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MAGIC Meet Phillip Shore Elementary’s Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Emily Marrero

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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Lori Samples Duncan

DIRECTOR OF SALES Julie Hanlon Goering

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2 Meet Julie Hanlon Goering



Tyler Ryan

3 What’s happening in Tampa Bay?


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Melissa Birdsong Marilyn Brannen Lori Samples Duncan Jeff Fay Sundae Ford Julie Hanlon Goering Jackie Grizzard Diana Holmes Lisea Julien Wendi Lee Tyler Ryan

4 Simplify your Holidays! 5 A Favorite Holiday Dessert: Pumpkin Cream Cheesecake

6 How to Take Better Photos 7 A Designer’s View on Holiday Decorating!


8 The Pink Cabana 10 Everyday Magic.


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Meet Phillip Shore Elementary’s Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Emily Marrero.

Celebrating the Survivor in You!

Melissa W. Morris

12 Painting the Town Pink:

PHOTOGRAPHY HollowTree Images Clark Berry Photography

The Ladies of the Florida Suncoast Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure

15 17

Fighting Breast Cancer with Exercise Choose the Best Option for Breast Health – BayCare Health System

Health & Wellness 18 19 20

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(clockwise from top left) Jackie Grizzard, Diana Holmes, Julie Goering, Tyler Ryan, and Sundae Ford

From the Editor

photography by HollowTree Images


elcome to the premiere issue of Tampa Woman! We are so excited to bring to you real women in the Tampa Bay area—their stories, their successes, and their businesses. Businesses within these pages have a made a commitment to you, the Tampa woman, to offer great products, services, even healthcare in some instances, in a way that will make you want to tell your friends and family about them. Tampa Woman magazine is a printed word of mouth guide for you. We want to help simplify your life. We haven’t recommended a single business that we would not personally refer to our own friends and families. If you are new to Tampa, we hope you will give our referrals an opportunity to earn your business. If you have lived here your entire life, we hope you will learn something new about the businesses in the community that are committed to quality. We always welcome your feedback and if you know of a business we should feature, we encourage you to email us or give us a call. Julie Goering is committed to making each issue of Tampa Woman better than the last. She has worked tirelessly on this issue to ensure we have filled every page with informative information for you. Julie has awed me with her commitment to this project, and I hope you will shoot her an email with your feedback.

Happy Holidays! —Tampa Woman Magazine!

Pay close attention to our Survivor section. We want to celebrate the Survivor in you. As women, we have all survived many obstacles and sometimes seemingly impossible circumstances, and as you will see we just keep right on kicking it. As many things as we are to others, we need to be something to ourselves as well. I hope you enjoy this special section that will be a part of every issue of Tampa Woman magazine. You have inspired us and if you or someone you know is a candidate to be featured in the Survivor section, please let us know.


We value each of you as a reader, and can’t wait to get to know more about you. In the meantime, take care of yourself and be good to each other. Your friend,


Lori Samples Duncan Editor-in-Chief

Celebrating, Motivating and Educating

Real Women



Symphony in Lights Nov. 20–Dec. 31, The Shops at Wiregrass

Come and enjoy Symphony in Lights, an amazing holiday light show with over 250,000 LED lights choreographed to the music of Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Shows nightly on the hour.

Enchanted Tree Lighting Nov. 26, 6–8pm, Hyde Park Village

The Enchanted Tree Lighting takes place at the Fountain in the heart of Hyde Park Village and attracts over 4,000 people.

Happening in Tampa Bay?

This family-friendly celebration kicks off the holiday season and has become one of Tampa Bay’s most highly recognized events. Enjoy a variety of live entertainment, free cookies and cocoa, a splendid holiday light display, the lighting of the 30-foot Christmas Tree and an appearance by Jolly Old St. Nicholas!

Irving Berlin’s White Christmas Tuesday, Nov. 30, 7:30pm David A. Straz Jr. Center for the Performing Arts

Direct from Broadway, the classic holiday movie White Christmas comes to the stage at last! This brand new musical shines with classic Berlin hits like “Blue Skies,� “How Deep is the Ocean?� and, of course, the unforgettable title song. This musical tells the story of two buddies putting on a

show in a magical Vermont inn and finding their perfect mates in the process.

Holiday Celebration Dec. 4, 11 and 18, 10:30am– 1:30pm, The Florida Aquarium

Get your picture with Santa at the Aquarium. And don’t miss Santa’s elves scuba diving in our coral reef gallery during our daily dive shows on December 4, 11 and 18. Visit their website for additional details.

Wild Wonderland Dec. 10–12, 17–23 and 26–30, 7–10pm, Lowry Park Zoo

night, illuminated by more than a million twinkling lights. Meet the jolly old elf himself and visit his merry mammals — real reindeer! Enjoy free rides and elaborate displays, and savor traditional holiday treats from the Zoo’s own “Sweet Shoppe.� General admission is $13 for adults and $11 for children (ages 3-11). Annual Zoo Pass holders receive discounted admission.

Gingerneering Saturday, Dec. 18, MOSI

Gingerneering is a celebration event for the winter holidays. MOSI will host a breakfast for our guests and members. Other activities include a visit with Santa and gingerbread house building or gingerbread cookie decorating.

