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ear readers, for this issue of Talk, we feel very happy with some progress for the animal rights in Brazil. It’s no news that the animal cause is very dear to everyone’s heart at Talk, we are constantly doing our best to protect the animals. So, it’s very special for us to celebrate the first anniversary of Lei Sansão, a case we’ve been covering and supporting since the very beginning. The law is now a reality, due to the efforts of so many important people, headed by the non-profit organization Patas Para Você. Patas Para Você is also responsible for Sansão’s treatment and it’s truly a gift to see the dog’s recovering from the horrible abuse it suffered one year ago. All this work shows that union and good will can change the world. And the animal cause is one worth fighting for.

Besides that special story, we bring some traveling ideas, once the impacts of Covid-19 have been controlled, it’s time to carefully hit the road again. Also this number, our favorite things: fashion, lifestyle, culture, beauty… And last but not least, the new James Bond adventure, with Daniel Craig playing his most famous role for the last time. We really hope you enjoy our pages. Stay safe and keep healthy. Our content can be accessed and read on and you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@talkmagazinemiami). All the best, Alexandre Soares @alexandresoares




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By Alice Morais

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aniel Craig’s final excursion as James Bond is finally here. The 25th movie in the James Bond franchise, No Time to Die, is heading to the silver screen. The highly-anticipated spy film will see a retired James Bond (Daniel Craig) teaming up with a new 007 agent, Nomi (Lashana Lynch). From what we’ve seen so far, No Time to Die is going to have all the usual ingredients of a Bond movie. There will be conspiracy, intrigue and fast cars. Not to mention the typical humor and a quite a lot of heart. Here’s the official synopsis from the movie website: “In No Time to Die, Bond has left active service and is enjoying a tranquil life in Jamaica. His peace is short-lived when his old friend Felix Leiter from the CIA turns up asking for help. The mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist turns out to be far more




treacherous than expected, leading Bond onto the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology.”

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Distribuition Distribuition



Well, so you’ve got one crazy villain with a preference for theatrics, a new MI6 agent whom Bond must uncomfortably align with, a love interest with dark secrets and an evil scheme that threatens millions of lives. Basically, it’s just another regular day at the office for James Bond. Obviously, Daniel Craig will be the star of No Time to Die. Especially because this will be his last time playing the iconic spy, however, the cast is star-studded. Lashana Lynch also plays a lead character, appearing as Bond’s replacement at MI6. Besides them, the movie also stars Rami Malek, Léa Seydoux, Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris, Jeffrey Wright, Christoph Waltz and Ralph Fiennes. TALK Miami 11




No Time to Die was directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga and written by Fukunaga, Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The movie was filmed in a number of locations around the world, including Italy, Jamaica, Norway, the Faroe Islands, and London. Production started off in Norway in March 2019. Principal photography officially began in Jamaica in April 2019. A number of shiny Aston Martin cars were used in the production, including their DB5, DBS Superleggera, and Valhalla models. Production officially wrapped on October 25, 2019, at Pinewood Studios. Some additional filming was confirmed by Fukunaga on December 20, 2019. No Time to Die’s theme song (of the same name) was performed by Billie Eilish. It was cowritten and produced by her brother Finneas O’Connell. The song won the Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards in March 2021. The film’s score was composed by Hans Zimmer and it was produced by Steve Mazzaro with Johnny Marr playing the guitar.

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The 25th James Bond movie is scheduled to arrive in US theaters on October 8, 2021. No Time to Die’s world premiere will be held at the Royal Albert Hall in London on September 28 and will also been screened at the Zurich Film Festival on the same day. No Time to Die is going to be a landmark movie for the Bond franchise and expectations are incredibly high.




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s the new James Bond movie is about to hit the cinemas, we have listed a few places related to the most famous and elegant spy to ever walk the earth. So, if you’re planning a city vacation in London, a trip to Tuscany, Greece or Russia, consider one of these hotels and rentals that have featured in Bond movies. TALK Miami 14


ITALY: HOTEL CALA DI VOLPE, COSTA SMERALDA FILM: THE SPY WHO LOVED ME Settled on the coast of northeast Sardinia, Hotel Cala di Volpe boasts a year-round summer climate that makes the area great for exploring – especially if you’re looking for a top secret underwater hideout. The hotel

was used while filming 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me. You can see Bond (played by Roger Moore) and Anya Amasova (Barbara Bach) check into the glamorous hotel while scouting the underwater base, Atlantis.

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LONDON: FOUR SEASONS HOTEL LONDON AT TEN TRINITY SQUARE FILM: SKYFALL Overlooking the Tower of London, Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square has featured in many films and TV programs, including The Crown. Built in the Beaux Arts style, the building’s rooftop was used to film some scenes in James Bond movie Skyfall.


AUSTRIA: DAS CENTRAL HOTEL FILM: SPECTRE This modern Alpine escape in the heart of Sölden was the location for the last Bond film Spectre, high in the Austrian Alps. Das Central’s mountaintop restaurant starred in the film, so fans can have a few cocktails on the panoramic terrace with views across Germany, Italy and Austria. There’s also a cinematic James Bond installation called 007 ELEMENTS.

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ITALY: TALAMON TOWER, TUSCANY FILM: QUANTUM OF SOLACE Talamon Tower is a unique villa in a wonderful position overlooking the clear blue sea of the Maremma. A walkway leads to the seashore where there is a platform rock beach shared with another villa. You can also try Oliver’s Travel’s VIP James Bond Experience package including classic cars, helicopter transfers, sophisticated dining and more.

