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The cultural soul of Boden

the woods in summer light exiting activities in a serene environment


exclusive accommodation amongst the treetops

Photo: Sara Lindström 2



Let the arctic light guide you t h e a rc t i c s u m m e r here in Boden is generous and appreciated. Yes, to be perfectly honest, it is lavish. That’s not so strange, considering everything that there is to squeeze in during the intense summer months. It’s like magic every year, as all that was frozen comes back to life and the environment explodes in a firework display of gorgeous plant life. A lust to play, explore and discover all the exciting things that are just around the corner, fills your soul. To top it all off, the sun is up around the clock. Boden will give you more time than ever to make your summer dreams come true. Boden has a lot to offer, regardless of whether you’re all grown up or a child with lots of excess energy. Explore the forests surrounding the city, teeming with life and activities. Why not go out into the wilderness together with Hide & see and hide in blinds to spot large wild animals? Or glide silently across the waterways in a canoe, keeping your eyes peeled and learning more about beavers and their engineering ingenuity. Summer also means longing for sunshine and swimming. In central Boden you will find a heated outdoor pool for fun and games. There are many lovely sandy

beaches and lakes around the city. Take the opportunity to learn more about Boden’s history and discover how it still affects life in the city today. Boden became a junction on the main railway line as early as 1894 and that, coupled with the large hospital, made people from all over the country come here to work. This provided the foundations for culture that you can enjoy to this day with art, music, revues, theatre, film and not least the literary heritage of proletarian author and Nobel Prize winner, Eyvind Johnson. Boden is known for fine antiques and flea shops, so those of you who like trinkets and antiques should look for the flea markets that pop up during the summer. Whenever you run out of energy, rest your weary legs and treat yourself at one of the outdoor establishments - or take a picnic blanket out on the grass. Try local delicacies such as reindeer meat, bleek roe and wild berries – or even better – pick them yourself and make your own jam. You are invited to share our arctic lifestyle in Boden this summer.

Boden Tourist Center At Boden Tourist Center we are happy to help you plan your visit in Boden and Swedish Lapland. We can give you tips about accommodation, restaurants, transportation, activities and sights to see. If you are a small or bigger group, we can help you organize day programmes for excursions and guided tours. At the Tourist Centre you can get brochures and maps. You will also find tickets for local events, fishing licenses, books, handicrafts and souvenirs. In Boden you can park for free in designated parking spaces, using a parking disc. These can be bought at the Tourist Center. You will also find InfoPoints with current tourist information at Boden’s Service Points in the villages, Gunnarsbyn, Harads and Unbyn. We warmly welcome you to Boden! Phone: +46 (0)921-624 10 E-mail: Address: Kungsgatan 40 #bodeninswedishlapland @bodeninswedishlapland

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Photo: Mats Engfors/Fotographic

Always nice weather for a bath at Nordpoolen.

Summer fun


w h e r e v e r yo u r n o s e p o i n t s ; there’s a place to swim. Just a bike ride from the heart of Boden you’ll find Aldersjön. A popular beach where both locals and tourists storm during the hot summer days. If you’d like to bathe more centrally there’s both an outdoor swimming facility and an indoor water park to spend your day at. What most families with children appreciate with Boden is that it is a small town with a great selection of things to do. Where you, fast and easy, can


go between the first activity to the next. Within reach from the city center many adventures awaits. Why not saddle up to be a cowboy for a day? Or experience life as a soldier? You can try the obstacle course at the Defense Museum or play catch up on the central playground Smörblomman. It is also possible to go fishing in the Lule River, just a short walk from the city center. Another lovely family activity is to go exploring the Råne River Valley. DE ST I NAT I ONS OF SW E DI S H L A PL A ND


Photo: Mats Engfors/Fotographic

Fun activities for the whole family can go bowling and for the youngest there is a bowling dragon that makes the experience a success. At First Camp Björknäs’s rental center you can rent canoes and stand-up paddleboards and make your way out on Lake Bodträsket’s beautiful water. Next to the rental center, you can challenge your friends and family on the mini-golf course.

Photo: Mats Engfors/Fotographic

Summer is not just sun and lazy days on the beach. There are plenty of activities for the whole family. At NordPoolen it is great bathing weather all year round. You can compete in the water slides and challenge each other on the climbing wall or just relax in one of the saunas or whirlpools. Bowling is an activity that is usually enjoyed by the entire family. On Strajk Alley all

Travel in time at the adventure park Western Farm

Foto: Marcel Köppe

The year is 1879 and you are in the wild west town of Shadow Creek. Here, you never know what to expect next! The activities at Western Farm are many and perhaps a paint-ball game or a Zip-line tour in west environment attract? Or a visit to one of the summer’s all party nights? Make your experience complete by staying in Western Farm Village which is located adjacent to the area. Here you will also find a nice summer café.

Fun water slopes at First Camp Björknäs

First Camp Björknäs


The large outdoor bath offers excellent opportunities for the whole family to enjoy the hot summer days in Boden. Food is of course served at the camping’s own First Camp Bistro.



Boden’s Playa! Aldersjön is an idyllic and popular swimming lake, which lies within cycling distance from the center. During the hot days it is possible to buy ice cream, soft drinks and sandwiches from the kiosk.

The lake Vitträsket in Sörbyn with its crystal clear water is a wonderful choice for the family during the hot summer days. Enjoy lunch at Restaurant Kallkällan which is adjacent to the beach.


A cozy bathing place in a long shallow lake, ideal for families with small children. It has large grassy areas and a small sandy beach. You can buy something sweet for your coffee or a take away lunch for your beach picnic. 5


Photo: Jacob Nilsson, Silverview

Boden offers really good fishing. To find the best place and learn the best fishing methods, it may be a good idea to take help from a fishing guide. As an advanced angler, you might choose to go find the fishing luck by yourself. Fishing licenses are available at Boden Tourist Center. . .

Discover the arctic wildlife


e x p lo r e t h e f o r e s t s a n d wat e rway s with the whole family and see how they burst of life and activity. Skilled nature guides help you track wild animals – and the king of the forest – the moose. Resting spots, feeding spots and droppings tell us a lot about the lives of the animals. We must really sharpen our senses as we move swiftly, yet silently through the forests, or on the waterways. Canoeing, we can get really close to shy beavers and see their engineering ingenuity up close. Such impressive, ingenious constructions. What efficiency – exciting to watch for young and old alike. If you want a real adventure, venture out into the forests and hide in one of Hide & see’s blinds as you call for wild animals such as moose and bears. A close encounter with such majestic animals is a


guaranteed adrenaline rush and a lifelong memory. Do you enjoy fishing? Then you should really try wetting your line in the rich fishing waters around Boden. With a skilled fishing guide by your side you will learn the best tricks and find the most attractive fishing spots. Of course, you may also explore fishing by yourself. Fishing licenses and additional information available at the Boden Tourist Information Office. You could also take the opportunity to learn the basics of Western riding and experience the magical feeling of interacting with the well-trained horses at Rånisgården. Trying real cattle herding out in the open fields is a powerful experience – you might even want to consider a career change and become a cowboy. DE ST I NAT I ONS OF SW E DI S H L A PL A ND


Calm fly fishing in Råne river’s streams with good chances to catch the dream fish.

