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Digital Discipleship Conference What’s in your hands?


Katoomba Church Restructures to Win souls

Meet our New President


THE PRESIDENT Terry Johnson On Monday 3 July, Terry

Johnson, current President of

the Western Australian Conference,

PRESIDENT Terry Johnson

Editor Joyce Taylor

accepted the call to serve as President

of the Greater Sydney Conference. He

replaces Michael Worker who has been

called to the Australian Union Conference. Pastor Terry Johnson was born in France

to a Mauritian Father and Icelandic moth-

er, both of whom have been credited as


himself comes from a family of ministers.

Lynda G. Abreu

Other Contributors Rangi Eiao Jenny Gibbons Duane Haora Beryl Landers Katrina Jorgensen Claire Marsh Sven Östring Jungyook Park Brian Swanepoel

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being strongly influential in his life. Terry

His great-grandfather was one of the first members of the Seventh-day Adventist

church in Mauritius and later became a lay pastor there; his grandfather was one of

the first trained ministers in Mauritius; his

father is a church planter & ADRA counsel-

ing minister here in Sydney; and his mother has been serving the South Pacific Division (SPD) for the last few years as Women’s Ministries Director.

When it came time to study, the Frenchman landed in the United States. Compelled to follow in paternal footsteps, there

he earned a B.A. in Theology & Biblical

Languages from Southwestern Adventist University (Texas) and a Masters of Divinity from Andrews University

(Michigan). If there’s one thing Johnson

For 25 years Terry has worked as a denominational pastor in Texas, United States;

Auckland, New Zealand; and Perth, Aus-

tralia. He’s been serving in the SPD for 15

years and considers Australia home. On his move to Sydney, Pr Johnson shares this:

“We have truly loved Western Australia and it’s been an honour and a blessing for our

family to serve for 11 years here. We have many fantastic memories that will linger

long in our hearts, and we are grateful to God and to the members for their

lasting friendship and their commitment

to the mission in WA. I’m looking forward to getting to know and working with the

diverse members, teachers, Adventist Aged Care and pastors in Sydney. I consider it a privilege to join together in the formation

of a movement to share our faith, and look forward to journeying together as we wait upon the Lord.”

Terry has been married to wife Kimberly for the last 24 years and is a happy husband. The couple has two children, Kyrstin (18) and Alec (13). When not knee-deep in

Pathfinders, youth ministry, young adult ministry and church in all its forms, the

family enjoys 4x4 touring, camping, hiking, Union & League rugby and football.

loves, it’s sharing the Good News and––

“Terry is an energetic and visionary leader

bringing people to Jesus in baptism to

church. We are looking forward to seeing

through the power of the Holy Spirit––

prepare them for His second coming. “I’m passionate about a movement of

committed believers galvanised to making a difference in preparing Greater Sydney for the return of Jesus.”

who is passionate for the mission of the

what God will do through his leadership in Sydney. We invite all to keep Terry,

Kimberley and their children in your

prayers. “– Jorge Munoz, AUC President.

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August 2017


ADDRESS 4 Cambridge Street Epping NSW 2121 PHONE 02 9868 6522 EMAIL


Remember the Sabbath

11-08 / 5:21 Friday to 5:17 Saturday 18-08 / 5:26 Friday to 5:27 Saturday 25-08 / 5:31 Friday to 5:32 Saturday 01-09 / 5:36 Friday to 5:36 Saturday 08-09 / 5:40 Friday to 5:41 Saturday 15-09 / 5:45 Friday to 5:46 Saturday


12-08 / Media Evangelism 19-08 / Local Church 26-08 / Union Project 02-09 / Local Church 09-09 / Annual Sacrifice Read more at

Digital Disciples

We met a number of disciples at the recent 2017 Digital Discipleship Conference held at UNSW Sydney at Kensington and found out what they were doing with the tools in their hands. Page 18


Save the Date

18-20, 08 / Men's Prayer Retreat 20-08 / Treasury Training 26-08 / ADSAFE Training 02-09 / Week of Prayer (begins) 09-09 / Drug Free Walk (PM) 16-09 / Youth Rally


Katoomba Restructures

When Pr. Duane Haora first began his ministry for the Katoomba church in 2015 it was in decline. He was hit with the reality that were the church to remain on its path, in time it would cease to exist. Page 08

Adventist Aged Care

In 2016 Adventist Aged Care, Kings Langley commenced an individually based program for our residents to improve cardiac function, balance and coordination. Brian Swanepoel reports. Page 06



Better Together

"There were so many special moments throughout the weekend of BREATHE Women’s Conference and stories are still emerging of spiritual awakenings and journeys begun.” Beryl Landers. Page 16


