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met Scott Bailey back in 2001, when I was fresh off the boat from Vancouver BC, Canada. We met through mutual friends in the South Bay Volleyball scene, and had a lot in common as quintessential outsiders, pursuing our dreams to be living the California lifestyle. I had come a long way from my origins in the coldest darkest part of North America, two hours north of Fargo North Dakota. My new home and my first American dental practice were more amazing than I had ever hoped or dreamed. I immersed myself in beach volleyball, California’s culture, and began to build my career. I was in the place I knew I needed to be and I settled in my favorite neighborhood, The Silver Triangle, in Venice. In those early years I was disappointed at the extreme variations in the quality and caliber of private dental offices I worked in. I knew that I could offer an experience that was more comfortable, and consistent. Those first years were both tough and rewarding. I grew, and continued to hone my own particular brand of dentistry. Over the years I advertised with Swoop, and enjoyed my interactions with Scott, and was impressed as I watched him grow Swoop Magazine. Our careers have been on the same path since we met. I was excited to hear that Scott was expanding to the West Side, and I hoped he would bring with him that South Bay vibe. This issue of Swoop includes coverage of the popular “Swingers” beach volleyball tournament, which I sponsor every year. I would love to see more of the relaxed South Bay lifestyle in my own back yard on the West Side.

I also recently opened a new office in Santa Monica, Wilshire Smiles. My goal was to bring my style of dentistry, and the standardized dental systems and procedures I have created over my twenty three year career to the West Side. My Manhattan Beach associate dentist, Dr. Nowell Gray will be providing his expertise and experience to residents in Santa Monica. What we hope to mirror is our patient centric no nonsense honest, and efficient approach to dentistry. I am excited for the future, and what I see as the natural evolution of my brand, of modern American dentistry, and I am looking forward to seeing Swoop Magazine as a fresh presence on the West Side.


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Models: Aqueella Zoll Photography: David Mitchell Hair: Kassandra Karr Makeup: Kassandra Karr










The History of Abbot Kinney & Venice Written by Scott Bailey Photographs provided by SWOOP Staff

Swoop Girl Interview: Aqueela Zoll Photographs by David Mitchell Interviewed by Swoop Staff

Falling Whistles Written by Jeff Laprade Photographs provided by Anders Smith/Falling Whistles

London Vale

Photographs by Joseph Umbro

Swoop Girl Interview: Paris Riddle Interviewed by Swoop Photographs by David Mitchell

Brooke Davis

Photographs by David Mitchel

Featured Artist: Keith Brinker Interviewed by Swoop Photographs by Swoop Staff

Dr. Davis: Who Do you see when you’re in pain? Written by Jeff Laprade/Stephanie Tadlock Photographs Provided by Dr. Davis

The Redondo Beach Lobster Festival Written by Emily Wheeler Photographs Provided by Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce

Samantha Lockwood’s Fleurings Written by Emily Wheeler Photographs by Adam Gray, and Claudio Marinesco

Matt Pohlkamp Provided by

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Founders Note


hange is the most consistent thing in life and will happen whether you like it or not. This summer, I was sitting at Zinque Café, on the corner of Abbot Kinney and Venice Blvd getting ready for a meeting. It was around 2 pm on a typical sunny LA day. As I unpacked my laptop, I noticed to my right and left, that there were some very cool groups of people, doing more than enjoying a drink or lunch on the patio, they seemed to be working just like me. It made me feel fortunate to be a part of a unique group of people able to work in a remote location and not be stuck in an office. Your work is your life in this country and I’m glad I chose my life to be Swoop. In the past I took meetings at the “factory” which is what we called our office at the time in South Bay, and Life was good. I was living my version of the California lifestyle. But that feeling changed as I felt myself drawn to the West Side. So I moved our office to Wilshire, and I try not to go there as much as possible. I started Swoop Magazine in 2005, after exiting my billboard company with a clear vision of what I thought life on the West Coast should be. I felt that in America you always have to work hard to make it anywhere, so you might as well have as much fun as you can while your doing it. That’s where our mission statement “Work Hard Play Often” comes from. I don’t believe in retiring, I believe when you stop working you start dying. Work can mean many things, you can work for a charity, work to get in shape, work on traveling, or if your completely insane, you can work on a magazine. I wanted to create a job for myself that encompassed everything I believed in and enjoyed. I believe that you build your life, and Swoop is what I built for myself. Swoop opens up doors for me that would not be available if I did something else. I get to interview amazing people, help companies drive traffic, go to cool events, make my own schedule, and be constantly challenged on a daily basis. Swoop has grown into a brand over the past seven years, with some really cool and innovative start-ups under it’s banner. We started Swoop Kar, under the leadership of Janne Kouri, the guidance of John Cavan and the organization of Tracy Sabol. Swoop Kar is a clean energy transportation idea in which we use street legal electric golf carts as taxi’s. We’ve started Swoop Media, which is a full service agency with an emphasis on Web design, programming, and social network marketing. This company is run under the guidance of Richard (Stien) Davis, and last but not least Swoop Maverick, under the guidance of Cynthia Rogers. I feel so fortunate to be working with such amazing people. I started the companies with them just so we could hang out, to tell you the truth. I think that’s when you know you have good partners. I’ve relocated my home to Venice, and as I began to realize the differance in business culture here, I knew that there would be hard work ahead, but the challenge has energized me. This issue of Swoop represents change for me, and the new economy emerging on the West Side. I’m excited to bring my version of Southbay culture, and Swoops version of the California lifestyle to the West Side. Los Angeles is full of transplants like me, who have their own version of the California lifestyle. I’m excited to grow, change, and to show my new neighbors on the West Side our version of Work Hard, Play Often.

Scott Bailey Best

Founder Swoop Magazine


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contents On the cover



Models: Paris Riddle Photography: David Mitchell Hair: Vanessa Broin Makeup: Vanessa Broin







Flava Junkies Written by Jeff Laprade Photographs by Wendy Levin, and Alexis Dickey

Dr. Gary L. Wagoner Written by Jeff Laprade Photos by Heather Gildroy

Swingers Volleyball Tournament

Herald Hill Written by Jeff Laprade Photos By Herald Hill

DogTown Beauty: Kiesha Kimball Photographs by Joseph Umbro

Dr. Nowell

Interviewed by Swoop Staff Photographs Provided by Dr. Joel Gould

Kanye and Kim in Vegas

Written by Michelle Steinberg Photographs by Denise Truscello/Wire Image

U.S Open of Surf Photographs by Joseph Umbro


Keep Hermosa, Hermosa


Leiluna collection by leilani


Written by Kevin Sousa Photographs provided by Kevin Sousa

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kASSANDRA kARR - (makeup provided by mac)

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vANESSA BRoIN,, makeup provided by mac

kASSANDRA kARR - (makeup provided by mac),

vANESSA BRoIN, (makeup provided by mac)


vANESSA BRoIN,, makeup provided by mac kASSANDRA kARR - (makeup provided by mac), vANESSA BRoIN , (makeup provided by mac)

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Photographer: Model: Alec Musser

AVenice Story

Abbot Kinney

By Jeff Laprade Photograpy by Swoop staff


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sthma was the reason he decided to stay in Southern California. Abbot Kinney, the father of Venice Beach, the dreamer that built one of the most popular beach communities in the world, actually grew up in my home town, Washington DC. At the age of 16, he traveled to Europe and studied in Heidelberg Germany, Paris and Zurich. He spent a generous amount of his time traveling and exploring all he could while he was there, eventually finding his way to Venice Italy, which put lightly, had a profound impact on young Abbot.

After his first European trip Abbot Kinney headed back to America to make his fortune in the first cash crop of our country‌you got it, tobacco. He was very efficient in buying and selling his product in mass quantities through the family owned business, (Kinney Brothers Tobacco Company). Two Years later, Abbot took another extended trip east to India, Ceylon, New Guinea, Australia, and Hawaii. On his way home when his ship reached San Francisco, he found that his route back to Washington DC was delayed by heavy snow, prompting Abbot Kinney the asthmatic, to decide to do a little side trip down


to Southern California. When he arrived at the Sierra Madre Villa Hotel, he found that there were no rooms available, so he slept on a pool table. Upon waking, his asthma was gone, which lead Mr. Kinney to making Southern California his home. After his second extended vacation, Abbot Kinney became quite the environmentalist. He worked with famed naturalist John Muir to establish The San Gabriel Timberland Reserve, He developed the agency to protect the forests of the San Gabriel Mountains, and developed the first United States forestry station in Rustic Canyon California.

The Father of Venice Beach.

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bbot Kinney’s wife wanted to move to the beach, so he landed in Santa Monica. Mr. Kinney and his then business partner Francis Ryan, bought controlling interest in a tract of land along the Santa Monica Beach. His partner Ryan ended up dying and his widow’s new husband sold Ryan’s half to another group. Abbot Kinney wasn’t feeling the deal and told the new group of men that he wanted to split the land in half and flip a coin to see who gets what, they agreed, he flipped the coin, and Abbot Kinney won the coin toss. He decided on the half of the land we now know as Venice.


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So in the spirit of Venice Italy, Abbot Kinney designed Venice Beach California, which was actually called Ocean Park until 1907, complete with canals, gondolas and gondoliers. At first Mr. Kinney planned on Venice being an upscale cultural experience but the crowd was more interested in the Beach culture, theme parks, and edgy attractions. The outlandish shows quickly became the most popular and made the most money, which evolved into the Venice Beach culture the world knows and loves today. Abbot Kinney spent the rest of his life basking in his cultural experiment we now know as Venice until his death in 1920. I hope I can be that cool when I die.

As we fast forward to 2013, Venice has held strong as one of the last multicultural beach communities on the West Side of Los Angeles, and its evolution was inevitable. Beautiful weather allows the transients to flow in and out of the area comfortably and (mostly) peacefully, side by side with locals and the millions of vacationers yearly. So popular is the destination, that in recent years several corporations like Microsoft, EA, Google, Snapchat, The Chive, Vice Magazine, and Swoop have all hopped on the Venice train. The influence is so intense Venice has earned the nickname Silicon Beach.


s a recent citizen of the community of Venice, it’s interesting to see how the extremes of society interact. Here, movie stars, producers and world changing CEO’s walk alongside the homeless and 9 to 5’ers on their way to Groundwork Coffee on Rose to grab their morning coffee. As property values skyrocket, uncertainty pervades in the neighborhood. In what once was considered an affordable beach community full of skaters, surfers and artists has now evolved into one of the cultural centers of America.

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Bikini by Betinnis Dresses by Leiluna collection www. Hair and Makeup by

Swoop Girl 12

Aqueela ZollÂ

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Kassandra Karr - (Makeup provided by MAC)

I have definitely never met anyone named Aqueela before, where does the name come from? My mom is Cherokee. I outwardly resemble more of my dad’s Dutch-Indonesian side, but my name came from my mom, referencing it in Cherokee meaning “golden eagle.” How was shooting with Swoop? Shooting with Swoop was a great experience. Scott had a clear vision of what he was looking for which is always really important & shooting with David to capture those images was a blast. The entire team was easy going and lighthearted- it was a zero stress jobwhich I can always appreciate What attracted you to the modeling Industry and how long have you been modeling? I’ve been working in the industry for 2.5 years. I love it’s hustle & bustle & know it’s attitude of business is very suited to my taste in work. I’ve always been attracted to work in front of the camera: modeling, acting, dancing, performing in general really. So I guess it’s safe to say that life attracted me to the industry. I’m not from LA I’m from Redding, CA up north. I moved to Southern California to go to school at the University in Long Beach. After coming to the realization that the major I was studying was in no way fulfilling who I was, I began studying human development, theater arts & began my journey as a young artist in the world of entertainment.

