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2011 Director Elections Qualified Individuals Needed

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EDITORIAL AND PRODUCTION STAFF Matt Chappell Amanda Wallace Kirt Zimmer


Ron Wulff,

Vice President

Suzan Knisley,


Don Berryman,


John Dundas,

Board of Directors

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Ron Wulff | President The storms in late February, just in time for Presidents weekend, have left us in good shape for the month of March. Downhill, Cross Country, and Snowplay are all having a good year, so get out and make use of what is left of the winter season. This is the month the Board should have an appointment to fill the vacant director position and as soon as that is done Weekly News will be sent announcing who will serve the remaining term. Along this line, we will be having our Annual Meeting the last Sunday in June, the 26th in fact, culminating in the election of two board positions that will serve for three years. Now is the time to throw your hat in the ring if you are interested in volunteering for these positions. The time commitment is substantial, but if you want to be a participant in what will happen over the next three years at Tahoe Donner, this is the time. The 2030 General Plan is on the Tahoe Donner web site for everyone to view, as is the General Plan Committee (GPC) contact information. This plan extends over 20 years and the items in the plan came from the members that attended the Town Hall Meetings. The Finance Committee and the GPC met

and went over the funding to accomplish the General Plan. It has to be noted that this will be financed through the Development Fund that is being built up so that we will not have to go to the membership for a special assessment as was done for the last plan. You can still contact the General Plan Committee with your comments and ideas for the plan, pro and con. The General Plan will be on the March board meeting agenda for approval. I urge all who are interested to think about attending this meeting or contacting the board. The unaudited results of 2010 show Tahoe Donner being good to budget by $476,000. This indicates how well our budget process is working. For an association that deals with a 16 to 18 million dollar budget, we are very close to spot on. It will not be long before we start having warmer days, because spring is just around the corner (according to the groundhog). It may be just as well, because I’m tired of shoveling snow! As always, I am available for questions and comments at or give me a call at (530) 587-8720. The entire board can be reached at

each. Cost to produce and distribute this publication is offset by advertising revenues. Periodicals Postage Paid at Truckee, CA, and additional mailing offices.

On the Cover TDXC Instructor / Luna Pro Team Athlete Katerina Nash. Photograph by Matt Chappell.


| Tahoe Donner News | March 2011

Did You know?

You can find the 2030 General Plan at

March 5 S at u r d ay

1 2 & 1 9 S at u r d ay

Something for everyONE! Sunday Wii Night 6:30 p.m. @ Pizza on the Hill

Winter Beach Party Place: Downhill Ski Area Time: 12 p.m. Put on your grass skirt or Hawaiian shirt and hit the winter beach party. Join us for some tropical fun, including live music, food, games and a great time for the whole family that starts at noon.

2 6 S at u r d ay

2 7 S u n d ay

Dual GS Series


Place: Downhill Ski Area Visit for more details

No Corkage Tuesday Bring a bottle of wine with your meal and we’ll waive the corkage fee.

Compete during one weekend or in all four during this fun race series. The results will be combined for your best three finishes from all four events to decide whose name will go on the permanent trophy as the fastest man, woman and child at Tahoe Donner.

Wednesday Wild Wednesday Enjoy Happy Hour all night with food and drink specials. @ The Lodge

Thursday Triva Night 6:30 p.m. @ Pizza on the Hill

Friday Family Movie Night 6:30 p.m. @ Northwoods Clubhouse

200 ft. Banana Split Extravaganza

Tour d’Euer, 7k, 15k or 25k tours

Place: Downhill Ski Area Time: 1:30 p.m.

Place: Cross Country Center Start: Anytime between 8:30 – 11 a.m. A fun end of season celebration. Two aid stations will be available in the valley. Lunch served on the deck from 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. followed by live music by the Bill Blaylock band.

Help devour our incredible 200-foot banana split. |



vision FROM THE GENERAL MANager’s Desk

values values principles guiding vision

vision vision background Tahoe Donner is a vibrant and desirable mountain community, with modern recreational facilities, events, programs, and leading customer service, surrounded by accessible and healthy natural resources.

goals 2010–2015

ROBB ETNYRE | GENERAL MANAGER You may recall my discussion of the Tahoe Donner Strategic Plan this past year. As we embark on a refined long-term plan of infrastructure reinvestment in the form of the 2030 General Plan, I thought it might be useful to revisit our strategic plan. If you have additional thoughts or comments on the Strategic Plan, or the 2030 General Plan, your feedback is always desired and welcome at

Mission Tahoe Donner is a recreational oriented mountain residential community, whose mutual benefit association of 6,500 owners provides for the standards, regular operation and long term maintenance of programs, facilities and open space. Through continuous improvement, customer service, and fiscal accountability, the association maintains leading standards of natural resource stewardship, facilities, programs and services to benefit the owners/members. Organizational effectiveness and innovation within the association is sustained by maintaining a highly professional board of directors, staff, and homeowner committee volunteers, while also engaging the local community in an effective and collaborative relationship.

background background core competencies Tahoe Donner is a recreational homeowner

community of 6,500 property owners and over 25,000 members located within Truckee, California, 5 miles from Donner Lake, and 15 miles from Lake Tahoe. The Association operates several recreational facilities and programs including; a downhill and cross country ski area, two restaurants, a championship golf course, equestrian center and campground. These amenities are available for both the membership and the public to access. Additionally, the Association manages other amenities for the exclusive use of the property owners/members and their guests, including tennis courts, hiking trails, playgrounds, pools, a beach club marina on Donner Lake, and a fitness center. Tahoe Donner is comprised of approximately 6,000 acres, with over 2,000 acres of open space, and 1,300 acres of common area interspersed among the community homes.

goals 2010–2015 goals 2010–2015

core competencies core competencies


| Tahoe Donner News | March 2011

guiding principles guiding principles background

goals 2010–2015

core competencies vision • Customer Service • Amenities • Association Events and Programs • Sustainment and Maintenance • Infrastructure • Equipment • Natural Resources • Workforce Management • Full-time • Seasonal • Association Community Standards • Architectural • Covenants





As our organization moves forward in pursuit of our strategic goals, we shall align ourselves daily with these principles. They are cornerstones which support our direction and philosophy, and provide a basis for everything we do. Every goal in this plan is founded on the following principles: • Support the customer first and always. • Sustain the foundation of Tahoe Donner programs and services. • Encourage environmental stewardship. • Engage positively with local community. • Minimize annual operating assessment by allowing homeowners to pay for the amenities they desire to use. • Responsibility to maintain, preserve and enhance the common property.