HIDE & SEE Feel the pulse rise when the moose ox responds to the host’s vocalizations. Hear how it rustles in the moss, creaks in branches and watch the king of the forest when he curiously enter in front of you in the autumn’s dazzling colors. Enjoy a good meal by the warming fire and sum up the day’s impressions and listen to stories from the forest. Hide & see offers you a unique experience where you get to experience how to attract moose with the possibility of photo shooting. If you are lucky you may even get to see one of the country’s forest brown-bears which also can respond from the moose calls. Hide & see’s well constructed bear hide, adapted and accessible to all. Significantly increases the chance of seeing this mighty animal.



Along with CreActive Adventure you get an exciting outdoor experience in Råne River Valley. Quiet you paddle in a canoe on the river’s scenic and quieter parts and make a visit to the beavers’ habitat. To visit a beaver hut and take part of the beaver’s lifestyle gives you a new perspective of the river and the forest. Did you know that this hard-working animal can fell trees with a diameter of as much as 50 centimeters in just one night?

SALMON addäg )suicul xose(


abborre ( p e r c a fl u v i a t i l i s )



Illustration: Lisa Wallin

(salvelinus alpinus)

)ralas omlas(

RIDE LIKE A COWBOY Rånisgården is beautifully situated in a south slope, down towards a large lake. The lake is at its widest here and it is a 1.5 km visibility across the water to the mountains on the other side. On Rånisgården’s trained western horses you can ride out in the forest and learn the basics of western riding and how to with ease and sense ride a horse. Maybe you dare to gallop? The pace is adapted to your riding experience and is suitable for both beginners and more experienced riders. Another option is to go on a two-day tour along with either your own horse or a horse from Rånisgården. During these days you train the horse for real cattle in fields and at the riding arena and go through basic exercises for cutting and team sorting. A great opportunity to try something new! 7

Photo: Anna Bergström 8



amongst the treetops


come true, experience freedom high up in the treetops, in your very own nest. The experience is magical, seeing the forest from above, from within the canopy, becoming at one with the whispering wind, sharing the secrets of the forest. What began as an experiment in the Harads forests, offering accommodation in a homemade treehouse, resulted in this brilliant idea, accommodation in designer tree hotel rooms. At the Treehotel, well-renowned architects have been given full artistic freedom to create innovative and aesthetically perfect hideaways where you can relax and just be. Here, you will find a contrast to everything that defines life in the city: tranquillity, quiet, plenty of room, clean air and natural experiences. Just walking through the woods is an adventure in itself. Take the opportunity to experience the scent of the forest, the summer breeze and the feeling of being a small part of something greater. The days at Treehotel are best finished off in the warmth of a sauna. You have two saunas overlooking the great forests, and also the option of bathing in the hot tub under a bare sky. You mustn’t miss the cosy, homely atmosphere at Treehotel’s Guesthouse right next door to the Treehotel. Imagine opening the door and walking in to the smell of home cooked food, made using local ingredients, pot-boiled coffee and freshly made bread. Ah, it’s great just to be here. m a k e yo u r c h i l d h o o d d r e a m s

Photo: Jesper Matti

The 7th Room is one of all the uniquely designed tree-rooms at the Treehotel.

CURIOUS ABOUT TREEHOTEL? Join a guided tour where you get to hear the story of how Treehotel became a reality. You can also follow the work through pictures and stories. The tour includes a stroll up to the area for a viewing of the tree rooms and the saunas. Please bring suitable shoes for walking in the woods that surrounds the hotel.


FOREST SPA & SAUNA Enjoy a soothing sauna and perhaps a hot tub bath under the tree tops. The sauna rituals are many and here there is no right or wrong. With local snacks and something cold to drink, the experience is complete. To conclude the day in this way is good for the night’s sleep.

Midst of the northern forest with views of the Lule River, you will find Treehotel’s restaurant. Here you are welcomed in a homely environment where the decor has been selected from the 30 to the 50-century Sweden. The atmosphere breathes warmth and coziness and you can feel like home but without everyday stress. In the restaurant they serve delicacies from Swedish Lapland and Swedish comfort food. The menu changes seasonally to keep the ingredients to top quality. Nearly all ingredients are local and as far as possible, organically grown. The staff will gladly help you if you would like to tailor your own menu. The restaurant is open for overnight guests and pre-booked guests. 9

Photo: Viggo Lundberg

Cold and warm with effect

Experience the exposure of both cold and hot baths. The variety of temperatures of the cold water and warm saunas benefit to the body, and the science says it will help you improve health in many ways. It says it will help you to improve muscle recovery and to relax your mind. While staying at Arctic Bath you get access to the unique cold-bath and 3 different saunas, relaxing department and hot tubs. Combine the warm and cold experience with the hotel’s spa, Arctic Spa.




Wellbeing on the river A COMBINATION OF HOT AND COLD f o r p e o p l e s e a rc h i n g f o r w e l l n e s s , design, pure air and beautiful nature, Arctic Bath is a unique experience. Staying in this boutique hotel, drawn by the Swedish architects Johan Kauppi and Bertil Harström, is like a dream come true. The design is inspired by a log jam that was common in this river during the early timber floating era. While staying at Arctic Bath you get access to a fantastic world of hot and cold. The cold bath with its spa, hot tubs and saunas. The focus is on your wellbeing. The thoughtfully designed accommodation on land or on the water will be like a big hug for you and your travel companion. Here you can just relax and rest, having a great view of the river and the majestic forest landscape. Surrounded by this tranquillity you may want to be active, trying out what the locals do in their spare time. You can take part in a variety of outdoor experiences such as nature walk, fishing, bike excursion, horseback riding, animal safari, local Sámi culture and much more. The chefs at Arctic Bath will carefully plan and set menus inspired by the surroundings and with the hotel’s wellness focus in mind. Nutrition is one of the big cornerstones for the hotel, that the guest can enjoy food that is both healthy and tasty. The best thing about the Arctic Bath experience is that you will leave, maybe, or most definitive, with a body, sense and soul filled with a feeling of wellness and more harmony to return to your everyday life. So, welcome here, welcome you!

Photo: Swedish Lapland

FILL UP YOUR HEALTH LEVEL Everything at this hotel is about your wellbeing. At Arctic Spa you will find certified therapists who will bring you back to an optimal health level in the hotel’s spa and wellness environment. Take your time to enjoy and relax, and just focus on yourself, your senses and your wellbeing. Arctic Spa offers treatments for your body and face with natural products from c/o GERD. The treatment and the products together will make you feel beautiful from inside out.

