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How to get a great winter vacation

SM-VECKAN The largest sport event

titanic — the exhibition A world class exhibition

Ice Challenge

An introduction to the arctic lifestyle

Welcome to Skelleftea! What can you expect from Skellefteå this winter? Well, quite a lot! There are obvious things such as picturesque snowfall, hot chocolate and thick slices of cheese in a sandwich out in the snow, and emotions running high at Skellefteå Kraft Arena where you can experience local ice hockey culture from head to toe. However, the winter of 2018 also brings plenty of news. The single most important event is SM-veckan, the Swedish Championships Week. It is expected to attract at least 3,500 potential gold medallists, 75,000 spectators and nearly a million watching it on TV. Did you know that the world’s oldest preserved ski was found in the village of Kalvträsk in 1924? We will not claim that this makes Skellefteå the birthplace of cross-country skiing, but the ski turned out to be 5,200 years old, making in the world’s oldest. As if all this wasn’t enough — when early spring is at its most beautiful, the international exhibition


Titanic — The exhibition opens. When the Titanic collided with an iceberg on April 15, 1912, it gave rise to a wealth of stories, both fictional and factual. Titanic — The exhibition allows you to step right into the world’s most notorious naval catastrophe. If you are more interested in fresh air and refreshing outdoor activities, there are of course lots of options for that too. The Winter Swim for instance (being organised for the seventh consecutive year), lovely husky encounters and snowshoe walks on a windswept, frozen sea and much, much more. You have every reason to expect a lot from Skellefteå this winter. We warmly welcome you to the cold and dark. In this brochure, you will find some information about what Skellefteå has to offer this winter. You can read even more at www.visitskelleftea.se



Photo: Ted Logardt Photo: Ted Logardt


Photo: Patrick Degerman

Skellefteå Pride 12–18/2. One of all good reasons to visit Skellefteå this winter.



Ice Challenge — challenge the arctic lifestyle.




Get a greeter.


SM-veckan — biggest ever.


Titanic — a world class exhibition.


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The cradle of cross country skiing?

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SM-veckan (the Swedish Championships Week) is the largest event ever held in Skellefteå. With 27 Swedish Championship events, 3,500 potential championships and a TV audience of a million or so it is easy to think that SM-veckan is all about sports, but there is so more to it.

The largest sports event! Text: Ted Logardt Photo: Johanna Lundberg/Bildbyrån

s m - v e c k a n i s b i g . Probably the largest sports event ever hosted by Skellefteå. Also, the scale of the event has never been bigger than it will be in March 2018. It will be held across a range of stadiums throughout Skellefteå and Project Manager, Sinnika Sjunnesson promises that there will be lots to experience, both as a spectator and in the areas where events are held. — SM-veckan is an amazing sports event but also a popular festival where music, dance and other stage entertainment takes place alongside the sports events.

own entry cap. In addition to being a comfortable, pleasantly warm cap, it serves another purpose. It will grant you entry to all of the sports events during the week, offering an excellent opportunity to discover new sports. — You can of course buy tickets for single events too, but the idea is that the cap is supposed to be the ticket to everything. SM-veckan is the perfect time to go exploring. Why not go to a casting, a dance event or drive a bumper car? The cap also works as a ticket for the hop-on/ hop-off buses that go between the stadiums.

A GROWING WEEK SM-veckan is organised twice a year in Sweden. Once in summer and once in winter. It is not unreasonable to suggest that SM-veckan is as close to a ‘national Olympics’ as you can get. SM-veckan was first held in 2009, at which time, Swedish Champions from 5 different sports were selected, in 2016 there were 15 and in 2018 there will be 27. The organisers estimate an audience of at least 75,000. The event is of course broadcast by Swedish national television, through both streaming services and traditional TV — and more than a million viewers are expected, as interest has increased year by year.

A FREE FESTIVAL — SM-veckan really is for everyone and we hope to have many younger visitors. Entrance to the events is free for people aged 17 and under. This is an amazing opportunity to see Sweden’s best athletes. Sinnika also outlined the plan to build a big play park for children at Vitberget, with lots of fun activities. These festivities are free for everyone. At Möjligheternas torg activities will be organised from Tuesday to Saturday with a different theme every day. At Vitberget, the festival area will be filled with exhibitions, children’s activities and food tents.

THE ENTRY CAP SM-veckan in Skellefteå will of course have its 6

SM-veckan is held 20/3-26/3, 2018, throughout Skellefteå. More information about the event can be found at www.visitskelleftea.se/smveckan DE ST I NAT I ONS OF SW E DI S H L A PL A ND   S K EL L EFTEÅ

SM-VECKAN IN NUMBERS • 1,000,000 TV viewers • 75,000 visitors • 3,500 athletes • 300 journalists SOME OF THE COMPETITIONS DURING SM-VECKAN • Alpine luge • Downhill • Bowling • Casting • Cricket • Crosskart sprint special • Curling Trail • Dance • Freeskiing • Jujutsu • Cross country skiing • Rally cross • Snowboard • Taekwando • And more… 7


Ice hockey is all about emotion. Great emotion such as love, sorrow and sometimes indescribable joy. Experience local ice hockey culture at its best — along with the rest of the crowd at Skellefteå Kraft Arena together with Sweden’s best team, Skellefteå AIK. www.skellefteaaik.se

Photo: Ted Logardt

Crowd pleasers this winter

Photo: Patrick Degerman



Photo: Ted Logardt

Winter Swim 2018 in Skellefteå is held 17th of February. Would you like to participate in this year’s Winter Swim? Sign up online at darkandcold.com. The Dark and cold also provide winter bathing courses. www.darkandcold.com



Photo: Patrick Degerman

Welcome to a fantastic winter world during the traditional Christmas Market at Nordanå. Walk amongst the small red wooden houses and the stalls glistening with genuine crafts and spreading a feeling of the olden days. Enter Lanthandeln (The County Store) and warm yourself with Swedish fika, a light snack and something to drink, in the biting cold. Can you hear the bells? www.skellefteamuseum.se




Stories that amuse and worry, strengthen and support, stories that raise questions and remind us of memories. Stories told on large and small stages, at schools and in libraries, at local history societies and in auditoriums, in the city and in smaller towns and villages. A smorgasbord of storytelling for all ages — from the world of fantasy and fiction to engaging biographical documentaries. Welcome to more than a hundred experiences in a week filled with the power of storytelling and the joy of listening! www.berattarfestivalen.se DE ST I NAT I ONS OF SW E DI S H L A PL A ND   S K EL L EFTEÅ

Photo: Johannes Holmlund

15/11 — 31/12


The homestead of the elk hunting people will serve as the home of Santa and his wife from November 15 to December 31, 2017. Surrounded by snow-covered trees, stone age character buildings and deep snow, it’s a perfect place to find the Christmas spirit. The elk hunter homestead is the first archaeological history village in Västerbotten County, located on the northern banks of the Skellefte River, a few kilometres outside Svansele. www.svansele.se




Photo: Ted Logardt

A joyous and glamorous manifestation for the equality of everyone as the rainbow coloured Skellefteå Pride Parade moves through a wintery Skellefteå. www.skellefteapride.se

Big & small

CHRISTMAS IN SVARTTJÄRN What does it take for a song to be a Christmas carol? Is Torsten Bäckman as snowed-in as people say? Did Gunder get cleaner after his dip in the pot? These and many other questions will be answered during the Henry Brothers’ Christmas Show. Also, meet Svarttjärns well-known characters for an extraordinary Christmas celebration whilst enjoying Stadshotellet’s well renowned Christmas smorgasbord. A great way to get into the Christmas spirit, guaranteed to be flavoursome, entertaining and different. www.brhenrys.se

VÄSTERBOTTENSTEATERN Västerbottensteatern in Skellefteå produce a wide range of plays for all ages. During the 2017/2018 winter season, the romantic comedy “Danslektionen” as well as the play “Släktkalaset”, Västerbottensteatern’s local interpretation of Maria Blom’s Dalecarlians (Masjävlar) will be shown. Here, you will also find the storytelling show, “Glupahungern”, UngHästen’s ever topical youth plays, soup theatre and an after work programme. www.vasterbottensteatern.se Photo: Ted Logardt




Nordsken is a meeting place for games, culture and creativity. You will feel at home regardless of whether you work in the field, are a professional, a beginner or simply curious. At Nordsken, the sense of community is what’s most important. Nordsken is organised by the association Nordskens vänner (Nordsken’s Friends). www.nordsken.se 9

Is Skellefteå the cradle of cross country skiing?