• Organizational Effectiveness • Collaboration • Fiscal Accountability • Professionalism • Continuous Improvement • Responsibility • Resource Conservation • Stability • Community Participation • Respect

goals 2010–2015

goals 2010–2015 1.

guiding principles2.

Execute the board approved Capital Projects on time and within budget. Maximize operating revenue, while controlling expenses, in order to limit future operating fund annual assessments.

core competencies



(Goals 2010-2015 Continued) 3.

Establish leading year-round Association specific events and programs to benefit the membership. 4. Establish an engaging approach to maintaining Association community, architectural, covenants, and communications standards. 5. Establish an effective core full-time / seasonal employee relationship and staffing plan to provide the most cost effective service to the membership. 6. Develop effective information technology services to support and integrate all resort operations to support the membership. 7. Establish a proactive approach to maintaining the health of our natural resources and defensible space. 8. Promote efficiencies in energy and water use to align with national, state, and local community efforts for greater self reliance and energy independence. 9. Work in partnership with the Town of Truckee and Special Districts to maximize the return on Homeowner tax dollars.

Tahoe Donner CONTACTS Member Communications (area code 530) Member Services


General Manager


Contact Member Services to be transferred to other administrative departments.

Amenities Alder Creek Campground 587-9462

Beach Club Marina


Cross Country Center


Downhill Ski Area


Equestrian Center


Forestry 587-9432 Golf Course


The Lodge


Pizza On The Hill


Recreation Info Hut


Tennis Center


Trout Creek Rec. Center


Tahoe Donner Association Committee Chairs Architectural Standards, Jason Wooley Covenants, Paul Thomas

Finance, Jim Stang

General Plan, Chris Nelson

Tahoe Donner Association Chartered Club Presidents Bridge, Sharilyn Nelson

Family Interest, Heather Sloane

9-Holers, Hilary Ward

Rowing Club, Dot Mace

Senior Alpine Ski, Pete Tierney

Tahoe Donner Green, Sue Sorensen

TDMGC, Robert Heath

Tennis, Linda Stewart

Nordic Ski Club, Jacky Poulsen

Women’s Golf, Denise Kosak

Hiking Club, Robin Reese

Quilt Club, Linda Brush |


Behind the cover This month, we chose to focus our efforts on highlighting women from cover to cover. That led us to our spotlight on homeowner June Lane (more on page 10), in addition to our cover shot of Luna Pro Team athlete Katerina Nash. Katerina has been involved with TDXC as a ski school instructor for many seasons. She is also a prestigious competitor on a mountain bike, a cyclocross bike, a road bike, and has competed in three Olympic Games spanning two disciplines: bike racing and Nordic skiing. Katerina can be found training and compet-


| Tahoe Donner News | March 2011

ing year-around in the Truckee/Lake Tahoe area. One of her frequent stops is at TDXC, where she teaches various clinics that you should consider signing up for. When we shoot images of Nordic skiers, we are very conscious of ski form and strive to capture a strong forward movement. At the beginning of the shoot, we discussed this and now at the end of the shoot, are embarrassed to have mentioned it because the proof is in the photos. Katerina is an Olympian, and apparently Olympians know how to ski and smile simultaneously.

Cross Country March is the time for spring skiing, which I’m sure we are all looking forward to, lots of sunshine and great skiing. I just want to put a reminder out there: the sun is high in the sky and it stays light a lot longer then we are open. We close the trails at 5 p.m. because we start grooming at 5 p.m. We need your help, to make sure you are off the trails at 5 p.m. There is a small window of opportunity to groom the trails before the freeze starts. Once the surface is frozen the grooming comes out chunky and we can’t lay a nice corduroy to ski on. Make sure you come in on time so we can get out there to give you the best possible groomed surface. Please don’t go out just because it’s still light out. If someone skis over the freshly groomed trail, it leaves big ruts in the surface which freeze over night. Those ruts are diabolical the next day. Your ski will get caught in the rut and that makes you fall.




The Tour d’ Euer Join us at the end of March for our spring celebration, the Tour d’ Euer on the 27th. The tour can start any time between 8:30 and 11 a.m. We have three different length tours, a 7km, a 15km or a 25 km for you to choose from. We give T-shirts to the first 100 entrants. There are two aid stations in the valley with Nature Valley bars, lemonade, and great socializing. Lunch will be served on the deck from 11:30 until 1 p.m. This year Bill Blaylock and the Boys are back with us for our entertainment. Come join the fun.

Sierra Regional Ski for Light This event is a three day ski trip for the Sierra Regional Ski for Light Inc. (SRSFL) during March 12 - 14, hosted by the Tahoe Donner Cross Country Center. The goal of the event is to provide an opportunity for people to participate in a vigorous physical acitvity and learn about the benefits of acquiring a more healthy way of living. The group encourages blind/visually impaired beginners as well as experienced cross-country skiers to participate in the event. The event is led by sighted guides which lead a blind/visually impaired skier along the pre-set tracks on the trails. The guides will instruct on proper skiing techniques, inform the impaired skier of changes in the trail, slope of the tracks and gives valuable and interesting information about the countryside. For more information about the three day event, visit or contact Cindy at We hope to see you soon. The skiing is great!


SnowboardsÊBoots,ÊBindings andÊOuterwearÊupÊtoÊ30%Êoff







235ÊE.ÊPlumbÊLn. 348-9991

SPARKS 33ÊE.ÊFreeportÊBlvd 358-1002 onlineÊat


JoJo Toeppner TDXC Manager

Downhill Spring is around the corner, which means that great conditions are coming to the Tahoe Donner Downhill Ski Area. The ski season is flying by, but the snow is still falling, leaving plenty of time to get out and enjoy a day on the mountain. Check out some fun family events during the month of March.

