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WORLD WINGSUIT By Emily Wheeler Photography / Ian Webb






he great dream of human flight is as old as man.

Iiro Seppanen is a Finnish skydiving, BASE-jumping, wingsuit-

The ancient Chinese, Leonardo da Vinci, and Marco

piloting, film-producing lover of life who founded the World

Polo all experimented with and wrote about this

Wingsuit League. Iiro is a man who actually DOES all of the things

surreal visualization. Most anyone will say that they

that people dream of doing. A good-natured, good-hearted,

have wistfully envisioned being able to fly like a

traveling daredevil, Iiro is a huge part of a revolutionary moment

bird. The Wright brothers may have been the first to successfully

in time for cutting-edge extreme sporting. Iiro started out making

design a contraption that could carry a person into flight, but

his name doing air-born Houdini-like stunts with a European magic

only within the last decade or so have people been able to

troop as a teenager. He became a professional BASE jumper, and

actually free-fly with simply a suit fitted to their bodies. This

eventually a television and film producer, founding Pan Pacific

miracle of modern design, and the newest extreme sport, is

Entertainment with his partner Frank Yang. Iiro was one of the first

becoming more and more popular with the creation of the

testers of the “Birdman,” the first commercialized wingsuit in the

World Wingsuit League. Expert skydivers and BASE jumpers are

late 90’s. He also founded the World Wingsuit League with the

learning by the hundreds how to pilot these suits in which they

help of Frank Yang. Iiro is the greatest supporter of this sport and

are able to extend their air time, gliding with flexible fabricated

is passionate about educating people as to what it entails use.

“wings,” before safely parachuting to the ground. This idea may sound somewhat insane, yet what these people do is truly awe-inspiring. The sport of wingsuiting is so brand new in the realm of extreme sport, the limits to where it may go are endless.








hese suits, which when the limbs are expanded give

Fugen of France with 17 years of experience 14,000 skydives,

the wearer the appearance of either Batman or a

10,00 BASE jumps, and 1,500 wingsuit jumps; Ellen Brennan

flying squirrel, add area to the person’s body to create

with 7 years experience, 600 skydives, 700 BASE jumps, and 400

more lift and drag to the jumper’s free fall for more flight

wingsuit jumps; and of course the world champion in wingsuit

efficiency. Meaning that the air resistance or glide ratio will

competition, Jhonathan Florez who has 10 years experience,

add approximately 2.5 meters moving forward for every 1

4,000 skydives and 3,000 wingsuit jumps.

meter dropped. This resistance can also slow down the free fall and add time to the jump. The first person to use a suit

Competition is the fuel to the fire that will keep any sport

to fly from a base was Rex G. Finney of Los Angeles in 1930.

going. Watching sporting competitions is one of the favorite

The suits used at this time were made from canvas, silk, wood,

pastimes of people across the planet. Extreme sports like

and even whale bone, and were obviously not very successful.

surfing, skateboarding, and motocross have exploded onto the

Patrick de Gayardon of France designed the original modern

world’s plane of sight in the last twenty years. It may seem far-

wingsuit in the mid-1990’s. In 1999, Jari Kuosma of Finland

fetched to be able to have a wingsuit competition, but with the

established Birdman International LTD with his “Classic”

help of Iiro Seppanen and Pan Pacific Entertainment, a yearly

wingsuit, which became available commercially for the first

world wingsuit competition is held in China. Iiro and Frank Yang

time to expert skydivers. In present time, there are several

have been able to work well with the Chinese government. In

wingsuit manufacturers constantly designing more efficient

turn, the same amazing Chinese location can be used again

and safer models. Some wingsuit companies include S-FLY,

and again. The competition is held in October in an absolutely

Phoenix Fly, Squirrel (appropriately named), and Tony Suits. All

spectacular place, Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie, Hunan

of these manufacturers stress the absolute importance of safety

Province. These jutting, rounded mountains covered in flora,

instruction and thorough training on how to use these suits.

inspired the “Floating Mountains” in the film Avatar. Here a “course” is flown by wingsuit athletes over a designated line



Before you decide to buy a Squirrel suit online, know that

on the ground. It can be likened to super slalom in the downhill

the recommended amount of skydives one should do before

skiing world. Yet this slalom is above the ground. The course is

trying a wingsuit is 200-500, meaning that the wingsuits are

1.2 kilometers long, flown from the jumping-off point, a 1,480

for EXPERT SKYDIVERS. It is of course possible to become an

meter cliff/ridge. The wingsuit athletes fly along a valley, near

expert skydiver, though it will absolutely take time, hundreds

another tall ridge, and the multiple individuals’ flight times are

of jumps, and thorough instruction. Some of the top wingsuit

compared. Jhonathan Florez is the current world champion of

athletes are John Devore from the United States with 20 years

the second annual WWL competition completing the course in

experience, 18,000 skydives, and 1000 wingsuit jumps; Frederic

23.4 seconds.









The future of the sport of wingsuiting is unknown. The founders

looks cool. This is a privilege that comes out of the fruit of intense

of the World Wingsuit League envision the world-wide televising

labor. One has to be passionate about the idea of ultimately

of wingsuit athletes becoming close to as covered as other

catching more air than any other extreme sport will give you.

extreme sports. Wingsuiting could possibly popularize this

Wingsuiting is the ultimate airborne experience, exceeding even

genre of adrenaline sports, just as UFC popularized martial arts.

its predecessor, 窶《kydiving.

Wingsuit competition is already red hot in China, the last world competition having had half a billion viewers. Most wingsuit

Wingsuit athletes are not simply adrenaline junkies. These are

athletes have become small producers themselves, recording

the first people to experience the enigma of a human free

their flights and posting them online. Indeed, even the viewer

flying. They are on the cutting-edge of a revolutionary time in

gets an undeniable rush from watching these daredevil athletes.

discovering what humans can do with their bodies. Iiro Seppanen

Something that is also quite fascinating to the viewer, is the path

describes wingsuiting as being like love, in that if you are too

taken, and the challenges faced that an individual encounters

afraid to take the leap, you will never experience the greatest

to become a wingsuit athlete. Not only does it take time and

feeling in the entire world. He also says that being a wingsuit

training, it takes perseverance, dedication, and a serious love

athlete is not about being the bravest person, it is about being

for the idea of flying with a wingsuit. This is not a sport that

able to do something amazing in spite of your fear.

someone can pick up as a hobby, simply because they think it



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Wardrobe / Hayley Starr: The Astral Collection Model / Abigail @ Industry Model Group Photography / Joseph Umbro @ Josephumbro Makeup & Hair / Kassandra Karr Makeup Provided / Mac Cosmetics Styling / David Mitchell


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Swimming with Whale Sharks By Keir Alexa Photography / Jim Abernethy

It is 5 a.m when I awake on Isla Mujeres, a tiny island off

Some facts that I learned while on this WildAid expedition

of the coast of Cancun. I am on a WildAid Expedition with

are that every year:

my boyfriend and his family. We board a 32 foot fishing boat at 6 a.m. and head two hours out to sea, searching for the world’s largest gathering of whale sharks. Every year, between 300-500 whale sharks congregate in this area

* 73 million Sharks are killed for shark fin soup * 35,000 Elephants are killed for their ivory * 150 Tigers are killed for their body parts

around the full moon during the third week in July.

* In 2013 1,004 rhinos were killed for their horns

My adrenaline overwhelms me as the boat is surrounded

The illegal wildlife trade is estimated to be worth over $10

by these beautiful sharks. Seemingly countless numbers of

billion (USD) per year and has drastically reduced many

them are slowly circling around the boat. They grow from

wildlife populations around the world. Many species,

30-60 feet in length and weigh up to 30-40 tons. I should

including sharks, tigers, rhinos, and elephants, have existed

point out here that although I like to scuba dive, I am scared

on our planet for millions of years and sit at the top of their

to death to jump into the water with these beasts in just my

food chains with no natural predators, except humans. The

mask and fins. In order to protect the whale sharks, only

devastation caused by killing sharks is far greater than one

three people are allowed in the water at a time. Two groups

could imagine. Sharks have helped maintain the balance

of people go ahead of me, but I can feel my heart pounding

of marine life in our oceans for millions years. Research

in my chest as it gets closer and closer to being my turn.

demonstrates that massive depletion of sharks is having

Our guide is world-renowned photographer Jim Abernethy.

cascading effects throughout our oceans. An estimated 1/3 of open-ocean shark species are currently threatened with

Jim looks into my eyes and says, “Keir, you have to trust me.

extinction, with certain populations experiencing a

You will be okay. Take deep breaths and remember-- your

99% population decline.

suit is buoyant and so are you. Trust me. Now jump!” Since 2000, WildAid’s Shark Conservation Program The whole experience is hypnotic, and humbling beyond

has successfully elevated the international profile of

words. To be swimming alongside sharks that are so large

sharks and has highlighted the importance of global

they practically don’t even know that you are there, helps you

shark conservation. WildAid’s accomplishments include

realize just how important and connected all living things are.

achieving finning legislation in the European Union,

In the water, we see many manta rays of all sizes as well. In

as well as victories in key US states and UN resolution

all, this was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

addressing shark finning problem. Their motto is “When the buying stops, the killing stops too!”. You can learn

In the evening, back on Isla Mujeres, the WildAid team,

more about this amazing organization and the important

teaches us about their preservation work, (as well as

work they do at

providing us with an amazing meal!).





