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Badan Hal Ehwal Islam dan Pembangunan Insan, or more commonly known as EHSAN, is a registered student organisation closely affiliated to Education Malaysia and Malaysia Students’ Council of Australia (MASCA). As one of the main student representatives in Victoria, EHSAN actively works to serve the interest of more than 10000 Malaysian students, as well as the broader Muslim community in general. Strongly guided by our vision to ‘Engage, Educate and Empower’, our work primarily aims to promote continuous interaction and intermingling between the various Malaysian Student Organisations and Malay Organisations in Victoria, as seen through our collaborations with them in hosting large scale events such as our annual MWBBQ and Mega Raya Melbourne. Our newly introduced event, the Ehsan Aspiration Summit (EAST) - to be held for the first time this year - would now join our record as an event that will greatly serve as a medium for students to engage, learn and contribute to highly intellectual discussions revolving around all sorts of issues, which we believe would empower and prepare students for life beyond academic walls.

KELAB UMNO MALAYSIA MELBOURNE (KUAM) Established in 1988 as a non-profit organisation, Kelab UMNO Australia Melbourne (KUAM) caters for the social and welfare aspects of Malaysian communities and students in Victoria, Australia. Since then, KUAM aimed to foster closer ties between the Malaysian communities regardless of race, religion and background. KUAM believes in maintaining a harmonious and unified Malaysia in Melbourne through organising various activities intended to bring Malaysians together. We always welcome contributors and volunteers to help out with all the events that we organise in collaboration with other Malaysian Students Organisations (MSO).





, O

Level 1, 432 St. Kilda Rd, Melbourne, 3004 VIC

d m w

+613-9866 6204 (Fax)

+613-9573 5400 (Reception) +613-9573 5402 (Consul Gen.’s Office) +613-9573 5407 (Immigration Dept.)



Consulate of Malaysia (Education Section) 67 Victoria Road, Bellevue Hill, 2023 NSW

O d

(02) 9327 7565 / 7596 (02) 9363 1257 (Fax)

m w




Malaysia Hall Melbourne, 4K High Street, Windsor, 3181 VIC

O d

(03) 9529 4507 (03) 9529 4509 (Fax)


Malaysian student organisations Malaysian Student’s Council of Australia, Victoria (MASCA)

N l K X MASCA Victoria - VIC Chapter masca_victoria

Malaysians of Melbourne University (MoMU)

l K X Malaysians of Melbourne University (MoMu) @momumomu

RMIT University Malaysian Association (RUMA)

l K X RMIT University Malaysian Association @rumarmit


Monash University Malaysian Students’ Union (MUMSU)

l K X Monash University Malaysian Student Union - MUMSU @instamumsu

Malaysian Society of Deakin University (MSDU)

l K X Malaysian Society of Deakin - MSDU @msdeakin

Malaysian Students Society (MASS) - Monash Caulfield

l K X

4 Malaysian Student Society - MASS Monash Caulfield @masscaulfield

Malaysians at Swinburne Association (MSA)

l K X Malaysians at Swinburne Association MSA @msa_swinburne

Victoria University Malaysian Association (VUMA)

l K Victoria University Malaysian Association (VUMA)

Malaysian Medical Students and Alumni of Victoria (MAMSA)

l K X MAMSA VIC @mamsavic

Malaysian Hall Resident Club (MHRC) Melbourne



16/4 Seminar Pembangunan Insan (SPI) A place for intellectual discussion and listening to experienced speakers on the chosen topics.

EHSAN Aspiration Summit (EAST) EAST is a new event to be introduced by EHSAN Victoria for the first time this coming 2017. Consistent with EHSAN’s new vision to “Engage, Educate, Empower”, EAST will serve as our main platform to bring forward and allow a variety of issues and topics to be discussed by student or nonstudent intellects, from all races and backgrounds.

