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Edition 2 | 2021

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2 | Western Montana Wedding 2021 Member FDIC Member FDIC

• Nine Nine Western Western Montana Montana locations locations • • Checking Checking & & Savings Savings • • In-house In-house Mortgage Mortgage Services Services • • Mobile Mobile and and Internet Internet Banking Banking • Your Montana Montana Bank Bank Since Since 1907 1907 Your

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ShowerS ~ rehearSal dinnerS ~ indoor/outdoor weddingS ~ receptionS ~ creative culinary

Newly Renovated Event Space Missoula’s Largest Full-Service Hotel On the Riverfront at 200 S. Pattee Street • Missoula • 406.721.8550 3 |



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LETTER FROM the President ABOUT the Western Montana Wedding Association MONTANA MARRIAGE Where to get your license, and how to make it official THE FOUR SEASONS of Montana weddings - what you should know, and how to prepare INSPIRATION Daisies and Deco 25 REASONS to tie the knot in western Montana INSPIRATION Vintage Lavender Love

4 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

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FINDING A PHOTOGRAPHER What makes a photographer the perfect fit for you

PANDEMIC PRECAUTION Planning is key for keeping guests healthy - here’s what you need to know INSPIRATION Bohemian Dreams MICRO WEDDINGS The latest trend to hit the wedding market INSPIRATION Earthen Elegance GUEST ADVENTURES Activity ideas for guests who travel to attend your wedding weekend STATIONERY SAVVY All the little details to make your wedding paperie special INSPIRATION Fiery Western Sunset FLOWER TRENDS What’s bloomin’ for next season’s weddings

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INSPIRATION Cherries in Bloom MUSIC TO YOUR EARS Tried and true wedding music tips from a seasoned pro I DO’S FOR PLANNING Wedding Planners share their top tips for a smooth day CATERING TRENDS What to look for when hiring a professional caterer EYE FOR DESIGN Tips on taking any wedding design to the next level SETTING THE SCENE A western Montana wedding round-up VENDOR HONEYBEE WEDDINGS DIRECTORY


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From the President Welcome to the second edition of Western Montana Wedding. What a challenging year 2020 has given our little wedding community. Clients need flexibility, and vendors have had to majorly redirect their businesses to make ends meet. Through our close knit Association, we’ve been able to take everything in stride, reinvent ourselves, and help out our fellow vendors in the best way we know how - by continuing to promote our beautiful state as a prime location for a stunning wedding, where social distancing and being outdoors comes naturally to all of us. When the Pandemic began, our Association spearheaded efforts by collectively writing to our Governor, and making sure he heard our voices. Montana weddings are vital to the economy - destination weddings are part of Montana’s $3.4 billion tourism industry. Through solid representation, we were heard, and aid was sent to many of our members, helping us all get through a really tough calendar year.

JIM STRAUSS | Publisher



ARIANA DEL NEGRO | Contributor

MINDY GLENNA | Contributor

MAE FORESTA | Contributor

ERIKA SHEREK | Contributor


ON THE COVER Photography by Jaela B. Photography Full gallery starts on page 12

We’re wedding vendors AND Montanans, so, we’re tough. We pushed forward and refused to stop. A second year of producing a beautiful magazine is something we’re proud to share. We continue to bring a fresh look, showing that our local wedding vendors are up to date with trends, and able to provide the latest and greatest for any client’s wedding wants and needs! As the newly elected President, I was impressed at the level of care and attention my predecessor, Autumn Kozimer (Events by Autumn), had given to the launching and growth of not only our Association, but also our local wedding industry as a whole. As she stepped off the board to focus on refining her own business, I was excited to build upon her legacy. As a business owner myself, I’m humbled I get to work alongside the finest industry leaders in our region. And as your friend - I am so proud of all I’ve seen everyone accomplish, despite the obstacles that were placed in our way this year. I am looking SO forward to rocking 2021 with you all!



Johanna Bouma President, Western Montana Wedding Association 6 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

Western Montana Weddings is a publication of the Western Montana Wedding Association and the Missoulian, a division of Lee Enterprises. ©Copyright 2020 by the Missoulian. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission of the Western Montana Wedding Association is prohibited.

Love, on a whole new level DAVID CLUMPNER PHOTOGRAPHY

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About Our Association

The Western Montana Wedding Association is your wedding dream team, made up of Montana industry experts from the Continental Divide to the Montana-Idaho border. Together with our members, we offer breathtaking venues, fresh and flavorful local cuisine, exquisite gowns, captivating photography, memorable guest activities, top-notch accommodations, stunning hair and make-up, and far more. Our members are wedding professionals that offer talent, industry knowledge, integrity and friendliness that can only be found in Montana.

Gettin’ ready for the big moment JOHANNA B DOCUMENTARIES

In addition to this publication, we host an inspiration-meetsinformation website at It is an amazing resource for engaged couples directing them to industry professionals that are key in planning a perfect wedding. We also host wedding fairs, venue tours, membership networking events and engaging social media sites. Follow us like a spirit guide in the lead-up to your nuptials. Every wedding professional represented in this publication is an Association member, which means the business: • Abides by our Code of Ethics. • Carries active liability insurance. • Shares a burning mission to create unforgettable client and guest experiences.

Great food and friendly faces. . .even behind the mask JOHANNA B DOCUMENTARIES

When it’s time to assemble your own wedding dream team look no further than the members of the Western Montana Wedding Association. We offer options for every budget and taste. We’ll help you relax confident that your wedding will receive top-tier service from the best and most committed professionals in the area.

o m i f p Behind the scenes prepwork JOHANNA B DOCUMENTARIES

8 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

P.O.Box 5194 Missoula, MT 59806 (406) 240-2587


Montana Marriage

Where to get your license, and how to make it official Feeling adventurous? We’ve got you covered DAVID CLUMPNER PHOTOGRAPHY


isit a Montana County Clerk of District Court, and bring with you: • $53 • ID with proof of age over 18 (Driver’s license, REAL ID, certified copy of birth certificate, or passport). • Information to know: - Birth city, county, state or foreign country of both applicants. - First, middle and last names of parents, along with current cities and states of residence, as well as state or foreign country where parents were born. - If married previously, dates and places of previous marriage dissolution or spousal death. File your completed Marriage Certificate with the County, and you are officially hitched! Focused on the future DAVID CLUMPNER PHOTOGRAPHY

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The Four Seasons

of Montana weddings—what you should know, and how to prepare ERIKA SHEREK Owner Plum Tree Events


ou are engaged! Yay! Now to pick a date! Some people have a very specific date in mind – The day you first met, first date, your lucky number, a special numerology meaning, etc. Although you can get married year round in most parts of Montana, the seasons play a crucial role in when you can have your wedding and where. Lets look at the pros and cons of each season in Western Montana.

SPRING | May & June

PROS: There’s still snow on the mountains, and the wildflowers are in bloom! The grass is green, and temperatures range from cool to warm. CONS: You may run into a bit of rain or even snow. As they say here, “Don’t like the weather? Wait 5 minutes!” The weather changes rapidly this time of year.

10 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

April showers bring May flowers HONEYBEE WEDDINGS

HOW TO PREP: Host your wedding indoors, or have an outdoor tent with walls and heater just in case. Tell guests to layer and be prepared in the event of cool or damp weather.

SUMMER | July & Aug.

PROS: There is so much to do for your guests as far as outdoor activities in the summer! It’s often hot and dry during these months, and the rivers and lakes are warm enough to swim. CONS: These are the most popular months to get married in Montana. And they are also the most expensive months. If you plan to have your wedding during this time we encourage you to book everything at least a year in advance. Especially lodging for your guests, venue, catering, photographer and

music. Montana’s fire season tends to begin in July and last through August. Don’t be surprised if your day is filled with smoke. HOW TO PREP: Provide sunscreen and shade for your guests to get out of the sun’s hot rays. Always provide ample water service—it’s crucial during these months. Have a positive attitude in the event of smoky air - it might hinder the mountain views, but the haze sure makes for stunning photos!

FALL | Sept. & Oct.

PROS: The landscape is starting to change colors and snow often returns to the highest peaks. It’s typically dry in the valleys, but there is a new crispness in the air as the temperatures cool off. It may be a little easier to find a venue and vendors.

CONS: You are up against football season (Go Griz!) so DO book your tent rentals early! Although there have been beautiful stretches of warm weather in September and October, you can also see harsher conditions beginning as early as Labor Day. We’re just saying, don’t be shocked if you see some snowflakes! HOW TO PREP: Check out the prep tips we gave you for Spring. The weather is similar, and the preparations are the same.

Springtime in the Rockies VISIT THE BITTERROOT

WINTER | Nov. to April

PROS: The prices for venues and vendors *may* be a little less expensive (if you’re not in a ski resort location or it’s prime season for a venue’s Holiday Parties, etc.). There is always some snow on the mountain peaks and the fabulous winter wonderland pictures can often be a reality at higher altitudes. CONS: Take into consideration that flights in and out of Montana are limited during the winter months. It’s also VERY cold. In some valley locations there might not be a whole lot of snow on the ground.


HOW TO PREP: Dress warm! Make sure there’s ample heat and warm beverages for guests. If you’re driving between ceremony and reception locations, allow extra time due to icy road conditions. Silent, stoic, stunning winter VISIT THE BITTERROOT

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Daisies and Deco Montana Snowbowl, Missoula, MT

12 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

Nestled in between rolling green hills lies a valley painted with wildflowers that glisten in the summer sun. The pops of burnt orange and natural wood pays homage to mining and the way of life in Montana in the 1920s. Upon the breeze, the wildflowers dance and whisper of a timeless love that has been written for ages.

