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AARecap Recap ononIgnite Ignite



THE PRESIDENT Michael Worker

I thoroughly enjoyed IGNITE. PRESIDENT Michael Worker

visionaries and innovators to come

Despite the terrible weather,

together for a weekend of prayer, and map-

the whole weekend was such an

ping out how we can more effectively reach

amazing blessing to me, and based on the

Sydney for Christ. What a great reason to

reports that I have heard from around the

come together!

Conference; most churches were encouraged, blessed and ignited in their

I am delighted and overjoyed that the

passion for Jesus. I know many of our

Wahroonga School has been able to move

members were just astounded at the

into their new building over the Term One

cultural diversity of our church in Sydney.

break. It looks amazing and would be the

Graphic Design

For others, they were amazed at just how

best place imaginable to play hide and seek

Lynda G. Abreu

many Seventh-day Adventists are in Sydney.

due to its size. First and foremost, I would

To me, the event was a foretaste of heaven.

like to give all praise and honour to God for

My prayer is that through Ignite, the 40

the development of this facility and for the

days of prayer and the recent welcome

growth and trajectory of the school.

home Sabbath, you have been inspired and

Secondly, I would like to affirm the Principal,

encouraged in your faith and in the

Michelle Streatfeild, our Education Director

nearness of Jesus coming. My prayer is

Dr Jean Carter, and our CFO, Eva Ing, for

that as an outpouring of this inspiration,

their focus, tenacity and determination to

God will use you in a powerful way to be

achieve this goal. For some, this dream has

a witness for His kingdom in your home,

been more than 50 years in the making, and

church, work place or school.

despite setbacks and trials along the way,

Editor Joyce Taylor

Katrina Jorgensen

Other Contributors Issac A-Agyeman Pam Grootemaat Bruce Judd

God has blessed abundantly.

Terry Kotsiopoulo Glenda Quin Easa Tanaki Pr John Wells

Next issue content due 10 JULY

As a Conference, we are so delighted with the response that we have decided to hold

Now that we have completed this building,

Ignite again! We have set aside the week-

the Conference is preparing for the second

end of 22-23 March 2019 to host another

build later this year. This next stage will

Ignite weekend, and I am confident that it

enable the school to accommodate the

will be bigger and better than the first.

demand for places as well as the future expansion to Year 12. My prayer is that this

For me, an event like this must have the

school, along with the other wonderful

desire to enhance and grow our sense of

Adventist schools in Sydney, will be places

mission to Sydney as a primary goal. To

of ministry where young people come to

this end, we are planning a Mission 2

know a loving God as their friend and

Sydney Think Tank in February 2018. We


are just in the midst of finalising the details, but this will be an opportunity for leaders,

Michael Worker

@ SydneyAdventists




june 2017


ADDRESS 4 Cambridge Street Epping NSW 2121 PHONE 02 9868 6522 EMAIL


Remember the Sabbath

02-06 / 4:53 Friday to 4:52 Saturday 09-06 / 4:52 Friday to 4:52 Saturday 16-06 / 4:52 Friday to 4:52 Saturday 23-06 / 4:53 Friday to 4:53 Saturday 30-06 / 4:55 Friday to 4:56 Saturday 07-07 / 4:59 Friday to 4:59 Saturday


03-06 / Local Church 10-06 / Pacific Adventist University 17-06 / Local Church 24-06 / Education: Macarthur 01-07 / Local Church Read more at


A look back at our conference-wide worship weekend, IGNITE. Find out what went down and where to catch the footage online and where. Plus, get the info for Elder Ted Wilson's visit to the Greater Sydey Conference. Page 06 ARTICLE

Save the Date

02&03-06 / Teen & Youth Rally 17-06 / ABC Sale Weekend 18-06 / Map & Compass 23-06 / Mission 2 Sydney Rally 24-06 / Depression & Anxiety Program 25-06 / Treasury Training 30-06 / BREATHE NEWS

Pathfinder Camporee

A grand total of 615 Pathfinders, plus Pathfinder leaders and Camporee volunteer staff, gathered at the Scout Cataract Scout Camp at Appin, south of Campbelltown for this year's Super Hero Camporee. Page 16

Cherrybrook's India Ministry

Although small in numbers, Cherrybrook Group shows us what Galatians 6:2 (Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfil the law of Christ) looks like. Get inspired on Page 05 NEWS



