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Cara Quici




artist: the story so far album: what you don’t see release date: march 26, 2013


The Story So Far’s first album, Under Soil and Dirt, is a personal favourite of mine and their EP’s are held high in my esteem too. Filled to the brim with angst-y guitar strumming, beanie hats, thick layering and fast paced tunes, it’s ideal to either get you psyched up for the day or to cheer yourself up. Of course, that’s their aim – as it says on their own site; “The songs are honest, sincere, and emotional and the music behind the lyrics is as heavy as it is accessible.” had very high hopes for their new album, What You Don’t See. I was also worried about how they could have lost their edge, how it could sound the same as their debut, how they could have lost their sincerity along

the way. With baited breath, I began to listen. The first song, The Things I Can’t Change, came bouncing out my headphones and I couldn’t help but smile because, well, it’s brilliant. It’s everything I hoped for – heavy and loud and awesome as hell. For an album intro, it certainly doesn’t try and ease you in. It’s exactly what pop-punk should be and it knows it. The second song, Stifled, is no softer. It’s only half way through the song and I’m desperate to be at their gig right now, jumping in time to the drums.  The album continues in much the same way and it’s not disappointing and it’s just what I expected, although it does get a little, well… same-y.  Track seven, The Glass, offers some change. It’s a little slower and more melodic, and it kicks in just in time. It feels more heartfelt then the previous couple of tracks and would undoubtedly sound amazing live. I’d even go as far as to say that I wished it was a minute or so longer. The next track, All Wrong, is similar. It’s a welcome change and for me, it saved the album just in the nick of time. The album quickly returns to their older style, shout-y and angry and wonderful, but they’ve done it. They’ve saved themselves, and this album is in the bag. I love it, and if you liked their debut, you’ll love it too. Perfect for fans of Crucial Dudes, Transit, The Wonder Years, and New Found Glory. review by: josie adnitt

artist: black veil brides album: wretched and divine: story of the wild ones (ultimate edition) release date: june 11, 2013 In a dystopian future similar to that of Huxley’s Brave New World, Black Veil Brides are ‘the Divine’ and they fight daily against F.E.A.R, the evil force which rules this new world. Or at least, that’s the concept behind Wretched and Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones. Released originally on 8th January 2013, on 11th June 2013 they released three extra songs on the ‘Ultimate Edition’. Already a huge fan of the album, I was keen to hear the new songs they’d released and I can’t say I was let down. Following the theme of the entire album and pumping more glam rock attitude than you can shake a can of hairspray at, the first of three new songs ‘Revelation’ sounds more like a protest chant than a song and it’s absolutely awesome. The album as a whole finalised their move from metalcore to glam rock and these tracks are total proof. Their music is far more melodic than it was in Set The World On Fire and Andy uses his voice in much better ways, all in all creating a better sound for the band. ‘Victory Call’ is just as good. With some studio elements in there to enhance the music, it works surprisingly well and looks somewhat like an advance of artistic direction. Clearly written to sound like a call to arms, it has just that effect and all I want to do is draw on my warpaint and backcomb my hair and march out all BVB’d up. With great effort, I restrain from doing so and listen to the last song. All I can think through ‘Lay You Down’ is “Knives And Pens. This could be from Knives And Pens.” Repeat throughout. And it’s amazing. I always feel like Black Veil Brides missed out on an opportunity with their Sex And Hollywood era to go in a different direction, but for me this song and ,well, this album have saved them for me. I knew I still loved Black Veil Brides for a reason. And with the release of these three tracks, they’ve reminded me of that reason. Despite astounding pressure to quit, to stop doing what they loved, to change because the rock scene didn’t like them, Black Veil Brides kept going, and if that doesn’t make you proud of them then I don’t know what will. review by: josie adnitt


