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Features: The Live More Project Esther Somerville gets Renovated


“Where there is no vision, the people perish!” Proverbs 29:18

PRESIDENT Terry Johnson

Editor Joyce Taylor

Graphics Lynda G. Abreu

Other Contributors Pr Chris Manthey Eva Ing Fabian Carrasco Dr Genna Lawson Geraldine Przybylko Katrina Jorgensen (Graphics) Lyndelle Peterson Pou Leuluai Sven Östring Tim Richardson

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King Solomon understood the meaning of his proverb well. Biblical history tells us that it was Solomon who built the temple in Jerusalem. However, Solomon knew that the temple was the result of the single-minded focus of his father, King David, who in his later life spoke of the intention to build God’s house. It was David who put the vision into Solomon’s mind as a result of what God had told him: “Your son, whom I will put on the throne in your place, will build the temple for My name” (1 Kings 5:14). God gave David the vision (1 Chronicles 17:20) and David passed it on to Solomon who began building the temple and completed it in 957 BC, 487 years after the Israelites left Egypt for the Promised Land. A good complementary proverb from Solomon could have been, “Where there is no strategy, there is no victory.” There are no such words in Scripture, but there is evidence that signals that it is a true statement. In the story of how the temple was built, King David put in place a strategy that enabled years of preparation prior to the 7-year intense building program and we can read about that comprehensive strategy in 1 Chronicles 22. There must be a VISION and it needs STRATEGY if there is to be completion. Without strategy, the vision and people will perish. This dual focus was the intent of the Mission2Sydney Think Tank where 416 delegates from all but 6 of our 93 churches and groups gathered to pray, listen and discuss big picture strategy to move positively towards accomplishing the vision of “Growing in Discipleship” in Sydney. The reason for the Think Tank was simple and had to do with church growth. We had 4490 members in 1964 and in 2017 we had 9500 for which we Praise the Lord.

It has taken us 52 years to double our membership and it’s a rate of growth that does not keep up with Sydney’s population growth. We are falling behind year by year. What can be done about this stark fact? The Think Tank delegates came up with 5 areas of strategic foci to drive our Vision: · · · · ·

Turn up our Personal & Conference Spiritual Temperature Growing Younger Member Empowerment Community Engagement Media Involvement

Since Think Tank, our ministers have discussed these 5 strategic areas and currently all our church boards are engaging with the foci to send feedback to the Conference. But, we wanted more; we wanted the entire membership’s prayerful buy-in to the process of strategic thinking. Since 07 May we’ve been engaged in a social media discussion, which will continue to 08 July. The direct link to the group is: www. Every member of our Conference can put in their thoughts on the five (5) strategic foci as to how it relates to the vision of our Church as we seek God’s will and providence in sharing the Good News of Christ’s soon coming with our city. We will collate all the information from each avenue and bring it to the GSC Constituency Session 25-26 August for approval by the elected delegates. What they approve in Session will become the overarching strategy through which we put our greatest effort and resources to advance the completion of our mission of growing discipleship in Greater Sydney. Pray with us that the process will bring honour and glory to the Kingdom of heaven.

Terry Johnson

@ SydneyAdventists




JUNE 2018


ADDRESS 4 Cambridge Street Epping NSW 2121 PHONE 02 9868 6522 EMAIL


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16-06 / Local Church Budget 23-06 / Education Macarthur 30-06 / Local Church Budget 07-07 / Local Church Budget 14-07 / World Mission Budget Read more at

Stewardship: Open Lives

The GSC Stewardship Department is challenging individuals to be more generous and live OPEN lives. Here’s how three young people are sharing themselves, their passions, abilities and talents and are Living OPEN. Page 16 ARTICLE

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15-16-06 / Mission2Sydney Catalyst 16-06 / Adventist Singles Rally 16-17-06 / ABC SALE 17-06 / Map & Compass 17-06 / Leadership Brunch 22-24-06 / Depression Training Get the 2018 cal at NEWS

The Live More Project

About 1-in-5 adults are experiencing a mental health or behavioral need. The Live More Project is a new initiative of the South Pacific Division created to meet this need in the community. Page 06


Esther Somerville

Around 70 guests gathered on Monday, 23 April to attend the official opening of Esther Somerville Aged Care facility in Wahroonga after majour renovations spanning a year. Page 07


2017 Financial Statements

Eva Ing: "What a year 2017 was. It was a year of great highs and also a few notable concerns. Yet we are reminded that God is in control and that what we've experienced is entirely in His hands". Page 18


Youth Ambassador

Akano Amuda became the first Sydney Adventist school student to be selected by a town council to serve as a Youth Ambassador. Find out how he did it. Page 17







• As part of the strategic planning process, an extraordinary Conference-wide minister’s meeting was called on 12 March to discuss and process the outcomes of the Think Tank. The key questions from each of the five presentations have been sent to all pastors and senior elders for local church boards to give input back to the Conference. • The AUC has sent a submission to the Federal Government Ruddock review into religious freedoms on behalf of ADRA Australia and the Aged Care companies given that they do not have preferential employment status. • “Freedom for Faith” is emerging as a key leader for religious liberty in Australia and the Adventist Church has had a close working relationship with them for a number of years. The GSC is joining with the AUC and other conferences in making a donation to support this vital work.


