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January 2009 / Volume 29 No. 1 / Issue Number 167 Publisher & CEO Woojin Jung


Managing Editor Laura Stolpe

20 ITF Championship p p in Uzbekistan

Creative Director Elizabeth Brown

30 The International Taoist Universityy Program g

Founded in 1980 by Chung E. Kim

See colorful, cultural photos from the 8th Junior and 3rd Veteran TaeKwon-Do ITF World Championships in Uzbekistan. Tr i - M o u n t P u b l i c a t i o n s

For the martial artist it is important to always be learning. Dr. Andy Mencia offers a new opportunity for martial artists to learn even more with his new International Taoist University Program.

Business Director 34 Herbal Ice Brian Heckart It’s an undeniable fact that injuries are a part of practicing martial arts. Get an ancient recipe to get Assistant to Publisher GiSeon Kim Copy Editor Erich Pilcher Web Site Manager Midwest Dedicated

Market Consultant John Blassingame John Lee


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40 Minimum Fat

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46 The Heroes of Kuk Sool Won

Meet Master Jeff Green and Sabumnim Ben Mitchell—two modern-day heroes and masters of the Korean art of Kuk Sool Won. Learn how they’ve used their martial arts training in the real world to battle burns and bad guys.

51 2008 Hall of Fame

Another year has come and passed in the world of TKD and TKD Times has found 10 great martial artists to honor in our legendary, annual hall of fame. Read up on why these 10 practitioners have earned this prestigious positions in our eyes.



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Being a member of the U.S. Marine Corp is one of the toughest jobs on the planet—defending the defenseless and subduing the threats of our world at war. Check out the techniques and philosophy behind the Marine Corp Martial Art Program.

66 The Han Philosophy p y

Become informed on the philosophy that has been developing in the land of Korea for thousands of years. Learn the four characteristics on the Han philosophy and how it’s being implemented in the world today.

72 Sip p Pal Gi: Korean Kungg Fu

Get the history on Sip Pal Gi, a form of Korean Kung Fu that has been practiced for centuries. Read up on its techniques and weapons.

76 The “Knee-ed” For Power

Knee strikes are an essential for the martial art arsenal. Get tips and techniques of knee strikes that can get you out of a bad situation.

81 Inside the Kukkiwon

Get the inside scoop on attending the Kukkiwon Instructor Training Course held annually at Tae Kwon Do headquarters in Seoul. Read one master’s day-by-day diary.

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The People Demand No Politics in TKD

From the Desk of the Editor

In September 2008, General Choi’s son, Jung Hwa Choi, returned to South Korea from Canada after 34 years. His return prompted an interview with the JoongAng Daily in which Choi’s son claims that North Korea disguised its agents as Tae Kwon Do masters working for the International TaeKwon-Do Federation (ITF) and dispatched them around the world. Choi also stated that in the 1980s, there were three attempts by these agents to assassinate the then South Korean President, Chun Doo Hwan. Choi’s claims stunned news readers, but for most of us familiar with the world of TKD—there was little shock factor. His statements were simply an addition to all the other political controversies the art of Tae Kwon Do has endured and become entangled with over the years—whether it has been with the ITF, the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), North Korea’s government or South Korea’s government. The art of Tae Kwon Do is riddled with more politics and stories of espionage and assassination than a Tom Clancy novel. There is no excuse for a martial art as beautiful and as inspiring as TKD to be soiled upon by its leaders. It is the people at the top that fill our art with these degenerative attributes—it is not those that practice it. And yes, I said ourr art. Tae Kwon Do was created in Korea, by General Choi, but it no longer belongs to Korea or Koreans alone. It belongs to the world. It belongs to the little girl in Kentucky whose first perfectly executed form has filled her with the knowledge of accomplishment and the wisdom of patience; it belongs to the 70-yearold man who lost his wife two years ago and found a solace in TKD; it belongs to the mother of three, making it on her own, empowered by her new found agility and self-confidence; it belongs to you and it belongs to me. The governments, policies and administrators of TKD have claimed their “right” to Tae Kwon Do for far too long. Whether they feel a sense of entitlement or of ownership is irrelevant to the common practitioner. They need to understand that the world is watching. They need to understand that for Tae Kwon Do to be openly embraced by the millions of people watching and the International Olympic Committee for another four years—that the madness must stop. We need the ITF to merge together all three of its factions and then merge with the WTF if Tae Kwon Do is to be taken seriously on the global stage. The people of Tae Kwon Do are aware of the battles that have been fought over TKD, over the founding, the running, and the establishment. But those battles must be kept in the past. They do not do this martial art justice. They only detract from its beauty. I want all practitioners to understand, TKD is not about the politics, it’s not about the governments and it’s not about the in-fighting in the ITF and WTF or among them. True TKD, pure TKD, captures your spirit, your essence, your soul. It wraps you up at night and holds you, and unleashes you and your confidence to the world each morning. Their battles—their fights—they are not ours. This is our TKD—we claim it and we take it just for us. It is no longer theirs. Let them fight—it is futile. Make TKD yours. Make it your escape. Make it your safe haven. Use it for its goodness and reject their negativity. We do not need it and we do not want it. We must all stand up together and tell them, this is not your TKD anymore—it belongs to us—the practitioners. And we demand better for our art—for TKD—we demand it—NO POLITICS IN TKD!


January 2009 /


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Martial Art News

NEWS AAU Appoints New National Chief Referee Fort Lauderdale, Florida—At the opening session of the 2008/2009 National Clinic Administrator’s Program training, Michael Friello, National Sport Chair for the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Taekwondo Program, announced the appointment of Master Chuong Pham of Silver Spring, Maryland, as the new National Chief Referee for the AAU Program. Master Pham’s past accomplishments include help in the development and implementation of the CA Clinic itself, a bona fide Official’s Evaluation Program, providing access to AAU certified officials in the international arena, and, of course, introductions throughout Europe and the Caribbean where his reputation and credentials are well-respected.

ITF President Earns Doctorate Vienna, Austria—Professor Chang Ung, President of the International TaeKwon-Do Federation (ITF) and a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), has been awarded a Doctorate in Sociology and Political Sciences for his thesis entitled Study on the Olympic Movement—the Professor Chang Ung Olympic Games and Politics. The Chairman of the State Commission for Conferring Academic Degrees and Titles of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Bom-Gi Gwak, presented Chang Ung with his doctoral diploma at a ceremony held in July 2008 in Pyongyang.

Visit daily for all the latest breaking news… Bruce Lee by Paul Bax, his wonderful six children, and the unselfish vision he had to develop a fund for the specific purpose of saving lives of the poor children in the Philippines, through providing financial assistance for immediate medical care and attention.


AHA Promotions Orlando, Florida—Grandmaster Jimmie Faralli of the American Hapkido Alliance (AHA) has announced recent promotions. Master Joe Arndt, who has been training with Faralli since 1980, has been promoted to the rank of sixth-degree and has accepted the position of Secretary-General. Master Pete Santiago, who has been training for over 30 years and been with Faralli since 1993, has been promoted to fifthdegree. Dr. Kathryn Shaw, an Orlando, Florida-based chiropractor who has been training for over 25 years and been with Faralli since 1993, has been promoted Nikolai Lee, Jimmie Faralli, and Kathryn Shaw to fifth-degree and has accepted the position of Administrator of the AHA. This promotion makes her the highest ranking woman in the American Hapkido Alliance. Mr. Nikolai Lee has been training since 2003 and has been promoted to first-degree. The AHA is a non-profit association founded in 1993 by Faralli and the late Grandmaster Jimmie Brown.

First Black Belt in Yemen

Black Belt Bliss

Sanaa´, Yemen—Dr. Josef Iglhaut, who works as an investment advisor for the President, recently successfully passed the test to the rank of first-dan in Oh-Do-Kwan HapKi-Do. Under the supervision of Grandmaster Klaus Schuhmacher, he now is the first person who reached this grade in Yemen, issued by the World Hap-Ki-Do-Won, under the authority of the World Independent Hap-Ki-Do Federation.

Putnam, Connecticut—Seventh-degree Tang Soo Do black belt Mike Bogdanski married second-degree black belt Linda Garcia in July 2008 in Connecticut. Masters Steve Best, Mark Stockton and Garth Charland were in attendance along with over thirty black belts. Master Bogdanski is the Vice chair of the U.S. Goodwill Tang Soo Do Association and owns a school in Putnam with business partner Kristin Duethorn.

Farewell to Skip Ellsworth Cebu, Phillippines—In August 2008, martial artist Hon. Sigung, DeWelle F. (Skip) Ellsworth, Jr. passed away peacefully in his home. Skip Ellsworth was one of Sijo Bruce Lee’s first students in Seattle, Washington, from 1959-1963 and remained in constant contact with Sijo Lee until his death. He leaves behind a great legacy through his innovative teachings in log home building techniques, his personal writings on all subjects near and dear to him, his authorized writings about Sijo Dr. MacBaine and Skip Ellsworth

14 January 2009 /

Dr. Iglhaut and GM Schuhmacher

Nigerian Master Earns Seventh-Degree Nigeria—The International TaeKwon-Do Federation Promotions Committee announced the promotion of Master George Ashiru to the rank of seventh-degree black belt. Master Ashiru may now have made history as the first African to be recognized as an ITF Master Instructor in its 42-year history. Master Ashiru is the President of ITF Nigeria and the Chairman of the ITF Africa Regional Committee. He has practiced Tae Kwon Do since 1976 and is highly regarded in Nigeria and Africa both by ITF and WTF players.

Philly Grandmaster Earns Ninth-Degree Wayne, Pennsylvania—The Nackord Karate System in Wayne, Pennsylvania, is honored to announce the promotion of its Grandmaster, Dennis Nackord, to ninth-degree black belt. A native of San Francisco, Nackord has been nicknamed the “Father of Kenpo Karate in Philadelphia” after opening his first of over 20 Karate schools in Northeast Philadelphia in the early 1970s. He has promoted over 160 black belts during his 40 years of instruction. Joe Lewis, far right, next to newly promoted Dennis Nackord

AWARDS TKDT Columnist Humanitarian of the Year Denver, Colorado—Martial arts author and columnist, Master Karen Eden, was presented with the Humanitarian of the Year award from the Bushido Academy of Denver. “We wanted to pick someone who exemplified extraordinary dedication in community services,” said Sensei James Walker of the Bushido Academy. Master Master Eden Eden has taught martial arts for years through the Salvation Army, teaching many at-risk youth, former gang members and homeless individuals in the poorest sections of Denver. “In eight years, I’ve promoted six black belts. These students aren’t dumb. These are smart kids who otherwise don’t have the resources to train,” says Karen. “I’ve gotten more out of it than anybody.” The Humanitarian Award was presented at the Radisson Hotel. Many Karate students and instructors were present from the Bushido Academy, attending from as far away as Florida.

GOOD DEEDS Nepal ITF Uses Social Work to Celebrate Kathmandu, Nepal—The Nepal ITF celebrated its eleven-year anniversary some valuable social work. The three-day celebration included a blood drive, a lunch for elderly citizens and a reception to honor and award valuable members of the Nepal ITF. Chawachi Dangol received Best Player award in the male senior category while Aarati Rawat won the female category. Rabin Rai was awarded the Best Player award Nepal ITF President Krishna Balal serves lunch to for a male junior and seniors. Puja Giri won the Best Player award for a female junior. Umesh Rajthala earned Best Instructor while Palpa Taekwon-Do was awarded for Best Association.

