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Spadunya Distribution Middle East (formerly, Holistic Beauty and Body Essentials). A consciousMiddle company believes it is their responsibility Spadunya Distribution East that (formerly, Holistic Beauty and Bodyto distribute that company contributethat to the well-being of the consumer to and Essentials).products A conscious believes it is their responsibility the futureproducts of our planet. distribute that contribute to the well-being of the consumer and the future of our planet. Altearah Bio:

Altearah Bio: Our 100% certified Organic colour therapy range Altearah Bio from France, a full100% and certified innovative cosmetic product thatrange combines certain of Our Organic colour therapy Altearah Bio principles from France, aromatherapy as wellcosmetic as chromotherapy. With a concept accessible to of a full and innovative product that combines certain principles everyone, Altearah Bioas has simplified the principles by formulating 14 ready aromatherapy as well chromotherapy. With a concept accessible to to use essential oil compositions, formulated in perfumes, oils, serums, everyone, Altearah Bio has simplified the principles by formulating 14 ready gommage, saltsoil and room fragrances. Organized in a range 14 colours, to use essential compositions, formulated in perfumes, oils, of serums, chosen according to room their effect, theseOrganized health giving bring gommage, salts and fragrances. in acompositions range of 14 colours, simple fun solutions to effect, our daily desire for well-being. chosenand according to their these health giving compositions bring simple and fun solutions to our daily desire for well-being.

Spadunya Colour Experience is an award winning fullExperience service wellness Spadunya Colour is an Spa exclusively for ladies located award winning full service wellnessin JBR The Walk Shams 1. The concept Spa –exclusively for ladies located in is derived from our 100% organic JBR – The Walk Shams 1. The concept colour therapy Spa100% range Altearah is derived from our organic Bio produced SpaDunya, France. colour therapyby Spa range Altearah Offering body by and face treatments, Bio produced SpaDunya, France. hair, nail and beauty treatments as Offering body and face treatments, well Fitness@Spdunya offering as hair, as nail and beauty treatments fitness PT and more. A well asclasses, Fitness@Spdunya offering unique French PT spa concept using fitness classes, and more. A holistic harmonize your unique treatments French spa to concept using mind, and spirit. holisticbody treatments to harmonize your mind, body and spirit. Visit our website: Visit our website:

SHAMS1, The Walk at JBR P.O. Box 24150, Dubai, UAE Tel: +971 4 4393669 , Fax: +971 4 4393668 SHAMS1, The Walk at JBR P.O. Box 24150, Dubai, UAE Email:, Website: Tel: +971 4 4393669 , Fax: +971 4 4393668



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“I ate my own placenta”

A new Dubai mum explains why placenta eating is the latest thing for holistic mums.

Islam and Aromatherapy

Why modern aromatherapy owes its existence to Arabia’s Father of Medicine, Ibn Sina.



New life; near death

The amazing story of how one woman’s Near Death Experience healed her cancer and turned her life around.


How to live fearlessly


Switching from fear-based to joy-based decision-making will take your life to new heights.

10 day silent meditation

That’s right, no talking and lots of meditating. Could you do it?



Align your spine

Healing back pain with the Dorn Method.


Heal your weight


Causes of weight problems that aren’t recognised by mainstream medicine.

Organic vege in the UAE

We reveal the local places that supply organic fruit, vegetables and more.









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Eat, Pray, Love in Bali

For travel to soothe the body, mind and soul, Bali has it all.


Books on attracting prosperity; a snapshot of Osho, and a cut-out voucher for your free meditation class.

Retail Therapy

From organic candles to pre-loved clothes and crystal pendants. Plus! Your chance to win a pack of guidance cards by Amira Celon.

The 5 biggest baddies of skin care

44 UAE Holistic Listings

Confessions of a reformed shampoo addict


Step away from the parabens! 60 per cent of what you slap on your skin is absorbed into your body… you don’t want these bad boys in there. Could you do ‘no poo?’ One woman explains why she went cold turkey on shampoo.

The A to Z of local holistic services, products, healers, centres…

Neanderthal man goes new age

Diary of how life is changing for a 40-something caveman since he met the Tree Hugger. MARCH - MAY 2013

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MARCH - MAY 2013



t’s been three months since the first issue of Awakenings Middle East magazine hit the streets of the UAE in December 2012 – and what a three months it’s been! We’ve been overwhelmed by the mountain of positive feedback we’ve had from readers of the first issue – a million thank yous for all the lovely emails, it’s what keeps us going. Me, I spent the month of January back at home in New Zealand with my family. My mum’s twin loves of baking and feeding me meant there was more of me arriving back in Dubai than when I’d left but the nice people at Kcal have helped sort that out. (See page 26 for Kcal co-founder Mark Carroll’s advice on healing your weight.) Now, here we are presenting the second issue of Awakenings to the world - could we be any more excited! Such interesting and great stuff has happened in the last few months and it’s our pleasure to bring some of it to you. Meeting Anita Moorjani, the author of Dying to Be Me, was one of the highlights for me. You can read her story on page 16 but basically Anita had a Near Death Experience (NDE) while in a coma from cancer. During this NDE, she gained profound clarity about why she had manifested cancer and, on coming out of the coma, every trace of it was gone. Doctors couldn’t explain it and words like ‘miracle’ were thrown about. Anita’s experience offers a mindblowing new perspective on human life and the universe, and the messages she brought back from ‘the other side’ could change your life. We have loads of other great stories in this issue (biased? Me?), you can read about the 10 days I spent sitting cross-legged in silent meditation as well as about how and why Asma Merchant hasn’t washed her hair with shampoo for three months. And you can find out why Cheryl Parsons decided to eat her baby’s birth placenta. We’re all perfectly sane, I assure you.

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SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE TO AWAKENINGS MAGAZINE! Since Awakenings Middle East is such a new arrival to the UAE’s magazine scene, we decided that to get as many people aware of it as quickly as possible, we would do a free subscription offer. We were going to stop when we got 1,000 UAE residents subscribing, then we changed our minds and said we’d stop at 5,000... well we’ve changed our minds again! I know! What are we like?! Nutters! We want to introduce as many people to Awakenings mag as we can so we’re keeping the free subscription offer open for a little while longer, make sure you get the next issue, go to and send us your postal details via the ‘Subscribe For Free’ page.



What’s happening in your town 9 March Living a Bhakti Life book signing

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MARCH - MAY 2013


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y Dubai

A one-day workshop or a five-day retreat with LA-based spiritual teacher Gil Alan. Learn how to connect with your inner guidance and open your intuition. Cost: Fiveday retreat, AED 7,700. One day workshop, AED 1,300. For more information or to sign up, go to or

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16 March and 21-25 March EssentiaSpiritus

Join the millions of people around the world who will be switching off their lights for Earth Hour at 8.30pm on Saturday 23 March. Go to www.uae. or Including Gents

A Theta healing oneday seminar. Learn how to recognise your most compatible soul mate or realise him/ her in your current partner. Learn how to draw that special person into your life who is for your highest and best good; influence internal and external things that may be blocking you from finding them and clear limiting beliefs. Cost: AED 735 (AED 550 if you register by 5 March) When: 10am-6pm at The Third Eye. To register: Call 055-8098595 or email:

23 March, Earth Hour 2013

Entertainer Bod

15 March SoulMate Day Seminar

Entertainer Body

Deepak Chopra and Oprah have joined forces to bring the world The Perfect Health challenge, a “transformational, threeweek guided meditation journey” where you get daily emails containing guided meditations to do. Kicking off for 21 days from 11 March, you can sign up at

The guy who made a mint from all those ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ books is in town to give a one day workshop on his new book and achieving your dreams. Cost: AED 2,000. When: 9am to 5pm, Saturday 23 March, Meydan Hotel, Dubai. Tel. 04 3527803 or go to

9 SR3 5 Q

11 March 21 Day Meditation Challenge

23 March Jack Canfield on Living the Success Principles


Author and yogini Angela Pashyan is signing her new book at Third Eye from 11am to 1pm.



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Su Be


What’s happening in your town 5-6 April Unlock your selfhealing potential

This weekend workshop taken by Lorenzo Becchi (a regular practitioner at Six Senses Zighy Bay) will help you: • understand how you limit yourself • clean up the roots of unwanted habits (Kinesthetic, Visual and Auditive techniques) • create and integrate empowering patterns. Becchi says: "This ireally powerful practice goes straight to the bare bones of what healing and transformation are about. It applies to so many things that it's difficult to make a list but I've been offering it for healing, coaching/personal growth, pre-natal preparation, post-traumatic stress disorders, phobias, etc. Cost: AED 1,000. Venue to be confirmed. For more information, email:

11 April to 18 April Feng Shui with Raymond Lo

Professional Feng Shui feng shui and destiny consultant, Raymond Lo is taking three courses in Dubai in April; Four Pillars of Destiny 1 and 2 as well as I Ching Divination. Where: Illuminations World, JLT To register, tel 04 448 7043 or email info@

18 to 25 May Introduction to Chue Style Feng Shui

A two day course on the principles of the Chue Style Feng Shui and the importance of Chi. A professional course based on the teachings of Gran Master Chan Kun Wah. Cost: AED 2,400 (AED 2,100 for early birds) Where: 10am to 5pm, The Holistic Institute, JLT

4 to 17 August John of God Tour, Brazil

João Teixeira da Faria, more commonly known as John of God, has treated tens of thousands of people at his sanctuary, the Casa Dom Inácio in the small Brazilian town of Abadiania, for over 40 years. He has dedicated his life to healing the sick and incurable, without payment or prejudice. Dubai-based Terri and Buddy Abrahams are Certified Guides of the Casa Dom Inácio and are taking a group to visit John of God for the purposes of spiritual, mental, physical and/or emotional healing. The tour includes: • Group transportation from Brasilia to Abadiania (90 minute taxi ride) • 12 Nights lodging at Pousada and 3 meals a day (including vegetarian options) • Orientation info and guidance on Casa protocol and rules and translation assistance • 12 sessions with John of God. These are on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings and afternoons. • Daily Discussion Groups • Guided group visit to the Casa’s Sacred Waterfall • Optional Daily Meditation on non-Casa days at the Casa Cost: US$1,500 (AED 5,550) - does not include flights. Tel: 050 655 4814 or email: angels

“Everything is energy, that’s all there is too it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” Albert Einstein

MARCH - MAY 2013




“I ate my own

placenta.” Yoga teacher and new mother Cheryl Parsons delves into the world of the afterbirth. From capsules and tinctures to raw placenta smoothies, find out why more and more women are choosing to use this amazing organ postpartum…

MARCH - MAY 2013


understanding: “Well, it makes sense,” he said. “I mean, after all, we are one of the very few mammals on this earth that do not eat the placenta…just don’t expect me to be trying any.” My intention is certainly not to put you off your cornflakes, but to show you just what an amazing organ the placenta is. For nine months it nurtures and protects a developing foetus, joining mother to baby via the vital umbilical cord. It floods a baby’s body with blood, oxygen and nutrients, while secreting hormones to support a healthy pregnancy. However, when baby has finally arrived, for the most part in the Western world, the cord to its life support ‘machine’ is quickly severed even while it is still pumping, and the placenta is tossed away as medical waste. Robin Lims in his book, Placenta - The forgotten Chakra, calls it the “heroine of gestation” and a “miracle” that should be treated with respect, asking the question: “How did the placenta, central to our survival and future wellbeing, lose its significance and come to be considered garbage?”


t’s not exactly dinner party conversation. While I did not whip up a placenta korma, I did effectively ingest my afterbirth in the form of capsules, after the birth of my first baby over six months ago. Now, I’m no tree hugging, tie-dye wearing hippie type, but when I heard about using the placenta postpartum during my pre-natal yoga teacher training, I knew it would one day become part of my birth plan. Six months into my pregnancy I told my husband of my plans to get my placenta encapsulated – dried out, ground down and popped into pill form. Well accustomed to my sometimes weird and wonderful ‘yogic’ ideas, he was surprisingly

MARCH - MAY 2013

Indeed in many cultures and religions, the placenta is regarded as highly sacred. Many Muslims bury the placenta under the Islamic belief that it is part of the human body. Eating the placenta or ‘placentophagia’ has been a common practice for centuries in China, where it is thought to increase milk supply and have anti-ageing properties. In some African nations, the placenta is wrapped and buried under a tree, while in Indonesia it is considered a baby’s twin and guardian and must be buried in accordance with sacred traditions. In the animal world, many mammals eat the placenta to speed postpartum recovery and stem blood loss. When I researched placenta use in Dubai prior to my birth I came across Elizabeth Bain, one of the few women in the UAE who carry out this delicate work. “I was always inspired by this lost tradition that was seemingly handed down from women to women within their villages and tribes,” saya Elizabeth. “Yet it wasn’t until I trained as a birth doula (birth support partner) that I noticed again how many women were tired, hormonal,

Benefits of ingesting the placenta are said to include: • Increase milk supply and maternal energy • Facilitate an easier postpartum recovery • Replenish depleted iron levels and Vitamin B6 • Contains body’s natural hormones • Balances the system post birth • Helps uterus return to pre-pregnancy state more quickly

cont. overleaf



awakenedminds cont. from pg9

depressed, lacked energy and very anxious in the postnatal period. It was then I began to consider what would be of benefit to them to take in a natural, holistic form.” “After seeing midwives and doulas offering encapsulation, smoothies and tinctures as a means of natural healing, I began to extensively research the history and benefits. At the same time a doula client who had suffered from severe depression asked me to encapsulate her placenta,” Elizabeth continued. “She was amazed (and so was I) at how good she felt, how balanced she felt after the birth, how she never felt tired and did not need any medication.” Elizabeth went on to set up her own services here in Dubai, Placenta Passions, after undergoing extensive training with Full Circle Placenta Encapsulation.  The training is meticulous, covering how to prepare the placenta to a very high standard, along with a certification for food hygiene and working with blood-borne viruses. Besides offering the placenta in capsule form, she also makes raw placenta smoothies, something that she says is surprisingly popular in Dubai. “The majority of women have a placenta smoothie that I make and then take to them in the hospital within a couple of hours of the birth. The rest of their placenta is then made into capsules and a tincture and I also offer placenta prints and cord keepsakes.” “The biggest feed back I receive is about energy levels, no matter if it is their first baby or their fifth, all my clients have reported a feeling of more energy, better or increased milk supply, quicker healing and surprisingly less hair fall,” comments Elizabeth. “Other major benefits of consuming the placenta can include guarding against postnatal depression, speeding postpartum recovery, decreasing afterpains and replenishing iron levels, as

well as re-balancing hormones such as oxytocin and CRH, which is a natural stress reliever.” Childbirth takes so much out of your body, depleting it of essential nutrients as well as creating a massive upheaval to hormonal levels. Personally, this was my first birth and while I have nothing to compare it to,

taking my placenta pills did give me the peace of mind that I was giving something back to myself. Although nothing can quite prepare you for the challenges of being a parent, it also helped me to feel I was getting the best, healthy start. While you may not remain convinced, I hope this given you some food for thought.