Winter Beach Party Mark your calendars for our annual Winter Beach Party. On Saturday, March 5, join us for some tropical fun, including live music, food and games. Bring your aloha spirit for a great time starting at noon. |



| Tahoe Donner News | March 2011

Banana Split Extravaganza Bring your sweet tooth and help devour our incredible 200 ft. banana split on Saturday, March 26. The fun starts at 1:30 p.m. and we recommend you be there early because the banana split goes fast. Spring is a great time to enjoy a day on the mountain and Tahoe Donner Downhill offers several ways to go do just that. Check out our special offers below:

Parent’s Day Moms and dads, bring your under 13 year old skier to Tahoe Donner Downhill Ski Area for a day of skiing every Tuesday during non-holiday periods and receive a complimentary lift ticket for yourself. That’s right, get a great deal for your child and you ski for free.

Wacky Wednesday Become a fan of Tahoe Donner Downhill on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and receive Wacky Wednesday deals every Wednesday during non-holiday periods.

Local Thursdays Everyone receives the “local’s discount” every Thursday during non-holiday periods. Children $12 and adults $20. Bring your group out for a day of skiing. Discounts are available for groups of 20 or more that book in advance. Contact the Downhill Ski Area with your details and we will create a package that meets your needs. More information about all our special offers is available online at For more information, visit or call (530) 587-9444. See you on the slopes!

Robert McClendon Downhill Ski Area Mountain Manager

In the Mood for Snowplay The Tahoe Donner Snowplay Area is your headquarters for winter sledding and tubing fun. Our groomed lanes make sledding fun and safe for kids of all ages. Entrance fee includes sled or tube rental, unlimited rides down the slope and complimentary hot cocoa. The Snowplay Area is open Fridays from 1:30 – 4:30 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays from 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Additional days of operation at Snowplay for March include: • Wednesday, March 2, 1:30 – 4:30 p.m. • Thursday, March 17, 1:30 – 6:30 p.m. For more information, contact Trout Creek Recreation Center at (530) 587-9437 or visit

(Continued on pg. 22) |



June Lane

Tahoe Donner homeowner, masters world championship competitor, Far West nordic volunteer...


| Tahoe Donner News | March 2011 |



f you ski with Tahoe Donner homeowner June Lane, you’ll quickly realize how much fun she has with her friends on the trails. Even on a recovery ski with Kari Rust and Beth Thomas, she lives her dream well - as evidenced by huge smiles and lively chatter bouncing from trail to trail. Read below to find out more about homeowner June Lane and her involvement within the Nordic ski community in the Tahoe Truckee area.

What is your earliest memory of TDXC? My earliest memory of Tahoe Donner Cross Country was during the time Glenn Jobe ran it in the mid 1980s. We knew Glenn from his operation at Kirkwood Cross Country and wanted to check out what he had developed here in Tahoe Donner. I distinctly remember buying trail passes at the horse stall window in the breezeway with the wind whipping through pretty ferociously, but I do recall that the skiing was quite lovely despite the somewhat rustic amenities.

Every day we’re faced with choices. Living and recreating here, in Tahoe Donner, you may find deciding what adventure to do with your free time can be jig saw puzzling. The phone might ring, an email may arrive in your inbox or maybe you get a text message that reads like this: “meet me at TDXC, 9 a.m. sharp.” For me, the phone rang while I was on a run. “Hi, its June…”

Rubicon Pizza Company All kids 10 and under get 50% off a kids menu entrée, with the purchase of an adult entrée.

North of the Boarder From 4–6pm, $2 draft beers or beer and cheese nachos for $5.75

Olivier Napa Valley Complimentary Olivier Napa Valley tapenade with a $25 purchase in Brasserie.

The Chocolate Bar Half off appetizers, restrictions apply.

TC’s Pub Save 25% on weekly pub grub favorites and enjoy specially priced drink selections.

Ice Skating | Free Evening Valet Parking with Dining Purchase WEEKLY ON THURSDAYS 5–10PM THROUGH APRIL 14, 2011



| Tahoe Donner News | March 2011

When did you buy your home in Tahoe Donner and what made you choose to live there?

Do you still compete in Nordic sports, and if so, what events do you participate in?

We bought our home in June 2003, and when the house came on the market across the street from the Nordic Center, we jumped right on it. At the time, we were living in the foothills in Apple Hill, so this was a dream come true. After years of commuting to ski areas, it was a dream to finally be in a place where we could walk across the street to a system of trails for running, mountain biking and as much cross country skiing as one could possibly want, all winter long. We have lived in a lot of different places and we were immediately impressed with the amenities here and we still feel this way seven years later.

Both my husband and I ski as many days as we can, and this season I am already up to 86 days of Nordic skiing. We also race in many of the local cross country ski races and head to Sun Valley, Idaho, each year for the prestigious Boulder Mountain Tour, a 32K point-to-point race. This year is particularly special, because a group of us from Tahoe Donner / Truckee are traveling in March for the Masters World Cup at Sovereign Lakes near Silver Star in Canada. There will be 1,200 skiers from all over the world, and the races are held all week long in five-year age groups in both skating and classic skiing. We’re travelling with a

We bought our home in June 2003, and when the house came on the market across the street from the Nordic Center, we jumped right on it. At the time, we were living in the foothills in Apple Hill, so this was a dream come true. |


group from Truckee. Most of the skiers who we’re raveling with are top skiers who do most of their training at Tahoe Donner Cross Country. They include my wax-guru husband Ralph Johnson, Glenn Jobe, Rick Reynolds, Joe Dengler, Beth Thomas, Martha Belisle, and Cathy Howard (Cathy is on the TDXC brochure cover this year).

I heard that you are involved in various ski associations. What exactly is your role and for what associations? I served on the board of the Far West Nordic Ski Association for four years and now enjoy volunteering for the organization. Their mission is to raise money for junior programs, put on races and generally promote cross country skiing to a wide range of people. It’s good to see so many children learning to ski at a young age and that what they learn will be a lifelong skill that they can enjoy wherever the sport takes them.

