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Vladimir Kulich: A True Bohemian Written by Jeff Laprade Photographs provided by Vladimir Kulich


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Vladimir Kulich


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Vladimir Kulich A TRUE BOHEMIAN


Bohemian refers to a place of origin and a lifestyle. It can mean that you are from the area known as Bohemia, or bohemian can be used to describe a lifestyle of individuality. At a very young age Vladimir was introduced to the expressive fun lifestyle of the arts, working for his uncle. Vladimir encompasses both these traits, and has a myriad of stories to tell from living the bohemian lifestyle.

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JEFF LAPRADE: So you got into the acting scene in Czechoslovakia? VLADIMIR KULICH: So you know, it was always the same acting company, the State Theatre of Czech. The state ran everything, and my uncle had a theater company on the Hungarian border in Slovakia. I would spend the summers with him and in the winters, I would spend Christmas Holidays with him, and I just ended up being in his plays. My job really was to take an empty pitcher and go down to the pub to have them fill it up with beer. Have it waiting for him when he got off stage at the intermission. J: Like the coffee boy

V: But Czech style. I got the smell, I got the thrill of the theater, but I was six, seven or eight; I was young. So I didn’t get back in until I was 30.

J: Was it an inspirational moment or more of a buildup?

V: A total buildup. We left Czechoslovakia and moved to Canada. The Bohemian culture of Czechoslovakia was gone in Montreal, it became a homogenized society, a white-collar society. There was not much color to life in the suburbs. It’s the average dad goes to work, mom in the kitchen doing the delivery boy, nuclear family, and it hurt because I was used to going down the street getting pitchers of beer for my uncle at a play, and then going to a concert. Prague is such a small city, you can walk anywhere and get all of this culture. Whereas in the suburbs of Montreal, you are just stuck there, no culture but television, and so I started to long for it. But there was no venue at that early stage, so I wanted to become a professional hockey player. I took a shot at it, got picked up by the Rangers. I didn’t make it, got sent to the minors and that was the end of it.

J: I recently watched 13th Warrior that is one epic death scene. What was it like being a part of that?

V: Someone sent me a clipping. I am not sure, I think it was Premiere Magazine from Paris. It was voted as the 7th Most Badass Death Scene of any action film. It happened by accident. Originally, the guy was going to die in battle, they see him dead on the ground and that was going to be the end of it. They were shooting us, and John McTiernan, the director, says, “No, you’re not going to die with your face in the mud. You’re going to kick their asses, and we are going to build a throne. There can be a dead Wendol there, you kick him off your throne, sit down, plant your sword in the ground, and die with your eyes open.” What is interesting, if you look at that death scene, just as I die, there is a guy behind me, one of the farmers, and the rain is coming down. What is really weird is that there is a bunch of wood behind me, and there is a little cross. Just over one of my shoulders, I have studied it, and it must have been by accident. The whole idea was that my character was basically based on Beowulf, and Beowulf’s story in part is that he started to embrace Christianity over Paganism. How cool, if just through osmosis we ended up with something that resembles a cross over my shoulder just as I’m dying. That’s why my character’s name is Bulywif. It’s bizarre.

So then I got a motorcycle and traveled around North America trying to find out who I was. And I ended up well, one summer I ended racing sailboats in Canada, just accidentally. Certain boats need heavy guys, so these guys say, “Hey, you’re strong, we need a heavy guy, we’ll put you on a sailboat.” I was part of a crew representing Canada in the 1979 Tornado World Championships.

J: Fate?

J: How big are the boats?

V: I first came here in 1990, early ‘90. I left for two years and came back permanently in ‘94. I have been here ever since.

V: Tornadoes are 19 to 20 feet long, they’re catamarans. So I raced that, and from there I ended up on a little trip to the Grand Canyon and saw rafts going down the Colorado River. I hopped on a raft through one rapid, and they dropped me off because they had to go down another 200 miles. I said,”That’s it.” I went back to Canada and started a river rafting business. I did that for ten years. So that’s what happened. I was doing river rafting and the crew from 21 Jump Street used to shoot in Vancouver, British Columbia. These guys went rafting just as a recreational thing. They came and said, “If you ever want to be in the show or want to act, come down.” It started in ‘87, and I was in Canada until ‘92 then moved back to LA.