The oldest ski in the world

Text and photo: Ted Logardt

To say that cross-country skiing was invented in the area around Skellefteå might not be entirely true. However, no one can dispute the fact that the oldest ski in the world was found in a marsh just outside the small village of Kalvträsk. i n pa s t y e a r s ,

ditching was as natural as stump pulling and haymaking. Ditches were dug to increase available farmland and to improve forest growth. In 1924 three men, Josef, Hugo and Tyko, were ditching a wetland area near the lake Fäbodträsket. — They had no idea what they were going to find when they started digging that morning, says Owe with a grin. In addition to being our guide, Owe is also a skiing enthusiast and a Kalvträsk resident since childhood. — The ski that they found turned out to have been in the marsh for nearly 5,200 years, making it the oldest preserved ski to be found in the world, to this day. PERFECT SNOW CRUST CONDITIONS We move across the white winter landscape at just the right speed. We travel on wide forest skis that carry well even on loose snow. The place of the find lies approximately three kilometres from the village. This is where we’re going. — The original ski was 204 centimetres long and just over 15 centimetres wide, says Owe.


The ski pole, it had a shovel-like shape at the bottom, it was round at the top and measured 156 centimetres. According to Ove, the most obvious differences to the skis of today is the fact that the Kalvträsk ski had no tips. — It must’ve been difficult to manoeuvre unless the snow carried well. Today’s conditions however, are good enough to carry us practically anywhere.

SIBERIAN CONNECTION Owe is not using modern forest skis. Instead, he uses a pair of real Kalvträsk skis. Not the original of course, but a pair of replicas that he built in his workshop. The only thing differing between Owe’s replicas and the original is the binding. – I ran out of time so I had to opt for an emergency solution, says Owe, excusing his ‘snowshoe bindings’. The original, however, had leather strap bindings. Bindings of the same kind that have been found in Siberia. — This could indicate some kind of connection between Kalvträsk and the Russian forests. — Cave paintings of skiers, 14,000 years old, DE ST I NAT I ONS OF SW E DI S H L A PL A ND   S KEL L EFTEÅ

have been found in Altai. Maybe that’s how we once got here. Skiing through Siberia? THE WORLD’S OLDEST No matter how you look at it, the Kalvträsk ski is impressively old. It’s older than both the Egyptian pyramids and the hanging gardens of Babylon. This preservation of the world’s oldest ski throughout the millennia has a lot to do with the composition of the marshland. — Deep down in the marsh, oxygen levels are incredibly low, meaning that the process of decay is almost completely halted, says Owe. Originally, there were two skis but one fell to pieces as the skis were being moved from the place of the find. Today, the intact ski and the pole are on display at the Västerbotten County Museum in Umeå. — If you’re happy to see a replica, you can visit us here in Kalvträsk. In addition to being the location of the find, the village is home to a small museum dedicated to the Kalvträsk ski — Kalvträsk Historiska Museum. A LASTING IMPRESSION We proceed slowly. Owe is happy to stop and tell stories. About the Kalvträsk ski, about the olden

days, about the place. Previous skiing experience is not a bad asset, but hardly required for a successful tour. — Kalvträsk is a place with proud skiing traditions, says Owe. In 1963, the first Kalvträskloppet (the Kalvträsk Race) was organised in the region. A 60 kilometre ski run starting in Kalvträsk and finishing in Burträsk. — The race was organised every year between 1963 and 2004. When we arrive at the scene of the find, the storytelling rings out. Owe calmly makes a fire and puts the soot pot (pot for boiling coffee over open fire) in place. He serves sausage sandwiches and homemade wheat buns. — Of course, he then says, it’s far from certain that us Kalvträsk people would’ve been what we are today if not for the fact that Josef, Hugo and Tyko decided to frost ditch the marsh by Fäbodträsket on that morning almost 90 years ago. There are plenty of stories to discover in Skellefteå and the Skellefteå Museum is an excellent place to start. Would you also like to follow the tracks of the Kalvträsk ski? Read more at www.kalvtrask.se

Owe with a replica of the Kalvträsk ski.


Text: Ted Logardt Photo: Scandic Skellefteå

Skellefteå’s new living room At Scandic Hotell in Skellefteå, the ambition is to cross boundaries. To open up and invite. Put simply, to create a living room for everyone who wants to meet. has undergone a real makeover. The majority of the hotel’s 1313 rooms have been renovated, but the first thing visitors will see is what Scandic themselves would like to call Skellefteå’s new living room. — We would like to open up, explains Patrik Nordkvist, Hotel Manager at Scandic Skellefteå. Our goal is to create a natural meeting place, for both visitors and locals alike.

scandic skellefteå

A NEW LOBBY CULTURE The change is, as Patrik explains, not just cosmetic, even though the new environment is indeed inspiring. Fresh. Open. Modern. Everything from the lobby and the bar, to the restaurant and its kitchen is new and connected to an ambition to springboard the hotel into the future. — We’re doing this from the ground up. We want Scandic Skellefteå to be a living hotel, not just for our hotel guests. Patrik says that today, hotels face new demands. Amongst other things, a new lobby culture has developed. — A pleasant lounge environment where people enjoy sitting down to work or unwind, is considered a hygiene factor today.

NEW FOOD EXPERIENCES As we said, the entire kitchen is new, both in form and function. 12

— We want to offer our guests genuine, top quality food experiences. Our Food Court lies at the heart of that. At the Food Court, you will find fish, meat and vegetarian courses for lunch every day. There is also a chef on site whom you can talk to about the menu. — We also have a small á la carte selection, serving local ingredients with influences from all over the world, as well as Sharing Dinners. A Sharing Dinner, explains Patrik, is a more social way to experience a meal. — You are served everything on one big plate. Everything on the plate is for sharing with your friends around the table. A MORE MODERN HOTEL The new Scandic has plenty of social spaces. A nice bar to hang out in, serving a selection of cocktails with herbs from their own garden. — I see us hosting cultural events and stage entertainment, as well as exhibitions. This helps create a dynamic environment which I think will draw many visitors. Also, many of the rooms have been equipped with bunk beds, increasing the number of family rooms, at the same time as conferencing facilities have been given a more modern touch. — Thanks to the large amount of work we have put in, we have created a more modern, more in-demand hotel with amenities going far beyond traditional hotel operations. All accommodation in Skellefteå is listed at www.visitskelleftea.se/boende DE ST I NAT I ONS OF SW E DI S H L A PL A ND   S KEL L EFTEÅ

Three big news items at Scandic Skellefteå: • Skelefteå’s new living room, a natural meeting place for hotel guests and locals alike. • A new restaurant with completely new culinary concepts. • Renovated hotel rooms.



i n s k e l l e f t e å , we are really proud of our local tastes. The ones that are rooted in a flourishing environment where fantastic ingredients are allowed to grow at their own pace and on their own terms. Sometimes we enjoy deep-fried lichens accompanying a lightly smoked reindeer tartar at one of Skellefteå’s top restaurants. Other times it’s as simple as a fistful of blueberries from hand to mouth, in the middle of the forest. Something that all our natural tastes have in common is the fact that they get their energy from a clean, flourishing environment and that they reinforce your experience of being right here, right now. It is also more of a rule than an exception that a really good tasting experience often turns into a great night out, preferably wrapped up on a vibrant dance floor. Here you will find restaurants where you can be served a small piece of Skellefteå and Swedish Lapland.