By Peter Knights The world is changing. Animals that once thrived are disappearing. The illegal trade in wildlife is now worth an estimated $19 billion annually, one of the largest illicit markets after drugs, arms, counterfeiting, and human  trafficking. In 2013, 1,004 rhinos were killed for their horns in South Africa, up from just 13 in 2007. About 33,000 elephants are killed in Africa every year for their tusks. Of the estimated 100 million sharks killed each year, fins from up to 73 million are used for shark fin soup.

Kristian Schmidt/ WildAid

These iconic animals are being killed for profit in order to satisfy global demand for rhino horn, ivory, shark fin, and tiger bones; products heavily sought-after in Asia for use in traditional medicine, as decoration, and as symbols of prestige. The rapidly emerging Chinese middle-class, expected to grow from 300 million by another 250 million within 15 years, is one of the factors driving the elephant poaching epidemic. Experts agree that as much as 70% of illegal ivory is being shipped to China where it is used for carvings, jewelry, and crafts and is considered a sign of wealth. In Vietnam, rhino horn is used as a fictitious cure for cancer and even hangovers and used to demonstrate affluence and social status.

Leading the campaign has been China’s most popular celebrities, including former NBA star Yao Ming as well as Jackie Chan, China’s most respected and well-known movie star. In addition to appearing in PSAs, billboards and at press launches, they have engaged in social media outreach. Our list of Ambassadors includes over 100 celebrated names from around the world, including Edward Norton, Li Bing Bing, Prince William, David Beckham, and Sir Richard Branson. WildAid harnesses the power and influence of celebrity endorsement. Our campaigns use sophisticated, culturallyappropriate and compelling 30-second Public Service Announcements (PSAs) featuring award-winning actors, Olympic athletes, politicians, and business leaders to deliver the message: “When the buying stops, the killing can too”.

Criminal gangs and corrupt officials are profiting from this trade, while terrorist organizations like Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army and Somalia’s Al-Shabaab are partly funding their activities through illegal ivory trade. But WildAid is fighting back. We and our army of ambassadors are persuading people not to buy products made from these endangered animals. Headquartered in San Francisco, WildAid’s mission is to end the illegal wildlife trade by reducing demand through public awareness campaigns and providing comprehensive marine protection. WildAid is the only organization to focus on ending the demand for endangered species products by specifically targeting consumers with engaging public service announcements and education initiatives. Our work is focused on Asia, where demand for these products is highest. WildAid harnesses the power and influence of celebrity endorsement. Our campaigns use sophisticated, culturallyappropriate and compelling 30-second Public Service Announcements (PSAs) featuring award-winning actors, Olympic athletes, politicians, and business leaders to deliver the message: “When the buying stops, the killing can too”.



Yao Ming Encounters Body of Poached Elephant


Leading the campaign has been China’s most popular celebrities, including former NBA star Yao Ming as well as Jackie Chan, China’s most respected and well-known movie star. In addition to appearing in PSAs, billboards and at press launches, they have engaged in social media outreach. Our list of Ambassadors includes over 100 celebrated names from around the world, including Edward Norton, Li Bing Bing, Prince William, David Beckham, and Sir Richard Branson. With a media distribution network built up over the past decade in China, our campaigns to reduce demand for shark fin, elephant ivory, rhino horn, and tiger products now reach up to one billion people every week with the support of State-owned and private media. On a program budget of about $2 million, WildAid secured more than $164 million of donated broadcast airtime and media placement for our campaigns in 2013. WildAid has successfully developed a highly leveraged mass media campaign model in China, primarily on shark fin, which has led to dramatic changes in awareness, legislative action and demand reduction. It has been one of the most viewed awareness campaigns in history. In 2006, when WildAid started its shark fin campaign, knowledge of the problem was negligible. Surveying showed that 75% of Chinese were unaware that shark fin soup came from sharks (the dish translates to “fish wing soup” in Mandarin) and few understood the impact on shark populations. Today, it is common knowledge across China with individuals, celebrities, corporations, and even the government shunning the soup.

the shark fin business because it is no longer profitable. One reason given by them for the drop in demand and prices was environmental awareness and campaigns, with specific mention of Yao Ming. The trend is corroborated by reports from West Africa and Indonesia, where prices are so low that fishermen have stopped hunting sharks. In 2013, WildAid began two three-year programs to combat the rise in elephant and rhino poaching. The programs aim to raise awareness in China and Vietnam of the elephant and rhino poaching crises and measurably reduce demand for both products, while supporting the respective governments in strengthening enforcement  efforts. We need to end the demand for these unsustainable products and build public and political will to pass laws to protect wildlife and to make sure those laws are enforced. To do this we need to make conservation aspirational and exciting for people all over the world, and that’s what WildAid is trying to do. You can help us by spreading our message and donating to the cause. The United States is one of the world’s largest markets for ivory. Recent shark fin busts demonstrate the prevalence of the trade in places like San Francisco and New York. Please join us in refusing to buy endangered wildlife products – such as antique ivory, tiger skins, and shark fin soup - and ask your friends and relatives to do the same. Together, we can end the illegal wildlife trade.

Media reports estimate a 50%-70% decline in consumption of shark fin in China since 2011, and many of the traders and consumers interviewed cite the “Yao Ming campaign” as a primary reason for the decline. [Washington Post article: “In China, victory for wildlife conservation as citizens persuaded to give up shark fin soup” Oct 19, 2013] Major shark fin traders have said they are planning to leave



the quest by hayley starr Wardrobe / Hayley Starr: The Astral Collection Model / Abigail @ Industry Model Group Photography / Joseph Umbro @ Josephumbro Makeup & Hair / Kassandra Karr Makeup Provided / Mac Cosmetics Styling / David Mitchell






By Emily Wheeler pon entering The Quest by Hayley Starr, a magical boutique at 2122 Lincoln Blvd in Venice Beach, you have entered a sparkling pink and white alternate universe that is Hayley’s world. Situated between a tattoo parlor and an auto shop, The Quest looks like an edible jewel box made of whipped cream and pink diamonds. The vibe is clean, comfortable, and creative. Thin white curtains blow in the breeze, and Hayley’s colorful dress collections line the windows to the street. Hayley is a tall, raven-haired, Venice Beach fairy. Her presence is both calming and energizing. You will know that this place, The Quest by Hayley Starr, is a place where creativity can grow, and new possibilities abound.

Hayley packed a lot of living into those couple of years in New York. An old soul and already a seasoned partier, Hayley journeyed towards the land of stars with her first love. Miss Starr’s talent and passion for fashion led her to downtown L.A. and to FIDM. Hayley started to create her own unique wearable dresses. Upon wearing these creations of hers out and about in Hollywood, people noticed the pieces and started requesting ones of their own. Being the unconventional type, Miss Starr designs her dresses backwards. She does not draw out the design for her pieces on paper. Hayley starts with a beautiful piece of fabric that speaks to her, and then drapes a dress form experimentally.

Hayley Starr, birth name Hayley Keenan, is a rainbow-loving sprite. She is a mix of street-savvy night fox, and meadowfrolicking nature-lover. Born in DC to an interior designer mother, Hayley was driven by the idea of freedom. A girl who makes things happen, Hayley graduated from high school early at the age of 16, promptly then moving to New York City. Hayley started working in fashion for Stephen Allen by day, and by night became a clothes-horse club-kid. “The late nineties was such an exciting time in New York.” Hayley describes how she would plan her extravagant outfits for her nights out, and how she would also wear full length dresses round the clock, even to the market. Hayley and some friends of hers ended up on the cover of New York Magazine for a piece on the famous un-famous club kids of the time.



She creates her pieces organically and with improvisation, letting a divine power guide her creativity. With this type of designing, Hayley created the Infinity Collection. The

Infinity Collection grew from Hayley observing clients wearing her dresses in different fashions than she had originally designed them to be worn. After two years of experimentation, Hayley created a collection that can be worn 124 ways. Hayley also launched online instructional videos to teach the wearer how to wrap the dresses, and to suggest what version might work the best for them. These instructional videos, along with appearances on programs such as the Today Show, made the young designer a success.