J: Of course, there were cultural differences in the acting scenes, Czechoslovakia compared to Los Angeles. What stood out to you?

V: The thing is, in Czechoslovakia at the time there was no such thing as Celebrity, maybe if you were a national team soccer player, but those who went into the arts, there was no money, no fame, and you just did it because you liked it. It had a real relaxed aura about it.


In L.A, as you know, everyone wants to be on the front cover of the magazine, everyone wants to be famous, and it has nothing to do with why they want to be famous. Fame to me is a byproduct of doing something well. Here people think they don’t have to do anything well, they just have to be famous. Society promotes it though, so we can sleepwalk through the world.

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V: I’m not sure about fate.

J: So how long have you been in Venice?

J: What do you think keeps bringing you back? V: There is an energy here that if you talk to anybody, they can acknowledge. There is a weird vortex, I don’t know why. I think if you look at Santa Monica Bay, a huge bay, from Palos Verdes to Malibu, Venice is at the center of it. That’s why we get the June Gloom all of the time. The fog gets get stuck in the bay, and I think there is a huge energy field. The Pacific hits here and the desert air comes from the east and they clash. It is a weird vibe, and on top of that you’ve got Hollywood and show business. I get bored everywhere else. I may talk about going to the country and living in a cabin; well, I did that for ten years. I know what that is like, and I need interaction with other human beings. You get really challenging interactions in this place because it brings everybody in. So I’m still digging it even though Venice now has become so uppity.

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J: I can see the gentrification process happening.

J: Is there any of it out there right now, floating on SoundCloud maybe?

V: More than just gentrification, every chick has some Asian tattoo that says passion, in another

V: No, almost.

language so it’s even more passionate, all of this nonsense. But in my old age, I have to make a choice. I used to bitch about the translucent people coming in with this attitude. My first choice is to resist it, or I can embrace it and think “my real estate value just went up”. That is the choice I’m making now.

J: Outside, the topics of our conversations gravitate toward health. Whe did you really start being conscious of what you put in your body? V: Most of my life, until about 6 or 7 years ago, I was not at all conscious of it. I ate crap, fast food and drank cheap beer and cheap whisky. My system started talking to me 6 or 7 years ago, and I had to make a change. So I got a book by Donna Gates and Linda Schatz called The Body Ecology Diet, where she basically simplifies food combinations. I would eat just anything, and sometimes my gut would just feel like crap. Then I read that I cannot eat starches with protein. I started paying attention, and my gut felt so much better. The book goes on to say that if you want protein, and I work out, to assimilate that protein into amino acids, you need certain vegetables to help your body do that. So I started balancing my meals, and once I started that, I felt great. Now the moment I go off of it, I can feel it. I also started to realize that almost everything we buy to eat has some sort of artificial flavoring or preservative. It freaked me out.

J: A list of 50 ingredients in one food V: Exactly. How do you get all of those 50 things in that chocolate bar? I can’t imagine, and I am a chocolate freak. There is a company that makes this chocolate they sell at Whole Foods that is half the size of a regular chocolate bar. This brand costs $6.50, so expensive, but it’s sweetened with dates and figs, with organic dark chocolate. It is the best chocolate you will have, and when you are finished, you will not crave another one. That is what I am trying to do, eat healthy.

J: Do you have anything in the works right now? V: I just read for a couple TV shows, Hell on Wheels and Sons of Anarchy. I guess it’s the beard or something, we will see. I never say I’m waiting to hear. I have no power so why wait? Those are the two things. I just got a new manager, a young, hopefully aggressive guy. I think he is, as well as a new agency. It’s just been like a month, so it is too soon to tell. The last gig I just did a couple of weeks ago, a print ad campaign for Dodge Ram Trucks. Just walk in next to the truck, on a horse. God knows where it’s going to go. My first print job ever.