Celebrate the season with family and friends in the unique setting of the Zoo at

WeAve taken holiday savings to a whole new level. Sea level. 15% off An Annual Pass ĂŠ}ˆvĂŒĂŠÂœvĂŠ>Â˜ĂŠ>Â˜Â˜Ă•>Â?ĂŠ¾Õ>Ă€ÂˆĂ•Â“ĂŠÂ“i“LiĂ€ĂƒÂ…ÂˆÂŤĂŠÂŤĂ•ĂŒĂƒĂŠĂŒÂ…iĂŠĂƒi>ĂŠÂˆÂ˜ĂŠ-i>ĂƒÂœÂ˜Â˝ĂƒĂŠĂ€iiĂŒÂˆÂ˜}ĂƒÂ°ĂŠ ˆŽiĂŠvĂ€iiĂŠ>`Â“ÂˆĂƒĂƒÂˆÂœÂ˜ĂŠ>˜`ĂŠvĂ€iiĂŠÂŤ>Ă€ÂŽÂˆÂ˜}°Ê*Â?Ă•ĂƒĂŠvĂ€iiĂŠ>˜`ĂŠ`ÂˆĂƒVÂœĂ•Â˜ĂŒi`ĂŠ>`Â“ÂˆĂƒĂƒÂˆÂœÂ˜ĂŠĂŒÂœĂŠÂœĂ›iÀÊ Ă“xĂŠ>ĂŒĂŒĂ€>VĂŒÂˆÂœÂ˜ĂƒĂŠĂŒÂ…Ă€ÂœĂ•}Â…ÂœĂ•ĂŒĂŠÂ?ÂœĂ€Âˆ`>ĂŠqĂŠ>ĂŠĂƒ>Ă›ÂˆÂ˜}ĂƒĂŠÂœvĂŠÂœĂ›iÀÊfÂŁ]äää°ÊĂ•ĂƒĂŒĂŠLĂ•ĂžĂŠĂŒÂ…iʓi“LiĂ€ĂƒÂ…ÂˆÂŤĂŠ LivÂœĂ€iĂŠĂŒÂ…iĂŠi˜`ĂŠÂœvÊ£ÓÉÓäÉ£äÊ>˜`ĂŠÂˆĂŒĂŠĂœÂˆÂ?Â?ĂŠLiĂŠĂ›>Â?ˆ`ĂŠĂŒÂ…Ă€ÂœĂ•}…Ê£ÓÉÓäÉ££°ÊÂœĂ€ĂŠÂ“ÂœĂ€iĂŠÂˆÂ˜vÂœĂ€Â“>ĂŒÂˆÂœÂ˜]ĂŠ V>Â?Â?ĂŠÂœĂ•Ă€ĂŠi“LiĂ€ĂƒÂ…ÂˆÂŤĂŠÂœĂŒÂ?ˆ˜iĂŠ>ĂŒĂŠn£Î°ÓÇΰ{äÎäÊ>˜`ʓiÂ˜ĂŒÂˆÂœÂ˜ĂŠVÂœ`iĂŠ/ 7œ“iÂ˜ĂŠÂœĂ€ĂŠĂ›ÂˆĂƒÂˆĂŒĂŠĂ•ĂƒĂŠ >ĂŒĂŠĂœĂœĂœÂ°vÂ?>¾Õ>Ă€ÂˆĂ•Â“Â°ÂœĂ€}ĂŠ>˜`ĂŠiÂ˜ĂŒiÀÊVÂœ`iĂŠ/ 7œ“i˜°

Let’s Talk

Simplify your HOLIDAYS! by Jackie Grizzard

owner of Clutter Free Bug


t’s the most wonderful time of the year!”


Who’s coming for the Holidays? What will I serve? The guest room needs cleaning! Where’s the Christmas tree going? More TOYS? Look at all this clutter!


Start gathering addresses now. If your family gets together for Thanksgiving, use that day to take your holiday photo. It doesn’t have to be formal. Have a friend or neighbor snap some fun pictures of your family in your backyard or inside your home.

Write out three days worth of menu’s from breakfast to dinner. Purchase as many groceries in advance as possible so you make less trips to the grocery store and you know what you’re serving.

Holiday Décor

Does that sound like you or someone you know? These tips from Clutter Free Bug will help you get better prepared, more organized, and clutter free for the Holidays.

Holiday Location Find out who’s coming, and for how long. What kind of sleeping arrangements need to be made?

First pick a spot for the tree. Decorate your entire home or only the living areas and entry ways. Keep it simple and elegant.

Gift Lists Some families pull one name from a hat and others like buying gifts for everyone. Save money by making gift certificates for things that you can DO for them like a foot massage, or cook their favorite dinner. Gifts don’t have to be expensive or cost money; they just have to be meaningful!

photo by HollowTree Images

Guest Room Think of a hotel. You need a bed, clean bedding, night table, good lighting, a closet with hangers, and maybe a TV. Don’t have a guest room? Use partitions to section off a spot in an office, toy room or living area so your guest can sleep, make a phone call or take a quick nap.

Holiday Cards

These tips from Clutter Free Bug will help you get better prepared, more organized, and clutter free for the Holidays.

Guest Bath Prep your guest bathroom with soaps, towels, tissue, shampoo and conditioner, shaving items, toothpaste, toothbrushes and non fragrant lotions.

Celebrating, Motivating and Educating

Jackie Real Women

Crews Ask family members which “crew” they want to sign up for. Assign a crew for set up (set table, chairs, decorations, music, etc.) and a crew for clean up (clear table, load dishwasher, etc.).

Family Fun Save money by visiting parks, playing games or going to the movies. Eat your big meals at home and enjoy some ice-cream as a treat.

Toys More toys are coming! For every new toy received, get rid of an old one. Ask yourself “what is my child really playing with?” and “how much of this stuff has become invisible?”. The Holidays are about spending time with loved ones. Plan now to avoid stress and enjoy the Season. Happy Holidays from Clutter Free Bug!

Clutter Free Bug is a Professional Organizing Service. We help people and families simplify their lives by decluttering and getting organized. What is your home saying about you? What is it doing to you? Call for a FREE needs assessment. Jackie (813) 966-1223.



Let’s Talk

by Melissa Birdsong

Pumpkin Cream Cheesecake lngredients for the Crust:

1½ cups graham crackers ¼ cup gingersnap cookies 2 tbsp. butter, melted For the Filling: 5 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese, softened 1¾ cups sugar 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour 6 eggs 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 2 tablespoons apple pie spice (Yes, APPLE pie spice) 1 can (15 ounces) pumpkin

Garnish: Icing of your choice, praline pecans or marshmallows are all excellent choices for this cake. You can also decorate with baked, spiced pumpkin seeds.

Directions: Preheat oven to 500 degrees F. Combine graham crackers, gingersnaps and butter in a medium bowl. Press into the bottom and 1-inch up the side of a 10-inch nonstick springform pan. Set aside. Beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Add flour. Slowly add eggs, one at a time. Add vanilla. Add pumpkin pie spice and pumpkin. Blend until smooth.

photography by Clark Berry Photography

Place a pan filled with water on the lower rack of your oven. Bake cheesecake at 500 degrees F for 10 minutes then reduce temperature to 200 degrees F and bake for 1 hour, 30 minutes. Run a knife around top of cake to loosen from pan. Open oven door (with oven off) to allow cake to cool gradually for 20 to 30 minutes. Remove from oven and continue to cool on a rack for one hour. Place in the refrigerator overnight.