29/4 EAST 1.0

Kesederhanaan Global

23/9 EAST 2.0





9 10

Financial Ready

WEEKLY CLASS These two lectures are our main focus throughout the semester. The main objective of these lectures are to provide and strengthen the spiritual values among Muslim students here in Melbourne. We cooperate with ustaz and ustazah that are available in Melbourne to provide us with reliable informations. Everyone is invited to attend Bual Bicara Al-Quran and for all female students are invited to the Kuliah Wanita. See you there!


eve BUAL BICARA ALQURAN (BBQ) • Once a week (Thursday*) • Learning Al-Quran, history and lessons for our daily guidance KULIAH WANITA (KW) • Once every 2 weeks (Saturday*) • Similar to BBQ with focus on helping female Muslim with daily problems *subject due to change

ents2017 3




11 12

20/5 Kuliah Mega Melbourne (KMM) Pursuit of knowledge doesn’t limit in the classroom. Dive into the topics from Islamic point of view and you’ll be amazed on how everything is interrelated.

5/8 Mega Raya Melbourne “Selamat, selamat Hari Rayaaa~ Kami uuucapkan pada semuaaaaaa”

Malam Gemilang

A dip into culture with glitz and blitz.

Melbourne Sports Day It’s time to get sweaty! Healthy body, healthy mind.


Kick the ball as if you are kicking all your problems away


To all gamers junkie, this is your war.

How else can we celebrate the festivity and warmth of Hari Raya if not by hosting and attending open houses? EHSAN Victoria and KUAM brings to you our very own Open House, welcomed for all! With an array of super delicious, mouth-watering traditional dishes served, this is surely an event that no man can resist! Never joined a rewang before? Join us into the fun of the hustle and bustle of the preparations, as EVERYTHING will be prepared from scratch by our fellow Malaysians. Make new friends, learn new cooking tips, polish your knife skills, all while gossiping cheerfully away with great company. 7



Great Ocean Road Definitely one of the best places in the continent or even the world (as one of us would claim!). Comprised of two national parks (Port Campbell National Park and Great Otway National Park), you can now explore the place where the forest meets the ocean. 8

Wilsons Promontory National Park A place in isolation where the mountains meet the ocean! Famous for its very own 90-mile beach, there are just so much more to explore! On a side note, this national park particularly requires you to apply for a permit to stay overnight.

Puffing Billy Puffing Billy is Australia’s premier preserved steam railway and operates everyday except Christmas Day! Step back in time whilst dangling your legs over the side of the train carriage, through the magnificent Dandenong Ranges (from Belgrave to Gembrook – 5 stops), located only one hour east of Melbourne.

Phillip Island Grampians National Park Explore the highland of Victoria through long walks and hikes along eucalyptus and paperbarks on rocky mountains while you enjoy the view. For a fairytale-ish, gloomy and foggy vibe, it’s nice to be there in autumn.

Your best buddies (kangaroos, wallabies, koala) are waiting for you here in the Phillip Island Wildlife Park! Show your friends and family in Malaysia your experience in getting to interact, feed and taking photos with them closely. As you heading back to the city, don’t forget to catch the beautiful sunset at The Nobbies, while enjoying the amazing view of the ocean.

Mount Buller Visit Mt Buller if you don’t wanna miss out the chance to experience playing and making a snowman, alongside other activities such as skiing, snowboarding, toboggan and others! An easy three-hour drive from Melbourne, Mt Buller is the most accessible alpine resort in Australia, which will definitely give you a memorable experience as an overseas student. 9

Green Refectory, Brunswick Famous for the lovely vibe and affordable pastries and desserts! As it’s located at Sydney Road, they are quite concerned about the ingredients in the food they serve. So, to my Muslim friends, don’t hesitate to ask! This actually applies to other cafes too. You can simply just enquire about the ingredients they serve. Most of them will be aware of this issue as Aussies are generally health conscious about their diet. It’s normally full house, but it shouldn’t be a long wait to get a seat. 10

Pidapipo, Lygon Street

Definitely one of the go-to gelato place in Melbourne. And the good news is, it’s only 5-10 min walk from unimelb if you’re up for a random ‘getaway’ after a stressful day at uni.