Inka Resch gave birth to first son, Kai, in July… “I had heard that the placenta is a precious resource and was thrilled to learn that it could actually be encapsulated. Easing away from the hormone high of pregnancy and birth rather than having it just drop off sounded like a smart thing to do. I have to say that my post-birth experience was amazing. I was not tired despite the utter lack of sleep and I felt so happy for weeks and weeks afterwards. I don’t know if I can attribute it completely to the placenta capsules, as I have nothing to compare it to, but I have heard from others who have experienced post-birth both with and without them and they noticed a huge difference in mood and energy levels.”

CHERYL PARSONS is a 500 hour + Yoga Alliance certified instructor and has been teaching Vinyasa and Hatha Flow at Zen Yoga for nearly five years. She gave birth to her first child, Molly Jean, in July 2012. Contact her at or check out, where she writes a regular blog on yoga and her experiences. ELIZABETH BAIN is a midwife, public health nurse, certified birth doula, hypnobirthing practitioner and an independent Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. For more information on her Placenta Passion services, contact her at, call 050 4215180/ 050 456 1333 or check out

MARCH - MAY 2013




If it was, it’d would be seen by many thousands of UAE residents hungry for information about wellbeing products and services offered locally.

The first and only magazine in the UAE to focus solely on holistic living and alternative health, our target audience are health conscious individuals who are ecologically aware, culturally sensitive, and socially responsible. They are affluent, well-educated, intelligent, and quick to embrace new concepts, ideas and technologies. In the UK and US, this group already spends billions per year on ‘pampering’ including yoga, spa days, health farms and complementary therapies. Make sure it’s your advertisement that this audience is reading in the next issue of Awakenings ME magazine! To find out how we can help you, send an email to or call Tamara on 050 8433 262.



Islam and


A pioneer of aromatherapy was Islam’s own father of medicine, Abu Ali Al-Hussain Ibn Sina aka Avicenna. Samar Khan explains Ibn Sina’s view of the healing powers of oils and scent.


ver wonder where Dubai’s chain of Bin Sina pharmacies got its name? Abu Ali Al-Hussain Ibn Sina was the Arabian father of Medicine from Islam’s Golden Era around 1000 AD. In the west he was known as Avicenna. Considered the inventor of distillation, Persian-born Ibn Sina refined traditional distillation processes and invented a pipe that used steam to distill plants and produce true essential oils. In the Middle Ages, the use of plants for medicinal oils and fragrances was commonplace across the world but as the Dark Ages drew a shadow over Europe, their use became controlled by the church. It was thanks to Arabia and Ibn Sina that the herbal traditions of the ancient world were kept alive. A prolific scholar of international fame, Ibn Sina wrote more than 200 books including the five volume Canon of Medicine, which was studied in Europe

MARCH - MAY 2013

awakenedminds There are 30,000 known chemical compounds identified in essential oils, such as aldehydes, phenols, ketones, esters and monoterpenes, that are key to the healing qualities of essential oils and is the reason that synethetic copies do not have the same effect.

from the 12th to the 17th centuries and contained all medical knowledge of the time. Another of his books was on cardiac drugs and he was one of the first people in antiquity to point out the role of emotions in health.


As a science, aromatherapy got its name from French doctor Rene Gattefosse who, in the early 1900s, studied the specific healing properties of the complex constituents of essential oils, which are the key to their therapeutic activities. According to Dr Kristie Burns of The Avicenna Institute, an online institute in the United States: “This is one of the main reasons why synthetic compounds do not have the same effect. There are now 30,000 known chemical compounds identified in essential oils such as aldehydes, phenols, ketones, esters and monoterpenes. It is important to make sure one is using the

MARCH - MAY 2013

purest form of essential oils in order to receive maximum benefit from them.” In Islam, the healing power of scents, essential oils and traditional oils as a way to correct imbalances that are the source of disease is widely accepted. The understanding of these essential oil remedies and the methods of extracting essential oils from plants have been passed down to the present time.


The Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him) said, “There are three things of this world I have been made to prefer - prayer, wives and scents.” Dr Burns states that: “Many Muslims know this saying yet many fail to realise that scents were used in the time of the Prophet, not just for pleasuring the senses but to achieve, indicate and maintain spiritual states.” cont. overleaf



awakenedminds cont. from pg13

HOW TO USE ROSE WATER OILS IN DAILY LIFE Avicenna used oils for daily healing and preventative care. One such oil is rosewater but make sure you are using pure rose water and not the rose essence. Pure rose water is derived from actual rose petals and but rose essence may just be water scented with rose and may have added chemicals added. Here are some examples of using it in daily life: Mood: Love is the metaphysical emotion behind rosewater. A spiritually healing plant, it is good for the heart chakra. Put a few drops into the bath, use in a diffuser or burn as incense. Medicinal: Rosewater oil has anti-septic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

The Prophet’s wife Aisha, who recorded the majority of his sayings and actions, wrote: “Whenever the Prophet took the bath of purification, he asked for the Hilab or some other scent. He used to take it in his hand, rub it first over the right side of his head and then over the left and then rub the middle of his head with both hands.” Not only was this calming but it would also put him in a state of cleanliness where all his senses were channeled towards reaching a state of perfect connection with God in his prayers. Today, Muslims use generous amounts of rosewater to fragrance mosques and other holy places. In emulation of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), many have adopted his daily rituals in order to enhance their physical and spiritual selves. The idea being that if the outward self is pure and clean then the inward reflects the same state. Pure rosewater is used for purification along with juniper, lemon, pine, sage, lavender, cypress and rosemary oils. Most can be found in Dubai in the Deira Spice Souk located between Baniyas Rd, AlSabkha Rd and Al-Abra St.

Anti-aging: A good skin toner, rosewater oil prevents wrinkles from forming and is a great fragrance for the body and hair. It hydrates dry skin as a natural moisturiser and Cleopatra is said to have often bathed in it (what isn’t that woman said to have bathed in?!). Nutritional: The syrup of rosewater can be added to water or milk as it has beneficial nutrients like flavonoids, antioxidants, tannins and essential vitamins like A, C, D, E and B3. It is also a mild sedative and an anti-depressant. It can help to enhance moods, relieve nervous tension, improve skin texture and calms the mind. Buy it: In any local, Indian and or Persian supermarket throughout the UAE. One store is called Emirates Co-op with branches in Al Sufouh, Al Twar 3, Al Garhoud, Hatta, Jafliyah, Mizhar 2. Call toll free on 800-327, Also, Neal’s Yard Remedies carry essential oil rosewater products. Outlets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi including Wafi, Dubai Mall and Marina Mall. Go to

SAMAR KHAN is a student of The Avicenna Institute and a consultant of Naturopathic Medicine.

MARCH - MAY 2013


The Address The Address




Welcome to one of Dubai’s most celebrated golf havens.

Our magnificent boutique hotel and golf course offers an idyllic setting for the perfect getaway retreat. Whether you are playing on our championship golf course, staying in to oneguest of Dubai’s celebrated golf havens. one of our elegant rooms,most dining at the award-winning Our magnificent boutique hotel and golf course offers an restaurant, Nineteen, or relaxing in our Angsana spa - you idyllic setting for the perfect getaway retreat. will want for nothing from the moment you Whether arrive at you The are playing on our championship golf course, staying in Address Montgomerie Dubai. one of our elegant guest rooms, dining at the award-winning restaurant, Nineteen, or relaxing in our Angsana spa - you will want for nothing from the moment you arrive at The Address Montgomerie Dubai. T +971 4 390 5600 F +971 4 438 7888





New life;

near death The amazing story of how one woman’s Near Death Experience helped her heal from cancer by releasing fear and unconditionally loving herself.

MARCH - MAY 2013


In 2006, after a four-year fight with cancer, Anita Moorjani was in a coma and virtually dead… but instead of dying, as the doctors predicted, she woke from the coma and – miraculously – was completely free of the devastating cancer that had destroyed her body. What happened, she says, is that she visited the ‘other side’ where she received a profound understanding about why she had developed cancer. With that clarity came healing and today, seven years later, she enjoys full health and happiness. While in Dubai recently, Anita sat down with Awakenings magazine to recount the incredible story of what happened while she was ‘dead’; how that Near Death Experience saved her life, and the important message she came back to share with the rest of us.


f I had to sum up in one word why I got cancer - that word would be ‘fear’. I was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer in 2002. By December 2005, I was in Intensive Care. I weighed 85 pounds and my muscles had deteriorated to the point where I couldn’t walk or hold up my own head. I had egg-sized tumours from the base of my skull, all around my neck, under my arms and in my chest, all the way down to my abdomen. I had fluid in the brain as well as open, weeping skin lesions. My lungs were filled with fluid so I couldn’t breathe without an oxygen tank. I was no longer absorbing food so nutrition was by way of a tube through my throat. There was one tube in my nose for oxygen and one in my throat for food. I was in a bad way!


The doctor told my husband that I had three months to live, at best, but six weeks later I went into a coma. My family was told that these were my final hours. But while everyone around me thought I was in a coma, I had never felt so incredible, so alive and so beautifully calm. I was aware of everything that was happening around me, I knew what the doctors were doing and I could hear conversations they

MARCH - MAY 2013

were having up the corridor, I was aware of how upset my family were. I was also aware of my brother in India trying frantically to get on a flight to come and see me and I could feel what everyone was feeling. I was also aware of being supported and guided by other non-physical beings, including the spirit of my father who had died 10 years earlier. It’s difficult to comprehend when you live in a physical body but in that realm I was aware of everything at once and everything made complete sense. Without the boundaries of my physical body, it was like I existed everywhere. I expanded; my consciousness had no bounds. I was no longer my physical body, I was no longer in pain. The cancer was all gone and it was the most incredible feeling. I felt no attachment to my limp body, I felt free, liberated and magnificent!

I don’t even know what to write in your medical file, I don’t know what’s happening


I then had a sense of what I can only describe as pure, unconditional love in a way I never have before. I felt renewed, like I had come home and I saw with crystalclear clarity how all the choices I’d made in my life had led me to cancer. From this ‘all-seeing’ perspective, I understood that the reason I got ill was through living my whole life out of fear. Fear can be very subtle and living from a place of fear means that every small decision you make, all your choices, are made out of a fear of the consequences. That was me. For example, I feared what people thought of me so I was a people pleaser. If I did nice things for people, it wasn’t because it brought me joy, it was because I wanted them to like me. Same with the jobs I did. I worked out of fear of not having enough money, fear of being a loser. I believed I had to pursue this, chase that, get ahead. Ironically, I was paranoid about getting cancer so I was vegan and I consumed only organic foods. I was into macrobiotics and vitamin supplements, I even grew my own wheatgrass for juicing! I was obsessive about food but not because I loved my life, my body or my health but because

cont. overleaf


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I feared illness, I feared getting cancer. So the big clarity for me was, ‘Oh my goodness, all I have to do is love myself, love my life and make my choices out of love not fear.’ But you can’t just say, ‘ok, I’m going to stop fearing’. Fear has to be replaced and what it must be replaced with is self-love. While in this other realm, I learned that the reason I was so fearful was that I didn’t love myself enough. The more you love yourself, the less room there is for fear.


My lack of self-love stemmed from always feeling that I didn’t fit in, I was always an outsider. I was the only Indian kid in a British school in Hong Kong. The kids in my building were Chinese, no matter where I went I felt I didn’t belong. I always tried hard to be accepted and I was bullied because I was a different race, a different culture with different values. For example, if I went to a British kid’s home, they ate with a fork and knife. If I brought that child to my home, my parents ate with their fingers and British kids were taught that picking up food with our hands was dirty; so there was always this feeling of being inferior. With this new profound clarity of how a lack of self-love had manifested in me as cancer, I understood that the cancer was not some punishment for anything I’d done wrong, nor was it bad karma. Where I was at that point in time was a culmination of every decision, every choice and every thought of my entire life. My many fears and my great power had manifested as this disease. I also knew that, now that I’d understood the magnificence of my true self, that my body would heal rapidly if I chose to go back to life. I understood that my body is only a reflection of my internal state. If my inner self were aware of its magnificence and connection with AllThat-Is, my body would soon reflect that and heal rapidly.

I would like to help people love this life and see it for the gift it is. STAY OR GO

It was my father’s spirit who communicated to me that I had the choice whether to go back into my body or not. He said, ‘Sweetheart, I want you to know that it’s not your time to come home yet. But it’s still your choice whether you want to come with me or go back into your body.’ At first, I didn’t want to come back because my body was dying and had caused so much suffering to my family and me but I also knew that my body would heal very quickly now that I understood everything. I knew too that I had a job still to do. I heard my father say, ‘Now that you know the truth of who you really are, go back and live your life fearlessly!’ So I did and my recovery completely astounded the doctors. Just four days after coming out of the coma, my tumours had shrunk by 70 per cent and the fluid in my lungs had receded so they moved me out of ICU and into a regular room. Within five weeks I was strong enough to go home and despite a barrage of tests, the doctors couldn’t find a trace of cancer. They couldn’t explain it. The oncologist said, “I don’t even know what to write in your medical file, I don’t know what’s happening.”


Seven years later, Anita enjoys optimum health and happiness. She lives life fearlessly; doing only what brings her joy. Her life’s purpose is to spread the message she learnt during her Near Death Experience, which is the importance of living fearlessly and loving yourself. “During my Near Death Experience, I knew I had a reason to come back. I didn’t know what it was initially but I knew I didn’t have to figure it out or chase it; it would unfold before me. I also knew it would involve reaching a lot of people but I had no idea how, what, where, or why it would happen. “But I do have a burning drive to tell my story because it was such a revelation to me. I’d watched my cancer heal and I wanted people to know about it. So I blogged about what I’d been through on the internet and one day I got an email from a Hay House author, Wayne W. Dyer, telling me they wanted to publish my story. That’s how my book Dying To Be Me came into existence. “I would like to have an effect on how cancer as a disease is viewed. I’d like help change the way people look at cancer and remove the fear. I don’t believe that the cure lies in medicine; scientists are only studying the symptoms and creating drugs to mask them. “I believe that cases like mine are a disease of the mind and the soul, not the body. The physical manifestation of disease is merely a symptom of something much deeper. I would like to help people love this life and see it for the gift it is.” See page 19 for Anita’s teachings on living fearlessly.

To buy Anita’s book, Dying To Be Me, send an email to hariharan.v@ and raj.lakshmi@ For more information on Anita, her illness and her experience, go to

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◗ 1lb of muscle burns about 20-30 calories/day ◗ 1lb of fat burns about 5 calories/day ◗ The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn all day

Why choose Pilates to work on building muscles?