"All of the women have had difficult lives. We just wanted them to enjoy a peaceful time with their families and help them gain back what was stripped from them.” Beryl Landers Page 18


Top Student Awarded

Daniel Akrawi, an Auburn Adventist Primary School and Sydney Adventist College alumnus, on his University Medal for Outstanding Scholarship. Page 14






· The General Conference has developed revised branding

· Leadership training from 2018 onwards will be focused at local church level rather than at regional or Conference level. As a result, Inspire will no longer be held in the



foreseeable future; A Mission to Sydney Think Tank is being organized for the weekend of 23-24 February 2018. Each church will be invited to send a small number of delegates to assist in developing and shaping the focus on mission within the Conference and formulating key initiatives for reaching this city with the gospel; The General Conference has voted a statement about Transgender persons. It is available at;

· ·


Eva Ing I can’t believe we’re halfway through 2017 already! The finance team have finalised their year-end accounts, for Conference, Schools and Church entities. All financial statements have now been DOESN'T IT SEEM audited, with auditors of LIKE EACH YEAR IS each entity commenting on GOING BY QUICKER the quality of our reports THAN THE ONE and the high standard of BEFORE IT? our financial processes.

Does each year go faster than the year before? ​

It’s a good time to reflect on some of the financial highlights of 2016, which include: A School Company operating surplus of $2.4m, with every school contributing to the surplus, and an equity position of $8.5m. This surplus is used to underwrite our school capital development program. A 2016 enrolment growth of 4.5% (Prep to Year 12). That translates to 99 new students across our school system for a total of 2,295 students. As of the February Census date, growth

· ·

guidelines for the world church including unique Adventist font (Advent sans) to be used consistently around the world for all denominational signage and branding (and is able to be translated into multiple languages). The South Pacific Division has been given approval to continue to use the orange background for external signs and will produce an implementation strategy in the near future.


Major renovations at the Esther Somerville Aged Carefacility at Wahroonga will shortly be completed, including new en suite facilities for each room and respite accommodation; Adventist Counselling Services (ACS) have relocated from the Conference office at Epping to the newly established Sanctuary Lifestyle Medical clinic at Waitara. ACS is open 10am-7pm Wednesdays and Thursdays. To make a booking, call 02 8876 5238 or email The Conference Office redevelopment is progressing well through council. We have received good news in that Sydney trains have not raised any objections to the plans.

· ·

for 2017 was even stronger at 7% (2,453 students). A modest deficit of $13k in Church Ltd, with tithe receipts of $14.5m, indicating a small growth in tithe over the previous year. The signing of a Development Management Agreement for 4 Cambridge Street with Southern Han, and the subsequent lodgement of a development application (DA) in November.

· ·

The year 2016 has been a bountiful year and we are grateful in how God has blessed our Conference. However, we cannot rest on our laurels because there is much to do. In 2017, again by faith and confidence, we rise to meet great challenges set before us:

· While our Schools entity has posted 4 consecutive years of

large surpluses, we have had to borrow strategically for our capital development program fuelled by strong enrolment growth. These projects include: o Completing Stages 1 and 2 of the Wahroonga School project, which is the Middle School building and playing field. We’ve borrowed $9.6m out of the $21m project cost. There is no time to take a breath as we must begin Stage 3 of the Junior School project. By 2018, the Middle School building will be at full capacity and will require 12 additional classrooms to accommodate the expansion into years 10-12. o Work on building projects including: a Prep Centre at Mountain View, a Middle School at Hills and minor works at Macarthur

· Manage the development process for the Conference Office, including the temporary relocation at either the end of this year or early 2018 · Ensure Mission to Cities and other projects are supported

and resourced, including: Lilyfield, New Hope, 3AM Parramatta, Redfern/The Way and Northern Beaches How awesome God is! He has made all things possible!

Cherrybrook’s India Ministry BY BRUCE JUDD The Cherrybrook Company, while a small group in numbers, has had considerable Impact in humanitarian and evangelistic work in India. Together with other friends in their Australia network, the company has been supporting three Christian ministries in the states of Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh in South India, and Haryana in North India since 2009. These ministries work with disadvantaged and low caste communities.

friendship and support from other women and an introduction to Christianity through bible study and prayer at the beginning of class each morning. Prayer that has yielded many healings and amazing answers. As a result, many of the graduates have become Christians and are now attending churches in their villages. It is a wonderful combination of a humanitarian and evangelistic ministry.

