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“Whenever we have the oppor-

tunity we should do good to

everyone, ESPECIALLY, to those

in the family of faith”! So writes the

PRESIDENT Terry Johnson

Editor Joyce Taylor

Graphics Lynda G. Abreu

Other Contributors Dr Jean Carter Sarah Duggan Katrina Jorgensen (Cov) Pr AsofituLeatuavao Noeleen Mackintosh Pr Daniel Przybylko

apostle Paul to the church in Galatia

(Galatians 6:10). Take some time to reflect on

how you treat fellow believers. I’d encourage

you to read Galatians 6:1-10 during your reflection and ask yourself a few pointed questions: • Do I have unhealthy expectations of my

fellow committed believers, including my family members?

• Do I demand a level of perfection from

them that I don’t demand of myself?

• Do I see them in need of the gospel as

much today as when they were first converted? • Do I see myself in need of the gospel as

much today as when I first converted?

Reflect on the thought that sanctification is

the work of a lifetime and that the assurance of

salvation is Christ’s work of Justification needed at

every moment of everyday, just like the work of the Holy Spirit in Sanctifying is every moment as well.

As I reflect on my own journey, I confess that at

times when my sinfulness confronts me, I choose to transfer my angst by seeing the sinfulness in those around me and comparing myself more

“highly” than them because my sin is “less” than theirs. This puts me into the category of the

Next issue content due 02 MAR

Pharisee in Luke 18:11. How I wish I we were

more like the tax collector of verse 13. But, the

truth hurts, and I’m challenged by my motivations. Ellen White shares this statement in line with

Paul’s teaching; “If we keep uppermost in our minds the unkind and unjust acts of others

we shall find it impossible (emphasis mine) to love them as Christ has loved us; but if our

thoughts dwell upon the wondrous love and

pity of Christ for us, the same spirit will flow out to others. We should love and respect one an-

other, notwithstanding the faults and imperfections that we cannot help seeing. Humility and self-distrust should be cultivated, and a patient tenderness with the faults of others. This will kill out all narrowing selfishness and make us

large-hearted and generous (EGW STC p. 121)”. How do we go about putting this teaching of being large-hearted and generous into prac-

tice? In John 13:35 Jesus states, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By

this will all men know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

Let me share a recent example of large-heartedness from our family’s journey. On 28

December I was on the phone with our real-es-

tate agents, Denise and Chris, in WA. We’d still not sold our home after our permanent move to Sydney. Denise and Chris wanted to know

who the lovely young couple taking such good care of our home while we were gone were. I shared that it was Claire and Andre Michalski,

who were members of our church and friends of ours. They could not get over the fact that this couple would be willing to mow our lawn and

keep the exterior and interior of the house spotless prior to every open home free of charge! It surprised them even more that Kimberly and I

had not asked Claire and Andre to do this, but that they had volunteered to do it for us!

The words of Jesus are dependable, that all

humanity will know our Christian experience by the way we love one another. Whenever we have the opportunity we should do good to everyone, especially our fellow believers.

Terry Johnson

February 2018

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Social Media For Churches

Media Margin reports that 17 million Australians are consistently active on Facebook. Based off the Australian Bureau of Statistics' latest population estimate of 24.4 million, that's 17% of the total population. Are you getting through to them. Page 12


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2018 Pastoral Appointments

Another year has come and with it new additions and a few changes. By the grace of God--and much prayer-we've been able to work through appointing pastors to churches, plants and chaplaincy roles. Page 10


A Reformation Celebration

Pr Asofitu Leatuavao: "This event provided the opportunity to share the gospel using the platform of Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide, Sola Gratia, Sola Christus and Soli Deo Gloria by the great Reformers". Page 07


Macarthur's Unsung Hero

At Macarthur Adventist College, one man is dedicating his life and resources for students to enjoy the and experience the beauty and discipline of playing an instrument. Sarah Duggan reports. Page 15


Local Church Grows by 6

A small glimpse into the varied backgrounds of six individuals at Woollahra Church shows us that God is open to everyone and is ready to receive us all. Will you accept him? Page 09