At The Quest, you can purchase one of these amazing, timeless pieces, and even get one-on-one fitting and instruction from Hayley herself. Also on display and for purchase is Miss Starr’s Astral Collection. The Astral Collection is an out-of-this-world, magical line of one-ofa-kind pieces. The Astral Collection looks like swaths of heaven. Galaxies appear on the fabric of these pieces that truly reflect Starr’s name and nature.

The Quest is a Mecca for inspiration. It is a boutique, studio,

Hayley is a very expressive woman, and she has several creative outlets. Her distinctively individualistic paintings decorate the walls. Also, possibly most exciting, is her collection of children’s books that have just arrived hot off the press. These sweet, positive, pure-hearted books are full of affirmations for children and are endearingly illustrated by Hayley herself. These three books are meant to reconnect children with nature and bring them pride, comfort, and happiness in who they are. The books are truly inspiring, heart-string pulling personal creations done by Hayley Starr. They are available for purchase at The Quest, or online at  her website.

Hayley Starr’s personal quest is to keep Venice artistic. An

art space, classroom, event space, and it is generally open to infinite possibilities. Hayley is really all about supporting other local artists and creative people. The space has been used for everything from children’s yoga, a light animation workshop, and even an Instagram-inspired art show. The space is available to rent, and may soon be expanding.

inspirational being, Hayley truly does seem to come from another world. One is drawn to join her on her journey because the feeling that she can do anything is apparent. Hayley currently is working with other amazing women on new ventures, and her magical world is continuing to grow.







Venice Ale House / Fork in the Road. The Bank / The Larchmont. The Revolution of Farm to Table in Los Angeles By Emily Wheeler


ery quickly, the general population is realizing the

Back on the West Coast, Spoon was out on the water

benefits of consuming smarter food. To clarify, smarter

participating in one of his favorite activities, sailing, a sport

food would be that which is organic, fresh, local,

that requires teamwork and trust. He met Thomas Elliot,

and farm to table. The changing of the guard in the constant

a Hollywood veteran, and charismatic entrepreneur. Their

cycle of new restaurants opening their doors in Los Angeles

shared passion for sailing, their similar work ethic, and the

has of late brought us more readily available fresh and local

cooperation they have with each other, eventually turned into

food. Two men, a pair of creative restaurateurs, have brought

a business partnership.

Los Angeles better choices in dining. The Venice Boardwalk,

Spoon and Thomas in turn opened Venice Ale House, a

famous for the fascinating freak show that occurs for free daily

gastropub that offers the best, the most fresh, and the most

on the people-watch radar, has not been famous for its good

interesting food on the boardwalk in Venice Beach.

food. Spoon Singh and Thomas Elliot founded their first joint

Spoon and Thomas had cited that there had been practically

venture on this strip of never-

no options for quality dining

ending entertainment in human


observation, finally bringing an

With the immense traffic on this

excellent dining choice to this

cement strip along the beach

veritable dining desert. Together,

every day, it was surprising that

Spoon and Thomas have gone on to open more farm-to-table





the only restaurants were fairly sub-par burger joints. Now, at

restaurants not just on the West Side, but in Hollywood, and

Venice Ale House, one can not only enjoy some of the best

even Austin, Texas.

people-watching on the planet, what Spoon calls “boardwalk TV,” but one can enjoy fresh, farm-to-table cuisine. Not

Spoon Singh and Thomas Elliot have turned their unique

only do they offer fabulous micro-brews but also an array of

Typefaceinto Copperplate Gothic 31BCa group of healthy, friendship a business, founding

PMS 484 Colordishes Options sustainable,Pantone farm-to-table that PMS are483American based

sustainable-eating restaurants. A friendship that started on

and accented with Mexican, Asian, and French touches. The

a sailing expedition, Spoon and Thomas have successfully

vibe is fun and hip, with attractive locals working the bar and

opened four restaurants in the last 2 years. Spoon Singh is

waiting tables. There is relaxing, breezy seating on the sunny

not a well know name, though one would indeed most likely

boardwalk patio. All the food is organic, with vegetarian,

recognize the names Kettle Chips, and Kona Brewing Company.

vegan, and gluten-free options. If you enjoy burgers, the beef

The passion for natural, artisan food and drink runs in Spoon’s

is all natural and grass fed. The seasonal menu ranges from

blood. His father, Cameron Healy, founded the Kettle Foods

fresh salads, to Mexican-style corn on the cob, to baked brie.

Company in Salem Oregon in 1978. Kettle is famous for their

You can find Venice Ale House on the corner of Rose and the

all-natural, extra crunchy potato chips. This was the beginning

Boardwalk in Venice  Beach.

of a life-long mission for Spoon and his family to create allnatural, healthy versions of classic American food.

Spoon and Thomas then opened Bank of Venice, a happening bar and restaurant in a historic building on Windward, right beneath the

Spoon also started Kona Brewing Company with his father

iconic, glowing Venice Beach

Cameron on the Big Island of Hawaii in 1994. This microbrewery

sign strung from building to

quickly gathered a mass of fans with its hoppy Fire Rock Pale No Black Outline

building. This building was the

Ale, stout Pipeline Porter, and smooth Longboard Lager. The

original Bank of Venice, and the

word about Kona spread to the mainland, and its brewed

décor is true to the nostalgia

creations are now poured in many restaurants up and down

of the turn of the century. The

the West Coast and elsewhere. With the success of Kona

Bank of Venice was established

Brewing Company, Spoon soon opened restaurants on Hawaii

in 1905, and not only is there an original signed check from

which were centered around the craft beers and also offered

the bank decorating the entry way, but the aesthetic includes

great food. Spoon’s passion for opening quality restaurants

a beautiful bicycle from that era, charming light fixtures, and

had been ignited.

even the location of the vault is highlighted. Keeping with the farm-to-table theme, the menu is farm to table and organic.


Black Outline |

The drink menu offers cocktails with fresh, organic juices,

partnered up with legendary Hollywood restaurateur

and after dark, a happening bar scene exists. Bank of

Robert Kass to convert a historic two-story craftsman

Venice is the only location on the West Side that offers

style house into a sexy restaurant. Located between

Karaoke, and on Wednesdays an open mic is held. The

Vine and Larchmont on Melrose in West Hollywood,

Bank is located in the heart of Venice Beach. If one has

the Larchmont has a breezy, cool, clean, chic feel in a

visited the Boardwalk, one has probably entered through

sophisticated house turned restaurant. White walls and

Windward, having passed the building where The Bank

white linen tables are accented by punches of color

is now located. Luckily, there is now a safe haven with

decorating the walls. The Larchmont offers a truly intimate

fresh food and drink, right there at the portal to Venice.

dining experience. The staff is gorgeous, and the service is impeccable. Dining at the Larchmont is like dining at

The Fork in the Road on Main Street has been described as “the best new restaurant in Santa Monica.” The third of Spoon and Thomas’s ventures, the Fork in the Road offers beautifully creative

a friend’s fine dinner party…if of course your friend was


employer to a world class chef. Cody Diegel is the Executive Chef of the Larchmont. Originally from




dishes from Chef Drew Adams. Not only does Drew

Diegel has successfully opened smash-hit restaurants in

Adams care tremendously about his customers, often

Hollywood and is now resident to the Larchmont. Some

coming out to greet them himself, but he has also created

of the exciting dishes include black cod with artichoke, Moroccan braised lamb shoulder with couscous, vanilla

an amazingly delicious menu with the coordination   of Spoon and Thomas. Some of the star dishes are   the roasted cauliflower appetizer, salmon tartar, beer   steamed mussels, tortellini with squash and goat cheese,   crispy pig tail, a   whole trout stuffed with creamed   spinach, and an epic pork chop. The atmosphere is rustic

lobster risotto, grilled octopus, duck confit, and luxurious pana cotta for dessert. The Larchmont is by far the best

in Larchmont Village and truly a must see if one is dining in the West Hollywood area.

and intimate. One should definitely start one’s meal out

Spoon Singh and Thomas Elliot are always creating and

with one of the fresh and exciting craft cocktails offered.

expanding. Not only do they have the farm-to-table

At the end of the meal, one can enjoy

style game on point in Los Angeles,

the delectable dessert options, which are just as creative as the dinner menu.

but they debuted a restaurant and pub in the ever-growing, ever more

White chocolate, spicy hot chocolate, and mint-lavender ice creams are offered. The reviews of the Fork in the

stylish Austin, Texas. This venture of

austin ale house

theirs, named Austin Ale House, was debuted at this year’s South by

Road are stellar. “A dream to dine at,” and “I can’t wait

Southwest Music Event. Spoon and Thomas are truly

to come back to try everything,” are just the start to the

pioneers of the farm-to-table revolution. With options

raving compliments. The Fork in the Road is located at

that scale from top quality gastropub dining to luxurious

2424 Main St. in Santa Monica. Make reservations to

upscale dining, Angelenos now have the option to try

enjoy this jewel of the West Side.

their creations from the West Side to West Hollywood and beyond.

