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Fall/Winter 2008

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Coffee Has Networking Power Indulge Your Tastebuds & Your Health with Cocoa Green Goals: Our Vision for the Future

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Our Com pa ny

Service, Innovation & Leadership

Since the early 1900s, Standard Coffee Service Company® has been a pioneering industry leader in beverage solutions. However, pioneering is relative to its time. If our objective is to continue to be an industry leader, then innovation must continue to be part of our business model. Innovation is not foreign to this company. Over the past many years we’ve helped modernize our industry with thermal brewing systems, Standguard™ Water ANTHONY GREGORIO Quality Assurance Solution and President & CEO The Standard Companies, Inc. Individual Brew Technology, among other things. Today, I am excited to announce Now, a centrally that with the launch of the Standard dispatched workService Network, our long-standing order system is commitment to stay ahead of the in place where industry curve is alive and well. equipment service So, what is this Service Network? requests are It consists of a dedicated, highly communicated to trained technical equipment staff technicians in a real- focused on delivering best-in-class, on-site brewing equipment services. time environment. Fundamentally, these service technicians are experts with the installation, de-installation and repair of coffee and tea brewers and water machines.

What does this mean for you, our customers?

Now, a centrally dispatched work-order system is in place where equipment service requests are communicated to technicians in a real-time environment. Our customers will now have an expected arrival time of technicians once a service call is in place and can anticipate a resolution for equipment concerns once the technician is on site. All of this means that brewing equipment concerns or repairs are rectified more quickly than ever, ensuring that our customers need not worry about brewing the perfect cup of coffee or tea. This Service Network is unlike anything our industry has witnessed before. And it is serves as another reminder for our customers that Standard Coffee Service Company really is an industry leader. Page 3 |

A Rich Heritage Quality and Service Since 1919

When you have been in business for nearly a century, many things change—but some undeniable truths remain consistent. For Standard Coffee Service Company®, the journey through our rich heritage and tradition began in 1919. While our markets and customer buying habits have changed over time, our objective to achieve complete customer satisfaction has not. When Standard Coffee Service Company was created, it was one of the first office coffee service companies in the country. Customer satisfaction has remained paramount in our mission, and our company has adapted to an ever-changing marketplace on many different occasions. Today, those changes have led to the Standard Coffee Service Company commitment of being the “total brewed-beverage solution” for your office, restaurant or foodservice organization. Whether it’s coffee or tea, our broad product mix undoubtedly will offer the brands preferred by your employees, customers and guests, no matter the market. This broad product mix, combined with our nation-wide route system, allows you to enjoy your beverage of choice anywhere in the country. Whether you choose the traditional batch brew or the

revolutionary single cup delivery system, we can satisfy your needs. And finally, our Standguard™ Water Quality Assurance Solution provides unlimited premium drinking water while presenting a costeffective and environmentally-friendly alternative to bottled water. Now, you can brew the best coffee and tea—or simply enjoy great tasting water—with Standguard’s state-of-the-art filtration systems. Add all of these services together, and our commitment to be your “total brewed-beverage solution” suddenly becomes a reality. There is no need for you to look elsewhere. We’ve learned a lot over the years. Call today, and we’ll satisfy you with the way we do business.

White Tea with Tangerine 28 Tea Bags

Jasmine Green Tea 28 Tea Bags

“Constant Comment”®, Earl Grey, Green Tea, Cozy Chamomile, Orange & Spice, and Vanilla Chai 2-Green Teas Green Tea Decaf Green Tea with Lemon Jasmine Green Tea White Tea with Tangerine

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Vanilla Chai Tea 28 Tea Bags

Hea l th

Tea: Drink to Your Health

According to Chinese legend, it was Shennong––also known as the Emperor of the Five Grains and the father of Chinese agriculture––who discovered tea in 2737 B.C. Shennong, as the tale is told, tasted hundreds of herbs to establish their medicinal attributes. While on his quest to learn the effect of every plant, he discovered that while tea had many healing properties, when you put it in hot water, it also tasted delicious! Five thousand years later our love of tea remains unchanged, and everyday we learn more about why tea is so good for us. We now know that tea is loaded with antioxidant-rich flavonoids, and these free-radical fighters may help prevent heart

Five thousand years later our love of tea remains unchanged, and everyday we learn more about why tea is so good for us.

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disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol and even stroke. In fact, we learn more about tea’s benefits all the time. For example, a recent study featured in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found that drinking antioxidant-rich tea may limit the damage UV rays do to the skin and prevent certain types of skin cancer from developing. Have you considered the benefits of tea for weight management? Natural teas have no added sugar and therefore zero calories––making them the drink of choice for those who prefer a healthier alternative to diet sodas or other low-calorie drinks with unwanted additives. Of course, it all comes down to taste. And tea drinkers are not short of tasty choices. Popular brands such as Luzianne®, Bigelow® and Arizona® carry everything from Earl Grey to chamomile to green tea to specialty blends just for iced tea lovers. Considering the health benefits and the variety of teas today, it’s not hard to imagine Emperor Shennong smiling, proud of his discovery, even five thousand years later.

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Our Workpl a ce

A Career in Excellence: Jim Munson

Automatic Merchandiser magazine accepts nominees every year from vending and office coffee service operators for the Route Driver of the Year Award.