Favorite place to go out on a Saturday night? Favorite? thing my closest friends know about me is that I love trying and doing things I’ve never done before: I love discovering. So, a favorite thing to do on a Saturday night is impossible to say. Things I like to do look like going to a restaurant I’ve never tried before, having game night, staying in and watching hours of Breaking Bad (usually Sunday nights)- Haha- dancing, going on some sort of adventure with friends. Sometimes I honestly just love taking an evening to myself, going to the gym, making dinner, and being spontaneous about everything. :)

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Where is the most beautiful place you have ever been? The landscape of city lights at nighttime is one of the most beautiful views to me, so I adored spending time in NYC and soaking in the view of its lights & life when the sun was down. Beauty though, is something I’ve experienced in all kinds of fashions in places close to home like Malibu, Venice, Northern California’s Yosemite, & the Redwood Forest.

What are your major goals for the next 10 years? In the next 10 years I’ll be doing many of the same things I’m doing now, they’ll just grow in stature, exposure, ability, & purpose.

Deep down, what inspires you? Compelling characters & stories; love, hate, joy, pain- existing really. All the primary & secondary emotions that each of us experience inspires me as an actress, a writer, a director, and a model. Why? Well each one of those experiences are truthful, at least to some degree to the person experiencing them. So I suppose that means the two things I’m most inspired by are truth, and it’s equal opposite.

Seeing anyone? Anytime someone asks me this question in person, my nerdy response is “Well yea, I see you right now.” Stupid I know, but I can’t help myself. haha. I’m fortunate enough to have a handful of insanely glorious people, young men & women, in my life who are the closest friends I’ve ever know. So to answer while not answering this question ;) my heart is so full & I’ve never been so in love in my life.

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E.C.M.M By

The question is, does medical marijuana help people? I can guarantee you that if you ask many cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, if cannabis helped them gain their appetite back, the answer would be yes. Certain cannabinoid drugs have been approved by the FDA to relieve nausea, and increase the appetite in people with Cancer and AIDS. It is also used to help with a number of other sicknesses people may have. If you are considering using medical marijuana to help you with an ailment, try visiting E.C.M.M. first. It is a refreshing experience to walk into an establishment run by a staff that cares, and can give you expert advise, when it comes to medical marijuana. At E.C.M.M. The patient is treated like a person. Family run, the staff is made up of close friends that project an air of comfort an hospitality. Unlike some other prop 215 doctors, there is no run around or unprofessional haggling. E.C.M.M. Provides a consistent affordable price with a dependability reinforced by staff flaunting an amiable attitude. E.C.M.M. do their very best to inform patients of how to effectively medicate particular symptoms. The research reinforcing the responsible use of medical cannabis is a blossoming area of study showing a large spectrum of uses from symptom control to cancer inhibition.

Jeff Laprade Vaporizing is encouraged, and despite the few positive effect, smoking anything will have negative repercussions on health. For some perhaps a tasty edible will do the trick or even a topical ointment will be satisfactory to help achieve drastic results. Dr. Barkey has decades of experience, and treats each patient with the attentive respect they deserve. His diverse career has helped thousands of people. Extensive serendipitous circumstances led him to opening his own practice helping to spread the availability of medical cannabis to those who could truly benefit from it. E.C.M.M. pride them selves on maintaining a professional and amiable environment, with streamlined procedure. Starting out on the Strand in Venice, Dr. Barky and his staff saw tens of thousands of patients but did not appreciate the unprofessional practices of their neighbors. Time and pressure built up and E.C.M.M. took their loyal client base and moved operations to a much more comfortable, less hectic environment. This move brings the patient experience to a new unparalleled level. E.C.M.M. sets the standard in service for medical cannabis. Check out there service, you wont be disappointed

Contact E.C.M.M 13347 A Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90066 Phone: (424) 835-4137 Web:


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All Spice Cafe By

Jeff Laprade Spice without the heat, All Spice Cafe does the public the service of isolating the exotic flavors of some of the worlds hottest peppers and making them tolerable for the public. So many of these other hot sauces end up as cheap Tabasco or Siracha ripoffs. One little taste of any of The All Spice sauces will win your heart and taste buds over, a truly original taste. Proprietor JD Cowell has spent most of his life in Upstate New York. This unique region of the US is well known for its fertile land and abundant culture of fresh organic food. Decades ago curiosity led JD to a generic recipe for sauce to put on some hot wings. Time and talent had its way with this recipe and JD’s masterpieces began to take shape. Urged by his loved ones to share his sauce, JD gave in and finally bottled his treasure. As soon as this special sauces hit the scene it made waves. In New Mexico 2007, where they know BBQ, during the Fiery Food and Barbecue Show the Cheyenne Habanero Sauce and the Caribbean Sauce both medaled. From there the snowball only gained momentum and the array of sauces have since win awards in The Zest Fest in Fort Worth Texas, and a landslide of awards nationwide. All of this recognition has finally caught on and us, the privledged public, now have the opportunity to find All Spice Cafe products all over. If you reside in Southern California , Nevada, Arizona or Hawaii at your local Whole Foods. One day as I wandered into Local 1215 in Venice, Ca and ordered a breakfast burrito. Sitting next to me was a mustached bottle of enticing sauce. I smothered my gourmet burrito and dove in. The effects were profound. Have you ever tasted the flavor of a habanero without burning your young off or even thought about tasting ghost chili? All Spice Cafe offers all of us the ability to try these flavors without having to deal with the agony of the spice! Finally the flavor shines through! All Spice Cafe brings us originality and accessibility, revolutionizing the flavor spectrum of the BBQ world. Get your hands on any All Spice products ASAP for your own sake, broaden your flavor horizons now!

Contact All Spice Cafe AllSpiceCafe

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I By


Jeff Laprade

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Photos Provided by

Anders Smith/Falling Whistles

t started with a trip, founder Sean Carasso, was in South Africa for the first ever shoe drop with a friend who recently started a social minded shoe company� from here he continued travelling around by means of backpack. He found himself in the Congo, a beautiful country and people, yet ravaged by war. In the last 15 years between 5.4 and 6.9 million people have died. The Congolese War is the deadliest war since the Second World War and the mainstream media says very little of it. Curiosity brought Sean to a military camp that goes by the name T2. There he encountered five boys, former child soldiers, abducted from their communities by rebel groups and forced to kill, transformed from children to soldiers through horrible tactics. They escaped from the rebel forces and sought refuge out through the Congolese army, where the children were taken in only to be held as enemies of the state, no older than 15 years. As any man would, Sean reacted, calling appropriate embassies and reaching out to the UN. Carasso became aware of the fact that when he was around the children weren’t abused because of the presence of a white American. This motivated Sean to stay in the company of the children until they were taken in by authorities that would assure their safety. During this stint of time with the 5 children, Sean took the opportunity to get to know the boys. One of these children brought to light a devastating truth of this war. The youngest soldiers, the ones too small to carry guns are ordered to the front lines, whistles in hand. These child soldiers have two key roles, first they are instructed to warn the rebels of incoming enemies by blowing the whistles upon enemy contact. When the children are inevitably gunned down by the opposing forces, the bodies of the fallen children create a blockade for soldiers to hide behind and shoot. The tragic story both inspired and infuriated Sean. Upon arriving back in LA, Sean was sleeping on a friends couch overcome with intense emotions towards the lack of awareness of this horrific war. His approach to the general ignorance of our culture to the Congolese tragedy first came off a bit hostile. Noticing Sean’s immense amount of energy toward the cause, a close friend bought an old whistle, and strung it on a necklace, and told him to wear the whistle over his heart and with it he would keep the story of the boys alive. This whistle acted as the catalyst that gave Sean a medium with which to respectfully share his experiences and build awareness to the cause, to the travesty of these falling child soldiers. Now instead of stressing over the lack of awareness, the whistle created conversation, and thus Falling Whistles was born. Falling Whistles main objectives are to help raise awareness and save these children from the hellish fates of war, change global policies for sustainable peace, and invest in Congolese locals to build productive self reliant infrastructure for the country to grow on. The Whistles are made by the oldest whistle manufacturers in production today, ACME, they are used by British police officers, NATO forces, the Boy Scouts of America, the NFL, the UN, and sadly these child soldiers.

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“If you’ve come here to help me you’re wasting your time. But if you’ve come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”

Congo is an amazing country, ripe with a plethora of natural resources. There is a saying in Africa that goes something like this, “God created the world and washed his hands in the Congo.” Rich deposits of essential materials like gold, copper, tantalum, tungsten, and uranium litter Congo’s dense jungles. Some would think this natural wealth would lead to prosperity for such a country, and perhaps one day that will be true. As it stands now, this war has much less to do with the people of Congo and is facilitated by outside interests. Using financial means, neighboring governments and multinational corporations fight for control of the copious amounts of these rare earth metals and other resources. Sadly this is not a new problem for Congo, and several countries in Africa are


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familiar with these circumstances. Looking back in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, King Leopold II of Belgium was granted a massive amount of land, similar in size to Western Europe. Here his efforts unveiled massive amounts of rubber and ivory. With the help of cruel methods of motivating local populations he established operations of mass production for the ivory and rubber to be exported and sold. In over 20 years, half the population was gone, about 10 million people had died from these grievous tactics. Word of these atrocities began to permeate the globe, and thanks to international pressure Leopold was forced to give the land up. Depressingly strange, 100 years ago the whole world saw and said something to stop the horrors, the same

thing is happening today and the world is doing virtually nothing to stop it. Falling Whistles is trying to lead the charge to change that situation. The efforts of Falling Whistles are motivated by a sentiment well captured in a quote by Aboriginal Elder Lilla Watson, “ If you’ve come here to help me you’re wasting your time. But if you’ve come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” Many times effort to help regions in turmoil such as the Congo consist of physical aid which in the end creates a dependency of the local infrastructure on these hand outs. Falling Whistles is dedicated to investing in the existing communities in order to allow the people of Congo to develop their own infrastructure.

An early project of Falling Whistles focused the large amount of native Quinine trees. These Quinine Trees posses the capability of being transformed into effective malaria treatments. For years the Congo had been purchasing malaria treatments from the outside. Falling Whistles took notice of this resource and saw an opportunity, they effectively invested $18,000 USD into helping locals set up a logistic solution to get these trees into a factory and in turn produce affordable malaria treatment for much less then the cost of importing. Within nine months, the locals paid back the $18,000 and successfully produced over 300,000 malaria treatments, as well as a streamlined production line and created a sustainable business. A major contributor to these efforts is a man I known as Sekombi. To quell the political corruption that was rampant in the election process in Congo, Sekombi along with Falling Whistles and the design firm IDEO helped develop a monitoring program where locals could report evidence of fraud to the local radio station. This effort was so effective that International Observers was notified and the elections were given information to see that the election was rigged. Another feat of the Falling Whistles organization is their undying adaptability to the immense amount of pressure they face. They successfully helped start a radio station to build community and keep the people informed. The powers that be found this unsavory and passed legislation that made it illegal to collect revenue for the station via advertising. Instead of taking this as a crippling defeat, the Congolese active in the radio station project created a record studio, where upon they could produce their own music for profit and share it through their already established radio station. Falling Whistles has the priceless talent of taking the negative and transforming that energy into a force of good. In one heart wrenching instance, a violent rebel group know as M23 attacked a village where many of the inhabitants that were fellow visionaries, working as the grass roots group that Falling Whistles supported. Needless to say several good friends were killed, women and children included. M23 found support from the Rwandan government, acting as an arm of the evil regime trying to capitalize off of the Congo’s rich natural resources and unstable government. Falling Whistles took this opportunity to draft a list of suggested sanctions for the Rwandan government and 10 specific individuals. Thanks to these efforts, Rwandan aide was cut (around 400 million US taxpayers dollars) and six of the ten individuals on the list were sanctioned, when this happened the M23 left Goma and international attention caused the UN to send in a new intervention brigade to actively seek out M23. Currently, Falling Whistles distribute their whistles through their website,, along with 300 other stores internationally, even right down at Alternative Apparel on Abbot Kinney in Venice. But their work doesn’t stop there. These amazing individuals are now working on setting up the first conflict free supply chain of coffee out of this region. From farm to roaster, this is truly fair trade, so keep your eyes ears, and hearts peeled for this team of loving individuals, changing the world one whistle at a time. Falling Whistles.