In Chennai Tamilnadu, they have supported a young pastor planting churches in the poorest communities through Vacation Bible School programs and free medical clinics. In Haryana, they’ve sponsored children in an orphanage and most recently funded the construction of two bore wells in villages with health issues due to poor quality water.

The church in Jaggampeta also runs an orphanage, including three children sponsored by friends of Cherrybrook, and reg-

“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfil the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2​

In the small Andhra Pradesh town of Jaggampeta, Cherrybrook members raised funds for a Tailoring Training Centre for women. The centre offers a free six-month training program in tailoring skills and a free sewing machine upon graduation. A total of 688 predominantly Hindu women from 17 villages in the district have completed the training. Another 35 women are currently in the program and will graduate shortly. Many trainees are widows, abandoned women, or young girls without vocational training. With their newly acquired skills a sewing machine, they can set up a small home business and earn more than they would doing backbreaking manual labour in the rice fields, while being at home for their children. In rural India, most clothing is sewn by hand so there is plenty of business for the graduates.

ularly provides food and toiletries for children with HIV AIDS. When members visit India annually, they participate in gospel meetings and pastors’ conferences, but the love––most of all––visiting graduates in their homes and hearing the women’s stories of how the tailoring training and a $100 sewing machine has transformed their lives and helped them come to know Jesus.

Amongst the women are very sad stories involving alcoholic husbands, domestic abuse, and loss of husbands or children through accidents, suicide or sickness. Being abandoned or widowed in rural India means very little chance of remarriage, especially if they have children. The Tailoring Centre provides

PHOTOGRAPHS BY BRUCE JUDD Top: A graduate with her family & work L: The Jaggampeta training centre R: A new bore well in North India




5 5



rom Mona Vale to Wollongong, Enmore to Katoomba, Windsor to Campbelltown and everywhere in between, Adventists––along with a number of former and nonbelieving family members, neighbours and friends––gathered at the Southee Pavillion of Sydney’s iconic Olympic park March 17-18, to worship together for the first time in over a decade. Despite unrelenting wind and rain, members trickled by the hundreds then by the thousands. “ There were many complaints about the weather, but it turned out to be a blessing,” said Patricia Goncalves, event organiser. “We anticipated 3,000 attendees, but over 5,000 came out. If the weather had been better, there wouldn’t have been enough seats!” IGNITE kicked off with a Friday evening vespers program and ended Sabbath evening on a high note. Reggie & Lady Love Smith, with musical guests Redeemed and L & C Music, gave a powerful and uplifting concert to an audience around 2,000 strong. THE 7 WORD CREDO

For his message to Greater Sydney, event speaker Dwight Nelson, Evangelist and

Senior Pastor at Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews University (Michigan, USA), presented a series entitled, “Storm: Finding Jesus in the Gathering Dark”. Faith, he said, is a “strategic divine initiative for the storm generation”. In order to weather the trials and tribulations we will face, we have to have faith, and that faith will only come when we personally walk-and-talk with Jesus and rely on Him every step of the way. Pr Nelson drove this point home with the 7-word credo of Hebrews 2:13 all followers of Jesus should live by: “I will put my trust in Him.” MISSION FOCUS

Within our mission field, the Greater Sydney region, there’s a total population of about 4.8 million people. For every 1,000 people in this increasingly secular city, there are just two Adventist church members. On the eastern seaboard, the population is just over 1 million and our representation in this area is even smaller. In addition to person-to-person faith sharing and meeting community needs, a large Conference focus is urban evangelism on the seaboard. A $A66,000-plus special project offering was collected to support this mission.