THIS LOCAL LOVE Can you tell us a little bit about your clothing company and how you got started? I had the vision for the company in the fall of 2011 on the way back home from a really energetic local concert. I loved the energy I felt while I was playing the show. The thought came from nowhere, Why can’t that energy be captured and shared to other areas of the world? I wanted to create something that would encourage the growth of camaraderie among local bands and ignite a new wave of support for local bands from their hometown fans. I decided a clothing line dedicated to spreading this message would be the best way. So I put together a fundraising show for our first shirt launch, which went surprisingly well we’re here. I was probably wrong about the best way to spread the message, but here we are two years later and things are looking bright for the future. 

booth at shows and on tour. What are some of your favorite designs and why? Of ours? I’d have to say I’m partial to the Heart of Gold simply because it’s so insanely bold and borderline obnoxious. Reflective gold and silver ink make this thing pop in the sun. Definitely an attention grabber. As for designs from other clothing brands, I’d have to say I really like the stuff that Rob Dobi puts out with Fullbleed and most of the stuff from Ugmonk.

Why should people check out your clothing line? I like to think we’re actually making a difference in the lives of people we interact with, at least on some level. Our twitter community tells us time and again that we have brightened their day or helped them in some way. And we truly appreciate our family. We have friends first, then customers. We What do you fee your clothing line represents? don’t shove our products in your face. We show them off and As I stated above, we’re all about supporting the underdog if you like them, you buy them. Our family is constantly growand, more importantly, encouraging their peers to do the ing and finally finding its own voice, its own place in the world. same. Things are better for everyone involved if bands are all It’s about music-driven passion for life and always putting out helping each other rather than fighting for fans and segregood vibes to those around you. If that’s not something you gating themselves. We also exist for those die-hard music can get behind, you’re messing up. fans that still feel their heart jump when the breakdown hits or the chorus drops or their favorite band rings out their first note on stage. We’re all about the passion. Who is the designer? That would be myself and Brad Simmons. He runs most of the social media and bankrolls the whole thing. I do more of the design and administrative stuff as well as running the


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From $22





photos & review by: shana myers


YOU ME AT SIX the spring fever tour There is nothing like the feeling of going to a concert to see your favorite band. You’ll sing along to every song, screaming the words at the top of your lungs so loud that you can barely talk the next day. For that short moment, you forget everything. The only world you know is where you’re at and what you’re doing at that very moment, with every bit of your focus on the band and the music. You usually either deal with the opening acts or leave there impressed, wanting to hear more. But when the openers are some of your favorite bands, you instantly know it’s going to be a show you will never forget. You will always remember something about that show, whether it be good or bad. Up first was UK rockers, You Me At Six. As loud as the fans screamed, you would have sworn they were the main act. The band played a 7 song set-list, opening up with Lover Boy, The Swarm and Stay With Me. As awesome and talented as the band was, I was mostly impressed with how much Josh Franceschi, lead singer of You Me At Six, cared about the fans. There were people getting seriously hurt and he made sure they got out of the crowd safely, even making the crowd help. A lot of bands will try to get the crowd to go absolutely insane, putting those who were hurt, in an even worse situation than before. I expected nothing less than crowd surfing and people trying to get to the front, resulting in the crowd shifting in different directions. I expected crazy, but I didn’t expect insane. I especially didn’t expect to see a girl get knocked around so much that her face was bleeding, or people getting pulled out of the crowd crying. I have never seen a crowd like that. I try to stay away from the hard core music shows for that very reason. When I go to a concert, I want to enjoy the show. Not get knocked around because others are too careless to pay attention to their surroundings. You Me At Six rocked the stage. There wasn’t a single dull moment in their entire set. They only had 7 songs to impress those who had never heard of them before this tour and it only took one to grab everyone’s attention. That didn’t stop them though. They were there to have fun and to give the crowd a good show and that’s exactly what they did.