Photo: Viggo Lundberg

EAT WHAT YOU DESERVE The restaurant at Arctic Bath offers a set menu with great tastes from the local, sustainable and pure ingredients that are used. Everything to set the tone for the evening, in the Scandinavian designed restaurant with a capacity of 24 guests. Meet up for dinner, have a drink in the bar area or relax in the lounge. They have handpicked the best local and selected handcrafted beer and selected wines to go with your food selection. Of course, they also offer a great selection of non-alcoholic alternatives. 11

Photo: Sara Lindström

Hug-friendly trees YET TRANQUIL, FOREST

f o r o u r a n c e s t o r s , the forest provided an important livelihood – work that was often arduous and exhausting. Today, the forest has changed into a much-loved place for recreation and relaxation. When the lively, accessible summer forest opens its gates, nature and adventure go hand in hand, providing attractions in the form of both tranquillity and challenges. Also bear in mind that the sun is up around the clock from May to July, giving you twice as much time to explore the expansive vistas. Discover the powerful feeling of being small and still in some way cared for by the straight, wise old pines, proudly reaching for the blue sky with their mighty crowns. Listen to the silence and let your feet sink deep into the soft green moss. The eco-park at Storklinten offers a varied environment and a range of possibilities. Relish


in the feeling of freedom and concentration as you cruise between the pines on a fatbike or mountain bike, along winding forest trails, some uphill, others downhill. If you enjoy climbing, you have really come to the right place, offering challenges suitable for beginners as well as more advanced climbers. As the summer ripens, the light shifts and the character of the forest changes. There is still plenty of time for new discoveries. If you like canoeing, take the opportunity to explore the vast, generous waterways weaving their way through the forestland. Why not step up the excitement and go river rafting? There are tours suitable for both adventurers and families with children. No matter which forest adventure you choose, it is best rounded off with a tree hug full of gratitude – a memory to keep for a long time. DE ST I NAT I ONS OF SW E DI S H L A PL A ND


Photo: Fredrik Broman

Kayaking for new perspectives

The almost silent journey across the water brings you closer to nature and new discoveries.

Photo: Love Rynbäck

Lake Stora Lappträsket in Råne River Valley is reminiscent of the archipelago and is attractive paddle water. Thanks to its special character it brings a lot to discover. The lake system provides in addition to the segment of the archipelago, segments of river and delta landscape in a beautiful environment. As a beginner in kayaking you can book a guide and rent kayaks at CreActive Adventure in Överstbyn. Paddling in Lake Stora Lappträsket is very well suited for a beginner when it rarely gets rough seas and the paddling can be tailored to your skills. If you have more knowledge and want to challenge yourself; CreActive Adventure also offers kayaking tours in the archipelago.


How wonderful it sounds, doesn’t it, to just take care of yourself and your company on a private sauna raft on Degerselet’s calm water. In total privacy in the Råne River, you can enjoy your company on this little floating oasis. Eat good food, swim, fish, paddle or just relax. The raft is part of Aurora Safari Camp, where you also can book a nice dinner or perhaps an overnight stay as an option for a stay on the raft.

Photo: Pier Rynbäck

Feel the tickle Imagine yourself serenely floating along on the sunlit water, surrounded by the majestic forests and the beautiful horizon in front of you. You are one with the calmness of Swedish Lapland. As you approach the falls you feel the forces from the water in the paddle and the whole boat. Your heart rate increases as you approach the rapids and the adrenaline rushes as you travel down through it. Once down you breathe freedom and the endorphins fills you with well being. Swedish Lapland offers a lot of rivers suitable for rafting. Here you find both proven and unexplored waters; everything from smaller to larger rivers. CreActive Adventure has good knowledge about the waters. Based on your wishes, they can put together a tour that’s suited for your specific requirements; whether you’re a wild adventurer or a calmer family. With high quality and high safety, we can guarantee something for everyone who wants and dares to raft. 13

Secret little gems WILL FILL YOUR PANTRY

a crackling firework of colours and aromas. This is a time when everyone goes outside to enjoy the splendour of nature and to fill their pantries with all the natural gifts that have grown during the light summer days – and nights. First, there is the forest’s gold, the soughtafter cloudberries which only grow here in the arctic environment. Finding the gold and bringing it home with you is an adventure in itself; the warmth, the sweet smell and the buzzing of bumble bees vibrating in the air, over the mire. If you are patient, you will be richly rewarded and able to enjoy your bounty during the long winter ahead. As the weeks pass, the rest of the berries in the forest ripen quickly: blueberries, bursting with the taste of summer and rich supplies of vitamins and antioxidants. Shortly thereafter, the lingonberries, red and shiny with a taste that marries nicely with wild game - reindeer and moose. Fill your baskets whilst you are here and make your own jam to use on pancakes or in breakfast yoghurt. In early August, the eagerly

anticipated crayfishing in the Råne River is an absolute must. Buy a fishing license and traps, bait them and submerge them by the banks. Then just wait and hope. Enjoy the excitement and the atmosphere around a crackling campfire with pot-boiled coffee and food made on the open fire. When it’s time to empty the traps, the river is filled with canoes and boats – and people calling out in excitement over their catches. What joy! Simply enjoying nature and all that goes on in the forests is an adventure in itself. With all our senses engaged, we look and listen for wildlife. Suddenly, a bellowing can be heard, it might just be the most powerful sound in the forest as it echoes, waking everything in its path. It is the mating season for moose and time is of the essence, winter is coming. Later in autumn, the forests provide rich, tasty mushrooms. Why not join a skilled guide and learn more about edible goodies such as porcini, birch boletes and chanterelles? When you’ve found a spot of your own, remember to keep the secret for next autumn, when you return.

Foto: Patrik Öhman

Photo: PEric Borg

au t u m n i s g e n e ro u s a n d g i v i n g ,




Guided hunting tours Enjoy a day with top bird hunting for capercaillie and black grouse. These wonderful woodland birds that choose to, in the late autumn sit in pine-tops and birch trees and eating pine needles and tree sprouts. After an early breakfast, you head up along with Sörbyn Lodge’s hunting guide to the hunting grounds, consisting of varied terrain of mountains, moors and young and old forests. There is plenty of space – more than 3,000 hectares of private hunting grounds and access to 60,000 hectares of public hunting grounds. During the day, you pause for coffee and lunch. Preparations for the hunt are at least as exciting as the actual hunting. The day before, you go through security and routines. A seed of what is to come will be planted, and at night you might dream about tomorrow’s successful hunt. Whether you return with a prey or not, you will get a sense of satisfaction. The forest has that effect on us.

Calling for moose

An alluring adventure with the king of the forest and the moose whisperer. Mikael, Hide & see, has approximately 30 years of calling experience and is able to summon the moose really closeby impersonating a range of moose. Mikael mainly aim for bull moose, but also cow moose with or without calves. If you are lucky, you might spot one of the bears of the woodland, attracted by the moose calls. He calls as you stealthily move through the forest or spawn from a covered wooden spotting tower with a door and photo openings. Great opportunities to scout and take pictures of the amazing animals. The activity is accessible for mobility disabled.