The 2017 Membership statistical report indicates that

there were 214 baptisms and professions of faith for the year. This is up from 194 in 2016 and brings the Conference membership to 9567. • The Epping Church has received a grant in line with policy to assist in making repairs to the roof of their church property. • Following the Constituency Meeting to be held at Mountain View Adventist College, 41 Doonside Road, Doonside the weekend of 25-26 August 2018, a series of boards, councils and committees will need to be appointed including: • • • • • •

Schools Ltd Board of Directors Aged Care Board of Directors School Councils for each of the 6 schools within the Conference Audit Committees for the 3 companies (Church, Schools & Aged Care) Real Estate Committee Wahroonga Estate Committee

Growing out of the recent Think Tank, Conference Administration are committed to the principal of our Church in Greater Sydney “growing younger” rather than “growing older”. Consequently, we will be inviting expressions of interest from dedicated and committed members, particularly younger people and young professional adults, to accept positions on the above boards, councils and committees. To register your interest, please contact Adrian Raethel at or 02 9868 6522.

CONFERENCE reDEVELOPMENT Update Visitors to Epping will be amazed at the level of development in the town centre near the station. Behind the scenes, we’ve also been busy. Our Development Application was approved last year on 06 December, with a small number of conditions. We’re working on those conditions. We expect the construction certificate to be approved in the second half of this year. About this building: · · · · · ·

The sole owner and occupant of ground and first floors, the Conference will have a dedicated lift and entry on both levels 23 floors, with 83 apartments above the Conference Office There will be 50 car spaces dedicated to the Conference The new, larger ABC shop will be on the ground floor Accessibility will be significantly improved on both levels Commitment to an environmentally-friendly office

We’re currently looking for temporary office accommodation while the development occurs. This is yet to be confirmed.

Mission2Sydney: Where to from here? By Sven Östring


ou don’t have to be working for the United Nations to recognise that the big cities around the world are growing rapidly—just look at all the cranes lifting slabs of concrete up high into the air to build apartment blocks around Sydney! Life in Sydney is changing, our population is growing and morphing, and many more people are now living in vertical villages, dwelling securely behind buzzers and intercoms. There is a great need for us to put our heads together to share the good news about Jesus and His soon return more effectively with every person living in our city. That is why the Mission2Sydney Think Tank was organised. The Greater Sydney Conference invited all of your churches to send the best and the brightest, the most strategic, the most influential and the youngest of your leaders to reflect on how we reach our city of over 5 million people. There was a real sense that something very significant

was about to happen as we rode the escalator up to the Gold Members Lounge at Sydney Olympic Park on Friday night 23 February 2018. For the next 24 hours, we prayed together, worshipped together, listened to insightful speakers together and thought collectively on how we can reach our city. Together, we identified five key strategic focus areas for our Conference and local churches: 1.

Growing younger


Media engagement

2. 4.

Community engagement Increasing the spiritual temperature

within our Conference

5. Member empowerment This is the direction that we feel that the Holy Spirit is leading us to take. So where to from here? We have asked all of your church boards to reflect on

these five strategic focus areas, as well as the questions that were asked at the Think Tank, and send back their insights and reflections to us. From Monday 7 May to Sunday 8 July, we are facilitating a discussion on Facebook to gain greater clarity on how people right across the church in Greater Sydney feel that these strategic focus areas can be brought into higher resolution. Then we will be taking these focus areas to the GSC Constituency Meetings in August for your prayerful decision. Sydney is changing. The Mission2Sydney Think Tank was our opportunity to focus our minds, hearts and churches on Jesus’ mission—the mission of bringing people who are far away from Jesus into His saving grace and the warmth of His church family. For more on the Facebook Forum visit

EDITOR’S NOTE We're chatting online! The Northern Beaches is a Mission to

the Cities church revitalization project. The Mission2Sydney Joshua Gonzales has just commenced Conference-wide discussion at Mona Vale and Manly churches as a runs 07 May to 08 July, 2018 Bible worker to support the work of Pr on Facebook.

Leuluai. In the coming months, a special rally will be held on the Northern Join Beaches cast a vision for discipleship groups/M2SForum and growth.





The Live more Project Designed to meet Community needs

An average of 1-in-5 adults are experiencing a mental health or behavioural need1 (Reference1: 2016 National Church Life Survey ‘Leaders Survey’). This statistic makes mental health the No.1 need in the greater community. The Live More Project is a new initiative from the South Pacific Division created to meet this need. It has been designed to boost your emotional wellbeing. “This project has been 15 years in the making and I have presented the material to hundreds of audiences around the world,” said Dr Darren Morton, Course Convenor of Postgraduate Courses in Lifestyle Medicine at Avondale College of Higher Education. “Over the past couple of years we have been testing it on students at Avondale College and the results are very exciting. On average we see 15-20 per cent improvements in mental health and vitality and about a 30 per cent reduction in depressive symptoms, stress and anxiety". “Over 500 people across Australia and New Zealand have gone through the Live More Project and we have found that both young and old benefit,” said Geraldine Przybylko, South Pacific Division Health Strategy Consultant. We are calling for Greater Sydney Churches to pilot the Live More Project this year. It will be available from July 2018 and is designed to be easily shared in small groups, in larger-settings and online.

To find out how you can share the Live More Project, visit

Adventist Aged Care


Adventist Aged Care has provided warm loving Christian care for the Aged in Sydney since 1960’s. As Sydney has expanded and changed so too has Adventist Aged Care. Our modern well equipped aged care facilities are now amongst some of the finest in Sydney. It would be our pleasure to assist you with any enquiries. Please call for a tour today.


Esther Somerville Officially Reopens Renovation projects now complete

Around 70 guests gathered on Monday, 23 April to attend the official opening of the renovated Esther Somerville facility in Wahroonga. These renovations were necessary to satisfy client needs and demands and in turn reach capacity. According to consistent reports, statistical analysis shows that the number of the elderly in Australia will outnumber the youths and children in the near future1. Despite high product demand, beds at Esther Somerville were increasingly difficult to fill. This was due first to dramatic changes in the residential aged care industry, and second to higher client expectations. With government funding then becoming more and more stringent, upgrades to the facility became crucial to its survival.

