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March 2010 / Volume 30 No. 2 / Issue Number 174 Publisher & CEO Woojin Jung


Managing Editor Laura Stolpe

38 One Team’s Journey The ITF Team of Mongolia

An unbelievable story of one team’s journey to and from the 2009 ITF Championships in St. Petersburg, Russia. Business Director Read what this group endured to make it to the tournament of a lifetime. Brian Heckart


Creative Director Elizabeth Brown

Copy Editors Bill Heckart Julie Heckart Web Site Manager Midwest Dedicated


43 Rules for the Road Get nutrition and fitness tips for when you’re on the go. These easy to do exercises and sensible eating options will keep you toned and trim when you’re traveling.

Consultant John Lee


C. M. Griffin Doug Cook Guy Edward Larke Jerry Beasley Karen Eden Master Rondy Tom Kurz

Contributors Angela Sommers Annali Basson Guy Edward Larke Hank Minitrez Jeremy Talbott Jessica Doan Jill Pape Jose Irizarry Linda Low Maggie Messina Master Rondy Patsy Carr Stephen DiLeo Susan Whitfield Vice Presidents Don Wells Eui Min Ko He-Young Kimm General Advisors Jhoon Rhee Jin Suk Yang Hee Il Cho Woon Chick Park Chuck Sereff Soo Nam Park Edward Sell Rick Rojeck Tiger Kim Kwang Sik Myung Soon Ho Lee Chun Sik Kim Public Relations Jung Oh Hwang Taek Sung Cho Michelle Kim General Education Alexander Choi Byungchul Kim Yong Bum Kim Event Coordinator

Jun Pyo Choi Sung Yong Ji Song Son Yu Martial Art Tech. Jae Kyung Kim Scott Greca Barry Harmon Jamie Serio Dojang Operations Mike Menters Marshall Pereira Alex Suh Donald C. Kimm News Director Mike Zeman Marketing Director Scott Warner Lisa Warner International Department Kwang Jo Choi Jae Chul Sin David Moon Jin Suk Yang (WTF) Yong Son Ri (ITF) International Correspondents Asia: Changsub Shin Europe: Bum Ju Lee Africa: Robin Rafferty Argentina: Ricardo Desimone South America: Jose Luis Giarone Australia: Tam Fook Chee

51 A Woman’s Strength White Tiger


Read the amazing story of Master Rondy of White Tiger. We chronicled her two years ago and since that time, much has changed. Learn of her trials and tribulations as she tells it in her words.

56 Annali Basson President of the Africa Taekwon-Do Federation We spotlight a strong global female leader in the martial arts when profiling Annali Basson. A strong competitor, mother and legal judge in the country of South Africa, she embodies the essence of female martial artists around the world.



59 Taekgyeon’s Iron Lady Master Soon- Hoon Ahn Discover how one Korean woman defied the odds and became a legend in the martial arts in Korea. Meet Master Soon-Hoon Ahn, Taekgyeon’s Iron Lady.

62 Master Gina Tatum Epitome of Strength & Perseverance


Beautiful and graceful, a young Gina Tatum had the world as her oyster. But after a chemical exposure in her early 20s that left her paralyzed, learn how this young martial artist used the tenets of Tae Kwon Do to persevere and grow strong once again.

Cover Photo by Bill Bly

Cover photo by Bill Bly.

66 66 Rising Star Jayda Skye Irizarry A small spit-fire of a child, Jayda Skye Irizarry has quickly become a rising star in the land of TKD competition in the U.S. We take a close look at her training, her fighting style and her sweet spirit in this story.

Tr i - M o u n t P u b l i c a t i o n s


68 Lady Warriors

Founded in 1980 by Chung E. Kim

TKDT T spoke to three female martial artists that have seen a lot in the last 30 years of martial arts. Find out what they think the women of yesterday have overcome in the world of martial arts, and what the young women of tomorrow are facing yet today.

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73 At the Top of her C.L.A.S.S.! One woman has taken children’s self-defense to heart, creating C.L.A.S.S. or Children Learning Awareness Safety & SelfDefense. Meet Janet Goliger, a martial artist and physical education teacher whose program is helping protect children all over the globe.


76 Samjinnal An Ancient Korean Festival Learn about this fascinating springtime festival that is quickly fading away in Korea’s culture. Find out what brings you good luck or could bring you sadness in your upcoming year according to this holiday’s lore.


90 Girl Power! Meet four young ladies that are members of the extreme martial arts performance group Sideswipe. Learn about their training and what it takes to be part of this elite and athletic performance group.


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Tae Kwon Do Unites Nations

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Chosun Hosts USTA Seminar

Korea to Host 2011 WTF World Taekwondo Championships in Gyeongju

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Master M (Maggie) states she loves teaching TKD.

20 March 2010 /

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Super Junior sparring class Master M with one of her after school programs. / March 2010


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TKDT School of the Month

4-year-old Noah started training at age 3.

22 March 2010 /

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Scott has trained in martial arts for 29 years and has just earned his blue belt. / March 2010

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Cassie Drake, 1st Dan, Texas Photo by Gabe Vaughan

Master Alain Dumaine, Montreal Quebec Canada, circa mid 80s

26 March 2010 /

Alberto Borsatto, 4th degree, Italy

Gia Villafuerte is a 16 year old Green Belt at Hanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Taekwondo Academy of Bakersfield, Ca. / March 2010


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Pamela Roeloffs—Bodan Belt, Black Belt Candidate:

By Doug Cook

Lisa Ehrenreich—Bodan Belt, Black Belt, 1st Dan:

By Stephen DiLeo Anyone that trains on a regular basis knows the arch enemy of a good regimen is too much traveling. Time on the road usually spells disaster for martial artists, as we battle procrastination. There seems to be no shortage of creative, colorful excuses, but the results are always the same: lost training; fading fitness; and, an all out assault on the diet. Research has shown that fitness begins to disappear in as little as three days and muscle memory can go in as quick as one week. In terms of what we eat when traveling, the story is even worse. Clearly, there is no silver bullet and unless you are traveling to a martial arts seminar or summer camp, your training and your diet will suffer to some degree. The key is to minimize the damage! In order to accomplish your mission, let’s assume that you can only train in your hotel room, with no equipment and limited space. This will help to eliminate the classic excuses of “no equipment” and “no time to get to a gym.” We will further assume you must eat out for all of your meals while on the road. After all, who wants to cook when on vacation or away on business? Of course, there is little that can be done to replace lost instruction, and muscle memory can be revitalized when you return to your school through some extra training in basics; however, fitness goes quickly and it is very difficult to recover. For older martial artists, the news is even worse—staying in shape gets more and more challenging as we age. Travis DiLeo, a kinesiology student at Penn State University, has developed a quick and simple routine to provide whole body fitness, with no equipment, and limited space. The exercises can be performed in two positions, one easier than the other, so anyone can employ them. There are three basic elements to exercises: intensity, frequency, and duration. DiLeo states that his regimen relies on timed circuit training that is scalable depending upon the participant’s schedule constraints and fitness goals. A single circuit is comprised of five exercises; each exercise is done based on an interval of time. The workout is composed of three to five circuits with recovery time between each. Duration of a circuit or the number of circuits allows the routine to vary in intensity: the greater the time interval per exercise and the greater the number of circuits, the more intense the workout. The routine is easily adjusted from light to moderate to heavy, depending upon the participants needs. Each exercise focuses on one of the major muscle groups while also training various synergist (stabilizing) muscles. Three to five circuits with each exercise timed for one minute provides an intense 15 to 25 minute whole body workout sure to maintain your level of fitness. No excuses now! To further simplify the process, all exercises are performed from a push-up position. Afraid you can’t do a push-up? Not to worry! A modified version of a push-up called an incline push-up can be used. This type of exercise reduces the amount of force exerted on the body by decreasing gravity and lowering applied body weight. This is achieved by standing at a partial incline to the edge of a bed or a chair. The net result is that the exercise is easier than a standard push-up. As progress is made, participants may migrate to the more difficult full push-up position. .com

The Exercises Standard pushup position

Incline push-up position

Subject demonstrates a standard push-up. Note the straight line from his shoulders to his heels.

Subject demonstrates the incline push-up position by placing his hands on an elevated position.

The Push-Up: With the back straight, head up, and the hands placed directly below the shoulders, the participant should slowly drop to the floor and reverse directions at the point that his or her chest is approximately one inch from the ground. Standard push-ups primarily train the shoulders and the triceps muscles.



Demonstration of a standard push-up

Subject starts in up position with his hands directly under his shoulders.

He then slowly relaxes to the down position. The correct distance of the chest to the ground is no more than 2 inches.

The Row: Starting from the same standard push-up position, participants should bring one arm straight up from the ground by bending the elbow until his or her fist touches the side of their chest, while balancing on the opposite support arm. A simple way of envisioning this drill is to imagine pulling a bucket of water by the handle from the ground to your chest. This particular exercise trains the back muscle and fires the abdominals for core stabilization.




Demonstration of the â&#x20AC;&#x153;rowâ&#x20AC;?

Subject demonstrates a standard push-up. Note the straight line from his shoulders to his heels.

Subject demonstrates the incline push-up position by placing his hands on an elevated position.

Subject starts in up position with his hands directly under his shoulders.

The Plank: Again, from a standard push-up position, participants should lower their arms until their elbows are facing toward their toes and all of their weight is resting on their forearms. Both arms should be positioned directly below the chest. The back should remain straight. This exercise is designed to strengthen the core and lumbar spine muscle groups.