After a while, I realized that I was hoping they would play their song, ‘Fireworks.’ It’s one of their older songs, but definitely one of my favorites. Up next was Mayday Parade. I was looking forward to seeing this band the most. I had never seen them and had been wanting to for a long time. To me, their songs have some of the best, most heartfelt and thought out lyrics I’ve heard in a while. I’d much rather listen to that rather than half the music on the radio. I prefer music that means something. These days, it’s all about the looks rather than the talent and that’s really not for me. Mayday Parade played a mix of songs from Jersey, Black Cat and a cover of Somebody that I Used to Know, to Oh Well, Oh Well and When You See My Friends. They gave their older and newer fans exactly what they wanted, whether they intended to or not. Everyone in the room seemed so happy that they were there. Almost like they didn’t think the day would ever get there. When Pierce the Veil came on, the crowd roared with excitement, screaming so loud that it was almost deafening. When a crowd screams that loud, you know that band means a lot to them people. Nothing was going to ruin this moment for them. Truthfully, I was not looking forward to seeing Pierce the Veil. I do not like metal-core music to say the very least. I had every intention of tuning them out until they were off stage, but I never did. Instead, I stood in the crowd after the first three songs and I watched their set. I was not only in shock, but disbelief. I could not believe that I was enjoying their set. There wasn’t nearly as much screaming as I had assumed there would have been. Vice Fuentes, lead singer of Pierce the Veil, is a very talented vocalist and I found that out that night. Not


only can he sing, but he was all over the stage, putting on a performance that the fans would never forget. Of course, no one wants to go to a show and watch a person stand there and sing. That’s just boring. There were jumps and head-banging and pyro galore. It was quite clear this band wanted to make a huge impact on everyone in the room by putting on the best show they could possibly do. Last but not least, it was All Time Low’s turn. I have seen these guys twice before and they have never failed to put on an amazing performance. They never fail to make a good impression. They’re constantly telling jokes, making the crowd laugh. Jack Barakat is always doing something crazy and weird. You could sit there and watch him while he’s doing the most random things and have the time of your life. The bands energy on stage and the way they care about their fans will always be my favorite part of any show of theirs I go to. They pay attention to the crowd better than any band or singer I have ever seen, constantly asking someone if they’re ok. Throughout their set, they performed songs such as Dear Maria Count Me In, Therapy and I Feel Like Dancing, mixing it up with their older and newer music. Sitting back and watching the crowd, listening to them sing along to every word of their favorite songs, was beautiful. It was like everyone in that room was so happy to be where they were. They forgot about every bad thing that was going on in their life. They were completely focused on giving back to the bands that mean everything to them, in the best way they know how. All in all, all four bands put on a great show. The Spring Fever Tour will go down in history for these four bands. It was definitely a night their fans will never forget.




photos & review by: shana myers

RIANAS TRENCH If you’ve ever listened to Marianas Trench’s music before, you’d know their songs are full of harmonies and catchy tunes. They are the type of songs that will either make you sit in your room and think about everything and anything or make you want to dance in your room, alone, where no one is around to make fun of you, playing each song and singing along to every word, as loud as you can. Lead singer, Josh Ramsay, has such a unique voice that it’s impossible to get him mixed up with other artists. That was one thing that pulled me in the first time I listened to them. I knew I had to see the band perform after that. I had to hear the harmonies, the instruments and the performance all in one. A live show is what defines a bands talent. We all know there are artists out there who are horrible performers and can not sing live to save their life. I had heard bad things and I had head good things about Josh’s live vocals. I had heard everything, but I took to it to see for myself. I pared myself for the worst but hoped for the best. I know there are days bands have trouble or the singer is sick, or they’re losing their voice. I also know there are a lot of people out there who are far too judgmental and expect the band to sound exactly how they sound on the cd. If you want that, go listen to the cd. Simple as that. Before the band came on stage, they played a short video introduction, causing the fans to become even more ecstatic than they were before. The moment the music started and the band stepped on stage, the fans screamed. I could hear the girls in the front row talking about how ‘cute Josh is’, along with everything else you hear girls say at concerts. I often wonder how the bands deal with that, as I would find it creepy and weird for a random stranger to ask me to have their babies and marry them but I suppose they’re used to it by now. The band started out with ‘Ever After’, the opening song on their album which is also named ‘Ever After.’ It made it interesting to hear how they put everything together, knowing that they designed the cd