I would encourage women to jump onto the start line of any one of the local races and give it a try. What would you share as advice to women who are interested in trying out cross country ski racing? I would encourage women to jump onto the start line of any one of the local races and give it a try. One aspect of racing that Far West Nordic has tried to improve is the start of the race for women, as this can be intimidating. However, at almost all races locally (except the Great Race, which has its own waves), there are separate starts for the men and women, which is a lot more welcoming. Our nordic community is always ready to embrace new members. We are so very fortunate that there is so much here in the way of premier ski trails, fantastic grooming, lessons, races and a great place to ski with family and friends. It doesn’t get any better!

Meet our team of professionals. Six loan officers and over 25 years of local lending experience.

Ralph Johnson June’s Husband & Wax-guru

Downtown Truckee:

10098 Jibboom St. - 530.587.3277 Toll Free Phone: 800.346.6733 Real Estate Broker California Dept. of Real Estate License #01135568 NMLS #277036


| Tahoe Donner News | March 2011

This article is the third part of our homeowner feature column. Tune in to our social media streams on Twitter, Facebook or Flickr where you might be able to help us choose the next magazine cover or more.

Interview of June Lane written by staff member Matt Chappell |




| Tahoe Donner News | March 2011

The Seventh Annual


he Tahoe Donner I-Did-A-Run has been a great event for the past six years, with the face of the event belonging to Rigsby Kovach. After all these years of racing, Rigsby has decided to retire from his celebrity status. This means Tahoe Donner is looking for the next face for the I-Did-A-Run. We are looking for those pouty puppy eyes, loveable personalities and the dog who embodies the spirit of the event! Pictures and information (see the next page for more information) will be taken about your dog at the event and a panel of judges will review all entries and announce the winner the following week. Please join us with your entry at the seventh annual Snowfest I-Did-A-Run, which returns to The Lodge on Sunday, March 13 at 1 p.m. We know your dog has been training all winter long. Now it’s time for them to show off their skills. This dog pull race will pit dog against dog and the clock while pulling covered wagon sleds over a course. There will be five categories based on the weight of the dog. The categories will be puppy (not eligible for the overall win), 0-25 lbs., 26-50 lbs., 51-75 lbs. and 76 lbs. plus. Bribe your pooch with anything and everything on race day, but pulling your canine during the race will result in disqualification. Prizes are awarded for various divisions as well as for the overall winner. Don’t worry: you and your dog won’t leave empty handed. Every participating dog will receive a “doggie bag” containing treats, a dog tag that reads “I ran in the TDA Snowfest I-Did-A-Run,” Mardi Gras beads and a raffle ticket. Entry fee for the race is $20 and all proceeds from the raffle will go to the Truckee Tahoe Humane Society. |


Exceptional Results. And More.

We know your dog has been training all winter long. Now it’s time for them to show off their skills. This dog pull race will pit dog against dog and the clock while pulling covered wagon sleds over a course.

New Listing

“We have great respect for Alison and the

business she has built through hard work and her outstanding reputation.” – Janet & Robert Findlay

Alison Elder 530 582 8103

Alison sold over $20M in Tahoe Donner since 2009


Racing Rules • You must sign your dog up before 1 p.m. on the day of event • All dogs must be on a leash • All dogs must be up to date on their shots and healthy • All dogs will pull 50% of their weight • Once your dog is in the harness and the whistle blows he/she must get the entire sled across the finish line to stop the clock • If your dog breaks through the snow fence, it is disqualified • Any tied times will be asked to run again • Remember, this event is for a good cause and all in good fun. Please, as a spectator, or participant, be a good sport and may the fastest dog win! Raffle tickets will be available during the event and remember as a participant you will receive one ticket. The tickets are $1 each or six for $5. You do not need to be present to win and the proceeds benefit the Truckee Tahoe Humane Society.

Some of the Raffle Prizes • Ski Passes to Tahoe Donner Downhill & XC, Kirkwood, Heavenly, Northstar, Royal Gorge XC and Sugar Bowl • Giant’s Baseball Tickets + Dinner for Two • Local Restaurant Gift Certificates to Pizza on the Hill, Full Belly Deli, Blue Coyote, Zano’s, The Squeeze In, and many others • Golf Passes • And much more!


| Tahoe Donner News | March 2011

Meet us at the race course behind The Lodge and as part of the festivities the pub and snack bar will be open early at 11:30 a.m, with Happy Hour starting at 3 p.m. So, even if you don’t have a dog entered in the race, this will be a fun event for the whole family. The I-Did-ARun is a part of the 30th Anniversary of Snowfest. For a list of other Snowfest events visit For more information about the I-Did-A-Run, contact Ali Kovach at (530) 587-9424.

About Rigsby Rigsby Kovach is a Jack Russell Terrier who has been face of the I-Did-A-Run for the past six years, the entire time it has been a Tahoe Donner event during Snow Fest. After all this time and finally reaching the age of 12, he wishes to lead a more relaxing life. Before joining the team at Tahoe Donner as our event mascot, his claim to fame is being the overall winner of the Tahoe City Monster Dog Pull in 2001. Rigsby beat out 103 other dogs of various sizes! As you can tell, Rigsby was the dog for the job, demonstrating each year at the Tahoe Donner course how to pull sled for all the humans and doggie participants. We wish the best of luck in his future of chasing squirrels and laying in the sunshine.

How to be the next Rigsby, the face of the I-Did-A-Run Information will be taken about your dog, including pictures at the event and a panel of judges will review all entries. The following week Tahoe Donner will announce the new face of the annual event in our weekly news blast and on

Prerequisites for entering

• Your dog must be able to pull the sled to demonstrate • If selected, your dog can no longer compete in the I-Did-A run event • Your dog must be available to be present at the event on race day • Your dog must be social with people and other dogs • You must be available to volunteer to help with planning and executing the event • Your dog cannot be a professional sled dog or ski tour dog • This event and contest is open to the public |


The Story Behind Our Trail Names Dogs In Space, Hastings Cutoff, Ambush, I’m OK Euer OK, Cowboy Camp; it’s all a Cup of Tea at TDXC, right? If you’ve ever spent time on the trails, skating or striding, you’ve probably interacted with the trail maps or the trail signs and are familiar with the names, as creative as they are. This month, we’re going to catch up with JoJo Toeppner to find out what logic, if any, went into the trail’s anticonvention naming convention, which is just one more thing that makes TDXC such a fantastically unique place.