44 March 2010 /

This exercise is a static drill that requires steady posture and even breathing. Note how the elbows are positioned below his chest area.

The Mountain-Climber: As the name implies, this drill simulates climbing on a steep hill by leaning into the ground on your hands and feet. From a standard push-up position, begin by extending one leg back while pulling the other forward, forcing your knee to bend near your chest. Alternate this movement as both legs switch positions with one smooth motion. This exercise primarily works the legs (hip flexors, calves, hamstrings, and gluteus maximus muscles), but has the added advantage of raising the heart rate, making it a cardiovascular drill as well.




Subject starts from a standard push-up position.

First, he extends his right leg and at the same time, brings his left leg forward with a bent knee.

In a fluid motion, the movement is repeated to the opposite side by switching leg positions. Subject continues by alternating the movement, left and right.

Demonstration of mountainclimbers

The Modified Squat Thrust: This one also starts from the standard push-up position. In one swift motion, participants should bring both feet under their center of gravity about one foot away from their hands. At this point, the subject should quickly stand while raising his or her arms over their head. (For added cardio benefit, the individual may choose to jump as they stand, taxing their leg muscles even more.) To continue, you simply return to a standard push-up position by performing the same movements in reverse sequence.

3 1


Subject starts from a standard push-up position.

He then brings both feet forward in one motion in a down squat position while maintaining hand position.

Demonstration of a modified squat drill

The exercise is completed by returning to a standard push-up position using the same movements in reverse sequence.


He continues by standing and raising his arms above his head.


Each of the above exercises should be completed one after another as a full circuit. For simplicity, time each exercise at a predetermined number of seconds, for example 30 seconds. This would result in a full circuit taking approximately two and a half minutes. Participants should repeat at least three circuits, but not more than five. Be sure to allow sufficient recovery time between circuits; one to two minutes of rest would probably be adequate. In order to increase the intensity of the workout, do more circuits or add time to each exercise within the circuit, for example, one minute for each of the five drills. / March 2010


The Eating As crazy as it sounds, most people are far more disciplined with their training than they are with their diet. The following excerpt was taken from the Gettysburg Times; it was written by Kristin DiLeo in early 2009 as a dietetic intern with Penn State University. Now as a Registered Dietitian, Kristin stresses avoiding some of the pitfalls that affect anyone dining out. She states, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Although many restaurant items are high in fat, particularly saturated, and portions are large, making some simple changes and substitutions can allow you to enjoy your dining-out experience without significant consequence.â&#x20AC;?


Do the math: t 5IFBWFSBHFEJOOFSQMBUFBUBSFTUBVSBOUDPOUBJOTFOPVHIGPPEUPBEFRVBUFMZGFFEUISFFQFPQMF*U is okay to splurge every once in a while on your favorite dishes; however, the key is portion size. Perhaps split the portion and ask for a â&#x20AC;&#x153;doggyâ&#x20AC;? bag for the remainder. t "WPJEDSFBNZTBVDFT ESFTTJOHT BOETPVQT5IFZDPOUBJONPSFTBUVSBUFEGBUUIBOCSPUICBTFETPVQT  vinaigrette salad dressings, and tomato sauces.

Think outside the box: t 'PSZPVSTJEF BTLGPSBCBLFEQPUBUPXJUITBMTBJOTUFBEPGTPVSDSFBNBOECVUUFS PSBTLGPSBEPVCMF order of vegetables. t 'PSIFBMUIJFSCSFBLGBTUPQUJPOT BTLGPSQBODBLFTPSXBGGMFTXJUIPVUCVUUFS"OETVCTUJUVUFFHHTXJUI egg whites or EggbeatersÂŽ. *OTUFBEPGBTJEFPGIPNFGSJFT BTLGPSGSFTIGSVJU t 4FMFDUFOUSFFTUIBUDPOUBJOGSVJUBOEPSWFHFUBCMFTBTLFZJOHSFEJFOUT5IFZBSFHFOFSBMMZMPXFSJOGBU and are a good source of soluble fiber. t *GZPVBSFDSBWJOHEFTTFSU TIBSFPOF5SZPQUJOHGPSMPXFSGBUJUFNTTVDIBTGSFTIGSVJUPSTPSCFU Breaking up the normal routine by traveling can be beneficial to recharge your mental batteries and to reevaluate your personal direction; however, interruptions to a training schedule can create more problems than they solve. The above tips not only provide useful strategies for the frequent traveler, but they may also help out those of us who have demanding schedules. Time constraints are problematic for busy adults trying to balance family obligations, full time jobs, and martial arts classes. Remember, 15 minutes of exercise a day and a few changes to the way we eat out is good advice for BOZPOF USBWFMJOHPSOPU ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Stephen DiLeo is a fourth-degree black belt in Tae Kw Do and a first-degree black belt in Tang Soo Do. He is one of the chief instructors the Altoona Academy of Tae Kwon-Do with over 30 years experience and has taug numerous seminars and summer camps. Mr. DiLeo is also a freelance writer and p tographer. He may be contacted at ABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORS: Kristin DiLeo is a first-degree black belt in Tae K Do and a Registered Dietitian. She has a degree in Human Nutrition from West Virgin University and she did her internship with Penn State University and Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, PA. Travis DiLeo is a first-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a senior at Penn State University majoring in Kinesiology. He specializes in strength and conditioning training has worked with athletes on many levels, including elementary, high school and collegia

46 March 2010 /

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$:RPDQnV 6WUHQJWK J During my two years with the Korean Tigers, I married Master Chang, another team member. While with the team, we completed several tours in the U.S. I was curious about the schools who hosted us. How were they selected? It was simple—they could afford us. I realized the research opportunity being presented. I just needed to find the common denominator in the schools that made them successful. These profitable schools all had similarities. The first similarity was location. The most successful schools were located in the suburbs of larger cities. The biggest physical difference was the layout of the school. Unlike the “mysterious” dungeon dojos, the successful schools were bright with an open layout. There was plenty of room for spectators and parents. Another big difference was the organization of the curriculum and the specific responsibilities of the staff members. I was used to teaching class until a prospect came in or the phone rang. Then the rest of the class was taught by the highest ranking student. These differences were all things that I could organize. I could only think of one thing that would make these schools even better, classes being taught by a Korean Tiger. At that moment, the concept for White Tiger was born. I spent all of my non-training time organizing the curriculum, the layout, and the printed materials for White Tiger. I created work flow charts with specific work responsibilities. Master Chang was getting ready to graduate from university and I was finalizing my plans to return to the U.S. / March 2010

Korean Tiger Team

Out of respect for my former master in Detroit, I did not want to return to Michigan. I told my plan to my teammates, telling them I would hire them when the school was ready to support more instructors. With a big U.S. map spread out on my living room floor, we tried to select a city for White Tiger, the future Korean Tiger Headquarters. The whole top third of the U.S. was eliminated as too cold. The bottom third was eliminated as too hot. The East coast between the snow line and big bug line was agreeable for everyone. I went to work calling several Chambers of Commerce and listening to their pitches. I heard about the Triangle area in North Carolina and although I had never been there, decided it met the demographics I was looking for. With my business plan and corporate identity complete, I went to the Kukkiwon to get the blessing of Grandmaster Ho Jae Kim, Dean of the Kukkiwon, VP of the World Taekwondo Federation and President of The World Taekwon Moodo Federation. He carefully looked over my plans and student manual, asking questions about the name and logo. The name was a mixture of my nickname and the university mascot. I explained that I wanted to blend the best of the Korean culture with the best of my American culture to create a great school. He said that such a school needed to exist. Everything met his approval and Kukkiwon endorsed my manual. I moved back to the U.S. to set up business. I had six weeks to find the location. The Tigers were on a U.S. tour and I planned to have them perform at the end of their tour at my grand opening. We were then blessed with a warm day in February and the Tigers were able to perform outside in the dead grass outparcel to a thrilled audience. On the first day of class I enrolled 23 students. I was able to take on some advertising jobs. Master Chang’s chiropractic degree was not accepted in North Carolina and he was not able to practice. Thankfully, the students came quickly. March 2010 /

The next few years went by in a blur. We worked hard, performing wherever we could. Master Chang was in charge of the floor and I covered the office. We both started out on the floor but as the enrollment grew, the office needed my attention. It seemed like the only time I was able to get out onto the mat was for demonstrations. The school was growing fast and the time had come to hire in more masters from Korea. I was presented with a prospective master’s credentials—high ranking black belt, graduate of YongIn University, National Demo Team, National Fighting Team—perfect. We hired a lawyer to obtain the work visa. I prepared one of the extra rooms in our house. Now, I, out of all people, should not have been surprised when the young Korean woman came into my house with her bags. “Why would you think a woman can’t be a master?” I would always question those who mistook me for being only the master’s wife. I was not familiar enough with Korean to differentiate between a woman’s and a man’s name. My head told me, this will be good for business, the students will love her. My heart knew better. And the students did love her. She was wonderful. She was sweet and kind, with powerful kicks that would plow through boards. I was quickly replaced in demonstrations. My home life changed as well. I was now the odd man out. They spoke only Korean and ate only Korean foods. Stacks and stacks of Korean videos would be rented as they watched dramas every night into the wee hours of the morning. I Rondy teaching a young student.

would leave them to sleep in when I left for work in the morning. The school needed to be opened early to accommodate walk ins and phone calls, instructors were not needed until 4 p.m. I once scheduled a vacation so Master Chang and I could get away together, but she was invited to come along. Until then, I was content with my life and my school. We had a house, Chang had his dream cars and I had all the computer equipment I needed. I now needed one more thing, a house for her to move into and out of mine. I was determined to raise the money and to do it quickly. The next year served as my greatest learning year. I read every business book I could get my hands on, listened to every audio tape, took trading classes on the weekends and learned how to be better at running my business. I knew I needed to create a standard operating system, not a business based upon the personalities. I learned how to distinguish between investments and purchases. I learned how to invest, how to protect my assets and how to plan for the future. I basically learned how to make my money work for me, not the other way around. It paid off. Before the year was out, I had her select her new home. She picked out furniture and I helped her decorate. Afraid to live on her own, she chose a few roommates. My brainstorm backfired. Without notice, she was gone. Poof, back to Korea. The students were devastated. We had lost a good instructor, Master Chang had lost his Korean connection and looking back on it now, it was also when I lost my marriage. I was also stuck with an empty investment house. We needed more instructors, so we soon filled it. We hired male masters, always more than one at a time. My business/investment skills continued to pay off and our student base soared to over 1000 in a 4,000 square foot space. I was runSitting in the Dojo.