Prison Ministry Opportunity

There are around 1300 men in need of spiritual support and guidance in at Long Bay Correctional Complex. Are you willing to set those who are doomed to die’ free (Psalm 102:20)? Page 13







· The 3 Conference boards (Church Ltd,

Schools Ltd and Aged Care Ltd) together with their respective Administrative Committees have taken formal action to record votes of appreciation to Pr Michael Worker for his leadership in the respective boards and committees during his 11.5 years of ministry in the Conference. Pr Worker chaired the boards and committees for the past 5.5 years in his role as president; Preparation continues for the Conference Think Tank to be held 23-24 February 2018. Churches are invited to send through their list of appointed delegates by 30 September;



Eva Ing As GS Conference CFO, one of the most common questions I get asked is, “When are you moving?”. As you may know, the Conference Office is in the process of development and we will have to relocate for the building to be demolished and rebuilt. We submitted a Development Application (DA) to our local government council, now Parramatta City Council, in November of last year. The wheels of government turn very slowly, particularly in a period of local government uncertainty with the recent amalgamations and boundary changes. Nevertheless progress has taken place with our DA achieving a number of milestones:

Does each “We are to year care forgothe resource faster than entrusted the year to us.” ​ before?

· Meetings held with Design Excellence Review Panels, with an overall favourable result


The General Conference Centre for Southern Asian Religions has allocated a budget of $US200,000 (over 3.5 years) for an Indian church plant, possibly in the Blacktown/Parramatta area; On the recommendation of the President’s Council and in concert with other Australian conferences, the GSC has donated $5,000 to the Marriage Alliance which is the key organization coordinating the campaign to retain the traditional definition of marriage.




The development application (DA) for the redevelopment of the Conference Office continues to proceed through Council; Consent has been given to obtain DA approval for an industrial subdivision on the Conference owned Rouse Hill property An internal loan has been approved for the Portuguese Church to carry out major internal and external renovations and maintenance on their aging property. The Conference is contributing 15% of the cost under the building grant policy Demolition is expected to commence at the end of July on the old nursing home at the Kings Langley Aged Care facility in preparation for its replacement.

· · ·


Discussions with Sydney Trains to ensure their satisfaction that our development does not impact the tunneling works at Epping Station Satisfactory responses to additional Council information requests in respect to heritage issues in relation to the School of Arts building adjacent to the Conference office and issues relating to storm-water drainage


We await the DA approval before deciding where and when we move. For us, the two deciding factors for our temporary location are:


An accessible location in terms of transport and convenience for our members and staff Cost – The less we spend on the temporary location, the more we have for mission


The question that began this note also leads me to dwell on more weighty spiritual matters; about our temporary home on earth and our permanent home in heaven. While we should spend time thinking and working on earthly matters, we should never lose sight that our true objective is to be with our Father in heaven. That’s what really counts. As the old hymn says, "This world is not our own, we’re only passing through, if heaven is not our home then Lord will I do?” We are to care for the resources entrusted to us and give account in how we use it to further the mission of the Kingdom of heaven. I think we are doing just that.



here is no doubt that we live in a beautiful city. All you need to do is take a ferry ride from Circular Quay to Manly on a sunny afternoon to remind yourself of this fact. Lots of other people agree that Sydney is a beautiful place too. There are now over 5 million people who live in Greater Sydney, and every year, many more people are choosing to make our city their home too. While Sydney is a beautiful place, there are significant needs here as well. Below the surface, people are hungering for something more. We see this hunger in people’s drive to own a more luxurious car or a bigger house. We see it in their desire to get ahead in their careers. Sometimes this hunger and discontentment flares up in domestic arguments and violence that occur behind closed doors. We also see significant needs as we walk through some of the parks in the centre of Sydney and see people shivering in cardboard boxes as they try to fall asleep. God knows how beautiful Sydney is. He also knows about the pain that does occur in this city as well. In the midst of this sweet and sometimes sour urban experience, God has a vision for Sydney. From God’s perspective, Sydney is an incredibly great city, just like Nineveh was. God has compassion for all of the 5 million people who live here. In short, God loves Sydney. God loves Sydney so much that He has a vision for it. But, how can we know what God’s vision for is? We need to stop and spend time together praying and listening to the Holy Spirit. From this time of prayer and reflection, we need to develop simple and effective strategies to fulfill God’s vision for Sydney. That’s why the Greater Sydney Conference is inviting you to send your best spiritual, missional, creative and strategic thinkers to the Mission2Sydney Think Tank 23-24 February 2018. During this time we will be exploring the basis for God’s vision and strategic plan for this city.