Sydney Road This is one of the few places to get your supply of halal poultries in Melbourne. There are also Coles and an asian grocery at Barkly Sq, and Aldi nearby. Basically, you can get pretty much what you need if you’re here looking to fill your pantry or even your tummy.

Brother Baba Budan, Little Bourke Street Degraves Street An artsy place; famous for its very own local art products, small galleries along sidewalks and little, authentic coffee shops. It’s a must go! It’s quite hidden along Flinders St, so make sure you don’t miss the junction.

Flinders Lane A short stretch of coffee shops and cafes which gives you an insight of what Melbourne CBD is like, with a bit of combination with Europe or New York. You will admit that Melbourne is one of the great coffee cities.

For a hard core coffee lover, this is an accidental found; hence, love at first sight. If you know where Blok M is, there shouldn’t be a problem looking for this cafe. It’s always full house there. On a side note, they use the same beans as Seven Seeds at Berkeley St, which is just a short walk from the Faculty of Business and Economics, unimelb. 11

food HUNTz Little Ipoh, La Trobe St.

This Malay cuisine restaurant is undoubtedly famous among Malaysians as well as locals. The restaurant also will occasionally prepared a special menu (Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu etc) during weekends.

Nasi Lemak House, Grattan St.

This hawker-style Malaysian food provides the best Nasi Lemak in town! You can also order other variety of ‘fried menu’. The best part is that the restaurant provides delivery service.

Papparich, QV Square

This well-known restaurant located in one the biggest mall in the city, provides a variety of Malaysian food.

Norsiah Kitchen, Swanston St.

This restaurant which is literally 5-10 minutes walk from the University of Melbourne; is one of the main restaurants among students. With an affordable price and a plentiful food on plate, it is definitely worth it. 12

Bali Bagus, Franklin St.

Blok M, Little Bourke St.

Nelayan Restaurant, King St.

Laksa Bar, Little Lonsdale St.

Killiney Kopitiam, Lygon St.

Burger Edge, Melbourne Central

ZamZam Cafe, Londsdale St.

Kedai Satay, Lonsdale St.

Nene Chicken (korean)

Gami Chicken (korean)

Sofia’s Restaurant, Camberwell (italian)

Tom Phat Restaurant (thai)

Sushi Sushi (japanese)

Tiba‘s, Lygon St. (lebanese)

Town Hall Kebab, Sydney Rd.

...and many more. Feel free to ask around. 13




? 2





? 3 ? 1



? MELBOURNE CITY 1 Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV) 2

66-68 Jeffcott St, West Melbourne Australian Muslim Social Services Agency (AMSSA) 91-101 Boundary Rd, North Melbourne

3 Melbourne Madinah 359 Exhibition St

4 University of Melbourne Islamic Prayer Space


253 Little Pelham St

5 Albanian Australian Islamic Society of Carlton North

765 Drummond St, Carlton North

6 RMIT City Campus Prayer Room Spiritual centre,Building 46 RMIT, Lygon St

7 Docklands Harbour Town Prayer Room

440 Docklands Dr, Docklands




1 Thomastown Mosque

124/130 Station St, Thomastown VIC 3074

2 Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque

90 Cramer St, Preston VIC 3072

BRUNSWICK 3 Brunswick Mosque

660 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC 3056






4 Coburg Islamic Centre (CIC)

31 Nicholson St, Coburg VIC 3058

CLAYTON Room G07 & G06a


Building 9, Monash Uni. Clayton Campus, Clayton, Vic 3168





There is a prayer room located on Level 1 of Alpine Central, next to tobogan/kids area and also next to lift. Open daily, from 8:30am until 5pm.

You can make a stop at Geelong Mosque which is approximately an hour from the Melbourne City.

There are Hallam Mosque, Maru prayer room and a large space (a hall) located at Noobies Island. Please ask permission from the administrators to use the space.