Editorials General Secretary


• Just over 400 delegates will meet together at the Conference Think Tank to be held 23-24 February at Homebush for a time of prayer and strategic thinking focusing on local church evangelism; • Ignite 2019 will be held over the weekend of 15-16 February. As in 2017, this Conference-wide worship and mission focused event will be held at Olympic Park, Homebush; • The interim report from the AUC (Australian Union Conference) Church Structure review has been presented to the board. Representatives from the AUC will meet with the Executive Committee in April as part of the next phase of the review. A summary of the report can be found at


• The Fijian Indian Church plant, currently meeting at Hoxton Park, has been granted regular group status; • A new Tongan church plant called Goshen Fellowship has been granted provisional group status and has commenced regular worship services at Colebee; • Construction work is well underway on the new Kellyville Church being built on the Kellyville campus of Hills Adventist College, Hezlett Road, Kellyville; • The loan application for stage 3 of the Wahroonga Adventist School has been recommended through to the AUC. • Conditional development approval for the Conference Office redevelopment project has been received from the Regional Planning Authority; • As part of its mission and community outreach focus, the Manly Church will be renamed Freshwater Community Church while being clearly identified as a Seventh-day Adventist Church

EQUIPPING FOR MISSION Training OUR MISSION Our mission in Greater Sydney is to make disciples of Jesus Christ and grow together in discipleship. This is based on the directions that Jesus gave His first disciples (Matthew 28:19-20), just after He had been resurrected back to life. God has a special message of good news for us to share with the world. As we get closer to the Second Coming, we are to invite people to know Jesus, join His prophetic end-time movement and prepare His soon return.

ABOUT THE TRAINING As followers of Christ and members of His church, we are at the forefront of Jesus’ missional team in reaching people in the community who are far away from God. The Church Resource Team (CRT) recognizes this and is working to meet churches where they are and strengthen them. Equipping for Mission is a series of workshops designed to help you become more effective in the areas where you want to grow. Held at the local church, these customised sessions provide ministry equipping and leadership development in areas that are of particularly relevance and need to the church and surrounding community. Topics vary accordingly. molor apitas reptas del eum voluptate res eat. reptas del eum voluptate res eat.

CONTACT US (02) 9868 6522


Sven Ostring - Stewardship Director

WORKSHOPS 17 Mona Vale: Children’s, Sabbath School. FEB Youth, NCD, Family, Health & Outreach 17 Caringbah: Elders, Youth, Children’s, Women’s, MAR Discipleship & Outreach 19 Wollongong:Sabbath School, Children, Outreach MAY & Communication 16 Windsor: Youth, Children’s, Sabbath School, Discipleship, JUN Communication & Womens 18 Ashfield: Elders, Youth, Children, Women’s, Discipleship AUG & Outreach 15 SEP Mt Druitt: Sabbath School & Adventurers 20 Cabramatta West: Children’s, Sabbath School, Elders OCT & Adventurers 17 Marrickville Spanish: Elders, Sabbath School, Discipleship, NOV Outreach, Women’s & Family


February OCTOBER

2017 2018


in distressing circumstances. Each bag contains comfort items like a blanket and a cuddly toy; other toys suitable for age and gender; age appropriate colouring/activity books, coloured pencils, exercise book, pencil and a ballpoint pen for the older children; personal care items, such as toothbrush and toothpaste, soap and face washer, shampoo, comb and hairbrush and hair items for girls. “Babies, of course, don’t need pencils and colouring books so they receive items of clothing along with suitable blankets, toys, toiletries, etc.,” she adds. Just for You Bags is an ADRA project supported and run by volunteers from Blacktown and Penrith Churches. Seven volunteers are directly concerned with the project, each with their varying roles – making the bags, purchasing items, fundraising, packing and delivering the bags. The group have direct contact with the children for privacy reasons.