Caring for our residents in a Christian environment is our highest priority.

Aged Care. “Our President, Pastor Terry Johnson took the worship serviceResidential and Pastor and Alister and Michael RetirementWorker Villages co-located on Hensingle sites. unveiled the plaque”. skens MP for Ku-ring-gai Modern facilities in well mantained gardens.

In addition to those mentioned above, special guests at the Freshly prepared vegetarian meals. event included The Hon Phillip Ruddock, Mayor for Hornsby; We offer agreat-great-granddaughter continuum of care for changing needs Mrs Heather Sperring, of Esther over time. Somerville; and the Aged Care Board of Directors. Following the opening ceremonies, guests were taken on guided tours through the facility and gardens.

Let us provide

All praise and honour to our God, our Saviour and Provider for blessing our facilities abundantly. (Reference1: If you would au/changing-trends-aged-care) Adventist Ag information

Horns Tania

Adventist Aged Care Sydney 79 Mount Pleasant Ave (Head Office) WAHROONGA NSW 2076

Originally built in 1987 on the hospital model, Esther Somerville had 3 single-bed rooms, 10 double-bed rooms and a 4-bed ward with shared bathrooms. Compared to newer facilities around the Wahroonga area, the building’s façade was aged and it had low curb appeal. This kept potential clients at bay. Today, expectations are for inviting residences that foster independent living, and single rooms with ensuite bathrooms. This is what we have provided. As loneliness can be an issue at Aged Care residences, we’ve also included shared ensuite-room options. The Aged Care board approved the plans for the full renovation at a cost of $3.5 million and the project took just more than a year to complete. “God blessed us with a beautiful day for the opening,” said Brian Swanepoel, Managing Director for Sydney Adventist





often she would ride her horse from


Auburn to Bilpin to meet her friends. In 1942 Ruth married Sid Brendling. Three children joined the family, Arthur, Sue, and Beth. Ruth has two grandsons and five great-grandchildren. Sid passed away in 2007.



Sanecoming Hom

Sunday 08 April with the occasion being marked by an afternoon tea at Windsor Church surrounded by family and friends.

Save the Date

Saturday 18th August 2018

Congratulatory greetings were received from the Queen, the Governor-general, local MP Susan Templeman and the

60 years ago, 1958 saw Sydney Cahill Expressway open and the first episode of Bandstand went to air. It was also the year these nurses graduated from the San. Don’t miss this year’s San Homecoming.


Ruth celebrated her 100th birthday on

Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

A SAMOAN ADVENTIST EASTER CAMP BY POU LEULUAI Over 500 Samoans throughout New South Wales converged at the Cataract Scouts Campground in Appin over

he San Foundation of the Sydney Adventist Hospital has a couple upcoming events:

Help raise funds for life-saving equipment and treatment at the SAN by participating in the San Foundation Run for life 19 August. For details visit Save the date for the 2018 San Foundation Homecoming event happening 18 August. upcoming-events.

the Easter weekend. This was part of a vision from the Samoan Adventist Executive Committee to continue to

RUTH’S 100TH BIRTHDAY BY PR CHRIS MANTHEY Ruth Miriam Ward was born at Elsternwick in the state of Victoria on 08 April, 1918. Her father worked for Ellen G. White looking after her horses and buggies when required. After moving to NSW she attended Auburn North Public School where a common theme in her report cards was, “She could pay more attention in class.”

Have anything exciting or extraordinary to share? Email us at

At the age of 14 Ruth began her working life at David Jones where she remained for a number of years. Quite

bring the Samoan Adventist Community together. Six churches participated in the weekend: Mt Druitt, Punchbowl, Liverpool, Minto, St Marys and Newcastle. These churches led out various worship services geared around the theme, “The Kingdom of Heaven”. While this is the third camp since 2013, it is the first year the new St Marys Group have joined. The highlight of the camp was the grand opening on Friday night, which was officiated by the Greater Sydney Conference President, Pastor Terry







Johnson. His talk affirmed and com-

nurture, disciple and unite the Samoan

on 17 February. Pr David Cherry was

mended the work undertaken by the


ordained at Caringbah Church on 14

churches in using all generations in services, seeing everyone involved from young to old. Another highlight of the camp was the witnessing and celebration of two young people committing their lives to Jesus through the waters of baptism. A youth series program, conducted in Newcastle by Pr Ray Moaga, concluded with the baptism at camp. Pr Ray Moaga along with his colleagues, Pr Talai Mohr and Dr Erika Puni and their families all were present to conduct the baptism for the two young people. After the success of this weekend the churches have agreed to meet bi-annually in the hope to continue to grow God’s people for the Kingdom. Pastor Asofitu Leatuavao, President of the Samoan Executive Committee attributed the need for ongoing camps in order to

MINISTRY ANNOUNCEMENT FROM HEALTH MINISTRIES Many health screening items have been lost and we are desperate to get these items back in circulation.

April. The Pastors were ordained to the Gospel Ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Please keep these individuals and their families in your prayers as they witness and minister to this city.