Entries from around the nation are reviewed by Automatic Merchandiser personnel, who make their pick based on sales performance, professionalism, safety record, customer service, and other qualities that distinguish the nominee as an exemplary and outstanding employee. We are happy to announce that this year’s nominee from Standard Coffee Service Company® is Jim Munson. Jim is a nine-year veteran from Virginia who operates his route under the Northeastern United States division. His Standard Coffee Service Company accomplishments are many. Jim is a winner of the Inner Circle Award and the Safe Driving Award and has also earned Awards for Excellence during eight of his nine years with the company. These awards are given internally to Standard Coffee Service Company employees who exceed performance standards set by managers. Over the past year alone, Jim has been among the company leaders in iced tea and single-cup coffee sales. He ranks third out of more than 300 route sales employees in the company’s

Power Ranking Index (PRI)—a comprehensive review of route performance and the ultimate benchmark for success. “Jim simply provides the best customer service out there. Whenever I visit any of his customers, they rave about him,” said Todd Jacquin, Jim’s supervisor and District Manager. “His equipment is always clean. The product is properly rotated and stocked, and he addresses any concerns his customers have in a timely manner. He is truly an asset to my district and the company.” During his free time, Jim works with his church and in the community. He and his wife, Lisa, have been married for 24 years and make their home in Gloucester, VA. They have a daughter and two sons. Jim was chosen from a group of top-performing peers within the Standard Coffee Service Company family. Mike Laney, Craig Schneider, Jack Sorejian, Howard James, and Chester Trahan, from other divisions, were also considered as nominees. Their achievements keep them at or near the top of company performance benchmarks. Automatic Merchandiser will feature the winner as their cover story in the October 2008 edition and will make the announcement at the National Automatic Merchandising Association Expo on October 15-17, 2008. Thanks for all the hard work, Jim, and good luck! Daily Perk | Fall/Winter 2008 | Page 7

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Workpl a ce Insi ght

5 Ways We Stay Ahead of the Service Curve Ken Shea

…instead of the “cup of joe” coffee service companies used to deliver, they now provide businesses with their own “coffee shop” in the office.

In the early 1960s, several entrepreneurs launched a business built on the concept of putting coffee brewers in offices and selling related beverage items in a route delivery system. Fast forward to 2008 and the concept is much the same. But instead of the “cup of joe” coffee service companies used to deliver, they now provide businesses with their own “coffee shop” in the office. When a company also offers cold beverages, world-class gourmet blended coffee and a variety of teas, in addition to premium filtered water systems, the in-office beverage picture is complete. However, with the options available today, combined with the headwinds of rising costs, how does a business select the best provider? Today there are approximately 3,000 companies that provide coffee service in the United States—significantly less than were operating five years ago. So the first question to ask is, “Will my coffee service provider be around to serve me tomorrow?” Once you are comfortable with the stability of the provider you are considering, it is time to focus on the basics:

Today’s consumers are well-informed & discriminating— A great coffee service company will offer a diverse menu of coffees expertly matched to a state-of-the-art brewing system. Familiar retail options, coffee shop brands and specialty roasts should be available.

Unique products are invaluable—In today’s marketplace, there

are exciting new systems that brew one cup at a time, creating the made-to-order beverage of your choice. Not all coffee service providers can meet this need.

Expertise in one area—Working with a specialist is always a

wise choice. The very best operators confine their scope of service to the break room and the storage pantry.

Cost cutting can cut value—Not all coffee service companies are created equal. Anyone can provide lower prices, but typically these savings are at the expense of quality or service. Service is at the heart of a successful business relationship—Different businesses have individual needs,

requiring customized service and delivery options. A great operator will be flexible enough to meet your unique needs. Explore service policies before making a commitment. Standard Coffee Service Company® has been evolving and growing since 1919. Our spirit of mutuality and partnership is the key to our past and future success. Our employees, supplier partners and especially our customers should all benefit equally from our relationship. Ken Shea is VP, Director of Field Operations with Standard Coffee Service Company. He is also the Senior Coffee Service Columnist for Vending & OCS magazine. Daily Perk | Fall/Winter 2008 | Page 9

Wor k p l a ce I ns ig ht

Coffee Brings More Than a Break to Employees

Study shows drinks station offers cost-effective perk employees crave It’s the little things that make the difference. Whether it’s a fraction of a percent in a math calculation, or a daily act of human kindness—small actions often have the greatest return on investment. A recent study conducted by McKinsey & Company on behalf of Mars® Drinks suggests that the same holds true for employee satisfaction. In other words, the right cup of coffee does have the power to positively impact your organization’s bottom line. Managers everywhere know that appreciated employees are more productive and more likely to go the extra mile for the company. Compensation such as salary and benefits are, of course, essential, but the value of personal interactions and a well-stocked break room can be vital to a happy work environment. According to the Mars/McKinsey study, 50% of employees felt that hot beverages, Page 10 |

such as those provided by FLAVIA®, had a positive effect on their productivity, helped improve workplace morale and even demonstrated employer caring and appreciation. The Mars/McKinsey study also found that after only a month employees reported stronger relationships across different departments and a greater sense of team unity. Respondents also said that they met other employees for the first time at a FLAVIA Drinks Station. The fact is— real life interactions are increasingly rare in a world filled with tech-based communication, making the proverbial water cooler community even more important. Standard Coffee Service Company® brings this opportunity for employees to connect with one another, share ideas and build relationships to companies with its FLAVIA Drink Stations. “FLAVIA offers a myriad of drink combinations to suit any craving at any time,” said Nick Braden, General Manager, Mars Drinks. “As a result, more employees are compelled to visit the drinks

station throughout the day, creating greater opportunity for chance encounters and genuine exchange of ideas among employees. At the same time, the in-office location yields increased productivity as employees do not need to leave the office to satisfy their coffee and tea cravings.” FLAVIA’s capacity to create workplace connectivity depends largely on the placement of drink stations. The benefit is greatest when multiple machines are placed strategically throughout the office, building bridges at all levels of the company. The study found that 54% of the survey respondents agreed that the introduction of a FLAVIA Drinks Station was positive, increasing the frequency of their interactions with colleagues. Research also showed that putting a FLAVIA machine near executive offices can even improve connections between executives and lower-level employees. As business author Tom Rath explains in his book Vital Friends, employee networking and connecting— such as what goes on at a typical FLAVIA Drinks Station—has helped increased employee engagement and revenue gain. The cost for this improved employee satisfaction is nominal when compared to typical employee perks such as gym memberships and parking, which can range from $50-$200 per employee, per month. In short, FLAVIA is a low-cost investment with the potential to deliver high-value results. “The FLAVIA Drinks Station is an easy, effective addition to any office environment,” said Tony Gregorio, President of Standard Coffee Service Company. “Our customers appreciate the variety of drinks available from FLAVIA, the multiple customization options that satisfy any cravings and the simple process that allows even first time users to operate the machine with ease. Our service team adds to the value, creating an easily managed beverage solution for companies of any size.” Page 11 |

