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Fiorella Mattheis Styled by Dudu

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Fusing together Japanese & Brazilian cuisine perfectcombination. combination. ininthetheperfect

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duardo Borges is the chief executive of B4 Capital Americas. An entrepreneur, he founded the online communication platform , brought Major League Gaming to Brazil and is a coowner of MIAMIFC. Borges has vast experience in negotiating first tier media and sports rights, having worked as senior j at the some leading sports marketing agencies including: IMG, MP & Silva, Traffic Sports, Championsworld and Pele-Pro. Previously, Borges has worked for Globo TV in Brazil, acquiring world’s most relevant sports content, including: Fifa World Cup, Olympics, Uefa Euro Championships, Copa America and Brazilian Series A. Later, at TV Bandeirantes he oversaw the launch of cable network Bandsports and managed its content and business development areas. Borges is a former professional squash player with many international accolades, and a silver medal at the 1999 Pan-American games in Winnipeg, Canada.

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Why did you decide to have Miami as your hub in the Americas? Miami is truly an incredible and unique city. Miami provides so many unique business and artistic opportunities on an ever-growing scale. Plus, it is the true North American door to LATAM -- both to the countries and to LATAM investors interested in investing in the US. There is no other city that provides such integration of these worlds. Since our company focuses on investing in soccer properties, it is the best place to have our main office. As we look to diversify our investments slightly in the future, we will be proud to bring these proprietary events to Miami first. Did I mention the city, surrounding areas and beaches are beautiful?

How do you organize your days in Miami? As a former professional squash player, being athletic is really important to me. It keeps me grounded and I think sweating out stress is really good for the body. When I am not traveling, I like to play tennis early in the morning three times a week. I’m working to improve my game! I play squash once a week as well. A challenge for myself -- to go back to Jiu-Jitsu and train with Rilion Gracie. Since I spend most of my days traveling for work or with my daughter in NY, It is important for me to be active in order to relax from my busy life. Sports help me to unwind and reenergize.

What is your next project? Soon, I’ll be eager to share full details with you about an exciting upcoming project -- for now I can give you a little hint. We are about to sign to bring one of the biggest BTB Soccer events to the US, and specifically Miami. With the tremendous growth of interest in soccer, and Miami being an international city, it’s the perfect place to bring more sports events.

MIAMI Restaurant - Casa Tua + mr show Beach - In front of Soho House and Key Biscayne Cinema - Coconut Grove Neighborhood - Brickell Brands - Rolex / Landrover / Harley Davidson / Loro Piana / Tods / Osklen / havaianas / Phebo / Granado cologne

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o makeup artist working backstage during this season’s fashion shows managed to do without one thing this year: glitter was central for Autumn-Winter shows in 2016-2017. It was raining glitter, as if there were nothing else in the world! Who wouldn’t want to look like a My Little Pony princess everyday, when they leave home? Oh, we see some hands going up, excellent, welcome to the #glitterforever team! We are loving this makeup trend for next Winter, and we think it is also perfect for summer, since festival season is coming up.


n our gallery, we collected the best looks from recent fashion shows, as well as all our favorite cosmetics to copy them. We are also giving you a few tips. 1. Do not let this trend intimidate you, you don’t have to overdo it – actually, to be honest, you really shouldn’t! It is very easy to make this style

easily wearable: get just a touch of glitter by using intensely pigmented sparkly eyeshadow in the center of your eyelid. This will create a beautiful and not overly eccentric effect. 2. Make sure you’ve got “glitter glue” at hand, the primer that you need for glitter to actually stick. Also remember to only use cosmetic glitter, as any other type might scratch your skin (or your eyes, which is even worse). If you can’t find a proper product to use as glue, you could also go for a gloss with a very sticky finish, that will give you a wet look. The glitter might move around a little, but you won’t lose too much of it, and your makeup will last for at least a few hours! Now you are ready, go and glitter up… Responsibly!

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Too Faced Glitter Glue


Suki Waterhouse

Colourpop Eyeshadow in So Quiche


ELF Glitter Primer



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NYX Cosmetics Face and Body Glitter

Urban Decay Eyeshadow

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Glitter



Giambattista Valli Make Up For Ever

Elle Fanning at the Saint Laurent show February 11 in LA Make Up For Ever

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Treatments, Pricing, Products

depth and needs to be reviewed every year. A good busialso comes in handy to remind you of your business goals and to see just how much you have achieved. Business Type company? Will the business be mobile, home-based or on a rented commercial spot? Depending on where the busithe mortgage provider and insurance company to ensure that it is legal to set up a business at home. You will need to also register with the local counsel and apply for business license. Name What will your business name be? When you choose a name you must check with the IPO (Intellectual Property trademark. Remember that your company should have a long-term plan, so the name should be quirky and memoin the alphabet, the higher it will be listed in directories. The Budget Will you be needing a loan? If this is the case, how are you you know what the interest payments will be? What equipment do you already possess? What will you need to buy? You’ll need to factor in equipment costs and budget outlay Insurance Having the proper insurance is extremely important and necessary in order for you to work. It is there for not only to obtain public and product liability insurance as well as professional indemnity. In order to keep this up-to-date,

cordingly. Choose the products that you will be using, and stock up on any retail that you will carry. It is suggested to only have a small about of retail as it is “dead” money. Finance Be sure to set up a bank account and consider which types of payment you’ll be taking and how you will keep a log of few months of trading. Get a good accountant, and set up a cash book to record daily income and expenditures. Customers/Managing ness. What about a website? The best way to build a webpanies on the internet that provide free templates, which tasks. A web app developer can assist in this case, or there to build a DIY mobile or web app in minutes. niques, etc. You should have a unique selling point. This is what will set you apart from everyone else. You should be Wholesale Accounts You should open wholesale accounts with the distributors and manufacturers of beauty supplies. You can call or email the companies with a list of products you would like to sale and ask how to obtain a wholesale account. Generally you’re required to provide proof of being in business to get the discount.