◗ Helps muscles look longer and leaner, adding shape to the body ◗ Range of Motion (ROM) is increased ◗ Core muscles and deep stabilizers are enganged and strengthened providing stability and balance ◗ You will perform better in daily physical activities and reduce risk of injury ◗ Your bones get stronger ◗ You feel better about yourself

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How to live

fearlessly The author of Dying To Be Me, Anita Moorjani, went through cancer and a Near Death Experience in order to understand the importance of self love and fearless living (read her story on page 12). Happily, she says, you don’t have to. Awakenings sat in on Anita’s workshop called How to Live Fearlessly. Here’s what we learnt…

ost of us are driven by fears to some degree. We operate from a state of, ‘I hate my job’, ‘I have no choice’, ‘I’m trapped’, ‘I mustn’t eat this, I’ll get fat’, ‘I mustn’t say that for fear of being criticised or ridiculed’... and so on. Like air conditioning, you don’t notice the noise of fear till it’s turned off So, how do you switch from fearful to joyful living? Focusing on getting rid of the fear doesn’t work because whatever you focus on, grows. Instead, you need to focus on a new element and that is joy and self-love.


Ask yourself, ‘What brings me joy? What would bring me joy at this moment?’ Even if you can’t come up with an answer straight away, if you ask yourself the question every day, throughout the day, then what you’re doing, without even being aware of it, is getting out of your head space and going into your heart space. Fear comes from the head; joy comes from the heart. You don’t need to do anything drastic, like suddenly quit your dead-end job, or walk out on an unfulfilling relationship. No, life changes unfold without force when you move from fear-based to joy-based decisionmaking and choices. To introduce joy, ask yourself, ‘What do I enjoy doing? What makes me feel alive? What makes me feel loved? How can I increase the love and respect I have for myself?’ The more you become aware of what brings you joy; the more you will see it reflected in your physical life. You will attract different things because you’ll be talking about different things. Instead of, ‘I hate my job but I need the money,’ you’ll be talking and thinking about that holiday you’re planning, or your dream job. And as you talk about these joyful things, you’ll attract different people and situations. Someone will say, ‘hey, you know that thing you said, well I saw an opportunity for you.’ Your life will gradually change without you having to worry about it. Ok, so let’s get started…

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Every day, say to yourself: “I am a child of the universe and I am loved unconditionally. I am doing the best I can and I will receive only compassion and unconditional love.” Keep a check on that inner critical voice and change what it says. When you catch your inner critic using words like ‘shouldn’t’ and ‘mustn’t’, replace them with, ‘I am lovable and I am doing my best.’ Love yourself and choose what brings you joy.


Write five positive things about yourself every day. They don’t need to be a big deal, e.g. ‘I held the door open for the lady with the pram’, ‘I made a great cup of coffee’ or ‘I gave a good presentation in today’s meeting’.


Have dreams but don’t set goals. Goals are limiting while dreams are liberating. What’s the difference? Dreams come from your heart; goals come from your head. When you believe in yourself, you allow yourself to dream. As a race of people, we’ve become such goal-oriented go-getters, ‘I must do this, be this, work harder, get better, be more…’ We’ve forgotten who we are and that’s why people are so lost. But the more you pursue, the more you push away. For example, the less you need a partner, the more you’re attractive to a partner and vice-versa.

Through the day when you feel fear or stress, speak to Universal Energy, say, ‘I gave my day to you and since you have given me this issue, I want you to deal with it.’

Don’t ask for specifics because you’re limiting what comes to you. Feel grateful for what you have and allow Universal Energy to work through you.

THE FEAR CHECKLIST Are your decisions born of love or fear? Are you doing things each day and making choices each day because you want to and it feels good or because you’re fearful if you don’t? If you’re not sure, ask yourself the following… • Do I fear being disliked or criticised? • Do I fear failing? • Do I fear death? • Do I fear global warming and pollution? • Do I fear toxins in the environment, microwaves, phones, food additives? • Do I fear not having enough money in retirement? • Where do I suppress my creativity/intelligence? • Where do I compromise my integrity? • Where do I betray myself? • When do I say yes when I mean no? • When do I violate myself? (Could be food, cigarettes, alcohol, promiscuity.) • When do I seek approval to be myself? • When do I not follow my heart? • When am I afraid to speak my truth?


Instead of pursuing, chasing and fighting for something, allow things to happen. Before you go to sleep, close your eyes, relax all your muscles and say: ‘I release everything to Universal Energy’ and feel as though you’re releasing everything. Perhaps let out a deep breath as a symbol of releasing all fears, inhibitions and anxieties. Then say, ‘When I wake up in the morning, I will be at peace and calm.’ In the morning, when you wake up, say, ‘I give my day over to Universal Energy. I allow Universal Energy to work through me and I trust in the outcome.’

MARCH - MAY 2013

DOES FEAR EVER SERVE US? Some people argue that fear can be helpful. For example, we don’t touch the hotplate for fear of burning our fingers. Not true, says Anita. Fear never has a purpose. “Fear keeps us immobilised; love keeps us safe. When you love yourself, you are careful when you cross the street because you don’t want to end your life. You don’t touch the hot plate or take crazy risks because you love yourself and your family too much.”







meditation Could you stop talking for 10 days while also spending 10 hours a day cross-legged in meditation? Tamara Pitelen discovers first hand why the Vipassana 10 day silent meditation retreat is not to be taken lightly.

hat’s it like not speaking for 10 days while meditating all day every day from 4.30am? I won’t lie; it’s no walk in the park. At least it wasn’t for me. The ultimate goal may be purity of the mind, happiness, and an end to suffering for all beings but there are moments that are abject torture. If you’re anything like me and if it’s your first time (yes, some people do the retreat many times over), your mood over the 10 days will swing from incandescent rage, to irritation, sadness, and abject misery as well as moments of gougeyour-own-eyes-out boredom. Dotted with moments of contented peace, thankfully. If it’s so arduous, why do it? Personal and spiritual growth mainly. You do it to clean out some of the negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs rooted deep in the foundations of your subconscious mind, leaving you more peaceful, loving, happy and compassionate. You do it because, if you really manage to shush your mind’s white noise, you may connect and communicate with something greater than yourself.


So, what was it like? Every morning for the 10 days, myself and 23 other students – 13 men and 11 women – were woken at 4am by the banging of a gong. By 4.30am we had to be in the Dhamma hall for meditation. We meditated for two hours in the early morning, three hours in the mid morning, four hours after lunch then another hour after a 5pm tea break. Finally, two hours of video lectures from S.N Goenka – the man behind it all (see FAQ box). Bed and lights out at 9pm. The first three days are the hardest. That’s when the days ahead seem stretched out like centuries. At the end of the second or third day, you could literally cry at the thought of another week of it. Some people do literally cry. On my second evening, after a silent dinner with the other women on the retreat, one woman sat at the table sobbing into her hands.

MARCH - MAY 2013


So I sat and I sat and I sat. I sat crosslegged on a cushion till my back throbbed with aches and pains and my legs got pins and needles – which didn’t take very long, after three days I had to alternate between the floor and a chair.


When you’re not meditating you’re silently eating or showering or resting on your bed. That’s it. Apart from being forbidden to speak, it’s also forbidden to read, write, communicate with others using gestures or eye contact, mix with the opposite sex, or do any exercise beyond short periods of walking on specially marked, segregated walking paths. Why? Because the idea is that for 10 days you are focused completely inwards.

Meditating for 10 hours a day gives you an awful lot of time to think and try as I might to stay focused, my mind veered off in some bizarre directions. To start with, I couldn’t stop thinking about the British TV soap Coronation Street for the first couple of days. My brain invented endless new story lines and I had conversations with the characters. When the TV soap obsession died down it was replaced by – how to put this for a family audience - an igniting of my libido. Sat for hours in a room of silent people, my brain kicked off an x-rated film fest. There were also spent hours having imaginary arguments with people I knew, rehashing relationship failures ad nauseum and hauling long forgotten fragments of life from my memory vaults.

It’s the kind of mental trash your brain vomits up to dodge inspection of the really deep painful stuff lodged in the depths of your subconscious Apparently, this is normal. It’s the kind of mental trash your brain vomits up to dodge inspection of the really deep painful stuff lodged in the depths of your subconscious. By the end of the 10 days, something had shifted. I felt more centred and lighter. Physically as well as emotionally, as it happens. One side effect I didn’t expect was losing 2kgs. You don’t do Vipassana as a weight-loss boot camp but it’s a nice bonus.

FAQS ABOUT VIPASSANA Q. What is Vipassana meditation? One of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation, Vipassana means to see things as they really are. It was taught in India more than 2500 years ago, by people who include the Buddha, as a remedy for universal ills caused by negative emotions such as anger, greed, animosity and depression. In the last couple of decades, Vipassana has been revived by S. N. Goenka. Born in Burma, Goenka relocated to India in 1969 to teach Vipassana and is largely responsible for its worldwide revival today. Q. What is the Vipassana meditation technique?
 Vipassana is just one way to approach meditation. This technique involves observing your breath as well as scanning the body for physical sensations which, when found, detachedly observing them in the knowledge that they are impermanent, they will rise and pass. Q. How much is it? It’s free. All expenses are met by donations from previous students who want others to do the course. Make a donation if you want to but there is no pressure. Q. Where can I study Vipassana? Check out for a list of worldwide centres and courses schedule. Here in the UAE, the retreats are held in Ras Al Khaimah. Email for information.

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method for


magine walking a mile wearing just one shoe. In essence, that’s what almost all of us are doing but we have been doing it for such a long time, we don’t realize that we’re off balance. In this day and age, many of us slouch at our desks or on the sofa, drive for long hours, sit cross-legged, lift heavy objects etc. All these activities cause a difference in our leg length that causes imbalance, not only in the lower body but also in the hip, spine, shoulders, neck and jaw. You may not have any painful symptoms now but such an imbalance can be harmful in the long run. Dorn Method is a self-help technique aimed at easing muscle-skeletal pains and aches resulting from leg length differences and/or misalignment in the spine. Karima Nanji, a Dorn Therapist at SpaDunya Club, has been practicing this method for the last four years. “Even though Dorn does not replace traditional medicine,” Nanji says, “I have seen it help alleviate severe back pains, menstrual cramps, sciatica and even slipped disc-related pain. It helped a lot in case of my daughter who suffers from scoliosis - although early detection of scoliosis is crucial with this method.” More empowering than other forms of osteopathic and chiropractic treatment, the Dorn method involves dynamic movements that include the patient as opposed to having a treatment done to them. Also, Dorn therapy is gentle in

back pain The Dorn method is a holistic alternative therapy used to correct claimed misalignments in the spinal column and other joints in the body. Asma Merchant reports.

MARCH - MAY 2013


its approach and does not involve any manipulation or cracking of joints. A typical treatment starts with a leg length assessment followed by exercises to bring the leg length back into alignment. The alignment of the hip bone, shoulders and jaw is also checked along with a manual examination of the spine, vertebrae by vertebrae. The final step is a relaxing Breuss massage of the spine, which aligns any blockages and soothes any aches or pains.

FACTS ABOUT DORN METHOD The Dorn Method was developed by German Dieter Dorn in the 1970s. Dieter says every organ in the body lies on a meridian that connects to the spine, which means that easing out blockages in the spine helps heal diseases of the corresponding organ. This translates to the energy body and treating the misaligned vertebrae would clear the corresponding chakras and its emotional issues.

QUICK QUESTIONS Q. I don’t suffer from back pain or any other pain? Is this for me? Dorn method is suitable for anyone looking to align their body or improve their posture or anyone suffering from pain in the legs, hip, back, shoulder, sciatica, neck etc. It is not suitable for paralysis and you should wait hree months after surgery to have a session. Q. Will it hurt? The therapy is gentle and may feel like a strenuous workout afterwards. If you are already suffering from pain, then the therapist will ensure that the movements are limited to the patient pain threshold. Q. How many sessions do I need? You will see improvement in the leg length and spinal alignment within two sessions but you may need more depending on the severity of the condition. Q. Where in UAE can I go for Dorn treatment? And how much does it cost? Karima Nanji is an AHHAI certified Dorn Method and PIDDDS Master practitioner. She practices at SpaDunya, Jumeirah Beach Residence. Contact or 04 439 3669 to book a session. AED 550 each or AED 1000 for two sessions booked together.

I have seen it help alleviate severe back pains, menstrual cramps, sciatica and even slipped disc-related pain. It helped a lot in case of my daughter who suffers from scoliosis TRIED AND TESTED: DORN METHOD Asma Merchant climbs on the massage table to find out first hand what a Dorn Method treatment entails…

Spinal segments and roots

MARCH - MAY 2013

My idea of Dorn therapy was limited to “something to do with spinal alignment”. I have never complained much about back pain so I wasn’t sure about what I would get out of this session. The session started off with a relaxing cup of beetroot tea as Dorn therapist Karima Nanji explained how she integrates SpaDunya’s signature colour therapy with Dorn. I am asked to pick four colours out of an array of fourteen, these were then sprayed one after the other on my palms and I inhaled three to five times. She then explained what each color meant for me and where the blockages could be related. Next, Karima showed me the difference in my leg length. I had really noticed it before but the left and right sides of my hip, shoulders, jaw and hairline were not in a straight line. In short, I was lopsided but happily Karima assured me that such a slight difference can be fixed within two sessions. She showed me a few exercises which I could do at home which would keep the difference in check. All the exercises were gentle - no cracking or popping of joints involved. This was followed by a gentle massage of the spine using Altearah Bio oils and a relaxing lie-in with hot stones on my back. Aaaah bliss! After this, checked my entire spine vertebrae by vertebrae to see if there were any blockages or issues from sacrum right to my ears. This was all corrected through gentle movements and exercises. I saw a marked difference in the leg length within the first session and I feel that my posture is much better and back much straighter. This is a must-do for not only people with back issues but for anyone and everyone wanting to avoid them down the track and for better posture.




Heal your


Have you struggled with your weight for years? Awakenings asked experts what they’ve concluded about the secrets to permanent and healthy weightloss. Based on treating hundreds of clients with weight issues, what factors are causing body fat issues that aren’t recognised by mainstream knowledge? HONOUR YOURSELF AND CELEBRATE LIFE

Overeating is a symptom of how you’re feeling about yourself, says Theta Healer Vanya Silverten. “The number one issue is that people have forgotten how to celebrate life. All the women I see who have weight issues are also suffering low energy and low self-esteem. They’re sad in their jobs or they’re sad in their relationships and they’ve forgotten how to enjoy life. They’ve forgotten how to connect to the dance, to the song, to the energy of celebrating all of life, flowers, trees and gratitude and so on. “When you start to celebrate life, you begin to fall in love with life. When you love life, you start to fall in love with yourself and when you love yourself, you start to honour, cherish and celebrate who you are. When you celebrate who you are, you start to do things like exercise, dance, create, and find your joy – what you don’t

do is sit on the sofa every night filling your mouth with KFC and packets of biscuits.” Mark Carroll, the co-founder of Kcal Extra, a bespoke meal delivery plan, also believes self-respect is an important factor in weight-loss “For me it’s respecting yourself and knowing what’s going into your body,” says Carroll. “You wouldn’t have a Lamborghini and put watered down petrol into the fuel tank so why do it to your body? Your body is a gift and it has to last a lifetime. It’s the same with drinking and smoking; why would you poison your body? At Kcal, we’re about a total lifestyle change.”