Photo: Jonas Westling


Photo: Paulina Holmgren

The goal of Bryggargatan is to offer pleasant and wellpresented meal experiences, primarily inspired by Northern Swedish and Icelandic flavours and raw ingredients. These are spiced with the kitchen’s own favourites. Partly influenced by the classical French kitchen, partly with tastes and influences from the rest of the world, Europe, the Americas and Asia. Strandgatan 32 | www.bryggargatan.se

STIFTSGÅRDEN At Stiftsgården in Skellefteå, the meal is in focus. Based on classical Swedish food, they create meal experiences just as genuine as the manor housing the restaurant. The food is cooked using selected raw ingredients from the very best producers, with quality, pure flavours and local production being the keywords. The menus evolve around seasonal variations in availability and change continuously, as does the selection of wines. Brännavägen 25 | www.stiftsgarden.se 14


Photo: Paulina Holmgren Photo: Camilla Ă–jhammar

STADSKĂ„LLAREN Based on the best seasonal ingredients and other items offered in the market hall, Matbaren (the Food Bar) creates a dynamic menu, changing over time and with the seasons. Yes, sometimes it even changes during the evening. Photo: Ted Logardt

Storgatan 43A | www.stadskallaren.nu

RESTAURANG NYGATAN 57 Restaurang Nygatan 57 is based around a simple philosophy, founded on the wealth of our surroundings, the forests, meadows, lakes and mountains. The kitchen is highly experienced and carefully selects the best raw ingredients for every season. The food is then prepared with love, to give guests a memorable, uncomplicated culinary experience. Nygatan 57 | www.nygatan57.se 15

Titanic -


• Swedish was the second most spoken language aboard the Titanic. • The lifeboats had room for 1,178 of Titanic’s 2,207 passengers. • In third class, “Swedish bread”, Swedish crispbread/knäckebröd was on the menu. Find out more about Titanic – The exhibition at www.visitskelleftea.se/titanic 16


TITANIC — The exhibition

— AN INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION ON THE WORLD’S MOST FAMOUS ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP Text: The editorial staff Photo: Claes-Göran Wetterholm’s archive

On April 15, 1912, just before midnight, the RMS Titanic collided with an iceberg, in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. The Titanic had been called unsinkable. Nevertheless, the ship disappeared into the depths at 2:20 AM. She took 1496 people with her. 712 survived. It was one of the worst naval catastrophes in the history of the world. Welcome to Titanic — The exhibition. t h e at l a n t i c s t e a m s h i p ,

Titanic was enormous, 269 metres long, 25 metres wide and 53 metres tall. The ship had room for 2,500 passengers, 885 crewmen and a load capacity of a staggering 6,000 tonnes. Additionally, she had 16 watertight bulkheads which, according to the advertising, were supposed to make her practically unsinkable.. Her maiden voyage across the Atlantic, from Southampton to New York, was expected to take six days. The first three passed without any problems but when lookout, Frederick Fleet discovered an iceberg straight ahead on the evening of April 14, everything changed. Six of the sixteen watertight bulkheads were damaged. The collision became a reality. 20 lifeboats with room for 1,178 of the 2,674 passengers were filled with women and children. The men had to wait. AT 3, 80 0 METERS’ DEPTH At 2:20 AM, Titanic sank beneath the surface. In spite of the fact that she was supposed to be unsinkable, she sank with Captain Smith and 1,495 other passengers, in the space of two hours and forty minutes. There were also 123 Swedes on board. Swedish was actually the third most spoken language on the ship, as immigration from Sweden to America was still extensive in the early 20th century.

Today, the RMS Titanic rests at a depth of 3,800 metres. Because of her size, she is impossible to recover, but numerous expeditions have been carried out throughout the years. In addition to a wealth of knowledge, approximately 6,000 items have been recovered from the depths. ONE OF THE WORLD’S LARGEST The impression that Titanic left on the world is enormous. Many films and documentaries have been made. A library’s worth of literature. The most famous work is James Cameron’s “Titanic”, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. It is one of the most successful productions in the history of cinema, having grossed more than 2.1 billion dollars, reputedly the second largest profit of any film ever made. On April 27, Titanic — The exhibition opens in Skellefteå. It’s one of the largest touring exhibitions in the world, dedicated to the world’s most famous Atlantic steamer. A MUSEAL ARENA FOR EXPERIENCES Titanic — The exhibition dives deep into the details, takes a closer look at the myths and shares the stories and real-world destinies of the Titanic’s tragic maiden voyage. Exclusively for this exhibition, the Eddahallen hall is transformed into a museal arena for experiences. The exhibition contains about 200 original items and several full-scale reproductions of interiors. You will be taken on an emotional journey through life on board what was described as something akin to a floating palace. For four months following the opening on April 27, you will be able to experience Titanic – the exhibition in Skellefteå, the only location in northern Sweden where it will be shown. We warmly welcome you to participate in the drama. 17

Children in focus

Photo: Ted Logardt


Exploratoriet Skellefteå is home to Sweden’s newest Science Center. It is located at Nordanå and here science and technology play a central part as visitors are challenged to think outside the box. According to David, manager at the Exploratorium, it is a process of playing your way to valuable insights about how this fantastic world of ours works. The Exploratorium has based much of its profile around the heart and soul of Skellefteå. — We have permanent exhibitions on the subjects of forests, waters and minerals. Natural resources that have long been and still are important to Skellefteå. However, the modern city is also an important part of our identity and 18

that too gets plenty of room at the Exploratorium. To us, the process is more interesting than the result. You know, there are plenty of successes that started out as failures. The key is to remain curious. And how do you make that work? The answer is: you have fun. — Which is what we have here at the Exploratorium in Skellefteå. Even though anyone could have lots of fun at the Exploratorium, we are mainly geared towards children between the ages of five and fifteen. There is also a café at the Exploratorium. For opening hours, current exhibitions and programmes, please visit: www.exploratoriet.se DE ST I NAT I ONS OF SW E DI S H L A PL A ND   S K EL L EFTEÅ

Photo: Ted Logardt

LEGO Center

Photo: Ted Logardt

If you like LEGO, a visit to HB Adventure (LEGO Center) is an absolute must. Here you will find one of Sweden’s and indeed the world’s the most extensive collections of LEGO Star Wars. The exhibition has more than 400 different LEGO Star Wars mini figures and more than 300 LEGO Star Wars kits. There are also exhibits of Star Wars landscapes. In addition to the Star Wars LEGO there are other kits such as Batman, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and many more exclusive kits on display. The store is known across Sweden for its reasonable prices and wide assortment. www.hbadventure.se

Adrenaline rush at Skellefteå Adventure Park

Photo: Ted Logardt

Up amongst the treetops you will find the adventures and challenges of the Skellefteå Adventure Park. There are six different high-altitude courses. Courses where you, safely strapped into a harness, move across a series of obstacles. Some easy. Others far more difficult... www.skellefteaadventurepark.se

Challenges at Boda Borg

Photo: Ted Logardt

A word to remember when you enter the rebuilt military command centre is quests. This is how it works at Boda Borg. You open doors. Behind each door is a challenge, four challenges form a quest — and these quests are yours to complete. That is the very essence of Boda Borg. An excellent group and family activity. www.bodaborg.se

Leos Lekland Leo’s Lekland is a dream for anyone who likes playing indoors. Lots of space, three floors of hanging bridges, ball pits, tunnels, slides and many other challenges, a minifunland for the youngest. There is also a café with a childfriendly menu and a cosy parents’ lounge with TV, internet and wireless broadband. Open every day 10—19. www.leoslekland.se

More fun for the family is to be found at www.visitskelleftea.se


Text: The editorial staff Photo: Conny Lundström


The northern lights are best experienced in the darkest possible environment. As far away as possible from the light pollution of human civilisation. Also, it helps to be in a landscape away from urban development. The coast is a good place, not least Bjuröklubb and Kågnäsudden. Other good places are Kalvträsk, the tower at the summit of Vitberget or the wilderness camp in Svansele. Read on for some facts about this sky phenomenon.