Let’s Talk



Dynamic, Highly Skilled Teachers


Better Photos

Small Class Size Superior Academic Programs C


by Jeff Fay

HollowTree Images





’ve been a working photographer since I was 18. This sort of made me the “go-to” expert with family and friends. So, when anyone has questions about what camera to buy or how to take better photographs, I’m usually the one they call. I tell them all the same thing: go to a local camera store, pick up the cameras and see how they feel in your hands. Does your finger cover the flash? Is it too heavy or awkward? It needs to be comfortable to work! There are a few different types of cameras on the market, depending on your budget and what things you want to photograph. There are professional DSLR’s, “pro-sumer DSLR’s” and point and shoots. It’s a lot like wine or art, there is nothing that makes one better than the other. It’s just a matter of personal preference. You don’t have to spend $5,000 on a camera to take great photographs (don’t tell my wife). The most important job of the camera is to advance to the next frame. It is the photographer’s job to make the camera capture the image intended. So, the more you prepare for the composition the better the image! Here are some tips:

• If you are photographing children or pets, get down on their level instead of shooting from

Celebrating, Motivating and Educating


above. Give your subject some space and use your telephoto lens. Sometimes, neither of them wants to cooperate. So, the best thing to do is to let them acclimate to the environment and don’t try to force anything.

• A great trick with toddlers is to

put a piece of sticky tape in the palm of their hand. They become so engrossed in it that when you call their name they look up with a very honest, beautiful expression. That is when you capture their true essence! • With pets, peanut butter serves as the sticky tape. The best images are captured while they are trying to lick the sticky stuff from the roof of their mouths. • Eliminate clutter or “static” from the background and try to have your subjects in full light, rather than shadow. Shoot with the sun at your back. • Know your equipment. It’s a crime to miss a beautiful moment trying to figure out how to turn the camera on. Play with it, learn it. Use your imagination. Have fun! Most importantly, remember that photographs are like little time capsules. They are something you leave behind for future generations. Don’t get so caught up in perfection that you lose the personality! Jeff Fay is a 25 year veteran photographer and owner of Hollowtree Images in Tampa. Visit www.hollowtreeimages.

Real Women



Leaders in Fine Arts, Sports and Technology International Baccalaureate National Blue Ribbon School Roundtrip Bus Transportation Available Contact the Admissions Office (813) 961-3087 to schedule a personal tour


Corbett Campus

12015 Orange Grove Drive


Ta m p a





“Carol, we are so proud of you! ” – Staff of Independent Day School - Corbett Campus Support Women-Owned Businesses in the Bay Area & Win a 2-night Stay at the Sirata!

WORKING WOMEN 2nd Annual Holiday Shopping OF TAMPA BAY'S Challenge: Nov 19-Dec 19 Day Out sponsored by Century Buick YOU Girls & Aguiar Plastic Surgery COULD


Stress Relief package from Wisdom Hypnosis Holiday Beauty Basket from Beauty Be Natural

Learn more about how to enter to win and become a member at:

“ Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast.” – William Shakespeare

“ For what I give, not what I take, For battle, not for victory, My prayer of thanks I make.” – Odell Shepard

Let’s Talk

A Designer’s View on

Holiday Decorating!

by Diana Holmes

6. 7.

Stay with one theme or style for your “common” areas, it gives a feeling of flow and a professional finish, in addition it makes the shopping process much easier.

Tulle fabric is an inexpensive beauty for holiday decor! Use it on your tree, on your mantle, as a tree skirt and a fantastic gift wrapping with lots of ribbon!!

Ahhh...the scent of the season. Let your nose know it’s the holidays! My favorites are Holly Berry and Pumpkin Spice by Yankee Candle.

When making room for the Christmas tree, this is an opportunity to rearrange your furniture so the focal point is the tree or your mantle. Give your space a cozy look for this special time of year.

Choose 3 colors for your holiday color palette, keeping it consistent throughout (it’s okay to use one color from your palette heavier in one room and lighter in another.) Mixing multiple palettes of color can be very distracting. Try red, gold and bronze OR Silver, blue and white.


Create a tradition in your family. A great Tampa tradition is a Gasparilla tree, using all of the beads caught at the annual parade. White lights are used, illuminating the multiple stands of beads. Top it off with lots of feathers and pirates of course!


Mix a flower of choice to your Christmas tree ornaments! Try Hydrangea, poinsettia or opened red roses. Use an odd number of flowers, scattering them on the tree...makes an eye popping statement.

8. 9.

Use lots of candles, nothing feels warmer and feels more inviting than candlelight.

If you have children, do a themed tree in each child’s room...this can change as they grow. (i.e... princess, Barbie, sports and Legos for the younger child...and a college theme for the big kids!)


Begins :)

The holiday season is a time to remember that...Home Is Where Your Story

May your Holidays be decorated with good cheer! Diana Holmes is one of the Bay Area’s most renowned design consultants. She lives by the mantra “Where there is true passion, the results are amazing.” She is


photo by HollowTree Images

1. 2. 3.

celebrating over 20 years as a design consultant in the Tampa Bay, combining simplicity with design excellence. Diana helps her clients eliminate costly design errors and many other painstaking tragedies that occur during a simple decorating face lift, extreme makeover, or complex build out. Interior Design Consulting


by Tyler Ryan

photography by HollowTree Images


always dreamed of having my own business,” says Anni MacClellan, owner of The Pink Cabana on North Dale Mabry. In 2001, this former teacher opened the door of Anni’s Paperchase, and it wasn’t long before she had expanded to a five thousand square foot store, carrying “everything under the sun.” As the economy went south, however, Anni was forced to reinvent her dream. The costs of maintaining a large store front took its toll. She decided to take her gained business experience, and

Celebrating, Motivating and Educating

Real Women

create an opportunity for women who share the dream that set her on this road nine years ago. Leases. Start-up costs. Insurance. Time. Employees. Cost of inventory. Costly marketing. The leap of faith. Only some of the major concerns and potential deal breakers for women who want to answer that entrepreneurial call. Enter Anni’s dream part two. The Pink Cabana. The Shoppes at the Pink Cabana are made up of locally owned, independent business women who sublet a “mini boutique” within the Pink Cabana. “We all have our own visions of what we want our businesses to be, but not necessarily the time, money or knowledge to run our own boutiques,” Anni says. “What we can do is give our merchant

things like customer service, point of sale material, and merchandising that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to have.” As the name hints, inside this sea of pink, you’ll find “a girly girls dream.” The Pink Cabana is a marketplace filled with creativity and whimsy. Need an artsy fifty-six inch custom built clock for your friend’s new house with vaulted ceilings? Done. Need a unique piece of jewelry that looks like it costs more than the hope diamond? Done. Need to grab some martini glasses, teacher gifts, baby outfits and holiday ornaments all in one fowl swoop? Done. Done. Done. Done. Shoppers can find a broad selection of unusual gifts at a reasonable price point all under one


(left to right) Cheryl VanBebber, Amy Odom, Jill Dyn, Barbara Borrell, Anni MacClellan, Jackie Mercer, Dreama Wegzyn roof. They carry women’s and kids clothing, baby gifts, jewelry, home decor, stationery, candles, personalized items and gifts and more. Holiday shopping can just about put you over the edge with all the baking, holiday cards and parties. If your holiday shopping list is long, and you can’t drive all over town searching for that special

in supporting the local economy. “We really believe in shopping local and keeping our local economy thriving,” says Anni. “With a one stop shop that is convenient for our clients, we can encourage them to shop from local businesses.” On the Pink Cabana’s website,, you can get a taste of the shopping experi-

