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G2 – Missoulian, Saturday, December 5, 2009

GRIZZLY GAME DAY / Cover Story: Kevin Klaboe

Leading the way

Klaboe opens paths for Grizzlies By FRITZ NEIGHBOR of the Missoulian

The setting was the 25-yard line inside the Walkup Skydome on Sept. 26. The host Northern Arizona Lumberjacks had just driven 47 yards in the final 66 seconds to tie their football game with Montana, 34-all. Now it was overtime, and the visiting Montana Grizzlies had the ball first. Football tie-breakers can be torturous affairs, with teams grinding out first downs ahead of gut-wrenching field goal tries. This one was different: The Griz ran one offensive play. Fullback Kevin Klaboe lined up to the left of quarterback Andrew Selle in shotgun formation and at the snap slanted left, straight toward the NAU cornerback who was covering receiver Ty Palmer. Palmer faked a deep route before taking a screen pass from Selle. Then he cut nearly horizontally across the field, and for a second Klaboe had that, “What’d I just do?” feeling. “I remember coming out to cut-block the corner,” the senior says now. “I looked back and Ty was on the other side of the field. Right after that I thought, ‘Oh, man, I ran the wrong play.’ I didn’t know what was going on.” A touchdown was going on; Palmer went 25 yards. The game ended three snaps later, when Griz safety Shann Schillinger intercepted an NAU pass tipped by teammate Trumaine Johnson, sealing UM’s 41-34 victory. And afterward, the first guy Palmer mentioned was Klaboe. “I have to give a lot of credit to mainly Kevin,” he said. “He made a great block out there on the corner.” Palmer was right: Guards Jon Opperud and Terran Hillesland and center Alex Verlanic were out in space but made no blocks on Palmer’s run against the grain; two Lumberjacks collided as he turned the corner, and Marc Mariani put another on the ground. It was the definition of a screen. Klaboe

ahead of Saturday’s FCS quarterfinal game against Stephen F. Austin. He’s done a number of things to help foster the Grizzlies’ success. Most of them have been lead blocks. It may not seem like much of a collision at times, but even when Klaboe doesn’t pancake somebody, he’s making a defender make a decision, and giving his tailback an option. “Last week he made a huge key block for me, down there at the goal line,” said junior running back Chase Reynolds, who scored the game-tying touchdown in UM’s wild 61-48 playoff win over South Dakota State. “By him doing some stuff, it slows the defense. Wherever he’s going I’m going, you know? “And the ’backer stops and doesn’t know which way to go, and then he gets a piece of the guy.”

Maybe Klaboe has NAU’s number. In this year’s game he made a 16-yard catch as check-down receiver, setting up another Reynolds touchdown run. And then there was last year. The Lumberjacks came to Missoula in 2008 with the stingiest run defense in the FCS. Reynolds, with some help, ran wild: 12 carries, 157 yards. Reynolds’ 37-yard touchdown in the first half stands out. The Griz ran outside zone, and Klaboe slanted to the right to pick up cornerback K.J. Gerard. Then TOM BAUER/Missoulian linebacker Anthony  Llanos ran outside his Montana’s Kevin Klaboe, second from left, throws a block on Montana State’s Jeff Price as Chase Reynolds runs through the gap last month at Bobcat Stadium in Bozeman. gap in support. So Klaboe threw them both out of the way while Reynolds bounced had about the only downfield contact. And says now. “I don’t know, I was kind of inside and into the clear. impartial. I kind of made a last-minute he ran the right play. “I really had never seen that before,” decision. said his proud father. “Where a guy came “It’s funny – I was still pretty confused out and blocked two people and knocked Paul Klaboe and his wife Maureen about what I was going to do, and I asked are both Bobcats, and Paul played them down.” (Dad). And he wouldn’t give me any help. linebacker a couple years for Montana Paul Klaboe has divided his time State. The Billings West football coach has He said, ‘That’s a decision you’re going to between games at Carroll – John seen three of his sons go onto play college have to make on your own.’ ” Klaboe played on four straight NAIA In the end, the fact that the Griz went to championship teams – Tech and UM. Paul ball: John went to Carroll College, and Paul the FCS title game in Chattanooga, Tenn., sits in the overflow crowd at Washington– “Pauly” – is playing at Montana Tech. won out over MSU‘s proud engineering In the middle was Kevin, who was the Grizzly Stadium and knows his son made programs. most highly-recruited of the trio (though the right choice for him, even if it wasn’t “I was thinking about that, and I another boy, seventh-grader Casey, may what his parents wanted deep down. wanted to be part of what we have here,” trump them all). MSU wanted him to be a “We were both kind of disappointed at said Klaboe. linebacker. Montana coach Bobby Hauck first, I think,” Paul Klaboe said. “But he’s Four years later, Klaboe has pedestrian so happy going there. It’s worked out great had him pegged as a fullback. statistics – 29 career catches, 186 yards, Kevin was indecisive. for him. He plays so hard when he’s in “It was really tough because I originally 1 touchdown – but the team has lost just 9 of 66 games since recruiting Klaboe, wanted to go into engineering,” he See klaboe, Page G22

Missoulian, Saturday, December 5, 2009 – G3

G4 – Missoulian, Saturday, December 5, 2009



DE Severin Campbell 50, 18 unassisted DT Austin Mullins 47, 9 unassisted CB Trumaine Johnson 41, 24 unassisted CB Keith Thompson 38, 22 unassisted DT Bryan Waldhauser 35, 9 unassisted

Griz Opp

Scoring average Rushing yards Avg./Rush Passing Passing yards Average per pass Total offense Average per play 3rd-down conversions Time of possession Fumbles-lost Kick returns Punt returns Punting Sacks by-yards Montana Opponents

36.8 162.4 4.1 243-396-9 265.9 8.1 428.3 5.9 85-180 29:39 18-9 40-25.0 35-16.6 45-40.1 18-112

39 64

20.4 90.3 2.9 289-485-19 249.4 6.2 339.8 4.8 60-180 30:21 15-6 69-18.9 11-6.4 72-37.5 15-110

137 100 158 66 52 63

7 0

Tackles for loss DE Severin Campbell 8.5-34 DE Jace Palmer 7.5-30 DT Tyler Hobbs 5-18 DT Bryan Waldhauser 3.5-26 DE Bobby Alt 3.5-7 LB Shawn Lebsock 3.5-11 Sacks DE Severin Campbell 3.5-22 DE Jace Palmer 3.5-20 DT Bryan Waldhauser 3-26 DT Tyler Hobbs 3-15 DE Josh Harris 2-17 – 441 – 245

Offensive leaders Rushing Chase Reynolds 265-1194 (4.5 ypc.), long 54, 18 TDs Thomas Brooks-Fletcher 88-349 (4.0 ypc.), long 18, 3 TDs Peter Nguyen 24-148 (6.2 ypc.), long 57, 1 TD Andrew Selle 38-95 (2.5 ypc.), long 34, 0 TDs Gerald Kemp 15-67 (4.5 ypc.), long 15, 0 TDs Justin Roper 22-63 (2.9 ypc.), long 22, 0 TDs Dan Moore 16-39 (2.4 ypc.), long 7, 1 TD Passing Andrew Selle 167-264-5 for 2250 yards, long 68, 21 TDs Justin Roper 76-130-3 for 941 yards, long 84, 8 TDs Gerald Kemp 0-1-1 for 0 yards Receiving Marc Mariani 62-1151 (18.6 ypc.), long 84, 11 TDs Tyler Palmer 34-437 (12.9 ypc.), long 25, 4 TDs Chase Reynolds 29-257 (8.9 ypc.), long 36, 2 TDs Sam Gratton 25-200 (8.0 ypc.), long 45, 2 TDs Dan Beaudin 24-275 (11.5 ypc.), long 61, 3 TDs Jabin Sambrano 23-370 (16.1 ypc.), long 57, 1 TD Stephen Pfahler 23-305 (13.3 ypc.), long 33, 3 TDs

Defensive leaders Tackles LB Shawn Lebsock 82, 33 unassisted SS Erik Stoll 74, 27 unassisted FS Shann Schillinger 65, 24 unassisted LB Brandon Fisher 60, 20 unassisted LB Alex Shaw 56, 16 unassisted