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RUSSIA: HOTEL ASTORIA ST. PETERSBURG FILM: GOLDEN EYE Built around 1911 and 1912, the Hotel Astoria in St. Petersburg has had famous guests that include dancer Isadora Duncan and writer Mikhail Bulgakov. In 1995, the hotel featured in the film Golden Eye, in the scene of Pierce Brosnan racing through the Admiralteysky district.

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GREECE: KANONI ESTATE, CORFU FILM: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY With views over the shiny Ionian Sea and Pondikonissi Island, this Greek Estate is ultimate party palace for Bond fans, with accommodations that can sleep up to eighteen guests across nine, beautiful, en-suite bedrooms.

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elo Horizonte has just become the first Brazilian city to receive the IMVL – Instituto Médico Veterinário Legal (Forensic Medical Institute for Animals). The opening of the IMVL happened on October 1st.


elo Horizonte acaba de se tornar a primeira cidade brasileira a receber o IMVL – Instituto Médico Veterinário Legal. A inauguração ocorreu no último dia primeiro de outubro.

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IMVL A criação de um Instituto Médico Legal para bichos é um marco na causa da defesa dos animais no Brasil. Segundo dados da última pesquisa do IBGE em 2018, o país é o segundo no mundo com o maior número de animais de estimação, indicando a existência de 139,3 milhões de animais domésticos, sendo 54,2 milhões de cães; 39,8 milhões de aves; 23,9 milhões de gatos; 19,1 milhões de peixes e 2,3 milhões de outras espécies (répteis, anfíbios e pequenos mamíferos) – existem hoje mais cães e gatos do que crianças nos lares brasileiros. Apesar disso, o Brasil nunca teve um instituto oficial para cuidar da avaliação e julgamento das causas criminais relacionadas aos animais.

The creation of a Forensic Medical Institute for animals is a milestone in the cause of animal rights in Brazil. According to data from the latest IBGE survey in 2018, the country is the second in the world with the largest number of pets, showing the existence of 139.3 million domestic animals: 54.2 million dogs, 39.8 million birds, 23.9 million cats, 19.1 million fish and 2.3 million other species (reptiles, amphibians and small mammals) – there are now more dogs and cats than children in Brazilian homes. However, Brazil has never had an official institute regarding the evaluation and judgement of criminal cases related to animals.

The building of IMVL in Belo Horizonte O prédio do IMVL em Belo Horizonte

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IMVL Sansão during ceremony in Brasília last year Sansão durante cerimônia em Brasília no ano passado

O assunto de proteção aos animais ganhou força em abril de 2020 depois que o cachorro Sansão, de Confins (MG), teve as duas patas traseiras decepadas por um vizinho. A associação de proteção aos animais Patas Para Você liderou uma campanha com a participação da população e com o apoio de celebridades, e em pouco tempo foi possível trabalhar na aprovação do projeto de lei junto ao Senado (1.095/19) e, posteriormente, na sanção da Lei Sansão (14.064/20), pelo presidente da República, em setembro do ano passado – a lei endurece a punição para quem pratica ato de abuso, maus-tratos, fere ou mutila animais, com penas que podem variar de dois a cinco anos.

The animal protection issue received a lot of attention from the media and the society in April 2020 after the case of Sansão, a dog from Confins (MG), that had both his hind legs cut off by a man who was neighbor to Sansão’s tutor. Back then, the animal protection association Patas Para Você started a campaign supported by celebrities as well as the general population. They managed, in a short period of time, to work on the approval of a bill in the Brazilian Senate (1095/19) and later, on the sanction of Lei Sansão (14.064/20) in September last year – the law increases the sentence from two to five years in prison for those accused of animal abuse, mistreatment, injuries or animal mutilation.

President Bolsonaro, Legislator Fred Costa and philanthropist Alexandre Soares during ceremony for Lei Sansão in Brasília last year Presidente Bolsonaro, legislador Fred Costa e filantropo Alexandre Soares durante cerimônia da Lei Sansão em Brasília no ano passado

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IMVL But for the law to be really enforced, it is fundamental that the police corporation have technical assistance, mainly from veterinarians, so that the classification of facts and analysis of evidence such as body injuries, intoxications, etc. can be more efficient. That is why the Forensic Medical Institute for Animals is being created. A public non-profit agency which includes clinical procedures, hospitalization, surgical procedures, medical examinations, necropsies and clinical pathology. The institute aims to support the Civil Police, Military Police, Municipal Guard, Public Ministry and all entities responsible for preventing and fighting animal crimes. Upon arriving at the Institute, the animal will undergo a criminal body exam, receive first aid care and then it can be directed to a shelter if hospitalization is needed. In case of death, the Forensic Medical Institute for Animals will issue the report that is used as the guide for any kind of police investigation to enforce Lei Sansão. Mas para que a lei possa ser realmente cumprida, é necessário que os órgãos da polícia tenham assessoria técnica, principalmente de médicos veterinários, para que haja a caracterização dos fatos e análise de provas como lesões corporais, intoxicações, etc. Por isso está sendo criado o Instituto Médico Veterinário Legal. Um órgão público, sem fins lucrativos, que conta com atendimento clínico, ambulatorial, internação, procedimentos cirúrgicos, exame de corpo de delito, necropsias e patologia clínica, que tem o objetivo de auxiliar a Polícia Civil, Polícia Militar, Guarda Municipal, Ministério Público e todas as entidades responsáveis por combater os crimes de maus-tratos aos animais. Ao chegar no IMVL, o animal passará pelo exame de corpo de delito, receberá os primeiros socorros e poderá ser encaminhado a um abrigo, caso precise de internação. No caso de falecimento, o Instituto Médico Veterinário Legal irá emitir o laudo que servirá de base para que a Polícia possa investigar o crime e fazer valer a Lei Sansão. TALK Miami 25