Adventist Students on Campus

Conferencce pastors on hand to greet attendees as they arrive

Reggie & Ladye Love Smith performing during Sabbath service


ELDER TED WILSON IS COMING TO SYDNEY 17 NOVEMBER - FRIDAY 7:30pm Macarthur Adventist College Macquarie Fields, NSW 18 NOVEMBER - SABBATH 11:00am Wahroonga Church Wahroonga, NSW 18 NOVEMBER - SABBATH 3:00pm Mountain View Adventist College Doonside, NSW

Free breakfast by Sanitarium



Follow us on social media: @sydneyadventists Pr Dwight Nelson making an alter call to the congregation at IGNITE





Ready”, a first-time camper, Tuanofoaga Aritana Leuluaialii, experienced the Holy Spirit at work within a weekend of worship. “I was going through tough situations and this camp was my escape…” Tua says. Pr. Cherry (special speaker at the time) presented a powerful message and in Tuas heart he kept that, “We are never happy if God isn’t our main priority”. In his words, Tua found answers he needed, but most importantly, he found Christ. With great hunger for the Word, he attended a Youth Week of Prayer program and began bible studies. In celebration of Bankstown’s Camp’s 15th Anniversary, the “Let’s Rise Up” Easter 2017 Camp was extra special as Tua decided to give his heart


anitarium Ceases Production of its Loose Flake Cereals Range. Australian consumers will commence seeing instore notification of product range deletions in coming weeks as product lines become unavailable. In Australia, consumer spend in the loose flake cereals category has decreased significantly year upon year resulting in a 65% reduction in loose cereal production volumes over the past 5-6 years. It is unfortunately no longer financially viable.

to God through baptism. Pr Anders Svensson conducted the ceremony in the Berowra Waters on Sabbath afternoon. Please keep the Bankstown Church and Youth in prayer as they continue to prepare for future camps and win souls



for God’s Kingdom. Praise the Lord!

02 A BRIEF HISTORY ON THE GHANAIAN SDA GROUP Did you there was a Ghanaian Church? Isaac A-Agyeman was inspired to start the group after noting the

Estimated stock run out dates range from the end of June to the end of September, 2017. Some products will continue to be available in Independent stores longer than in the larger chains.

Church established a camp at Cross-

abundance of Sunday-meeting Ghana-

lands Youth & Convention Centre

ian churches in Sydney, but none that

without the knowledge that it would

were Seventh-day Adventist. This com-

become an annual event and a ministry

pelled Isaac to seek out other Ghanaian

for church families and friends today.

Adventists. In 2010 Madam Margaret

The purpose of Camp is for spiritual

Bonsu was found and from there, with

revival, spending time with non-SDA

God’s direction, the pair began meet-

Have anything exciting or extraordinary to share? Email us at

friends or family members, escaping

ing at her home for prayer and Bible

of the busy Sydney life and seeking

studies every Sabbath afternoon.

Christ amongst the calm nature and still

“After three meetings, Margaret gave a

waters. At Camp 2016, “Watch & Be

name and phone number to be called

Living Word Worship Centre in Merrylands (2/7 Gladstone Street, Merryland).

03 CAMPBELLTOWN EXPANDS BY GLENDA QUIN After about 16 years of fundraising and planning, Campbelltown Church finally began their extension four weeks ago. Up to now, the children have been meeting in an old house at the back, which is blazing hot in summer and freezing cold in winter. Although sheltered, the house was totally unsafe in all perspectives, including child safety!   The need was recognised many years ago. However, because we’re in a financially depressed area, it has taken this long to get enough money together to qualify for a loan.  The new facility will include children and youth Sabbath School/seminar rooms, a larger hall and a new kitchen.  It is expected to be finished within eight months. God is good.

04 ADVENTIST WINS AT SYDNEY EASTER SHOW Jenny Shea, member of Hurstville Adventist Church, Sydney, and an original tapestry contributor at the Sydney Easter Show, has won 13 prizes over and there came Mr Kwaku Nuako”, said A-Agyeman. “From there, Madam Beatrice Yeboah from Mount Druitt Church also joined and we began multiplying. Pr Alwin Hilton encouraged me to continue the call to plant that church which would be beneficial to reach the Ghanaian SDA members that were backsliding.” As membership grew, the group decided to have Sabbath worship once a month and visit individual homes every

Sabbath afternoon to continue Bible and Fundamental Adventist Beliefsstudies and prayers. Their first Sabbath worship took place during the winter of 2011 at Merrylands Children Museum. The second and subsequent Sabbaths for the next few years would be held at following Madam Beatrice home at Oakhurst. For years the group struggled to find a place to worship. They decided to find a place of a centre in Sydney, and with God’s intervention, found a home at the


the last 11 years. Although she contributes a Bible verse every year and has won runner-up prizes with these verses in the past, this year, for the first time, Jenny took out First Prize for her presentation of Matthew 18:20, “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them”. The win was particularly emotional for Jenny as she had to celebrate without her partner of 12 years, Keith, who passed away in March.