Super Taekwondo Helps Children’s Miracle Network Palm Beach, Florida—Grandmaster Ki Sop Yoon from Palm Beach Super Taekwondo, along with ATU (American Taekwondo United) raised money for the Children’s Miracle Network. 75 of Grandmaster Ki Sop Yoon’s students took part in a nationwide health kick break-a-thon to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. St. Peter’s United Methodist Church provided the venue for the event in their school’s gymnasium. The Palm Beach Super Taekwondo Demo Team provided an outstanding show during the event, performing aerial kicking techniques and power breaking demonstrations. Grandmaster Ki Sop Yoon concluded the demonstrations by showing his self-defense skills and power breaking several concrete blocks with a jumping back kick. Palm Beach Super Taekwondo exceeded their goal of $5000.00 and actually raised $5,609.48. Representatives from the Children’s Miracle Network were on hand to receive the donations.

Jimmy Kim Wins Business Award Laguna Niguel, California—Jimmy Kim’s Taekwondo Center has been selected for the 2008 Best of Laguna Niguel Award in the Martial Arts category by the U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA). The USLBA “Best of Local Business” Award Program recognizes outstanding local businesses throughout the country. Each year, the USLBA identifies companies they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and community. Jimmy Kim is a former U.S. Olympian and coached U.S. Olympic Team Member Charlotte Craig.

Palm Beach Super Taekwondo raised over $5500 for Children’s Miracle Network / January 2009



Martial Art News


New School Grand Opening

Korean Tigers Visit New York New York City—The Korean Tigers led by Grandmaster Hak Sun Ahn performed their famous cutting-edge poomsae and elaborate stunts at Queens College Colden Center before an audience of 4,000. The spectators were mesmerized by the intense, powerful poomsae and the flexible, brilliant actions of the 40-member team. During the second session, the Tae Kwon Do performances were combined with stunning dance routines. The president of Dynamics Martial Arts Supply, Chong-Tae Kim, a patron of the event commented, “The Korean Tigers Taekwondo Demonstration performance is Korea’s cultural icon that raised the honor of Kukki Taekwondo, presenting itself to the whole wide world.”

East Rutherford, New Jersey—Master Quoc L. Tran recently celebrated his new martial arts school, Tran’s Combat Martial Arts Academy, in East Rutherford, New Jersey, in September 2008. Master Tran, founder and chief instructor made a short speech about the school and its mission; followed by a prayer from Mr. Hung Dao Tran, a leader from the Vietnamese Community Bible Church of New York. Mayor James L. Cassella of East Rutherford also attended the ceremony and take part in a ribbon cutting.

Master Tran and students at the Grand Opening

The 1st ITF Korea National Championship

The Korean Tigers visit Dynamic Headquarters in New York City

ITF Seminar in New York Fulton, New York—Master k Lucy Hanson of Precision TaeKwon-Do hosted a seminar with Grandmaster Mark McCarthy and Master Tom Merritt. The seminar covered in great detail the ITF patterns, fundamental movements, kicking and sparring. Grandmaster McCarthy discussed the theory of power and sine wave related to ITF TaeKwon-Do. Master Tom Merritt demonstrated kicks and patterns. Grandmaster Mark McCarthy is an eighth-dan and holds the position of Vice President for TaeKwon-Do International. He was a member of the ITF demo team traveling and conducting seminars with General Choi Hong Hi and is featured in the Encyclopedia of TaeKwon-Do. Master Tom Merritt is a seventh-dan and holds the position of President for the International TaeKwon-Do Union. Master Merritt was featured on the cover of TaeKwonDo Times magazine in September of 2003. He teaches at Fight Science Martial Arts in Fulton, New York. Master Lucy Hanson holds the position of Vice President for the International TaeKwon-Do Union and is a sixth-dan.

Daegu City, Korea—ITF Korea held the 1st ITF Korea Tae Kwon Do tournament in Daegu City at Daegu Municipal Gym in August 2008. There were 600 competitors from all over Korea including the cities of Seoul, Inchon, Kyunggi, Kwangju, Daegu, Kangwon, and Jeju; as well as the countries of China, Japan and Kazakhstan. During the opening ceremony, Wan-Ryung You, the President of ITF Korea, offered his congratulations and a congratulatory address to Chang Ung, President of the ITF. Wan-Ryung You put emphasized in his opening speech that “through this competition, it means that ITF Korea is the national organization and this gives all competitors a sense of pride in their ITF Korea.” The competition consisted of forms or tuls, sparring and breaking and was success.

Over 600 people came to compete in the 1st ITF Korea Tournament

(Left) Master Merritt with ITF seminar students


WHA Summer Camp

Brotherhood of Martial Artists

Ventura, California—World Hapkido Association’s (WHA) Annual Hapkido Camp boasted participants from Florida, Oregon, Colorado, Illinois, California, the East Coast and as far away as Canada and Brazil. Friday evening was spent with demonstrations and lectures by Grandmaster In-Shik Hwang along with long staff training by Master Jason Jung Jr. and the defense of others taught by Master Dan Piller. The next day found Master Shawn Phillips teaching street survival tactics, Master Jeff Hindley on counters and reversals and Master Carlos Feliciano on how to apply belt and towel defense. Grandmaster Hwang continued to provide individual instruction to the WHA’s senior students and Master Jung Jr. provided advanced staff training. On Sunday, Master Jung, WHA President, spent time with the group providing basic wrist grab defense, takedowns and dynamic Hoshinsul. He discussed WHA’s continued emphasis against memorizing large numbers of techniques, but rather to gain a solid foundation in only a few basic techniques as they are the building blocks for all subsequent training. These intense mini-seminars were punctuated through the weekend by early morning runs along the Ventura pier, TanJun breathing by the ocean, fellowship, fun and the First Annual WHA Awards Dinner.

Galesburg, Illinois—The Fifth Annual Brotherhood of Martial Artists East Coast Gathering took place in August 2008 at Swansea, Massachusetts. Featured instructors were Juan Mercado from Puerto Rico (Kenpo) and Aaron Wayne-Duke from Illinois (Taekwondo). The event was hosted by Semper Fi Taekwondo in Swansea. The Brotherhood of Martial Artists was founded by Douglas Veronesi in March of 2002. The martial arts educational network now consists of more than 265 members internationally. To read more on the spirit of the Brotherhood, visit for an editorial on Sharing Our Art.

WTF-KHU Partnership Taekwondo Training Program Seoul, Korea—The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) held a ceremony for the participants in the third edition of the 2008 WTF-KHU Partnership Taekwondo Training Program at the Suwon campus of Kyung Hee University in Suwon, Korea, in September 2008. A total of 15 coaches and athletes from 15 countries are participating in the ongoing partnership training program. The ceremony drew the 15 program participants and some 200 Tae Kwon Do students and faculty members of Kyung Hee University. Since 2005, the WTF and Kyung Hee University have jointly offered a Tae Kwon Do training program for coaches and athletes in less developed countries.

Attendees of the Brotherhood of Martial Arts

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ITF Championships in


(Below) A traditional dance of Uzbekistan

(Below) A callused knife hand

(Below) A cultural display at the opening ceremony


(Below) A senior competitor throws a punch.

(Above) Traditional instruments of Uzbekistan

ITF President Chang Ung is awarded an honorary black belt.

(Left) GM Woojin Jung signs a book for Dr. Leong Wai Meng.

A moment of silence for Master Ri Yong Sok (Right) Mikhail Shmelev and Katia Nazarenko of Russia

(Below) The official judges’ panel

ITF members dress in traditional Uzbekistan garments.


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24 January 2009 /



Black Belt Beginnings g

Focus On Our Readers... Something in Common By Sungun Ha Photo by Seok-Je Lee

Black Belt Beginnings tells the inspiring and motivational stories of students climbing the rank system and achieving black belt. To submit your story of 750 words or less, email it to

Not only has their physical condition improved, but more importantly, TKD is their first common hobby they have ever shared in their long years of marriage. “Reading is my hobby, and knitting for Mary,” said William. “We always had different hobbies during our entire life,” he continued. “By practicing Tae Kwon Do, we finally have a common hobby,” he concluded. The Vandiveres, more youthful than ever, are not sure if they will be coming to Korea again, however, I am certain that their affection and interest for their newly found common hobby will be deeper than ever before.

Due to the development of medical technology and social security, elderly couples enjoy the lives of retirees. This cultural phenomenon is especially a common scene in developed countries. From July 4 through 11, over 2,000 people around the world participated in the 2nd World Taekwondo Cultural Expos held in Jeonju City and Muju County, Korea. The elderly couple, William and Mary Alice Vandivere, both 83, also took part in the event. It is William and Mary Alice Vandivere not easy to cross the Pacific Ocean on a plane at their age however, their passion for TKD drove them to visit Korea, the Mecca of Tae Kwon Do. My Martial Art Therapy The couple started TKD three years ago. It is a comBy Jim Turnquist mon thought that combat arts such as Tae Kwon Do are for young people. But it did not matter for this elderly One day in 1996 while I was driving a large forklift I couple. They chose TKD at the age of 80. Three years is experienced some incredible pain in my lower back. After a sufficient period of time to get a black belt for young several doctor visits, I learned that I had degenerative disc people; however, the Vandiveres both have their green disease and was suffering from what was called a bulged belts. disc. When asked for their motives behind taking up TKD I was a scared 29-year-old man pondering my options lessons at that age they replied, “We didn’t have any to correct my ailment; I opted to use chiropractic care. special motives to start up the art.” William added that, My decision was a good one; it took the chiropractor, Dr. “Since we started Tae Kwon Do, our sense of balance has Dominic Charles, about six months to put the bulge back improved, our physical condition and our concentration in place. got better.” When asked if he had tried board breaking, The years had passed, I was leading a relatively normal “Up to two boards,” he answered without hesitation. life but always being cautious in any activity so I did not The Vandiveres started TKD together three years re-injure myself. ago at the age of 80. Now employed by a different company and working a cold winter day in 2004, I was getting ready to enter an underground vault. To set this up, the previous day had been a bit warmer. The warmth was enough to melt off a fair amount of snow and ice, however today it is quite cold and everything had froze again. Knowing this, I attempted to remove the lid to the vault with every bit of caution but as luck would have it, my attempt led to a sharp hot pain in my lower back. Not certain what I did I went to my family doctor. He gave me the basic prescriptions of rest and some medications. After a week of not feeling any better, I thought this was a reoccurrence of the bulged disc so back to a chiropractor I went. Dr Charles confirmed my thoughts via an x-ray and set up an adjustment game plan. +/ January 2009 /