‘We really believe in shopping local and keeping our local economy thriving...’ something, then what you need is a trip to The Shoppes at the Pink Cabana. Tate and Tilly, All The Craze, Busy Chix, Canvases For Christ, Lulu’s Niche, Swankies, Girlz Rock. All shops owned by woman who have partnered with Anni in this unique shopping experience. “In the past, people were willing to drive all over town for that certain something,” explains The Pink Cabana’s website. Anni is not only passionate about helping other independent business women realize their potential, she believes wholeheartedly

ence, and get a taste of the “girly girl” shopping experience you will have when you pull up. If you have the dream of your own Shoppe, or perhaps your business is ready to expand, but you can’t justify the start up costs to open an additional location, Anni has the solution for you at The Shoppes at The Pink Cabana. The Pink Cabana is located at 14361 N. Dale Mabry in Tampa. Stop by and see it all for yourself, or call Anni at (813) 960-1940.

A one stop shoppe for all of your favorite things! We have Individually owned boutiques that carry anything from jewelry to childrens clothes, womens apparel to home decor.

813.960.1940 • 14361 North Dale Mabry Highway The Grand Plaza • Tampa •


Everyday Magic.

Meet Phillip Shore Elementary’s Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Emily Marrero.

by Sundae Ford


irst impressions last a lifetime, and upon meeting Emily Marrero I knew she was the real deal. I sat down with Emily to pick her brain about her life: as a teacher, a devoted student, and aside from her work, Emily the woman. We just met, but we found ourselves laughing and talking like we had known each other for years. Perhaps this easy, caring, and gentle way about her is the reason for her successful relationship with not only her students, but her fellow teachers. I suspect that it is. Born in Long Island, New York, Emily moved to the Tampa Bay area when she was a toddler. Emily has an early history of achievement and educational success when as a 9th grader, she was chosen to participate in the International Baccalaureate program of preuniversity coursework. “It was very rigorous and focused, and made me aware of my capabilities as a student early in my educational career.” photography by HollowTree Images

As a child, however, she remembers not being interested in reading at all. This changed completely when she realized she could make movies in her mind to help her comprehension. This change can perhaps be credited to a caring reading coach, the position which Emily proudly makes her life’s work. After graduating from The University of South Florida, Emily enjoyed positions both in the classroom and in the district Elementary Writing Department in Downtown Tampa. Working in both environments unveiled great opportunities to learn and sharpen her skills with her students. An eager learner herself, Emily is currently working towards her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership, and admits that she really enjoys being a student. “I love staying challenged, open, and flexible. Even though I’m a teacher, I don’t have all the answers. I’m not perfect, but I love to learn.” Emily’s first position at Phillip Shore was that of


Celebrating, Motivating and Educating

Real Women

reading coach, a charge she happily leads again this year. “I work with the teachers to help them refine their reading instruction. I model lessons for teachers to watch, coach teachers on their lessons, analyze the data and provide recommendations for teachers, grade levels, and administration, and provide professional development opportunities for teachers.”

stead of just one classroom of students, I get to work with all 394!” When asked how she felt about Phillip Shore, Emily smiled. “I love Phillip Shore! There is something special about our magnet school. The location brings up such a diverse population that allows us to have such a neat group of kids from

I love my job because of the fact that I am here to help the teachers.

Emily Marrero “I love my job because of the fact that I am here to help the teachers. It is also a blast to be able to work in all of the classrooms at my school. In-

all walks of life and different experiences. We are very much like a family with our ups and downs, but we, students AND teachers, all come to learn and have fun. We have a lot of teachers here that just want to learn. We don’t pretend to have all the answers, we just keep figuring it out as we go. I could spend 24 hours a day at school. When you do something you care about it’s easy

‘It’s all about getting to know the kids. If I don’t know who they are how can I connect to them?’ to spend all your time working to make it better.” Emily confessed that both her ability to remain flexible and her love for learning have been the pathways of success threaded into all of the varied experiences throughout her teaching career. Another, her method of connection with her students. “It’s all about getting to know the kids. If I don’t know who they are how can I connect to them? That is a first step...getting to know them and doing whatever it takes to reach them. You have to let them know you are human and vulnerable so you can create an authentic, safe environment that is conducive to learning. When you share vulnerabilities with students they can connect to you. I like to build a community in my classroom where the kids feel comfortable, safe, and cared for. Even with behavior management, we talk it out like a family even if it takes a chunk of time out of the day. We solve the problems and move on.” I asked Emily about her greatest success in the classroom to date. “Little successes happen every day. Those inspirational moments when you realize that you are getting through and reaching students. You are changing how they think about themselves or what they want to do with their lives. It is such a neat feeling. You just can’t get that in every job.” Emily’s sweet and humble spirit is not only reflected in her attitude towards her students, but also in her reply when asked why she thought she was nominated by her peers at Phillip Shore. “We have a lot of really dedicated teachers at this school. I am honored, but I am no better than they are. I think I

Is an extra few pounds not the only thing you want to lose?

was chosen because I represent all the hard work and commitment demonstrated by each one of our teachers, day after day.”

Lose the junk!

At the close of our interview, I figured it was time to get down to Emily, the woman. What matters most? “My Family,” she said without hesitating. Her strong bond with her husband, parents, and children keeps her grounded, inspired, and true to herself When asked about her favorite vacation spot, she mentions either a visit to New York to see family, or taking her parents to Italy to experience their heritage. In case any of you ever want to cook her dinner, Emily loves Italian food and “anything with sugar.” She loves romantic comedies, the color green, and the beach, and when asked what she would like to do besides teach she answered “anything that helps others”…what a surprise.


We specialize in removing • Household junk • Renovation debris • Yard waste • Furniture and household items (Husbands not included)

Mention Tampa Bay Woman Magazine and get $10 off!


727-224-6780 •

Finally, in efforts to reveal more of Emily Marrero, our Teacher Of The Year, I peeled back a few more layers and asked the tough questions, here are her answers: She is an early riser that loves sweet treats over salty, Star Wars over Star Trek, the Beatles over the Rolling Stones and records over cd’s (good choice). Emily Marrero is a teacher I would be proud to let educate my children. Never-mind the fact that I don’t have any yet. When my little future treasures enter the school system ready to be shaped and molded, I would consider us lucky to find a teacher with Emily’s dedication, love for learning, and her certain spark of everyday magic.