Dogs In Space is a blue square trail in the Sunrise Bowl at TDXC, whose name actually comes from the Neil Young album, “Rust Never Sleeps.” This trail is coveted for its rolling terrain and remarkable panoramic vista that looks east to Mount Rose with everything inbetween. Our staff and many patrons of TDXC are Neil Young fans.

Hastings Cutoff is a blue square trail that connects to I’m OK Euer OK. This trail was named after Lansford Hastings, who found an alternate route for emigrants to journey to California. The Donner Party took Hastings Cutoff until they reached Truckee. Unlike the Donner Party, Hastings Cutoff at TDXC is a lifesaver.

Ambush is an awesome trail that ventures between huge boulders to the Hideout trail in Euer Valley, which just seems like a great place for an ambush. Hideout, also a blue square, is a great place to pass time or to lose unwanted company.

Woman Owned Business CARPET • UPHOLSTERY Call for your FREE Estimate

DRY IN 1 HOUR! • Environmentally Safe • Pet Friendly • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Truckee/Northshore 530.550.1252


| Tahoe Donner News | March 2011

Call 800.452.3060

Opening Doors To Truckee, Tahoe & the Sierra Since 1980! 

Barkeater is a bed and breakfast near Lake Placid that grooms a striding only trail connecting two other bed and breakfast businesses. The guy that started this trail is Joe Pete Wilson. He was on the Olympic biathlon team at Squaw Valley and later the U.S. team coach. He is also a well-known author within the Nordic ski community. At TDXC, Barkeater is a striding only, blue square trail in the Euer Valley.

13060 Oberwald Way 

12644 Pinnacle Loop 

[tÇw|vtÑ YÜ|xÇwÄç 9 _Éàá Éy ZÜxxÇ YxtàâÜxá

\ÇvÜxw|uÄx i|xãá YÜÉÅ g{|á `ÉâÇàt|Ç exàÜxtà

 4 Bedrooms  

 4 Bedrooms all En-Suite 

 3 Bathrooms 

 4.5 Bathrooms 

 Made from 86% Recycled Materials   REDUCED Price   Fully Landscaped   Thoughtful Functional Floor Plan   Entire Home is Wheelchair   Minutes to Tahoe Donner   Friendly  Amenities 

Proudly Offered at $995,000 

Proudly Offered at $649,900 

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I’m OK Euer OK is a trail named after the Euer family, which owns the valley below Hawk’s Peak. I’m OK Euer OK is a fast, double black diamond trail, that connects Hawk’s Peak to the bottom of Euer Valley. You might want to hold on tight! That’s a wrap for this month’s trail stories and we’ve just scratched the surface. Head out there for yourself and check out the trails first hand. Also, stay tuned to future issues for more fun stories about the trail names at TDXC.

Written bY Staff Members Matt Chappell and JoJo ToepPner

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I-Did-A-Run Festivities Once a year Tahoe Donner goes to the dogs. Sunday, March 13, in honor of the “I-Did-a-Run,” the Pub and snack bar will open early at 11:30 a.m. The snack bar will offer food and the pub will serve food and drinks, with Happy Hour starting at 3 p.m.

St. Patrick’s Day Over the last few months, Tahoe Donner has been gearing up to supply our readers and visitors with more content. This new form of content is “TD Flicks,” which are short features on our amenities. Currently we have two videos. The first gives you a look at the Downhill Ski Area and the second is a mixology lesson on how to make The Lodge’s “Box of Chocolates Martini.” OK, grab your popcorn and head over

Meet Me at The Lodge Fat Tuesday “Mardi Gras” Party. Bring on the celebration of carnival season, Tuesday, March 8. Come to The Lodge for our Fat Tuesday “Mardi Gras” Party. The Lodge will feature New Orleans Cajun specials and drink specials, including $6 Hurricanes and $5 Bourbon Street Ice Tea drink. Bring your friends, dress in your most outrageous Mardi Gras attire (we will supply the festive beads) and dance to our live music from 6 – 9 p.m. Call (530) 587-9455 or visit to make a reservation.

Wear your green and come to The Lodge, Thursday, March 17, for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. The Lodge will feature a special $16 plate of Corn Beef and Cabbage, including drink specials and Happy Hour all night in the pub.

Happy Hour Enjoy Happy Hour at The Lodge Sunday – Thursday from 5 – 6:30 p.m. Receive 25% off the Starters, Salads and Soup menus plus drink specials. Happy Hour is valid in the pub only.

No Corkage Tuesday Bring in your favorite bottle of wine to enjoy with your meal and we’ll waive the corkage fee on Tuesday nights. Offer only valid during non-holiday periods.

Wild Wednesdays Enjoy Happy Hour all night long in the pub every Wednesday night. Special offers and promotions are not valid during holiday periods. For more information, contact The Lodge at (530) 587-9455.



| Tahoe Donner News | March 2011

Pizza On The Hill 2nd Annual Mardi Gras Party Join us at Pizza On The Hill on Saturday, March 5, for the 2nd Annual Mardi Gras Party. Come listen to live music, while eating our specialty gumbo pizza or a po-boy Cajun shrimp burrito. No Mardi Gras party is complete without a hurricane! Enjoy our special drink special, $5 hurricanes. Pizza On The Hill will be open for lunch and weekends. Also during the month of March, every Monday night the restaurant will be open and have a special offer. Order any two pizzas at regular price and receive a cheese pizza for $5. Offer is valid for dine-in or carryout orders.

Happy Hour Enjoy Happy Hour at Pizza On The Hill Thursday – Monday from 5 – 6 p.m. during non-holiday periods. Receive 25% off the entire menu plus drink specials including $2 Coors Light drafts. Happy Hour is valid for dine-in orders only.