Interceptions CB Trumaine Johnson 5-14, long 11, 0 TDs CB Andrew Swink 3-18, long 9, 0 TDs FS Shann Schillinger 2-0, 0 TDs DE Severin Campbell 2-23.0, long 32, 1 TD DE Jace Palmer 1-57, 1 TD SS Erik Stoll 1-29, 0 TDs LB Brock Coyle 1-26, 0 TDs Fumbles forced-recovered DE Jace Palmer 2-0 LB Jordan Tripp 0-2 DT Tyler Hobbs 1-1 LB Alex Shaw 1-1 DT Austin Mullins 1-1 Pass breakups CB Trumaine Johnson 11 FS Shann Schillinger 6 DE Jace Palmer 6 DT Austin Mullins 5 CB Keith Thompson 5

Special teams leaders PATs/Field goals Brody McKnight 52-55/11-20, long 54, 3 blocked, 85 points Punting Sean Wren 44-41.0, long 65, 11 inside 20, 1 blocked Punt returns Marc Mariani 29-16.3, long 82, 1 TD Sam Gratton 1-31, 0 TDs Jabin Sambrano 1-26, 0 TDs Peter Nguyen 4-13.0, long 33, 0 TDs Kickoff returns

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Stephen F. Austin (10-2)



Scoring average Rushing yards Avg./Rush Passing Passing yards Average per pass Total offense Average per play 3rd-down conversions Time of possession Fumbles-lost Kick returns Punt returns Punting Sacks by-yards S.F. Austin Opponents

37.8 131.4 4.4 383-557-17 353.2 7.6 484.7 6.4 74-172 26:56 23-9 48-21.4 43-7.6 48-41.8 41-272 133 79

Sept. 5............................................... at SMU (L, 31-23) Sept. 12....................................TEXAS STATE (W, 92-0) Sept. 19............................ at Western Illinois (W, 40-30) Sept. 26.............................NORTH DAKOTA (W, 65-31) Oct. 3 Oct. 10............................. MCNEESE STATE (W, 16-13) Oct. Central Arkansas (W, 33-30) Oct. 24...................... SAM HOUSTON STATE (W, 42-3) Oct. Texas State (L, 28-7) Nov. 7 ..............................NICHOLLS STATE (W, 31-27) Nov. 14................................ at SE Louisiana (W, 41-10) Nov. 21...................... at Northwestern State (W, 19-10) Nov. 28................ EASTERN WASHINGTON (W, 44-33)

20.5 110.3 3.3 270-487-11 225.2 5.6 335.8 4.6 60-203 33:03 28-13 75-19.4 19-14.4 82-38.5 11-71

122 116 45 51

82 71

– 453 – 246

Offensive leaders Rushing Vincent Pervis 145-872 (6.0 ypc.), long 48, 2 TDs Tyrone Ross 79-388 (4.9 ypc.), long 29, 2 TDs Romont Hampton 59-308 (5.2 ypc.), long 33, 4 TDs Jeremy Moses 44-38 (0.9 ypc.), long 27, 0 TDs Passing Jeremy Moses 363-531-17 for 3920 yards, long 74, 40 TDs Dalton Williams 20-26-0 for 319 yards, long 80, 4 TDs Receiving Duane Brooks 110-1022 (9.3 ypc.), long 74, 6 TDs Aaron Rhea 54-743 (13.8 ypc.), long 49, 11 TDs Graly Crawford 47-719 (15.3 ypc.), long 65, 7 TDs Contrevious Parks 45-464 (10.3 ypc.), long 57, 5 TDs

Defensive leaders Tackles LB Devin Ducote 123, 59 unassisted LB Jabara Williams 102, 36 unassisted S Cory Barlow 90, 53 unassisted S Chad Haynes 76, 46 unassisted Tackles for loss DE Tim Knicky 15-98 LB Devin Ducote 11.5-21 DT Kenneth Charles 11-71 DE Andre Hicks 8-29 DE Tim Knicky 12.5-90


DT Kenneth Charles 9-68 DE Jacob Fincher 4.5-32 DT Sean Warren 2.5-12 LB Jabara Williams 2-12 Interceptions FS Cory Barlow 3-28.7, long 75, 0 TDs DB Josh Aubrey 2-23.0, long 33, 0 TDS S Chad Haynes 2-39.0, long 55, 0 TDs CB Andre Banks 2-7.0, long 14, 0 TDs Fumbles forced-recovered DT Kenneth Charles 5-0 CB Andre Banks 3-0 LB Jabara Williams 2-1 LB Devin Ducote 1-2 S Cory Barlow 11 LB Jabara Williams 7 S Chad Haynes 7 CB Andre Banks 6

Pass breakups

Special teams leaders PATs/Field goals Evan Engwall 51-56/20-28, long 51, 2 blocked, 111 points Punting Drew Nelson 48-41.8, long 72, 13 inside 20, 0 blocked Punt returns Duane Brooks 26-4.5, long 24, 0 TDs Contrevious Parks 11-15.1, long 56, 0 TDs Gralyn Crawford 3-13.7, long 40, 0 TDs Kickoff returns

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Missoulian, Saturday, December 5, 2009 – G5

GRIZZLY GAME DAY / FCS playoff picks

HOW WE SEE THE PLAYOFFS Postseason record: Fritz 5-3, Bill 6-2, Nick 7-1, Michael 8-0

By MICHAEL HEINBACH of the Missoulian

Now that it doesn’t count and the winner of this year’s How We See the Big Sky challenge has been named, my crystal ball has regained its focus. I entered the final week of the regular season tied for first place with our very own Griz football guru Fritz Neighbor. But my dreams of a title burned up like paper in fire – yeah, I just quoted Mellencamp – when I faltered down the stretch and picked just two of four games properly to begrudgingly grant the crown of office champion to my respected colleague, Fritz. In the end, my beginner’s luck was no match for the knowledge amassed through countless hours of toil on the Griz beat by our “Friendly” Neighbor. Leave it to me though, once the was pressure off I came through like a hot knife through Velveeta. Last week I was the only one of us who picked all eight playoff games correctly. As for my cohorts, Nick Lockridge missed just one game, Bill Speltz lost two and Neighbor ... Let’s just say his allegiance to the Big Sky Conference didn’t do him any favors. Only one Big Sky team remains in the postseason and Montana’s advancement



to the quarterfinal round didn’t come easily. In order to mount their 40-point onslaught to rally past South Dakota State last weekend, the Griz installed an old wrinkle into their playbook, one that loyal reader Dave Martens dubbed the “Hail Mariani”. Marc Mariani, Montana’s doeverything senior, lit a fire under his teammates and began one of the greatest comebacks in Grizzly football history with his 98-yard kickoff return for a touchdown. He later caught two TD passes from Andrew Selle, including the game winner with 1:08 remaining in the game. Mariani’s day at the office: 12 catches for 171 yards, 178 yards on kickoff returns and 40 more on punt returns for a singlegame school record of 389 all-purpose yards. Yes, last Saturday’s victory was a total team effort. But there’s a very good chance that without the “Hail Mariani” Griz Nation would be catching up on the honey-do list or fighting the crowd at Southgate Mall on Saturday. Thank you, Marc.