Of course, the bottom line is taste. To be a true perk, employees must appreciate the value, and with FLAVIA, the value is its taste. From coffee to tea to cappuccino, nearly 80% of respondents said that FLAVIA quality was “excellent” or “good.” In fact, one office reported conducting a blind coffee tasting to compare FLAVIA coffee with the coffee from its old machine, and the taste of FLAVIA was the clear winner. FLAVIA is the one machine that can deliver for all tastes. Beyond the traditional break room coffee pot, FLAVIA offers everything from the refreshingly light Raspberry Spark tea to the indulgent Milky Way® Cappuccino. The innovative filterpack technology means every cup is brewed with pure flavor and no cross contamination. Additionally, employees appreciate the variety of healthy options available through FLAVIA, including the line of Wellbeing drinks, and the caffeine and calorie information available for each drink. Why is a simple cup of coffee or tea so important to the bottom line? In addition to the kick provided by caffeinated options, the morning or afternoon hot beverage is one of life’s little traditions both in and outside the office. Supplying fresh FLAVIA drinks at any time gives employees that something extra they need to get through the day and demonstrates a company’s commitment to the small things that make a big difference.

It’s the little things that make the difference. Whether it’s a fraction of a percent in a math calculation, or a daily act of human kindness—small actions often have the greatest return on investment.

Cocoa Keeps the Heart Young


Hot chocolate. Ahhh… Does it conjure thoughts of happy, rosy-cheeked children sledding down the slopes and warming themselves, sitting by the hearth? Hot chocolate certainly has a place in every child’s heart, but cocoa is a favorite of all ages. In fact, according to A.C. Nielsen 2007 Panel Data, 80% of all cocoa beverages are consumed by adults. Surprised? It’s true. According to DataMonitor, an adult consumer needs to enjoy an everyday treat. Just as consumers seek their caffeine fix in the morning, cocoa gives them a way to satisfy that common afternoon indulgence craving. What may surprise you more is that cocoa is rich both in taste and in antioxidants. Health benefits from cocoa? Yes. According to a research study published in the Journal of Nutrition, phenolic compounds, or flavonoids (powerful antioxidants), have the potential for specific cardiovascular benefits—and may even fight cancer.

pump up your office by pumping up your water Have your route representative deliver Crystal Light On The Go. Crystal Light is America’s #1-selling noncarbonated sugar-free drink mix.1 Single-serve stick packs come in a variety of refreshing flavors. Packed 30 sticks per carton.

 5 Calories Per Serving  Sugar Free

Contact your Coffee Route Professional today, call 800.962.7006 or visit 1. ACNielsen, December 2006 © 2008 Kraft Foods

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8/19/08 3:15:54 PM

Cornell News reports that researchers found a greater concentration of these flavonoids per cup of cocoa than in a similar serving of red wine or tea. “If I had made a prediction before conducting the tests, I would have picked green tea as having the most antioxidant activity,” said Chang Y. Lee, head of the research team and Cornell professor of food chemistry. “When we compared one serving of each beverage, the cocoa turned out to be the highest in antioxidant activity, and that was surprising to me,” said Lee. Regardless of what drives consumers to head to the coffee room for their afternoon cocoa break, they can feel good about such a guilt-free treat. Nestlé® Hot Cocoa is the number one brand in foodservice (Westport 2007), giving you the opportunity to serve a rich, indulgent beverage from the company known for their chocolate. Talk about the best of both worlds—authentic cocoa indulgence that can help fight cancer, heart disease and aging. That’s what we call being young at heart.


is an environmentally-friendly alternative to bottled water. Enjoy premium drinking water and better-tasting coffees and teas while you forget about the hassles of bottled water.

When you drink a glass of Luzianne® Iced Tea, you’ve got more than just refreshment.

• No Heavy Lifting

You’ve got sip after sip of porch

• No Storage • No Plastic Bottles

swings and cool breezes all

• No Variable Billing

day long. So make yourself a glass, take a seat and enjoy.


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Daily Perk | Fall/Winter 2008 | Page 13

8/8/08 12:13:14 PM

it’s what they want.

COFFEE-MATE® IS SO MUCH MORE THAN CREAMER. For the people in your office, it can be just as important as the coffee itself. Offering them COFFEE-MATE®, the creamer they prefer at home, makes them happier, more productive and keeps them on-site during coffee breaks. And since it’s available in three convenient formats, you can give them exactly what they want, without sacrificing the convenience you need.

Contact your Coffee Route Professional today, call 800.962.7006 or visit

NESTLÉ® and COFFEE-MATE® are registered trademarks of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A., Vevey, Switzerland 20427


T he E nvi ro n m e n t

Green Goals: Our Vision for the Future What are you doing to preserve our environment? This is a question asked of today’s workforce more often than ever, and it is a question that everyone––from company presidents to field sales representatives––should be prepared to answer. At Standard Coffee Service Company,® we take the responsibility to help protect our planet very seriously. However, given the enormous complexity of environmental issues, we are careful not to overstate the extent of our company’s green initiative. Nor do we wish to be exempt from our responsibility to participate. We accept the challenge to develop an eco-consciousness to guide our business relationships and activities. With that spirit, we’ve adopted three core environmental objectives.

Using filtered instead of bottled water is one simple step we can all take toward a healthier planet.