Harvest season festivities

Photo: Mats Engfors/Fotographic

In the old Swedish farming society the harvest festival was the time when the stocks were well filled and the harvest was celebrated with a big party. The last weekend in August every year, it is time for Boden’s own harvest festival at the cozy local heritage area and by the church cottages. The Harvest Festival is one of the region’s largest meeting and marketplaces for food production, handicrafts, environmental companies, health business and cultural outlets with a focus on local produce. In September, Råne River Valley invites to Harvest Market in Gunnarsbyn with sales of locally produced, organic and fair trade products.

Nature hike in eco park This hike with Sami nature guide Mikael Sourra is always tailored to suit the experience level of the participants. The guide is a trained wildlife, fish and nature conservationist. You will get to learn more about tracking, flora and fauna as well as Sami culture during your hike. The hike leads up a mountainside, to a scenic vantage point, offering a view of vast forests and waters. You will also visit a beautiful forest lake and there will be many photo opportunities along the way. During the hike you will be treated to homemade Swedish fika, snacks or pastries and beverages, to keep your spirits and blood sugar high. 15

Fortress of secrets

i n a byg o n e e r a , when Sweden was one of the most militarized countries in the world, the Boden Fortress was built. One of the ten largest military construction projects ever built. The fortress was intended to be, and even became, so powerful that it deterred the Soviet Union, Russia and Germany during the two world wars. Before the main railway line through the northern part of Sweden was built, northern Sweden wasn’t considered as a great value. Once the mainline was finished in 1894, Sweden suddenly had access to the huge amount of natural resources found here. A great value for our country – a great value to defend. To protect these values the construction of Boden Fortress began in 1901 and was completed in time for World War I. The fortress forms a belt around Boden and consists of five heavy mountain forts, three smaller fortifications and some artillery batteries. If we include all buildings of importance to the fortress, it totals them to 1200 pcs. This majestic work is so secret that it is barely noticeable, but if you look


carefully out of the mountains that surround Boden, you can glimpse the forts watching over our city. Back then the whole city was a military area. At all entry points, there were large signs that told foreign citizens that they weren’t welcome here. At nighttime there was guard dogs that ran loose in the moats guarding the forts. Nobody was meant to have access to the secrets and treasures that were stored here. One of them was a part of Sweden’s gold-reserve and it was preserved in Degerbergsfortet 1941-1982. The secrets came to be invaded by one of the biggest spy scandals; “the Stig Bergling affair”. Stig worked as a spy for the Soviet Union and revealed the room positions of the mountain. This led to high costs for reconstructions and changing of the defense plans. 1979, Stig Bergling was sentenced to life in prison for aggravated espionage. Mjösjöfortet was closed in 1978 due to cracks in the mountain and between 1992 and 1998 the other forts was phased out. The city of Boden was opened again to the public and the defense history is now a major tourist attraction in Boden. DE ST I NAT I ONS OF SW E DI S H L A PL A ND




Photo: Fredrik Åström

At Rödberget Fortress you can both travel into the defence history of Boden as well as get a great view of the landscape.

Rödberget Fortress

The road that takes you up to the mountaintop of Rödberget, is a small serpentine road, twisty and narrow and partly blasted into the rock. Do not worry about meetings; traffic down from the mountain takes a different route. Enjoy the journey instead, maybe fantasizing about the people who used to work here defending one of the largest defense secrets in Sweden’s modern history. When you get to the top of the mountain you will find, besides a parking lot, a canteen where the guide tour starts. The tour that will take you from the canteen into the moat, deep into the mountain and the rooms there and the tour ends at the crown of the mountain. The fort was served as a small community and those who lived and worked there could cope without contact with the outside world for a long period. In Rödberget Fortress you will find all furnishings and equipment left, which shows how the fort was used in everyday life and how it was supposed to work in combat.

Make an exciting journey in the Swedish defense history from the late 1800s until today. A journey that will take you through war and peace, with strikes in the history timeline. Defense Museum is a modern museum with interactive exhibits. The museum caters to both adults and children – simply to all who want to have a greater knowledge of the events that characterized the Swedish defense history. Climb into the tank, sit by the controls of the helicopter and ”fly away”.

Photo: Fredrik Åström

Defense Museum Boden


The county of Norrbotten Art Hall, Havremagasinet.


Photo: Petra Älvstrand


t h e p e r i o d a f t e r the construction of the fortress and before that, when the city became a hub for the railway mainline, the population heavily increased in Boden with people from all over Sweden, who came to serve in the Swedish army, at the garrison hospital or by the railway. This mix of Swedish culture became a breeding ground for the cultural life that we can enjoy today with art, music, revue, theater, film and not least the literary legacy of proletarian writer and Nobel Prize winner; Eyvind Johnson.

Regional Art Hall in historical environment

Photo: Petra Älvstrand

Havremagasinet, the Regional Center for Contemporary Art, with its 3,600 sqm, is one of Sweden’s largest. The house was completed in year 1913, with the purpose of supplying the military’s horses with oats. The county art gallery shows exhibitions with local cultural history anchoring, along with Nordic and international contemporary art that deals with various topical themes. During the summer of 2022, you can visit the exhibitions Corona Collection - The Swedish Arts Council’s historic investment in art purchases and For all to see - Group exhibition curated by Marie Ragnestam with the artists Æsa Saga Ardal, Helena Byström, Anna Källblad, Lotta Lampa, Christina Langert, Ammy Olofsson, Emelie Röndahl, Erika Stöckel, Ustina Yakovleva and Rönn Lisa Zakrisson. At Havremagasinet there is also a historical exhibition that tells about the house, where you can see and experience what the house looked like when it was in use as an oat magazine for the military horses. At Café Pampas you can have delicious Swedish Fika, baked in their own oven, tasty sandwiches and hot sandwiches with salad.

Summer calendar 2022 June 6

National Day Celebration, Kvarnängen Rutt 616 Day, activities along the Road 616

June 18

Midnight Trot with V75, Bodentravet Mega Party V75, Western Farm


June 24

Midsummer celebration, Hembygdsområdet Midsummer celebration, Café Lillån

June 25

Midsummer celebration Kläppgården Harads

June 28

Summer Theater: POP-kvinnor, Boden Business Park

July 9

Sommarljus – Songs Festival, Laxholmen Edefors Motor Day, The formerly A8 area

July 9–10

Hundliv – A fair for dog lovers, Bodens Energi Arena

July 12–14

Visit the Heritage area, Hembygdsområdet



Photo: Sofia Sundh Lundberg

Mighty rapids at Storforsen Forty kilometers northwest of Älvsbyn you will find Storforsen. A powerful experience where you through trails and view ramps come close the swirling rapids. Storforsen is Europe’s largest unregulated rapid, measuring 5 kilometers long with a drop height of 82 meters. There are also opportunities for swimming and the area offers hotel, restaurant, museum and craft shop.


EXCURSIONS Luleå archipelago World Heritage Site Gammelstad

Photo: Mats Engfors/Fotographic

This is the place where Luleå was founded, and grew from a small church and trading place to a real city. The city was moved in the 17th century, and that was when people began to call it Gammelstad.