If one is looking for an upscale dining experience with a casual beach-bungalow feel, The Larchmont in West Hollywood is THE hot new place to dine. Spoon Singh

F i n d m o re i n f o r m a t i o n a t :

v e n i c e a l e h o u s e. c o m b a n k o f v e n i c e p u bl i c h o u s e. c o m t h e a u s t i n a l e h o u s e. c o m





Mark Paaluhi and Paddleboarding By Emily Wheeler


ith a golden Hawaiian look, and an Pacific Ocean soul, Mark Paaluhi appears perfectly natural atop a stand up paddle board. This water sport trend has exploded in popularity in the past few years. A tribal looking activity that requires balance and upper body strength, the paddle boarder looks poised to spear a fish at any moment. Mark Paaluhi, a true local of Hermosa Beach California, had a long career in professional volleyball, and is now working with Laird Hamilton as head of marketing at Laird StandUp Paddle Board Company. Mark traveled to different sandy locations to compete in world-class volleyball, and now he jets to the best beaches and bays in the world to promote Laird StandUp. Born in Hawaii and raised in Hermosa Beach, Mark Paaluhi grew to the athletic stature of six feet four inches. Although he participated in the expected high school sports of football, basketball, and baseball, the sand and the water called his name. His true passions lay at the beach, and surfing started to cut into his school sports. From surfing, he was lured into the thriving beach volleyball scene in Hermosa Beach, and thus started a sixteen-year career in professional volleyball. Mark was present for the absolute heyday of beach volleyball culture. During this time, if you played volleyball, you lived, trained, partied, and stayed sun up to sun down on the strand in Hermosa Beach. Mark describes the community that existed as a large family full of fun, superbly athletic, and goodhearted people. Mark was lucky enough to compete internationally with some of the best volleyball players in history. Through this time period of his life, he met Gabrielle Reece, professional volleyball player, model, and wife to Laird Hamilton. This friendship was the catalyst to Mark Paaluhi’s current exciting career.

Mark is also involved with Dig 4 Kids. This is a non-profit organization started by Olympic Gold Medalist Volleyball star Eric Fonoimoana. Their purpose is to bring extracurricular education and athletic training to young people from low-income communities in the Los Angeles area. Students receive assistance with homework, are offered mentoring and counseling, and they are also given volleyball instruction by reigning champions such as Mark Paaluhi. The program runs from 3pm to 6pm during a time slot where kids are often unsupervised, and prone to being exposed to, and involved in dangerous activities. The poignant Dig 4 Kids’ mission statement is as follows, “Dig 4 Kids is an after school program committed to provide youth in lowincome communities with increased opportunities for academic and athletic achievement.” This is a wonderful program that is lucky enough to have volunteers such as Mark. Laird Hamilton is the most famous big wave surfer in the world. He is a true waterman, who enjoys and supports many types of different water sports. Stand up paddle boarding is a wonderfully exciting activity that can be performed not only in ocean surf, but in most any body of water. Laird Hamilton has put his name on a premium line of stand up paddle boards, and with the help of Mark Paaluhi, the word is getting out all over the world. Mark travels across the globe as head of marketing for Laird stand Up. Not only does Mark run the marketing for Laird StandUp, but he is also a hands-on instructor. Mark holds a class right here in the Los Angeles area on Wednesday evenings at 5:30 in Redondo Beach King Harbor at 831 N. Harbor Drive. Anyone can participate in this sport, and anyone would be lucky to be taught stand up paddleboarding by the likes of Mark Paaluhi.



Laird Hamilton’s Stand Up Paddle Boards By Emily Wheeler

Within the subject matter of surfing, Laird Hamilton is

Maybe the most experimentally challenging feat

a name that has crossed the lips of many an athlete

ever performed, and then practiced continually by

and admirer. The juxtaposition of being a daredevil

Hamilton, is his invention of tow-in surfing. This is the

who possesses an unassuming nature, has made

thrilling act of being towed on your board into huge

Laird Hamilton possibly the most respected person in

waves in the open-ocean. These humongous swells

the realm of surfing and water sport. Hamilton views

would be too large and powerful to paddle into

surfing as a true art form. His passion for life and the

traditionally. Hamilton’s pioneering of this spectacular

ocean has brought the world legendary examples of

type of surfing was covered in the famous documentary

what it means to live life to the fullest.

Riding Giants.

Born in San Francisco, and raised on the Hawaiian Islands, Hamilton grew up tough and brave. He reportedly was filmed jumping a 60-foot cliff into deep waters at the precocious age of 7. A talented surfer from the beginning, Hamilton mostly forwent surf competitions, surfing for the love of the sport rather than for the recognition that competition can bring. Historically, Hamilton has always been about the passion of surfing, and the experimentation of new  techniques. A true innovator, Hamilton was one of the first of a small group of people dubbed the “Strapped Crew.” This group of daredevils would strap their feet to a board in order to gain the ability to complete bigger wave stunts. The “Strapped Crew,” also experimented with the combination of boards and paragliders used in tandem, thus developing the first ever kite boards.



There is evidence of King Kamehameha and his queen

mile stretch between the islands of Oahu and Kauai. He

Ka’ahumanu having practiced this type of stand up

performed this in six hours, being the first ever to do so. In

paddle boarding in Hawaii 300 years ago. Laird Hamilton

2000 Hamilton graced the cover of Surfer Magazine with

has put his name on a premium line of stand up paddle

a picture of his famous ride at Tahiti’s Teahupo’o break.

boards, which are available at Also

This wave has been cited and claimed as the heaviest

available on Hamilton’s website are books which he has

wave ever ridden. Hamilton has also experimented

authored, nutritional shakes and supplements, and other

extensively with “foiling.” This is a fascinating technique

Laird Hamilton gear.

that uses a rudder-like projection from the bottom of a board into the water. This extension is called a hydrofoil.

Laird Hamilton is unanimously thought of as the best

It works by raising the board above the water to create

big wave surfer of all time, yet he is admirably humble.

a smoother, faster ride, eliminating the resistance of

Hamilton is a philosophical, music-loving waterman,

rough or choppy conditions. Foiling is little-known, and

making him a romantic soul surfer as well as a fearless

intriguing technique that has been experimented with,

pioneer. Laird Hamilton can truly be thought of as the

and perfected by  Hamilton.

number-one ambassador of surfing and water sports.

Laird Hamilton is a creative, open-minded entrepreneur. He has been given the knick-name of “The Innovator.” Not only does he currently and consistently ride 30-70 foot waves at 30 to 50 miles per hour, he also has a passion for stand up paddle boarding. Some purist surfers look down on the practice of stand up paddle boarding, but Hamilton sees it as a return to the traditional Hawaiian way of surfing. This type of surfing is performed with a thicker, wider board, and a handheld  paddle.


In 1999, Laird Hamilton sailed his windsurfer the 50-




MARK PAALUHI: What is life like for you at the moment? Laird Hamilton: I feel like its never been more interesting.

M: What was the greatest moment of your life? L: Do any of us have a “greatest moment”? I hope not. I have been fortunate to have

I have an incredible family, and like all families one that is growing and

quite a few important moments. Certain waves I can recall, births of my daughters,

changing weekly. I am excited by some of the projects going on right now,

meeting my wife and so many occasions of just being out in Nature and feeling a part

from foil surfing, stand up paddle business and the evolution of the

of my environment. I hope to continue to create many more moments for the years

equipment, the prospect of the GolfBoard having a new influence on

to come.

golf and trying to keep working hard to evolve as a person and athlete.

M: What is your main focus? L: My main focus physically is to try and be in better more balanced

M: What type of people can you see loving stand up paddle board? L: From what I can tell people who have surfed forever and are excited by the new

shape. As a surfer to evolve as a rider, and my focal point is foil

way to do something they love, beginners that are afraid of the ocean and just want

surfing, and the progression of foil surfing. When it comes to stand up surfing

to get out on the water and SUP allows them that opportunity. Old, young, male,

I want to keep working with the refinement of the equipment.

female, people who live near water and just want to get out and be in Nature. I don’t

M: What are your goals for the year? L: Same as every year, which is to be able to capitalize on weather conditions when Mother Nature allows. My New Year’s resolution every year is to try and laugh more and have more fun. It goes without saying that my family and their well being are a priority.

M: Tell us from a true waterman’s perspective about paddle boarding L: I feel like stand up is a natural progression of surfing. For me stand up is an opportunity to see and do things we can’t do when in the prone position. I find it to be one of the most diverse forms of surfing given the broad participant profile. Plus, it’s a great way to train and a wonderful tool to use in all kinds of water conditions (ie lakes, rivers, bays etc). Let’s face it, most people are not even going to ride a wave with a stand up. It’s like a bike to get around on the water.



think I can define or sum up who can enjoy SUP because I believe that it’s meant for so many different people to enjoy their own personal way.