“People put a lot of emotions into food,” says Vanya Silverten. “We eat when we’re angry, when we’re happy, on special occasions,

MARCH - MAY 2013


‘let food be thy medicine’, because it really changes lives,” says Mark Carroll. “For us there is a lot more to eating healthy than just losing weight, it goes much deeper. You can look great on the outside but what’s going on inside might not be so good. Our clients tell us that all parts of their life improve; their productivity levels, sleeping patterns, the relationship issues, all get better. It’s not rocket science, if you put quality, fresh, unprocessed food into your body, you will feel better and it’ll show in your eyes, skin, nails and hair as well as your body shape. You’re more alive and you have more energy because you’re a healthier person generally. The key is good food. “When you go and see a doctor, he or she will ask your symptoms and probably give you some pills. The last thing they ask is, ‘what are you eating?’ but for us this is the most important factor. What’s going in to your body? Are you getting enough vitamins and minerals? How are your carbs and proteins? That’s why we base Kcal on super foods, there’s a lot of broccoli and when we’re stressed or bored or procrastinating… as a result, people can have a dysfunctional relationship with food. It becomes their comforter and their friend, like a secret friend. It creates a lot of unhealthy emotional attachments to food and the key is getting rid of these attachments. One way to do that is with holistic healing. Opening up the heart chakra is important – when a person’s heart is clogged with negative emotions, they can’t feel love, celebrate life or themself. So the heart chakra is major and of course food is linked to emotions and the heart chakra is linked to emotions so if you have disturbances in your heart that’s going to be an issue.”

green beans, fish and salmon – the best of the best. My Kcal business partner and me haven’t been sick in a decade. You can cure disease with food, it’s powerful stuff. Your diet and lifestyle that can bring on illness. People underestimate the power of food – both the incredible power of food to heal but also the massively harmful effects of eating the wrong foods.”


“Another reason I’ve found that people often don’t lose weight is because fat cells are holding onto toxins inside the body,” says Vanya Silverten. “We get poisoned everyday with radiation, bad food, chemicals, pollutants and so on, so we have toxins in the body but sometimes the body doesn’t know to do with these toxins in order to prevent them getting into your organs where they could really do some damage. So the body shoves these toxins into fat cells and the fat wraps around the toxins to protect your body from them. Many people are surprisingly toxic so even though they’re eating healthily, the weight won’t shift because the body is holding onto the fat to protect itself. For this reason, gentle detoxing and cleanses are important, food cleanses, bowel and liver cleanses, saunas, all that kind of thing will help with detoxing.”


It’s not the big efforts you make once in a while that counts, it’s the consistent efforts every day that make the difference, says Mark Carroll. “For us the fundamentals of weight-loss are consistency and willpower


“At Kcal, we strongly believe in the saying

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to avoid the many temptations of life in Dubai. Remove all temptation out of your house – don’t keep chocolate bars, bread, crisps, soft drinks and so on in your home. Shop for quality food and keep everything else out. Nothing else is needed but water.” Planning and preparation is key, says Carroll. “Set monthly goals and weigh yourself weekly to keep track of things. Also, plan your food. Know exactly what you’re going to eat and when you’re going to eat it. This is a massive problem in Dubai, skipping meals and then turning to junk food because you’re starving and there’s nothing else easily available.”


“If we’re talking about weight loss its not just about the calories, it’s about the carbohydrates,” says Mark Carroll. “If you want to lose weight, you should take a maximum of 40 to 60 grams of carbs a day. Avoid bread; don’t even touch bread. And white rice. Not all calories are created equal so don’t focus only on counting calories – the quality of the food is paramount. “We’ve grown up in a fast food world and convinced ourselves it’s normal. It’s not. Never in the thousands of years of human history have we fed ourselves with the processed, chemical-added junk that we have in the last 20 years even as all around us rates of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart attacks are skyrocketing. It doesn’t help that we’re bombarded with media images that suggest we’ll be more popular and have more fun if we eat this brand of fried chicken or whatever.”


“We think there’s nothing better than going back to our ancestors and following the

paleo diet, also known as the caveman diet,” says Mark Carroll. “That is, eating the food we were eating centuries ago - vegetables, organic meat and fish, fruit and nuts. Eating what grows off the earth. If it’s come out of the ground or off a plant, it’s ok. No bread, processed foods, bad carbs and so on. This is our theory and for us it’s working very well. Keep it natural and stay away from the junk.” “One of the best diets I’ve come across is eating fruit till noon, followed by a good lunch that’s divided into three, carbohydrates, vegetables and protein,” says Vanya Silverten. “Then in the evening have something similar and try to finish eating before 8pm. People shed fat quite easily this way and they don’t have sugar imbalances because they’re getting all the nutrients. Don’t starve yourself and include

lots of different colours in your diet, reds, greens, yellows, oranges, and pinks. “Traditional restrictive diets are punishing and miserable, they do not celebrate life but people don’t know another way because that’s what we’ve been told through countless media articles. The first thing I’d tell people who want to lose weight is to stop reading those magazines and books, stop buying so-called diet food, stop buying all those tricks that claim to lose weight. Let it go and start to celebrate who you are. Eat well, sleep well, nourish yourself, love yourself, care for yourself and celebrate – maybe dance, sing, or paint. When I see people who sink into depression, they’ve forgotten how to be creative, they’ve forgotten their creative energy - finding that energy will bring new life to you.”

Vanya Silverten is a London-based Theta Healer who regularly visits Dubai. Appointments can be booked through Illuminations Wellness Centre in JLT, call 04 4487043 or go to For an appointment with Vanya over Skype or in London, email or go to Mark Carroll is the co-founder of Kcal, a bespoke meal delivery service focused on health and weight-loss. Call 04 339 5316 or go to

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Where to buy your


in the UAE

New to the UAE or just new to organics? Helen Horne reveals the best places to get all your organic goodies… RIPE ME

Not just fresh fruit and veggie boxes, Ripe offer a whole host of local, organic, and seasonal produce from farmers and producers in the region to compliment your box. Since its launch in Summer 2011, Ripe has gone from strength to strength; rolling out delivery and collection points for their boxes, three markets; two in Abu Dhabi and one in Dubai, together with their farm shop in Umm Sequi m, just off Al Manara Street. Street 8a, Umm Sequim 2, Al Manara Road, Duba i Where and when: Umm Sequim farm shop open 9am – 6pm Sun to Thurs, Sat open 9am to 5pm, closed Friday. Ripe markets are held in Duba i at the Courtyard Al Quoz every Saturday 9am to 1pm and at Le Gourmet, Jumeirah 1 every Friday from 9am to 1pm. In Abu Dhabi, Ripe is at Jones Al Manoura every Monday and at Jones Al Raha every Thursday. Tel: +971 4380 7602 or email:


Offering organic produce direct from the farmers, DTE came to the Dubai market in early 2011 with the opening of their Jumeirah-based shop (up near the big flag). The shop now offers more than just the DTE range, they’ve expanded to include products from European and Indian brands. With a newly refurbished online store, you don’t even need to leave home to get your wholesome goodies! You’ll also find them at most of the farmers markets and on the shelves of other organics outlets across Dubai. What seems to be a common problem is availability of stock. Where: G11, Sheikh Hamdan Complex, Opposite Union House, Jumeirah 1. When: 9:30 am to 9pm, 7 days Tel: +971 4386 3391 or email:

MARCH - MAY 2013


Launched in February 2012, the BPGP shop in JLT offers a range of organic and eco-home, body-care and health foods, along with fruit and veggie produce from local producers. BPGP have launched a new farmer’s market in front of their JLT store on Fridays between 11am until 3pm. Where: BS4, Al Seef 2, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai When: Sat to Thur 9am to 8.30pm and Fri 9 am to 12 noon and 4pm to 9pm. Tel: +971 4369 5209 or email:

For more information on where to find organics across the UAE, check out the Living Organic website at

mber of y that manages a nu RGANIC FARMS GREENHEART Onder of Greenheart Organic Farms, a compannic produce to Dubai residents,

fou orga Elena Kinane is the the freshly harvested . All the produce farms and then sells mum order Dh100) sed ini ba (m y Eer ion UA liv nt de e ere m diff ugh ho tation and compan ction points or thro bio diversity, crop ro e dly tis en ac pr fri s ly m tal via designated colle far en e . Th e environm l and pesticide-free ever possible and us en 0) wh y 10 erg on offer is chemica ED en (A d s an xe ED 60) or bo to conserve water d summer bags (A planting, take steps sil and more. can purchase mixe u yo t etroot, peppers, ba en be om ra, m ok e l, th ne fen , s ch ina sp packaging. At nh by ba basis. Gree eart ha s, cherry tomatoes, ms on an individual s ite lad r sa de or ree to th containing courgette d le an ab s be create two pizza customers will , to ) ols co om er a.c ce zz ath pla pi we in e kd is As th zza (www.n ring system ed with N_K_D Pi ite and online orde bs we A s. . m ut far bo e recently collaborat da th from hes roun ts sourced directly to the Arabian Ranc featuring ingredien , Al Barsha 2, close jan Ar in op sh e th to and you can pop in rtu ea nh ee gr w. ww



The GES sells a range of eco-friendly, recycled and organic household goods, personal products and gadgets in its Mercato Mall store and online. Where: Ground Floor Mercato Mall, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai When: Sat to Thurs 10am to 10pm and Fri 1pm to 10pm  Tel: +971 4332 7693 or email



CENTRE The biggest importer of a full range of certified organ ic fruits and vegetables all year round. Green League is the only supplier of organ ic mangoes and bananas, Fair Trade strawberries, avocado, plums, grapes, sweet potatoes and more. They’ve just partnered with local company GreenHeart Organ ic Farms to provide the freshest and highest quality of rocket salad, kale (more than six varieties), spinach, basil, radish and more. All organics are strictly certified by the EU regulations and meet all international standards. Where: Every day at Fresh Corner in the Dubai Garden Centre, Sheikh Zayed Rd and every day at Lafayette Gourmet, Second floor Dubai Mall. On weekends at Down to Earth, Jumeirah 1. Tel: 056 176 2992 or email : Facebook: The Green League, Twitter: @Unifrutti TGL

MARCH - MAY 2013

Probably one of the best known choices for everything organic, the OFC stocks a wide range of products, mainly European brands together with their own brand goods. They also have cafés onsite, home delivery available, plus a catering and cakes to order service. One of the problems I find with the OFC is stock availability. The Nutrition Store within OFC stocks organic skin and body care ranges, together with one of the most comprehensive ranges of high quality vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements in the UAE. Where: Dubai Mall and The Greens in Dubai with two more planned for 2013 in Jumeirah and at The Oasis Centre. In Abu Dhabi at Masdar City. When: Dubai Mall 9am to 10pm daily. The Greens 9am to 8pm daily. Masdar City 9am to 7pm, closed Friday. Tel: +971 4434 0577 or email:

the ach Helen Horne is Holistic Health Co ll as we as founder of www.liv ies ter ea c ni gs about orga the foodie who blo m. co ie. honestlyfood in the UAE at www.






big baddies of skincare Step away from the cheap tanning cream! About 60 per cent of everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream and from there it can end up in your liver, brain... anywhere. Holistic beautician Katrina Valente reveals the top five biggest baddies in skin product ingredients.

MARCH - MAY 2013



our skin is a huge sponge that absorbs anything placed on it. That’s why hormone therapy treatments and smoking cessation medications are often patches applied directly to the skin; it’s a quick way to get them into your system via the sponge that is your skin. But what other toxins and allergens are getting into your cells, organs and tissues through your skin? A study conducted in 2006 by Chemical Safe Skin Care found we absorb about 2.5kg of toxic waste each year from our bath, body and skin products. What are the top toxins? Read on…

1 Parabens

A class of chemicals widely used as preservatives by cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, parabens are increasingly controversial because they have been found in breast cancer tumours (an average of 20 nanograms/g of tissue)

and can mimic estrogen (a hormone known to play a role in the development of breast cancer), however no official link to the disease has been established. Used to fight bacteria and fungus, parabens in your everyday products are listed as Ethyl, Methyl, Propyl, Isopropyl, Butyl or Isobutyl Parabens and are used both internally and externally in pharmaceutical liquid supplements. They are also suspected of causing reproductive problems and lowering sperm count in men.

2 Artificial fragrances

These can contain wide varieties of harmful ingredients that may include phthalates, petrochemicals, benzene, toluene, xylene, methanol to name but a few! Phthalates have been proved to be endocrine disruptors because they mimic estrogen in the body. Higher estrogen exposures are

linked to higher risk of breast cancer. The additional danger of artificial fragrances is that they are absorbed through the skin as well as being inhaled. Inhalation absorption is much quicker than products absorbed through the skin.

3 Artificial foaming agents

Known as Sodium Lauryl and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), this foaming agent is found in products such as liquid soaps, toothpastes, shampoos and bubble baths. It makes us feel like our product is working properly if there’s lots of foam. It doesn’t. Lots of foam just looks good. SLS is among the the most commonly used harmful chemicals in mainstream body care products. It’s a known skin irritant, hormone and endocrine disruptor and suspected carcinogen. The less a product foams, the better it is.

SKIN CARE RESOURCES Inspired to find out more about the potentially harmful chemicals that could be getting into your body via your skin? Here’s a starting point… 1. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics 2. Chemical Safe Skin Care Campaign 3. Skin Deep Cosmetics Database Type the name of your favourite product into this search engine to find out its hazard score from 1 to 10. 4. The Good Human A list of paraben-free skin care products

cont. overleaf

MARCH - MAY 2013



holisticbeauty cont. from pg33

DON’T BE PINK-WASHED! What is pink-washing? A term used to describe beauty companies that position themselves as leaders in the fight against breast cancer while engaging in practices that may be contributing to rising rates of the disease, such as including suspected carcinogens into their products.

4 Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA)

Commonly used as a preservative in skin and body products in the US but banned in the European Union, BHA is carcinogenic and causes pigment loss, which is why it’s a common ingredient in skin lightening products. Use lemon juice instead if you’re determined to lighten your skin.

5 Petrochemicals

Avoid anything with the word ‹petro› in it and, yes, this includes Vaseline aka petroleum jelly! (I know that’s controversial.) Used widely in lip balms and ointments, petrochemicals are toxic, readily available and very cheap for manufacturers. Choose organic products for your lips. After all’s said and done however, we at Awakenings mag don’t advocate getting too hung up on all this – hysteria and fear is not the way forward. Honour your amazing body by putting things in it and on it that nourish and nurture it. Self-love is not about slathering yourself in chemicals to make wrinkles vanish, pigment fade or your skin tighten and darken. Be mindful when choosing your skin, hair and bath products and choose quality, organic products that won’t hurt you or our planet.

KATRINA VALENTE is a holistic beautician specialising in anti-aging. Call her on 050 565 7679 or email her at Katrina@ and mention ‘Awakenings magazine’ for a 20 per cent discount on any treatment.

