Otterstad & Wynne 10th Annual Steer & Heifer Sale

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SATURDAY, APRIL 6 Summer- & Fall-born Steers & Heifers 6:30 p.m. CDT, Newcastle, Oklahoma Live auction at 8100 Harryman Road & online at CCi.Live View & bid ringside or on CCi.Live

LOT 1: 1675

Here I Am x Donor 63 (full sib to Wynne In Doubt)

Welcome to our 10th annual sale! We could not think of a better way to lead off this offering than with this awesome made steer. From the ground up, this one is impeccable. His foot and bone size are second to none, and he uses them to perfection. This big time haired steer is awesome in his balance and very eye appealing from the side. He will do big things down the road.

LOT 5: 677

In God We Trust x “Lil Red” (Not For Sale x Walks Alone)

Yep, you read that right! His pedigree speaks for itself, being a full brother to the Rodgers family’s Reserve Grand Steer at Kansas City in 2023 and to Tripp Lewis’s outstanding Champion Chianina Steer at OYE this year. What a calf here! You won’t find a sounder moving one, and he has the muscle, body, hair and cool look you want all wrapped up in a perfect colored package. Bold in his rib cage and balanced to the max with a show steer attitude. Life’s more fun in the deep end— jump in here!

LOT 9: 9555

Uncle Si x Man Among Boys x Donor 555 (Hoodoo Charolais)

This red one gets us excited. Great feet, bone and as sound as they get. He’s super smooth to have such great muscle. Check out his video. He’s big time, with hair or without. His dam is carrying on the legacy of her dam in our program.

LOT 2: 101

In God We Trust x Donor 101 (Heat Wave)

Wow, this yellow one is a big time show steer! His muscle shape and build are hard to find on the same animal. We love how level spined and bold ribbed he is with still having such a high tying neck set. His pin width and muscle expression are second to none. A HUGE footed steer that gets out and flexes well. One word to describe this one: UNIQUE!

LOT 6: 142

Here I Am x Patton

Here is a burly, stout, dense muscled black one that is really good looking and sound as a cat. We love this steer’s wide pin setting and bold rib cage to be so long and free in his stride. He has that extra sleek look through his front end that will make him tough to beat all year. Tie in to this one …you will be glad you did!

LOT 10: 3061

Perfection x Donor 101 (Heat Wave)

We couldn’t be more excited to bring you a Shorthorn with this much quality and potential. If you study this one’s build, you will like him just as much as we do. He is so good looking through his front 1/3 to have such good raw rib shape and body. His feet and legs are perfect, and he has plenty of muscle to go along with it. Shorty’s hair is big time as well. He should be fun!


LOT 3: 199

In God We Trust x Troubadour son

What a show steer! He’s been impressive from day one. Stout, big bodied and cool fronted with the hip and hind leg to do it all. Great neck set and made right all the way to the ground. This one will be at a backdrop somewhere. Phenomenal slick one!

LOT 4: 3009

Here I Am x Donor 68

(Man Among Boys x Walks Alone)

Everyone loves a good baldy, and this one brings all the extras. You will be hard pressed to find one that matches his combination of rib shape, body, levelness of spine, bone and foot size and muscle density all while being so flexible on the move. When they have all the extras and no holes, they usually find their way to the winner’s circle. Full sib to Lots 29, 33 and 51 as well as the Grand Prospect Steer at Tulsa this past year.

LOT 7: 7252

In God We Trust x Solid Gold x Donor 555 (Hoodoo Charolais)

It’s incredible to think how good this yellow powerhouse could be. Study him. Feet, legs, lines, neck and color are all in place with muscle to burn. So good on his pasterns and a hip deluxe. Ask Little Bob what he thinks of this one. Send us your backdrop photo!

LOT 11: 1666

In God We Trust x Donor 178 (Monopoly)

This silver steer is one of our favorites. His full brother won the Oklahoma State Fair in 2019, and numerous other sibs have had great success. We love the center body and mass that he carries. He is an awesome balanced steer that is smooth and flexible in motion. It is so hard to find a fault in his build and design, and that is what usually wins out in the end.

LOT 8: 147

How Great Thou Art x Monopoly x Charolais

A striking steer from any angle here. He is a square made, big hipped steer that is level in his design and comfortable on the move. For as stout and big bodied as he is, it is surprising how high his neck ties into the top of his shoulders to be able to give you that next level look. His great attitude will help to make him your favorite.