J: How did you like it? V: It was boring. So boring, just walk the horse, take a picture, then sit down for 6 hours drinking coffee.

J: So what would you do to pass the time? V: Well, this is kind of a long story. I have always tried to write songs and play the guitar, but I have always felt like I had some kind of block. Then several years ago, I found out that I was semi-deaf in both ears. Basically, they call it surfer’s ear, but it’s not just caused by water. It can be caused by cold air. The passageway into the eardrum starts to close off because the bone actually starts to expand. As the bone expands, the hole gets smaller. So they drilled one, and opened it up. All of a sudden, I could hear my voice. It made me think about drilling the other one, so we drilled the other one, and I cut a voice demo and got a given on a video game called Skyim. And from there, I did a bunch of voice gigs. Now I’m writing my songs and playing and recording music just for myself. Eventually, I’ll record a real song and do a real music video. I’ve got friends bugging me to do it now, but I’m still hesitant.


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J: So you write as well? V: It’s weird. I can only really write well when I am drinking. I cannot play or sing well while drinking, I cannot act well drinking. No, I understand why writers drink. It frees up that little voice inside and lets it go. I would like to learn to write without it. It gets expensive!

J: So you record at home? V: Right now, it’s just me and garage band. J: From what I remember, you have had a diverse range of professions: beer boy, voice actor, rafting instructor, something about a salmon fishery? Did these experiences help you in any way as an actor? V: I think that is just life, isn’t it? Every day you do something, you get something from it as an artist. If your work is diverse, I suppose it enriches you more than going to acting school, than waiting tables and becoming aTV star. But of course, sometimes I sit behind the camera and think about feeding the salmon their dead salmon pellets. J: That’s right, feeding the dead salmon back to the salmon. V: Yea, like mad cow disease but with salmon. I do not eat farm-raised salmon, so unnatural. And racing sailboats, there is a lot of pressure and it’s intense, so in doing The 13th Warrior, for example, these horses are coming at you, the rain is coming at you, you have to swing this sword and knock this guy off because he is hooked to this pulley system, and you really have to hit him. The ground is shaking because a dozen horses are coming at me. I think about when I would play hockey and these guys were coming at me. Or thinking about going down class five rapids. I am comfortable in these stressful situations. If I didn’t have those jobs, well, I just don’t know. J: They helped you get used to a certain level of intensity? V: Yea, in a weird way, my face has an intensity to it, and I always wondered, is this from the way I live my life? Or is it genetic?

J: What are your genetics? Nordic it seems. V: I don’t know, android. J: Martian, maybe? V:

I don’t know, man. My dad left when I was 3. I know he was kind of a tall man. My mom was 5’2”. Nobody was blonde, nobody had blue eyes. I have a half sister who is very dark, so I don’t know where I came from. I want to keep it that way. Mystery. One of my friends did a DNA swab, sent it off and found out she is genetically from Finland, but she is from Kazakhstan. So that is interesting. The Kazaks traveled to Finland in those days, and you know they messed around.

On Sabbatical:

Flipping the Swimwear Industry Inside Out. By Subatukl™ Photography by David Mitchell & Subatukl™

Subatukl™ (sabbatical) is a So Cal based company that is turning the swimwear industry inside out. We got tired of the stress of life, set out on sabbatical and realized our best days were spent in swim trunks. While traveling the globe sailing, diving and surfing, we had a constant issue; packing wet trunks. So instead of getting corporate jobs, we set out to solve that problem and created swim trunks with a built-in water resistant pocket that is designed to tuck into and zip closed. Worry free, dry travel after a day at the beach or pool is now possible. Our mission is to help people, de-stress, look good and feel great in classic, clean, “California Country Club” style clothing for both land and sea, inspired by the places we love.