MARCH - MAY 2013


DO TRY THIS AT HOME! DIY HAIR CONDITIONING For a deep conditioning treatment, massage a little olive oil or almond oil into your scalp then smooth a little through to the ends of your hair. Put a shower cap on and then on top of that put a woolly hat. This keeps in the heat, which opens the pores and penetrates the scalp leaving you with silky smooth hair. Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes. Cheap but very effective! (Tip! When shampooing the oil off, put the shampoo straight onto hair first then add water.)

WE JUST LOVE... ... the Altearah Bio range of eau de parfums! A mix of colour therapy and aromatherapy, keep a bottle in your handbag for breathing in several times a day for healing and rebalancing.

AED 148

Buy it: Spadunya Club, Shams 1, JBR Walk or online at

1. Three sprays of the eau de parfum onto your palm.

2. Briefly rub your hands together.

3. Inhale deeply. Repeat steps with each colour.

MARCH - MAY 2013




Confessions of a reformed



Asma Merchant went cold turkey on shampoo - and the world didn’t end! She explains how and why...

All foam, no function - this woman probably doesn’t realise all this lather is just for show.


have always had a chronic love affair with shampoos. I would stand in the beauty aisles of supermarkets for hours, lusting over the bottles, reading the multiple miracle adjectives that these magical concoctions were promising to offer to me. Even though I never really ended up with bouncing, shiny curls or sleek, straight tresses, it was a thrill when my shampoo and conditioner bottles would be nearly ending so that I could buy new ones to try.


On the journey to being more conscious of what I was putting in and on my body, I read

articles about the harmful effects of Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), which is a foaming agent and gives us the lather we love. It is actually a cheap industrial detergent and hence is utilised freely by manufacturers despite any potential harmful consequences. SLS is one of the key ingredients in nearly every personal care product we use including soaps, shampoos, toothpastes, shower gels, face wash etc. In fact, I went through every single bottle of shampoo and shower gel in my local hypermarket and every one of them contains SLS. It shattered my shampoo fantasies. So I headed to the pharmacy and

picked a bottle of SLS-free shampoo which by far was one of the worst experiences ever because it just doesn’t lather and I never got the feeling that I had washed my hair. I was willing to unhappily live with it but frankly the SLS free shampoos do have other ingredients that are rather questionable. I didn’t know what to do. And then the universe heard my plea and ta-da, I stumbled upon the ‘no-poo’ method. Even though I question the genius who came up with the name, the method is infallibly easy, cost-effective and chemical free. All you need is two empty bottles and three simple ingredients; water, baking soda and apple cider vinegar (ACV). The best part is it works on coloured or chemically treated hair too.


Our logic behind the traditional hair care routine is shampoo washes and conditioner moisturises. What actually takes place is something more sinister. Our hair produces an oily substance called sebum to protect and nourish each individual strand of hair and give it the lively look. What shampoo basically does is strip the hair of its natural oil along with the dirt and grime which is why the conditioner is required – to replenish what the shampoo stripped.

MARCH - MAY 2013


THE RECIPE Shampoo (one bottle will easily last you a month) • 2 T of Baking soda (Note: baking powder is NOT the same as baking soda) • 8 oz water • A squeezy bottle (ex- Mayo bottles qualify) Mix ingredients and give the bottle a good shake. Wet hair with warm/hot water. Squeeze a small amount on to the scalp and give your scalp a good massage and leave it in for a few minutes. Rinse. Conditioner (this bottle is also enough for a month) • 2 T of Apple Cider Vinegar • 8 oz water • A squeezy bottle • Optional 5 - 8 drops of any essential oil (if you miss the smell of commercial fragrance in the shampoo)

CHEAT SHEET The ‘no poo’ method aims to regulate the hair’s oil production and reduce the need for such frequent washing. The plan is to wash hair only once a week. But the transition period can be tough, here’s our guide to getting through the first week or two. Dealing with oily hair in the adjustment period • Do not over wash your hair no matter how much you are tempted. If need be just rinse your hair with plain water. • Start this experiment at a time when you don’t have too many social engagements. • Just like any other bad hair day, tie pony tails or use scarves or hats. • Dry shampoo – sprinkle your hair with cornstarch (if you have light hair) or cornstarch and cocoa powder (for darker hair) overnight. Talcum powder is another option. • Another option – mix a quarter cup of cornstarch with a quarter cup of rubbing alcohol and one cup water. Spray into hair and let it dry. I have used all of these ‘cheats’ and attended social parties with hair not washed for three days and with the cocoa powder and cornstarch concoction in my hair. Believe me it works and no one even notices.

After the shampoo, pour this mix on to the ends of your hair and leave it for a few minutes. Rinse but with cold water so the cuticle of your hair seals giving it a good shine. The ACV does not leave any smell whatsoever when rinsed but you can add any essential oil if you cannot bear the smell at all. Note that these measurements are relative. You will need to do a bit of trial and error to figure out the perfect mix for you. If your hair feels unclean, add more baking soda to the shampoo. If hair feels dried out or the scalp is itchy then use less baking soda and more ACV. Use less ACV conditioner if your hair feels oily or sticky.

Cost wise I have bought shampoos from every imaginable place supermarkets, beauty centres, pharmacies, salons, organic stores. I wish I had checked my grocery store first! Regular - AED 28, SLS free - AED 110, Professional range - AED 160, Organic variety - AED 200. On the other hand, a 200gm box of baking soda is AED 5.95 and a massive one litre bottle of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar costs AED 22.50 which will probably last me for a few years. Do you see the difference? Over time this stripping causes breakage and damage and internally the scalp produces more and more oil to compensate for the shampoo’s action. This is why most people have to wash their hair daily or every alternate day or their hair feels greasy or dirty. What this method aims to do is regulate the oil production and reduce the need for such frequent washing. The plan is to wash hair only once a week.

MARCH - MAY 2013

Baking soda is a natural cleanser and it helps in removing the dirt while the acidic content of the Apple Cider Vinegar nourishes, balances hair’s pH level and seals the cuticle. As this does not strip the hair’s natural coating, our scalp doesn’t have to produce the oil it previously required. But until our scalp adjusts itself to produce less oil, we have to go through a few weeks of excess oiliness in our hair (check cheat sheet).

Instead of being excited about shampoo shopping, I now love heading into the kitchen and making my own shampoo. And my hair has never been better. That’s right! I’m serious. My hair looks great. In the beginning, it does cause nightmarishly oily hair but if you persist through it, there is low maintenance, chemical free hair at the other end, which believe me is worth the weird stares that I get when I tell people I haven’t shampooed in months.





Journeys Wellness travel is the fastest growing sector of tourism - if you need a break for body and soul, here’s a starting point


Spiritual tourism is now a mainstay of Bali’s economy since the global explosion of Elizabeth Gilbert’s best-selling book Eat, Love, Pray got turned into a movie starring Julia Roberts. Now, you can’t swing a stray dog in Bali without hitting a traditional Balinese healer who’ll poke you with a special, bendy stick and write symbols on your chakras for a not insignificant amount of money. The town of Ubud is the heart of Bali’s spiritual industry, a buzzing place offering a plethora of meditation and yoga classes, alternative healers and all the various new age accessories such as Tibetan singing bowls and crystal jewellery. We love it!


Who’s been? Katy Perry, Adele, Elle MacPherson, and a Saudi royal family who hired out the whole estate.

MARCH - MAY 2013


One of the places near Ubud is the COMO Shambhala Estate, which calls itself a ‘Retreat for Change’ and advocates proactive holistic wellness. Resident experts at the Estate include a yoga and meditation teacher, Ayurvedic doctor and a nutritionist with a background in diet for patients recovering from a medical crisis such as cancer and chemotherapy treatment, conditions such as arthritis or a major surgery. The holistic approach combines modern science with ancient healing. Services include spa and massage therapies, yoga centres, activity and nutritionally balanced ‘clean’ cuisine. For me, it was like arriving at the most wonderful sanctuary imaginable; a Nirvana-like magic land of incredible natural beauty and peace. I stayed in a Teja Suara villa – which means ‘sound of fire’ and is named after the fire pit located at the edge of the swimming pool in that section of the estate. The other accommodation areas are based on earth, water and wind. Quite simply, being surrounded by acres of lush tropical forest felt like my soul was being healed. For the next three days,

I tried activities such as hydra-therapy, meditation, and swimming in natural spring water pools. I had a Taksu massage – said to release deeply-held patterns of stress – and a deep tissue massage. I also indulged in the incredible and innovative food prepared at the estate’s two restaurants, dishes like seared kingfish with braised lentils, pomegranate and mint salad followed by a dessert of strawberry, rose apple and watermelon salad with chilled hibiscus soup and strawberry sorbet. I would go back in a heart-beat. Although programmes can be individually customised, the various wellness programmes on offer include: 1. Rejuvenation – for anyone who’s exhausted and needs to be pampered and completely unwind. May include facials, massage, private yoga classes as well as a personalized diet focused on anti-aging with anti-oxidant rich foods that are helpful for skin, hair and nails. 2. Cleanse programme – an intense cleansing or detox treatment where the resident dietician oversees your diet and activities. Great for people wanting to hit the ‘reset’ button and harness the body’s natural resources for cleansing and healing itself. Could include colon hydrotherapy. 3. Stress management – overseen by the Ayurvedic doctor, this programme looks at a person’s total lifestyle and dietary health and provides them with the tools to better manage the stresses

MUST DO – walk to the private natural spring lagoons and swim

in the pure waters before taking a pool-side breakfast; a Hydrotherapy class; try something you’ve never eaten before from the raw food menu, eg, raw pizza.

MARCH - MAY 2013

in their life. Could include yoga and meditative therapies and massage for the healing powers of touch. 4. Ayurvedic – a person is given an indepth assessment based on the principles of Ayurveda from which a personalized treatment programme is drawn up.

WANT TO GO WITH A GROUP? Spadunya Club has partnered with We Offer You the World, a sub-division of The World at her Feet - Middle East’s women’s travel group, to provide specialised wellness journeys and the first is going to be to Ubud, Bali for six nights at the end of March. Leaving Dubai on 24 March, the price – excluding airfare - is AED 5,000 per person. During your mind, body, spirit detox, you’ll stay in four-star twin-share accommodation and get personal consultations, treatments and demonstrations of traditional Balinese medicines as well as jungle trekking, village bike tours, and cooking classes using organic ingredients. Contact: Call Clarissa on 04 429 8662 or email

COMO SHAMBHALA ESTATE is a 15-minute drive from the central Bali town of Ubud and about an hour’s drive from the main airport in Denpasar. PO Box 54, Ubud 80571, Bali, Indonesia Tel. +62 361 978888 Email:



awakenedlife - books

Attracting abundance Is your cash flow a little blocked? Check out these books about how to bring prosperity into your life. The Prosperous Heart, Julia Cameron AED 77 “In order to have a prosperous heart, our relationship to money must be brought out into the light and we must be brave enough to look candidly at it,” writes Julia Cameron, author of the 1990’s international bestseller The Artist’s Way. In this, her latest book, Cameron presents a twelve-week plan for using practical financial tools - in partnership with your creative heart and soul—to guide you to prosperity in all areas of your life. She advocates forging a healthy relationship with money together with a rich creative life in order to create your life as you create art: with purpose, freedom, and inspiration. The Prosperity Bible: The Greatest Writings of All Time on the Secrets to Wealth and Prosperity

By various authors, AED 150

Don’t have time to read the hundreds of books about attracting prosperity? The Prosperity Bible brings together the main moneymaking and wealth secrets from authors across every field, including religion, finance, philosophy, and self-help. Within this tome is advice from abundance gurus like Napoleon Hill, Charles Fillmore, Wallace D. Wattles, Florence Scovel Shinn, and more - along with a bevy of writers and success coaches who aim to explain and promulgate the laws of winning. The One Command: Six Steps to Attract Wealth with the Power of Your Mind

Asara Lovejoy, AED 65

If you believe that you have to struggle, save, work hard, and carefully invest in order to achieve financial security then this book will change your mind and life forever. In The One Command, Asara Lovejoy introduces a six-step process for tapping into your mind to attract wealth. This process stops fearful, negative thinking so you can reach the mental state of theta, from where you can naturally draw wealth and happiness to you. Asara says to let go of the false idea that you can’t consciously control the infinite uncertainties surrounding your life. Surrender old ideas about money and know that you have the power to create and attract wealth. Jack Canfield’s Key to Living the Law of Attraction, AED 73 This is the author who brought us the insanely bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Now, Jack Canfield reveals what he believes are proven tools and techniques for applying the Law of Attraction. He explains what you need to know and what you need to do in order to attract what you want in your life through clarity, purpose, and action.

Secrets of Success: The Science and Spirit of Real Prosperity

Sandra Anne Taylor AED 73

Intrigued by the Law of Attraction but not sure how to use its power in your life? Sandra Anne Taylor says it’s your full life force - not just your individual intention that creates results. Taylor’s approach focuses on changing your quantum psychology - the deeper vibrations of your thoughts and feelings - and offers a way to open you up to a future of abundance and joy by aligning your own energy field with the driving and creative force of the cosmos. The Master Key System

Charles F. Haanel by AED 43

First published in 1912 as a 24-week correspondence course, The Master Key System is a personal development book by Charles F. Haanel (1866-1949), an American author, millionaire, entrepreneur, and businessman. Each chapter is a step-by-step lesson on unlocking the success-power of your mind. For example, “Make the mental image; make it clear, distinct, perfect, hold it firmly; the ways and means will develop; supply will follow demand…” Along with The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles, The Master Key System is the source of Rhonda Byrne’s inspiration for the book and the film The Secret (2006).

All these books are in store at Kinokuniya Bookworld in Dubai Mall or online at While you’re at it, ‘like’ the Kinokuniya page on Facebook For more information, email or call 04 434 0111.

MARCH - MAY 2013

awakenedlife - books

The teachings of Osho Who was Osho? We sum up the man and the mystic… Osho was an Indian spiritual leader who has gained a large international following since his death in 1990 at age 58. He claimed to have become spiritually enlightened while sitting under a tree in Jaipur at the age of 21. A controversial figure who was recognised for his razor sharp intellect, Osho advocated enjoying the pleasures of life and called for freer attitudes to sex. He criticised socialism, Indian religions and Mahatma Ghandi, who he described as a masochist reactionary who worshipped poverty. What India needed, Osho said, was capitalism, science, modern technology and birth control. By 1981, Osho’s ashram in Pune hosted 30,000 visitors per year and at one point he was the world’s largest single owner of Rolls-Royce cars, with a total of 93. The author of about 600 books, Osho’s teachings emphasise meditation, awareness, love, celebration, courage, creativity and humour.

OSHO’S BOOKS A selection of Osho’s book including Joy, Intuition, Intuition,and andIntimacy, Intimacy, are on sale at Illuminations Well-Being Center. Location: 409, Fortune Executive Towers, Cluster T,
Jumeirah Lake Towers, outside Dubai Marina Metro. Tel. 04 448 7043.