Half Price Pizza Hour Grab a pie on your way home from the mountain. Order a pizza from 5 – 6 p.m. on Sundays and receive half price on cheese, pepperoni or veggie pies. Offer valid on take-out only during non-holiday periods, limit 10. For more information, contact Pizza On The Hill at (530) 582-9669.

Kids Night Out Kids ages 4 – 9 are invited to join in the fun the first Friday of every month from 5 – 9 p.m. for an evening of crafts, a movie and more. Dinner as well as cookies and milk will be provided. Children must be at least four years of age to participate. Cost is $15. Register online at at least 24 hours in advance. Click on the Events tab. For more information, contact the recreation coordinator at (530) 582-9646.

Tahoe Donner Women’s 9 Holers Golf Club The Tahoe Donner Women’s 9 Holers Golf Club invites you to become a member of our organization. Do you like to play golf in a social and non- pressured environment? Then our club is for you. As a club we: • Are a group of women of all ages and all golfing abilities • Have no handicap requirements • Are noncompetitive • Have a fun tournament at the end of the season • Have many social events To join our club, you must be a Tahoe Donner Property Owner. We ask that you have a basic knowledge of golf and course etiquette. Our annual dues are $50 plus weekly green fees. Season passes for the 9 Holers are available through the pro shop. If you are interested in joining our club, please call our President Hilary Ward at 587-2317 or email her at for more information.

Free Weekly Events There’s never a moment of boredom in Tahoe Donner. We offer free weekly events throughout the winter to keep you entertained.

Wii Night Check out our new Wii game. Try your luck at a “Wipe Out” obstacle course or team up with a friend for Pictionary on the Wii uDraw it. Wii Night takes place every Sunday at Northwoods Clubhouse starting at 6:30 p.m.

Trivia Night Put on your thinking cap, grab your friends and head over to trivia night at Pizza On The Hill every Thursday starting at 6:30 p.m. The winning team after three rounds receives a certificate for a free pizza.

Family Movie Night Cozy up by the fireplace, kick up your feet and enjoy a movie every Friday night at Northwoods Clubhouse. Family Movie Night starts at 6:30 p.m. For more information and a schedule of upcoming movies, visit Friday, March 4: Mary Poppins Friday, March 11: Dr. Dolittle 2 Friday, March 18: Legend of the Guardians Friday, March 25: Ramona and Beezus Friday, April 1: Diary of a Wimpy Kid |


The 4th Annual SNOWMAN CONTEST We know you want to know who won the contest. Drum roll please... After deliberation and poring over all of the festive snowmen images, we have selected the Sharp Family’s submission, pictured below during the day and night. Their creativity to use a rope light to decorate “Frosty” caught our eye. Great job! They will recieve a $50 gift certificate to Pizza on The Hill. Thanks to everyone who submitted a photo to our annual Snowman Contest. There were many more great entries that we didn’t have space to publish here, but to view them all, check out our Flickr page If you have your own Flickr account, add us as a contact to share your adventures. With plenty of snow still on the ground, you still have time to play in the snow and make your own snowy friend.

Traditional “F

ristie Lane. rosty” helps light Ch

by Snowman Made The Scharp Family


| Tahoe Donner News | March 2011

Folks from al l

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e neighborho Snowman od loved “Ber ry.” Made by Kierstyn a nd Shelby Par ada

Bob the Snow

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Made by n Davis Snowman d Camero n a g n a s iley T Bryan & R

Snowma n Made by Pat Hyat t an d g r andchild Colin, Al re n ea , Kassid y and Ril ey

Fisher twins on Chale “Classic” Frosty… with the

t Rd.

Snowman Made by the Fisher Family

Snowman Made by the Schwermann, Geyer, and Sch

lemmer families |


TAHOE DONNER ASSOCIATION: 2011 Director Elections


he membership of Tahoe Donner Association is looking for qualified individuals to help guide the association’s future by serving on the association’s Board of Directors. The current Association Bylaws call for a five-member board, with each director elected for a three year term. Two of the five seats on the board of Directors are up for election this year. Serving on the Board is unquestionably challenging and, while there is no monetary compensation, the “rich reward potential” is certainly there via the satisfaction that comes with meeting challenges, guiding policy and operations and, in general, contributing to a well-run association. The board is the governing body of the association and, except for those matters reserved for action by the members, makes the decisions about how the association operates and what its future will hold. Given the size of Tahoe Donner’s membership and the value of its assets, serving on the board of an entity such as the association is definitely a way to make a “real” difference. Within applicable legal constraints, the board determines everything from how much the annual assessment is to what major projects should be pursued by the association. It decides appeals from sssociation members who disagree with rules enforcement efforts, hires and directs the association’s general manager, gives guidance to the association’s committees on topics ranging from recruiting and retaining employees to which auditor to hire, and establishes any new rules that should be put in place. The amount of time a member of the board spends will vary, and will depend to a degree on the individual. Regular board meetings are held once per month, normally on the third Saturday. A briefing packet is prepared by staff for each meeting, and a significant amount of time is required to review and research information, including occasional meetings with staff to clarify particular issues, in order to be well

prepared for the board meetings. Monthly board meetings usually last most of the day, depending on the agenda items and number of member appeals from enforcement actions. Board members also commit time to committee meetings and related activities, depending on the member’s specific interests. With an annual budget approaching $17 million and membership properties numbering nearly 6,500, the board’s responsibilities are quite substantial. What Tahoe Donner’s board does certainly affects a large number of people in a significant way. The board has a fiduciary relationship with the members of the association. This fiduciary relationship imposes obligations of trust and confidence in favor of the association and its members. It requires the members of the board to act in good faith and in the best interest of the members of the association. It means that board members must act within due care and diligence when acting for the community, and it requires them to act within the scope of their authority. The fact that the association is a not-for-profit corporation, or that the members of the board are volunteers and unpaid, does not relieve them from the high levels of trust and responsibility that the fiduciary relationship requires. With the exception of the lunches provided at meetings, free access to the amenities to be aware of what they offer, and the gratitude of the community, a director receives no compensation for his or her service. But directors fill a vital role that is necessary if the association is to continue to operate and continue to improve. So, if you’re interested, all it takes to throw your hat in the ring is ownership of at least a 25% interest in a Tahoe Donner property and good standing with the association. Candidacy Applications will be available at Member Services at Northwoods Clubhouse on April 1. Be sure to return your application to run by May 2. The association will distribute your “Candidate’s Statement” along with those of your fellow candidates with the election ballots, and you’ll be invited to share your views at a community forum (“Candidates’ Night”). If you would like more information, feel free to contact me. Current members of the board would also welcome your questions.