Web Design | Graphic Design | Media Placement Speciality Products | Branding | SEO Campaigns Social Media Campaigns



The Ladies of the Florida Suncoast Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure

photography by HollowTree Images


Celebrating, Motivating and Educating

Real Women

(clockwise from top left) Sherry Brewer, Carol Henderson, Karen Malinowski, and Kathleen Klotz

Celebrating the

Survivor in You!


usan G. Komen for the Cure has become so synonymous with the fight against breast cancer that it’s hard to imagine a time when “pink” was just a pretty color. Now, grown men don pink socks and women actually wear shirts with the words “ta-tas” emblazoned across the front. Each October, thousands of women across the bay participate in the Susan G. Komen Florida Suncoast Race for the Cure and the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure. Either way they do it, the vision is the same—a world without breast cancer. So what is behind a cause so great? The answer is some truly amazing women right here in Tampa Bay.

Sherry Brewer Overseeing the Komen Florida Suncoast Race for the Cure comes like second nature to Sherry Brewer, never mind her “real” job for IBM. Brewer is a Florida Suncoast Affiliate board member, Race for the Cure volunteer consultant, and Breast Cancer Survivor. Her passion for Komen began during her own battle with breast cancer when she met a woman facing unnecessary struggle simply because she did not have health insurance. What Brewer came to see is that this was just one example of the many underserved women here in Tampa Bay. “I was the lucky one. I had a good job and health insurance. My doctor laid out all the options for me. When I saw this woman that didn’t have the options and guidance to make good decisions, I was beside myself ” she said.

by Julie Hanlon Goering photography by HollowTree Images

Brewer became involved with Komen in 2002 and has been active ever since. “It’s just a priority” she says. “The thing about giving back is that you get more out of it than the people you help. Kind of like Christmas.”

Carol Henderson Carol Henderson’s story is like one giant, ironic curve ball. After twenty years of marriage and two nearly grown children, Henderson decided to end her marriage. At the age of 43, she was excited to begin a new chapter of her life. She fell in love. When she began to notice strange symptoms, she discovered she was pregnant. It turns out this wasn’t the only surprise life had in store. At the age of 45, with a 2 year old daughter, she found a lump in her breast. Ironically, she was going to the doctor that day. A mammogram and

ultrasound led to a biopsy, which revealed she had stage 2 breast cancer. Before the doctor could tell her the options, Henderson had decided what she wanted-- the most aggressive course of treatment possible, a bilateral mastectomy. Curve ball number two. When Henderson came out of surgery expecting newly reconstructed breasts, her boyfriend James gave her unexpected news. Her stage two cancer was now stage 3 and her reconstruction would have to wait until after radiation. She was given a 50-50 chance of survival. “I am a control freak. The loss of control was a big thing for me because I could not control this. It was like a bus hit me, then continued to back over me.” Still, she says it’s not a tragedy. “If this were one of my kids, that would be a tragedy. If it were your child, that would be a tragedy. My cancer is not a tragedy.” Next came chemo. Then came radiation. Henderson also did a BRCA test, which revealed that genetically, she was more likely than others to develop breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Her mother and 3 sisters tested negative, which meant that Henderson’s cancer was a genetic mutation. Again, true to her nature, Henderson decided to have her ovaries removed. During all of it, she said there were bad days, and moments of grief. One of the worst parts of it, she says, was to lose your eyelashes and eyebrows. “You lose your expression…your last little bit of recognition.” Henderson reached out to the Florida Suncoast Affiliate during her treatment and ended up being the auction chair of the Pink Tie Gala. She had a team of friends walk in her honor at the Komen


Celebrating the

Survivor in You! About Florida Suncoast Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure

3-Day for the Cure and her sister Pam ran in the Komen Race for the Cure on her behalf. “Komen has such national awareness. Women are still dying. There are 2.5 million women in the United States fighting breast cancer. That is way more than you think.”

Karen Malinowski

This November, Henderson will undergo breast reconstruction. PET scans every 90 days have indicated no evidence of disease.

Karen Malinowski , 59, was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer the year that two of her daughters married. She did not think she’d see the last of her children married.

“There is no rhyme or reason to cancer. I’ve seen women with a better prognosis than mine lose their battle with breast cancer, and I’ve seen women with a worse prognosis survive. It’s out of our hands. As a person, I can be as proactive as I can be…and then it is out of my hands.”

Then 51, this mother of four children and 5th grade teacher at Most Holy Redeemer wasn’t given a long prognosis. She did chemo, a mastectomy and breast reconstruction. Then the cancer spread to her brain and she was given 2-4 years to live.

Kathleen Klotz

Her friends and family, especially her husband Paul, stood by her. “I knew I could not fall apart because he was falling apart. You have to ask yourself do you want to continue or not?” she said.

Kathleen Klotz may be only 25, but she can give any seasoned business woman a run for her money. Her job as the 2010 Komen Florida Suncoast Race for the Cure Volunteer Chair was to coordinate the efforts of 300 volunteers on race day. Whether it was music, food for the volunteers or race team, or securing sponsors, Klotz had it covered. Klotz joined the Komen Florida Suncoast team just 5 months before the race. Typically, a Volunteer Chair would have an entire year to coordinate. With her 4 month son in tow, she got the job done. “It wasn’t hard to find a connection with the cause.


Before I started working for Komen, I wasn’t really aware of breast cancer survivors. I love being a part of something so big. I was stressing out a little bit, but just by being a little part of it was so satisfying.”

Celebrating, Motivating and Educating

Real Women

Remarkably, during her entire treatment, Malinowski never missed a day of school. “You just do what you have to do. I’d have treatments on Friday, then be back at school on Monday.” Malinowski walked her fifth 3-Day for the Cure this year. The ones that she sat out, her friends and family walked for her. Malinowski has been cancer free for 2 1/2 years. She currently undergoes treatment with the drug Herceptin every 3 weeks.

The Florida Suncoast Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure® is working to better the lives of those facing breast cancer in our community. Through annual signature events like the Komen Florida Suncoast Race for the Cure, the affiliate has invested more than $10 million since 1999 in local breast health and breast cancer awareness projects in six Florida counties: Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, and Sarasota. Up to 75 percent of net proceeds generated by the Komen Florida Suncoast Affiliate each year are returned to the community, and 25 percent of revenue is directed to the national Susan G. Komen for the Cure Grants Program for research. In 2010, the Florida Suncoast Affiliate awarded over $1.1 million to its service area to support screening and treatment for the underserved.

“Our vision is to live in a world without breast cancer, and the first step in achieving this is through education and early detection.The Florida Suncoast Affiliate gives over $1 million annually to support education, screening and treatment for the underserved and uninsured in our six-county market area,” says Gina Kravitz, executive director.