Illuminations, inspires individuals towards a journey of self-discovery as a key to lasting happiness, through offering variety of services based on a holistic approach to self-development, Including: Daily Meditations, Self Empowerment Workshops, Certified Holistic Training, Products. Our intention is to provide a deeper insight into the mind-body-energy connection influencing our experience of life. As a result, individuals feel more balanced and complete within themselves.

Illuminations Well-Being Center with contact details as follows: t: e: w: a:

MARCH - MAY 2013

landline: 04 4487043 409, Fortune Executi ve Towers, Cluster T, Plot T1, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Outside Dubai Marina Metro P.O Box 17705, Dubai, U.A.E





therapy Buy UAE made!

We’re loving it local - buying locally made is better for the planet and the economy because you’re supporting fellow residents who are doing their own thing…

CoCo YoGo

Locally made, CoCo Yogo is a naturally dairy free, vegan and raw food friendly alternative to dairy yogurt. Made from 100 per cent pure coconut, free from soy, gluten, egg and corn. Topped with fruit flavours like blueberries, raspberries and blackberries with agave syrup. Buy it: AED 30.00 for a 240ml tub. Email or tel 050 858 2013. Or visit Ripe Market at the Courtyard Gallery, Al Quoz, behind Times Square Centre every Saturday from 9am to 1pm.

Camel Milk Soap

Cleopatra is said to have bathed in camel’s milk (not, as is commonly believed, in cow’s milk). Organic and hand made in Dubai, Camel Milk Soap is made with organic oils and pure fresh camel milk (not powder). A natural source of Alpha-Hydroxy acids – camel’s milk is known to plump the skin and smooth fine lines with its anti-aging and antioxidant properties. Camel milk is rich in vitamins A, B and C as well as potassium, iron, sodium, phosphorus, copper, manganese, zinc and magnesium, the ample ratio of these properties are part of the wonder that explains the camel’s ability to survive without water in the desert. Buy it: AED 15 to AED 30, purchase online at or from the ARTE in Times Square Centre and Ripe weekly markets at Al Quoz..

4get-me-not for Brain Awareness Week, 11-17 March

Desiree Vlekken is the founder of, the UAE’s first online information platform about Alzheimer’s disease. Her mission is to promote brain health and spread the importance of prevention and early detection of Alzheimer’s. She also sells therapeutic products for patients living with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers, products include: 1. Chunky Puzzles for patients with mild to moderate cognive impairment. For every puzzle purchase, another set of puzzles is sent to KFI, the foundation for the abandoned elderly in the Philippines. 2. Original oil paintings by Jomike Tejido namely, Tree of Memories and Respect for the Elderly.  Jomike is a Philippines-based artist known as the Banig Painter. Buy it: Email Desiree on to arrange a Cash On Delivery shipment. 




The winner of the Sparklefairy bracelet competition in the previous issue of Awakenings was Richard D’souza. Thank you to everyone who entered the competition, everyone had great answers to the question, how best to cleanse a crystal.

We’ve got three packs of love guidance cards by Amira Celon to give away. On sale at the Third Eye centre for AED 75, you can win one of the three packs by telling us the name of one of the cards in Amira’s pack. How to find out? Go to and click the ‘Get your daily reading’ box on the homepage. Then send us an email to with ‘love guidance’ in the subject head. MARCH - MAY 2013


Pre-loved H&M

H&M launches used clothes collecting initiative globally in February H&M is the first fashion company to launch a used clothes collection initiative worldwide, part of its efforts to reduce the environmental impact of clothes. From February 2013, customers can hand in worn garments in H&M stores in all 48 markets and get a 10 per cent discount voucher on their next purchase. Every year, tons of textiles are thrown out with domestic waste and end up in landfills. As much as 95 per cent of these clothes could be used again, re-worn, reused or recycled. H&M’s customers can help reduce environmental impact by avoiding textile waste. Any piece of clothing, from any brand and in any condition will be accepted. The collected clothes are reprocessed by H&M’s partner, I:Collect, for new use. Store Locations in the Middle East Kuwait: Salem Al Mubarak Street; UAE: Arabian Center; KSA: Riyadh Sahara Mall (CP), Al Othaim Mall Dammam (EP), Hera’a Int’l Market (WP); Lebanon: SAIDAMALL; Qatar: Landmark Shopping Mall; Bahrain: Seef Mall; Egypt: Alexandria City Centre; Oman: Qurum City Centre; Jordan: Taj lifestyle, and Morocco: Morocco Mall.



Neom organic candles

Mama Mio

Luxury organic candles made with only a blend of vegetable wax and pure essential oils. As the candle scent fills the room, it works as a treatment to relax, revive or pamper. The range includes ‘Complete Bliss’, ‘Invigorate’, ‘Pure Indulgence’, ‘Real Luxury’, ‘Tranquility’, Refresh and Relax. Apparently they’re favourites of celebs such as Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Kylie Minogue and Kate Middleton.

New to Dubai, Mama Mio does face care, cellulite, stretch marks, firming, spa treatments, pregnancy skincare and antiageing products. Every Mama Mio product is safe to use at any time from pregnancy stage to pensionable age. Their ‘No Nasties’ rule applies to everything they make so every Mama Mio product is paraben free, petroleum free, phthalates free, sodium laureth and sodium lauryl sulphate free, colourant free, synthetic fragrance free and xenoestrogen free. If it is nasty, it is a no-no. Buy it: At all SensAsia Urban Spas across Dubai. Tel. 04 349 8850

Buy it: AED 97 for travel candles and AED 282 for room candles. Available at Bloomingdale’s Home, Make Up etc boutique in Palm Strip Mall plus selected spas including Talise and Raffles.

Andara Pendant

Andara's are used to access to higher dimensions of consciousness. Andara's will open and cleanse the each chakra and will Detoxify any form of negativity. The healing vibrations are amazing, just out of this world. The Andara's will help increase your access to all Universal knowledge and will greatly accelerate your spiritual development. Andara's is one of the best crystal for giving one the ability to channel. Andara's are also perfect for healing. Each pendant is hand crafted using 21 gauge square wire which is silver plated with an anti tarnish finish. Buy it: AED 150 to AED 179 MARCH - MAY 2013




Neal’s Yard Remedies

The award-winning British organic skin, beauty and body care products are available in NYR stock their fabulous range of organic and natural skin and body care products together with their natural makeup range, aromatherapy products, body brushes, and holistic remedies. Where: Shara Mall in Sharjah. Dubai Mall, Wafi, and Marina Mall in Dubai. Fotouh Al Khair Centre in Abu Dhabi. Coming soon to Springs Town Centre, Dubai. Tel: +971 4325 3154


44 listings

UAE listings

Alternative, complementary and holistic products and services available in the UAE.


Melany Oliver, Access Bars Practitioner and Facilitator Release unhelpful judgement, beliefs and perceptions easily and effortlessly. Private one on one healing sessions as well as classes to become a certified Access Bars practitioner. Tel: 050 794 7695 Email:


Dubai Mall Medical Centre Complementary and alternative medicine with Naturopathic Medicine Practioner Dr Heather Eade. 7th Floor, Dubai Mall, Downtown.
 Tel: 04 449 5111 Dubai Herbal & Treatment Centre Conventional (allopathic), complementary and alternative medicine plus wellness treatments. Ayurveda, Beauty, Gynaecology, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Psychology, Traditional Chinese Medicine. Za’abeel, Oud Metha Rd. Tel: 04 335 1200 Email: Dubai Physiotherapy & Family Medicine Clinic Comprehensive family medicine and physiotherapy. 1st Floor, Town Centre Jumeirah, Jumeirah Beach Road. Tel: 04 349 6333 Holistic Healing Medical Centre Eastern and western medicines. Ayurveda, acupuncture, colon hydrotherapy and Homeopathy. Al Wasl Road, Umm Suqeim 3.
 Email: Tel: 04 348 7172 Synergy Integrated Medical Centre A clinical acupuncturist, Martine (Dip. AC clin. Ac (China) Certificate in Paediatric Acupuncture) specialises in fertility, pregnancy and post-natal treatments. She uses a combination of traditional Chinese therapies including acupuncture, massage, cupping and moxibustion.
 Email: Tel: 04 348 5452 Wellbeing Medical Centre Complementary conventional and alternative health care, cosmetic surgery and laser treatments. Chiropractic, Natural Medicine, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Allergy Elimination, Detoxification, Face Rejuvenation, Physical and Massage Therapy, Clinical Psychology and Systemic Psychotherapy, Aesthetic

Medicine, Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Laser Treatments - Pain Free Laser Hair Removal and Laser Skin Tightening. Jumeirah 3. Tel: +971 4 348 4406


Aura Alternative Medicine Centre Three kinds of treatment Ayurvedic medicines, diet and lifestyle management and Panchakarma for detox, rejuvenating and relaxing. Office 201, Al Faisal 1, CBI Bank Building, King Faisal Road, Sharjah. Email: Tel: 06 575 7001 Breath and Health Alternative Medical Centre Villa 1080, Al Wasl Road, Umm Suqeim 2. Email:
 Tel: 04 348 9940 Dubai Herbal & Treatment Centre Conventional (allopathic), complementary and alternative medicine plus wellness treatments. Ayurveda, Beauty, Gynaecology, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Psychology, Traditional Chinese Medicine. Za’abeel, Oud Metha Rd.
 Email: Tel: 04 335 1200 Dubai Mall Medical Centre Complementary and alternative medicine with Naturopathic Medicine Practioner Dr Heather Eade. 7th Floor, Dubai Mall, Downtown. Tel: 04 449 5111 Holistic Healing Medical Centre Eastern and western medicines. Ayurveda, acupuncture, colon hydrotherapy and Homeopathy. Al Wasl Road, Umm Suqeim 3.
 Tel: 04 348 7172 Dr Parviz Rashvand, Synergy Integrated Medical Centre Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Dr Parviz combines natural modalities and specialises in cancer, MS, autism and other severe auto-immune and degenerative conditions.
 Tel: 04 348 5452 Wellbeing Medical Centre Complementary conventional and alternative health care, cosmetic surgery and laser treatments. Chiropractic, Family Medicine, General Practice, Natural Medicine, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Allergy Elimination, Detoxification, Face Rejuvenation,

Physical and Massage Therapy, Clinical Psychology and Systemic Psychotherapy, Aesthetic Medicine, Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Laser Treatments – Pain Free Laser Hair Removal and Laser Skin Tightening. Jumeirah 3. Tel: +971 4 348 4406 Email:


Angel Messages by Stella Angel therapy, intuitive guidance and more. Tel: +971 50 8703639 Email: stella@angelmessagesbystella. com Angels of Light Founders Terri and Buddy are certified Angel Therapy Practitioners from the Diana Cooper School of Angels, and Angel Crystal Healers.
 Email: Tel: 050 655 4814 Angel Therapy with Coomi Vevaina and Sharlaine India-based therapists who regularly visit Dubai to conduct workshops and private sessions. Contact Illuminations Wellbeing Centre Tel: 04 448 7043 AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE Spadunya Club Award-winning holistic and wellness spa for women using the 100 per cent organic, French colour therapy spa range called Altearah Bio in holistic vibrational and energetic treatments. Hammam, hydrotherapy, beauty room and steam, sauna and showers. [See also Colour Therapy, Beauty, and Yoga & Fitness] Shams 1, The Walk at JBR, Plaza Level. Email: Tel: +971 4 439 3669 Organic Glow Beauty Eco-friendly, organic salon. Organic hair treatments, ammonia-free colour, aromatherapy massage, formaldehydefree mani-pedis, fresh fruit facials, homemade scrubs and more. Stocks Simply Organic beauty range for purchase. Email: Tel: 04 380 4666


Third Eye Centre Miyan is a Jyotish Maharishi (PhD equivalent research degree in Vedic Astrology) and holds a DMA (Diploma in Medieval Astrology). Private readings and group workshops.
 Email: Tel: 04 326 6539

Vedic Astrologer & Numerologist, Lalit Soonderji Private readings and group workshops Email: Tel: 04 448 7043


Aura Alternative Medicine Centre Three kinds of treatment Ayurvedic medicines, diet and lifestyle management and Panchakarma for detox, rejuvenating and relaxing. Office 201, Al Faisal 1, CBI Bank Building,
King Faisal Road, Sharjah
 Email: Tel: 06 575 7001 Balance Wellness Centre, Ayurvedic Dr Chandy George Ayurvedic assessments and wide range of wellness services, organic and ayurvedic therapies, energy healing. Third floor, Oasis Centre
 Tel: 04 5151 4051 www.balance-wellness-centre Dubai Herbal & Treatment Centre Conventional (allopathic), complementary and alternative medicine plus wellness treatments. Ayurveda, Beauty, Gynaecology, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Psychology, Traditional Chinese Medicine. Za’abeel, Oud Metha Rd. Email: Tel: 04 335 1200


Katrina Valente Holistics A facial therapist and holistic aesthetician/healer with more than 20 years experience in the beauty industry
 Tel: 050 565 7679 The Organic Glow Lounge Eco-friendly salon offering organic treatments. Email: Tel: 04 380 4666 Snowberry Organic Cosmetics Available at Spadunya Club, Shams 1, The Walk at JBR, Plaza Level. Email:
 Tel: +971 4 439 3669 Neal’s Yard Remedies
 Organic Natural Health and Beauty. 
Dubai locations: Wafi Mall, Sun, Level 1 (04 324 5141); The Dubai Mall, Level 1 near Nayomi (04 325 3154); Dubai Marina Mall (050 189 3191); coming soon to Town Centre Springs.
Sharjah locations: Sahara Centre, Sharjah (06 554 6702)
Abu Dhabi locations: Fatouh al Khair Mall (02 628 9044) and Al Wahda Mall extension, unit E239 Second Floor

MARCH - MAY 2013

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Organic Supermarket and Café Stocks organic skincare and cosmetics. Herbline Essentials Ayurvedic face, body, hair, acne and slimming treatments made from natural ingredients sourced in the Himalayas. Available through and, UAE pharmacies including Boots, Bin Sina, Health First and United Pharmacies.