The picks n No. 12 Stephen F. Austin (10-2)

“Football is not a matter of life and death. It’s much more serious than that.” —Bill Shankly


the road? First, because the Mountaineers still boast quarterback Armanti Edwards, who led ASU to victory over Michigan at the Big House two years ago, and second, because my buddy, Olin, hails from Boone, NC. Michael: App State 26, Spidermen 20. Fritz: Spidermen 24, App State 12. Bill: Spidermen 28, App State 24. Nick: Spiders 31, App State 27.

n No. 10 New Hampshire (102) at No. 2 Villanova (11-1): This battle of Wildcats is a rematch from the at No. 3 Montana (12-0): This matchup regular season, when UNH knocked off brings back memories of the first Griz Villanova 28-24, the second-ranked team game I ever attended. On Dec. 9, 1995, I in the nation’s lone defeat. Though New stood freezing in the student section of a Hampshire has never advanced to the Washington-Grizzly Stadium that held only semifinals despite having reached the 18,500 fans as the Griz earned their first quarters three times in the last five years, trip to the title game with a 70-14 semifinal UNH did manhandle McNeese State last rout of the same Lumberjacks who visit Saturday, 49-13. Also, New Hampshire Saturday. As the final minutes ticked away features a tight end named Scott Sicko. I figured in my infinite 22-year-old wisdom How can you pick against a dude named that this would be my chance to take down Sicko? some goalposts in a postgame celebration. Michael: UNH 21, Nova 20. Fritz: When the clock read 0:00, I led a charge of Nova 31, UNH 10. Bill: UNH 17, Nova 14. revelers, who rushed toward the north end Nick: Nova 40, UNH 23 zone to collect our prize. But at the 35-yard line, I noticed a semicircle of cops around n No. 6 William & Mary (10-1) at No. the target and without breaking stride, 1 Southern Illinois (11-1): The Salukis took a sharp left and ran cowardly out the have made the quarters four times in the tunnel. I don’t know what happened on the last five years, while William & Mary is in the field after I left, but I certainly didn’t spend second round for the first time since 2004. the night in jail. Ah, memories. The SIU offense is paced by Payton Award Michael: Griz 70, Jacks 14. Fritz: Griz finalist Deji Karim, who rushed for 155 45, Jacks 17. Bill: Griz 41, Jacks 28. Nick: yards and two TDs in the Salukis’ 48-7 firstGriz 45, SFA 38. round beatdown of Eastern Illinois. Though the Tribe was impressive in pounding n No. 5 Appalachian State (10-2) Weber State 38-0 last Saturday, I’m going at No. 4 Richmond: This rematch of last to quote the Steely Dan song “My Old year’s quarterfinals might be the best game School” when I say, “Oh no, William & Mary of the weekend with the victor to face the won’t do.” Stephen F. Austin-Montana winner. Last Michael: SIU 36, W&M 17. Fritz: W&M year, the Spiders knocked off the three31, SIU 7. Bill: SIU 35, W&M 21. Nick: time defending champion Mountaineers en Bill&Mary 34, Salukis 28. route to their title. Why am I taking ASU on

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G6 – Missoulian, Saturday, December 5, 2009

Missoulian, Saturday, December 5, 2009 – G7

SFA Montana SFA Montana SFA Montana SFA

Stephen F. Austin has the best passing attack in the FCS. Quarterback Jeremy Moses has attempted 531 passes this season. That’s more than twice as many as Montana’s Andrew Selle (264). Unless his arm falls off, Moses should put up the gaudier passing stats on Saturday. UM struggled to protect Selle during the first half last week, then hunkered down to help the Griz put together one of the more memorable comebacks in team history. Which group of Griz linemen will fans see at the outset this week? I’m guessing the latter. Chase Reynolds is the clear-cut favorite here, though somewhat by default. The Lumberjacks rely much more on the pass than they do the run. Still, Reynolds has scored an FCS-leading 18 touchdowns on the ground this season. SFA’s leading rusher Vincent Pervis has crossed the goal line just twice.


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This is a toughie. SFA has four receivers with 45 or more receptions this fall. UM has just one. SFA’s Duane Brooks is second in the nation with 110 catches, but UM’s Marc Mariani, who has 62 grabs, gets more bang for his buck. Mariani is third in the nation in receiving yards with 1,151.

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Montana SFA Montana SFA Montana SFA

Big whoop. Griz fans get to see another Buck Buchanan award nominee on the opposing D-line. Big whoop, is right. Stephen F. Austin’s Tim Knicky (6-foot-4, 235 pounds) leads the country in sacks and helps man one of the FCS’s top 25 run defenses. Dare we say that Shawn Lebsock is quietly closing in on UM’s top 10 for career tackles, because there’s nothing quiet about the way “Beef” plays middle linebacker. The senior from Billings earned the Golden Helmet Award, given to the Grizzlies’ hardest hitter. Using both schools’ EWU game as a barometer, the Griz have the edge. They held the Eagles, the nation’s third-best passing team, to 312 yards and three touchdowns through the air in a win on Oct. 17. The Lumberjacks gave up 461 yards and three TDs to EWU in their win last week.



Montana SFA

Mariani’s 98-yard kickoff return for a score against SDSU may have sparked more than a special teams resurgence last week, it may be the spark that lights the fuse for this team’s run to the FCS national championship game. Now, that’s special.

The Lumberjacks got a taste of the Big Sky Conference last week by beating EWU. Now they get the full meal deal with top-seeded UM. The Southland champs may have bit off more than they can chew against the Griz, the Prime Rib of the Big Sky.



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G8 – Missoulian, Saturday, December 5, 2009


Chris Dyk

Technique key for Griz lineman Dyk By SCOTT JOHNSON for the Missoulian

No. 75 Year: Senior Position: Right tackle Height: 6-foot-8 Weight: 300 Hometown: Dillon

Strength and girth are important for being a solid offensive lineman, but if a player doesn’t know how to use their size it probably won’t matter, according to Montana right tackle Chris Dyk. Dyk, a senior, may be the size of a small mountain, but if you ask him about success on the football field, the 6-foot, 8-inch Dillon native will likely talk about the importance of being technically sound. Dyk also said this season would be a disappointment if the Grizzlies fail to win the national championship. “Definitely,” he said. “It’s going to take a lot of hard work to get there, but we expect to be there. We’ve planned to be there since (losing in the title game) last year.” An honorable mention allconference pick after seeing action at both tackle spots in 16 games last season, Dyk said the addition of new position coach Chad Germer has made a big difference for the Griz offensive linemen this year. “We went from the most sacks allowed last year to the fewest,” said Dyk, a finance major. “He’s helped a lot with our technique.” Q: How are you holding up

physically? A: Doing good. No major injury since my redshirt freshman year. Q: Now that you’ve had a few days to think about it, what are your thoughts about last Saturday’s 61-48 victory over South Dakota State? A: Oh man, I really don’t know what to think. (Marc) Mariani, (Andrew) Selle stepped up. Our defense stepped up. Our passing game started working really well. We just got on a roll and kept going.

same size as most of the players I went up against this year. He has more skills after the snap than most players. He’s a good player. Q: Who gave you the biggest challenge this year? A: Hmm, no one really stands out. I know last year the guy from Richmond was a challenge. I can’t remember his name. I’m pretty sure he got drafted. (Lawrence) Sidbury I think.

Q: I think you were a junior when Dillon won the Class A state football title in 2003. What was Q: Have you sensed more of a your contribution to that team? buzz about this game than others? A: I played strong side tackle A: I have heard from people that that year. I also played some haven’t talked to me all season. special teams. I didn’t play much There was definitely more of a defense that year. response than any other one. Q: Is it possible to be a flashy Q: You were credited with offensive lineman? If so, who is a tackle on Conrad Kjerstad’s the flashiest offensive lineman on second quarter interception. What the Griz? goes through your head when the A: I think it is, if you you’re offense commits a turnover? talking about aggressiveness. I’d A: Just cover the ball. I saw him say it’d be Levi Horn. running. I just made a dive for him and luckily got his feet and made Q: What is the most under a tackle. appreciated skill or ability offensive linemen are expected to Q: You held South Dakota perform consistently? State’s Buchanan Award candidate A: Pulling out and blocking Danny Batten without a sack last corners, safeties and linebackers Saturday. What was the key? if you’re talking about using A: Just technique. It’s what we athleticism. practice everyday. He’s about the Q: Who among the Griz

offensive linemen has the softest hands and could be counted on to snare a tipped ball and make a play? A: I think it would come down to me, Terran and Levi. Levi and I played some tight end in high school. Terran played basketball. He has good hands. Q: What do you know about this week’s opponent, Stephen F. Austin? A: I know they’ve got the top passing attack in the nation and they’ve got a Buchanan Award finalist (Tim Knicky) at defensive end. Q: Stephen F. Austin beat NAIA school Texas College 92-0 earlier this season. What would happen if Montana played an NAIA school, like Western Montana? A: I would think about the same thing. I would think we wouldn’t run up the score. I would think we would try to get some experience for our twos and threes. Q: Do you prefer to run block or pass protection? A: I’m kind of 50-50. I like doing both. Q: Since offensive linemen don’t exactly have statistics that show up in a box score, how do you See DYK, Page G19