hristians are asked to be good stewards of God’s gifts. That sounds daunting, but our Sabbath School lessons can help. GSC and the South Pacific Division have also collaborated on a series of stewardship videos. View them at http://bit. ly/2mXvJn2. Sabbath School lessons are available at local churches, ABC stores and online at

Have anything exciting or extraordinary to share? Email us at

01 JUST FOR YOU BAGS FOR HUNTING CHILDREN Noeleen Mackintosh, Coordinator

02 MISSION RALLY: NARELLAN/CAMDEN, NSW There is a tremendous opportunity to establish a mission-focussed church plant in the Narellan/Camden area area.

for Just for You Bag, reports that since

Next year, there will be a brand new

the project began in 2007, they’ve

church plant opening up in the area.

been able to give 1,000 bags. This means that 1,000 hurting kids have had

If you are interested in being part of

the joy of receiving a Just for You Bag

the team for this exciting project, come

and all it contains.

along to our GSC Church-planting Mission Rally.

Just for You Bags are distributed to the children who need them through the

At the rally, the Greater Sydney Con-

Children’s Hospital at Westmead. The

ference and Pr Anders Svensson, the

bags are given to boys and girls from

leader of the plant, will be outlining

birth to 15 years who find themselves

the vision, strategy and oportunities

01 for the church, which will be held in the Narellan Community Hall at 14-16 Queen St, Narellan. Refreshments provided. Questions? Contact Pr Anders Svensson at Inspired to take part, the Ryde Sabbath School adopted the project and provided financial support, which ultimately allowed Sandra to make 12 quilts for the students. Every quilt is different, and each has an embroidered panel on the back with the donor’s favourite Bible text and a space for the student’s name.


tion, Pr Leatuavao stuck closely to the pillars of the movement, preaching from the perspective of the reformers and Sola Scriptura. He covered topics such as: The Long Lost Scroll, the a call to point people back to the Bible as the true measure of doctrine and truth; Salvation by Faith alone, not by work; Resting in Jesus as the Lord of the Sabbath; Soli Deo Gloria as in control of the history of the world as seen in Daniel 2; Hope in Sola Christus and his Second Coming; Resurrection and state of the dead; and other topics.


of the Church planned in 2016 for 2017

“This event provided the opportunity of Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide, Sola Gratia,

representatives from various denominations around the community came and took part in the celebration. “We believe that power of prayer was the key to the success of this event,” said Pr Leulua’i. “The revival we held preceding the launch of the event was a time dedicated to prayer and commitment. The Women’s Ministry team decorated the prayer room and were the prayer warriors. They manned the room every night as people from all walks of life came in to spend quality

The celebration was part of the vision

to share the gospel using the platform

humbling show of support, a number of

time with God in prayer.”

evangelism in tandem with the 2017

In the end, the Mt Druitt Samoan

Reformation Study Tour around Europe

Church had a wonderful time of cele-

and the United Kingdom Pr Asofitu Lea-

bration, spiritual and physical feasting,

tuavao was privileged to take part in.

mingling with their neighbours and making new friends.

Associate Pr Brian Leulua’i continued the groundwork under the direction of

“A great approach to evangelism,”

the Personal Ministry while Pr Leatua-

remarked Pr Leatuavao. “At the grand

vao was on the tour. This included dis-

finale on 19 August, nine souls re-

sentations during the period.

patching letters of invitations to local

sponded to the call to accept Jesus as

denominations. Twice a local Assembly

their personal Saviour and Friend and

In a strategic move to help attendees

of God Church came and provided

sealed their decision through the water

musical items for the programs. In a

of baptism. We praise the Lord!”

Sola Christus and Soli Deo Gloria laid by the great reformers”, said Pr Asofitu Leatuavao who presented sixteen pre-

understand and explore the Reforma-


March February OCTOBER

2017 2018

11 7 11


04 03

04 ABC LAUNCHES GIVEAWAY Still reeling from the loss of Sanitarium's Granola cereal? Here's your chance to grab a box! ABC Sydney is giving away a box (or two) of discontinued Sanitarium Granola. Visit ABC Sydney's Facebook Page for details on how to enter.