have obtained, so that you can remain covered for every-

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㄀ ㈀㐀 䰀䤀一䌀伀䰀一 刀伀䄀䐀

䴀䤀䄀䴀䤀 䘀䰀 ㌀㌀㄀㌀㤀 TALK Miami 24

㌀ 㔀⸀㘀㜀㌀⸀㔀㈀㔀㄀

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㄀ ㈀㐀 䰀䤀一䌀伀䰀一 刀伀䄀䐀

䴀䤀䄀䴀䤀 䘀䰀 ㌀㌀㄀㌀㤀 TALK Miami 26

㌀ 㔀⸀㘀㜀㌀⸀㔀㈀㔀㄀

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Farias Beauty by Thiago Patrial Phographed by André

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FIORELLA MATTHEIS Born: 10 de fevereiro de 1988 City: Petropolis /Rio de Janeiro Graduation 2012 : University of Jornalism Rio de Janeiro Universidade Profession: Actress and TV Presenter Favorite Hobbies and Interests: playing tennis;


orn in one of the most traditional families in Brasil, Fiorella Mattheis is Brazilian descendant of Germans and Italians. She was born in Petropolis, in the Mountain Region of Rio de Janeiro State. His father Andreas Mattheis was a succesful Racing Driver and today is the Chief of Staff at two major Brazilian Racing Car Team (RedBull Team / Shell A.Mattheis Motorsport) at the STOCK CAR BRAZIL CHAMPIONSHIPS. Her mother Sandra Gelli Mattheis, is a businnes woman, Fiorella’s manager and responsible to conducting her successful career.

biggest TV channel in Brazil) she hosted a daily variety program “Video Show” from 2009 to 2011. As an actress, Fiorella Mattheis debuted in the famous teen Brazilian soap opera “Malhação - 2008” playing the protagonist. She also played roles on TV Series and soap operas such as “A Favorita 2008” and “Fina Estampa 2009” – all of them on channel Globo. Since 2013 she is part of the cast of the TV Comedy Series “Vai que Cola” on cable channel “Multishow/Tv Globo” playing the character “Velna” - a false Czech Girl who believes that in Brazil, due to the heat, she can wear only bikinis. The program has the highest cable TV ratings from the last 10 years and in 2016 there will be the recording of its fourth season. Due to this great success, in 2015 a film derived from the TV series was released. “Vai que Cola, the Movie” had the best première of 2015 for the national cinema and was watched by over 4 million people.


iorella Mattheis is today a great example of an “It girl”. Her face brightens campaigns of the main national and international brands and she is a popular influencer on social networks – her Instagram account (@fiorellamattheis) has reached 2.1 million followers. Her international beauty is on magazine covers and she definitely is one of the most influential names from her generation in the advertising Market. The name Fiorella Mattheis represents talent, beauty, youthfulness, a vivid and healthy lifestyle. But above all, her name reoresents the credibility of building a solid and well structured career. From London, where she’s currently living, Fiorella had a conversation with Talk Magazine Miami.


iorella Mattheis began her modelling career when she was 14 years old. By the age of 17, she had worked in the advertising markets in São Paulo, Germany, Italy, Greece, UK, Japan and China. Besides Brazilian Portuguese, she speaks English and Italian fluently.


ack to Brazil in 2007, Fiorella begins her TV career as TV Presenter on cable channel Sport Tv/Tv Globo and on Tv Globo (the TALK Miami 34

PROFILE When and why did you decide to move to London? In fact, my current moment is being part in Brazil and part in London. My work is in Brazil, but my boyfriend has moved to London to play soccer and we’ve decided to match our schedules. And now, I’m going to work here too.

Are you already used to the weather? New habits? Absolutely!! English people are very helpful! It’s easy to adapt to a city where everything is organized and everything works.

I have an appointment on Thursday at George Northwood Salon to have my hair done! I’ve always loved his work and, now that I’m here, I couldn’t miss the chance of going there. There are many restaurants here, but I’ve been to Jinjuu in Soho and loved it! Korean, modern, a cool place and amazing food! I haven’t been to any pubs yet, but when I go I will choose Anglesea Arms which is super cool and very close to my house.

It’s not only modelling, I’ve done that... I have a career in Brazil, the idea is to put together my work as an achard to make this happen in London too!

happy. having kids? working for it. TALK Miami 35


10 OF ITALY’S MOST BEAUTIFUL SEASIDE TOWNS Have you ever been to Rome in August and wondered where all the locals are? The truth is that they’re likely in one of these towns, as Italians in major cities make a mass exodus toward the via


any of the well-known beaches get crowded or too touristy, but this list also includes some under-the-radar gems where you can escape the hubbub. rom the Italian Riviera to the farthest reaches of Sicily, there are plenty of seaside villages to please travelers in search of pristine beaches, ancient ruins, art, culture, and delicious cuisine. So why not do as the Romans do and head to the sea?