Black Belts swearing in.

ning classes all day on Sunday and until 11 p.m. during the week to accommodate. I would rent a huge tent just to hold a belt testing. Our lease would be up in another year or so and we obviously needed more room. All businesses were growing and rental space was hard to come by. Wanting to create a future passive income, I researched building our own facility. Land was being rezoned all over the place but had a pricey tag. Some lots were going for a million dollars. If I spent all my money on land, I would have nothing left for the school. After exhausting every lead, I set my sights on a piece of land that was not for saleâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;it was just sitting there on a main road. I had driven by it a thousand times. I found out that the property was owned by a gentleman who bought it in the early 70s for the timber. He cleared the land and retired on a yacht in the Caribbean. I was able to contact his ship by fax and plead my story. He sold me 3.5 acres and I still had enough money left over to actually build the facility. Afraid that an architect would not be able to properly envision my dream, I first drew my own sketches and built a model. The next step was to contract the certified drawings and to determine the size. Once deciding to build, I traveled to the large schools I had seen featured in magazines. Some schools were almost 10,000 square feet. When asked, the owners all had the same regretâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; they would have built larger. With that in mind, I told the architect to max it out. The numbers were calculated and showed that I could build 24,000 square feet. Being 51 percent owner, a woman-owned business qualified me for a very attractive SBA loan. With that secured and the perseverance to present to a dozen banks, I finally obtained the financing I needed. The grading had just been completed when 9/11 happened. The bank pulled out. / March 2010


Rondy awarding black belts.

Construction stopped. Money was lost. Everyone’s future was unknown. Just like sparring, when knocked down, you get back in there. With an updated business plan, I found another bank and continued. The building cost about 25 percent more than quoted and took 50 percent longer than scheduled, but it turned out beautifully, with its Swain matted training floors, rock climbing wall, Tiger tube playland, saunas, suspended training track, Koi fish pond and bamboo garden. I handpainted the tiger-striped floor and had tiger foot prints I made from clay embedded into the wet concrete floors. My artwork depicting the principles of Feng Shui was displayed throughout the facility. A presidential suite was built in the back, with my custom designed furniture and large paintings. It was exactly as I wanted. The next years were easy coasting. White Tiger attracted the best instructors from Korea and Master Chang kept busy with so many Korean friends. Great instructors attract lots of students. I focused on documenting the Standard Operating Procedures and creating a series of management DVDs to strengthen the system. We had both done a good job teaching others to do the positions we once held. As long as we kept an eye over things, all went well. Nothing stays the same forever. Master Chang’s father became increasingly ill and he had to frequently travel to Korea. It seemed we hardly ever saw him. Then came even bigger news. The good news was my father-in-law was doing well. But I was told that I was being retired from my position as manager and my services were no longer needed. My system was working well, so well, that someone else would be taking over. A condo was bought for me to move into and I was to retire on my upcoming 43rd birthday. March 2010 /

Although it was never said, it was obvious I was being replaced in many ways. I would retain my salary, but no longer was to work in the office. I still owned 51 percent of the business, but what was I supposed to do—kick out the head master? My friends and family tried to reason with me: “Be happy, you are retired and don’t have to work, you can do all those things you always wanted to do.” They were right. On my birthday, I was retired from White Tiger. I did not show up in the office. I did show up however, on the mat in full sparring gear. For years, I’ve watched the students enjoy the workouts of the White Tiger Elite Competition Team. This was one of the things I’ve always wanted to do. Martial arts is my life. What was I supposed to do, train at a different school? I began my training with the team in preparation for the U.S. Open in Vegas the following February. Our Elite Team was training five times a week, one to five hours at a time. I continued with my long-time personal trainer three days a week. The training was intense. It was the best therapy anyone could prescribe. It also gave me a chance to make a secret checklist for the office staff each morning, reminding them of things to do. Little things started to change around the dojang. Things I was not happy about. I tried my best to keep my nose out. My replacement was replaced, then that replacement was replaced. It was evolving away from the principles I built the school upon. Even now, I don’t know what I could have done except sit back and wait. As a woman, I had plenty of things to say, but as a part owner of the business and more importantly, protector of the students, I kept my silence. My part in the school had always been very passive, although I planned and prepared every event, I was back stage. Master Chang was the visible partner. He Rondy receiving 7th dan.

White Tiger summer camp

was the super hero and I tried my best to preserve that image. My “silent strength” as some women called it, turned into a roar when I learned of a pending sale of the building and business. Apparently, several offers had been made. The area around White Tiger had developed. The land itself, my accountant told me, had actually become too valuable to just run a martial arts school. A sale, if properly handled, would mean that neither of us would ever have to work again. But, I couldn’t bear the thought of White Tiger ceasing to exist. I didn’t want to downsize, I didn’t want to move. A lawyer, a judge and a bank reluctantly helped me to purchase the other 49 percent for exactly half the price of the best offer. Koreans must be bad at goodbyes. Poof, he was gone. A few people asked, most said nothing, some women just came up and hugged me, others thanked me for staying. I’m sure everyone was worried about the future of White Tiger. The remaining staff and I started to rebuild the spirit of White Tiger. Over half a year later, there have been substantial changes in the school. A snack bar has been constructed, creating more jobs. A homework station has been added. More classes have been added. We now have a building At the shooting range

maintenance crew. The masters have more perks and better health benefits. The staff is loyal, motivated and plan someday to carry on the spirit of White Tiger. The existing students appreciate the efforts, the white and yellow belt classes flourish with new students. White Tiger has always been active in charity, but now we are able to expand our efforts. Recently we were given an award by the mayor and police chief for our charity that has White Tiger masters teaching at-risk youth TKD and life skills. Also, thousands of dollars have been donated in an effort to assist the police department for gang avoidance, while our students also raise money for the White Tiger Fun Run 5k Race. Perhaps the biggest question on everyone’s mind was how a woman-owned school would be viewed in Korea. Would I have the power to get my black belts certified? Would Korean masters still want to come and work for an American owned school? The recent hiring of Master Lim as a full-time master and the approval of two additional interns has satisfied the curiosity of most. The presence of Grandmaster Ho Jae Kim traveling from the Kukkiwon to attend our latest black belt ceremony and swearing in new dan holders answered any remaining doubts. White Tiger, thanks to the loyalty of the masters, the encouragement of the students, the faith of the parents and the endorsement of Grandmaster Kim, has been restored. Grandmaster Kim told me, “You are the real White Tiger.” But I am just the organizer. White Tiger is all of us and White Tiger is whole again. To read more on Master Rondy’s history and journey into martial arts, visit and check out our bonus content.

Playing the drums / March 2010


56 March 2010 /

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The Knights’ Way

;^ghi 8dciVXi

By Guy Edward Larke / March 2010


60 March 2010 / / March 2010




Meet Jayda Skye Irizarry, a young TKD prodigy who has captivated the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) in Olympic style sparring.



By Stephen DiLeo The only true constant is change and the evolution of women in martial arts is no exception. Since the “Karate” invasion of the 1960s, women have had a difficult time finding equality and gaining general acceptance throughout the fighting arts community. Let’s face it, in the early years, martial arts was considered a mystical blood-sport, shrouded in secrecy, and a closed society— certainly no place for women! However, each decade since has witnessed an incremental transformation that has resulted in greater respect for women within the arts. While progress is undeniable, the journey has not been easy. Change can occur in both a positive and negative direction, depending upon your point of view. Clearly, perspective is key when trying to gauge subjective opinions of specific groups. To that end, three individuals, who are all respected, qualified female martial artists, have provided personal observations as an experienced focus group. First, Jennifer Lawler is a well known martial arts author who has penned over

ten books as an advocate for females in the arts. Next, Michelle Barnes is a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do who has almost 20 years of experience and is a long-time children’s instructor. Finally, Lucy DiLeo is a fifth-degree master instructor who has 30 years of experience as an instructor, competitor, and tournament promoter. One of the most obvious changes over the last four decades has been the sheer numbers of women and young girls who have flocked to the martial arts. All three of the focus group members believe female attendance has climbed, specifically Michelle and Lucy think that the current ratio is 60 percent men and 40 percent women. Interestingly, Lucy also noted that when she began training in 1979, the percentage was more like 90 percent to ten percent in favor of the men. Ms. Lawler stated that while the total number of women and girls that take up martial arts has increased, men generally last longer and women also have greater barriers on the way to attaining black belt.