While taking a year long sabbatical to Australia, a pair of swim trunks handed down from his stepfather and a chance introduction to a lead designer for Billabong, Hermosa Beach resident and artist, Jared Fredrickson was inspired to follow his dreams and create the Subatukl Supply Co. “Being at the beach I live in swim trunks, but I got tired of the punked out board shorts from my youth. My crowd is now older, more refined and may have kids, but we still want to be stylish and cool. We love catching head high waves, but also enjoy the wind in our sails or lounging pool side on vacation,” says Jared.“Traveling with wet trunks was a constant problem for me. I needed a solution and a little discovery lead to a built-in water resistant pocket that eliminated that hassle. Armed with the idea, a desire to learn and inspired by my favorite places I’m focused on creating the best fitting and most comfortable swim trunk while having fun.”

CONTACT Ask about Subatukl at your local fine retailers or shop online at email:

“No Worries... I’m on Subatukl™”

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Suit by unique-vintage


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Suit by unique-vintage

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FISHOOK SUSHI RAW BAR Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

P. (310) 379-5550



53 Pier Ave.

SO FRESH IT’S OFF THE HOOK! Lunch 11:30am-2:30pm (Thur-Sun) Dinner 5:30pm-10:00pm (Daily) Located downstaris from Fat Face Fenner’s Fishack

Marina Paddle Written by Jeff Laprade Photographs by David Mitchell Model: Prestin Obradovich for some style, art, and wine. Marina Paddle is the best way to start any of your summer adventures. The source of good vibes that drive Marina Paddle emirate from proprietor Ray who grew up in Venice, ray was always near the ocean, living the dream life near the beach, skateboarding down the boardwalk. After the Internet boom led Ray down a more technical path of ecommerce, which took him away from the beach and water found himself desperately

The beauty and heat of summer is back in LA. It can be so easy for to lackadaisically let the days pass, until Fall creeps up on us! Don’t let that happen! But how can you get the most out of these gorgeous days you ask? Get your tan on and a workout at the same time, while having a blast paddle boarding with Ray and the crew at Marina Paddle, if you throw your laundry in the wash before you leave than you have your GTL (gym tan laundry) on lock.

wanting to get back. So when a friend came to him with an opportunity to rent out YOLO Stand Up Paddle Boards, Ray jumped on it starting Marina Paddle right out of a parking lot! Hard work and a passion for the ocean paid off, and now Marina Paddle is his life! They offer kayak and paddle board rentals for groups of all sizes, individual to big outings, Marina Paddle is the go to!

Located in the heart of Marina Del Rey, convenience and fun are what make Marina Paddle the hot spot for summer fun. Take some paddle board lessons and head off for a night on main street just down the road, or stroll down to Abott Kinney


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CONTACT Marina Paddle 4601 Admiralty Way Marina Del Rey, CA. 90292 Phone: 310-822-1888 Web:




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Where you are from? East coast baby! However, I was born in Paris & raised in Rome.

What brought you to LA? What do you love about LA? A girlfriend of mine, who I met as a young girl while working in Milan, as well as the prospect of attending grad school at UCLA (I was in love with their neuroscience research institute on campus). I love the weather and healthy life style in LA, the nature, the open-mindedness as a city. It’s a blank page for creativity. Anything is possible in LA.

What are your hobbies / passions? Yoga, nutrition, healing illnesses through diet, green sustainable energy, and wildlife & environmental protection.

Role models/inspirations? My father for one, and Deepak Chopra. There are many people who inspire me, too many to list. Hay House is the home to many of them.

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Suit by unique-Vintage


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What motivates you? The desire to grow, always and to expand, consciously evolve each and every day.

What’s your drink? Tequila.

A weird dream you had recently (if you can recall)? Nothing comes to mind specifically, but I’d love to dream about unicorns.

Favorite place to travel? The most beautiful, sacred places on the planet such as the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica.

What is your favorite piece of LA? Sunsets on top of the canyons.

How does it feel to be a Swoop Girl? It feels sublime!

Single? I’m on a journey of self-growth and soul evolution.

What projects are you currently working on? My own health company and passion... I AM HEALTHY.