Where: Amalfi Coast It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Positano is one of the most beautiful places on earth. This small town on the Amalfi Coast awes visitors with its pastel-colored houses perched on mountains that rise above the sea. Positano has lived many lives—as part of Amalfi’s maritime republic during the Middle Ages, a major trade route during the Renaissance, a forgotten fishing village, and finally, an idyllic beach town experiencing a modern-day renaissance. John Steinbeck, who lived here in 1953, wrote, “It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone.” Then again, you might never want to leave. Insider Tip: Bring comfortable shoes. Amalfi has only one street, and the rest of the paths are steep staircases. On your way to the beach, stop by Le Sirenuse, Steinbeck’s stomping ground, for a meal or a drink by the pool.

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Where: Amalfi Coast Amalfi may be more famous, but Ravello tops it— literally. French author Andre Gide wrote that it’s “closer to the sky than the sea,” and he’s right. The town is poised high above the Bay of Salerno, and is celebrated for Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone, two romantic gardens offering spectacular views of the water. Ravello became famous as the home of the noble families of Amalfi’s 12th-century maritime republic. It has also inspired countless artists, including M. C. Escher, Virginia Woolf, Joan Mirò, Truman Capote, Tennessee Williams, and Richard Wagner, who is celebrated every year with a music festival. Insider Tip: After climbing up to the highest point of Villa Cimbrone, known as the “Terrace of the Infinite,” head over to Cumpa’ Cosimo for a hearty and delicious meal.

Where: Naples and Campagna The island of Capri was once the vacation spot of Roman emperors and derives its name from the herds of goats (capra in Italian) that once inhabited it. The natural beauty of the Grotta Azzurra is unparalleled and became a symbol of the pastoral Romantic ideal when it was “discovered” by Germans August Kopisch, a poet, and artist Ernst Fries in 1826. A hidden opening in the cave allows light to refract, making the water appear an incredible shade of sapphire blue. Today, the secret’s out and Capri draws crowds of tourists, but it’s worth a trip for the island’s stunning beauty. Insider Tip: If you have a few days, the nearby island of Ischia is known for its hot springs and is said to have healing properties.

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CULTURE Manarola

Where: The Italian Riviera All five towns that make up the Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera are beautiful, but Manarola is the most picturesque. The whole village is built on a foundation of black rock, and colorful buildings hover over the small marina. Manarola was established in the 12th century and features the church of San Lorenzo, built in the 14th century. Stepped vineyards curve around the hillsides that join the five towns. The town produces wine and olive oil, which are readily available at shops in the historic center. Insider Tip: The other four villages—Riomaggiore, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare— are easily accessible by a train and a hiking trail.

Porto Ercole Where: Tuscany When we think about Tuscany, we usually envision rolling hills dotted with cypress trees and Medieval cities, but Tuscany has a coastline too, and a gorgeous one at that. About halfway between Florence and Rome lies Porto Ercole, “Port Hercules,” in the province of Grosseto. The town is the final resting place of Caravaggio, who died there on his way back to Rome to receive a pardon after being exiled. Insider Tip: Porto Ercole is accessible by train, though it’s generally easier to get there by car.

Venice Lido Where: The Veneto The Venice Lido became the first European bathing resort in the 1800s when Lord Byron, Lido’s first famous foreign tourist, arrived. He certainly wasn’t the last. The Lido is a seven-mile strip of beach in Venice that became known as a luxury destination for the likes of Serge Diaghilev, Coco Chanel, and Thomas Mann, author of Death in Venice. As if Venice wasn’t already beautiful enough, the Lido only increases La Serenissima’s charm. Insider Tip: Every year in late August or early September, the Lido hosts the Venice Film Festival, which draws a large international crowd. TALK Miami 38




Where: The Italian Riviera Portofino became famous for la dolce vita in the 1950s and ‘60s, when movie stars such as Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable, Elizabeth Taylor, and Sophia Loren vacationed here. The town is still a star-studded destination—Madonna, Cate Blanchett, Heidi Klum, and Gwyneth Paltrow have all been photographed in the Italian fishing village in recent years. Long ago, Portofino was an ancient Roman colony, seized by the Republic of Genoa in 1229. The French, Spanish, English, Austrians, and a 16th-century band of pirates have all taken their turn at ruling Portofino. Insider Tip: Portofino caters to its affluent visitors, so if you’re traveling on a budget, you may want to stay in nearby Camogli or Santa Maria Ligure.

Where: Lazio Located about halfway between Rome and Naples lies the charming town of Sperlonga, once home to the Emperor Tiberius. A museum constructed on the former villa of Tiberius displays sculptures celebrating the deeds of Odysseus, which were discovered in the grotto for which the town is named. Long stretches of pristine beaches draw Romans to the village today. Insider Tip: Sperlonga is easily accessible by train from Rome, and the beach is much cleaner and more beautiful than those of Lazio’s more popular seaside towns, such as Ostia and Fregenae.

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Where: Lazio Portofino became famous for la dolce vita in the The picturesque island of Ponza is another popular destination for Romans fleeing the city in the summer. Legend has it the island was named after Pontius Pilate, whose family owned a grotto there. The Etruscans first colonized Ponza, which may be the last remnants of the lost island of Tyrrhenia, and archeologists have found the ruins of sunken Roman temples nearby. It is also rumored to be the home of Circe, the sorceress who seduced Odysseus and turned his men into pigs. More recently, Wes Anderson filmed some scenes from The Life Aquatic here. Insider Tip: Circe’s cave—Grotta della Maga Circe— can be found on the western side of the island, between Capo Bianco and Chaia di Luna beach.