13 |

14 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” ―Author Unknown

15 |


DESIGNER & PLANNER Blush + Bloom PHOTOGRAPHER Jaela B. Photography VENUE Montana Snowbowl FLORAL DESIGN Blush + Bloom BRIDAL ATTIRE Velvet Bride GROOM’S ATTIRE Rococo Bridal HAIR & MAKEUP Montana Wedding Hair and Makeup CAKE Cakes by Gretchen at Mission Bistro RENTALS Montana Party Time STATIONERY Seventh and Anderson 16 | Western Montana Wedding 2021


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1. CHAIRS, Montana Party Time, $5 each 2. FLORALS, Blush + Bloom, Boutonnniere $20, Bridals begin at $100, Centerpiece $125 3. COPPER MUGS, Private Collections 4. NAPKINS, Montana Party Time, $0.85 each 4. FLATWARE, Montana Party Time, $0.50 per piece 5. STATIONERY, Seventh and Anderson, pricing varies 6. CAKE, Cakes by Gretchen at Mission Bistro, $6.50 per serving 7. PLATE, Montana Party Time, $0.50 each 8. CHARGER, Montana Party Time, $1 each 9. GLASSWARE, Montana Party Time, $0.50 each NOT PICTURED, from Montana Party Time: TENT, LINER & LIGHTING, $750 HARVEST WOOD TABLE, $100 each

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25 REASONS. . .

25 Reasons . . . to tie the knot in Western Montana


he views never get old. That’s for certain. But there are even more reasons why Montana is so special for couples who decide to tie the knot here. We’ll give you 25 of them!

1. It’s romantic. Picture Northern Lights, vast landscapes, majestic peaks and of course the big sky. 2. Open space. The state encompasses 147,040 miles, allowing you to get lost in its beauty.


historic lodges and cascading waterfalls.

5. A thriving music scene that is sure to impress even the most discerning music lover. 6. Flathead Lake is the

largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River with 185 miles of shoreline and numerous islands including one that is home to a herd of wild horses. The lake is home to several beautiful wedding venues.

8. Peace and quiet. If social

distancing is what you are after, it is easy to escape crowds as Montana is the 43rd least populous state. As a matter of fact there are more cattle than humans.

There is nothing more romantic then snuggling up to your sweetie while sleeping under the stars. If roughing it is not your style, Montana also has the corner on the “glamping” experience as well.

ing haven and if you ever dreamed of being like Brad Pitt in A River Runs Through It, there is no better place to practice your backcast.

4. Glacier National Park,

18 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

known hot springs in Montana. Whether a hike to an undeveloped spring is what you are looking for or more of a bohemian experience where people watching is divine, you surely won’t be disappointed.

9. Camping under the stars.

3. Montana is a fly-fish-

with over 700 miles of hiking trails, backcountry chalets,

7. Hot springs. There are 61

Western vibes welcomed HONEYBEE WEDDINGS

10. Wildlife viewing.

Montana has the largest variety of mammals in the United States living within its borders. Some of these include elk, bison, wolves, grizzly bears and more elusive species like wolverines and lynx.

11. Charming downtown

shops. You never know what sort of treasure you will find in the downtown districts of Western Montana. Charming soda fountains, Montana made

gift galleries, do-it-yourself art bars and boutique clothing stores offer something for window shoppers and buyers alike.

14. Western Montana is the location for Yellowstone, the hit television show, which is currently in production of its 4th season.

12. Montana does not require local residency to apply for a marriage license.

15. Cascading Waterfalls.

13. There are more than 8,000 historic barns still standing across our great state setting the scene for a true Montana wedding.

16. Cowboy boots and cow-

There are many trails throughout Western Montana that lead to stunning waterfalls.

boy hats. Need we say more?

Glacier National Park’s natural beauty KATY SHAY PHOTOGRAPHY

19 |

25 REASONS. . .

17. Four distinct seasons, all of which are the perfect backdrop for a beautiful wedding. (See our article on page 10 about the seasons in Montana and how to prep for each.)

18. Farmers Markets filled

with an abundance of local produce as well as food vendors, locally grown flowers and gifts from local artisans.

19. You do not need an

ordained minister to get married in this great state. Anyone can officiate a wedding as long as the wedding couple believe he or she is qualified to solemnize the marriage.

20. Horses. Whether it’s a trail ride or you would like to add a touch of true western charm to your wedding, we have got you covered. 21. River rafting in Mon-

tana covers the gamut of an adrenaline rush through the white water of Alberton Gorge, to the scenic family float complete with relaxation and wildlife viewing. A favorite local activity involves grabbing an inner tube and some brews and floating a section of the river. Western Montana’s rivers surely have something for every level of adventure.

22. Who said it has to be a diamond? Montana sapphires, come in a rainbow of colors and are the only American jewel included in England’s crown jewels. You can even make a fun adventure out of sapphire mining and find your own. 23. Art Galleries filled with traditional and contemporary works. Many towns celebrate community art walks as well.



Wildflowers. In the words of the late, great Tom Petty, “You belong among the wildflowers...” From the celebrated bear grass to the state flower, the bitterroot, wildflowers provide some of Montana’s most splendid displays of color.

25. Last and certainly not

least, well actually yes least, Montana is the least expensive place to get married giving you the ability to add more of those details that you have been dreaming of. You belong among the wildflowers HONEYBEE WEDDINGS

Big Sky country in Yellowstone Park HONEYBEE WEDDINGS

20 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

Rococo Rococo Bridal Bridal 1/2 Page Horizontal

& Tuxedo

2150 South Ave W, Missoula • 406.728.5111

Premier wedding venue Indoors and out • Casual or formal Seating up to 300 Overnight accommodations for 16+ people Private Honeymoon house

Flying Horse

1/4 Page Vertical

Missoula Fairgrounds 1/4 Page Vertical

1211 Summerdale Road Corvallis 406-880-3503

21 |


Vintage Lavender Love Homestead on McVey, Victor, MT

22 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

Step back into a timeless and delicate palette of fresh lavender hues and ever-lasting love. Draping lace and antique gold accents boast of vintage treasures yet to be discovered in your budding new love.

23 |

“You are the poem I never knew how to write and this life is the story I have always wanted to tell.” ― Tyler Khott Gregson

24 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

25 |


DESIGNER & PLANNER Leather + Ivory PHOTOGRAPHER Ashley J Photo VENUE Homestead on McVey FLORAL DESIGN Bitterroot Flower Shop ATTIRE Rococo Bridal HAIR & MAKEUP Burton’s Salon CAKE Cakes by Gretchen at Mission Bistro RENTALS Pickell’s Perfect Events, Home of Oh So Chic 26 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

Create this look 1




2 6

9 7 8

1. SMALL FARM TABLE, Perfect Events, $65 each 2. FLATWARE, Perfect Events, $0.75 each 2. CHAIRS, Perfect Events, $35 each 4. CAKE, Cakes by Gretchen at Mission Bistro, $6.50 per serving 5. OVERSIZED WOOD LETTERS, Perfect Events, $100 for the set 6. GLASSES, Perfect Events, $1 each 7. FLORALS, Bitterroot Floral Shop, Boutonnniere $20, Bridals begin at $150, Centerpiece $100 (includes rental vessel) 8. OVERSIZED CANDLE STICKS, Perfect Events, $15-$25 each 9. ARCH, Perfect Events, $225

27 |


Finding a Photographer What makes a photographer the perfect fit for you JAELA MCKINNEY Owner Jaela B. Photography


Capturing the moment HONEYBEE WEDDINGS

ongratulations! You are newly engaged and are in the beginning stages of planning for one of the biggest days of your life. Perhaps you have always dreamed of this day. You know exactly what silhouette of gown will hug the curves you’re rocking; you have a large bride tribe ready to back you all the way; and you already had everything planned to perfection. Or... maybe, just maybe, you haven’t given this day much thought. You are a simple gal, and the thought of months on end planning for one day makes you break out in a stressful sweat. Trust me, you are not alone! I’m thinking a more intimate day would suit you and your man more appropriately.

are in your wedding planning one thing remains: you need a photographer! This day—no matter how big or small— needs to be captured. When all is said and done, the memories and the pictures will transport you back to your wedding day. You want portraits captured that not only show you, the love, and beauty, but that also make you feel it all over again!

Perhaps, you’re an adventurous couple and the thought of driving to a Montana mountain top is more your style. No matter where you

Let me help you with that. Here are some tips not just to finding that someone who you chose because they are available and within budget,

28 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

As a wedding photographer, we tend to get one or more wedding inquiries a week, even despite how many photographers there are in the market. Here is the thing though, finding the perfect fit for your big day is so much more than Googling “Montana Wedding Photographers.”

but because that someone inspired you with the connection you made. When you find that someone who inspires you to want to book them; you will feel confident that they will not only add to your day, but they will do all they can to make it even more than you imagined.

TIP #1

First, when reaching out, no matter the form of contact, be descriptive! Tell them the location, whether is will be large or small, what you are most excited about, what’s most important to you about photography, and what the style and flow of your wedding day will be. Simply put, you can’t share too much information! By including all the known details, you are automatically setting the stage and giving the photographer an opportunity to engage you more deeply. The photographer will be able to share their thoughts on your day creating more

insight into their experience with events similar to yours. Not only did you create a platform for engagement and connection, but their answers to your questions and ideas will help you narrow down those who are right for you.