If you know the whereabouts of any health equipment or banners, please return them as soon as possible so that others may use them. We kindly ask that you check your church's store


rooms and closets for this equipment.

night and not having any way of stop-

Thank you for your cooperation.

out yourself but finding it stuck fast. Or

Malcolm Rea,

RECENT ORDINATIONS BY PR NATANIEL PEREIRA Pastors Dion Fourie and Andrew Russell were ordained at Waitara Church


ping the pain. Trying to pull the tooth worse, breaking it off. Dr Levitch, a Sydney-based dentist now in semi-retirement, was thinking about this. He recalled providing basic dental care in the Solomon Islands in his youth and decided to return to assess current





CAPTIONS/CREDITS 01 Ruth Ward at her 100th birthday tea at Windsor Church. 02 The NSW Samoan Adventist Easter Camp Meeting. 03 Pastors Andrew Russell (left) & Dione Fourie with their wives. 04 The ordination of Pastors Andrew Russell & Dione Fourie. 05 The ordination of Pr David Cherry at Caringbah Church. 06 Mobile dental units under shelter in Honiara, Solomon Islands. 07 Raise funds for ADRA at the Sun-Herald City2Surf event.

needs. When he arrived in Honiara he

The hospital had built a permanent en-

met with their Chief Dental Officer,

closure to house two dental vans. The

Dr Loreen Oti, also an Adventist, who

site had power, water, waste connec-

explained that there was an enormous

tions, a concrete floor and a metal roof

need in the city and a greater need

to keep off the weather.

in the provinces. “We have qualified dentists in Honiara, but after our dental

Dr Levitch said, “So far, the Ministry of

hospital was condemned as unsafe

Health has not been able to provide

several years ago, we have had just one

funds to ship another van over. We

public dental chair to service a popula-

are appealing to church members to

tion of 70,000. Can you help us?”

donate through ADRA to this specific project. It has the support of the

Following inquiries back in Austra-

Solomon Island Dental Department and

lia, Dr Levitch was given four mobile

with your support at

dental vans (ex-school). Each was fitted out with a dental chair, x-ray unit, air conditioning, overhead light, stainless steel cabinets and benches. All one had to do was plug it into power, attach a garden hose and waste drain. In partnership with ADRA, an appeal was launched in the Greater Sydney Conference to raise the funds needed to ship one van over and assess its suitability. Although the cost of sea freight was over A$25,000 this was reached thanks to the generosity of church members and private donors. The van arrived mid-2016 to great fanfare and made the front page of the local news-

donate we can send over a second van to complete this important work.

CITY2SURF FOR ADRA AUSTRALIA Get healthy and help us raise money for ADRA and this year's City2Surf! Create a Team or donate to ADRA's cause:

ey. Entries to The Sun-Herald City2Surf presented by Westpac close Monday 30 July 2018 at 5:00pm (AEST). Not a runner? Help them help those in need by making a direct donation at

paper, so great was the enthusiasm for

PR TERRY JOHNSON IS FACEBOOK OFFICIAL Follow him at The Greater Sydney Conference is also online and we're working hard to the good news coming to you! Follow and interact with us on Facebook @SydneyAdventists.

the much needed dental equipment. Unfortunately, the van then sat unused in a hospital car park for nearly six months. It seemed the van would need to be moved to Betikama High School, where it could be used. Dr Levitch followed up with another trip to Honiara to discuss this option with the Ministry of Health. Imagine his surprise when on arrival he was met by a beaming Dr Loreen Oti who enthusiastically showed him the van fully installed and in use.

Don’t hide your news under a bushel! Write us at Attach images individually in one email.

Open to Sydney Adventist church members. To take advantage of this free offer, please book an appointment. Appointments must be confirmed with Alisa via email: Don't wait until it's too late.

Pesto zucchini roll up lasagne

ACA Health Benefits Fund, a Private Health Insurance company to benefit the health and well-being of Seventh-day Adventist Church employees and their families, is now open to Local Church Officers. For more visit

Serves 4

Prep 30

Cook 30mins

INGREDIENTS 3 MEDIUM ZUCCHINI, THINLY SLICED LENGTHWISE 1/2 CUP PESTO 1 CUP BABY SPINACH LEAVES 690g BOTTLE PASSATA SAUCE 2 TBSP PINENUTS The 2018 events calendar for Sydney Adventist Singles is online: You can also connect with other singles on Facebook at

METHODS Place whole capsicum on a lined baking tray and bake in a hot oven, 200°C, for 30 minutes or until charred and blistered. Remove from oven & place in paper bag to cool. Remove skin from capsicum and slice as wide as the zucchini. Cut zucchini into thin slices lengthwise. Spread pesto over the zucchini slices, top with a few baby spinach leaves and a slice of capsicum. Roll up. Place a small amount of passata sauce in a square ovenproof dish. Arrange zucchini rolls, filling side up, and pour over remaining sauce. Sprinkle with pinenuts and bake in a moderate oven, 180°C, for 20-30 minutes. Serve with a green salad.







june JUNE




What does your child get with an Adventist education? ✓Character ™


✓Christian values

✓A well-rounded education

Invest in your child's future. Sign up today.