During an appointment in May The surgery went well; I was up of 2005, Dr. Charles expressed to walking around two hours after the me his feelings of having done all surgery with no pain. A follow up appointment was made with Dr. he could for me and recommended that I see a specialist. The recomProchnow, he liked what he saw, and he gave me specific instrucmendation was due to the deterioration of my health; progress was tions to follow and said, “As long as no longer being made and the pain you do as I tell you, your recovery will go well with less chance of any had gotten worse. Having no idea where I should complications.” I did as I was told begin to find a doctor, I turned to and worked with a conditioning program for my back over the next my mother-in-law who has been employed by our local hospital for 21-22 months. Then my lower back was beginning to give me problems many years. As she inquired, one name came up most often. That again, I saw Dr. Prochnow and he was Dr. Todd Prochnow. I made laid out my options. I sought out a Instructor Patrick Wilcox and Jim Turnquist an appointment and the appointsecond opinion from the Michigan Head and Spine Institute. The doctor told me that I’ve ment came and went, along with x-rays and an MRI that yet to exhaust all my options to help relieve the pain. I turned up a severely bulged disc at the L4-L5 locachose this doctor after many hours of research and felt tion and a slight herniation at the L5-S1 location; the prognosis was surgery. “When”? I asked. Dr Prochnow very confident in his opinion for he had been awarded replied, “Whenever you are ready,” then proceeded to top surgeon in the United States three out of four years from 2002 to 2006. tell me not to wait too long because the longer I wait the worse the pain will get along with a greater chance of So I went home and thought deeply about what I permanent damage. could do to help myself. I knew that I needed something After many sleepless nights and conversations with that would put me into a position that would force me to continue some form of therapy. Therapy? physical thermy wife and family, I let Dr. Prochnow know that I was apy ? Maybe, what else can I do that would be close to ready; my surgery date was scheduled. It took about a week for me to come to terms with what I would soon physical therapy that I might enjoy? Martial arts. endure. So I began looking at all the schools in my area, the Now that the date was set, preparations were made last door I walked through I was acknowledged by a stuwithin the home to accommodate me. The days and dent in the training room and shown the way to the ofevenings seemed to pass at a snail’s pace and then one fice. There I met a man roughly my age; he seemed calm, day in the very early hours, (1:30 – 2:00 am) of Monday, June 12, I rose in my bed crying in pain, pain that I have never felt before. My wife asked if I was alright. I said no and asked her to take me to the hospital. The emergency room physicians did the best they could, which was a strong enough drug to ease the pain. Returning home just after 4:00 am, my wife, bless her heart, tried to stay awake with me as I tossed, turned and paced the house. At 8:00 am my wife and I were entering Dr. Prochnow’s office, he saw me immediately. Now sitting on the exam table he rolled toward me on his stool, proceeded to grab the under side of my right leg just behind my right knee and squeezed. THE PAIN WAS NAUSEATING!! Simultaneously I yelled and flew off the table landing on the floor. The yell was loud enough to cause a stir outside the exam room that brought three additional nurses running in where I was still laying on the floor in tears. Dr. Prochnow looked at me and my wife and said, “I will have him in the operating room at 7:00am Wednesday morning, June 15 (2005)”. Jim performs a heel kick. /January 2009


laid back and relaxed. He asked how he could help me. I introduced myself and so did he, then I told him my story. During our one-hour conversation I learned the he, Master Patrick Wilcox, had been a student of martial arts for 26 years and his wife is also a life long student along with being a licensed physical therapist. This was exactly what I was looking for, not much in regards to the art that was being taught, but how I will benefit from the stretching, conditioning and toning I need to get my lower back into a healthy condition. I knew I had a long road ahead of me; but I was ready to do it. I started class weighing in just shy of 200 pounds and only able bend to 45 degrees from an upright position at my waist. The work in progress began; hours of training, lots of pain, assistance and direction from Mr. Wilcox (Sa Bum Nim) and Mrs. Wilcox (Kyo Sa Nim). I was becoming more flexible, losing weight and the pain was subsiding. This was great; I am pleased with the progress I have made and am excited about the days to come. Days pass, my rank increases every three months, my body responds in ways I never thought would be possible. Sa Bum Nim and Kyo Sa Nim have been so helpful and inspirational I feel there are just not enough words.

After 15 months of martial art therapy here are some awesome statistics to my efforts: I now weigh a lean 174 pounds and can bend over and place my hands on the floor. I am 25 percent away from Chinese and Side Splits and have the energy and stamina to withstand a 45-minute non-stop cardio class with weights. The higher ranking adult students have complimented me on my performances and I have been told I inspire others. At 40 years of age I am in better shape than I was at 29. This is a testament to what I believe martial arts can do, a true, full body, mind and spirit conditioning program. The school I attend is Martial Arts Fitness Center in Monroe, Michigan. The man I met 15 months ago known as Mr. Wilcox is now Sa Bum Nim Wilcox. He has become my strongest means of inspiration, my family, my friend and my mentor.

TKD has helped Jim overcome severe back pain.



These days I am no longer surprised when a traditional Tae Kwon Do (TKD) instructor attends a modern day mixed martial arts (MMA) clinic or returns from a reality martial arts seminar and pronounces boldly that “traditional martial arts don’t work!” Hmm. Classical or traditional martial arts have worked just fine for centuries. I was often told as a young TKD instructor in the late 1960s, that at the level of mastery, all martial arts seemed to work alike. Some forty years later, having reached that level of mastery, I can now speak from experience. All martial arts do work something alike. Bear with me while I explain. Those who attended Sunday school as kids or perhaps as a teen enrolled in a university class on the Bible, no doubt remember the account of a young martial arts hero named David and his fight with a towering giant named Goliath. David was a young man who worked as a sheep herder. In protecting his flocks David came upon the idea of placing a rock into a sling. By swinging the rock skillfully David learned he could propel the object with tremendous force. The hours he spent alone must have provided ample time to perfect his ability to hurl the stone with speed, power and above all, accuracy. Indeed David noted that he had, on occasion, stunned the lion and the bear with the sling and stone. As the beast remained immobilized David would then approach it, raising its head by the beard he would then safely cut its throat. As the armies of Saul fearfully contemplated what to do about the constant challenges and insults being hurled by Goliath, young David confidently proclaimed, “I will fight Goliath.” While others saw Goliath as being too big to fight, he stood almost nine feet tall and had been a warrior since his youth, David knew only that Goliath was too big to miss! Taking his sling and five smooth stones, David ran toward Goliath to increase the power of his delivery. Striking his opponent with such force that the stone penetrated the opponent’s forehead, David then removed the stunned fighter’s sword and severed the neck from the body. David’s strategy was to stun his adversary with a stone. While the enemy lay immobilized, David would safely approach and finish the task. The practice of using a stone, a rock as a weapon for self-defense is as old as man. Who could argue that the stone when used as a weapon of self-defense no longer works? What I have learned over the decades is that it’s not the art that is important, it’s the individual. Furthermore, it’s not the technique we need worry about; it’s the delivery of the skill that will make the difference.

32 January 2009 /

Traditional TKD is today just as effective as it ever was. Yet we are bombarded by the naysayer that wants us to believe that every new art, perhaps a mixture of arts would work better. The young King David had at his disposal the finest equipment of his time, yet he chose his traditional method. It’s not the art, the style or the equipment we need to fret over. Improving our individual ability to deliver the techniques best suited to the task is our goal. You are free to call your way of selfdefense TKD, MMA or whatever you choose. The new spectator sport of mixed martial arts certainly provides a plethora of practical skills to employ. It is important that we not simply visit the popularity of MMA and conclude our TKD no longer works or that one art is better than another. In this column I want to help the individual practitioner of TKD adapt the MMA strategy to his arsenal. We can learn a lot from MMA. And, we can gain even more by including MMA skills and training methods in our pursuit of TKD mastery. Dr. Jerry Beasley is Professor of Exercise, Sport and Health at Radford University in Virginia where he heads the Asian Martial Arts Minor and produces the world famous Karate College MMA training camp. Dr. Beasley has earned an eighth-dan in Tae Kwon Do Moo Duk Kwan and an eighth-dan in Joe Lewis Kickboxing. Visit his MMA trainers’ association at


.com / January 2009


Suzanne Ellenberger is a ďŹ rst-degree black belt in Choi Kwang Do martial arts. She h works at Clemson University in South Carolina, where she teaches both freshman chemistry courses and a class in Choi Kwang Do martial arts. Suzanne also leads the Clemson University Choi Kwang Do Club.



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Heroes come in many different types. There are heroes that are brazen, expecting praise and compliments with each of their good deeds, no matter how little. There are heroes who are modest, quietly doing their part to aid mankind. There are accidental heroes, ones that for a brief moment stumble upon an act of heroism and are forever remembered. And there are our everyday heroes, those that go out each day and do what so many of us could not, knowingly putting their own lives on the line to save others—often unnoticed and unrewarded—until now. TaeKwonDo Times has selected Master Jeff Green and Sabumnim Ben Mitchell as two heroes that deserve to be noticed. Overcoming great loss and adversity, these men have both used their martial art of Kuk Sool Won as a guiding force that has led them both to the top of their professions, saving lives daily. Both masters and both heroes, these are their stories…

t t t t t t For many the journey to martial arts training is a direct one. However, for Master Jeff Green of Kuk Sool Won in Galesburg, Illinois, the path was one of many twists and turns that made him appreciate success that much more. While growing up in Galesburg, Green was always fascinated by the trophies earned and uniforms worn by his cousins in their respective sports. However having a mom who was concerned her son would get hurt, Green was not allowed to participate in organized sports until ninth grade football. Green enjoyed playing football. However he was relegated to second string because of his size (he only weighed 120 pounds) and lack of knowledge about the game. But playing football did provide another opportunity for Green, when one of his teammates suggested he try out for the wrestling team. Although Green was slightly behind everyone else in knowledge of wrestling, he enjoyed the sport because of his ability to throw people and submit them. According to Green his experience in other sports helped with his martial arts training, “A lot of the natural stances that are used in 46 January 2009 /

other sports cross over to Kuk Sool Won.” Green wrestled until his senior year of high school in 1978. That year Green skipped his senior year of wrestling to help his father with his new carpentry business. Following high school Green decided he wanted to become a firefighter, so he trained at a local boxing club to get into shape for the agility test. Although Green did not rank as well as he had hoped following the exam, he was in good spirits because his results were kept on file for two years. Around this time the recession of the 1980s hit, causing Green to look for other work since carpentry work was hard to come by. To help his financial situation, Green took a job working for a Happy Joe’s Pizza delivering pizzas part-time. Two weeks after starting at Happy Joe’s Green began training to become an assistant manager. With a wife and child to support, Green worked as much as he could and left Galesburg to work for Happy Joe’s in Peru, Illinois, in 1983. When Green returned to Galesburg and the carpentry business

in October of 1985 he was 25, and by his own account, out of shape. Because of this Green met up with a high school friend to talk to him about his Kuk Sool Won training. The next day Green met the man who would guide him through his Kuk Sool Won training, the late Master Bob Zefo. “Master Zefo had a true understanding of dedication and hard work,” Green said of his late instructor. “His work ethic was so strong he would get out in the classroom and work with you.” The martial art of Kuk Sool Won, according to Master Green is a systematic study of Korean martial arts. In order to earn a black belt, one must train for four years; to obtain master status, such as Master Green, one must be a practitioner for a minimum of 20 years. The master level of Kuk Sool Won is fifth-dan. By the time one achieves fifth-dan status they have already tested in front of senior masters and Grandmaster In Hyuk Suh a minimum of 30 times. Also Kuk Sool Won teaches weapons techniques for all 24 weapons associated with the Korean Royal Court, hand techniques, kicking techniques, falling techniques, acrobatics, body conditioning, meditation, ki breathing exercises, pressure point strikes, acupressure, acupuncture, joint locks, throwing techniques and defense against throws. This makes Kuk Sool Won one of the most comprehensive martial arts available. It was these attributes and Master Zefo’s sales pitch that led Green to begin Kuk Sool Won training. At this time it was winter so Green’s work as a carpenter was slow, allowing Green to work very hard. He was rewarded with a key to the gym so he could train as much as he wanted. “I just wanted to be there as often as possible and Master Zefo saw that,” Green recalled. As the summer and the next firefighters’ test came along, Master Zefo offered Green a great opportunity to participate in black belt conditioning training. “Master Zefo told me you have

Photo taken by Dear Charlie Photography

the dedication and the heart and the desire that I want these people (his black belts) to have,” Green stated. The black belt training did help Green in his firefighter test. The second time around Green went through it with relative ease. This was because of his enhanced speed and strength achieved through Kuk Sool Won. Although he finished higher than his first attempt, Green did not place first and since they were only hiring one person, he did not get the job. But he did not let that deter him and vowed to try again. By this time Green had achieved red belt status and according to him the changes were quite noticeable, “Personally, how I cared about the little details, not to just copy or mimic a move, but to understand how to do it as precise as possible, but also to dissect it.” Physically Green noticed changes too, “I noticed that I truly started gaining flexibility, better coordination and muscle tone and truly got into really good shape.” In March of 1992, Master Green’s hard work paid off. He received a phone call notifying him he had been selected to be interviewed for a job with the Bettendorf (Iowa) Fire Department. After being hired as a firefighter, Master Green worked very hard and was very respectful to his peers. His hard work was acknowledged when he won Firefighter of the Year in 1993 after only being on the job for one year. Green followed that award up with winning Paramedic of the Year in 1998. According to Green his Kuk Sool Won training was very valuable in helping him win Firefighter of the Year, “I worked for the fire department because I wanted to help people and step up and do things for the community, and that is the type of things they were looking for, and I still associate that with the type of family style of Kuk Sool Won.” / January 2009