Clinical Aromatherapy, The Holistic Institute IFPA and ITEC accredited for diplomas in Clinical Aromatherapy and Reflexology. Email:
 Tel: 04 450 3535 Clinical Reflexology, The Holistic Institute IFPA and ITEC accredited for diplomas in Clinical Aromatherapy and Reflexology. Email: Tel: 04 450 3535

Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy, Illuminations Well-Being Centre Certified by the Universal School of Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Middle East. Five stages. For more information, go to or call Illuminations on 04 448 7043


Kay Vosloo, Talise Wellness Polyclinic, Al Qasr Hotel Flush out impacted fecal matter, toxic wastes, yeasts and other undesirable matter that build up over time and contribute to a variety of illnesses. To book, Email: Mona at MJWellness@ or call +971 4 366 6810


Spadunya Club Award-winning holistic and wellness spa for women using the 100 per cent organic, French colour therapy spa range called Altearah in holistic vibrational and energetic treatments. Hammam, hydrotherapy, beauty room and steam, sauna and showers. Shams 1, The Walk at JBR, Plaza Level. Tel: +971 4 439 3669 Email:

Katrina Valente Holistics A facial therapist and holistic aesthetician/healer with more than 20 years experience in the beauty industry. Email:
 Tel: 050 565 7679 Pamella Pierrepont, Colour Therapist Colour mirrors Dubai and Bio-Altearah Ascension through Colour. Tel. 0558097445 or email starlightpathways@ Abeer Ayash, Art Healer Abeer creates Soul Paintings for clients using colour for its therapeutic value. For more information, http://thirdeyeonline. com/art/rainbow-vortex Email: Tel: 04 326 6539

CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE (see Acupuncture) COUNSELLING (see also Life Coaching)

Helen Williams, Life Works Counselling and development. Helen is a Gestalt Therapist. 996 Al Wasl Rd, Umm Suqeim 1 Email: Tel: 04 3942464 Pamella Pierrepont, Starlight Pathways - Thinking into the Future Therapies and Learning Solutions for Kids, PIDDS, The Listening Programme, The Learning Breakthrough.Tel. 0558097445 or email starlightpathways@

Colour therapy sprays to heal and harmonise

Developed in Switzerland by Stefan Beugger, an energy healer and colour consultant, the Colours of Awakening are 16 energised sprays designed to, harmonise and balance your personal electro-magnetic field and environment.   Colours of Awakening is seeking distributors as well as therapists, holistic practitioners or retail partners to carry our line of quality products. If you are interested or have any questions about our products, don’t hesitate to contact us by email to:

Andrea Tosatto, Clinical Psychologist, Synergy Medical Centre Specialising in teens and children, Dr Tosatto uses Cognitive Psychotherapy with Jungian analysis as well as yoga and music therapy as needed.
 Tel: 04 348 5452 Tarnia Chapman, Spiritual Counsellor A graduate of the UK School of Metaphysics for the Expansion of Consciousness, Tarnia offers private sessions available to know yourself, be yourself and express yourself. Email: or call 050 2754 571


Pranic Healing Centre Encorporates pranic with crystal healing.

DORN METHOD (Spinal therapy) Karima Nanji a SpaDunya Club See ‘Holistic Centres’


Generation Nourished, Holistic Health and Wellness Holistic Health Coaching Programs specialized for women and teenagers who are looking to lose weight, gain energy, have blood sugar imbalance, or want to overhaul their diet & lifestyle. Tel: 055 106 7511 Detox Delight Dubai Detox juices delivered to your door and bespoke detox programmes. Email: info@ Tel: 055 5568 318

EAR CONING AND CANDLING Breath and Health Alternative Medical Centre Villa 1080, Al Wasl Road, Umm Suquim 2 Email:
 Tel: 04 348 9940


Melany Oliver, Emotional Empowerment Release unwanted emotions and get to the core of the issue. Private one on one healing sessions as well as group workshops. Tel: 050 794 7695 Email: Third Eye Centre Clinical Hypnotherapist Monisha specialises in EFT and Hypnotherapy. Offers workshops such as Taking Charge, Self Hypnosis, Karma and Forgiveness. Contact Monisha at The Third Eye Centre. Email:
 Tel: 04 326 6539 Cosmic Healing Centre (see Holistic Centres)


Energy clearing and space management, Third Eye Centre Serving corporates and individuals Email: Tel: 04 326 6539 Cosmic Healing Centre (see Holistic Centres)


Aspen Aman, The Gong House Private and group sessions for healing mind and body through sound meditation as well as gonging classes. Special classes also held for children.

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MARCH - MAY 2013

46 listings

Lawrence Enderle Lawrence hosts Gong Bath Meditations and Sound and Vibration sessions and workshops at The Third Eye Center (see Holistic Centres). Zarine Dadachanji Various weekly times and locations around Dubai. Go to Gong-Bath-Meditations


SpaDunya Club Holistic Wellness Consultants offer therapies that include Reflexology, Iridology, Holistic Nutrition, Theta Healing, Quantum Reading, the Dorn Method, PIDDDS (Personal Integrated Dynamics, Diet and Determination), Breuss Massage, and Reiki. Shams 1, The Walk at JBR, Plaza Level.
 Tel: +971 4 439 3669 Email: Discover Nirvana Self-discovery workshops, yoga for kids, space clearing and feng shui for the home, Ayurvedic cooking, wellness for pets, crystal healing, Reiki, Theta healing and online shopping.
 Email: Cosmic Healing Centre Services, treatments, events and training in various healing modalities, self-empowerment workshops and meditations, plus alternative and complementary therapies. Pranic, Theta, Reiki, Vastu and Feng Shui, Crystal, KriyaShakti, EFT, Hypnotherapy.Office No: 402; Montana Building, Home Options Building, GPO, Karama, Dubai. Email: Tel: 04 357 6676 Illuminations Well-Being Centre 409, Fortune Executive Towers, Cluster T, Plot T1, JLT (next to Dubai Marina Metro Station). Email: Tel: 04 448 7043 The Third Eye Centre 1101 Saeed Tower II, On top of Nandos/ KFC, next to Four Points Sheraton, Sheikh Zayed Road. Financial Centre Metro Station. Email:
 Tel: 04 326 6539 The Holistic Institute A variety of holistic therapies, studies and career training. Tel: 04 450 3535 Email:

Balance Wellness Centre Ayurvedic treatments, diet, counselling, meditation, therapeutic massage, herbal therapies, yoga and Pilates. Third floor, Oasis Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road Email: Tel: 04 384 7010

Sushma, Third Eye Certified Life Coach, Sushma conducts coaching workshops and sessions Email: Tel: 04 326 6539 Lucy Mackintosh
, Law of Attraction Dubai Tel: 050 358 2004, www.changing-lives. net and

India International Healing Institute Saeed Tower 1, Suite 401, On top of Emirates NBD, between Hotel Fairmont MASSAGE and Crown Plaza, Sheikh Zayed Rd. Email:
 Dreamworks Spa Dubai Balinese foot reflexology and massage Tel: +97155 5987572 centres in various locations HOUSEHOLD MAINTENANCE Email:
 Tel: 800 6277 243 AND REPAIR Green Facilities Management (Green FM)
 Feet First Environmentally friendly general home Reflexology and massage centre. Services maintenance and repair, from water tank include deep tissue massage, de-stress cleaning to pest control, renovations, air con massage, shiatsu massage, acupressure service and repair, 24/7 emergency call outs and more. Committed to a greener, healthier facial, slimming massage Email: living environment.
 Tel: (0) 4 366 9956 Tel. 04 440 8929
or 050 5520 150 Email: Naturopathy Touch Building Lake City Tower, opp JLT metro HYPNOTHERAPY station, JLT. Awakened Soul, Rachel Beavan Email:
 Healer and psychotherapist Tel: 04 452 6969
 Email: Graca Ward Hypnotherapy for addictions such as smoking, phobias and sea-sickness. Email:


Stephanie Niazi, Spadunya Club Stephanie uses iridology to evaluates wellness imbalances through tissue markings in the eyes which are addressed with holistic nutrition and food solutions.


Osteopathic Health Centre Malcolm Gregory and Nargis Raza give self-help and support to people suffering from pain. Umm Suqueim and Mirdiff
 Email: Tel: 04 348 73 66


Soul mapping, Stephanie Hamilton Get help with understanding your life’s purpose. Tel: 050 870 1927 Email: Livia Anzaldo, Liv 2 Lead Individual lifestyle coaching plus corporate coaching, wellness and adventure travel retreats, yoga classes. Email:
 Tel: 050 1819 527


Kcal Extra Delicious, healthy and calories-controlled monthly meal plans delivered daily to your door. Three meals and two snacks. Tel: 04 3395 316 or sign up at the website HealthTrendz Healthy food to go. Email:


Cosmic Healing Centre - See ‘Holistic Centres’ for contacts. Illuminations Well-Being Centre Various regular weekly meditations. See ‘Holistic Centres’ for contacts. The Third Eye Centre - See ‘Holistic Centres’ for contacts. Discover Nirvana - See ‘Holistic Centres’ for contacts. Sahaja Yoga Meditation A method of meditation based on achieving ‘thoughtless awareness’. Free weekly sessions, Tel: 050 295 3571 Email: Vipassana Meditation Offering courses in Vipassana Meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka. Ten day silent

meditation retreats held in Ajman
Twitter: #vipassana_dubai
 Tel: JP Goenka on 050 646 2507 or Email:


Carol Talbot, Matrix Training Solutions Leadership, Neuro-linguistic programming and accelerated learning techniques. Mazaya Centre, Entrance A, 3rd Floor, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. Tel: (04) 3432-55 Comar Fowler & Associates, Beryl Comar Using a combination of techniques ranging from traditional classroom teaching, group and pair work and NeuroLinguistic Programming.
 Tel: 050-655 4523


Stephanie Niazi, Spadunya Club A certified Wellness Consultant and iridologist, Stephanie specialises in holistic nutrition and uses iridology to evaluates potential wellness imbalances. Uses a combination of Reflexology, Pranic healing, Colour Therapy, Quantum Reading and Dynamic Phyto-Therapy. Shams 1, The Walk at JBR, Plaza Level. Tel: +971 4 439 3669 Email:


Lalit Soonderji, Vedic Astrologer & Numerologist Private readings and group workshops Email: Tel: 04 448 7043


Balqees Honey The best raw Yemeni honey on the global market, Yemeni Sidr Honey is the best and most expensive in the world due to taste, nutritional and medicinal value. Shop in Dubai Mall. Free delivery around Dubai. Tel: 050 655 2023 Be Super Natural A UAE online shop for raw, vegan, organic, fairtrade, ethical foodstuffs and groceries. Blue Planet Green People Organic and eco-home, body-care and health foods, along with fruit and veggie produce from local producers at this JLT store plus a farmer’s market on Fridays between 11am until 3pm. Where: BS4, Al Seef 2, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai When: Sat to Thur 9am to 8.30pm and Fri 9 am to 12 noon and 4pm to 9pm. Tel: +971 4369 5209 Email:

MARCH - MAY 2013

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Down to Earth Organics Supplies organic food and groceries in Dubai. Store at G11, Sheikh Hamdan Awards Complex, Opposite Union Flag, Jumeirah 1, Dubai.
 Tel: 04 386 3391


Greenheart Organic Farms Freshly harvested organic produce from UAE farms sold to Dubai residents, via designated collection points or through home delivery (minimum order Dh100). All the produce on offer is chemical and pesticide-free. The farms practise bio diversity, crop rotation and companion planting. A website and online ordering system is in place and you can pop in to the shop in Arjan, Al Barsha 2, close to the Arabian Ranches roundabout.


Organic Supermarket and Café Fresh organic and biodynamic food, supplements, skincare, cosmetics, baby items and household cleaning products. Stores in Greens, Dubai Mall and Shk Zayed Road just past Oasis Centre. Tel: 04 4340577 Milk & Honey Gourmet and premium organic brands and produce. 24/7 delivery. Tel: 04 432 8686 for Palm Jumeirah and 04 435 6363 for Meadows Town Centre. Twitter #milkandhoneydxb Ripe Middle East Supplies local organic produce in Dubai. Farm fresh fruit and vegetables delivered to your door or for purchase at the farmers markets. Warehouse 11, 6A Street, Al Quoz behind Times Square Ctr. Email:
 Tel: 04 380 7602 The Green League, Dubai Garden Centre Fresh organic fruit and vegetables. Every day at Fresh Corner in the Dubai Garden Centre, Sheikh Zayed Rd and every day at Lafayette Gourmet, Second floor Dubai Mall. On weekends at Down to Earth, Jumeirah 1. Tel: 056 176 2992 or email:


Real Pilates Award winning studio that offers worldclass contemporary Pilates and STOTT PILATES(r) teacher training courses. Over 130 group classes per week. Private and Semi-Private Sessions also available, including Rehab Pilates. Two locations:
Palm Strip Mall, 1st Floor, Jumeirah Tel: +971 04 345 3228
JLT JBC2, Tower, Cluster V, Tel: +971 4 458 5399

MARCH - MAY 2013

Soul Photography with Nektar Lifestyle Stephanie Hamilton specialises in photography projects that heal and celebrate your life. Tel: 050 870 1927 Email: The GMCKS Pranic Energy Healing Center Pranic healing courses of all levels and group meditations. Encorporates pranic with Arhatic Yoga, KriyaShakti, crystal healing and Feng Shui.
 Tel: 04 3688067/ 3688104 or mobile 050-6566547 Yogi George, The Third Eye Yogi George teaches Pranic Healing and conducts private sessions at Third Eye. Email:
 Tel: 04 326 6539


Meihua Li Tai Chi Group or private lessons available weekly. See website for times. Tel: Anmarie 050 4698589 Email: The Third Eye Qigong Instructor Ania gives personal classes and group workshops in Qigong as well as healing sessions to remove blocks from meridians and energy channels. Email: Tel: 04 326 6539


Lukas Putz An SRT practitioner and teacher, Lukas works out of Illuminations Well- Being Centre (see Holistic Centres).
 For SRT information, www.


Dreamworks Spa Dubai Balinese foot reflexology and massage centres in various locations. Email: Tel: 800 6277 243 Feet First Reflexology and massage centre. Services include deep tissue massage, de-stress massage, shiatsu massage, acupressure facial, slimming massage. Email: Tel: (0) 4 366 9956


Awakened Soul, Rachel Beavan Healing, guidance and psychotherapy. Email:


Seda Goksel Healing Reiki Master and Theta healer. Private healing sessions and Reiki classes. Email: Tel: 050 600 6968 Email: Awakened Soul, Rachel Beavan Healer and psychotherapist Rachel offers healings as well as classes in Reiki. Email: Tibetan Usui Reiki Diane is a spiritual trance healer and Tibetan Usui Reiki healer. Tel: 050 749 2566 or book through the website. Women only. www. Melany Oliver, Reiki Master & Teacher Private one on one healing sessions as well as Reiki workshops from beginners to advanced for people wanting to become Reiki Masters. Tel 050 794 7695 Email:


Animal Reiki in Dubai Sabine Poncelet helps heal your animal and yourself with energetic care. Tel: 050 814 4529 Email Diane Taylor, Tibetan Usui Reiki Diane uses Reiki on horses to help heal their issues. Tel: 050 749 2566 or book through the website at www.