The Fundamentals

1) Stop the Waste—We are committed to developing relationships with eco-friendly suppliers that offer renewable, recyclable, or biodegradable packaging and materials to reduce the waste stream. 2) Renewable is Best—We are introducing and promoting products made from renewable resources. This is an immediate and attainable goal that includes expanding our offerings of ecofriendly paper goods and exploring green packaging alternatives. 3) Water Filtration—Water conservation and the reduction of non-biodegradable water packaging are important to us. Our Standguard™ Water Quality Assurance Solution supports both water and energy conservation and minimizes the downstream waste associated with bottled water. Page 15 |

Moving Forward

Using filtered instead of bottled water is one simple step we can all take toward a healthier planet. While many consumers view bottled water as an alternative to filtration in cooking and brewing beverages, the production and transportation of bottled water can be harmful to our environment. The energy costs to produce, package and ship bottled water are substantial. And millions of tons of oil-derived plastics are needed to make the bottles, many of which end up in landfills. Our Standguard water filters provide premium quality drinking water, which produces better tasting coffees and teas. Standguard easily integrates with existing water lines, making connections to your brewers simple. With our sustainability objectives in mind, we are also excited to introduce ecotainer™ coffee cups. Available in 10 oz and 12 oz sizes, these environmentally friendly cups are the only paper hot cup made from fully renewable materials. In fact, the entire lifecycle of ecotainer™ cups is extraordinarily sensitive to the environmental footprint they create—or prevent. After use, under the proper conditions, the cup will break down into the natural elements from which it was produced. Offices everywhere can make a difference one cup at a time by including the ecotainer™ as part of a beverage program.

Committed to the Task

For an initiative of the magnitude of any environmental program, it is important to take realistic and sustainable steps on which we can build. The Standard Companies, Inc. are committed to the process and invite our customers and suppliers to join us in the quest to become more earth friendly. Daily Perk | Fall/Winter 2008 | Page 15

Say Goodbye to Bitterness with Luzianne® Coffee. Bold and bitter. They always seemed to go together in a cup of coffee. If you wanted a robust, flavorful cup of coffee, you expected bitterness. If you wanted a cup without bitterness, you knew that your coffee was going to be weaker and less palatable. But the Reily Foods Company didn’t believe people should settle for bitterness, so they set out to make a coffee that was less bitter that didn’t sacrifice any of the rich, bold taste. The result was Luzianne® Coffee. To create a bold coffee without bitterness, the highest quality beans and most meticulous roasting process must be used. The makers of Luzianne choose only the best Arabica beans, which result in a smoother taste than other coffee blends made with cheaper, lower quality Robusta beans. The Arabica beans are slow roasted in small batches to ensure that every bag of Luzianne Coffee is of the highest quality. Luzianne offers distinct brews because––– although all coffee drinkers are looking for a flavorful cup of coffee––not everyone enjoys the same level of roast. The Dark Roast is Luzianne’s boldest taste, rich, deep, robust and full of flavor––without any bitterness. The Medium Roast has a lighter taste that doesn’t sacrifice flavor, and Luzianne Decaf has the same wonderful rich taste without the caffeine. When it comes to selecting and roasting coffee beans, few companies are more knowledgeable than the Reily Foods Company. It is an expertise born of more than a hundred years of making high-quality coffees and teas. With its bold, rich, smooth and flavorful taste, Luzianne Coffee is helping people start the day with a less bitter taste in their mouths. Literally.

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Standard Coffee 2008/2009 Product Menu 800.962.7006 |

Javarama Classics Collection 8804 8810 8815

Standard Coffee Exclusive Blends 8285

40 Env 1-1/4 oz Gourmet Blend (8 Cup Filter) (Balt, Knox, Lubb, N.O. only) 40 Env 1-1/4 oz Gourmet Blend (12 Cup Filter) (Knox, Lubb, N.O., Tampa only) 40 Env. 1-1/2 oz Gourmet Blend 40 Env 1-3/4 oz Gourmet Blend 40 Env 2 oz Gourmet Blend 40 Env 2 -1/4 Gourmet Blend (Except Denv) 60 Env 1-1/2 oz Gourmet Blend (Knox, Lubb only) 60 Env 1-3/4 oz Gourmet Blend (Except Denv, N.O., Tampa) 60 Env 2 oz Gourmet Blend (Balt, Knox, N.O., Tampa only) 60 Env 2-1/4 oz Gourmet Blend (Balt only)

8295 8296 8297 8298 8299 8386 8387 8388 8389

100% Colombian 7236 7237 7238 7240

40 Env 1-1/2 oz 100% Colombian 40 Env 1-3/4 oz 100% Colombian 40 Env 2 oz 100% Colombian 40 Env 2-1/2 oz 100% Colombian (Except Denv)

JFG Blend 7155 7162 7271 7273 7275 7276 7278 7164 7279

12 Env 2 lb JFG Vend Regular (Knox, Balt only) 72 Env 1-1/2 oz JFG Blend (Knox only) 72 Env 1-3/4 oz JFG Blend (Balt, Knox, N.O. only) 72 Env 2 oz JFG Blend (Knox only) 14 Env 10 oz JFG Blend (Except Denv, Lubb) 18 Env 12 oz JFG Blend (Knox only) 12 Env 16 oz JFG Blend 18 Env 11 oz Sabro Decaf (Except Denv, Lubb, Tampa) 12 Env 16 oz Sabro Decaf (Knox only)

EZ Brew 8167

10/3 Env 1-1/2 oz EZ Brew Filter Pack Coffee (Except Tampa) 10/3 Env 1-3/4 oz EZ Brew Filter Pack Coffee 10/3 Env 2 oz EZ Brew Filter Pack Coffee 10/3 Env 2-1/2 oz EZ Brew Filter Pack Coffee 10/3 Env 1-3/4 oz EZ Brew Decaf Filter Pack Coffee 10/3 Env 2 oz EZ Brew Decaf Filter Pack Coffee (Except Denv) 10/3 Env 1-3/4oz filter pack (Tampa only)