LOT 12: SL1

In God We Trust x Mogck 703 (Milkman x 422)

Impeccable show steer! Uniquely built and backed by the infamous Mogck 703. This short backed, wide pinned steer has a big, round rib cage and a massive hip and back. What is even more impressive is how good he can move with all that mass and how well he balances from the side. Major shows, slick or haired, this one has what it takes to WIN!

Otterstad&Wynne STEERS 10th ANNUAL SALE

LOT 13: 272

Here For Good x Donor 8 (Ready 2 Rumble x Monopoly)

Humongous boned, deep bodied, moderate sized steer that will be easy feeding. Really dense and balanced with the chrome no judge will miss. He was hairy, hairy and is the definition of “stout.” Absolutely power packed and attractive. Maternal brother to the outstanding Lot 55 heifer.

LOT 17: Dilly

Doubt Me Now x Heat Wave x Dilly

Blue Face is next level good. He has a striking presence from the side with a big, square hip and a bold rib cage. We love the way he moves so freely around the pen. It is hard to catch this steer at a bad angle, as he is so big bodied to have such a tiny neck. He has us over the moon with excitement over the possibilities that these Doubt Me Now steers have as fat steers.

LOT 21: 1204

Amazing Grace x 6961 (full sib to In God We Trust)

Look at the show steer presence this white steer has. Long neck that comes out of the top of his shoulders with no chest. His balance will be unmatched in the show ring. He also has loads of rib shape and is as square made as they come. Plan to grab the judge’s attention with this one.

In God We Trust Full brother to dam of Lot 21. Many progeny sell.

Otterstad&Wynne STEERS

LOT 14: 158

Here I Am x Daddys Money

Big haired one here with an unmatched look from the side. He is so square, wide pinned and clean through his throat and chest floor that he will always catch your attention. This is one awesome structured, big footed animal that is built for the long haul.

LOT 15: 422B

Here For Good x Donor Molly (Irish Whiskey x “Kelli”)

Here’s an exceptional show steer with that perfectly marked face that stands out in the show ring. Very balanced, sound, hairy and good muscled. No chest and nice necked. Darned good calf that has the potential to get you to the winner’s circle.

“Kelli” Maternal granddam of Lots 15 & 18

LOT 18: 90163

How Great Thou Art x Donor 1244 (Irish Whiskey x “Kelli”)

This is a super good calf that is younger than most of these steers. He has the super long neck that no judge will miss and unbelievable hair. He’s as level from hooks to pins as you will find. The How Great Thou Art calves are definitely making an impact. Get in here and thank us later.

LOT 22: 4555

In God We Trust x Rapid Rewards x Donor 555 (Hoodoo Charolais)

Stout, dense, super good white steer that is smooth in his joints. Deep bodied, balanced, robust kind of calf that will be a great fat one for the slick shows. Out of a great cow family and one of the most impressive females in our herd.

LOT 19: 1557

Here I Am x Maternal Made

This one deserves the nickname “Big Foot.” His foot and bone size are incredible, and he can flex them as good as any. This one is built for the long haul with body depth and dimension to spare. Awesome balanced with that fat steer look. If you couldn’t tell, we are proud of this set of cattle and this beast is no exception.

LOT 23: 1676

Bradley Hale’s 3011 x Heat Wave x Hereford

Pay attention to this Hereford. He has it all great necked, level designed, and great footed. His body shape to go along with his look is what will set him apart. He is perfect Hereford colored and sired by the great 3011 bull of Bradley Hale’s.

LOT 16: 12 blue

In God We Trust x Red Rocky x Business

Done Right/Hoodoo Charolais 120 Extra good looking white steer with big bone, great feet and that special show ring presence. His young dam is one of the better females we have raised. This calf was a little skinny at picture time but does nothing but get better every day. Watch his video and tell me you don’t like him.

LOT 20: 732

Man Among Boys x Donor 721 (Charolais cross)

Stout, dense, big bodied, great feeding redand-white steer. Slick or haired, his color alone gives him the edge, but it wouldn’t matter if he was pink with polka dots, he’s a champion in the making! Powerful, smooth, nice fronted and just good all over. Pure quality.

LOT 24: 228

In God We Trust x KBC Cruz x No Apologies

Ultra sound, good bodied, very hairy IGWT whose last two full brothers have averaged $10,000. Balanced, big boned and sound with excellent color. Out of a super nice, great footed cow from Kris Black.