March JUNE


11 11


Bible”. Paul also enjoyed sermons by

traineeship will provide opportunities to

Lloyd Grolimund and was touched by

support churches and Conference health

the testimony of Louis Torres, a former

initiatives, and to participate in Adventist

band member of Bill Hayley and the

training programs. For more information

Comets. When the radio station adver-

about Kristin’s availability please contact

Brass Band were on full display at this

tised the location of the local Wollon-

year's ANZAC Day Parade. The band

gong SDA church he decided he would

Malcolm Rea on (02) 9868 6522.

marched with supporters, flag and sign

attend. He is now studying with the

bearers down Elizabeth Street to the

‘New Believers’ Sabbath School bible

end of Hyde Park at Liverpool Street. A

study group at Wollongong church.

Skills of the Sydney Tongan Church

short clip of their ANZAC debut can be found at

06 RADIO EVANGELISM IN THE ILLAWARRA At 4pm on the Sabbath of 30 April, a new radio station, 87.8 Faith FM, was switched on in the Illawarra. Content for FaithFM radio is derived from 3ABN Radio, Lifetalk Radio, Wahroonga SDA Church, and AMN Hope Radio. The Illawarra Churches entered into a covenant with God when the radio station was turned on that He would find people to listen to Faith FM and come searching, and that the Illawarra churches would take up the challenge to both love and teach those who came in response to what they hearing. Within two weeks of the radio ministry being turned on, the first requests for information began to come through and several requests have come in since then. Members of both Wollongong and Corrimal churches have non-SDA friends who talk about how refreshing they find programs on Faith FM. They appreciate the deeper bible teachings that are not available in their own churches. One man, Paul Green, was scrolling through channels on his radio and came across Faith FM and began to listen. He enjoyed the Heartwise Ministry and the way this ministry “talks about the

07 GSC APPOINTS YOUTH HEALTH AMBASSADOR Kristin Biag, member of Hoxton Park Adventist Church and third year nursing student, has been appointed as the first Youth Health Ambassador for the Greater Sydney Conference office. When asked why she had applied for this position, Kristin replied that is was her growing passion for holistic health and healing God’s way that led to the

08 OUTREACH INITIATIVES AT CARINGBAH CHURCH Caringbah Church has been busy over the last 6 months actively searching for ways to share Jesus with their community, and initiating a range of events and outreach activities. Recently Elise Grant initiated a ‘Pot Plant’ gift where 100 homes around the church were given a pot plant with a ‘You are Always Welcome’ card along with the churches details. The youth also delivered 10 appreciation boxes with food items and a Signs Magazine to to thank volunteer services (such as the

decision. "After the health message changed my life a few years ago, I was drawn into health ministry and responded to the Lord’s call for me to study nursing at Avondale. I have a passion for sharing with young people how God wants us to ‘prosper and be in good health’ (3 John 2).” “We are very excited to have someone as talented and passionate as Kristin in this new position, and by the potential created by this new position. Adventists have been God-gifted as world leaders in health, and today’s research keeps validating what we have known for 150 years, " said Malcolm Rea, Conference Health Director. "Adventists who adopt healthy lifestyles in their youth experience the fullness of life that Jesus desperately wants for every one of us." This new honorary youth leadership



CAPTIONS/CREDITS 01 Sanitarium Public Notice 02 Kristin Biag, GSC Youth Health Ambassador



03 Caringbah Church baptisms: Caitlin, James and Ashlyn 04 Members of the Ghanian Adventist Group 05 The Sydney Tongan Brass Band

05 police department, fire brigade, ambu-

has been working on the lives of James

lance service and PCYC) for their con-

Azzopardi, Caitlin Smith and Ashlyn.

tribution to our community. In March, a seminar by Angela Saunders was held entitled ‘Secrets to living a Longer and Healthier Life’ and many community members attended. In the coming months 500 Mother’s Day roses and a free Father’s Day car wash for the church neighbourhood will be used as a way of showing the kindness, generosity and love of Jesus in a practical way. The church is also looking forward to the up coming ‘Life after Life’ series that will be run by Pr Youlden after a ‘Dinner with Geoff’ in May. Nothing will be fruitful without earnest prayer, so the church has held 10Day and 40-Day prayer sessions to unite and inspire us in our service for Him, and has formed three connect groups to support, study and pray for God’s blessing. But, the highlight and reminder that God is working has been the fruit of three baptisms. The Holy Spirit

06 Prs Christian Copaceano John Tompson at the switching on ceremony AD Visit Adventist Book Centres at Epping & Wahroonga.