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Missoulian, Saturday, December 5, 2009 – G9








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G10 – Missoulian, Saturday, December 5, 2009







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Missoulian, Saturday, December 5, 2009 – G11


Colt & the Cowboy Staubach mentors Texas QB

up for the Heisman. Texas entered the 2009 season ranked No. 3 and expectations were high for McCoy and the team. Although the Longhorns won, By JIM VERTUNO McCoy struggled. He threw Associated Press interceptions. He battled the flu. Texas beat rival Oklahoma 16-13 USTIN, Texas – Roger but McCoy had one of the worst Staubach grabbed a games of his career and was all football and handed it to but written off as a Heisman Colt McCoy. contender. One of the top-rated passers At his lowest point, McCoy in NFL history wanted to see asked himself, “What do I do if the college kid was as good this for? If this is my passion, in person as he looked on TV. why am I not having any fun?” McCoy rifled the ball back A conversation with Staubach to him, and Staubach was helped shed his frustration. impressed. Staubach told him to quit “He passed my test,” trying to be perfect. Focus on Staubach said with a laugh. Matt Hempel/Associated Press being a leader. As a quarterback, And it wasn’t just the arm Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach, left, has strength. It was release. It was become a friend, mentor and occasional golfing partner for Colt McCoy, that is his most important job. “We just talked basics. touch. the senior quarterback of the No. 3 Texas Longhorns. Sometimes you try to hard, “He could do it all,” Staubach “He wants me to be the best McCoy’s nerves. thinking you have to do it all and told the Associated Press. I can be,” McCoy told the AP. At the first tee, Staubach you just don’t. You’ve just got to Three years after that first “How lucky am I to get that?” said, “You’re up.” take over when the team needs meeting, Staubach, the former The friendship began in 2006 “When Roger Staubach gives you to. So much was expected of Heisman Trophy winner, Super after Staubach watched McCoy you honors off the first tee box, him,” Staubach said. Bowl winner, Hall of Famer play on TV his freshman season. you better pipe one right down Others had told McCoy and all-around Texas icon Staubach saw a young, eager kid the middle,” the 23-yar-old the same thing. But hearing it has become a valuable friend, who could throw, run and rally McCoy said. “I think I did.” from Staubach was different, mentor and occasional golf his team to victories. McCoy recognizes that he’s McCoy said, because as a former partner for McCoy, the senior “He told me I was the closest made friends with a legend Cowboys quarterback, he could quarterback of the No. 3 Texas thing to him he had seen in a of the Lone Star State. No relate to the pressure better than Longhorns. long time. He thinks I play just Cowboys player is more revered anyone else. Four decades apart in age, like him,” McCoy said. “He’s than the quarterback who played “I think that’s one of the they seldom talk about plays, a stud. He’s been through it in four Super Bowls with Dallas reasons we’ve become so close players or what things were all. For him to say something and won two. McCoy grew up is because we can relate to each like back in Staubach’s day. like that to me gives me a lot of in small towns in West Texas, other,” McCoy said. “We were Their bond is membership in confidence.” where Staubach and his No. 12 – good enough to be winning. I the fraternity of quarterbacks the same number McCoy wears was just putting myself in a hole who’ve come through under Struck by how McCoy – are hallowed. and wasn’t leading my team like a white-hot spotlight, with handled himself on the field “My dad and my granddad, I should. I reached out to him. similar playing styles. and in interviews, Staubach they all talk about Roger “He said, ‘Have fun. Embrace For McCoy, being able to wanted to meet him. So he Staubach. I was raised on the the moment. Your teammates share ideas on leadership and invited McCoy to his house in Cowboys,” McCoy said. “I know you love to play. Make sure to ask questions about what it Horseshoe Bay and they started never really saw him play, but I they can trust you,’ ” McCoy takes to get a team to trust and with a game of catch. know he was an athlete playing said. “When it comes from Roger follow has been invaluable. “I think he got a kick out of quarterback.” Staubach, the original No. 12, Staubach has helped keep him seeing that I could still throw Staubach watches all of that’s when it takes over.” grounded despite his success a football,” the 67-year-old McCoy’s games and e-mails and picked him up when Staubach said. notes of encouragement. He also Re-energized, McCoy has things were tough – just one Then came a round of golf has been a shoulder to lean on. been on a tear ever since. quarterback to another, advice In 2008, McCoy was runnerOver Texas’ last six games, from someone who’d been there. and another test, this time of


McCoy has passed for 1,791 yards and 16 touchdowns with just two interceptions. Texas’ 51-20 romp over Kansas was career win No. 43 for McCoy, setting an NCAA career record for starting quarterbacks. In last week’s 49-39 victory over Texas A&M, he passed for 304 yards and four touchdowns and ran for 165 yards, including a 65-yard touchdown. It was the first time in school history anyone passed for 300 yards and ran for 100 in a game, and the Longhorns needed every bit to hold off their rival and keep alive hopes for a national championship. “I was a good runner, but if I had his speed I would have really been something,” Staubach said. That performance catapulted McCoy back into the front of the chase for the Heisman Trophy. The Longhorns play Nebraska on Saturday night for the Big 12 championship. If Texas wins, the Longhorns are likely headed to the BCS championship game. The Heisman Trophy ballots are due next week and the ceremony is Dec. 12 in New York. Staubach, who won the Heisman at Navy in 1963, is voting for McCoy. He rarely goes to the ceremony and will be at the Army-Navy game in Philadelphia that day, but says he’ll try to jump the train to get to New York in time. “It’s a nice thing to have in your life. People come over to my house and ask if they can see the Heisman. They don’t ask to see anything else,” Staubach said. “He’s going to get my vote. He’s epitomized leadership and winning. He’s been, I think, the finest quarterback in the country.”