What trait draws you to a person? Authenticity, humbleness, good heart, energy, love, and light. summer 2013 | |


I’m on a journey of selfgrowth and soul evolution.


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WANT TO BE THE NEXT SWOOP GIRL? Miss California 2013 Mabelynn Capeluj

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Dave Dazé is a 5th generation Los Angeles native with strong ties to the south bay. As a graduate of Loyola High School and LMU, Dave spent most of his youth in the South Bay and has been a resident for nearly a decade. With strong personal and professional networks throughout the Southbay and Los Angeles, Dave has the tools, bandwidth and personality to help with all your real estate needs. 310. 546. 7611 26

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Dr. Jennifer Timmons M.D. Written by Swoop Staff Photograph by David Mitchell

this person for his or her expertise, advice and to administer treatment that may save your life. And remember that choosing a physician is just that; a choice. You need to be happy with your doctor and the treatment—on the medical level and a personal level. If you are in search of a Family Practice physician, or any type of physician for that matter, it pays to do as much research as you can to ensure that you find the right match. Feel free to call or stop by the office of Dr. Timmons to set up a consultation. She would love to see if she can provide professional, knowledgeable and highly qualified care for you and your family.

Dr. Jennifer Timmons is a native of Boulder, Colorado, located at the base of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, surrounded by a greenbelt of city trails and open spaces. She moved from the mountains to the coast of Southern California, where she studied Pre-Med at Pitzer College, then went on to earn her medical degree from USC. Throughout her internship and residency in Family Medicine at UCLA, what Dr. Timmons strived for paralleled the program’s mission. This mission is to be innovative, academic, clinically oriented, and dedicated to improving her patients’ health as well as the health of the community. She is also a proud member and diplomat of the American Board of Family Physicians. Dr. Timmons enjoys working with patients of all ages and always attempts to make her patients active participants in their own health care. She strives to provide medical care that focuses on healing and the treatment of disease, as well as the prevention of illness and promotion of wellness. One of the aspects of Family Medicine that Dr. Timmons enjoys most is building long term relationships with her patients, as well as as having the opportunity to care for multiple members of the same family. In her daily medical practice, Dr. Timmons treats a wide variety of illnesses, in addition to performing periodic wellness exams, medical care and checkups for children, and a full range of women’s health services, including pap smears and breast health exams. In her free time, Dr. Timmons enjoys traveling, cooking, skiing, hiking and yoga and lives in Manhattan Beach with her husband and children. Choosing a doctor is one of the most important things you will do in your life. You will trust

MEDICAL BOARD CERTIFICATION Family Medicine, American Board of Family Medicine, 2010 EDUCATION Residency Family Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine, 2008 - 2010 Internship Family Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine, 2007 - 2008 Medical Degree M.D., USC School of Medicine, 2007 Bachlors of Science B.S., Pitzer College, 2002

CONTACT Dr. Jennifer Timmons 2501 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 100 Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 Phone: (310) 546-4599

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n July 6th history will be made. The first ever Mini 650 Pacific Challange is shoving off out of Marina Del Rey. Six sailors sailing from the sunny shores of Los Angeles to Hawaii as fast as possible. Alone in their boats for, perhaps over two weeks, these men will man the ships racing from one beautiful place to another, in solitude but connected to the world using state of the art technology. There is a thriving global sailing culture. Its rampant popularity from fought together racers from all over the world. Argentina, France, and Poland all have representatives participating in the Pacific Challenge, along with a few Americans, these men are bringing the true heart and soul of sailing to share with Los Angeles. Races like the Mini 650 Pacific Challenge have an air of camaraderie between the racers. Despite their rivalries, their passions remain the same. This event, similar to many other races like it, are solely for the sailors, the prize for the first one from LA to Hawaii is bragging rights, and perhaps some free drinks. Drastic lengths have been gone to by so many to make the Pacific Challenge a reality. “Mini 650� from Mini 650 Pacific Challenge is a term describing the boats. The vessels are small sailboats that gained popularity for being used to race annually from France to Brazil. Each design must past rigorous inspection to fit the guidelines, the 650 in Mini 650 standing for 650 cm or 6.5 meters, the max length of the boat. And the width can be no more than 3 meters. Popularity of these specific types of sail boats has encouraged in depth looks at maximizing speeds, and cutting down weight, and whatever else