After being on the fire department for close to five years, Master Green received a promotion to Lieutenant in Charge of Training in June of 1997. This made him responsible for training incoming firefighters both physically and mentally and he began to implement Kuk Sool Won training as part of this course. “The fire service is demanding work and in Kuk Sool all that physical training helps build muscle groups, including the smaller tendons. It teaches breathing exercises of inhalation through

Many heroes need inspiration. It is their guiding force, it leads them to greatness. For Sabumnim (SBN) Ben Mitchell, a fateful trip to the drive-in movie and a free lesson led him down the road to martial arts and Kuk Sool Won. When Mitchell was a young child he went to the Bruce Lee film The Chinese Connection. Following his viewing of the now classic martial arts epic, Mitchell was hooked. “I began running around the house, imitating Bruce Lee,” Mitchell reflects. This led Mitchell to his first martial arts instructor—his cousin who had served over in Vietnam began teaching SBN Mitchell the basics of martial arts. Then in 1988, Mitchell found what would be his preferred martial art— 48 January 2009 /

the nose and exhalation out of their mouth and calming themselves. It helps them conserve oxygen in their body so their air (tanks) last longer.” Master Green’s family has also embraced Kuk Sool Won training. His wife and daughters are currently black/brown belts and his two sons are first and second-degree black belts. Master Green’s grandson has even begun Kuk Sool Won training, thus making the Greens’ a third generation Kuk Sool Won family. This is something that the Green family feels has greatly improved their lives. Currently Master Green has been with the fire department for 15 years and training in Kuk Sool Won for 23 years. Despite all this training and achieving so much, Master Green still remains goal orientated. He wishes to stay in shape and train hard, while continuing to learn about martial arts training, healing and philosophy. Master Green also wants to continue teaching so he can pass on the lessons he has learned throughout his training to new Kuk Sool Won practitoners, while staying committed to being humble and respectful.

Kuk Sool Won. What led SBN Mitchell to Kuk Sool Won was a meeting with friend Master Jeff Green. The two had trained in martial arts and worked together at Happy Joe’s in Galesburg from 1980 to 1983. However the two would meet up again in 1986, at the same Happy Joe’s they worked at before. When the conversation turned to martial arts training, Green mentioned that he was training in Kuk Sool Won in Galesburg and had earned his black belt with Kwan Jahng Nim (KJN) Bob Zefo. At the end of this conversation, Green invited Mitchell to a free lesson and Mitchell was hooked. Mitchell quickly became a “gym rat,” sometimes practicing at the dojo

for four to six hours a day. Because of his dedication, KJN Bob awarded Mitchell with a key, an honor bestowed to those that showed they wanted extra practice and showed they were willing to work hard. SBN Mitchell’s Kuk Sool Won training was very different from his other martial arts training and Mitchell noticed. “Practicality of the techniques. Chinese Kung Fu is really brutal. Unlike other martial arts, Kuk Sool Won lets you dictate how much damage you do, and you do not have to do long term damage to someone to control them.” SBN Mitchell’s Kuk Sool Won training also allowed him to compete in American Gladiators Live Tour in 1991. “Kuk Sool Won gave me confidence. It helped me realize that they are just human. I trained knowing that they were bigger than me, so I trained to be quicker. My brother competed with me in the finals, I took first place and he took second place,” Mitchell recalls. Mitchell’s training also helped him in his profession, holding several positions within the Illinois Department of Corrections (DOC) since 1986. Kuk Sool Won helped SBN Mitchell deal with problematic inmates. “Throughout (the DOC), the rule is you cannot strike someone and Kuk Sool Won teaches that.” SBN Mitchell recalled one situation in particular when his training benefited him. “I was working in a wing and an inmate had pictures hanging up and—per the rules—I told him to take them down.” From there the inmate became confrontational, positioning himself in a fighting stance, and SBN Mitchell was faced with a tough decision. “I could either walk away and lose any respect I had earned from the inmates in that wing, or stand my ground and be prepared to defend myself.” Faced with this choice of flight or fight, SBN Mitchell warned the inmate he didn’t want to do this and

then stood in a ready stance, anticipating the inmate’s attack. The end result was that the inmate walked away without incident and SBN Mitchell showed great strength and courage. The training was also special for SBN Mitchell because of the relationship he had built with KJN Bob Zefo. According to Mitchell the two most devastating losses in his life was his mother, Erma Lee Mitchell, who passed away in December 1995 and Master Zefo, who succumbed to cancer in January of 2006. According to Mitchell, Master Zefo was “…a phenomenal martial arts instructor. He never made anyone respect him—you just ended up doing so. He was also so knowledgeable. He trained and sweat right with us. His whole goal was to make you the best you could be.” It was due to Master Zefo that SBN Mitchell was able to go to Korea in 2005. This was because Jeff Green was set to be promoted to KJN. However Master Zefo was unable to go due to financial issues. That is when several Midwest schools came together to raise the funds needed for Master Zefo to go to Korea and see his senior student promoted. This group was led by SBN Mitchell and they were able to raise the money, but bad news awaited. Mitchell recalls when he was told by Master Zefo he would be going to Korea. “Master Zefo / January 2009


called me and said that he had some good news and bad news. The bad news was his cancer had returned and immediately I was distraught, because my friend and Master had cancer.” The good news was that Mitchell was going to take Master Zefo’s place. While in Korea, SBN Mitchell was honored to be asked by KJN Alex Suh to participate in the Masters’ demonstration. This experience was one SBN Mitchell called “simply amazing.” Since starting training in Kuk Sool Won, Mitchell has learned that the Kuk Sool Won family is very important. “We have been through marriages, divorces, births and school openings together. There have been several instances where I have been up into the early morning hours talking to another instructor over the phone,” Mitchell stated. The other instructors have also been there for SBN Mitchell. When he needed knee surgery after tearing his Anterior Crucial Ligament (ACL) in October of 2004, Mitchell recalls that several instructors came to his school to teach his classes so he could recover. This proved to SBN Mitchell that the quote “Welcome to the Kuk Sool Won family” is more than just a quote. In 2004, Mitchell left the Illinois DOC after 18 years of service to run his dojang full-time. The major reason behind this decision was Mitchell felt he could have a greater impact on kids than adults, in guiding them to making the right choices. Although he has achieved so much, Mitchell still remains goal-orientated. “I want Kuk Sool Won to become a household name much like Karate and Tae Kwon Do.” SBN Mitchell attributes his success to “…strong family support, strong faith in God and my Kuk Sool training to achieve and succeed.” He believes that with so much negative in the world, the more positive things a parent can put into a child’s life, the better chance the child will stay doing positive things: “Raise up a child in a way they should go, they will continue in that way! Nowadays, a lot of grade schools only have physical education (P.E.) or gym one or two days a week. Kids are not as active as we were, childhood obesity and childhood diabetes are increasing at an alarming rate. This generation of kids has some great challenges ahead, the harmony of Kuk Sool teaches balance of mind, body and spirit. Strive to be smart, strive to be strong. A smart brain and strong body makes for a great attitude.” 50 January 2009 /

SBN Mitchell has seen this firsthand by watching his son Ryan go through Kuk Sool Won training. Two of SBN Mitchell’s proudest moments were when his son became a junior black belt in 2004 and in June of 2008, Ryan was promoted to second-dan black belt. With his young daughter Aniyah and young grandson Imari showing interest in Kuk Sool Won too, the Mitchell family looks to also have three generations of Kuk Sool Won practitoners. SBN Mitchell also strives to create a positive atmosphere at his school Kuk Sool Won of Peoria. “I may not be able to change the world, but I can change one individual at a time.” Mitchell stated. Mitchell also added that he hopes to influence his students the way Master Zefo, Grandmaster Suh and countless other masters and students have influenced him. One of the major goals Mitchell also has is that he would like to see the Kuk Sool Won demographics become 50/50 between men and women. This is because “95% of violent crimes happen against women and girls. However 85% of people that join martial arts schools are men and boys, so the people that should be taking the classes are not.” With the passion and drive, SBN Mitchell has it hard to imagine those goals not taking place, with both his regular family and Kuk Sool family standing right behind him. For photos and bonus content on Master Jeff Green and SBN Ben Mitchell and a review of the Bruce Lee movie The Chinese Connection, visit Photos by Corbin Parker of Visual Arts Studio

52 January 2009 / / January 2009


54 January 2009 / / January 2009

55 / January 2009


58 January 2009 / / January 2009


HAPKIDO The World SinMoo Hapkido Federation “DoJuNim” (Honorable Founder of Korean Hapkido)

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Ji,, Han Jae

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10th Degree Blackbelt / Supreme Grandmaster Over 50 Years in the Martial Arts Bodyguard to South Korea’s President Park Instructor to many of the World’s Top Master-Instructors Starred in Bruce Lee’s “Game of Death”, “Lady Kung-Fu”, “Fist of the Unicorn Palm” and “Hapkido” Founder / DoJuNim: Korean Hapkido Founder / DoJuNim: SinMoo Hapkido World SinMoo Hapkido Federation (Honorary Chairman)

“The Future of Hapkido”

Kwang Jang Nim

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For Information on Individual andd School Charter Memberships Log Onto: A Af`eKf[XpD\dY\ij_`gJ\im`Z\j@eZcl[\1 p g

Technical Support – Manuals – Curriculum – Certification Uniforms - Seminars – Direct Link to the Founder – Networking Training Opportunity – Rank Advancement – Instructor Accreditation Member Newsletter – Dojang Operational Support Note: The World SinMoo Hapkido Federation is the official governing body for SinMoo Hapkido world-wide as sanctioned by DoJuNim Ji, Han Jae

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World SinMoo Hapkido Federation…..Unifying Hapkido Worldwide!

MCMAP Marine Corps Martial Arts Program By Erik Richardson

The nature of warfare is always changing and for any fighting force to be successful, they have to be able to change right along with it. That principle was as true for the Spartans of ancient Greece as it is for the modern day U.S. Marine Corps (USMC), and it is as true for the remote satellites and computer systems that allow for strategic command decisions as it is for the hand-tohand techniques our men and women depend on when they are fighting the enemy in close quarters. In October of 2000, the USMC implemented a new martial arts program that attempted to build and improve on the previous system by incorporating lessons learned on the front lines of the ever-changing landscape of modern warfare. The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP, often pronounced mick-map) was formally launched by a Marine Corps Order (MCO 1550.54) as a “revolutionary step in the development of martial arts skills for Marines and replaces all other close-combat related systems preceding its introduction.” As a testament to the ongoing commitment to the forward momentum created by the program, the Corps is under directive to train all infantrymen to green belt and all other combat arms marines to gray belt by the end of 2008.

The Background of the MCMAP Pvt Smith and MSgt Rankin executing a counter to the front bear hug. Lieutenant Corporal (LCpl) Hohlfeld observes.

The MCMAP descended from a long line of battletested fighting techniques going back to the creation of the Marine Corps and even further. In this historical evolution, lessons have been learned from not only the experience of the marines themselves, but from other cultures and fighting arts dating back centuries. After their experiences in the wars of the 20th century, marines began studying the formal martial arts from a diverse range of cultures. The practices spread over time, and in the early 1980s the Marine Corps created the LINE system, the immediate precursor to the MCMAP system.