“Falling Whistles has the priceless talent

of taking the negative and transforming that energy into a force of good.” | swoop |


Photographs by Joseph Umbro Dresses by Leiluna collection www. Hair and Makeup by Kassandra Karr



(Makeup provided by MAC)


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Jeff Laprade Photos Provided by HALS

trolling down Abbot Kinney, just north of California Street, you’ll undoubtedly pass a black awning over a modestly painted restaurant front. If curiosity overcomes you, and you step into the establishment, be prepared for a transformation. A humble exterior opens to a spacious comfortable room, buzzing with a productive energy. Beneath that energy is a large chunk of Venice beach history. Twenty-six years ago Don helped to run a bank, was very established in the real estate scene, and knew nothing of the restaurant business. Abbot Kinney was at the center of the last affordable beach community on the West Side and attracting creative minds from all over the world. In this place and time over two decades ago is when Hal’s roots took hold.


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“If you haven’t heard about the food yet, then I am

not gonna say you must have been under a rock, but you will thank me when you finally decide to go in.” a liquor provider letting him know that he was 46 days 100% of something he knew nothing about. Taken late on his payments, and in the state of California, aback by this grand opportunity, Don reached out to a that was illegal. Upon sleuthing, Don discovered good friend of his, Hal. around a quarter million dollars in unpaid sales taxes. Flabbergasted but determined, Don took charge. Hal was a well-known, prolific personality, with talents ranging from music to acting, and more He approached his then partner and presented him relevantly, running restaurants. Hal took the reins and two stacks of paper. One stack was comprised of $2000 redesigned the whole experience, transforming the along with the paperwork necessary to sign the rights business into the staple of Venice we know and love of the restaurant over to Don. Stack two consisted of a today. The rich culture of Hal’s acted as a focal point of list of all of the laws the partner had broken and a trip Abbott Kinney, inviting the community in to display Comfortable in his choice, Don returned to his to police station. art, socialize, and flourish. Timeless in its makeover, the same tables have been in use ever since Hal’s was work at the bank and real estate game. A comfortable 2 years rolled by when Don received a startling call from The first choice was taken, and now Don owned redesigned. Through a friend at work, Don came upon the opportunity to help his friend sell a recently vacated space. The lot for sale was an established restaurant, on the market for $500,000. With years of experience in the real estate industry and a vast network, Don found a buyer. The deal proceeded until it was in escrow; that is until the buying party got cold feet. Don partitioned his 10% commission on the sale to be invested in the restaurant, as long as he had no part in running it and got a burger now and then.


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This 26-year-old seed has since blossomed into a hotbed for Venice life. Breathtaking works from local artists Ed Moses, Jonie Mitchell, Larry Bell, Kawaku Alston, Laddie John Dill, and Peter Alexander have all found their way into Hal’s, making it the only fine art museum in LA without a cover charge and an expansive menu. If that doesn’t satisfy your hunger for culture, mosey in on a Sunday or Monday, to catch world class Jazz from Chaka Kahn, Jeff Lourber or a myriad of other musicians that may pop in for a jam, all cover free. Did I mention the award winning food? Recognition of Hal’s is widespread, as they have received awards from Bon Appétit and been featured internationally in the LA, NY, and London Times. But what truly holds this business together is the consistently high quality food, service, entertainment, company, and dedication to the community. Locals refer to Hal’s as Venice City Hall due to its regulars, which include City Council members, actors, CEO’s and all sorts of other successes and eccentrics. At any given time you can walk into Hal’s and there is an in depth conversation about a movie deal, a startup being born, or legislation being discussed. Great things are facilitated by a great place, world class food, authentic drinks, and countless possibilities, all served at Hal’s on a daily basis.

“Great things are facilitated by world

class food, authentic drinks, and countless possibilities, all served at Hal’s on a daily basis.”

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PARIS RIDDELL Photographs by David Mitchell Makeup by Vanessa Broin Makeup provided by MAC Hair by Vanessa Broin


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How was your weekend? Hey! It was awesome, spent time with people I won’t forget.

You seem to be all over the place, bi-coastal , what is your favorite beach? Hahaha I do what I can. I would have to say John Obey Beach which is in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Pure white sand and water as far as the eyes can see.

Do you have any siblings? I do! Two baby sisters: Sky who’s five and is the spitting image of me, and Star who’s four with a personality that is out of this world. I also have two younger brothers, a seventeen year old Mo Gales whom everyone should be on the lookout for as an up and coming rap artist, and a 22 year old brother that in Williamsport PA that just made me an Auntie!

Best parts about LA? Best part of LA would have to be the people. They are so nice and welcoming. Many say they are all fake and mean but I’ve been fortunate enough not cross paths with such people.

What would be your dream come true? My dream come true would simply be making my mommy proud, accomplishing something she can brag to all her friends about. Lolz What do you look for in an man ? Oh boy, I look for a great personality, someone that can make me laugh without trying, looks aren’t everything, but let’s be honest, a person’s face is the first thing you see. I also like men to have their stuff together. Ambition and dreams never hurt.

Any current plans or goals you would like to share?’t want to jinx it!

Do you do any other modeling? I’ve been fortunate enough to do Runway as well as extra roles in television.

Where should we keep our eyes peeled to catch more paris? Well on your television and magazines of course. As well as my Instagram, just to keep up on this crazy life of mine Riley__Renee Interview by Jeff Laparde

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Brooke Davis

Photographs by David Mitchell Makeup by: Vanessa Broin Makeup provided by MAC Suit by Betinnis


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An Artist Interview

with guest designer and artist keith brinker Artist interveiw by Jeff LAprAde


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imAges provided by Keith brinKer

Where are you from?

Northern California, I was born and raised on the playground. Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool and shootin some b-ball outside of school... but yeah, that pretty much sums up my childhood growing up in Sonoma county. hoW loNg have you CoNSIdered yourSelf aN artISt?

Well ever since I realized I couldn’t become a ninja turtle I decided I’d do something creative for a living.. so let’s see.. 8 months ago now.

PaINtINgS IN order of aPPearaNCe

“body heat” “repent” “Broken”

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Your art is a sort of digital analog crossover, reminding me of a stencil street art stYle with a tighter aesthetic, what is Your method and what led You it?

it’s probably my self diagnosed ocd (“don’t call it that”) that led me to my painting style. i do all of my pieces on the computer before i put any paint on the canvas because i want to make sure everything will be exactly how i envision it. what would You saY is the main source of inspiration for Your art?

emotional highs and lows.. rarely do i create pieces when life is just rolling smoothly along the ordinary track.


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anY other hobbies? what else do You fill Your time with?

well i have a black belt in sarcasm but i guess that’s not technically a hobby. i do like sports.. however, ever since the lakers didn’t sign me i just play b-ball recreationally.  if You didn’t alreadY mention it, can You tell us a little more about the clothing line You have going? 

Yep.. just like everyone else in l.a. i have a clothing line. my brother mark and i created loma+pier ( and released our original tankhoods (tank tops with hoods) this

past summer. we ended up using a few of the paintings as graphics for the mens tankhoods. paintings in order of appearance

“” bottom of page left to right: “carmen” “wonderland” “f[+]ck love”

What are your aims With that?

World domination.. duh. Where can We find some of your art in the Wild, are your pictures hung up anyWhere?

my loma+pier originals can be found at and all my past pieces are online at   in one sentence, if you could express your art to the masses, What Would you say?

i keep it simple and sexual with my art. paintings in order of appearance

“peace in her heart. piece of his heart.” “i xxxx you” “The powder room” | swoop |


Who do you see when you’re in pain? By

Jeff Laprade Photographs Provided By Dr. Davis


aving surgery anytime soon? Did you know the vast majority of spine and sports injuries can be treated without surgery? If this is news to you, you should consult with the experts at Orthopedic Pain Specialists.

There is a paradigm shift occurring in the world of Spine and Sports medicine. The rush to perform surgery in order to “fix the problem” is being replaced by a new approach that focuses on conservative management and regenerative medicine. Spine and sports injuries, otherwise known as “musculoskeletal” (MSK) injuries, can be treated with conservative and minimally invasive non-surgical techniques. Often, patients rush to surgery in the hopes of relieving pain, only to enter a rehab program that may have been successful by itself without the surgery. “Many MSK injuries heal with minimal intervention. The key is proper diagnosis and reassurance that the injury is not life changing, but rather a minor bump in the road.” “It’s imperative that each person have their own personal activity that helps keep them mentally and physically engaged in life.”


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r. Timothy Davis, the founder of Orthopedic Pain Specialists in Santa Monica, California, is at the forefront of this paradigm shift, paving the way for more efficient and effective MSK diagnosis and treatment. He is an Interventional Physiatrist who specializes in MSK injuries. Physiatry combines aspects of nutrition and fitness with the use of pharmaceutical and minimally invasive techniques to allow patients to get back to living their lives comfortably. The physiatry plan consists of precision diagnosis and a targeted treatment protocol for musculoskeletal injuries, while avoiding surgery. Dr. Davis concentrates his efforts on a whole body approach of treatment. “Considering the patient as a whole is one of the most important factors when diagnosing and treating MSK injuries.”

During high school Dr. Davis excelled in track and basketball, but his main focus was in waterskiing, performing in the “The Lake of the Ozarks Water Show” and competing in tournaments in distance jumping which resulted in his own experience with MSK injuries. Dr. Davis received his medical education from the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s Six-Year program, which combines an undergraduate and medical degree in a six-year time frame. This program accepts 100 students per year and the drop rate within the first two years of this program is quite high due to the intense curriculum. Conservative management of sports injuries suffered during waterskiing and basketball helped guide Dr. Davis towards physiatry as a specialty. “The concept of strengthening the injured body part in order to stabilize and heal made sense to me.”

Many factors contribute to MSK pain whether a recent injury or a nagging long term injury. Work activity, recreational activity, mental state, mechanism of injury, nutritional state, sleep cycles, hormonal state, as well as general fitness can individually or jointly contribute to injury. These factors must be considered and balanced in order to recovery from injury. Dr. Davis’s attitude is a breath of fresh air for the medical industry, approaching the patient with the understanding that the body is made up of several systems and healing it correctly and efficiently takes coordination between these systems. A father who was an auto mechanic and mother who was a high school teacher raised Tim in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. His mother stressed the importance of education and exposed him to a healthy diet from an early age. “Sweets” were not allowed in the house, other than special occasions. His father taught him welding, machining, and automotive repair, which served him well as they restored a 1957 Chevrolet 2 Sport Coupe through High School. The project was funded by money earned while working at his father’s shop after school and during the summers.

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r. Davis’s post-graduate medical education included an internship in General Surgery at Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans, Physiatry residency at UCLA, and further post graduate training at The Spine Institute in Santa Monica, California. During

this period of training he would fly to Louisiana once per month and work as the physician in charge of the Rural Emergency Department. He also served as the on-site physician for professional sporting events such as Beach Volleyball, Hockey, Tennis, Rugby, Boxing, and extreme sporting events like freestyle motocross, snowboarding, and skateboarding. “I treated some of the most interesting and bizarre injuries outside of my formal training; alligator bites, injuries on the oil rigs, rodeo injuries, freestyle motocross accidents, and a variety of back, neck, and other MSK injuries suffered during sports and motor vehicle accidents.” During Dr. Davis’s professional career, he has been active in research, teaching and focusing on regenerative medicine for the spine and joints. He has presented his research at national and international meetings. His unique background has resulted in him focusing on Interventional Physiatry, which is helping to mold the way the medical community approaches the diagnosis and treatment of MSK injuries. “The future of MSK treatment is in cellular technology. Using biologic tools such as stem cells, platelet rich plasma (PRP), and growth proteins to help repair injuries, rather than surgical procedures which have the potential to cause more degeneration and damage.” For more information about Dr. Timothy Davis and Orthopedic Pain Specialist visit the website: *(ref. NEJM 2007)

*(ref. Spine J. 2013 Sep 5. Pii; S1529-9430(13)00774-2).