G12 – Missoulian, Saturday, December 5, 2009

Proudr of so SponzKidz Gri


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WR 81 Tyler Palmer

RB 34 Chase Reynolds

MONTANA roster


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No. Name Pos Hgt Wgt Year Hometown 2 – Trumaine Johnson CB 6-3 197 So. Stockton, Calif. 3 – Andrew Swink CB 5-9 175 Sr. Rowland Heights, Calif. 4 – Erik Stoll S 6-2 203 Jr. Sandpoint, Idaho 5 – Donny Lisowski CB 5-11 195 So. Seattle 6 – Aaron Roberts WR 5-11 170 Fr. Spokane, Wash. 7 – Jeff Larson WR 6-4 210 Jr. Cut Bank 8 – Sam Gratton WR 6-0 197 Fr. Billings 9 – Mike McCord S 6-0 195 So. Phoenix 10 – Shawn Lebsock LB 6-0 225 Sr. Billings 11 – Brandon Dodson CB 5-8 170 Jr. Tulare, Calif. 12 – Andrew Selle QB 6-2 219 Jr. Billings 13 – Josh Pelczar CB 5-9 180 Fr. Billings 14 – D.J. Zapata QB 6-3 175 Fr. San Marcos, Calif. 14 – Steven Rominger S 5-10 185 Fr. Missoula 15 RETIRED IN HONOR OF DAVE DICKENSON 16 – Jabin Sambrano WR 5-11 170 So. Oceanside, Calif. 17 – Gerald Kemp QB 6-2 215 Fr. San Diego 18 – Justin Roper QB 6-6 215 Jr. Buford, Ga. 19 – Sean Murray CB 6-1 190 Fr. Corona, Calif. 20 – Nick Haynes CB 5-10 180 So. Butte 21 – Keith Thompson CB 5-9 175 Sr. Porterville, Calif. 22 RETIRED IN HONOR OF TERRY DILLON 23 – Levi Buckles WR 6-2 215 Fr. Post Falls, Idaho 24 – Thomas Brooks-Fletcher RB 5-10 210 Sr. Bellevue, Wash. 25 – Brandon Fisher SLB 5-10 205 Sr. Franklin, Tenn. 26 – Russell Schey K 6-1 190 So. Billings 27 – Tel Reynolds RB 6-0 190 Fr. Drummond 28 – Peter Nguyen RB 5-8 175 Fr. Seattle 29 – Bryce Carver WR 6-1 170 Fr. Dillon 30 – Mike Cummings SS 6-1 200 So. Scottsdale, Ariz. 31 – Tim Anderson SS 6-0 205 Sr. Missoula 32 – Alex Shaw LB 6-1 232 So. Spokane, Wash. 33 – Cole Lockwood SLB 6-1 215 So. Missoula 34 – Chase Reynolds RB 6-0 195 Jr. Drummond 35 – Dan Moore RB 5-11 225 So. Tucson, Ariz. 36 – Sean Connors S 6-0 185 Fr. Seattle 37 – Carson Bender DT 6-4 280 Jr. Deer Lodge 38 – Ryan Nelson SS 5-11 200 Sr. Wright, Wyo. 39 – Shann Schillinger FS 6-1 199 Sr. Baker 40 – Caleb McSurdy LB 6-1 245 So. Boise, Idaho 41 – Kurt Stoll RB 5-11 180 So. Sandpoint, Idaho 42 – Jace Palmer DE 6-3 240 Sr. Missoula 43 – Brooks Nuanez DB 6-2 205 Fr. Missoula 44 – Jordan Tripp LB 6-2 210 Fr. Missoula 45 – Beau Donaldson RB 6-1 233 So. Missoula 46 – Clay Pierson S 6-3 212 Fr. Twin Bridges 47 – Severin Campbell DE 6-4 210 Jr. Denver 49 – Kevin Klaboe FB 6-2 225 Sr. Billings 50 – Bryan Waldhauser DT 6-4 242 So. Huntley Project 51 – Chris Bradford DT 6-2 255 Fr. San Bernardino, Calif. 52 – Ty Timmer LB 6-2 205 Fr. Great Falls 53 – Josh Stuberg SLB 6-2 216 Fr. Helena 54 – Austin Mullins DT 6-2 273 Sr. Great Falls 55 – Ethan Tweet OG 6-2 270 Fr. Fort Benton 56 – Brock Coyle LB 6-2 215 Fr. Bozeman) 57 – Charles Burton OG 6-5 310 So. Long Beach, Calif. 58 – Andrew Glueckert DE 6-3 225 Fr. Helena 60 – Blake Lebeau C 6-5 285 Fr. Union City, Calif. 61 – Jake Raynock OG 6-2 255 Fr. Billings 63 – Brett Brauer G 6-2 260 Fr. Missoula 65 – Ty Rogers G 6-2 240 Fr. Missoula 66 – Russell Piette G 6-4 310 Jr. Vancouver, Wash. 70 – David Arndt OT 6-5fi 280 So. Highlands Ranch, Colo. 71 – Alex Verlanic C 6-2 282 Jr. Drummond 72 – Levi Horn OT 6-7 315 Sr. Spokane, Wash. 73 – Bob DeBruycker OL 6-5 235 Fr. Choteau 74 – Jon Opperud G 6-7 305 So. Portland, Ore. 75 – Chris Dyk OT 6-8 297 Sr. Dillon 77 – Terran Hillesland G 6-7 320 Sr. Sidney 78 – Kyle Kmet C 6-5 271 Fr. Bonita, Calif. 79 – Kyle Hoffman OT 6-4 280 Fr. Orcas Island, Wash. 80 – Marc Mariani WR 6-0 185 Sr. Havre 81 – Tyler Palmer WR 6-3 210 Sr. Missoula 82 – Jacob Haas TE 6-5 225 Fr. Portland, Ore. 83 – Brody McKnight K 6-0 194 So. Vancouver, B.C. 84 – Bobby Hirsch TE 6-4 210 Fr. Belgrade 85 – Connor Smith WR 6-3 198 Fr. Missoula 86 – Greg Hardy TE 6-5 245 Fr. Fairview 87 – Dan Beaudin TE 6-5 252 Sr. Noxon 88 – Steven Pfahler TE 6-5 246 Sr. Frenchtown 89 – Robert Overton TE 6-6 240 Jr. San Leandro, Calif. 90 – Ryan Fetherston DE 6-4 218 So. Helena 91 – Bobby Alt DE 6-3 260 So. Ontario, Calif. 92 – George Mercer DE 6-3 241 Sr. Libby 93 – Braydon Schilling DT 6-2 270 So. Gillette, Wyo. 94 – Sean Wren P 6-6 210 So. Yorba Linda, Calif. 95 – Ray DeBruycker DE 6-4 210 Fr. Choteau 96 – Josh Harris DE 6-5 231 Fr. Kalispell 97 – Mike Sylvestre DT 6-2 275 Fr. Phoenix 98 – Brett Hutter DT 6-3 260 So. Ontario, Calif. 99 – Tyler Hobbs DT 6-4 265 Jr. Spokane, Wash.

LT 72 Levi Horn LG 74 Jon Opperud

QB 12 Andrew Selle

K 83 Brody McKnight

C 71 Alex Verlanic

RG 77 Terran Hillesland RT 75 Chris Dyk

WR 80 Marc Mariani

TE 88 Steven Pfahler


DE 96 Andre Hicks

CB 6 Andre B

QB 17 Gerald Kemp WR 23 Levi Buckles WR 7 Jeff Larson WR 8 Sam Gratton LT 70 David Arndt LG 57 Charles Burton

C 18 Justin Roper RG 66 Russell Piette RT 79 Kyle Hofmann RB 24 T. Brooks-Fletcher TE 87 Dan Beaudin


WR 1 Aaron Rhea

CB 3 Andrew Swink

WLB 32 Alex Shaw

DE 42 Jace Palmer DT 99 Tyler Hobbs

SS 4 Erik Stoll MLB 10 Shawn Lebsock

DT 54 Austin Mullins

DE Se Ca

P 94 Sean Wren

DEFENSIVE BACKUPS DE 91 Bobby Alt LB 56 Brock Coyle DT 37 Carson Bender DE 90 Ryan Fetherston MLB 40 Caleb McSurdy SLB 53 Josh Stuberg

FS 39 Shann Schillinger

SLB 25 Brandon Fisher

WLB 44 Jordan Tripp CB 21 Keith Thompson CB 11 Brandon Dodson FS 9 Mike McCord SS 30 Mike Cummings


WR 16 Jabin Sambrano

r r

Missoulian, Saturday, December 5, 2009 – G13

Taking care of the next generation.

CB 37 Josh Aubrey



Stephen F. Austin ROSTER LB 40 Devin Ducote

DE 51 Tim Knicky DT 97 Kenneth Charles

P 36 Drew Nelson

MLB 49 Jabara Williams

DT 92 Sean Warren

FS 21 Chad Haynes

S 41 Cory Barlow

LB 45 Derrick Choice


Banks Rainey Sternes 98 DE Weekendfer Saurit 91 DT Wayne Thompson 53 DT Broderick Gaffney 95 DE Romeo Robinson 23 LB

Ryan Epperson 47 LB Brandon Brown 42 LB Jerrel Barnett 22 CB Michael Williams 12 CB Delano King 31 S Jordan Aubrey 38 S


WR 2 Duane Brooks

K 34 Evan Engwall

RT 75 George Bias RG 63 John Steel C 66 Max Holmes

QB 3 Jeremy Moses

LG 60 Austin Wright


RB 24 Vincent Pervis

LT 73 Karl Glimp

E 47 everin ampbell

CB 2 Trumaine Johnson

WR 17 Gralyn Crawford

Cordell Roberson 80 WR Anthony Foster 19 WR Corey Dickerson 78 LT Fitiseula Partsch 64 LG Jesse Funk 77 C


Daniel Patricio 76 RG Larry Bradley 72 RT Dalton Williams 14 QB Tyrone Ross 5 RB Brandon Scott 11 WR Zek Fancher 81 HB