to connect together like a story. The bands harmonies were better than I expected. In fact, Josh’s vocals along with the bands harmonies was my favorite part of the entire show. Listening to it throughout the whole thing was quite inspiring. The bands performance was noth ing short of amazing. I left that building even more impressed with the band than what I was before. That doesn’t happen too often for me. When a band can pull you in and make you forget about everything that’s going on, good or bad, in the world... you know the band has a very special connection with their fans. Throughout the show, the band played songs such as ‘Beside You’ (off of their album Masterpiece Theater) ‘Haven’t Had Enough’ and ‘Fallout’, both off of their latest cd ‘Ever After.’ Looking around the room, I noticed that there wasn’t a single person in there that wasn’t fully focused on what the band was doing. They were so into the music that there was nothing that was going to distract them and take their attention away from the band. Seeing that kind of connection between the band and the crowd was unlike anything I had ever seen before. I even began to wonder if the security guys was enjoying the show. The best part was seeing how happy the band was to be performing in front of a group of people who were there for them. Even if it was a small group of a little over 500. Closing with ‘No Place Like Home’, Marianas Trench wowed the crowd, giving them something to remember for years to come. Most concerts, theres screaming and hardly anyone singing along. This show was different, though. There wasn’t screaming, there was cheering. Everyone was singing along to the music. That’s what they were there for, after all. Honestly, I fully believe Marianas Trench has some of the most respectful fans I have ever seen. Most fans are rude, or would rather push you out of their way so they can get to the front even though they didn’t pay for the VIP ticket that would have gotten them front row. I didn’t see that with this crowd. If you ever get the chance to see these guys in concert, I really think you should go. They left a huge impression on me, that’s for sure.




When I arrived to the venue in Cincinnati, Ohio, there was already a line with hundreds of people all waiting to get in and see their newest obsession, Emblem3. Time seemed to be going slower than ever, as they were an hour late to opening the doors. Fans were getting extremely impatient as they were more than ready to go in. Some had been out there since 6:00 in the morning. When the doors opened, people were more than relieved. With only an extra hour wait, you wouldn’t think that even those who just got there, would be getting impatient but they were. I can’t even imagine how those who were there so early, felt. Up first was a new band that goes by the name of MKTO, which is actually the guys’ initials combined. MK = Malcolm Kelley and TO = Tony Oller. For those who watch Disney Channel, that name should sound familiar. Tony Oller played in the mini series, As the Bell Rings, with Demi Lovato a couple years ago. Their music was quite different. Tony sang while Malcolm rapped. I’m not a huge fan of rap at all, but these guys were pretty impressive. Tony’s live vocals were some of the best vocals I’ve head in a while. Their setlist was longer than I expected, but I enjoyed listening to them. As my time to be in the photo pit neared, I began to grow nervous. I was unsure of how the crowd would act as I tried getting through. People had tried getting closer throughout all of MKTO’ performance and a lot of fans just wasn’t going for it. Shockingly, they were respectful and allowed me to get through. Even helped me a couple of times as some girls had their arms linked together to make sure no one could get in front of them. When I finally made it and I was waiting in the photo pit for Emblem3 to come on stage, a couple of girls in the front row started talking to me. They asked, jokingly (or maybe they were serious), if they could trade me spots, and who I was shooting