TIP #2

Ask questions. Perhaps you are eloping in Glacier. If that is the case, preferably, you would like to hire someone that has experience with elopements, who enjoys adventure, who is familiar with Glacier National Park, or willing to explore it with you! Those are things you will want to ask about. If you are having a large wedding (300 plus guests) you want a photographer that has experience with large gatherings. Don’t be shy to ask and check to see if they have a system to help the flow of formal portraits run smoothly and efficiently. When asking questions important to you, the photographers are able to respond with more than just their general response of services and prices. They can tell you if they have the experience and, most importantly, if they have a true passion for capturing the day you envision. When the photographer loves what they do and enjoys capturing wedding stories, you will feel that through their responses to your questions.

TIP #3

The last, but most important tip is feel the photographer out and make sure you connect with them on multiple levels! Connection means so much more than just liking someone. You want to connect not only personally, but also emotionally and esthetically. When chatting through email, ask yourself: do their responses come across as excited, intrigued and genuinely interested? When videoconferencing, does this photographer feel warm and inviting? Better yet, are you able to meet at a local coffee shop to really get to know one another face-toface? And, if so, assess how it felt. Beyond the initial conversation and connection of emotions and personality, do you connect esthetically? Have you nailed down your preferred style and does it align with theirs? Dig deep and figure out what type of couple you are. Are you an easy going and fun couple? Do you like to laugh a lot? Are you romantic? Do you prefer candid portraits, or do you strive for more of the perfect pose with the perfect background smiling directly at the camera? Once you know your style, you will want to make sure that particular style works well with that of the photographers you are considering. Ask the photographer to share examples of their wedding galleries. Look through their portfolio and be sure you jibe with their physical, emotional,

Focused on your story HONEYBEE WEDDINGS

Make sure you “click” with your photographer JAELA B. PHOTOGRAPHY

Adventurous couples require adventurous photographers DAVID CLUMPNER PHOTOGRAPHY

29 |

PHOTOGRAPHY and editing styles. Not everyone with a camera has the same style, nor are they all able to achieve the outcome you covet. If the two of you love candid and real moments versus perfectly posed, ask yourself if this particular photographer makes you both feel comfortable and at ease. If the answer is “no,” how in the world will they do that when a camera is focused on you? We all know being in front of the camera is not in everyone’s comfort zone, so

you want someone that is fun and enjoyable to be around. You also want your photographer to have a natural and unique ability that encourages you to relax and laugh; someone who makes you feel comfortable when displaying your love. Woohoo, you followed the tips, you made a connection, and just like you found the man of your dreams, you think you found the photographer of your dreams too.

You feel great about this particular photographer; your connection on all fronts is effortless and relaxed, so now what? Well, the hard work is over, and the stars are aligning, so get that photographer booked before the next couple has a chance to connect with them! If you vetted them on all fronts, if they make you giddy for your day, then what are you waiting for? Pick a photographer that makes your photo dreams come true TAMI RENAE PHOTOGRAPHY

30 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

J. Scott Couture 1/2 Page Horizontal


7915 Hwy 35 Bigfork Montana 59911

The Nordic Pines Sons of Norway/ at the Sons of Norway Lodge

Nordic Pines Just south of Missoula An awesome rus�c wedding se�ng An affordable venue Call 406-531-6021 for pricing and tours

Portable restroom rentals

Sweet Pea Sewer & Septic large trailer

small trailer

• Separate mens and womens entrances • Privacy stall with sink and mirror • A/C, outside lighting, radio and cd

• 2 stall luxury unit • Separate mens and womens entrances • Heat & A/C Regular portable toilets to rent

Sweet Pea Sewer & Septic 9424 Futurity Drive Missoula • 406-728-3533 633 Old Corvallis Rd Corvallis • 406-961-3377

P Pods Helena • 406-459-8312

31 |


Pandemic Precaution Planning is key for keeping guests healthy—here’s what you need to know

ERIKA SHEREK Owner Plum Tree Events


s we plan for the 2021 wedding season we are hopeful that we can put the challenges of 2020 behind us. It was a whirlwind—frustrating, upsetting, scary, maddening, just to name a few of the emotions that many industry experts and would-be wedding couples experienced. We felt the heartbreak of our couples who had letdowns and suffered the disappointments of canceling, rescheduling or reconfiguring their weddings. We now feel the pressure of couples planning a 2021 wedding and the mad dash to book vendors in a year that is certain to be unlike any other. So what will weddings look like in 2021? Unfortunately, nobody can perfectly predict the answer to that question. The only thing that is 100% certain is that people will fall in love, they will get engaged and will plan beautiful and memorable celebrations. 32 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

Stunning weddings, even while masking ASHLEY J PHOTOGRAPHY

We are all hopeful that the wedding season in 2021 will look much different than that of 2020, but having a contingency plan and putting some safety precautions in place from the start will be a necessity this wedding season. So what are some things to expect when planning during the current COVID climate in Montana?


I know, I know, not the easiest thing to do at a wedding. But much easier if you are outdoors (which luckily here in Montana, most weddings are)!


Raise those sides! The more air that goes through the better!


No one can force another person to wear a mask, but it is highly recommended for

your safety and the safety of others when you can’t socially distance.


Make sure you wipe down areas such as the bar, restrooms, and welcome table. Essentially any place that a lot of people are around or frequently touch.


No self-serve is allowed in certain counties so you will need to hire a bartender.


Self-serve buffets and family style are a no no. You can have a buffet if it’s being served by the catering staff. Plated dinners have become very popular!


No more self-serve where everyone gets their own. Catering or event staff must cut and serve cake to guests. This includes individual desserts as well.


This may be a thing of the past. It’s currently not permitted.


In most places you are going to have to limit the number of people at each table to 4. This means you will have to make sure you rent more tables, chairs, and linens.


For outdoor weddings, seats will be spaced out a little bit more, with the back rows spaced out to 6 feet for those who must social distance.


You are going to want to make sure you have a sanitizing station for handwashing, disinfectant and masks for your guests. Make sure high-traffic areas are wiped down at a minimum once an hour…unless you see it really getting hit… then make sure someone is there to keep things as sanitary as possible. All of these stipulations were laid out by the Missoula County Health Department. If you’re outside of Missoula County, be sure to check with your local health department regarding their updated COVID-19 rules and regulations. Although we hope the future of events in Montana loosens up just a little more on regulations, with a little planning and awareness for those around you, you can pull off a safe, fun wedding for you and your guests.

Heritage Hall

at Historic Fort Missoula

Heritage For tours & bookings call Hall Northern

An affordable venue in a beautiful setting.

Rockies Heritage 1/4 Page Vertical Center

(406) 396.4750 • •

Missoula, Montana |

Velvet Bride

1/4 Page Vertical

33 |


Bohemian Dreams

Glacier Raft Company, West Glacier, MT 34 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

For millennia, glaciers have fed these valleys with cool springs and lush, green fields that offer solace to the weary wanderer and creatures alike. The dense and cool safety of the woods opens and offers up its secrets in expansive meadows that ties the two worlds together in tranquility and love.

35 |


DESIGNER & PLANNER Blush + Bloom PHOTOGRAPHY Tami Renae Photo VENUE Glacier Raft Co. FLORAL DESIGN Blush + Bloom ATTIRE J. Scott Couture HAIR & MAKEUP Sugar Tree Salon RENTALS Pickell’s Perfect Events, Home of Oh So Chic St. Char Ro 36 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

Create this look



4 2





9 10 11

1. TABLE, Perfect Events, $100 2. CANDLESTICKS, Perfect Events, $4 each 3. FLORALS, Blush + Bloom, Boutonnniere $20, Bridals begin at $125, Centerpiece $85 4. CHAIR, Perfect Events, $30 5. WOOD STUMPS, Perfect Events, $5 each 6. CHARGER & PLATES, Private Collection 7. ACCENT DECOR, Perfect Events, $12.50 8. PILLOW, Perfect Events, $5 each 9. MACRAME, Private Collection 10. GLASSWARE, Private Collection 11. MILK JUGS, Perfect Events, $25 each

37 |


Micro Weddings The latest trend to hit the wedding market

MAE FORESTA Owner Night Owl Imagery


icro Weddings have gained popularity recently as couples around the world begin to adapt and adjust their wedding plans. A micro wedding is an intimate affair that typically retains some of the structure of a traditional wedding, but is a smaller-scale celebration with a guest count of 20 or fewer people. Elopements tend to be even more low-key, with fewer than 10 guests. A smaller guest list often leads to a more simplistic timeline and most often, micro weddings will have a quick ceremony and a more casual and relaxed reception. Scaling back on the guest list also allows the freedom to hone in on more personal touches—such as a destination wedding, bespoke wedding attire, hiring all your favorite vendors, or the honeymoon of your dreams. 38 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