05 THE STORY OF NATALIA KOCH Natalia Koch, 27, is from the south of Brazil. She first began coming to the youth Small Group of the Sydney Portuguese Church two years ago. At her wit’s end and struggling to find the truth, but not finding it anywhere, Natalia went to the church and asked God for a sign. He delivered. To great surprise, Natalia saw herself


as she entered the building. Or rather,

was again won by the Samoans. Lupe

she saw a framed photo of herself in

Faatoaga of the Mt Druitt Church won

front of the church. It had been placed

return tickets to Samoa. Lupe worked

there by someone from Women’s

very hard and lost approximately 18

Ministry as part of prayer project. The

kilograms during the competition.

project involved placing a different photo (of a present or absent member

Runner up was Ana Lolohea of the

or a visitor) and have the church pray for

Lakemba Tongan church. Ana wins a

that person during the following week.

short stay at Cedarvale, the Adventist Health Retreat, in the Southern High-

As soon as Natalia saw herself, she

lands. Annie Faalili, another Samoan

knew that that was the place where

and third prize winner, won Sue Radd's

God wanted her to stay. She began

amazing "Food as Medicine." Winners

learning and discovering the Bible

not only look great, they feel fantastic

through study and eventually decided


to be baptised. Not wanting to keep the joy of the truth to herself, Natalia

The 2018 Biggest Winner Competition

began sharing what she has learned

begins on 1 February each year and

with her parents. They are now prepar-

closes in the middle of November. It is

ing to be baptised as well.

is open to all Pacific Islanders aged 18

06 BIGGEST WINNER ANNOUNCED The 2017 Biggest Winner competition

and over. To take part in the competition visit




attending a local Pentecostal church,

A 20-tonne bearing press frame is

years before he’d step foot into Wool-

01 Jill Jenkins, Marja de Smit,

lahra Church.

Esme Eastwood and Noeleen

needed for Kukudu School Marine Department of the Kukudu Adventist College in the Solomon Islands. The part is crucial in that it allows the school to generate income. Please phone Terry Mcnee (04) 1918 1644.

08 WOOLLAHRA CHURCH GROWS BY SIX Just before the start of the new year, six individuals from entirely different walks of life found themselves rejoicing in the momentous occasion in the same place on the same Sabbath: they all accepted Christ as their personal Saviour

Alexander came across the church


online. However, it’d be another two

Mackintosh making rounds Clinten Hanckel comes from a Lutheran background but began investigating and

02 Pr Asofitu Leatuavao

attending Adventist churches after some

preaching on the Reformation

discussions with an "Sevvy" housemate. 03 Enter the Granola Giveaway Susan Johnson had no particular religious upbringing, but was given a Bible by an open-air public evangelist when she was a child; a Bible she still

instore or online at

holds 60+ years later. She's read it cov-

04 Pr André dos Santos Vieira

er-to-cover many times. After watching

baptising Natalia Koch

It Is Written Oceania, Susan began the Discovery Centre correspondence

05 Lupe Faatoaga with 2017

course, which led to an invitation to

Biggest Winner Simon Palesoo

and were baptised.

Dinner with Geoff Youlden and a short evangelistic series in 2017. Following

06 Saimoni, Susan, Alexander,

Jessica Deku of Wales, UK walked into

a Revelation Seminar and some Bible

Jessica, Andrea and Clinten

studies, Susan was keen to be baptised.

receiving a special prayer

an Adventist church in the Cook Islands while doing some volunteer work there. She then looked up her closest Adventist church (Woollahra) after arriving in Sydney. During the first couple weeks of attending church, Jess met Saimoni who she would later go on to marry. That was over three years ago. Jessica wanted to wait until her parents were visiting - so they could witness her baptism. She was in her third trimester. Saimoni Deku, originally from Fiji grew up with one Adventist and one non-Adventist parent and was returning to church after some years of non-attendance. At around the same time as Jessica (now his wife) began attending. Alexander McCallum grew up Catholic, but spent most of his life in the Sydney Anglican Church. After a short time

Italian Andrea Zavattini has a strong Catholic background. He first came across Seventh-day Adventists online and began doing some online studies on Adventists beliefs. Eventually he began attending the church. After three years of studies, Andrea made the decision to commit through baptism. This small glimpse into the varied background of these six individuals,


shows us that God is open to everyone and is eager to receive us all. May the Lord bless and keep Jessica, Saimoni, Alexander, Clinten, Susan and Andrea as they navigate this world and grow more towards Him.