FEELINGS: We will seek to understand God’s heart for Sydney—His compassion, His love, as well as His pain. We will also be honest about our own feelings about Sydney and the Greater Sydney Conference. Do we have God’s heart for this city? Are we frustrated with the current state of our churches and Conference? FACTS: We will spend time addressing the spiritual reality in our beautiful city. We will face the reality that a number of our established churches are struggling to simply maintain their weekly Sabbath worship services. We will face the reality that a growing number of people do not see themselves as affiliated with any religious community, particularly in inner-city suburbs like Glebe, Newtown and Redfern. We will face the reality that there is a very low density of Seventh- day Adventists along the Eastern Seaboard and there are entire suburbs in Sydney where there are no Seventh-day Adventist churches. FAITH: We will grow in our faith in what God can and will do here in Sydney. We will consider the history of how the Seventh-day Adventist church was committed to urban mission and what effective urban mission can look like in the 21st century. We will spend time in prayer and the Bible, reflecting on how people’s lives will be transformed when we lift Jesus up and pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Join us as we listen to God’s heart, vision and strategy for Sydney at the Mission2Sydney Think Tank.

Want to learn more? Visit or @SydneyAdventist on Facebook!


August JUNE


5 5

Aged care Falls rehab clinic program results BY Brian Swanepoel


n 2016 Adventist Aged Care, Kings Langley commenced an individually based program for our residents to improve cardiac function, balance and coordination. This was made possible by the provision of funds approved by the Board. Our specific goals were to: • Improve frailty by optimising individual dietary intake to • Progressive resistance exercise to build strength & bone health • To reduce risks of falls and prevent injury • To improve the quality of life • To maintain functional ability of individual residents • Prevention of depression or mental health concerns related to falls and injury • To improve the brain function of residents through hydration, nutrition and wellbeing. We were able to set up a special Physiotherapy space with specific equipment. This room was selected due to its wide visual outlook over the gardens, good lighting and easy accessibility for the residents. Schedules and appointments set up over three days. This dynamic and positive program involved our MDT (Multi-Disciplinary Team), comprised of a physiotherapist, RN, geriatrician and dietician and overseen by the ADOC. Baseline assessments were conducted and consent from participants and families were completed. We named this the “Falls Rehab Clinic” for the trial, but will be seeking to find a more suitable name as the results reflected that this was more than a Fall Rehab program.


We were surprised at how effective this clinic became and how effective it was in achieving not only our goals, but so much more. KPI expected were met: Those who participated have gained more confidence in carrying

out functional tasks (ie.walking or transferring/weight bearing). • Most of the participants have reduced their risk of mechanical falls (due to muscle or skeletal concerns). • Supervisors have reported a higher level of happiness and anticipation of attending their appointment. • Residents who have participated have become more comfortable in their home by feeling part of the improvement and being able to engage in meaningful activities.


• With participants feeling involved and engaged, this in turn has allowed nursing staff to provide more focused care to the very frail who cannot participate. • Registered Nurse has been able to build up a rapport and trust with the participants • This program has strengthened communication pathways to external Services. Having the psycho-geriatrician involved has also provided better support for other residents with diagnosis of depression and mental health by having him on site more. • The families of the participants have shown their appreciation of this service • Visitors to the facility have been able to observe the importance how we focus on the resident well-being. Two residents expressed their contentment with clinic. “It has straightened me up and made my legs stronger. I look forward to getting out of my room now as I was just sitting here doing nothing. It lifts me up”, said one visually impaired resident, age 100. “It keeps my legs going”, said another resident, age 85. “It has been good for me and I really appreciate this”. We acknowledge the support of the Board.



This retreat is to provide a meeting place for men of all walks to express themselves, pray and worship together, praise God and surrender their lives to He Who is Worthy. WWW.CEDARVALERETREAT.COM.AU





WHEN: 18-20 August Begins: 6:00PM Friday Ends: 11:00AM Sunday WHERE: Cedarvale Retreat 2999 Moss Vale Road Fitzroy Falls NSW 2577 COST: No charge - but food will be provided “Roughing it” in a cabin OR Camping



Local NEWS

S​ tructure and organisation helps one GSC church Grow BY MADISON WORKER

When Pr. Duane Haora first began his ministry for the Katoomba church in 2015 it was in decline, with only 12 attendees. He was hit with the reality that were the church to remain on its path, in time it would cease to exist. So he and his team got to work. The leaders of the church decided to meet weekly for prayer and discussion. In their prayers, they asked God to: give them wisdom and discernment on how to reach members of the community; attract SDA families to the town; reach out to ex-SDA families; and bring people who are searching into the community. Above all, they recognised that they are a part of God’s plan and would follow His will. Sabbath school is a fundamental part of church and therefore an important area to focus on. The most important questions for the church leaders related to