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My goal is to get individuals back into the game of life,

whether that be professional sports, a weekend volleyball


game, or gardening.

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LoungePac By

Jeff Laprade

The 21st century way to lounge outdoors. LoungePac is pretty much the only thing you will ever need to optimally enjoy a day at the beach, the park, concert, camping, or at a backyard BBQ. It comes with everything you would expect a top end luxury lounge chair to come with: It rolls on wheels and is 7 products in 1, lounger or chair (removable foot piece), removable coolers with cup holders, speakers built into removable tote bag, umbrella with mount, adjustable foam pillow, 6 reclining positions including fully horizontal, backpack straps, storage compartment as well as a comes with a plethora of things you wouldn’t have imagined.

one may think about the complicated procedure it would take to assemble all of this together, well don’t. LoungePac comes fully assembled, and ready to for use, it opens up for use in 10 seconds. Stereo speakers for: If for some reason you aren’t already enamored with Lounge Pac, let me lay my favorite feature on you, the speakers. The speakers are in the removable tote bag so were ever you go you can keep the festivities going, and the creators were fore thinking enough to include a USB power cord so the speakers can be powered via mobile devices. Jam out anywhere you please. For the ultimate experience in straight up lounging, anywhere, LoungePac the only choice. Watch the 90 second video on web site , for complete demo!

Umbrella attaches to chair The most surprising and thoughtful attachment is the Umbrella. Shade can be a scarce resource on those sweltering summer days, and you wouldn’t want your drink sitting out in the sun. The Lounge Pac comes stoked with a 360 ° umbrella mount, giving the relaxing party complete control over their own shade. The umbrella is pretty awesome it has SPF 35 and is vented for a hot day or an inconvenient rain, and this is only the first of many of Lounge Pac’s innovative features. Coolers even hold wine bottles How lame is having to get up from your comfortable chilling position just to refresh your beverage? That does not sound too refreshing to me. Well, with LoungePac this heart-wrenching dilemma is solved by a crucial leap in lounge chair design, two built in thermally insulated coolers! No longer need you worry of interrupting your half nap to go grab another cold one. Even if your drink may be, say, the size of a wine bottle, the Lounge Pac was designed with all of these circumstances in mind, sizing the coolers at a generous size of 9”x 13’x 4”. Did I mention these coolers are also detachable? . What could be better? Removable coolers I will tell you what’s better, removable coolers, and a removable tote bag as well as a storage compartment below the seat and a telescoping handle for easy rolling action roller blade wheels. Mind boggling, with all these features


| swoop | Lounge in Luxury! A Short Bio; of G. Daniel Pedemonte For as long as I can remember I have always had two longing desires to fulfill, one was to walk every beach in the world and the other was to produce a commercially viable product that would appeal to a large portion of the world population and some how fit in with my number one desire. I have made a pretty good dent into walking a lot of beaches in the world and learned that along the way, you need to rest and appreciate the moment.

Contact Dan Pedemonte Designer / Inventor LoungePac, LLC Ft Lauderdale, FL 33308 Phone: (312) 890-1054 Fax: (312) 624-7906 Web: Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9:AM to 6:PM EST

So while daydreaming about what was needed to appreciate the moment, the vision of my idea of the perfect portable chair was conceptualized. In technical terms a stylish, multi purpose, practical all encompassing outdoor portable lounge chair. This having been accomplished (with a lot of vision and luck), I am now destined to introduce a new style into the portable chair market.

LOBSTER FEST! by Emily Wheeler

When one thinks of Lobster, the delicacy of the ocean, one may think of the northeastern state of Maine. Lobster is also often thought to be reserved for a special occasion at a high-end seafood restaurant. This is the kind of restaurant where when the bill arrives one is scared to look at it. Thanks to the annual Lobster Festival in Redondo Beach, enjoying Lobster has become a fun and affordable family affair! nd th This past September 20 to the 22 of 2013, a greatly successful Lobster Festival was held. Better known as Lobster Fest, this is an event where young and old flock to the Seaside Lagoon in Redondo Beach. Here, one and all can enjoy different versions of a Lobster dinner for excellent prices, listen to music, shop clothing and jewelry vendors, and taste the samplings offered by local restaurants and high-end brewers. There will be another Lobster Fest in 2014, and this is a celebration that everyone in Los Angeles should know about! The entry fee for adults is only 15 dollars, and for children it is a mere 5 dollars.The best deal is to buy a package. The packages include the entry fee, a fun Lobster Fest T-shirt, and a Lobster dinner. They have different versions of the ticket packages, from a Lobster dinner, to an Angus steak surf-and-turf, to a Kincaids VIP feast.

Kincaids is one of the local sponsors of Lobster Fest. This spectacular seafood and chophouse is located on Redondo Pier, very near the Seaside Lagoon. At the Festival, Kincaids provides not only a booth to sample items like their famous crab cakes, but also the Kincaids VIP feast package. This is the most luxurious package, and also the most food you will get for your dollar. Other sponsors of Lobster Fest include the City of Redondo, King Harbor Association, Decron Properties, and AES Corporation. Local Government and businesses alike come together to put on this locally looked forward to event. For Kids there are several exciting activities. Angelenos all along the Santa Monica bay are taking on the trendy outdoor activity of paddle boarding. At Lobster Fest in the calm and friendly seaside lagoon,they have paddleboard lessons for kids to enjoy. For the little cowboy there is a mechanical bull. Try your best to stay on! For the younger children there is a Kiddie area, face painting, and balloon art.

For the big kids there are plenty of reasons to attend Lobster Fest, even if it is just for the craft beers! This year, Shock Top brought out some of their favorite drafts. Available was the ever-popular Shock Top Belgian White, as well as the Shock Top Lemon Shandy, the Honeycrisp Apple Wheat,and the Shock Top Raspberry Wheat. What an incredibly fun late-summer draft selection! Also Goose Island, a high-end craft beer company, poured their classic Honkers Ale, Indian Pale Ale, English Summer ale, and the German Kolsch. With all of these fine brews, this could be a beer festival! Local restaurants with delicious fare provided samplings of their menus. Baleen, Big Al’s, Captain Kidds, Rockefeller, and of course Kincaids had stands this year. At these stands, one could pass by and grab a taste of what one of these restaurants has to offer.The entertainment alone far surpasses the cost of the affordable entry fee. The very popular surf-roots reggae movement is strong in Redondo Beach. Lobster Fest hosted Too Rude, a hot reggae-punk band that wasstarted locally in Hermosa Beach, and Common Sense, a fun OC surf band. If you love the music of the 80’s, there were also several top cover bands that played. What better way to re-live your hey-day! When interviewed, two young and fun Hermosa Beach girls, and an entertaining guy from Boston, all said that they would absolutely go again. Kim said, “I got a cute dress which I have gotten really a lot of compliments on.” Shopping and dining are two things a girl loves to do, often simultaneously. Des said, “The location was different, and nice. And there was surprisingly no issue at all with parking.” Mark comments, “Three screamin’ Lobsters and everyone’s dancing! No shame!”Screaming Lobsters are the Festivals official drink, a rum concoction that seems to go down pretty easily. Apparently eating contests between these friends also occurred. Who was brave enough to eat the lobster eyeballs? Boston Mark of course. Lobster Festival 2014 will be held at the th st Seaside Lagoon in Redondo Beach September19 through the 21 . This is a chance to celebrate the taste of the Northeast, right here in LA. If you enjoy lobster, or beer, or family fun, or live music, you should most definitely make Lobster Festival a priority. And for the amateur lobster eaters, they even have a Lobster cracking line-up. A professional will take his hammer to that hard shell so you can enjoy the lobsters effortlessly. Just remember to stand back, because cracking lobsters is quite a messy affair! | swoop |



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Samantha Lockwood’S FLeuringS “Wear a flower to bring good luck and natures positive energy everywhere you go.” Samantha Lockwood actress, Bikram yoga master, and the owner and founder of Fleurings Jewelry, received this advice from her grandmother Betty years ago. Betty handed down her passion for flowers, as well as her entrepreneurial skills to her beautiful granddaughter. By Emily WhEElEr PhotograPhs Provided By Samantha lockWood

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Photo by Adam Gray

Photo by Matthew Bonnetti


3 Photo by Adam Gray



amantha took this advice and saw how people were drawn to her, and that she felt closer to nature when she wore a flower. From this experience Samantha created a line of jewelry vases. Worn as earrings, necklaces and hairpieces, these lovely tiny vases that actually hold water can keep a live flower fresh for hours. Samantha, who is a classically trained actress, is also acting royalty. She is the daughter of Gary Lockwood, the revered actor who played Dr. Frank Poole in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Space Odyssey is considered the most iconic and influential science fiction movie ever made. A film with a huge cult following, 2001 received 4 Academy Award nominations, and won the award for Special effects. The Stanley Kubrick exhibit featured at Los Angeles Museum of Art recently,


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recounted the genius of this film. Gary Lockwood also starred opposite Natalie Wood in Splendor In The Grass, and he played Gary Mitchell in the Star Trek pilot Where No Man Has

Fleurings has been worn by stars such as Jennifer Love Hewitt, Christina Milian, and the famous surfer Bethany Hamilton Gone Before. One of Samantha’s most cherished memories is meeting Meryl Streep at the La Quinta Film Festival, and Ms. Streep calling her father, “a fine actor.” Samantha is an accomplished actor as well. Not only

does she have acting in her heritage, she has trained at the Aaron Spieser Studio, and also trained with highly respected coaches such as Lesly Kahn, and Joeseph J. Pearlman. She appeared in the popular film Lords Of Dogtown, was the lead in Showtime’s exciting Shoot The Hero, as well as having accumulated multiple other film credits. Even with her glamorous upbringing, and at times being in the spotlight herself, Samantha has a very down- to-earth, child –of- nature vibe about her. Growing up in Malibu, La Quinta, and Kauai, she has been connected with the natural world since she was a little girl. Samantha is also an accomplished Bikram yoga instructor, and practices this challenging type of yoga daily. She has been featured in Maxim and Esquire magazines as a hot young actress and advanced yogi.

Photo by Claudio Marinesco

Photo by Claudio Marinesco


5 Photo by Adam Gray

Since Samantha started Fleurings the company has grown exponentially. Fleurings has been worn by stars such as Jennifer Love Hewitt, Christina Milian, and the famous surfer Bethany Hamilton. In fact Bethany Hamilton wore Fleurings for her wedding! Fleurings has also been featured in Kauai Magazine, LaQuinta Life, Honolulu Star Advertiser, Seattle Times, and twice in GenLux magazine. In Japan, flowers are cherished and treated with respect. In this far-east country Fleurings has really flourished. Fleurings has its own store in a shopping mall in Japan, and not only do the customers love that the unique jewelry showcases live flowers, but that it is hand designed by a real live Hollywood actress! Hawaii is a place that is close to Samantha’s heart, and the

islands are truly symbiotic with her beautiful designs. The island vibe, and the local’s love of the earth’s gift of flowers, is so poignantly expressed in the sleek water holding Fleurings pieces. Samantha attended 3 festivals in Hawaii this last summer with her company, and was “constantly selling the jewelry right off of my body!” People would spot her wearing one of her pieces and have to have it on the spot. When you are wearing one of Samantha’s Fleurings pieces, it is like you have a bit of the tropics with you. We hope to see Samantha’s talent in more films in the near future. For now she is a beautifully well-rounded woman, with a successfully growing jewelry company. Fleurings continues to expand online and through her direct business. You can get orders anywhere in the world from the Fleurings website,

w w w. f l e u r i n g s . c o m . 1. Samantha Lockwood 2. Christina Milian Samantha’s next stop with 3. Jennifer Love Hewitt Fleurings will be Tahiti. 4. Bethany Hamilton This is a truly exotic place, 5. Claudia Lee where the residents have a passionate love for their native lilies, orchids, and gardenias. Traveling to exotic places full of amazingly fragrant flowers and the people who love them to sell your product. This sounds like a dream come true. Thank you for sharing your dream with us Samantha!