Emir Sultan Mosque. The address is 139 Cleeland St, Dandenong which is 20 minutes from the Puffing Billy. 15


Fiqh SOLAT MUSAFIR Musafir Syarat Jamak (himpun solat) • Hendaklah berturut-turut antara dua solat itu dengan tidak diselangi dengan penceraian yang terlalu lama. • Dibolehkan Jamak untuk sebabsebab lain selain musafir, contohnya waktu peperiksaan yang mengganggu waktu solat atau kesesakan lalu lintas (dibolehkan untuk jamak tanpa qasar) • Berniat hendak menjamakkan keduadua solat dalam waktu solat yang pertama (boleh niat Jamak selagi belum bagi salam dalam waktu solat pertama) Syarat Qasar (memendekkan 4 rakaat jadi 2 rakaat) • Perjalanan lebih 2 marhalah (~ 90km) • Tujuan musafir bukan untuk maksiat • Hanya untuk solat zohor, asar dan isyak • Tidak boleh berimamkan orang yang bersolat sempurna rakaat • Berkekalan perjalanannya sehingga sempurna solat Waktu solat Australia • Waktu solat tidak menentu. Kalau tak sempat, boleh Jamak (tak boleh Qasar) • Contoh: Musim sejuk, Zuhur 12.00pm Asar 2.15pm Maghrib 4.30pm. Kelas bermula 1.00pm, habis 6.00pm. • Jadi tak sempat solat Asar kan? Maka, ketika solat Zuhur sebelum kelas, sambung buat Jamak Asar 4 rakaat. • Kalau lupa, dan perlu solat juga ketika kelas, boleh keluar sekejap dan solat di laluan kelas. 16

Sebelum keluar rumah, rancang solat anda! • Ingat waktu solat • Wudhuk awal • Rancang tempat solat

MAKANAN V-signed packaging • Bermaksud vegetarian, tidak mengandungi sebarang daging • Berhati-hati: vanilla extract No alcohol Fried food • Pastikan tidak menggunakan sebarang minyak haiwan • Saduran (batter) bukan beer battered

Maksud Menyapu tangan yang basah di atas khuf (kasut/ stokin) sebagai ganti kepada membasuh kaki semasa berwuduk. merupakan keringanan HARUS ketika musim sejuk, musafir atau sakit. Ciri-ciri Khuf • Kalis air (atau air tidak tembus ke kulit)

• Tidak jarang

Whey powder • Adalah campuran susu lembu & enzim lembu • Jika lembu tersebut disembelih, maka whey powder itu halal. Sebaliknya tidak boleh.

Gelatin babi • Fatwa Malaysia – HARAM • Fatwa UK – HALAL (kerana hilang sifat kebabiannya) • Dapatkan gelatin berasaskan tumbuhan.

Spirit vinegar • HALAL jika cuka semula Vanilla extract jadi • Majoriti mengandungi • HARAM jika diproses alcohol dengan bahan kimia • Berhati-hati ketika membeli


• Dipakai dalam keadaan ada wudhuk • Tidak mudah koyak • Suci daripada najis Tempoh dibenarkan • Bermukim (1 hari 1 malam) • Musafir (3 hari 3 malam) • Bermula daripada saat sapu air, atau ketika terbatal wudhuk Batal sekiranya • Habis tempoh

• Buka khuf (stokin dll) • Ada keperluan untuk mandi wajib Cara memakai? • Berwuduk ketika memakai khuf • Untuk berwuduk seterusnya, cukup sekadar menyapu atas khuf dengan tangan basah, dibolehkan menyapu bahagian bawah khuf. 17


SOLAT DALAM KENDERAAN Pengenalan • Solat di dalam kenderaan • Berlaku kerana keadaan tidak mengizinkan untuk berhenti solat di R&R seperti di Malaysia • Menghampiri darurat (perlu solat juga!) • Dalam kapal terbang, kereta api, bas dan sebagainya • Sering terjadi apabila kita dalam perjalanan atau melancong di luar negara, di mana mereka bukan muslim, jadi tidak ambil kisah mengenai berhenti sebentar untuk solat fardhu. Solat Hormat Waktu? Ustaz Nushi • Solat dalam kenderaan tak cukup rukun (kerana ada rukun kita tak buat sebab buat dalam keadaan duduk. Contohnya tiada sujud ke lantai, tiada rukuk sambil berdiri dan sebagainya. Pendek kata tidak sempurna) • Apabila sudah berada di tempat yang selesa, dan boleh solat, perlu qada’ balik solat yang dilakukan di dalam kenderaan, sebab nak sempurnakan rukun yang kita tak lengkap itu. (Konsep top up balik)