Where: Sicily Sicily is known for its alluring beaches, but Acireale is special. Formed on volcanic rock from Mount Etna, Acireale’s beaches are made of stone, not sand. While this isn’t ideal for sunbathing, it makes for a truly unique place, where ladders descend from the rocks allowing people to climb down into the sea as if it were a swimming pool. Of course, most people just dive in and swim out to the next outcropping. Acireale is known for its ornate Baroque churches and beautiful public parks and nature reserves. It’s also famous for its Carnival festivities, considered the best in Sicily. Insider Tip: There is an excellent open-air market in the historic center, but for a traditional Sicilian treat, try the granita, a semi-frozen dessert similar to gelato. Sicilians mix it with their espresso and dunk brioche in it for breakfast.

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YOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL Hair by Mauro Freire Beauty by Ricardo Crepaldi Phographed by André

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Bruna Finotti

Jessica Ludwig

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Rute Radiske

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Diandra Brandalise

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A sparkly bridal look from Christian Siriano (Photo: Dan Lecca).

hristian Siriano has built quite a business for himself. With a Lane Bryant collaboration debuting on April 28 in a runway show at the United Nations and a bridal line that bowed yesterday in partnership with Say Yes To The Dress retailer Kleinfeld Bridal, the creative is continually outpacing any other Project Runway alum. “[Christian] has been the most amazing partner to all of us through every part of this,” Mara Urshel, the owner of Kleinfeld, said before the pair’s runway show. In the past Ms. Urshel has tapped designers like Dennis Basso and Mark Zunino for partnerships. “He came to us and said he wanted to do bridal so [at first] we bought a few pieces from his evening wear that we thought would fit. He came here for his trunk show and he did really well! That really gave us an indication that he was the perfect one to do a line for us.” hat line’s debut brought out fans of the brand like Coco Rocha as well as press like Brides editor-in-chief Keija Minor. What they were in for: a bevy of styles from frothy tulle ball gowns to sleek sheath dresses and even a few short options. “You know there’s a lot of women out there that are all looking for different types of dresses,” Mr. Siriano told the Observer after the show. “It was really important to me to give them a lot of elements.”


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I One of those short options (Photo: Dan Lecca).

n the show notes Mr. Siriano cited Monet and Degas as inspirations. For this writer, those words instantly brought to mind a trio of ballerina dresses (easily mistaken for bridesmaid attire) that the designer closed his Charleston Fashion Week show with three years ago. This, that was not. But that’s not to say the range was wholly disappointing. pearl embroidered tulle overlay dress was a stand out, as were a few of the column gowns that, rendered in any other color, could have easily slid back into evening territory. A sequin jumpsuit was another winner for the range. A few of the looks came with barely there spaghetti straps or were off the shoulder altogether which conjured thoughts of Madame X, which was created by John Sargent, a friend of Monet. It was a vibe that read more sexy than romantic, underscored by the sheer feather illusion gown and the spattering of nude looks. he look that brought out iPhones in excess? The ombre ball gown that closed the show with a sweeping train. Its folds instantly brought to mind the bottle for Mr. Siriano’s Silhouette fragrance (that bottle is also done in an ombre). Backstage the CFDA member admitted that some of the designs were based off of past work he’d done for Sarah Jessica Park and Taylor Swift. here the line didn’t hold up was mostly in the fabrics, more specifically the lace. Sadly lace appeared in quite a few looks. Initially, it was easy to assume that had to do with price point but the designer’s team said the line will start at $3,500. At that amount, one would expect a little more allure than what was presented. ll said, this is the beginning of a three-year exclusive contract. While it seems clear that the quality of Mr. Siriano’s design is on par with his mainline (the designer himself admitted bridal was a bit more challenging than ready-to-wear), it’ll be interesting to see if the fabric can be made to match that.


A feathered look (Photo: Dan Lecca).


W A A bridal jumpsui

(Photo: Dan Lecca).

The finale look (Photo: Dan Lecca).

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A FIRST LOOK AT RIHANNA’S NEW STANCE SOCK COLLABORATION Is it because Rihanna needed something to wear under her custom thigh-high Manolos? via

TALK Miami 52



hat’s the question hanging in the air as we consider her third collection with Stance socks, which goes live starting tomorrow. Comprised of 19 standout styles, the baby doll–meets-tomboy hosiery collection is right in step with the pop singer’s unconventional approach to fashion.

ase in point? Her sheer and Lurex “ankle biter,” a cheeky spin on the varsity sock that would pair just as well with Rihanna’s Manolos as it would with the new fur-lined Fenty x Puma slides, set to be released later this week. The footless over-the-knee sock is somewhere between Betty Boop’s lingerie drawer and a ’70s locker room, and the kind of thing you can imagine RiRi working into one of her many pantless street style looks. There is, of course, a nod to her eighth—and most personal—album, Anti, with the number eight woven along the knee or across the ankle of several pairs. And given that statement stockings have been all over the runways lately, getting a chic, um, toehold on the trend just got that much easier.

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WHO’S DESIGNING FOR HILLARY CLINTON? Much ink has been spilled on Hillary Rodham Clinton’s wardrobe choices this electinize the outfits of a female candidate while male politicians are rarely subject to fashion world commentary? via


he sartorial attention on Clinton, I’d venture, is partially of her own making. Her inaugural Instagram post was of a garment rack from which three groups of her famous pantsuits hung. The colors? Red, white, and blue. In the past, she has joked about her scrunchies, and this election season she enlisted fashion designers to reimagine her campaign tees in exciting and colorful designs. In short, there’s no questioning that fashion—and fashioning a female presidential identity—is on her mind. he public’s fascination with Clinton’s choices is in part due to the fact that we have few analogous figures to compare her fashion choices to. Germany’s Angela Merkel has actually—this is not hyperbole—been wearing the same patterned jacket since 1996. The closest Merkel has gotten to the fashion world was when incoming designer Demna Gvasalia tasked himself with remaking the skirt suit at his Balenciaga debut, posing the question, “How do you persuade a woman to wear a two-piece suit who is not the German chancellor?” As for American political women in the public eye, First Lady Michelle Obama is stylishly feminine, Representative Nancy Pelosi still sports a dated suit silhouette, and Senator Elizabeth Warren is a fan of a sort of politico-athleisure, with a breezy blazer worn over a black round-neck top.