APRIL 6, 2024

LOT 25: 6 red

How Great Thou Art x Donor 6 (MF Structure x Northern Impovement) Powerhouse steer with this white footed one. He is huge backed and has a great big, wide pin set. We love the body dimension and his ability to cat around the pen on a huge foot. Backed by Donor 6, Wynne In Doubt’s mother, gives us the utmost confidence this one will do big things as a fat steer.

LOT 29: 1588

Here I Am x Donor 68 (Man Among Boys x Walks Alone)

Baldy lovers, beware— you will fall in love with this one. His presence in the pen draws you to him. The way his neck comes out of the top of his shoulders will demand the judge’s attention. He is big backed with a big, square hip. He takes a long, square step when on the move, which is hard to come by in such a cool package. To top it all off, he has the big shag.

LOT 33: 172

Here I Am x Donor 68 (Man Among Boys x Walks Alone)

How about the show steer look this one has. He is a brother to Lots 4, 29 and 51. This one has all the pieces that it takes to win in the end, when it matters the most. He’s a big bodied steer that is level spined with a high tying neck. He was greener in his condition at weaning but is coming on like a freight train.

2023 Tulsa Grand Prospect Steer. Full brother to Lots 4, 29, 33 & 51.

LOT 26: 6 blue

In God We Trust x Business Done Right x Donor 203B (Solid Gold x HL 419) Powered up with bone, muscle and body! His dam is a good looking daughter of one of our very best donors and did exceptionally well for Baylee Wilbourn in the commercial show ring a few years ago…now this In God We Trust can carry on the tradition. He’s been a powerhouse since he was born.

LOT 30: 1723

Wynne In Doubt x Donor 1518 (I Believe x Monopoly)

This is the first of four Wynne In Doubt x 1518 brothers in the sale. We love the length of spine and square build in this one. He has great spring to his rib with plenty of mass and dimension. Full brothers sell as Lots 36, 38 and 40.

LOT 34: A3

American Classic (PB Hereford) x Man Among Boys

This big muscled Hereford marked steer will turn heads wherever he goes. He has a huge, expressive back and hip and looks even better wet than he does dry. We think you will be hard pressed to find another Hereford appearing steer with this much muscle and mass in a sound package.

LOT 27: 1558

How Great Thou Art x Donor 63 (full sib to Wynne In Doubt) Awesome color on this black-and-white steer. This one is great haired and will be fun to show all year— this is the kind of hair that gets you in the backdrop pictures. He is a good necked, cool looking steer that grabs your attention. His bone and foot size are second to none, and his squareness out of his hip and width from behind are impressive.


LOT 31: 905

In God We Trust x Donor 203B (Solid Gold x HL 419)

We’ve had some good yellow steers from this mating but not a white one like this. Lot 31 is really complete and will be easy feeding with good muscle shape and quality through and through. He’s a good one for the slick shear states. Very kid friendly.

LOT 35: 10 blue

Stingray son x Man Among Boys x

In God We Trust x KBC Cruz

See the video of this calf and fall in love! He’s younger and a bit greener, but all the right parts are there. His impressive dam was a banner winner at Tulsa for Raegan Wilbourn after she selected her from our 2021 sale. We love seeing our genetics reproduce this kind!

LOT 28: Dolly

In God We Trust x Blowin Smoke x Solid Gold x Donor 555 (Hoodoo Charolais) The Danielson family had great success with the dam of this steer that they selected from our 2021 sale, winning Champion Composite Charolais at Tulsa and then Reserve Composite Charolais at OYE. Now look what they brought back for us to help market! This powerhouse is cool looking, good boned, good haired and as friendly as they come. A good, easy feeding IGWT here.

LOT 32: 1518

In God We Trust x Donor 178 (Monopoly)

Brother to Lot 11, out of our Donor 178. This steer is massive down his top with a wide set to his pins. To go along with his power, he is good necked and great balanced. This is a dual-purpose steer that has great hair with the body and build to slick. Everyone should like this one.

LOT 36: 103

Wynne In Doubt x Donor 1518 (I Believe x Monopoly)

This WID x 1518 is as hairy and big legged as they come. He has all the presence that you would want in one and can get out and flex as much as any. He is packed with mass and muscle and is very good looking from the side. Not much wrong with this one. We are high on him.

Wynne In Doubt

LOT 37: SL 2

In God We Trust x Mogck 703 (Milkman x 422)

Stout one here that puts a lot of good things together. He is so expressive down his back and through his hip to still be so sleek through his front end. His big, bold rib cage and level spine make him perfect balanced. Another one out of the Mogck 703 cow that we expect big things from.