Micro Weddings allow for offbeat ceremony locations HONEYBEE WEDDINGS

THE PERKS UNIQUE VENUE OPTIONS The beauty of the micro wedding is that it can fit whatever vision you have for your ideal ceremony. If you are the type of couple that wants to get married in a unique location with only your closest family and friends around, a micro wedding will allow for more creative options! ADVENTURE WEEKEND Want to maximize your time together with your loved ones? Plan a whole weekend! A micro wedding weekend in Montana could mean floating down the river, hiking in Glacier, playing on Flathead Lake, sampling pints from local breweries, sunrise yoga, local farmer’s markets, horseback riding and more! QUALITY TIME Whether you choose to host

your guests all weekend, or just for the wedding day, a microwedding will allow you more quality time to visit with your loved ones and have meaningful conversations. Being able to sit down and really connect with people during your celebration is truly priceless. CREATIVE DETAILS It might be a smaller wedding, but you can go big on the details! Fewer wedding guests usually mean more space for quality and creativity, such as custom wedding rings and attire! Local farm-to-table food, craft cocktails, or your favorite live band are other fun details that can make a big impact on your event. HIRE YOUR DREAM TEAM OF VENDORS Use the extra room in your budget to hire all your favorite wedding vendors! With a trusted team of professionals,

you can relax and just focus on celebrating with your friends and family! LIMIT YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT There are numerous ways a micro wedding can help you be more eco-conscious. For instance, fewer people will have to travel by plane or car; plus less food and drink will be consumed, minimizing waste and resources used. VIRTUAL GUESTS Live-stream your micro wedding so all your loved ones can be a part of your celebration without the travel and large guest list! WEDDING FAVORS Show your guests a little extra love with a thoughtful thank-you gift. These little appreciation gifts are also fun to send to loved ones that won’t be at your wedding. This is a great way to share the love and include your crew, even if they won’t be there in person on your wedding day. HONEYMOON The honeymoon of your dreams is right around the corner! Scaling back on your wedding allows you the freedom to plan the most spectacular honeymoon or staycation ever! Weddings are wonderful celebrations that bring people together through love, food, and music. Micro weddings are a fun alternative that allow you more flexibility to create an experience that reflects your personalities, while maintaining an intimate atmosphere to better connect with your guests. Create a vibe that encourages love and joy, and the rest will all fall into place.



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Earthen Elegance Little Smith Creek Ranch, Victor, MT

40 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

Allow all of nature’s beauty to permeate your mind and soul while paying tribute to Mother Earth in this whimsical vegan wedding. Deep burgundy, mustard, and neutrals play off the vivid mountain scape creating an inviting sanctuary for your love to flourish and be free.

41 |

42 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

“The earth has music for those who listen.” ―William Shakespeare

43 |


DESIGNER & PLANNER Plumtree Events PHOTOGRAPHY Night Owl Imagery VENUE Little Smith Creek Ranch FLORAL DESIGN Agile Goat Flower Farm ATTIRE Rococo Bridal CATERING A Moveable Feast RENTALS Pickell’s Perfect Events, Home of Oh So Chic STATIONERY Seventh and Anderson 44 | Western Montana Wedding 2021


Create this look 2 4 3



9 7


1. PLATES, Plumtree Events, $0.30 each 2. FLORALS, Agile Goat Flower Farm, Boutonnieres $20 each, Small Arrangements $7.50+, Arch Arrangements $250+, Meadow Arrangement $250+, Pampas Arch $250+ 3. SILVERWARE, Private Collection 4. GLASSWARE, DIY Project 5. STATIONERY, Seventh and Anderson, pricing varies 6. DINNER ENTREE, A Moveable Feast, $35-$50 per person 7. TABLE, DIY project 8. STOOL, Perfect Events, $25

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Guest Adventures

Activity ideas for guests who travel to attend your wedding weekend TIA TROY

On Behalf of Visit Bitterroot Valley


f you’re planning to tie the knot in Montana, chances are you’ll have friends and family joining to celebrate your big day from near and far. When it comes to wedding destinations, there are not many more picturesque than Montana’s Bitterroot Valley. Although our Association represents businesses and locations throughout Western Montana, this year, we feature the Valley in which the Association began. Getting married in Glacier, Flathead, Butte, or Helena? Fear not! You can find more information on what to do in those areas on our website at With mountains on either side of a lush valley with a river running through it, the Bitterroot Valley is sure to please all that may be in attendance. And while the wedding is the main event, chances are your wedding 46 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

The Bitterroot River, with Trapper Peak looking on VISIT THE BITTERROOT

attendees will want to squeeze in some memory-making adventures with you (or in your honor) while they’re in Big Sky Country. To make your planning as easy as possible and their time in Montana as equally memorable, here are some ways to help your guests have a fun Montana vacation.


Home to over 80 miles of world-class fishing, the Bitterroot River is truly a fisherman’s paradise. Fly-fishing is the best way to fish this river and there are experienced outfitters and guides who make fishing the river easy, whether you are a novice or experienced fisherman (or woman). The best part? No matter when your wedding is, chances are your date will align with a hatch, which always makes

fishing that much more fun. Fish species in the river include rainbow trout, brook trout, cutthroat trout, bull trout and brown trout. Throughout the valley are 14 fishing access sites, which make it easy to fish the river on your own. However, have your friends and family (or your whole wedding party) make the most of your time by going with an experienced outfitter or guide, like Bitterroot Fly Company, FreeStone Fly Shop, Bitterroot River Guides or TroutZoola Montana Fly Fishing.


A must-see in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley: Lake Como. A short drive north of Darby, Lake Como sits a few miles off U.S. Highway 93 and is tucked perfectly into the wilderness. Not only is this a fun place to play and hike, it has one of the most beautiful backgrounds in the valley. Activities to enjoy

includes boating, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking and fishing. Lake Como Loop Trail is a 7-mile-long loop trail that winds its way around the lake and is perfect for hiking and biking. Plus, Lake Como has day-use picnic areas and campsites, as well as a designated swimming area and beach.


Not only does Montana’s Bitterroot Valley have beautiful lakes and rivers, hot springs are nestled within the mountains throughout the valley.

The Daly Mansion sits on 46 acres of stunning terrain and is also a perfect place to grab a few photos prior to your wedding day. Take the East Side Highway north to Stevensville and the Historic St. Mary’s Mission. This place holds the distinct honor of being the place “where Montana began.” From here, you’ll learn about the Salish Indian Tribe, as well as seeing the first permanent settlement in Montana.

The Bitterroot Valley has several resort locations, with soaking pools and hot tubs located in the woods of the Bitterroot Mountains. There is no better way to soak up Montana’s big night starry sky than in the wilderness, soaking in a local hot spring. Check out for a listing of all the options. There are also public hot springs options, which are great for a day soak after a day of hiking, fishing or even skiing the local slopes of Lost Trail Powder Mountain.


Saddle up and explore VISIT THE BITTERROOT

Montana’s Bitterroot Valley is filled with incredible historical sites that showcase some of the most memorial times in history. Museum buffs will enjoy a visit to the Ravalli County Museum and Historical Society in Hamilton where they can learn about the travels of Lewis and Clark in the Bitterroot Valley, as well as the early American cowboys, trappers, miners and more. Your wedding party can also combine Montana’s outdoors with history with a visit to the Daly Mansion Museum, which was the summer home of Marcus Daly, one of Montana’s Copper Kings.

St. Mary’s Mission in Stevensville VISIT THE BITTERROOT

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Stationery Savvy All the little details to make your wedding paperie special

AUTUMN KOZIMER Owner Winter Paper Co.


tationery and signage for your wedding day provides the perfect opportunity to enhance your color scheme or theme. Going for a more elegant look? Consider acrylic signage, or letterpress printing. Prefer rustic? Maybe add a deckled edge to your stationery, or wrap your suite with a leather belly band. The options are endless!


Let’s start off by discussing wholesale vs. custom art. When you purchase wholesale options, you’re typically limited to the parameters of that specific design regarding font choices, layout, and even colors. There are a lot of inexpensive resources for this option, and some local stationers even offer some of their custom art as a package, similar to this style. The idea is that the design already

48 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

Die cut stationery and custom wax seals PHOTO PROVIDED BY SEVENTH AND ANDERSON

exists, so there is no additional customization needed other than name, location and date. This is where wholesale art differs from custom art. If you prefer something that isn’t pre-fabricated, like custom illustrations, monograms, paintings, personalized wax seals, etc., talk to a stationer! They are graphic designers, fine artists, and craftsmen, and have a desire to create beautiful art that represents your wedding day needs, in a cohesive package. Bring your creativity, and show examples of what you like—but remember, a stationer is not copying what someone else created— otherwise, you should just hire the artist you’re using as the example! Their job is to take your image inspiration and make it in their own way, but specific to you.


Keep in mind your save the dates and invitaions are often the first items your guests receive in the mail, and they set the stage for how the wedding day will look. Nowadays, there are so many options between paper or envelope colors, thicknesses, edge treatments, and all the embellishments to add that personal flair. Let your stationer guide you through all the options. Even locally in Montana, we are able to print stationery in all the popular formats—Letterpress, foiling, debossing, white ink, and more! Adding embellishments like wrapping your invitation in leather, raw silk ribbon, or adding a custom wax seal are also fun ways to personalize your stationery suite and keep it feeling “Montana.” Just remember that adding thickness to your envelope can mean a more expensive postage rate.

The perfect invitation suite ties everything together PHOTO PROVIDED BY SEVENTH AND ANDERSON

We’ll get you and your guests there and home safely.

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Glacier Park Collection Begin Life Together on a Grand Scale.

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STATIONERY 101 Speaking of postage, when sending anything from Montana, mail has a long ways to travel before it leaves the state! There are only three sorting centers in the whole state, so be prepared for out of state (Continental US) mail to take 5-7 days to arrive to its location.


Want to skip the hassle? If you’re thinking of going digital, your stationer can often help with graphic art needed for your invitations!