Northern lights over Kalvträsk.

gave the northern lights their latin name, Aurora Borealis. Aurora is the Roman goddess of dawn. Her siblings are Sol and Luna, the sun and the moon. The Greeks also considered Aurora to be the mother of Anemoi, the god of winds. Borealis comes from the greek word for a northern wind and can be traced to another god of antiquity, Borea. Borea is often associated with wild horses and a raging temper. In short, the nat-

galileo galilei


ural carrier of a cold, northern wind. In a sense it could be said that Galileo really hit the nail on the head when he named this beautiful light display after these two gods. Light and untamed force. The scientific explanation, however, is a different one entirely and not all that easy to explain. The lights are caused by particles from solar flares that are pulled in by the Earth’s magnetosphere. When these particles reach the atmosDE ST I NAT I ONS OF SW E DI S H L A PL A ND   S KEL L EFTEÅ

The northern lights are created by solar flares. The more powerful the flare, the more spectacular the northern lights (as long as the night sky is clear). There are lots of good digital services that help you increase your chances of experiencing the northern lights. A favourite is the “Aurora Forecast” app, which can be downloaded from the app store.

phere, they collide with atoms and molecules that are “charged” or at least have their energy state altered. Different types of atoms create different light. The most common type is green, caused by affected oxygen atoms at a height of approx. 100-140 kilometres. The red light is also related to oxygen but occurs at heights closer to 200 km, whilst violet and blue light comes from nitrogen ion reactions.

The northern lights can be experienced from September (sometimes as early as August, when the autumn dark begins to fall), until April. There is an idea that cold temperatures are required, but that’s not really true. However, a clear, starry night sky is of course crucial. Today, there are several excellent northern lights services who produce forecasts, predicting the chances of seeing the lights, based on solar flare activity. Lookup! 21


Text and photo: Ted Logardt

Jorge is something of an adventurer. He is from Spain and he has been almost everywhere. He has seen pyramids, temples and tundra, the Great Barrier Reef, Route 66 and Greenland’s vast ice cap. However, never before has Jorge set foot in Swedish Lapland!

Taking a bath through a hole in the ice is mostly a mental challenge.



through the doors of the arrival hall at Skellefteå Airport, he still doesn’t know what he’s really doing in Skellefteå. At the same airport is Saleta. She waits for Jorge by the baggage carousel. “Pack your warmest clothes”, she had said. “And swimming trunks”. Jorge found that peculiar. Swimming trunks in the cold of winter. But Saleta has a plan. In two days’ time, the Scandinavian Winter Swimming Championship will be held in Skellefteå. That means a 25 metre swim in ice cold water. The thermometer usually reads 0.1 degrees Celsius, in the water, that is. The air is much colder. The winter swimming is just a part of the challenge.

w h e n h e wa l k s

POT BOILED COFFEE When they turn off the snowmobiles that have taken them from the airport to a Sami hut with a burning fire and a steaming pot-boiled coffee, in the small village of Bodan, she tells him about her plan, about the winter swimming. Jorge smiles, somewhat hesitantly, maybe. As if he hears what she is saying but doesn’t quite understand. He looks into the fire and thinks, taking a sip of pot-boiled coffee from his burr cup, strains the black beverage through his teeth and says: — That explains the swimming trunks. He begins laughing and Saleta does too. Then they raise a toast with their pot-boiled coffee, to show that the challenge has been accepted. — You will be gradually introduced to the Arctic way of life, Saleta says with a grin.

A GOOD START It’s no later than 3 PM. Nonetheless, it’s pitch black outside. There is heavy snowfall. The car’s windscreen wipers have to work hard to keep the view clear. Saleta is driving slowly. — There are plenty of reindeer in the area, she says. Jorge nods. The whole time, he keeps looking out of the car windows. — Have you heard of palt? she asks. Jorge shakes his head. — Palt, says Saleta is food. But more importantly, two palts, lingonberry jam and a large glass of milk is great start to a winter adventure. 23

LANTIV LODGE At Lantliv Lodge, Ines is waiting. Ines has reached her palt making prime and has rolled thousands of palts, (Swedish potato dumplings), in her life. She shows Jorge how it’s done. How to cup the hand to shape a little pit that is filled with pork. — Then it goes into a pot of boiling water, she says. He is a fast learner and before they know it, food is ready. Palt, clarified butter and uncooked lingonberry jam. — Jorge, says Saleta as she gives him another palt. I want you to do well. Tomorrow you will be mushing huskies, to a wilderness camp where you will be having a sauna. She also lets him know that she has prepared a small surprise. WALKING ON CLOUDS Mushing huskies on cold, newly fallen snow is a bit like walking on clouds. You travel softly, almost silently. — Hey you, Saleta calls out to Jorge who stands at the back, steering, this is not just for fun. I have sawed a hole in the ice near the wilderness camp, big enough for a full-grown man. Jorge laughs. — Bathing in a hole in the ice, in the middle of the forest, lit by flaming torches and the starry sky, is a mental challenge more than anything else, says Saleta. You will grow as a human being. If you follow through. A HOLE IN THE ICE It’s just a hole. Straight down into the darkness, and the cold. Straight down into the void. At least that’s what Jorge thinks when he stands at the edge. Saleta has lowered a ladder into the hole, so that Jorge easily can climb in and out. Turns out it’s not that easy after all. Jorge looks at the water thermometer. 0.3 degrees Celsius. — Take all the time you need, says Saleta. The starry sky is clear. The forest is dark and dead silent. Jorge climbs down and then back up. Shortly thereafter comes the endorphin rush. Saleta is proud, she applauds him and tells him that the sauna is 75 degrees warm. 24


Winterswim å in Skellefte IS HELD 17 FEBRUARY, 2018.



COMPETITION DAY On the day of the competition, Saleta wakes Jorge up early. — We’re going out to sea, she says. The vast ice cover of the Gulf of Bothnia makes people feel humble. You are struck by your own insignificance. — It’s important, says Saleta, that you don’t think you are someone special. It’s connected to the way of life up here, it’s called the Law of Jante. At the sign-up, Jorge is humbler than ever before. He has also found some support from two local winter swimmers, and a Spaniard — Israel. Now, the four of them are on the way down to the swimming lane. The pool sized hole in the ice. — An average winter swimmer can do 25 metres in 20.4 seconds, explains Saleta. You’ll have to beat that. — Yes, who wants to be average? Jorge replies. It would seem that he has already forgotten about the Law of Jante. SUCCESS As the times are recorded, it is clear. Jorge finished in under 20 seconds. The challenge has been completed. He gives a big smile and hugs his fellow 26

competitors. They celebrate, on the ice. In dressing gowns, flip flop sandals and a light snowfall. Local televisions wants an interview. Jorge is excited about the victory and speaks straight into the camera, about everything and nothing. In the evening, they eat well at Restaurang Bryggargatan. They toast their successes with other winter swimmers. Before they finish for the night, Jorge says: — Saleta, I have done many things in my life, but this is actually one of the best things I’ve ever experienced. — I know, says Saleta, zipping up her large winter jacket. Lantliv Lodge • www.lantlivlodge.se Svansele Vildmarkscenter • www.svansele.se Lappland Emotions • www.lapplandemotion.com Swenature • www.swenature.se

The Ice Challenge: Documentary You can watch the Ice Challenge minidocumentary at www.visitskelleftea.se/ice-challenge DE ST I NAT I ONS OF SW E DI S H L A PL A ND   S KEL L EFTEÅ

On horseback or snuggled up in the sled Would you like to experience nature in a quiet, natural way? Come to Horses of Taiga and ride through the beautiful forest, alongside lakes and waters, or visit Caribo in Hemmistjärn and experience the winter forest from the sled, covered in reindeer pelts and blankets, or sit up on horseback. Everyone is welcome, from beginners to experienced riders. www.horsesoftaiga.com • www.horseadventure.se

Ice fishing on frozen lakes Put on snowshoes or forest skis and head out onto the frozen lakes. Once you’re down by the water you will drill holes in the ice and put bait on your hooks. Whilst the hunt, primarily for trout and Arctic char, but also for pike and perch, continues you will enjoy lunch cooked over an open fire and in griddle pans. www.swenature.se

Driving on Ice During the winter lakes, mires and rivers freeze over, creating amazing conditions for true ice racing. At Svansele, we stud the wheels of ATVs, amongst them our famous Polaris RZR 800s and near the Wilderness Centre, we plough tracks on the ice. All set for a real adrenaline rush. www.svansele.se

Skellefteå Drive Center — Driving experinces in a winter environment

Photo: Ted Logardt Photo: Ted Logardt

Take a break and enjoy a nice snowshoe walk through untracked terrain in the beautiful river environment near the city, by the bridge Lejonströmsbron. Together with an experienced guide you will have the opportunity to find the tracks of wild animals, such as otters, beavers, hares and foxes. www.swenature.se


Photo: Ted Logardt

Snowshoe walk on the river



Photo: Johannes Holmlund

Winter is far too long to stay indoors — especially when there’s so much fun to be had outside.