Breast Cancer


• One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime. • Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths of women ages 40-59. • In the U.S. today, there are 2.5 million breast cancer survivors. • Have a mammogram every year beginning by age 40. • Practice breast self-awareness. Know your risks. Make healthy lifestyle choices.

Fighting Breast Cancer with Exercise by Lisea Julien

Shapes Fitness Women Co-Founder


ust when you think you know all the benefits of exercise, you make a discovery that sends you back for more! Yes, fitness is my business but even I didn’t know the positive impact of exercise on breast cancer. Breast Cancer Prevention Study Exercise may help prevent breast cancer, and help those who do get it cope, recent studies show. Amy Tretham-Dietz, PhD of the University of Wisconsin Paul P. Carbone Comprehensive Cancer Center said, “Women getting more than six weekly hours of strenuous recreational physical activity were 23% less likely to have breast cancer, compared to sedentary women.”

Exercise Helps Recovery A second study showed a 12-week group exercise program may boost mood and physical function in women with early-stage breast cancer. I was so encouraged reading those studies I wondered whether any of our clients might share their personal experiences with breast cancer and exercise.

Meet a Survivor – Margaret Margaret agreed to an informal interview about her experience fighting breast cancer after a group aerobics class. Lisea: Your cancer treatment saved your life. Were there side-effects?

Margaret: The side-effects of chemotherapy vary with each individual. However, I had been exercising 5 days a week at Shapes for the past 5 years. My Oncologist told me I was in pretty good shape and would be able to cope with the chemotherapy and side-effects much better than someone who had not been exercising regularly. Tiredness was the main problem along with joint pain but exercising definitely helped ease these side-effects and made me feel stronger. Lisea: I remember your first day in group class – I was worried you wouldn’t make it through the hour! BUT you were strong. Margaret: I was worried about how I would make it through my hourly group classes. I think part of getting through the treatment is trying to carry on with your regular routine. I mean you might have cancer but it doesn’t mean cancer has got you. The exercise classes made me feel normal again and I was starting to take charge of my life plus it made me feel good about myself. Lisea: I watched out for you because you seemed weak in the first weeks but each time you came into the gym you were a little stronger and more determined. The other girls all noticed too. You earned their re-

Lisea Julien I mean you might have cancer but it doesn’t mean cancer has got you. spect with your focus and strength. Margaret: Yes, that surprised me. I went to the gym to get fit and ended up making wonderful friendships. So many women there had been through the same thing. They were my inspiration and I was so humbled by the fact that others felt they could approach me for advice about their breast cancer concerns. Lisea: Has your doctor said anything about your fitness routine?

Margaret: My doctor calls me her “poster patient”. I coped with the chemotherapy wonderfully. I was discharged from the hospital 14 hours after my double mastectomy and I continued to exercise regularly during my 6 weeks of radiation therapy. Obviously, you have to listen to your body but my doctor told me that my fitness and exercise regimen was definitely what helped me to cope and recover quickly.

Shapes Fitness for Women is a full service health and wellness club, exclusively for women. Shapes offers group classes, personal coaching, cardio conditioning and aqua fitness at 13 convenient Tampa Bay locations. Call Lisea at (813) 4133255 for more information or visit www.



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Choose the Best Option for Breast Health – BayCare Health System


ayCare Health System, a leading community-based health care system in the Tampa Bay area, operates a network of 10 notfor-profit hospitals, as well as outpatient and imaging facilities that provide a complete range of services. One of the premium services BayCare offers is specifically directed toward women’s breast health. BayCare provides 18 imaging locations, as well as three comprehensive breast centers, which are staffed with board-certified physicians and medical experts. BayCare Health System understands the importance of maintaining good breast health. That is why BayCare offers so many locations throughout the Tampa Bay area, with specialists who screen, diagnose and treat breast cancer. When a woman decides to visit one of BayCare’s facilities, it is important for her to know the options that are available. BayCare Health System has three dedicated breast centers located at Morton Plant Hospital (Clearwater), St. Anthony’s Hospital (St. Petersburg) and St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital (Tampa). Hinks & Elaine Shimberg Breast Center St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital 3030 W. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Tampa, FL 33607

Susan Cheek Needler Breast Center Morton Plant Hospital 303 Pinellas Street Clearwater, FL 33756 Susan Sheppard McGillicuddy Breast Center St. Anthony’s Hospital 1201 5th Avenue North St. Petersburg, FL 33705

Survivor in You! by BayCare Health System

We make it a priority to ensure that a woman’s experience is as comfortable as possible.

Breast Cancer Services* Screening Procedures: • Mammograms • Breast MRI • Breast Ultrasound Diagnostic Procedures: • Stereotactic Biopsy • Ultrasound Guided Biopsy • Fine-Needle Aspiration Biopsy • Needle Localization Surgical Procedures: • Breast Biopsy • Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy • Lumpectomy • Mastectomy • Reconstructive Surgery * Services vary per location. A diagnosis of breast cancer can be frightening for both patients and their families. We make it

a priority to ensure that a woman’s experience is as comfortable as possible. BayCare maintains a strong commitment to its patients and communities that begins with compassionate care. If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, our nurse navigators will help you with treatment and recovery decisions. They’ll be with you every step of the way. For more information about women’s breast health services, locations, and other women’s services, please visit

About BayCare Health System BayCare’s family of hospitals are: Mease Countryside, Mease Dunedin, Morton Plant, Morton Plant North Bay, St. Anthony’s, St. Joseph’s, St. Joseph’s-North, St. Joseph’s Children’s, St. Joseph’s Women’s, and South Florida Baptist.

Are you the next

member of our team? Must have advertising sales experience, be a self-starter, and willing to earn your paycheck. Hours are flexible, but not part-time. If you are interested, please send your resume to


Health & Wellness

Balanced Hormones for a More Balanced Life by Marilyn Brannen


promised myself that ‘Tomorrow will be different’ so many times that it became just another thing I needed to do every night when I set my alarm,” says 44-year-old Pam Crawford. “For the last 10 years my days have been fraught with activity and a hectic schedule, but once I hit 40 I found myself frazzled and unraveling long before dinnertime. It seemed crazy, but all the things I once loved and revered were the very things I was starting to resent.

“I lost all the joy of being a mom, I dreaded being active at the kids’ school and the career I worked so hard for was not important to me anymore,” adds Pam. “I wasn’t the great wife or attentive friend I thought I should be. Instead, I was struggling just to be civil with the kids when they were just being kids. I snapped at my husband and spent way too much time complaining to my friends. I knew this wasn’t ‘me’ but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t snap out of it.”

hormones, so a deficiency in progesterone will cause anxiety and difficulty sleeping. Further, adrenal and thyroid imbalances can cause fatigue, foggy thinking and depression. When the adrenals aren’t healthy, they can’t remain in balance with insulin, so blood sugar levels are not stable, frequently causing irritability. Women who notice abrupt shifts in their moods or other significant changes should consider speaking with their physicians about hormone testing.”