Don’t quit with invitations —you can carry the color scheme or embellishments

into your wedding day paperie! Let’s say you have an accent of blue in your color scheme. There aren’t a whole lot of flowers that come in a natural looking blue, so consider adding pops of blue into your design using paper instead! Items like place cards, escort cards, programs, menu cards, cocktail napkins, etc. are great, classy ways to add in a color that isn’t naturally occuring elsewhere. Take that leather that you wrapped your invitations with, and wrap it around your napkins, to create a cohesive look from beginning of the invitation process, through the wedding day! There are a lot of subtle ways for your stationery to tie your wedding design together.

When working with a stationer, allow plenty of time for the creation of your art. Always review their portfolio, and make sure you like their artistic style! If you love the majority of their work, you are more likely to be pleased with your own end product. Remember - if you hire a stationer, you are working with an artist. Have an open mind about the process, but also be honest about what you love or dislike. The end result will be wedding day paperie that is special, and something no one else will have!

Memories are made AT THE FORT

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Deckled edges and hand lettering HONEYBEE WEDDINGS

Seventh & Anderson

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Wedding & Event Center Victor, Montana 51 |


Fiery Western Sunset Grouse Mountain Lodge, Whitefish, MT

52 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

Bold and vibrant, Montana sunsets are nature’s most dramatic hour. Daylight lets go slowly, in a fiery melt of coral and carmine, cooling into a deep inky denim night sky studded with stars. Beauty and impact are derived from strong, dynamic pattern and unpretentious celebration of nature—the feathers, the wildly draped florals. Like sunset itself, this dramatic turn unspools to reveal bold color, authentic contrast, and brave originality.

53 |

“The spirit of the sunset is painted like a majestic mystery whispered far beyond all works of man and it also speaks of hope, it whispers like the falling drums...” ―Chief Spirit Hawk

54 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

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DESIGNER & PLANNER Events by Autumn PHOTOGRAPHER Katy Shay Photo VENUE & CATERING Grouse Mountain Lodge FLORAL DESIGN Agile Goat Flower Farm ATTIRE J. Scott Couture HAIR & MAKEUP Tres Chic, Jessica D. RENTALS 44 Rental and Design Events by Autumn STATIONERY Winter Paper Co. 56 | Western Montana Wedding 2021


Create this look 3

4 5

2 9 6




1. RUNNERS, Events by Autumn, $25 each 2. PLATES, Events by Autumn, $1.50 each 3. CHARGERS, Events by Autumn, $8 each 4. GLASSWARE, 44 Rental and Design, $2 each 5. FLORALS, Agile Goat Flower Farm, Boutonniere $20, Bridals begin at $125, Accent Arrangements $25+, Centerpiece $95+ 6. NAPKINS, Events by Autumn, $1.50 each 7. STATIONERY, Winter Paper Co, pricing varies 8. FEATHERS, Agile Goat Flower Farm, $25+ each 9. CHAIR, 44 Rental and Design, $3 each 10. ARMCHAIR, Events by Autumn, $50 NOT PICTURED: Entree, Grouse Mountain Lodge, $30-$50 per person

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Flower Trends

What’s bloomin’ for next season’s weddings ALEXANDRA BLACK Partner Blush +Bloom Events


rom the crucial floral focus that is the bridal bouquet, to the eye-capturing elements of the centerpieces and complementing floral aesthetic, 2021 is sure to be an exciting and bold year for wedding florals. The following will cover just a few of the latest trends that we as designers are swooning over. Beginning with the bold colors that are sure to make the most magical and dramatic statement on your special day, to locally sourcing your flowers to support your community. Who doesn’t like that? No one!


Bold Colors for your big day. Well ladies and gents let us get started on one of our most amazing developments that are sure to catch the eye of your guests. BOLD IS BACK. Over the past several years, wedding floral design has predominately carried a sweet 58 | Western Montana Wedding 2021


and playful palette; using warm colors and greenery of all sorts has been a floral go to. Now, do not get me wrong I adore the soft palette just as much as the latter, however, as a designer, I am so excited to brighten things up! Looking for a color palette that adds that dramatic flair we are all loving? Moody Jewel tones are a must-have for this coming season. Now, if you like myself love this statement color scheme, keep your wedding date in mind! When wanting to use the deep colors I would highly suggest the autumn season; you will be able to acquire all of those dark colored blooms more readily and the autumn colors are sure to add to the effect of your event. No matter the wedding date you select, consider the colors of the season to plan your wedding floral color palette.


Luckily, Western Montana is fortunate enough to have some of the best local flower farms around! From Hamilton, in the Bitterroot mountains, to the gorgeous Potomac valley, local flower farms have you covered. Why stay local? We whole heartedly believe that staying local is the western Montana way, neighbors helping neighbors which is always the goal. Perhaps you are the DIY bride wanting to arrange her flowers herself? Or you are interested in having a professional designer capture your floral vision for you. Either way, approach a local florist or farmer for inspiration on what will be in season (and therefore less expensive), what will pair nicely with your ideal design and color palette.

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Full Service Venue with Customized Wedding Packages

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Cherries in Bloom Flathead Lake Forevers, Big Arm, MT

60 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

Surrounding the banks on the biggest lake west of the divide, deep cherry reds reflect from the ice- blue, glistening water. A playful palette mimics the snowcapped Chief Cliff Mountain set in the distance. Feel like a princess with cascading velvets and flowing chiffon dancing gently in the lakeside winds.

61 |

62 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

“Not every lake dreams to be an ocean. Blessed are the ones who are happy with who they are.” – Mehmet Murat ildan

63 |


DESIGNER & PLANNER Events by Autumn PHOTOGRAPHER Johanna B Documentaries VENUE Flathead Lake Forevers FLORAL DESIGN Events by Autumn BRIDAL ATTIRE Velvet Bride GROOM’S ATTIRE J. Scott Couture HAIR & MAKEUP Sugar Tree Salon CATERING A Moveable Feast RENTALS Events by Autumn STATIONERY Winter Paper Co. 64 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

Create this look 2



5 3 9



7 8 1. CHAIRS, Events by Autumn, $9.50 each 2. FLORALS, Events by Autumn, Boutonniere $25, Bridals begin at $150, Centerpiece $200+, Arch $750+ 3. ANTIQUE MILK GLASS, Events by Autumn, $20 each 4. NAPKINS, Events by Autumn, $1.50 each 5. CANDLESTICKS, Events by Autumn, $2.50+ each 6. FLATWARE, Events by Autumn, $0.90 each 7. ENTREE, A Moveable Feast, $35-50 per person 8. GLASSWARE, Events by Autumn, $1.75 each 9. STATIONERY, Winter Paper Co, pricing varies 10. CHARGERS, Events by Autumn, $8 each

65 |


Music to your Ears

Tried and true wedding music tips from a seasoned pro RYAN BRADSHAW Owner Bradshaw Media


fter all the weddings I’ve seen and been a part of over the years, I want to offer my honest opinion on what I think makes a wedding “perfect.” Notice the word perfect is sitting snug in between quotations. It’s sitting that way because perfect doesn’t exist on a wedding day unless you are in the mindset that what can go wrong sometimes does. There is always something that will go wrong and how you respond will determine how perfect your day is. Wind, bad weather, sick kids, late wedding parties, drunk uncles, dress malfunctions, mics cut out, caterer is running behind, flowers are wrong, and much more to even name. These things can all happen and you must go into your wedding day knowing only one thing: It all works out in the end if you embrace the day.

66 | Western Montana Wedding 2021


Here’s how you can embrace the day and prepare for your wedding from start to finish:


Here’s where I’ll get called out for my bias. I’ve made a living being a DJ so of course I’m going to include DJs in this list. BUT… The fact remains and I will stand by this forever: The DJ will hands down make or break your day single handedly! I’ve always told people that the rest of the vendors at your wedding could be perfect, but if the DJ is bad then you will have one of the worst weddings that people talk about. All you’ll ever hear when your wedding is brought up is “yeah but your DJ sucked and we didn’t have much fun.” You don’t want that to be your wedding. The opposite can be said if we turn the situation around: If all your other vendors are horrible, but the DJ is amazing, I can promise you

that you will still have fun at your wedding. The number one thing anyone ever remembers about a wedding is: Did they have a good time? DJs are responsible for announcements, organization, requests, sound, lighting, and the overall success of the party.


The bar and the DJ should always be in close proximity in my opinion. Dance parties happen way better when people can grab a drink and walk 10 feet to the dance floor. In addition, most people congregate around the alcohol early in the night and it’s easier to get people dancing if they are right there in the same room.


Hear me out here. Timelines can be good if you use them as only a reference. But in my years of experience there is nothing worse than brides, moms, DJs, Photographers, wedding

planners and you name it, stressing themselves out over a timeline. I can’t stand them. Weddings are hardly ever on time. Someone is always running late, unexpected things always happen, and so many instances can occur that can put you behind. When people are trying to stick close to the timeline all this does is stress everyone out. Instead I like an order of events and an organized keeper of those order of events. I am damn good at it. Some wedding planners are damn good at it. Photographers can be very good at it. When you hire the right vendors, timelines aren’t needed. All you need to do is have an outline of how you want the day to go without times next to them. This will help reduce stress when things start happening that you didn’t plan on because they will and I can almost guarantee you will thank me later for this one.


Don’t leave your wedding for long periods of time. There is absolutely nothing worse than a bride and groom bouncing out of their own wedding for more than 30 minutes at a time. It down right drives me nuts! It’s not just me though… Your guests will hate it. It’s literally one of the worst vibe killers I can think of. People are there to see you. Not anyone else. People want

to dance, talk, drink, and hang out with YOU!

wedding. Please avoid this ridiculous idea at all costs.