No. Name 1 – Aaron Rhea 2 – Duane Brooks 3 – Jeremy Moses 5 – Tyrone Ross 6 – Andre Banks 8 – Brady Attaway 9 – Contrevious Parks 11 – Brandon Scott 12 – Michael Williams 13 – Lance Dozier 14 – Dalton Williams 15 – Mike Brooks 17 – Gralyn Crawford 18 – Chris Mass 19 – Anthony Foster 20 – Romonté Hampton 21 – Chad Haynes 22 – Jerrel Barnett 23 – Romeo Robinson 24 – Vincent Pervis 25 – Josh Hughey 26 – Jeremy Barnes 27 – Vencent Finley 28 – Ortavious Hypolite 29 – Keith Lawson 30 – D’Kendrick Washington 31 – Delano King 32 – Caleb Nelson 34 – Evan Engwall 35 – Thomas Henshaw 36 – Drew Nelson 37 – Josh Aubrey 38 – Jordan Aubrey 39 – Sedrick Hall 40 – Devin Ducote 41 – Cory Barlow 42 – Brandon Brown 43 – James Mattox 44 – Greg Carlson 45 – Derrick Choice 47 – Ryan Epperson 48 – Darren Robinson 49 – Jabara Williams 51 – Tim Knicky 52 – Ryan Hamlett 53 – Wayne Thompson 54 – Travis Walker 55 – Caleb Gatlin 56 – Jacob Fincher 58 – Dwane Davis 59 – Bryan West 60 – Austin Wright 62 – Efrain Sanchez 63 – John Steel 64 – Fitiseula Partsch 65 – Greg Hall 66 – Max Holmes 70 – Andrew Ratliff 71 – Chris Garrison 72 – Larry Bradley 73 – Karl Glimp 74 – Willie Watkins 75 – George Bias 76 – Daniel Patricio 77 – Jesse Funk 78 – Corey Dickerson 79 – Michael Brooks 80 – Cordell Roberson 81 – Zek Fancher 82 – Matt Baldwin 83 – Kris Lott 84 – Ryan Gambel 85 – Dominique Carroll 86 – Dustin Kempf 87 – Garret Williams 88 – Alvin Blackmon 89 – Shawn Hawkins 90 – Gordon Booker II 91 – Weekendfer Saurit 92 – Sean Warren 93 – Michael Leaks 94 – Cyril Ojongtimbia 95 – Broderick Gaffney 96 – Andre Hicks 97 – Kenneth Charles 98 – Rainey Sternes 99 – Garry Williams

Pos 6-1 6-0 6-0 5-8 6-3 6-2 5-10 6-0 6-1 5-9 6-4 5-8 5-10 6-4 6-2 5-9 5-11 5-10 5-9 5-10 6-0 6-0 6-3 6-0 5-9 6-1 6-0 6-0 6-0 5-11 6-1 5-11 5-10 5-10 5-10 5-10 5-11 6-2 6-3 6-0 6-1 6-0 6-3 6-4 6-0 6-0 5-10 6-0 6-3 5-11 5-11 6-2 5-11 6-3 6-4 6-3 6-3 6-5 6-5 6-6 6-5 6-5 6-3 6-6 6-4 6-9 6-3 6-3 6-1 6-1 6-1 6-3 6-3 6-5 6-1 5-11 6-4 6-0 6-0 6-0 6-2 6-0 6-3 6-2 6-3 6-3 5-11

Hgt 202 183 200 187 212 214 190 191 175 175 213 165 180 200 185 185 192 185 210 182 170 186 205 215 180 185 185 182 170 182 191 190 190 185 200 190 210 180 250 207 220 222 225 235 195 285 200 200 245 210 225 285 245 271 300 290 290 320 303 305 290 290 295 315 276 306 260 185 188 195 190 200 170 236 192 185 228 290 280 285 250 265 235 245 273 235 265

Wgt Year Hometown WR Sr. Houston WR Sr. Irving, Texas QB Jr. Baytown, Texas RB Sr. Tyler, Texas DB Jr. Austin, Texas QB Fr. Whitehouse, Texas WR Sr. Killeen, Texas WR So. Texas City, Texas DB Fr. Beaumont, Texas WR Fr. The Woodlands, Texas QB So. Coppell, Texas WR Fr. Irving, Texas WR Fr. Palestine, Texas QB Fr. Tyler, Texas WR Fr. Schertz, Texas RB Fr. Tyler, Texas S Jr. Lewisville, Texas DB Jr. Mesquite, Texas LB Fr. Long Beach, Calif. RB Sr. Texas City, Texas DB Fr. Kirbyville, Texas DB So. San Augustine, Texas DB Fr. Waco, Texas DB Fr. Orange, Texas RB Fr. San Antonio, Texas DB So. Mansfield, Texas DB Jr. Vancouver, Wash.e DB Fr. Apopka, Fla. K Fr. Derby, Kan. K-P Fr. League City, Texas K-P So. Livingston, Texas DB Fr. Tyler, Texas DB Fr. Tyler, Texas RB Fr. Waco, Texas LB So. Baton Rouge, La. DB Sr. Friendswood, Texas LB So. Texarkana, Texas DB So. Newton, Texas DE Jr. Spring, Texas LB So. Tyler, Texas LB Fr. Chandler, Texas LB Fr. Dallas LB Jr. Garrison, Texas DE Sr. Cedar Park, Texas LB Fr. Dallas DL Fr. Cedar Hill, Texas LB Fr. Houston LB Fr. Beaumont, Texas DE Jr. Waxahachie, Texas LB So. Pasadena, Texas LS Fr. Lockhart, Texas OL Fr. Henderson, Texas DL Sr. Fort Worth, Texas OL Fr. Boyd, Texas OL Fr. Baytown, Texas OL Fr. Denton, Texas OL Sr. Baton Rouge, La. OL Fr. Llano, Texas OL Sr. Sahuarita, Ariz. OL So. Miami, Fla. OL Sr. Hutto, Texas OL Fr. Cedar Hill, Texas OL So. Houston, Texas OL Sr. Van Nuys, Calif. OL Jr. Carrollton, Texas OL Fr. Livingston, Texas OL Fr. Sealy, Texas WR Fr. Jefferson, Texas WR Sr. Lufkin, Texas P So. Houston, Texas WR Fr. Plano, Texas WR Fr. Hammond, La. WR Fr. Frisco, Texas LS Jr. La Porte, Texas WR So. Houston, Texas WR So. Corinth, Texas DL Fr. Longview, Texas DL So. Longview, Texas DL So. Pasadena, Texas DT Jr. Texas City, Texas DE Fr. Winnsboro, Texas DL Fr. Houston, Texas DL Jr. Clarksville, Texas DE Sr. Missouri City, Texas DL Jr. Missouri City, Texas DL Jr. DeSoto, Texas DT Fr. Texarkana, Texas • 406.721.5600 • 800.525.5688 BROADWAY BUILDING • COMMUNITY MEDICAL CENTER PHYS CTR 3 NOW CARE DOWNTOWN • NOW CARE SOUTHGATE MALL

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G14 – Missoulian, Saturday, December 5, 2009

GRIZZLY GAME DAY / FCS playoff capsules

Playoff picture Compiled by BILL SPELTZ/Missoulian

No. 12 Stephen F. Austin at No. 3 Montana (12-0) Radio: KVWE FM 101.5; KGVO AM 1290; KERR AM 750 TV: CW-TV; Altitude; ESPN GamePlan Kickoff: 12:04 p.m. Venue: WashingtonGrizzly Stadium (25,200) Forecast: Cloudy with a high of 25 and a 80 percent chance of snow. The matchup: Stephen F. Austin leads the nation in passing offense at 353.3 yards per game … Montana has allowed at least 300 yards passing five times this season, but has gone five straight games without allowing more than 243 passing yards … The Grizzlies have trailed in 10 of their 12 games this season ... Opponents have outscored Montana, 64-39, in the first

KURT WILSON/Missoulian

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quarter this season. The Griz have outscored opponents, 402181, over the final three quarters ... SFA’s Duane Brooks has 110 catches for 1,022 yards and six touchdowns. He’s the first Southland Conference receiver in history with at least 100 catches in a season … Lumberjacks quarterback Jeremy Moses has completed 68.4 percent of his passes. He’s thrown for 3,920 yards with 40 touchdowns and 17 interceptions … SFA defensive end Tim Knicky is a candidate for the Buck Buchanan Award. He has 12.5 sacks and 15 tackles for loss … Montana wideout Marc Mariani has 2,690 career receiving yards and needs just 44 more to pass Griz all-time leader Matt Wells ... Chase Reynolds’ 2,777 career rushing yards rank third all-time for Montana ... The Lumberjacks have allowed two punt returns and two kick returns for touchdowns this season. Montana has returned one kick and one punt return for touchdowns this season ... The Grizzlies rank fifth in the nation in See playoffs, Page G17

Tight end Dan Beaudin runs over South Dakota State linebacker Derek Domino after making a catch last Saturday.