for. Once they got their answer, asked to be in the magazine. Of course, I was more than willing to do so, as they were very nice about it. Plus, I felt like having a few of the bands fans in the issue would be a nice touch. They seemed pretty excited that I said I could take their photo for the issue. It seemed like it took a while for the band to come out on stage, but once they did, they didn’t stop moving. They danced around, did handstands, and seemed to make eye contact with each and every one of the fans in the room. That’s always something that makes the fans happy. The guys sang songs like ‘Teenage Kings’, ‘The Girl Next Door’, and ‘Reason.’ With the fact that the cd hadn’t been released yet, I was shocked to see that the crowd was singing along as if they’ve had the cd for months. That’s pure dedication, as it takes listening to crappy audio on YouTube videos, recorded from an iPhone or illegally listening to the leaked version. Even then, the sound is difficult to understand. The bands vocal performance was outstanding. I could go to every show these guys performed at just to listen to them sing. I know that sounds a bit extreme, but I really believe that if these guys are given the right exposure, they could be just as big as One Direction. I’m actually quite shocked that they’re not there yet. With the help from X-Factor, these guys will reach the big time in no time. The three of them has everything it takes to be the next boy band. They’re extremely talented, they seem to be very nice guys with a good sense of humor, they’re focused on the music and the performance, the girls love them, and of course, with the added bonus, they’re cute. They put on a fantastic show and I will definitely do my best to see them the next time they’re around. Their brand new cd, ‘Nothing to Lose’ is set to release on July 30th. Be sure to check it out!

photos & review by: shana myers



Upon hearing Pierce The Veil were touring again in the UK, I made sure I was on the website ready to buy tickets as soon as they were available. Having seen them on their last UK tour in November 2012 at Camden Underworld, I was desperate to see them again. I bought two tickets, one for myself and one for a friend, and when the 17th May rolled around we headed straight down to London from college. They’d certainly upgraded from the grotty basement that is Underworld. Having sold out 02 Academy Islington initially, they’d moved to Koko, a club in Camden. When I’d saw them first time, there’d been around 300 of us crammed into the venue, soaked into each other’s sweat with barely room to swing a mic. This time however, there were nearly 1,500 of us in the venue with three floors to choose from. Koko, an alternative club slammed boldly in the middle of a high street proved not to be as intimate as Underworld, but a good venue none the less. Support acts Hands Like Houses and Woe, Is Me were good; they achieved their aims. Hands Like Houses were lively like they were supposed to be and got the crowd jumping around to songs which some of us didn’t know, but we felt like we did. Woe, Is Me injected the heavy element. Far heavier than Pierce The Veil and with a following almost as dedicated, mosh pits were rife and injuries not uncommon (you’d be surprised how mental the pits at gigs like this can get). By the time they were finished, you could practically hear the place buzzing with excitement for the next act – the headliners, the

reason we were all there – Pierce The Veil. Screaming on with Hell Above, from the off they gave it their all. A huge fan myself, there wasn’t a song you couldn’t sing along to and while they’d practically just got off the plane from the USA and come to the venue, you wouldn’t have guessed. Even now, internationally acclaimed and winners of several awards, they still look humbled to be onstage with fans like theirs. Their setlist was perfect, but as it always is with your favourite band, it flew by far too quickly. With an acoustic cover of I’m Low On Gas And You Need A Jacket getting the entire crowd singing and a moving rendition of Hold On Till May, their set was by no means lacking in emotion. Fuelled by screams and cheers, they lightened the mood with Bulletproof Love and had everyone on their feet dancing like crazy for Besitos and Bulls In The Bronx, which had recently had its video released. Their encore was King For A Day, their hit performed on the album with Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens. Not a person in the audience didn’t know the words. Pierce The Veil are a band who know how to please a crowd. Interspersed with Jaime throwing picks into the crowd and Vic telling us, the audience, how “freaking awesome” we were (“I’m pretty sure this is the best show we’ve ever played!” C’mon Vic, we’re not falling for that again. I’m know you’d just finish telling every city you visited in the States that), Pierce The Veil can run a show. Love the band, love the music, love them live – a winning combination.