8]Vc\ZXVcdXXjg^c  Wdi]Vedh^i^kZVcY    cZ\Vi^kZY^gZXi^dc

68 March 2010 /

Other indicators of progress include the specific marketing initiatives directed towards females by some of the industry giants, such as Century Martial Arts and Asian World of Martial Arts. Furthermore, a little Internet surfing quickly demonstrates the growing number of martial arts organizations dedicated exclusively to women. Additional proof can be found in the competitive world of tournaments and professional fights. Kathy Long, Cynthia Rothrock, and Gina Carano are just a few of the names that have contributed to a growing list of female martial art legends. These women represent role models for aspiring future generations of young women. The World Combat League (WCL), created and supported by Chuck Norris, features at least two female fighters per team. Anyone who has watched the fights can attest that the ladies are every bit as exciting as the men. Surprisingly, Ms. DiLeo noted that when she began competing in 1980, many tournaments simply did not have female divisions, forcing her to compete with the men. At last check, most major tournaments have a female division for every male one; just another clue that women are closing the gap. Another proxy used to measure positive change is the degree to which female martial artists have been featured in the mainstream media. There is little doubt that if you want to know what’s hot, just look at Hollywood. Recent examples include, Kill Bill 1 and 2, Enough (with Jennifer Lopez), and of course, Karate Kid 4. More importantly, women are often shown using martial arts on television and on the big screen. Nothing could more clearly demonstrate the public’s acceptance of female warriors than showing empowered, strong women defending themselves as part of their character. It exhibits widespread participation in what may be the rule, rather than the exception. Moreover, female martial artists are frequently featured in training DVDs, on the cover of major magazines, and as successful book authors. For example, Jennifer Lawler’s books have received rave reviews by a number of well known martial art publications, as well as Amazon.

>]VkZWZZc [dgijcViZid]VkZ ]VY^chigjXidghl]d igV^cl^i]i]Z^g l^kZh!bdi]Zgh! h^hiZgh!ZiX# tered much bias, primarily because, in her words, “I have been fortunate to have had instructors who train with their wives, mothers, sisters, etc.” In her case, the atmosphere has contributed to a level playing field where women are not judged based on their gender. As female numbers grow, instructors face greater challenges. There is increasing awareness of the particular problems of coed training, especially in close-quarter drills and grappling. Instructors are often put into a difficult dilemma when they want to practice realistic scenarios for self-defense. This situation could create problems when a male student makes inappropriate contact with a female student. Although no one wants to admit it, this is the “thousand pound gorilla” in the gym. The reality in the street is that women are almost always attacked by men. Given that fact, conscientious instructors have an obligation to provide effective and credible training by including coed drills as part of class. Does it open them up for potential issues? Yes. Should they avoid mixing men and women? Absolutely not! Even though, in this day of instant national news, where one incident could cast a disparaging light on all martial artists, the responsible thing to do is to teach what is needed. The truth is that this risk will never go away entirely; however, identifying the problem and confronting it, instead of ignoring it, minimizes the rate of occurrence and protects everyone involved. Ironically,

Jc[dgijcViZan!VaahdX^Vahigj\\aZh bdkZhadlanVcYVgZcZkZgXdbeaZiZan gZhdakZY# Unfortunately, all social struggles move slowly and are never completely resolved; so goes the struggle for gender equality in martial arts. Jennifer Lawler and Master DiLeo believe that, while there has been improvement, women continue to face challenges in the training hall. Conversely, Ms. Barnes noted that she has not encoun-

student surveys suggest that the number one reason most women begin studying martial arts is self-defense. The good news is that serious female students have no concerns or inhibitions about training directly with men—they welcome the challenge! As long as that is the case, women will continue to advance their cause. / March 2010


I]ZgZl^aaValVnhWZ ^hhjZhd[]VgVhhbZci! hiZgZdineZh!VcY X]Vjk^c^hb So what is the take-home message? No doubt there will always be issues of harassment, stereotypes, and chauvinism; some pockets of resistance remain, but women have come a long way in the last 30 to 40 years. Female martial artists have made great strides in their quest to be accepted as equals. Their progress can be measured in pure numbers, increased respect, and greater exposure in the media. At the end of the day, women have increasingly won over their male counterparts by working hard and proving their competence in the gym, in tournaments, and in the street. What started out as revolutionary in the early days has become evolutionary in 2010! ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Stephen DiLeo is a fourth-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a first-degree black belt in Tang Soo Do. He is one of the chief instructors at the Altoona Academy of Tae Kwon-Do with over 30 years experience and has taught at numerous seminars and summer camps. Mr. DiLeo is also a freelance writer and photographer. He may be contacted at One of the ways women can gain acceptance as equals is to fight men on a level playing field using the same rules of contact.


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Ken and Shayla are walking back home after a party at a friend’s place. It’s starting to get a bit dark and they realize they ought to get a move on. Ken suggests a shortcut to get home faster. Shayla quickly turns down his suggestion saying they should avoid it as they don’t know it and it’s not well lit. The pair keep their eyes out for any suspicious looking vehicles or strangers. They take care to stay close to streetlights and take note of open corner stores and gas stations in case of an emergency. Ken takes turns with Shayla looking to the rear of them to keep aware and dissuade any potential pursuers. They don’t look with terror, rather with calm observation. Ken whispers to Shayla to watch the dark minivan across the street. Shayla quickly takes note of the license plate number. She uses letter-word associations (“ball” for “b”) and silly number combinations (like “7 rhinos and 6 stripes” for “76”) to quickly memorize it. Ken tries to remember the color, condition, make and model of the van. After turning the corner it disappears. They breathe a sigh of relief and continue their pace. A middle-aged man steps near them after a few minutes and asks them for the time. Ken holds his forearm up near his face as he glances at his watch, so he can also watch the stranger. Shayla in the meantime takes an inventory of his height, weight, build and clothing. Afterwards, the man thanks them and is on his way. Ten anxious minutes later they return home. Their mother and father are elated and relieved to see them. Apparently three different children were abducted that evening by a couple in a minivan matching the description of the one Ken spotted! While chills ran up their spines, they quickly relayed all the details of that evening to their parents, and later to the local police.


c.l.a.s.s.! By Guy Edward Larke / March 2010


Janet demonstrates self-defense to her students.

Could it have been a coincidence? Yes! Could that man simply just wanted the time? Definitely YES! Were the kids too paranoid? NO! Those children probably saved their lives and perhaps other children as well. They were the product of one unique soul’s lifelong work. The creator’s name is Janet Goliger and her unique C.L.A.S.S. program has saved more children’s lives than you can believe. Although the above situation is obviously a work of fiction, it serves its purpose. Having the climax erupt into a remake of Enter the Dragon is utter foolishness! Children cannot physically go toe to toe with an adult and “duke it out.” That’s best left to Power Rangers and Japanese Anime. Adults have a height, mass, reach and muscle advantage over children that is hard to conquer. Most predators don’t go after a challenge. They want easy prey. Even if it’s not someone close to you, the six o’clock news or shows like Law and Order SVU should give you a healthy dose of reality. With the expanding urban populace and trends towards more individualistic living as opposed to community based societies, abductions, sex crimes, thefts and senseless violence is on the increase. Once again, the idea that “it won’t happen to me” is absolute naivety! That’s the kind of behavior that gets people targeted. Criminals look for easy marks. Our children make the easiest targets. It is not about xenophobia, fear of the unknown. It is about reasonable caution and educating our youth as to the hows and whys of self-protection. Janet with a sign made by her students.

74 March 2010 /

The trouble is “how” and “what” do we teach our children? These issues are what lead long time Physical Education teacher and martial artist, Janet Goliger to develop C.L.A.S.S., an acronym for Children Learning Awareness Safety & SelfDefense. Janet’s passion for the martial arts began several years ago when she was mesmerized by watching Bruce Lee’s portrayal of the black masked hero Kato in the Green Hornet TV series. Sadly, due to a lack of funds she couldn’t train until her adult years. She enthusiastically jumped into Tae Kwon Do in college, but was forced to stop due to an injury. Finally in 1993, she got a chance to try a trial women’s Karate class and she never looked back. Now she is a second-degree black belt in Okiniwan Shido-Kan Karate and Shorin-Ryu Karate. Plus she holds a green belt in Seki-Ryu Jiu-Jitsu. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree in Physical Education, she fell into the career that defined her life, teaching P.E. to the youth of California. She took to teaching like the proverbial fish to water and lived the job. Teaching students a palm heel strike.

At a book signing

As with most of us, she was shocked and appalled by the escalating violence against children and women. What separated her from many others was that she decided to do something about it. She began to devise a series of simple self-defense strategies in conjunction with safety tips, awareness skills, conflict resolution and role play scenarios to enable children to react quickly and calmly in an emergency. She also prepared materials directed towards parents and education professionals to work on making the streets safe. The program was tested with her students and in consultation with various community groups and law enforcement officials. It primarily focused on eight to thirteen year olds, but later she developed a program for high school students as well. Her no-nonsense program was not based around breaking concrete tiles or doing fancy forms, but rather getting out of the trouble zone and getting help as soon as possible. More importantly, it gives the children a sense of confidence and pride that by itself dissuades more predators looking for an easy mark. Now many accolades and awards later, her program is being used in several states throughout the U.S., in addition to orders from South Korea, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Germany and South Africa. She presents at state and regional training conferences for teachers and school district officials, teaches C.L.A.S.S. workshops and develops new programs for other age groups. In development is a program for seniors and disabled people, as well as a program for kindergarten and early elementary school children. Already accomplished is a woman’s self-defense program called Onna Musha ( Japanese for “woman warrior”) which she designed with a fellow female budoka (martial artist) on the east coast. It teaches self-defense, self-empowerment and psychological strategies for conflict resolution. The base of the program was designed by her sensei, while the name was created by her close friend and classmate, Amy Bond from New York. Goliger and Bond rebuilt and expanded upon the system. For martial arts instructors, the techniques can easily be upgraded or added to existing basic selfdefense techniques. At the very least, the mental aspect of her program is more than enough reason to purchase the set. Even if you’re not an instructor, but a parent or relative, this system is a very small price to pay for peace of mind. There is NO price too great or steps too extensive when it comes to our children’s safety. Aren’t they worth it?