IMVL The initiative of the IMVL in Brazil started from the animal protection association Patas Para Você, led by its president and philanthropist Alexandre Soares. The plan is to expand the project all over the country, through partnerships with city halls. Soares believes that "the purpose is innovative and it brings immeasurable progress to the animal cause. Finally, the animals will have the respect they deserve, with an appropriate institute, prepared to provide the necessary care for the victims and assistance for the investigation and punishment of those accused of any animal crimes.”

A iniciativa do IMVL no Brasil é da Associação de Proteção Animal Patas Para Você, através do seu presidente, o filantropo Alexandre Soares. O intuito é expandir o projeto pelo país através de parcerias com prefeituras. Soares acredita que "o propósito é inovador e traz um avanço imensurável para a causa animal. Finalmente os animais terão o respeito que merecem, com um local apropriado, capaz de oferecer os cuidados necessários às vítimas e auxiliar na investigação e punição dos culpados".

MORE ABOUT THE IMVL SOBRE O IMVL DE BELO HORIZONTE The IMVL – Instituto Médico Veterinário Legal (Forensic Medical Institute for Animals) – of Belo Horizonte is a project developed by Patas Para Você and financed by the association itself in partnership with the City Hall of Belo Horizonte, which donated the container used as the headquarters of the IMVL, installed inside the Public Veterinarian Hospital of Belo Horizonte. The services offered by the Institute are not available to the general public; working exclusively according to the demand from partner entities or associations.

O Instituto Médico Veterinário Legal de Belo Horizonte é um projeto idealizado pela Patas Para Você e financiado pela própria associação em parceria com a Prefeitura Municipal da cidade, que doou o container para ser a sede do IMVL, instalado dentro do Hospital Público Veterinário de Belo Horizonte. O Instituto vai permitir a produção de provas e a materialidade do crime praticado contra o animal, oferecendo exames de corpo delito e assessoria técnica às instituições que atendem as ocorrências de maus tratos. Não haverá atendimento ao público em geral, mas aos integrantes da Guarda Municipal, polícias e Ministério Público.

Fully-equipped rooms for the IMVL in Belo Horizonte Salas totalmente equipadas para o IMVL em Belo Horizonte

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MORE ABOUT PATAS PARA VOCÊ SOBRE A PATAS PARA VOCÊ Patas Para Você is a non-profit, animal welfare and protection association, which was founded in 2020 in the capital of São Paulo. The work performed by Patas Para Você is something unprecedent in Brazil because it works as an extremely important support for independent protectors offering special treatment to dogs in need. Each surgical procedure supported by the association counts on the best types of exams and the most qualified professionals. Patas Para Você has Alexandre Soares as a president and has helped more than 1,200 dogs. É uma associação beneficente, assistencial e sem fins lucrativos de proteção aos animais, que foi fundada em 2020 na capital paulista. O trabalho realizado pela Patas Para Você é diferenciado e algo inédito no Brasil porque funciona como um suporte de extrema importância, inclusive aos protetores, oferecendo tratamento especial aos cães mais necessitados. Cada procedimento cirúrgico envolve os melhores tipos de exames veterinários e os profissionais mais qualificados do mercado. Através de seu presidente Alexandre Soares, mais de 1.200 cachorros já foram amparados.

MORE ABOUT ALEXANDRE SOARES SOBRE ALEXANDRE SOARES Since 2010, Alexandre Soares has acted as a philanthropist and in 2015 he retired to dedicate more of his time to social causes and the animal protection is one of his favorites. He had once been the main sponsor of institutions like Clube dos Vira-Latas (2015), Rancho dos Gnomos (2016), Ampara Animal (2016 to 2019) and Adote Um Coração (2019 and 2020). Alexandre Soares is also involved in major philanthropic causes around the world mostly through the Roger Federer Foundation – that has the mission of promoting the access to education and sport activities for underprivileged children – which he has been helping financially since 2010. Desde 2010, Alexandre Soares atua como filantropo e em 2015 ele decidiu se aposentar para dedicar-se às causas sociais sendo a proteção dos animais como um de seus pilares mais relevantes. Já foi o principal mantenedor de instituições como Clube dos Vira-Latas (2015), Rancho dos Gnomos (2016), Ampara Animal (2016 a 2019) e Adote Um Coração (2019 e 2020). Alexandre Soares também é envolvido em grandes causas filantrópicas no exterior como a Fundação Roger Federer - que tem a missão de promover o acesso de crianças desamparadas à educação e esporte - que ele ajuda financeiramente desde 2010. TALK Miami 27



One year ago, the brutal case of Sansão caused a huge backlash on social media. The dog, that had its hind legs cut off by a man in the city of Cofins (MG), became a symbol of the fight against animal abuse and mistreat. The on-line campaign promoted the creation of “Lei Sansão” based on the bill 1095/19 by Federal Legislator Fred Costa, which increases the sentence and the fine for animal offenders. Philanthropist Alexandre Soares became one of the biggest supporters of the law and dedicated all his efforts to promote the cause and warn people about the importance of the approval of proposed bill.