Something e for everyon

Photo: Ted Logardt

The coolest experiences this winter

At Skellefteå Drive Center you have 361 hectares at your disposal and the opportunity to enjoy all sorts of training, experiences and racing at realistic speeds and in a safe way. For instance, you can learn how to drive safely along icy roads. www.drivecenter.se 27

When the air is at its crispest snow and ice often define life in Skellefteå. We build snowmen, roll snowballs that turn into snow lanterns, dig ourselves into snow banks, roll out reindeer pelts, pour hot chocolate into wooden cups and eat homemade sandwiches with thick slices of Västerbotten cheese. We also ski. Downhill, uphill and cross-country. Or ride sledges. Or snowboard. Sometimes we organise spontaneous ice hockey games. We might plough a rink on a frozen lake or put on our skates and go ice dancing with classical music and coloured lights. Sometimes we go out in public to a nearby outdoor rink, or even the Skellefteå Kraft Arena. In a way it doesn’t really matter what we do, as long as it happens in the ice and snow and we get a hefty dose of icy fresh winter air whilst the cold gently nips our noses and cheeks. Photo: Kaj Bjurman

during the winter


Cold facts

About two kilometres north of central Skellefteå you will find Vitbergsbacken. The slope has two lifts, two slopes and a very popular ‘fun park’ with jumps and rails. There is also a kiosk and a cafeteria. www.friluftsframjandet.se/skelleftea

Skellefteå Ski Stadium In the winter, the northern part of the Skellefteå Camping, the local campsite, is transformed into a ski stadium. Many Swedish Championship races have been run here and there are a variety of tracks, all with varying levels of difficulty, as well as long downhill stretches and tough climbs. www.skelleftea.se 28

Bygdsiljumsbacken In Bygdsiljum, 60 kilometres south of Skellefteå, the wishes of any downhill skier can come true. How about a snow cannon, 13 slopes, 4 drag lifts, one button lift, the longest slope is 1,350 metres and the maximum vertical drop is 125 metres. All pistes are of differing difficulty. There is plenty of snow, a big jump, a skicross/fun park, mogul pistes and last but not least a sleigh slope. You will also find a ski cottage with a cafeteria and a kiosk. At the ski shop, you can rent, try and buy from a wide selection of snowboard, slalom and telemark equipment. www.bygdsiljumsbacken.se DE ST I NAT I ONS OF SW E DI S H L A PL A ND   S K EL L EFTEÅ

Photo: Ted Logardt

Nordanå Ice Track Central Park in New York has one, Kungsträdgården in Stockholm has one — of course, Nordanå in Skellefteå has one too. An ice skating track — the Nordanå Ice Track. Bring your skates or rent a pair at the front desk and glide out over the ice, into the lights, accompanied by the sweet sound of music! www.skelleftea.se/nordanaisbana

Storklinta Ski Centre At Storklinta, just outside Jörn, you will find six slopes, three lifts and a 150 metre children’s slope. The vertical drop is 185 metres and the slopes are always well prepared. If you need to rent downhill equipment you can do it here. www.storklinta.se

More thrilling outdoor activities can be found at www.visitskelleftea.se

Photo: Patrick Degerman


The facility consists of three slopes as well as a trail on the outer edge of the family slope that runs out into the woods. The trail is primarily for snowboarding. The slopes are between 300–600 metres with a vertical drop of 110 metres. There is also a big jump and a rail, as well as a drag lift and a button lift for children. In the clubhouse, you will find a kiosk and a cafeteria. www.aks.nu


Text and photo: Ted Logardt

GET A GREETER Global Greeters is a global network of hosts looking to share their love of a particular place on Earth. Here you will get to know more about Greeters in Skellefteå.

t h i s i s h ow i t wo r k s . A greeter will take you around town for a couple of hours, telling you about this and that and giving you a personal introduction to the place. At no cost. That’s a fine example of local hospitality. — To me it felt natural, Viveca Söderlund says, explaining why she is now one of Skellefteå’s Greeters. When I was a child we lived in many different places around the world and we always learned the location of the best beaches and markets from the locals.

WHY BECOME A GREETER? An important part of Viveca’s motivation lies in meeting new people. — I’m curious about new people and these encounters are enormously rewarding. Last time around I met a lovely couple from Poland, whom I would of course never have met if not for my role as a Greeter. The couple had travelled by car through large parts of northern Scandinavia and had a good grasp of many of the important sights to see in Swedish Lapland. — They had marked Sarek, Treehotel and Icehotel on the map, so it was great to show them what Skellefteå had to offer. We went up Falkberget Mountain, amongst other places, which they really enjoyed.


MATCHING As a Greeter, you create your own online profile on the website, in which you specify your areas of interest, in order to make your match with various visitors as rewarding as possible. — I actually have a broad spectrum of interests, but nature first and foremost. I feel that the natural environment has so much to offer, not least in our part of the world. Our history, culture and geography is all rooted in the natural environment. If you are visiting and would like to book a Greeter, this can be done on the same website. DISCOVER YOUR DESTINATION Being a Greeter also means that you have every reason to discover all the experiences available close to home. — On a sunny winter day or an amazing summer night, things can just fall into place, however at other times, you will have to be more creative. It’s easy to forget that we live in a fantastic place, even when the weather is a bit grey and dreary. Skellefteå has so much to offer.

Find out more about Greeters at www.skelleftea.se/greeters


Viveca’s 3 tips SNOWSHOES



Snowshoes are an amazing way to get around in winter. The sensation of freedom is awesome, when you no longer have to worry about finding cleared roads or well-worn snowmobile trails.

Falkberget Mountain lies close to the city and offers a lovely view of large parts of central Skellefteå. You can get there the hard way, or the easy way.

I love the atmosphere at the Skellefteå Museum. A personal favourite amongst all the good things is the Skellefteå Art Gallery. www.skellefteamuseum.se


Photo: Calle Artmark

Text: Ted Logardt

Skellefteå from different angles What would Skellefteå look like if four of Sweden’s most talented Instagrammers were given free rein to depict the place? Probably something like this. w h i t e s n ow f l a k e s fa l l i n g softly on a pure white snow cover. It’s just after 8 AM and four photographers are making the most of the buffet breakfast at Stiftsgården. — You can’t be anything but happy about a snowfall like this, Sandra says with a smile and adds a splash of milk to her coffee. This moment is a bit special. It’s the first time in three days that they’re not involved in intense photography during the short winter daylight.

CHALLENGING LANDSCAPES Between them they have almost 200,000 followers on Instagram, Cim, Calle, Jonas and Sandra. The challenge here has been for them to find their own take on Skellefteå. They have been given total artistic license. The only thing they’ve had to follow is the predetermined route. Everything else has 32

been about capturing, or rather freezing, unique moments. — I like vast landscapes, says Calle. Taking photographs in a minimalistic winter landscape where almost everything is just white means that you have to stop and think.