Sydney Adventist Schools ™

Nurture for today. Learning for tomorrow. Character for eternity. Serving: Auburn – Castle Hill – Doonside – Hurstville – Kellyville – Macarthur – Wahroonga

Akano Amuda

Youth ambassador By By Fabian Fabian Carrasco, Carrasco, MVAC MVAC

MOUNTAIN VIEW ADVENTIST COLLEGE STUDENT CHOSEN OUT OF 70. Akano Amuda recently became the first student in the history of Mountain View Adventist College (MVAC) selected for one of two Youth Ambassador positions for the Blacktown City Council. Previous to the final announcement, Amuda was one of 70 candidates who spoke about his vision for the young people of Blacktown. Following the interview-round, the judges, very impressed with his speech, selected him to be amongst the eight finalists for the Youth Ambassador Representatives Speech Night 12 April. It was a privilege for me, one of MVAC’s Heads of Schools, to witness Akano deliver a passionate speech in front of 100 people, including the Deputy Mayor of Blacktown, the Counsillors, families and other school delegates. Akano spoke about engaging the youth by giving them a voice. His introduction immediately captivated the audience by beginning with a story about when he was a boy. He remembers from an early age that he had no one to speak for him. Akano knows that in his community, there are many young people that need someone to represent them, and he has the determination to help the youth get the opportunity to be heard. The moment Akano finished his speech was an extremely proud one for his family and those who sup-

ported him. Although he had his notes in front of him, he knew what to say without looking down at his cards. Akano spoke with passion and there was a glimpse of his influential leader and inspired speaker, Martin Luther King Jr., in his talk that some of the audience were reminded of. The moment Akano returned to his seat, there was a line of people rushing over to thank and congratulate him for a remarkable speech. He had already made a big impression, making it difficult for the candidate that followed. Congratulations to Akano Amuda, on behalf of the Adventist community and the school we wish you all the best in your journey as the ambassador for our young people in Western Sydney. Fabian Carrasco is a Head of Schools at MVAC. Photos: Deputy Mayor of Blacktown, Tony Bleasdale (Centre) Akano and Emily Potloka (left) with the outgoing Youth Ambassadors (right; credit: Blacktown City Council). Above: Fabian Carrasco and Akano.


june APRIL



PSALM 145:16


Living OPEN Lives By Lyndelle Peterson

This year my husband and I had the opportunity to travel to India with our brand new 5-month-old baby! It was an incredible experience, but travelling with a baby isn’t without its challenges. On one particular morning as we attempted to put her down for a nap, baby decided to absolutely crack it instead. We tried everything to settle her, but it went on and on for what felt like hours. Just as the tears began streaming down my cheeks, my husband came in to tag team, and I took the opportunity to step out and regroup.

As I left the room, one of the housekeepers at our hotel noticed I was crying. She didn’t speak English, but placing her hand on my shoulder she motioned towards my tears. I tried to explain that the scream that was ringing out across the tea fields was my baby. “Ah mummy”, she confirmed. “It’s okay, it’s okay. Babies cry”. She placed a hand across my shoulder and patted me softly as I started to sob. “Good mummy, good mummy”, she consoled. As we left the hotel later that day, I couldn’t stop thinking about that woman and her God-given empathy. She wasn’t afraid to approach a total stranger and offer a word or hand of encouragement and comfort. She was so open with me. It challenged me to think of how I respond to those around me. What if I lived more open with the strangers that I come across? What if I was more generous with my support,

care, empathy and words rather than being so preoccupied with all the things I need to do and all the places I need to be? The GSC Stewardship Department is challenging our churches to live OPEN lives and for we, the church members, to be more generous. Here’s how three young people are sharing themselves, their passions, abilities and talents and are Living OPEN. The Stewardship Department has created a fantastic series of resources for your Church to run an OPEN Campaign. Resources include sermons, small group material, children’s and worship elements all to encourage you to live more OPEN lives. Contact LyndellePeterson@adventist. for more ideas and resources to living a generous life.

AIMEE SHIPTON CHEF & BUDDING PASTRY CHEF What are the passions and gifts that God has given you? God created me as a very hands-on person. I always wanted to be an artist, but lacked the drawing skills. At about age 8 or 9 I discovered how much I loved to cook. Ten years later I’m a qualified chef & soon to be pastry chef. How are you stewarding what God has given you to serve others? My passion for cooking and food meant I was naturally drawn to the hospitality ministry at Church. For over two years now I’ve been helping run the café for Teen and Youth Ministries and serving hot drinks during services at my Church. Just recently I ran the café for our Churches week of worship. It’s such an important ministry because food is how a lot of people connect. What does stewardship mean to you? God created us all individually. We all have a purpose on this earth. Stewardship is using how God made us to give back to the community and others around us in honour of Him. God has given me the talent of cooking and serving through hospitality ministries and so that’s what I’ll continue to do!

RAY MOAGA TRAINER, PUBLIC SPEAKER, SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER & USO MOVEMENT FOUNDER What are the passions and gifts that God has given you? I’ve always been an active person; I come from a family that is very active and involved in sports. Fitness and holistic wellbeing are passions God has put on my heart, and through these things I have an awesome opportunity to share Him. I love empowering people with fitness. I’m also passionate about the impact of social media. It’s amazing how He uses it! How are you stewarding what God has given you to serve others? By using my God-given influence on social media to be a positive presence, by helping to better people’s lives through training/exercise and my passion for fitness. By empowering others to look out for each other and by sharing that message through the opportunities I get to speak to youth, in churches and elsewhere. What does stewardship mean to you? Stewardship to me is all about just being faithful and using what God has blessed me with to serve and help others be better than they were yesterday.


HAYLEY PULELISI NURSE & CREATIVE TEAM LEADER What are the passions and gifts that God has given you? My passion is creatively portraying an image of God. I love seeing a project come together and how others respond to it. God has gifted me with creativity and I feel called to use that to illustrate a message through a simple thought. How are you stewarding what God has given you to serve others? Mainly through Church. The emphasis being on using visual aids to share the message of who Jesus is. We want to be a Church that welcomes all. Sabbath should be a day that we fully experience, all senses: touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing. What do you think stewardship is all about? Stewardship is a joyful obligation we have as believers––to accept Gods rightful ownership of everything we have and take responsibility for what we do with it and how we return it back to Him. It’s about setting aside our personal wants and agendas to build a want for the kingdom in other people’s hearts. What will you do with your gift(s)?

