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Hi, everyone! My name is Lapti and I’m eleven years old. I’m pleasant and sometimes a little bit vain. I have a keyboard with lots of letters you can type and beautiful green eyes too. I am nice and a joker and I really like children. I’m from London but I travelled to Catalonia to teach people the English language. I’m very popular in London because of my famous website. There are funny activities for learning English. Now, proof! I like searching the Internet for information, in this way I also learn a lot of new things. I hate watching videos on my screen, it’s boring. I’ve got a mother and a father; they are in Italy teaching other people. I can communicate with my friends with my webcam that is like a camera that I’ve got at the top. Remember, to proof my website you need this: Bye, bye!

By Carla Primo Madre Sacramento School 6th grade


Lapti participates in a contest to see who has the best website. The winner is given a journey for two to Hawaii. Lapti wins thanks to his application Lapti Store, which has a lot of content for learning the English language. He decided to go to Hawaii with his friend Laptina. On their way to their prize destination, on the aeroplane, Laptina sleeps and puts her head on Lapti’s shoulder. Laptina is in love with him.

Finally, they arrive in Hawaii. Lapti and Laptina are staying at the most beautiful hotel in the city. Lapti goes to buy an exotic hat for Laptina while Laptina stays in the room reading. When Lapti comes back to their room, he finds his bag open and his things are scattered on the floor, and Laptina is missing. On the table there is a note. It’s from Laptina.


Illustrators Montseny School

CHAPTER 2 Lapti starts reading the note. “If you´re reading this note, it is because you are back at the hotel room. In case you didn´t notice, your charger is missing. If you want it and your friend Laptina back, go to the hotel reception and there you can find another note” Lapti is confused. And he wonders if Laptina is really in trouble. He goes to the hotel reception. There is another note. In this note it says “go to the beach at 3 o´clock if you want to see Laptina and your charger again”. Lapti goes to the beach at that time. Then, Laptina appears with two more computers. Lapti runs to rescue Laptina, but as he is getting nearer to her, he notices that it is a hologram. And there he finds another note. “You need to go to the nearest bus stop. Hurry up you have only 60% of battery left” Lapti looks around. Is someone watching him? He goes very fast to the nearest bus stop where he finds another note. “You have to get the L30 bus, sit in the seat number 38 and here you will find the next note” He gets on the bus and sits on seat number 38. There is another note. “Get off at the Royal street. You are very close” Lapti stops at Royal street as he is instructed in the note. He gets off the bus and sees Laptina in front of the restaurant. Laptina is sitting there waiting for him.

By INS A Illustrators Madre Sacramento School

CHAPTER 3 Lapti sits down next to Laptina and he notices that Laptina is still a hologram. Then, two big and strong iPads arrive and they tell Lapti they have kidnapped Laptina. Lapti wants to fight with them but he sees that they have a pen-drive with a virus. So, he lets them leave. Lapti stays with Laptina’s hologram and she says: “Look under the table” and suddenly she disappears. He looks under the table and there is an mp3 player. He listens to a recording that says: “Lapti, I have 20% of battery left. I am in a dark room with no windows but I can hear children playing. Please, help me”. He is worried and he starts to cry because he doesn’t know if he has enough battery to rescue her. Lapti goes to Leroy Merlin to buy two new chargers for Laptina and himself. While Lapti is waiting in the queue to pay for the chargers, he sees some iPads near the door and they start running towards him. There is an old woman in front of him and she is paying in cash for a washing machine and she is very slow. Lapti can’t wait. He throws his money but it falls on the floor. He runs to escape but suddenly he hears the security alarm. He runs as fast as he can but when he arrives at the door the police appear and arrest him. Before getting into the police car he sees how The iPads drive away in a red Porsche. The police take Lapti to the police station. He is scared and worried because he is running out of battery. He asks a policeman to use his charger and the policeman takes him to a small room with a table and chair. He sits down and the policeman focuses a light on his face. He starts to ask Lapti some questions and Lapti gets nervous. The policeman leaves the room to get a coffee and suddenly an iPod appears at the window and jumps into the room with a rope. He says: “My name is Jeff, I’m here to rescue you”. They escape from the police station and they go to take the underground. While Lapti is in the toilet, Jeff calls someone: “Hi, Boss, everything is going according to plan…he thinks I’m his friend …”

By Madre Sacramento Illustrators Canigó School B


Lapti hears the conversation so he decides to call his friends for help. They tell him to strangle Jeff to make him talk about where Laptina is.

Jeff tells him that Laptina is in a pizza restaurant. Lapti thinks he’s playing with him, but what Jeff said was true. He finds Laptina, but Laptina is in the trash without any battery left.

He starts to cry. Laptina is dead! He tries to charge her. Miraculously, she wakes up! When Lapti starts talking to her, he discovers that she isn’t Laptina… it is her twin, Laptini. They both decide to find Laptina together. But they don’t know how to find her.

They start logging on to her Facebook profile to see the places she sometimes visits on her PC. Then they remember she has a GPS. They have a lead. Let’s see…. She is in the park!

By INS D Illustrators Montserrat School


Lapti and laptini go to the park. At the park they see two Ipads. (Lapti has 6% of battery, he has a charger but he doesn’t find a plug socket). The Ipads say: “We have Laptina, if you want to see her again, you have to win a football match”. Lapti says “Ok, it’s easy, we are going to win!” (Lapti has 4% of battery). The match starts. The other team was winning from the very beginning. Lapti is sad and worried- They are winning with 1-0. They must score two goals to win if they are to see Laptina again. Lapti scores two goals, 1-2, they win the football match, but the Ipads run away without saying anything. (Lapti has 2% of battery).

Lapti and Laptini see a boy and they ask him if he’s seen Laptina. The boy says that Laptina is behind a door on the other side of the street. When they open the door, Lapti hears Laptina’s voice. She screams: “ Lapti, lapti, Laptiiii, wake up.” It was all a dream, Lapti is with Laptina on the plane and they about to land in Hawaii to enjoy themselves there.

By INS B Illustrators Canigó School A

English Day 2018 Mascota guanyadora “LAPTY” Autor Carla Primo Centre Escola Madre Sacramento

Centres participants: Escola Canigó Escola Montseny Escola Montserrat Escola Madre Sacramento IES Sant Just

Activitat Pla de Formació de Zona

Amb la col·laboració de l’Ajuntament de Sant Just Desvern


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