Everything to this point is great advice. Whether you take it or not is up to you as these things are just my observations and opinions.

One of the things that is tough to work around is when a photographer has to take pictures of everyone after the wedding. That can take up to 90 minutes or more at times. No matter how many appetizers and fun you think you have planned for people, they will get tired of waiting around for you to show up if you are off wandering the countryside for too long…


Never do a bride auction! THE WORST THING EVER!! Listen to me! If there’s one corny, ridiculous thing you stay away from it’s this. For those that are unaware: This is when the bride gets “stolen” by the groom’s wedding party. The DJ then has to play auctioneer to get YOUR guests to bid money to get her back to the reception. People hate this and usually the people that choose to do it want $1,000 raised to even get the bride back to her own wedding!!! Your guests are already spending money on traveling, gifts, hotels, booze in some cases, food, you name it. Also I’ve never seen anyone do this that also doesn’t do the Dollar dance. So if you do the dollar dance AND this auction you look like a money hungry scam artist. That’s the truth. Your guests are already spending tons of money being at your

Keep the party going, well after dark DAVID CLUMPNER PHOTOGRAPHY


Music is the language of the soul DAVID CLUMPNER PHOTOGRAPHY

67 |


I do’s for Planning



e asked all of Western Montana Wedding Association Event Planner members what their favorite planning tips are. Here’s our compilation!


Ideally, if you start planning a year out, you’ll have time to research all your wants before you even hire your first vendor. Know what things cost overall, before blindly booking vendors, and not understanding how it might affect the total budget.


(Especially for 2021) As soon as you’ve set your budget and you have a date, get to booking! Most vendors have busy calendars for 2021 simply due to COVID reschedules. We’ve found that many vendors are already full by the 68 | Western Montana Wedding 2021


time we reach out on a client’s behalf.


What is included? What time does the party need to end? What is the maximum guest capacity? What are your alcohol and catering rules? Get to know the venue before locking it in.


pretty for photos. So wear your shoes in properly, so you can look your best!


Specific projects can be assigned to specific family members and friends (with good, solid directions). Know their strengths and weaknesses before asking for help, so you aren’t asking too much.


It is so important to have a trial run of the overall look you are wanting to achieve on your wedding day, especially if you are using a stylist that you have not worked with before.

When the sun goes down in Montana, it gets DARK. Be prepared, so you’re finished with important photos, or have a plan for guests to get back and forth to restrooms, transportation, etc.



No one wants sore feet on their wedding day! Bandaids used to cover rub spots aren’t

No one likes waiting in line for a drink. Trust your vendors when

they tell you how many people they need to work your wedding. Staff counts vary for beer and wine service at the bar, versus tableside wine service and a full hosted bar with mixed drinks.


Plan for some newlywed alone time following the ceremony, and before you start the night’s festivities. Make sure you give yourself some wiggle room in the timeline, instead of having things lined up back to back. Things happen, people run late, and you do not want to be cutting special moments short or stressing out because the

timeline is too tight. Not sure how to prevent this? Ask your wedding planner or coordinator for help or have them create this for you!

time into the schedule to do separate wedding party photos before the ceremony starts. Why is this important? See the next tip!



Don’t let guests drink and drive. Set a schedule for transportation, and communicate it, so guests know when to be where. That applies to both pre-ceremony planning and the end of the night!

TAKE PHOTOS PRIOR TO THE CEREMONY Providing a shot list to your photographer (with must have groups of people). If you’re on board with a first look, DO IT! If you’d rather wait, still build

The quickest way to make your guests feel forgotten is to leave a big gap between the end of your ceremony and the beginning of the cocktail hour. If everything is in the same venue, time it so the bar opens, and appetizers get passed as soon as your ceremony ends.


Prepping a plan B in case of

Weddings on Flathead Lake


Start planning your dream wedding today at one of our unique Montana properties

49708 US Highway 93 East | Polson, Montana 59860 | 1.800.882.6363 69 |

TIPS FROM PLANNERS rain, snow, heat, or whatever the weather may bring is a must, especially in Montana, and that might mean reserving an indoor alternative or a tent.

ASK ABOUT VENDOR AND KIDS MENU PRICING Some caterers offer reduced pricing for children and vendors, some don’t. But it never hurts to ask!

Also, include all of your vendors (who will be on site during the reception) in the meal count for the caterer. Be aware that some vendors have meal requirements included in their contracts.


Get it done 2 weeks before it’s due to vendors. That buys you time to follow up with those who haven’t RSVPed yet. These follow ups are a great task for parents, who may want to help out in any way they can. And once you’re ready to communicate the guest count to your caterer, make sure it’s accurate! You never want to run out of food (and neither does your caterer).


Cut back in other areas if you have to. But at a minimum, offer your guests beer and wine, free of charge. And always offer plenty of water if you’re serving alcohol. 70 | Western Montana Wedding 2021


For a Montana wedding that’s local, plan on mailing your save the dates 8-9 months out from the wedding date. Invitations can be mailed 3 months out. If your Montana wedding is a destination wedding, and you or your guests are coming in from out of state, consider mailing your save the dates 12 months out, and invitations 4 months out. When you mail your save the dates, have your wedding website, registry, and guest accommodations booked and listed on the website!


Do you have any difficult guests? Don’t leave it up to adults to be adults, once emotions and alcohol are added to the mix. Keep difficult guests apart by assigning seats, if need be. It helps put everyone at ease.


No matter how on top of it you are, you do not want to be the one organizing vendor setup and clean up on your wedding day. Think you can pass this off by having a trusted friend or family member oversee on your behalf? You will need someone who knows design well and is willing to work as the party winds down.


Don’t leave it until the night of, without a plan. You do NOT want intoxicated guests helping —you want it neat and organized, so you can return rented items in proper condition, and possibly resell any lightly used decor.


We work with you to get to know your plans, so we can successfully set up and manage your wedding day the way you want it. We advocate for you, deal with guest and vendor issues so you don’t have to! Most planners stay until it’s over and clean it all up. These logistical pieces are what often add unnecessary stress to an otherwise joyful occasion–hiring someone who is a professional at managing that stress load (without you knowing until after the wedding is over) is why we’re in business!


If you only do one thing on your wedding day, make sure to enjoy yourself. Stop. Breath. Have fun. Enjoy the experience! Feel free to laugh and smile naturally – and often. There is such a build up to your wedding day and, often, it goes by like a flash. It is important to be in the moment and take the time to enjoy yourself – and spend time with your new spouse soaking it in, together.

Exchanging vows—the reason behind the entire celebration ASHLEY J PHOTOGRAPHY

Helping to finance your dreams

We like to Parkside say YES! Credit Union

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Gorgeous weddings, events, and Montana-made wine.


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Cattle Springs

1/8 Page Horizontal 71 |


Catering Trends

What What to to look look for for when when hiring hiring a professional caterer a professional caterer MINDY GLENNA GLENNA Partner, MINDY A Moveable Feast Partner, A Moveable Feast


e have long said goodbye to the days of lackluster food at weddings. Just as with the evolution of restaurants’ offerings, in which plant-based menus and a trend toward locally sourced ingredients has changed diners’ experiences and broadened guests’ palates, wedding food has also become more adventurous and an important focal point of the celebration. Today, couples have migrated away from traditional buffet lines with boring chafing dishes; instead opting for more elevated levels of service and food presentation. Whether it is a beautifully styled antipasto bar or food stations serving everything from ramen to rustic pizza, couples are finding ways to make wedding food a big part of their big day. The menu is the perfect place 72 | Western Montana Wedding 2021


to pay tribute to your roots whether it be another culture, another state, or adding a Montana flair with locally sourced ingredients. Menu planning allows couples a way to further personalize their wedding day and share their story with their guests. The recent popular trend toward smaller guest lists has enabled couples to change their mindset to quality over quantity and the ability to focus their budget on providing a more elegant and intimate celebration with their guests. Higher quality food and libations only add to the guest experience making the celebration even more memorable. As it has become a necessity for couples to keep in mind the health and safety of their guests the good news is wedding trends were already shifting toward a more guest

focused experience. Plated meals, live action food stations, and stand-up cocktail receptions all allow for social distancing while providing an elevated food experience. With couples putting unforgettable food at the top of their wedding wish list, choosing the right caterer and menu can be stressful. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:


Create a budget keeping in mind food and beverages will most likely be one of the larger expenses on your wedding day. Be honest with prospective caterers about your budget. It’s easier for caterers to create the perfect menu for you if they know how much you are comfortable spending. They may not be able to fit all of your wish list items into your budget, but they may be able to craft a menu that you are excited about.


Don’t just send an email! This advice holds true for choosing most of your wedding vendors. You will not be able to get an accurate picture of what services a vendor can provide over email. Your caterer should be handpicked based on your personal style, and it will be much easier to gauge a good fit with a phone call or in-person meeting.


Communicate your expectations for service. Most caterers will ask about your service needs, but it is always a good idea to make sure you are both on the same page. Some things to keep in mind include whether you will need on-site staff, what is the dress code for staff members, do you need help setting the tables, can they help with rentals, etc.


Schedule a tasting. A tasting is helpful to make sure that your vision matches your caterer’s talents. You may not be able to taste all items on your menu, but a tasting should give you a feel for the chef’s food style. Keep in mind most caterers charge for tastings, but some waive the fee with a signed contract. Cost may also vary depending on how wide a variety of food you request to sample.