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Missoulian, Saturday, December 5, 2009 – G15


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3943 Brooks Street • 251-2525 • 1-800-525-5635

G16 – Missoulian, Saturday, December 5, 2009


Missoulian, Saturday, December 5, 2009 – G17

GRIZZLY GAME DAY / FCS playoff capsules


Continued from Page G14

punt returns and fifth in kick returns. SFA is 45th in the nation in kick return defense and 111th in punt return defense ... Montana is the only undefeated team left in the FCS ... Stephen F. Austin reached the quarterfinals with a 44-33 home win over Eastern Washington ... Montana beat Eastern Washington 41-34 on Oct. 17 in Missoula ... SFA’s two losses came at the hands of SMU and Texas State ... This season marks the Lumberjacks’ first playoff appearance since 1995 when they reached the semifinals before losing to Montana, 70-14, at Washington-Grizzly Stadium ... Montana leads the series, 3-0 ... Montana coach Bobby Hauck is 78-16 in his seventh season. He is 9-6 in the playoffs with championship game appearances in 2004 and 2008, along with a semifinal appearance in 2006 ... Stephen F. Austin coach J.C. Harper is 14-21 in his third season. His team went 0-11 in 2007, followed by a 4-8 season in 2008 … Both coaches are finalists for the Eddie Robinson Award, given annually to the top coach in the FCS … Harper was named Southland Coach of the Year last week ... The winner of the game faces the winner of the App State/Richmond game in the semifinals. Montana would host if it wins. The semifinals are next Friday at 6 p.m. (ESPN2) or Saturday at 2 p.m. (ESPN).

No. 5 Appalachian St. (10-2) at No. 4 Richmond (11-1) TV: ESPN GamePlan Kickoff: 5 p.m. (MST) Venue: Richmond Stadium (21,319),

Bruce Chapman/Winston-Salem Journal

Appalachian State running back Devon Moore (20) tries to regain his fumble as South Carolina State linebacker David Erby (4) tackles him during a first round playoff game in Boone, N.C., on Saturday. Appalachian State won 20-13. Richmond, Va. Forecast: Cloudy with a high of 38 and a 50 percent chance of rain. The matchup: The game features two senior quarterbacks with a combined 82 wins in their careers – Richmond’s Eric Ward (41) and App State’s Armanti Edwards (41) ... Ward is 7-1 in the playoffs and is the 34th player in FCS history to surpass the

10,000 mark in career yards of total offense ... Edwards is one of the final three candidates for the Walter Payton Award, which will be announced on Dec. 17. The winner of the 2008 Payton Award in a landslide, he is looking to become the first two-time winner in the 23-year history of the award that honors the nation’s top FCS player ... In nine regular-season games (he missed the season opener at East Carolina and the finale versus Western Carolina due to injury), Edwards accounted for 3,079 yards of offense (2,504 passing, 575 rushing) and 26 touchdowns

(10 passing, 16 rushing) ... Edwards struggled last week in a 20-13 playoff win over South Carolina State, throwing three interceptions. The winning score in that game came midway through the fourth quarter on a 50-yard fumble return by Dominique McDuffie ... The Spiders’ defense has 16 interceptions in 2009, with 15 coming in the last eight games ... With 15.5 tackles for loss and 6.5 sacks, junior defensive tackle Martin Parker leads a Spider defense that ranks third in the nation against the run See PLayoffs, Page G18


FRIDAY IS Thanks to our Stephen F. Austin game day sponsors!!






G18 – Missoulian, Saturday, December 5, 2009

GRIZZLY GAME DAY / FCS playoff capsules


the ball over only 14 times and stands at plus-12 in the turnover department ... Tribe running back Jonathan Grimes averages a team-best 91.8 yards rushing per game. Quarterback R.J. Archer has completed 61 percent of his passes and has thrown for 2,347 yards with 15 touchdowns and just seven interceptions ... The two losses for the Tribe came against Villanova and Richmond. Southern Illinois’ loss came at Marshall on opening day, 31-28.

Continued from Page G17

(66.58 ypg) ... Parker was added to the final ballot for the 2009 Buck Buchanan Award, presented to the FCS’s best defensive player ... Defending national champ Richmond is the only team in the FCS to reach the semifinals in each of the last two seasons ... The Spiders and Mountaineers – winners of the last four NCAA National Championships – are meeting for the third consecutive year in the playoffs. ASU won in a 2007 semifinal, 55-35. Richmond won in a 2008 quarterfinal, 33-13. Both games were at App State ... Saturday’s game marks the Mountaineers’ first road playoff test since the 2001 season.

No. 10 New Hampshire (102) at No. 2 Villanova (111)

No. 6 William & Mary (10-2) at No. 1 Southern Illinois (11-1) TV: ESPN GamePlan Kickoff: 10 a.m. (MST) Venue: McAndrew Stadium (17,324), Carbondale, Ill. Forecast: Sunny with a high of 38 degrees.

Karen Wink/Lake Charles American Press

New Hampshire’s Chad Kackett scores a touchdown in a first round playoff game against McNeese State on Saturday in Lake Charles, La. The matchup: Saluki senior running back Deji Karim is one of the three finalists for the Walter Payton Award. He has racked up 2,234 all-purpose

Hard-working Putting Montanans First | 829-2666 | 201 North Higgins Avenue

yards, including 1,667 rushing ... SIU junior quarterback Chris Dieker, who missed the last five games with a broken collarbone, was cleared to practice this week for the Salukis. The team will see how he responds in practice before making the decision on whether he will play. In seven games this season, he threw for 1,272 yards while completing 59.3 percent of his passes ... William & Mary, 4-2 on the road this year, boasts the nation’s No. 1 rushing and No. 2 scoring defense ... Southern Illinois is third nationally in scoring and fourth in rushing ... Southern Illinois piled up 323 rushing yards in a 48-7 home playoff win over Eastern Illinois last week. Karim had 155 yards and three touchdowns. Southern Illinois’ defense forced six turnovers in the game ... The Tribe trounced Weber State last week, 38-0 ... William & Mary defensive end Adrian Tracy ranks 11th nationally with sacks ... Opposing offenses have converted only 30 percent of their third-down conversion attempts against the Tribe ... William & Mary averages 372.4 yards per game and 27.4 points. It has turned

TV: ESPN GamePlan Kickoff: 1:30 p.m. (MST) Venue: Villanova Stadium (12,500), Philadelphia Forecast: Cloudy with a high of 40 and a 40 percent chance of precipitation The matchup: This will be the second meeting between the teams. On Oct. 10, New Hampshire recorded a 28-24 home win over Villanova in a Colonial Athletic Association game ... New Hampshire has reached the quarterfinals five of the past six seasons but has never won ... UNH led the CAA in points per game with an average of 33.9. That mark is also good for ninth in the nation ... Villanova is coming off a 3828 first-round win over Holy Cross. Junior wide receiver Matt Szczur led Nova with 238 yards of all-purpose offense. Szczur tallied seven receptions for a careerhigh 130 yards and one touchdown, 11 carries for 55 yards and one score and two kickoff returns for 53 yards. Junior quarterback Chris Whitney completed 16 of 23 passes for 239 yards and one touchdown. The Wildcats amassed 537 yards of total offense ... New Hampshire registered a 49-13 victory at McNeese State last week. UNH led 21-13 at halftime and outscored McNeese, 280, in the second half. Quarterback R.J. Toman led the way for New Hampshire by completing 17 of 25 passes for 240 yards and three touchdowns ... UNH senior running back Chad Kackert has 2,431 career rushing yards, including 790 this season ... Whitney leads

Missoulian, Saturday, December 5, 2009 – G19




judge whether or not you personnel had a good game? A: Two that come to mind: Pancakes, which is when we put a guy flat on his back. I take a lot of personal satisfaction in that kind of stat. And sacks allowed. Q: Let’s take a moment for the kids. What training advice would you give aspiring offensive linemen? A: I would just get in the weight room. Compete in the weight room. Keep your speed up. Technique is important. I don’t know how easy it is for kids to work on it, because I was just told to block the guy in front of me. Working on technique would be key on going to the next level. Q: Do you hope for snow when the Grizzlies are facing a team from a warm weather climate? A: I don’t know about snow. At least cold though. Snow is bad for both teams. Actually a wet ball might deter their


passing attack a little bit.