Karl Lagerfeld’s Spring 2016 update to the classic Chanel suit Photo: Yannis Vlamos /

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ilm and TV don’t pose any real solutions either. House of Cards’s Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright, is sleek, sexy, and flawlessly svelte. “Her wardrobe is just as razor sharp as she is. Everything is controlled and efficient,” said HoC wardrobe stylist Kemal Harris. On Veep, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s Selina Meyer wears dresses so tight, I sometimes feel the transferred pain of her stomach darts while watching. Scandal’s Olivia Pope, brought to life by Kerry Washington, comes the closest in belted long coats and pantsuits. Téa Leoni’s looks on Madam Secretary are far removed from the fashion world.


his is all to ask: Are fashion designers doing a good job trying to establish a look for a female leader? Should Clinton gain the nomination, and ultimately the presidency, the designer who dresses her for the 2016 election will have a place in the history books. This season’s runways posed a few ideas, though most tended to be abstract displays of strength and power as opposed to garments a female leader might actually wear. There are the glam suits of Dries Van Noten and Gucci, the breastplate armor of Loewe and Louis Vuitton, the actual armor of Comme des Garçons, and the revamped skirt suits at Balenciaga, Oscar de la Renta, and Alexander Wang—all sartorially exciting but possibly too daring for the potential leader of the free world.


erhaps the best solution for how a female president should dress came courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld, who took Coco Chanel’s liberating suits of 1921 and remade them to allow for an even greater range of motion this season. The standout look on the Chanel runway was bright pink. Would Clinton ever wear it? Today, she turned out to vote—turning heads in the process—in a multicolored paisley jacket worn over khaki trousers. I wouldn’t rule out that Chanel number just yet.

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DIVE INTO SPRING WITH AUDEMARS PIGUET As we welcome the first day of spring, it’s fitting to celebrate via


boldly hued timepiece is just the ticket. Following is a brief overview of Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak Diver—a watch of many colors. The Royal Oak, touted as the first steel luxury sports watch, has been a mainstay of the brand since 1972, when it was introduced at what we now know as Baselworld. It debuted to much recognition, not only for its unique position in the sports watch market, but also for its unusual octagonal bezel punctuated by eight hexagonal screws surrounding a “tapisserie” dial. It was futuristic. It was daring. Collectors loved it and it soon became a smash, instigating the many versions that followed it. In honor of the Royal Oak’s 20thanniversary, its uber-sport watch cousin, the Royal Oak Offshore, made its debut two decades later. At 42mm, it, too, led the way for multiple variations—including complicated models—all the while maintaining the emblematic octagonal bezel with eight screws.

1997 Royal Oak Offshore Turquoise Over the years, various colorful versions have been introduced, adding further interest to an already interesting line. In 1997, eightprototype Offshore modelslit up a temporary window display with explosive color, including yellow and turquoise. They were an instant hit with viewers, who placed orders for their favorite colors. A collection was born.

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1998 and 2006 Royal Oak Offshore Gemset

Ninety-ninety eight saw the introduction of theRoyal Oak Offshore GemSetwith a deep blue dial. The bezel is studded with sapphires and diamonds, and the baguette-cut stones are arranged in groups of four, matching the shape of the bezel. It marks the first time that a Royal Oak Offshore was gem-set, but not the last: At the request of American Hip-Hop stars, a yellow gold Royal Oak Offshore is smothered in 445 diamonds in 2006. This incredible timepiece is driven by caliber 2326/2840.

2008 and 2009 Royal Oak Offshore Volcano and Bumblebee

TALK Miami 59

LIFESTYLE 2010 and 2012 Royal Oak Offshore Gentleman’s Driver and Diver

The steel Gentleman’s Driver, also powered by caliber 3126/3840, conjures sports cars and steering wheels, dashboards and leather gloves, all underlined by contrasting colors and stylized numerals. Introduced in 2010, its padded strap in black and orange further emphasizes its sporty appeal. Two-thousand and twelve debuted the introduction of the Royal Oak Offshore Diver weighing only 110 grams, thanks to its ceramic and forged carbon case. Tough, lightweight and attractive, the watch is powered by caliber 3120.

In 2016, Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak Offshore Diver came on the scene in saturated shades of blue, green, yellow and orange, fitting the bill for those of us seeking a little late-winter uplift from a glimpse at the wrist. The watches shown here are driven by the self-winding AP 3124/3841 movement, crafted and decorated by hand and visible through the caseback. Function include hours, minutes, small seconds, chronograph and rotating inner bezel with dive-time indication. The blue model features a blue “Méga Tapisserie” dial and inner bezel, high-contrast yellow markers on the diving bezel, a diving scale and zone also in yellow, and white indexes with luminescent coating. It comes on a blue rubber strap. The green, yellow and orange versions have coordinating Méga Tapisserie dials, black inner bezels with color-coordinated markers and diving scale, black subdials and white indexes with luminescent coating, and each comes on a color-matched rubber strap. The watches are water resistant to 300 meters. They are available exclusively at TALK Miami 60