The following materials are available from,, and v I Need To Be Safe: I’m Worth It! v C.L.A.S.S. Teacher’s Manual v Are They Safe? – C.L.A.S.S. Self-Defense Curriculum For Grades 7-12 v C.L.A.S.S. Instructional DVD For anyone interested in Ms. Goliger’s amazing program, you can visit her Website, or contact her by email at ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Guy Edward Larke sabumnim has dedicated his life from a young age to the pursuit of the martial arts, Asian culture and hopology. It led him to Korea in 2000 and he has lived there since. He now lives in Daejeon city with his wife Gi-Ryung and their son Alexander. He holds black belts in Taekwondo, Hapkido, Taekkyon, Bon Kuk Kumdo, Korean Kickboxing, Karate-Do, Wushu, Cheonji-Muye-do, and HosinSul. Currently he teaches Taeglish (English Taekwondo) full time in addition to writing for various magazines and running KisaDo Muye (Martial Arts) & Marketing. He can be contacted at Promoted to rank of Nidan by Seikichi Iha, Hanshi, 10th dan / March 2010



The ancient Korean festival of Samjinnal is a very old celebration that is quickly fading from the Korean culture of today. The festival of Samjinnal would take place on the third day of the third month of the lunar calendar. A springtime festival, Samjinnal was also called Sang-Sa or â&#x20AC;&#x153;Snake Dayâ&#x20AC;? because it was the day the snakes would awaken from their winter slumbers. It was also the day that birds and butterflies reappeared on the landscapes of Korea. For this reason, it was considered the reawakening of Spring and was celebrated by all ages. Due to climate changes and loss of culture over time, Samjinnal is celebrated only by a few of the elderly in Korea today with simple picnic lunches. But in the olden days, it was quite a celebration. People would come out of their homes after a long hard winter in Korea, reuniting with each other and their natural surroundings. Together, they would repair theiir homes from the damages of Winter. They would spot the swallows as they returned for th he Spring and the butterflies as they emerged from their protective cocoons. In fact, spotting a yellow butterfly on Samjin nnal was considered good fortune, bringing you luck throughout the coming year. The same waas thought if you saw a snake; it would bring yoou luck. However, if you spotted a white butterfly on Samjinnal, this meant you would have a funeral in your family over the coming year. Traditional foods that were prepared and eaten on Samjinnal were jang, a Korean bean paste used in soups and marinades, and hwajeon, a traditional rice cake made from freshly plucked azalea flowers and glutinous rice dough. Also, rice cakes made with sook or strong herbs were eaten to help nourish people after the long winter. People went together to the mountains for hwajeon nori, or to celebrate together. They would pray for a good crop for the coming year, laugh, sing, eat and drink together. Wealthier upperclassmen often brought gisaeng or professional entertainers as well. No matter what age or class you were, all Koreans seemed to celebrate Samjinnal, an observance of new life after a difficult and trying winter.


1 cup sweet rice flour Pinch of salt ½ cup hot water Edible flowers Vegetable oil for frying Honey

Thomas Kurz at 35

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Mix the flour and salt in a large bowl. Slowly add in the hot water, mixing into a firm dough. Knead for five minutes. Divide the dough into ten equal sections, rolling each section into a ball. Flatten each ball into a disc, lightly pressing a flower into the top of each disc. Fry the cakes, flower side up, in the vegetable oil over medium heat for three to four minutes. Flip the cakes and cook flower side down until done. Watch closely and be sure not to burn the flower. Serve warm with drizzled honey!

My TKD story is a life journey in itself. I’m a fairly private person, and quite unconventional. I enjoy a great many things in life, but when I immerse myself in something, I do it with total commitment. Tae Kwon Do has been my mainstay, my passion, and the center of my life for 35 years. I received my eighth-dan in February 2008, becoming the first female Senior Master in the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF).

I am based in Perth, Western Australia (an isolated city even for Australia) and began training in 1974 when TKD was in its infancy here. I had just arrived in Australia, having left England to roam the world. My heroes then were Bruce Lee and Emma Peel—a high-kicking, fiercely independent fighter for justice. I enrolled at the University of WA to study Social Sciences and was persuaded by Chinese friends to join the campus TKD club after they heard my travel stories and tortured me till I gave in. It changed my life; from one of instability and lack of direction, to one of focus and inner strength that sustains me now. My instructor was a first-dan in the ITF, and new to Australia also. Our TKD was supervised from afar—by Master Low K.L. in Malaysia and J. Rhee in Melbourne, so training was also isolated. We married, established schools, went our separate ways some years ago, and our sons, Justin and Jesse, are now fourth and second-dans, respectively. Training in the early days was quite different to the way we teach now. We were more


brutal with ourselves on toughening our bodies and our minds. We’d watch the old martial arts movies at the matinees and go home and try everything out—there were no special effects for us! I have run TKD schools since 1977, which is also when I started self-defense for women— a big focus in my career. S. P. Kim, a Korean sixth-dan, arrived here in 1977 and taught us ITF TKD in a rough form. Later, we were persuaded to shift to the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) with him, and I competed

in the Australia-Pacific full-contact sparring competition, becoming National Champion several times. However, this never replaced my grounding in ITF; my heart just wasn’t in it. So I rejoined the ITF and launched on numerous trips overseas to attend General Choi’s and Park Jung Tae’s seminars. Master Park graded me to fourth and fifth-dans, and General Choi himself graded me to sixth-dan in 1995. I’ve always been in the hot-seat as far as pioneering for women in TKD in my part of the world. For example, the examiner’s comment when I fronted up for a referee seminar

(L-R) Jesse Low, Grandmaster Rhee, SM Linda Low, Master Rhee, Justin Low


was, “Oh, a woman.” I had to write to the WTF headquarters for permission to become the first female Australian referee. I’ve had to test gender boundaries for most of my TKD career. Currently, I’m working towards raising the status of women in the ITF by running a series of regional training camps. My school, Inspirit TKD, is an extension of my family and a great source of inspiration and pleasure. I like to think that my students find training as exhilarating and fulfilling as I do. I’m not a strict disciplinarian, though I’m strong on mutual respect; I like my classes to be varied, interesting and of a high standard. Some of my students compete at the international level, so a lot of training goes into sparring and pattern. However, not everyone can reach this standard and I’m far more focused on raising each person’s potential. I teach special needs groups, women’s self-defense, Chikung

and lecture in personal development and selfempowerment. I teach TKD six days a week and do my own training still; I work as a naturopath and have a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology. My school name, Inspirit, denotes inspiration and “in the spirit of the peaceful warrior”—a philosophy of gentle power I try to impart to my students.

“In the spirit of the peaceful warrior”

Stretch Yourself


By Thomas Kurz

MMA and You

L]nLdbZcA^`ZBB6 Dr. Jerry Beasley is professor of Exercise, Sport and Health at Radford University in Virginia, where he has headed the martial arts program since 1973. He has two new books out this year including: Dojo Dynamics: Essential Marketing Principles for Martial Arts Schools and JKD; High-Risk Sparring. Check out his Web page at www.

84 March 2010 /

By Dr. Jerry Beasley

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90 March 2010 /

What do you get when you mix dazzling martial art skills with stage performance, a bit of acting and some femininity? You get the ladies of Sideswipe, one of the nation’s most well known performance teams. The concept of five-time world champion Matt Mullins, known also as Wing Knight on the TV show Kamen Rider, Sideswipe Performance Team has entertained audiences from all over the world, including the U.S. armed forces. When these ladies take the stage, there is no doubt that girl power is in Gabby* full effect. So what does it take to be part of one of the hardest working martial art performance teams around? For starters, a good amount of martial arts training helps. Sarah Calande, age 15, of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, began training when she was ten years old in the art of Shotokan. “My friend and I thought it looked fun after watching my brother doing it, so we both started together.” “I actually began when I was eight years old in Tae Kwon Do,” said Mickey Facchinello, who is now 18 and resides in Naperville, Illinois. “My mother and my grandmother both wanted me to be in a sport that would keep me physically active and teach me good fundamentals and also let me have fun, so they chose Karate. I was very excited to start, and I have been at it ever since.” Dedication to the martial arts seems to be a common trait among these performers. “I started at age five with my cousin who was the same age because she was scared to do it by herself.” Now at 12 years of age, Gabby Wolf, also from Naperville, Illinois, has earned her junior black belt in Shorei-ryu Karate and works at Wushu as well. Jasmine Wali, from Wisconsin, also started at an early age of four and currently holds a second-degree in Tae Kwon Do. These ladies not only bring their talents to the stage but each of them is a fierce

competitor on the sport martial arts circuit as well. Gabby has spent the last three years of her martial art career competing on the N.A.S.K.A. (North American Sport Karate Association) circuit winning a national title as well as the A.K.A. (American Karate Association) circuit winning several national championship titles. She was also representing Team USA last October in Spain for the World Karate Association World Championships. Jasmine has also been a national champion on the A.K.A. circuit and a top competitor, along with Sarah and Mickey, on the N.A.S.K.A. circuit. “Competing and performing is what I enjoy the most in martial arts,” stated Gabby. Sarah agreed that competing and being around others who enjoy martial arts as much as she does is what she enjoys most. Mickey chimed in, “I love the variety of things you can learn from (martial arts). All martial arts can give you a way to defend yourself and they teach you great leadership skills. Martial arts just help create a confident and strong person. I do enjoy the entertainment side of