Organic Supermarket and Café Organic eatery with outlets in the Greens and Dubai Mall. Baker & Spice Super tasty salads, handmade wild bread, cakes, great breakfasts and mains, all made from locally sourced ingredients where possible.
Location: Souk al Bahar and Dukkan al Manzil, Downtown Dubai. Marina Promenade. Maps on website. Tel: 04 425 2240, 04 427 9856 and 04 362 4686 Balance cafe Vegan and vegetarian dishes as well as

non-vege. The menu shows the calories, fat, carb, fibre, cholesterol and sodium content of each dish. Cooking classes also on offer, plus take-away. Third floor of the Oasis Centre on Sheikh Zayed Rd Tel: 04 384 7010 The Farm Located out on Emirates Road, this newbie to the Dubai food scene promises local and organic ingredients, where possible.
Location: Al Barari, off Emirates Road - driving directions on website Tel: 04 392 5660 Sophie’s The motto is Eat well. Live well. Be well. A ‘gastro-café’ offers homemade healthy food, local and organic when possible. Location: Lower Ground Floor, Building 8, The Shoreline, Palm Jumeirah Tel: 04 451 5982 Lime Tree Fresh, healthy and organic offerings with a special knack on fabulous cake.
Four locations throughout Dubai, Jumeirah 1, Media City, Al Quoz and Ibn Battuta Mall. Saladicious Fresh and healthy salads a speciality.
Location: On Jumeirah Beach Road going towards Jumeirah Mosque, take a right turn at The One. There’s also a deli on JBR Walk. Tel. Jumeirah 04 345 5822 or JBR Walk 04 423 0855 Govinda’s Karama’s popular and innovative Jainist vegetarian Indian. Location: Bur Dubai, behind Regent Palace Hotel next to Khalid bin Waleed metro. Tel: 04 396 0088 Zest restaurant Natural, fresh and nutritious food and drink using the highest quality ingredients, organic when possible. We do not use sugar, additives, preservatives or colouring.
Location: Tunisia Food Court, Ibn Battuta Mall. Tel: Call 800 ZEST (800 9378) for delivery.


Elements Fengshui Candles, crystal rocks and jewellery, aura cleansers, pendulums, singing bowls and bells, new age music and more. Outlets in Al Khaleej Centre, Bur Dubai; Deira City Centre; Level 1 Mall of the Emirates; Dubai Mall. Email: Tel: 04 295 0988

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Laughing Buddha Stalls within various Dubai malls selling new age products such as crystals, jewellery, incense, CDs and oils. Ibn Battuta, Dubai Festival City. Noviplus Dubai’s online one-stop-shop for all things health and fitness. Noviplus offers members discounts on health and fitness services, tips and advice, news, fitness tools and more. Tel: 050 585 6948 Email: Ornament Gifts Angels, crystals, art and handmade jewellery. Shop owner Birgit Schurenberg is a certified Refelxologist, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer. Contact Birgit on 050 795 9916 prior to your visit and for consultations and directions Email:
 Tel: 04 388 4483 or 050 795 9916 Sparklefairy Dubai’s first new age and wellness online boutique, buy anything from crystals to dream-catchers, oracle cards, incense, and jewelry. Third Eye Centre Sells books, crystals, herbal products, oracle cards, incense, essential oils, meditation CDS and more. Email:
 Tel: 04 326 6539 to shop online

The Little Fair Trade Shop Products and foodstuffs made by artisans and farmers in developing or disadvantaged countries. Email: thelittlefairtradeshop@hotmail. com. Tel: Sabeena on 050 105 2813 The Change Initiative, Barsha Sustainable products, from household to fashion and appliances. Email: Tel: 800 824


Spadunya Club, JBR Various holistic techniques from an international team of therapists and healers. Treatment suites, hammam, hydrotherapy, beauty room and steam, sauna and showers. Adjacent is Fitness@ Spadunya offering personal training, Aerobics, Pilates, yoga, dance. Shams 1, The Walk at JBR, Plaza Level. Tel: 04 439 3669 Sisters Beauty Lounge, Dubai & Abu Dhabi A high-end chain of salons for women that offer organic facials and brands including Cowshed, Eminence and Shiffa. Various locations around Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Go to the website for details. Kalm Holistic Beauty, Palm Jumeirah A One Stop holistic shop offering women facials, manicures, pedicures, eyelash extensions, massages, waxing, threading, hair treatments, haircut and blow drying. Palm Island Jumeira, Riva Beach Club, between Shoreline Apartments 7 and 8. Tel: +9714 451 9988. Six Senses Spa, Zighy Bay, Oman Holistic and pampering therapies using only natural products. Eastern and Western techniques combine with modern day lifestyle programmes. Tel: +968 2 6735 555

Sparklefairy is Dubai’s first online boutique for crystal gemstones and jewellery, go shopping at

Supreme Chi Energy Spa, JLT Energised water therapy spa for problems like asthma, angina, hypertension, migraines, headaches, back pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, high cholesterol, morning sickness, etc. Swiss Towers, Y3, opposite Carrefour & Damas, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai Tel: 04 3605806 / 055 8742129 Email: Talise Wellness Spa, Madinat Jumeirah Blends integrative medicine and diagnostics with holistic therapies. Features 26 treatment rooms, including couples suites and a variety of facials, massages and body treatments using top range spa products.

Mizan at Rocco Forte Hotel Abu Dhabi Traditional massages, Hammam rituals and tailor-made treatments using the worldrenowned brands Maroc and Natura Bisse Zayna Spa, Abu Dhabi Well-being treatments and traditional massages in this spa hotel based in the Grand Millennium Al Wahda Hotel, Abu Dhabi. From a Tropical Salt Mousse Glow to re-energise and repair the skin to a caviar facial for advanced facial treatment against aging.
 Email: Tel. +971 2 495 3822


Well Woman Clinic, Melanie Schlatter Psychologist Melanie Schlatter specialises in anxiety, panic attacks, depression, grief, sleep difficulties, pain, changes in body image, the initial shock of a disease or illness diagnosis, and medical treatments and tests. She also offers stress management programmes. Al Dhiyafah Street. Email: Tel: 04 332 7117 Dubai Physiotherapy & Family Medicine Comprehensive family medicine and physiotherapy. 1st Floor, Town Centre Jumeirah, Jumeirah Beach Road. Tel: 04 349 6333


Meihua Li Tai Chi Group or private lessons available weekly. See website for times. Tel: Anmarie 050 4698589 Email:

TRAVEL (see ‘Wellness Retreats) THETA HEALING

Illuminations Well-Being Centre Several Theta Healers including Master Healer Vanya Silverten work out of New Illuminations (see Holistic Centres) or Theta Healing Universe Part of Third Eye Centre, offers Theta Healing courses and sessions. Tel: 04 326 6539 Melany Oliver, Theta Healer Private one on one or group healing sessions. Tel: 050 794 7695 Email:


Om Life High-end wellness, fitness and physiotherapy equipment for spas, clinics, gyms and private clients. Eg, float rooms, mild hyperbaric oxygen chambers, acupressure mats, instant reusable heat packs, speed fitness EMS, and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. Tel: +971 4 368 0994 Email:


B-Wellness Retreats Three-day retreats designed to help women jumpstart into healthy living through distressing, relaxing, and focusing on themselves and their health. Email Six Senses, Zighy Bay, Oman Holistic and pampering therapies using only natural products. Eastern and Western techniques combine with modern day lifestyle programmes. Tel: +968 2 6735 555


(see also ‘Pilates’, ‘Tai chi’, ‘Qigong’) Aura Alternative Medicine Centre Three kinds of treatment Ayurvedic medicines, diet and lifestyle management and Panchakarma for detox, rejuvenating and relaxing. Office 201, Al Faisal 1, CBI Bank Building, King Faisal Road, Sharjah. Email: Tel: 06 575 7001 Balance Wellness Centre Yoga and Pilates classes including Hatha, Yoga Therapy, Vinyasa Flow, Dynamic, Pre and Post Natal, Pranayama and Meditation. Third floor, Oasis Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road. Email: Tel: 04 384 7010. Bodytree Studio, Abu Dhabi Yoga, Pilates and dance classes to help find your individual potential for greater wellbeing, from the inside out. Coming from the Corniche on 26th /Al Nahyan St, turn left at 11th Street/Sheikh Hazza Bin Zayed St and take the immediate first right. Bodytree is the front cream villa directly across the road from the ADNOC station. Tel: +971 2 443 4448 Email:

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MARCH - MAY 2013

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Bikram Yoga Middle East Single class AED 70 and one month unlimited classes, AED 700. Icon Tower, 4th Floor, TECOM. Tel: 04 368 6287 Bharat Thakur Artistic Yoga Yoga for flat abs and improved stamina. Group classes in various locations through Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Book your free trial class on 800 9642 Club Stretch Bikram Yoga and Pilates studio Al Mina Road, Satwa as well as Dubai Marina. Email: Tel: 04 345 2131 Fitness@Spadunya Spadunya Club’s fitness centre offers Personal Training, Aerobics, Pilates, Yoga, Dance, kids classes and more. Shams 1, The Walk at JBR, Plaza Level. Tel. +971 4 439 3669

MMA Fitness Centre, Hot Yoga Hot yoga is held at this multi-discipline fitness centre. Location, Pacific Bldg. 2nd Level, TECOM, Dubai, UAE Tel: 04 367 5077 Email:

Naturopathy Touch Hatha, Power, Ashtanga, Yoga Nidra, Therapeutic Yoga, Pre and Post-natal. Lake City Tower, opp JLT metro station, JLT. Email: Tel: 04 452 6969

Rawr Bikram Yoga Dubai Al Sufouh Rd, 713 Concord Tower, Dubai Media City (same building as Lime Tree cafe and Mini Cooper showroom) Email: Tel: 04 4232 808

Yogalates Bliss Yogalates (fusion of Yoga & Pilates) at Fraser Suites, Noura El-Imam hosts Yoga Workshops and Teacher Trainings as well as Adventure & Wellness Retreats. Tel: 050 3289 642

Livia Anzaldo, Yoga Alliance Instructor Email: Tel: 050 1819 527

Yoga Room, JLT Ashtanga yoga studio. Swiss Tower, Cluster Y, JLT. Tel. 050 518 9966 Email:

Irina Yoga Personal Hatha Yoga as well as group classes and workshops at venues across Dubai. Email: Chakra Yoga, Third Eye Centre Specialised Chakra Yoga programmes and courses as well as regular yoga classes. Email: Tel: 04 326 6539 for a schedule

Phoenix Rising Pilates, Yoga, AcroYoga, Thai Yoga Massage and Dorn Body Alignment. Various weekly locations including JBR, Jumeirah and Open Air yoga in Safa Park. See the website for details or call Sandy on 050 735 9683 or email Talise Spa Yoga, Madinat Jumeirah Hatha, Astanga, Advanced Yoga, Fitness Yoga, Vinyasa Fit Yoga, Meditative Yoga. Also monthly full moon yoga sessions. Email: Tel: +971 4 366 6818

Zen Yoga Various forms of yoga at several locations in Dubai including Dubai Media City, Springs Town Centre and Jumeirah.

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Are you the super salesperson we’re searching for?

Awakenings Middle East magazine needs someone dynamic and driven to take charge of selling advertising and sponsorship on commission. Are you the one who’s able to help us nurture and grow this new born magazine into a big, strapping grown up? If you are then:

You can see the potential of this product and the holistic market. You have experience in magazine sales and are familiar with the UAE market. You are organised and efficient with great networking skills and a spooky knack for closing a deal. You are self-motivated, have bags of initiative and able to manage your own work schedule. You have a million and one ideas for how to make Awakenings a commercial success. The thought of taking ownership of this project and getting stuck in fills you with excitement.

Does this sound like you?

Then get in touch to tell us how you’re the one we’ve been waiting for all this time! Email with a sparkling cover letter and CV and don’t forget to put Super Salesperson in the subject head.

MARCH - MAY 2013


neanderthal man goes new age

Male bonding

bedroom issues & Neanderthal Man is a forty-something, ex-British soldier who collects exotic knives and can strip down and re-assemble a semi-automatic rifle blind-folded. Until recently, he thought ‘chakras’ was a Latino pop star who sung about her hips not lying. But things are changing for the card-carrying caveman, ever since he met the Tree Hugger…


h go on Honey, it’s a great chance for some honest male bonding!” burbled the Tree Hugger as she sipped her organic, GMO-free soy, decaffeinated, Fair Trade cappuccino. “A group of men sharing their deepest emotions, it’ll be very healing...” she blinked at me like a hopeful, doe-eyed Bambi and something inside me died. Bless her little hippie socks, she wants me to do emotions because she thinks it’ll be good for me. So I, like a mug, was going to a healing workshop for men. Losing three hours of my life that could be spent shooting 3D bad guys on PlayStation with a flamethrower. I had visions of men sitting around in

their underpants sobbing about being misunderstood, man-hugging, drum-beating, and blokes calling me ‘brother’. Kill me. I’d rather spend three days in the ratinfested trenches with enemy fire whistling past my ears than three hours in a ‘safe circle’ of men talking about my feelings. Dread shadowed me until the night arrived where I sat in a circle with eight other men. The facilitator was Neil, aged 68. His first revelation was that - wait for it, this is big stuff - “women,” he said, pausing for effect, “are driven by emotions and their hearts while men are ruled by logic and their heads.” I glanced around the group. Nope, no one fell off their chair at this astounding insight. Next, he said that women

get frustrated when men don’t listen to them. Ah yes, guilty. That one’s me. I’ve mastered the art of moving my eyebrows and staring at the Tree Hugger so she thinks I’m listening to her when really I’m playing Call of Duty 3 in my head. When she catches me out, she is mad. Must get better at pretend listening. Perhaps introduce ‘uhuh’ and ‘mmm’ noises? I glance at my watch. Ninety minutes in and not a single dirty joke. But then one of my fellow men’s support groupers (MSGs) said he had a question about ‘bedroom issues’. At last! We all leant forward, breaths held waiting for MSG to elaborate. “How do you tell her that you hate what she’s doing in the bedroom?” he asked, looking at each of us. Poor bloke. That chat would end in tears, no mistake. “I agreed with her that we needed to spice things up in the bedroom but I didn’t think that meant pink sheets and cushions...” Wait, hold on. He’s talking about cushions? And that’s when I did start crying. Neil passed me the tissues and whispered, “there there, that’s right, let it all out, you’re safe here...” while I sobbed into his shoulder. Tree Hugger was delighted when I told her. She said my emotional maturity was growing. At least I think that’s what she said; I was moving my eyebrows about and shooting aliens with a flamethrower at the time.

MARCH - MAY 2013

With its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan and world class stores spread over countries like America, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Taiwan and now in Dubai - UAE, Kinokuniya is a globally known book seller of repute. The store in Dubai Mall is a massive 68,000 square feet wide paragon book gallery which stocks more than half a million books and a thousand magazines in English, Arabic, Japanese, French, German and Chinese at any given time. The store is also a distinct cross cultural hub for a wide range of time to time cultural events such as comic art demonstrations, language learning workshops, book launches, etc. The pleasant ambiance, scenographic design and add to it the impressive view of modern skyline - world's tallest building, Burj Dubai, Kinokuniya at Dubai Mall is just the place to evoke emotions and add pleasure to your book shopping.

"We offer our customers the widest range, cost leadership and value-added services"

Dubai Mall Level 2, SF-025 Financial Centre Road, Down Town Burj Khalifa PO Box 283578 Dubai, UAE 04 - 4340 111

Awakenings ME Mar-May 2013  
Awakenings ME Mar-May 2013  

Your guide to holistic and healthy living in the UAE. In this issue, 10 day silent meditation, "Why I Ate My Placenta", Heal Your Weight, Or...