COLD SNAP This summer, they had a similar task. Then, conditions were in many ways inverted. — It was difficult to stop. The light was magical. Night and day didn’t really matter, says Sandra. — I actually like the winter light, says Cim, or rather the lack of light. She tells the story of the first night of the journey when they photographed the night sky on the ice in Österjörn. — We didn’t catch any northern lights but the starry sky was amazing. They also managed to visit on one of the coldest days of the year. The snow creaked and ice crystals glistened, it could have been a scene from a fairy tale. — The smoke from our breath was chimney-like. DE ST I NAT I ONS OF SW E DI S H L A PL A ND   S KEL L EFTEÅ

Photo: Jonas Anhede

Photo: Sandra Linell

Calle Artmark — @calleartmark Cim Ek — @cimek Jonas Anhede — @jonasanhede Sandra Linnell — @sannalinn

ON ICE The four of them keep talking, the conversation wanders wherever it wants to, but they all reflect on the place and the experiences had over the last few days. — Imagine having the courage to leave everything behind, says Calle and tells the story of their husky encounter and the mushers at Arctic Melody who made a radical lifestyle change. They gave up everything many take for granted just to move out into the forest where they wanted to be. That is momentous and inspiring. Cim reveals that she has never been this far north before. — Just being out on frozen water felt special. A little scary, almost. SNOW STORM — Speaking of ice, says Jonas. The sea had pushed a lot of lovely pack ice up on the outside of Pite-Rönnskär. Pite-Rönnskär is an island. Weathered, of course. It is the outermost part of the archipelago. In summer, it’s a well-visited island but during the

winter it is practically deserted. If not inhospitable, at least difficult to reach. — We ended up in the middle of a snowstorm. It was cool. When the weather gets its way, things can be quite harsh up here. — From a photography point of view, the varied weather suited us quite well. We are not looking for traditional holiday photos. Sandra looks out the window. The snow is falling and the light is soft. — Now, what do you think? Three hours until our flight. — Should we take a trip to that place called Bonnstan?

Would you like to see more? Both Instawalks can be found on Instagram under #printlerwalksskellefteå Follow Visit Skellefteå on social media: www.facebook.com/visitskelleftea www.instagram.com/visitskelleftea www.instagram.com/skellefteacity 33

Did you know that Skellefteå is one of 2,000 fair trade cities in the world?

Text and photo: Ted Logardt

Sustainable shopping made easy At Elva Bruk, it’s easy to shop sustainably. The selection is friendly, the tempo is slow and the story behind the product is as important as the product itself. in the process of demonstrating a sustainable alternative to plastic cling wrap to an interested customer. — This is an organic cloth that has been treated with beeswax and jojoba oil. Helena runs the shop, Elva Bruk and that beeswax cloth has become something of a personal favourite. — Perfect if you would like to cut down on plastics. It lasts for a year and is great for storing vegetables or sandwiches, or just to cover a jar of lingonberry jam. h e l e na e r i k s s o n i s

SIMPLE A visit to Elva Bruk is different to most other shopping experiences. Here, the tempo is slow and the story behind a product is just as important as the actual product. — I want to compliment all other types of shopping. It’s not easy being a consumer today, but at Elva Bruk, I want to make it easy for people to make good, conscious choices. A FRIENDLY SELECTION The word “friendly” lies at the heart of it all. All the products sold at Elva Bruk are actually friendly, in one way or another. 34

— Doing things in a 100 percent organic fashion is almost impossible. ‘Mostly eco, always friendly’ is our motto. This of course means that I use organic products as much as I can, but also upcycled and local products. CONSCIOUS CHOICES Helena explains that demand for sustainable products is high and that the old argument about sustainable options being more expensive doesn’t really hold true any longer. — Costs are in a way constant, regardless of the price tag. The question is rather, who pays? Often, it’s the environment, in other instances, costs are cut at production lines with substandard working conditions. When it comes to sustainable, conscious consumption, the customer instead pays the true cost of the product. Conscious consumers rarely have a problem with that, because that’s the way the world works. Find out more about Elva Bruk at www.elvabruk.se Find out more about shopping in Skellefteå at www.visitskelleftea.se/shopping DE ST I NAT I ONS OF SW E DI S H L A PL A ND   S K EL L EFTEÅ

Unique shops Skellefteå offers plenty of shopping opportunities and an interesting mix of stores. Here are some examples of stores which you will only find in Skellefteå.

HANDELSGÅRDEN Stationsgatan 12, Skellefteå www.handelsgardenskelleftea.se Handelsgården is a gift and craft shop in central Skellefteå, owned and run by 13 artisans. Here amongst other things, you will find unique local and Swedish Lapland products as well as amazing customer service.

ANTEAK Annastigen 6 www.anteakdesign.se ATHLETIC STORE Nygatan 52, Skellefteå www.athleticstore.se

BJÖRKIS HUNDCENTER Södra Järnvägsgatan 50, Skellefteå www.bjorkis.com

LEGO CENTER Köpmangatan 12, Skellefteå www.hbadventure.se One of Sweden’s best selections of LEGO at reasonable prices. We also have one of the largest LEGO exhibitions in the world that you must not miss.

BRÖLLOPSSTUDION SKELLEFTEÅ Stationsgatan 15, Skellefteå www.brollopstudion.se CALLE KANIN Trädgårdsgatan 8, Skellefteå www.callekanin.se CITY GULD Nygatan 46, Skellefteå www.cityguld.se CYKEL & FISKECENTER Södra Järnvägsgatan 47, Skellefteå www.cykelochfiskecenter.se ELVA BRUK Torget 4, Skellefteå www.elvabruk.se ”Mostly eco, always friendly.” Produced on location, nearby or by others.

Photo: Ted Logardt

GULDSMEDEN Nygatan 42, Skellefteå www.guldsmeden.nu

LILJAS KONST & RAM Tjärhovsgatan 5, Skellefteå www.liljasinramning.se Art, frames and a wide variety of tools for the creative artist.

LOWIMA LJUSFABRIK Bergrummet, Boviksvägen www.ljusfabriken.se 100 percent pure stearin candles, locally produced.

LJUDSHOPEN Nygatan 61, Skellefteå www.ljudshopen.se The friendly shop that takes pride in giving you personal advice and service. Here you’ll get the best audio and video experience and optimal conditions for listening to, and comparing, different products.

MONOSTORE Nygatan 46, Skellefteå www.monostore.se

LOCAL STORE Citykompaniet, Skellefteå www.thelocalstore.se Clothes store for lads, men and boys featuring, amongst other things, T-shirts with local prints from Skellefteå.

GARDEROBEN Nygatan 42, Skellefteå www.garderobenskelleftea.se

GORDONS MODE Nygatan 34, Skellefteå www.gordonsmode.se

Photo: Ted Logardt

INGMAR INREDNING Nygatan 55, Skellefteå www.ingmarinredning.se Skellefteå’s number one interiors store. Here you will find things old, new and self-produced in all shapes and colours. Ingmar is the interior decoration boutique with that little something extra.

BIBOKÖP Bäckgatan 35, Skellefteå www.bibokop.se

GODISVÅGEN Nygatan 45, Skellefteå www.garderobenskelleftea.se

Photo: Ted Logardt

HAPPY STORE BY JTS BUTIK Brogatan 11, Skellefteå www.jtsbutik.se

NORDANÅ CAFÉ OCH BUTIK Nordanå Kulturområde, Skellefteå www.skelleftea.se/kultur The shop offers products for old and young alike. Photos of the Skellefteå area, as well as local design, arts and crafts. Products associated with the region and with current exhibitions. SCHTAAN I RAM Vintergatan, Skellefteå www.schtaaniram.se SKAFFERIET Nygatan 57, Skellefteå www.nygatan57.se Delicacies from all over the world as well as selected, exciting, organic products from our local producers.

SKO-CENTRUM Trädgårdsgatan 8, Skellefteå www.skocentrumskelleftea.se SPETS & TING Nygatan 33, Skellefteå Everything you need for beautiful interiors, the latest in curtains, interiors and gift articles from well-known brands.