Mickey* / March 2010


martial arts as well. Competition or shows or just sitting down and watching something that deals with martial arts, is all enjoyable for me.” It is not easy for most ladies to stand out in an area which has been male dominated for so many years. Sarah, for example, found it a difficult task to try to be as good as some of the guys in terms of tricks and power. But she enjoys the challenge and the fact that there are some things she can do that most guys cannot, such as 180 degree kicks and splits. Some of the highlights of performing for Jasmine happen after a show, when she will have audience members come up and tell her how great it was to see female martial artists up on stage doing as well as the male artists. Mickey and Gabby seem to share a similar view of not even looking at it as a male dominated activity. “I don’t really think about it like that. I just enjoy doing what I do,” said Gabby. “I have always grown up around boys my whole life so I never looked at it as a ‘boys versus girls’ type of thing.

There are times when I wish I could do some of the things they can do. I don’t let it get me down though. Instead, I use it as a way of motivating myself to push harder in my training and do just as well as them if not better. Luckily there are some great female martial art role models out there like my first instructor Suzanne WancketYue.” When asked who they looked at as role models and mentors, each of them seemed to have several that have played a huge role in what they do and who they are. Mickey stated, “I have many people who mean a lot to me and have helped me throughout my martial art career: Suzanne Wancket-Yue, Mike Bernardo, many of the instructors at Nicklaus’ Martial Arts America, Matt Mullins and Sensei John Sharkey. My mother is also one of my greatest role models. That may sound cliché, but she has always put her heart and soul into my dreams and has always helped me whenever things got hard.”

Mickey, Jasmine, and Gabby*

92 March 2010 /

“For me, I would say that Craig Henningsen and Dayna Huor are my two role models,” Gabby added in. Sarah agreed with Gabby, “I would also say Craig Henningsen as well as the other members of Sideswipe, Matt Mullins, Donald Mills, Brendon Huor and Seth Austin, plus Sensei John Sharkey and Sensei Kalman Csoka.” So how does one go from the martial art school and competition circuit to being a part of Sideswipe? The most common thread among them was the training they received from Sharkey’s Karate Studio. Gabby has grown up training at Sarah Sharkey’s and after years of hard work and dedication, she was finally asked to be part of the show. Her first show was at the A.K.A. Grand Nationals where she was part of the extras. But the big break came for her after the annual Summer Camp where Matt Mullins asked her to play a bigger role in Sideswipe Live, the first 90 minute full length feature. Sarah started out as a long distance student of Sharkey’s Karate, traveling from her home in Maine to Sharkey’s Karate Studio in Illinois once or twice a month during the weekends. It was after the 2009 Summer Camp that she was also asked to be a part of cast for the Sideswipe Live. Jasmine and Mickey, both current students at Sharkey’s Karate, are the senior girls on the team. Both got their start in the group doing the local shows. Jasmine had her debut performance at the 2008 A.K.A. Grand Nationals Night Time Finals Show and then again at the 2009 A.K.A. Grand Nationals Night Time Finals along with Mickey. With that experience under their belt, it was only natural that they were

asked to be part of Sideswipe Live. They all agree that although nerve racking, doing the performances is a lot of fun. Beyond that, Mickey enjoys a lot of the show preparation, “We incorporate music, dance, and gymnastics, as well as different styles of martial arts. We also come up with themes for specific shows which make it fun as well.” After the curtain goes down and the shows are over, the ladies enjoy pursuing other outside activities. Gabby is an avid soccer player, while Mickey enjoys taking dance classes and learning aerial silks or fabrics. Jasmine is an elite volleyball player and is a part of a mock trial team as well as part of the student council, Spanish Honors Society and Delta Epsilon Chi Association. Sarah spends her down time doing competitive cheering, lacrosse and field hockey. The future seems bright for these young ladies. With their determination, strong attitudes, and hard work ethic, there doesn’t seem to be any limit to the success they could achieve. Each of them hopes to become a role model and mentor for future generations of ladies, both young and old who join the martial arts. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sensei Jeremy Talbott has over 27 years experience in the martial arts. Currently, he holds dan ranks in Jidokwan-Taekwondo, Daehan Kumdo, Tangsoodo, as well as high rankings in Kosho Shorei-ryu Kempo, Hapkido and Arnis. He is the developer of the Kosho Kenjutsu system and currently instructs out of Sharkey’s Karate Studio in Naperville, Illinois. He can be contacted at * Photos courtesy of Putting On The Dog Productions

Jasmine / March 2010


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DVD & VHS $29.95 Each 1. Fighting Back for Women 2. TaeKwonDo I (to Green Belt) 3. TaeKwonDo II (to Black Belt) 4. Forms (Taegeuk, Palgwe, Dan) 5. Self-Defense/Sparrings (Incl. 20 adv. Hoshinsul) TEXTBOOKS $29.00 Each s 4AE+WON$O  4AEGEUK  0ALGWE s !DVANCING IN 4AE +WON $O !LL $AN s 4+$ 3PIRT  0RACTICE  s -OO $UK +WAN )  ))  %ACH

For information on USTA or to order, send check or money order plus shipping charge ($5.00 each for DVD and VHS, $7.00 each for books) to: Dr. Richard Chun, 87 Stonehurst Drive, TenaďŹ&#x201A;y, NJ 07670 (Overseas shipping: email or write for information)

((201)) 569-3260

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By Master Rondy



East Meets West



Special Introductory Offer!

Two Great Books for One Low Price! Best Instructor + Best School = + r o t Best Life! c u r t s n I Best Inside... ool = Best Sch ! Best Life

Help Students Realize Their Dreams Applause Changes People Balance and Order Awaken the Sleeping Spirit! Motivation: Secret to Success Instructor with the Most Students A Good Instructor: A Good Psychologist An Instructor is a Maestro Training, Endorphins and the Atomic Bomb! Instill Moral Values Noble Ties of Friendship Do Not Cross the Line Ties That Bind One Strike and You Could Be Out! Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Lose Your Aura Always Be Righteous

Coming Soon in Spanish and Russian!

Plus a Free Gift!

$25.00 $19.00

Eastern Spirit, Western Dreams This 226-page memoir by Grandmaster Woojin Jung captures the true hardships and joys of a small town, farm boy from South Korea, who lives out his American Dreams. Available in both English and Korean. Free with Purchase of Best Instructor + Best School = Best Life!

To order call 800-388-5966 or order online at

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The Last Word

I]ZLdgaYd[&% i]9Z\gZZh C. M. Griffin holds black belts in several martial arts. He is involved in many facets of the performing arts from stunt coordinator to director. He has written, produced and directed projects for television and for corporations. He owns and operates his own Hwa Rang Do school in Ohio.

98 March 2010 /

By C.M. Griffin

Tel (562) 251-1600 Fax (562) 251-1611 7120 Alondra Blvd., Paramount, CA 90723,

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Silver NANO& Multi-Functional textile TKD Uniform







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Adi-Cham II Fabric Detail

Champion II Fabric Detail








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TKD Enterprises


Martial Art Products

Featured DVDs

WTF Standard Taekwondo Poomsae

Flow and Flexibility

The only WTF-recognized standard poomsae video textbook available used by instructors, demonstrators and referees. Each DVD contains full-length poomsae instruction. Multilanguage version (Korean / English / French / Spanish / German). Item D035 / 4-disk set / $99.00

These carefully chosen techniques from the Budokon System will teach you to address areas of weakness and limited range while cultivating kinetic chains of energy and seamless transitions. Props recommended: fitness mat, yoga brick. Item DPP01 / $25.00

ITF Tul ITF Basic Posture, Chon-Ji, Dan-Gun, Do-San, Won-Hyo, Yul-Gok, Joong-Gun, Toi-Gae, Hwa-Rang, Choong-Moo. Vol. 2:Kwang-Gae, Po-Eun, Ge-Baek, Eui-Am, ChoongJang, Ju-Che, Sam-Il, Yoo-Sin, Choi-Yong. Languages: Korean, English and Japanese. 210 minutes. Item D043 / Entire 2-disk set / $55.00

Strength and Balance This program is designed specifically to strengthen and tone the entire body while cultivating incredible arm and single leg balance. Props recommended: fitness mat, yoga brick. Item DPP02 / $25.00

17th Spain World TKD Championships

Power and Agility

Watch gorgeous techniques of top-level players as they compete in Madrid. Witness the introduction of “sudden death” and how changing the matches from three to two minutes intensifies the bouts! 240 minutes. Item D040 / $24.95

This is the preferred training tool for experienced yogis, MMA fighters, martial artists, and Olympic athletes alike. Props recommended: fitness mat, yoga brick. Item DPP03 / $25.00

