WWE Mission Report Derara, Ethiopia December 2020

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Dear friends, During the last 8 months we were not able to travel to Ethiopia. Now the doors opened again and we conducted a gospel crusade from December 2 – 6 in the south of Ethiopia. We saw a great hunger for the word of God and experienced unusual many healings. We had no explanation for it. Many testified that they have been healed and we were not able to hear all the testimonies. Dereje our organizer said that we have so many invitations that we could conduct a gospel campaign every week. From January 6 – 17 we will have two crusades. The doors are wide open and we have unlimited opportunities. We also want to print 40.000 study guides by Kenneth Hagin. 10.000 each on Faith, Prayer, Healing and Holy Spirit. We are only waiting for the money. We want to distribute them freely to priests, pastors and leaders. We also need a new truck. Our present truck was not built for African roads but for the german postal service. It is old and outdated. This p(l)andemic (the devil planned it) led to churches being closed, open air meetings being cancelled, worldwide travel being restricted and the preaching of the gospel being greatly hindered. The devil is behind this plan for he knows his time is short and Jesus is coming soon. „Why do the nations rage, and the peoples plot in vain? The kings of the earth and the rulers take counsel against the Lord and against His anointed. He who sits in the heavens laughs; the Lord ridicules them. He will speak to them in His wrath and terrify them in His anger.“ Psalm 2 The rulers of this world are planning a new world order without God. They want to finish the tower of Babel and dominate all mankind. For that reason, everyone is to get a digital ID (WHO Agenda 2030). A constant surveillance of every human being could be thus possible. But God will frustrate their plans. The body of Christ on earth is holding back the darkness. After the rapture there will be no resistance and the Antichrist will come to power. God will give this world another opportunity to receive Christ. We are living in the days of Noah. Noah warned his generation and we have to warn our generation. Holy Spirit is doing two things on earth: He is getting the body of Christ ready for the soon return of Christ and He wants to save as many as possible. We must make ourselves ready and we must bring as many as possible with us to heaven.

I believe God is giving us at least another 10 years of harvest before the rapture happens. This church age is coming to an end and a new age is coming: the millennium. In 1988 I heard pastor Jonggi Cho from Korea speak at a meeting here in Germany. He said that God spoke to him that all those who are at the age of 40 and below need not die anymore, because Jesus is coming. We are the generation that will escape death, because of the rapture. John the Baptist was a forerunner for the first coming of Christ and our generation is a forerunner for the second coming of Christ. We are to prepare this generation for Jesus soon return. I believe that we will see an increase of the power of God and the glory of God and millions will come to Christ during the next few years. More people are alive today than ever before and God will not let this harvest go to waste. I wish you a merry Christmas and may 2021 be the best year of your life.

Ekkehard Hornburg


She was half paralyzed and came from her sickbed. All her money was spent on hospitals and she lost her job. Jesus restored her.

He had a growth on his neck. It disappeared.

For 13 years she had a painful growth on her chest which disappeared.

All his joints ached and he had no strength in his hand to hold anything.

For 2 years her right ear was deaf. Now she can hear again.

His right eye was blind – now he can see.

For 8 years she could hardly hear anything. Now she hears again.

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