09 JUMP START & WAITARA Pr Andrew Russell and Pr Roger Govender invited a team of Jump Start (JS) Literature Evangelists, with JS Leader Andrew Kochanski, to work around Waitara church to look for hot spiritual contacts. Four full-time and four part-time Jump Start LE’s worked for over 100 hours in the community to find almost 40 contacts who requested follow up with physical, emotional or spiritual programs. The team distributed 1500 correspondence course fliers and prayed with almost 30 people at their front door. The Jump Start team were thankful to see many answers to


prayers as they placed truth filled literature into the hands, hearts and homes of the neighbours of Waitara Church.







On why he chose the medical field, Daniel’s response was twofold:


“Growing up, I really loved the sciences and giving back. I couldn’t find another field of study that offered a better opportunity to do the most good. Second, we as Adventists have been commissioned to share a special message to the world, to prepare people for the second coming of Jesus. The same health message that transformed the lives of early Adventists has the power to revitalise one’s mental, physical and spiritual health and ultimately lead people to Christ. I want to be able to facilitate a journey towards better health”.

Akrawi, an Auburn Adventist Primary School and Sydney Adventist College alumnus, credits Adventist education for preparing the university road for him. “I am immensely grateful for the supportive and nurturing environment that the Adventist Schooling system had provided”, he says. “I had dedicated teachers who strongly encouraged a passion for learning, research, independent thought, and leadership, and who were good Christian role models”.

Since competing his studies, Akrawi has started an internship at Liverpool Hospital where he’ll be working for the next two years to eventually specialize in Cardiology. “My favourite part was studying physiology. I’ve always loved how the heart works, and I want to be able to save them and keep them going”.

aniel Akrawi has received the University Medal for Outstanding Scholarship. The recent Western Sydney University Medical School graduate came in second overall in his medical cohort, first in Paediatrics and graduated with Honours Class 1 after conducting research on the relationship between religiosity, spirituality and disordered eating. Research he was able to present in London, Hong Kong and here in Sydney. (Research link:

With his intellect, Akrawi could have studied anywhere. But he chose this university for a specific reason. “My parents left a country ravaged by war and injustice, and were welcomed into the warm arms of Western Sydney”, he says. “Having been born and raised in Fairfield, I’ve had the privilege of undertaking numerous medical and community placements in my local area. The medical program provided me with an opportunity to learn from and serve the communities that have allowed my family to thrive and flourish”.




tudents and staff from Sydney Adventist School Auburn (SASA) presented to the congregation of Auburn Church. An early Easter service was. It was their way of thanking current church members for their commitment in helping establish a successful Primary School that has impacted generations of students for 100 years. The spirit of those pioneers is still reflected in the current generation of students, teachers and staff. SASA continues to be a place where emphasis is not only in developing confident students in literacy or mathematics, but also in the personal life attitudes that are expressed in the 10 ideals of The SASA Way, ideals that are expressed in the school’s pledge: We love and respect god. We love learning and strive to achieve our best. We always ‘have a go’ and have a joyful and positive mindset. We respect each other, our school and our teachers. We are responsible and always help, support and include each other. We value safety. We are part of our community.

for Jesus in the school choir, in leading the congregational singing, and in the presentation of their special item. Students also participated in scripture readings, offering and drama about the true meaning of Easter. School Captain Amelia Isaac, an active Christian who worships with her family at her local Catholic church, is currently in her last year of education at SASA. This was the first time she and her family had ever been inside an Adventist church. Amelia demonstrated the spirit of the school by confidently supporting Pr John Wells, the school’s chaplain, in presenting the sermon in illustration and in word, commenting on the people who were gathered around the cross. SASA looks forward to celebrating their 100 Year Anniversary and status as the second oldest school in Sydney and a beacon of light in their local community. Join us for our celebration (3 Macquarie Road, Auburn NSW 2144) at 10am on 22 July. To RSVP, visit us on the