M: Where is your favorite place on earth? L: A perfect surf spot with just my friends and I.



M: What is it like to ride the wave at Teahupoo? Sounds, view, feeling?

L: Teahupoo is a special place. It is like being inside of Mother Nature herself with the sound of thunder that is so loud you not only hear it but you FEEL it. My vision is focused on the path that will lead me to completing the ride. Heading for the exit. I feel really excited when I’m at Teahupoo

M: How did you come up with the idea to foil? What is it like to foil on waves in the open ocean?

L: Some friends and I got a hold of an Air Chair in the 90’s and cut the chair off which we replaced with snowboard bindings and boots. I practiced for a lot of years behind a jet ski knowing that if I could get some control of the board I could apply it to wave riding. The foil is the most efficient way to ride a wave that we have today. The pursuit of foiling speaks to one of my original goals, which is to ride the largest waves, the furthest distances, and at the highest speeds. I have never experienced anything like flying on waves, which the foil board enables us to do. The boys and I say we feel like the albatross bird (which we share the waves with from time to time).



M: Where would you like to see surfing and paddle boarding go in the future? L: For them both to continue to evolve, and for each one to progress in their unique path. When I watch what is happening in surfing I am always amazed at how talented the riders are and their ability to continue to push the levels of surfing.

Since SUP is new it’s growth in riders skill level and equipment makes significant improvement every single year. I enjoy watching how people are individualizing what they are doing in SUP from how and what they ride. SUP is being expressed in various disciplines. There are races, big wave riding, obstacle courses that combine both and for me if people are enjoying themselves then they must be doing something right.

M: Very few people in the world ride big waves like yourself. Can you describe the feeling of riding a 40’ plus  wave? L: Riding a big wave is an all consuming experience that involves all of your senses. It is a time that you are truly in the moment. I liken it to someone who is great at meditation where you are truly present. As calm as the experience is, as is intense as it is, it is the ultimate improvisation. Each wave and each ride are unique and different. For me I have never been in a situation with more things occurring simultaneously. This forces you to be instinctive in your decision making.

I love the ocean and all the ways to ride waves. I grew up prone surfing, body surfing, raced professionally windsurfing, kited when the kites didn’t restart, tow surf, stand up paddle and foil surf. Surfing is the act of riding a wave and there is no way to define how one should do it or which is “right or wrong” or “better or worse”. The prospect that on any given day I have options on what I can ride given the conditions is exciting and one that has allowed me to keep my youthful enthusiasm.



The Venice Love Shack By Brian Gavlton


here’s this little old place on Lincoln Boulevard. It is the home of many bustling projects, artists on a mission, as well as a seemingly infinite amount of places to sit. Music is always playing, and the look is always changing.

It was a gas station, then a furniture store, and now it’s the Venice Love Shack. It is where art from the street is on the walls, and goods from a bazaar are on the shelves. It is an art gallery, true to its roots a furniture store (no gas now, but Middle Eastern coffee, the other liquid gold!), a record store, festival venue, a yoga space, an antique shop, a tree nursery, and perhaps most intriguing of all, a bean bag collective (a selection you can find nowhere else and didn’t previously know existed). It even has an old bus turned into a boutique, fit to the tastes of the Venice locals, or can be used as an eco-friendly RV for rent.



Not to mention, a music studio. And this is not your average music studio because this one happens to come with a true legend. Remi Kabaka is a master Nigerian drummer. He has played for the greats, such as Nelson Mandela himself, both in South Africa and at the Coliseum in Los Angeles. He has performed and recorded with well-known music icons such as Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, Paul Simon, Steve Winwood, Stevie Wonder, Sir Paul McCartney, and Ginger Baker, just to name a few. Remi has himself setup in the studio at The Love Shack and has already recorded a wonderful album full of his endearing African vibes. If you are looking for some music that makes you feel really good, be sure to pick up a copy of Remi’s King of Boys, available at the Venice Love Shack. Recently, Remi has also opened the studio to children, aspiring to teach them valuable lessons on life and music. Remi is a remarkable musician and a person always looking out for the greater good in this world. You’ II often find him looking through the records or sitting out in the sun enjoying his album choice. If you get him going, he has plenty of stories to tell you about his seriously impressive resume, playing music around the world. His stories have inspired a documentary following his perspective of the immersion of African music and culture, with the 60s and 70s rock and roll scene. This documentary is currently in pre-production.

If you aren’t a regular of the Venice Love Shack (VLS), you might wonder how legends such as Remi Kabaka found it. Or how it got to be the isle of culture that it is, being located on an otherwise commercial thoroughfare to and from the airport. The Love Shack is leading the chase, with more and more locations on Lincoln Blvd. offering arts and music. After spending enough time here though, you learn to stop questioning the music legends, old hollowed-out buses, newly-arrived coffee kiosks, and whatever else manages to show up on this lot on the corner of Lincoln and Victoria. One tends to accept and embrace them, if not want to help think of ways to make use of them. This is because Udi Levy, the Yemeni-AmericanIsraeli-Rainbow proprietor, is less interested in explaining what has happened as much as he is interested in formulating what is going to happen in his Californian oasis, whether it be an event such as the one Remi and Udi are currently planning, which will be a second festival to celebrate Nelson Mandela, or setting up a cold kitchen and serving coffee and tea. Plans such as these will make the Love Shack one of the most colorful indoor/outdoor cafes and music venues in the city. Udi envisions the Love Shack as the ultimate Venice hang-out. This is the place where people come together to create, to find better ways to get involved in the community, or to just take a break in an ultimately unique environment. The sky is the limit for the Love Shack as far as Udi is concerned. He is correct because as much as there is going on at the Love Shack (and there is a lot), it is also a blank canvas because of Udi’s openness to new ideas. If anyone has what Udi feels is good idea, it can be executed at the Love Shack. Take the Heart Space for instance, a studio in the back of the shack where any local instructor can hold open classes from yoga to Hula-hooping, dancing, or Tantric breathing. The Love Shack after all is a co-op in many ways, working directly with teachers, as well as artists, musicians and the community overall.

If you’re looking for something different, come down to the Venice Love Shack. It’s a place where people can get together. The place to find what you were looking for, before you knew you were looking for it. May it be a painting, a table and chair of vinyl (the collection at VLS is ever changing and one to be reckoned with), finding an African drum, or (you know you want it), a beanbag. This is the place to find people to share ideas and stories with. The place to enjoy an amazing Turkish coffee on a sunny day on a well-crafted wood chair or an extremely comfortable beanbag. Listening to music the way it was meant to be heard. Every time you come to the Venice Love Shack, you will be a bit in awe of what has become of this corner plot frequented mostly by people who have driven by hundreds of times and are just stopping by for the very first time, always wondering why it took them so long to do so. The Venice Love Shack is a place of solace. The place to chill, to hangout with good friends, and to enjoy all that is available. It is a place to feel welcome. The Venice Love Shack, when you get to know it, will truly become one of your favorite places to go. The truth is you never know what or whom you’ll come across at the Love Shack. So stop by with an open mind, and you are sure to have an enjoyable time. |


Mikayla Carr Suit by Bentevi Swimwear





LOVE SHACK Photography / David Mitchell Makeup / Kassandra Karr Makeup provided / MAC Cosmetics Hair / Anastasia Romero









Dress by Leiluna Collection



Chloe Hurst

Dress by Hayley Starr













41 OCEAN: The Coolest Gin Joint in Town By Emily Wheeler

Rob Floyd has been called “the best bartender ever.” He has been dubbed “The Liquid Chef,” with his flashy creativity in building cocktails, (often involving fire), and his combinations of amazingly fresh ingredients. 41 Ocean is lucky enough to call him head of their team. An extremely friendly and amiable guy, Rob has 20 plus years of experience in experimental mixology. Rob and Jeremy met years ago at the Park Avalon in New York City, and since then they have reconnected. In turn Rob has joined Jeremy at 41 Ocean. Rob started his bartending in Miami, igniting his passion for creating the best, most interesting, and the most flavorful drinks. He traveled the world looking for new and interesting ingredients. After heading up the staff at Park Avalon for years, Rob then moved


out to Los Angeles to work for the world famous Chateau he allure of exclusivity draws only those seeking the best of the best. Belonging to a private club allows one the freedom to feel comfortable, as if the club is

ones own. Indeed the club is their own because all members of a private club are indeed part owners. It also means that every member is a VIP, and is to be treated as thus. There is a new, exclusive, members only club in town. It is 41 Ocean in Santa Monica. This chic yet relaxed members only club was founded by Jeremy Umland. Jeremy Umland is a worldly man with many interests, one being a passion for hospitality and entertainment. 41 Ocean is now THE club to join for like-minded individuals who enjoy VIP service. 41 Ocean is also residence to the world’s most creative bartender, Rob Floyd. Jeremy Umland loves to see people have a great time. His vision is to have 41 Ocean be a safe haven for good, hard working people who love to have a good time. Jeremy is from New York originally, and he played professional baseball in Japan for years. Jeremy then went on to become a successful entrepreneur and real estate investor. Jeremy is a confident, intelligent, easy-to-be-around kind of guy, with a big smile. He is the perfect host to this classy private club. Jeremy says that hospitality runs in his blood. He is the owner of other successful restaurants, and being intrigued by the concepts of the Jonathan Club, and Soho House being members only clubs, he was inspired to start 41 Ocean. 41 Ocean is a private club, directed towards the professional crowd of Santa Monica and Brentwood, but the word is getting out, and celebrities such as Toby Maguire have been frequenting the club as well. Jeremy sees 41 Ocean as being a true California club, filling up with members who work hard, follow their dreams, and then like to relax with a craft cocktail and music.