LOT 41: 25

Here For Good x Monopoly x Angus Stout, deep bodied, easy feeding kind that’s packing a lotta muscle. Huge hipped, great slick shearing solid black steer with plenty of bone.

LOT 45: 1630

In God We Trust x Mogck 054 (Interstate x Angus)

A big, stout, burly one here. This one has all the mass and dimension that you could ask for and is as sound as they come. His big, expressive back and hip and round rib cage coupled with his structure lead us to believe this one has big upside potential for a major slick shear show.

LOT 38: 3074

Wynne In Doubt x Donor 1518 (I Believe x Monopoly)

A shaggy haired, great looking one here that has a ton of potential. He has great shape to the center portion of his body and a long, skinny neck. He is another really sound steer that covers his track with ease. We believe there is a lot of upside here. Pay attention!

LOT 42: 159

Here I Am x Cerveza

We absolutely love this stout, sound, chubby made black one for a fat steer. If you study his body shape, genuine width and dimension, perfect structure and nice neck set, then you will see what we look for in a fat steer. This one will make you look smart in the end.

LOT 39: 16

Here I Am x Donor 242 (In God We Trust x Kadabra)

Stout boned, big footed black ET steer that could be killer good as a fat one. This big muscled, big haired, wide pinned Here I Am can show slick or with hair…pick your poison and love your banner. Full brother to Lot 47 and to Lots 65 and 66 heifers.

LOT 43: 7120

Red Rocky x Business Done Right x Hoodoo Charolais 120

Smooth made, good moving yellow steer from an excellent cow. Notice the balance and structure of this calf as he glides along, complemented with adequate muscle, rib shape and fabulous color. He’ll feed easy and should finish at the right size and weight.

LOT 40: 1239

Wynne In Doubt x Donor 1518 (I Believe x Monopoly)

The last of the four WID x 1518 brothers, and he may be the best one. Here is a steer that is hard to fault and will go home and get better and better. He is so sound on the move with plenty of raw muscle shape and a killer look from the side. Have we mentioned that we are proud of this set of cattle? No exception here!

LOT 44: 131

In God We Trust x Loaded Up Really complete, sound moving, big bodied one that has plenty of mass and muscle. Another one that gets around with ease. This steer does a lot of things right, and we are excited about his future.

LOT 46: SL3

In God We Trust x Mogck 703 (Milkman x 422)

Another good steer out of the Mogck 703 cow. This one is as good built as any and has a lot of potential down the road. He is a little on the greener side now but is a no-holes steer that does not have any problems. We believe in the ability for cattle that are built like this and bred like this to feed and win!

LOT 47: 194

Here I Am x Donor 242 (In God We Trust x Kadabra)

This big boned, big muscled Here I Am has “slick shear” written all over him. Good body length and rib shape. He’s a stout hipped, easy feeding full brother to Lot 39 and to Lots 65 and 66 in the heifer division. Give this one a second look. Stout!

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Unless stated otherwise, the seller reserves the right to two future successful flushes on each heifer selling at our expense and the buyer’s convenience.

LOT 54: 911

Silveiras Style x Donor 30 (BKMT Exceptional Goals 713 by Makers Mark)

Style 5 “30” = Maine Angus. Getcha some of this female! She comes from a consistent mating that has produced heifers sold for $16K, $12K and $11K to date. We think this one is great for the show ring, and she’ll be great as a cow. If you want to compete in the show ring and then improve your breeding program, tie to these “30” daughters— you simply CANNOT go wrong.

Maine Angus

LOT 51: 68

Here I Am x Donor 68 (Man Among Boys x Walks Alone)

Look at the depth of body and spring of rib on the female here. The balance and soundness coupled with her bold dimension are what set her apart. She is a full sib to Lots 4, 29 and 33 as well as the Champion Prospect Steer at the 2023 Tulsa State Fair. Her pedigree makes her a no miss.

Low Chi or Commercial WYNNE

LOT 55: 745

King Cobra x Donor 8 (Ready 2 Rumble x Monopoly)

My oh my! This sale is our first opportunity to offer progeny of our Lot 8 donor purchased from the Hanewich dispersal and now owned with Dustin Glover, and what a way to start. Lot 55 is a maternal sister to the black/white Lot 13 steer. Their outstanding dam produced a full brother to this heifer that was Grand Prospect Steer at Louisville. Lot 55 is a hairy, big bodied, square made, big boned donor in the making. Solid black and solid good, she’s our kind.