One Hundred Years One Hundred CELEBRATING

Students represented the diversity of the current student body with a mix of Adventists and Christians. For many of the students, it was their first time in an Adventist church. Under the leadership of Miss Heidi Bogacs, they sang with their hearts



One Hund One Hundred Years One HundredYears OneYears Hundred 10 22 OneYears Hundred Years One Years Hundred 22 10 Years22 10 CELEBRATING CELEBRATING







ARSVP U B Uplease R N go to event and to AU BURN 3 MACQUAR AUBURN, NSWor S Y D N E Y A D V E N T I S T S C H O O L AUBURN, N 3 MACQUARIE JULY visitAM the school's Facebook pageRD RD 32144 MACQUARIE

22 22 10 221010

3B MACQUARIE RD AM AU U R NJULY 2144 AUBURN, NSW S Y D N E Y A D V E N T I S T S C H O O L AUBURN, NSW For more information and to RSVP please go to AUBURN, NSW AM or visit the school’s Facebook 2144 JULYJULY AM 2144page JULY AM A U B U R N2144 For more information about the3 MACQUARIE RD INTRASYD JUNE 2017 information 15 the JUNE 2017about event and to RSVP please goFor to more AUBURN, NSW





The Greater Sydney Conference Pathfinder’s SUPER HERO CAMPOREE began and ended with the raising and the lowering of the special Camporee flag, respectively. The backbone of the program was the worship. All 615 Pathfinders, plus Pathfinder leaders and Camporee volunteer staff, gathered in the tent to participate held at the Scout Cataract Scout Camp at Appin, south of Campbelltown. God provided the amazing miracle of lovely sunny days, and dedicated staff worked tirelessly to make the camporee a great success for the glory of God.

This year was the first time Camporee offered clubs activities. A total of 11 activities (six traditional and five honours) were presented for clubs to choose from. The activities numbered in variety and involved a combination of elements, such as: wet and dry, passive and active, thinking and doing, mud and colour, physical and stationary, and laughter and fun. Each highlighted a different biblical hero. The honours added a new dimensions that included: Frisbee throwing skills, scary spider drawings, researching endangered animals, cooking skills and herb crafts.

“Amazing Worship!” - Pathfinder

“Awesome Activities!” - Pathfinder

From his first sermon, Pr Dejan Stojkovic (center right), Youth Director for the British Islands Union, entranced the packed tent with personal stories and presentations highlighting Biblical superheroes. “Everyone at this camporee will be changed because here you will meet the greatest superhero of all: Jesus Christ”, said Pr Stojkovic. Come worship time, Pathfinders eagerly flocked to the tent to fellowship, praise God, spend time in prayer and be challenged. On Sunday evening, Pr Dejan began his presentation by encouraging the youth to make a decision at the end of his talk. “You have to make choices in life, and tonight you will make a spiritual one”. They did: 145 Pathfinders asked for Bible Studies and 107 requested baptism.

“The best Camporee that I have ever attended!” - Pathfinder Club Staff





Hope stayz Ministering to women one group at a time By Joyce Taylor “I loved everything. I loved worship, I loved the pop-up shop, I loved (the) painting (session)––which could have gone longer. I loved that everyone was kind. I loved how I was accepted, even though I have my issues." Susan* *Name has been changed


usan was amongst 14 women (plus their combined 32 children) to attend this year’s HOPE STAYZ, one of the most rewarding initiatives of the Greater Sydney Conference. Organised and executed entirely by Women’s Ministry, the 2-night/3-day retreat serves as a mini-getaway for select guests. Its purpose is to bask women in love and give them hope in order to restore their dignity and confidence and renew their courage and self-worth. “All of the women have had difficult lives”, said Beryl Landers, Director of Women’s Ministry at the Conference. They’ve come from broken homes and fled foreign ones; have faced homelessness and stifling poverty; have been victims of domestic violence and/or sexual abuse; they’ve overcome substance addictions. They’re single mothers working hard to provide for their families, many of them hidden under the protection of AVOs (Apprehended Violence Orders). Women are our own. We just wanted them to enjoy a peaceful time with their families and help them gain back what was stripped from them.” Susan, a single mother and domestic abuse victim suffering