you can modify to shave time off of that trip. Technology is a major part of the race. Carbon fiber is a common constituent to cut down on weight and increase strength. At times, the sailors have to sleep, and so autopilot is a must. Precision instruments measure conditions of the wind and ocean, doing their best to sail while the racer sleeps. While these instruments are top of the line, nothing replaces the efficiency of an experienced sailor. With a quick glance over at we can see that the boats also have equipped tracking devices the public can help let the public in on experiencing this amazing feat of endurance and seamanship. Nick Vale and Jerome Samarcelli started Open Sailing in October of 2008 to embrace boating as as career full time, with a place that does all things sailing. In 2002, gift of free lessons catalyst Nik’s world of sailing. After one lesson he was absorbed, life changed. Jerome has sailing in his blood, racing since his youth, along with his siblings and parents. His heart lead him to America, where he married his wife, and began to innovate the landscape of sailing. The Mini 5.70, thanks to Jerome and Open Sailing Inc., has been introduced to the west coast boating scene. Jerome and Nik together are expressing their love for sailing by developing the culture, designing their own boats, and creating their own races.

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Kippys! Organic Non-Dairy Ice Cream Shop Written by Swoop Staff Photographs provided by Truly Raw Gourmet body to do other things, such as build immunity, regenerate, rest, and cleanse itself. Raw Foods are more nutritionally dense and this affords your body to absorb more nutrition of what that certain food has to offer. The refrigerator has been around for less than 100 years, before that people ate a lot more raw and or raw fermented foods, such as cultured veggies, sauerkraut, kimchi. What flavors are available? Chocolate Crème, Strawberry Coconut, Vanilla Cappuccino, Chocolate Cappuccino, Strawberry Lemonade, Orange Crème, Limeade, and our Seasonal! Can you describe the process of making a batch of your sorbet, why you choose the ingredients that you use? We choose our ingredients based upon flavor, how local it is, and based upon the nutritional value. For example, we knew from the beginning of our company that we are truly committed to raw local honey. Honey and Dates are Natures Sweetener, each are whole foods, which we have been eating for thousands of years! Organic Mature How do you feel about the state of food distribution? Truthfully, it’s a disaster! I really don’t think people fully realize the extent of how big the food business is and that it’s basically run by 5 Huge Companies; so if you want to make a change in your body and diet, plus change how food is made, buy local! Buy from smaller food companies. Pay more money for your food. My observation is this, when people are at restaurants they spend money on food; and when they arrive at the Supermarket, their wallets tighten up! You are really what you eat, so know what you eat and know who makes your food. People can do this by supporting small food companies, it takes a bit more time and money, but otherwise you’d spend it in a doctor’s waiting room. I would rather spend some time with a farmer than a doctor.

food. Glass can be reused over and over and over and over. When our customers return 12 jars, they receive one Free Jar of Sorbet or Ice Cream. It’s very interactive! What are the driving philosophies that pushed you to start this business? I want to feed people. I want to be part of the change and how we view and make food. I want to educate and chat with people, and in the end make food for people that they love; that it feeds the body, and we don’t destroy the planet doing it! Where can we get some of this wonderful treat? At Whole Foods, Santa Monica Coop, PC Greens, Jimbo’s Kippys! Organic Non Diary Ice Cream Shop

Coconuts from Mexico is another conscious decision. The organic coconuts have so much nutrition in them. The thick white meat is so nutritionally dense and the water is very light and refreshing and has less sugar than other coconuts. It sounds like you are doing a lot to integrate with the community, what sorts of things are you trying? We believe community is the answer! We decided to stay within our community; to manufacture and make our Headquarters where we love and live, instead of making our HQ an hour or two away, where its cheaper and more business friendly. We have an open door policy at our commercial kitchen, so our customers can stop by and check out our ingredients, our process, ask us questions.