why someone may or may not want to return to Sabbath school. The process of answering this question led to two workshop trainings followed by a restructuring of the church’s Sabbath School program so that it would be relational, community-focused and family-oriented. For the program to appear full, all parents and children attend the program together, but break for the lesson study. This works to make Sabbath school engaging so that any community members who attended would want to return. As many churches are not aware of or do not have a mission statement, the church felt that it was imperative to create one to give the church and its leaders direction. The statement the Katoomba church crafted was: LIVE, LABOUR, LOVE LIKE JESUS. They intentionally made it short and concise so that it is easy to remember yet still covers the gospel commission. They also choose to display their mission statement around the church as a constant reminder of their mission. Lastly, the Pr. Haora and Bible worker Junior Sulusi, devised a plan for community evangelism. They created a brochure with all the relevant information for the church. They take these brochures door-to-door

and introduce themselves as Adventist pastors, giving a 20-second reason for why they are on that house’s doorstep and personally delivering the brochure before moving on to the next house. Through deliberate planning, committed execution and the grace of God, the church has grown. Katoomba church has grown to around 35 attendees and counting.

KATOOMBA’S RESTRUCTURED SABBATH SCHOOL The current order of service for Sabbath school now looks like this;

We had an afternoon workshop to put together a mission statement and it reads as follows: LIVE LABOUR LOVE LIKE JESUS. LABOUR LOVE LIKE JESUS.

LIVE the example of what a Christian looks like; LOVE and respect people, treat all as equals; and LABOUR in all areas of the community LIKE JESUS would.

9.20am – Song service: Three (3) song leaders up the front. This is done while people are making their way into church. It sets the tone. 9.30am – Welcome & prayer 9.32am – Kat-care: Members share with the congregation who are sick, missing and need visits, etc. 9.35am – Hymn: One (1) with life, one (1) that has the community in mind. 9.38am – Icebreaker: Family involvement. Could be a quiz – Celebrity bible character – Object lesson, etc. 9.45am – Testimonies with focus in & around the community. The testimonies are kept short and to the point. 9.55am – Mission story: Do NOT read the mission story, it’s boring. Tell it. Or, if you’re able to create a PowerPoint with faces to the names & geographical locations or play a DVD. It means taking the time to prepare, preferably not on “Sabbath morning.” 10.00am – Lesson study: Done in an interactive way, not day-by-day nor in a preaching way. 10.45am – Wrap up.



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JUNE August



individual rights. There must be some personal gain before anyone will do anything. This insatiable hunger for personal satisfaction has led people to forget that if you sacrifice principle for pleasure, even if you win, you lose. That is why I love church so much. Here, there is still a sense of community. Here we are all part of God’s family and we care for one another. Here we have not forgotten that “honour, integrity, and truth must be preserved at any cost to self (GW 447)”. God is counting on us to be a light in a sin-darkened world. The way we represent Him will be an example for others to follow. It’s simple really, “what does the Lord require of you,


but to do justly?” Micah 6:8.


ave the date of 19 August for the 2017 San Homecoming event.

Remember the Dental Van we

This wonderful opportunity is for all nursing graduates, doctors, former and current staff, friends and family of the San Classes of 1957, 1967, 1977, 1987, 1997 and 2007 are being especially honoured. Come for fun, laughter and fellowship. Enjoy music and updates from Adventist Healthcare Ltd. All welcome Please RSVP to San Foundation on (02) 9487 9405 or before Monday, 7 August. Visit for more. Photo:

Have anything exciting or extraordinary to share? Email us at

shipped out to Honiara in October



For those with a nostalgic memory,

2015? Gabrielle Grimbacher donated $10,000 to help shift that van from Brisbane to Honiara.It is located now at the main hospital in Honiara. They laid a concrete pad and structure to provide shelter for dental patients. The dental van is now fully operational. That’s not all. The SI government are paying for

you will recall back in the good-old-

the other three vans to be shipped to

days when people were less mobile and

Honiara. I understand the four of them

there were less mod-cons, and families

will be located around this pad to serve

all lived within a few streets of each

almost 200,000 people in the area.

other. Grandparents babysat grandkids and children cared for ageing parents. Everyone worked hard, were physically more active and there was a general sense of ‘community.’ Today, the importance of community has largely been forgotten in favour of


04 EMPTY NESTERS 4 FULTON BY DAVID SEDGMAN The Sunday morning of 30 April saw 23 empty-nesters from Wahroonga Church enjoying a hot breakfast served by Lance and Sandra Weslake. The $2000 raised on that morning was just part of continuing support for three very hard working undergraduates in the Theology Faculty at Fulton College. In all, a total of $6000 has been raised in support of five students, including a husband and wife student team in the Philipines. Even breakfast can be used to spread the gospel!