Nan Carnal, Chair Elections Committee | (53o) 550-5228

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| Tahoe Donner News | March 2011

41 Brands of Vodka Many of you may remember that quote from my article in the TD News back in June of 2008. While speaking with a homeowner recently about the situation here at the Lodge, she used that quote, much to my surprise, almost three years after I wrote it. Then it dawned on me that I have heard that quote used quite a bit in my tenure here. So I figured it was time to do a follow up article to let everyone know how well things are going. Well, we now only have 15 brands of vodka and we have cut our wine inventory in half from three years ago, but still have a moving list of 145 wines to choose from. We have made it a priority to keep our wine prices affordable. So on any given night you will see a bottle of wine on almost every table. We have also tried to keep our prices as low as possible across the board. We have nice diversity within the menu. Whether you feel like a Patty Melt Sandwich or Filet topped with Maytag Bleu Cheese, we have something for everyone. Not

to mention our staff is one of the friendliest in town. Whether it’s Paul and Nate behind the bar, Chris at the host stand or Shawn in the dining room, you can bet you are going to be treated like an old friend. We have just finished (2010) the best financial year yet here at the Lodge. We have reduced our loss to $92,000. It was a huge milestone to drop below $100,000 in this economy. As you may remember, the loss for 2007 was $360,000. We have also seen our covers (guest counts) increased by 22 % over last year and almost 50% from 2007. We are a popular restaurant once again, delivering a quality product at an affordable price We did some renovation to the restaurant back in November of 2009 and just this last fall we renovated our Pub. We installed booth seating and new tables and chairs. The pub improvements assist with the noise control and have increased seating by 30%, which we desperately needed. We also added another

large screen TV and have installed Direct TV package, so we can get more games. We are running events or promotions every month. In March we will be holding our annual Fat Tuesday Party (March 8), I-Did-A-Run Humane Society Dog Pull (March 13), and St. Patrick’s Day Celebration (March 17). We will also feature throughout the entire month of April our Burger & Beer for $11.50 Deal. Every day, all day in both our Pub and Restaurant. Don’t forget about our ever popular Happy Hour, Sunday through Thursday; No Corkage Tuesdays and Wild Wednesdays (Happy Hour in the Pub all night long). As always, plenty of free parking and great location- close to home! So if you haven’t been by in a while, stop in and check us out. Chances are you will see a lot of your neighbors. These days everyone is saying……”Meet me at The Lodge!”

When Disaster Strikes...

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SINCE 1983 •

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Surviving the grocery store Oh, the irony. You’ve tackled the rugged Tahoe landscape, pushed your body to its limits and reached new horizons of adventure. And now you’re stymied by… Safeway? Alas, an occasional challenge in Truckee is dealing with crowds when all you’re trying to do is grab a few items for dinner. Perhaps you’ve seen the lines that go all the way down the aisles and experienced that intoxicating spike in blood pressure. Yes, we could use another grocery store or two, but for now you’ll just have to plan this out as carefully as you would your day on the slopes. And you don’t even need to think about new bindings. First, of course, is the drive-by test. When more cars pace around the parking lot than there are available spaces, there are probably enough people in the aisles to make a good movie set. Abandon ye all hope, or at least come back later.

Here are some more worthwhile tips:

• When it snows, stay home while the masses stock up like Armageddon is upon us. Instead, read TD News. It’s so much more enjoyable. Avoid holiday weekends if possible. This is prime shopping time. If you must, go late at night or early in the morning. • If you can, go midweek. If you are here for the weekend, shop on Friday night, rather than Saturday after you and everyone else have skied. • If you’re driving here from elsewhere, take advantage of all the stores on the way. Whether you’re travelling eastbound or westbound, the I-80 corridor is lined with grocery stores.

When all else fails, you can wait out the crowds by grabbing a bite at The Lodge or Pizza on the Hill. How’s that for a sneaky marketing message? Hey, we have to pay the bills just as much as the grocery store does.


| Tahoe Donner News | March 2011


Excursion Check List:







Hot Soup





Stoked Fireplace NO RT H WO O DS BLV D.




“The Gold Rush”



The third month of the year typically ranks amongst the highest of all snow fall months, earning the nickname “Miracle March.” This snow season has brought an interesting mix of heavy snow and bursts of summer warmth, which might make you wonder what March has in store. Our bets are on white. For this month’s Day Excursion, make some soup, stoke the fire and add Charlie Chaplin’s film “The Gold Rush” to your movie queue while you watch snowflakes stack up on your deck railing. In 1924, Charlie Chaplin filmed some scenes for “The Gold Rush” in and around Truckee, making one of “the most influential films ever produced” according to the American Film Institute. Chaplin’s fascination with Truckee and the Donner Party created an interesting comedic story line based upon an idea that

enduring hardships in the pursuit of a better life is a story worth filming… in silence. And that it is. Chaplin’s film put Truckee high upon the map as a destination, and a mural - attributed to Chaplin’s production - has since been painted and well-kept along the side of Truckee’s “Capitol Theatre” in downtown. Drive East along Donner Pass Road in downtown to see for yourself. Among other things, the mural serves as a reminder of how brutal the winter of 1924 actually was and according to history, most of the scenes filmed in Truckee were left on the cutting room floor. The 600-person film crew and Chaplin had to relocate after contracting illness while on set. One famous scene still remains and was filmed at a nearby ridge currently residing on Sugar Bowl Ski Resort property. The scene is titled “Chilkoot Pass” and is the opening to the movie.