8168 8169 8171 8173 8174 8538

8816 8801 8803 8805 8813 8814 8662 8293 8735 8736

JR Colombian 24/1.75 oz (Balt, Knox only) JR Espresso Roast 24/2.25 oz (Except Balt) JR Decaf Signature 24/1.75 oz (Balt, Knox, Lubb, N.O. only) JR Signature Blend 24/1.75 oz (Balt, Knox, Lubb, N.O. only) JR Café Caffe 24/2 oz JR Colombian 24/2 oz JR French Roast 24/2 oz JR Decaf Signature 24/2 oz JR Signature Blend 24/2 oz JR French Roast 40/2.25 oz (N.O. only) JR French Roast 40/2.0 oz (Tampa only) JR 100% Colombian 12/14 oz Avalon (Tampa only) JR Decaf 12/14 oz Avalon (Tampa only)

Javarama Reserve Collection 8786 8792 8787

JR Hawaiian Kona Blend 24/2.25 oz JR Estate Blend 24/2.25 oz JR Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend 24/2.25 oz

Javarama Flavor Collection 8793 8795 8796 8798 8799 8800

JR Vanilla Cream 24/2.25 oz JR German Chocolate 24/2.25 oz JR Irish Cream 24/2.25 oz (Except Tampa) JR Variety Flavor Collection 24/2.25 oz JR Decaf Hazelnut 24/2.25 oz (Except Lubb) JR Hazelnut 24/ 2.25 oz














Javarama In-Room Gourmet Coffee 8875 8876 5651 8868

200 ct kit Javarama In-Room Gourmet Coffee (Except Denv, Tampa) 200 ct kit Javarama In-Room Decaf Gourmet Coffee (Except Denv, Tampa) 200 ct Condiment Pack (Except Denv, Tampa) 200 ct 4 Cup In-Room, w/Condiment (Knox, Lubb, N.O. only)

Page 17 |

7507 8227 8203 8166 8258 8284

GM Breakfast Blend, 24 cups GM Cel Orange Spice, 24 cups GM Cel Green Tea, 24 cups GM Cel English Breakfast, 24 cups GM Cel Earl Grey, 24 cups GM Mocha Nut Fudge, 24 cups (Balt, Louis, Tampa only) GM FT Mountain Blueberry, 24 cups (Tampa only) GM EB Sumatra FTO, 24 cups (Except Denv, N.O.) GM EB Dark Magic, 24 cups GM FTO Espresso Roast, 24 cups (Tampa only) GM Newman’s Own Special Blend, 24 cups (Tampa only) GM Hot Cocoa, 24 cups

Decaf 8712 8713 8714 8715 8292

Naturally Processed Decaf 30/1.5 oz Naturally Processed Decaf 30/1.75 oz Naturally Processed Decaf 30/2 oz Naturally Processed Decaf 30/2.25 oz (Balt, N.O., Tampa only) Natural Decaf 30/4 oz (CA, Knox, N.O. only)

Hotel & Restaurant Blend 8185 8186 8187

Hotel & Restaurant Blend 40/1 oz (Knox, Lubb, N.O. only) Hotel & Restaurant Blend 40/1.25 oz Hotel & Restaurant Blend 40/1.5 oz

Pod Coffee & Tea 8985 8988 8987 8983 8979 8982 8980 8995 8991 8990 8989

Javarama Decaf House Blend, 14 ct Javarama Vanilla Bean, 14 ct Javarama Hazelnut, 14 ct Javarama Hawaiian Kona Blend, 14 ct Javarama Colombian Supremo, 14 ct Javarama House Blend, 14 ct Javarama French Roast, 14 ct Javarama Espresso Roast, 14 ct Golden Leaf Green Tea with Citrus, 14 ct Golden Leaf English Breakfast, 14 ct Golden Leaf Earl Grey, 14 ct

Keurig/Green Mountain Coffee & Tea ARABICA COFFEE

7494 7497 7498 7501 7502 7505

7441 7455 7456 7457 7458 7473 7482 7483 7485 7486 7487 7488 7490

GM FT Vermont Country, 24 cups (Balt, Tampa, Denv only) GM FT Lake & Lodge, 24 cups GM French Decaf Vanilla, 24 cups (Except N.O., Denv) GM FT Colombian Select, 24 cups GM French Roast, 24 cups GM French Vanilla, 24 cups GM Hazelnut, 24 cups GM Nantucket Blend, 24 cups GM Our Blend, 24 cups GM FT Rainforest, 24 cups GM French Roast Decaf, 24 cups (Except N.O., Denv) GM Hazelnut Decaf, 24 cups GM Vermont Country Decaf, 24 cups GM Southern Pecan, 24 cups (Except Denv)

Special Blends And Roasts 8488 8597 8599 8587 8588 8293 8371 8372 8373

Coffee & Chicory Medium Roast 40/2 oz (Lubb, N.O. only) Coffee & Chicory Dark Roast 40/1.75 oz (N.O. only) CDM Coffee & Chicory 60/2 oz (N.O. only) LA French Roast 40/1.75 oz (N.O. only) LA French Roast 40/2 oz (N.O. only) French Roast 30/4 oz (Knox, N.O. only) Luzianne 100% Arabica Medium Roast 36/3 oz (N.O. only) Luzianne 100% Arabica Dark Roast 36/3 oz (N.O. only) Luzianne 100% Arabica Decaf 36/3 oz (N.O. only)

Starbucks 8424 8465 8464 8440 8512 8441


Starbucks Verona Blend 18/2.5 oz Starbucks House Blend 18/2.5 oz Starbucks Decaf House Blend 18/2.5 oz Starbucks French Roast 18/2.5 oz Starbucks Breakfast Blend 18/2.5 oz Starbucks Sumatra 18/2.5 oz

800.962.7006 | National Brand Coffee

Caribou 8744 8745 8743 8742

Caribou Blend 18/2.5 oz (Balt, Denv, Knox only) Caribou Blend Decaf 18/2.5 oz (Balt, Denv, Knox only) Caribou Daybreak Blend 18/2.5 oz (Balt, Denv, Knox only) Caribou French Roast 18/2.5 oz (Balt, Denv, Knox only)