Há um ano, o caso brutal de Sansão causou uma enorme repercussão nas redes sociais. O cachorro, que teve suas patas traseiras decepadas por um homem da cidade de Cofins (MG), tornou-se um símbolo da luta contra os maus-tratos aos animais. A campanha incentivou a criação da “Lei Sansão” com base no projeto de lei 1095/19 do Deputado Federal Fred Costa, que aumenta a pena e a multa para acusados de maus-tratos aos animais. O filantropo Alexandre Soares tornou-se um dos maiores defensores da lei e dedicou todos os seus esforços para divulgar a causa e alertar sobre a importância da aprovação do projeto de lei.

TALK Miami 28

IMVL The bill caught some legislators’ attention, including Davi Alcolumbre, the President of the Senate back then, and in the beginning of September last year, it was approved by the Brazilian Senate. On September 29th, twenty days after being approved, the bill (named Lei Sansão, a suggestion made by Alexandre Soares and taken by Representative Fred Costa) was sanctioned by President Jair Bolsonaro in Brasília during a ceremony at Palácio do Planalto. Sansão was a guest of honor and was accompanied by his patron Alexandre Soares and tutor Nathan Braga. It was a historical moment for animal lovers and protectors. The law named after Sansão increases the punishments for mistreat against domestic animals – detention ranged from 3 months to one year and a fine; now it ranges from 2 to 5 years and a fine

O projeto chamou a atenção de vários parlamentares - inclusive do então presidente do Senado, Davi Alcolumbre - e no início de setembro do ano passado foi aprovado pelo Senado brasileiro. Em 29 de setembro, vinte dias depois de aprovado, o projeto de lei (batizado de Lei Sansão, sugestão de Alexandre Soares acatada pelo deputado Fred Costa) foi sancionado pelo presidente Jair Bolsonaro em Brasília, durante cerimônia no Palácio do Planalto. Sansão foi o convidado de honra e esteve acompanhado do seu patrono Alexandre Soares e do tutor Nathan Braga. Foi um momento histórico para protetores e amantes dos animais. A lei que leva o nome de Sansão aumenta as penas para maus-tratos a animais domésticos - a detenção variava de 3 meses a um ano além de multa; agora, varia de 2 a 5 anos e multa.

A NEW LIFE FOR SANSÃO Since the horror suffered in July last year, when it had its hind legs cut off in an act of pure evil, Sansão has been through the best treatments available in the country, supported by patron Alexandre Soares. The dog was given a second chance and even though there’s lot of suffering, it’s clearly enjoying every single moment of the new life. Through physical therapy sessions and a sequence of surgeries, Sansão is finally walking again thanks to a specially made prosthesis. It’s wholesome and truly heart-warming to see Sansão’s new life. UMA VIDA NOVA PARA SANSÃO Desde o horror sofrido em julho do ano passado, quando teve suas patas traseiras decepadas em um ato de pura crueldade, Sansão está em processo de recuperação, através dos melhores tratamentos disponíveis no país, com o apoio de seu padrinho Alexandre Soares. O animal recebeu uma segunda chance e, apesar do sofrimento, é nítido que ele está aproveitando cada momento de sua nova vida. Através de sessões de fisioterapia e uma sequência de cirurgias, Sansão finalmente pode andar, graças a uma prótese feita especialmente para ele. Ver Sansão em sua nova vida nos faz bem e aquece nossos corações.

Sansão, the symbol of the fight against animal cruelty Sansão, o símbolo da luta contra a crueldade contra os animais





n the past, men of a certain net worth could join special clubs – such as the ones from respectable universities. They could reveal their wealth through secret handshakes or special rings, signifiers of inclusion into that luxurious parallel universe. Well, things have changed a little since then. However, we still notice that some elegant men still hold a piece that can mean they are part of a very restrict club. In the last decade, one ultimate signifier of extreme wealth has emerged to become the club pin of the world’s financial elite: the Richard Mille watch. TALK Miami 32

FASHION Richard Mille’s watches are generally not shiny. They are mostly matte-finished and stealthy. The most expensive models are the ones with cases made of titanium or polymerresins injected with carbon nanotubes, or even metals intended for satellites. But ever since Richard Mille launched his brand in the beginning of the millennium, his watches have reached the status of timeless pieces. King Juan Carlos I of Spain has one and he suggested Rafael Nadal to collaborate with Mille. Rap icons Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams and Kanye West have also been seen wearing a Mille on their wrists.

TALK Miami 33

FASHION Mille’s prices are stratospheric – hovering in the near half-a-million dollar area. But the truth is that the price is both part of its insularity and appeal. Only a very small group of the global elite can afford the watch, and if you have one, it’s like wearing an all-access armband to the universe of the ultrarich. But why are the watches so expensive? Mille explains, “It is because I am a victim of my own inability to compromise. Every time I get to a point where I need to decide whether to save cost or to push performance to the very extreme, I always choose the latter course.” Mille is the only man who makes sports watches that are actually worn by athletes in competition. For example, he was the first to strap a watch to a Formula 1 driver, Felipe Massa, for a race in the 2004 Hungarian Grand Prix. Massa wore an exclusive model, with a carbon-fiber baseplate, named the RM006. He ended up crashing his car but thankfully both the driver and the watch survived with no injuries.