JUNE june




OUR GSC FINANCE TEAM Chief Financial Officer Eva Ing Assistant Chief Financial Officer Maxine Su GSC Accountant Deanne De Berg T&O Accountant Richard Hurrell Assistant Accountant Meleofa Tovo Other Contributors Aroya Tambunan Jane Teaupa Natalie Lopez Penny Fang Stephen Venter Anthony Tyrell, Photo - Page 19


What a year 2017 was. It was a year of great highs and also a few notable concerns. Yet, we are reminded that God is in control and that what we’ve experienced is entirely in His hands. Our Schools and our Aged Care companies both performed better than expected. However, our Church company did not fare as well. Here are the highlights: • Our Schools company continues to perform well. We again achieved record enrolments with 2,429 students, and this contributed to the surplus of $2.7m. • The following newly constructed buildings have been put to immediate use:

o o o o

Stage 1 at Wahroonga Arts, Music and Tech building at Macarthur Completion of the Senior block at Hills Prep Centre at Mountain View

• We received confirmation that the Stage 3 building at Wahroonga will receive a $1m grant from the Federal Government’s Block Grant Authority. This is the largest capital grant our schools have ever received from this Authority, and the first BGA grant for Wahroonga school. • Our Aged Care company continues to do well. The surplus in 2017 was $2.1m, nearly 12% return on income. Our residential care continues to operate at near capacity at Kings Langley and Wahroonga, and our independent living units also performed well, with a significant proportion of social housing provided. • In 2017, we commenced the $3.5m renovations of the Esther Somerville residential facility at Wahroonga (at the time of writing, this has been completed). • Plans for the 45 bed extension to the residential care at Kings Langley are continuing (at the time of writing, the approval for Development had been received).

For further information regarding the Greater Sydney Conference financial statements please contact: Chief Financial Officer, or (02) 9868 6522

• For Church Ltd, we recorded a deficit of $560k. This is disappointing and was largely a result of a small, but significant downturn of tithe of 2.6% or approximately $300k. Evangelism expenditure also increased by $350k and this was mainly due to some additional expenditure in Mission to Cities projects. However, it is good to know that in the latter half of 2017 and first quarter 2018, tithe income shows signs of recovery. While these are very good results for our Schools and Aged Care companies, we are reminded to remain humble over what was achieved in 2017. Everything is for God’s kingdom, and that we must not be boastful. We are also reminded that as a Church, we must remain faithful in our return of tithe and not be complacent. Encourage each other as these funds are vital for our Church to operate and to spread the gospel.

Eva Ing


We received confirmation that the Stage 3 building at Wahroonga will receive a $1m grant from the Federal Government’s Block Grant Authority.


Our Aged Care company continues to do well. The surplus in 2017 was $2.1m, nearly 12% return on income.


Once again we achieved record enrolments with 2,429 students, and this contributed to the surplus of $2.7m.





Greater Sydney Conference of the Seventh‐day Adventist Church Statement of Surplus or Deficit and Other Comprehensive Income Greater Sydney Conference of the Seventh‐day Adventist Church Statement of Surplus or Deficit and Other Comprehensive Income For the Year Ended 31 December 2017 FOR THEFor the Year Ended 31 December 2017 YEAR ENDED 31 DECEMBER 2017

Income Deductible gift recipient income Property usage fee income le gift recipient income Investment income usage fee income Other income nt income Appropriations received ome Total income

ations received Expense ome Appropriations given

Deductible gift recipient expenses Property expenses Finance costs Other expenses ations given Total expense

le gift recipient expenses Deficit before income tax expenses Income tax osts Net Deficit penses Other comprehensive income pense Total comprehensive income for the year




            443,572              323,479          2,876,896           2,654,506              32               443,572              320,820              435,339          2,876,896          2,65          1,114,190              743,186               320,820          1,480,764           2,299,880              43 6,236,242 6,456,390             74          1,114,190

        1,480,764          2,29 (1,850,278) 6,236,242 (1,457,586) 6,4

(578,728) (1,141,437) (3,252,136) (3,541,086) (670,400) (359,361) (20,529)(1,850,278) (19,437) (6,372,071) (6,518,907)


(135,829) (62,517) (3,252,136)                     ‐                      ‐


(135,829) (62,517) (20,529)                     ‐                       ‐ (135,829)(6,372,071) (62,517)

(1,45 (1,14 (3,54 (35 (1 (6,51

efore income tax ax

(135,829) (6                     ‐                

cit mprehensive income

(135,829) (6                     ‐                

mprehensive income for the year



Greater Sydney Conference of the Seventh‐day Adventist Church Statement of Financial Position Greater Sydney Conference of the Seventh‐day Adventist Church As At 31 December 2017 Statement of Financial Position AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2017 As At 31 December 2017


Assets ts Current assets ent assets Cash and cash equivalents and cash equivalents Trade and other receivables e and other receivables Other assets r assets Land held for sale Total current assets  held for sale  current assets Non‐current assets

Trade and other receivables Land held for resale current assets Land, improvements and buildings e and other receivables Total non‐current assets Total assets  held for resale