Truckee abounds in history. Some of it centers around sport and other aspects draw focus on creativity and experience sharing. What are you planning to do while you’re here? Share it with us at Facebook or by emailing This is the second part of 2011’s Day Excursion column. Stay tuned to upcoming issues for more great excursions.

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Taking Care of Business

Bulletin Board

Special Board Meeting Minutes Summary February 18, 2011 • Consent Calendar: Approved 4-0 ·· General Plan Committee Alternate Appointment (Gander) ·· General Plan Committee Alternate Appointment (Gelwicks) ·· Raymond James & Associates, Inc. (Investment Broker) Corporate Resolution

Updating your Current Information

• Discussion: Committee Staffing: No Action Discussion took place regarding the status of committee volunteers as well as the recruitment of new committee members.

• Board Member Training and Job Descriptions: No Action Discussion took place regarding future Board training and the responsibilities of each Director position.

• California Legislative Action Committee (CAI-CLAC): Approved 4-0 The Board approved a request to make a donation to CAI-CLAC for HOA lobbying efforts in the amount of $1,000.

• Revision of Personal Property Storage Rule: Consensus The Board discussed a request from the Covenants Committee to make changes to this Association rule. By consensus, the Board disapproved the proposed rule change.

• 2011 Director Election Procedures: Approved 4-0 The Board approved publishing for member comment the 2011 Director Election Procedures.

• Director Appointment: No Action The Board discussed procedures for the appointment of a new Director to fill the vacancy left by Director Burks.

• Financial Report: Approved 4-0 The Board approved the unaudited Preliminary December 2010 and January 2011 financials as presented.

• Calendar of Regular Board Meetings: No Action Discussion took place regarding the 2011 Board meeting schedule.

• Discussion: Committee Task Review: No Action Discussion took place regarding the development of a method to track the progress of tasks that have been assigned to the Association’s various committees.

• Review Responsibilities of Committee Coordinator: No Action The Board discussed previous information provided to the Board at the November Board meeting regarding the responsibilities of this position.


| Tahoe Donner News | March 2011

These summaries are intended for general information purposes only. The minutes are available at, upon request in the General Manager’s office or by calling (530) 587-9431. A copy of the minutes and current agenda are posted outside the Member Services Office in Northwoods Clubhouse.


s we have mentioned before, it is very important that we have current contact information for each property owner. There have been a number of times where we have been notified by a neighbor of a water leak or other similar problem and we have contacted the owner so that they were able to get the problem resolved as quickly as possible. There have also been times when we did not have current phone numbers and we were not able notify the owner of the situation in a timely manner. Please, make sure that we have current telephone numbers, cell phone numbers, and email addresses. You can do so by sending an email to aso@tahoedonner. com or mailing your updates to Tahoe Donner Association, Architectural Standards Office, 11509 Northwoods Blvd, Truckee, CA 96161, attention: Ali Concannon. Regarding address number signs, may we remind you again of the necessity of having your address numbers posted so that they are clearly visible from the street. The Architectural Standards Rules state that: The five-digit house number, not less than 4”, must be posted on the house or garage. Duplicate numbers may be posted on the garbage can enclosure. In any event, the house number must be clearly visible from the street (we recommend reflective numbers). As the Association Forestry Department conducts their fire safe inspections, they are also noting if the address numbers are present and clearly visible. If they are not, you will be notified by this office and you will be required to ensure that the numbers conform to the current rules. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss these or any other issues, please call me at (530)587-9407 or send an email to

Enid Longo Architectural Standards Office

Step 1: Using a pencil or pen, draw what you intend on carving into your eraser. This is an optional step, however it makes it easier to get the best results.

Stamp it Up!

Step 2: Leave your mark by creating a custom stamp from a standard pink eraser. You can always buy stamps, but why not make your own, costing your practically nothing. Stamp up your kid’s paper lunch bag, leave a cute note, or simply personalize anything and everything to make your child or family member smile. The sky is the limit; you can be as detailed or as simple as you would like with what you choose to carve. The more creative the better! St.Patrick’s day is coming up; you could make a clover stamp to be festive, or carve some little foot prints and say that a leprechaun visited your house! This would also be a fun project for kids to make with their parents.

Supplies List: Craft Knife


Pink Erasers

Stamp Ink or Acrylic Paint

Pencil or Pen

Using your craft knife (x-acto blades work well) begin to carve your future stamp. Be very careful on this step.

Step 3: Clean the stamp off. Once you have finished carving, make sure to not leave any pieces attached and that you have carved deep enough to achieve a clear stamp impression.

Step 4: Apply ink to your new stamp and have fun. You can try stamping multiple times, after inking the stamp only once to get a different impression each time.

Suggestions: Decorate or embellish an illustration, create gift tags, holiday cards, etc. You now have the tools to create all kinds of decorative things with just an eraser and some ink. Enjoy!

IMPORTANT: This project is a little bit more difficult due to the use of the craft knife. Please carve slowly and take out small chunks as you work. This is a fun project for kids, but supervise them while using the craft knife. Be safe and have fun! |


Costa Rica

Audre y Zmu da a nd in f ron Christ t of t h a Fi n n e A ren Ta ken a l Volca af ter a no. zip-lin t u re , w i ng ad here t v e nh e y flew above 2500 f Co s t a e et R ica n r a i n fo re s t s .

lands Caymand JoIssh Filer on an Violet, Lexi the vacation at their fa mily ch. en Mile Bea fa mous Sev

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Lassen Volc a National Pa nic rk Djuki Muliaw

an, Linda Dew i, A ndrea, Wil liam and Sofi a before they m ade it to the top of Cinder Cone in the Park.


| Tahoe Donner News | March 2011

The “Perros Del Sol” (aka Jeff and Cindy Haigh) were seen on the Space Coast of Florida soaking up the sun and “suds.”

Coldwell Banker and PaCifiC Crest ProPerties Two ExcEllENT comPaNiES BEcomE oNE gREaT familY

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Donner Pass 12068 Donner Pass Road 530.587.7474

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Tahoe Donner News - March 2011  

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