The archipelago consists of more than 1,300 islands and there is something to do for everyone. Swim at the long sandy beaches, or by the soft rocks. Go fishing or enjoy the rich flora and fauna. Experience the archipelago in your own boat or take a tour boat, on several islands there are cabins for rent if you want to spend a night or two.

Sommarljus – A Songs Festival On the historic Laxholmen in Edefors, just outside Harads, this all-day festival is organized every summer with several wonderful artists. Spend the day here or bring your camper for a whole weekend. This summer, Jakob Hellman, Höstorkestern, Maud Lindström, Stefan Ringbom, Anna-Lotta Larsson, Elona Planman, Claes Pihl and Alma Augusta will visit the festival and offer you lovely tunes in the summer light.

July 16–17

Heritage Days, Hembygdsområdet

July 21–23

Boden Alive, Kvarnängen

July 7

Summer Day at the trot area with V86, Bodentravet

Boden Alive Welcome to three days of music, competitions, children’s activities and much more. A cozy and familiar city festival where you can meet both new and old friends. Beer tent with live music, market stalls, concerts, funfair and activities for the whole family.

August 6

Mega Party, Western Farm

August 24–26

Harvest Festival, Hembygdsområdet

August 25

Culture Festival, Boden City Late Night Shopping, Boden City

August 25–27

Load up North – machine fair, Bodens Energi Arena

Subject to changes in the program. For more events please contact Boden Tourist Center.

August 28

Wild West Run, Western Farm

September 10

Harvest Market, Folkets Hus Gunnarsbyn


Local ingredients

Photo: Sörbyn Lodge

Photo: Jacob Nilsson, Silverview


g e t t o k n ow t h e v e ry h e a rt of our character through the regional culinary culture: the taste of Swedish Lapland. For thousands of years, our forefathers learned to handle the generous gifts of nature – the wild meat from moose, reindeer and hare with its characteristic taste of wilderness, the game fish from our clean waters and the sweet, sour berries, vegetables and herbs from our rich ground. To all this, we must of course add potboiled coffee, strong and black that warms and rejuvenates us, it is best made over an open fire in a soot-blackspot. The Swedish fika culture is intimately connected to the coffee culture and we like dunking sweet cookies of all kinds, or even


a cinnamon bun, in our coffee. A perfect energy boost as we pause between activities. That’s how our food works: it’s part of our culture, part of us and a natural part of your experience. Regional restaurants hand-pick selected ingredients that are prepared with skill and great care. At the Kallkällan Restaurant in Sörbyn, for example. If you choose to go fishing or hunting during your stay here, they are happy to prepare your catch for you, to complete your experience and make your day even better. Being able to trace every ingredient on your plate is an amazing privilege. It can hardly get more locally produced than this. Welcome to the table! DE ST I NAT I ONS OF SW E DI S H L A PL A ND


Nära Mat Boden

Locally produced

Local products of the highest quality from producers in the local area are carefully selected to be able to offer you fantastic taste experiences. Most can not be bought in a regular grocery store. Here you will find, for example, cheeses made from mountain cow’s milk, gluten-free bread spiced with herbs from the mountains, prime meat from cows and lambs that have grazed northern grass all their lives, jams and juices from berries picked in nearby forests, fertilized vegetables, eggs from happy hens, just to name a few examples.

Polar Brewery

Wilderness Brewery Local craft beer produced with curiosity by real beer enthusiasts. Perfect to enjoy in one of the city’s restaurants or pubs.

three local

Bryggmästarn’s own brewery. The hand-crafted beer is brewed with love in the restaurant’s cellar and can be enjoyed in the restaurant’s English pub or on the cozy outdoor terrace.


Bodens Spritfabrik At Bodens Spritfabrik, Boden Gin is crafted on a small scale with raw materials of the highest quality. It is distilled several times and seasoned thoroughly until it has captured the soul of Norrbotten. Perfect to enjoy at a cozy restaurant.

Photo: Magnus Skoglöf

Game, berries and more at Svantes Is there anything more natural than to eat what comes directly from forests and fields? What is trendy today, has been an integral part of the northern food culture since ancient times. Centuries old traditions of the northern reindeer herding, hunting and fishing ensures fine ingredients with pure flavors. At Svantes Vilt & Bär in scenic Harads outside Boden, you can buy refined delicacies like smoked, dried, cured or fresh meat from reindeer, fish and forest birds from local hunters. The different preparation methods give a superb flavor and make the products sustainable in a natural way. 21

An even better experience WHEN YOU LIVE CLOSE TO NATURE

Glamping on water. Aurora Safari Camp’s sauna fleet. An oasis in the Råne river valley.


in Boden, we would like you to stay really comfortably. This is why we offer a range of options so that you can find your very own favourite. A fundamental principle is that accommodation goes hand in hand with nature. Yes, because we know just how magical it is to both fall asleep and wake up close to nature, in silence, with a beautiful view to rest your eyes upon. A bonus for those of you who choose to stay downtown is the ability to have a refreshing dip in either a heated pool indoors or outdoors. Or why not a refreshing bath in a small cozy lake? You can of course do the same when staying surrounded by nature. Make sure to try the sauna after a cooling swim in a nearby lake. It’s a refreshing feeling that strengthens the body and soul, even more preferably under the midnight sun or a starry autumn night. We are incredibly proud to offer glamping – glam camping – at the comfortable Aurora Safari Camp in the Råne River Valley, cosy rooms and cottages at Sörbyn Lodge or designer tree rooms at the Treehotel. They are all experiences in their own right – more than just accommodation. A given option to let you share our everyday lives and become at one with our spectacular, arctic environment.

w h e n yo u v i s i t u s



Sörbyn Lodge Are you attracted by an accommodation outside the city, why not check in at Sörbyn Lodge? Here you stay either in hotel rooms or in cabins. With closeness to nature with a nice lake so you can have a swim, a summer café on the beach, fishing, adventures and forest strolls. You will also find a nice restaurant, Restaurant Kallkällan.


A stone’s throw away from the city is where the camping is located. Here you have access to the city’s wide range as well as good hiking areas. The campground also offers a fun bathing area.


Photo: Mats Engfors/Fotographic


Photo: Marcel Köppe

Photo: Fredrik Broman

In the middle of Boden center you will find the city hotel. A welcoming hotel suited for travelers who appreciate quality and function. During summertime the lobby transforms to a bistro with nice outdoor seating.



Here you get a sense of 1800s Wild West without sacrificing the modern facilities. The area is adjacent to the theme park Western Farm, you only have to step out the door and you’re there.


Hotell Drottninggatan 11 is a small family-run hotel situated in a beautiful house in the central of Boden. Here you are close to all activities that the city has to offer.


Sights & gems


in boden,

during summer, you can make excursions to several cozy summer cafés, both around the city center but also in the countryside. These sights are appreciated by all ages, from the youngest children to the grandparents. In addition to coffee, pastries and light meals, there is often the opportunity to meet animals, visit flea markets or buy arts and crafts.