KITCHEN LOCATION Ask where the food will be prepared. This is a very

important question to ensure your meal is as fresh as possible. Not every caterer has the equipment to cook on-site at remote locations, and food that is prepared hours before your event is never ideal.


How the food is presented is as important as how it tastes. Food is consumed visually first and should be presented in a way that complements the rest of your wedding decor. Don’t hesitate to ask your caterer for photos of other weddings that they have catered.

Finishing touches NIGHT OWL IMAGERY


For the safety of your guests make sure you work with a licensed and insured caterer. Especially in the time of COVID, you want to ensure that proper sanitation practices are followed, and the caterer understands correct food service techniques to keep your guests healthy.


Book your wedding caterer early. Wedding seasons can be busy for caterers. Booking your caterer early in the planning process is always a good idea to ensure availability.

Don’t forget the late night snacks HONEYBEE WEDDINGS

Keep in mind that your wedding will most likely be the grandest dinner party that you will ever throw. A well thought out menu and beautifully presented food guarantees a memorable event for all. Feast with your eyes HONEYBEE WEDDINGS

73 |


Eye for Design

Tips on taking any wedding design to the next level AUTUMN KOZIMER Owner, Events by Autumn


Simple, minimalist, but absolutely stunning DAVID CLUMPNER PHOTOGRAPHY

esigning weddings is one of my favorite parts of the wedding planning process, and one of the reasons I became a wedding planner. I get to research trends and make suggestions to help clients discover their individual style for their wedding! Every client is different and I use my design skills and knowledge to make sure whatever theme a client dreams up, it still looks curated and beautiful.


I graduated college as an art major, and I use the tips I learned in school daily! Creating a beautiful wedding day is an art, and it takes time and practice to know what will look good when paired together. Here are some of my tried and true design tips to help you wade through some of the harder design choices and help you style your wedding like a pro.


74 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

Select the right color palette for YOU. Complementary colors might provide amazing contrast, but that combination might not be what you want in your own design. Decide if you’re into bold colors or pastels, and use a resource like Pantone. com to communicate your color choices. Pantone defines colors and will help make sure all vendors are working within the same color values. Try to describe your wedding style using only two words. As you pick decor and shop, keep those words in the back of your mind. Does that piece fit your description? Consider it. If it doesn’t, skip it.


Pinterest is great—at the beginning. Use it for inspiration and as a springboard to create your own

“mood board,” but once you’ve defined your plan, get off the app! It will only lead to frustration when you see a new idea that you love a week before your wedding, and you don’t have the time or the budget to work it into your plan. Save yourself the heartache.


Follow the rule of odd numbers. When you have an option to place items in close proximity, always choose an odd number of items.


Staggered height and layering creates a beautiful balance within your reception. I tend to follow the rule of thirds, and keep pieces arranged in vignettes, which are visually appealing and make for stunning photos! Consider the height of your centerpieces, votives/candles,

and other elements on the tabletop, to pull your eye throughout the design. If you’re using a tent, consider adding ceiling decor, like string lighting, a chandelier, fabric swag, etc. Ceiling elements assist in drawing your eyes down. Whereas taller centerpieces, like Harlow stands, or designs featuring tapered candles helps bring your eyes up. You want to have a flow of visual interest throughout your space. Not necessarily a design tip, but more of a guest etiquette tip: Don’t make your centerpieces a height that guests can’t easily talk over or through them! Trust me on this one! If they’re too tall, guests just set them on the ground.


Make deliberate design choices. A minimalist design can be stunning, but it has to be designed purposefully. If parts of the design are busy, it takes away from its intent.


The pairing of “masculine” and “feminine” features makes for a stunning design. If you’re picking darker wood tones for chairs and tables, consider also using soft colored runners, pastel accents, and flowers with lots of soft petals (like garden roses, ranunculus, peonies, etc.). That balance is always a great design combo. But, as I mentioned in the paragraph above, if you’d

rather go all dark with bold colors, you sure can! Just BE DELIBERATE about it. It can absolutely be beautiful!


If you’re using all round tables, and there’s a bunch of them, consider creating 3 distinct centerpieces, (different height and style, but using similar ingredients in each). Mix them up amongst the tables. It gives depth to your design, but also creates cohesiveness.

Staggered height makes a simple display look more elegant DAVID CLUMPNER PHOTOGRAPHY

Never be afraid to design your layout with both round and rectangle tables! If it fits within your budget, consider using wood tables for the rectangles! The mix of linens and wood looks fantastic when the chairs are all the same style—it ties it all together.


Floorlength linens make a HUGE difference in giving a wedding a more luxurious feel. Hide those table legs completely to elevate the look of your wedding.


Properly positioned place settings look refined DAVID CLUMPNER PHOTOGRAPHY

Let’s talk chairs. The chairs make a BIG difference in the vibe of your wedding day, because they’re a main focal point when you walk into the reception. I always work a clients budget around chairs, and try to save money in other areas to get them the chairs they want! It really makes a big difference in a design. Barnwood looks great when mixed with modern fixtures DAVID CLUMPNER PHOTOGRAPHY

75 |

Functional guest favors are a fun touch JOHANNA B DOCUMENTARIES

Want a cost-saving tip? Use the same chairs from the ceremony to the reception. How? Have a cocktail hour, and while guests are entertained in a nearby location, have the chairs moved between the two locations while guests are occupied. (Don’t want to do this? Hire a planner who takes care of this too)!

PERSONAL TOUCHES Infuse your personality and personal touch where you can! Color scheme, menu, flower selection, location, date, and more! If it’s not obvious to guests, it’s sweet to include a special note in the program that tells guests to keep their eyes peeled for parts of your story.


The combination of dark & light creates a balance JOHANNA B DOCUMENTARIES

Ceiling elements help pull your eyes around the space JOHANNA B DOCUMENTARIES

76 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

Lighting is so important when the sun sets in Montana... it gets SO dark here! Tapered candles, pillar candles and votive candles all send a specific design message, so pick based on the style you’re wanting to achieve. Make sure you’re purchasing long- burn lights, that will last until the end of the event, and also check with your venue that you’re allowed to light them! Outdoor wedding? Consider chimney tubes or hurricane glass over candles, so they stand a fighting chance to stay lit. Battery-powered tealights inside votive containers are a pretty good option if there’s fire restrictions.

Light that tent! Add string lighting or a chandelier. And don’t forget about passageways to and from restrooms and parking areas. Luminaries have become an inexpensive and popular idea, to aid guests in finding their way in the dark.


Think of your wedding as a stage production or a play. Items or decor on the stage never get touched by the guests in the audience. Your wedding is the same way. Splurge on the things that guests touch, and you can cut back a bit on the things that people do not come in contact with. Silverware, glassware, napkins, etc. are things you’ll want to carefully choose, as all guests use these items. Thinking you’d like to DIY, but maybe don’t have a lot of experience? DIY things that guests don’t touch.


Planning an outdoor wedding? You’d better get a tent. On hot summer days, they help shade your florals from the sun, and keep guests more comfortable. There are many different types of tents! Of course budget matters, but pick a tent that’s right for your style and wedding date. Clear top tents are super swanky, but you don’t want to set that up on a hot August day. Still want it to look swanky in August? Consider something like a frame tent, and add a fabric ceiling liner and chandeliers! There are many ways to dress up a tent!


Dreamy lighting in a clear top tent JOHANNA B DOCUMENTARIES

I love this tip! Find something that’s so special to you, and use it! It’s how people turned canoes into beer coolers, and antlers into arches. Get creative! Can’t think of anything? Hit up the local rental companies and shop for your “something unexpected” there, and just rent it.


Choose a venue that complements your theme. If you’re going for rustic elegance, then Montana absolutely has you covered with endless options! Some are more modern, others are timeless. Also, don’t be afraid of tented weddings when it comes to design. In ANY instance, a tented wedding is a complete blank slate! It’s a perfect base to make your wedding look any style modern, boho, rustic, classic, you name it!


Consider making some decorations “convertible.” Can you take oversized altar arrangements and set them on either side of the head table? If you plan for it, and communicate that plan, your flowers from your ceremony can have a second life in the reception space, and help it look even more beautiful! If you’re spending money on items, think of creative ways to re-use them throughout the wedding day.

On-site or in Salon Bridal & Special Occasions Hair/Makeup Artist

Tres Chic/ Jessica Deese Tres Chic Jessica Deese

*On-site offer throughout western Montana*

Hair & Nail Salon

Salon 406.542.2442 Cell 406.697.9955

1627 S. Ave W Missoula, MT 59801

1/4 Page Vertical

Flathead Lake Forevers 406-261-7156 Newly constructed venue sitting on 34 acres with 900 feet of manicured shoreline in Big Arm, MT

77 |


Setting the Scene A western Montana venue round-up


ontana’s varied landscape offers a wide range of backdrops for any style of wedding. Whether you prefer a ceremony near the water, on the plains, in the woods, or on a mountainside, we’ve got you covered! Throughout the following pages, you’ll get a small snapshot of what each venue provides. but we strongly suggest visiting our website,

Alta Ranch

78 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

Bitterroot Valley views. HONEYBEE WEDDINGS

and looking more in depth at each of the options. We recognize that it’s difficult to compare venues, because no two are the same, and each has its own perks. As with hiring any wedding vendor, ask lots of questions, take notes, and visit your top favorites, if you can, to help make an informed decision. Our venues range all along the western portion of Montana.

Don’t be bound by location—if you find a venue that you absolutely love, but it feels far away, know that one of our state’s motto’s is “Get Lost”— rental companies, florists, planners, photographers, etc. often cover a wide range of territory, and frequently work in “off the grid” locations. Be adventurous, and with all things wedding - follow your heart.


