimming. Each year in Term 1, the TTS Foundation launches its annual fundraising campaign. You can find out more about current projects at tts.edu.sg/giving



We are proud of the connections our growing Tanglin Alumni community – both former staff and studentsmaintain with the school.

Each year, many of our Alumni choose to pass on their expertise to our current students, returning to campus to complete internships or to share their experiences of university, National Service or career paths.

At Tanglin, we look for opportunities to celebrate the achievements of our Alumni and to support their goals and ambitions in life. Our Alumni of the Year awards recognise personal excellence and community engagement, while a range of grants, awards and programmes – generously supported by the TTS Foundation –is made available annually.

“Tanglin has always been a special place for me. I loved my time at the school and was always grateful for the support given to those who wanted to pursue a riskier, less ‘conventional’ career path.” – Sean Hudspeth, 2020 Italian GT Endurance ProAm Champion and Tanglin Alumnus



With over 95 years’ experience, Tanglin has a well-established history of excellence in education.

We are the only school in Singapore to offer both the IB Diploma and A Levels at Sixth Form, giving our students the opportunity to choose the best pathway for them.

Students are happy, valued, and successful in achieving their intellectual, spiritual, cultural, social and physical goals.

Our students go on to attend the world’s top universities.

Students develop the skills to be lifelong learners and dynamic global citizens.

Exceptional pastoral care that fosters wellbeing and emphasises personal development.

Our British-based

Our students achieve exceptional results.

Assessed within the British Schools Overseas (BSO) inspection framework, Tanglin Trust School has been awarded Outstanding, the highest possible grade.

We encourage broad participation and achievement of excellence in the Arts, Sport, Outdoor Education and international experiences.

Being a not-for-profit school means that all revenue is devoted to the provision of education.

We are innovative and forward thinking, continually reflecting on our own practice and embracing new ideas and viewpoints.

Tanglin is warmly responsive to its community, socially responsible and proud to contribute to the future of Singapore and the world.

curriculum is flexible and tailored to our location in Singapore.


Inspected every 3 years. Tanglin is rated “Outstanding”.

OUR STUDENTS AND ALUMNI 700+ Infant Children 750+ Junior Children 1,300+ Senior Students 15,000+ Alumni on record Student Nationalities 50+ British Indian Australian Singaporean American TOP 5 STUDENT NATIONALITIES 56
57 OUR STAFF 628 Employees 269 Teachers 194 Educational Support Staff 165 Business Support 8.6 years Average Tenure at Tanglin CLASS SIZES
20 Years 1-2 (Reception): 24 Years 3-6: 24
24 in core subjects; 20 in option subjects
15 ACADEMIC RESULTS 100% Pass Rate in both A Levels and the IB Diploma 41.4 Tanglin’s Average for IB Diploma 69% of A Levels Grades are A* or A 95+ Years of Establishment United Kingdom America Australia UNIVERSITY DESTINATIONS TOP UNIVERSITY ATTENDANCE Canada Europe of students received their first or second choice university. 99% SPORT & CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES 504 41 97% 1333 801 Co-curricular Activities Music Performances Students take part in Co-curricular Activities Students play in Representative Sport Teams Performers in Drama Productions * The numbers shown here are an estimate.
Years 7-9:
Years 10-11:
Years 12-13:
95 Portsdown Road Singapore 139299 t: +65 6778 0771 f: +65 6777 5862 w: www.tts.edu.sg