62 January 2009 /

In an effort to understand the new program, Tae Kwon Do Times (TKDT) talked with Master Sergeant (MSgt) Mark Rankin, a Martial Arts Instructor Trainer (MAIT) in the program. With 20 years of service in the Corps, including training in the LINE system, he Cpl Lowary and LCpl Hohfeld explained that the Corps needed a new program due to the need for broader training and greater flexibility. As the training manual explains in some detail, modern soldiers operate at different points along a continuum of force where conflict may range from low to high intensity (and can shift along that continuum in a matter of hours). In addition, they are also engaged in operations other than war, such as peacekeeping missions or noncombatant evacuation operations, where deadly force may not be authorized. In such diverse contexts, marines must determine if a situation calls for deadly force. To make the right decision, and quickly, is exactly the reason a marine needs a variety of options to handle the situation responsibly without escalating the violence unnecessarily. In MSgt Rankin’s words, “The old system kind of had one level—full aggression, but the new system brings in a lot of focus on how to evaluate situations and events, and more closely integrates the ethics into the process. The marine still has to be able to respond quickly, but now they have a larger perspective for judging the right degree of response.”

The Disciplines MCMAP was implemented to increase the combat efficiency of marines, as well as boost their confidence and leadership abilities. To do that, these soldiers are required to develop the mind, body and spirit simultaneously and equally. Again and again in our discussion MSgt Rankin came back to that idea of training the soldiers for ethical judgment, and in fact, the idea of character is as much a focus of the program as is the physical training. The MCMAP system integrates three different areas to create a kind of synergy where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts: mental, character, and physical training. These three areas are tied together in what is referred to as the “Warrior Ethos.” In fact, a part of what goes

into training the mind and the character is to actually study other warrior groups and cultures, like the Spartans or the Marine Raiders. Understanding the role of a soldier in a larger context of society and the goals of that society helps to establish a framework for making decisions not only in managing conflict, but in managing troops as well. As MSgt Rankin phrased it, “There is a totally different mindset coming out of the training now. The warrior mindset has been broadened to include a range of mental viewpoints.” As he went on to explain, this sense of seeing how they fit into the larger scheme is really where they start to understand why the whole person has to be brought into the moment of decision. In order to be able to effectively judge the ethical application of force along that continuum, a marine has to have a sense of context, and this education process helps to give that to him or her. It is, then, within this broader context that the role of moral character really takes on its full importance. The training in this discipline covers the ideas and applications of the Marine Corps code of ethics, the role and ideals of good leadership, as well as the meaning of good citizenship. Integral to this area of the program is the role of evaluations by the soldier’s instructor and by the marine’s commanding officer. The mental discipline focuses on the different kinds of awareness and decision making skills required of a marine in order to make the best judgments in situations with high pressure or limited time. It is also closely integrated with the physical training in relation to the capacity to stay clear-headed under intense danger, exhaustion, or disorientation. As a glimpse into his approach, MSgt. Rankin shared that he likes to build up his troops’ mental toughness by pushing them to exhaustion and then adding in pressure—like imposing “under fire” conditions—and then having them engage in hand-to-hand combat with the members of the squad who have just been designated as “enemy combatants.” In talking about why he does this kind of thing, Rankin went on to explain that by constantly trying to change the situation away from what they might expect, he is really reinforcing the kind of quick thinking needed and doing it hand-in-hand with the kind of sheer mental discipline it takes to get up and start fighting even when you think you have nothing else to give. This, of course, leads us to the physical training itself. It is vital to keep in mind that in MCMAP, the actual conditioning and techniques are only a third of the program. This discipline combines hard-core training in fighting techniques, strength building, and endurance. The range of fighting skills covers ground fighting, grappling, pugil bouts (a training method used in various military training programs, the pugil stick is heavily padded, often with one end designated as the bayonet of a rifle and one end as the butt), bayonet dummies, and others. In addition to the work on physical strength and endurance, there are also a number of elements that require teamwork or competition, such as calisthenics, running with full gear, log carries, and boxing matches. Techniques can also be practiced in water or in low-light conditions to simulate combat stress.

The Belt System At each level there are specific requirements in terms of necessary rank attained, recommendations from trainers, and research on the three different disciplines of mental, character, and physical, which are integrated into the program. The MCMAP uses a progression of colored belts similar to other martial arts. The different levels of belts are: tan—the lowest, usually earned during basic

Armbar Pvt Smith in LCpl Hohlfeld’s guard (between his legs) forces a choke.

LCpl Hohlfeld controls Pvt Smith’s hands by the wrists and applies force with his hips to create distance.

He strikes Pvt Smith’s head and brings his leg over.

He controls his arm for the final execution.

He stretches his arm and applies pressure up with his hips breaking and ripping Pvt Smith’s arm out of his shoulder. / January 2009


Shoulder Throw LCpl Hohfeld applies a rear choke while MSgt Rankin takes a hold of his right wrist and arm.

Bending at the knees, MSgt Rankin applies force to his attacker’s legs while pulling his arm.

The full motion forces the attacker over his shoulder...

training; gray—attained after 46 hours of training; green—requiring about 55 hours of training, this is the first level at which a marine can become an instructor and train other marines in the system; brown—requiring 64.9 hours of training; and black—with five degrees. It is important to note that trainers can only certify students up to the belt below theirs, and it is only at the level of first-degree black belt—like Master Sergeant Rankin—that an instructor is qualified to train other instructors, at which point they are given the title of Martial Arts Instructor Trainer. In keeping with the balance among the different aspects of the program, promotion to this level not only requires a mastery of the physical techniques, but recommendations from a senior officer as well, which reflects upon the instructor’s character and his capacity as a leader.

The Techniques In terms of the physical side of the program, we find a wide variety of techniques and training strategies that help train the marine for different levels of conflict. While it has evolved from the combination of many different modern and traditional martial arts, the system has narrowed and refined the borrowed elements to focus on specific kinds of close combat. In the course of their training program, marines practice throws, ground fighting, bayonet techniques and unarmed manipulation. In all of these areas, the marine facing a noncompliant subject has a range of options from restraint with minimal damage to eye gouges, chokes and lethal strikes. Almost all of the techniques can be used offensively or defensively and with or without a weapon, depending on the situation and the mission. On top of that, the program throws in all of the other variables that come into play in real-life scenarios—fighting in helmets, armed with M-16s, carrying their packs, etc.

Looking Toward the Future The need exists to adjust to the ever-changing landscape of modern warfare, and it is fitting to bring closure by sharing some of MSgt Rankin’s thoughts on looking forward. Perhaps nothing fits the spirit of the MCMAP system as much as his point that he, and every instructor he knows, Reverse Wristlock constantly tries to think of ways to keep his soldiers on their toes by changing things LCpl Hohfeld up and using constant variety to push their a front thinking and their flexibility. When we asked him to elaborate on why, he gave executes choke and MSgt us a two-part answer. In part, he said, we want to make sure the marines in Rankin grasps the program never fall into a routine, which could limit their thinking or their his right hand, it off, openness to different solutions. The other part, though, was more appropriate peeling twisting it clockto the idea of training the whole “Warrior Ethos.” He said that one of the bigwise until his gest changes he sees in marines who continue to work toward the advanced lev- palm is facing out. els of the MCMAP is how it boosts their confidence as leaders going forward when they succeed in their push to constantly be better and do more. It should come as no surprise that in talking with MSgt Rankin, we found that this is as true of the instructors as of the marines they train. and throws him to the ground.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Erik Richardson is a freelance writer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has Master’s Degrees in Philosophy and Business. He is currently the Director of Richardson Ideaworks, which focuses on financial and marketing consulting for small and medium-sized businesses.

For more MCMAP fighting techniques, visit our bonus content section at 64 January 2009 /

MSgt Rankin applies pressure to the wrist exerting pain throughout his attacker’s arm.

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4HEÂ&#x2019; FOR0OWER By Stephen DiLeo


Student uses a round kick knee strike from the back leg to strike at the side of the leg in the upper thigh area. .com


0OWER Student sets up for a round kick knee strike from the back leg.

He chambers the striking knee from the side.

The knee lands using the same motion as a round kick.



Student is grabbed by the attacker.

She quickly circles her hand behind attackerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s head, to create support.

Her first counter is an elbow to the head, which causes damage and distracts him.

With the attacker stunned, the victim pulls his head down with little resistance.

She finishes with a vicious back leg knee strike to the head, causing serious damage.


Student begins by grabbing the back of the attackerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s head. Student pulls the head downward, closer to her knee.


Student executes a back leg front knee strike, while holding onto the head so it absorbs all of the impact.



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Inside the Kukkiwon An Instructor Training Course Diary


Day One

82 January 2009 /

Day Two

Day Three / January 2009


Day Four

The Final Exam

84 January 2009 / Est. 1972

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

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BnHijYZcih!Bn=ZgdZh Hello my dear fellow Martial Artists, Where has time gone? It just keeps running faster and faster, and in the blink of an eye a year has passed again. People often ask me who the heroes in my life are. Naturally, God is my hero. He is the creator of all, and I thank Him every day for creating this world for us to enjoy and learn in. And of course, my Master is my hero. See, people tell me that I am one of a kind and that I have broken thousands of years of strict Korean culture. And I have. However, before I could do that, my Master had to break those same traditions, so I could train and become who I am today. He sacrificed everything for me—most of all, his reputation. Without his courage, his belief in me, without him as my living example, I am not sure where I would be today. And today, I have more heroes in my life. Who are they? They are my students! Young and old, man or woman, whoever they are, they are my heroes. Take Claire for example. She was a very shy girl, never said much or participated much. Gradually she started hanging out with the teens her age at Jung SuWon, and she always, without fail, came to every single class. At her testing, she missed one break and didn’t seem to be able to do it. She got frustrated and cried and cried. She simply couldn’t do it—she was convinced. My heart went out to her. I couldn’t let her go home like this— she needed to feel success and I knew she could do it. I asked her if she trusted me. Between sobs, she nodded her head. That’s all I needed to know. I called up a couple of junior belts and had them crouch down in front of a board held up for breaking and asked Claire to perform a flying side kick—jumping over the junior belts and breaking a board. I might as well have asked her to jump over the Golden Gate Bridge! Again I asked her if she trusted me, and again, with the hint of a smile she nodded. I asked her again and again,

86 January 2009 /

until she yelled a loud and vibrant, “Yes Ma’am!” Now she was ready, and she flew over those youngsters, with plenty of room to spare, and shattered the board. Now her tears were tears of joy! But not only she was celebrating; everyone in the dojang was so excited for her. For testing, I also require each student, no matter what age they are, to hand in a written essay, which consists of questions such as Korean commands, the principles of the school, code of ethics and depending on the rank you hold, several essay type questions. Here are some excerpts from a few essays, to illustrate why I am so passionate about teaching and why I call my students my family and my heroes. One 12-year-old girl wrote, “I have been going to Jung SuWon for six months now and I have more self respect, a better attitude, and more flexibility both mentally and physically. For example, when I go to school I learned not to let people around me control my reactions. I have also learned to maintain a positive attitude even when I don’t want to do something.” This is from the father of a young family: “The benefits of training are: I am losing weight, I have less stress, I spend more time with my daughters who also train, and the most important thing is that I am learning how to work with my body, my mind, and my spirit together as one.” From an eight-year-old scout, “I feel more confident, stronger, active, and disciplined. Why? If I didn’t go to Jung SuWon, I would be playing games at home, which is not good. Jung SuWon has made me successful.” A newlywed wrote this, “I have been planning my wedding for the past year and a half. It was very stressful. When I come to Jung SuWon, I leave class very happy. My thoughts of anything stressful leave my mind. I feel free. Now that the wedding went off without a hitch, my life is less stressful, but Jung SuWon still seems to provide relief. I love to exercise. I sweat more during an hour long class of Jung SuWon than I do at the gym. The exercise factor is a definite plus. I am also someone who is always trying to push myself to the limits. I enjoy learning new techniques every class and working to perfect what I have already learned. Learning is something that keeps people young. I hope to continue learning at Jung SuWon for a very long time to come.” One young adult wrote the following, “My training at Jung SuWon has helped me physically. I am happy to report that I have lost 30 pounds and two body sizes since the beginning of my training. For instance, before my training, I wore XXL shirts and my waistline was 40. Now my shirt size is L and my waistline is 36. I have never felt better in my physical sense. Jung SuWon is also beginning to help me in my mental aspect. For instance, I have noticed that I have become a more patient person, I don’t jump to conclusions and I don’t blow up when I am faced with a problem as I used to


Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim is the founder and head of Jung SuWon. She is also the founder and CEO of Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, a high-tech computer control and monitoring industry located in the Silicon Valley. Grandmaster Kim is a best-selling author and motivational speaker.

before. It has also helped me because when I am at a point where I can’t get past an obstacle, instead of giving up so easily, I look for every way to get past the problem.” Can you see now why I get so excited? Whatever their struggles are, whatever the obstacle, they are facing their challenges head on now and following through. The final example is this. One of my teen students, a shy, unassuming kid, 14 years of age, always in the shadow of his older, more outgoing brother, did quite well during the testing, and all seemed perfectly “normal.” However, as I always do at testings, I asked him afterwards what he learned from the testing and from training, including how he got along with his parents. I felt as though I had opened up Pandora’s Box. Kevin mumbled something like they got along ok. Then he blurted out that they in fact didn’t get along, that his parents didn’t understand him and that he in turn didn’t want to talk to them. As a result, they all lived their own separate lives in the same home. I asked him if he loved his parents. With tears in his eyes, he said he loved them very much and so much wanted to have better communication with them. Mind you, this from a shy teen, with his parents in the audience! It was obviously a cry for help and I was so proud of him to say that. It is not easy to say those things under

any circumstances, but in front of a crowd, with your parents right there, that takes a lot of courage and determination to solve a situation. Without saying anything, I asked the parents how Kevin was doing and how they got along. Kevin’s mother stood up and spoke to her son, “We are not the perfect parents, but please give us a chance. We love you and we want to try harder to work with you.” I couldn’t hold my tears back. In fact, nobody could or did, or even tried. The entire dojang erupted into clapping and cheering. These are my heroes! And those moments are my most precious ones, when what I teach makes a big difference in people’s lives. So, whatever the situation, whatever the circumstances, the power is within you, it is your personal choice what you do in your life! God bless you all, From my heart to yours, Dr. Tae Yun Kim Great Grandmaster /January 2008



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Colorado Intl TaeKwon-Do Master Roberto Carlos Roena Denver/Wheatridge/Ft. Collins US TaeKwonDo Federation Chuck Sereff 6801 W 117th Ave Broomfield 80020

CONNECTICUT Turtle Press 403 Silas Deane Hwy Wethersfield 06109 (860) 721-1198




International Hapkido USA 1385 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago 60622 (312) 225-4828

Korean Martial Arts Institute 2419 W Newport Pike Stanton 19804 (302) 992-7999 American TKD Union 1303 E Busch Blvd Tampa 33612 (313) 935-8888 Aruba Karate Institute 7440 NW 79th St Miami 33166 ATU Headquarters 1303 E Busch Blvd Tampa 33612 (313) 935-8888 Choi Kwang Do Largo 13819-C Washington Rd Largo 33774

East Coast Martial Arts Supply 1646 E Colonial Drive Orlando 32803 (407) 896-2487 NKMAA- Florida Master Thomas Gordon Gordon Martial Arts PO Box 1966,Crestview 32536 Jun Kimʼs Martial Arts Center 10024 West Oakland Park Blvd Sunrise 33351 (954) 741-8000 Independent TKD Association 2919 E North Military Trail West Palm Beach 33409 (561) 745-1331 USNTA National Team Training Center 5720 Old Cheney Hwy Orlando 32807 (312) 443-8077 United Martial Arts Center 11625 S Cleveland Ave # 3 Ft. Myers 33907 (239) 433-2299 Yeshá Ministries(14 NE FL locations) Grand Master Charles W. Coker 904-399-0404 or 904-838-8585


Choi Kwang Do Cartersville 1239 Joe Frank Harris Pkwy Cartersville 30120 (678) 721-5166 Choi Kwang Do Suwanee 4285 Brogdon Exchange Suwanee 30024 (770) 654-1510 Choi Kwang Do Wade Green 4327 Wade Green Rd Kennesaw 30144 (770) 422-1020 (770) 795-0010


GM Hee Il Choʼs TKD Center Koko Marina Shopping Center Honolulu 96825 (808) 396- 8900

Great River Martial Arts 1647 Hwy 104 Quincy 62305 (217) 257-9000

K. H. Kimʼs TaeKwonDo 3141 Dundee Rd Northbrook 60062 Kimʼs Black Belt Academy Grandmaster Tae H. Kim 2230 Ogden Ave Aurora 60504 Ottawa Martial Arts Academy 500 State St Ottawa 61350 (815) 434-7576 Universal TKD Association 1207 W Main Peoria 61606 (309) 673-2000 US National TKD Federation 9956 W Grand Ave Franklin Park 60131


Self Defense America 2450 Lincoln Street Highland 46322 (219) 545-7894


Ryu Kyu Imports 5005 Merrian Lane Merriam 66203 (913) 782-3920

Kuk Sool Won of St. Peters #1 Sutters Mill Road St. Peters 63376 (636) 928-0035


Master Jeʼs World Martial Arts 6204 NW Barry Rd Kansas City 64154 (816) 741-1300

Han Do Group 4816 Jamestown Ave Baton Rouge 70808 (225) 924-2837


Champions Taekwondo Overlea, MD 21206 410-274-8277 World Combat Arts Federation PO Box 763 Owings Mills 21117 (410) 262-2333

MASSACHUSETTS AAU Taekwondo Mr. Mike Friello (518) 372-6849

Myung Kimʼs Acupuncture 347 Massachusetts Ave Arlington 02474 (781) 643-3679


B.C. Yu Martial Arts 5204 Jackson Road Suites F & G Ann Arbor 48103 (734) 994-9595

Ancient Memories Academy 2600 E Euclid Des Moines 50317 (515) 266-6209

D.S. Kimʼs TKD-Milford 125 Main St Ste 500 Milford 48381 (248) 529-3506

Chung Kimʼs Black Belt Academy 1423 18th St Bettendorf 52722 (563) 359-7000

Choi Kwang Do Shelby 51500 Scheonherr Rd Shelby Township 48315 (586) 566-8883

Jungʼs TaeKwonDo Inc. New Life Fitness World Cedar Rapids 52404 (319) 396-1980

Choi Kwang Do Trenton 3010 Van Horn Rd Suite A Trenton 48183 (734) 675-2464

Jungʼs TaeKwonDo 501 Panama St Nashua 50658 (641) 435-4920

International TKD Association PO Box 281 Grand Blanc 48480 (810) 232-6482

Martial Arts America 621 S. Ankeny Blvd. Ankeny, Iowa 50021

Universal American Natl TKD PO Box 249 Sturgis 49091 (574) 243-3450

Raccoon Valley Martial Arts 104 S 7th St Adel 50003 (515) 993-3474

World Martial Arts Association PO Box 51697 Livonia 48150 (586) 268-1536

Two Rivers Martial Arts Inc. 2017 Southlawn Des Moines 50315 (515) 285-5049



Choon Leeʼs Academy of TKD 11453 W 64th St Shawnee Mission 66203 (913) 631-1414

American Midwest TKD Academy 315 W Pacific St Webster Grove 63119 (314) 968-9494 Choon Leeʼs Black Belt Academy 121 NE 72nd St Gladstone 64114 (816) 436-5909


Cane Masters Intl Association PO Box 7301 Incline Village 89452 East West Martial Art Supply 2301 E Sunset Rd Suite 22 Las Vegas 89119 (702) 260-4552 Wheatley Intl TaeKwon-Do 1790 W Fourth St Reno 89503 (775) 826-2355


Cumberland County Martial Arts 531 N High St Millville 08332 (856) 327-2244 Ki Yun Yiʼs Karate Institute 560 S Evergreen Ave Woodbury 08096 (609) 848-2333 Richard Chun TaeKwonDo Center 87 Stonehurst Dr Tenafly 07670 (201) 569-3260


Grandmaster Hee Il Choʼs TKD 8214 Montgomery Blvd NE Albuquerque 87110 (505) 292-4277


Black Belt Fitness Center 54-10 31st Ave Woodside 11377 (718) 204-1777 Dynamics World Martial Supply (800) 538-1995 Intl Taekwon-Do Academy 54 Nagle Ave New York City 10034 (212) 942-9444 Iron Dragon Fitness & SelfDefense 88-8 Dunning Rd Middletown 10940 (845) 342-3413 New Age TKD & Hapkido 2535 Pearsall Ave Bronx 10469 (347)228-8042 Pro Martial Arts (866) 574-0228 Queens Taekwon-do Center 89-16 Roosevelt Ave Basement Jackson Heights 11372 (718) 639-6998

T aeCole TKD Fitness 909 Willis Ave Albertson 11507 (516) 739-7699


NKMAA - North Carolina Master Monty Hendrix Essential Martial Arts, Inc (336) 282-3000 Lionʼs Den Martial Arts 413 N Durham Ave Creedmore 27522 (919) 528-6291 World TaeKwonDo Center 112 Kilmayne Dr Cary 27511 (919) 469-6088


NKMAA-Ohio Master Doug Custer Nacient Oriental Fighting Arts 608 S Platt St, Montpelier 43543


NKMAA-Oregon Master Kevin Janisse NW Korean Martial Arts 12083 SE Eagle Dr,Clackamas 97015

PENNSYLVANIA ICF Hapkido 7252 Valley Ave Philadelphia 19128 (215) 483-5070

Intl Tang Soo Do Federation 3955 Monroeville Blvd Monroeville 15146 (412) 373-8666 Mark Cashattʼs TKD School 30 West Broad St Souderton 18964 (215) 721-1839 Pan-Am Tang Soo Do Federation 1450 Mt Rose Ave York 17403 (717) 848-5566 Red Tiger TaeKwonDo-USTC 1912 Welsh Rd Philadelphia 19115 (215) 969-9962 The Martial Artist 9 Franklin Blvd Philadelphia 19154 (800) 726-0438 World Tang Soo Do Association 709 Oregon Ave Philadelphia 19146 (215) 468-2121


World Black Belt Bureau Grandmaster Kang Rhee Cordova (Memphis) 38088 (901) 757-5000


J.K. Lee Black Belt Academy 12645 W Lisbon Rd Brookfield 53005 (262) 783-5131

Central Texas TKD Council Master Danny Passmore (254) 662-3229


Alakoji Knife & Martial Art Supply San A 302 W Madison Ave Harlingen 78550 (956) 440-8382

Champion Training 522 W Harwood Rd Hurst 76054 (817) 605-1555 Kim始s Academy of TaeKwonDo 4447 Thousand Oaks Dr San Antonio 78233 (210) 653-2700 Kuk Sool Won of Austin 13376 Reserach Blvd #605 Austin 78750 (512) 258-7373 Kuk Sool Won of Baytown 805 Maplewood Baytown 77520 (281) 428-4930 Kuk Sool Won of Clear Lake 907 El Dorado Blvd #110 Houston 77062 (281) 486-5425 Progressive Martial Arts 112 E Sam Rayburn Dr Bonham 75418 (903) 583-6160 World Kuk Sool Won 20275 FM 2920 Tomball 77375 (281) 255-2550