Revolution of Kicking This DVD offers basic kicking skills to the finer points of kicking on the master level. The easy explanation with classified kicking can be a model for your training. Vol.1 (50 min.): Front, roundhouse, side, back, spinning and pushing kicks combined in a total of six chapters. Vol.2 (60 min.): Axe, front-spinning, back-spinning, jumping, jumping-roundhouse, jumping-side, jumping-back, jumpingspinning, one-foot-spinning, double, whirl and the 540 turningwheel kicks are covered in a total of twelve chapters. Item D036 / 2-disk set / $43.00

Revolution of Kicking II This product is a two volume set. When you grasp the knowledge and skills in this DVD set, you will possess the skills to be a master! Now Mooto reveals the know-how of Tae Kwon Do Air kicking on the master level. This easy explanation with classified kicking can be modeled for your training. Vol 1: Pine board breaking, single breaking, breakfall breaking, and combination. Vol 2: Breaking with turn, In air dwi-chagi, obstacle breaking, and general breaking. Item D048 / $43.00

2001-2003 World Taekwondo Matches A four-disk set showcasing the World Taekwondo matches from 2001 to 2003. Vol. 1 (200 min.): The 2001 World Cup in Vietnam. Vol. 2 (240 min.): The 15th Jeju World Taekwondo Championships. Vol. 3 (235 min.): The 2002 Tokyo Taekwondo World Cup. Vol. 4 (240 min.): The 2003 World Taekwondo Championships.Item D039 / $69.99

Master Jung’s Know-How of Actual Gyeorugi This 4-disk set, featuring the Bible of Taekwondo Gyeorugi is taught by Professor Jung. Amongst his highest achievements are being a four-time consecutive World Taekwondo champion and a gold medalist in the 1988 Olympics. Vol. 1: Basic Skills. Vol. 2: Step and Feint Motion. Vol. 3: Strategy. Vol. 4: Real Competition Strategy. 480 minutes. Language: Korean Subtitles: English, Spanish. Item D038 / $69.99

Essential Defense System This three-disc DVD set with Michael Aloia delivers a simple, effective approach to self-protection. Vol 1: methods of E.D.S. Vol 2: striking, takedowns, joint locks, controls and theory. Vol 3: falling, confined spaces and weapon defenses. Item DPP04 / $32.99

Secrets of Stretching Learn what determines how flexible you are, how to choose your stretching method for any sport or martial art, and have full flexibility without any warm-up.Multi-language version in English, French and Spanish. 92 minutes. Item DPP06 / $49.95

The Power High Kicks with No Warm-Up! Learn to kick high and with power without any warm-up! Kick “cold” without injuring yourself or pulling muscles and put more power and snap in your high kicks. 80 minutes. Item DPP07 / $49.95

Clinic on Stretching and Kicking See the dynamic stretch that is most important for kickers; plus step-by-step drills for front kick, side kick, roundhouse kick and for combinations. 101 minutes. Item DPP08 / $29.95

Basic Instincts of Self-Defense Learn defenses against unarmed attacks, including 55 common attacks that turn the attacker’s force against him. 104 minutes. Item DPP09 / $39.95

Acrobatic Tumbling Step-by-step instruction for one-hand, two-hand, and aerial cartwheels, round-off, front and back handspring, and front somersault. 105 minutes. Item DPP10 / $49.95

Order online at or call toll free: 1-800-388-5966

Featured DVDs New Certain Victory Products!

Elite Israeli Combat DVD Set 

    !"#"#$%$3),+,), )))!"#"# 1)).)))) 4)) 56,7),**)) 5/7))) 8-+,) -))) 9&:;) ,.)) 4))*)


"*<&9=>() ? /$1/)#@ A):;6/), "-&@1) /$1/)#@A) :;6/),

   BC$),6 1!"#"#$%$6)2



The 3-disc set includes: defense and disarm techniques for firearm threats; edged-weapon defense; â&#x20AC;&#x153;on the groundâ&#x20AC;? survival defense; hand-to-hand techniques; military, police and counter terrorism CQB; combat conditioning essentials; and applicable defensive tools for every person. Item DPP11 / $99.00

    )-.) /) -)) ,0- ),) )) - ),) /$1  /)2

$%$@ !"#"# !*#4#



The Complete Library Set -17 DVDs Commando Krav Maga (Vol.1-5): Survive Vicious Ground Attacks (Vol.1&2): Survive Any Gun Confrontation (Vol. 1&2): Best Of The Israeli Fighting Systems (Vol. 1&2): Vicious Knife Attacks (3 Disc Series): Military Krav Maga (One Vol.): Street Survival (One Vol.): Combatant (One Vol.). Item DPP12 / $392.95

Certain Victory Special Edition A treasure for any true Korean Martial Arts student or instructor! This Flowering Warrior-crafted special edition includes the original biography Certain Victory By Chief Master Robert J. Ott & the recently completed Part II featuring 9 newly written chapters with new photos, biographies of well known practitioners, philosophies, admiration & a chapter on Tae Kwon Do Times Magazine. Included is a threepage pull-out poster with a description on the Flowering Warrior Enterprises, LLC mark. Also included is the DVD Setting the Course! Preorder Advanced Copy Now! Hardcover Item BPP25 / $49.95 Paperback Item BPP26 / $18.95

The Quick Fit Library: 6 Dvd Set + FullColor Book

Certian Victory Original version of Certain Victory Hardcover Item BPP29 / $39.95 $39 95 SOLD OUT! Paperback Item BPP28 / $14.95

6 Training Dvds: Over 6 hours of revolutionary training drills: Over 300 proven techniques: Solo and partner exercises: Step-by-step progressive routines: PLUS The Elite Combat Fitness Book with 240 full color pages. Item DPP14 / $239.95

The Platinum Set-23 Dvds + Book

Certain Victory - Book on CD

The Complete Library Set with 17 DVDs with the Quick Fit Library with 6-DVD set and book. Item DPP13 / $594.95

9 CD audio book version of original Certain Victory with bonus DVD Item BPP27 / $29.95

Aikido- art in motion DVD series Aikido is one of the most innovative and adapting of the modern day martial arts. With its roots based in kendo and jujutsu, Aikido is well versed as an art and means for self defense. The techniques within the art are both subtle and dynamic â&#x20AC;&#x201C; each lending a hand in creating an axis of power exclusive to Aikido. Volume I: Movement Volume II: Connection Volume III: Control Item DPP15 / $55.00

The Official Filmed Documentary Certian Victory The official filmed documentary on the life of Chief Master Robert J. Ott with footage taking you through the journey that lives and breathes Pil-Sung! Item DPP16 / $19.95

Featured Books The Book of Teaching &Learning TaeKwonDo

Taekwondo: Korean Traditional Martial Arts: Philosophy & Culture

12 chapter book details how TKD was introduced as an Olympic sport and the tasks facing TKD people to maintain its Olympic status after the 2012 London Olympic Games. Also with 68 pages of poomsae diagrams.448 pages, Hardcover. Item B041 / $59.99

Grandmaster Kyong Myong Lee, a certified WTF ninth-dan, writes this 300-page, full color, coffeetable sized book offering a panoramic overview of TKD. Item B034 / $39.99 Now $15.99!

Taekwon-Do: The Korean Art of SelfDefense A well-condensed version of General Choiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Encyclopedia, the book, also by Gen. Choi, is 765 pages and focuses on self-defense aspects of Taekwon-Do plus its history. Additional postage required. Hardcover. Item B015 / $99.00 Reduced to $69.99

WTF Taekwondo Textbook This 766-page Kukkiwon textbook is a compilation of all available updated data regarding TKD and focuses on the scientific analysis of theories as well as the three-dimensional illustrations of major physical motions. Additional postage required. Item B039 / $74.99

Encyclopedia of Taekwon-Do This one of a kind encyclopedia by Gen. Choi Hong Hi has 15 volumes consisting of 5000 pages with 30,000 photos. The encyclopedia is the culmination of General Choiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lifelong research into TKDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s history and development. Hardcover English Version. Additional postage required. ORDER NOW, LIMITED SUPPLY! Item B014 / $275.00

Taekwondo Kyorugi: Olympic Style Sparring Learn sparring secrets of Olympic Gold Medalist and four-time World Champion Kuk Hyun Chung, WTF Deputy GeneralSecretary Kyung Myung Lee, and translator and editor Sang H. Kim. Item B027 / $12.95 Now $2.99!

Eastern Spirit, Western Dreams This 226-page memoir captures the true hardships and joys of a small town, South Korean farm boy, TKDT Publisher Woojin Jung, who lives out his American dream. Item B038A (English) / $14.00 Item B038B (Korean) / $14.00

Best Instructor + Best School = Best Life! This 329-page book written by Grandmaster Woojin Jung is a must-have for school owners, instructors and students with a dream. Not only a helpful guide for new students to find the best instructor possible, this book is also a guide for new and established instructors and school owners on how to successfully manage and maintain a martial arts business. Item B030 / $25.00 Reduced to $19.00!