Ustaz Don Daniyal • Solat sekali sahaja untuk satu fardhu • Sekali solat, biarpun dalam kenderaan, maka sudah dikira solat. • Balik rumah tak perlu qada’. • “Once you’ve prayed, you’ve prayed” • Ikut pendapat masing-masing nak pegang pendapat mana satu. • Tetapi “TAQWA MESTI MELEBIHI FATWA” • Yang penting, jangan jadikan istilah QADA’ itu sebagai sebab tak perlu solat walaupun dalam perjalanan. • PERLU SOLAT DALAM SITUASI APA PUN • nota: qada’ tidak wujud zaman Rasulullah. Imam Syafi’e yang bagi, sebagai kelonggaran buat mereka yang tertidur. Bukan untuk suka-suka. Bagaimana? 1. Takbir - Seperti biasa 2. Rukuk - Badan bongkok ke hadapan sedikit, tangan dilutut 3. I’tidal - Badan tegak seperti biasa 4. Sujud - Badan bongkok kehadapan sedikit, tangan di lutut (sama seperti rukuk tadi, cuma kepala lebih bongkok melebihi paras lutut)

• Solat sambil duduk (walaupun tidak sakit dan tiada keuzuran badan, tetapi dalam hal ini, dianggap solatnya, rukun tidak sempurna) • Berdiri dan solat seperti biasa tidak digalakkan sekiranya menggangu keselamatan diri dan orang lain • Tidak menyusahkan konduktor/ pramugara dan sebagainya dikhuatiri menjadi fitnah (dianggap pengganas) • Tetapi sekiranya mampu, dipersilakan Menghadap Kiblat • Sekiranya tahu arah kiblat (menggunakan aplikasi telefon) • Perlu diingatkan bahawa lain tempat lain arah kiblatnya, terutama dalam kapal terbang yang bergerak laju • Ketika takbir pertama, menghadap kiblat. Selepas itu, boleh duduk seperti biasa. • SEKIRANYA MAMPU, hadaplah kiblat daripada tempat duduk kita (maksudnya kiblat adalah kiri/ kanan sedikit daripada tempat duduk kita.) • Sekiranya kiblat menghadap betul-betul kanan/kiri/belakang, tak perlu mengiring seperti tadi. Maka angkat takbir dan solat seperti biasa. Waktu Solat • Ada beberapa pendapat • Mengikut waktu solat negara kita bertolak (Malaysia, sekiranya penerbangan ke Melbourne) • Mengikut kedudukan/lokasi kenderaan itu sedang berada • Paling dipersetujui, bergantung pada lokasi kenderaan kita itu

Wudhuk • Boleh ambil wudhuk di dalam tandas kapal terbang/kereta api • Sekiranya tahu mengenai khuf, boleh gunakannya • Sekiranya tiada wudhuk, dan tiada ada tempat boleh ambil wudhuk dalam kenderaan • Boleh bertayamum menggunakan debu-debu suci (tepuk-tepuk di tempat duduk, tingkap, dll) • Kerana debu suci tak semestinya tanah bumi, habuk pun dikira debu suci Aplikasi telefon • Islamic Finder • Muslim Pro • Prayer Times • Athan • Muslim World League or Islamic Society National America (ISNA)

Penutup • Sekiranya ada orang bertanya soalan, teruskan solat seperti biasa. • Atau sekiranya orang itu tidak faham, bolehlah berhenti solat dan menjawab persoalannya. Kemudian terpaksalah memulakan solat dari rukun pertama. • Solat dalam kenderaan mungkin berasa janggal. Lama-kelamaan akan menjadi kebiasaan. 19






Locate halal restaurants, mosques, and markets in your area or anywhere in the world.