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Jennifer Jones Collection By

Jennifer Jones Collection, where does the name come from? Celestin: My wife is Jennifer, she has been making jewelrey since she was a child. When I came in, I just helped her to believe in herself enough to become a designer. When we met, it was real interesting, she was married to this Hollywood producer guy, they were going through a breakup. You know, selling the two-bedroom house, everything was getting repossessed. Now at the time I owned a moving service. So I showed up with my buddy to move her; she was all stressed because she had to move, her ex wasn’t very helpful. A girlfriend of Jennifer’s and a friend of mine referred me to her. So I show up and she walks to the door and I am blown away by her, I tell my buddy to get off. I had to pull myself together and talk to her. I came up to meet her and six months later we move in together. On our second date I told her, “Look, this is how I feel about you, this is where I see us going, we don’t have to get married right now. But if you don’t feel the same way we don’t have to see each other again.” Immediately, since the day we met, I learned her father was battling cancer. She had to leave to another state, so we had to do the long distance thing for a month as her father went through hospice care. He comes back, we move in together and her mother’s cancer comes out of remission and we start helping her battle that in our home. Our entire lives revolved around that. At the same time I injured my back. I could barely move. We were struggling like crazy. Then her mom passes away, and we are down to the wire; I get a residual check from my acting, at that point if I had $700 it was a lot. I talked to my wife and said “You should start a jewelry line, pursue your passion”, at the time she was making jewelry on a smaller scale. I believed in her talent, I nurtured that, I took away all of things that clouded her mind, that she did not like to do, so she could truly be inspired.


| swoop |

Jeff Laprade

This same journey that she was going through: a beautiful women, incredibly talented, yet she could not see that even though everyone else could. I understood that other women were struggling the same way, because I grew up with my mom and four sisters, so I was used to seeing these strong beautiful women have all of these insecurities. My idea is, through taking my wife through the journey of finding the confidence to become a designer, I can help empower other women using fashion to gain self esteem. That is the whole point of the Jennifer Jones Collection.

our trunk shows, and the email read: I am walking around my home wearing nothing but your jewelry and I feel so beautiful and sexy. Mission accomplished

Our slogan is: “Hand crafted in love, to help you feel beautiful and sexy”. A muse to share with everybody Celestin: Exactly, so that is the journey. We believe in energy, all of our jewelry is hand crafted made here locally in our studio. Everything has energy, this table, this chair, our thought and ideas are energies that we can endure things with. So we can get these tiny pieces and using wore wrapping and hammering work by hand, we infuse these objects with our positive intentions and energy. That someone is going to receive each piece and be filled with that energy, and be showered with compliments, be made to feel beautiful and sexy.

How long has Jennifer Jone Collection been around? Celestin: 3 years, that we have been running as a jewelry line. It has been the most exciting three years of my life. As a business owner it is just incredible

Contact Jennifer Jones 1007 N. Sepulveda Blvd #1144 Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 Email: Info@ Phone: (310) 844-7485 Fax: (866) 371-0424

It is almost ceremonial. The pieces are being made, there is soothing music playing, it is anything but a sweatshop. Everybody loves our Monday’s. When I am stuck in the office and my employees make a point of coming to say goodbye at the end of the day. I know this is cool. Drawn to our mission. When I hire people they have to have this drive, first of all our ideas need to resonate with them. No matter where they find themselves in life, they are always giving back. Our mission then resonates. One of the happiest emails I got, I received at 3am after one of

because statistically most startups fail within 18 months, particularly when they start without capital. We started ours in a recession with very little money, and business school teaches you to pick a market with very little competiton, you do not want to be first. We didn’t do that, we were never in the Jewelry industry, it was just my wife’s hobby. Every time an issue comes up we just have to figure it out and I love that. Moving further towards our goal of putting a Jennifer Jones Piece on every women, and making each one special. To her, that carriers love energy.

Matt Pohlkamp By Jeff Laprade

Walking down the street, you can never tell who exactly might just be grazing your shoulder, proceeding in the opposite direction. Los Angeles is saturated with talents of all types, it can be intimidating and wonderful, the opportunity to interact with these people is ever present! Matt Pohlkamp is one of these phenomenal people. Though his identity may be hard to decipher because the sport he has been World Champion of does indeed require a full face mask and the other roles he plays with different names. Matt is a bi-coastal BMX aficionado and actor. If you do not happen to recognize him due to his immense impact on the world BMX scene, perhaps you may find him familiar from one of the plethora of films he acted in. Notice him as Paul from recent feature motion picture The Grunts? Well keep your eyes peeled for him in the upcoming production of Lost in Darkness. From the frigid winters if Connecticut, Matt grew up on the East Coast and made his way out to Santa Monica. Between speeding down dirt courses, airing towards the clouds in some vert competition, recovering from a brutal training sesh, and memorizing his lines, he spends his time between both coasts, and travels pretty constantly worldwide to compete and share his BMX and acting talents. His work ethic in incorrigible, a quick glimpse at his facebook give us some perspective, as a picture of his legs completely submerged in ice water is accompanied by the caption “To all the athletes out there, I’m sure you feel my pain. Just another post race Saturday night.� The diversity of ability Matt has attained is inspiring, a tribute to hard work and dedication. Almost finishing his Marketing Degree from University of Cincinatti, Matt took a break to pursue his dreams in the field of acting. His immense acting training has led him to develop a range of acting skills that now allow him a myriad of rolls, but IMDB does mention his specialty is stunts; surprise, surprise. Either way Matt Pohlkamp is a Swoop kind of guy. Constantly pushing the limits of his fields, chasing his dreams, accomplishing them, and creating new ones. Right on Matt, keep on sharing your talents with the world, we look forward to see what you have in store for us in the future!

| swoop |


The New Flava of Hermosa Beach Written by Jeff Laprade Photographs by Wendy Levin, Alexis Dickey Thursday is the new Friday, we all know this by now. Not everywhere is it as obvious as it is down at Studio in Hermosa Beach when the Flava Junkies are tearing up the stage. You are not just in for a show, but an experience of intensity and inspiration. Danny and Stein hold down the intelligent, captivating lyrics, while Kevin keeps the crowd and crew in the moment with the intense animalistic percussion. Steve Aguilar brings the sound together, crucial to the dynamic of Flava Junkies. I had to catch up with the Flava Junkies to hear what they had in store, so Stien invited me down to Redondo Beach. Pulling into the parking lot, there was a visible overflow from a party in one of the many studios. I sat in my car waiting for Stien until I got a text that said “Come inside!� They were shooting a music video, energy flaring, cameras in your face. Hanging out patiently in the background, my eyes scanned the walls noticing platinum albums from Sublime and Guns n Roses. After a little more research I found out that plenty of greats have recorded there, including but not limited to: Duran Duran, Foreigner, Black Flag, and Slightly Stupid. It was a fully equipped studio that resonating with an air of greatness. 60

| swoop |

“You are not just in for a show, but an experience of intensity and inspiration.” Being a part of the production for the music video “Yadda Yadda” was a surreal experience, the song bumped so hard, the whole building shook. The dust settled and I found a seat so I could get down to my intellectual dissection of their music.. Drummer Kevin Kapler, whose father played sax for the house band on the David Letterman show for 26 years, started his musicianship in the rock scene. Growing up in New York, he was heavily influenced by local hip hop scenes. Now he flourishes as the percussive force behind Flava Junkies. Danny brings a fiery atmosphere to the room, beaming with positivity and productivity,

she always keeps it a little chaotic, earning her the nickname the Red Tornado. Her musical soul has been expressing itself ever since her first song at the age of eight “The Beast is Back”.

Producer and Sound Engineer, Steve Aguilar is dynamic in his skill sets and brings a comprehension and a sort of totality to the music, you will have to tune in to understand what I am talking about..

Stien is brilliant, sit down with the man and have a well informed conversation about anything, you can see this through his thoughtful lyrics and intense confidence at the mic, this man knows what he wants. For Stien musical influences include Jay-Z, De La Sol, and The Roots, which you can see in his music when you watch him perform.

The Falva Junkies are an eclectic group, a conglomeration of different styles, that like a nuclear reaction, has a sum that is greater than the addition of its separate components. The energy, passion and intensity is obvious, I cannot wait to see that music video. “Yadda Yadda” should drop between now and November 12. Keep your eyes peeled over on for the drop of the video!

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Dr. Gary L. Wagoner By


hiropractic is a health care profession focusing on diagnosis and treatment of neurologic and musculoskeletal disorders, i.e. disorders of the muscles, soft tissue, joints and skeleton along with your entire nervous system. Due to the fact that the spine is the communication conduit between our brain and our body, the far reaching effects of these disorders can be drastic. So often these days we head to an MD for any and every aliment we may or may not have, but many issues can be treated in a more timely, less costly manner via Chiropractic Care. Dr. Gary L. Wagoner in Redondo Beach brings over a decade of experience and is certified to perform unique and powerful chiropractic techniques. The two most popular specializations are Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA) and Meningeal Decompression Relief of the brain and spinal cord. Scar tissue builds up in various parts of the body due to overuse and/ or injury, causing popping, clicking, debilitating range of motion and can be extremely painful. Manipulation Under Anesthesia has been proven to be the best non-invasive alternative treatment to risky surgeries that leave you with unsightly surgical scarring and long-term drug use for knees, shoulders, neck and back issues. Manipulation Under Anesthesia frees the joints of the skeleton from scar tissue without cutting you open and allows you to regain range of motion and general comfort without the severe damage to your system. Before you embrace the knife for a surgical procedure that no doubt will cost tens of thousands of dollars, why not first try a safer, non-invasive, non-surgical alternative that has been used successfully and safely for over 7 decades! Do you or someone you love suffer from chronic headaches, migraines, multiple sclerosis, Lupus, fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Recent breakthroughs have discovered that these diseases can be caused by a condition called Meningeal Compression. Dr. Wagoner performs a free, non-invasive, in-office test which can reveal if he can help you with results in 10 minutes. This elegant and simple test can offer sufferers of chronic headaches, migraines, multiple sclerosis, Lupus, fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome relief from pain that can last from minutes to days. Further treatment is necessary to ensure a long lasting result.


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Jeff Laprade

Along with these highly specialized chiropractic techniques, Dr. Wagoner brings to the table over a decade of diverse experience, especially with sports relate clients. He has been team doctor for 3 high schools and 2 junior colleges. Also, his mother ran a large chiropractic clinic during his youth for 18 years, giving Gary a very in depth knowledge of all things chiropractic. Whether it is car accident injuries, work injuries, muscular skeletal injuries, debilitating neurologic conditions due to Meningeal Compression or simply irregular discomfort, call Dr. Wagoner’s office to give him the opportunity to bring you relief without knives or pills. Chiropractic treatment is a powerful and time tested medical profession, a toolbox of strategies to help bring the human body back into its most healthy, comfortable state! There is a specific point where our spinal chord attaches to the brain that is susceptible to being pinched and compressed. When this occurs our cerebrospinal fluid loses the ability to flow an becomes stagnant, perpetuating various symptoms of chronic headaches, migraines, multiple sclerosis, Lupus, fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. As soon as the Decompression takes place in the hands of Dr. Wagoner, the flow returns to the cerebrospinal fluid, and these symptoms (inflammation, unexplainable pains, severe headaches, etc...) subside almost instantaneously.