Pam is not alone, according to Robert Rubin, M.D., hormone expert and medical director of BodyLogicMD of Tampa Bay. In fact, as a woman ages, often in the late 30s, mood swings and depression are just a few of the many issues that can cause concern. Add hot flashes, weight gain, sleeplessness, fatigue and lowered libido into the

A thorough evaluation should include diagnostic tests such as saliva, urine and/or blood tests to determine the specific hormone levels and pinpoint hormonal needs, a process strictly followed by Dr. Rubin and other BodyLogicMD physicians, the nation’s largest network of highly trained physicians specializing in bioidentical hormones. Once this is done, the physician can see which hormones are deficient and customize the prescription using natural bioidentical hormone replacement. In addition to the hormones, patients benefit from quality supplements, nutritional guidance, and a fitness routine as a part of the overall personalized program. After therapy has begun, there should be regular monitoring and re-evaluation of hormone levels to ensure the optimum balance has been struck and maintained.

‘When the body systems are not in communication with one another, a woman does not feel well.’ Dr. Robert Rubin, M.D. mix, and oftentimes a woman hardly even recognizes the person in the mirror. The important thing is that these are often symptoms of hormone imbalance, which can be corrected. “When the body systems are not in communication with one another, a woman does not feel well, her mood suffers and this can often disrupt her relationships and daily routine,” says Dr. Rubin. “Hormones are closely connected to the brain chemistry and imbalances that can cause mood swings. Progesterone is one of our calming


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Real Women

“Of all things, a (Dr. Laura Berman) radio program pointed me in the right direction,” shares Pam. “I heard someone talking about all of the same issues I had and Dr. Berman suggested that the caller have her hormones checked. So that’s

when I found Dr. Rubin. What an experience! I knew I was really being heard. He took the time to look at the whole picture, not just my test results. He looked at my lifestyle and my family history, along with the hormone testing, and she assured me that I wasn’t going to be relying on ‘medication’ to get me through this rough spot. He looked at everything, added the right vitamins and supplements, helped me adjust my diet, and even encouraged me to get back into yoga. He worked closely with me to design a whole-life program that has made a huge difference.” Today, with school in full swing and her life as hectic as ever, Pam is finding it easier to keep her promise for a better tomorrow. She speaks more softly to her children and doesn’t lose her patience as quickly. The morning routine now includes a smile instead of a meltdown and Pam has learned how to slow down her daily routine to avoid becoming agitated. And her relationships with her husband and friends also benefit from her new attitude. “I feel more myself than I have in a long time and I’m loving my life again,” adds Pam. “Now my family and friends are getting the best from me – and they’re not shy about telling me how happy they are to have me back! I’m so glad Dr. Rubin helped me find a way to put the balance back into my life.”

If you think you may have a hormone imbalance or want to learn more about alternative options, register online to attend a free seminar in the Tampa Bay area by at To learn more about hormones, or find information on the next seminar with a Tampa doctor, visit local-seminars.

Relax & shop simultaneously spa specials & gift certificates

Health & Wellness

Your Monthly Miracle


Cryo-Cell’s new service can protect your future health

S Let’s face it, shopping is hard work. So why not come in and pamper yourself and buy all your gifts in the process. Experience a wide array of massages, body and skincare treatments, manicures, pedicures, hair and make-up and more. And pick up a few gift certificates for friends and family. They will thank you for it.

reservations: 727.942.5258 or Spa 36750 U.S. Highway 19 North, Innisbrook, Florida 34684 -1239

Need to reboot your sex drive?

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ome women have called it “the curse”, “your monthly present” or “a visit from Aunt Flo”. Today, many women have come to understand that their menstrual cycle may indeed be their monthly miracle, with the future potential to safeguard against a broad range of diseases. Stem cells and regenerative therapies are expected to emerge in the next era of medicine with the potential to treat a wide array of conditions, including some that are the leading causes of serious health issues for women. Cryo-Cell International, Inc., a Tampa Bay company discovered and commercialized a breakthrough technology and service empowering women to collect and cryopreserve stem cells harvested from their own menstrual fluid that offer promise for future health and well-being.

Empowering Women for Future Health and Well-Being Launched in November 2007, Célle is the first and only revolutionary service of its kind. A woman experiencing menstruation can take advantage of this proprietary service by utilizing an easy-to-use collection kit in the comfort of her own home. The collection process is safe, non-invasive and provides an economical way for women to store stem cells, while they are healthy and available, for potential utilization as future therapies emerge.

Freeinar Sem NO app for hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, weight gain or moodiness either! Stop Suffering. Start Living. Bioidentical Hormones Work. AS SEEN IN… HORMONE HARMONY

Once the menstrual fluid is collected and shipped back to the CryoCell facility, the cells are processed, tested and cryopreserved; essentially “frozen in time”. This enables the stem cells to retain their po-

Learn everything you need to know about balancing your hormones naturally. To register for a FREE Seminar with Robert Rubin, MD call 1-866-972-5306 or visit us at 405 North Reo • Suite162 • Tampa, FL 33609

NoAppsRubinAd.indd 1

by Wendi Lee

tency and viability until needed for future regenerative treatments and therapies that may emerge.

Demonstrated Potential for Future Therapies In an April 2010 article published in the peer-reviewed journal, “Stem Cells and Development”, stem cells derived from menstrual blood demonstrated the potential to reverse the effects of stroke in a pre-clinical (animal) study. Célle menstrual stem cells have also demonstrated the potential to develop into many other types of stem cells including cardiac, bone, cartilage, nerve and fat. In addition, there are multiple ongoing pre-clinical research studies utilizing Célle stem cells for future therapeutic development that may emerge to treat conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS); woundhealing; urinary incontinence; endometriosis; diabetes and liver disease. Célle stem cells are a 100% match for the female donor and they may potentially match a first-degree relative, such as a parent, sibling or child. For women interested in investing in their future health and wellbeing, Célle may possibly hold the key to living longer, healthier lives. Every month holds a miracle through future advancements in regenerative medicine and stem cell science. Just one more reason the capabilities of a woman’s body are extraordinary. For more information, go to www. 10/22/10 1:20:48 PM


Health & Wellness

SkinTALK with Toni

T Toni Sloman

TW: What are we discussing this week? Toni: Let’s start with “fillers”, and why they’ve become so popular. Facial fillers are products injected into the skin to plump out wrinkled areas. Two of the most popular brands are Juvaderm™ and Restylane™ which contain Hylauronic acid. This acid is a sugar that is naturally found in our skin structure. These products are particularly

W: Why is Tampa Bay Woman starting a column on skin care? Toni: Medical skin care has made dramatic advances in the last five years. Today’s treatments can eliminate brown spots, soften furrows, and lift and relax frown lines and remove years from your appearance. Yet many women with problem, aging, sun-damaged skin remain unaware of the options available. This column is designed to answer your questions so that you can be an informed consumer who makes smart choices in a saturated marketplace.

friendly to the soft tissue. By absorbing water they plump the skin to restore its lost volume. These products have an impressive safety record and can provide dramatic improvement to your appearance. Fillers provide more bang for your buck than facial creams. In fact, expecting a facial cream to correct deep wrinkles is like expecting a broken pump to fill your bike tire.