Marmont Hotel. After eight years at this historic celebrity haunt, Rob opened the SLS Hotel and The Bazaar in 2008. Rob then was the main attraction at Library Bar in the Roosevelt up until he made his most recent  move to 41 Ocean.

Rob Floyd has coordinated with world famous chefs such

for the hard working, motivated individual to come and unwind

as Jose Andres, Scott Conant, and Jamie Gwen, whom he

with like-minded people in a classy, relaxing atmosphere.

hosted a radio show with. Rob has been the subject of articles and television shows with companies such as the E! channel, Angeleno Magazine, CBS, NPR, Fox News, and LA Magazine. Rob also famously created “Cocktail Theatre,� an educational tasting series that combines cocktails, history, and a Rocky Horror Picture Show element. The tickets for these highly entertaining events often sell out months in advance. Cocktail Theatre will be performed at 41 Ocean in the near future. Currently 41 Ocean has around 600 members, and the club is also the venue to exciting events. One can experience 41 Ocean by purchasing tickets to events held at the club, such as charity events, or of course by becoming a member. Anyone is welcome to apply to become a member. Though because it is an exclusive club, there is indeed a bit of a screening process. Quality people are wanted, and anyone who gets out of control, or is aggressive need not apply. 41 Ocean is an oasis





Model / Brianna Barnes @ NewMark Models IG: bri_ashbarnes Photography / Joseph Umbro IG: josephumbro Makeup & Hair / Pa Kou Xiong IG:beautybypakou Wardrobe / MIKOH Swimwear

Oleema and Kalani Miller’s MIKOH Swimwear Collection Oleema Miller answers questions from our editor, Emily Wheeler, on her beautiful and unique swimwear collection designed by her and her sister Kalani Miller. Coordinated by Zack Tanck of Bollare





EW: How did growing up in idyllic San Clemente inspire you to design a swimwear collection? OM: San Clemente is the quintessential beach and surf town. Our entire family surfs and I spent my entire childhood either in the ocean or at the beach and wearing a bikini nearly every single day. Swimwear is something that I know first hand, and I knew from a very young age that it would be something that I would want to have a business in. I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else but having MIKOH and working alongside my sister, Kalani. We have the best life ever. EW: Do you take inspiration from high fashion and runway? OM: I take inspiration constantly from the world around me and find inspiration in the most odd of places. I find myself most inspired while traveling and when I least expect it. EW: What are your favorite beaches you have been to? OM: My all time favorite beach is the island of Tavarua in Fiji- nothing beats this little heart-shaped island in the South Pacific. It has the most beautiful white sand beaches that are speckled with the most ornate and beautiful shells and is surrounded by the bluest of the blue oceans. The absolute best of the best. EW: What is your favorite place in the world? OM: I don’t have just one specific favorite place in the world- but one of my favorite places to spend a lot of time is on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii. There is something so special about being able to sleep right next to the waves and wake up to the ocean in my front yard- not to mention the amazing food, all of my friends that live there, and the idyllic palm trees that always seem to sway to a tropical beat every single day. EW: What (if any) mistakes did you make and learn from in the process of taking your company to the place it is in now? OM: I make mistakes every single day and try to learn from them every time. I think that is why we have found success with MIKOH- we always are humbled by the things we do not know and are always trying to improve ourselves as a brand and to take in as much knowledge as possible on a daily basis.





EW: The pieces are ornate yet free of hardware. Are your swim pieces designed to be active in? Even to surf in? OM: I design each collection with certain pieces in mind for various activities- whether it be to surf in, to get the most minimal tan lines, or to just be plain sexy in. There is always something for someone but I’m always keeping in mind who the MIKOH woman is.

EW: Where are some of the beautiful names of your pieces from? OM: Each year we name them after what inspired the collectionfor the 2014 Collection, Into the Sea, we named the different pieces after different surf breaks, islands, and other tropical seaside destinations that we have either visited before or dream of visiting.

EW: What is your favorite piece in the 2014 collection? OM: My favorite bikini is from our MIKOH X SURF Collection- a range of neoprene bikinis. I love our TRESTLES set- it’s the perfect racerback bikini top style and itty bitty bikini bottoms- perfect to surf in and to wear on the beach, always the best combo.

EW: What direction would you like to see MIKOH head towards in the future? OM: I would like to see MIKOH continue to grow up as Kalani and myself grow up- we are heading into our sixth season and we couldn’t be more excited for what the future holds.

EW: What has your experience in the world of professional surfing added to your design and business? OM: Being blessed to have been able to travel the world since I was 13, I have constantly been immersed in the surf culture and industry. Surfing my entire life has definitely shaped me in to the person and designer I am and I’m constantly inspired by the ocean, surf, and the people and cultures that I have been lucky enough to travel to.











Perfect Balance Trail Mix

Swoop Magazine: Did you grow up in Cardiff? How did you start the company there and end up moving to Venice?

constantly improving on the ingredients and ratios. All this while selling my small advertising business, moving to San Diego, and transitioning to a more fun, vibrant, growth-opportunity based

John Gentile: No. I discovered beautiful Cardiff–by–the– Sea,


North County San Diego, while searching for housing in San Diego. I moved from Charleston, SC after a few visits


I realized I’d stumbled upon an amazing opportunity to utilize

officially started Perfect Balance Trail Mix in a rented, shared

several skill sets to pursue a new vision and passion... Coming

catering kitchen just up the street in Carlsbad. We “Beta tested”

from beautiful, charming, historical, small-town, slower-paced

at places like La Jolla & Encinitas Farmers Markets, and at some

Charleston, SC, I had southern California on my mind. After

local retail establishments.

receiving amazing feedback from everyone about the taste and quality of my trail mix, and the interest in this kind of quality, I was inspired to give it a go. Where do you get your beautiful, fresh products from? Ancient Chinese secret..... Actually, I personally source the cleanest, best ingredients that money can buy. I really strive for excellence and quality control. We source top-quality ingredients from multiple suppliers. Our ingredients come from all over the world--from California to the Himalayas to Hawaii and even Turkey and Canada. Everything is gluten-free, sulfitefree, pesticide-free and top quality. What makes your trail mix different? Well, it’s a combination of things. 1st, our blends typically have

After a 2-year pause, we re-launched Perfect Balance in Venice

up to 10-11 different ingredients, in amazing combinations.

8 months ago, with the help of my business partner, Donald

It starts with delicious and not-typically-used dried fruits and

Novack, A.K.A. “The Godfather” of Abbot Kinney Blvd., in Venice.

raw, as well as roasted, nuts (depending on the blend) that are

Don, a very successful, kind and much admired businessman,

unique, yet pair well together.

who also happens to own and operate the renowned “Hal’s Bar and Grill ,“ helped revive this passion and dream.

We use basic, yet unique ingredients such as farm-fresh Canadian cranberries, Turkish sultana raisins, as well as premium



What inspired you to start a trail mix company?

ingredients like Hawaiian macadamia nuts, Himalayan Goji

Good question. It was kind of a Perfect Storm, that started with

Berries, California Pistachios, Cashews and so on. Our blends

me trying to get rid of a bunch of boring snack bars I had in my

are simply fresh and delicious... It’s the only line of trail mix that

cabinet. This reminded me of mixing nuts and fruits as a healthy

uses such top quality ingredients and is packaged in the various,

snack while in college. I’ve always been good at creating simple

affordable, sizes. I’m excited to roll out our two newest blends

food combinations. As a more mature health enthusiast, I started

very soon..We think people will love them as much as our first

sharing my mixes with friends, family, and advertising clients,

two blends.

Where is it packaged?

feel great, you do well, and when you eat well, you feel great.

In Fresno, California, aka “The Garden of the Sun”.

So it all flows from the beginning of how feeding ourselves good quality fuel/nutrients creates life and vitality. And then you go

What are the different sizes (ounces, bulk) that customers

from there.

can get?