anxiety, turrets and PTSD, learned of the event from a friend at Brighter Futures. “I had no idea what to expect and I was scared. There was a woman that drove me to the event and I didn’t want her to leave me. I didn’t know how I’d survive. Then I arrived and found that they had arranged a companion for me and I was going to be okay.” Not only was it okay, it was miraculous. “My daughter is autistic, has ADHD, OCD, PTSD and a number of other disorders. She would never walk around our house. I only just started getting her out of her room and down the hall. And there she was, walking about the centre (Crosslands). Not feeling scared. Trusting other people with my child is hard for me, really hard. But she was well looked after. And the peace I felt having some time to myself… It’s not easy with a child like mine. I haven’t had time to myself in a very long time.” The HOPE STAYZ program features a number of items to help strengthen the women on their journeys, including: life skills workshops (such as finance management), therapeutic exercises, self-expression activities and a pamper session. The retreat also features worship, a kids camp (affording the women time for themselves), a boutique shop––where they can enjoy refreshments and update their wardrobe with free clothing––and a banquet dinner celebrating them. The retreat is funded, supported and staffed by the women in and of the Greater Sydney Conference. Non-Adventist Hayley Bryson, a volunteer in the boutique, was touched by the experience. “We all have a story, but the small positive things we do together make a big difference to others and ourselves. It was an absolute honour serving along side so many incredible volunteers. To see the smiles on the faces of our guests and their children is something I will not forget. I can not wait for 2018!” To financial contribute to this initiative, visit and enter your donation under “Hope Stayz”.

MY AFFAIR - A poem by Terry Kotsiopoulo


started gambling at an early age; the compulsion turned into a craving. I was feeling lost and lonely, and so insecure. I felt I had to move on and be someone new.

I went to a friend and she introduced me to pills. It was love at first. Swallow, I never felt hollow. My love for pills made me feel good like no one else ever could. As time went by my love for pills became a bore. And for some reason I felt like a whore. At a disco one night I met alcohol. When he touched my lips I could not resist: his charm, his smile, his gentle kiss. Alcohol was something I could not resist. I decided to take Ally home so I wouldn’t be alone. Alcohol taught me so many things. He told me to have a baby without a care. He taught me selfish love and how not to share. As time went on I thought I’d marry. It didn’t matter who, whether Tom, Dick or Harry. So I met Harry and walked out on Ally.

Heroin and I ran away together. Our love for each other got us through stormy weather. Heroin’s love was something new cause it gave me a lot of orders and something to do. But, my love for Heroin was so strong I didn’t care if I did anything wrong. It eventually got to my head. Oh, I didn’t care if I shot someone dead! My relationship with heroin got somehow confused and I really felt that I had been used. I walked out on heroin while the love was still strong, but somehow I knew his love was wrong. I walked alone in darkness, and along the way I realised deep down that I’d been used and lead astray. The love of my life had made me confused and I was so hurt and bitter as I walked away. All I could feel was defeat and I was hearing crazy voices in my head. Oh, how I wished that I was dead! I wanted to meet someone along the way, even if they only said “G’DAY”. And so I did in a special way. They were GOD’S people waiting for me with tender loving care to set me free. They sang their song of wisdom and peace, and today I have love and a life with a sense of relief. Terry first learned of HOPE STAYZ in 2016 when she attended as a guest. She returned this year as a volunteer.


Preparations for HOPE STAYZ 2018 are already underway and Sydney Adventist Women could use your help in making it a special time for our guests. Here’s what we need:





JUNE March



MT DRUITT CHURCH: 55 Hythe St, Mount Druitt NSW





WEDNESDAYS 31 MAY, 7 - 21 JUNE @ 7:30PM-8:45PM

Mrs Claire Marsh, Registered Psychologist & Manager of the Adventist Counselling Services for the Greater Sydney Conference. Are you wanting to strengthen your marriage? Are you going through a difficult time in your marriage? This seminar will help you. Topics covered will include, building strong foundations, the art of communication, having an emotionally healthy relationship and making marriage work.

Parenting is one of the hardest but most enjoyable privileges that one can have. Our children don’t come with an ‘Operations Manual’, however there are some principles that you can apply in your parenting today to help you build resilient and well adjusted children. Over the 4 weeks, we will cover topics such as Parenting and Technology, Building Resilient Children, Raising Teenagers, Boundaries and Communication.


PHONE: 0439 769 008


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