NKMAA- Headquarters Master Rudy Timmerman 1398 Airport Rd,Sault Ste. Marie, P6A 1M4


COM-DO Direct (780) 460-7765 First Canada Tang Soo Do 209 3400 14th St NW Calgary T2K 1H9 (403) 284-BBKI


Intl Bum Moo HKD-Hoshinkido 111 Laurentides Blvd Pont-Viau Montreal Laval H7G-2T2 (450) 662-9987


Kuk Sool Won of Sault Ste. Marie 40 White Oak Dr E Sault Ste. Marie P6B 4J8 (705) 253-4220 NKMAA- Ontario Master Dusty Miner Sidekicks School of MA 2421 New St, Burlington


World Martial Arts League Rhoenstr 55 Offenbach 63971





World Famous USA Tiger Martial 3941 Deep Rock Rd Richmond 23233 (804) 741-7400

Martial Arts Training Gulmohar Sports Center New Delhi 110049 Tel: 9111-467-1540

World Martial Arts Group Dr. Jerry Beasley Christiansburg 24068




Sim始s TaeKwonDo USA 9460 Rainier Ave S Seattle 98118 (206) 725-4191


Stadion Enterprises Island Pond 05846 (802) 723-6175 USA Tiger Martial Arts 48 Plaza Drive Manakin Sabot 23103 (804) 741-7400

Robert Ott Martial Arts 9235 Piperhill Dr SE Olympia 98513 (360) 888-0474


American Martial Arts Center 2711 Allen Blvd Suite 82 Middleton 53562 (808) 831-5967

Great Britain Tang Soo Do Headquarters for Europe TSD Tel: 01234-766-468 Martial Arts Academy of India 30 GF DDA Flads, Sarvapriva, Vihar, New Delhi 110016 Tel: (011) 686-1625

CKD London & Surrey Black Belt School 1st Floor, Sutton Tennis Centre, Rose Hill, Sutton SM1 3HD UK Zulfi TKD Academy of Pakistan II-B 10/2 Nazimabad Karachi Tel: 9221-660-5788 Korean MA Instructors Association SongSanRi 661, BonJi JonNam JangSongKun JangSongUb Chollanamdo

To list your school or business email or call 319-396-1980.

94 January 2009 /


Are there any techniques that the older adultâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;someone over 40-should not attempt because of age?

Dr. Ron Shane *X:1*H_8UT9NGTK / January 2009


As a Man Thinketh



4B?,;MN7IL> !-;MN?L)M|

C. M. Griffin holds black belts in several martial arts. He is involved in many facets of the performing arts from stunt coordinator to director. He has written, produced and directed projects for television and for corporations. He owns and operates his own Hwa Rang Do school in Ohio.

98 January 2009 /


Tel (562) 251-1600 Fax (562) 251-1611 7120 Alondra Blvd., Paramount, CA 90723,

May mix different color combination. Custom make for your school logo and Silkscreen printing, Cloth lettering, Name embroidery, Sew on patches, Special line trimming on custom uniform. NO MINIMUM ORDER !!! (Call for more information)


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Silver NANO& Multi-Functional textile TKD Uniform







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TKD Enterprises


Martial Art Products

Featured DVDs

WTF Standard Taekwondo Poomsae

The only WTF-recognized standard poomsae video textbook available used by instructors, demonstrators and referees. Each DVD contains full-length poomsae instruction. Multi-language version (Korean / English / French / Spanish / German). Item D035 / 4-disk set / $99.00


ITF Basic Posture, Chon-Ji, Dan-Gun, Do-San, Won-Hyo, Yul-Gok, Joong-Gun, Toi-Gae, HwaRang, Choong-Moo. Vol. 2:Kwang-Gae, Po-Eun, Ge-Baek, Eui-Am, Choong-Jang, Ju-Che, Sam-Il, Yoo-Sin, Choi-Yong. Languages: Korean, English and Japanese. 210 minutes. Item D043 / Entire 2-disk set / $45.00

17th Spain p World TKD Championships p p

Watch gorgeous techniques of top-level players as they compete in Madrid. Witness the introduction of “sudden death” and how changing the matches from three to two minutes intensifies the bouts! 240 minutes. Item D040 / $32.00

World Taekwondo Hanmadang 2005

Watch 2,899 TKD players from ten countries compete in diverse events like poomsae, breaking, aerobics, hoshinsul, and more. New events such as ‘consecutive turning and kick-breaking’ and ‘jumping kick-breaking’ appear for the first time and set new world records. Languages: Korean, English. 140 minutes. Item D037 / $19.00

North Korea Demo DVD with Bonus Still Photo DVD Exclusive video footage authorized only for sale by TKDT. View the full color DVD of the entire Cedar Rapids demonstration as the North Korea TKD Team dazzles and delights with high-flying kicks, devastating breaks and self-defense skits that will have you on the edge of your seat. Witness this once in a lifetime show in your home today and receive a bonus DVD with full color photos of their historic trip to the U.S. Item D047/ $15.00

Master Jung’s g Know-How of Actual Gyeorugi y

This 4-disk set, featuring the Bible of Taekwondo Gyeorugi is taught by Professor Jung. Amongst his highest achievements are being a four-time consecutive World Taekwondo champion and a gold medalist in the 1988 Olympics. Vol. 1: Basic Skills. Vol. 2: Step and Feint Motion. Vol. 3: Strategy. Vol. 4: Real Competition Strategy. 480 minutes. Language: Korean Subtitles: English, Spanish. Item D038 / $99.00

Flow and Flexibilityy

These carefully chosen techniques from the Budokon System will teach you to address areas of weakness and limited range while cultivating kinetic chains of energy and seamless transitions. Props recommended: fitness mat, yoga brick. Item DPP01 / $25.00

Strength g and Balance

This program is designed specifically to strengthen and tone the entire body while cultivating incredible arm and single leg balance. Props recommended: fitness mat, yoga brick. Item DPP02 / $25.00

Arirangg Festival DVD

This multi-million dollar production takes all year to create and incorporates thousands of performers. View the full color extravaganza as you see superior artistry and coordination, wonderful singing and spectacular dance. Item D046/ $10.00

Revolution of Kicking II

This product is a two volume set. When you grasp the knowledge and skills in this DVD set, you will possess the skills to be a master! Now Mooto reveals the know-how of Tae Kwon Do Air kicking on the master level. This easy explanation with classified kicking can be modeled for your training. Vol 1: Pine board breaking, single breaking, break-fall breaking, and combination. Vol 2: Breaking with turn, In air dwi-chagi, obstacle breaking, and general breaking. Item D048 / $43.00

2001-2003 World Taekwondo Matches

A four-disk set showcasing the World Taekwondo matches from 2001 to 2003. Vol. 1 (200 min.): The 2001 World Cup in Vietnam. Vol. 2 (240 min.): The 15th Jeju World Taekwondo Championships. Vol. 3 (235 min.): The 2002 Tokyo Taekwondo World Cup. Vol. 4 (240 min.): The 2003 World Taekwondo Championships.Item D039 / $109.00

Power and Agility g

This is the preferred training tool for experienced yogis, MMA fighters, martial artists, and Olympic athletes alike. Props recommended: fitness mat, yoga brick. Item DPP03 / $25.00

Essential Defense System y

This three-disc DVD set with Michael Aloia delivers a simple, effective approach to self-protection. Vol 1: methods of E.D.S. Vol 2: striking, takedowns, joint locks, controls and theory. Vol 3: falling, confined spaces and weapon defenses. Item DPP04 / $32.99

Lead Pro Marketingg Package

Mackage includes a DVD and a 58-page manual. Learn how to make a lead box route work for you and generate leads into paying members with this turn key system by Jimmy Mack. Item DPP05 / $299.00

Secrets of Stretching

Learn what determines how flexible you are, how to choose your stretching method for any sport or martial art, and have full flexibility without any warm-up.Multilanguage version in English, French and Spanish. 92 minutes. Item DPP06 / $49.95

The Power High g Kicks with No Warm-Up!

Learn to kick high and with power without any warm-up! Kick “cold” without injuring yourself or pulling muscles and put more power and snap in your high kicks. 80 minutes. Item DPP07 / $49.95

Order online at or call toll free: 1-800-388-5966

Featured DVDs Clinic on Stretchingg and Kicking

See the dynamic stretch that is most important for kickers; plus step-by-step drills for front kick, side kick, roundhouse kick and for combinations. 101 minutes. Item DPP08 / $29.95

Basic Instincts of Self-Defense

Learn defenses against unarmed attacks, including 55 common attacks that turn the attackerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s force against him. 104 minutes. Item DPP09 / $39.95

The Complete p Libraryy Set -17 DVDs

Commando Krav Maga (Vol.1-5): Survive Vicious Ground Attacks (Vol.1&2): Survive Any Gun Confrontation (Vol. 1&2): Best Of The Israeli Fighting Systems (Vol. 1&2): Vicious Knife Attacks (3 Disc Series): Military Krav Maga (One Vol.): Street Survival (One Vol.): Combatant (One Vol.). Item DPP12 / $392.95

The Quick Fit Library: 6 Dvd Set + FullColor Book

Acrobatic Tumblingg

Step-by-step instruction for one-hand, two-hand, and aerial cartwheels, round-off, front and back handspring, and front somersault. 105 minutes. Item DPP10 / $49.95

6 Training Dvds: Over 6 hours of revolutionaryy training drills: Over 300 proven techniques: Solo and partner exercises: Step-by-step progressive routines: PLUS The Elite Combat Fitness Book with 240 full color pages. Item DPP14 / $239.95

The Platinum Set-23 Dvds + Book Elite Israeli Combat DVD Set

    !"#"#$%$3),+,), )))!"#"# 1)).)))) 4)) 56,7),**)) 5/7))) 8-+,) -))) 9&:;) ,.)) 4))*)


"*<&9=>() ? /$1/)#@ A):;6/), "-&@1) /$1/)#@A) :;6/),

   BC$),6 1!"#"#$%$6)2



The 3-disc set includes: defense and disarm techniques for firearm threats; edged-weapon defense; â&#x20AC;&#x153;on the groundâ&#x20AC;? survival defense; hand-to-hand techniques; military, police and counter terrorism CQB; combat conditioning essentials; and applicable defensive tools for every person. Item DPP11 / $99.00

The Complete Library Set with 17 DVDs with the Quick Fit Library with 6-DVD set and book. Item DPP13 / $594.95

    )-.) /) -)) ,0- ),) )) - ),) /$1  /)2

$%$@ !"#"# !*#4#



Featured Books The Book of Teaching & Learning TaeKwonDo 12 chapter book details how TKD was introduced as an Olympic sport and the tasks facing TKD people to maintain its Olympic status after the 2012 London Olympic Games. Also with 68 pages of poomsae diagrams.448 pages, Hardcover. Item B041 / $69.95

Taekwon-Do: The Korean Art of SelfDefense

A well-condensed version of General Choiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Encyclopedia, the book, also by Gen. Choi, is 765 pages and focuses on self-defense aspects of Taekwon-Do plus its history. Additional postage required. Hardcover. Item B015 / $99.00

Choi Kwangg Do

Learn the science behind Choi Kwang Do and how its practitioners can live more productive, longer and healthier lives. Additional postage required. Item B037 / $99.00

WTF Taekwondo Textbook

This 766-page p g Kukkiwon textbook is a compilation of all available updated data regarding TKD and focuses on the scientific analysis of theories as well as the three-dimensional illustrations of major physical motions. Additional postage required. Item B039 / $84.99

Taekwondo: Korean Traditional Martial Arts: Philosophy & Culture

Grandmaster Kyong Myong Lee, a certified WTF ninth-dan, writes this 300-page, full color, coffee-table sized book offering a panoramic overview of TKD. Item B034 / $59.95