05 A BLESSED DAY FOR DUNDAS & HOLROYD The Saturday afternoon of 17 June was a very special day for two churches. For Dundas Croatian, it was special because it was the first time that the new baptismal font of the recently renovated church was used. For Holroyd Church, it was because five young girls (Chantelle Chiriseri, Nomathamsanqa Mlilo, Refilwe Kayla Goitsemang, Lethubuhle Leanh Matutu and Tatenda Ashleigh Kisimisi) decided to give their lives to Jesus through baptism. missed as we’ve diligently delivered the gospel "to every nation, kindred, tongue and people”. That is of those who sign: the Deaf—Auslan “speakers” in Australia—of whom there are some 300 million worldwide. But that’s changing. The New Hope Church in Sydney’s west, for example, now livestreams their weekly church service via Youtube, and includes an inset box with a professional Auslan signer as part of the broadcast.

For the past two years, the deaf have also been treated to a weekend camp with Auslan-signed interpreting just for them. This year the camp will be held at the Catalina Conference Centre on Lake Macquarie with Deaf guest speaker Jeff Jordan, pastor of Southern Deaf Fellowship (Tennessee, USA) in late October. Advertising for this event will be dispatched shortly. Stay tuned for details,


People from different churches, including the ministerial secretary of Greater Sydney Conference (and former pastor of Holroyd Church), Pr Nataniel Pereira, came to witness the special event. The officiating minister of the ceremony, Edvard Miler, was the present pastor of both churches. He presented a message based on Romans 6:3-5. May God continue to bless these five precious young souls and their families.

March August JUNE


11 11

06 SHILOH PRODUCTIONS BY DANI PIOT Shiloh Productions is a media ministry born out of Concord Seventh-day Adventist Church in Sydney. God put


this ministry on our hearts and we said yes. What a journey it has been in only one short year. God has blessed us with all the equipment we need, talent and wonderful opportunities along the way.

to the Kingdom, the mighty seeds that

Our church families support is also a

are planted through our faithful efforts

driving force.

in this life.

We aim to reach our community of Concord and Greater Sydney, but have been privileged enough to reach parts of this world that we could only ever have dreamed of: Iraq, India, Canada and the Pacific Islands. We aim and pray to crack America one day too. With God dreaming big it is so exciting. We want to bring the Gospel Message to the world in a short amount of time, because we believe Jesus is coming imminently! Media and social media is the way to do it in this generation. We can see God raising up media ministries around the world proclaiming the Good News and to be a part of that is really a dream come true for our little church at Concord. We like to tap into the issues and current events of the world and offer a hope, a hope that soon all this mad-

07 PRISON MINISTRY OPPORTUNITY There are around 1300 men in need of spiritual support and guidance in one of the biggest and oldest gaols in NSW, Long Bay Correctional Complex. They are from different walks in life, spiritual journeys, cultural backgrounds, social and economic status, nationalities, languages, ages, education levels and from different faith traditions and religious organizations. If you think the Lord might be calling you to minister them, then this is the opportunity to become a Spiritual Mentor. As a Spiritual Mentor you will be able to: •

Provide an ongoing spiritual sup-

port to inmates

Give inmates an opportunity to

be listened •

Offer inmates an opportunity

to be reminded as human beings and children of God •

Connect inmates to a Christian

community in order to find support upon realise •

Facilitate the continuation of

inmates spiritual grow outside jail •

Support inmates in their attempt

to pursue their Christian values and faith. Exciting!!! Right? Meditate and pray about it, as our compassionate father could be inviting you ‘to hear the groans of the prisoners, to set free those who are doomed to die’ (Psalm 102:20). For more information contact Wellington on 0430 918 287 or at


ness will pass away, and a new eternal life will begin with our Saviour Jesus. Sometimes people from all over the world contact us to pray for them, this is something so special that we consider to be such a blessing. Please pray for Shiloh Productions, that we may continue to do this work for God, and reach more and more souls for Him. We’ll never know until we get



CAPTIONS/CREDITS 01 Vintage image of The SAN 02 Shiloh Productions Videos online at

03 Save for 2016, Woollahra Church has hosted a community Christmas concert each year end as a fundraiser for AIDS widows and orphans in Africa. The benefit concert returns this year at the Church (219 Edgecliff Road) and is scheduled for 6.00pm Sunday, 3 December. The concert is a blessing in many ways. First, it boasts high quality music and song plus Bible readings from talented young Eastern suburbs performers. Second, it provides an opportunity for Woollahra Church to open its doors in outreach to its own community. Third, it offers value for money with refreshments and drinks included in the cost. Fourth, at $25 entry per person, all proceeds go directly to the project since all expenses are covered by volunteers and Woollahra SDA Church members. Fifth, it gives you opportunity to support Adventist outreach and enjoy a wonderful evening at the same time.