We produce: 1oz, ,2oz, ,4oz ,10oz




and,16oz pre-packaged bags, and


sell in bulk too.… (Other sizes by

We were recently picked up by


all 48 Whole Foods Stores in The




What is your mission?

our products are just hitting

My mission is to spread the message

stores from Southern California

of good health through simple,

to Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii.

quality good food. Perfect Balance

We’re very excited to be a part

is such a convenient, delicious,

of the premier and best known



natural foods chain in the US.

go form of nutrition that should be

It’s a blessing and an amazing

everyone’s “go to health snack”.

opportunity to spread our name

Whether you’re walking to school,

and reach a wider audience. Look

driving to work, hitting the bike trails,

for Perfect Balance in the bulk

or at the movie theatre, it tastes so

section starting the 1st week of

good, you forget it’s so healthy.

June. We’ll also offer some 10oz


Because of these amazing, natural attributes, before they know

pre-packaged bags very soon too.

it, people get hooked on our trail mix, many who may not have thought they’d go so gaga over it. Please translate the full meaning of.“ Eat Well. Feel Great.

Where would you like to see your company going in the  future?

Everywhere! From our local Westside Los Angeles coffee shops,

Do Good.…

to yoga centers and grocery stores, to movie theatres, national

Every product needs a good slogan. I guess I was restating the

hotels, airlines, schools, homes, online, and much more.

obvious. I like to feel great and do well, and I noticed our trail mix makes you do that! You feel more alive and energetic when you eat it and , with all these live nutrients, antioxidants, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, under the “super foods” classificationyou can’t help but to want to get up and do something positive with your energy, whatever that may be. Just do well. When you



Dr. Gary L. Wagoner By Jeff Laprade


hiropractic practice is a health care profession focusing on

Along with these highly specialized chiropractic techniques, Dr.

diagnosis and treatment of neurologic and musculoskeletal

WagoSner brings to the table over a decade of diverse experience,

disorders, i.e. disorders of the muscles, soft tissue, joints

especially with sports related clients. He has been team doctor for

and skeleton along with the entire nervous system. Due to the fact

3 high schools and 2 junior colleges. Also, his mother ran a large

that the spine is the communication conduit between our brain and

chiropractic clinic during his youth for 18 years, giving Gary a very

our body, the far reaching effects of these disorders can be drastic.

in depth knowledge of all things chiropractic.

So often these days, we head to an MD for any and every aliment we may or may not have, but many issues can be treated in a more timely, less costly manner through Chiropractic Care. Dr. Gary L. Wagoner in Redondo Beach brings over a decade of experience and is certified to perform unique and powerful chiropractic techniques. The two most popular specializations are Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA) and Meningeal Decompression Relief of the brain and spinal cord. Scar tissue builds up in various parts of the body due to overuse and/or injury, causing popping, clicking, debilitating range of motion and can be extremely painful. Manipulation Under Anesthesia has been proven to be the best non-invasive alternative treatment to risky surgeries that leave you with unsightly surgical scarring and long-term drug use for knees, shoulders, neck and back issues. Manipulation Under Anesthesia frees the joints of the skeleton from scar tissue without cutting you open and allows you to regain range of motion and general comfort without the severe damage to your system. Before you embrace the knife for a surgical procedure that no doubt will cost tens of thousands of dollars, why not first try a safer, non-invasive, non-surgical alternative that has been used successfully and safely for over 7 decades! Do you or someone you love suffer from chronic headaches, migraines, multiple sclerosis, Lupus, fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Recent breakthroughs have discovered that these diseases can be caused by a condition called Meningeal Compression. Dr. Wagoner performs a free, non-invasive, inoffice test which can reveal if he can help you with results in 10 minutes. This elegant and simple test can offer sufferers of chronic headaches, migraines, multiple sclerosis, Lupus, fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome relief from pain that can last from minutes to days. Further treatment is necessary to ensure a long lasting result.



Whether it is car accident injuries, work injuries, muscular skeletal

or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. As soon as the Decompression

injuries, debilitating neurologic conditions due to Meningeal

takes place in the hands of Dr. Wagoner, the flow returns to

Compression or simply irregular discomfort, call Dr. Wagoner’s

the cerebrospinal fluid, and these symptoms (inflammation,

office to give him the opportunity to bring you relief without

unexplainable pains, severe headaches, etc...) subside almost

knives or pills. Chiropractic treatment is a powerful and time


tested medical profession, a toolbox of strategies to help bring the human body back into its most healthy, comfortable state! There is a specific point where our spinal chord attaches to the brain that is susceptible to being pinched and compressed. When this occurs our cerebrospinal fluid loses the ability to flow an becomes stagnant, perpetuating various symptoms of chronic headaches, migraines, multiple sclerosis, Lupus, fibromyalgia

Contact Redondo Beach Chiropractic & Pain Relief Center 700 N. Pacific Coast Hwy, Ste 302 Redondo Beach, CA 90277 (310) 734-8599 Website



Vaalbara Designs By Emily Wheeler


renaissance is happening in Los Angeles. The revival

Emily designed three clutches and one large tote for Roxy

of handmade, craftsman products is growing and

Summer 2014. Emily is also in the process of designing five to

flourishing. We are being transported back to a time

six pairs of shoes to be in Roxy  stores  in 2015.

when skilled craftsmen were creating unique works by hand, that were entirely original, and that could be cherished forever.

Before Vaalbara, and before Emily Prescott-Burrows came to Los

Vaalbara is a Venice-based handbag and jewelry company

Angeles, she was involved in a non-profit organization. Emily

founded by Emily Prescott-Burrows and her husband James.

ran her own program in Ecuador, and giving back is something

Vaalbara is indeed a company that creates local, handcrafted

of which she is passionate about. Fired by this passion, Emily

wares, in a manner that is reminiscent of a past time. Emily calls

has involved the Surf Rider Foundation with Vaalbara. Surf Rider

this new era “the decade for young entrepreneurs.” Creating

is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting coastline

beautiful quality items, in a family-run business, is the foundation

environments in over 18 countries. With every Vaalbara piece

of Vaalbara. Exotic imported fabrics, hand-sewn supple

purchased, a portion is donated to the Surf Rider Foundation.

leather, a recyclable and sustainable lining, and vintage trinket

This expands the theory that Emily values which is to “buy the

embellishments are the ingredients that compose the bohemian

piece for a reason.”

designs of Vaalbara’s pieces.

Vaalbara is ever growing. Emily and James travel all over the

Two and a half years ago, Emily Prescott and her husband

world to find new unique fabrics, and inspirations for design.

James went on a trip to Cambodia. In this far away Asian

They have taken recent trips to Jamaica and Mexico in search

province, they found hand-woven, color-saturated fabrics that

of new materials. Vaalbara is truly a family-run business, with

were too beautiful to pass up. Emily, who is a skilled painter

Emily, James, and their close friends representing the brand on

and seamstress with a degree in fine arts and a background in

the West Coast, and Emily’s sister and mother working the trade

fashion merchandising, created two handbags for herself. They

shows on the East Coast. Not only has Roxy picked up Vaalbara,

came out so well that she made ones for all of her family, and

but also the company has been showcased in The Smithsonian,

then 100 more bags before Christmas. To Emily’s joyful surprise,

and Pendleton magazines. Vaalbara is expanding its creations

all of the bags sold out before the holiday. Emily then, with the

into jewelry, and Emily is currently working on molds to create

help of James all along the way, went on to do the Rose Bowl

arrowheads and other nostalgic trinkets as charms for the bags,

Flea Market, and other craft trade shows such as Unique L.A. The

and for separate jewelry pieces. One can look over and select

popularity of her creations grew  exponentially.

Vaalbara products for purchase at Pride

in ownership comes from valuing and respecting the piece you

For the first year and a half, Emily was sewing every single

own. With a carefully, locally handmade piece such as a Vaalbara

bag herself. She indeed to this day still cuts all of the leather,

bag, one can cherish the item with love.

which James often picks out. Since the company has grown so

quickly, and the demand for Vaalbara bags has become so high, Vaalbara has hired a skilled husband and wife team to sew the bags. The pieces are completely handmade, and the fabric is all hand picked. The fabrics come mostly from Thailand, South America, and Mexico, all places which Emily and James have visited and loved. Emily and James have friends that they trust in these locations now, who pick the types of fabrics that they know Emily and James would appreciate. The soft lining is made of 100 percent recycled plastic bottles from a source which Emily researched and found in the U.S., thus Vaalbara products have a lower impact on the environment than most other massproduced, machine-manufactured pieces. Vaalbara’s unique locally-made Venice Beach creations soon were noticed on Instagram by the style director of Roxy. She contacted Emily, and purchased five Vaalbara bags. This was the beginning to Roxy partnering with Vaalbara. Today, Vaalbara has pieces in all of the Roxy stores.