photo by: shana myers review by: josie adnitt




THE MAINE It’s a rainy afternoon in England and I’m jealous of every single person with a ticket to the 8123 tour across North America which consists of The Maine, This Century, A Rocket To The Moon, and Brighten. They hit the road for their tour on July 4th, playing in Phoenix, Arizona, and we got a hold of Sean from This Century to answer some questions for us on behalf of him and the bands: How’s the tour going so far and have you had any crazy incidents you’re willing to share? Or are you not traditional rock band party animals and would rather have a quiet night in? It’s been going incredibly well so terms of crazy incidents it’s hard to gauge because sometimes our version of funny is another persons’ version of crazy. Do you ever get home sick while you’re out touring, or is it a normal part of life now? Everyone gets a bit home sick from time to time. There’s always this mid-tour hump that you’re trying to get over when you know that sleeping in your own bed is that much closer within reach. Overall though, it’s just become more of a part of life now that we’ve learned to adjust to. To the guys in This Century, your album Biography Of Heartbreak has just come out. What did you set out to capture within your writing of the record? We wanted to show a different side of the band that blended many of the different styles we’d been culminating over the last 5 years. We knew we wanted it to be a record that juxtaposed the ideas of heavier song concepts with upbeat production and tone. Where in the world would you most like to visit and why?

hopefully that will happen soon Can we be looking forward to any more music or are you focussing on touring at the moment? And if we are to be treated to more music, are you going to pull a Fall Out Boy and keep it under wraps or are you going to get us hyped for it? We might do something a bit crazy a surprise everyone sometime soon....there’s always a need to record new material and with the way technology is now, we have the luxury of doing so.  If you’re a This Century fan, get excited for their crazy surprise, although not to excited because (sadly) it’s only a ‘might’ (but that’s basically a ‘yes’, right?). Now we’ve got the important stuff out the way, there’s nothing more fun than knowing facts that you didn’t know you needed to know about your favourite band: Favourite food? SUSHI SUSHI AND SUSHI (clearly, we have a sushi fan in the house. Having Sean over for dinner sometime soon? You now know what to cook.) details…) Favourite band/album/song? Alt -J - An Awesome Wave - “Tesselate” (you’ll know what music to play as well!) Worst recording experience? Can’t say I’ve really had one….recording in my bathtub was an interesting one though (I’m not sure I want to know the details…)   Any embarrassing incidents on stage you’re willing to share?

Joel has spit on me on a number of occasions... It’s really hard to pinpoint just one place. We’ve things tend to get a bit messy (again, details always wanted to visit Japan, South America, anyone?) Australia, more of Asia...the list goes on and on... and It’s still a rainy afternoon in England, and I am, if it’s even possible, more gutted that I’m not seeing these guys playing in the USA instead of looking mournfully out of the window. If anyone’s offering me a plane


ticket, I’ll take you up on that (no offers? Okay fair enough, I wasn’t expecting any). If you’re as gutted as me that you’re not on the 8123 tour, you can capture some of the mood by listening to The Maine’s latest album, Forever Halloween, on Spotify, Itunes, YouTube, or any other self-respecting music playing medium. You can listen to This Century’s latest album, Biography Of Heartbreak, on the same self-respecting music playing mediums. Same goes for A Rocket To The Moon’s new album, Wild and Free, and Brighten’s latest album, Peace and Quiet.


photos by: jackie david-martinez interview by: josie adnitt



the bora interview by: melanie jacknow

The Bora named their band after the Wild Croation Wind and have been gigging extensively. So far they have supported bands such as The Sick Puppies, The Like, Futures. They have played Club Fandango and festivals such as NotPartOfNEY and Friends of Mine. The release of the bands debut, Midnight E.P, propelled them to radio and since then, The Bora have been played regularly by the likes of BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio, AIIFM and ShockRadio. 2013 sees the band release their highly anticipated debut single, Only One, followed by a summer of gigging that will take them abroad for their first international shows in mainland Europe. We had the pleasure of sitting down with these guys to ask them a few questions. Would you mind introducing yourselves, and tell what each member plays in the band? We are called The Bora named after the wild Croatian wind! Will Tierney – Vocals/Guitar, Alex Roberts – Bass/Backing Vocals, Thierry Sequeirra – Drums. What is your favorite part about being in the band? When we play a really good gig and get a positive response from people. Why did each of you choose to play an instrument? Like a lot of people, we all got really into music when we were younger and wanted to try it for ourselves. If you weren’t musicians, what would you do for a living instead?