2016 Royal Oak Offshore Diver

Fallow us





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rue icons of pure performance blessed with

character and dynamic emphasis; the manual un-


he seven-speed manual transmission features a the past that will be welcomed by driving en-

gears used most frequently are located in a double ‘H‘ -


irector of Product Development, Ian Minards said: “We’re all enthusiasts here at Aston

forward, but we understand the importance of traappeared in high performance cars, this makes the manual V12 Vantage S a very special car indeed”.


he new manual transmission also features AMSHIFT. The system, which is driver selectable -

engine management, to mimic the technique of heel-

AMSHIFT can be used in all driving modes, but is esresponse and louder exhaust note really emphasising

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ffered as a no-cost option*, the manual V12 Vantage S is a series production model. Customers simply have to make

III transmission when ordering their car. Both versions are otherwise mechanically identical, sharing the same chassis and brake packages and powered by the same 6.0-litre V12 engine. hough their style of delivery are different, tent performance is guaranteed with the V12 Vantage S accelerating from a standstill to 62mph in 3.9sec and both can reach 205mph. ston Martin CEO Dr Andy Palmer said: “Broadening the scope of the V12 Vantage S with a manual transmission option is an indication of our desire to offer the keenest drivers a more analogue and immersive machine to enjoy. I’d like to take this opportunity to reiterate that the manual gearbox remains an integral part of our product plans and will do for many years to come.” new Sport-Plus Pack option includes a raft of exterior and interior changes. Foremost amongst these is a choice of five body colours, which can be combined with no-cost optional accent colours applied to the front grille lipstick, side sills, mirror caps and rear diffuser blades. Ten-spoke graphite finish lightweight alloy wheels complete the SportPlus Pack’s exterior changes, while a choice of black or grey upholstery with stripes and contrast stitching offered in a range of accent colours create a suitably dramatic interior theme. 17MY also marks other important changes to the Vantage range, with the V8 models now con-

solidated into Coupe and Roadster versions of the V8 Vantage S. Mechanically unchanged, the timelessly stylish V8 Vantage S receives a range of small detail changes to the exterior and interior. Together with five new option packs offering broad scope for personalisation and even greater value the V8 Vantage S is a compelling and competitive entry point to the Aston Martin range. ne change to be implemented across all current model lines is the new AMi III infotainment system. This includes a new integrated Satellite Navigation system that offers significant improvements over the outgoing AMi II technology. Key areas of improvement are the integrated graphics, quicker and easier address input, reduced loading times, updatable maps, graphical itinerary planning, advanced traffic information, enhanced map graphics and a greater range of voice guidance options. AMi III also incorporates Apple© CarPlay© to enable the integration of iPhone© functions into the built-in display. n addition to the new AMi III Infotainment and Satellite Navigation System upgrade, both 17MY Rapide S and Vanquish model lines are offered with a range of new option packs. Carefully created to simplify the specification process, these option packs continue to offer added value and a huge range of exterior and interior colour, trim and detailing combinations. First deliveries of the manual V12 Vantage S are scheduled to begin during the third quarter of 2016.





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ROLLS ROYCE The country’s first supercar culinary encounter finds a home in Wynwood via

Because Miami does everything cool.(Photo: Miami Supercar Rooms)


lo is a man of many words. The founder of Miami Supercar Rooms is known to spin a yarn or ten when welcoming guests to his 13,000 square foot auto art gallery/culinary experiment in Wynwood. ike the time he pulled up to the valet stand of a neighborhood restaurant in his 1953 Lamborghini tractor (yes, the storied auto maker got its start manufacturing… tractors)—much to attendant’s confusion.


r, after passing the “Bugnaughty” housed in the gallery’s indoor showroom, launching into the backstory of the contemptuous sibling rivalry between Rembrandt Bugatti, the Italian sculptor, and his older brother Ettore, the founder of the Bugatti auto empire. Which is all to say: This is a man who loves and knows his cars

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nd the founder of UK’s London Motor Museum brought that love, along with his wife’s deep appreciation for an expertly prepared meal, to a town known for its fervent passion for a rare and exotic ride: Miami. “This is a showcase of my life’s work, combined with the ultimate in gourmet cuisine and entertainment. South Florida has some of the most passionate auto enthusiasts and car collectors I have ever seen and we are giving them a reason to show off their possessions to the world,” says Elo. “Our plan is to not only collaborate with the region’s automotive fan base, but to also offer an opportunity to the local culinary community to showcase their menus to our clientele in Wynwood within a unique high-octane environment.” uilt primarily of aluminum, the space features an indoor showroom housing some of the most desirable cars in the world. A never-before-seen collection of extremely rare models such as the 1955 SL 300 Mercedes Gullwing, a 1929 Rolls Royce Bootch, a 1958 450 S Maserati vintage racing car, a 1961 196 SP Ferrari vintage racing car and the 2007 Shelby Supercar Ultimate Aero TT—deemed the fastest production car in the world. And then, there’s the aforementioned “Bugnaughty,” a 1937 derivative of the only Bugatti Atlantic built by the famed Terry Cook of Delahaye ÙSA. ut outside is where the (dinner) party starts. Six outdoor pods each play host to six diners and its very own luxury car. For $3,000, you can commandeer one of those pods for the night and have your way with unlimited food and drinks. You can opt to have the privacy shades drawn around your Dionysian feast, or left open to the courtyard before it. One which houses a 40foot aluminum bar built into Ford COE C600 custom tractor trailer with a small dance floor jutting out from the back. It’s a bar scene that practically delivers


the ice breakers into your back pocket. ehind the pods are select parking spaces for diners with vehicles they want to keep an eye on… and not-so-discretely put on display for discerning guests. inner is a rotating affair here, with a different local restaurant taking over the reigns every month. GK Bistronomie’s Peruvian fare made an appearance for the February opening, but French and Russian are slated to pop up in the coming months. ow, there’s one catch: You’ll need a membership to access the space. The entry-level black membership grants you access to the gallery and the bar. From there, you can upgrade to silver or white—each with increasing privileges on the property. But for now, basic memberships are being offered free of charge to those who pass an e-verification process. hich is decidedly easier than your high school Driver’s Ed course.



