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“We all know things that other people don’t, things we’d love to blurt out but that we simply can’t. Secrets are like a long inhaled breath that can’t wait to be exhaled, and perhaps never will. They are maddening, thrilling, dangerous. Secrets routinely meet in the air and then disperse, unspoken. And every day, secret-keepers keep on doing what they do: living one life, and then living another.” (Saltz, 2006)

We write our blog, diary or journal online but that is just the content that we create for our good appearance and online reputation. We try to be perfect and ignore our true selves because our writing will be seen by other online users. It will be better if we have an online platform that can contain and protect our content that is not ready to be told to anyone. The platform will allow users to write everything they want. Everything about themselves that can not talk to or even hide from their own selves. By writing in the platform, users can reflect their thought and realize their true selves. The story they wrote will be unveiled to the person they chose by publishing all contents to a memory book after their death and/or they can order it at the time they are ready or want to tell the truth to someone.

With our responsibility to contain your sensitive issue, we can guarantee that all of your information will be highly protected and secured. As we provide double log in system with your own selected secret code. After registration, you will get the new system security code which use the lastest uniquely coding system. You can select the person you want to pass this code to. The person will get it after your absence as we will contact you when your account is not active for more than two months or by your selected time.

Four emotional categories: diary/reflection, like/ dislike, best/worst, truth/illusion, on your profile page represents your feeling for the story you write by using an editing tool in the add/edit section. This will be easy for you to organize and review your stories both on website and memory book.

Profile tools Archive Add/edit How to Account setting Log out

You can add/edit your personal information by using account setting function. This will contain the information about you, your profile picture, your contact details and also the contact person. Your information in about me section and your profile picture will be used in memory book.

You can review your archive stories by selecting calendar view mode or horizontal view mode and you can edit them by just clicking on the story name or edit button.

The book is devided in four chapters as in your profile categories. It will be well designed by our professional team and printed out at reliable printer. Our team is trustworthy as they commit themselves in high security job to protect your sensitive content.

We are aware of your data privacy. Therefore, to make sure that your information will be fully protected, we provide double log in system. You can choose the code that you can remember when you sign up. This number will be asked randomly everytime you log in. Please make sure that you can remember it correctly.

After you sign up, the security code will be appeared on your account setting page. This code will be passed to your contact person in case of your absence. It can be used only once. The system will ask that person to set up new code at the time he/she logs in.

The contact person can view your digital file and order to print it as memory book but he/she can’t edit anything that you write.

Trueself booklet  

MA Major project : booklet for introducing "Trueself" website

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