Follow him at The Greater Sydney Conference is also online and we're working hard to the good news coming to you! Follow and interact with us on

Don’t hide your news under a bushel! Write us at Attach images individually in 1 email.


Facebook @SydneyAdventists.

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2017 2018

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Social Youth Dept media for CHURCHES

Struggling with your churches online presence? Here are things you can do to raise your churches reach and profile on social media. 1. IMAGE PROFILE Change to the Adventist logo on a solid background (example, left). It reflects who we are without guesswork. Would people recognize McDonald’s without its Golden Arches? Neither will they recognize us without our logo. We recommend a Campfire background (RGB 227, 101, 32 | HEX #e36520 |

PANTONE 1595 | CMYK 0, 59, 100, 5) and are happy to send you a copy. Your Facebook cover photo is one of the first things people will see when they visit your page, which is why it is so important to make the best first impression possible. Does your church not have a graphic designer? A safe choice is a quality, highresolution photo of your church.

2. HASHTAGS Stick to 1-2 hashtags on facebook & twitter. No more. #biblicalhope or #holistictruth and #sydneyadventists. Discover trending hashtags by going to and add some relevant hashtags. They can help you get attention.

3. CONTENT BUCKETS In general, it’s good to have regular content items. These of course will sometimes be overridden by church events, announcements or internal goals. • SATURDAYS – will tend to be inspirational messages or sermons. • SUNDAYS – feedback or thoughts from Sabbath. • MONDAYS – feature service, partnerships, and stewardship • TUESDAYS – member spotlights. • WEDNESDAYS – cover news and stories from church headquarters or from around the world. • THURSDAYS – cover healthy and upbeat aspects to get people ready for the weekend. • FRIDAYS – address upcoming events or talk about Sabbath School lessons.

4. UPDATE THE ABOUT Make sure the information is completely filled in. HOURS: Add the operational hours to help cut down the calls to reception. STORY: Tell people who you are. Not sure what to say? Feel free to use this one:

our fellow man and share the love and word of Jesus. ABOUT: We are a people of Biblical hope (Sola Scriptura) and holistic truth, and we strive to share this belief in practical ways. #sydneyadventists


If you have a review section for on your church page, shut it down. It isn’t helpful or necessary for the service the church provides.

6. ADD LEGITIMACY TO YOUR PAGE Verify your page. If you haven’t verified your church webpage with Google yet, do that as well!

7. VERBAL STYLE Friendly and personable, but refined as you are representing an organisation. When responding to messages or writing posts, remember that you aren’t addressing friends on your personal account. Avoid politics. Use the plural “we” instead of “I” and mind your punctuation and grammar. One exclamation will suffice. Where possible, tag the entity you’re referring to, but not personal accounts. The individual may not appreciate unsolicited friend requests.

We Seventh-day Adventists of [Location here] are a people of Biblical hope (Sola Scriptura) and holistic truth. We believe that God loves, creates, redeems, inhabits, transforms and triumphs, and we actively strive to share this with the world in practical ways.

8. BEST POSTING PRACTICES TIMES – 6am post, noon post, and evening post (around 6 pm). Posts shared when the News Feed is less busy receive more engagement. BE BRIEF – Posts containing less than 50 characters were found to be the most engaging. USE VIDEO – Video posts (live or recorded) receive more shares than all other post types. GOING SOMEWHERE? – Show us. People enjoy looking at 360 (panorama) shots. Do this for large events. ASK QUESTIONS – Questions get more likes than all other post types. POST QUANTITY – We recommend 3 posts a week for local churches. POST QUAlITY – Good content builds trust and a following. Do not post watermarked images or photos of church members without their permission, particularly children.