There’s one catch:


Miami Supercar Room preview dinner during Art Basel 2015. (Photo: Miami Supercar Room)

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CHANEL Olivier Polge had already seduced us last year with Misia, an ode to Coco’s friend and muse Misia Sert, whose femininity is expressed through a “lipstick” accord with notes of via


he new opus in the Les Exclusifs line again draws from Gabrielle Chanel’s universe. It borrows its name this time from her great love, Arthur Capel, who was commonly nicknamed “Boy”. His death in a car accident in 1918 meant the end of their history and left her distraught with grief. This lover not only marked her life and her heart, he also contributed to the style of the designer, who, fascinated by his blazers, put a masculine touch in the female wardrobe of that time.


livier Polge has deliberately not made a unisex fragrance, but aimed for a duality by working a typically male accord that women could appropriate at will. This Chanel offering within Les Exclusifs is a fougère, the iconic kind often used in masculine perfumery. A fragrance that a woman could use to make her universe deliciously androgynous, in the same way of wearing a man’s shirt on her bare skin for example. eing woven into the fabric of a fougere, Boy takes the famous lavendercoumarin accord, whose freshness is pushed ahead by citrus notes (bergamot, lemon, grapefruit). We perceive at once the Chanel signature with its tinted floral heart of the faithful rose and jasmine duo, illuminated by orange blossom. Geranium, emblematic of the genre, is present as well, ac-


centuating its rose notes, citrus and menthol, the aromatic and floral facet of the perfume. e quickly are met with sandalwood that embraces the floral bouquet with its woody and milky notes as a wink to the beautiful Bois des Iles from the same collection. Oak moss also brings the chypre sensation, on a colored background of musk, vetiver and heliotrope. I perceive some more animal notes in the background, as well.


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verything complies with the Chanel collection, which means good quality, rich in beautiful materials and terribly elegant. The question is whether it will appeal to both women and men, but there is no doubt that its facets play two registers. On the one hand a masculine fougere, at least on my skin, on the other a languid floral heart on a bed of sandalwood which may bring to mind many fragrances of the house that were dedicated to women. ote that this is not the first time Chanel cultivates ambivalence in their creations. The pink jasmine-sandalwood accord is reminiscent of the female Bois des Iles, whose form was echoed decades later in the famous men’s fragrance Egoiste .... But that would be forgetting Jersey, another Exclusif, whose name refers to this fabric for men, hijacked by Gabrielle for women’s fashion, and whose sublime scent of lavender, a material with many a male connotation, is made softer and rounded by pear, musk and vanilla, blurring the gender line again.



oy is exclusively for sale in the new Chanel boutique on Rue des Francs-Bourgeois in the Marais since March 24, and will be in all points of sale of Les Exclusif starting June. ecause it is an eau de parfum (while the rest of the collection is available in eau de toilette and extrait), this new edition is available at a price of 175 euros for 75 ml and 320 euros for 200 ml.

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7 HIDDEN GEMS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IN MIAMI It’s no secret that the Magic City’s thriving cultural and culinary uncovered seven hidden gems guaranteed to put a spin on your via

Moreno’s Cuba

Nestled in a lush courtyard behind the Riviera Hotel, Moreno’s Cuba is a welcome escape from the hustle of South Beach. The brainchild of hotelier Nathan Lieberman and Latin Grammy award-winning vocalist Jorge Moreno, this Havana speakeasy-inspired locale boasts killer mojitos, traditional favorites like bistec palomilla and lechon asado, and live music every night—plus frequent performances by Moreno himself. 318 20th St., Miami Beach, 305-538-7444

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LIFESTYLE Villa Castelli The next time you’re craving authentic Italian cuisine, head to Villa Castelli, a new Surfside locale named for a small southern Italian town where general manager Ciro Costanzo was born and raised. Sicilian-born chef Gioacchino Sofia and Chilean-born chef Gonzalo Fuente Alba helm the kitchen, and have joined forces to deliver an ever-evolving register of specialties ranging from house-made pasta with langostino shrimp, fresh prosciutto carved to order, to whole branzino filleted tableside. 9472 Harding Ave., Surfside, 805-763-8595

French 27 A recent addition to Miami Beach’s South of Fifth neighborhood, French 27 invites guests to embark on a culinary journey through all 27 regions of France. Chefs Andreas Trilk and Yann Rio created the extensive menu, which highlights classic French dishes such as duck confit, escargot, and steak frites, interspersed with Miami-centric eats like seasonal stone crabs and fresh ceviche. 850 Commerce St., Miami Beach, 305-764-3948

El Carajo It’s not every day that you stumble into a gas station convenience store and notice that a quaint Spanish restaurant lies just beyond the snacks and lottery tickets. Beyond its surprising location, El Carajo is celebrated for its wide array of delicious fare—think homemade tostones, traditional paellas, and skirt steak with chimichurri—and an eclectic selection of wines from all reaches of the globe. 2465 SW 17th Ave., Miami, 305-856-2424