Gestalt Kreativitets gården Summer café and flea market out in Mjedsjön approx. 9 km from Boden on the road to Älvsbyn. A wonderful excursion destination for those who want to be inspired by beautiful and creative crafts both indoors and out in the yard.

Summer CAFÉS

Café Lillån Cozy summer café in Harads. Discover the scenic environment, borrow period clothes and meet the nice animals on the farm.

Forsberg’s Old Grocery Store A cultural gem in the middle of Råne River Valley. Visit the old general store villa in Gunnarsbyn, where time has stood still since 1934. That year Carl Forsberg died and the house was abandoned as a dwelling house. The general store that housed downstairs had been closed down the year before. The leftover from the store was then carried out to the farm lodge, where it has remained since then. At the farm lodge, the general store has now been resurrected based on this stock. Now the residential building appears in the 1920–30s, all with original furniture, clothes, shoes, hats, crockery and lots of other things.

Western Farm Village Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee with home-baked pastries on the inn’s porch. Activities for children are available in the area, such as trampoline, swings and climbing rope ladders.


Flea Markets & Second Hand

Magasin V

Nostalgic things and furnitures from times gone by.

M & K Antik Furnitures, design objects and things for the collectors.

Veckans Allehanda

Nestors: Café & General Store Nestors Café & Diversehandel is well worth a visit. Here you will not just find a café. The shelves are crowded with flea market finds, news and crafts. Nestors is originally an old country store that was started in 1936 and was driven by Svea and Nestor Lundborg. The store was extended in 1945 and it was a real general store where you bought the flour and sugar from the drawers in the merchant’s counter. The family lived upstairs with the kids and a dog. Welcome to see, feel, remember and experience the cozy environment and have a good cup of coffee!

Here the locals rent a table for selling second hand stuff.

Kupan Röda Korset Second hand in the city center.

Återvinningen Here you will find a wide selection of furniture and household items in used condition.

PMU Second Hand Pingstkyrkans Returidé – Boden’s largest second hand-shop where you will find lots of bargains.




Car Rental

Central Station


CIRCLE K +46 (0)921-143 22

RESECENTRUM +46 (0)921-545 24


HERTZ +46 (0)921-665 25



VY +46 (0)771-444 111 www.vyse



Taxi & Airport Taxi

CITYBUSS +46 (0)921-500 10

BODEN TAXI +46 (0)921-177 00

LÄNSTRAFIKEN +46 (0)771-100 110

FLYGTAXI +46 (0)8-120 920 00

Travel Agency AXESS RESEBYRÅ +46 (0)921-565 40 FÖRETAGSRESOR I BODEN +46 (0)921-177 40


Arvidsjaur Haparanda Harads Jokkmokk Kiruna Luleå Narvik Nordkap Piteå Skellefteå Sorsele Stockholm Stora Sjöfallet Storforsen Sörbyn

140 km 130 km 48 km 133 km 307 km 36 km 522 km 842 km 82 km 158 km 222 km 931 km 275 km 85 km 36 km



Accommodation Hotels

The hotel is located a little bit outside Boden center and it is a conference hotel with several single rooms and a couple of double rooms. Just a few steps away from the hotel you will find Sävast Golf Course HOTELL DROTTNINGGATAN 11 Drottninggatan 11, Boden +46 (0)921-757 75 A small family-run hotel situated in a beautiful house in central Boden, close to many of the city’s activities. HOTELL NIVÅ Kungsgatan 4, Boden +46 (0)921-558 60 Hotel located next to the train station but still close to the city center, serves a nice evening buffet. SÖRBYN LODGE Sörbyn 222, Gunnarsbyn +46 (0)924-220 36 Nice hotel in a scenic location outside Boden city. Here you live in the middle of nature, surrounded by a beautiful environment. Relax in the lounge area with bar and fireplace. TREEHOTEL Edeforsvägen 2 A, Harads +46 (0)928-103 00 Unique accommodation experience with modern designed tree rooms in the middle of an unspoiled nature. Leave your everyday life, enjoy the silence and recharge your batteries.

Hostels BLOMBERGS VANDRARHEM Gunnarsbyn +46 (0)70 - 655 79 66 At this cozy hostel, each room is unique. The interior largely consists of flea market finds and re-used furnishings. BODENS VANDRARHEM Fabriksgatan 6, Boden +46 (0)70-681 33 35 A nice hostel located opposite the train station. Fresh rooms with private shower and WC. Living room and kitchen facilities is available.

Camping & Cabins FIRST CAMP BJÖRKNÄS Idrottsgatan 8, Boden +46 (0)921-138 50 A modern camping with shops and services in central Boden within walking distance. Offers campsites and various types of cabin accommodation. Close to the recreation area of Pagla ski stadium. STORKLINTEN Storklinten, Övre Svartlå +46 (0)928-400 00 Nice lodge accommodation or campsite with direct proximity to nature. Free access to the service building with shower/ WC and sauna, while staying at the campsite.

SÖRBYN LODGE Sörbyn 222, Gunnarsbyn +46 (0)924-220 36 Nice wooden lodges overlooking Lake Vitträsket, equipped with WC, shower and kitchenette. Restaurant and bar in the main building. WESTERN FARM VILLAGE Buddbyvägen 6, Boden +46 (0)921-151 00 Here you get a sense of the 1800s Wild West without sacrificing on the modern facilities. Works for larger families or groups, as well as a small family. Accommodation in cottages and rooms.

Unique accommodation ARCTIC BATH Ramdalsvägen 10, Harads +46 (0)928-70 30 40 Here you have luxurious accommodation on water and on land. With a spa on the river with cold baths, saunas and treatment rooms. The restaurant, lounge and reception are also located in this building. Photo: Fredrik Broman

HOTELL BODEN BUSINESS PARK Teknikvägen 3-13, Sävast +46 (0)921-782 70

QUALITY HOTEL BODENSIA Kungsgatan 47, Boden +46 (0)921-177 10 Modern city hotel in the center with a la carte restaurant and a relaxation area with panoramic view of Boden city.

Photo: Peter Lundström

HOTELL BODENS BED & BREAKFAST Landstingsvägen 3 C, Boden +46 (0)70-519 99 66 B&B in a quiet area of Boden and within walking distance to the city center. Large nice rooms and a living room on each floor, with the possibility for kitchenette cooking.

ARCTIC RETREAT Gunnarsbyn +46 (0)70-544 71 47 Luxurious log cabins on the shore of Råne River. Here you have the food, activities and hosting gathered. Just for you to relax.

AURORA SAFARI CAMP Gunnarsbyn +46 (0)70-655 79 66 Comfortable glamping in Sámi inspired tent cabins called, Lavvus. The stove in the middle of the Lavvu makes the temperature in the tent good even during cold nights. LAPLAND YURTS Leåkersvägen 16, Boden +46 (0)72-518 01 96 At Lapland Yurts you will stay in cozy glamping in Mongolian yurts. You will sleep comfortably in real beds and the stove in the middle of the yurt will keep you warm.