9. BOOST YOUR POSTS This is especially effective when you’re trying to draw in a larger non-Adventist audience. Use demographics to really target who you’re going after. Narrow it to a 5km radius of your church. The goal is to connect with those in the church’s vicinity.

We believe that God loves, creates, redeems, inhabits, transforms and triumphs, and we actively strive to share this with the world in practical ways.


[Add the link to your church website here] This is the official Facebook presence of the [Location here] Seventh-day Adventist Church. #biblicalhope #holistictruth MISSION: Our mission is to care for




OCTOBER March February


2017 2018

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The Unsung Hero of

Macarthur College By Sarah Duggan, Journalist

ARIEL BALAGUE IS THE MUSIC TEACHER AT MACARTHUR ADVENTIST SCHOOL. This school is situated in a very low socio-economic area of southwest Sydney and many of the students do not have the opportunity to learn instruments. Mr Balague has such a passion for all students to have the opportunity to learn music and has given freely of his time and his own personal resources to ensure that all students who would like to learn an instrument has that opportunity - no matter the cost. Mr Balague has started up an orchestra at the school as well as being involved in weekend orchestras with children in his local church. He has also looked for opportunities for the students to perform right from kindy age beginners. Mr Balague cares deeply for each of his students and has gone above and beyond what is expected of a teacher. He freely gives his own time and money to ensure that all students have an exciting adventure in music. Mr Balague has also designed music desks for the classroom that allow students to have easy access to keyboards for all lessons. He has worked with tradesmen to build and install these desks in his classroom all with his own time and money.

Reprinted with permission from the Australian Teacher Magazine by EducationHQ. EducationHQ is the central place to connect with, and contribute to, the wider education community. The platform provides unparalleled coverage of the Australian, New Zealand and global education sector from its network of contributors.​

Adventist Education

& its Role in Mission ​ By Dr Jean Carter

The Bible begins with a new earth occupied by humans created in the image of God, experiencing perfect relationship with the Creator, enjoying meaningful work highlighted by acts of loving service, and fulfilled through the opportunity to learn and to apply their God-given creativity. We have no clear idea of the achievements of those generations, but we know God has promised to restore that world. The life we live now may be only a faint shadow of the original, but our lives can bear witness to our hope, founded on God’s promises. Our Adventist identity is defined by the desire to share this amazing promise and the great news of God’s gift of salvation. We are focused on the realities of human need now and for eternity. Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) education plays a significant role in achieving the mission of the church in three essential ways. Firstly, we honour God through the provision of quality education. Our schools seek to nurture and educate young people and to build character that will provide our students with the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes for a successful life. The appeal of such an education draws families who would otherwise have elected to enrol their children in another school or system. Secondly, we foster opportunities for each student to come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. The SDA education system fulfils the gospel commission through a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular programs that introduce students to Jesus Christ. The interconnection of programs offered by schools, churches and the conference reinforce each student’s decision to choose to follow Jesus. This intentionality is an important and real benefit of providing education within a systemic framework which can draw on other departments which are also working on strategies to share fresh insights into the Bible.

Thirdly, beyond these goals, the SDA church holds a number of unique Bible-based insights that are shared with the students and families associated with our schools. Long established insights into true education have given us a strong legacy in holistic development that draws together faith development – especially in the most receptive years of a person’s life, knowledge of health and nutrition and the benefit of service experiences that contribute to the formation of a meaningful life. The school communities that now exist are much more diverse than in years past and in comparison with the profiles of our church communities. This is in response to open enrolment policies, combined with strong mechanisms for retaining the special character of SDA education and responsible financial planning. The resulting opportunities to share a Christian worldview, from a SDA perspective, remains the mission and focus of our education system.​ Choosing the right school for your child can set them on a path to a bright future, both personally as well as professionally. Sydney Adventist Schools provide your child with an excellent all-round education.

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