Uber is a ridesharing app for fast, reliable rides in minutes. Just tap to request a ride, and

pay with credit.

Discover restaurants to eat out at or order in from. User reviews and photos will help you to choose.

Get the food you want, from the restaurants you love, delivered at Uber speed.

Public Transport Victoria (PTV)




It provides journey planning and the most up-to-date public transport information.

Allow access to your accounts and banking transactions anytime and anywhere.

Check real-time tram arrival information for any tram stop in Melbourne.

Faster and simpler ways to transfer money and make payments.

Scan Halal

Provides valuable information on sources of food ingredients for consumers to make betterinformed dietary choices.

Halal Check E-Numbers

Check the Halal status of food ingredients, additives & E-Codes.


Muslim Pro


Lost on Campus

Mobile Learn


You can order meals from your favorite neighborhood restaurants that traditionally do not deliver.

Easily search flights,hotels and cars in one place. You can find and compare the cheapest days to fly.

Keep up with your courses by letting you access them whenever and wherever you want.

The prayer time & azan application, also features Qibla locator and Hijri calendar.

Find every tutorial room, lecture theatre, coffee shop, toilet, even the nearest vending machine.

Convenience mobile banking. It is a secure and easy way to bank on the go.



transport Myki is your ticket to travel in Melbourne and parts of Victoria. It is a reusable smart card that is easy to use.

Top up before your journey and then touch on and touch off at a myki reader as you travel.


You can top up your myki at: • tram stations • train stations • convenience stores • online top up




The moment you enter the a public transportation, remember to touch on your Myki as you would be fine a $280 if you are caught by local authorities for not touch on your Myki. You are only needed to touch off your Myki if you are travelling in Zone 2 area. You would only be charged a total of two times a day with an interval of two hours per charge. There are a specific area around the city of Melbourne called “Free Tram Zone” where you do not need to touch on your Myki as you travel along the routes since it is entirely free.




Public Transport in Metropolitan Melbourne covers two zones, Zone 1 and Zone 2, and includes a zone boundary overlap (Zone 1 + 2). Fares are based on the zones in which travel occurs, whether in a single zone or across both zones. To know the zones you are travelling in, used the link provided; zones/

Early Bird train travel

Touch on and touch off before 7.15AM and ensure you have a positive myki money balance to receive the free Early Bird fare.


Tertiary students (undergraduate only) Tertiary students studying a full time undergraduate course on-campus can apply for a PTV Tertiary Student ID. This provides the student with entitlement to use a Concession myki.


F.A.Q As a muslim, how about my religion there? Is there anything I need to worry about? ' Worry not, mostly people here in Australia really respect each other. So far, we did not hear any reports about anything as in assault etc. But if anything happened in the university which is unlikely, you can report it directly to the security officers and they will raise more awareness and do more frequent rounds. One more thing about university, if you are going back from the library at night and feel afraid to walk alone, you can have a security officer to accompany you to a safer place where you can go.

If I craving for Malaysian foods which are unavailable at the restaurants, where can I get the ingredients to make them myself? Ask from Malaysian Hall. No, just kidding


There are a few Asian supermarkets around Melbourne. Some are Minh Phat Supermarket, Laguna Oriental Supermarket and Mix Oriental Supermarket and to make this short, you can just google it to find the supermarket on maps. There are also Asian section in their local supermarket so you can also buy them there.

What are the absolute must-do attractions/ experiences in the Melbourne region? u Melbourne’s huge amount of diversity and wide number of cultural attractions and landmarks makes recommending any single thing to see or do difficult, as it depends on your interests and age bracket.


Landmarks such as the Shrine of Remembrance, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Flinders Street Station and the Eureka Skydeck are all must-visits, there are multiple quality zoos and aquariums for the kids, the Queen Victoria Market and Chadstone Shopping Complex are retail hotspots, and numerous day trip destinations - such as Phillip Island, the Mornington Peninsula, Dandenong Ranges, and Yarra Valley - also beckon outside its borders.