Low Chi or Commercial

LOT 52: 30

Monopoly x Donor 30

(BKMT Exceptional Goals 713 by Makers Mark)

Without question, this full sister to the $60,000-valued half interest red heifer to Jake Campbell and the $19,000 banner winning black heifer to Raegan Wilbourn last year follows in their footsteps. She’s deep bodied, clean fronted and as sound as they come. After her great show career, she will raise steers and heifers alike, just like her tremendous donor dam. Not recommended for a younger exhibitor.

3/8 MaineTainer

LOT 56: 1756

Perfection x Donor 101 (Heat Wave)

This is a Shorthorn Plus show heifer machine. She is sound on her feet and legs, great middled, and has the neck set that will make for a lot of fun in the show ring. She is backed by one of our top donors, which will set her apart from other show heifers, as she will be a producer as well.

Shorthorn Plus

LOT 53: 442

BBR Memphis Mafia x Donor 30

(BKMT Exceptional Goals 713 by Makers Mark)

If this High Maine heifer doesn’t get your attention…. To get one this swoop bellied and this nice necked is so unique. You love her on the profile and you love her on the move. Her donor dam has been a miraculous producer for us and partner Lonnie Robertson. This Mafia is younger and greener, but dadgum she’s good! Balanced, level, high neck set… we could go on and on.

High Maine

How Great Thou Art x Donor 63 (full sib to Wynne In Doubt) Great female here. She is a big footed, sound made heifer that is straight in her lines and long spined. She moves with ease on her legs and has great flex to her hock. She is a full sib to Lots 1 and 27, and just like her brothers she has loads of hair.

Low Chi or Commercial

Otterstad&Wynne HEIFERS 10th ANNUAL SALE
WYNNE Maternal sister to Lots 52, 53 & 54… many-time champion sired by Here I Am Full sister to Lot 52 & maternal sister to Lots 53 & 54…Lot 48 in the 2023 sale

LOT 58: 804

1 OAK x Out There x Red Hawk x Mimms 29 (Tank)

We have liked this good yellow heifer since she hit the ground. The 1 OAK daughters are making great cows, and here’s your future looking at you. Her structure is impeccable, and she has the look, body, muscle and beautiful color to write her own book. She’s gonna float elegantly around the show ring and right into your donor pen!

Low Chi or Commercial OTTERSTAD

LOT 62: 1627

In God We Trust x Donor 101 (Heat Wave)

The Lot 62 and 63 yellow sisters are also full sibs to our Lot 2 steer. The next three females are backed by our 101 donor cow that has raised several high sellers for us in the past. These heifers are both huge bodied, big footed and bold sprung. Excellent cow makers.

Low Chi or Commercial

LOT 66: 1034

Here I Am x Donor 242

(In God We Trust x Kadabra)

Lot 66 is a full sister to Lot 65 and to steer Lots 39 and 47. This silver has the goods to be your next big league donor. Stout boned and big haired with great rib shape, excellent feet and beautiful color, and check out that hip. Like begets like. Her dam is starting to make an impact, and this HIA daughter is going to follow in her footsteps.

Low Chi or Commercial


LOT 59: 1603

Extra Special x 0617

(In God We Trust x Donor 6)

A red Extra Special heifer should get everyone’s attention. The bone and foot size on this heifer are phenomenal. She has a long, clean fronted neck that shoots out of the top of her shoulder. She has loads of turn to her rib cage and is as sound made as they come. The Extra Special females are responsible for raising several steers that have won big shows. We see her as having this same potential and success in the donor pen.

Low Chi or Commercial

LOT 63: 1750

In God We Trust x Donor 101 (Heat Wave)

Lots 62 and 63 are full sibs to our Lot 2 steer. These females are backed by our 101 donor cow that has raised several high sellers for us in the past. Both heifers are huge bodied, big footed, bold sprung, excellent cow makers.

Low Chi or Commercial

Full brother to Lots 62 & 63; maternal brother to Lot 64 sells as Lot 2

LOT 67: 1741

Here I Am x 522 (Monopoly)

This black-and-white spotted heifer is a bold, broody made female. A full brother to this heifer was Grand Steer at the 2023 OJCA Preview Show and was recently 3rd Overall Simmental at OYE. She is as sound and soft footed as they come, with the pin set to raise the next great colored up show steer. Bid with confidence, knowing she will increase the quality of your cow herd.