What led you to take the raw approach, I know it is healthy, but can you give me some specifics? Raw approaches food as a whole food and allows the body to function without a lot of work digesting. Meaning that raw foods still have all the enzymes intact in the food so the food can help digest itself in the body and that the body does not have to produce enzymes for digestion. This allows the


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How can we learn more about your product? Eat it. Think about the ingredients, and of course come and visit us at the Ice Cream shop. Also, look at our website and social media. You don’t see a lot of products in glass containers these days, why did you choose that method of packaging? We chose glass because glass does not leach into the food supply, nor is it harmful to the environment. We wanted to take a stand on packaging, and especially packaging for

CONTACT Kippys! Organic Non-Dairy Ice Cream Shop Truly.Raw.Gourmet. 326 Lincoln Blvd -Venice CA 310-399-4871

Bob Roy Salon has been a staple in the South Bay for over 50 years. Now, the salon has a new addition that makes it a little cooler. The classic barber shop. Specializing in straight razor shaving.

327 Manhattan Beach Blvd Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 (310) 545-2500

Kaiser Electric

Written by Swoop Staff Photographs provided by Ken Kaiser

When you choose Kaiser Electric as your electrical contractor, you have made the choice to give your business a rare find in the construction and service industry - a contractor who cares. Kaiser Electric is a small neighborhood electrical shop, owned and operated by the “guy who grew up around the corner”, Ken Kaiser. With his mom and pop shop values, he cares not only about getting business and finishing the job on time. He cares about the job being done right the first time. Ken and his team always strive for a client’s complete satisfaction. They want you as the client to remember Kaiser Electric as the electrical contractor that did their job so well, that you hardly noticed they were ever there. No hassles, no messes, no having to call them to come back and finish the job a week after it was supposed to be completed. The motto at Kaiser Electric is “Be afraid of the dark”, because they will NOT leave you in the dark like other electrical contractors. Ken Kaiser’s passion to be an electrician started to develop in 1991, as he trained for five years as an apprentice, working on job sites and in service trucks, and in 1996, he earned his title as a Journeyman Wireman from the I.B.E.W. Electricians Union. As a member of the union in Santa Clara County (Silicon Valley), he worked on and helped wire offices, cleanrooms, laboratories, nuclear power plants, sports stadiums, hospitals, and shopping malls. While working for some of the biggest electrical contractors west of the Rockies, the electrical systems he and his colleagues built were for such companies as Intel, Google, Yahoo, Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems, Stanford University Stadium and Hospital, Applied Materials, General Electric, 3Com, AT&T Park (home of the San Francisco Giants), 350 South Market, Westfield Shopping Malls, Macy’s, Juicy


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Couture, Häagen Dazs, Lockheed Martin, NASA AMES Research, Java and Cisco Systems, just to name a few. In 2010, Ken decided after 14 years of working as a member of the union, and working for companies that taught him well, that it was time to move on and start his own electrical contracting company. Still a member in good standing, he put his union card on hold and moved back to where he grew up in Los Angeles. Starting from nothing except the tools he owned, Ken began working for himself. He studied and passed the California State Electrical Contractors License tests and received his C-10 License. From the years of hard work and some big sacrifices, Kaiser Electric was started. Kaiser Electric is a company that will carry on the values, quality workmanship, and the pride in doing a job right the first time that the union brothers instilled in Ken. Ken Kaiser, the “guy who grew up around the corner” blends the small, neighborhood feel with competence and throughness, which all shine through in his work. The result is Kaiser Electric - big name, union style work, with the personal, small shop attention to clients’ needs. Whether a job is commercial, residential, tenant improvement, a new construction, remodel, service calls, or 24 hour emergency service, Kaiser Electric is, and should always be your only choice when you need an electrician. No job is too small either. Just need a new plug installed? Need recessed, outdoor, landscape or parking lot lighting? Need power for your workshop or garage tools? Call Kaiser Electric.

