WWE Mission Report Awassa, Ethiopia October 2019

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Dear friends, From 9 to 13 October we had an evangelistic campaign in a suburb of Awasa in the south of Ethiopia. Although the rainy season was officially over, we had rainy weather almost every day, which interfered with the campaign considerably. Nonetheless, we had good meetings and people were saved, healed and filled with the Holy Spirit. By then we had been able to print 10,000 follow-up booklets, which we distributed for the first time. Through these booklets, people are saved, healed and baptized with the Holy Spirit, even long after we have left. Each booklet is treated as a valuable treasure and read by more than just one person. We were also able to print 4000 “Foundations for Faith” books by Kenneth Hagin, which we distributed to pastors and leaders for free. We are now in the process of translating the next foundational courses about prayer, healing and the Holy Spirit. Each course has 26 lessons and provides a good spiritual basis. Most of the pastors and church leaders in Ethiopia are laypeople and do not have any qualifications.

Because of these books, we have additional costs. The printing in Ethiopia cost us more than an evangelistic campaign normally would, as printing costs in Ethiopia are much higher than in Germany. A church in the USA has agreed to take care of the costs that we have just incurred. There is huge demand for good spiritual literature and as we find the funds, we want to translate other books in the future, too. We thank you for all your support and trust God that he will expand our finances so that we can do much more. Our next evangelistic outreaches this year are from 13 to 17 November and 11 to 15 December. We will then have conducted a total of 11 evangelistic campaigns in 2019. Thank you so much for every donation that allows us to continue. “Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well” 3 John 2. Warmest regards!

Ekkehard Hornburg


She had had abdominal pain for four years and was often in hospital. There was no hope medically speaking. Jesus healed her.

He had a growth on his chest that also hindered his breathing. This stopped him from being able to work. It all disappeared.

The boy had had severe kidney pain for five years. Whenever his clothes touched the area of his kidneys, it caused him pain. Jesus healed him.

For five years he had suffered from severe backache and could not bend down. He demonstrated that he can now do everything.

He had been blind in his left eye for two years. Jesus healed his eye.