04 09 DAVID PETRIE'S SLIDEGEN & PIANO PRAISE ALBUM There is a new software product available for your church to use, called SlideGen. This new resource simplifies the task of producing your presentation slides each week, and also assists you in managing your church’s copyright activity – making it easier to report to CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing Interna-

lan signer for service livestreams 04 David Petrie's Piano Praise Accompaniment 05 Holroyd's new members: Chantelle Chiriseri, Nomathamsanqa Mlilo, Refilwe Kayla Goitsemang, Lethubuhle Leanh Matutu & Tatenda Ashleigh Kisimisi 06 The Woollahra Christmas Benefit concert raises funds for the Nyalwocodep Project

tional), and report to your church board. SlideGen also includes the official digital version of the Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal – released by the South Pacific Division (SPD). The copyright information contained in this version matches the information released by the SPD on their website ( Updates

will be issued whenever the SPD update their copyright information. An album called Piano Praise, containing piano recordings of 57 hymns, has also been produced – for use as congregational accompaniment when live musicians are not available. This album can be purchased separately on 2 CDs (from or it can be purchased from within the


03 New Hope incorporates Aus-

SlideGen software (as in “in-app purchase”). See the Piano Praise website for details about the hymns.


ELDER TED WILSON IS COMING TO SYDNEY 17 NOVEMBER - FRIDAY 7:30pm Macarthur Adventist College Macquarie Fields, NSW 18 NOVEMBER - SABBATH 11:00am Wahroonga Church Wahroonga, NSW 18 NOVEMBER - SABBATH 3:00pm Mountain View Adventist College Doonside, NSW

JUNE August




Kids Screen Time



illennials are digital natives. They grew (and are growing) up in an era that is screen-driven. Many parents, on the other hand, are digital immigrants. Digital immigrants are those learning how to adapt to this new language and culture around digital media. Let’s face it, in order to survive and succeed in their schooling and careers, today’s young people have to be tech-savvy. However, striking a balance between online and offline worlds is essential. Excessive screen time can led to negative results. THE HEALTH IMPACTS The impact of technology use is still being researched, but there is already strong evidence showing that screen time is linked with obesity (Garnett et al., 2005; Tam et al., 2006), sleep problems and mental health issues. Increased screen time means reduced physical fitness and changes in food habits, such as the consumption of more easily accessible ‘junk’ foods). More than 2 hours per day during adolescence contributed to the development of depression in adulthood (Belanger et al. 2011; Premack et al., 2009). Having a device in a young person’s bedroom also results in later sleeping times, shorter sleep durations (less than the recommended 9 hours per night for adolescents) and a diminished quality of sleep (King et al., 2014). HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH? On average, NSW primary school children are having anywhere between 3-6 hours of screen time per weekday; and 5.5-9 hours per day on the weekend (Schools Physical Activity &

Nutrition Survey, 2010). The amount healthy for your child depends on their age. It is recommended that children under 2 years should not have any screen time per day; no more than 1 hour a day for kids between 2-5 years, and no more than two hours in total a day for kids aged 5 years and up. This changes when a child is in high school as most of their homework is done on an electronic device, but be mindful of the amount of time they are online, especially on social media. PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS It can be challenging for parents to create boundaries and enforce limitations as they believe that since their child really knows their way around their device, they can’t ‘possibly keep ahead of them?’. But, we know that parental monitoring of a child’s screen time is crucial in positively influencing the child’s sleep, school performance, and pro-social behaviour. Here are some ideas: • Create a ‘Switch-off Time’ at the same time each day to signal the end of their screen use for the day. This might change on the weekends, along with the amount of acceptable screen time. • Have an ‘Electronic Shut-down Day’ that involves other family activities without a screen. • Use technology to help set boundaries with screen time. Search and download ‘electronic shutdown apps’ (for example, an app named ‘Screen Time’), or turn off the Wi-Fi in the house at ‘switch-off time’. It may take some getting used to if your child is significantly cutting back on their screen time, so talk to your child calmly and as many times as needed about what is expected at ‘switch-off time’. (article continues on next page)

BALANCE AND MODELLING IS KEY Technology has the potential to add value to our lives and families too, without undermining social and emotional development. One of the most important ways of finding balance is for parents to model healthy screen time to their kids. Our devices not only impact on the amount, but also the quality of our family time. Be mindful of how and when you use your own screens, and how it may be impacting on your interactions. Show your child that you can have a ‘switch-off time’ and be intentional about having meals at the table without any screens. Don’t react to your devices as soon as they make a sound, but model self-control. Continue an ongoing dialogue with your child over a number of years and don’t be afraid to have a

MVAC Week Of Spiritual Emphasis Leads to 166 Bible Study Requests

conversation with them about what they are doing online. We need to ask ourselves, are we in control of the screen, or is the screen in control of us? For more advice, go to or To listen to a discussion with Claire about kids screen time, follow the link on Facebook @Thetabletvshow or search ‘The Table TV Show’ via Youtube. For further assistance and advice about mental health, contact Adventist Counselling Services on (02) 8876 5238 or Adventist Counselling Services has relocated to The Sanctuary Lifestyle Clinic at 41/45 Pacific Hwy, Waitara (entrance off Yardley Avenue).