We haven’t yet scored a massive record deal or something and we still work other jobs and stuff to pay for the band these range from computing to acting work! What is the first song you played together as a band? Would You Believe’ – see demo on our youtube channel. What are your hopes for the near future? We would love for our band to become continually more successful to a stage where we can tour constantly and not have to worry about other jobs and stuff to pay for it! What was your most embarrassing experience onstage? We played a festival once where there was loads of time between our soundcheck and stage time and we stupidly decided to drink lots of beer and some of us (not mentioning names!) couldn’t remember the songs! But we did learn from the gig not to get drunk before we play! What is your favourite song to perform? We’re enjoying playing our new song Only One at the moment because it’s brand new and really fresh for us. Who would you like to perform with in the future? We supported Sick Puppies last time they came to the UK at a show in Manchester. They are an awesome band and we would love to support them again hopefully on a tour or something!



Cara Quici


hair and makeup done by: ahbi nishman photos and interview by: kait rairden


How are you liking Manhattan life compared to your life in Texas? Is it completely different? Do you ever miss it back home? I absolutely am in love with Manhattan. We have a relationship! This city has molded me into who I am today. New York is definitely way different than my hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas, but I still hold my hometown close to my heart and visit my family and town often. During our shoot, you were saying how much you wanted to go to the beach for a day. How much free time do you get usually? Is it all work and no play? If so, does it even matter because you are doing something you love? Lately it really has been all work, no play and extremely hectic. However, I just got out of the recording studio this past week and recording definitely does not feel like work.. Recording is tons of fun, puts me in my happy place and is what I live for! After all the crazy days, hearing my music makes it all worth it. What is your perfect lazy day? Bubble baths, ordering in and movies or my favorite TV shows! You are really very down to earth and have this genuine beauty about you. Have you found it difficult to not let your risingstardom get to your head? Not at all! I will always stick to my roots and remember who I am. Is there anything about you that you want people, your fans, to know? I’m dedicated to supporting our troops and Veterans and will be starting a foundation soon to do my part. You primarily sing pop, would you ever consider something in other genres? Of course! Writing music is all about my mood or the moment I’m at in my life.. therefore, I really don’t stick to one genre per say. I’ve sang pop rock, ballads, classic pop, pop with an urban edge and a lot of


dance! I have so much unreleased music! I am definitely looking forward to growing more everyday as an artist and writer and look forward to totally thinking out of the box. I am also beginning to co-produce a lot of my tracks. What kind of music do you love to make? It depends on what’s going on in my life at the time. There is not one specific type. Do you make the same kind of music you listen to, yourself? Who are your favorite artists and bands? I do tend to listen to the same type of music that I’m writing and singing in my own life. I love so many different artists that’s it’s really difficult to limit myself to just a few favorites. One of my favorite things to do is listen to my Pandora station “Cara Quici Radio” so this has really helped me to discover new music and artists that I LOVE! I would have to say it’s my favorite way to jam out! Who were/ are your inspirations when it comes to music? Do you have any idols? I was inspired greatly growing up, as my father is a musician and I grew up in an extremely music oriented family. What was it like covering the Beastie Boys with such a well-known song like Fight? Well, it’s not a cover, it’s the official remake that was personally approved by Rick Rubin, which is such an honor. Remaking this song along with singing and performing FIGHT is a total blast because the song is a good way to let off a ton of steam... Fight For Your Right! If you could tell your fans one thing, what would you say? Never let anyone tear you down, anything is possible and always reach for the stars!!! What is coming up? What can we expect from Cara Quici in the near future? A. I am in the process of writing my EP and I have a European tour this Fall, then Japan!


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Issue 1  
Issue 1  

This issue features interviews from The Maine, The Bora and Cara Quici, as well as show reviews from The Spring Fever Tour (All Time Low, Pi...