SPORT CITY Nygatan 55, Skellefteå www.sportcity.se The outdoors store focusing on quality with a personal selection from leading brands. Sport City is a store with expert staff and a good eye for all individual outdoor life needs. STADSKÄLLAREN Storgatan 43A, Skellefteå www.stadskallaren.nu ÖMANS MATTOR Storgatan 39, Skellefteå www.sportcity.se 35

Accommodation Hotels

BURTRÄSK VÄRDSHUS Tel. +46 (0)914-106 00 Kamvägen 7, Burträsk www.burtraskvardshus.se BYSKE GÄSTGIVARGÅRD Tel. +46 (0)912-612 30 Hotellgatan 6, Byske www.byskegastgivargard.se HOTELL AURUM Tel. +46 (0)910-883 30 Gymnasievägen 12, Skellefteå www.hotellaurum.se HOTELL STENSBORG Tel. +46 (0)910-105 51 Vinkelgränd 4, Skellefteå www.hotell-stensborg.se HOTEL VICTORIA Tel. +46 (0)910-174 70 Trädgårdsgatan 8 6tr, Skellefteå www.hotelvictoria.se

B&B & Hostels KNUTES HOTELL Tel. +46 (0)915-210 03 Svansele 67, Boliden www.svansele.se

Youth hostels, Bed & Breakfast and other accommodations. Photo: Edoardo Miola

BEST WESTERN MALMIA HOTEL Tel. +46 (0)910-73 25 00 Torget 2, Skellefteå www.malmia.se

MEDLEFORS Tel. +46 (0)910-575 00 Medleforsvägen 2, Skellefteå www.medlefors.se QUALITY HOTEL SKELLEFTEÅ STADSHOTELL Tel. +46 (0)910-71 10 60, Stationsgatan 8, Skellefteå www.skellefteastadshotell.se RUM FÖR RESANDE Tel. +46 (0)910-100 26 Klockarbergsvägen 1, Skellefteå www.rumforresande.se SCANDIC HOTEL Tel. +46 (0)910-75 24 00 Kanalgatan 75, Skellefteå www.scandichotels.se/ skelleftea

LANTLIV LODGE Tel. +46 (0)916-210 55 Tel. +46 (0)70-55 33 377 Österjörn www.lantlivlodge.com

B&B GRÄNDEN Tel. +46 (0)72-222 24 18 Magasinsgränd 4, Skellefteå B&B KOIGARDEN Tel. +46 (0)70-395 50 54 Ostvik 164, Kåge www.koigardenostvik.se

LÖVÅNGER KYRKSTAD Tel. +46 (0)913-102 03 Kungsvägen 31, Lövånger www.lovangerkyrkstad.se

BRUNNSGÅRDEN B&B Tel. +46 (0)70-293 45 24 Kyrkstadsvägen 16, Skellefteå www.brunnsgarden.org

STF VANDRARHEM SKELLEFTEÅ Tel. +46 (0)910-72 57 00 Brännavägen 25, Skellefteå www.stiftsgarden.se

KVARNDAMMENS VILDMARKSCAMP Tel. +46 (0)70-566 97 43 Tel. +46 (0)70-672 00 29 Kalvträsk www.kalvtrask.se

STIFTSGÅRDEN Tel. +46 (0)910-72 57 00 Brännavägen 25, Skellefteå www.stiftsgarden.se

VILLA INSIKT Tel. +46 (0)70-589 41 54 Innansjön 38, Burträsk www.villainsikt.se

BURTRÄSK CAMPING Tel. +46 (0)914-102 87 Långåkersgatan 16, Burträsk www.burtraskcamping.se BYSKE HAVSBAD Tel. +46 (0)912-612 90 Bäckgatan 40, Byske www.byskehavsbad.se EDELVIKS FOLKHÖGSKOLA Tel. +46 (0)914-79 51 00 Skelleftevägen 1, Burträsk www.edelvik.se 36

SKELLEFTEÅ CAMPING Tel. +46 (0)910-73 55 00 Mossgatan www.skellefteacamping.se

Photo: Marcus Burman

Cabins & Camping

Winter accommodation BYGDSILJUMSBACKENS STUGBY & CAMPING Tel. +46 (0)914-201 38 Bygdsiljum www.bygdsiljumsbacken.se/ skidakning/camping STORKLINTA CAMPING Tel. +46 (0)70-281 11 10 Storklinta www.storklinta.se


Restaurants, bars & cafés


Photo: Ted Logardt

SCANDIC HOTEL RESTAURANG Tel. +46 (0)910-75 24 00 Kanalgatan 75, Skellefteå www.scandichotels.com/ skelleftea

Here is a selection of Skellefteå’s restaurants and cafés.

STADSKÄLLAREN Tel. +46 (0)76-841 00 07 Storgatan 43 A stadskallaren.nu

ALLSTAR Tel. +46 (0)910-109 10 Torget 2 www.allstarbar.se/skelleftea










SOCIETY CAFÉ Tel. +46 (0)72-506 59 26 Köpmangatan 8, Skellefteå www.facebook.com/pushcafe.se

ESPRESSO HOUSE Tel. +46 (0)10-510 12 94 Nygatan 47, Skellefteå www.espressohouse.com

STIGS KONDITORI Tel. +46 (0)910-103 02 Karlgårdsvägen 15, Skellefteå www.stigs.nu

Storgatan 31, Skellefteå facebook.com/cafepabit


CAFÉ KANEL Tel. +46 (0)910-77 75 00 Hörnellgatan 12, Skellefteå facebook.com/cafekanelen

Photo: Ted Logardt






Photo: Ted Logardt







RESTAURANG TATUNG Tel. +46 (0)910-193 22 Torget 4, Skellefteå www.tatung.se/skelleftea



CAFÉ PÅ BIT Tel. +46 (0)76-246 23 15



Nygatan 57, Skellefteå www.nygatan57.se



THE BISHOPS ARMS Tel. +46 (0)910-21 17 60 Torget 6, Skellefteå www.bishopsarms.com

Köpmangatan 13, Skellefteå www.cafelillamari.se

BRYGG CAFÉ Tel. +46 (0)910-21 16 80 Strandgatan 32, Skellefteå www.bryggcc.se

PINCHOS SKELLEFTEÅ Nygatan 63, Skellefteå www.pinchos.se





OLANDERS CAFÉ & KÖK Tel. +46 (0)910-77 78 78 Nygatan 63, Skellefteå olanderscafe.dinstudio.se

AINAS CAFÉ Tel. +46 (0)910-153 50 Östra Nygatan 70, Skellefteå www.ainascafe.se

O’LEARYS, THE SPORTS BAR Tel. +46 (0)910-79 63 08 Kanalgatan 31, Skellefteå www.olearys.se






CAFÉ LILLA MARIE Tel. +46 (0)910-391 92


NORDANÅGÅRDEN Tel. +46 (0)910-533 50 Nordanå, Skellefteå www.nordanagarden.se


TEXAS LONGHORN Tel. +46 (0)910-147 00 Tjärhovsgatan 14, Skellefteå www.texaslonghorn.se

WA SUSHI Tel. +46 (0)72-555 02 99 Nygatan 62, Skellefteå www.wasushi.se

BYSKE GÄSTGIVARGÅRD Tel. +46 (0)912-612 30 Hotellgatan 6, Byske www.byskegastgivargard.se






BURTRÄSK VÄRDSHUS Tel. +46 (0)914-106 00 Kamvägen 7, Burträsk www.burtraskvardshus.se

RESTAURANG NYGATAN 57 Tel. +46 (0)910-134 44


TACO BAR SKELLEFTEÅ Tel. +46 (0)910-190 18 Nygatan 40, Skellefteå www.tacobar.se

BRYGG CC Tel. +46 (0)910-21 16 80 Strandgatan 32, Skellefteå www.bryggcc.se BRYGGARGATAN BISTRO & BAR Tel. +46 (0)910-21 16 50 Strandgatan 32, Skellefteå www.bryggargatan.se



STIFTSGÅRDEN Tel. +46 (0)910-72 57 00 Brännavägen 25, Skellefteå www.stiftsgarden.se

BISTRO A Tel. +46 (0)910-171 44 Citykompaniet, Skellefteå www.fazer.se/restauranger--cafeer/menyer/bistro-a-skelleftea/

We’ll guide you to the eateries and producers, Swedish Lapland’s culinary gems. Places where you can enjoy meals prepared from ingredients that are gathered locally, or where you can buy local produce to take with you.

WAYNE’S COFFEE Tel. +46 (0)910-370 50 Torget 4 samt på Solbacken www.waynescoffee.se WESTMANS CAFÉ & BAR Tel. +46 (0)914-200 10 Robertsforsvägen 2, Bygdsiljum www.westmanscafe.se Pizzerias, hamburger bars, lunch restaurants, cafés, etc. can be found at www.visitskelleftea.se 37


Activities & sights

ACTIVE NORTH CAMP Tel. +46 (0)70-567 70 92 Selet 65, Byske www.activenorth.se ARCTIC MELODY Tel. +46 (0)73-069 73 34 Aspliden www.teamarcticmelody.com Dog sledding experiences. Shorter tours, mainly during weekends.