Contact Redondo Beach Chiropractic & Pain Relief Center 700 N. Pacific Coast Hwy, Ste 302 Redondo Beach, CA 90277 (310) 734-8599 Website

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Marina Paddle By

Jeff Laprade Photos by Dave Mitchell

The beauty and heat of summer is back in LA. It can be so easy for to lackadaisically let the days pass, until Fall creeps up on us! Don’t let that happen! But how can you get the most out of these gorgeous days you ask? Get your tan on and a workout at the same time, while having a blast paddle boarding with Ray and the crew at Marina Paddle, if you throw your laundry in the wash before you leave than you have your GTL (gym tan laundry) on lock. Located in the heart of Marina Del Rey, convenience and fun are what make Marina Paddle the hot spot for summer fun. Take some paddle board lessons and head off for a night on main street just down the road, or stroll down to Abott Kinney for some style, art, and wine. Marina Paddle is the best way to start any of your summer adventures. The source of good vibes that drive Marina Paddle emirate from proprietor Ray who grew up in Venice, ray was always near the ocean, living the dream life near the beach, skateboarding down the boardwalk. After the Internet boom led Ray down a more technical path of ecommerce, which took him away from the beach and water found himself desperately wanting to get back. So when a friend came to him with an opportunity to rent out YOLO Stand Up Paddle Boards, Ray jumped on it starting Marina Paddle right out of a parking lot! Hard work and a passion for the ocean paid off, and now Marina Paddle is his life! They offer kayak and paddle board rentals for groups of all sizes, individual to big outings, Marina Paddle is the go to!

Contact Marina Paddle 4601 Admiralty Way Marina Del Rey, CA. 90292 Phone: 310-822-1888 Web:


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Swingers Volleyball tournament Santa Monica, California

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c Kit Bobko ity Councilmen

Can we start this off with a slight biography? Where are you from, where did you go to school and what led you to a life as a politician? I was born at George Air Force Base in Victorville, California. I come from an Air Force family. My father is a decorated fighter pilot who flew combat missions in Viet Nam. My uncle is an astronaut who piloted

and commanded the space shuttle on three missions. I continued the family’s Air Force tradition and attended Air Force Academy, as did one of my younger brothers. When I graduated I served as a maintenance officer in an F-16 fighter squadron. I left the Air Force and went to graduate school at the University of South Carolina (the other USC) and got my Master’s Degree in Philosophy. Unfortunately none of the big philosophy firms were hiring and I was having trouble growing my existential beard, so I decided to go to law school instead. I graduated from The George Washington University Law School in Washington DC and came to Los Angeles in 2000 to work at my firm. I am a trial lawyer who specializes in representing cities and local governments in all of the things cities and local governments get involved in. Turns out pursuing a career in the law instead of philosophy was a good choice because I still can’t grow a beard, even existentially.

“In high school I once filibustered a steering committee meeting”

What is it you love about the South Bay? What does Hermosa Beach mean to you? Hermosa Beach is a great place to live, work, raise a family, or start a business. Hermosa is the California lifestyle at its best: great folks in a beautiful beach town. There really isn’t anyplace else like it. It’s a hidden gem. Who doesn’t wake up, walk outside on a sunny day (which is almost every day!) and think – “Wow, I’m lucky to live here!” I certainly do. You seem young for a mayor, w h a t are the inspirations that drive you into this lifestyle of public service? Thanks! Living at the beach really helps. My parents have been my main inspiration. My Dad was a fighter pilot in the Air Force and I learned at a young age that we had to stand-up, and sometimes sacrifice, for the things we believe in. For instance, in high school I once filibustered a steering committee meeting for 17 straight hours because I thought Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away” should be our Senior Prom Theme Song and it wasn’t even on the ballot! I failed, but there’s a valuable lesson in there somewhere. Serving on our City Council has been an incredibly rewarding experience, and I’m humbled to have the opportunity to improve things that have such a positive effect on the folks in my community. There really isn’t anything quite like it. And being in office has given me the chance to meet lots of people I might not have met otherwise, and I’m inspired by their stories and accomplishments every single day. 66 | swoop |

What are your biggest accomplishments this term? Goals for next term? I was the Chairman of the committee that re-imagined and revitalized Upper Pier Avenue. I think we captured the spirit of the “best little beach city” with that project, and turned our main street into the jewel of the South Bay. It’s hard to express how proud I am of having had an opportunity to lead that project and the impact it has had on our residents and businesses. I also worked with my colleague Michael DiVirgilio to negotiate an end to the $750,000,000) Macpherson Oil lawsuit that was hanging-over our City like a dark cloud. We’d been involved in that lawsuit for almost 15-years, and at the time we settled it, the prospects for our City weren’t good at all. Actually, they were downright terrible. By resolving that case we were able to remove the prospect of a potentially bankrupting judgment from our City’s future. It was an amazing result. In the next four years I’d like to re-vitalize Hermosa Avenue in the same way we did Upper Pier Avenue. The street needs a facelift, and it helps business when we do it. I’d also like to see a new high-end hotel go in at the old Mermaid site, and bring more visitors to our beautiful beach.

Herald Hill By Jeff Laprade Photos by Steven Lake


had the privilege of sitting down with Spencer Hill, the creative mind behind Herald Hill. The brand Herald Hill embodies the ideals of confidence, creativity, art, fashion, and individuality.   Hailing from the vast plains of Kansas, Spencer’s roots are grounded deep in the culture of hospitality and caring that are so common in the mid-west.     Herald Hill has several layers of meaning built in.  Herald is actually the name of Spencer’s grandfather, a quiet and clever man whose skills brought him from the military to the head of several different businesses as a successful entrepreneur.  Along with paying homage to the one of the major influences in his life, the word herald also holds a much older meaning.  A herald is the carrier of important information, messengers sent from the monarchs, or a harbinger.   Herald Hill presents quite a unique approach to quality apparel.  Every run is a limited production, infusing each piece with energy of more than that of a simple shirt or hat, but an original and collectible piece of art.  A business is the reflection of its owner, and Herald Hill beams confidence, comfort, and quality.   Spencer’s goal is elegant and powerful as he tells me,“ I just want to make great clothes for great people.” Universal forces brought Spencer to LA to pursue his passion for acting.  Following his dreams led him directly to success, as he found his niche relatively soon after arriving in Los Angeles.  His achievements in acting allowed him the opportunity to avoid the lifestyle that accompanies the traditional day job and chase another dream, fashion.   During college, Spencer was deep into sports, but as his playing days dwindled, he found himself being recruited as a model.  Enjoying this profession so much, it intuitively led him to Los Angeles.  Several of his gigs required him to bring his own clothes.  More often than not the hired designer was questioning him about his original style, “Where did you get that?” was such a common question, and Spencer could honestly say “I made it.” Spencer’s innate sense of fashion has leaking out into his work, and his faith in genuine ideals helps him hold close to the timeless saying, “treat others as you yourself would want to be treated.”  He kept the mid-western values, and mixed them perfectly with the creative vigor of Venice California. Keep your eyes peeled for the diverse and original pieces of art being produced by Herald Hill.   You can find them online at, and in a few storefronts throughout LA:  Animal House on Winchester in Venice, and Shrine Design in Hermosa Beach.  

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Pig Siren By

Pig siren, when I first heard the name my mind was firing trying to make sense of it, where does the name come from? Yeah, it’s a pretty unusual name and a pretty crazy story. When I was a young girl, growing up in Iowa, I used to help on the farm. When it came time to take the pigs to market, we would have to sort them by weight, put them on a truck and then off they’d go to the butcher. I would feel sorry for them and didn’t like the forceful, aggressive way they were handled. I would sing to them and try to mellow them out and often times they’d follow me around or onto the truck. So I guess I was a Siren singing them to their demise. I like to think of it as some comfort before they became bacon. I still think I’m definitely a Siren, just not to pigs anymore. Haha What is the format and platforms of the video game? The game is a multi-world, multi-character adventure with an explore/run/shoot (no guns!) feel. You earn points and your progress based on learning how to use the tools you have available to overcome challenges and obstacles. The platform is strictly iOS right now (iPhone and iPad), but we are looking to launch an Android version in the near future. Where did the inspiration come from? What led you down the video game route? Well, it started as a memoir then a screenplay about several events in my life. I sold the rights to it several years ago and as I started writing it, I became very nervous about being so exposed. I kind of freaked out because I knew I wasn’t ready to release it, but what could I do instead? How could I give the positive lessons from the story while leaving me protected? The video game idea came to me driving down the 405 and seeing a violent video game billboard advertisement. Everywhere I looked I was bombarded with images of sex, violence, anger and materialism. It was like a light bulb went off. If I can’t beat ‘em, I’ll join ‘em. Pig Siren could be a video game that’s cool, fun with a positive message behind it. I texted my artist friend, Ryan James, told him the concept and asked if he could draw that into a character--- that was a pig. Within 15 minutes he sent an image back and my original pig was born. It was exactly what I saw in my mind and I knew the journey had begun. This concept seems to have evolved so quickly, it started back in November? Yeah we really hit the ground running. It’s been a collaborative effort and I have been blessed with a stellar team. Jameson Stafford is the genius mastermind behind the game. I call him the Tech Savant. I don’t understand how his brain works, the being that smart and all, but I am grateful that there are brains that big out there. My dear friend, Ryan James, a very avant-garde, Brooklyn based talent, was integral in the original design concept. Then there’s Tony Peluce. Tony kills it. Every time I get the samples back to approve, I am blown away by his talent. He has taken my little pigs and given them life. They can do all kinds of crazy stuff now. I love it. There is so much potential with the Pig Siren brand idea, any other plans for the brand? What next steps are in the works? I want to raise awareness in the world. I hope our Pigs and this brand message reaches people of all walks of life. There are so many causes that are near and dear to my heart, mostly involving kids. I hope to have very successful philanthropic organizations through Pig Siren.

Jeff Laprade

Contact Angela Anderson Founder & CEO Siren Enterprises Email: Web:

There is tremendous cross marketing potential from a business perspective and charity platform. This brand doesn’t have geographical confines, a language barrier or age limitations and represents a multitude of genres. The opportunities are really limitless. I also think an animated feature would be awesome and a children’s book series has been written. I have Pig Siren clothing available with various characters from the game ready in our online store at Hoodies, tee shirts, beanies and backpacks are available for infants through adult. I have seen a few of the shirts already, the characters are funny and adorable, Hipster Pig, Jesus Pig, what other characters do you have in mind? Well, the pigs being released in the first game are a surfer Pig named Keilani Siren, a Motorcycle Riding Stunt Pig named Kimmer Siren, a Piggily Hills socialite Pig named Paris Olivia Siren, a Kick-ass Rocker Pig named Piggy Stardust Siren and a Genius Nerd Pig named Einy Siren. There are a few non-pig characters as well that will make their debut. Which one is your favorite? Well each character represents a person or time in my life so I love all of them but from a cuteness standpoint, I gotta say I love Einy. He is a combination of 3 people that are very dear to me. He’s a smart pig who’s full of surprises. He’s so far been our best seller too. How does it feel to have something you dreamed up forming? What qualities do you think are most important for bringing an idea like this to fruition? It feels really wonderful. Sometimes it’s overwhelming but most of the time it’s really good. I try to surround myself with positive people and people that had the balls to follow their dreams or fight for their life. Following your dreams is, in many ways, a fight for your life. So much of our existence gets lost in the dayto-day grind. It becomes common to lose the focus of passion. “Creating” is essential to really living. Perseverance, stubbornness, wildly courageous authenticity and a genuine love for what you do are the qualities that are needed to bring an idea like this to fruition. You just do it. There are no other options. Keep going. I like to call “No’s”, “Knows”. A “NO” means learn more, do more and figure out another way until you “Know” how to get it done. When is our trip to Tahiti? I’m ready when you are! Cannon Ball contest off the over-water bungalow?