TALK Miami 34


Mille’s watches avoid the old concept of luxury, where watches needed to be made of heavy materials like platinum. Instead, Mille wanted to align the performance and the aesthetics of his timepieces with contemporary features. That’s his rationale for his extreme, lightweight watches; the reason for introducing aluminum-lithium, titanium aluminide, carbon fiber and other highperformance materials into his pieces. They represent a level of technological ambition that has changed the industry. Among his achievements is the RM 009 tourbillon watch, launched in 2005, which utilized a virtually indestructible case made from ALUSIC, an aluminum-and-silicon compound that has to be spun in a centrifuge until it bonds at a molecular level. The RM

009 also boasted a movement made from aluminum-lithium that, when combined with the ALUSIC case, created the world’s lightest mechanical watch then, weighing in at 28g without the strap. In 2010, Mille beat this achievement by a considerable margin with the RM 027 tourbillon made for tennis star Rafael Nadal - a watch that weighed just 20g, including the strap. There is no doubt that Mille’s watches will soon be regarded as modern design classics. All of this calls on the question of what it’s like to wear a half-a-million-dollar timepiece on your wrist. Mille often warns some potential customers of the addictive influence of having one of his watches: “Be careful, it is very difficult to turn back once you put my watch on.”

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he Air Jordan franchise was the birthplace of the sneakerhead movement and the collector culture. It was also the shoe that bonded the place of the ‘pro model’ trainer in sportswear. The Jordan ‘Jumpman’ logo is currently as famous as Nike’s Swoosh or Adidas Trefoil. Anyone might think that the brand’s story began with Michael Jordan’s first pro model: 1985’s Air Jordan I, but it was a different shoe that paved the way for the hype – the Nike Air Ship, a precursor to the first official Jordan sneaker. The model is surrounded by myths and legends. The story says that in the 80’s Michael Jordan was frequently being fined for wearing a certain pair of black and red basketball shoes during games. The unusual shoes broke NBA’s ‘uniform of uniformity’ rule but legend has it Jordan continued to wear them anyways, with Nike paying the $5,000-fine per game.

It’s usually mistakenly understood that this model was the Air Jordan I, but in fact it was the Air Ship. However, the mistake didn’t harm the Air Jordan I success – it became the first sneaker in a 33-year chain of annual releases. It was the first time there was all the buzz because of a pair of sneakers. It’s hard to state the impact the brand has had on sportswear. A lot of the shoes’ success can be related to the fact they were created for a purpose. Design came second place, with many of the models being considered as timeless shoes. There was also a luxurious element too – shoes were often made from suede and tumbled leather. Jordans were and still are some of the most famous desired sneakers in the world. But which are the best Jordans out there? Here’s our list of favorite models.

TALK Miami 36


1. AIR JORDAN XI Released in 1995, the XI carried Michael Jordan through one of his most memorable sporting years. It was on his feet when he won MVP, All-Star MVP and Finals MVP. It featured a sleek, aerodynamic design, backed up by hits of patent leather. It was sporty and modern, but also classy and elegant. An instant favorite among players and sneaker enthusiasts, the XI remains one of the best Jordan models through the years.

2. AIR JORDAN IV The release of the IV marked a crucial point in the history of Air Jordan. It was the brand’s first global market release, the first step for a future as one of the most recognized sports labels on the planet. It was also the second Air Jordan sneaker designed by designer, architect and Nike legend Tinker Hatfield, solidifying the unique look that would become emblematic of the franchise. Sports fans will remember the model for a different reason: this is the shoe in which Michael Jordan made “The Shot” - an epic, buzzer-beating, series-winning basket hit in the last three seconds against the Cavaliers in 1989.

3. AIR JORDAN I It’s rumored that Michael Jordan didn’t like his first pro model immediately. “I’m not wearing that shoe. I’ll look like a clown”, he would have said. With time, the shoe grew on him, and everyone else. Today, the Air Jordan 1 is simply a design icon and certainly one of the best Air Jordans of all time. The NBA-banned colors and simple styling remain favorite points among sneakerheads and design enthusiasts.

TALK Miami 37


4. AIR JORDAN III This was the first model for which Nike had the contribution of Tinker Hatfield, who would go on to create more than two-dozen shoes for the franchise. He had other ideas and elected to take the logo off. “I realized very early on that it would really piss off all the people at Nike, which I loved doing, to be honest,” Hatfield said in an interview with Sole Collector. “That usually means that I’m doing something different, so I really wanted to shake people up.”


Originally released in 1990, the Air Jordan V was something of a trendsetter in terms of nineties sneaker design. Tinker Hatfield took inspiration from the shark-tooth nose art often found on World War II American fighter jets. In more recent years, the V has gone through unprecedented levels of hype as one of the best Jordans out there, thanks to a makeover by skate wear label Supreme in 2015. This made it the first ever Air Jordan shoe to receive the Supreme treatment and cemented its place as both a sporting classic and a streetwear staple.

TALK Miami 38


6. AIR JORDAN VII As Michael Jordan was becoming a global sporting icon, the Air Jordan VII kept him inspiring along the way. As well as winning the 1992 NBA championship (and Finals MVP for the second year running), MJ also led the USA to a gold medal at the Olympics in Barcelona. In design terms, the VII marked another important milestone in Air Jordan’s history. For the first time, Hatfield felt the franchise was strong enough in its own right to lose the Nike branding entirely. To achieve this, he did away with any exterior Nike logos and the visible Air window to the sole. This was the first time Air Jordan was marketed separately from Nike and Nike Basketball, helping to distinguish it as a separate piece.