I’ve heard about OSHC, what’s that? As an International Student, it is a condition of your student visa that you have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the entire duration of your stay in Australia. OSHC gives you access to out of hospital and in hospital medical services to help you maintain your health. Peace of mind accidents and illness do happen, with OSHC, you are covered! (Source: So far that we know, OSHC cover all sort of medical process except dental and optometry. Find out more on the link given, they even have our national language, Malay in their FAQs section!

Can we students work as a part timer here in Melbourne? Yes of course you can. There are many part time jobs here in Melbourne. You just have to pick which one is suitable for yourself. You can work as a waiter at a restaurant, food deliverer (UberEats or Foodora), and even newspaper throwing from house to house. Its good to gain experience here and get to know their culture here. But bare in mind, our main concern here is to study and pass with flying colours, so do your best in both studying and working. If you cannot keep up working while studying, please focus only on studying.


I love to keep myself fit. Where can I do some sports, indoor and outdoor?

You can jog all around Melbourne except on the road.

If you want to play some court based sports, there are a few courts that students always go like Carlton Bath indoor court, Melbourne University court (which can be book at a very cheap price!) and basketball court at RMIT City Campus. You can also play sports at the parks around here such as frisbee, soccer or even ‘galah panjang’.


Acknowledgment Editorial Advisor Khairul Hariz Maharani Nukman Hafiz Abu Hassan Nor Asilah Arifen Editors Nurul Syahirah Muhamad Aimi Nabilah Hassin Writer Ahmad Yuszaidi Zulkifli Transportation Elia Nadira Shabuddin Fiqh Musafir and Venture Victoria Mohamad Nabeel Mahamad Idris Mosque Nik Nurfitriah Munira Nik Hassan Bashri Must Have Phone Apps Nur Jihan Amir Food Hunt Design & Layout Nurul Syahirah Muhamad Illustrations & Photography Nurul Syahirah Muhamad Printing Studio Dua Satu Lima Satu


A heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone who contributed to this guide. Although many thoughts, ideas and hours have been put in by a range of contributors, there are a few we would like to provide a special thanks to. Consulate General of Malaysia, Melbourne Malaysian Student Council Australia, Victoria State Chapter Maszlee Malik; Hamidah Mat. “Fikah Luar Negara, Mudah Praktis Islam Di Mana-mana�. PTS Publication. 2006. Aisya Najihah Saiful Husni Hani Hamizah Nor Hashim Hanis Hazirah Ismail Izurin Nurfareha Mohd Nizam Muhammad Naufal Mohd Hanif Muhammad Syamil Bin Ab Latib Norakmalaili Mohamad Rosidi Nurul Husna Zulkifli Izzati Bashir

Sponsors Premium Aussizz is a leading name in Migration Education and Travel industry. Aussizz Migration and Education Consultants provides tailor-made and result-oriented visa solutions to its clients who are actively seeking to study or migrate to Australia on a temporary or permanent visa.

Gold Skydive Australia offers tandem skydive over some of Australia’s most spectacular beach, city and bushland panoramas, from beach jumps at Sydney’s only beach skydive, to action packed city jumps into the heart of Melbourne and everything in between! This adventure tourism attraction offers tandem skydiving from Australia’s highest altitude of up to 14,000ft. Experience the ultimate thrill of freefall at over 200km/hr for up to an insane 60 seconds, and then float under canopy for 5-7 minutes soaking up the spectacular views from above. Skydive with the best: best views, best locations, best customer service and the best instructors. Our friendly crew will give you the experience of a lifetime as you beat your fears, push your boundaries and step outside your comfort zone; once you’ve taken the plunge you’ll feel like you can achieve anything!



N K EHSAN Victoria X @ehsanvic l

K Kelab UMNO Malaysia Melbourne X @kuamuniti l

KUAM Printed February 2017

Student Survival Guide  

For Malaysians at Melbourne Australia Produced by EHSAN Victoria

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