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Kiesha Kimball


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Dr. Jennifer Timmons M.D. By

Swoop Staff


Choosing a doctor is one of the most important things you will do in your life. You will trust this person for his or her expertise, advice and to administer treatment that may save your life. And remember that choosing a physician is just that; a choice. You need to be happy with your doctor and the treatment—on the medical level and a personal level. If you are in search of a Family Practice physician, or any type of physician for that matter, it pays to do as much research as you can to ensure that you find the right match. Feel free to call or stop by the office of Dr. Timmons to set up a consultation. She would love to see if she can provide professional, knowledgeable and highly qualified care for you and your family.

r. is a native of Boulder, Colorado, located at the base of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, surrounded by a greenbelt of city trails and open spaces. She moved from the mountains to the coast of Southern California, where she studied Pre-Med at Pitzer College, then went on to earn her medical degree from USC. Throughout her internship and residency in Family Medicine at UCLA, what Dr. Timmons strived for paralleled the program’s mission. This mission is to be innovative, academic, clinically oriented, and dedicated to improving her patients’ health as well as the health of the community. She is also a proud member and diplomat of the American Board of Family Physicians. Dr. Timmons enjoys working with patients of all ages and always attempts to make her patients active participants in their own health care. She strives to provide medical care that focuses on healing and the treatment of disease, as well as the prevention of illness and promotion of wellness. One of the aspects of Family Medicine that Dr. Timmons enjoys most is building long term relationships with her patients, as well as having the opportunity to care for multiple members of the same family. In her daily medical practice, Dr. Timmons treats a wide variety of illnesses, in addition to performing periodic wellness exams, medical care and checkups for children, and a full range of women’s health services, including pap smears and breast health exams. In her free time, Dr. Timmons enjoys traveling, cooking, skiing, hiking and yoga and lives in Manhattan Beach with her husband and children.


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MEDICAL BOARD CERTIFICATION Family Medicine, American Board of Family Medicine, 2010 EDUCATION Residency Family Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine, 2008 - 2010 Internship Family Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine, 2007 - 2008

Contact Dr. Jennifer Timmons 2501 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 100 Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 Phone: (310) 546-4599

Medical Degree M.D., USC School of Medicine, 2007 Bachlors of Science B.S., Pitzer College, 2002

Subatukl By


Subatukl™ (sabbatical) is a So Cal based company that is turning the swimwear industry inside out. We got tired of the stress of life, set out on sabbatical and realized our best days were spent in swim trunks. While traveling the globe sailing, diving and surfing, we had a constant issue; packing wet trunks. So instead of getting corporate jobs, we set out to solve that problem and created swim trunks with a builtin water resistant pocket that is designed to tuck into and zip closed. Worry free, dry travel after a day at the beach or pool is now possible. Our mission is to help people, de-stress, look good and feel great in classic, clean, “California Country Club” style clothing for both land and sea, inspired by the places we love. While taking a year long sabbatical to Australia, a pair of swim trunks handed down from his stepfather and a chance introduction to a lead designer for Billabong, Hermosa Beach resident and artist, Jared Fredrickson was inspired to follow his dreams and create the Subatukl Supply Co. “Being at the beach I live in swim trunks, but I got tired of the punked out board shorts from my youth. My crowd is now older, more refined and may have kids, but we still want to be stylish and cool. We love catching head high waves, but also enjoy the wind in our sails or lounging pool side on vacation,” says Jared. “Traveling with wet trunks was a constant problem for me. I needed a solution and a little discovery lead to a built-in water resistant pocket that eliminated that hassle. Armed with the idea, a desire to learn and inspired by my favorite places, I’m focused on creating the best fitting and most comfortable swim trunk while having fun.”

Contact Ask about Subatukl at your local fine retailers or shop online at email:

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Kippys! Organic Non-Dairy Ice Cream Shop By

Swoop Staff

How do you feel about the state of food distribution?

It sounds like you are doing a lot to integrate with the community, what sorts of things are you trying? We believe community is the answer! We decided to stay within our community; to manufacture and make our Headquarters where we love and live, instead of making our HQ an hour or two away, where its cheaper and more business friendly. We have an open door policy at our commercial kitchen, so our customers can stop by and check out our ingredients, our process, ask us questions..

Truthfully, it’s a disaster! I really don’t think people fully realize the extent of how big the food business is and that it’s basically run by 5 Huge Companies; so if you want to make a change in your body and diet, plus change how food is made, buy local! Buy from smaller food companies. Pay more money for your food. My observation is this, when people are at restaurants they spend money on food; and when they arrive at the Supermarket, their wallets tighten up! You really are what you eat, so know what you eat and know who makes your food. People can do this by supporting small food companies, it takes a bit more time and money, but otherwise you’d spend it in a doctor’s waiting room. I would rather spend some time with a farmer than a doctor.

How can we learn more about your product? Eat it. Think about the ingredients, and of course come and visit us at the Ice Cream shop. Also, look at our website and social media.

What led you to take the raw approach, I know it is healthy, but can you give me some specifics? Raw approaches food as a whole food and allows the body to function without a lot of work digesting. Meaning that raw foods still have all the enzymes intact in the food so the food can help digest itself in the body and that the body does not have to produce enzymes for digestion. This allows the body to do other things, such as build immunity, regenerate, rest, and cleanse itself. Raw Foods are more nutritionally dense and this affords your body to absorb more nutrition of what that certain food has to offer. The refrigerator has been around for less than 100 years, before that people ate a lot more raw and or raw fermented foods, such as cultured veggies, sauerkraut, kimchi. What flavors are available? Chocolate Crème, Strawberry Coconut, Vanilla Cappuccino, Chocolate Cappuccino, Strawberry Lemonade, Orange Crème, Limeade, and our Seasonal! Can you describe the process of making a batch of your sorbet, We choose our ingredients based upon flavor, how local it is, and based upon the nutritional value. For example, we knew from the beginning of our company that we are truly committed to raw local honey. Honey and Dates are Natures Sweeteners, each are whole foods, which we have been eating for thousands of years! Organic Mature Coconuts from Mexico is another conscious decision. The organic coconuts have so much nutrition in them. The thick white meat is so nutritionally dense and the water is very light and refreshing and has less sugar than other coconuts.


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You don’t see a lot of products in glass containers these days, why did you choose that method of packaging? We chose glass because glass does not leach into the food supply, nor is it harmful to the environment. We wanted to take a stand on packaging, and especially packaging for food. Glass can be reused over and over and over and over. When our customers return 12 jars, they receive one Free Jar of Sorbet or Ice Cream. It’s very interactive!

Contact Kippys! Organic Non-Dairy Ice Cream Shop Truly.Raw.Gourmet. 326 Lincoln Blvd -Venice CA 310-399-4871

What are the driving philosophies that pushed you to start this business? I want to feed people. I want to be part of the change and how we view and make food. I want to educate and chat with people, and in the end make food for people that they love; that it feeds the body, and we don’t destroy the planet doing it! Where can we get some of this wonderful treat? At Whole Foods, Santa Monica Coop, PC Greens, Jimbo’s Kippys! Organic Non Diary Ice Cream Shop

W i l sh i re Sm i l e s




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White Fillings

Zoom Whitening

General Cosmetic Dentistry

Modern American Dentistry

Do you still do charity work? Yes, but not at the Children’s Dental Clinic. For the past couple of years I’ve worked with an organization named Solace for the Children. The organization brings children from Afghanistan to the US for medical treatment. I help with the dentistry. I was also a volunteer at the major event in downtown LA at the Sports Arena, RAM or Remote Area Medical. We also participate in Olympic Gold medalist Eric Fanoi’s charity “Dig for Kids” which brings disadvantaged children out to the beach once a year to hang out at the beach and play Volleyball. So, why the move to Santa Monica? Well, I’ve been living in Santa Monica for several years now. There’s just something about the West Side that appeals to me. I love being able to walk to most places, nothing is too far away on the West Side. So I did my research and found a need for a young, eager dentist who wants to be part of the Santa Monica community.

Why did you want to be a dentist? I wish I had some fascinating story as to why I pursued a dental career but I’d be lying. Truth is, is that in my second year of college I decided that my subject was science. I also had been working in the service industry for about five years as a busboy, waiter, and bartender. I discovered that I liked the social aspect of working with people, so a career in the medical field sounded like a good marriage of the two. Where did you grow up? I’m Southern Californian born and raised. However, I grew up in the Inland Empire (please don’t hold this against me). I went to a small private University named La Sierra in Riverside where I received my bachelors degree in biochemistry, I’m a bit of a nerd. In my last year I was accepted to USC School of Dentistry, class of 2005. This did not sit well with my dad being a Bruin fan all his life. It took some time but he’s come around. Are you working now? Of course, one thing dental school isn’t, is cheap. I’ve been working in Manhattan Beach since 2006 with Dr. Joel Gould. We met at The Children’s Dental Clinic, I was just out of school unemployed but staying busy volunteering, and Dr. Gould was a regular, weekly volunteer. Dr. Gould took it upon himself to try and help me find a job (he had an associate dentist at that time and didn’t have a job to offer). Several months passed and I was working a full time job in Lakewood when Dr. Gould called me out of the blue and asked me to come to his office to interview. I don’t want to ruin the ending but I got the job.

A need? Ha Ha, I just mean my style of dentistry is pretty straight forward. I’m not trying to sell anyone on something they don’t need, but at the same time I do incorporate the newest, proven technologies and techniques. This makes for efficient dentistry and everybody can agree a quick dental appointment beats a long one if the quality is equal. I think too many dentists get caught up with the newest product or fad without really taking a look at whether or not the patient’s outcome is better for it. We use tried and true techniques we’ve developed in our office over the years, as dentistry moved towards white fillings, or composite resins which are much more difficult to place than silver fillings. We created the most reliable and predictable techniques to get the best out of our restorative materials. At the same time, I do most of my own procedures from root canals, to dentures, to smile make-overs using veneers and crowns. One rule I always follow was taught to me by Dr. Gould early on in my career. He said, “Treat every patient like you would your own mother and you can never go wrong.” So far I haven’t.

Contact 1200 Rosecrans Avenue, Suite 107 Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 (310) 640-0967 2901 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 206 Santa Monica, CA 90403 (310) 828-6684 8940 Reseda Boulevard, Suite 102 Northridge, CA 91324 (818) 886-1012

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Kanye West & Kim Kardashian at Kim’s Birthday party in Vegas Photos and Story Provided By

Michelle Steinberg

Photos by Denise Truscello/Wire


riday night Kim Kardashian celebrated her 33rd birthday at TAO at The Venetian Las Vegas surrounded by friends, family and fiancé Kanye West. The birthday girl took in West’s concert before heading to TAO for the celebration. Fans, who had gathered hours earlier, surrounded the red carpet to catch a glimpse of Kim, Kanye and the group, which included mom Kris Jenner, sisters Khloe and Kourtney, Scott Disick, Glee’s Naya Rivera, rapper Tyga and his girlfriend Blac Chyna, Jonathan Cheban, Simon Huck and Robin Antin. Looking stunning in a white top and skirt Kim shared that she had purchased the outfit in Paris while she was very pregnant and was excited that she had gotten her pre-baby body back so she could wear it on her birthday. “I feel amazing. It is such a good feeling - just a dream come true,” Kim said when congratulated on her engagement to West. They made their way into TAO Nightclub and the crowd cheered, kicking off the birthday bash where costumed dancers lined the catwalk behind a row of VIP tables on the dance floor. The festivities quickly got under way as 33 bottles of Ace of Spades Champagne were delivered along with a custom cake from Gimme Some Sugar that was topped with a giant sugar replica of her 15 carat diamond engagement ring and a compass displaying the initials of daughter North West. TAO’s bottle fairy flew through the air above as confetti rained down and everyone toasted to the birthday girl. As the night continued, Kim was surprised with a montage of photos flashing on the screen above the DJ booth creating a Flashback Friday of memories from her previous celebrations at TAO. DJ Five kept the party going, dropping some of Kanye and Tyga’s club anthems, which had everyone dancing and singing along. Tyga later got on the mic to entertain the packed club and even Kim grabbed the mic to shout out to the partiers in the club. Chris Rock also joined the table later in the night. Also spotted at TAO was Faith Hill, who took over a sky box overlooking the club with a group of girlfriends. The country star danced with glow sticks and partied the night away.