7. AIR JORDAN VIII Even by his standards, 1993 was a crazy year for Michael Jordan. He became the first player in basketball history to pull off Finals MVP for three consecutive seasons and led the Chicago Bulls to a third straight title. The eighth Jordan pro model turned sneakerheads into a frenzy almost immediately. The strappy design was out of this world and unlike anything else around at the time. Meanwhile, the colors were spattered with that 90’s neon vibrancy. It still remains a collectors’ favorite and one of the defining shoes of the decade.

8. AIR JORDAN II After Jordan injured his foot in his second season, Nike created the Air Jordan II to adapt to his injury. Designed by Bruce Kilgore, the shoe had a soft midsole that redefined sports shoes by matching luxury with sports performance. Jordan would go on to win the first of his seven consecutive scoring titles with these. The Jordan II was also more expensive than its predecessor – exceeding $100 at retail. The reason is that it was produced in Italy using faux lizard skin.

TALK Miami 39


9. AIR JORDAN XII This boldly designed sneaker, inspired by the Japanese “Rising Sun” flag emblem, helped Michael Jordan score 38 points in one of his most legendary performances: Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz. The Jordan XII is also famous for being the first shoe officially under the Jordan Brand (founded in 1997). It was also the first Air Jordan to not have a Swoosh anywhere on it (Air Jordans VII-XI still had Nike logos on the insoles), and was the last one to come in a Nike-branded box.

10. AIR JORDAN XXXV DNA This is the newest model on the list, released in 2021, but we have a feeling that it will be a huge success. One of the wildest looking Air Jordans ever, this model still reflects its 90’s predecessor - along with an eclipse plate. Do you remember that iconic tongue and collar on the Air Jordan V? The XXXV pays homage to this 1990’s feature. As the brand continues to improve its technology, this latest model is no different. Mixing lightweight materials with oldschool suede and leather, this shoe is ready to go on the court straight from the box. With its continued use of Zoom Air cushioning in the heel, it’s comfortable, new, and ready to go.

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Photograph Júnior Franch | @jrfranch Creative Direction and Styling Felippe Schiavelli | @felippeschiavelli Beauty Fernando Hadad | @fernandissimo Fashion Model Alícia Kuczman | @aliciakuczman

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ares for travel to Hawaii usually drop during the fall and for this year, several additional factors will work together to make the season particularly unique. After a busy summer, where tourism returned to pre-pandemic levels, in August the COVID-19 Delta variant created a wave of cases in Hawaii, making the government to once again limit social gatherings and indoor dining. That was enough to decrease travel demand, but Governor David Ige officially asked tourists not to come to Hawaii

towards the end of the month. “Now is not the right time to go to the islands,” he said on August 23. “I encourage everyone to restrict and cut back on travel to Hawaii.” In response, Oahu launched the “Safe Access Oahu” program that requires proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test to eat out or drink in bars, which are limited to 50% capacity. Because of that new scenario, hotel rates this fall will be even lower than usual, with demand returning to where it was at the start of the pandemic.

TALK Miami 56


The hospitality industry has seen an increase in cancellations and a drop in demand in recent weeks, and experts say it won’t be hard to find a good deal on hotel rooms between now and the holidays. Some hotels have been forced to offer discounts to keep operating. Of course, the new restrictions were put in place for a reason, so it’s advisable that all potential travelers consider the impact of their presence. However, travel is still open in Hawaii.

If you have no problem following the new vaccination and testing protocols, falling prices could be an attractive reason to visit. The number of cases has declined over the past two weeks, but hotel rates should remain low until the start of the holiday season in late November and early December. So, if cases continue to drop, responsible travelers could enjoy a trip to the islands this fall – one that will be reasonably safe with fewer crowds and that won’t be expensive.

TALK Miami 57





he new BRABUS 900 Rocket Edition, based on the Mercedes-Benz GLE 63 S 4MATIC Coupe is the latest in the carmaker’s range of fully equipped vehicles. Designed to challenge the limits and set new standards in the world of high-performance sports supercars, it is the world’s fastest SUV, defined by a distinctive appearance, vigorous agility and an unparalleled driving experience, no matter the destination. Combining the power of a track-ready supercar with the usability of modern sports SUV coupe, this ambitious conversion offers optimal power delivery as well as flawless durability. The 4.5-liter twin turbo BRABUS 900 ROCKET V8 engine fitted with special, high-performance turbochargers delivers an incredible 662 kW / 900 hp straight on the road. The 1,250 Nm of warp-speed torque are transmitted via a nine-speed automatic transmission, which can be shifted automatically or manually. Through it, the BRABUS 900 Rocket Edition goes from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds and, depending on the selected tire/ wheel combination, the electronic speed limiter only cuts in at a speed of 330 km/h.

TALK Miami 59


The exclusive design of the BRABUS 900 Rocket Edition is emphasized by 24-inch BRABUS Monoblock "Platinum Edition" Z high-tech forged wheels, which offer a unique look as well as maximum strength. In line with the signature Rocket design language, the wheels are fitted with the BRABUS ROCKET 900 Aero Discs for enhanced aerodynamics and an extra exciting appearance. The proper acoustics are provided by the BRABUS stainless steel high-performance exhaust system with actively controlled valves, designed to additionally perfect power delivery by reducing exhaust backpressure.