Torrey West

Torrey West

Torrey West

Priscilla Witte

Torrey West

Torrey West Priscilla Witte



The Mylkman is Back! By Allison Angelich

Whether you are looking to embrace a raw food diet or just want to introduce almond milk into your diet Mylkman provides a tasty, easy way to broaden your pallet. Delivered in a 32 oz. glass bottle, you will feel like you are stepping back to a simpler time. This company is ecofriendly and encourages customers to reuse the glass jars. Mylkman is also working with the Good Shepard Shelter organization dedicated to providing clean water to the world. Although currently delivering every Thursday to front porches all across the Westside, the Mylkman is looking to broaden their scope. They are working to expand more in the Los Angeles area and also looking into shipping nationwide. You may see Mylkman delivery services in San Francisco and New York in the not-so-distant future.


Leaf’s beverage has been called the holy grail of almond milks. It he old fashion milk delivery service is back with style. For only fifteen dollars you can experience fresh almond milk or coconut water delivered to your doorstep. Jeff Leaf’s

is not surprising that celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Emily Deschanel can’t seem to get enough. “This mylk™ tastes so good that in my house we call it “ice cream mylk™.” It is unbelievably

company Mylkman has been flourishing by offering great service with a retro-chic flare. Venice Beach local Leaf has always had a passion for raw foods. He adopted a raw food diet 7 years ago and has observed many benefits. Besides the clearer vision and skin he reports “everything is just brighter.” Although still controversial many believe by eating foods which have not been cooked above 105 degrees, you intake minerals and enzymes which otherwise would be destroyed by heating. Leaf’s passion for raw food led to his experimentation in the kitchen with various almond and coconut milk, and this is where his mouthwatering recipe was born. Founded in 2009, Leaf’s company organically grew as those who tasted his concoction fell in love. This prompted Leaf to ask the question “How about I bring it to you once a week like the milkman?” Maybe it is the fresh coconut water taken from coconuts which Leaf imports from Thailand, or perhaps it is the Italian almonds which have customers begging for more. Whatever it is, Leaf’s wholesome organic ingredients create a taste sensation unlike any other. Looking past the great flavor of Mylkman’s products there are numerous health benefits to this drink. Both the organic almonds, and coconut water bring various vitamins to the beverage such as vitamin E, magnesium, iron, electrolytes, potassium and calcium. The final product is a delicious organic, dairy and gluten free, vegan treat. Almond milk also lacks the saturated fats and cholesterol which whole milk is inundated with. Almond milk also has fewer calories than whole milk. Mylk is preservative and additive free, resulting in a healthier product with a shelf life of only five to

six  days.



delicious and is clearly made from the best ingredients,” (Emily  Deschanel).  Jeff Leaf’s delicious beverage can be ordered from his website There is a minimum of thirty dollars to every order. Check out Mylkman and experience waking up to a cool jar of nutty, sweet, smooth, refreshing perfection waiting on your door  step.

Dr. Jennifer Timmons M.D. By Swoop Staff


r. Timmons is a native of Boulder, Colorado, located

skiing, hiking and yoga and lives in Manhattan Beach with her

at the base of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains,

husband and children. Choosing a doctor is one of the most

surrounded by a greenbelt of city trails and open

important things you will do in your life. You will trust this person

spaces. She moved from the mountains to the coast of Southern

for his or her expertise, advice and to administer treatment that

California, where she studied Pre-Med at Pitzer College, then

may save your life. And remember that choosing a physician

went on to earn her medical degree from USC. Throughout

is just that; a choice. You need to be happy with your doctor

her internship and residency in Family Medicine at UCLA, what

and the treatment—on the medical level and a personal level. If

Dr. Timmons strived for paralleled the program’s mission. This

you are in search of a Family Practice physician, or any type of

mission is to be innovative, academic, clinically oriented, and

physician for that matter, it pays to do as much research as you

dedicated to improving her patients’ health as well as the health

can to ensure that you find the right match. Feel free to call or

of the community. She is also a proud member and diplomat of

stop by the office of Dr. Timmons to set up a consultation. She

the American Board of Family Physicians.

would love to see if she can provide professional, knowledgeable and highly qualified care for you and your family. MEDICAL BOARD CERTIFICATION Family Medicine, American Board of Family Medicine, 2010 EDUCATION Residency Family Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine, 2008 - 2010 Internship Family Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine, 2007 - 2008 Medical Degree M.D., USC School of Medicine, 2007 Bachlors of Science B.S., Pitzer College, 2002

Dr. Timmons enjoys working with patients of all ages and always attempts to make her patients active participants in their own health care. She strives to provide medical care that focuses on healing and the treatment of disease, as well as the prevention of illness and promotion of wellness. One of the aspects of Family Medicine that Dr. Timmons enjoys most is building long term relationships with her patients, as well as having the opportunity to care for multiple members of the same family. In her daily medical practice, Dr. Timmons treats a wide variety of illnesses, in addition to performing periodic wellness exams, medical care and checkups for children, and a full range of women’s health services, including pap smears and breast health

Contact Dr. Jennifer Timmons 2501 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 100 Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 Phone: (310) 546-4599

exams. In her free time, Dr. Timmons enjoys traveling, cooking,





Models / Mike Erwin @Abrams Artist Agent & Leverage Management Makayla Marie @NewMark Models IG: makmarie Photography / Joseph Umbro IG: josephumbro Makeup & Hair / Pa Kou Xiong IG: beautybypakou Styling / Drelyn Scott @beyondimage IG: beyondimage_by_drelyn




















Lessons From Richard Branson

By Keir Alexa


uring my stay on Necker Island, Sir Richard Branson was kind enough to sit down with me and share some of his expertise. Richard hardly needs an introduction. He’s a world famous entrepreneur, a devoted humanitarian, and truly, an all-around, amazing person. He is not only extremely successful on a business level, but on a social level as well. It was such a pleasure spending time with him because he is so polite, kind and has a great sense of humor. There is a lot to learn from Richard Branson, so I wanted to ask him a little bit about his outlook towards life.

Keir: Richard- With all the wisdom you have today, drawing from the time you have spent, and the

3. Travel- “Go to an African village and give back on the investment of travel. Put travel before a formal

experiences you have had on this planet, what are the

education. Meet people and learn. Learn about the

7 most valuable lessons that you would share with a

world through travel and get great ideas. I think

group of young men and women?”

about the happiness on an African child’s face running around, although she is without water. You begin to

1. The Most Important Thing!-“The most important

realize that these children are just as happy as the

thing in life is: How you deal with people, and how

opened my eyes to what needs to be done.” “It

you treat people. Ask yourself—Do you praise instead

opened my eyes to help campaign for AIDS. Through

of criticize people? When I was growing up, if I ever

traveling, I learned about malaria and the problems

criticized people, my parents would have me look

that our world’s oceans face—such as protecting the

in the mirror and self-reflect. Often the criticisms we

sharks. These causes contain conflict, and sometimes

have of others, are what’s true about ourselves.”

that means people shy away from them, but I try to

2. Responsibility- “We live in this beautiful world! If

tackle them, and regardless of the outcome, I learn

you are in a position to do something, then protect the environment. You must leave the world in a better place then when you found it. It’s worth spending the effort on.”



children in rich families in developed nations. Travel

something valuable each time.”

4. Relationships- “If you are fortunate to have the

right relationship, if you get through your downs, your relationship can come out the stronger for it. Whether marriage is the correct formula in this day and age, I don’t know. I believe in a “Friends for Life” contract that can be renewed every 10 years. Not for rich people, but for everyone. If you find you have grown apart, you don’t destroy your relationships with the kids and so on. There would be no hassle with divorce, you just don’t renew the contract.”

5. Health- “Your body is all you have. You definitely

6. Positivity- “The world is getting better. There are less wars and less conflict. More people are coming out of poverty. The population will go down. If you want to become a scientist or a doctor, you need an education. If you want to be an entrepreneur, just do it! Try to create something and if you fall get back up again. Live life to its fullest and have a blast!”

7. Personal Motto “If you’re good with people, then people will be good to you.”

should enjoy life and celebrate, but it’s important to look after your body in between. Three easy to follow rules: 1. Do not smoke 2. Find an hour a day to work out. 3. Find time to play often.”



Keir Alexa Photography / Eduardo Garcia IG: @Eduardogarciaphoto Hair & Makeup / Khadine IG: @Khadinebeauty














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Melissa DiFazio 88


Photography / David Mitchell Makeup / Gina Gracia-Caraballo Hair / Anastasia Romero Makeup Provided / Mac Cosmetics

Melissa DiFazio

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Suit / Bentevi Swimwear



Suit / Bentevi Swimwear











Dress / Leiluna Collection



Suit / Bettinis














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