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Photography by Joseph Umbro Make up by Pa Kou Xiong instagram @beautybypakou Styling by Umbro Wardrobe by Islay Victoria’s Secret H&M

F R U S f o N E P O S U SHOT


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U.S Open Women’s Champion Carissa Moore


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Written by Kevin Sousa


t this point you have probably seen the banners, hats, and stickers circulating around the beach communities and emanating out of Hermosa Beach. You’re probably wondering, “What exactly is Keep Hermosa Hermosa (KHH)?” Stop Hermosa Beach Oil- KHH is a growing coalition of residents made up of surfers, paddlers, watermen, artists, professionals, and locals of all kind coming together over a defining issue that will shape the makeup and character of the South Bay for generations to come. The issue (that tentatively will be decided in a ballot measure in November 2014) is whether to lift the current ban on drilling in Hermosa Beach and drill for oil and gas, under the City of Hermosa and under the Santa Monica Bay. It is KHH’s belief that lifting this ban and drilling for oil is a horribly poor and shortsighted solution. This proposition is motivated by financial greed that will result in long term effects that will compromise the health and safety of our ocean, our surf breaks, and the well being of every single member of our community. Currently, a company calling itself E&B Natural Resources (an oil and gas company) is proposing horizontal/directional drilling for oil and natural gas. The proposed plan is to drill underneath Hermosa Beach and out under the Santa Monica Bay (basically in all directions), and construct an oil and gas processing facility at 6th Street and Valley Drive in Hermosa Beach. On this mere 1.3-acre plot in the middle of a residential neighborhood, next to parks, a day care and the Green Belt, 30 wells and 4 injection wells will be drilled to process 8,000 barrels of oil and 2.5 million cubic feet of natural gas daily. The wells will be drilled out under the Santa Monica bay and probe thousands of feet under the ocean, breaking up soft sand shale and pulling out oil and natural gas. There is a danger of subsidence (the sinking of the sea floor) and sinkholes (what the oil and gas business has elegantly renamed “surface expressions”) that could directly impact all of Hermosa and every surf break and wave from PV to Porto to Malibu. Subsidence occurred at the Redondo Breakwater, sinking it by 2 feet as a result of oil extraction, affecting the break dramatically. In the event of an accident, hydrocarbons and toxic drilling muds or NORMS (naturally occurring radioactive materials; Radon, Uranium, Boron, Hydrogen Sulfide, Methane, etc.) could potentially seep up through the natural fissures of the earth, poisoning the ocean and threatening its fragile ecosystem. Any paddler, fisherman, diver or boater can speak to the naturally occurring oil sheen out by the R10 buoy. What do you think will happen when millions of gallons of an unknown mixture (the oil company is not required to tell us what chemicals they will use) is pumped into the ground at great pressure to extract the natural gas and oil under the ocean floor? There is also a risk of the thousand or so ‘retired’ wells in Redondo, Hermosa and Manhattan (many under homes, schools and parks) being compromised and gas leaks occurring such as the methane gas incident that occurred in Hawthorne this September that evacuated a neighborhood for weeks. Oil and gas drilling also produces trimethylbenzenes, xylenes, and aliphatic hydrocarbons all of which greatly increase the risk of cancer, respiratory and neurological disorders and have also been linked to infertility, ADHD, autism, diabetes and thyroid disorders. Currently the risk of any type of accident, environmental disaster or prolonged exposure to carcinogens due to drilling in the Santa Monica and South Bay is zero, and KHH, with your help, plans to keep it that way. 92

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KHH is carrying on a long tradition of protecting Hermosa as drilling for oil has been rejected by every generation of Hermosans dating back to 1929 when Gus O’Connor, a Harvard-educated attorney, successfully began a campaign to ban oil and gas drilling in Hermosa Beach. Voters approved that drilling ban in 1932, confirmed it in 1958 and placed our current ban in 1994. Faced with this dilemma once again the onus of the decision lies in the hands of Hermosa Beach voters. Yet this decision directly affects all of the Santa Monica Bay and puts our ocean directly at risk. Recently, The Bay has been cared for and diligently protected and restored by the community and organizations like Surfrider, Heal The Bay and The Sierra Club (all of which support and endorse KHH). An environmental accident knows no boundaries and there are currently scant resources to mitigate such an event; a methane gas leak, toxic seepage or a spill would not stop at the borders of Hermosa on land or sea. An environmental accident could evacuate neighborhoods, decimate the kelp beds of PV, kill sea life in King Harbor, pool up toxic sludge at Rat Beach, and destroy the surf breaks at 16th Street, Bruce’s, El Porto, the Manhattan, Venice and Santa Monica Piers and be in Malibu in hours. Is this the legacy that we hope to leave for future generations? If this goes down in Hermosa, don’t think an oil company won’t be coming for your town next, claiming it’s safe and effective with the latest technology… until something goes wrong. Deepwater Horizon was deemed safe, so was Valdez (and so many others that you have never even heard of ). Oil drilling accidents and spills have been closing beaches and killing sea life from the Gulf to Australia, Mexico, Korea, Philippines, Spain…the list goes on and on. Why would we want to even have a chance of being added to an infamous list of growing environmental disasters?

KHH is asking any and all who enjoy the Santa Monica Bay to join us, get involved and become informed by visiting our website www.keephermosahermosa. com. At KHH we believe the facts speak for themselves. If you do not live in Hermosa, talk to those that do and ask them if they have heard about the proposal. What do they think? Open up a dialogue and encourage them to register and vote. Hermosans, this November in Hermosa Beach there are three seats up for City Counsel, the election is pivotal with candidates both for and against oil, get out and vote! We at KHH are not an anti-oil organization but a pro-Hermosa movement dedicated to the pursuit of beauty and sustainability in all things South Bay. Hermosa and the South Bay are growing and evolving on multiple fronts and it is up to our community to get involved in the shaping of our future . . .

surrounds us? Hermosa means beautiful and we at KHH are working to keep Hermosa and the South Bay… beautiful. KHH believes that we are all Hermosans with an untapped amount of talent, creativity and drive and that where we stand today and how we will be remembered is up to us. Is our legacy one of the status quo and outdated modes of energy, or one of innovation and forward thinking prosperous sustainability? We will all soon decide. Kevin Sousa M.A. is a waterman, psychologist, musician and founding member of KHH who has been a contributing writer for Swoop since its inception.

We live in a petroleum based economy, but can’t we as stewards of the ocean begin to change that? The materials that are used in the manufacturing and production of the equipment we use to surf, paddle and play in the ocean have significant amounts of petroleum-based products in them. KHH is looking to move away from these products and instead find new ways of using organic compounds and recycled materials as a means to power the next generation of paddle, surf and boogie boards. We are working with forward thinking companies like Sustainable Surf and their exciting Ecoboard Project; helping consumers choose a high-performance sustainable surfboard made with the latest advancements in green chemistry and renewable materials, designed to reduce the board’s environmental and toxic impact on the environment. The argument of “not in my back yard” pops up often, and we at KHH believe that this should not be in anyone’s back yard. As community members, surfers and watermen and women, why are we not leading the charge and rebelling against the norm? Why can’t we start an eco-revolution right here in the South Bay? Let’s take Hermosa off the grid. There will be those that scoff and say that it can’t be done. There always are, but moving away from fossil fuels and toward sustainability is the reality we all now face. Why do we continue to consume finite fossilized materials that are dwindling away and are harder and dirtier to acquire while wasting more energy in the process of their pursuit? Meanwhile, the dirtier this process becomes the more at risk our oceans and waves are. Why do we continue to dig down and search for answers to our power resources when an infinite universe full of energy

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Leilani’s Leiluna by Jeff Laprade

Photography provided by Leiluna Collection

18 and studying economics, she was discovered outside of the theater where a beauty pageant THE MOST ATTRACTIVE WOMAN ALIVE. was being held. She went on to be the first girl of If you Google her, all sorts of sexy pictures and Southeast Asian decent to represent Great Britain celebrity gossip might come up. So then you know in the Miss Universe pageant. that she is gorgeous, and that celebrity men love After this exciting experience, and to her parent’s her. Then you might find a link to her business, bewilderment, Leilani chose to pursue modeling. Leiluna Collection. The beautiful site is full of From this a successful ten- year-plus career in sleek pictures of Leilani herself looking stunning modeling began. Leilani is a fantastic glamour in her alluring, and classy collection based on her model. She models bikinis and lingerie, the whole original design of a classic backless dress. If you are time looking like she is having a blast doing it. lucky enough to meet her though, you may just She was a frequent model for Page 3, a spot in the fall in love. She is the sweetest, most gracious girl British Sun magazine for sexy models which has a one could ever meet, and she has a lovely lilting huge fan following. English accent. All together Leilani Dowding is a Leilani competed with a team on the British Faboulus person. version of Celebrity Fear Factor. She says this Leilani is originally from Bournemouth, a large was very hard considering that “I hate bugs and resort town on the South Coast of England. She heights, and I had to walk on the wings of a plane was born to a Filipina mother and an English and have beetles put on my face!” Yet she made father. While attending university at the age of it through, her competitive spirit pushing her all Leilani Dowding might just be. . .


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the way. Leilani also appeared on VH1’s Tough Love Miami. She says this was also extremely challenging because of the emotional positions she was put in. They needed her to play a sort of character, someone who indeed is nothing like the person she truly is. Leilani though, persevered and made it through gracefully. Five years ago, Leilani made the official move across the pond, and found home in West Hollywood. When asked if she will ever move back to England, the answer is a resounding “No! I love it here and I plan to stay.” We are so glad that she does. You can probably catch her walking her 3 adorable dogs up Runyon Canyon, or jumping horses in Shadow Hills, a reignited passion of hers. Leilani has an eye for fashion. Three years ago, she was looking for a great dress that would be attractive but not overly revealing, and she absolutely could not find what she was looking for. She decided to take the creative initiative,

bought fabric, and designed a sexy backless dress for herself. Instantly, other women noticed and admired the dress she was wearing, and demanded to know where it came from! Leilani was receiving many requests and much admiration, so she then commenced to have a few dresses made in black and a couple in white. She was getting more and more requests, and having more dresses made, driving around rolls of fabric in the back of her car. Very quickly, the demand became greater. She had a website made and came up with a business name...LEILUNA COLLECTION. Because Leilani has such an attractive personality, and a great business sense, she soon made connections with shops on Melrose. Often she did this by gifting the owners with her designs. Leiluna Collection is now available in shops in California, New York, Florida and London. Because of Leilani’s love and respect for animals, Leiluna Collection will NEVER be in a shop that sells fur. The entire Leiluna Collection is personally designed by Leilani. The fabrics are all hand picked by her as well.

Leiluna Collection is made here in Los Angeles, supporting the local economy. In only three years, The Leiluna Collection has grown tremendously. There are many extremely attractive dresses with stylish cuts, and strategic draping. The fabrics range from matte to sequined jersey. Also now available are jersey tops, and sexy comfortable sports wear. The original backless design has a beautiful cowl at the bottom of the back draping. It comes in versions from mini skirt length, to floor length, sleeveless or fulllength sleeve. With all of these versions, Leiluna Collection’s classic backless dress could be suitable for date night, a Christmas party, Vegas, or even the red carpet! There are also other beautiful and unique dresses such as the low V-neck, the 3-way dress, and the Summer Day dress. The online business is doing very well, and celebrities such as Adriana Lima are fans. Adriana Lima went onto the site and ordered dresses for herself without being prompted or gifted, which is rare! She also tweeted about Leiluna Collection, which was a great honor for Leilani and her business. Online you can also find Leilani’s favorite dress, the classic red sequined backless dress. She looks absolutely fabulous in it, and so will you!

You can find all of these and more on the collections website,

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