TALK Miami 60

LIFESTYLE The BRABUS 900 Rocket edition is equipped with everything Mercedes has to offer, including a carefully developed Masterpiece interior designed to match its sporty, vigorous appearance as well as its uncompromising performance. Refined down the last detail, the gray leather design impresses because of its perfect finish, complete with crest-shaped quilting applied through pinpoint precision on the seats, trim elements and the footwells, which are likewise upholstered in the finest leather. Surely, every buyer of a BRABUS 900 Rocket Edition can configure the supercar individually in every detail, which includes the color scheme of the bodywork and the interior. The new Brabus 900 Rocket Edition will be limited to only 25 units and will cost around $448,000.

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Photograph Marcio Amaral | @marcioamaralph Makeup Javiera Zaror Kupfer | @javizaror Stylist Paulita Errázuriz | Fashion Model Eglantina Zingg | @eglantinazingg

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ven though times have been hard, we must reach for positivity and find reasons to celebrate life. Whether at small reunions with friends or family gatherings, it’s always time for a little glass of champagne. To make those moments even more special, make sure you choose the best champagne available in the market. Here’s a list of the top 10 best champagne brands.

MÖET & CHANDON Considered by many the best champagne brand in the world, the LVMH brand is also the bestselling champagne brand. Möet & Chandon has ambassadors that include Scarlett Johansson and Roger Federer and is the sponsorship of some of the world’s best events. With that background, it’s no surprise that the luxury brand is top of the list.

VEUVE CLICQUOT The versatile French brand seems to be everywhere – from classic polo parties to rappers’ lyrics. Maybe that feature explains the podium at number two in our list.

TALK Miami 70


NICOLAS FEUILLATTE Nicolas Feuillatte is the best-selling champagne brand in the drink’s homeland of France, but it comes in third in the world. It is also one of the youngest in terms of champagne brands, founded in 1976. But that hasn’t stopped it from reaching the top three on the bestsellers list.

LAURENT-PERRIER Founded in 1812, the house is iconic and has a low-calorie champagne brand recommended by the fashion crowd – including Kate Moss. As Charles Dickens once said, “Champagne is one of the elegant extras in life”.

TALK Miami 71

G.H.MUMM With Usain Bolt as their CEO (chief entertainment officer), G. H. Mumm is taking the business of celebrating and entertaining very seriously. As the fourth highest-selling champagne brand, it’s no surprise they are in the mood to celebrate.

TAITTINGER One of the most famous family-run champagne brands, Taittinger comes in at number six. It’s one of the few family-run businesses on our list and it is the Chardonnay blends that really set the brand apart from the rest. If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?


POMMERY In 1856 Madame Pommery launched the successful champagne business with the help of Henry Vasiner, a financial advisor, and Adolphe Hubinet, a 23-year-old business director. The rest is history and now Pommery is the seventh best-selling champagne brand worldwide.

PIPER-HEIDSIECK Marilyn Monroe’s favorite champagne brand, PiperHeidsieck champagne is one of the most iconic luxury brands and a preference among fashion and luxury lifestyle brands. No wonder it’s still doing rather well today – after all, how many brands can say that Marilyn Monroe was their fan?


LANSON Founded in 1760, the Lanson house blends its champagne with pinot noir and chardonnay for taste. With over 500 hectares of vines in Champagne, Lanson uses the best grapes from the best plots to create a top 10 best-selling champagne brand.

TALK Miami 72

This highly-regarded champagne brand is affordable and delicious. Based in Ludes, in the Montagne de Reims National Park, the house has been providing champagne since 1868. Not only have they made it into the top ten bestseller list, but they were also granted the right by the Russian Imperial Family to adopt its coat of arms as the family emblem. The crowned two-headed eagle has thus appeared on every Canard-Duchêne label since the end of the 19th century.






ravis Scott is one of the biggest artists in the world right now. It’s been more than 3 years since the release of Astroworld and his influence only seems to grow bigger, mostly if we consider the variety of projects that the rapper has been involved in. He is currently signed to Nike/Jordan Brand and has developed a collection of iconic sneakers. From the Air Jordan 1 to the Air Jordan 6, Scott has done some serious work and those shoes

have quickly become very desirable by the brand enthusiasts. The resale prices are just insane. For instance, the model created in a collab with Dior last year can cost from $8,000 to $15,000! That happens because of the impact Scott has on the youth. He understands how to get his audience excited and always ready for more. His shoes reflect the ‘cool factor’ associated with anything related to Jordan Brand and hip-hop. Here is our Top 5 Travis Scott’s Air Jordan collabs:

TALK Miami 74




When the musician announced he was coming out with his own Air Jordan 1 High, fans were euphoric. Of course, the model is one of the best shoes ever and it easily matches any type of outfit. But the big surprise happened when it was revealed that he was dropping an Air Jordan 1 Low! For many people, the Low was more important than the High because of its practicality – it was so much easier to wear, by all kinds of people. In the end, the Air Jordan 1 Low was a smash hit thanks to the brown, black and white look played on the colorway. Back in 2019, the model made several year-end lists, and for obvious reasons. Right now, finding a pair is really hard. If you want to try your luck getting one for yourself, be ready to spend a whole lot of money.



In 2014, it was revealed that Travis Scott would be joining the partnership between Jordan Brand and Fragment to add his signature to an alternate colorway of the Air Jordan 1. The collaboration involved both the High and the Low models, with each pair bringing different blue, white and black color schemes. By the time they hit the market, fans went insane and were ready to spend thousands of dollars to own a pair. No one can deny those sneakers look good and how perfectly the colors work together.