CONTACT Ken Kaiser License # 978820 P.O. Box 88562 Los Angeles, CA 90009 Phone: (310) 414-7980 Email: Web:

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Monday 2pm – 11pm Tuesday 2pm – Midnight Wednessday-friday 2pm – 2:30am satufday –sudnay 12pm – 2:30am

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1332 hermosa ave hermosa beach, c.a. 90254 (310( 376-0949



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Hermosa Beach: 1031 Hermosa Ave. Hermosa Beach , CA 90254 (310) 318-0533


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The south bays favorite dentist, rated number one, now has a location in Santa Monica. Now there are 2 offices where you can keep that smile bright and your teeth healthy. So all of you Southbay’rs, that grew up and went a little cosmopolitan and moved to the west side of LA, can now visit our celebrity dentist in Santa Monica. So if you need to get a little teeth whitening, fill a cavity, get dental advice from fantastic professionals or even just need to get your teeth cleaned, now you can do it in beautiful and trendy Santa Monica.

CONTACT Dr Gould 2901 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 206 Santa Monica , CA 310-828-6684

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Coast Chiropractic Center Written by Emily Wheeler Photograph by Carly Hebert

“The nervous system is the master system of the body. It allows all other systems to function.” MIRACLES HAPPEN at Coast Chiropractic Center. It is 2013, and we are now more educated and aware about how we need to take care of our health. We know that needles and drugs not only have tremendous side effects, but also do not fix the problem permanently. The pain you are in will keep coming back until it is truly fixed. When visiting the offices of Dr. Baker and Dr. Giacalone, you know that you are in a place where people truly care about the healing of your body. To be freed of pain naturally, by these caring professionals, is more than you could ask for. If you had a sharp rock in your shoe, what would you do about it? If you get prescribed a drug to mask the pain the rock remains, and the pain keeps coming back no matter how many pills you take. You would absolutely not do this. You would do the natural thing and take that sharp painful rock out of your shoe! Getting treated through chiropractic care is the equivalent of taking that rock out of your shoe for good. In this time of quick fixes, and instant gratification, you may be tempted to go to extreme measures to fix a problem within your body. People risk

their lives, and their pockets by going under the knife for surgery. In many cases non-intrusive, safe chiropractic care could fix that same problem. Not only are there the frightening risks that come along with anesthesiology, but the likelihood of something


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going wrong during surgery is above and beyond the minimal risks of natural chiropractic care that would fix the same thing! Whether it is from lifting, twisting, or moving the wrong way, a traumatic accident, or something you may have been born with, the swelling of discs between the bones in your spine that happen as a result of these things, causes pain and problems. These discs are next to nerves that run through your entire body, so pain from problems such as severe headaches can be corrected through adjustment of the spine. Dr. Baker and Dr. Giacalone have been in business as partners for over 30 years and have also been voted #1 in the South Bay by multiple publications. Dr. Baker and Dr. Giacalone run a deeply caring practice

“When the spine is in line, you will feel just fine and this ain’t no rhyme, it’s the truth.” that has a family-run feel. Patients know that they are safe and at home in the office of Coast Chiropractic Center. Coast Chiropractic Center can help all age groups. The youngest patient they have treated was three months old, and the oldest patient currently is 92. Just call for a consultation, and you will have the privilege of hearing about the miracles of chiropractic care. These examples from Dr. Baker and Dr. Giacalone will truly make you a believer of this type of natural healing of the body. If you are treated at Coast Chiropractic Center, you may very well be enlightened to a way of life free from pain, and indeed become one of those miracles yourself.

CONTACT Dr. Gary Baker, D.C., Q.M.E. Dr. Joseph A. Giacalone, D.C. Coast Chiropractic Center 3201 Pacific Coast Hwy, Ste A Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 Phone: (310) 376-8949 E-mail:

Swoop Magazine Issue 25 Side 1  

Swoop Magazine's 25th Issue. The summer pictorial issue.

Swoop Magazine Issue 25 Side 1  

Swoop Magazine's 25th Issue. The summer pictorial issue.