CYKEL OCH FISKECENTER Tel. +46 (0)910-777 940 Södra Järnvägsgatan 7, Skellefteå www.cykelochfiskecenter.se We rent Downhill bikes, MTB, Street and ladies bikes. Also everything for the fishing. DARK AND COLD Tel. +46 (0)70-204 62 94 www.darkandcold.com Enjoy winter bathing together with experienced instructors.

Photo: Olaf Schneider

AVABORG HUSKIES Tel. +46 (0)70-140 76 60 Avaborg 21, Burträsk

CARIBO Tel. +46 (0)73-830 75 33 Hemmistjärn www.campcaribo.se Forest camp with tour riding on North Swedish horses, a climbing tower and family activities.

FOTOSKOLA OCH GALLERI Tel. +46 (0)70-621 41 32 Yttervägen 28, Boliden www.facebook.com/Fotoskolaochgalleri GOLF OCH SKYTTEAKADEMIN Tel. +46 (0)70-311 11 41 Gymnasievägen 14 B, Skellefteå www.siga.nu Golfsimulator där du kan välja mellan 16 olika världsbanor.

BODA BORG Tel. +46 (0)910-70 12 70 Vitberget 10, Skellefteå www.bodaborg.se The closed-down military command centre is full of challenges for the entire family. BOWLINGKOMPANIET Tel. +46 (0)910-71 00 73 Gymnasievägen 14, Skellefteå www.bowlingkompaniet.com BYGDSILJUMSBACKEN Tel. +46 (0)914-20 138 Rengårdsberget 1, Bygdsiljum www.bygdsiljumsbacken.se Ski area. 13 pistes with differing difficulty.

EXPLORATORIET Tel. +46 (0)70-388 12 34 Nordanå, Skellefteå www.exploratoriet.se Science center, interactivity, and playfulness for curious people of all ages.

LAPPLAND EMOTIONS Tel. +46 (0)72-555 73 36 Svansele 463, Boliden www.facebook.com/lappland. emotions Dogsledding and close encounters with Marie-Line and Arnaud’s huskies. LEGO CENTER Tel. +46 (0)73-818 48 93 Köpmangatan 12, Skellefteå www.hbadventure.se Home to the largest permanent LEGO exhibition in the world.

HORSE ADVENTURES Tel. +46 (0)70-557 75 21 Stavaträsk 4 www.horseadventures.se

LEOS LEKLAND Tel. +46 (0)910-20 05 05 Gymnasievägen 20 www.leoslekland.se

HORSES OF TAIGA Tel. +46 (0)73-328 56 26 Svansele facebook.com/HorsesofTaiga Horse experiences.

NORDANÅ ISBANA Tel. +46 (0)910-73 55 10 Nordanå kulturområde, Skellefteå Ice track with lights and music. Photo: Ted Logardt

BJÖRNLIGANS DRAGHUNDAR Tel. +46 (0)70-666 08 19 Ytteråträsk 10, Botsmark Dog sledding experiences.


Photo: Ted Logardt

Below is a selection of activities available in Skellefteå.

EDDAHALLEN Tel. +46 (0)910-73 50 00 Norrvallagatan 1, Skellefteå www.skelleftea.se/eddahallen Fun indoor swimming for the entire family. FLARKEN ADVENTURE Tel. +46 (0)73-385 85 33 Flarken 2, Boliden www.flarkenadventure.com Go out into the wilderness with your own dogsled. FLASHPOINT EVENTS Tel. +46 (0)70-297 84 22 Åbyn 41, Byske www.flashpointevent.se Snowy paintballing in the style of Swedish Lapland.

LANTLIV LODGE Tel. +46 (0)916-210 55 Österjörn 13, Jörn www.lantlivlodge.com Genuine photography experiences in a northern environment. DE ST I NAT I ONS OF SW E DI S H L A PL A ND   S KEL L EFTEÅ

Activities & sights Photo: Ted Logardt

SKELLEFTEÅ ADVENTURE PARK Tel. +46 (0)910-500 40 Varuträsk 1 www.skellefteaadventurepark.se High altitude courses and wilderness mine. SKELLEFTEÅ MUSEUM Tel. +46 (0)910-73 55 10 Nordanå kulturområde Skellefteå www.skellefteamuseum.se Skellefteå Museum is the place where past, present and future meet. In the same building you will also find Museum Anna Nordlander, Skellefteå Art Gallery and the Meijer Collection. SVANSELE VILDMARKSCENTER Tel. +46 (0)915-210 03 Svansele 67, Boliden www.svansele.se Complete winter experiences with activities such as elk safaris, wilderness experiences, a wilderness exhibition and driving on ice. Photo: Ted Logardt

TEAM ARCTIC MELODY Aspliden 1, Jörn www.teamarcticmelody.ch TIDY EVENT Tel. +46 (0)910-180 69 Trädgårdsgatan 17, Skellefteå www.tidy.se Guided snowmobile tours, snowmobile airport transfer. SWENATURE Tel. +46 (0)70-397 00 97 Forsbacka www.swenature.se Outdoor experiences such as igloo building, snowshoe hikes and ice fishing.

TITANIC — THE EXHIBITION Tel. +46 (0)910-452500 Eddahallen, Skellefteå www.titanicskelleftea.se International exhibition on the world’s most famous Atlantic steamship.

VILLA INSIKT Tel. +46 (0)70-589 41 54 Innansjön www.villainsikt.se Courses in Digital Detox treatment. VISIT KALVTRÄSK Tel. +46 (0)70-219 49 41 Kalvträsk www.kalvtrask.se WILDSHOTS SWEDEN Tel. +46 (0)70-689 71 97 Vitbergen, Kalvträsk www.connylundstrom.com True winter experiences focusing on eagle and nature photography.

For information about ski trails, ski slopes and other winter activities, please visit www.visitskelleftea.se

Visitors information No matter where you’re from, you’re always welcome in Skellefteå. At the Skellefteå Tourist Center we provide personal service and we’ll be pleased to help you to get the most out of your visit. We have tickets to events, souvenirs, fishing licences and mementos and other items from Skellefteå. Welcome in! Skellefteå Turistcenter, Trädgårdsgatan 7, Skellefteå. +46 (0)910-45 25 10, email: info@visitskelleftea.se









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Welcome to Sweden’s arctic destination! In Swedish Lapland you will find unique arctic experiences. Thanks to the warm Gulf Stream, here high up by the Arctic Circle, you can experience seasons with great contrasts between polar nights with sparkling northern lights in a white winter landscape and warm summers filled with swimming and hundred days without night under the midnight sun. In the east — a 300-km coastal stretch facing the world’s largest brackish water archipelago, with thousands of islands. Sandy beaches, fishing camps and unique produce. In the west — vast mountains, brooks with water so clean you can drink from them and lots of adventures around the corner. In between the quiet, enigmatic, open-handed forest and river valleys from Skellefte River in the south to Torne River in the north-east, all with their unique distinctive characteristics to offer. Traditions and cultures are strong here, and love of nature is even stronger. This is our everyday-life, and we invite you to share it with us. www.swedishlapland.com

Discover more from Skellefteå at: www.visitskelleftea.se instagram.com/visitskelleftea facebook.com/visitskelleftea facebook.com/skellefteaswedishlapland 40


Idea & text: Swedish Lapland Visitors Board & Visit Skellefteå. Graphic design: Versal. Copy: Ted Logardt. Illustrated map: Lisa Wallin/Mera Media. Cover photo: Ted Logardt. Print: Lule Grafiska, Luleå 2017. www.swedishlaplandvisitorsboard.com







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Destinations of Swedish Lapland Skellefteå winter/early spring 2017/2018 ENG  

Visitors guide to Skellefteå in Swedish Lapland

Destinations of Swedish Lapland Skellefteå winter/early spring 2017/2018 ENG  

Visitors guide to Skellefteå in Swedish Lapland