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LIFESTYLE Drunken Dragon Stationed in an unassuming Alton Road strip mall under the guise “MARKET” is Asian-inspired gastropub Drunken Dragon. At this hidden haunt, guests have the chance to experience a true taste of Korean barbecue with influences from Japan and Vietnam with veritable do-it-yourself tableside grilling in addition to delectable chef-prepared menu items like simmering bulgogi, peking bao, and kimchi carbonara. 1424 Alton Rd., Miami Beach, 305-397-8556

Distinguished only by an illuminated sign that reads “BAR”, you’ll have to be on the lookout to spot The Bar at 1306, a new watering hole for tasty craft cocktails and light bites. Envisioned by former Grand Central owners Brad Knoefler and Brian Basti, this cozy and unpretentious hideaway is the ideal spot for an after-dinner nightcap or an intimate date night. As for the libations, which were created by Broken Shaker alum Virginia King, we suggest velvet swizzle, an inventive blend of rum, velvet falernum liqueur, lime, and tonic. 1306 North Miami Ave., Miami, 305-377-2277 Bodega Taqueria y Tequila Mouth watering Mexican street food in front and a clandestine speakeasy in the back? That’s exactly what you’ll find at South Beach’s hot spot, Bodega Taqueria y Tequila. After feasting on tantalizing tacos from a retrofitted airstream trailer, guests can slip through a secret door leading to a late night lounge where the ambience is elevated by impromptu graffiti sessions and live performances from local musicians and DJs. 1220 16th St., Miami, 305-704-2145

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An exclusive chat with the fastest man in the world at Hublot’s 5th Avenue store opening via


sain Bolt rarely takes a day off from his rigorous training in order to maintain his coveted spot as the fastest man in the world. Yesterday he made an exception as he spent the afternoon and evening off the track to attend the opening of Hublot’s Peter Marino-designed 5th Avenue flagship store and celebrate the watchmaker’s 10th anniversary at a bi-level blowout held in the rotunda of The Guggenheim Museum.


efore prepping for his big night out, Mr. Bolt sat down for an exclusive chat at The Pierre Hotel as he snacked on Twizzlers. He was sporting, of course, his very own Hublot timepiece known as the “Big Bang Unico Usain Bolt.” It retails for a cool $18,000. “I didn’t pick out a watch today, but I came to launch my own,” he said as he held up both wrists to display both colorways of the timepiece. “Maybe later down the year I’ll get some more watches, but right now I’m just here to launch my own watch. I’m really happy with the way they made it, and I’m really proud to be an ambassador.”

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ot surprisingly, the proud brand ambassador’s collection is comprised entirely of Hublot timepieces, but it is growing. “I just have Hublots,” he said with a laugh. “I have 12 now, and with these 2 new ones I have 14. I keep adding to my collection, and I think I’m eligible for 4 more at the end of the year, so we’re up to 18!” It will continue to grow as he is expected to win his final runs in the 100m, 200m, and 4x100m relay at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. “When I win I definitely will buy a watch,” he said. “For me I always try to give myself gifts. I say, ‘If I run this fast’ or ‘If I make this bonus,’ then I will get this for myself. It all depends on what I do.”


eyond watches, he is a man of style when it counts. “I’m a simple type of person,” he said. “I don’t try to over-do it unless it’s a big function, but I like wearing suits. I think I look really good wearing suits. I like Gucci and Brioni tailored suits with a slim look, and they have to be custom made because I’m so tall. It’s hard to get the right fit sometimes.” Lucky for Mr. Bolt, he has no trouble fitting into any luxury watch that comes his way.

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David Beckham moved a step closer to his dream of launching a soccer team in Miami


eckham, along with his ownership group most responsible stadium in Miami history.” Miami Beckham United (MBU) consisting he site is within walking distance of downof his agent Simon Fuller and businesstown Miami and close to the Miami Beach men Marcelo Claure and Tim Leiweke, have area, with easy access by rail and metro. bought two properties totalling approximateBU’s statement concluded: “Once the ly six acres in the Overtown area of Miami. county-controlled property is acquired, he former Manchester United, Real MaMBU will enter the formal entitlement drid and LA Galaxy superstar will now process with the goal of earning City and go ahead with plans to buy up more County approval for its development plans.” space in the area and build a new stadium. The Miami team is part of an MLS expanlaure, chief executive officer of the telesion plan that will increase the number communications group Sprint, said in a of teams from 20 to 24 teams by 2020. statement: “David, Simon, Tim and I have never been closer to realising our dream of fielding a soccer club that makes Miami proud. “We have the right site, the right ownership group, and a loyal base of fans counting down the days until our first match. We’re all in on Overtown, and we couldn’t be more excited about moving forward with plans to deliver the


T M v

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South Beach, Miami


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Downtown skyline, Miami


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Fishing pier at South Pointe Park, Miami

Lincoln Road Mall street, Miami

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South Beach sunrise, Miami


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TALKCleverlander Miami 89 Art Deco Hotel and bar at night lights, Miami


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Sunrise at Cutler Bay south of Miami



Rafael Menezes

Beauty by

Ricardinho Vieira Phographed by André



ince her early years Catiane has always enjoyed being photographed, but she has never dreamed of doing something related to the fashion industry. The opportunity came up when a scouter visited her school in São Luiz Gonzaga-RS (South of Brazil) and convinced her to try the new experience in São Paulo. Modelling for 7 years, Catiane says: “I love what I do. I try to always keep my feet on the ground and not lose my essence.” Despite of doing some international works and because of her studies, she has decided to stay in Brazil, working at Allure, her mother agency. Currently, holding a degree in Business Administration, Catiane plans her international career.

Height: 5’7’’ Waist: 23” Hips: 35” Shoes: 71/2 Clothes: 2 Eyes: Blue Hair: Medium Blonde TALK Miami 92







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