LOGGER’S LODGE Harads +46 (0)70-690 77 90 A private and luxurious ecolodge in the middle of the woodland. If you are looking for a luxurious experience that includes everything, you have come to the right place. Good food, great activities and an outstanding host. THE OUTPOST Mårdsel +46 (0)70-655 79 66 A lodge on two floors close to the Arctic Circle. Rent the whole, or share with other guests. The area offers fantastic opportunities for wonderful nature experiences.

Guesthouses TREEHOTEL GUESTHOUSE Edeforsvägen 2 A, Harads +46 (0)928-103 00 This is a journey in time. The guesthouse is under heritage protection and here you can find original wallpapers from the 50s. Here you will also find Treehotel restaurant. 27

Foto: Pensionat Drottninggatan 11

ARCTIC ADVENTURE Harads +46 (0)70-629 84 33 +46 (0)70-569 29 01 Offers many different experiences all year round. For example, fishing for salmon in the Lule River together with a guide. Or why not kayaking.

ARCTIC BATH Ramdalsvägen 10, Harads +46 (0)928-70 30 40 At this unique hotel and spa in the Lule River, you can book a guided tour. BODENS GOLFKLUBB Tallkronsvägen 2, Boden +46 (0)921-720 51 The golf course is beautifully situated on Sävastön with the Lule river flowing past. A stone’s throw away is Boden Business Park and about 10 km from the golf course you will find the city center.

BODENTRAVET Travbanan, Boden +46 (0)921-530 40 Bodentravet is a unique experience arena with four restaurants and a chance to become one of the lucky winners. There is also a trotting school for children and as an adult you can try tandem trotting in a double sulky behind a real trotting horse. BODEN PADEL Komponentvägen 2, Boden +46 (0)73-956 32 23 Paddle tennis is Sweden’s fastest growing sport – a sport that suits almost everyone, women as men and young as old.

Photo: Håkan Hjort

Activities LAPLANDHUSKY Krokfors 2, Harads +46 (0)70-563 64 40 Visit the kennel and meet these athlete dogs. Also join a shorter training trip with bare ground carts.

CREACTIVE ADVENTURE Överstbyn 234, Gunnarsbyn +46 (0)70-207 37 51 Outdoor activities and expeditions with experienced guide such as kayaking, white water rafting, climbing, fishing, animal spotting safaris and mountainbike tours in the whole region of Swedish Lapland.

FORSBERGS OLD GROCERY STORE Träskvägen 4, Gunnarsbyn +46 (0)70-320 00 44 At Forsbergs you can take a guided tour of the house. There you will hear the fantastic story of the house and those who lived and worked there. In the garden, you can have delicious treats baked on recipes from old cookbooks from the house.

FIRST CAMP BJÖRKNÄS Idrottsgatan 8, Boden +46 (0)921-138 50 The large outdoor bath for the whole family to enjoy. Also a mini-golf course, rental of sit on top kayaks, bicycles, SUPs and much more. EYVIND JOHNSONGÅRDEN Björkelund, Boden +46 (0)70-638 93 35 Eyvind was born and raised in Boden and the environments here are also described in some of his books. In summer, you can visit the cottage in which he was born.

DEFENSE MUSEUM Granatvägen 2, Boden +46 (0)921-628 00 Swedish defense history from the late 1800s until today. There is also a café and a nice museum shop with souvenirs and historic literature. Visit the museum park where you can look at military vehicles and compete in the obstacle course. HAVREMAGASINET Norrbottensvägen 18, Boden +46 (0)921-930 41 One of the largest art galleries in Sweden and shows exhibitions of contemporary art that deals with current international themes. HIDE & SEE Nedre Svartlå, Boden +46 (0)70-575 99 73 Offers personalized experiences where you get to peek inside the animal kingdom. Calling for moose, hiking in the eco-park and fishing. Several of the activities are adapted for people with mobility disable.




Activities MORRRINGENS Pärlstigen 9, Boden +46 (0)70-377 74 89 At MorrRingens you can, among other things, book a guided tour of the small farm or maybe go on a tour with horse and carriage.

NORDPOOLEN Garnisionsgatan 1, Boden +46 (0)921-624 00 Indoor aqua park with complete bathing experience, from recreational swimming to relaxing bath, several saunas, hot tubs and water slides. PATINAMUSEET Granatvägen 10, Boden +46 (0)73-180 83 35 Pelle’s unique collections and an exciting walk in the over 100 year old ”dusty” loft. View motor-related gadgets, shoemaking, hairdressing salon and other nostalgia corners in a different environment.

RÅNISGÅRDEN Buddbyvägen 10, Boden +46 (0)70-663 44 09 Ride well-trained western horses in the forest, or stay in the arena and develop your riding skills.

SWEDISH LAPLAND ALPACA Åkerby 16, Harads +46 (0)70-227 02 54 Learn about the history of the alpaca and enjoy the tranquility. The alpacas do not make much noise and their curious gentle way of approaching us causes the stress level to slowly drop.

RÖDBERGSFORTET Rödberget, Boden 070-266 31 62 A part of Boden Fortress. Take a step into the military history and one of Sweden most lavish military secrets of all time. The fort is open for guided tours during summer season. They also arranges a guided bus tour to Boden Fortress Secret Places. STRAJK ALLEY Brogatan 36E, Boden 0921-160 70 +46 (0)921-160 70 The latest technology for bowling and a nice restaurant. Here you will find a “bowling dragon” that makes it easier for small children to bowl. SÖRBYN LODGE Sörbyn 220, Gunnarsbyn +46 (0)924-220 36 Located between the char-rich cold source lake, Vitträsket and the greatest calm waters in the Råne river, Degerselet. Here you will find very good opportunities for an exciting fishing experience, everything from pike fishing in world class to ”dry fly fishing” for char. TREEHOTEL Edeforsvägen 2A, Harads +46 (0)928-103 00 Discover this world unique hotel, and the story behind. Daily tours for pre-booking. More activities such as sauna and SPA-bath with views of the great river and the forest surrounding the river valley.

WESTERN FARM Buddbyvägen 6, Boden +46 (0)921-151 00 Visit the wildest town of all. The people, the houses and the events are all typical the year of 1879. RIDKULBREDÅKER Norra Bredåker 601, Boden +46 (0)70-787 21 88 +46 (0)73-806 56 08 Here you have the opportunity to book riding tours with Shetland ponies in the fantastic environment that Bredåker offers. Ridkulbredåker is focused on children from 0–8 years old and offers both group riding and individual sessions. A playful and fun way to meet horses and ride.


Sights & gems BJÄSSPARKEN GÅRDEN Bjässmoran 33, Boden +46 (0)70-626 58 28 All bread and pastries are baked from scratch with pure, natural ingredients. In addition to the café, there is also stone oven-baked sourdough bread and crafts for sale. You also get the opportunity to meet the animals on the farm such as sheep, chickens and ducks. CAFÉ LILLÅN Lillån 1, Harads +46 (0)73-416 39 07 Have a good cup of coffee and meet the animals on the farm. Also nice accommodation in a bakers cottage.