It is marvelous to know that there are many young people who are interested in studying God’s Word.



ur mission in life is possible with God. He is able to help, empower and strengthen us when times get tough and challenging. These are the concepts that were touched on with our middle and senior week of spiritual emphasis (WOSE) in March. As a result of this WOSE, 166 students from both middle and senior school requested to learn more about God’s Word through bible study. All of these students have been given the opportunity to have bible studies during Term 2. These studies have been tailored to meet the different age groups and in some cases tailored to specific genders.

Sydney SDA schools get behind ADRA


and to be the hands of God to those that have less than them. Thank you to parents and staff who helped the students collect all of this food. It will be a blessing for those in need.


dventist schools in the Great Sydney Conference saw the plight of ADRA Blacktown and ADRA Macquarie Fields having run out of food to distribute to the needy. It was enough to spur them on to immediately initiate a food drive and collect as much non-perishable food for these two outlets as possible. Buses were dispatched to Wahroonga and Auburn schools to collect their foods and returned to Mountain View where donations were prepared for ADRA to collect. By the end of the week, there was a whole room of food items to replenish supplies! Our schools are working hard at teaching the students that it is so important to serve the community in any way they can,


JUNE August

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Breathe By Beryl Landers photos by Jungyook park


here were so many special moments throughout the weekend of BREATHE Women’s Conference. Stories are still emerging of new connections and friendships formed, of spiritual awakenings and journeys begun.

One such special moment was when a prodigal son surprised his unsuspecting mum. The young man shared his story on stage and honoured her. He paid tribute not only to her, but also the women who had journeyed with her through her darkest hours while emphasising the theme for the weekend, “Better Together”. There was not a dry eye in the house. This testimony brought hope to the many women who are waiting for their prodigals to come home. It was a joy it was to have six of our HOPE STAYZ families join us this year. In fact 27 non-church members total registered for this conference event. I praise God that our women are confidently taking advantage of the opportunity to invite friends, neighbours and colleagues to share in the BREATHE experience, as making all initiatives and events mission focused has been the prayer and sincere desire of Adventist Women Ministries. Attendees of the BREATHE Women’s Conference showed great compassion when they responded to an appeal to support the ‘They are not Alone’ project presented by Avondale student Linda Ciric, which advocates for the women of PNG and against Family and Domestic of Violence. The women gave generously, raising $15,000 in the offering, while also filling the stage with pamper pack items designated for a local Sydney women’s refuge. So many women responded to the opportunities presented to make decisions of commitment and recommitment as speaker Dilys Brooks powerfully presented four messages from the Bible based on Ecclesiastes 4:9-10. Dilys spoke into our souls, brought the Word of God with force, made it relevant and applied it to our lives. Prayer has been and continues to be both the foundation and pillar of Adventist Women’s Ministry. The prayer room

at BREATHE Conference has evolved into a powerhouse where those who attend experience healing and release through the steadfast prayers of the prayer support team in attendance there 24/7. The prayer room also served as gathering place for morning devotionals presented by Laurel Raethel, who challenged us with the question, "Do you really believe in God?" The feedback and comments from the attendees expressed appreciation and gratitude for the blessings that conference brought. Many took advantage of the special Conference rate offered to register for BREATHE 2018. Women are recognising and appreciating the gathering of the girls and the value it brings to their lives and spiritual experience. "Praise God for the watering hole BREATHE Women’s Conference was. I had no idea what a blessing this would bring to me. I can’t wait for next year and I will be trying to bring my friends along as well”, said one excited first timer.

For more information including podcasts and photographs please visit /breathe-2017

Above image: Prodical Son giving his testimony Below IMAGE: SATURDAY SESSIONS WITH DILYS BROOKS

" We are Better Together"


JUNE August



DDC17: What's In Your Hand? Leslie Samuel Become A Blogger In the Greater Sydney Conference, a ministry exists to create, inspire, encourage and resource disciples of Jesus Christ to share His love through their creativity and innovation in the digital space. At the recent 2017 Digital Discipleship Conference, we met a number of disciples and found out what they were doing with the tools in their hands. By Joyce Taylor Photos by Jungyook Park

Link: Leslie Samuel was a high school Biology teacher who wanted to be a professor, but didn’t have a PhD. So he decided to start a biology blog where he could teach the content he would be teaching IF he were a professor. The blog helped him surpass 20+ qualified applicants to become a Biology Professor Andrews University. A job he would leave three years later to help people tens of thousands of people all over the world, every month. The path is not always clear.