6312 6308 6355 6299 8921 8927 7429 8923 8973 8841 8842 8845 8840 8844 8232 8231 8911 8912 8248

Max House S/D 42/1.2 oz Max House S/D 42/1.4 oz Max House Decaf S/D 42/1.3 oz Max House Decaf S/D 42/1.5 oz Max House 42/1.5 oz Max House 42/1.75 oz Master Blend 42/1.1 oz Master Blend 42/1.25 oz Max House Decaf 42/1.1 oz Folgers 42/.8 oz Folgers 42/1.05 oz Folgers 42/.9 oz Folgers 42/.8 oz Folgers Decaf 42/.9 oz Folgers Flavor Filter Pack Decaf (Except Balt, Tampa) Folgers Flavor Filter Pack (Except Tampa) Folgers Decaf 42/.8 oz (Denv only) Folgers 42/.8 oz (Denv only) Folgers Classic 42/1.5 oz (N.O. only)

Barnie’s Flavored And Specialty Coffees 8332 8328 8321 8322 8339 8335 8342 8343 8348 8329 8327

Barnie’s Blend, 24/2.25 oz (Except CA, Denv) Decaf Barnie’s Blend, 24/2.25 oz (Except CA, Denv) Barnie’s French Roast, 24/2.25 oz (Tampa only) Barnie’s Sumatra 24/2.25 oz (Tampa only) Hazelnut, 24/2.25 oz (Tampa only) German Chocolate, 24/2.25 oz (Tampa only) Irish Cream, 24/2.25 oz (Tampa only) French Vanilla, 24/2.25 oz (Tampa only) Decaf Hazelnut, 24/2.25 oz (Tampa only) Flavors of the World Part I, Assorted, 24/2.25 oz (Except CA, Denv) Decaf Flavors of the World Part I, Assorted, 24/2.25 oz (Tampa only)

Crème De La Creme® Whipped Cappuccino 8601 8506 8603 8604 8619 8628 8632 8633 8658 8659

Cinnamon Vanilla Nut, 5/2 lb (Except Denv) Chocolate Caramel Pecan, 5/2 lb (Except Denv) Traditional, 5/2 lb 4.5 French Vanilla, 5/2 lb Hazelnut, 5/2 lb (Except Denv) Fat Free French Vanilla, 5/2 lb (Balt, Louis only) French Vanilla w/Calcium, 5/2 lb (Knox, Tampa only) Dulce de Leche Steamer w/Calcium, 5/2 lb (Knox, Tampa only) Smores, 5/2 lb (Knox only) English Toffee, 5/2 lb

Flavia Coffee & Tea 8436 8435 8480 8481 8482 8554 8555 8558 8559 8560 8561 8562 8563 8564 8565 8566 8567 8568 8569 8570 8571 8572 8573 8574 8589

Flavia Raspberry Spark Tea, 20 cups (Except Balt, Denv) Flavia Milky Way Swirl, 18 cups Flavia Lemon Calm Tea, 20 cups (Except Denv, N.O.) Flavia Exotic Chai Tea, 20 cups (Except Knox) Flavia Green Tea w/ Jasmine, 20 cups Flavia Hazelnut Decaf, 20 cups (Except N.O.) Flavia French Roast Decaf, 20 cups Flavia Sidamo Gold, 20 cups (Except Denv, N.O.) Flavia Sumatra, 20 cups Flavia Hot Chocolate, 18 cups, 4 boxes Flavia House Blend, 20 cups Flavia Breakfast Blend, 20 cups Flavia House Blend Decaf, 20 cups Flavia Costa Rican, 20 cups Flavia Espresso Roast, 20 cups Flavia Creamy Topping, 20 cups Flavia Hazelnut, 20 cups Flavia Colombian, 20 cups Flavia French Roast, 20 cups Flavia Earl Grey Tea, 20 cups (Except N.O.) Flavia English Tea, 20 cups Flavia Green Tea, 20 cups Flavia Italian Roast, 20 cups (Except Denv, N.O.) Flavia French Vanilla, 20 cups Flavia Intense Dark Roast, 20 cups (Except Lubb)

Beverage Condiments Whole Bean 7270 7980 7981 7982 7984 7985

JFG Decaf, Whole Bean, 12/1.5 lb (Balt, Knox only) French Roast, Whole Bean, 12/1.5 lb (Except Denv) Colombian, Whole Bean, 12/1.5 lb (Except Denver, Lubb) Luzianne Whole Bean, 4/5 lb (Except Denv) Cortina Espresso, Whole Bean, 6/2.2 lb (Except Denv, Lubb) Cortina Decaf, Whole Bean, 6/2.2 lb 4.5 (N.O., Knox, Tampa only)

Page 18 |

0024 6502 0018 0027 0031 0017 6505 0026 0029 0034 0060

Sugar Packet, 1000 ct Sugar Packet, 2000 ct Sugar Canister, 20 oz Equal, 100 ct Equal, 500 ct Sweet’N Low, 100 ct Sweet’N Low, 400 ct (Knox, N.O. only) Sweet’N’ Low 1000 ct Sweet Thing, 1000 ct Sweet Tea Liquid Sweetener 1LTR Bottle (Louis, N.O., Lubb only) SCS Blue Sweetener, 500 ct

0061 0021 0025 0033 0037 5178 5179 5180 5181 5183 5184 0046 0045 6514 5158 5155 5260 5261 5263 5264 6515 5072 5073