FORSBERG’S OLD GROCERY STORE Träskvägen 4, Gunnarsbyn +46 (0)70-320 00 44 Good home-baked coffee from recipes from old cookbooks found in the old house. You can also go on a guided tour in the old country store. Sometimes music and theatre performances. GESTALT KREATIVITETS GÅRDEN Mjedsjön, Boden +46 (0)70-644 46 21 Have a good coffee in the large garden, buy handicrafts and flea market bargains. Also cozy accomodation possibilities.

LAXHOLMEN Edefors, Harads Laxholmen is an old fishing camp with well-preserved buildings from the 18th century such as a smokehouse, fisherman’s cottage and sheep house and a labyrinth. Ever since the Middle Ages, rich salmon fishing has been practiced here. In the middle of the island, there is a green area that is made for sunny coffee breaks. Here you will also find a nice campsite. The summer café opens on Midsummer and there you will find the wellknown salmon sandwiches. Now and then you are offered music entertainment.

NESTORS CAFÉ & DIVERSEHANDEL Överstbyn 14, Gunnarsbyn +46 (0)73-066 51 76 +46 (0)70-243 35 27 Café and flea market in an old country store. WESTERN FARM VILLAGE Buddbyvägen 6, Boden +46 (0)921-151 00 Coffee, pastries, simpler food and garden games.

Unique shopping Local Handicrafts

Locally Produced

PEWETER OF SWEDEN Sörbyn 401, Gunnarsbyn +46 (0)924-221 25 +46 (0)70-644 03 13 Here you can buy beautiful pewter bracelets or accessories for self-produce.

BODENS KÖTT & VILT – LAPPSIMON Edeforsvägen 94, Harads +46 (0)928-108 80 Offers a wide range of meat. From beef, poultry, fish, pork, processed meat and wild meat.

TENNTRÅDSSMYCKERIET SNÅRET Snårvägen 7, Boden +46 (0)921-649 80 +46 (0)70-323 14 29 Production of pewter jewelry suitable for both everyday use and special occasions. BODEN TOURIST CENTER Kungsgatan 40, Boden +46 (0)921-624 10

Here you will find lovely crafts. From pewter thread works and jewelery to glass art, printed fabrics and souvenirs.


NÄRA MAT BODEN Kungsgatan 40, Boden +46 (0)921-555 00 A store for you who love good products and good food. All products come from producers in the local area and consist of, among other things, cheese, sausages, eggs, jam and marmalade. SVANTES VILT & BÄR Edeforsvägen 73, Harads +46 (0)928-100 50 Delicacies of reindeer and more.

Antiques & Second Hand M & K ANTIK Pontonjärvägen 7A, Boden Retro, antiques and design. MAGASIN V Pontonjärvägen 7A, Boden Shop with retro and nostalgic objects and also vinyl record.

FRANKIES ANTIKT Inbyn 1, Boden +46 (0)70-690 57 48 Antiques and second hand in a large building with lots of furniture and lots of little things. KUPAN – RÖDA KORSET Drottninggatan 15, Boden +46 (0)921-144 70 Second-hand shop in the city center. Here is also a café.

PMU SECOND HAND Pontonjärvägen 8, Boden, +46 (0)921-163 48 Flea market on three floors of over 1,250 sq. m. VECKANS ALLEHANDA Kungsgatan 14, Boden +46 (0)921-133 44 Flea market place where locals rent tables to sell their items. ÅTERVINNINGEN Lundagårdsgatan 7, Boden +46 (0)921-627 27 Second hand with sales of furniture, household items etc.



Restaurants & Cafés Restaurants


BASTARD BURGERS +46 (0)921-520 10 Kungsgatan 23, Boden

CAFÉ PAMPAS +46 (0)921-930 41 Norrbottensvägen 18, Boden

BRYGGMÄSTARN +46 (0)921-48 93 33 Kungsgatan 43, Boden FÄRGAREGATAN +46 (0)921-544 84 Drottninggatan 6, Boden GOLFRESTAURANGEN +46 (0)921-755 57 Tallkronsvägen 2, Boden MING PALACE +46 (0)921-107 32 Färgaregatan 7, Boden

RESTAURANT NORRIGÅRDEN +46 (0)921-103 51 Kyrkkläppen 3, Boden

ESPRESSO HOUSE +46 (0)76-521 94 25 Drottninggatan 2, Boden

RESTAURANT DA VINCI +46 (0)921-122 21 Garnisonsgatan 39, Boden RESTAURANT PANELEN +46 (0)921-557 20 Prinsgatan 6, Boden SUZIE Q’S DINER +46 (0)73-828 14 14 Stationsgatan 8, Boden

M/S BRÄNNA +46 (0)921-500 99 Östra Strandvägen 1, Boden

KONDITORI OPALEN +46 (0)921-185 54 Kungsgatan 49, Boden

RESTAURANT BODENSIA +46 (0)921-177 10 Kungsgatan 47, Boden

LE CROISSANT +46 (0)921-36 03 56 Kungsgatan 43, Boden

RESTAURANT TREEHOTEL +46 (0)928-103 00 Edeforsvägen 2 A, Harads

RESTAURANG KALLKÄLLAN +46 (0)924-220 36 Sörbyn 220, Gunnarsbyn

TORGET +46 (0)921-755 57 Teknikvägen 3, Boden TRAVRESTAURANGEN +46 (0)73-024 36 50 +46 (0)70-227 68 65 Bodentravet, Boden

HÄXANS HEM +46 (0)73-992 80 21 Kungsgatan 32, Boden


Map of

Swedi sh




















































Lap la



















































Welcome to Sweden’s arctic destination! In Swedish Lapland you will find unique arctic experiences. Thanks to the warm Gulf Stream, here high up by the Arctic Circle, you can experience seasons with great contrasts between polar nights with sparkling northern lights in a white winter landscape and warm summers filled with swimming and hundred days without night under the midnight sun. In the east – a 300-km coastal stretch facing the Bay of Bothnia, the world’s largest brackish water archipelago with thousands of islands. Sandy beaches, fishing camps and unique produce. In the west – vast mountains, brooks with water so clean you can drink from them and lots of adventures around the corner. In between the quiet, enigmatic, open-handed forest and river valleys from Skellefte River in the south to Torne River in the north-east, all with their unique distinctive characteristics to offer. Traditions and cultures are strong here, and love of nature is even stronger. This is our everyday-life, and we invite you to share it with us.

Boden Turism is a member-owned association with the mission to develop the tourism industry in the destination of Boden. Our mission is to make the destination known as an exciting destination close to nature, with good food and thrilling activities for the whole family. Discover more at: @bodeninswedishlapland #bodeninswedishlapland 32

Idea: Swedish Lapland Visitors Board & Boden Turism • Copy: Ella Jonsson & Boden Turism • Cover Photo: Sara Lindström • Illustrated Map: Lisa Wallin •



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