Low Chi or Commercial

LOT 60: 9426

Front & Center x Donor 9426

(Here I Am x Donor 55 by Statesman) Here’s a show stopper with her pretty baldy head, overall attractiveness and powerful features. Up headed and great haired, she’s another female that will be so much fun in the show ring and even better as a cow. You might remember her mother that sold as the $17,000 Lot 1 heifer highlight in our 2020 sale to Nate Tice. Months later, we jumped at the chance to buy her back as a bred. Way to go, TO! Maternal sister to Lot 61.

Low Chi or Commercial

LOT 64: 101 WID

Wynne In Doubt x Donor 101 (Heat Wave)

Another 101 ET daughter here in white legs. Everyone loves a good colored one, but not all of them are made like she is. White legs is incredibly long necked and clean fronted. She has the perfect set to her feet and takes a long, smooth step like a cat. This will make a great show heifer and producer when she is turned out in the pasture.

Low Chi or Commercial

LOT 68: 256

Here For Good x Donor 256 (May We All x Man Among Boys)

Hey, Good Lookin’! L-o-n-g necked, this heifer has the right look and plenty of extras to go with it. Good footed, good moving and super attractive, she’s a show heifer deluxe. Dam is a maternal sister to the 3rd Overall Market Steer at the 2022 SD State Fair. Granddam is a beautiful red powerhouse donor for Luke Doris. Low Chi or Commercial

LOT 61: 4074

1 OAK x Donor 9426

(Here I Am x Donor 55 by Statesman) Smooth made, easy going maternal sister to Lot 60. Be sure to watch the video. She’s too gentle to get the picture she deserves. Great feet, attractive, good boned female that you can pour some feed to and smile every day as she keeps getting better. This 1 OAK is backed by a great female and a great cow family.

Low Chi or Commercial OTTERSTAD

LOT 65: 18

Here I Am x Donor 242

(In God We Trust x Kadabra)

Here’s a younger heifer that you do not want to miss. Great hair and bone, extended and level in her design, she is the definition of “attractiveness.” She can be a phenomenal show heifer and then be a calf raiser deluxe. Her yellow-hided, TH-free dam by In God We Trust is proving to be a wise investment from Kris Black’s 2020 Cream of the Crop Sale.

Low Chi or Commercial

LOT 69: 1223

Here I Am x Donor 6 (dam of Wynne In Doubt)

We saved one of the best bred females for last. She is a full sib to the popular sire Wynne In Doubt and a full sister to the mother of Lots 1, 27 and 57. As you can see, she is bred to be a producer. Look at the level design, smooth shoulder and exquisite look this heifer brings. Nothing but loads of future to look forward to with her.

Low Chi or Commercial

Otterstad&Wynne HEIFERS APRIL 6, 2024
WYNNE Maternal granddam of Lot 68 Dam of Lots 60 & 61 OTTERSTAD


6:30 p.m., Newcastle, Oklahoma

Live auction at 8100 Harryman Road and LiveOnline™ at CCi.Live Be our guest for shrimp boil & refreshments before the sale!


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All cattle sell as is, where is. No guarantee is expressed or implied. Heifers that are eligible for breed registration will be registered upon request. If heifers can be registered with more than one breed, seller will pay for one registration. Payment must be received before cattle are released. No transfers will be completed until after payment is received.


Our cattle have sold from coast to coast and border to border— don’t let distance stop you. We will be happy to assist in making arrangements for transportation of your purchase/s. All cattle are F.O.B. Newcastle, or Tuttle, Oklahoma. Health certificates for transportation will be provided upon request.

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We have no idea how we have arrived at our 10th Annual Sale, but here we are, and the cattle are better than ever! Thank you to each of you for allowing us the opportunity to continue to pursue our dreams. Whether you’re a family member who too often gets put on the back burner, or one of our many helpers throughout the year, or you’re a customer who continues to believe in what we’re doing, know that we appreciate you tremendously. If you need assistance, combined we have about 140 years of experience, and we are here to help. We want to see you in pictures! THANK YOU!

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405.219.9923 | JILL 405.317.1743 2132 Mesa Rd., Tuttle, OK 73089
Cattle Company OtterstadOtterstad
WYNNE 405.627.8437 JAKE WYNNE 405.627.3774 8100 Harryman Rd., Newcastle, OK 73065

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