SCS Pink Sweetener, 1000 ct Creamer Canister, 11.5 oz Creamer Packet, 100 ct Creamer Packet, 500 ct (Except Denv, Tampa) Coffee-Mate Liquid Creamer, 180 ct Coffee-Mate Liquid Creamer, Hazelnut 50 ct Coffee-Mate Liquid Creamer, French Vanilla 50 ct Coffee-Mate Liquid Creamer, Irish Cream 50 ct Coffee-Mate Liquid Creamer, Amaretto 50 ct Coffee-Mate Liquid Creamer, Creamy Chocolate 50 ct Coffee-Mate Creamer, Cinnamon Vanilla 50 ct Mini Moo’s Half & Half, 180 ct Iced Tea Sugar, 12/22 oz Coffee-Mate Creamer 900 ct Splenda, 400 ct Splenda, 100 ct (Knox only) Coffee-Mate Creamer Carnation, 11 oz Coffee-Mate Creamer Carnation Lite, 11 oz Coffee-Mate Creamer, French Vanilla 15 oz Coffee-Mate Creamer, Hazelnut 15 oz (Knox, Tampa only) Creamer Packs Regular, 50 ct (Knox, Tampa only) True Lemon Packets, 150 ct True Lime Packets, 150 ct

Juice 5027 6522 6524 6525 6528 6545 6547 6548

V-8 Juice, 6/5.5 oz cans 100% Apple Juice, 6/5.5 oz cans 100 % Cranberry Juice, 6/5.5 oz cans 100% Orange Juice, 6/5.5 oz cans 100% Grape Juice, 6/5.5 oz cans 100 % Orange Juice, 4/10 oz 100% Apple Juice, 4/10 oz 100% Cran-Apple Cocktail, 4/10 oz

Cold Drinks 6540 6562 6563 6564 5577 5576 6536 6537 6538 6539

Crystal Light Raspberry Mix, 24 ct Crystal Light Iced Tea Mix, 24 ct (Except Denv) Crystal Light Lemonade Mix, 24 ct Crystal Light Fruit Punch Mix, 24 ct Lemon Drink Concentrate, 6/1 Liter Punch Drink Concentrate, 6/1 Liter (Knox, Lubb, N.O. only) Crystal Light On the Go Lemonade, 30 ct Crystal Light On the Go Raspberry, 30 ct Crystal Light On the Go Raspberry Lemon, 30 ct Crystal Light On the Go Peach Tea, 30 ct

Tea 5154 8385 8384 5000 5001 5002 5005 5050 5051 5074

Golden Leaf, 96–1 oz Tea Bags Golden Leaf, 32–3 oz Tea Bags (Except Denv) Golden Leaf, 32–4 oz Tea Bags (Balt, Knox only) Luzianne Tea Bags, 100 ct (Except Denv) Luzianne Decaf Tea Bags, 48 ct (Except Denv) Luzianne 24–1 oz Tea Bags (Except Denv) Luzianne 1/2 Gallon Tea (N.O. only) Decaf Tea 16–4 oz Bags for Tea Machine (Except Denv) Luzianne Filter Pack, 32/3 oz (Except Balt, Denv) Luzianne Filter Pack, 32/4 oz (Knox only)

800.962.7006 |

5052 5137 5142 5007 5060 5064 5061 5011 5012 5014 5015 5016 5020 5044 5047 6225 6228 6551 6229 6230 6231 5010 5038 5039 5065 5070 5069 5003 5223 5211 5210 5119 5120 5121 5122 5123 5124 5125 5126 8354 8356 8357 8361 8363 8366

Tea Kit, 42 1-1/2oz Bags for Tea Machine (Except Denv, Lubb) Tea, 32–3 oz Bags 4.5 (For Newco Machine) Tea, 32–4 oz Bags (For Newco Machine) Tea, 32–4 oz Bags (For Bunn Machine) (Except Denv, N.O.) Bigelow Tea Assort., 64 ct Bigelow Green Tea Assort., 64 ct Bigelow Cranapple Tea, 28 ct Bigelow Constant Comment Tea, 28 ct Bigelow Lemon Lift Tea, 28 ct Bigelow PL Mint Tea, 28 ct (Balt, Knox, Tampa only) Bigelow English Tea Time, 28 ct Bigelow Earl Grey Tea, 28 ct Bigelow I Luv Lemon Tea, 28 ct Bigelow Chamomile, 28 ct Bigelow Raspberry Royal Tea, 28 ct (Except Denv) Bigelow Apple Cinnamon Tea, 28 ct (Except Denv) Bigelow Orange Spice Herbal Tea, 28 ct Bigelow Mint Medley, 28 ct Bigelow Green Tea, 28 ct Bigelow Green Tea w/ Lemon, 28 ct (Except Balt) Bigelow Green Tea Decaf, 28 ct Bigelow Tea Assort. With Rack Bigelow Green Tea Assort. w/ Rack Bigelow Assort. w/ Rack Bigelow Vanilla Chai, 28 ct Bigelow Green/Jasmine, 28 ct Bigelow White/Tangerine, 28 ct Lipton IW, 100 ct Lipton Decaf, 72 ct Luzianne IW, 100 ct Luzianne Decaf IW, 100 ct TAZO Calm, 24 ct TAZO With Sweet Orange, 24 ct TAZO Passion, 24 ct TAZO Zen, 24 ct TAZO Awake, 24 ct TAZO Earl Grey, 24 ct TAZO China Green, 24 ct TAZO Chai Spice, 24 ct Celestial Raspberry Zinger, 25 ct (Denv only) Celestial Cinn/Apple, 25 ct (Denv only) Celestial Chamomile, 25 ct (Denv only) Celestial Mandarin Orange, 25 ct (Denv only) Celestial Peppermint, 25 ct (Denv only) Celestial Black Cherry/Berry, 25 ct (Denv only)