, improvements and buildings Liabilities  non‐current assets Current liabilities  assets Trade and other payables Financial liabilities Other liabilities Total current liabilities

lities ent liabilities Non‐current liabilities e and other payables Trade and other payables ncial liabilities Financial liabilities r liabilities Total non‐current liabilities  current liabilities Total liabilities Net assets

current liabilities Equity and Liabilities e and other payables Reserves Denominational equity ncial liabilities Total equity  non‐current liabilities  liabilities assets

y and Liabilities rves ominational equity




11,547,880 16,122,278 11,547,880 16,122,2 1,519,125 1,758,775 1,519,125 22,933 1,758,7 17,485 54,023 17,485 54,023 22,9 13,138,513 17,958,009

54,023 13,138,513

54,0 17,958,0

17,900,840 15,548,167 5,890,533 5,890,533 144,347,615 131,538,927 17,900,840 168,138,988 152,977,627 15,548,1 181,277,501 170,935,636 5,890,5 5,890,533

144,347,615 131,538,9 168,138,988 152,977,6 181,277,501687,584170,935,6 411,202

1,289,862 292,997 1,994,061

1,071,523 304,359 2,063,466


52,804,359 44,694,934 1,289,862 16,334,084 13,896,410 292,997 69,138,443 58,591,344 1,994,061 71,132,504 60,654,810 110,144,997 110,280,826

687,5 1,071,5 304,3 2,063,4

52,804,359 3,566,056 3,554,179 44,694,9 106,578,941 106,726,647 13,896,4 16,334,084 110,144,997 110,280,826 69,138,443 71,132,504 110,144,997


58,591,3 60,654,8 110,280,8

3,566,056 21 3,554,1 2018 2018 21 JUNE 106,578,941 106,726,6

Seventh-day Adventist Church (Greater Sydney Conference) Trust Comprehensive Income Statement Seventh‐day Adventist Church (Greater Sydney Conference) Trust Comprehensive Income Statement

FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 DECEMBER 2017 For the Year Ended 31 December 2017 2017


Adventist Book Centre revenue Sales revenue Cost of sales Gross earnings Crosslands Youth and Convention Centre Ministry income Rental income Revenue ‐ investment Other income Retained tithe Offerings and donations Appropriations Total income

            735,531 (537,691)              197,840              566,458              283,616              651,119              162,449          1,097,780        11,299,398              160,218              723,815 15,142,693

744,373 (511,977)             232,396              571,138              240,469              617,694              198,070              936,443        11,602,258              222,801              564,117 15,185,386

Administrative expense Ministry expense Field expense Evangelism expense Crosslands Youth and Convention Centre expense Adventist Book Centre expense Other expense Total expense Deficit before income tax Income tax Net Deficit Other comprehensive income Total comprehensive income for the year

(2,866,223) (2,751,859) (1,986,905) (2,216,520) (8,975,595) (8,744,252) (965,680) (615,209) (477,366) (457,493) (429,303) (413,460) (2,300)                     ‐ (15,703,372) (15,198,793) (560,679) (13,407)                      ‐                      ‐ (560,679) (13,407)                      ‐                      ‐ (560,679) (13,407)

Seventh-day Adventist Church (Greater Sydney Conference) Trust Balance Sheet Seventh‐day Adventist Church (Greater Sydney Conference) Trust AS AT 31Balance Sheet DECEMBER 2017 As at 31 December 2017 2017


Assets Current assets Cash and cash equivalents Trade and other receivables Inventories Financial assets Other current assets Assets classified as held for sale Total current assets

6,986,179 2,068,370 293,004 147,413 1,027,931 22,782 10,545,679

7,140,086 2,275,109 328,406 231,578 924,484 22,782 10,922,445

Non‐current assets Trade and other receivables Financial assets Property, plant and equipment Total non‐current assets Total assets

50,859 13,388 368,966 433,213 10,978,892

45,461 147,298 366,912 559,671 11,482,116

Liabilities Current liabilities Trade and other payables Short‐term provisions Other current liabilities Total current liabilities

914,749 3,230,979 967,260 5,112,988

1,034,757 2,970,436 1,000,748 5,005,941

Non‐current liabilities Trade and other payables Long‐term provisions Total non‐current liabilities Total liabilities Net assets

1,302,796 160,442 1,463,238 6,576,226 4,402,666

1,302,796 210,034 1,512,830 6,518,771 4,963,345

Equity and Liabilities Reserves Denominational equity Total equity

130,026 4,272,640 4,402,666

125,379 4,837,966 4,963,345


2018 JUNE

23 2018


Seventh-day Adventist Schools (Greater Sydney Conference) Trust Statement of Profit or Loss and other Comprehensive Income Seventh‐day Adventist Schools (Greater Sydney) Trust Statement of Profit or Loss and Other Comprehensive Income FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 DECEMBER 2017 For the Year Ended 31 December 2017 2017


Student tuition Other receipts from students Recurrent Government grants Capital income Trading income Investment income Other income Appropriations Total income

        8,400,808          2,228,329        22,114,523          1,220,352          3,173,875              168,355              280,077          2,380,648        39,966,967

        7,244,926          2,014,796        19,393,370          2,782,156          3,211,571              188,336              365,873          2,381,066        37,582,094

Administrative costs Tuition expenses Trading expenses Occupancy costs Finance Costs Other expenses Total expense Surplus before income tax Taxation Net surplus Other comprehensive income Total comprehensive income for the year

(8,175,528) (8,281,981) (21,296,396) (19,876,958) (3,433,924) (3,389,878) (2,907,124) (2,644,388) (824,335) (475,816) (636,357) (494,019) (37,273,664) (35,163,040) 2,693,303 2,419,054                     ‐                      ‐ 2,693,303 2,419,054                      ‐                      ‐ 2,693,303 2,419,054

Seventh-day Adventist Schools (Greater Sydney Conference) Trust Statement of Financial Position Seventh‐day Adventist Schools (Greater Sydney) Trust Statement of Financial Position

AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2017 As at 31 December 2017 2017


3,673,644 857,124 328,454 96,949 191,282 5,147,453

3,589,349 637,719 301,954 96,949 184,997 4,810,968

27,027,803 37,018 1,851,066 28,915,887 34,063,340

21,518,193 102,628 1,554,645 23,175,466 27,986,434

1,538,112 1,257,362 2,989,352 536,382 6,321,208

1,321,111 971,523 2,412,503 538,844 5,243,981

Non‐current liabilities Financial liabilities Long‐term provisions Total non‐current liabilities Total liabilities Net assets

16,116,584 443,075 16,559,659 22,880,867 11,182,473

13,646,410 606,873 14,253,283 19,497,264 8,489,170

Equity and Liabilities Reserves Denominational equity Total equity

678,000 10,504,473 11,182,473

419,005 8,070,165 8,489,170

Assets Current assets Cash and cash equivalents Trade and other receivables Inventories Other financial assets Other assets Total current assets Non‐current assets Trade and other receivables Other financial assets Property, plant and equipment Total non‐current assets Total assets Liabilities Current liabilities Trade and other payables Financial liabilities Provisions Other liabilities Total current liabilities


2018 JUNE

25 2018


Seventh-day Adventist Aged Care (Greater Sydney Conference) Trust StatementSeventh‐day Adventist Aged Care (Greater Sydney) Trust of Profit or Loss and other Comprehensive Income Statement of Profit or Loss and Other Comprehensive Income FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 DECEMBER 2017 For the Year Ended 31 December 2017 2017 Revenue from services provided Residential care revenue Independent living units revenue Total revenue Cost of services provided Residential care expenses Independent living units expenses Total cost of services provided Gross earnings Finance costs Surplus before income tax Income tax expense Surplus for the year Other comprehensive income Total comprehensive income for the year

Adventist Aged Care


Adventist Aged Care has provided warm loving Christian care for the Aged in Sydney since 1960’s. As Sydney has expanded and changed so too has Adventist Aged Care. Our modern well equipped aged care facilities are now amongst some of the finest in Sydney. It would be our pleasure to assist you with any enquiries. Please call for a tour today.


Caring for our residents in a Christian environment is our highest priority.

15,074,090 2,707,116  17,781,206 


16,002,785 2,654,892  18,657,677 

(13,257,126) (12,905,040) (2,399,222) (2,396,599) (15,656,348) (15,301,639) 2,124,858 3,356,038                       ‐                      ‐ 2,124,858  3,356,038                       ‐                      ‐ 2,124,858 3,356,038                      ‐                      ‐ 2,124,858 3,356,038

Seventh-day Adventist Aged Care (Greater Sydney Conference) Trust Statement of Financial Position Seventh‐day Adventist Aged Care (Greater Sydney) Trust Statement of Financial Position As at 31 December 2017 AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2017



Assets Current assets Cash and cash equivalents Trade and other receivables Financial assets Other current assets Total current assets

22,128,585 3,648,996  15,524,600  274,120  41,576,301 

21,736,440 1,721,768  11,235,182  222,372  34,915,762 

Non‐current assets Trade and other receivables Financial assets Property, plant and equipment Intangible assets Total non‐current assets Total assets

21,632,196 610,043  1,098,773  4,740,000  28,081,012  69,657,313 

21,655,635 289,830  1,012,604  4,740,000  27,698,069  62,613,831 

Liabilities Current liabilities Trade and other payables Financial liabilities Short‐term provisions Other current liabilities Future payments due to exiting residents Total current liabilities

1,650,706 151,459  878,878  43,719  55,187,091  57,911,853 

1,160,308 6,701  1,056,025  46,406  51,010,362  53,279,802 

Non‐current liabilities Long‐term provisions Total non‐current liabilities Total liabilities Net assets

474,563 474,563  58,386,416  11,270,897 

187,990 187,990  53,467,792  9,146,039 

Equity and Liabilities Reserves Denominational equity Total equity

3,805,895 7,465,002  11,270,897 

3,515,489 5,630,550  9,146,039 


2018 JUNE

27 2018




ssion in Greater Sydney is to make disciples us Christ and grow together in discipleship. based on the directions that Jesus gave His first s, just after He had been resurrected back to life. get closer to the Second Coming, Jesus has a message of good news for us to share with the o invite people to become His disciples, join His ic end-time movement and prepare for His soon


wers of Christ and members of His church, we are refront of Jesus’ missional team in reaching people ommunity who are far away from God. The Church ce Team (CRT) recognizes this and is working to urches where they are and strengthen them.

ng for Mission is a series of workshops designed you become more effective in the areas where nt to grow. Held at the local church, these customssions provide ministry equipping and leadership ment in areas that are of particularly relevance ed to the church and surrounding community. ary accordingly.


02) 9868 6522

WORKSHOPS 19 Wollongong:Sabbath School, Children, Outreach MAY & Communication 16 Windsor: Youth, Children’s, Sabbath School, Discipleship, JUN Communication & Womens 18 Ashfield: Elders, Youth, Children, Women’s, Discipleship AUG & Outreach 15 SEP Mt Druitt: Sabbath School & Adventurers 20 Cabramatta West: Children’s, Sabbath School, Elders OCT & Adventurers


ven Ostring - Stewardship Director

17 Marrickville Spanish: Elders, Sabbath School, Discipleship, NOV Outreach, Women’s & Family

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Adventist news and stories from Greater Sydney.

May - May 2018 IntraSyd  

Adventist news and stories from Greater Sydney.