-Sam Neves

Associate Director of Communications at the ADVENTIST General Conference Link:

- Justin Khoe

That Christian Vlogger Link: com/user/godhasgiventruly Oregon-Based Justin Khoe is the creator of That Christian Vlogger, a Christian based Youtube channel helping to equip and in-

spire young people to follow Christ.

The 20 million strong Seventh-day Adventist Church operates in more than 200 countries and territories around the world, and worships in more than 900 language. And our branding is all over the place.

In each video Justin shares an encouraging worship thought he hopes will bless others. His goal is to create a space on youtube where young people can find inspiration in the form of daily vlogs and experience "faith in first person.

Sam Neves is one of the core team members at the GC working to create a cohesive visual identity strategy for the Seventh-day Adventist World Church. Many Adventists may know him as the creator of the popular Adventist game app “Heroes the Game.”

-Ronan Winfield Video Producer Link:

- Natalie Nawaikalou ADRA Connections Coordinator After the DDC last year, Natalie felt God calling her to do something with what she has learnt. So she started a small group at her house and focused it on a local gang of youth. One of the gang’s children became her foster son. She then started a prayer group on Facebook/Messenger to pray for the group working with the young people and their families. The group recently attended church for the first time.

talking about Jesus and sharing her faith with her 430,000 Youtube followers and beyond.

At just 10-years old, Ronan Winfield has begun using Legos to produce stop-motion animations to visualize theories (such as the extinction of dinosaurs) and biblical themes. Ronan’s latest video is a modern take on the parable of the Good Shepherd that features a Good Zookeeper.

-The Table TV Link: The Table is the place where we share, laugh and dream together. It’s a TV panel show featuring real women; with real lives, real families, real struggles and real joy.

-Ray Moaga Founder, USO Gear Link:

- Robbie Fatt Filmmaker & Cinematographer Trailer:

On his film, "The Towns We Live In" (2016): "I looked around, thinking about the people from my camp and thought, 'Why am I the only one here?' I want people know that I'm not criticizing the church. [This film] is to make you think about people who are not [in church anymore] and contact them.”

Kiwi-born, Australian-raised Ray Moaga has a deep passion for empowering people to do better and achieve their goals, and he created USO Gear to start a conversation and do just that. It’s digitised by #Each1Teach1: EACH person who belongs to the USO movement is empowered to TEACH our values that we live by. “USO” is the Samoan word for 'brother to a brother' or 'sister to a sister’.

-Fabiana Bertotti Journalist & Vlogger Link: Fabiana Bertotti is a Journalist, writer, speaker and vlogger. She vlogs about a number of topics, but enjoys most


- Michael Englebrecht Link: Fact: Radio domnates media consumption in the car & home. "Technology is a tool. That he gave it to us means he wants us to use at as a tool for him. It's exciting to see that God is using radio to reach people.”

Did you miss the conference?

Thanks to Daniel Blazicedic and the Western Australia Conference, keynote and workshop presentations are available for viewing at The conference will return next year.

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KEYNOTE SPEAKERS PR TOM EVANS Church Revitalisation Tom Evans is the President of the North New South Wales Conference. His expertise lies in church planting evangelism.

MARK McCrindle Understanding Australia Mark McCrindle’s research & reports have developed his renown as a futurist demographer & social commentator.

DR JOHN SKRZYPASZEK Urban Mission Dr John Skrzypaszek is the Director of the Ellen White & Seventh-day Adventist Research Centre at the Avondale College.

FIND US online PHONE: (02) 9868 6522

THE MILLENNIUM ROOM, ANZ STADIUM SYDNEY OLYMPIC PARK 23-24 FEBRUARY 2018 The Mission2Sydney 2018 Think Tank will bring together around 400 church leaders and creative innovators to think outside the box for urban mission within this city. Our mission will be to set the strategy and vision for the Greater Sydney Conference for the next four years and beyond. In addition to all pastors, based on attendance, we invite two (2) or five (5) appointed delegates from each local church to attend. We want your thought leaders and visionaries, strategic planners, church planters, youth leaders, evangelism coordinators and those who lead Personal Ministries. At least one (1) delegate must be a young adult under the age of 30. ALL delegates must be selected and approved by the church board. Once approved, please register ONLY those members who have been appointed at au/ThinkTank by 30 September 2017. Additional information can also be found on the page​



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