2101 2103 2104 2065

Hot Chocolate & Hot Beverages 5041 7286 7327 7328 7329 7330 8284 6647 8608 8631

Motts Original Cider, 15 ct Land O’Lakes Vanilla Cappuccino, 12 ct Nestle Hot Chocolate w/ Marshmallows, 50 ct Nestle N/S/A Hot Chocolate, 30 ct Nestle Rich Hot Chocolate, 50 ct Nestle Hot Chocolate Vend, 12/2 lb (Balt, Denv, Knox only) Green Mountain Hot Cocoa, 24 cups (Balt, Knox, Tampa, Lubb only) Butternut Hot Chocolate, 50 ct (N.O. only) Crème de La Crème Hot Chocolate Vend 10/2 lb (Except Denv) Crème de La Crème Hot Chocolate w/Calcium Vend 10/2 lb (Knox, Tampa only)

Soups & Snacks 6020 6021 6022 6023 6024

Cup-a-Soup, Country Style, Hearty Chicken, 22 ct Cup-a-Soup, Spring Vegetable, 22 ct Cup-a-Soup, Chicken Noodle, 22 ct Cup-a-Soup, Beef Noodle, 22 ct Cup-a-Soup, Cream of Chicken, 22 ct

Medical Products 6822 6837 6785 6791 6839

Advil, 50 doses Tylenol Allergy 50 ct Tylenol Extra Strength, 50 doses Fully Stocked First Aid Kit Bayer Aspirin, 50 doses

Cleaning Products 4445 0605 0609 7778

Cleaner Kit, SCS, 1 gallon Airpot Bristle Brush Brush, Glass Beaker Pouch Cleaner, .75 oz, 12 ct

7609 2076 5517 2137 2102 2098 2208 2210 2218

12 oz Folgers Cup 1000 ct (Balt, Knox, Tampa only) 16 oz Folgers Cup 750 ct (Balt, Knox, Tampa only) 20 oz Folgers Cup 750 ct 20 oz Styro Hot Drink Cup, 50 ct (Knox, Lubb, N.O. only) 12 oz Plastic Cup, 100 ct (Balt, Tampa only) 16 oz Trans. Cup, 100 ct (Tampa, Knox only) 5 oz Trans. Cup, 100 ct (Except Denv, Lubb) 12 oz Paper Cup, 100 ct (Balt, Tampa only) SB Cup Sleeve, 1200 ct SB 12 oz Cup, 1000 ct 8 oz Paper Cup, 100 ct (Except Denv) 10 oz Paper Cup, 100 ct (Except N.O.) 8 oz Paper Cup w/ handle, 100 ct (Knox, N.O., Tampa only)

Lids & Stirrers 2113 2190 2028 2060 2219 2216 2217 2024 2061 2018 2059 2097 2066

12/16/20/24 oz Javarama Trophy Cup Lids, 100 ct 20 oz Paper Lid, 1200 ct 8 oz Sip Lid, 100 ct 12 oz Sip Lid, 100 ct 16 oz Sip Lid, 100 ct 10 oz Flavia Lid, 100 ct 10 oz Flavia Paper Cup, 50 ct 5” Plastic Beverage Stirrers, 1000 ct 7” Stirrers, 1000 ct 7” Wrapped Stirrers, 500 ct 10 oz Sip Lid, 100 ct 12 oz Starbucks Lid, 1000 ct 8 oz Sip Thru Lid, 100 ct (Balt, Knox only)

Tableware 7783 7764 7765 7766 6767 6766 6765 7784 7737 77379 6764 7762 8013 8017 7993 7756 7814

Styro Plates 9”, 125 ct Plastic Spoons, 100 ct Plastic Forks, 100 ct Plastic Knives, 100 ct Plastic Spoons, 1000 ct Plastic Forks, 1000 ct Plastic Knives, 1000 ct Bowls, 12 oz 125 ct 9” Paper Plates, 250 ct Paper Plates, 250 ct Paper Plate 9”, 100 ct C fold Towel, 12/200 ct (Except Denv) Lunch Napkin, 500 ct Towel Roll Toilet Paper 80 ct (Except Denv) Facial Tissue, 100 ct (Except Balt, Denv) Napkins Dispenser, 500 ct

Water 7346 5550

Water Bottles 24/16.9 oz (Balt, Louis, N.O. only) Water Bottles 35/16.9 oz (Tampa only)


Availability Key Balt = Baltimore Denver = Denver Knox = Knoxville

Louis = Louisville Lubb = Lubbock N.O. = New Orleans

2129 2131 2132 2169 2170 2133 2134 2135 2136 2002 2011 2027 2016 2037 2022 2001 2157

12 oz Luzianne Coffee Trophy Cup, 100 ct 10 oz TSC Trophy, 60 ct 12 oz TSC Trophy, 100 ct 10 oz Ecotainer Cup, 50 ct 12 oz Ecotainer Cup, 50 ct 24 oz Javarama Trophy Cup, 24 ct 12 oz Javarama Trophy Cup, 100 ct 16 oz Javarama Trophy Cup, 50 ct 20 oz Javarama Trophy Cup, 30 ct 6 oz Styro Hot Drink Cup, 100 ct 8 oz Styro Hot Drink Cup, 100 ct 10 oz Styro Hot Drink Cup, 100 ct 12 oz Styro Hot Drink Cup, 100 ct 16 oz Styro Hot Drink Cup, 100 ct 7 oz Refill Cup, 100 ct Cup Holder 7 & 9 oz Refill 12 oz Trophy 100 ct

Daily Perk | Fall/Winter 2008 | Page 19

TH HOT COCOA THE FROM THE CHOCOLATE EXPERTS Expect nothing less from the company that has been delivering quality chocolate for over 130 years.

The categor y-leading brand with the great chocolate taste.* • NESTLÉ® Rich Mini Marshmallow Hot Chocolate • NESTLÉ® Rich Hot Chocolate • NESTLÉ® No Sugar Added + Calcium Hot Chocolate • NESTLÉ® Vend Whip Hot Chocolate

Contact your Coffee Route Professional today, call 800-962-7006 or visit

* Understanding the Opportunities for the Non-Coffee Chocolate Beverages Category in FoodServices, Technomic 10/25/06. NESTLÉ® Hot Cocoa Mix is a registered trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A., Vevey, Switzerland. 20446 Page 20 |

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