TALK Miami 75




Michael Jordan won his first championship while wearing the Air Jordan 6 in 1991. Since then, the shoe has been considered one of the greatest models ever. With Scott working on the Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 4, it was no surprise that he would lend a hand to a shoe that has always been through collaborations. With the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6 colorway, the artist was able to smash it thanks to a variety of features. It was special for having pockets on the sides and it also had a nice olive glow that was very pleasing. When you add the red Cactus Jack branding, you get a special sneaker that captivated sneakerheads around the world.



The Jordan 1 is one of the most iconic basketball shoes of all time, and its history is always going to be a trick for future collaborations and colorways. When Travis was challenged to develop an Air Jordan 1 to the world, he could have taken the easy way out. For instance, he could have just smacked brown, white, and black on the shoe and that’s it. However, he decided to take a risk by inverting the Nike swoosh, which definitely changed the entire feel of the sneakers. This particular collab is a testament to Travis Scott's influence and it is one of those shoes that will forever be a classic.

TALK Miami 76




Travis Scott’s first collab was an homage to his hometown of Houston, Texas. By looking at the blue and red colorway, you will easily realize the reference to the Houston Oilers, that eventually became the Tennessee Titans in the NFL. The Air Jordan 4 is a fan favorite and when it was delivered, we could see that Scott had developed one of the cleanest Jordan 4s ever, while creating all the hype around the shoe. The bright colors make this a one-of-a-kind in Travis' sneaker library, and it will forever be remembered as the shoe that helped kick off the Astroworld era.

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Photograph Marcio Amaral | @marcioamaralph Makeup Javiera Zaror Kupfer | @javizaror Stylist Sinesia Karol | @sinesiakarolusa And Donna Italiana | Fashion Model Ambra Gutierrez | @ambrabgutierrez

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THE NEW TAYCAN By Alice Morais

TALK Miami 92



he next-generation Porsche Taycan has been unveiled and it definitely needs our attention. The newest electric sports car is full of futuristic tech but brings an old-school colorway straight from the 90’s. The 2022 Porsche Taycan comes with considerable changes. Keep in mind we’re talking about a Porsche, so this is reflected in not just the car’s iconic design but also some of the tech supporting it.

TALK Miami 93

LIFESTYLE The Taycan is a statement, mainly for Porsche, as it launches in four-door option, rather than the beetle-derived visage which the more traditional 911 and 718 family has historically followed. It’s not difficult to see Porsche’s other four-door offering in this car’s design, but it’s clear there’s a lot going on with Zuffenhausen’s first electric vehicle. Porsche claims the real-world range of the latest Taycans will be greater in day-to-day use. However, the WLTP figures will remain identical to the 2021 model, which offers up to 300 miles of range depending on the configuration. Basically, new software should give the new Taycans the ability to cover a few more miles, but the official figures may not reflect that. Although the batteries and two electric motors will stay the same, the next-generation Taycan’s electric powertrain offers improved thermal management and charging. That’s thanks to a Turbo Charging Planner that heats the battery to reduce charge times. However, Porsche hasn’t given exact figures regarding how long it takes to charge the battery. But the Taycan’s battery deserves a special mention. In terms of passenger cars, it’s one of the largest on the market. Electric vehicles are measured in kWh/100km instead of L/100km, and some, like the Hyundai Kona EV, can be as trim as 11kWh/100km. The Taycan’s official measured consumption on the WLTP cycle comes in at a minimum of 22.9kWh/100km.

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Another highlight includes a new Remote Park Assist system that allows the car to enter or exit a parking space without a driver behind the wheel. You can activate the system from inside the car or do it all via an app on your smartphone. This will prove particularly useful if you’ve scored a tight parking spot that offers no room to open the doors. And moving to the great question: the Taycan has many of the elements of a modern Porsche, but does it actually feel like one? At first, the signs are good. The Taycan is one of the few electric cars which manages to keep a properly sporty driving position, with bits of the underfloor battery storage shaped to facilitate a proper pose. TALK Miami 95


Porsche continues to give a certain ambiance and feel to all of its cars and this extends to the newest model. But as a four-door car, it’s no 911. It feels more like a tech tour-de-force, with its digital features front and center, communicating the complexities of what lies beneath. Certainly, the acceleration feels like other electric cars, with a linear and sanitary surge forward, without the raw clatter usually associated with Porsche’s internal-combustion engines. And while there’s no doubt this car is rapid, but perhaps not as involving as it could be when accelerating in a straight line, the suspension is surreal. The way it transforms from a bumbling EV into an alarmingly agile, accurate, and rapid machine is really impressive. TALK Miami 96


Porsche has also added Android Auto into the infotainment system, upgraded the voice assistant, and streamlined the satellite navigation system to improve the overall driving experience. And surely we must mention the new color palette. The Paint to Sample scheme offers 65 additional colors, including shades like Acid

Green Rubystone Red that come with a good whack of nostalgia. In fact, the carmaker even photographed the new Taycan next to a 964gen 911 for a full ‘90s fantasy. The Paint to Sample Plus option, meanwhile, allows you to pick any shade you desire. Will these changes be enough to win the hearts of Porsche enthusiasts? Only time will tell.

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Bugatti Chiron Super Sport


Porsche Taycan


Aston Martin Valhalla


Mercedes-Maybach GLS Edition 100

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