Best Instructor + Best School = Best Life! (Korean Version) Item B045 / $25.00 Now $20.00

Featured Books Authentic Tang Soo Do

The Will Power

By Chun Sik Kim and Joe Goss Learn about authentic Tang Soo Do (Korean Karate) from internationally known and respected authority, Grandmaster Chun Sik Kim. Grandmaster Kim is known for his dynamic technique, as well as his knowledge of Tang Soo Do. This book will make it possible for you to benefit from his instruction. Item B035 / $124.95

This complete martial arts book by Maurice Elmalem has over 700 photos, illustrations and instructions, plus special training drills for fighting, endurance, speed and power. Learn breaking, self-defense, fighting applications, and how to become the best of the best. Paperback Item BPP06p / $29.99 Hardcover Item BPP06h / $34.99

Gold Medal Mental Workout for Combat Sports Package

Breaking Unlimited

Set includes one book, one training log and four CDs. Let Dariusz Nowicki, the top East European sports psychologist, show you how the science of psychology can combine with your skill and physical training to make you a winner! Item BPP01 / $59.95

Stretching Scientifically Attain maximum height in your kicks with no warm-up! Stretch safely and quickly to achieve and maintain maximum flexibility. Develop each of the three kinds of flexibility: dynamic, static active and static passive.214 pages. Softcover. Item BPP02 / $25.99

Explosive Power and Jumping Ability for all Sports How well you jump and how powerfully you punch, pull, or throw depends on your explosive power, on your special endurance for explosive movements, and on your speed, coordination, and flexibility. This book tells you how to develop each of these abilities. 138 pages. Softcover. Item BPP03 / $23.95

Science of Sports Training This book uses the sports training know-how of internationally known training specialists to improve your speed, strength, power, endurance, coordination, and flexibility, as well as technical and tactical skills, while avoiding overtraining and injuries. 424 pages. Softcover. Item BPP05 / $39.95

Children and Sports Training The needs of boys and girls in sports training are dramatically different. Learn how to match the right sport with the right child, the right training program for the age and gender of the child. Learn the “sensitive ages” for development of movement abilities (endurance, coordination, speed, strength, flexibility). 250 pages. Softcover. Item BPP04 / $29.95

Breaking Unlimited by Maurice Elmalem is the only book written solely on the art of breaking. It features step-by-step instructions on how to break wood, glass, bricks, ice, cinder blocks, and more, in many different ways. Paperback Item BPP07 / $29.99

The Bible of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu A special book for studying and perfecting the “soft art” of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It details step-by-step the technical aspects of various techniques and submissions using easy to understand photos. Paperback Item BPP09 / $29.99

JKD Without Limits Discussing the martial art founded by legendary Bruce Lee, Jeet Kune Do, the book contains: lessons from the ring, sparring, Bruce Lee’s five ways of attacking, and firearms training for martial artists. Paperback Item BPP10 / $29.99

Fighting Dynamics This explosive book by Maurice Elmalem covers all aspects of fighting with over 1000 photos, various fighting styles of martial arts demonstrated by movie stars, historians, celebrities and grandmasters. Paperback Item BPP08 / $29.99

Taekwondo: Building on the Basics Perfect your Taekwondo skills at every level! Written by experienced instructors and authors, this book expands fundamentals, improves sparring, offers advanced leg and hand techniques, teaches realistic selfdefense methods, and unlocks the potentials of the mind using meditation. 260 pages. Item BPP11 / $18.95

Meditation from Thought to Action with Audio CD Learn meditation with these easy-to-follow exercises and methods. Learn the roots of Yoga, Buddhism, Zen, Confucianism, and Daoism. Learn mental and body tools to begin meditating and clear the mind. The CD teaches the skills from the book and guides listeners into a deep meditative state. Item BPP12 / $18.95

Zen Around the World: A 2500 Year Journey from the Buddha to You The entire story of Zen. Martial artists will find inspiration along with instruction in traditional and innovative Zen meditation methods to help sharpen mental skills to add more focus, accuracy, speed, and power in every technique. 242 pages. Item BPP13 / $15.50

Chung Do Kwan: The Power of Tae Kwon Do The book offers the history and philosophy of Tae Kwon Do. With illustrations, this book presents Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do with clear and easy to follow instructions. 164 pages. Item BPP14 / $15.50

Simple Zen: A Guide to Living Moment by Moment Zen is a dynamic way to enhance living and improve martial arts practice. Easy to follow exercises are given for practice of meditation with poetry, brush painting, martial arts, and more. 158 pages. Item BPP15 / $12.95

Simple Confucianism This book offers a clear and concise guide to the history, key concepts, and principles of Confucianism including benevolence, central harmony, the mean, and becoming a sage.140 pages. Item BPP16 / $12.95

Simple Buddhism: A Guide to Enlightened Living An accessible guide to Buddhist concepts and practices including Mahayana and Theravada traditions. This book gives history, themes, and exercises including key mental practices such as the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path. 133 pages. Item BPP17 / $12.95

Simple Taoism: A Guide to Living in Balance A clear explanation of Taoism with simple exercises in meditation, breathing, chi kung, and tai chi chuan. An informative discussion of key Taoist concepts including “wu-wei” (achieving through non-action), “yin” and “yang”, and “te” (power and virtue). 177 pages. Item BPP18 / $12.95

Taekwon-Do and I ( Volumes 1&2) The memoirs of Choi HongHi, the founder of TaekwonDo. Volume One; Motherland; the land in turmoil. Volume Two; The Vision of Exile: any Place under Heaven is Do-Jang Item B043 / $79.99 Now $39.99!

Featured Books Simple Tibetan Buddhism: A Guide to Tantric Living

Zen in Ten, Easy Lessons for Spiritual Growth

Chi Gong Medicine From God

A concise introduction to the unique history and traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, a philosophy that integrates ritual with practice. With simple exercies for incorporating visualization, diety yoga, mandalas, mantras and the esoteric, effective tantric methods, this book opens up new possibilities.144 pages. Item BPP19 / $12.95

This book begins with a brief history to reveal Zen’s development and evolution through the ages. The ten lessons give fundamental principles and significant understandings of Zen. 152 pages. Item BPP21 / $12.95

Lose weight with a seaweed diet. Prevent altitude and divers sickness, and many other advantages of Chi. Item B042 / $19.95

Tao in Ten, Easy Lessons for Spiritual Growth This book presents fundamental teachings from Taoism in ten easy lessons with a brief history.Each of the ten lessons gives experiences and understandings of a key Taoist principle, revealing the infinite potentials for better living at One with Tao. 158 pages. Item BPP20 / $12.95

How Akido Changed the World Aikido, as a martial art, embraces both the physical aspects of enhancement as well as the spiritual growth of the individual. Each practitioner discovers and journeys their own unique path - gaining a new perspective of the world around them and of themselves. How Aikido Can Change the World is a road map of that journey of discovery. This book discusses Aikido beyond the physical aspects. While Aikido is a physical martial way, its philosophies and peripherals carry over far into a practitioner’s world if proper focus and realization are maintained. The author conveys his expedition of the art gained through personal experience, exploration and integration. Item BPP23 / $19.99

Buddhism in Ten, Easy Lessons for Spiritual Growth The Ten lessons contain fun damental principles of Buddhism along with clear and effective ways to apply Buddhism to many areas of life.152 pages. Item BPP22 / $12.95

Korean Martial Art: The Conquer of America By Ho Sung Lee.The story of the history of Tae Kwon Do in the United States and the Korean pioneers who brought the art to America. 344 pages. Only available in Korean.Item B040 / $19.99

Closeout Champions 2000: 14th Men’s & 7th Women’s WTF Championships Video Vol. A contains men’s and women’s fin, fly and men’s bantam competitions. Item T021A / $35.00 Reduced to $4.99! Vol. B contains women’s bantam and men’s and women’s feather & light matches. Item T021B / $35.00 Reduced to $4.99! Vol. C contains men’s and women’s welter, middle and heavyweight championships Item T021C / $35.00 Reduced to $4.99!

Success and the Creative Imagination: The Unique Power of Do Sang Kyu Shim’s book provides a rich model of the way one can bring diversity of expression to the unity of understanding and fulfillment. Item B026 / $7.99

Tae Kwon Do, Volume I & II Vol. 1 contains all of Poomsae (forms), Taeguek 1-8 and Palgwe 1-8, required to earn a black belt from the WTF. Vol. 2 illustrates Poomsae from Cho Dan to Grandmaster. Item B003 / Vol. 1 / $15.00 Reduced to $2.99! Item B004 / Vol. 2 / $15.00 Reduced to $2.99!

Featured Trainingg Products & Novelties Double Focus Target Two separate pads are bound together to create a training aid that enables you to actually hear the strength of your kick. A sturdy, elastic wrist band ensures that the target will not leave the holder’s hand. Item K002 / $24.95

Jang Bong Sul (Long Pole) This three-section staff easily screws together to form the six-foot long bong that has been a part of Korean martial history for over 4,000 years. Constructed with a durable core surr wood-simulated padded covering tha strikes and blows. Item K008 / $29.95

BOB Training Partner He’s the perfect sparring partner! Practice your techniques and accuracy on this life-like mannequin. Fits on a sand or water filled base, which is included. BOB is made of a high strength plastisol with an inner cavity filled with a durable urethane foam. Weighs 270 lbs. when filled. Made in the USA. One year limited warranty. BOB Item NPP03 / $329.99 Now $280.00 * You Save $50.00 BOB XL Item NPP04 / $399.99 Now $340.99* You Save $60.00 *$10 off S&H if ordered by September 30th, 2009

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HapkidoGear Shoe This shoe uses existing RingStar technology with Hapkido specific refinements to create the first shoe born for Hapkido. HapkidoGear shoes are specifically designed for both training and sparring. The unique materials used in this make it the lightest, most comfortable and protective shoe available. Item NPP01 / $82.99

HapkidoGear Cane The New Tactical Cane from HapkidoGear is designed to be the perfect training aid in the Dojang and to meet the requirements of real world usage. Using high tech aluminum alloy and durable powder coating in it’s construction along with sure grip knurling on the shaft, this cane is the most highly developed and versatile available today. Item NPP02 / $