TW: What else should I know about fillers? Toni: Fillers injected too superficially will not give you a good result. Fillers injected too deeply won’t last as long as they should. You can expect some bruising, slight swelling, and some irregularity in the appearance the first 2 weeks after injection. Most of the time, this is minimal and if needed, can be covered with makeup. The product takes on wa-

ter each day and becomes softer and more natural in appearance. These products should last 6 months to a year or longer and they stimulate your own natural collagen production. That’s a really nice side benefit! TW: What else should I know? Toni: Like everything, these fillers can be misused. A good result is a natural appearing result that comes from an injector who not only

Where art meet s science


Botox • Restylane • Juvederm • Radiesse • Dysport Laser Rejuvenation • Hydra-Facials • Micro Peels • Laser Hair Removal


2802 West Azeele Street | Tampa | FL 33609 20

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Scott Graham, M.D. Medical Director

Expecting a facial cream to correct deep wrinkles is like expecting a broken pump to fill your bike tire. knows the anatomy, but respects boundaries. Restoring lost volume to a face is artistic sculpting, and each face is unique. An experienced provider will take the time to get it right. It is important to know that these particular fillers dissolve with time so if you don’t like the result, it is not permanent. Also it is very important to communicate what bothers YOU when you talk to your provider. They are there to give professional guidance but you must be comfortable asking questions, and be able to understand the answers. If you aren’t confident, go somewhere else! TW: How much do fillers cost? Toni: Fillers are priced by the syringe, and cost between $400 and $700 a syringe in this area. The average amount to fill the smile lines

on both sides is 2-3 syringes. Of course, this varies with the depth of the creases and surrounding loss of volume. This is a significant investment, and it pays to be vigilant about finding the right provider. Ask friends that you admire if they can refer you to someone and trusted hairdressers are also a great resource! Go online and research credentials and experience. Make an appointment just to talk, and check out the environment. Information should flow freely at good facilities and you should have a feeling of comfort and confidence. And….Let this column guide your journey. Please email with your questions! We’ll cover all your skin care challenges and get you directed down the right path to healthy skin and a new sense of confidence.


Bridging the Gap of Everyday Life Challenges Caused by Cancer...

• Rent and Mortgages • Utilities • Car Repairs, Insurance and Payments • Help with Transportation To and From Treatments • On-site Social Workers • Food Pantries • Support for a Continued Support of Quality of Life

Must be a resident of Pinellas County or being treated in Pinellas County with an oncologist or an oncology radiologist. Must be in financial need as a result of their current diagnosis. We are unable to fully cover all financial needs, but will support families in the best possible manner with the funds we have available.

President: Jeffrey L. Paonessa, M.D. • Vice President: Mr. Richard Shonter Secretary: Mr. Patrick O’Connor • Director: Jane Morse-Swett Gulfcoast Oncology Physicians and Staff together support the Gulfcoast Oncology Foundation

There is life after cancer; continue to care for yourself. Find courage, strength and determination in every step you take.

727-821-0017 •

Toni Sloman is an advanced registered nurse practitioner who spent the first 15 years of her career working in facial plastic surgery. For the past 8 years she has specialized in facial injections, including Botulinum A toxin and numerous brand name dermal fillers. In 2005, she opened Skin Savvy Rx on Azeele Street in Tampa, where she works with Dr. Scott Graham and a knowledgeable team of professionals who specialize in the latest non- surgical advances in skin care.

“ If there is no joyous way to give a festive gift, give love away.” – Author Unknown

“ Joy is not in things; it is in us.” – Benjamin Franklin

“ From home to home, and heart to heart, from one place to another. The warmth and joy of Christmas brings us closer to each other.” – Emily Matthews

Discover the elegant confidence of LASIK surgery by Dr. Antonio Prado at For a complimentary LASIK consultation, call 813.931.0500 today. LASIK • CK • Cataract Surgery • ReSTOR Implant • CRT Comprehensive Eyecare • Bi-lingual staff • FINANCING AVAILABLE





Think Datz is just sandwiches + comfort food? Think again!

Call Shane Zinn at 813.831.7000 or email


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University Community Health is now a member

As unique as the diverse communities we serve,

of the Florida Hospital family. We are connected

our new heath system will be united in our

to a network of 23 hospitals across Florida,

efforts to improve every aspect of life. We are

adding a wealth of experience, knowledge, and

excited to bring a new brand of mission-focused

technology to our own.

health care to the Tampa Bay community. | 1-877-482-4362

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cell technology - a powerful combination of two potentially

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Do you see what we see? You see pretty polka dots. We see the one thing that doesn’t belong - the black dot. Our technology provides bright, detailed images. Anything out of the ordinary can be seen quickly and more clearly... which means less worrying for you. Carlisle Imaging Center Hinks and Elaine Shimberg Breast Center Mease Countryside Hospital Mease Dunedin Hospital Mease Outpatient Imaging Morton Plant Hospital Morton Plant North Bay Hospital St. Anthony’s Hospital St. Joseph’s Hospital St. Joseph’s Hospital-North St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital South Florida Baptist Hospital Susan Cheek Needler Breast Center Susan Sheppard McGillicuddy Breast Center Swindle Diagnostic Center

Whether it’s a simple mammogram or something more serious, you will find support at 18 imaging centers conveniently located throughout Tampa Bay. Should you require treatment, nurse navigators at our three breast centers will assist you with your individualized care plan.

So make the clear choice — choose BayCare for your comprehensive breast care needs.

To learn more about our comprehensive women’s services:

(888) 499-8898 For more information about breast health: %DUGPRRUä&DULOORQä&DUUROOZRRG 'XQHGLQä7DPSDä7ULQLW\ä:HVWFKDVH


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A complete guide of resources for women, b

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