Alex Verlanic.

Q: Don Henley, the lead singer of the 1970s rock band the Eagles, attended Stephen F. Austin briefly before beginning a music career. If you heard an Eagles song or some of Henley’s solo work come on the radio, would you turn it up or change the station? A: Anything by the Eagles I would turn up.

Q: What is your favorite post-game meal? A: Hu-Hot.

know from Facebook. For real world news I subscribe to the Wall Street Journal. I read that online every day.

Q: What is your favorite Sylvester Stallone character: Rocky Balboa, John Q: How would describe the perfect day Rambo or Ray Tango? in your hometown Dillon? A: I’d have to go with Rocky. A: It’s been a while since I’ve been there. Wake up early. I would probably Q: Do you have any hidden talents? fish a bit by the Clark Canyon Reservoir A: I play the guitar. Acoustic and and take the rest of the day to float back electric. to Dillon.

Q: You’re 6 feet, 8 inches tall. Fellow O-linemen Levi Horn, Terran Hillesland and Jon Opperud are all listed at 6-7. Who Q: What do you like to do in your free has the best basketball skills? time? A: I’m going say I do. A: Besides homework? I like playing video games with my buddies. I like just Q: Do you guys still try to play in the hanging out with the offensive line guys, spring or summer? doing things together. A: I haven’t touched a basketball in four years. Q: Without giving away too many secret spots, what is your favorite place Q: Who among all of your teammates to fish? would you say is the most likely to get A: Probably the Yellowstone. into politics after they are done playing football? Q: What is your favorite news source? A: Of the guys I talk to, I would say A: I get a lot of my news from people I


Q: Who’s your favorite guitarist? A: Joe Walsh of the Eagles.

Lightning round More enjoyable flick: horror or sci-fi? Sci-fi Better pet: Cat or dog? Dog Favorite condiment? Ketchup Favorite superhero movie? X-men Dream car? McLaren F-1. It’s a European car. It’s built for speed. I probably couldn’t fit in one, but it’d be fun to have.


G20 – Missoulian, Saturday, December 5, 2009

GRIZZLY GAME DAY / Grizzlies stuff Jackrabbits, 61-48

feeling possessive

KURT WILSON/Missoulian

Montana linebacker Alex Shaw celebrates a fumble recovery in the second quarter after Jace Palmer sacked South Dakota State quarterback Thomas O’Brien and forced the ball loose. Have a ferocious appetite?

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Missoulian, Saturday, December 5, 2009 – G21

GRIZZLY GAME DAY / Grizzlies stuff Jackrabbits, 61-48

Evading capture

KURT WILSON/Missoulian

Montana’s Marc Mariani avoids a flying tackle by South Dakota State’s defensive back Corey Jeske last Saturday during the first round of FSC playoffs in Missoula.


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G22 – Missoulian, Saturday, December 5, 2009

GRIZZLY GAME DAY / Cover story: Kevin Klaboe


Continued from Page G2

there. I think there’s no question that he’s going to knock down whoever’s in front of him.� It’s been a best-case scenario for Hauck. He got an athlete whose background in wrestling helped give him the balance and leverage needed to take on bigger foes. It didn’t take a selection as first-team all-Big Sky for Hauck to appreciate his fullback. “He’s built like one (6-foot-2, 225 pounds), he plays like one, he has the right attitude,� said Hauck. “He’s smart, he can figure out protections, he’s a good blocker and he can catch the ball a little bit.� And he knows his role. The Griz run a lot of offensive sets with different personnel. Fullback sets aren’t necessarily a staple. “Shoot, some games he might get four, five, six plays,� Reynolds said. “But he goes out there and busts it as well as anybody.� Klaboe was an all-state tight end and linebacker at Billings West, catching seven touchdowns as a senior. He has one touchdown in his college career, as a redshirt freshman in a 33-30 victory at Weber State in 2006 (oddly, Billings West’s federal

other all-state tight end in 2004, Joe Schreibeis, caught his only TD pass in his final college game, for MSU against UM on Nov. 21). “There are some weeks I know I’ll get a lot more downs or a lot less downs than previous weeks,� said Klaboe, who has carried the ball three times at UM. “That’s how it is. I just deal with it, like anything else.� Which leads us to Klaboe’s other thankless job: Long snapping. This is his eighth season doing it, dating back to a jail-break snap by a teammate at Billings West, who then ceded the job to the coach’s freshman son. That didn’t make it any easier for Paul Klaboe. “I didn’t sleep all week,� he said. “I figured he’d snap it over the punter’s head three times.� But Paul never saw it happen. “I snapped for four years in high school,� said Kevin. “And I didn’t have a bad snap until I came here.� It was a memorable one, coming as it did in the 2008 FCS semifinal win at James Madison. Montana was nursing a 35-17 lead with 8:30 left in the game, when Klaboe hiked the ball over the punter’s head and straight at the play clock. “Up into about the 12th row,� said his

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“Every year, even us as players wonder how the team’s going to come together,� Klaboe said. “Last year, and this year, we’ve practiced hard every week, and focused on each game every week, and it’s paid off. “It’s a philosophy set forth by the coaching staff, and it’s paid off. To be 14-2 last year and 12-0 this year is pretty special.� This spring Klaboe, a finance and economics major with a 3.3 grade-point average, will graduate. What he does after this is as unpredictable as this Saturday’s

game against Stephen F. Austin. His dad figures Kevin will make the right choice when the time comes. “As a parent, I figured the more decisions a kid can make, the better off he is,� said Paul Klaboe. “ ‘It’s your decision. You’d better make it work.’ � It’s worked. Once he took the field Kevin Klaboe lost exactly one Big Sky game. He doesn’t remember specific plays much, but more the feeling of “we’re going to do this,� when the Griz are up against it. “Like last week,� he said. “And the Idaho State game. When you get down, and you’re seeing the guys in the huddle: Nobody gets rattled, or gets in a hurry. They know what to do.� The explosive Lumberjacks loom and the Griz know they’ll have to take care of the ball better than they did against SDSU. Klaboe figures to throw a few lead blocks, to help Reynolds and UM move the chains and hopefully control the game. “It’ll be fun to get back on the field, especially after what happened last Saturday,� he said. “It’ll be another test, that’s for sure. And it’ll be fun to go out and hopefully keep extending my career. One game at a time.� Fritz Neighbor can be reached at 523-5247



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father. “Looked like a field goal going through there.� “We were milking the (play) clock,� said the younger Klaboe, “and I was looking at it, and I never looked back at Ken Wood.� Things became interesting from there – JMU took the ensuing free kick and drove 57 yards, and Drew Dudzik’s upside-down two-point PAT made it a one-score game with 6:10 left – before UM prevailed 35-27. You take the bad with the good. It was an amazing road win over the top-ranked Dukes, and in many ways emblematic of the 2008 season. The Griz were an unknown quantity going into the season, and continually surprised people as it went on.



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Missoulian, Saturday, December 5, 2009 – G23


uby’s and Good Food ...


a winning combination!


Mon. - Sat. 6 am - 9 pm Sun. 8 am - 3 pm

Griz “You keep us cookin', Missoula” 2101 Regent St. at Brooks



What Griz receiver made his only college touchdown catch in the 1995 FCS semifinal game against Stephen F. Austin? a) Josh Branen b) Brian Gales c) Nate Dolan d) Eleu Kane



Who tore off a 79-yard scoring run to seal UM’s 2410 non-league win over Stephen F. Austin in 1997? a) Nate Sanders b) David Gilbreaith c) Brian Gales d) Josh Branen Who threw for six touchdowns and ran for another in UM’s 49-42 shootout win at Stephen F. Austin in 1998? a) Darren Rowell b) Brian Ah Yat c) Sean Davis d) Drew Miller






Answers: c, d, b

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G24 – Missoulian, Saturday, December 5, 2009

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Griz Game Day Dec. 5  

Griz Game Day Dec. 5, 2009

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