CAPACITY: 250 VENUE TYPE: Outdoor venue with a pavilion FOOD: Bring your own BEVERAGE: Bring your own END TIME: None

(406) 349-2142

Angler’s Lodge + Cabins

HAMILTON (406) 363-0980

CAPACITY: 250 VENUE TYPE: Outdoor venue with a pavilion FOOD: Bring your own BEVERAGE: Bring your own END TIME: Midnight


BIGFORK (406) 837-2231

CAPACITY: 150 VENUE TYPE: Indoor venue & outdoor event space FOOD: We provide BEVERAGE: We provide END TIME: 11:00 pm

Cattle Springs

ARLEE (406) 552-5718

CAPACITY: 300 VENUE TYPE: Outdoor venue with a pavilion FOOD: Bring your own BEVERAGE: Bring your own END TIME: None

79 |


Elevate Church

(406) 240-8866

CAPACITY: 300+ VENUE TYPE: Indoor venue & outdoor venue with a pavilion FOOD: Bring your own BEVERAGE: Bring your own, but licensed bartender required END TIME: 10:00 pm


Fairmont Hot Springs

(406) 797-3241

CAPACITY: 300+ VENUE TYPE: Indoor venue & outdoor venue with a pavilion FOOD: We provide BEVERAGE: We provide END TIME: Midnight

Flathead Lake Forevers

BIG ARM (406) 261-7156

CAPACITY: 150+ VENUE TYPE: Outdoor venue with a tent FOOD: Bring your own BEVERAGE: Bring your own END TIME: 11:00 pm

80 | Western Montana Wedding 2021


Flying Horse MT

CAPACITY: 250 VENUE TYPE: Indoor venue & outdoor event space FOOD: Bring your own BEVERAGE: Bring your own END TIME: None

(406) 961-4572


Glacier Park Collection

(406) 890-3336 Weddings-Groups/Weddings CAPACITY: 250 VENUE TYPE: Indoor venue & outdoor venue with a tent FOOD: We provide BEVERAGE: We provide END TIME: 10:00 pm outdoor, 2:00 am indoors

Glacier Park Weddings

WEST GLACIER (406) 357-5340

CAPACITY: 200 VENUE TYPE: Outdoor venue with a tent FOOD: Bring your own BEVERAGE: We provide END TIME: 11:00 pm

81 |

Glacier Raft Co. Weddings

CAPACITY: 200 VENUE TYPE: Outdoor venue with a pavilion FOOD: Bring your own BEVERAGE: We provide END TIME: 10:00 pm

WEST GLACIER (406) 888-5454

Heritage Hall

CAPACITY: 250 VENUE TYPE: Indoor venue & outdoor event space FOOD: Bring your own BEVERAGE: Bring your own END TIME: None

Hilton Garden Inn

CAPACITY: 300+ VENUE TYPE: Indoor venue & outdoor event space FOOD: We provide BEVERAGE: We provide END TIME: Midnight

82 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

MISSOULA (406) 396-4750

MISSOULA (406) 532-5346


Holiday Inn Downtown

(406) 532.2058 Missoula/MSUMT/HotelDetail CAPACITY: 300+ VENUE TYPE: Indoor venue & outdoor event space FOOD: We provide BEVERAGE: We provide END TIME: None

Homestead on McVey

VICTOR (406) 239-2505

CAPACITY: 250 VENUE TYPE: Indoor venue & outdoor event space FOOD: Bring your own BEVERAGE: Bring your own END TIME: Midnight

KwaTaqNuk Resort


CAPACITY: 200 VENUE TYPE: Indoor venue & outdoor event space FOOD: We provide BEVERAGE: We provide END TIME: Midnight

(406) 883-8364

83 |


Little Smith Creek Ranch

(916) 320-1177

CAPACITY: 250 VENUE TYPE: Outdoor venue with a tent FOOD: Bring your own BEVERAGE: Bring your own, but licensed bartender required END TIME: None

Lolo Community Center CAPACITY: 170 VENUE TYPE: Indoor venue FOOD: Bring your own BEVERAGE: Bring your own END TIME: None

LOLO (406) 304-4515

Missoula County Fairgrounds


(406) 258-3249

CAPACITY: 150+ (Up to 450) VENUE TYPE: Indoor venue & outdoor event space FOOD: Bring your own BEVERAGE: Bring your own END TIME: None

84 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

Missoula Parks + Rec


CAPACITY: 300+ VENUE TYPE: Outdoor venue with a pavilion FOOD: Bring your own BEVERAGE: Bring your own END TIME: 11:00 pm

Montana Snow Bowl

(406) 721-7275 ParksRec@Ci.Missoula.MT.US

MISSOULA (406) 549-9777

CAPACITY: 150 VENUE TYPE: Indoor venue & outdoor event space FOOD: We provide BEVERAGE: We provide END TIME: None

Ravalli County Fairgrounds

HAMILTON (406) 363-3411

CAPACITY: 300+ VENUE TYPE: Indoor venue & outdoor event space FOOD: Bring your own BEVERAGE: Professional bar service required END TIME: None

85 |


Sky Ridge Ranch

(406) 270-5237

CAPACITY: 350 VENUE TYPE: Indoor venue with outdoor event space FOOD: Bring your own BEVERAGE: Professional bar service required END TIME: 10:45 pm

Sons of Norway


at the Nordic Pines

(406) 251-2277

CAPACITY: 100 Indoor, 200+ Outdoor VENUE TYPE: Indoor venue & outdoor event space FOOD: Bring your own BEVERAGE: Bring your own END TIME: None

Stone Tower Estate

CAPACITY: 200 VENUE TYPE: Indoor venue & outdoor event space FOOD: Bring your own BEVERAGE: Bring your own END TIME: None

86 | Western Montana Wedding 2021

STEVENSVILLE (406) 777-5353


Sula Community Clubhouse

(406) 821-0187

CAPACITY: 100 VENUE TYPE: Indoor venue FOOD: Bring your own BEVERAGE: Bring your own END TIME: 11:00 pm


Ten Spoon Winery

CAPACITY: 100 Indoors, 250 Outdoors VENUE TYPE: Indoor venue & outdoor event space FOOD: Bring your own BEVERAGE: We provide END TIME: 10:00 pm

VM Events

(406) 549-8703

MISSOULA (406) 243-4119

CAPACITY: 30-1,000 VENUE TYPE: Indoor venue & outdoor event space FOOD: On site catering BEVERAGE: We provide END TIME: Indoors 12 am, Outdoors 10 pm

87 |





ALTA RANCH, (406) 349-2142,


J. SCOTT COUTURE BRIDAL, (406) 837-7902,

FAIRMONT HOT SPRINGS, (406) 797-3241

ROCOCO BRIDAL, (406) 728-5111,

FLYING HORSE MT, (406) 961-4572

VELVET BRIDE, (406) 529-0061,,,,


GLACIER PARK COLLECTION, (406) 890-3336, GlacierParkCollection. com/Weddings-Groups/Weddings GLACIER RAFT COMPANY, (406) 888-5454,

BLUSH + BLOOM, (406) 529-0447,

GREAT NORTHERN RESORT, (406) 357-5340,

HILTON GARDEN INN, (406) 532-5346, HOLIDAY INN DOWNTOWN, (406) 532-2058, US/En/Missoula/MSUMT/HotelDetail



HOMESTEAD ON MCVEY, (406) 239-2505,,

KWATUKNUK RESORT, (406) 883-8364,

MONTANA WEDDING HAIR, (406) 273-8811,


SUGAR TREE HAIR SALON, (406) 728-0925, Sugar-Tree-Hair-Salon.Business.Site

MONTANA SNOW BOWL, (406) 549-9777, STONE TOWER ESTATE, (406) 777-5353,

VISIT THE BITTERROOT, (406) 360-3950,


88 | Western Montana Wedding 2021



A MOVEABLE FEAST, (406) 544-8390,

BLUSH + BLOOM, (406) 529-0447


EVENTS BY AUTUMN, (406) 880-0592,

MISSION BISTRO, (406) 777-6945

HONEYBEE WEDDINGS, (406) 202-2858,,

UM EVENT SERVICES, (406) 243-4899,,

LEATHER AND IVORY, (707) 292-4720, PLUMTREE EVENTS, (406) 830-9556,



MONTANA PARTY TIME, (406) 542-0701,

AGILE GOAT FLOWER FARM, (406) 544-7118,



ST. CHAR RO, (406) 676-0588

BLUSH + BLOOM, (406) 529-0447,,,

THE BRIDAL HAUS, (406) 240-2587

LEATHER AND IVORY, (707) 292-4720,,

ST. CHAR RO, (406) 676-0588,



89 |



WINTER PAPER CO, (406) 880-0592,

HONEYBEE WEDDINGS, (406) 202-2858, JAELA B PHOTOGRAPHY, (406) 396-4584,

JOHANNA B DOCUMENTARIES, (406) 240-2587, KATY SHAY PHOTO, (806) 620-2916, NIGHT OWL IMAGERY, (406) 207-0264,





FARMERS STATE BANK, (406) 642-3431,


THE MISSOULIAN, (406) 523-5200, PARKSIDE CREDIT UNION, (406) 728-4475,




PHOTOGRAPHERS ASHLEY J PHOTOGRAPHY, (806) 773-1941, AshleyJ.Photo DAVID CLUMPNER, (406) 304-9083,

90 | Western Montana Wedding 2021


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