Authentic Tangg Soo Do

Learn authentic Tang Soo Do (Korean Karate) from an internationally known and respected authority, Grandmaster Chun Sik Kim, known for his dynamic technique, as well as his knowledge of Tang Soo Do. Item B035 / $124.95

Encyclopedia y p of Taekwon-Do This one of a kind encyclopedia by Gen. Choi Hong Hi has 15 volumes consisting of 5000 pages with 30,000 photos. The encyclopedia is the culmination of General Choiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lifelong research into TKDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s history and development. Hardcover English Version. Additional postage required. ORDER NOW, LIMITED SUPPLY! Item B014 / $295.00

Taekwondo Kyorugi: Olympic Style Sparring

Learn sparring secrets of Olympic Gold Medalist and four-time World Champion Kuk Hyun Chung, WTF Deputy GeneralSecretary Kyung Myung Lee, and translator and editor Sang H. Kim. Item B027 / $12.95

Freestyle y Sparring p

The ultimate freestyle sparring book for beginners to advanced martial artists in all hard-style disciplines. Regardless of skill level, the skills, drills, tactics, and conditioning taught will make you a faster, stronger and smarter fighter. Item B033 / $19.95

The Making of a Martial Artist

This book offers practical lessons on harmonious living and helps turn dreams into reality. Hardcover Item B002 / $20.00

Martial Meditation: Philosophy and the Essence of the Martial Arts This 370-page textbook by Dr. Daeshik Kim and Allan Back examines the essence, distinctions and dynamics between art, sport, martial arts and martial sports and their historic and philosophical perspectives. Hardcover. Item B021 / $22.75

Eastern Spirit, Western Dreams

This 226-page memoir captures the true hardships and joys of a small town, South Korean farm boy, TKDT Publisher Woojin Jung, who lives out his American dream. Item B038A (English) / $14.00 Item B038B (Korean) / $14.00

Mastering Taekwondo Sparring: p g The Basics

A comprehensive look at all aspects of sparring and how to become the complete Taekwondo fighter. Item B029 / $29.95

Best Instructor + Best School = Best Life! This 329-page book written by Grandmaster Woojin Jung is a must-have for school owners, instructors and students with a dream. Not only a helpful guide for new students to find the best instructor possible, this book is also a guide for new and established instructors and school owners on how to successfully manage and maintain a martial arts business. Item B030 / $25.00

Gold Medal Mental Workout for Combat Sports Package g

Set includes one book, one training log and four CDs. Let Dariusz Nowicki, the top East European sports psychologist, show you how the science of psychology can combine with your skill and physical training to make you a winner! Item BPP01 / $59.95

Featured Books Stretching Scientifically

Attain maximum height in your kicks with no warm-up! Stretch safely and quickly to achieve and maintain maximum flexibility. Develop each of the three kinds of flexibility: dynamic, static active and static passive.214 pages. Softcover. Item BPP02 / $25.99

Explosive Power and Jumping Ability for all Sports How well you jump and how powerfully you punch, pull, or throw depends on your explosive power, on your special endurance for explosive movements, and on your speed, coordination, and flexibility. This book tells you how to develop each of these abilities. 138 pages. Softcover. Item BPP03 / $23.95

Science of Sports Trainingg

This book uses the sports training know-how of internationally known training specialists to improve your speed, strength, power, endurance, coordination, and flexibility, as well as technical and tactical skills, while avoiding overtraining and injuries. 424 pages. Softcover. Item BPP05 / $39.95

Children and Sports p Training The needs of boys and girls in sports training are dramatically different. Learn how to match the right sport with the right child, the right training program for the age and gender of the child. Learn the “sensitive ages” for development of movement abilities (endurance, coordination, speed, strength, flexibility). 250 pages. Softcover. Item BPP04 / $29.95

The Will Power

This complete martial arts book by Maurice Elmalem has over 700 photos, illustrations and instructions, plus special training drills for fighting, endurance, speed and power. Learn breaking, self-defense, fighting applications, and how to become the best of the best. Paperback Item BPP06p / $29.99 Hardcover Item BPP06h / $34.99

Breakingg Unlimited

Breaking Unlimited by Maurice Elmalem is the only book written solely on the art of breaking. It features step-by-step instructions on how to break wood, glass, bricks, ice, cinder blocks, and more, in many different ways. Paperback Item BPP07 / $29.99

The Bible of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

A special book for studying and perfecting the “soft art” of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It details step-by-step the technical aspects of various techniques and submissions using easy to understand photos. Paperback Item BPP09 / $29.99

JKD Without Limits

Discussing the martial art founded by legendary Bruce Lee, Jeet Kune Do, the book contains: lessons from the ring, sparring, Bruce Lee’s five ways of attacking, and firearms training for martial artists. Paperback Item BPP10 / $29.99

Fighting g g Dynamics y

This explosive book by Maurice Elmalem covers all aspects of fighting with over 1000 photos, various fighting styles of martial arts demonstrated by movie stars, historians, celebrities and grandmasters. Paperback Item BPP08 / $29.99

Taekwondo: Buildingg on the Basics

Perfect your Taekwondo skills at every level! Written by experienced instructors and authors, this book expands fundamentals, improves sparring, offers advanced leg and hand techniques, teaches realistic self-defense methods, and unlocks the potentials of the mind using meditation. 260 pages. Item BPP11 / $18.95

Meditation from Thought to Action with Audio CD

Learn meditation with these easyto-follow exercises and methods. Learn the roots of Yoga, Buddhism, Zen, Confucianism, and Daoism. Learn mental and body tools to begin meditating and clear the mind. The CD teaches the skills from the book and guides listeners into a deep meditative state. Item BPP12 / $18.95

Zen Around the World: A 2500 Year Journey from the Buddha to You

The entire story of Zen. Martial artists will find inspiration along with instruction in traditional and innovative Zen meditation methods to help sharpen mental skills to add more focus, accuracy, speed, and power in every technique. 242 pages. Item BPP13 / $15.50

Chung Do Kwan: The Power of Tae Kwon Do

The book offers the history and philosophy of Tae Kwon Do. With illustrations, this book presents Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do with clear and easy to follow instructions. 164 pages. Item BPP14 / $15.50

Simple Zen: A Guide to Living Moment byy Moment Zen is a dynamic way to enhance living and improve martial arts practice. Easy to follow exercises are given for practice of meditation with poetry, brush painting, martial arts, and more. 158 pages. Item BPP15 / $12.95

Simple p Confucianism

This book offers a clear and concise guide to the history, key concepts, and principles of

Confucianism including benevolence, central harmony, the mean, and becoming a sage.140 pages. Item BPP16 / $12.95

Simple Buddhism: A Guide to Enlightened Living

An accessible guide to Buddhist concepts and practices including Mahayana and Theravada traditions. This book gives history, themes, and exercises including key mental practices such as the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path. 133 pages. Item BPP17 / $12.95

Simple Taoism: A Guide to Living in Balance A clear explanation of Taoism with simple exercises in meditation, breathing, chi kung, and tai chi chuan. An informative discussion of key Taoist concepts including “wu-wei” (achieving through non-action), “yin” and “yang”, and “te” (power and virtue). 177 pages. Item BPP18 / $12.95

Simple Tibetan Buddhism: A Guide to Tantric Living

A concise introduction to the unique history and traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, a philosophy that integrates ritual with practice. With simple exercies for incorporating visualization, diety yoga, mandalas, mantras and the esoteric, effective tantric methods, this book opens up new possibilities.144 pages. Item BPP19 / $12.95

Tao in Ten, Easy Lessons for Spiritual Growth This book presents fundamental teachings from Taoism in ten easy lessons with a brief history. Each of the ten lessons gives experiences and understandings of a key Taoist principle, revealing the infinite potentials for better living at One with Tao. 158 pages. Item BPP20 / $12.95

Zen in Ten, Easy Lessons for Spiritual Growth

This book begins with a brief history to reveal Zen’s development and evolution through the ages. The ten lessons give fundamental principles and significant understandings of Zen. 152 pages. Item BPP21 / $12.95

Buddhism in Ten, Easy Lessons for Spiritual Growth

The Ten lessons contain fundamental principles of Buddhism along with clear and effective ways to apply Buddhism to many areas of life.152 pages. Item BPP22 / $12.95

Closeout Champions 2000: 14th Men’s & 7th p Women’s WTF Championships Video

Vol. A contains men’s and women’s fin, fly and men’s bantam competitions. Item T021A / $35.00 Reduced to $4.99! Vol. B contains women’s bantam and men’s and women’s feather & light matches. Item T021B / $35.00 Reduced to $4.99! Vol. C contains men’s and women’s welter, middle and heavyweight championships Item T021C / $35.00 Reduced to $4.99!

Success and the Creative Imagination: q Power of Do The Unique Sang Kyu Shim’s book provides a rich model of the way one can bring diversity of expression to the unity of understanding and fulfillment. Item B026 $15.00 Reduced to $4.99!


Tae Kwon Do, Volume I & II

Vol. 1 contains all of Poomsae (forms), Taeguek 1-8 and Palgwe 1-8, required to earn a black belt from the WTF. Vol. 2 illustrates Poomsae from Cho Dan to Grandmaster. Item B003 / Vol. 1 / $15.00 Reduced to $4.99! Item B004 / Vol. 2 / $15.00 Reduced to $4.99!

Featured Trainingg Products & Novelties Re-Useable Breakingg Boards

Endorsed by the Korea Taekwondo Association, the board’s rectangular shape and padding make it easier to hold while its slide groove enables faster and easier reassembling. Board color corresponds to belt level. Item K007/ Yellow (Easiest) $24.95 / Blue (Easy) $24.95 / Red (Harder) $24.95 / Black (Hardest) $28.95

The Ultimate Martial Arts Board

High strength plastic construction allows the board to be re-breakable time after time. A rubber palm pad provides a cushion for the holder. Different colors represent level of difficulty. Item K011 / White $34.95 / Orange $34.95 / Green $34.95 / Blue $34.95 / Brown $34.95 / Black $34.95

Double Focus Target g

Two separate pads are bound together to create a training aid that enables you to actually hear the strength of your kick. A sturdy, elastic wrist band ensures that the target will not leave the holder’s hand. Item K002 / $24.95

Jangg Bongg Sul (Longg Pole)

This three-section staff easily screws together to form the six-foot long bong that has been a part of Korean martial history for over 4,000 years. with a durable core surrounded by a padded covering that will cushion str Item K008 / $29.95

Karate Kritters

They’re back! These cute little toys make karate sounds when you squeeze their belly. Each stands 6” tall. TIGER—Item KKT1 / $9.95 BEAR—Item KKB1 / $9.95

Bamboo Fighting g g Fans Learn fan warfare with this fabric fan with a bamboo frame. Item FF01 / $12.95 Red or Black

Belt Display p y Rack

Display your belts in this stylish rack. The rack measures 12” x 25”. Belts not included. Item DR01 / $31.95

Goodwill Tour T-shirt

This 90/10 t-shirt is available in adult medium and large in both gray and white. Item S001/ $10.00

HapkidoGear Shoe

This shoe uses existing RingStar technology with Hapkido specific refinements to create the first shoe born for Hapkido. HapkidoGear shoes are specifically designed for both training and sparring. The unique materials used in this make it the lightest, most comfortable and protective shoe available. Item NPP01 / $82.99

HapkidoGear p Cane

The New Tactical Cane from HapkidoGear is designed to be the perfect training aid in the Dojang and to meet the requirements of real world usage. Using high tech aluminum alloy and durable powder coating in it’s construction along with sure grip knurling on the shaft, this cane is the most highly developed and versatile available today. Item NPP02 / $75.00

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